SOLEMNITY OF THE BAPTISM OF THE LORD

 JANUARY 11, 2004                                                                            VOL. LV 2
                                                                vocation, God also speaks to the heart of a parent, asking
                                                                the parent to listen, as did Mary at the Annunciation. Just as
From the Pastor’s Desk                                          in the case of Mary’s Annunciation, God still can ask the
                                                                surprising. God asks us at times to evaluate our dreams and
                                                                hopes in the light of how the Holy Spirit is acting at any
                                                                given moment. All that the Lord desires of us is a mind and
                                                                heart that is open to whatever may be moving a young per-
                                                                son in terms of discerning his or her fundamental choice of
                                                                a vocation.

                                                                 A few weeks ago I attended the blessing of St. Isaac Jogues
                                                                House, the home for men discerning a vocation to priest-
                                                                hood. It is administered, as you probably know, by Fr.
                                                                Walsh. Located in the former rectory for St.Anne’s Parish
This week is observed as National Vocation Awareness            in Waterford, it is a very happy place and those in residence
Week. All of us through our baptism are called to seek          are a wonderful example of young men whose hearts are
out ways to live the Gospel in a core vocation to which we      open to whatever the Lord may be asking of them. These
commit our lives. The fundamental vocations within              men have the support of their families and friends, and their
which we live out our baptismal life are traditionally ex-      prayers as well. They are well adjusted, mature and very
pressed through commitment to the Single Life, Marriage,        eager to pursue a calling that may one day, please God,
Holy Orders, and the life of a Vowed Religious. Within          place them at the altar of sacrifice where they will lead you
these basic life options, we seek to live the style of life     and me in praise of the living God. As Bishop Hubbard
Jesus described in the Beatitudes. During this week, I ask      blessed the residence, assisted by the residents, I could not
you to think especially in terms of Holy Orders and the         help but experience a great feeling of comfort and hope for
Vowed Religious Life. I do this not because we have a           the future. At the end of the blessing rite, Bishop Hubbard
shortage of priests and women religious. Rather, I ask this     congratulated everyone involved in the establishment of St.
because I know that the Lord is calling to hearts to serve      Isaac Jogues House. In a special way the Bishop singled
him in these special ways. Even if we had ten times the         out Fr. Walsh for his vision and patience in seeing his
number of priests, sisters and brothers that we now have, I     dream come to fruition. To the Bishop’s words, I add my
would still ask you to pray especially hard this week for       own sentiments of admiration for Fr. Walsh’s work. He is a
those vocations. Usually the Lord speaks to hearts very         blessing to the priesthood of our diocese.
quietly, almost imperceptibly at times. A vocation to
priesthood or the religious life can begin with something                The Church and its ministries are, in faith, the life
that is heard almost in passing. It also can be a constant      of Jesus in our world today. Priests and religious are called
urging that tugs at the mind and heart, not overpowering        by the Lord to give servant leadership to those ministries,
and often confusing, yet always there, like the sentiments      and to empower all persons of faith to embrace the message
expressed in the poem “The Hound of Heaven.”                    and mission of the Gospel. Jesus came as one who wished
                                                                to serve and not to serve. He calls apostles and disciples
I want to address a special word to parents. Occasionally       today, just as he did in his own day, to serve God’s people.
a young person will approach a priest about a vocation to       To embrace priesthood and religious life is to respond to
priesthood or religious life and express the fear that if his   that special call to servant leadership at a time when this
or her parents knew, they would not be very supportive.         world desperately needs such a witness. We pray for reli-
That has been the case at times. Parents always want the        gious and priesthood vocations every day. During this
best for their children. They want them to be happy. If         week, I ask that we pray extra diligently that the Lord of the
the home from which children come is a happy place, if          harvest, who still calls workers for the harvest, finds a will-
there is love and support, and if children are treasured,       ing and joyful response. The call is there, for sure. You
then parents naturally want their children to enter the Sac-    and I need to encourage the response. Peace to you always.
rament of Marriage and experience for themselves that
same wonderful life-giving way of living. When God                   Fr. Farano
speaks to the heart of a young person about a religious
                                                                                             PARISH         CALENDAR
                       MASS SCHEDULE
                    JANUARY 12– JANUARY 18                                    DAY     DATE                   EVENT                       TIME      PLACE
                                                                              SUN     1/11   Sunday Eucharist                          8, 10, 12   Church
 Mon         6:30    Deirdre Dooley req. The RCIA Team
                                                                                             RCIA                                      11:00 am    Conf A
                     Iris Rawlins req. Lou & Lorraine Murray                                 Religious Education #13                   9:00 am     School
             9:00    Margaret Houlahan req. Her Husband & Children                           Rel. Ed. Teacher’s Meeting                8:00 am     Fac.Rm.
                     Evelyn Puleo req. Cindy, Taylor & Brandon Pettit
                                                                             MON      1/12   Altar Rosary Society Speaker              7:00 pm     P. Hall
 Tue         6:30    Carol Coster req. Jeanne Selkis
             9:00    Evelyn Puleo req. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McDermott           TUES     1/13   Mass with Devotions                       7:00 pm     Chapel
                     Joan Chidsey req. The John Wahl Family                                  A.A.                                      5:30 pm     Conf A
                     Pamela Fusco req. John & Barbara Sullivan                               Chime Choir      ( 2:45 and 5:15)                     Church
             7:00    Denise McCoy req. The Marusak Family                                    Youth Choir      (3:30 and 6:00)                      Church
                     Evelyn Puleo req. John & Barbara Fitzgerald                             Cub Scouts Den 7                          2:30 pm     P. Hall
                                                                                             Cub Scout Meeting                         4:00 pm     Art Rm.
                                                                                             Girl Scouts Troop 105                     4:00 pm     P. Hall
 Wed         6:30    Jane S. Garrett req. Helen & John Garrett                               Parent’s Meeting (First Reconciliation)   7:30 pm     P. Hall
             9:00    Joan Chidsey req. A Friend                                              Bereavement Committee Meeting             7:00 pm     Conf A
                     Anna Woehrmann req. The McGrath Family
                                                                             WED      1/14   Children’s Choir                          4:00 pm     Church
 Thurs       6:30    Gene Bronson req. Kathleen & Kevin Bette                                School Board Meeting                      7:00 pm     Conf B
             9:00    Deirdre Dooley req. John & Kathy Gschwind                               Youth Ministry Sophomore Workshop         6:30 pm     P. Hall
                                                                                             Girl Scouts Troop 490                     6:00 pm     Art Rm
                     Evelyn Puleo req. Michael & Eileen O’Connor

                                                                              THU     1/15   AA                                        7:00 pm     Conf B
 Fri         6:30    Michael Gentile req. Nancy & Bob Benjamin                               Adult Choir                               7:00 pm     Church
             9:00    Mary C. Luizzi req. Her Husband & Children                              Girl Scout Troop 639                      6:30 pm     Art Rm
                     Michael John Seppi req. Peggy & Jack Seppi                              Brownies Troop 369                        2:30 pm     K-1
                                                                                             Boy Scouts                                7:00 pm     P. Hall
                                                                                             Alumni Association Meeting                6:30 pm     Library
 Sat         9:00    Denise McCoy req. Arlene & Peter Donovan                                Public Policy Meeting                     6:30 pm     Conf A
                     Edith Naughter req. Her Family
                     Gene V. Primomo req. His Family
                                                                              FRI     1/16   Adoration                                 9:30 am     Chapel

 Sun         8:00 am; 10:00 am; 12:00 Noon                                                   Vigil for Sunday                          5:00 pm     Church
                                                                              SAT     1/17
                                                                                             Girl Scouts International Night           6:30 pm     P. Hall

          Eucharistic Ministers & Greeters - Team 2                       Hymns for the weekend of January 10th & 11th
                                                                          Gathering: 48– On Jordan’s Bank
             ALTAR SERVERS JANUARY 17& 18                                 Preparation: 214– Beautiful Savior
5:00 PM     Annie & Amy Nardolillo       Taylor Pettit, Matt Riley        Communion: 561– Shall We Gather At the River
8:00 AM
                                                                          Going Forth: 109– Songs of Thankfulness and Praise
            Sarah & David Nicol          Meredith Philbin, Callie Reuss
10:00AM     Bianca & Erica Pier          K. Peterson, D. Robertson
12:00PM     B. Puleo, C. Robinson        Colleen Rosch, Michael Rossi

                           SECOND SUNDAY IN
                            ORDINARY TIME
                               IS. 62, 1-5
                             1 COR 12, 4-11
                               JN 2, 1-11
                                                                          A Call to Communal Prayer
                                                                In order to respond more consistently with compas-
  WISDOM * KNOWLEDGE * UNDERSTANDING                         sion and prayer beyond our Sunday commitment, the
Are you looking for informative and inspirational reading?   names of those who are seriously ill are printed below.
Are you trying to enliven your spiritual development?
Become more knowledgeable of contemporary religious          Leah Behm                 Lori Loggins
topics or perhaps delve into some Church History.            John F. Lucey, Jr.        Baltus Gottschalk
The books, magazines, papers and periodicals on our          Peg Brown                 Maurice Scavullo Jr.
                                                             Mildred Dooley            Myrtle Corr
Parish Literature Racks can provide you with all this        Betty Clemente            Clare Mahood
and more. Discover the varied, informative publications      George Fallati            Kelly Bossert
we have for every age group. Envelopes are provided for      Betty Dorsey              Frank Monroe
convenient payment. Does your home have a Catholic           Jeanne Fairchild          Patrick Parvana
Family Bible? Do your children enjoy reading? Why not        Mark Farrell              Joseph Pepe
give someone you love the Word of God, the one gift that     Eileen Purcell            Jim & Alva Winne
will not pass away.                                          Kim Smith                 Patricia Gordon
***********************************************              Ed Hensen                 Brandon Ross
                                                             James Sierocki            Ethel Foley
                                                             Lucy Laver                Peter Miecznikowski
Eucharistic Devotion Adoration of the Blessed Sacra-         Meghan Withers            Lois Panetta
ment is not only a means of obtaining grace, but also a      Michael Killion           John J. Lynch
way to know more intimately our Creator and our God.         Robert Cronin             Colleen Carey
Every Friday we offer this opportunity. Come and spend       Gordon Wakeman            William Mackesey
some time in Adoration any time after the 9:00 am Mass       Bill McGahay              Kay Thornton
until 7:00 pm.                                               Thomas Welsh               Gertrude Koenig
La Salle School Celebrates 150 Years of serving
young people. For 150 years La Salle School on West-
ern Avenue in Albany has served the Diocese of Albany
and surrounding areas in their care for young men and
their families. It was started by the Christian Brothers
in 1854 as an orphanage for boys who were orphaned by
the cholera epidemic that swept through the area. Today
it is a highly regarded school for young men who are
experiencing difficulties in their lives. To begin the an-
niversary year, Bishop Hubbard will celebrate a Mass of
Thanksgiving on Sunday, January 11th at 2:00 pm at St.
Vincent de Paul’s Church on Madison Avenue in Al-
bany. All are invited to share in this special Mass.

                                                                         “ … After Jesus had been baptized and was praying…
                                                                            the Holy Spirit descended on him…”

                                                                                                 - Luke 3:21


             Saturday, February 7, 2004
                                                             ADULT CONFIRMATION: Any adult interested in
                        7:00 pm
                                                             receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation is invited to in-
            Wolferts Roost Country Club                      quire by contacting Peter Ranalli of the Adult Faith For-
                                                             mation Committee. Please call the Religious Education
   Invitations and Response Cards are now available          Office at 465-8068. Sessions will begin in mid– January.
          in the Gathering Area of the Church
          and in the Parish and School Offices.              RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
      For more information please feel free to call          Sunday School : Sunday School Class for the month of
        Patrick or Sheila Fitzgerald at 783-7695.            January are: Jan. 11th # 13 and Jan. 25 #14. No classes on
                                                             Jan 18th Martin L. King Day
                                                             Teachers Meeting: Our next teachers meeting will be
                                                             held on Jan. 11th at 8:00 am in the teachers’ lunch room.
                                                             First Reconciliation: Our parent meeting for First Recon-
St. Pius X Altar Rosary Society announces speaker.           ciliation will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 13th from 7:30 to
On January 13, 2004 Rebecca Smithe will speak on             8:30 pm in the Parish Center. This meeting is for parents
woman’s health issues. Whether discussing health, nu-        in St. Pius X School and the Sunday School Program who
trition, or exercise, Rebecca will give us the best ap-      have children preparing for the sacraments of First Recon-
proaches to solutions in today’s society. As a member        ciliation and First Holy Communion. One parent should
of a nutrition team for a local women’s health center,       be present for each child. Thank You.
Rebecca will give us some pointers on how to live            Progress Report # 1 for our Sunday School Program will
healthier lives. Join us at 7:00 pm in the Parish Center.    be handed out on Jan. 25th. Parents, please sign the report
Refreshments will be served. Please call Kathy Lawlor        and return it to your child’s teacher by Feb. 1st. Thank
at 489-7143 if you plan to attend.                           You.
PASTORAL CARE NEWS                                                REALLY NEEDED: Co-facilitators to lead faithful sen-
“Here is my servant whom I uphold, my chosen one with             iors in a rosary/communion service at the Atria on Thurs-
whom I am pleased, upon whom I have I have put my                 days at 1:30 PM (weekly from January to April only).
spirit; he shall bring forth justice to the nations, not cry-     Volunteers can share responsibilities or alternate weeks of
ing out, not shouting, not making his voice heard in the          commitment. Training is provided. Call Jeanne Pitkin at
street…”                                                          462-1336 for additional information or to volunteer.
+ In today’s reading, Isaiah proclaims the qualities of the       Thank you!
chosen servant of God. In Luke’s Gospel the chosen ser-
vant is revealed in Jesus.                                        Just for Women: Are you looking for something
    During the time of John the Baptist, there was a great        meaningful for the New Year? Are you interested in
call on the hearts of the Hebrew nation – a call to personal      Scripture Study and Faith Sharing? Do you wish to
repentance, a change of heart and a challenge to reform           deepen your prayer life?      Consider joining our
one’s life. The people who gathered at the river before           Women’s Scripture Study/Faith Sharing Group. We
John were searching for God. It was to these that the Fa-         will begin this week on Thursday January 15th, 2004 at
ther revealed His Son.                                            10 AM in Conference Room B. Call Jeanne Pitkin in
    Coming with sincere humility and with a repentant             the Pastoral Care Office at 462-1336 if you are inter-
heart, Jesus received the Holy Spirit before all who gath-        ested.
ered that day. As the Holy Spirit rested on Him during
prayer, the voice of God proclaimed the divinity of Jesus.        NEEDED: Eucharistic Ministers and Visitors for our
All saw before them the fulfillment of Isaiah’s prophetic         homebound parishioners and those unable to travel as eas-
words. At the Baptism of Jesus, they saw the Son of God!          ily during the winter months. For more information call
The Humble Servant of God!                                        Jeanne Pitkin at 462-1336.
    Jesus in humility received the baptism of repentance
for all humanity. Through His baptism He was guided in            TLC, (Tender Loving Caregivers), a Caregivers Sup-
His mission of redemption for each of us. For His follow-         port Group, is presenting “Understanding Respite Op-
ers, Baptism has become a sign of our commitment to His           tions and How to Access Care” on Tuesday January
life. We ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten us to live our          13th from 7 to 8:30 PM at the Beltrone Living Center.
lives reflective of His life of sacrificial love.                 The program is repeated on Tuesday January 20th
    This Sunday the church calls us to renew our baptismal        from 10 to 11:30 AM. For more information and to
commitment with the humility of Jesus. Are you willing            register call 459-2857.
to make it with a sincere heart? Will you pray for those
who do not understand the gift of their own Baptism?               “The Lord Delights in You”, a day of recollection with
    Like the Hebrew nation of John’s time, today there are        Brother Sidney Halligan, CSC will be held in St. Jo-
many who are searching for God within their daily experi-         seph’s Center from 10 AM to 2 PM on Wednesday
ence. Will you pray for them? During this new year, let           January 14th, 2004. For more information and to reg-
us pray that many come to God, their Father with the same         ister call 784-9481.
humility as those who sought out John. May they find
direction in their lives to fulfill their own mission as ser-     Two Simultaneous Retreats will be held January 16 to 18,
vants of God. May they submit their lives to Christ and           2004 at the Dominican Retreat and Conference Center:
commit their energy to revealing His love to our broken           • “A Special Weekend on Henri Nouwen for Men and
world.                                                               Women” directed by Sr. Maria DeMonte,OP, MA, M.
              Celebrate your baptism.
              Live it out with courage!                           • “A Scripture Weekend for Men and Women” directed by
                                                                      Sr. Carol Gaeke, OP. The focus will be on the stories
GOOD NEWS: Thank you to the 8 classes from St.                        of six biblical women.
Pius X School who wrote Christmas Cards and Letters
                                                                  The cost of each weekend is $165 (including lodging and
to their Prayer Partners/Pen-pals, our homebound and
                                                                  meals). For more information and to register call 393-
frail Seniors.
MINISTERS OF PRAYER: In JANUARY please pray THAT                  “A Future Full of Hope”, a Women’s Weekend Retreat,
OUR LEADERS AND THOSE THEY SERVE WORK FOR                         directed by Rev. Tony Kall, OFM will be held January 23
PEACE IN OUR TROUBLED WORLD.                                      to 25, 2004 at the Dominican Retreat and Conference Cen-
                                                                  ter. The cost of the weekend is $165 (including lodging
MINISTERS OF PRAYER: The January and February
Calendar of the “Apostolic of Prayer for Priests” is on the ta-   and meals). For more information and to register call 393-
ble by the literature rack in the gathering area outside the      4169.
Chapel entrance.
     General Instruction to the Roman Missal                              Volunteers Give From The Heart!
On January 10th, 2004, the Diocesan Office of Prayer and
Worship will begin giving presentations on the General           NEEDED: Nursing Home Visitors. The Villa Mary Im-
Instruction to the Roman Missal. During the month of             maculate Nursing Home is seeking new volunteers to visit
January they will be held at:                                    with selected residents on a regular basis (about once a
Sacred Heart, Cairo -        Jan. 10th (10:00 am -1:00 pm)       week). Volunteers are especially needed for evenings and
St. Bernard’s, Cohoes - Jan. 11th (1:00 pm - 4:00 pm)            weekends. Contact Janette Albanese at 525-7677 for
Our Lady of Mercy, Colonie Jan. 17th (9:30am-12:30pm)            more information or to volunteer.
The presentation will consist of an overview of the docu-
ment with opportunities for questions. The people who            Need to have your taxes done? Catholic Charities has a
would most benefit by attending are those involved in li-        FREE TAX SERVICE. Volunteers will prepare 1040A
turgical ministry, lectors, eucharistic ministers, sacristans,   and 1040EZ from 5 to 8 PM on selected evenings in Feb-
adult servers, greeters, music directors and catechetical        ruary at the Pastoral Center. Do you know if you qualify
ministry. All interested persons are welcome to attend.          and are eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)?
Those who will be attending are asked to call 453-6645 or        If your household income is less than $39,000, there is a
e-mail at the Office of Prayer         good chance to receive a significant refund. To make an
and Worship to register. There is no charge; however hav-        appointment for help with your taxes call 453-6650.
ing an idea of the numbers attending will help us prepare a      ***************************************
sufficient number of handouts.


The diocese has announced the following schedule for its
Virtus Training. All of the sessions will be held at the
Pastoral Center at 40 No. Main Ave. in Albany. It is
necessary to pre-register with Sr. Marilyn Murray,
Director of Human Resources, prior to the sessions. She
can be reached at 453-6635. This training is required for
any volunteer who works with our children.                        MONTHLY FOOD COLLECTION NEXT WEEKEND
January 20, 2004                                                 The January Food Collection is next weekend, Jan. 17th
February 17, 2004                                                and 18th. Items that are needed include hearty soups, hot
March 16, 2004                                                   cereal, spaghetti sauce, individual servings of dry milk,
April 20, 2004                                                   puddings, canned fruit, canned hash, beef stew, baked
May 18, 2004                                                     beans both vegetarian and with pork. Volunteers should
June 15, 2004                                                    be at the front of the church by 12:50 pm. Thank You for
Each of these sessions will begin at 1:00 pm and will            your generosity.
conclude at 5:00 pm.                                             ***********************************************
  Coordinator: Brian Evers          Phone: 462-1336
For those interested in service hours the following oppor-
tunities are available:
Special Olympics Dinner on Saturday January 31, 2004             The Carondelet Music Center, sponsored by the Sisters of
from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm and from 4:00 pm until              St. Joseph and located at St. Joseph’s Provincial House in
9:00 pm.                                                         Latham, is now accepting registrations for the Second Se-
Please call or e-mail the Youth Office if you would like to      mester which begins January 20, 2004. Music instruction
participate.                                                     is offered for private lessons and group classes. Instruc-
***********************************************                  tion includes piano, guitar, voice, woodwinds, brass,
                                                                 strings and percussion. In addition, Kindermusik, our
HAVE YOU CONSIDERED BECOMING A MEM-                              early childhood music and movement classes for children
BER OF ST. PIUS X’S BEREAVEMENT COMMIT-                          ages Birth to 7 years, still has openings. Registration
TEE? We will meet on Tuesday January 13th, 2004 at 7             deadline is Friday, January 16. For more information
PM in Conference Room A. We welcome anyone inter-                call: Sister Patricia A. St. John, Executice Director or
ested in this type of pastoral care to join us as we plan        Sister Damien Cushing, Associate Director at 783-3608
ways to support our grieving parishioners.
                                                               TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION
                                                                Merry Christmas! Share that cheerful greeting with some
                                                               folks today. They may wonder if you have had any Elvis
                                                               sightings lately, attended Star Trekkie conventions, or
                                                               were Cleopatra in a previous lifetime. Despite the skep-
                                                               tics, today is solidly within the Christmas season. In fact,
                                                               in some strands of the Christian tradition it represents the
                                                               clearest manifestation of the mystery of the Incarnation.
                                                               On Christmas Day, for example, the Gospel reading is the
                                                               Prologue of John’s Gospel, which reveals the glory of
                                                               Christ shining through our humanity precisely in his bap-
                                                                At any rate, this is an ancient feast, celebrated first in
                                                               Egypt sixteen centuries ago. More than most other ancient
                                                               people, the Egyptians understood the life-giving properties
                                                               of water. On this day, they drew water from the Nile, so
                                                               central in the history of their people, and reserved it in
                                                               honor. Many other places copied the custom, so that St.
                                                               John Chrysostom wrote of people in Antioch gathering at
                                                               midnight to collect flowing water into vessels they
                                                               brought from home since “today there is a blessing on the
                                                               water.” At home for dinner tonight, decorate the table with
                                                               beautiful bowls of water and white candles, toast one an-
                   CALLED TO SERVE                             other with goblets of sparkling water, and light a Christ-
 For many weeks now, we have been celebrating the ap-          mas candle in the window one last time.
pearance of the divine presence in human form. As a
child, he came to Mary and Joseph, was seen by the
shepherds, and then by some wandering magi from the
East. Today we celebrate another showing, later in time,
to a group gathered at the Jordan River.
 John hesitated to baptize Jesus, whom he recognized as
“one mightier than I.” But he did as Jesus asked, and the
“Holy Spirit descended” and heaven’s voice spoke to
Jesus, “You are my beloved Son.” Jesus was beginning
his public life of teaching and service. Soon he would
start calling others to join him.
 Peter was one of the first to be called by Jesus. In to-
day’s second reading, he announces the heart of the mes-
sage, “peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all.”
Peter was called, and you and I are called to spread that
message and to serve God’s word.
*********************************************                               Prayer for Vocations
Newsletter Items: Please have any items for the next
issue of the newsletter into the parish office no later than   Gracious God,
the end of this week. We will be editing and going to          You show your favor to us
the printer soon, so your items need to be submitted.          Through the many gifts you gave us.
Thank You.
*********************************************                  You sent Jesus, your beloved son,
ROOTEDNESS The flower does not bear the root.                  As your servant of justice in our world.
The root bears the flower. The rose is merely evidence         Open our minds and hearts
of the vitality of the root.                                   to hear your call to us today.
                                                               Guide women and men
                                                               to use their gifts to serve the Church
                                                               And continue the mission of Jesus.

                                                               We offer this kprayer
                                                               Through Christ and the Holy Spirit,
                                                               Now and forever. Amen.

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