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8.05 Describe the roles of publicity and
public relations in promoting a business.
            Public Relations

•Used to enhance the long-range “corporate
image” through favorable news exposure and head
off unfavorable rumors, stories, or events
•Builds relations with publics such as customers,
stockholders, government, or community groups
•Any activity designed to create goodwill toward a
 Public relations benefits a business by:
•Increasing sales
•Reinforcing the company’s good reputation
•Spreading accurate information to the public
•Increasing the receptivity of consumers to the
company’s advertising
•Conditioning customers to expect quality products from
the company
•Reducing the impact of problems
•Helping to obtain better treatment from government
regarding zoning, licenses, and taxes
         Employee Relations

•Programs and activities conducted by a business
to promote goodwill among employees
•Successful businesses have loyal and well-
motivated employees who feel they are important
to the company
•Public relations staff works with management
and employees to design programs to foster
positive attitudes among employees
           Employee Relations

•Tuition reimbursements
•Health and wellness programs
•Open communication between management and
•Promotion programs from within
•Employee suggestion programs and recognition
            Customer Relations

•Services, amenities, and programs provided to
a business’s customers
•Customer relations develops repeat customers
Customer advisory board—panels of consumers who
make suggestions about products and businesses.
Consumer affairs specialists—handle customer
complaints and serve as consumer advocates within the
            Customer Relations
•Child-care facilities
•Gift wrapping
•Check-cashing services
•Fax and copying machines
•Free delivery
•Fashion shows
          Community Relations
•Activities that a business uses to acquire or
maintain the respect of the community
•Participation in and the sponsoring of
activities that benefit the civic, social, and
cultural life of a community
•Effective businesses are active participants in
their communities
          Community Relations

•Sponsoring Special Olympics teams
•Awarding scholarships
•Financing guest speakers for civic
•Matching employee donations to local
               News Release

•Prewritten story about a company that is sent
to the various media
•Contains information about the company’s
employees, stores, operations, products,
corporate philosophy, or participating in an
event or program
•Who, what, when, where, and why?
                 News Release
1. Publicity projects should be selected for multiple
2. Public affairs staff should send only important
   news releases to the media.
3. News releases should be sent to all media at the
   same time.
4. News releases should have a continuity of theme
   extending over many months or even years.
5. The media are interested in news, not publicity

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