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IH Mississippi Valley Credit
Union first opened its doors on
October 24, 1934. Thank you for
trusting us with your financial
well-being for 75 years.
We promise to continue to serve
you for many years to come.
From the

It’s hard to believe that just a year                                  Looking Forward
ago, we were planning our 75th                                         75 years ago, our founders set out to create a financial
anniversary celebration. We didn’t                                     cooperative that focused on improving our members’ financial
think one party was enough to                                          well-being. As we look to the next 75 years, it’s our responsibility
show each of our 90,000 members how much they’re worth to              to continue to work toward this mission. We look forward to
us—so we hosted 13 open houses, one at each IH Mississippi             continued growth as we expand to meet your needs throughout
Valley Credit Union branch. We hope you were able to stop by,          Illinois and Iowa.
enjoy some free food and drinks and win a few prizes.
                                                                       When we established “You’re worth more,” we knew that it was
Safety and Security                                                    more than just a slogan—to us, it represents the way we do
The economy, banking system and credit markets became                  business. We don’t just say it—we live it. It’s our mission, and
everyday topics of conversation during the past year. Throughout       we plan to spend the next 75 years showing you just how much
the ups and downs in the marketplace, we’ve remained                   you’re worth to us, every day.
committed to keeping our members’ financial well-being our
top priority. We’re here for you—keeping your money secure,            Thank you for letting us continue to demonstrate how you’re
providing the loans you need and helping you make wise                 worth more at IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union.
financial decisions. In fact, there’s never been a better time to
be a credit union member.                                              Respectfully submitted,
Strength in Numbers
From humble beginnings as a single office in the middle of
East Moline Works, open three times daily at shift change—
                                                                       Dennis L. Hall
IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union has become the largest
                                                                       President/Chief Executive Officer
credit union in the area and sixth-largest in the state of Illinois.
In 2008, more than $16.3 million in dividends were paid on our
wide range of savings plans and certificates, and we disbursed
more than $226 million in loans. To date, our assets have
grown to $740 million.

                                                         From October 1934 to July 1935, your credit union
                                                         made 705 loans, for a total amount of $36,248.
You’re Worth
                                                                                     Other Member Advantages
MORE                                                                                 IN 2009
What makes IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union different?                             • Free movies in the park
                                                                                     • Free music concerts in the park
We’re dedicated to adding value to your membership. In addition
                                                                                     • Discounted admissions to IH Mississippi
to great rates on loans and deposit services, we develop strategic                     Valley Blues Festival
partnerships that pass savings on to you. From free community-                       • Free kids’ tickets to Quad Cities River
wide family events to discounts on area sports and attractions,                        Bandits baseball
we want IHMVCU members to know they’re worth more,                                   • Free kids’ admission at participating area
everywhere they go.                                                                    swimming pools
                                                                                     • Discounted tickets to Six Flags
                                                                                       Great America
Last summer, IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union partnered                            • Discounted tickets to Adventureland
with the City of Galesburg Recreation Division to present the                        • Free open house 75th anniversary
town’s first free outdoor movie at Lakeside Waterpark. Showing                          celebrations at every branch
a movie at the pool was an innovative idea, says Galesburg                           • Discounted AAA membership
recreation supervisor Elizabeth Varner. Children enjoyed free
swimming, then floated in the pool as they took in the
featured presentation.

“We worked with IHMVCU so we didn’t have to charge
admission,” Varner says. “It was a great type of family event
for the times that we’re in—a family activity that was really
a community-wide event. People really appreciated it.”

“Now, more than ever, we’re all looking for extra value and
economical ways to enjoy time with our families,” says Laura
Ernzen, IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union vice president of
marketing. “We continue to seek new opportunities to make
your money go further and make your membership worth more.”

                                 In 2009, the IH Mississippi Valley Blues Festival
                                 celebrated its 25th anniversary with a legendary
                                 blues blowout. IHMVCU has partnered with the
                                 Mississippi Valley Blues Society to present this
                                 fun and enriching family event for five years.
Your Western Illinois

      Christine Denisar
       WHERE: Galesburg, Ill.
       WHEN: With eight years of experience in the financial
       industry, she’s been with IHMVCU almost two years.
       WHY: “My favorite part of working for IH Mississippi Valley Credit
       Union is that our members are like a second family. I not only get to
       help them financially through good times and bad—I get to know
       their families, too.”

                             Nicki Stranger
                             BRANCH SUP ERVISOR
                            WHERE: Abingdon, Ill.
                            WHEN: 17-year president of Abingdon Pottery Credit Union—
                            which merged with IHMVCU in May 2009.
                            WHY: “I try to make it a point to know all the members who come to
                            the Abingdon branch by name. My favorite part of working with them
                            is helping them with their everyday needs as well as other needs that
                            come up along the way. I want them to feel comfortable coming to the
                            credit union.”

       Jason Miller
       WHERE: Monmouth, Ill.
       WHEN: With seven years of experience in the banking industry,
       he recently joined the IHMVCU team.
       WHY: “I like being part of a 75-year tradition of being in touch
            with the community at every level. And knowing I’m part of
                       an organization that can be a one-stop shop for every
                               facet of members’ financial needs.”

                                                                  In 1954, the credit union raised its loan limit
                                                                  from $2,000 to $5,000—which meant that, for the
                                                                  first time, members could finance a new car.
                                                                               Open for Opportunity
                                                                               IN RI VER COUNTRY
Michael Fisk                                                                   As IH Mississippi Valley Credit
MEM BER                                                                        Union’s newest branch opens in
Chief of Police                                                                Monmouth, we’re proud to offer
                                                                               western Illinois members the
WHERE: Prophetstown, Ill.                                                      convenience of three branches in the
                                                                               region. Along with our Galesburg
WHEN: Member since Prophetstown branch opened in 2000
                                                                               branch, which opened in 2008 and
WHY: “It feels like a hometown bank. The personal service                      our Abingdon branch, which opened
you get—it’s almost like a family. And their concern with their                earlier this summer our Monmouth
members makes them very competitive. They’re not handing                       branch offers members even easier
out coffee cups and jackets—they’re giving the benefits to                      access to personalized, local service.
members in the form of better interest rates.”
                                                                               “We’re excited to expand in western
                                                                               Illinois and offer the region the
                                                                               complete credit union experience,”
Doug Kutzli                                                                    says Dennis Hall, president, IH
MEM BER                                                                        Mississippi Valley Credit Union.
IT Support, Scott Community College                                            “We hope to become the residents’
                                                                               source for all their personal and
WHERE: DeWitt and Bettendorf, Iowa                                             business financial needs.”
WHEN: New member, joined in Jan. 2009
WHY: “It’s convenient for me since I live in DeWitt and
work in Bettendorf, and they have branches and ATMs all over the
place. I also liked that I could get everything all in one place—a home
refinance, a loan, checking and savings. I could meet with my loan
officer in DeWitt or Bettendorf, wherever I was.”

Mavis Dare
VP of Sales and Marketing, Great Lakes Management Group

WHERE: Holiday Inn Express LeClaire Riverfront, Davenport, Iowa
WHEN: Business member since hotel opened in 2005
WHY: “I really love IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union. They have
been proactive in understanding our market and understanding our
challenges, and it’s very nice in today’s day and age to work with a
financial institution that ‘gets it.’ We’re actually working with people,
not an institution—and people understand problems, because we all
have them. Institutions don’t want to hear about it.”

                            In 1969, your credit union paid an all-time high
                            of $343,482 in dividends. In 2008, IHMVCU paid
                            $16.3 million in dividends on a wide range of
                            savings plans and certificates.
                                                                                              Support Your
                                                                                              COMMUNI T Y
Community                                                                                     Keystone Neighborhood Association
COMMI T MENT                                                                                  Boys & Girls Clubs of the
                                                                                              Mississippi Valley
All for One                                                                                   (309) 757-5777
What makes a community worth more? At IH Mississippi
Valley Credit Union, we think the combined efforts of                                         United Way of the Quad Cities Area
individuals and organizations make the Quad Cities and western                                (563) 355-4310
Illinois great places to live, work and play. That’s why we seek                    
every opportunity to partner with them to sponsor, host and
                                                                                              United Way of Knox County Inc.
support these events and groups. And while our commitment                                     (309) 343-4434
begins at the corporate level, it doesn’t end there. Last year alone,               
our employees donated 1,200 hours of service to community
                                                                                              Warren County United Way
causes. Following are just a few examples of IH Mississippi
                                                                                              (309) 734-6364
Valley Credit Union’s commitment to our communities.                                

Keystone Neighborhood Association
When the Keystone Neighborhood Association needed a
better method to deliver its quarterly newsletter to Rock Island        United Way
residents, president Terry Stimpson approached IHMVCU for               Over the past decade, IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union’s
help. We custom-designed and purchased newspaper bags with              corporate and employee contributions to United Way have
the Keystone logo, furthering the Association’s mission to              totaled nearly $200,000. Additionally, corporate representatives
educate the area about their unique neighborhood.                       serve on the planning committee for the Volunteer Income Tax
                                                                        Assistance program.
Boys & Girls Clubs of the Mississippi Valley                            This program provides free
IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union supports Boys & Girls                income tax preparation
Clubs on a variety of levels, from volunteers on committees to          services for individuals and
financial commitments. As the financial partner for their new             families who make less
Teen Center, which will be built in 2010, IHMVCU will                   than $45,000 a year.
manage an on-site branch and provide job training to teens
in an internship program. We’ll also offer teen financial
literacy programs.

“This involvement by IH is critical to our success in impacting
our young people and our neighborhood,” says Becky Clark,
executive director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the
Mississippi Valley. “Financial literacy skills are the
foundation for a successful future.”

                   In 1975, the credit union converted to a
                   computerized system, instituted direct deposit
                   for social security checks and began offering
                   checking accounts.
                                                                                            On The
                                                                                            As we move into our next 75 years of
                                                                                            service, we’re working on ways to give
                                                                                            you more. “We’re constantly looking at
                                                                                            ways to improve our members’
                                                                                            experience and offer you the highest
                                                                                            levels of service and convenience,” says
                                                                                            Ann Mowry, IHMVCU executive vice
                                                                                            president of sales. Recently, we’ve
                                                                                            expanded hours for our Member
                                                                                            Contact Center, making member
                                                                                            services representatives available by
                                                                                            phone from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
                                                                                            Monday through Friday, and 9 a.m.
                                                                                            to noon on Saturdays. And, we’re using
     Coming Soon:                                                                           advanced scheduling software to track
                                                                                            the times of member transactions so
     YOUR NEW                                                                               we can staff our branches more
                                                                                            appropriately at peak hours.

     ONLINE HOME                                                                            “They might seem like small,
      The new and improved is almost ready—                                      behind-the-scenes changes, but it’s this
      and we’ve packed it full of features that will make it even                           type of attention to service that really
                                                                                            shows our members how much they’re
      easier to manage your financial well-being, including:
                                                                                            worth,” Mowry says.

      • New homepage with instant access to rates; a branch                                 In the coming year, look for:
        and ATM finder; and fraud alerts                                                     • More envelope-free ATMs. These
      • Resource center with calculators for mortgages, savings                               technologically advanced machines
        and more                                                                              make it easier for members to make
      • New “Vehicles for Sale” section with expanded photos and                              accurate deposits in ATMs.
        convenient online bidding                                                           • More research and surveys. We invest
      • RSS feeds and e-mail newsletters you can receive for rates                            in learning our members’ needs and
                                                                                              drive decisions by your input.
        and specials offers
                                                                                            • More strategically located branches.
                                                                                              We’re always mindful of our branch
      Stay tuned for the launch of our new website, and see how                               network and how it impacts your
      you’re worth more online, too.                                                          convenience.
                                                                                            • More new products and services
                                                                                              that meet your needs.

Thanks to readers of the Quad-City Times                             Did you know that your IHVMCU Visa® debit card is accepted at every
for voting IHMVCU No. 1 among banks and                              Shazam Privileged Status ATM—without a surcharge? So, with more than
credit unions in the Quad Cities. When                               100 free ATMs in the Quad Cities and thousands across the country, you
you're worth more, it shows.                                         never have to waste time or money driving around to find a cash machine.
Locations in
405 Western, #4
Abingdon, IL 61410

17th Avenue and Kennedy Drive
East Moline, IL 61244                               Board of
1215 Monmouth Blvd.
Galesburg, IL 61401
                                                    Catherine DeFauw-Lehman, Chairperson
801 Tech Drive
                                                    Thomas P. “Chip” Irwin Jr., Past Chair
Milan, IL 61264
                                                    Rick Merryman, Vice Chair
The Credit Union Place                              Eli McDermand, Secretary/Treasurer
(Inside SouthPark Mall)                             Tim Considine
Moline, IL 61265                                    Megan Early
                                                    Alvin Feldhahn
2101 52nd Avenue                                    Tom Kale Jr.
(Outside SouthPark Mall)                            John O’Connell
Moline, IL 61265

120 East Euclid
Monmouth, IL 61462
314 Washington Street                               COM M I T TEE
Prophetstown, IL 61277
                                                    Megan Early, Chairperson
4206 5th Avenue                                     Tim Considine, Vice Chair
Rock Island, IL 61201                               Victor Moreno
                                                    Harry Parr
685 Avenue of the Cities                            Tom Terronez
Silvis, IL 61282                                    Larry Wiemers

Locations in
I OWA                                               Mission
2839 AAA Court                                      S TATEM ENT
Bettendorf, IA 52722
                                                       The IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union is a
2102 East Kimberly Road                                member-owned financial cooperative dedicated to
Davenport, IA 52807
                                                       improving the economic well-being of our members
3646 West Kimberly Road                                by providing comprehensive financial services in a
Davenport, IA 52806                                    superior manner while maintaining the financial
                                                       stability of the credit union.
1703 11th Street
DeWitt, IA 52742

For all Quad City locations, call (309) 793-6200.
Outside the Quad Cities, call (800) 722-0333.

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