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					                            Varsity Scout Program Ideas
                                  Personal Development
Spiritual Development                       Manners and etiquette
Temple/Baptism for the dead                 Western dancing
Family history library tour                 Dress and grooming for success
Keeping a journal                           Career panel-what is work like?
Missionary visit                            Visit a church not of your faith
Standards night                             Company tour
Early morningside & breakfast               Music concert
Fireside and testimonies                    School play/musical
Leadership Development                      Combined activity with young women
Team Leadership meetings                    Airport tour
Initiative/problems solving games           Television studio tour
COPE Course                                 Hobby shows
Court of Honor-youth participation          Visit a chef
Team Leaders seminars                       Cooking-Dutch oven, open fire
Powderhorn                                  Photography studio
On Belay                                    Planetarium
Youth talks/public speaking                 Tour places of employment
Youth Flag ceremonies                       Physical Fitness
Youth skits/drama and acting                Body builders
Videotaping/team movie production           Sports medicine
Youth conference                            Sports team trainers
On My Honor Award                           Nutrition and health
Duty to God Quorum requirements             Cycling/Mt. Biking
Citizenship Development                     Fitness fun test
Police department tour                      Basketball night
Davis County jail tour                      Wallball competition
State Capital tour                          Challenge another Varsity Team
Night court                                 Night skiing
Juvenile court/juvenile law                 Waterskiing
Military base tour                          Hiking the nearby canyons
Political parties-how do we differ          Swimming and diving
City council meeting                        Balloon Basketball
Water sanitation plant                      Game night
Leave no trace training                     Giant sling shot water balloon fight
CPR training                                Dodge ball
Art night-Museum of Fine Art, Church        Lifesaving
History Museum                              Snow shoeing
Hill Air Force Base                         Golf tournament
FBI Tour                                    Ultimate Frisbee
Social and Cultural Development             Stick Hockey
Annual career fair at executive airport
Getting a job/state employment office
Mother and son party
Buying a car/auto dealer
                          Special Programs and Events
         Anything out of an ordinary meeting that is not high adventure
Gun safety night                          Tour a hospital
Orienteering hike                         Order of the arrow elections
Progressive dinner                        Go to a National Jamboree
Family night                              Attend a college event
Varsity Triathlon                         Attend a political debate
Bowling party                             Visit a fireworks company
Combined activity with young women        Visit a sports car showroom
Combined activity with another team       Visit a mortuary
Mountain Rendezvous                       Annual Planning meeting
Visit Sportsmen show                      Park City Mine tour
Auto show                                 Ice Blocking
BBQ and swim party                        Fly fishing/tying clinic
Ice skating                               Night games
Roller skating                            Family night/parents meeting
Miniature golf-goofy prizes to winners    Operation On Target
College student panel                     Turkey Shoot
Etiquette night                           Varsity Big Event
Dress for success panel
Creative babysitting workshop
Food Storage hands on experience
Simple household repairs
Attend a hobby show
Haunted house
County or state fair
Mall tour
Make a movie
Create a performance for scouts
Lip sync skits
Watch a sporting event
Attend a minor or major league sporting
Prepare dinner up a canyon
Massive snow fort snowball fight
Iron chef competition
Dinner dance
Primitive fire starting/Embers awards
Dutch oven cooking
Cooking-mission prep
Pioneer towers
Utensil less cooking
Candy factory tour
Clean up a weed-filled lot
Participate in a Deseret Industries drive
Scouting for Food Drive
Paint a widows fence
Shovel snow
Collect toys for tots at Christmas
Letters to missionaries
Learn about and demonstrate First Aid          Write a group letter about a social issue
Clear or improve a forest trail                Earthquake/disaster preparedness
Learn about emergency preparedness             workshop
Serve at the Bishop’s storehouse               Distribute community fliers
Visit the Elderly at a rest home               Visit the church cannery
Set-up chairs a the chapel                     Fisheries Habitat Service project
Community emergency training                   Food Bank
Team effort in an Eagle project                National Trails Day
Fellowship inactive Varsity Scouts             Welfare square
Visit the Family History Library               Children’s hospital
Do Baptismal work for the dead                 Church cleanup
Participate in community Pride Day             Conservation projects
Tie down hot water heaters                     Wildlife shelters
Take flowers to mothers                        Plant grasses
Appreciation cards to fathers                  Construct erosion control structures and
Appreciation cards to Church leaders           terraces
Handicap awareness project                     Construct bird houses or nesting boxes
Sponsor drug abuse presentation                Clean up around a reservoir stream or
Clean the chapel                               campground
Plant trees or shrubs                          Trail reconstruction/maintenance
Graffiti neighborhood watch                    Feed the homeless
Stream bed clean up/water conservation         Intercity youth groups
Present safety training to a scout troop       William T. Hornady Award
Hunter safety                                  World Conservation Award
Clean up trash on a hiking trail               Woman Shelters
Take meals or cookies to elderly
Humanitarian project
Wilderness conservation project
Historical society service project
Trash recycling awareness
Assist 11 year old scouts in advancement
Animal control project
Express appreciation to leaders night
Help cub scouts or webelos

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