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									                                                                        SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES

                                                             Miracle League Team Sponsor             ($2,500 to 4,999)
        Provide opportunities for children and               -1 year sponsorship of a Miracle League Team
        adults with disabilities to play Miracle             -Field banner for 2 seasons 3x8
        League baseball, regardless of their abili           -Media recognition on all sponsorship listings
        ties                                                 -Sponsorship plaque
                                                             -Tax deduction
        Promote community support and sponsor
        ship of Miracle League teams and individu
                                                             Miracle League Sporting Sponsor (1,000 to 2,499)
                                                             -Field banner for 2 seasons 3x5

        Promote the construction of facilities that          -Media recognition on all sponsorship listings
                                                                                                                          OF WARREN COUNTY AND GREATER DAYTON
        meet the unique needs of Miracle League              -Sponsorship plaque

        players and their families.                          -Tax deduction

                                                             Miracle League Sponsor                  ($500 to 999)
                                                             -Filed Banner for 1 season 3x5
While we cannot change the circumstances of people with
 disabilities, we can provide them with the opportunity to   -Media Recognition on all sponsorship listings
experience the joy and benefits that come from playing our   -Tax deduction
                National pastime--baseball!!!                -Sponsorship plaque

                                                             Miracle League Player Sponsorship ($30 TO 499)
                                                             -Covers the cost for any player/players whose family

                                                             is unable to pay the registration fee

                                                             -Tax deduction

                                                                                                                                  Spring Opening Day 2011
                                                                                                                               Saturday, April 16th at 12:00pm

                                                                                                                         “WE BELIEVE EVERYONE DESERVES A CHANCE
                                                                                                                                    TO PLAY BASEBALL!”
WHAT IS THE MIRACLE LEAGUE?                           According to the 2000 Census Bureau, there are approxi-       There are experiences that change the way we
                                                      mately 9 million children in our country who have disabili-   look at life, the way we pursue our dreams, and
A DISPLAY OF HUMAN SPIRIT                                                                                           the way we live our lives. The Miracle league is
                                                      The first Miracle League field opened in Conyers, Geor-
THAT IS UNEQUALED. AND OF                                                                                                      one of these experiences.
                                                      gia in April 2000. Word spread and by 2002, fields
COURSE...THERE’S BASEBALL!                            opened in South Carolina, Alabama, West Virginia, Chi-
                                                      cago and California. As of April 2009, there are 225
There is something about playing the game that        Miracle League organizations across the country includ-
lights up a youngster’s eyes. But for children fac-   ing Canada and Puerto Rico. We presently have 47 com-
                                                                                                                                                  PLAYERS FROM
ing serious physical and mental disabilities that     pleted rubberized turf fields and an additional 79 fields
opportunity can often be difficult to achieve.        are under some phase of construction, with another 30
                                                                                                                                                  PAST SEASONS
Baseball diamonds weren’t exactly designed with       plus groundbreakings scheduled. We are presently serv-
wheelchairs and crutches in mind.                     ing approximately 100,000 plus children and young adults.
                                                      The Miracle League has an aggressive plan to help local
The Miracle League removes the barriers that
                                                      communities build Miracle League complexes around the
keep children and adults with mental and physical
                                                      globe. Upon building our first 500 complexes we will be
disabilities off the baseball field, and lets them
                                                      able to serve 1.3 million children with disabilities. And
experience the joy of America’s favorite pastime.
                                                      then these 500 fields become 800, then 1400 until every
Since the main barriers for these people arise
                                                      community that has a youth sports program will offer a
from the natural grass fields used in conventional
                                                      Miracle League within its sports opportunities.
leagues, Miracle League teams play on a custom
                                                      Our goal is to raise approximately $500,000.00 per com-
designed, synthetic turf field that accommodates
wheelchairs and other assertive devices while help-
ing to prevent injuries
                                                      OUR PLAYERS MAY NOT BE ABLE TO RUN THE
But it’s more than playing a game. The Miracle        BASES OR HIT THE BALL AS WELL AS THEIR TYPI-
League is about making friends, building self-        CAL FRIENDS, BUT THEY HAVE AN INCREDIBLE
esteem and being treated just like everyone else.
                                                      AMOUNT OF DETERMINATION TO PLAY BASE-
                                                      BALL. WE WANT TO HELP THEM ACHIEVE THAT
To help the athletes, The Miracle League uses a
“buddy” system - pairing each player with a typical
peer. The result is a bond that cannot be de-
scribed. The Miracle League serves children and
young adults of all ages, who have physical or men-           For more information please contact:
tal disabilities, that causes them to be excluded -
intentionally or not- from conventional baseball                Adam Wilhelm (League Director)
                                               OF WARREN COUNTY AND GREATER DAYTON

Spring 2011 Registration Form                                           Registration: January 8th to April 9th
Please make checks or money orders payable to                           Opening Day: Saturday, April 16th
YMCA of Greater Dayton and mail check and                               Cost: There is no fee for this program
form to: 88 Remick Blvd. Springboro, OH 45066                           The season will run from April 16th to May 26th
                                                                        Teams will play either on a Saturday afternoon or
* Interested in Coaching      _____                                     Thursday evening.
* Interested in Sponsorship _____                                       One game each week during the season.
* Interested in being a buddy _____                                     For more information please call 937-886-2844

Players Name                                                                               Home Phone

Street Address                                        City              County                 State                  Zip Code

Parent / Guardian                                                  e-mail                                    Work or Contact Number
M/F_______        Birthday                       Age_______             School
Special Needs or Requirements (See back of page)
Wheelchair                          Walker                              Other
Players Shirt Size         Youth S M L XL                      Adult: S M L XL XXL XXXL (please circle one)

I give authorization for my child __________________________________ (Child’s Name) to participate in The Warren County and
Greater Dayton Miracle League, And do hereby released of any liability for injury that may occur while participating as a player or
spectator during the season. Furthermore, I hereby grant The Warren County and Greater Dayton Miracle League, its affiliates,
franchises, advertising and promotional agencies, and their agents, the irrevocable, unrestricted right to use, publish, display and
distribute materials bearing my name, voice, likeness or any other identifiable representation of myself, my family members including my
Miracle League player/child, __________________________________(Child’s Name). These materials may appear in any form, style
color or medium whatsoever (including, without limitation, photographs, video tapes, films sound recordings, software, drawings, prints,
broadcast, internet and electronic media.) I agree that all material containing any identifiable representation of me (including without
limitation, all negatives, plates and masters of any photographs, files, prints or tapes) shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property
of the Miracle League Association. I hereby release and forever discharge the Miracle League Association from any and all liability and
damages relating to the use of my name, voice, likeness or any other identifiable representation of myself or my child
_________________________________(Child’s Name). I hereby waive any right I may have to inspect or approve the finished materials
or any part or element there of that incorporates my name, voice, likeness or any other identifiable representation of myself, my family
including my Miracle League player/child. I have agreed to the above in consideration of the opportunity given to me by The Warren
County and Greater Dayton Miracle League to appear in these materials. I acknowledge that I have fully read and understand this
document and that I have had any questions regarding its effect or the meaning of its terms answered to my satisfaction. I certify that I
am at least 18 years of age, unless this document is also signed by my parent or legal guardian.

Name                                                                    Signature

Signature of Parent or Guardian                                                     Minor’s D/O/B_______________

Name of Parent or Guardian (please print)
Current Prescription and Medications


Primary Care/Physician Phone Number

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