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									Army Burn Hall College
Army Burn Hall College

"Quo Non Ascendam" Established 1943 Principal Location Homepage Brigadier Raheel Ashraf Abbottabad,N.W.F.P, Pakistan

The Army Burn Hall College (ABHC) is a situated in Mandian region of Abbottabad city. It is divided into two separate colleges for boys and for girls. The girls branch is located on the Mall Road near the city center, and the boys' branch is in near Mandian. Originally these were Junior Burn Hall and Senior Burn Hall Schools respectively. The junior school starts from Prep class goes up to the Masters level for girls, and the boys go to the senior school after finishing their sixth grade.

Burn Hall traces its history back to 1943 when a team of missionaries from Mill Hill, London, established the school in Sri Nagar. It was named after an English Manor House, which had a hall with a stream (Burn)running through it hence the name 'Burn Hall'.The school was administered by the Fathers in English public school tradition. Some time in 1948, after Pakistan and India gained their Independence from the British Empire in 1947, a few Fathers moved to Abbottabad with a handful of students, and the help of Brigadier Aslam Khan (a brother of Air Marshal retd. Asghar Khan who also went under the name of Brigadier Pasha) and set up the school in a small hotel building, the Abbot Hotel. The school was among the best in the country and soon more buildings were added to accommodate the increasing number of students. The school was under the control of the Dicosesan Board of Education, Rawalpindi. In 1956, a new school was constructed a few miles outside the town, on the GT( Grand Trunk) road,to provide more room for the seniors and became known as senior Burn Hall.The new school was designed to allow for adequate sports facilities and included playgrounds for all games, including swimming pool.

The college is located at 4300 feet above sea level in natural surroundings. It excelled in academic and literary activities[citation needed] and encouraged competition in sports by having House games between St Michaels and (St Andrews) later to be named St Gabriel's. The high standard achieved were in keeping with the school motto 'Quo non Ascendum' Latin for 'To what heights Can I not rise'. (The above has been taken from the Burn Hall Alumni Association). The only missionary left in Burn Hall School, Srinagar moved Burn Hall School to another location, Gupkar Road in Srinagar, Kashmir in 1956. The first principal of the school was Father Boerkamp.

Additional Comments
The Fathers who came to set up the School in Abbottabad realised that if Pakistan as a nation was to do well then it needed men of high calibre, intelligent, strong willed, determined, nationalistic and with the highest level of integrity. The British Empire was built on men who came from the English Public schools and therefore the Fathers replicated that system. They were successful because Boys from Burn Hall achieved distinction in the civil service, Armed Forces and Business and other fields. Old Burn Hall boys who revisited Burn Hall School, always got special reception and were honoured by the Fathers by being invited to lunch and sitting with the Fathers at the Dining Table on the dias and the Fathers took great pride and revelled in stories and achievement's made of other old boys. The Fathers promoted sports as a means of making a boys character believing that characters are made on the sports grounds. St Michaels was represented by a black shield with gold border, crossed white lance and sword. St Gabriels, were represented by a Lion Holding a fiery torch. There were 7 games exercised; Cricket, Hockey, Football,Basketball, Tennis,Swimming, and athletics. In 1966/67 There were foreign experts who had come to assist in building the Tarbella Dam and generally their families stayed in Abbotabad.The daughters of one of the consultantsi.e 2 sisters joined Burn Hall and were the first foreign girls to enroll in Senior Burn Hall.Miss Samina Manzoor(now Mrs Brig. Iqbal Hanif) daughter of Mrs Manzoor and Miss Imrana Hameed daughter of Mrs Hameed, senior teacher in Burn Hall (now Mrs Bashir Wali former Director General Intelligence Bureau Pakistan & Pakistani High Commissioner to Sri Lanka) became the first Pakistani girls to join Senior Burn HAll School. Foreign students came from Morocco, Egypt, Laos, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Hong Kong,Kenya, US and Britain.

Principals Of Burn Hall
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1948 To 1956 Rev Father Thysen Rev Father G.Shanks Rev Father Burns Rev Father F.Scanlon

Senior Burn Hall School
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1956-64 Rev Father F.Scanlon 1964-65 Rev Father E.Foord 1965-71 Rev Father F.Scanlon 1971-72 Rev Father N.Turner 1972-73 Rev Father j.van Schagen

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1973-74 Rev Father M.Conroy 1974-76 Rev Father J.Klaver

Army Burn Hall College
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Dec1976-83 Brig Bashir Ahmad Malik 1983-87 Brig Abdul Sattar 1987-92 Brig Zahur Ahmad 1992-96 Brig Irfan Aziz Malik 1996-2000 Brig Muhammad Irshad Arshad 2000-04 Brig Mahmud Bashir Bajwa 2004-07 Brig Muhammad Asif 2007-till date Brig Raheel Ashraf

Academics The college shows outstanding results in O Levels, Matriculation, and F.Sc Intermediate examinations. The total strength of Burn Hall is over 3,000 students and 200 faculty members. Physical training is usually provided by retired/serving trainers from the Pakistan Military. The students of Burn Hall are known as 'Hallians' and have risen to prominence both in Pakistan and overseas. The motto of the College is "Quo Non Ascendam" i.e. "To What Heights Can I Not Rise" Every year a magazine is launched by the college, the magazine for girl section is called "HALLIAN" and that of boy section is called "HALLMARK". Last year,a student of class 1st Year Miss Javeria Qazi, launched her own official-student-run-magazine, with the consent of the principal, Brig. Noor Sultan Lali, known as "HalliZine", which has been appreciated by all faculty members.

Senior Burn Hall is divided into three houses. The houses are named after the Muslim heroes of Indian subcontinent.
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Shah Ismail Shaheed House. colour is Red Syed Ahmad Shaheed House. colour is Blue Sultan Tipu Shaheed House. colour is Green

Before 1977 (when Fathers ran the school) the houses were named as St Micheals House (now Shah Ismail Shaheed) St Gabriels Houses (now Syed Ahmad Shaheed) There was no third house The campus in City Center was Junior Burn Hall School while the campus outside city center was Senior Burn Hall School. Only in 1977 it became Collge. Now burn hall is unique institute of pakistan having brilliant students incorporated in social working. In middle of 2008 Abdul moed of 2nd year in alliance with Shahid ijaz has started the work of spiritual enhancement of students with name of DAWA by which lot of changes has developed in environment of college students have became more disciplined and confident they go to the villages and cities and do work for the uplifting of mental level of people of society.

Academic Terms The academic year begins in the first week of March. It is divided in to three terms:   

First Term___March-June Second Term__July-September Third Term___October-December Admission in 7th Class

Induction of student into the college begins in class 7th, for which an Entry test is organized every year at Abbottabad and Lahore. The Entry test is followed by intelligence test/interview at both locations for the successful candidates. The subjects for the examination are English, Urdu and Mathematics. The suitability of a candidate is assessed on the basis of his performance in the Entry test, intelligence test, interview and final merit. The date of the test is advertised in reputed Urdu and English national dailies, well in advance

Students from Burn Hall have reached high levels in Politics, Armed Forces and Civil Services. Notable among these ex Burn Hall students are;
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Nawabzada Salahuddin Saeed (Nawab of Amb, Ex Federal Minister ) Omar Asghar Khan [late] (Politician, founder of Sungi, son of Air Marshal Asghar Khan) Prof Dr Akbar S.Ahmed-1954-1959, Cambridge University, PCS,Author, Film Producer of Movie' Jinnah'. Wasim Sajjad-1948-59 (Did Law from Cambridge University, England,Member Pakistan Senate) Farooq Rahmatullah Khan (ex Chairman Shell Pakistan, and ex DG CAA. Brother of Air Marshal Asghar Khan) Gohar Ayub (Politician, son of Late President Field Marshall Ayub Khan) Maj Gen Mahmud Ali Durrani -1959 (Armed Forces. Ex Ambassador to the US, Security Advisor to Present Govt) Nisar Ali Khan-1968, Member National Assembly, Political Party PML-N Ahmed Hirany-1963-68,Now in Los Angeles.Singer, song writer, music composer and producer of CD "Pyar hee to hai..(Love is it)" with Kalyanji Anandji family. Please visit for further details and photos. Brig.(R) Zahir Ullah, 1958-68 Prof Dr Sikander Hayat Khan (Tamgha-e-Imtiaz)- Rt.Head of Surgery PIMS,Islamabad Chairman,Zubeda Khaliq Medical Trust,Skardu Maj Richard Francis-1963-67, Armed Forces. Dr Shujaat Ali Khan (Plastic Surgeon, Fort Worth, USA - Lt.Gen (R) Munir Hafeez (Ex Chairman NAB) Maj Gen (R) Ali Hamid Brigadier (R) Muhammad Marghub Awan Lt Gen Ayaz Saleem Rana Maj Gen Niaz Khattak Maj Gen Tariq Khan Brigadier Shaukat Ali Sardar Ali former MNA (PPP)from Pabbi Brigadier Tariq Jillani(Senior Camb 1974) Colonel(R) Qasim Hameed Khan(Senior Camb 1974,now an Airline Transport Pilot in Air Blue International Airlines).

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Colonel(R) Kaiser Hameed Khan(Senior Camb1974,now Manager Administration Petroleum Exploration Ltd Islamabad) Colonel (R)Tariq Khan(Senior Camb 1974) Colonel Dr. Parveen Khalid Dr.Laveeza Bhatti,MD.Phd(now in California USA, Director of Hepatitus Clinic Westside HCC) Dr Aftab Jamal,Eye Specialist Dr Saleem Afzal FRCS,MRCP,ESSEX Dr Adil Nickelwala UK Dr Tasneemullah Dr Karamatullah Khalid Dilawar Farzana Tajdar Kamal Javed Elias Australia Faisal Bin Saleh Businessman Karachi Amer Syed Advocate Omar Ayub Khan (Politician, son of Gohar Ayub) Dr.Muhammad Saqib Saeed (MRCP,MO Ayub Medical College&Hospital) Dr. Adil Mahboob Khan Gorsi (resident surgeon, Norway) Tariq Hafeez Raja (Pilot- Flying school in Fort Worth TX U.S.A., Senior Air Traffic Controller (SATCO), currently Senior DTM in CAA Pakistan) Dr Chaudhry Liqa Hussain 1968-1976 MRCPsych (UK) MCPsych (Ir) MRCPI (Peds) DCP (RCPSI) DCH (RCPSI) DPM (RCPSI) MHMPP (Leeds) LLM Medical Law (Northumbria University UK) Certified European Specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - currently working as Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Ireland Tanvir Ahmed Mohajir, Wing Commander PAF Mustapha Ahmed, Notable Business Intelligence Developer, Pride of Burn Hall, USA Shabbir Ahmed Mohajir, Businessman Dr Naseem Yar Khan, Germany Hameedullah Khan, Air Commodore PAF Riaz-ul-Hassan Khattak (MPA, IAQ, CCNA & SCSA) Currently working for Bank of Scotland UK Dr.Faisal Zeb (1989 to 1991)MRCP Ireland---General Physician & Gastroenterologist.

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