PSYC 284 by kqxarzawuiwpx


									Was PSYC 284 Sports Psychology; will become
  PSYC 238 Exercise & Sport Psychology
                                Course Revision
                    Course open to or required of Non-Majors

 Course Title: OLD: Sports Psychology NEW: Exercise and Sport Psychology

 Course Number: OLD: Psyc 284 NEW: PSYC 238 Date: 8/29/06
           Home Dean: X CAS □ CPS □ SOM □ GRAD □ DHC
 revision: 1. Change number from a special topics number to a regular class
                     number – Psyc 238.

               2.    Change name to Exercise and Sport Psychology.

 for           1.    The course is now offered both in the Spring and Fall semesters.
 revision:           Also, the course is a required cognate in the Exercise Science major
                     and a required course in the Coaching minor.

               2.    This is the name of the division in the American Psychological

Will the revision have an impact on the core curriculum? X No □Yes (indicate impact)
Indicate below the distribution of students the last four times the course was offered

 There are currently 30 students enrolled for Fall 2006.
 Spring 2006 - 31 students
 Fall 2005 – 35 students
 Fall 2004 – 37 students
 Fall 2003 – 18 students
 Spring 2003 – 35 students

Indicate below the impact and response of affected programs/concentrations/tracks
 None beyond removing the Special Topics designation for the course and changing the

  Will the revisions require allocation/reallocation of University resources?
    X No □Yes (indicate resources needed for revision below)

Signature of Sponsoring Chair: (J. Buchanan’s signature on signature sheet) Date: 9/5/06

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