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					At DRI’s Asbestos Medicine Seminar, you will get                     Program	Schedule	                       3
up to speed on the latest medical and legal
developments in asbestos litigation and learn how
                                                                     General	Information	                    6
to best evaluate and defend asbestos cases. Whether
you are new to asbestos litigation or an experienced
practitioner, our pulmonologists, pathologists, industrial           Seminar	Sponsors	                       7
hygienists, anthropologists and statisticians will help you
establish a solid foundation of knowledge or build upon              2011–2012	Seminar	Schedule	             7
your current expertise with new insights and information.
In addition, litigators and in-house counsel will offer              Faculty	Biographies	                    8
perspectives on the past, present and future of this
perennial and ever more complex mass tort litigation.
Moreover, networking opportunities will abound at                    Membership	Application	                 11
refreshment breaks and evening receptions. Join us in
Las Vegas this November!                                             Registration	Form	                      12

Evelyn	Fletcher	Davis	 David	A.	Speziali                        	    WHAT	YOU	WILL	LEARN
Program Chair              Program Vice Chair
                                                                n	   How to present the Navy and government
                                                                     contractor defenses
                                                                n	   Pitfalls to avoid in premises and workers’
                                                                     compensation cases
                                                                n	   New historical perspectives to expand
                                                                     your state-of-the-art approach to defense
John	J.	Laffey
Law Institute
                                                                n	   Insights from RAND and PACE on where
                                                                     the litigation is headed
                                                                n	   How recent verdicts and appellate rulings
                                                                     are impacting the future of the litigation
                                                                n	   Tried and true cross-examination
                                                                     techniques for commonly used experts

                        This	seminar	brochure	is	sponsored	by
                                                                               Attorneys At Law
                                                                               November	10–11,	2011           3

PROGRAM SCHEDULE                                         10:15 a.m. It’s	Better	to	Give	than	Receive
                                                                    This session will cover apportionment
WEDNESDAY,	NOVEMBER	9,	2011                                         shares: how to create them and why they
                                                                    should or should not be created.
6:00 p.m. Registration                                              Edward R. Hugo, Brydon Hugo & Parker,
                                                                    San Francisco, California
6:00 p.m. Networking	Reception	
          Sponsored by Hawkins Parnell Thackston &
                                                         11:10 a.m. Refreshment	Break	
                       Young LLP                                    Sponsored by Stratos Legal
                       PACE Claims Services              11:30 a.m. Recent	Rulings	in	the	MDL
                                                                    What happened to the black hole? Mr. Tardy
THURSDAY,	NOVEMBER	10,	2011                                         will present a comprehensive analysis
                                                                    of important rulings in MDL 875, lessons
                                                                    learned and their application to current and
           Internet	Café                                            future litigation.
           Sponsored by O’Connell Tivin Miller & Burns              Thomas W. Tardy III, Forman Perry Watkins
                                                                    Krutz & Tardy LLP, Jackson, Mississippi
7:30 a.m. Registration
                                                         12:25 p.m. Lunch	(on your own)
7:30 a.m. Continental	Breakfast
          Sponsored by KCIC                              1:45 p.m. Not	in	My	Backyard
                                                                   An experienced litigator will analyze
7:30 a.m. First-Time	Attendees	Breakfast
                                                                   defense strategy when seeking a different
8:15 a.m. Welcome	and	Introduction                                 forum or pursuing a choice-of-law motion.
	         Jack Laffey, Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek SC,                 Raymond R. Fournie, Armstrong Teasdale
          Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                     LLP, St. Louis, Missouri
          Evelyn Fletcher Davis, Hawkins Parnell         2:35 p.m. Hindsight	Is	20/20
          Thackston & Young LLP, Atlanta, Georgia
                                                                   Hindsight bias and how it impacts jurors’
          David A. Speziali, Speziali Greenwald &                  perceptions will be discussed.
          Hawkins PC , Williamstown, New Jersey
                                                                   H. Lane Young II, Hawkins Parnell Thackston
8:25 a.m. The	Navy’s	Got	Your	Back                                 & Young LLP, Atlanta, Georgia
          Learn how to use the Navy to bolster your      3:30 p.m. Why	We	Care	About	Medicare
          defense from discovery through introduction
                                                                   This session will cover how the Medicare
          of evidence at trial.
                                                                   Secondary Payer Act impacts the litigation
          John M. Fitzpatrick, Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell             and how to address federal requirements.
          LLP, Denver, Colorado
                                                                   Sandra S. Calmes, Liberty Mutual Insurance
9:20 a.m. Creating	a	Willing	Record	at	Deposition                  Company, Boston, Massachusetts
          Get valuable tips from the field on how to               Catherine E. Goldhaber, Segal McCambridge
          cross-examine and challenge fact witnesses.              Singer & Mahoney Ltd., Chicago, Illinois
          David A. Speziali, Speziali Greenwald &        4:15 p.m. Refreshment	Break
          Hawkins PC , Williamstown, New Jersey
                                                                   Sponsored by HG Litigation Services
4           Asbestos	Medicine	Seminar

B R E A KO U T S E S S I O N S                                	           PANEL
(All breakout sessions are limited to defense lawyers and                 Laura K. Hong, Squire Sanders & Dempsey (US)
their clients only. Plaintiffs’ lawyers are invited to meet               LLP, Cleveland, Ohio
elsewhere on their own.)                                                  Catherine A. Mohan, McCarter & English LLP,
                                                                          Hartford, Connecticut
4:30 p.m. BREAKOUT	A: Asbestos Litigation Now and in
          the Future—A Panel of Inside and Outside            5:20 p.m. BREAKOUT	E:	Out of Sight, but Not Out of
          Coordinating Counsel                                          Mind—How to Get the Bankrupt Parties on the
                                                                        Verdict Sheet
	         MODERATOR                                           	         MODERATOR
          Judith A. Perritano, Pierce Davis & Perritano                 Elizabeth Runyan Geise, Goodwin Procter LLP,
          LLP, Boston, Massachusetts                                    Washington, D.C.
	         PANEL                                               	         PANEL
          C. Michael Evert, Jr., Evert Weathersby Houff ,               Jonathan M. Lively, Segal McCambridge Singer
          Atlanta, Georgia                                              & Mahoney Ltd. , Chicago, Illinois
          Glenna M. Kyle, ExxonMobil, Houston, Texas                    R. Thomas Radcliff, Jr., DeHay & Elliston LLP,
          Joseph J. O’Hara, Jr., Owens-Illinois Inc. ,                  Baltimore, Maryland
          Chicago, Illinois
                                                              5:20 p.m. BREAKOUT	F:	How to Keep Corporate Counsel
          Paul F. Slater, General Electric Company,                     Happy During Defense
          Fairfield, Connecticut                              	         MODERATOR
                                                                        Jessica Burgasser, Brown & Kelly LLP, Buffalo,
4:30 p.m. BREAKOUT	B: Trial Consultants’ Perspectives on                New York
          Winning at Voir Dire and Reverse Bifurcation        	         PANEL
	         MODERATOR                                                     Nina Lynn Caroselli, RiverStone Claims
          Edward J. Wilbraham, Wilbraham Lawler &                       Management LLC , Manchester, New Hampshire
          Buba, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania                              Lisa D. Frasco, Travelers, Hartford, Connecticut
          Sarah E. Murray, Trial Behavior Consulting ,        5:20 p.m. BREAKOUT	G: Where Has the Litigation Been?
          San Francisco, California                                     Verdicts and Appellate Rulings of 2011
          Marygrace Schaeffer, DecisionQuest ,                	         MODERATOR
          Minneapolis, MN                                               John C. Canoni, Kasowitz Benson Torres &
                                                                        Friedman LLP, New York, New York
4:30 p.m. BREAKOUT	C:	The Future—An Analytical                	         PANEL
          Perspective on Where Asbestos Litigation Is
          Headed                                                        Thomas J. Burns, O’Connell Tivin Miller & Burns
                                                                        LLC, Chicago, Illinois
                                                                        Sharla J. Frost, Powers & Frost LLP, Houston,
          Lawrence G. Cetrulo, Cetrulo & Capone LLP,                    Texas
          Boston, Massachusetts
	         PANEL                                               5:20 p.m. Breakout	H:	Premises, Workers’ Compensation
          Lloyd Dixon, Ph.D., RAND Corporation ,                        and Employer Defense in Asbestos Litigation
          Santa Monica, California                            	         MODERATOR
          Bradley Drew, PACE Claims Services,                           Robert A. Rich, Gordon & Rees LLP,
          Lawrenceville, New Jersey                                     San Francisco, California
          Bertram Price, Ph.D., Price Associates Inc. ,       	         PANEL
          Bar Harbor, Minnesota                                         Hilary C. Bonenberger, Swartz Campbell LLC ,
          Francine F. Rabinovitz, Ph.D., Hamilton                       Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
          Rabinovitz & Associates Inc. , Carmel, California             Anita M. Kidd, Armstrong Teasdale LLP,
                                                                        St. Louis, Missouri
4:30 p.m. BREAKOUT	D:	Asbestos Deposition 101—State
          of the Art and Industrial Hygienist Expert                    Jayme C. Long, McKenna Long & Aldridge
          Cross-Examination Techniques                                  LLP, Los Angeles, California
          Edward P. Abbot, Smith Abbot LLP, New York,
          New York
                                                                                 November	10–11,	2011                5

6:10 p.m. Adjourn                                         11:15 a.m. Mesothelioma	Misdiagnoses	and		 	
6:15 p.m. Networking	Reception                                       Dr. Sporn will offer insight into identifying
          Sponsored by McCaffery & Associates Inc.                   and investigating these misdiagnoses.
                                                                     Thomas A. Sporn, M.D., Duke University
                                                                     Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina
                                                          12:05 p.m. Lunch	(on your own)
           Internet	Café
                                                          1:15 p.m.   Not	Every	Dose	Counts
           Sponsored by O’Connell Tivin Miller & Burns
                                                                      Nonmalignant disease diagnostic criteria
7:30 a.m. Registration                                                and its consideration in the lung cancer case
                                                                      will be discussed.
7:30 a.m. Continental	Breakfast                                       David Weill, M.D., Stanford University
          Sponsored by Archer Norris PLC                              Medical Center, Palo Alto, California
8:15 a.m. Announcements                                   2:05 p.m. Latest	on	Lung	Cancer
          Evelyn Fletcher Davis, Hawkins Parnell                    Hear what the latest medical research tells
          Thackston & Young LLP, Atlanta, Georgia                   us about asbestos as a causative agent of
          David A. Speziali, Speziali Greenwald &                   lung cancer.
          Hawkins PC, Williamstown, New Jersey                      Michael A. Graham, M.D., St. Louis University
                                                                    School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri
8:20 a.m. Asbestos	Lawyers:	Too	Rich?	Too	Thin?		
	         Exploring	Ethics                                2:55 p.m. Refreshment	Break
          Mr. Bouch will reflect upon asbestos lawyers’
          past wrongs and will hypothesize on future      3:10 p.m. Mesothelioma:	Extending	Life	Expectancy		
          offenses.                                       	         After	Diagnosis
          Timothy W. Bouch, Leath Bouch & Seekings                  The director of the mesothelioma program
          LLP, Charleston, South Carolina                           at the David Geffen School of Medicine will
                                                                    offer his insight.
9:20 a.m. Asbestos	101:	From	the	Mines	to	the		                     Robert B. Cameron, M.D. FACS, David Geffen
	         Courtroom                                                 School of Medicine at UCLA, Los Angeles,
          Hear an overview of where asbestos                        California
          originates, and how it causes harm.
                                                          4:00 p.m. A	Discussion	of	Other	Cancers,	Other	Causes		
          Thomas A. Bickers, Pain Tarwater and Bickers
                                                          	         and	What	the	Future	Holds	
          LLP, Knoxville, Tennessee
                                                                    A skilled radiologist and an experienced
10:10 a.m. Refreshment	Break                                        litigator will lead the discussion on other
           Sponsored by Miles & Stockbridge                         cancers and causality.
                                                                    Peter J. Barrett, M.D., FACR, Tufts University
10:25 a.m. CIH	on	Encapsulated	Products                             School of Medicine, Boston, Massachusetts
           Learn what “encapsulated” really means                   Dennis E. Vega, Sedgwick LLP, Newark,
           and discover why it matters.                             New Jersey
           Donna M. Ringo, CIH, DMR & Associates Inc.,
           Louisville, Kentucky                           4:50 p.m. Adjourn
6           Asbestos	Medicine	Seminar

G E N E R A L I N F O R M AT I O N                             refunds must be made in writing. Fax to DRI’s Accounting
                                                               Department at 312.795.0747. All refunds will be mailed
                                                               within four weeks after the date of the conference.
CLE	ACCREDITATION                                              Substitutions may be made at any time without charge
This seminar has been approved for MCLE credit by the          and must be submitted in writing.
State Bar of California in the amount of	14.5	hours,
including 1 hour of ethics credit. Accreditation has been
requested from every state with mandatory continuing           COURSE	MATERIALS
legal education (CLE) requirements. Certificates of            DRI will email a link to download the course materials to
attendance will be provided to each attendee. Attendees        all registrants two weeks in advance of the seminar. The CD
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REGISTRATION                                                   SUPPLEMENTAL	MATERIALS
The registration fee is	$745 for members and those who         Recommended supplemental material for this seminar
join DRI when registering and $975 for nonmembers.             is Punitive	Damages:	A	State-by-State	Compendium.
The registration fee includes CD-ROM course materials,         Order your copy by checking the appropriate box on the
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SPECIAL	DISCOUNTS                                              To receive these discounts, please contact Hobson Travel
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months will be issued. All cancellations and requests for      others in connection with its seminars.
                                                                                   November	10–11,	2011                7


DRI wishes to thank our sponsors for their support at this year’s seminar!

           Attorneys At Law
                                                                                                CLAIMS SERVICES

2011 SEMINAR SCHEDULE                                         February 23–24   Sharing Success—A Seminar for
                                                                               Women Lawyers
                                                                               The Westin Kierland, Scottsdale, AZ
October 26–30       Annual Meeting
                    Washington Marriott Wardman Park,         March 8–9        Medical Liability and Health Care Law
                    Washington, D.C.                                           Hilton New Orleans Riverside,
                                                                               New Orleans, LA
November 10–11      Asbestos Medicine
                    Bellagio, Las Vegas, NV                   March 14–16      Trial Tactics
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November 17–18      The Changing Landscape of
                    International Litigation                  March 14–16      Rainmaking
                    Gallery Hotel, Barcelona, Spain                            Bally’s, Las Vegas, NV
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                    New York, NY                              April 11–13      Product Liability Conference
December 15–16      Professional Liability                                     The Venetian, Las Vegas, NV
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                    New York, NY                                               Swissôtel Chicago, Chicago, IL
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                                                              May 10–11        Drug and Medical Device
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February 2–3        Civil Rights and Governmental Tort                         New Orleans, LA
                    Eden Roc Renaissance, Miami Beach, FL     May 10-11        Retail and Hospitality
                                                                               Swissôtel Chicago, Chicago, IL
February 9–10       Toxic Torts and Environmental Law
                    Fontainebleau Miami Beach,                May 17–18        Commercial Litigation
                    Miami Beach, FL                                            Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers ,
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February 16–17      Trucking Law
                    The Westin Kierland, Scottsdale, AZ       June 7–8         Diversity for Success
                                                                               Swissôtel Chicago, Chicago, IL
                                                              June 14–15       Young Lawyers
                                                                               JW Marriott Eden Roc , Miami Beach, FL
              Asbestos	Medicine	Seminar

F A C U LT Y                                   medical and scientific issues facing their       addition to work on asbestos bankruptcy
                                               clients in the litigation.                       trusts, he has examined the abuse of
Peter	J.	Barrett,	M.D.,	FACR, is a                                                              expert evidence in silica litigation, the
radiologist and an adjunct clinical            Sandra	S.	Calmes is an attorney in Liberty       impacts of the 1995 Daubert decision, and
                                               Mutual Group’s complex and emerging              the complex web of insurance, charity,
professor of radiology, teaching at Tufts
                                               risks claims department in Boston. Her           government and tort payments that
Medical Center and Tufts University School
                                               practice focuses on complex                      provided assistance to individuals and
of Medicine in Boston. Board certified in
                                               environmental coverage litigation and            businesses following the 9/11 attacks.
diagnostic radiology and nuclear
medicine and a certified “B” Reader, he        federal and state legislative and litigation
teaches courses in radiologic disciplines to   initiatives. Ms. Calmes is also Liberty          Bradley	Drew is a managing director at
radiologists, pulmonary physicians and         Mutual’s legal representative for the            PACE Claims Services in Lawrenceville,
occupational medical doctors. Dr. Barrett      Coalition for Litigation Justice. Prior to       New Jersey, a subsidiary of Navigant.
has taught at the Harvard Medical School       joining Liberty Mutual, Ms. Calmes               Mr. Drew has 20 years of experience
and Harvard School of Public Health.           defended various commercial clients in           consulting for defendants, insurers and
                                               product liability litigation.                    legal counsel involved in asbestos and
                                                                                                other mass tort litigation. He has
Thomas	A.	Bickers	is a partner in Paine
                                               Robert	B.	Cameron,	M.D.,	FACS, is the            developed industry-wide claims databases
Tarwater and Bickers LLP, which has offices
                                               director of the mesothelioma program at          that allow for a unique view of the
in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Austin, Texas.
                                               the David Geffen School of Medicine at the       underlying litigation.
He has represented different entities
named in asbestos personal injury suits        University of California, Los Angeles, and
since 1989. Mr. Bickers has served as lead     the chief of thoracic surgery at the West        C.	Michael	Evert,	Jr., is a founding partner
trial counsel for clients since 1995 and has   Los Angeles Veteran’s Administration             at the Atlanta office of Evert Weathersby
served as lead trial counsel in asbestos       Medical Center. He is a board certified          Houff in Atlanta. Since the 1980s, he has
cases in more than 20 states.                  cardiothoracic surgeon and surgical              had experience as a lead trial counsel, a
                                               oncologist. Dr. Cameron has published            complex settlement negotiator and an
                                               numerous abstracts and articles in the field     overall strategist in toxic tort cases on
Hilary	C.	Bonenberger is an associate in
                                               of thoracic surgery and surgical oncology.       behalf of various clients. Mr. Evert
the Pittsburgh office of Swartz Campbell
                                                                                                currently serves as national coordinating
LLC, where she dedicates the majority of
                                               Nina	Lynn	Caroselli, an attorney with            counsel for a number of companies in the
her practice to representing product
                                               extensive experience in the insurance            asbestos litigation.
manufacturers and industrial contractors
in the defense of toxic tort related claims.   industry and private litigation practice,
Ms. Bonenberger’s practice also includes       joined the run-off team for RiverStone           John	M.	Fitzpatrick, senior partner at
insurance defense litigation.                  Claims Management LLC in Manchester,             Wheeler Trigg O’Donnell LLP in Denver,
                                               New Hampshire, as senior attorney                has a reputation as the “go to” trial
                                               focusing on asbestos, pollution and health       lawyer for national clients in high
Timothy	W.	Bouch	manages the
                                               hazard claims. In 2008, she advanced to          exposure cases. Mr. Fitzpatrick has tried in
Charleston, South Carolina, firm of Leath
                                               senior vice president and director of direct     excess of 200 cases to verdict in over 30
Bouch & Seekings LLP. Admitted in South
                                               and assumed claims.                              states. His specialties include medical
Carolina, North Carolina and Texas, he has
                                                                                                malpractice, product liability, asbestos
a national trial practice. Mr. Bouch chairs
                                               Evelyn	Fletcher	Davis is a partner at            and medical devices.
the ABA’s Standing Committee on
Specialization, serves in the ABA House of     Hawkins Parnell Thackson & Young LLP in its
Delegates, is an adjunct professor of ethics   Atlanta office. She is one of the nation’s       Raymond	R.	Fournie	is a senior partner at
at the Charleston School of Law and is         leading asbestos, silica, benzene and            Armstrong Teasdale LLP in St. Louis and
included in The Best Lawyers in America        product liability defense lawyers, with a        has been involved in defending asbestos
and Super Lawyers .                            strong presence in the Alabama, Florida and      cases for the past 23 years, primarily in
                                               Georgia jurisdictions. Ms. Davis is a            Madison County, Illinois. He served as
Thomas	J.	Burns	is a partner in the            recognized expert in toxic tort litigation and   national trial counsel for a principle
Chicago-area law firm of O’Connell Tivin       frequent speaker on environmental claims.        asbestos defendant, trying cases
Miller & Burns LLC. He has tried more than     She is the DRI Southeast Regional Director       throughout the country. Mr. Fournie has
80 mesothelioma cases to verdict across        and the program chair for this seminar.          taken 18 asbestos cases to verdict.
the country. Mr. Burns serves as national,
regional or local counsel for a variety of     Lloyd	Dixon,	Ph.D., is a senior economist        Lisa	D.	Frasco	is in-house counsel with the
manufacturers and distributors sued in the     at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica,         Special Liability Group of Travelers.
asbestos litigation, and he routinely          California, with expertise on insurance,         Ms. Frasco advises the company on toxic
consults with other law firms regarding        compensation and liability issues. In            tort issues, including asbestos claims, that
                                                                                                    November	10–11,	2011                    9

arise nationwide and works closely with       Edward	R.	Hugo, a partner at the                  in asbestos litigation and appears in courts
claim account executives to manage            California firm of Brydon Hugo & Parker,          across the country on their behalf.
litigation brought against Travelers’s        defends product liability, toxic tort and
policyholders. It is this litigation          environmental actions, with an emphasis           Jayme	C.	Long is a partner in McKenna
management component that places              on asbestos and silica personal injury,           Long & Aldridge LLP’s Los Angeles office.
Ms. Frasco in daily contact with national     wrongful death and property damage                Ms. Long’s practice is concentrated in
coordinating, trial and local counsel         cases. He has extensive first chair trial         complex civil litigation with a primary
around the country.                           experience representing “target”                  focus on toxic torts, premises liability and
                                              defendants and has tried a variety of             product liability. Ms. Long, a DRI member,
Sharla	J.	Frost, the managing partner of      cases to defense verdict. Mr. Hugo serves         represents numerous companies in the
Powers & Frost LLP in Houston, has been       as national trial counsel, coordinating           petrochemical, construction, maritime and
successfully defending asbestos               counsel, regional counsel and local               automotive industries. She has defended
defendants in troubling jurisdictions for     counsel for a variety of clients, from            her clients in asbestos-related lawsuits for
over 20 years. She brings experience and      Fortune 100 companies to neighborhood             over a decade and has tried multiple
insight to high risk asbestos trials.         hardware stores.                                  asbestos cases in California.
Recognized as one of the country’s
foremost trial lawyers, Ms. Frost actively    Anita	M.	Kidd	is a partner in Armstrong           Catherine	A.	Mohan, a partner with
defends clients in courtrooms nationwide.	    Teasdale LLP’s litigation group in St. Louis.     McCarter & English LLP in Hartford,
                                              She has handled thousands of cases                Connecticut, has over 25 years’ experience
Catherine	E.	Goldhaber, a partner at Segal    alleging exposure to asbestos, primarily in       as a complex product liability and toxic
McCambridge Singer & Mahoney Ltd. in          Madison County, Illinois. As a former             tort litigator. She represents Fortune 100
Chicago, defends clients as trial and         registered nurse, she deals with medical          companies throughout the country. She is
national counsel through prelitigation,       issues related to asbestos exposure—a             AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell and was
discovery and verdict. Ms. Goldhaber          vital component in the defense of toxic           recognized as a “High Achiever” in the
represents clients in toxic torts, premises   tort litigation. Ms. Kidd is admitted to          Connecticut Law Tribune’s 2010 Women in
and product liability as well as commercial   practice in Missouri, Illinois and California.    the Law edition.
disputes. She has regularly been retained
to consult on Medicare Secondary Payer        Glenna	M.	Kyle	is a senior attorney in toxic      Sarah	E.	Murray, a social/cultural
Act issues. She is licensed in Illinois,      tort and environmental litigation with            anthropologist, is a senior consultant and
Michigan and numerous federal courts.         ExxonMobil. She holds both a J.D. and a           CIO for Trial Behavior Consulting in
                                              Ph.D. in pharmacology/toxicology. She has         San Francisco. Ms. Murray is experienced in
Michael	A.	Graham,	M.D., is a professor of    extensive litigation experience, both with        translating social scientific insights about
pathology at St. Louis University School of   ExxonMobil and in her prior work as a             how people think, tell stories and make
Medicine in St. Louis, where he codirects     litigation associate. Ms. Kyle has numerous       decisions into trial and jury selection
the division of forensic and environmental    publications in both scientific and legal         strategies that work. She regularly works
pathology. Dr. Graham also serves as the      literature.                                       with defense teams in both asbestos cases
chief medical examiner for the city of                                                          and complex medical malpractice cases,
St. Louis. He is certified by the American    Jack	Laffey, a shareholder in the                 assisting in developing case themes,
Board of Pathology in anatomic, clinical      Milwaukee office of Whyte Hirschboeck             preparing witnesses and jury selection.
and forensic pathology. For the past 20       Dudek SC, focuses his practice on product
years, Dr. Graham has served as an expert     liability, transportation litigation, toxic       Joseph	J.	O’Hara,	Jr., currently serves as
in asbestos-related matters.                  tort, catastrophic injury defense and             vice president, associate general counsel
                                              insurance and commercial litigation               and secretary for Owens-Illinois Inc. in
Laura	K.	Hong, a partner at Squire Sanders    matters. Mr. Laffey is a member of DRI’s          Chicago, and has managed its asbestos
& Dempsey (US) LLP in Cleveland, Ohio, is a   Law Institute and is a former chair of DRI’s      litigation since 2007. Before 2007,
trial lawyer with extensive experience        Trucking Law Committee.                           Mr. O’Hara served as national and regional
serving as national, special projects and                                                       coordinating counsel for Owens-Illinois and
trial counsel for several companies. She      Jonathan	M.	Lively is a partner in the            other asbestos defendants. He prepared
has tried several cases before juries to      Chicago office of Segal McCambridge               and tried asbestos cases nationally for
verdict, has arbitrated before the AAA and    Singer & Mahoney Ltd. His practice focuses        almost 20 years. He is a member of the
was featured in The American Lawyer’s         on defending corporations in toxic tort,          Illinois, New York and Ohio bars.
“Big Suits.” Ms. Hong’s testimony             product liability and premises liability
supporting Ohio’s asbestos medical criteria   matters. In addition to his practice in the       Bertram	Price,	Ph.D., is the president of
bill helped shape that legislation and is     courts of Illinois and Indiana, Mr. Lively acts   Price Associates Inc., a risk and statistical
cited in its legislative history.             as national trial counsel for clients involved
              Asbestos	Medicine	Seminar

analysis consulting firm in Bar Harbor,         Marygrace	Schaeffer	is a vice president at      Thomas	W.	Tardy	III is a partner in Forman
Minnesota, that he established in 1987.         DecisionQuest Inc. in its Minneapolis office.   Perry Watkins Krutz & Tardy LLP, a
Dr. Price designs and conducts statistical      She has consulted on more than 200 civil        litigation firm with offices in Mississippi,
studies and develops mathematical/              and criminal cases across the country.          Texas, Louisiana, Colorado and Michigan.
statistical models addressing                   Ms. Schaeffer designs, implements and           The firm has represented companies in
environmental and occupational health           analyzes empirical research. Her specialty      asbestos litigation throughout the nation
risks, risk apportionment among risk            is conducting field research, including         and has served as national counsel and
factors and causal inference. He has            surrogate jury research groups, theme           regional counsel. Forman Perry has served
testified in state and federal courts and       development, jury selection, witness            as liaison counsel for the Federal MDL 1553
before regulatory agencies.                     evaluation, shadow juries, post-trial           silica litigation and for Federal MDL 875 for
                                                interviews and visual communications.           asbestos litigation. Mr. Tardy is listed in
Francine	F.	Rabinovitz,	Ph.D., is the           Ms. Schaeffer has conducted research for        Best Lawyers in America, Chambers USA ,
president of Hamilton Rabinovitz &              cases involving product liability,              and Benchmark Litigation.
Associates Inc. in Carmel, California. She      employment, insurance, construction and
ranks among the nation’s best known             environmental law issues.                       Dennis	E.	Vega, a partner at Sedgwick LLP,
expert analysts and witnesses in the                                                            is an experienced litigation attorney,
estimation, valuation and administrative/       Paul	F.	Slater	is senior counsel, corporate     representing clients in high stakes and
financial management of mass tort claims        environmental programs at General               sophisticated product liability, toxic torts,
and trusts. Dr. Rabinovitz has presented        Electric Company in Fairfield, Connecticut.     maritime, wrongful death, personal injury
some of the most authoritative and              Mr. Slater has presided over GE’s strategy      and premise liability cases. He also
decisive valuations in the history of mass      in a number of the company’s most               counsels corporate clients and scientists on
tort litigation, including the Dalkon Shield    complex toxic tort litigations. He has          selecting products suitable for laboratory
litigation, the Dow Corning breast implant      played a leading role in designing and          testing to develop sophisticated exposure
litigation and asbestos bankruptcies,           implementing GE’s strategy in its asbestos      modeling for settlement and trial purposes.
including those of Celotex, Owens Corning,      litigation, including overseeing GE trials in   Mr. Vega’s defense work includes serving
WMAC and Quigley.                               various jurisdictions, including Madison        as lead counsel in various proceedings,
                                                and Cook Counties in Illinois and               including New York City asbestos litigation.
R.	Thomas	Radcliffe,	Jr., is a partner in the   San Francisco, California.
Baltimore firm of DeHay & Elliston LLP. His                                                     David	Weill,	M.D., is a professor of
practice areas include general litigation,      David	A.	Speziali	is a partner at Speziali      medicine in the pulmonary division at
mass torts, product liability and               Greenwald & Hawkins PC in Williamstown,         Stanford University Medical Center in
insurance. He has trial experience in           New Jersey. Since 1981, he has managed          Stanford, California. He is also the director
Maryland, California, Georgia, Louisiana,       and/or tried asbestos related claims on         of the Stanford Center for Advanced Lung
Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania,    behalf of dozens of corporate defendants        Disease and the lung and heart-lung
Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington,         in more than 40 states. Mr. Speziali has        transplant program. For several years,
D.C., and West Virginia. Mr. Radcliffe          conducted dozens of training programs           Dr. Weill has consulted on various aspects
maintains a trial caseload nationally and       and lectured across the country. He is the      of occupational lung disease and is the
actively supervises attorneys in                program vice chair for this seminar.            author of book chapters and original
jurisdictions throughout the country.                                                           research related to asbestos lung disease.
                                                Thomas	A.	Sporn,	M.D., is a member of           He has testified before the United States
Donna	M.	Ringo,	CIH, founder of DMR &           the Department of Pathology at Duke             Senate and the Texas state legislature on
Associates Inc. in Louisville, Kentucky,        University in Durham, North Carolina.           these issues.
provides industrial hygiene and safety          Dr. Sporn’s clinical interests include
consulting services to clients, both            malignancies of lung and pleura,                H.	Lane	Young	II, a partner with Hawkins
national and international. Ms. Ringo           interstitial and occupational lung diseases,    Parnell Thackston & Young LLP in Atlanta,
started her career in industry as a chemist     pulmonary transplant pathology,                 is one of the nation’s leading asbestos
before transitioning to industrial hygiene.     pulmonary asbestos fiber analysis and           defense lawyers, having tried to verdict
She has been a consultant since 1984. She       post-mortem examination. His research           approximately 50 asbestos cases, serving
has provided expert witness testimony in        interests include mesothelioma, lung            as lead defense counsel. Mr. Young has
more than 50 trials. Her expertise includes     cancer, and occupational and asbestos-          served as lead asbestos trial counsel for a
employee exposure evaluations and               related diseases. He has coauthored many        number of major corporations. He has
helping employers manage hazards found          articles concerning asbestos-related            tried cases in more than 15 states and has
in the workplace.                               diseases that have been published in            recently taken on the representation of a
                                                peer-reviewed journals.                         major gasket manufacturer.
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