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									               5M3 MARCH 2008 NEWSLETTER
                                Governor’s Notes
With our Midwinter Convention behind us, our Lions year moves on. We have Zone
meetings to complete. The Zone chairs of Region 2 have their date set for April 3rd
at the Eagles Club in Windom. Our Cabinet meeting will be April 10th at T-Tommy's
Cabin at 6:15 pm in Dovray. Let's plan to have good attendance at these meetings.
The clubs should be having their elections for the upcoming year and your
secretaries should get their PU101 forms sent in (either by email or paper form, see
page 5), but DO NOT send the paper form to headquarters if you email the report in.
If you have any problems sending in either one, please let me know. Your district
governor also needs a copy of your report.

We also have a challenge from Lions Wayne & Vicki Radloff of the Marshall Club.
They are challenging all 52 clubs to at least a $40 donation to Campaign Sightfirst II
up to $2080.00. But all clubs must make the effort to donate. Some clubs have
already fulfilled their obligation. Thanks to those clubs!! This is a very generous
offer on the part of the Radloffs. So, come on 5M3 Clubs – lets show them that we
can do our part! We all know that Lions are Knights of the Blind and the CSFII
campaign is going to prevent preventable blindness in thousands of people. There
are also awards available for districts if 100% of the clubs donate to the cause.
(Could your tailtwister funds for a few months be considered for the challenge? Could
each member throw a dollar in a bucket for CSFII at each of your meetings for a
month or two?) I'm sure there are other ways of collecting a few dollars, put your
thinking caps on, Lions, and let's show the Radloff's we CAN DO THIS!! Let's be one
of those 100% districts!

Your funds can be sent to any group coordinator for Campaign Sightfirst II. Your
secretary has their addresses in their purple directory. Our Multiple 5M Convention is
May 2 – 4 at Mahnomen, MN. There will be lots of fun & fellowship, plus several
excellent motivational speakers, that you would pay big prices to hear anywhere
else. I also feel the conventions are our fuel for Lionism. Lots of enthusiasm, learn
more about ―your‖ organization. Hope to see many of you there!

I have mentioned before that our clubs need to be incorporated. Many clubs think
they are all under the LCIF cover, but the IRS and the state wants you to be
incorporated on your own as a club. The website to do this is:

This eliminates any liability on the members of the club. There should be more
forms coming from the Multiple Legal Consultant with the exact directions on how to
do the filing. This does seem to be taking a long time getting organized, if any of
you have legal questions, do we have some lawyer or tax consultants that        could
help your clubs get this done? There is an e-card that has to be filed also, have any
of the secretaries or treasurers received one? That is just a postcard type card that
should be sent in to the IRS. It can be done online and is also one of the new
regulations from the IRS. (990-N) filing requirement.

VDG Dan & Mary Snobl, his brothers & sisters have donated a check for $1000 to our
new Minnesota Lions Diabetes Foundation in memory of their mother, Nellie Snobl.
This generous donation will help to get our Foundation off to a good start. The

resolutions & by-laws have been drawn up & unanimously approved by the Council
of Governor's at the March15th meeting in Roseville, MN. This generous donation
from Dan & Mary's family will help cover the filing fees & other small fees required to
set the ball rolling for the Foundation. The purpose of this Corporation is to promote
to the fullest extent the advancement of research & programs concerned with
Diabetes & Diabetic disorders and to provide assistance in organization and
administration of these activities throughout Lions Multiple District 5M.
                A huge THANK YOU to the Snobl family.
My notes are getting a little lengthy, so I'll quit rambling for now, Gene & I hope you
had a Happy Easter and can enjoy our spring rains. Although a few of our northern
Lions may be getting some more snow.

Remember, we cannot change yesterday, today we can shape tomorrow!
Yours in friendship & Lionism,
DG Virginia Spicer

                    GOVERNOR’S SCHEDULE
April 3          Zone Chairs of Region 2, Eagles Club, Windom
April 4          Southwest Minnesota State University Mustang Rodeo Day
April 10         District 5M3 Cabinet Meeting, T-Tommy’s Cabin, Dovray, MN
April 12         MERLO TRAINING – Mahnomen, MN
April 26         Governor’s Night Out Ball/Cabinet Meeting-SMSU Conference Center
May 1 - 4        MD5M Convention & Council of Governors—Mahnomen, MN
May 3            Special Olympics at Redwood Falls Community Center (9:00 am)
July 10 - 14     Leos Leadership Forum - Southwest Minnesota State University


The 5M3 District Newsletter needs your financial support. Your club’s name will be
listed for $40.00 and larger Business Card size ads are $80.00. Send checks to the
5M3 Cabinet Treasurer: Jay Mann 1004 N Carol Luverne, MN 56156-1131

 Fairmont         President Gerald Vickerman   Lucan        President Vern Klante
 Morgan           President Ralph Heiling      Jasper       President Terrence Skyberg
 Jasper Quarry    President Edie Aas           St. James    President Don Krueger
 Tracy            President Dan Snobl          Sleepy Eye   President Harold Windschiti
 Granite Falls    President Dave Nordaune      Marshall     President Wayne Radloff
 Comfrey          President John Andreasen     Sherburn     President Nathan Klima
 Luverne          President Anthony Linn       New Ulm      President Robert Schirlinger

       Hadley Lions Club                            Jackson Lions Club
    President Kenneth Brown                     President Jeremy Michelson
              $80.00                                       $80.00

Marshall, Minn. - Special needs students from public school districts in southwest
Minnesota will participate in the ninth annual Mustang Rodeo on Thursday, April 4 on
the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University.

Approximately 175 special needs students from 25 school districts will participate,
about the same as last year, said Wellness & Human Performance Professor and Lion
Ellen Radel. Southwest Minnesota State University students plan and run the event,
said Radel. "We have seven student chairs this year, and they've been working since
the last rodeo to get this one organized." Twenty activities for special needs students
are planned this year, including lacrosse, bowling, wheelchair basketball, soccer,
aerobics, kickboxing and aquatic activities.

Student chairs include Kim Krull, junior Elementary Education major from George,
Iowa; Brandon Welle, senior Physical Education and Health major from Melrose,
Minn.; Deanna Kujala, senior Physical Education and Health major from White Bear
Lake, Minn.; Andrea Gronbeck, sophomore Elementary Education major from Battle
Lake, Minn.; Amy Woeste, senior Elementary Education major from Long Prairie,
Minn.; Tracy Stallman, junior Elementary Education major from Beardsley, Minn.;
and Joe Wierson, junior Physical Education and Health major from Maxwell, Iowa.

One-dollar "Buckaroos" were sold at Hy-Vee to help support the rodeo, and change
canisters were also placed around town. "We also got a lot of help from area Lions
Clubs," said Radel. She eventually hopes to purchase a "Dance Revolution" machine
with the money that is raised.

Registration is at 9:30 a.m. and the rodeo runs until 1:45 p.m. A group dance will
both begin and end the annual rodeo. Most activities will take place in the PE Gym,
R/A Facility and the spine area between the two. "This event is about the kids-the
special needs students who attend, and the SMSU students who put it all on," said
Lion Radel.

            SMSU Rodeo Chairs Tracy Stallman & Andrea Gronbeck


                         5M3’s Induction Day
(A Celebration of the 11 Anniversary of Lions Worldwide Induction Day)
                        Saturday, April 26, 2008
                         Social Hour: 5:30 PM
                      Prime Rib Dinner: 6:00 PM
                    Induction Ceremony: 6:45 PM
                SMSU Lions Entertainment and Dance
                        Cost: $18.00 per person
       Southwest Minnesota State University Conference Center
                          Marshall, Minnesota
5M3’s Induction Day is to welcome new Lions and recruit new members ―to reinforce
the impact each new Lion contributes to their club.‖ This will be a special evening
where we welcome our newest members. We feel that it is appropriate to share the
pride of what being a member means and to underscore the importance of getting
involved, helping our neighbors in need and building closer communities in District
5M3 and the world.

Worldwide Induction Day is usually a district or multiple district-wide event, but club
participation is essential to this program. Worldwide Induction Day is not meant to
replace existing club induction activities, but rather adds an exciting new event to
complement those activities. Worldwide Induction Day is a symbolic statement to
the Lions in our area and to the general public that Lions Clubs International is
committed to recruiting quality members and meeting community needs.

We would like each Lions club to pay for the cost ($18.00 per person) for each
inductee/prospective member and their guest. Please make check(s) out to the
SMSU Lions Club and send to:
                            SMSU Lions Club
                            Bellows 124 Southwest Minnesota State University
                            1501 State Street
                            Marshall, MN 56258.

Information needed:          Inductee/prospective member’s name and their guest.
 (By April 18, 2008          Other club members and their guests who will be attending.
 or ASAP)                    Address so a formal invitation can be sent to them.
                             Telephone number and e-mail address if available.
                             Please indicate if special meal is needed.

Contact person:      Lion Dan Snobl
                     Office e-mail: snobl@SouthwestMSU.edu
                     Home e-mail: dansnobl@llwb.coop
                     Work phone: (507) 537-6296
                     Home phone: (507) 629-4734


By Lisa Saner

   On the weekend of February 22-24, members and spouses of the Hadley Lions
Club gathered with other Lions clubs for the annual District 5M3 Lions Convention at
Prairie’s Edge Casino, by Granite Falls. District 5M3 consists of 54 clubs in the
southwest corner of Minnesota. This year’s convention was exceptionally special for
the Hadley Lions Club. One of their members, Dale Pavlis, was guest speaker
Sunday morning. Dale gave a motivating talk, aided by a PowerPoint presentation,
on his well publicized horse ride from his home by Hadley, MN to his previous home,
Gregory, SD. His purpose for the ten day ride was to raise money for the Lions
International Campaign Sight First II Program. CSFII is a challenge by LCIF for Lions
clubs to raise $150 million by this summer to fight blindness. Dale, with help from
Hadley and other Lions Clubs, many friends and some strangers, accomplished his
ride last September, raising $4,438.00. After the presentation, Dale used his
auctioning talent to take bids on items for CSFII. His morning ended on a high note
when he was surprised with a Melvin Jones Fellowship Award from International
Director, Patti Hill. A Melvin Jones Fellowship is LCIF’s highest honor for recognizing
humanitarian work.

According to the LCIF website, reports on February 20 revealed that Lions around the
world have surpassed the goal and raised more than $157.9 million for CSFII,
exemplifying the Lion motto, ―We Serve‖.

Lion Dale Pavlis receives a Melvin                Lion Dale Pavlis speaking to the
  Jones Fellowship award from                   Belgium Lions about his publicized
 International Director Patti Hill.            horse ride for Campaign Sight First II.

Hi Lions:

I found a jewelry item at the convention. Some one lost one of those vest guards that holds your
Lions vest together in the front. Your DG has it and will return it if someone claims it.

DG Virginia Spicer


Lion Pat Madson & the Clowns     Members and spouses of the Hadley Lions Club.
                               Left to right: Mark Schleisman, Dale Pavlis, Cindy
                                Pavlis, Roger Jensen, Gerri Jensen, Darren Saner
                                                 and Lisa Saner

             5M3 MARCH 2008 NEWSLETTER


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