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					Grantham University – Online Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice with
Homeland Security Specialty

Grantham University is offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a
Homeland Security Specialty. The program is designed to prepare students for a variety
of positions in law enforcement and to enable experienced personnel to expand their
knowledge and skills. The Online Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a
Homeland Security Specialty is suitable for military service members who are seeking to
advance through the ranks. Central to this program of study is an exploration of the
historical foundations of criminal justice, its agencies, its processes and present day
applications. The degree program is offered entirely online.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice graduate is expected to:
      Demonstrate understanding of the fundamental concepts of the administration
         of justice and describe the courts, the work group, criminal trial, and
      Inspect crime causation, its classical, biological and sociological theories, and
         evaluate responses to criminal behavior
      Identify and describe basic investigative responsibilities, and illustrate how
         these responsibilities are handled in specific investigations
      Describe how to gather, present, and analyze criminal evidence
      Address contemporary police systems in the U.S., identify police issues, and
         cite Constitutional law
      Demonstrate knowledge of theories, practices, and processes of crime control
         and the concepts of community policing

Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice – Homeland Security Curriculum:
DE 100 Success at Grantham                               0 credits
BA 150 Principles of Business Management                 3 credits
CS 133 Computer Information Systems                      4 credits
EN 230 English Grammar & Vocabulary                      3 credits
CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice                  3 credits
CF 102 Introduction to Criminology                       3 credits
EN 361 Technical Report Writing                          3 credits
HU 101 World Civilization I                              3 credits
PS 240 Fundamentals of Psychology                        3 credits
CJ 201 Police Systems & Practices                        3 credits
CD 202 Correction Systems & Practices I                  3 credits
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology                         3 credits
CJ 203 Juvenile Justice I                                3 credits
CD 302 Criminal Procedure                                3 credits
GP 210 American Government I                             3 credits
MA 105 College Algebra                                   3 credits
GS 103 Introduction to Physical Science                  3 credits
GP 215 American Government II                            3 credits
CJ 305 Introduction to Criminal Justice Ethics            3 credits
CJ 309 Criminal Law                                       3 credits
CJ 402 Criminal Investigations                            3 credits
GS 102 Introduction to Life Sciences                      3 credits
PS 280 Psychology & the Law                               3 credits
MA 170 Finite Mathematics                                 3 credits
CJ 401 Community Policing                                 3 credits
CJ 408Criminal Justice Research Methods                   3 credits
PA 301 Introduction to Public Administration              3 credits
CJ 409 Police Administration                              3 credits
CJ 403 White Collar Crime                                 3 credits
GE General Education Elective                             3 credits
E Five Electives                                          3 credits each
CJ 450 Understanding Terrorism                            3 credits
CJ 451 Principles of Terrorism                            3 credits
CJ 452 Terrorism & U.S. National Security                 3 credits
CJ 453 Border & Coastal Security                          3 credits
CJ 454 Elements & Issues in Counterterrorism              3 credits
CJ 455 Emergency Planning                                 3 credits
Bachelor of Science Degree Awarded – Total Hours          121 Credits

Grantham University is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance
Education and Training Council. The Accrediting Commission of the Distance
Education and Training Council is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a
nationally recognized accrediting agency.

For more information:

       Contact: Gary Sutter, Ph.D., Provost
       Grantham University
       2300 Main St., 9th Floor
       Kansas City, Missouri 64108
       Ph: (816) 448-3681
       Fax: 816) 448-3792

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