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Graduation Requirements


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									               FSU International Programs
College for High School Programs 2009
Students can:
 Earn college credit from Florida State University
 Enhance their college application!
 Make new friends and have the time of their life!
 Learn about the sites, art, language, and history of other countries in
   the spring semester (via website) - then travel abroad in the
   summer semester and experience it! These unique study/travel
   opportunities will make the world and its culture truly come alive!

Available Programs:
 EUROPEAN HUMANITIES (multi-location) – 9 Sem. Hrs.
 EUROPEAN HUMANITIES (Spring Break) – 3 Sem. Hrs.
 INTENSIVE SPANISH (Costa Rica) – 8 Sem. Hrs.

Informational Meetings

Held at area high schools. See Mrs. Scott in guidance for more information.
         Guidance Department

Mrs. Kim Scott       A-C
Mrs. Kim Brumage     D - Hi
Ms. Alice Mathis     Ho - Mc
Mrs. Rhonda Davis    Me - Se
Mrs. Teresa Dennis   Sh – Z

Mrs. Cindy Fisher, Guidance Secretary
Mrs. Jeanne Tucker, Registrar
                 Graduation Requirements
   English – 4 credits
   Math – 3 credits (including Algebra I or its equivalent)
   Science – 3 credits (must include Biology)
   Social Studies – 3 credits ( World History, American History,
    Economics and American Government)
   Physical Education – 1 credit (including Personal Fitness)
   Life Management – ½ credit
   Arts – 1 credit (Fine or Practical Art)
   Electives – as needed for a total of 24 credits
   Earn a 2.0 unweighted GPA
   Pass FCAT
   All requirements must be met to participate in commencement

   Exam Exemptions –
    – 2nd semester – seniors can exempt any exam in which they
      have a passing grade, if they have less than 10 unexcused
      absences. If they failed the last nine weeks for any reason,
      including attendance, they must take the exam to earn
       Options After High School

 Work
 Military : Active, Reserves, ROTC, Non-
  Deployment, Academy
 Vocational School
 2 year Community College
 4 year College/University
            Employment Related Resources

Job Search Assistance, Occupational opportunities in Leon, Gadsden
  and Wakulla Counties, Job Preparation and Training Assistance,
Professional Career Counselors, Local Wage and Earning Information
 Workforce of Florida
               Considerations for College
 Why are you going?
 Do you like school?
 Have you been successful academically, emotionally?
 Are you prepared academically and emotionally?
 Be realistic about finances and college costs.
 Visit campuses, talk to representatives, alumni.
 Interview college:
   – Freshmen retention rate
   – 4 year graduation rate
   – How many students live on campus, how many can they
   – How do they deal with AP and dual enrollment credit
   – Who teaches and what is the average size of classes
 Apply to 2-6 (2-3 “safe” for admissions) ALL schools that you
  apply to should be ones that you would be happy to attend.
                            College Fit
   Institution type
   Size
   Location
   Degree programs
   Sports and activities
   Housing
   Tuition and fees

   We recommend that students narrow down their choices.

 FACTS.org – Florida based – Career and College searches
 CollegeBoard.com – profile of schools, AP scores, majors, range
  for admissions
       What should you be doing right now?
   Narrowing down choices of colleges to apply to.
   Preparing application packets. Most schools prefer online
    applications. Know the deadlines! Know what is required for
    each of the applications. GET ORGANIZED! Many out of state
    and private college use the common application at
   Request transcripts to be sent- electronically free (all public
    and most private in FL), $1 for printed/certified copy, usually
    available in 24 hours. Request form is available in a folder
    outside Mrs.Tucker’s door.
   Complete a college/scholarship resume.
   Request letters of recommendation this usually takes a
    minimum of a week: allow this time from a teacher or
   Finalize essays. Have a teacher review them.
   Sign up and retake the SAT, ACT, or SAT II- for admissions,
    all official scores must come directly from SAT/ACT.
   Check out the scholarship drawer for applications.
               State of Florida University System
   Minimum standards
     -   2.5 recomputed academic GPA (core academic classes)

     –   21 ACT or 1010 SAT – The writing component will be used for
         admissions consideration this year.

     – 18 high school academic units
         4 English
         3 Math (minimum Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II)
         3 Science
         3 Social Science
         2 Foreign Language
         3 additional academic units

     ALL State universities use the same method for weighting academic courses
       earning a “C” or better:
            - 1.0 weighted for AP
            - 1.0 weighted for honors and dual enrollment

   Admissions offers are rescinded for reasons like: Changed schedule, poor
    academic performance, less than 2.0 GPA in dual enrollment courses. If a
    situation arises, it is recommended that you contact the admissions office at
    the university.
                           Florida State University
Middle 50% Fall                     Middle 50% Summer
 3.67 - 4.2 academic GPA            3.3 – 3.9 academic GPA
 1730- 1960 SAT                     1630 - 1850 SAT
 26 - 29 ACT                        23 - 28 ACT

   Application and Documents received by:             Electronic Transcript request Deadline
    October 14 Decisions by:    December 9             Friday, October 9th at noon
    January 20                  March 17               Friday, January 15th at noon

   Apply online: (must have new SAT or ACT w/writing and must complete
    application essays).

   Major factor for admissions: Academic profile (academic GPA and quality of
    curriculum) in combination with test scores. FSU will recompute the GPA
    using only grades 9-11. They do review grade trend and course selection in
    senior year.

   Post admissions - Orientation and tuition deposits will be due in spring or students
    will be withdrawn. Don’t wait until the May 1 deadline. Apply early for on-campus
    Housing – The web application opens December 3 for fall admits and February 6
    for summer admits. Apply early!
                          University of Florida
    Fall - Middle 50%                               Summer – Middle 50%
    4.3 - 4.4 academic GPA                          4.0 - 4.2 academic GPA
    1970 - 2090 SAT                                 1820 - 1950 SAT
    30 - 32 ACT                                     27 - 30 ACT

   Require on-line application (must have new SAT or ACT w/writing and must
    complete application essays). UF will not interchange ACT sub scores from
    different test dates.

   One Application Deadline:          November 1           Electronic Transcript request deadline
    One Decision Release Date: February 12                  Tuesday, October 27th at noon
    (will receive test scores through Dec.)

   Freshmen Review: Academic GPA, SAT/ACT, strength of curriculum,
    extracurricular participation/leadership, extraordinary achievement/talent,
    personal circumstances, two essays, holistic review. Holistic part is
    opportunity for student to speak to the admissions officer. Don’t repeat
    information that is available in other parts of your application.

   Post admissions – tuition deposit is due by May 1.

   Housing- It is highly encouraged that students apply for housing as soon as
    Average 2009 freshmen
      3.05 academic GPA
      1350 SAT
      19 ACT

    Online applications preferred.

    Rolling admissions deadline May 15, preferred by Feb. 1

    3.0 academic GPA = automatic admissions, no matter the test score

    All talented 20 are admitted (top 20% with required academic curriculum)

    Admit under minimum state standards – Offer Summer Bridge Program

    Many scholarship opportunities

    2009 Fall Preview for High School Juniors and Seniors – Typically held in
     November. opportunity to meet with representatives from academic schools and
     colleges. The highlight of the Preview will be the awarding of full and partial four-
     year scholarships to students that qualify.
                University of Central Florida
    Fall Middle 50% - Freshmen                  Summer Middle 50% - Freshmen
    3.5 – 4.2 academic GPA                      3.3 – 3.8 academic GPA
    1150-1290 SAT CR and Math                   1060-1150 SAT CR and Math
    25-28 ACT                                   22-25 ACT

   Apply online: Will interchange SAT scores, but not ACT sub scores from different
    test dates. All testing should include writing component.

   Rolling admissions – generally notified three to six weeks after they receive all
    supporting official documents.

   Most important factors for admissions: quality and level of difficulty of courses,
    GPA, and SAT or ACT.

   Unless you will clearly be accepted through academic merit alone, UCF strongly
    encourages submitting letters of recommendation, the essay, resume, and the
    optional information sheet.

   Of their acceptances:
    2/3 based on academics
    1/3 other ( talents, socio-economic, etc)

   Post admissions – tuition deposit and housing agreement.

   Housing – Application opens in October.
                    University of South Florida
    Middle 50% -Fall                          Middle 50% - Summer
    3.5 8– 4.12 academic GPA                  3.18 – 3.71 academic GPA
    1120-1280 SAT CR and Math                 1020-1160 SAT
    540 – 620 SAT Writing                     490 – 570 SAT Writing
    24-29 ACT                                 22-25 ACT

   Apply online: at USF.edu or FACTS.org

   Rolling admissions – deadline 3/1.

   Most important factors for admissions: quality and level of difficulty of courses,
    GPA, and SAT or ACT.

   Unless you will clearly be accepted through academic merit alone, USF strongly
    encourages submitting letters of recommendation, the essay, resume, and the
    optional information sheet.

   Post admissions – tuition deposit.

   Housing – Apply early! USF will require all first year students to live on campus
    their first year beginning in the Fall of 2009.

   One of the fastest growing large research universities. Very diverse campus –
    35% non-Caucasian. Located in a metropolitan area.
                University of North Florida
    Middle 50% -Fall                          Middle 50% - Summer
    3.3 – 4.0 academic GPA                    2.9 – 3.5 academic GPA
    1140-1260 SAT CR and Math                 980 - 1090 SAT
    22-25 ACT                                 20-22 ACT

   Located in Jacksonville. 15,000+ students.

   Apply online. Rolling admissions – November 13th priority admissions.

   On-site admissions opportunity - October 18th at the Homewood Suites on
    Apalachee Parkway from 12-4 pm. Check UNF’s website for more information.

   Most important factors for admissions: quality and level of rigor of courses,
    GPA, and SAT or ACT.

   Will interchange best sub scores for SAT and ACT.

   Unless you will clearly be accepted through academic merit alone, UNF
    encourages submitting letters of recommendation, the essay, resume, and the
    optional information sheet.

   Post admissions – tuition deposit.

   Housing – Apply early! UNF has increased their on campus housing options.

   On campus activities and Greek participation has increased. Get involved!
          University of West Florida
    Middle 50% -Fall                          Middle 50% - Summer
    3.2 – 4.0 academic GPA                    2.7 – 3.6 academic GPA
    1010-1140 SAT CR and Math                 1000- 1050 SAT
    22-26 ACT                                 21-22 ACT

   Located in Pensacola. 10,000+ students

   Apply online. Rolling admissions.

   Most important factors for admissions: quality and level of rigor of courses,
    GPA, and SAT or ACT.

   Will interchange best sub scores for SAT and ACT.

   Unless you will clearly be accepted through academic merit alone, UWF
    encourages submitting letters of recommendation, the essay, resume, and
    the optional information sheet.

   Post admissions – tuition deposit.

   Housing – Apply early!
               Other State Universities

   Florida Gulf Coast University – Ft. Meyers

   Florida Atlantic University – Boca Raton
     – Has a separate Honors College in Jupiter.

   Florida International University – Miami

   New College of Florida – Sarasota

Go to www.FACTS.org to sort by majors!
                          Community College
   Why CC? close to home, lower cost, smaller classrooms, low student/teacher
    ratio, flexible scheduling .

   Student with an AA degree is guaranteed admission to state university (not
    necessarily university or program of your choice), acceptance of 60 credit hours
    towards your BA/BS degree and junior standing.

   Admission based on Regular high school diploma

   Everyone must take placement test. CPT used unless exempted by SAT or ACT
     – SAT: 440 verbal and 550 math
     – ACT: 17 English, 18 reading, 21 math
     Statewide - 65% of CC applicants required remediation in one or more areas.
     Students who take college prep courses in high school are more likely to be

   TCC has always offered early registration to local high school students. Make sure
    you take advantage of this opportunity in May/June. (preview of the school, first
    choice of classes, no waiting in lines)

   Bright Futures Medallion Scholars in associate degree programs get 100% tuition
    and fees at a community college.
   2 + 2 Pathways to Success Advising Brochure-
                    Bright Futures Scholarships
   Academic Scholars Award - 3.5 weighted* gpa (15 required academic credits), 1270
    SAT or 28 ACT and 75 hours of community service. Maintain 3.0 GPA in college to
    maintain scholarship.

   Florida Medallion* Scholars Award - 3.0 weighted* gpa (15 required academic
    credits) and 970 SAT or 20 ACT Maintain 2.75 GPA in college to maintain scholarship.

           15 required academic credits include:
           4 English
           3 Math (minimum Alg. I, Geom. and Alg. II)
           3 Science
           3 Social Science
           2 Foreign Language (in the same language)

   Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award - 3.5 gpa in 3 credit vocation program, 3.0
    weighted gpa (15 credits for graduation) and a passing score on a college
    placement test (SAT 440 verbal & math, ACT reading 18, English 17, math 19
    or pass the CPT) Maintain 2.75 GPA in college to maintain scholarship. GoldSeal is a two
    year scholarship.

     To earn BF after first semester: students must earn the required GPA after
        completion of 1st semester, the required test scores by January 2010 and
        submitted documentation of community service hours by Jan. 15th
     To earn BF after second semester: students must earn the required GPA after
        completion of 2nd semester, the required test scores by June 2010 and
        submitted documentation of community service hours by graduation.

Statewide Scholarship Weighting awards .25 per semester for honors and AP
courses with a “C” or higher. Honors foreign language is not honors for BF GPA calculation.
               B.F. Application Information
 Seniors should apply even if they plan to attend outside the state of Florida.
(consider it a savings account that may or may not get used). Students who do
not apply by graduation, forfeit all future eligibility.
 There is a delay option available, but they must apply as a senior in high

Beginning DECEMBER 1 seniors will apply at:
 When applying, please make sure to be accurate with SS#, DOB, legal
  name,graduation date, etc. Please complete the appliation yourself and not have your
   parents do it.
 This application is the state financial aid application and covers many programs
  including the Robert H.Byrd Scholarship.

Students may turn in community service hours now to Mrs. Fisher (Please keep a copy for your

The only students who will be announced as Bright Future recipients during
Senior Awards Ceremony will be those students who have qualified after 1st
                    Gold Seal Vocational Programs
CULINARY ARTS                                    DIVERSIFIED CAREER TECHNOLOGY
Culinary Arts I                                  DCTI
Culinary Arts II                                 DCTII
Culinary Arts III                                DCT III

Engineering Technology I                         TV Production I
Engineering Technology II                        TV Production II
Engineering Technology III                       TV Production III

Communication Technology I                                 BST I
Communication Technology II                                Web Design I
Communication Technology III                               Web Design II

Criminal Justice I
Criminal Justice II
Criminal Justice III

***Satisfactory completion of a three credit sequential vocational program may award TCC
   credit toward and A.S. degree. See Leon County Schools Career Pathways Bulletin.

Many schools offer partial or full scholarship programs.
        ie: GT Presidential Scholars, UVA Jefferson Scholars, Emory
        Scholars, UF Lombardi, NC State Jacob and Betty Belin Scholarship

Guidance Scholarship Website:
New opportunities arrive daily. Check the scholarship list at least every two
   weeks. You never know what you might qualify for! Check the
   institutions that you plan to attend.

   Campus College Visits – link on same website
   Federal Financial Aid - http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ - Everyone
    needs to apply beginning in January at www.fafsa.ed.gov.
    You can decrease the processing time by applying for a pin #
    now. Summer requires this year’s FAFSA.

   Federal government determines your family contribution.
    This is used to determine eligibility for grants, loans, etc.
    Usually begin awarding money by March. So apply early.

   Federal Financial Aid includes Grants, Scholarships, Work
    Study Programs and Loans.

   Financial aid packages may be negotiable. Speak directly to
    the financial aid office at the institution.

   Please plan to attend the Financial Aid here at Chiles on
    December 8th. Several financial aid workshops are held at the
    local colleges as well . These workshops are designed to assist
    you with completing the federal financial aid application.
Florida Student Assistance Grant (FSAG) –
   Need Based, Eligibility determined at institutions
   Maximum award increased to $1,722
Florida Resident Access Grant (FRAG ) -
   Tuition Assistance at non-public year schools
   Annual award increased to $3,000

First Generation Matching Grant Program
   Need based grant program for students attending a Public State
   Eligibility is based on – Parents have not earned a baccalaureate degree,
   need determination, undergraduate, resident full-time status
   University can award up to the cost of attendance.
Academic Competitive Grant (ACG)
   First and second year college students
   Pell Grant recipients – need based program
   Enrolled at a 2 or 4 year institution, Degree seeking, full-time, U.S
   HS rigorous curriculum Bright Futures coursework or Two AP courses
         with passing test grades.
   ACG Award Amount:
         1st year: $750, 2nd year: $1300
                         NCAA Requirements
DIVISION I - 2008 and after
16 Core Courses:
4 years of English.
3 years of mathematics (Algebra I or higher)
2 years of science
1 year of additional English, math or science
2 years of social science.
4 years of additional academic courses

Sliding Scale for Core GPA/Test score
The SAT combined score is based on the Verbal and Math
sections only. ACT uses a sum score of the four sections, not
the composite. The writing section is not used on SAT or ACT.

Examples:        Core GPA          SAT          ACT
                 3.000             620          52
                 2.500             820          68
                 2.000             1010         86

See complete scale at www.ncaa.org
                      www. FACTS.org
          This website is a tracking tool for the Florida Bright
Futures scholarships. This website also includes information regarding
    resources for student advising, Career Planning Tools, College
     Locator, Degree Program Search, Admission Requirements,
             Online applications, Financial Aid and more.
                 SAT/ACT - Chiles HS code #101654
**When registering, always use student's SS#, our school code and request scores to be sent to at
    least one institution. This allows records to “match” therefore eliminating problems with
    transcripts for college admissions and Bright Futures Scholarships.
Scores must be sent directly from SAT/ACT to the universities for admissions purposes.
Colleges recommend that you submit all of your scores to them and not utilize the Score Choice Option.

Online registration - both websites offer practice materials.
SAT - Collegeboard.com
Test Date             Registration Deadline
Oct. 10                         Sept. 9    late registration until Sept. 23
Nov. 7                          Oct. 1
Dec. 5                          Oct. 30
Jan. 23                         Dec. 15
March 13                        Feb. 4
May 1                           March 25
June 5                          April 29 (last test for Bright Futures qualification)

ACT – ACTstudent.org
Test Date                Registration Deadline
Oct. 24                          Sept. 18 late registration until Oct. 3
Dec. 12                          Nov. 6
Feb. 6                           Jan. 5
April 10                         March 5
June 12                          May 7     (last test for Bright Futures qualification)

College Placement Test at TCC –The CPT can only be used for the Bright Futures Gold Seal
    Scholarship. TCC testing center 201-8282
               My College QuickStart

Students who take the
PSAT/NMSQT can access their
personalized college and
career planning kit until the
graduate from high school. It

• My Online Score Report

• My SAT Study Plan

• My College Matches

• My Major and Career Matches
                   College Essays
   Read the question – Follow instructions and be concise. Be sure to stay
    on the topic.
   Begin with a catchy first sentence.
   Choose a single moment or event that defines who you are and write a
    creative essay about it. Don’t make a list of achievements. Key in on
    what makes you special.
   Clear, strong writing skills - communicate your ideas, thoughts and
    feelings to others
   Proofread, proofread, proofread – ask others to review your essay.
   Don’t write about something that is too negative, too intimate, too
    disturbing, too “anything”
   Avoid gimmicks -stay away from the “why not?”
   The essay in not a place to try to cover mediocre grades, etc, instead it
    is a place to shine regardless of the past. Basically the school is asking
    “who are you?”
   For the most part it is best to avoid the hot, trendy subjects…they
    become boring to the readers.
                 Resume Writing Workshops
Need a Resume for College or the Work Place?

Guidance will be hosting a Resume Writing Workshop to help you create the best resume
   for your
needs. The workshops are brief (around 20 minutes) and will be held at various times to
accommodate your busy schedule. If you would like to attend, please sign up with Mrs.
   Fisher in
Guidance by Tuesday, September 29th.

        Tuesday, Sept. 29th
   (2:50pm-3:10pm- after school)
         Wednesday, Sept. 30th
   (2pm-2:20pm- 7th period)
        Thursday, Oct. 1st
   (7:50am-8:10am- 1st period )

   Where?: Mrs. Brumage’s office in Guidance
   How?: Sign up with Mrs. Fisher in Guidance by Sept. 29th
         Career Development Workshop
“What do you want to be when you grow up??” If you are
 having trouble answering this question or if you would
 like to explore what’s involved in a career choice, then
 this is the workshop for you!
The Career Development Workshop is a
  workshop to learn about yourself, career
  decision making and planning.
Meetings are held after school in the IRC.
Dates and Times will be determined soon. Sign
  up will be through Mrs. Fisher in guidance.
See Mrs. Brumage in guidance for questions.
                 College Admissions Visitations
24      Florida Atlantic University              5th
 6      Air Force ROTC Presentation              4th
 6      Aveda Institute                          6th
 8      Naval ROTC Presentation                  4th
13      Birmingham Southern College (AL)         2nd
16      University of Southern California        4th
21      Washington University (St. Louis)        4th
        Samford Univ.(AL)                        6th
 27     Univ. of Central Florida                 3rd
 28     Emory University                         6th
 29     Bethune Cookman University               5th

Colleges that have visited CHS this school year 2009-2010
Hollins University            Duke University               University of VA
Stetson University            Wesleyan College              University of AL
Morehouse College             Rollins College               TCC
University of W. Florida      Florida Southern Univ.        FAMU
University of FL              FL. Institute of Tech.        Univ. of N. FL
New College of FL             Wilkes Honors~FAU
                Helpful Websites
   www.firn.edu/doe/brfuture/
   www.facts.org
   www.collegeboard.com
   www.actstudent.org

Financial Aid:
 www.FloridaStudentFinancialAid.org
 www.fafsa.ed.gov
 www.fastweb.com
 http://scholarships.brokescholar.com
 http://www.scholaraid.com/

College Search:
 www.collegequest.com
 www.anycollege.net
 www.review.com

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