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									 Alachua County
Division of Community Support
      Alachua County Cooperative
           Extension Office
•   Smith Lever Act 1914- developed
    Extension as a partnership with USDA,
    Land Grant University, & County

•   IFAS- University of Florida
       • Research, Extension, Education

•   Provide research based information to
    clientele within the counties.
  Alachua County Cooperative
     Extension Office Staff
 Extension  Director/Livestock Agent
 Environmental Horticulture Agent
 Family & Consumer Science Agent
 Commercial Horticulture Agent
 4-H Agent
 Ag & Natural Resource Agent
 Staff Assistant
 Office Assistant
 Administrative Coordinator
  Alachua County Cooperative
       Extension Mission

 Toprovide scientifically based
 information for citizens to use in
 making informal decisions relating to
 agriculture, youth development, and
 family and consumer sciences.
    Overall Advisory Committee
•   A group of citizens organized by
    Extension for the purpose of providing
    advice on and assistance with the
    planning, legitimization,
    implementation, evaluation and
    accountability of Extension programs,
    and the maintenance of the general
    health and welfare of the Extension
    Cooperative Extension Clientele
           Contacts- 2009

•   116,857 Total individual contacts
•   48% of Alachua County Citizens
Educational Programming
   Short Courses
   Workshops
   Tours/Field Days
   Consultations – Walk Ins, Telephones
   Field Visits
   Demonstrations
   Research Plots
   Publications- TV, Newsletters, Factsheets,
    Newspaper Articles
        Agricultural Production in
             Alachua County
•   Total Value of Ag products
    sold……………………………..$92 mil

       Value of Crops including nursery &
        greenhouse….………………..$65 mil

       Value of Livestock, &
        products…………………..…..$27 mil
        Commercial Horticulture
      Production in Alachua County
•   Vegetables, Melons, Potatoes, Sweet
    Potatoes…………………$9.9 mil (20th)

•   Nursery, Greenhouse, Floriculture, &
    Sod……………………….$28 mil (17th)

•   Fruits, Trees, Nuts……...$19 mil (20th)
         Division Director &
         Livestock Program
             Cindy Sanders
• Provides overall leadership and
  management for the office, County, &
• Responsible for developing programs in
  Livestock & Forage production.
• Under the direction of the Alachua County
  Community Support Services Director .
• Under the direction of UF/IFAS District
  Director .
       Livestock Program Area
      Impacts in Alachua County
•   13th in FL in Beef Cattle - 46,500 head
    = $ 27 mil
•   5th in FL in Horses - 4,000 head
•   2nd in FL Goats -3,200 head
•   3rd in FL Forages & Hay - 20,000 acres
Commercial Horticulture Program
    Aparna Gazula - Agent

     •   Responsible for the development of
         educational programs for Commercial
         Horticulture in Alachua County.

            crop production efficiency and sustainability,
             farm safety and regulatory compliance.

            Best Management Practices, commercial
             nursery and landscape management, and
             irrigation management.
    Environmental Horticulture Program
           Wendy Wilber- Agent
•   Provides education and
    leadership in the area of
    landscaping best management
    practices, with emphasis on
    nutrient reduction and water

•   This program also gives
    instruction and support to
    homeowners with gardens moving
    towards sustainability.
          Cont. Programmatic Impacts
•   As a result of partnering with area
    builders and developers about FYN:
    •   3 new developments in Alachua County
        (Bryton, Weschester, Northpoint) installed
        Florida friendly landscapes in 2008.
    •   These homeowners will see 1/3 reduction
        in water used in landscape as a result of
        adopting recommendation by Agent
         Family & Consumer Sciences
           Brenda Williams - Agent
•   Program Areas:
    •   Nutrition
    •   Food Safety
    •   Housing
    •   Financial
    •   Before You Tie the
    •   Home & Community
        Educator Volunteers
    4-H Youth Development Program
          Matt Benge - Agent

•   4-H aspires to be the leading youth
    development program that creates
    positive change, and the development
    of life skills in youth, families, and
    communities through project areas
    and community clubs.
•   Alachua County 4-H – 1st County
    established in Florida 1909
        4-H & Youth Development

•   2000 - Number of Youth Enrolled in 4-H
    activities including School Enrichment
•   17 - 4-H Community Clubs
•   300 - Youth Enrolled in 4-H
•   200 - 4-H Volunteers
    Ag & Natural Resource Program
                Barton Wilder- Agent
•   To develop and implement
    educational programs for
    agronomic row crop producers and
    natural resource management
    •   Agronomic row crops
        •   Tobacco
        •   Corn
        •   Soybeans
        •   Sorghum
    •   Small Farms and Natural Resources
    Ag & Natural Resource Program

•   Florida Master Naturalist Program
    •   Freshwater Wetlands, Coastal Systems,
        and Upland Habitats
•   Continuing Education Units for
    Restricted Pesticide Licenses &
    Exams (Only offered at Extension
    Office, FL Statute 482 & 487)
       Cooperative Extension
         Volunteer Service

•   400 Volunteers

•   19,305 Hours

•   @$17.35/hr =
• City of Gainesville- Clean Water Partnership
• Alachua County EPD
• St. John’s Water Management District
• Florida Green Building Coalition
• Alachua County Farm Bureau
• Alachua County Cattlemen’s Association
• Alachua County School Board
• Florida Organic Growers
• Shands Eastside Outreach Educational Program
• United Way
• Alachua County Farmers Markets
        Value of Alachua County
         Cooperative Extension

•   Cost per resident based on 241,000
    citizens = $1.37

•   For every dollar Alachua County
    spends to support Extension there is a
    $5 value gain in program match from
    the University of Florida/IFAS, which
    results in savings to citizens.

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