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Area Junior
Chamber of

 State of the
January 25, 2005

• Welcome and networking
• Introduction and overview
• Board Committee Updates
• Where we are going…
• Q&A
• Networking
• Close

At your tables
• Introduce yourselves
• Discuss the most unique thing about you
• As a table determine
    What makes your table the most unique
    What is one common trait at your table
• Report your findings
                     Our Roots and Structure

• Founded in 1921 as a means for young professionals to
  get involved in the civic work
• For 84 years – focused on community action and
  philanthropic giving, professional and personal

• NAJCC Membership Organization
• NAJCC Charities Organization
                                                               Introduction – What we planned

                                                                                       20/20 Alliance
                                                                                     (Jr. League, SOLID, YLC,
                                                                                      Sennet, Urban League)

                                                                                      Presidents Club                                       Website
   *Board of Governors Structure                                                       (initial Alumni effort)
Officers/Staff (non-voting)                                                                                                                   PR
Ex-Officio (Past Pres)
                                                                                     NAJCC Charities
Counsel                                                                                  (Grant process)
Executive Director

Committees                                                                                  NAJCC
ED/Operations                                           First Year                                                      Community
                                     Membership                                        Board of Gov*                                            Community
Finance                                               Advisory Board                                                   Advisory Board
Membership                                            (New Member Projects)            Exec Director
Networking (2)
Philanthropy (2)
Professional Development (2)
                                                                   Monthly               Networking                  Monthly
                                                                Membership Mtgs                                   Lunch & Learn
                                                                 Toastmasters                                        Mixers
                                       Surveys                       Quarterly                                       Quarterly
                                       Reporter                    Fun/Cultural                                  Networking@Night
                                                                First Year Leaders      Professional
                                   Weekly Reminders                                     Development                  Annually
                                   Member Directory                 Annually                                     Golf Tournament
                                                                  Gala (Awards)                                    Leadership

                                                                                          (HON Service              Annual Events
                                                                                                                      Clinic Bowl
                                                                                                                       Preds Cup
                                                                                                                   Rollin on the River
                                                                                                                        HON Day
                                                                                          Programs                   Joy of Giving
                                                                                                                   Special Olympics
             Introduction – What we planned

• Effective execution
    Provide quality events for our membership and for the
     community we serve

• Set structure
    Provide members the greatest accessibility to contributing to the
     direction of our organization.

• Personal pride
                          What we look like

• Total Membership: 263

• Average age: 27

• Female: 51%
  Male: 49%

• Single: 77%
  Married: 23%

• 182 companies
  62 industries
                                 Major Highlights

• Office relocation
• Revised website
• Updated communications/contact

• Membership meeting location & speakers
    Tom Turner, Riley Darnell

• Membership growth
    Corporate Memberships
                                     Major Highlights

• New Board structure
    Committees/Member leadership
• New events
    Networking on the Green
    New member projects
• New programs
    Ambassador Program – First Year Advisory Board
    Sheri Glover Scholarship and Service Award
• $8000 raised by new member and other projects from
  June 04 – Dec 04 alone
• $30,000+ raised Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Services in „04
                                Overview - Keep

• Philanthropic events/Community Service
• New Member Projects
• Networking - Lunch & Learns
• AmSouth meeting location – Consistent Meetings
• Weekly communications
• Social events – Mixers
• Toast Masters
• Recruiting
• Fun!
                                  Overview - Stop

• Scheduling too many conflicting events
• Pay for parking
• Less emphasis on alcohol
                                  Overview - Start

• Improve communication between office and membership
• Increase participation at events/meetings
• Intra-Chamber member referrals/networking
• Alumni participation
• Involving existing members in new member groups
• Recreational events/groups and Outdoor events
• Membership directory
                                      Overview - Start

• Increase visibility
    marketing/ Better external communications/PR
    Articles in other publications
• Generate more opportunities to become involved
• Re-recruit old members
• Professional Development at different times
• Networking with other organizations
• Member retention – „close the back door‟
NAJCC Board Committees
                                         What we‟ve done
  The goal of the NAJCC networking events is to support, guide and
  mentor Nashville's young professionals and provide members with
  the opportunity to establish networking contacts that will be valuable
  throughout their professional careers.

Events include:
• Monthly Networking events (Buffalo Billiards, Bar 23 (w/ The Urban
  League), Dancing in the District VIP party, Nick & Rudy‟s, Chu and
• Quarterly Networking events (Speed Networking, Open House)
• Quarterly fun/cultural events (Night at the Opera, White Water
• Holiday Mixer (Red Iguana)
• Networking on the Green (coming up in May)
                                Things to look for
The networking committee is currently looking for:
    Sub-Chairs for the Quarterly Networking Events with
     other organizations/ideas for events (locations)
    Ideas/suggestions for locations for the monthly
     networking mixers
    Cultural/fun event ideas/suggestions (currently
     working on a night at TPAC)
    Sub-chairs for Networking on the Green Golf
     Tournament – May 19 at the Legends – for the
     following areas.
      o   Corporate Sponsors
      o   Team Sponsors
      o   Hole/Tee Sponsors
      o   Donations
      o   Volunteers
                                                 Who we are
  The NAJCC Philanthropy Committee provides resources (both
  manpower and/or fundraising) to other not-for-profit organizations in
  the Nashville area and provides leadership opportunities to the
  membership of NAJCC. The committee supports and administrates
  the major philanthropy events sponsored by the NAJCC.

Events include:
• Clinic Bowl
• The Joy of Giving
• Predator's Cup
• Country Music Marathon
• Special Olympics
• Partnership with Hands on Nashville
• Along with these events, the committee supports the membership in
  pursuing other community based volunteering.
                                What we‟ve done
• Created and established the Philanthropy Committee to
  make decisions regarding the events supported by the
  NAJCC and seek support from the Board when needed.

• Provided leadership for NAJCC supported philanthropy

• Events successfully completed in 2004:
    Clinic Bowl
    Joy of Giving
    HON Day
                                    What to look for
• Continue to solidify the committee structure.
• Continue developing Event reports for future chairs.
  Establish “institutional memory”.
• New event to replace Rollin on the River:
    Ragin‟ Cajun Crawfish Boil
• Successful completion of remaining events:
    Predator's Cup
    Country Music Marathon
    Special Olympics
• Recruit for 2005 – 2006 events
                      Professional Development
                               What we‟ve done
• Lunch and Learn Series Topics
      Networking
      Tax Planning
      Business Coaching
      Presentation Skills
      Leadership and Change

• Lunch and Learn Series Speakers
    Deb Varallo of Varallo Public Relations
    Rick Klote of Work & Greer
    Jim Holmes of Tim Shaver & Associates

• Membership Feedback: Event Survey
                       Professional Development
                                 What to look for
• Lunch and Learn Series continues:
  2nd Wednesday of Each Month
      Political Action Groups
      The 26 Hour Day
      The Importance of Planning
      The History of Banking in Nashville
      Economic Impact & Structure of the New Symphony Hall

• Annual Gala – February 26, 2005
      Spotlight Awards
      Gold Award
      New Member of the Year Award
      Sheri Glover Award

• Evening Speaker Series Planned
• First Year Leaders Being Developed
                               What we‟ve done
• Ambassador Program Kickoff

• AmSouth meeting location

• Recruit, Recruit, Recruit
                                 What to look for
• 2005 Ambassador Applications

• Member Retention-
    Close the back door
    Entry Survey‟s

• Recognition of 2004-2005 Ambassadors
              Executive Director/Operations
                          What we‟ve done
• Facilitated office move to Downtown Nashville

• Rolled out new website -

• Managed intern who assisted on special projects

• Developed more concise job description for our
  Executive Director and Employee Manual

• Development of Event Handbook which will soon be
  available from the NAJCC website

• Improved methods of communication by use of
               Executive Director/Operations
                             What to look for
• Online Directory – Coming soon to

• Weekly Reminders now using Emma

• Member Bulletin Board on the web

• Reporter - hard copy format on a quarterly basis

• Chairperson Training beginning in March

• Accepting Intern Applications for the fall.
                             Where do your dues go?
                                                  % of total
Expenses from July 2004 – Dec 2004                expenses

  (awards, meetings, and receptions)                   19%
Office administration
  (payroll, rent, utilities, etc.)                     81%

                                          Total       100%

*Expenses do not include event expenses
                                   How are we doing financially?
July 2004 - December 2004                                Actual       Budget       Over (Under)

New Member Dues                                          $   14,492   $   12,000    $     2,492
Renewal Dues                                                  7,867       13,400         (5,533)
Membership Events (Member events, Lunch & Learn, etc.)        2,653         900           1,753
Other Income                                                   386          118             268
Total Income                                             $   25,397   $   26,418    $    (1,021)

(awards, meetings, and receptions)                       $    6,288   $    5,400    $       888
Office administration
(payroll, rent, utilities, etc.)                             16,794       18,721         (2,100)
Total Expenses                                               23,083       24,121         (1,212)
Net Income over Expenses                                 $    2,314   $    2,298    $       191
                          2005 – What to look for

• Alumni outreach and involvement

• Interaction and networking across organizations
    20/20 Alliance Membership Networking Mixer – Feb 10

• Major new initiatives
      Multicultural Alliance
      Get to Work Program
      Expanded Ambassador Program
      First Year Leaders program
                            2005 – What to look for

• Communication/Information
    Website/Online directory
    Retention calls – 6 month „stay‟ interviews

• Membership Meeting Speakers
      February – Leslie Giallambardo – Publisher, Tennessean
      March – Agenia Clark – CEO, GSCV
      April – Ron Serpas – Chief of Police, Metro
      May – 2005 Distinguished Alumni (TBA)

• New events and the rebirth of old traditions
    Crawfish Boil
    Clinic Bowl
                     2005 – What you can do…

• Get involved in a committee or be an ambassador
• Be a liaison of the NAJCC to your company
• Participate in at least one Networking, Philanthropic and
  Prof. Development event
• Stay in touch with your new member group
• Continue to challenge your Board to serve your needs –
  we need your input and feedback
• If eligible, run for the board
• Who have you asked to join today?
    Find your 5

Nashville Area Junior Chamber of
     Commerce Town Hall

      State of the NAJCC
          January 25, 2005

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