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					     Partners in Making Cancer history®
     The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center gratefully acknowledges the following individuals, foundations, organizations
     and others who made a commitment of $1,000 or more from Sept. 1, 2009, to Aug. 31, 2010.

     Polo on the Prairie
     Members of the Blue Bell Creameries team in action at Polo on the Prairie, held last May in the West Texas town of Albany. Blue Bell, a longtime partner, contributed
     $10,000 to the event and pledged $150,000 to support the Anderson Network. A program of the Department of volunteer Services at MD Anderson, the Anderson Network
     is a cancer support group of more than 1,500 current and former patients and caregivers. Polo on the Prairie is an annual u.S. Polo Association-sanctioned tournament
     that benefits MD Anderson.

     A                                   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Adds
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard P. Adenacker
                                                                                    Mr. Steven R. Alferi
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Rex E. Alford
                                                                                                                              American Association of Neurosurgeons
                                                                                                                              American Brain Tumor Association
                                                                                                                                                                        Ms. Jill Elizabeth Anderson and Mr.
                                                                                                                                                                            Michael R. Smith
                                         Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Research          The Alkek and Williams Foundation         American Cancer Society                   John Henry and Dora Anderson
     A & A Cattle Company                    Foundation                             Albert and Margaret Alkek Foundation      The American Endowment Foundation         The Honorable and Mrs. John S.
     Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Aaron         Mr. and Mrs. Jack Adleta                                                                                                           Anderson
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. B. R. Allen, III             American Geriatrics Society
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Aaron        Adleta Corporation                                                                                                             Ken and Mary Anderson
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Allen                American Heart Association-Texas
     Abacus Plumbing, L.L.C.             ADMA Biologics, Inc.                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Anderson
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David R. Allen               American-Italian Cancer Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Abbe            Advanced Health Media                                                                                                          Mrs. Marjorie M. Anderson
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Ira J. Allen, Jr.            American Legion Post, #83
     Mr. and Mrs. Alan Abbott            Advanced Radiation Physics Service, Inc.                                                                                       Mr. Robert W. Anderson
                                                                                    Mr. Jack V. Allen, Jr.                    American Petroleum Institute
     Abbott Fund                         Advocare International, L.P.                                                                                                   Sydney J. Anderson
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. John R. Allen                American Shoreline, Inc.
     The Jeanette Abbott Memorial        Aflac                                                                                                                          Carl C. Anderson, Sr. and Marie Jo
         Foundation                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Marion T. Allen              American Skin Association                     Anderson Charitable Foundation
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Aguanno             Mr. Robby R. Allen                        American Society for Gastrointestinal
     ABC Chemical Corporation                                                                                                                                           M. D. Anderson Foundation
                                         Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ahern                Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Allen                  Endoscopy
     Dr. and Mrs. Christian R. Abee                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Adele W. Anding
                                         Ahmad, Zavitsanos & Anaipakos, P.C.        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Allen              American Society for Radiation Oncology
     Maky and Carlos Abello                                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert H. Andres
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Avinash C. Ahuja              Alliance of Cardiovascular Researchers    American Society of Cytopathology
     Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Ables                                                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Barry G. Andrews
                                         Mr. Troy Aikman                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Allison, Jr.       American Society of Hematology
     Mr. Peter Aboytes                                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Andrews
                                         Aim at Melanoma Foundation                 The Carolyn J. & Robert J. Allison, Jr.   America’s Christian Credit Union
     Accenture Foundation Inc.                                                                                                                                          The Honorable Robert L. Andrews
                                         Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP             Family Foundation                     Amgen, Inc.
     Ms. Sharan Acker                                                                                                                                                   Andrews Distributing of North Texas, Ltd.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Marty R. Akins                Mr. and Mrs. Pierce M. Allman             Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ammann III
     Mr. and Mrs. Irwin B. Ackerman                                                                                                                                     Glynn Andrews Family Foundation
                                         Albemarle Foundation                       Aloka                                     The Homer Ammann Trust
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Acosta                                                                                                                                        The Andrews Foundation
                                         Mrs. Joyce Albrecht                        Susan and Joseph Alonzi                   Mrs. Joan M. Amoroso
     Acosta Management, Inc.                                                                                                                                            Andrews Kurth LLP
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Albright            Pauline Altman-Goldstein Foundation       Dr. and Mrs. John V. Amy
     The Active Network, Inc.                                                                                                                                           Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral
                                         Dr. and Mrs. Edward Alderete               Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Altmann              Anadarko Foundation
     Ms. Ginger E. Adam                                                                                                                                                 Anonymous
                                         Ms. Mary T. Alderson                       Mr. August Al-Uqdah                       Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
     Dr. Kenneth S. Adam and Ms. Gayle                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Antes
         Goodman                         Mrs. Ann Aldridge                          Maurice Amado Foundation                  Mr. and Mrs. J. David Anders
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Clifford C. Anthes
     Barbara and Roy Adams               Mr. Miguel Angel Aleman                    Dr. Paula Amaon and Mr. Gary P. Amaon     Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Anderson
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Anthony
     Elbert L. and Erin S. Adams         Alert Control Technologies, LLC            Amegy Bank of Texas                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Anderson
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Allen G. Anz
     Ms. Johnnie D. Adams                Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Alexander          American Alloy Steel, Inc. and A. J.      Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Anderson
                                                                                        Moore                                                                           Dr. Takashi Anzai
     Ms. Suzanne Adams                   Joan and Stanford Alexander                                                          Mr. Dwight W. Anderson
                                                                                    American Association for Cancer                                                     Anzai Medical Company, LTD
     Mr. Terence E. Adderley             Mr. and Mrs. John D. Alexander, Jr.                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Mark Anderson
                                                                                        Research                                                                        Apache Corporation
     Addi’s Faith Foundation             Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Anderson

                                                                                                                    MD Anderson Cancer Center Annual Report 2009 – 2010

Applied Materials                         Mr. Arnold R. Barnett                     Mr. Jeffrey J. Beyda                       Mr. and Mrs. Lee K. Boothby                Bray Marine Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Aram              Mr. and Mrs. Eliot B. Barnett             David J. Beyda Memorial Foundation         Mr. and Mrs. Giorgio Borlenghi             Ms. Lana Breakie
The ARAMARK Charitable Fund at the        Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Barnett             Ms. Janet G. Beynon                        Mr. Scott Bortree                          The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
    Vanguard Charitable Endowment         J. H. Baroco Foundation, Inc.             Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Bice               Bosarge Family Foundation                  Mr. James L. Breaux
                                          Dr. and Mrs. F. T. Barr                   Mr. Richard H. Bickerstaff                 Mr. and Mrs. Brent Bossart                 Mr. Ward Breaux
Mr. Derek S. Aramburu
                                          Dr. and Mrs. Ermilo Barrera, Jr.          Mr. William M. Biddison                    Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Bostic                 Mr. Erich E. Bredl
Ms. Susan E. Archer
                                          Michael and Cindy Barrett                 Margaret T. Biddle Foundation              Boston Biochem, Inc.                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Breeding
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Argenbright, Jr.
                                          Barriere Construction Co., L.L.C.         Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Bidne                Mr. and Mrs. Winston F. Bott, Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Breen, Jr.
Aristocrat Technologies, Inc.
                                          Linda and Thomas Barrow                   Mrs. Sarah W. Biedenharn                   Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Boullioun, Jr.          Mrs. Edith B. Brehm
Arizona State Credit Union
                                          Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bartlett            Estate of Margaret E. Biehl                Mr. and Mrs. John Boundas                  Ms. Linda L. Breihan
Arkansas Community Foundation
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael G. Bartolotta        Mrs. Diane Bigelow                         Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Bourne             Ms. Leslie Brennan
Arkin Kaplan Rice, LLP
                                          Mrs. Iva Lea Barton                       The Bill Crews Remission Run               S. Theresa Bowers Revocable Trust          Dr. and Mrs. Sayers R. Brenner
Mrs. Nancy A. Arkwright
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Sid R. Bass                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Billings            Mr. Paul R. Bowles                         Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bresenhan
Dan and Mary Armour
                                          Bass Energy Company                       BioForm Medical, Inc.                      Mrs. Emily C. Bowman                       Mr. Melvin L. Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Arnold
                                          Mr. and Mrs. James Bassetti               Biomedical Research Foundation             Mr. Clark G. Boyce, Jr.                    The Reverend Don Brice
Ken and Ruth Arnold
                                          The John and Nellie Bastien Memorial      Stephen and Mary Birch Foundation, Inc.    Mr. and Mrs. John K. Boyce, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bridger
Laura and John Arnold                         Foundation                            Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bird                  Robert and Julia Boyce                     Dr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Bridges
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Arnold                Mr. and Mrs. Bradley R. Bates             Frank M. Bireley                           Mr. Doug Boyd                              Ms. Leslie K. Brier
The Arnold Family Foundation              Ms. Nancy Batt                            Mr. and Mrs. David J. Bishop               James M. and Lorelee A. Boyd               Mr. Richard W. Brietzke
The Arnold Foundation                     Dr. and Mrs. Robert Battmer               Bishop Lifting Products, Inc.              Mrs. Patricia K. Boyd                      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Briggs
Laura and John Arnold Foundation          Mr. and Mrs. James A. Baudin              Mrs. Angela K. Bissey                      Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Boyd               The Ronnie and Gwen Briggs Foundation
Mr. William G. Arnot, Jr.                 Mrs. Evelyn M. Baum                       Mr. Robert O. F. Bixby                     Mr. and Mrs. Cue D. Boykin                 Mr. and Mrs. Bennie R. Brigham
Ms. yvonne Arthur                         The Baxter International Foundation       BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse                Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas H. Boyle             Mr. Louis R. Brill
Mrs. Maria Arwitz and Mr. Andrew Avillo   Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Bazzle            BKCW Insurance Agency                      Boyle International LLC                    Mr. and Mrs. Carl O. Brininstool
Mr. and Mrs. Vijay K. Arya                BCM & Associates, Inc.                    Dr. Karen Black and Dr. Jim J. Black       BP America Inc.                            The Honorable Dolph Briscoe, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Asch                  Mr. and Mrs. Pat C. Beaird                Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Black III           BP Foundation, Inc.                        Ms. Jan Wallace Briscoe
The ASCO Cancer Foundation                Beaird Family Foundation                  Black Foundation                           Bracewell & Giuliani LLP                   Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bristol, Jr.
Mr. John K. Ashby                         Mr. and Mrs. Carty Beal                   Black Gold Rental Tools, Inc.              Mr. James C. Bradford, Jr.                 Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Ashcroft          Mr. and Mrs. Kelly S. Beal                Black Rhino, LP                            Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Bradley                 Mr. and Mrs. B. Daryl Bristow
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Asher              Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Beal                 Mr. and Mrs. Pryor Blackwell               Ms. Billye B. Bradley                      Britten Fund
The Asher Family Foundation               Ms. Deirdre Bean                          Ms. Barbara H. Blades                      Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Bradley            Mr. Rayford B. Britton
Dr. Rosalyn Assef and Mr. James Assef     Mr. Theo B. Bean, Jr.                     Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Blair               Mr. and Mrs. Jeff S. Bradley               Dr. and Mrs. James A. Broaddus
Association of Professional Investment    Ms. Elly Beard
    Consultants                                                                     Mrs. Mary Criner Blake                     Mr. and Mrs. Herb Bradshaw                 Ms. Sherry M. Broadhead
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Beard              Mr. and Mrs. William D. Blake              Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Bradshaw              Mr. and Mrs. Joel Brochstein
Astra Tech, Inc.
                                          The Theodore and Beulah Beasley           Ms. Maureen S. Blakeley                    Ms. Kate Brady                             Raymond and Susan Brochstein
AstraZeneca LP                                Foundation, Inc.
A-T Children’s Project                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Brett J. Blakey               Maggie Brady and James Ellis, The Brady    Sophia and G. W. Brock
                                          Toni and Jeffery Beauchamp                                                               Foundation
AT&T                                                                                Mr. Antoine Blanchard                                                                 Ms. Michelle K. Brock
                                          Beaumont Iron and Metal Corporation                                                  Ms. Jane E. Brammer
AT&T Foundation                                                                     Estate of Chester A. Blanchard                                                        Mr. David S. Brollier
                                          Bechtel Group Foundation                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Brandt
Atlanta United Fund                                                                 Mr. Richard P. Bland                                                                  Brookhollow Baptist Church
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beck                                                             The Brandt Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Atlas                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Blank                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Brooks
                                          Beck Bros., Inc.                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Stan Branham
Audubon Cares                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Blanton, Sr.                                                     Estate of John Howard Brooks, Sr.
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Lee Beckelman                                                           Mr. Paul A. Branum
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Auer                                                         Blast Soccer Club, Inc.                                                               Raymond and Anita Brooks and Family
                                          Mr. Donald A. Becker                                                                 Estate of Dee Anna Bratton
Austin Community Foundation                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Block                                                          Mr. Tom C. Brookshire
                                          Mr. Thomas Becker                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Bratton
Avalon Advisors/Lesley and Kevin Lilly                                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Blome                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Brorby
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Beckner                                                        Bratton Family Foundation
AVJ Foundation                                                                      Mrs. Lois Blonder                                                                     Mrs. Charles Broudy
                                          Mr. Elton G. Beebe                                                                   Estate of Steven S. Braun
Avon Foundation                                                                     The Blonder Family Foundation, Inc. of                                                Mr. and Mrs. Scott N. Broudy
                                          Tom and Janet Behanick                        the Jewish Federation of Greater       Mr. Bennie M. Bray
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Awe                                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Broughton
                                          JoAnna and Robert Behl                        Atlanta                                Major General Leslie W. Bray, Jr. (Ret.)
Dr. and Mrs. Alberto G. Ayala             Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Behringer          Bloomberg L.P.
The Ayco Charitable Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. Brent R. Behrman             Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Ayers, Jr.             Mr. and Mrs. Alan T. Beimfohr             Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative, Inc.
                                          Martin and Kathleen Beirne                Mr. Newell Blume
                                          Mr. and Mrs. William H. Belden, Jr.
                                          Mr. Scott Bell
                                                                                    BMC Software
                                                                                    Edwin L. and Carla M. Boardman              Endowed distinguished
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bell                   Mr. and Mrs. David M. Boatner               university chairs*
Mrs. Barbara Conway Bailey                Mr. Ray L. Bellande                       The Boatner Family Foundation
Mr. Dean H. Bailey                        Mr. and Mrs. John W. Bellinger            Bob Grimmer Electric, Inc.                  HARRy CARoTHeRS WieSS DiSTiNGuiSHeD uNiveRSiTy
Mr. Judson Bailey                         Bellwether Community Credit Union         Mrs. Elspeth G. Bobbs                       CHAiR FoR CANCeR ReSeARCH
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Bailey                   Belo                                      Mr. James R. Bobo                           Robert C. Bast, Jr., M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim R. Baird                 Beloco Foundation, Inc.                   Dr. and Mrs. Eric Bodin
Mr. Thomas B. Baird                       Mr. and Mrs. Steve Belt                   Mr. Philip L. Boehk                         oLGA KeiTH AND HARRy CARoTHeRS WieSS DiSTiNGuiSHeD
Mr. and Mrs. Weldon R. Baird              Mrs. Elizabeth M. Benkowski               Boehm, L. P.                                uNiveRSiTy CHAiR iN CANCeR ReSeARCH
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus P. Bak                Mr. Ned W. Bennett and Ms. Sandra         Mr. Clyde L. Bohannon, Jr.
                                              G. Zane                               Mr. Ronald J. Boillat
                                                                                                                                Chen Dong, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel P. Baker
Ms. Dusty Baker                           Mr. Marc Bension                          Mrs. Michele Boland
                                          Ms. Connie Bentley                        Mrs. Mary F. Bolduc                         FReDeRiCK F. BeCKeR DiSTiNGuiSHeD uNiveRSiTy CHAiR FoR
Mr. James Baker
The Honorable and Mrs. James A.           Bergen County United Way                  Mrs. Betsy C. Bolin                         CANCeR ReSeARCH
    Baker, III                            Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bergstrom              Dennis and Lynne Boll                       Stanley R. Hamilton, M.D.
Mr. James R. Baker                        Bergstrom Family Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. G. Niles Bolton
Jerry and Rebecca Baker                   Ms. Evelyn Berkowitz/In memory of Celia   Ms. Jane S. Bolton                          SAMSuNG DiSTiNGuiSHeD uNiveRSiTy CHAiR iN CANCeR
Mr. Lewis T. Baker, Jr.                       Berkowitz                                                                         MeDiCiNe
                                                                                    Mr. Roscoe A. Bolton
Baker Botts L.L.P.                        Mr. and Mrs. Jerry G. Berkowitz                                                       Waun Ki Hong, M.D.
                                                                                    Ann and Jeff Bomer
Baker Hughes Foundation                   Ms. Anne H. Bernhardt
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William C. Bond
Mr. and Mrs. Jerald T. Baldridge          Bernhardt Furniture Company
                                                                                    Edith F. Bondi Foundation                   oLGA KeiTH WieSS DiSTiNGuiSHeD uNiveRSiTy CHAiR FoR
Balfour Beatty Rail, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bernstein
                                                                                    Dr. and Mrs. William F. Bonnell             CANCeR ReSeARCH
Mr. John G. Ball                          Mrs. Eugenia Bertetti
                                          The Eugenia and Lawrence A. Bertetti
                                                                                    Mrs. Jeanie P. Bonner                       Gordon B. Mills, M.D., Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. P. V. Banavalkar                                                       Mr. Kerry G. Bonner
Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union                                                Mary and Nicholas Bonrepos                  THe JoHN BRooKS WiLLiAMS AND eLizABeTH WiLLiAMS
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Terry K. Bertin
Bank of America Foundation                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Booker              DiSTiNGuiSHeD uNiveRSiTy CHAiR iN CANCeR MeDiCiNe
                                          Mr. Robert P. Bertrand
Mr. Billie B. Barclay, Jr.                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mark Boomershine III
Estate of William Huff Bargainer
                                          Mr. Tom Besselman                                                                     Randal S. Weber, M.D.
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert O. Bessinger          The Walter and Winkie Boomershine
Mr. C. L. Barlow                                                                        Fund at the North Georgia Community
                                          Mr. Joe A. Best III                           Foundation                              *As of Jan. 31, 2011
Mrs. Geraldine V. Barnes
                                          Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. James A. Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy R. Barnes, Jr.
                                          Mr. Lewis Bettman III                     Mrs. Frances H. Booth


     Endowed distinguished chairs*                                                                                                                                      C
     GiLBeRT H. FLeTCHeR MeMoRiAL DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR                                        JANe AND JoHN JuSTiN DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN LeuKeMiA                       Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Cabler, Jr.
     Kie-Kian Ang, M.D., Ph.D.                                                               ReSeARCH iN HoNoR oF DR. eLiHu eSTey                                       Cabot Oil and Gas Corporation
                                                                                             Larry W. Kwak, M.D., Ph.D.                                                 Cactus Builders, Inc.
     JoHN CHARLeS CAiN DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN CANCeR                                                                                                                    Mr. Joseph R. Cade
     PReveNTioN                                                                              W. T. AND LouiSe JARReTT MoRAN DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN                      Mr. Curtis Cadenhead
     Powel H. Brown, M.D., Ph.D.                                                             PeDiATRiC oNCoLoGy                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Grady Cage
                                                                                             Shulin Li, Ph.D.                                                           Presnall and Stephanie Cage
     RoBeRT D. MoReToN DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN DiAGNoSTiC                                                                                                                Estate of Kathleen C. Cailloux
                                                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Mary H. Cain
     RADioLoGy GiveN By W. A. “Tex” AND DeBoRAH MoNCRieF, JR.                                CHARLeS A. LeMAiSTRe DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN THoRACiC
                                                                                                                                                                        Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation
     Chuslip Charnsangavej, M.D.                                                             oNCoLoGy GiveN By W. A. “Tex” AND DeBoRAH MoNCRieF, JR.                    The Cain Foundation
                                                                                             Scott M. Lippman, M.D.                                                     Phyllis and Joseph Calcaterra, Jr.
     PAMeLA AND WAyNe GARRiSoN DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN                                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. John Caldwell
     CANCeR ReSeARCH                                                                         viviAN L. SMiTH DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN iMMuNoLoGy                          Mr. and Mrs. Lee Caldwell
     Junjie Chen, Ph.D.                                                                      Yong-Jun Liu, M.D., Ph.D.                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Caldwell
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Rick J. Calhoon
     ALANDo J. BALLANTyNe DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR oF HeAD AND                                    Roy M. AND PHyLLiS GouGH HuFFiNGToN CLiNiCAL ReSeARCH                      Calhoun County V.F.W. Aux. No. 4403
     NeCK SuRGeRy                                                                            DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN uRoLoGiC oNCoLoGy                                   California Community Foundation
     Gary L. Clayman, M.D., D.M.D.                                                           Christopher J. Logothetis, M.D.                                            Mr. John Callahan
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Edward C. Callaway
     HuBeRT L. AND oLive STRiNGeR DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN                                     LoCKToN DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN PANCReATiC CANCeR                           Mr. and Mrs. Dean Lynn Callender
     oNCoLoGy iN HoNoR oF Sue GRiBBLe STRiNGeR                                               ReSeARCH                                                                   Billy and Verline Calley
     James D. Cox, M.D.                                                                      Craig Logsdon, Ph.D.                                                       Ms. Mary Calley
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Craig J. Calligan
     NATHAN W. LASSiTeR DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN uRoLoGy                                       JoHN S. DuNN, SR. DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN DiAGNoSTiC                        Paul Calvino
     Bogdan A. Czerniak, M.D., Ph.D.                                                         iMAGiNG                                                                    CAMAC International Corporation
                                                                                             William A. Murphy, Jr., M.D.                                               Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Cambre
     eLLeN F. KNiSeLy DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN CoLoN CANCeR                                                                                                               Mrs. Clara G. Campbell
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Cleveland E. Campbell
     ReSeARCH                                                                                BARNTS FAMiLy DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR FoR CANCeR ReSeARCH
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Darrell Campbell
     Raymond N. DuBois, M.D., Ph.D.                                                          William K. Plunkett, Jr., Ph.D.                                            Ms. Eileen M. Campbell and Mr. Douglas
                                                                                                                                                                            D. Perley
     R. e. “BoB” SMiTH DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN CeLL BioLoGy                                   SeNAToR A. M. AiKiN, JR. DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR                               Mr. and Mrs. John H. Campbell
     Isaiah J. Fidler, D.V.M., Ph.D.                                                         Raphael E. Pollock, M.D., Ph.D.                                            Mr. and Mrs. John T. Campbell
                                                                                                                                                                        Cancer Fighters of Houston, Inc.
     J. TAyLoR WHARToN, M.D., DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN                                         BuD JoHNSoN CLiNiCAL DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR                                   Cancer Research Institute
     GyNeCoLoGiC oNCoLoGy                                                                    Jack A. Roth, M.D.                                                         Deborah M. Cannon
     David M. Gershenson, M.D.                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. L. Kinder Cannon III
                                                                                             ANNe C. BRooKS AND ANTHoNy D. BuLLoCK iii                                  Mr. Rudolph D. Cannon
     oLLA S. STRiBLiNG DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR FoR CANCeR                                        DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN NeuRoSuRGeRy                                        Mr. and Mrs. James J. Cano
     ReSeARCH                                                                                Raymond E. Sawaya, M.D.                                                    Ms. Jo Canter
     Ellen R. Gritz, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                              Dr. Joel Canter and Mrs. Beverly Canter
                                                                                             GeRALD DeWey DoDD, JR. DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN                              Cantey Hanger LLP
     BooNe PiCKeNS DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR FoR eARLy PReveNTioN                                  DiAGNoSTiC iMAGiNG                                                         Mr. James W. Cantor
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell P. Cappadonna
     oF CANCeR                                                                               Paul M. Silverman, M.D.                                                    Cappadonna Electrical Management
     Ernest T. Hawk, M.D.                                                                                                                                                   Corporation
                                                                                             JoAN AND STANFoRD ALexANDeR DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR FoR                        CARBO Ceramics Inc.
     LeviT FAMiLy DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN DiAGNoSTiC iMAGiNG iN                               PRoSTATe CANCeR ReSeARCH                                                   Cards for Causes, LLC
     HoNoR oF DR. SiDNey WALLACe                                                             Timothy Thompson, Ph.D.                                                    Mr. Charles Carducci
     Marshall E. Hicks, M.D.                                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Cardwell
                                                                                             HuBeRT L. AND oLive STRiNGeR DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN                        Carestream Health
     RuTH LeGeTT JoNeS DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR                                                   BASiC SCieNCe iN HoNoR oF SALLy STRiNGeR                                   Mr. Jeffrey A. Carlstead
     Mien-Chie Hung, Ph.D.                                                                   Dihua Yu, M.D., Ph.D.                                                      Estate of Nancy D. Carmichael
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Carmines
     THe RoBeRT A. WeLCH DiSTiNGuiSHeD CHAiR iN CHeMiSTRy                                    *As of Jan. 31, 2011                                                       David M. Carmines Memorial
                                                                                                                                                                            Foundation, Inc.
     William H. Klein, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                            Mr. David S. Carnahan
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Carnes
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Carnes
                                                                                                                                                                        Mrs. Laura H. Carpenter
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Carr
                                                                                                                                                                        The Carrig Family
     Mr. Joseph E. Broussard II                 Mr. and Mrs. D. Forrest Brumbaugh          Dr. Rosaria A. Bulgarella                 Mrs. Susan E. Burns                Mr. and Mrs. John F. Carrigan
     Broussard Group                            Jon and Rebecca Brumley                    Bulk Terminals Group, LLC                 Burroughs Wellcome Fund            Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Carroll
     Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brow, Jr.              Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Brumley, Jr.            Bull Shirts                               Miss Betsy Burrows                 The P. and C. Carroll Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Brown, Jr.              Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Brundage             Mr. and Mrs. McCauley O. Bullock, Jr.     Mr. Jeff Burrows                   Carrollton Dental Associates
     Ms. Gayle Brown                            Dr. Janet M. Bruner and Mr. Charles T.     Mr. and Mrs. David J. Bunce               Mr. and Mrs. Gene Burrus           Mr. Tom Carson
     Mr. and Mrs. James D. Brown                    Bruner                                 Dr. and Mrs. William E. Burchill          Mr. and Mrs. Gerald G. Burtner
                                                The Brunetti Foundation                                                                                                 Mr. Jeffrey A. Carter
     Estate of Lillian W. Brown                                                            Dan and Penny Burck                       Mr. and Mrs. Bill C. Burwick       Mrs. June M. Carter
     Mr. and Mrs. Loring A. Brown II            Mr. Michael Buas and Ms. Karen Gentile     Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Burden             Teresa and Jerry Bushman
                                                Ms. Julie A. Buchanan                                                                                                   Jeffrey A. Carter Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Brown                                                           Ms. Karma Burford and Mr. David Arnold    Mr. Bruce Butler                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Cartright
     Mr. Willard B. Brown                       Mrs. Laura L. Bucholz                      Mr. and Mrs. Scott Burford                Mr. and Mrs. John B. Butler
                                                Buck Kreihs Marine Repair, LLC                                                                                          Bettie Cartwright and Colin Kennedy
     Mr. and Mrs. William C. Brown                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Burford            Estate of J. R. Butler             Mrs. Sally A. Carwile
     T. J. Brown and C. A. Lupton Foundation,   Buckalew Family Foundation                 Mr. Jerry J. Burgdoerfer                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Butler
         Inc.                                   Mrs. Beverly Buckley                                                                                                    Wendy Will Case Cancer Fund, Inc.
                                                                                           Philip Burguieres                         Charles Butt                       Mr. and Mrs. Bob Casey III
     The Brown Foundation, Inc.                 The Vincent H. Buckley 1984 Family Trust   Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Burk                 Mr. Herbert H. Butt
     Mrs. Nancy Thurmond Broyles                Mr. and Mrs. Jack L. Buckner                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. John W. Casey
                                                                                           Tom and Cathy Burke                       Mr. and Mrs. George T. Byers       Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Cashat
     Mr. and Mrs. Lou Brucculeri                Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Buckthal                Ms. Michelle M. Burks                     Byers Engineering Company
     Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Bruce                 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur N. Budge, Jr.                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. yale M. Cason
                                                                                           Burlington Northern Santa Fe Foundation   Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Peter Byler     Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Cassata
     The Samuel B. and Lorena J. Bruce          Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Buenger            Ms. Carmen Burn-Barrera and Mr.           Mr. Steve Byrne and Ms. Kerry A.
         Charitable Trust                       Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie A. Bufkin                  Mitchell Z. Dziekonski                    Shannon                        John H. and Dorothy M. Castle Charitable
     Dr. and Mrs. George A. Brugnoli                                                                                                                                        Lead Annuity Trust
                                                Mr. and Mrs. William T. Buida              Mr. and Mrs. James L. Burns               Mr. and Mrs. John J. Byrnes        Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Caswell

                                                                                                                      MD Anderson Cancer Center Annual Report 2009 – 2010

Mr. Ernie Cates, Jr.
Mrs. Mardell Cates
                                        Meredith and Tom Clark
                                        Peggy C. Clark
                                                                                    Endowed chairs*
Linda and Conley Cathey                 Ms. Priscilla M. Clark and Mr. Robert J.     M. G. AND LiLLie A. JoHNSoN CHAiR FoR                            NeLLie B. CoNNALLy CHAiR iN BReAST CANCeR
Mr. and Mrs. Earl D. Catlett                Ensworth Jr.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Clark
                                                                                     CANCeR TReATMeNT AND ReSeARCH                                    Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, M.D.
Dr. Theodore N. Catranis                                                             James L. Abbruzzese, M.D.
The Catranis Family Charitable          Mr. and Mrs. John U. Clarke
                                                                                                                                                      MoSHe TALPAz eNDoWeD CHAiR iN
    Foundation, Inc.                    Mr. Robert F. Clarke
The Honorable Henry E. Catto, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Clarke                PAuL AND MARy HAAS CHAiR iN GeNeTiCS iN                          iMMuNoLoGy
Catto Charitable Foundation             Mrs. Virginia Clarke                         HoNoR oF AMANDA MARie WHiTTLe                                    Patrick Hwu, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Caveney            The Robert L. or Jean Clarke Family          Michael Andreeff, M.D., Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Sealy H. Cavin                 Foundation                                                                                                KeLCie MARGAReT KANA ReSeARCH CHAiR
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence P. Cazalot, Jr.   Clayton Williams Energy, Inc.                HuBeRT L. STRiNGeR CHAiR iN CANCeR                               Hagop M. Kantarjian, M.D.
CDW Corporation                         The Cleveland Foundation                     ReSeARCH
Celgene Corporation                     Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Clifford             Ralph B. Arlinghaus, Ph.D.                                       DR. KeNNeTH B. MCCReDie CHAiR iN CLiNiCAL
Estate of Joe Celli                     Mr. and Mrs. James F. Clingman, Jr.                                                                           LeuKeMiA ReSeARCH
Cemex Foundation                        Mr. Jerry G. Clinton                         BeN F. Love CHAiR iN CANCeR ReSeARCH                             Michael J. Keating, M.B.
CenterPoint Energy Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Clinton                     Richard R. Behringer, Ph.D.
Central Management, Inc./Victor E.      CLL Global Research Foundation                                                                                MoSBACHeR PeDiATRiCS CHAiR
    Vacek, Jr.                          Clorox Company Foundation                    FRANK T. MCGRAW MeMoRiAL CHAiR iN THe                            Eugenie S. Kleinerman, M.D.
Centre Pointe HRC, LLC                  Mr. and Mrs. Cary R. Cloud
                                                                                     TReATMeNT oF CANCeR
Ms. Sandra L. Cepeda                    Mr. and Mrs. Perry W. Cloud, Jr.
Cepeda Systems & Software Analysis      Coastal Bend Community Foundation            Eduardo D. Bruera, M.D.                                          ANDeRSoN CLiNiCAL FACuLTy CHAiR FoR
Cephalon, Inc.                          Coastal Spray Company                                                                                         CANCeR TReATMeNT AND ReSeARCH
CFP Foundation                          Coastal Supply Co., Inc.                     FeReNC AND PHyLLiS GyoRKey CHAiR FoR                             Razelle Kurzrock, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. D. B. H. Chaffe III        The Coca-Cola Company                        ReSeARCH AND eDuCATioN iN PATHoLoGy
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene C. Chambers         The Coca-Cola Foundation                     Janet M. Bruner, M.D.                                            JoHN G. AND MARie STeLLA KeNeDy
The Carole and Gene Chambers            Mr. and Mrs. Allen H. Cocanougher                                                                             FouNDATioN CHAiR
    Foundation                          Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Cockrell              FRANK T. MCGRAW MeMoRiAL CHAiR iN THe                            J. Jack Lee, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Russ Chandler              The Cockrell Foundation                      STuDy oF CANCeR
Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Chaney           Cockrell Interests, Inc.                     Thomas A. Buchholz, M.D.                                         MATTie ALLeN FAiR ReSeARCH CHAiR
Mr. Peter J. Chaney                     Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Coen, Jr.                                                                              Guillermina Lozano, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. Jack H. Chang              Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Coffee, Jr.              RoBeRT C. HiCKey CHAiR iN CLiNiCAL CARe
Change Happens!                         Mary and Edward Coffey                       Richard E. Champlin, M.D.                                        LARRy AND PAT MCNeiL CHAiR iN RADiATioN
The Chaplaincy Fund, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Edmund L. Cogburn                                                                                oNCoLoGy HoNoRiNG DR. JAMeS D. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. Chapman       Dan and Robin Cogdell                        ANN RiFe Cox CHAiR iN GyNeCoLoGy                                 Radhe Mohan, Ph.D.
The Honorable Jim Chapman (former US    Cogenix, LLC
    Congressman)                                                                     Robert Coleman, M.D.
                                        Barton and Phyllis Cohen                                                                                      DAviD BRuToN, JR. CHAiR
Ms. Linda L. Chapman
                                        Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cohen                  CHARLeS B. BARKeR CHAiR iN SuRGeRy                               Garth Powis, D.Phil.
Mrs. Louise G. Chapman
                                        Michael T. Cohen, Dr. Arielle Hart,          Steven A. Curley, M.D.
The Mary K. Chapman Foundation              Jerome M. Cohen, and Robin Reinach
Chapman Foundations Management, LLC     Lynne Cohen Foundation for Ovarian                                                                            Sue AND RADCLiFFe KiLLAM CHAiR
Mr. and Mrs. O. Don Chapoton                Cancer Research                          MARy BeTH PAWeLeK CHAiR iN                                       Louise C. Strong, M.D.
Charles N. White Construction Company   Mr. Morton A. Cohn                           NeuRoSuRGeRy iN HoNoR oF DR. AND MRS.
Ms. Cheri V. Checkles                   Mrs. Ann Thompson Coiner                     SAMueL DiCKeNS BuGG AND MR. AND MRS.                             JoSe M. TRuJiLLo CHAiR iN LABoRAToRy
Dr. Joseph J. Chen                      Mrs. Gail-Ann Colaruotolo                    ALBeRT F. PAWeLeK                                                MeDiCiNe
Cheniere Energy, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Don J. Colchin                  Franco DeMonte, M.D.                                             Elizabeth A. Wagar, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. James Michael Chennault    Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. C. Dan Chenoweth           Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cole                     J. RALPH MeADoWS CHAiR iN                                        THe CuLLeN TRuST FoR HeALTH CARe CHAiR
Employees of Chevron                    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Cole                  CARCiNoGeNeSiS ReSeARCH AT SCieNCe PARK-                         iN THe DePARTMeNT oF HeALTH DiSPARiTieS
Chevron Humankind                       Mr. Kermit D. Cole                           ReSeARCH DiviSioN                                                ReSeARCH
Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. LP        Estate of Marguerite Elizabeth Cole                                                                           David W. Wetter, Ph.D.
Chevron Products Company                Ms. Merrit Cole
                                                                                     Sharon Y. R. Dent, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Chiapparone        Sue and Jim Cole
                                                                                     WiLLiAM C. LieDTKe, JR. CHAiR iN CANCeR                          BeTTy B. MARCuS CHAiR iN CANCeR
Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation       The Ashley Fister Cole Foundation
Mrs. Denise Childres and Dr. Lee V.     Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Coleman                  ReSeARCH                                                         PReveNTioN
    Ansell                              Colgate-Palmolive Company                    Lee M. Ellis, M.D.                                               Xifeng Wu, M.D., Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Childs          Christina and Clifton Collier
William C. & Antoinette M. Childs       Ms. Carol J. Collins                         RuTH HARRieT AiNSWoRTH ReSeARCH CHAiR                            MARGAReT AND BeN Love CHAiR iN CLiNiCAL
    Foundation                                                                       iN DeveLoPMeNTAL THeRAPeuTiCS                                    CANCeR CARe iN HoNoR oF DR. CHARLeS A.
                                        Mr. Ted Collins, Jr.
Lois Chiles and Richard Gilder                                                                                                                        LeMAiSTRe
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Chiles
                                        Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Colvin               Emil J Freireich, M.D.
                                        Mr. and Mrs. William D. Colvin                                                                                W. K. Alfred Yung, M.D.
China Medical University and Hospital
                                        Combined Federal Campaign of the Texas       BeRNARD W. BieDeNHARN CHAiR iN CANCeR
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander E. Chionsini         Gulf Coast
Mrs. Carolyn Chipman                                                                 ReSeARCH                                                         *As of Jan. 31, 2011
                                        Comiskey Foundation
Ms. Lynn Chmelir and Mr. John Webb      Commonwealth Foundation for Cancer
                                                                                     John D. Hazle, Ph.D.
Choose Hope, Inc.                           Research
Ms. Shirley Chow                        Communities Foundation of Texas
David A. and Mary Jo Christensen        Community Cancer Education Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Christie             The Community Foundation for Greater
Mr. David Chu                               Atlanta, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Chuoke            Community Foundation for Southeast
Estate of Don M. Church
                                        The Community Foundation of Abilene        Mrs. Marilyn Patricia Conner             Phil and Suzie Conway                   Mr. and Mrs. Lovick P. Corn
Cima Energy LLC
                                        Community Foundation of Greater            Mr. and Mrs. Marvin G. Conner            Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Cook              Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cornelius
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ciocca                  Memphis
Arthur & Carlyse Ciocca Charitable      The Community Foundation of Louisville,    Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Connor            Mr. Robert L. Cook                      Mr. James F. Corporron
    Foundation                              Inc.                                   Conoco Phillips-Global Specialty         Ms. Catherine Nixon Cooke               Mr. Jose Correa, Jr.
Cipione Family Foundation               The Community Foundation of Middle         ConocoPhillips                           Mrs. Stephanie Parziale Cooker          Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Correll
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Citrone                    Tennessee                              ConocoPhillips Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Cooper            Corrigan Properties, Inc.
City of Houston, Texas                  Community Foundation of North Texas        Mr. John M. Conrad                       Estate of R. W. Cooper                  Dr. and Mrs. James A. Corwin
Robert and Jane Cizik Foundation        Mr. and Mrs. Harry D. Conkey II            Mr. and Mrs. Oliver A. Conrads           Cooper Industries Foundation            Ms. Edith E. Cosgrove
Mr. Charlie Claffey                     Mr. and Mrs. Cale Conley                   Dr. Scott Conroy                         Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Copeland          Shirley and J. B. Coskey
Claffey Pools                           Conley Lott Nichols of Texas, Inc.         Consumer Mortgage Company                Ms. Maureen A. Corcoran                 Mr. Thomas V. Costantino
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Clamon                Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Connally              Contec Holdings, Ltd.                    Estate of Edna May Corey                Cheryl and David Cotner
Bryan and Susan Clark                   Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Connell              Continental Airlines, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Corey              Mr. Terrence Cotter
Estate of Edward G. Clark               Mr. Jeffrey A. Connelly                    Mr. Marcus P. Contreras                  Dr. yvonne C. Cormier and Mr. Rufus     Mr. and Mrs. David Cottrell
Mr. Jeffrey F. Clark                                                                                                            Cormier, Jr.


                                                                                                                               Dr. Susan E. Denson                     Dr. and Mrs. Raymond N. DuBois
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Hayden Dent                Mrs. Sandra Renfro DuBose
                                                                                                                               Mr. Joe D. Denton                       Mr. and Mrs. Hayward C. Ducharme
                                                                                                                               Estate of Katherine Denton              Mr. Thomas G. Duckworth
                                                                                                                               Ms. Gabrielle I. Dentraygues            Mr. and Mrs. Fritz L. Duda
                                                                                                                               Mrs. Charlotte J. Der Garry             Duda Family Foundation
                                                                                                                               Ms. Karen Desenberg                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dudzik
                                                                                                                               Design Atelier                          Mr. and Mrs. Dubb Duff
                                                                                                                               Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation,      Mr. Bofill Duhe
                                                                                                                                    Inc.                               Mr. Stephen Dujka
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Roland L. DesRoches, Jr.   Mrs. Jo M. Duke
                                                                                                                               Ernst & Paula Deutsch Foundation Inc.   Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
                                                                                                                               Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation       Ms. Constance A. Dumas
                                                                                                                               DeVille Fine Jewelry                    The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dewar                Foundation
                                                                                                                               Mrs. Jeanette G. DeZern                 Mr. Donald G. Dunbar, Jr.
                                                                                                                               Mr. Ugo di Portanova                    Ms. Miriam G. Dunbar
                                                                                                                               Diablo Paddlesports                     Bob and Patty Duncan and Family
                                                                                                                               DialAmerica, Inc.                       Dan L. Duncan Family
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. George Diamantis           Jeaneane B. Duncan
                                                                                                                               Mr. Ronald J. Dickens                   Mr. and Mrs. John H. Duncan, Sr.
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Dickerson       Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Duncan
                                                                                                                               Mr. W. T. Dickey                        Mr. and Mrs. William G. Duncan
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Terry Dickson              The Honorable and Mrs. Caswell J.
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Peter U. Diebold               Dunlap
     Run for the Rose                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Sal L. Diesi               Mr. and Mrs. John S. Dunn, Jr.
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Dietrich        John S. Dunn Research Foundation
     Amy B. Heimberger, M.D. (left), associate professor in the Department of Neurosurgery, Lanie
                                                                                                                               Ms. Kay R. Dillard                      Mr. and Mrs. W. McComb Dunwoody
     Rose and husband Jerry Rose take a break following the 2010 Run for the Rose fun run and walk at                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Bradley S. Duphorne
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Scott A. Dillard
     Reliant Park in Houston. The Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation has been a major supporter of brain cancer                        Mr. and Mrs. W. Paul Dillard, Jr.       Dr. and Mrs. Leonel D. Durbin
     research at MD Anderson under the direction of Heimberger. The eighth annual event, which also                            Mr. Perry A. Dillon, Jr.                DurretteBradshaw PC
     supports pediatric initiatives at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, raised $440,000.                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dinerstein            DVJ Partnership
                                                                                                                               Dr. Ralph C. Disch                      Mr. and Mrs. Pete Dye
                                                                                                                               Discovery Toys, Inc.                    Mrs. Lois W. Dyk
     Mrs. Alice M. Coughlin                     Mr. and Mrs. John A. Crum                Danziger & De Llano, PC               Shanon and Lori DiSorbo                 Mr. and Mrs. Scot Dykema
     Ms. Rosa I. Coulter                        Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Crump            Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Darden             Divas For A Cure                        Dykema Gossett PLLC
     Ms. Sylvia y. Coulter                      The Crump Foundation                     Darden Family Charitable Foundation   Dr. and Mrs. Austin L. Dixon            Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Dykes
     Mr. Leslie K. Courson                      Mrs. Debbie D. Crusoe                    Brit and Geryl Darington              Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Doan
     Mr. John P. Courtney                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Crutchfield       Dr. Elillian Daugherty                Mr. and Mrs. Porter Dobbins
     Ms. Janet W. Cousins                       Crutchfield Family Foundation            Mrs. Charline Dauphin                 Mr. Randall W. Dobbs                    E
     Cousins Properties Foundation Inc.         Mr. Alan D. Cruthers                     The Sidney and Charline Dauphin       Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dobson
     Mr. and Mrs. Rox B. Covert                 Cruzin to Cure                               Foundation                        Dr. and Mrs. Gerald D. Dodd, Jr.        EAB Family Partnership, LTD.
     Helen Covey                                Mrs. Anna Tokareva Cukr                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Davenport      Sara Dodd-Spickelmier and Keith         Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Eason
     Covidien Ltd.                              Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Cullen, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Davidson             Spickelmier                        Mrs. Alice East
     Mr. and Mrs. James T. Covin                Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Cullen, Sr.        Mr. Jerry D. Davidson                 Dodge & Cox                             East Tennessee Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry B. Cowan                Mr. and Mrs. Chris Cunningham            Estate of Robert V. Davidson          Mrs. Judy Dodson                        Mr. Larry D. Eastepp
     Mr. and Mrs. Philip Cowan                  Ms. Ouida F. Cunningham                  Estate of Mary Beth Davies            Mr. Lee Dodson                          Eastex Detachment Marine Corps League
     Mr. and Mrs. Holt Cowden                   Mr. and Mrs. Garland Cupp                Mr. Robert Davila                     Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Doherty II       Eastgroup Properties, LP
     Mr. Robert E. Cowley, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Curley, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Barry M. Davis           Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Doherty          Mr. and Mrs. Lyle A. Eastham
     Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Cox, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Currey, Jr.         Estate of Ira Winfield Davis          Ms. Barbara R. Dokell                   Mr. and Mrs. S. Stacy Eastland
     Mr. and Mrs. John C. Cox                   Estate of Gertrude H. Currie             Mr. Jay Davis                         Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dolan           Ms. Rosemary C. Ebell
     Dr. Margo A. Cox and Dr. Robert F. Gagel   Mr. Jack T. Currie                       Mr. and Mrs. Jon Davis                Lil and yorke Doliner Charitable        Dr. Joseph J. Eberle
     David and Lois Coyle                       The Currie Fund                          Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Davis                  Foundation Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Eckels
     Ms. Susan K. Coyne                         Mr. Jim C. Curry                         Mr. and Mrs. Leon Davis               Mr. Richard J. Domercq
                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Eckstein, Jr.
     CPHS Volleyball Boosters                   Mr. Randall L. Curry                     Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Lee Davis          Mr. and Mrs. Edward Domingues
                                                                                                                                                                       Raymond A. Jr. and Roslyn S. Eckstein
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crabtree            Colonel Jeanne L. Curtis                 Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Davis, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. Joaquin Dominguez IV            Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Craft                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Curtis            Sam & Freda Davis Charitable Trust    Mr. Joaquin Dominguez V                 Ecufin International, LLC
     Mr. Charles E. Craig, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Curtiss             The Charles and Melissa Davis         Mr. David M. Donald                     Eden Therapeutics, Inc.
                                                                                             Foundation                        Mr. and Mrs. Bill D. Donaldson          Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Edenbaum
     Mr. and Mrs. Rogers L. Crain               Christy and Lou Cushman
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Decker Dawson            Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Donehoo            Mr. William D. Edman
     Crain-Maling Foundation                    Mr. Lance Custen
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Dayton         B. A. & Lerayne Donelson                Mr. Karl F. Edmonds, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Craine              Sue Nan and Rod Cutsinger Foundation
                                                                                         Dayton Foundation Depository Inc.     DongWoo Syntech Co., Ltd.               Ms. Teresa Edmondson
     Mr. Claude L. Crane                        Cyntellect, Inc.
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Dean          Mr. and Mrs. James R. Donnelley         Edmondson Consulting Group
     Mr. and Mrs. James R. Cravens              Mr. and Mrs. James S. Cyrus
                                                                                         Mr. Henry C. Dean                     Nina H. Donnelley                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Edrington
     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Cravens             Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
                                                                                         Warren and Pamela Dean                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery D. Dooley          Mrs. Virginia L. Edwards
     Cravens Warren
                                                                                         Dr. James R. Dear                     The Dooley Family Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. Weston A. Edwards
     Ms. Judith B. Crawford
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Chad C. Deaton
     Estate of Millicent A. Crawford            D                                        Mr. Daniel Debaker
                                                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Chris Dorflinger
                                                                                                                               Estate of Ruth R. Doss
                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. William J. Eggleston III
     Mr. and Mrs. Bob Crawmer                                                                                                                                          Mr. Pete Eischen
                                                                                         Mrs. Jean E. DeCicco                  Mr. Joe Dotterweich                     Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Eisenberg
     Mrs. Barbara M. Creager                    D.A.V. Aux Inc. Unit 84                  Mrs. Elizabeth A. Decker              Doug Boyd Motor Co.                     Mrs. Louise Eisworth
     Create Foundation                          D.E. Harvey Builders, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Ray A. Deckert           The Dow Chemical Company                Ms. Joyce H. Eiszner
     Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Creech                  Dadeks Machine Works Corp.               Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Deeds         Mrs. Amanda J. Dowell                   Eiszner Family Foundation
     Mr. Jerry M. Crews                         Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Dahlberg              Mr. and Mrs. L. Martin DeFelice       Ms. Linda L. Downey                     El Camino Community College District
     Crockett County Mining Venture             Mr. William P. Dahlquist
         No. 1, Ltd.                                                                     Mr. Brad G. Defenbaugh                Downman Family Foundation               El Paso Corporation
                                                Estate of Harold C. Dailey               Mr. Bill Deffebach                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Doyle
     Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Croft III                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Elbert
                                                Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence B. Dale            Mr. Ronald T. DeFord                  Mr. Mario H. Dozzo
     Mr. and Mrs. Steve Crosby                                                                                                                                         Elgin Breeding Service, Inc.
                                                Dallas Associated Dermatologists, P.A.   Mrs. Linnet F. Deily                  Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Draper
     Ms. Amanda B. Cross                                                                                                                                               Eli Lilly and Company
                                                Ms. Judith W. Dalrymple                  Rafael del Barrio                     Mr. and Mrs. Phillip M. Drayer
     Ms. Naomi Cross                                                                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. John W. Elias
                                                Mrs. Hazel E. Dalton                     Del Monte Foods Company               Dreier Foundation, Inc.
     RNR Cross Family Foundation                                                                                                                                       Mr. Douglas M. Elich, Jr.
                                                Mr. Dan Daly                             Mr. Robert Delaloye                   Mr. Herbert S. Drew
     Estate of Elizabeth Kellogg Crouch                                                                                                                                Elkhorn LP
                                                The Charles A. Dana Foundation           Dell Inc.                             Mr. and Mrs. Patrick D. Drew, II
     Robert Page Crozer Family                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. James A. Elkins III
                                                L. B. Danford Charitable Trust           Employees of Dell, Inc.               Mr. Richard H. Driehaus
     CRU Trading Co.                                                                                                                                                   The Elkins Foundation
                                                Ms. Barbara F. Daniel-Hetherington and   Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Dempsey         Employees of Drill String Services
     Mr. and Mrs. William F. Cruger                 Mr. Bob Hetherington                                                                                               Dr. Allen J. Ellender, Jr.
     Gary and Sylvie Crum                                                                Denman/Newman Foundation              Oscar and Loretta Dube                  Mr. George M. J. Elliott
                                                Marjorie M. and William R. Daniels
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin L. Denny        The Oscar H. & Loretta J. Dube Trust

                                                                                                                    MD Anderson Cancer Center Annual Report 2009 – 2010

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Elliott              Endowed distinguished professorships*
Mrs. Merilyn L. Elliott
Mrs. Elnor S. Ellis                        ABeLL-HANGeR FouNDATioN                                  MoNTeLeoNe FAMiLy FouNDATioN                               viRGiNiA H. CoCKReLL DiSTiNGuiSHeD
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd E. Ellis
                                           DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP                              DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP FoR                            PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN iMMuNoLoGy
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Ellis II
The Honorable Rodney Ellis and Mrs.
                                           Jonas S. Almeida, Ph.D.                                  ReSeARCH oF BLADDeR AND KiDNey                             Jeffrey J. Molldrem, M.D.
    Licia Green-Ellis                                                                               CANCeRS
The Ellwood Foundation                     ANNie LAuRie HoWARD ReSeARCH                                    .
                                                                                                    Colin P N. Dinney, M.D.                                    HuBeRT L. AND oLive STRiNGeR
Elsevier, Inc.                             DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                                                                         DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN
Mr. and Mrs. William O. Emde               Christopher I. Amos, Ph.D.                               HeLeN SHAFeR FLy DiSTiNGuiSHeD                             CANCeR ReSeARCH
Emerson Electric Company                                                                            PRoFeSSoRSHiP oF ANeSTHeSioLoGy iN                         Jeffrey N. Myers, M.D., Ph.D.
Mr. Leonard E. Emge                        eDGAR LeWiS CuRTiS, SAviLLA                              HoNoR oF BeRTHA DAviS-CLARK, M.D.
Empire Truck Lines Inc.                    eLizABeTH CuRTiS AND eLeANoR LeWiS                       Thomas W. Feeley, M.D.                                     N. G. AND HeLeN T. HAWKiNS
EnCana Cares (USA) Foundation              CuRTiS DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                                                                  DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP FoR
EnergyQuest II, LLC                        iN PeDiATRiC CANCeR ReSeARCH                             BARNHART FAMiLy DiSTiNGuiSHeD                              CANCeR ReSeARCH
Ms. Cheryl A. Engelmann and Mr. Mark       Peter M. Anderson, M.D., Ph.D.                           PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN TARGeTeD                                  Hui-Lin Pan, M.D., Ph.D.
    E. Dyslin
Engineered Air Balance Co., Inc.                                                                    THeRAPieS
Entergy Charitable Foundation              P. H. AND FAy e. RoBiNSoN                                Roy S. Herbst, M.D., Ph.D.                                 CHARLeS M. MCBRiDe DiSTiNGuiSHeD
Enterprise Holdings Foundation             DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN                                                                                      PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN SuRGiCAL
Entertainment Industry Foundation’s        CANCeR ReSeARCH                                          SoPHie CARoLiNe STeveS                                     oNCoLoGy
    National Colorectal Cancer Research    Robert S. Benjamin, M.D.                                 DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN                             Merrick L. Ross, M.D.
    Alliance                                                                                        CANCeR ReSeARCH
EOG Resources                              BiRDie J. AND LyDiA J. ReSoFT                            Walter N. Hittelman, Ph.D.                                 NAGuiB A. SAMAAN DiSTiNGuiSHeD
EPIC Merchant Energy, LP
                                           DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN                                                                                      PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN eNDoCRiNoLoGy
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Epley
Equipment Resources Int’l, Inc.
                                           GASTRoiNTeSTiNAL oNCoLoGy                                THe HAMiLL FouNDATioN                                      Steven I. Sherman, M.D.
Mr. Robert M. Erbrick, Sr.                 Robert S. Bresalier, M.D.                                DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon R. Erikson                                                                     HoNoR oF DR. RiCHARD G. MARTiN, SR.                        BeTTyANN ASCHe MuRRAy
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Erisman III              H. GRANT TAyLoR, M.D., W. W. SuToW,                      Kelly K. Hunt, M.D.                                        DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN
Mr. Robert L. Errico                       M.D., AND MARGAReT P. SuLLivAN, M.D.,                                                                               ovARiAN CANCeR ReSeARCH
Dr. Carmelita P. Escalante and Mr. Ramon   DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN                           THe GLoRiA LuPToN TeNNiSoN                                 Anil K. Sood, M.D.
    Noyola                                 PeDiATRiCS                                               DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmot J. Estes               Laurence J. N. Cooper, M.D.,                             LuNG CANCeR                                                BARNTS FAMiLy DiSTiNGuiSHeD
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.                  Ph.D.                                                   Ritsuko Komaki, M.D.                                       PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN CANCeR ReSeARCH
Mrs. Ann A. Eutsler                                                                                                                                            Maria Suarez-Almazor, M.D.
The Honorable and Mrs. Donald L. Evans     D. B. LANe CANCeR ReSeARCH FuND                          eDWARD RoTAN DiSTiNGuiSHeD
Mr. Edward P. Evans                                                                                 PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN CANCeR ReSeARCH                           GRADy F. SAuNDeRS, PH.D.,
                                           DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP FoR
Mr. and Mrs. Loyd H. Evans, Jr.
Ms. Maryanne S. Evans
                                           LeuKeMiA ReSeARCH                                        John Ladbury, Ph.D.                                        DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP FoR
Pame and Roy Gene Evans                    Jorge E. Cortes, M.D.                                                                                               MoLeCuLAR BioLoGy
The Charles Evans Foundation                                                                        JAMeS e. ANDeRSoN DiSTiNGuiSHeD                            Richard D. Wood, Ph.D.
Edward P. Evans Foundation                 CLiFToN D. HoWe DiSTiNGuiSHeD                            PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN NuCLeAR MeDiCiNe
The Event Place Inc.                       PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN PuLMoNARy                               Homer A. Macapinlac, M.D.                                  *As of Jan. 31, 2011
Excalibar Minerals Inc.                    MeDiCiNe
EXL Petroleum                                      .
                                           Burton F Dickey, M.D.                                    DeL AND DeNNiS MCCARTHy
ExxonMobil Foundation                                                                               DiSTiNGuiSHeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas K. Eyberg                                                                      GASTRoiNTeSTiNAL CANCeR ReSeARCH
Mr. and Mrs. Simon B. Eyles                                                                         Lopa Mishra, M.D.

                                           Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fender                 First National Bank of Bastrop, Elgin,    Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Fogle, Jr.             Gerald and Roberta Franklin Charitable
                                           Mr. Alan Harold Fenton III                    Smithville                            Fogle Manufacturing Co. L.P.                  Foundation
Mr. Mauricio Fabre                                                                   Mr. Tom Fischer                                                                     E. A. Franklin Charitable Trust, Giles C.
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Fenza                                                        Dr. Michele Follen and Mr. David A.
Estate of Harry Fagen                                                                Fiserv                                        Burns                                     McCrary, Admin.
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Dillon J. Ferguson
Fairway Group, Real Estate                                                           Ray C. Fish Foundation                    Dr. and Mrs. David S. Followill           Mr. and Mrs. Fred Frantz
                                           Mrs. Kittie Nelson Ferguson
Fairwinds Credit Union                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Fisher            Dr. and Mrs. Ramon L. Font                Ms. Helen J. Fraser
                                           Kittie Nelson Ferguson Foundation
Faith In Montgomery County Inc.                                                      Mr. Joseph J. Fisher, Jr.                 Dr. Susan Foote and Mr. Stephen L.        The Honorable and Mrs. Troy Fraser
                                           Mr. Lazaro H. Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fake                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Fisher, Jr.            Feinberg                              Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Frazier
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fernandez, Jr.
Patty and Larry Fallek                                                               Dr. and Mrs. Warren W. Fisher             Sylvia and Bill Foran                     Mr. James F. Frazier
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Ferreira
Fallon Medica LLC                                                                    Mr. Larry Fishman                         Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Ford                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Frazier
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ferreira
Family Electrical LC                                                                 Estate of Phyllis H. Fissel               Mr. and Mrs. John R. Ford                 The Frazier Foundation
                                           Mr. Melvin J. Ferreira
Diane Lokey Farb in honor of Harold Farb                                             Mr. and Mrs. George R. Fister             Mrs. Judith V. Ford                       Frazier Oil Properties, L.L.C.
                                           Dr. and Mrs. Ralph T. Ferrell
Mrs. Anne F. Farish                                                                  The Honorable and Mrs. Kerry P.           Mr. Mike Ford                             Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. Frede
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Jason L. Fertitta
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Farmer                                                           Fitzgerald                            Ford Smith Investment                     Mr. Edgar H. Frederic, Jr.
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Tilman J. Fertitta
The Farmer Family Foundation                                                         Five - H. Cattle Co.                      Foremost Paving, Inc.                     Marguarette and George Frederick
                                           Mr. John L. Fichter
Mr. Neal F. Farrell                                                                  David and Judy Fleischer                  Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Fredrikson
                                           Mr. Robert J. Fickman
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Fast                                                            Fleming Endowment                         Mrs. Margaret Forgan                      Twilight and Marc Freedman Foundation
                                           Fidelity Investments
Fast Group Houston Inc                                                               Mr. John H. Flickinger                    Forgital USA Inc.                         Mrs. Sigrid Freeman-Bonner
                                           Field & Stream Bowhunters
Mrs. Jane Elizabeth Fatino                                                           Floors Inc.                               Mr. and Mrs. Martin H. Forman             Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold
                                           Mr. Bert Fields, Jr.                                                                                                              Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Faughnan                                                       Cherie and Jim Flores                     Mr. and Mrs. Bill Forney, Jr.
                                           Dr. Tina T. Fields                                                                                                            Freeport-McMoRan Foundation
Ms. Betty J. Faulkner                                                                Dr. and Mrs. Hildegardo E. Flores         Ms. Tracy J. Forrest
                                           Financial Service Centers Cooperative,                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Fridkin
Mrs. Carolyn Grant Fay                         Inc.                                  Mrs. Patricia L. Flower                   Mr. and Mrs. Brad Forrester
Former Special Agents of the FBI                                                     Mr. and Mrs. D. Fort Flowers, Jr.         Mr. Richard W. Forsythe                   Mr. and Mrs. Dan Friedkin
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Finger
    Foundation                                                                       H. Fort Flowers Foundation, Inc.          Fort Worth Gear & Axle                    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Friedkin
                                           Linda K. Finger
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Feavel                                                         William Howard Flowers, Jr. Foundation,   Mr. David Fortenbery                      Friedkin Companies Inc.
                                           Jerry and Nanette Finger Foundation
FedEx Corporation                                                                        Inc.                                  Mr. and Mrs. Joe B. Foster                Dr. and Mrs. Glen C. Friedman
                                           Mrs. Mary Ellen Finnegan
Mr. and Mrs. Steve R. Fehlenberg                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Floyd             Mr. Greg Fourticq, Jr.                    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Friedman
                                           Mr. and Mrs. Shaun Finnie
Mr. and Mrs. Hill A. Feinberg                                                        Sharon and Bobby Floyd                    Patsy and Greg Fourticq                   Joseph and Diana Friedman
                                           First Baptist Christian School
Feinberg Foundation Inc.                                                             Ms. Heather Horton Flynn                  Mr. and Mrs. William C. Fowler            The Friedman Family Foundation
                                           First Baptist Church
Anne and Alan Feld                                                                   Mrs. John S. Flynn                        Mr. G. Douglas Fox                        Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. Frigon
                                           First Clearing, LLC
Mrs. Bernice R. Feld                                                                 Mr. Don W. Flynt                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Francisco         Mr. and Mrs. Michael H. Fritz
                                           First Data Foundation
Mr. John Feldsien                                                                    FMC Technologies Matching Gift Program    Mr. Kevin Frankel                         Mrs. Dorothy C. Fritze
                                           First Financial Bank
Mr. Bernard R. Felix                                                                 Mr. Zeph J. Fogerson                      Mrs. Roberta Franklin                     Frog Works Inc.
                                           First National Bank Albany/Breckenridge
Mrs. Ouida W. Felker                                                                 Ms. Carolyn E. Fogg                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff S. Fronterhouse


     Endowed professorships*                                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Graham
                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Doyle A. Graham
                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Graham
     DoCToR R. Lee CLARK PRoFeSSoRSHiP                          HuBeRT L. AND oLive STRiNGeR                             ASHBeL SMiTH PRoFeSSoRSHiP                       Dr. and Mrs. William L. Graham
     Christian R. Abee, D.V.M.                                  PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN MeDiCAL                                 Elizabeth Shpall, M.D.                           Graham Brothers Partnership
                                                                oNCoLoGy                                                                                                  The Graham Group, Inc.
     RANSoM HoRNe, JR., PRoFeSSoRSHiP                           Khandan Keyomarsi, Ph.D.                                 RoBeRT F. FLy PRoFeSSoRSHiP oF                   Mr. and Mrs. Ben Gramling
     FoR CANCeR ReSeARCH                                                                                                 SuRGiCAL oNCoLoGy iN HoNoR oF R.                 Mrs. Betty L. Grant
     Bharat B. Aggarwal, Ph.D.                                  FeLix L. HAAS PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN BASiC                     Lee CLARK, M.D.                                  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Graves
                                                                SCieNCe                                                  Stephen G. Swisher, M.D.                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Graves
     HuBeRT L. AND oLive STRiNGeR                               Macus T. Kuo, Ph.D.                                                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Graves
     PRoFeSSoRSHiP FoR CANCeR                                                                                            ANiSe J. SoRReLL PRoFeSSoRSHiP                   Mr. and Mrs. William M. Graves
     TReATMeNT AND ReSeARCH                                     eLzA A. AND iNA SHACKeLFoRD                                     .
                                                                                                                         Peter F Thall, Ph.D.                             The Graves Foundation
     Wadih Arap, M.D., Ph.D.                                    FReeMAN eNDoWeD PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                                                             Ms. Cherry Gray
                                                                                                                         MATTie ALLeN FAiR PRoFeSSoRSHiP                  Mr. David E. Gray
                                                                iN LuNG CANCeR
                                                                                                                                                                          Ms. Emma D. Gray
     MCCuLLouGH PRoFeSSoRSHiP FoR                               Jonathan Kurie, M.D.                                     iN CANCeR ReSeARCH
                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Harold F. Gray
     CANCeR ReSeARCH                                                                                                     Elizabeth L. Travis, Ph.D.                       Mr. Richard W. Gray III
     Charles Cleeland, Ph.D.                                    DR. JoHN MuRRAy PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN                                                                          Greater Houston Community Foundation
                                                                oRTHoPeDiC oNCoLoGy                                      DALLAS/FoRT WoRTH LiviNG LeGeND                  Greater New Orleans Foundation
     KeNNeTH D. MuLLeR PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN                         Valerae O. Lewis, M.D.                                   PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                    Mrs. Louise Greeley-Copley and Mr.
     MeLANoMA ReSeARCH                                                                                                   Stephen E. Ullrich, Ph.D.                             Brian P. Copley
     Adel K. El-Naggar, M.D., Ph.D.                             uNiTeD eNeRGy ReSouRCeS, iNC.                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Green
                                                                PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                            RuTH AND WALTeR STeRLiNG                         Mrs. Bennie Green
     ASHBeL SMiTH PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                 Xin Lin, Ph.D.                                           PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                    Ms. Callie B. Green
     Varsha V. Gandhi, Ph.D.                                                                                             Cheryl L. Walker, Ph.D.                          Mr. and Mrs. Curtis S. Green
                                                                H-e-B PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN CANCeR                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Holcombe T. Green, Jr.
     BLANCHe BeNDeR PRoFeSSoRSHiP iN                                                                                     JAy AND LoRi eiSeNBeRG eNDoWeD                   Mrs. Marianne W. Green
                                                                                                                                                                          Mrs. Nancy E. Green
     CANCeR ReSeARCH                                            Karen H. Lu, M.D.                                        PRoFeSSoRSHiP
                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. William H. Green III
     Mark R. Gilbert, M.D.                                                                                               Ignacio Ivan Wistuba, M.D.                       Dr. Ernest J. Greenberg
                                                                FLoReNCe MAuDe THoMAS CANCeR                                                                              Paul A. C. Greenberg, M.D., F.A.C.P.
     ASHBeL SMiTH PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                 ReSeARCH PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                   A CoNveRSATioN WiTH A LiviNG                     The Greenberg Breast Cancer Research
     Bonnie S. Glisson, M.D.                                    Marvin L. Meistrich, Ph.D.                               LeGeND® PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                 Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                                                         Edward T. H. Yeh, M.D.                           Mr. and Mrs. Jim Greene
     FRANCeS KiNG BLACK MeMoRiAL                                KATHRyN o’CoNNoR ReSeARCH                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Greene
     PRoFeSSoRSHiP FoR CANCeR                                   PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                            JoHN q. GAiNeS FouNDATioN                        Mr. Edwin F. Greenlee
     ReSeARCH                                                   Raymond E. Meyn, Jr., Ph.D.                              PRoFeSSoRSHiP FoR CANCeR                         Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Greenwalt
     Elizabeth A. Grimm, Ph.D.                                                                                           ReSeARCH                                         Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gregg
                                                                HeLeN BuCHANAN AND STANLey                               Qing Yi, M.D., Ph.D                              Mr. and Mrs. James F. Gregory
     BeSSie MCGoLDRiCK PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gregory
                                                                JoSePH SeeGeR ReSeARCH
                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Ray G. Gregory
     iN CLiNiCAL CANCeR ReSeARCH                                PRoFeSSoRSHiP                                            *As of Jan. 31, 2011                             Mr. and Mrs. Sid Gregory
     Jean-Pierre Issa, M.D.                                     Renata Pasqualini, Ph.D.                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Dale Grider
                                                                                                                                                                          Ms. Joyce R. Griener
                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. F. O’Neil Griffin
                                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Leroy B. Griffin
                                                                                                                                                                          Linda and John Griffin
     Frontier Bank of Texas                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Garrett         Gexa Energy                               Goldhammer Family Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Griffin, Jr.
     Frost Bank                                Dr. and Mrs. Gary Gartsman              GGR Dental Center                         The Goldhirsh Foundation                 The Neil and Elaine Griffin Foundation
     The Fruehauf Foundation                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Garvey          Dr. and Mrs. John J. Ghidoni              Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund          Ms. Carol Griffith
     Mr. Rick A. Fuchs                         Dr. James E. Garvin                     Dr. Shubhra Ghosh                         Goldman, Sachs & Co.                     Mr. and Mrs. David M. Grimes II
     Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.               The Honorable and Mrs. William L.       Mr. Jacob A. Giardina                     Mr. and Mrs. Edward Goldstein            Martha and Mike Grimes
     Dr. and Mrs. Clay W. G. Fulcher               Garwood                             Gibane Building Company                   Golfers Against Cancer, Inc.             Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Grimmer
     Mrs. Stephani B. Fuller and Mr. Robert    Mr. Thomas E. Gary                      Beth and Wayne Gibbens                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Golub            Mr. and Mrs. W. David Grindle
         L. Swickley                           Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Garza                Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Gidwitz            Ms. Jeanie C. Gonzalez                   Mr. Tevis Grinstead and Ms. Marilee
     Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Fuller             Ms. Jill Gaston                         Mr. and Mrs. Lester E. Giese              Mrs. Ana N. Gonzalez-Ortega and Mr.           Wood
     Mr. and Mrs. Bob Funk                     Mr. and Mrs. John O. Gaudin             Mr. and Mrs. Gordon D. Giffin                 Pepe Ortega, Jr.                     Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Grogan
     Mr. and Mrs. J. Rex Fuqua                 Mr. and Mrs. Shawn A. Gautreaux         Mr. and Mrs. McHenry Giffin, Jr.          Mrs. Nancy C. Good                       Dr. Gail Gross and Mr. Jenard M. Gross
     J. B. Fuqua Foundation, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. Gibson Gayle, Jr.          Terry M. Giles and Kalli S. O’Malley      Good Friday Oilfield Golf Tournament     Mrs. Patricia A. Gross
     Future Electronics Corporation            Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Gazan            Melissa P. Gilhart                        Mr. and Mrs. Al J. Goodman               Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Grossman
                                               GE Foundation                           Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Gill                 Mr. Scott Kean Goodman                   The Marion and Louis Grossman
                                               Mr. James F. Geary                      Ms. Deborah J. Gillen                     Ms. Gail B. Goodwin                           Foundation
     G                                         Mr. Mark Gedlinske                      Mr. Jack D. Gillis                        Mrs. Hilary H. Goodwin                   Mrs. Helen K. Groves
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Geib            The Gillson Longenbaugh Foundation        Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr.     Mr. and Mrs. James W. Grubb
     Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer   Mr. and Mrs. Duane V. Geis              Ms. Frances E. Ginsburg                   Mr. William J. Goodwin                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Grund
         Research                              Mr. and Mrs. Willliam R. Geiser         Mrs. Jeanette M. Ginsburg                 The Donald G. Goodwin Family             Ms. Rebeca L. Guajardo
     The Joan Gaeta Lung Cancer Fund           The Honorable and Mrs. Bruce S. Gelb                                                  Foundation, Inc.                     Mr. Guillermo Guefen
                                                                                       GIST Cancer Research Fund
     Mrs. Carol J. Gagnon                      Lawrence M. Gelb Foundation Inc.                                                  Ms. Dorothy M. Goodykoontz               Mr. and Mrs. A. R. “Felo” Guerra
                                                                                       Give Realty, Inc
     Gainer, Donnelly & Desroches, LLP         Genentech, Inc.                                                                   Mrs. Aileen Becker Gordon                Guerra Bros. Successors
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Glanville
     Melvyn P. and Eleanor N. Galin Family     General Electric Company                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Gordon            Ms. Rhonda D. Guidry
                                                                                       The James W. Glanville Family
         Foundation                            Mr. and Mrs. Duane Gengler                  Foundation                            Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Gordon           Mrs. Krista M. Guild
     Mr. and Mrs. Mike Gallagher               Dr. Donald C. Gentry                    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Glass             Lainie Gordon and David Mincberg         Mr. and Mrs. Ben A. Guill
     Mrs. Patricia M. Gallagher                Genzyme Corporation                     Mr. and Mrs. John D. Glass, Jr.           Mr. Steven L. Gordon                     Ms. Theresa H. Guillory
     Mrs. Lois I. Galloway                     Mr. and Mrs. R. James George, Jr.       glassybaby LLC                            Daniel P. and Annette B. Gordon          Mrs. Hennen F. Guinn
     Dorothy and Ray Galvin                                                                                                          Foundation                           Gulf Coast Mounted Shooters
                                               Mr. Rob George                          GlaxoSmithKline
     Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Gambling                                                                                             Meyer and Ida Gordon Foundation          Mr. and Mrs. Morton E. Gurrentz
                                               The Gerber Foundation                   Dr. and Mrs. Glenn A. Goerke
     Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Gannaway III                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gorrell             Gurrentz Family Foundation
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Gerhardt         Mr. Shannon Goertz
     Gannett Foundation                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gottschalk        Ms. Janet L. Gurwitch
                                               Mr. Glenn R. Gerloff and Mrs. Joan L.   Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Goff
     Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Garcia, Jr.                Pace-Gerloff                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gowan            Gurwitch Products
                                                                                       Mrs. Brenda L. Goforth
     Estate of Magdalena L. Garcia             Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Germany                                                        Mr. Howard T. Grace                      Ms. Kathy A. Guthery
                                                                                       Mrs. Carol S. Gold
     Mr. Brian C. Gardiner                     Mr. Gary O. Gerson                                                                William M. and Ann K. Grace Charitable   Dr. and Mrs. Jordan U Gutterman
                                                                                       Mrs. Leslie Goldberg                          Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Garland            Mr. Jay Oshman Gerson                   Mr. Bruce Golden                                                                   Dr. Inanc Guvenc
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Skip Graeber
     Dr. Chris R. Garrett                      Mr. and Mrs. Fred L. Gerth, Jr.         Miss Kelly Golden                                                                  Mrs. Mary G. Guy
                                                                                                                                 Graeber Foundation
     Mr. Gavin Robert Garrett                  Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Getz               Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Goldhammer         Mr. Keith Graff

                                                                                                                     MD Anderson Cancer Center Annual Report 2009 – 2010

H                                           Dr. and Mrs. Michael L. Hawkins
                                            Estate of Cora M. Hawley
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hillberry
                                                                                      The Hillcrest Foundation
                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Wendle Huddleston
                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Hudgins
                                                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Clay Jackson
                                                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. James M. Jackson
                                            The Hawn Foundation, Inc.                 Hille Family Charitable Foundation      Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Hudgins                  Mr. and Mrs. John C. Jackson II
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and            Mr. and Mrs. Dan P. Haworth               Mr. Richard M. Hillemeyer               Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hudgins                   The Jackson Kearney Group
    Research Institute
H.J.C. Leasing, Inc.                        Mr. and Mrs. John E. Hayes, Jr.           Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hinds                  Mrs. Adeline D. Hudson                     Jackson Sjoberg McCarthy & Wilson LLP
Mr. Joe M. Haas                             Mr. Charles H. Hayhurst                   Hines                                   Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Hudson              Jackson Spalding, Inc.
Dr. Deborah J. Haase and Dr. John D.        Estate of Betty J. Haynes                 Barbara and Gerald Hines                Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Hudson                  Jackson-Merkey Contractors, Inc.
    Hazle                                   Mr. James D. Haynes II                    Mr. Trevor Hines                        Mr. and Mrs. Bert L. Huebner               Mrs. Emma F. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Hackett               Haynes Whaley Associates, Inc.            Wendy and Jeff Hines                    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Huff, Jr.           Emma Jacobs Breast Cancer Foundation
Hackett Family Foundation                   Dr. Thomas P. Haynie                      Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hipps               Mr. and Mrs. Mike Huff                     Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Jacques
Mrs. Lana Lowry Hadlock                     Mrs. Dorothy C. Hays                      Mrs. Cynthia Dawn Ho                    Ms. Terry Huffington and Dr. Ralph         Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jalufka
Mr. Daniel L. Haeuser                       Mr. W. Gene Hays                          Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Hobby                  Dittman                                Jane Phillips Society, The Woodlands
Estate of Luba C. Hagan                     Mr. and Mrs. Johnny P. Hayter             Mrs. Mary Scott Hobdy                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary R. Huffman                   Chapter
Mr. William Fred Hagans                     HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc.              Mrs. Jacqueline Hodges                  Mrs. Grace L. Hughes                       Mrs. John C. Jansing
Mrs. Inda D. Hahn                           Head for the Cure Foundation              Mr. Leland A. Hodges, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas Hughes         Jansing-Cook Foundation
Hairy Cell Leukemia Research Foundation     Healthnetwork Foundation                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Hodges             Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Huguley, Sr.       The Janus Foundation
Polys V. Hajioannou                         Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Heard              The Hodges Companies, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. David C. Hull, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Jastrow II
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Halbouty             Mr. David W. Hearn, Jr.                   Ms. Eloise E. Hodgson                   Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Hull                  Dr. and Mrs. Thirumalairaj Jayakumar
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Haley                 Heart Sing Foundation                     Hoffen Foundation                       Mrs. Billie Hultgren                       Mr. and Mrs. L. Weldon Jaynes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hall                Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. Heath, Jr.          The Honorable and Mrs. Fred Hofheinz    Mr. and Mrs. Emmett A. Humble              JBA Houston Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Helen Hall                              Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Heath             Estate of George S. Hogan               Mr. and Mrs. James G. Humphrey             Ms. Carol T. Jeffrey
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hall                  Heavy Construction Systems Specialists,   Mike Hogg Fund                          Linda and Barry Hunsaker                   Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Willie M. Hall                     Inc.                                  Mrs. Phyllis S. Hojel                   Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Hunt                   James C. Jennis
Employees of Halliburton                    H-E-B                                     Mr. Christopher T. Hoke                 Mr. and Mrs. T. Elwood Hunt                Mr. Vaughan Jensen
Halliburton Charity Golf Tournament, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hebert            MaraLessa and Alter Holand              Estate of Thomas M. Hunt                   Nancy Glanville Jewell
Halliburton Company                         Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Hebert, Jr.           Mr. Brandon K. Holcomb                  Woody and Gayle Hunt                       Jewish Communal Fund
Halliburton Foundation, Inc.                Ms. Adrea D. Heebe and Mr. Dominick       Mrs. Arlene M. Holden                   Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hunter                   Jewish Community Foundation of
                                                A. Russo, Jr.                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hunter                  Broward County
Halliburton Political Action Committee                                                Mr. and Mrs. Tim K. Holder
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hefner III                                                 Mr. Thomas D. Hunter III                   Jewish Federation of St. Louis
Ms. Rebecca Halpern                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. John B. Holdsworth
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Heimbinder                                                     Hunter Petroleum, Inc.                     Mr. and Mrs. Montri Jiaravanont
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Halpern                                                       Holiday Island Chamber of Commerce
                                            The Heimbinder Family Foundation                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Hunton             JLB Contracting LLC
Halpern Enterprises, Inc.                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Steve L. Holifield, Jr.
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heimerdinger                                                 The Hunton Group                           Helen A. Joffrion
Mr. Mohammed A. Hamed                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Britton Holland
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Heller                                                         Dr. Lei Huo                                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Johansen
J. Stephen Hamilton                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Holland
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Doc M. Hemberger                                                     Mr. Kirby J. Hurley                        John F. Throne & Co. Insurance
Mr. and Mrs. John Hamilton                                                            The Honorable and Mrs. Jess Holloway                                                   Marketing, Inc.
                                            Ms. Kimberley A. Hemker                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Hurwitz
Mr. and Mrs. Milo C. Hamilton                                                         Ms. Ellen L. Holman                                                                John Hancock Inc.
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Solly J. Hemus                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Martin E. Hurwitz
Mr. Mark J. Hamlin                                                                    Katherine and Sam Holman                                                           Ambassador Brenda LaGrange Johnson
                                            Estate of Gerald Henderson                                                        Ms. Donna Hutcheson
George and Mary Josephine Hamman                                                      Estate of Kenneth B. Holmes, Jr.                                                       and J. Howard Johnson
    Foundation                              Mr. and Mrs. Herman Henderson                                                     Patricia M. Hutcheson
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Ned S. Holmes                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Johnson III
Hampton Roads Radiology Associates,         Mr. Steven A. Henderson                                                           Ms. Nina C. Hutton
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles Henry Holt                                                    Mr. David J. Johnson
    Inc.                                    Mr. Mark W. Hendricks                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Justin J. Hyland
                                                                                      Holt Atherton Educational Foundation,                                              Mr. and Mrs. Erd M. Johnson
Kathleen E. Hankins                         Norma Hendrix                                 Inc.                                Colonel Franklin H. Hytken                 Mr. and Mrs. George H. Johnson
Estate of Betty Lou Hanlon                  Mrs. Margaret S. Henican                  Mr. Samuel M. Holton                                                               Mr. and Mrs. James A. Johnson
Dorothy and Robert C. Hanna                 Mr. Gaile Henry, Jr.                      Home Assist, Inc.                                                                  Ms. Leanne Johnson
Paula S. and John P. Hansen                 Janis and Randy Henry                     William E. and Audrine Honey            I                                          Dr. Martha Johnson and Mr. Lawrence
Mr. Robert Hansen                           Mr. and Mrs. John A. Henry III                Foundation, Inc.                                                                   Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. Hanson                  Mr. William J. Henry                      Mr. and Mrs. Chung Cheng Hong                                                      Mr. Michael P. Johnson
                                                                                                                              I & L Development Company
John R. Hanson II                           Margaret Whelan Hensley                   Dr. and Mrs. Waun Ki Hong                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Johnson
                                                                                                                              Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey S. Ibbott
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Harder                   Mrs. Geraldine M. Henson                  Mrs. Caryn A. Honig and Mr. Scott A.                                               Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Johnson
                                                                                          Schepps                             IBERDROLA RENEWABLES
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hardin               Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Henson                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Johnson
                                                                                      Mrs. Milton L. Hooper                   IBM Employee Services Center
Mr. and Mrs. Jan A. Harding                 Hera Foundation                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Scot W. Johnson
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hooser             IBM International Foundation
John Charles Hardison                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Herbel                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson
                                                                                      Mrs. Barb Hooton                        Mr. Robert Ideus
Mr. Josh P. Hardy                           Mr. Andrew Herbert                                                                                                           Mr. William F. Johnson
                                                                                      Mr. Duane L. Hoover                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Iglesias
Ms. Maralyn Hare                            Bob L. Herd Foundation                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. William J. Johnson
                                                                                      Hoover Foods, Inc.                      Illinois Tool Works Inc.
Mrs. Marion S. Hargrove                     Heritage Mark Foundation                                                                                                     Johnson & Johnson Foundation
                                                                                      Mr. Bob C. Hopkins                      Barbara F. Immroth, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. James Harkins                  Mr. and Mrs. David T. Herr                                                                                                   The Johnson Family Foundation
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hopkins           Ms. Mina Indahsi
Mr. and Mrs. Jay D. Harkins                 Mr. Robert M. Hess                                                                                                           J. Howard & Brenda LaGrange Johnson
                                                                                      Mrs. Jacqueline F. Hopkins              Mr. Joseph Indelicato, Jr.
Ms. Anne M. Harper                          Mr. Daryl Hester                                                                                                                 Family Fund
                                                                                      Ms. Janis Horn and Mr. Roger Ehrlich    Independent Petroleum Association of
Mr. and Mrs. Delton E. Harper               Mrs. Kathy Hett                                                                        America                               The Tom & Edwina Johnson Foundation
Mr. Donald E. Harper, Jr.                   Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Hewitt             Ms. Patricia R. Horton                                                             Mr. Richard E. Johnstone
                                                                                                                              Infectious Diseases Society of America
Ms. Jean F. Harrington                      Mr. Robert J. Hewitt, Sr.                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Horvath                                                    Jaylene and Richard Jolly
                                                                                                                              Estate of Natalie D. Inge
Mr. Charles W. Harris                       Hewlett Packard Company Foundation        Mr. Muhammad I. Hossain                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Glenn J. Jonas
                                                                                                                              Mr. John R. Ingram
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Harris                Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Heyer               Hostgator.com                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. A. V. Jones, Jr.
                                                                                                                              Instituto Technologico y De Estudios
Mr. and Mrs. Huntleigh Harris               Estate of Robert Heyman                   Mr. John F. Houser                           Superiores De Monterrey               Mrs. Beth C. Jones
Mrs. James B. Harris                        Mr. and Mrs. Clay B. Hicks                Mr. and Mrs. James Houston              InterActive HealthCare, Inc.               Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Titus H. Harris III            Gloria and Ed Hicks                       Houston Astros Baseball Club            International Gas Consulting               Mr. Brett Jones
John E. and Dorothy J. Harris Family        Estate of Mary M. Hicks                   Houston Chronicle                       The Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.   Mr. Charlie Jones
    Foundation                              Hidden Hills Capital Inc.                 Houston Endowment Inc.                  Interquest Medical & Scientific            Mr. Clark Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Harrison              Hidden Pond Foundation                    Houston Jewish Community Foundation          Communications                        Mr. Cliff C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny L. Harrison              Ms. Deborah J. Higbee and Mr. Patrick     Houston Marriott-Medical Center         Intruder Alert Systems, Inc.               Dr. Edith I. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Tom J. Harrold                     J. Moran                              Houston Pi Beta Phi Foundation          Invesco                                    Mr. J. Paul Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Hart                 Earl and Symantha Higgins                 Houston’s First Baptist Church          Dr. Katie D. Irani                         Mr. Jack G. Jones
Mrs. Thomas F. Hart                         Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Higgins            Mr. and Mrs. George M. Hover            Mr. Dale G. Isaacs                         Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Jones
The Hart Charitable Trust                   Mr. and Mrs. William G. Higgs             Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Howard             Mr. and Mrs. Robert Isaacs                 Mr. Jerry G. Jones
Mrs. John M. Hartwell                       The Higgs Foundation                      Mr. Bonnie Howard, Sr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Verne G. Istock               Mr. and Mrs. Jon Rex Jones
Lucy Hartwell                               Highland Threads Inc.                     Howard Hughes Medical Institute         Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Ives                Mr. and Mrs. K. C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Harvey                  The Hildebrand Fund                       Howard University Hospital              Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Ivey                Margie K. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. George R. Harvick              Ms. Mary K. Hildebrandt                   Mr. and Mrs. Hilton H. Howell, Jr.      Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation           Mr. and Mrs. O. Nelson Jones
The Hasey Foundation                        John P. and Mildred O. Hildebrandt        Mr. and Mrs. Peter Paul Howell                                                     Richard B. and Linda Wallace Jones in
Mrs. Rhonda W. Hassenbusch                      Foundation                            Ms. Monica Howland and Mr. Gerald                                                      Memory of Susan Baughman for the
Mr. Neal C. Hasty                           Mr. Al G. Hill, Jr.                           M. Gill                             J                                              Baughman Family Lung Cancer Fund
Mr. Richard A. Hauptfleisch                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Hill               Andrew and Ingrid Hoyle                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Jones
Mr. J. Dennis Hawk                          Mr. James E. Hill                         Mr. John Hubbard                                                                   The Dodge Jones Foundation
                                            Mr. and Mrs. yerger Hill III              Laura Hubbard and Friends               J. D. Fields and Company
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Hawk                                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. James T. Jongebloed, Sr.
                                            The John W. Hill and Knowlton             Ms. Caroline B. Huber                   Mrs. Barbara Jackson
Ms. Margaret D. Hawkins and Mr. Fred                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. John E. Jonietz
                                                Foundation                            Mr. and Mrs. Gerald S. Huchital         Mr. and Mrs. Carl R. Jackson
    J. Redeker                                                                                                                                                           Mrs. Edwin B. Jordan


     Mr. and Mrs. John W. Jordan, II          Elham Kalantar                             Ms. Carrie B. Keathley                   Mr. and Mrs. Garland M. Kennedy, Sr.
     Judy Jordan and Ray Woody                Dr. Seyed Mohsen Kalantar Fund             W. M. Keck Foundation                    Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kennedy             Knox Charity Fund, Inc.
     Mr. and Mrs. Lenoir M. Josey II          Mr. Howard W. Kaler                        Renee and David Keel                     Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Kennedy            Mrs. Renee Knubowitz
     Jourdanton Independent School District   Amy Kalmbach                               Mrs. Donna Keeling                       Ms. Rose Mary Kennedy                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Knudson
     Employees of JPMorgan Chase              Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kaltwasser                Mr. and Mrs. Douglas H. Keeling          Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kennedy           Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Kobrin
     JPMorgan Chase Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. Curt F. Kamradt               Mr. and Mrs. Geoff Keeling               Dr. and Mrs. Vernon E. Kenner             Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Koch
     Mrs. Diane Judah-Mayberry                Glenda and Jerry Kane                      Dr. Ralph Keen                           Kenneth Kaltwasser Insurance              Mr. David H. Koch
     Mr. and Mrs. Ardon B. Judd, Jr.          Mr. Spikes Kangerga                        The Honorable and Mrs. James L. Keffer   Kenneth Lamb Construction Co., LTD.       Ms. Kimberly M. Koch
     Mr. Damon S. Judd                        Kansas City Southern Industries, Inc.      Mr. and Mrs. John R. Keffer              Ms. Jill F. Kenney                        Jeff and Gail Kodosky
     Mrs. Susan D. Juden                      Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Kanz                    Mrs. Carole P. Keiffer                   Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Keough             Mr. Thomas P. Koenig
     Mrs. Marilyn M. Judson                   Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation         Drs. Royce and Elva Keilers              Keown Charitable Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. George R. Koeninger, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Junek, Jr.           Joan and Marvin Kaplan Family              Estate of Mildred H. Keith               Mr. Bryan W. Kerns                        Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Kolstad
     Mrs. Gregory J. Jungeblut                Mr. William J. Kaplan                      Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Kelleher         Dr. and Mrs. Matthew M. Kershisnik        Susan G. Komen for the Cure
     Mr. and Mrs. Jules J. Jungeblut, Jr.     Karl Storz Endoscopy-America, Inc.         The Joan and Herb Kelleher Charitable    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kessler               Mrs. Flora Komes
     The Junior League of Houston, Inc.       Fred and Karen Karle                           Foundation                           Estate of George F. Kettle                Komes Foundation
     Mr. Wynn R. Juran                        Mr. Bill Kartsotis                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Kelley            Ms. Christine Simoneaux Kibbe             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Konrad
     Mr. and Mrs. Victor R. Jury, Jr.         Mr. and Mrs. Nalin Karunaratne             Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kellner               Mr. and Mrs. Don Kidd                     Mr. and Mrs. Rollins M. Koppel
     Mr. Jim Justen                           Mr. and Mrs. Ron Kasik                     Major and Mrs. Hunter R. Kellogg         Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Kiefer              The Rollins M. & Amalie L. Koppel
     JustGive                                 Mr. Bruce M. Kasper                        Mr. and Mrs. James W. Kellogg, Sr.       Mr. John A. Kiggen III                        Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. James F. Justiss, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Ross L. Kastor                Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Kellogg            Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kight             Dr. and Mrs. John T. Korinek
     Justiss Oil Company, Inc.                Mr. Alexander S. Katz                      W. K. Kellogg Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kilgo                    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Korn
                                              Mr. Peter A. Katz                          Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Kelly            Kilgo Consulting                          Dr. Barbara Kornblau and Dr. Donald J.
                                                                                         Mr. Jeffery Kelly                                                                      Kornblau
                                              Abraham J. and Phyllis Katz Foundation,                                             Ms. Mary K. Kilgore
                                                                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Allan B. Korsakov
     K                                            Mr. Alexander S. Katz, and Mr. Peter
                                                  A. Katz
                                                                                         Susie and Pat Kelly                      Kimberden Farms Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                            The Kort Family
                                                                                         Kelsey Research Foundation               Kimberly-Clark Corporation
                                              Mrs. Danielle Kavanagh                     Garth and Jean Kemp                                                                Saranne and Livingston Kosberg
     Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah R. Kafka                                                                                               Mr. Richard Kimbrough
                                              Kavanagh Family Foundation                 Mr. Charles Kendrick                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Riley R. Kothmann
     Mr. and Mrs. Sidney L. Kahn III                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Marvin P. Kimmel
                                              Kay R. McMillan Investments                Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Kendrick                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Demo Kouzounis
     Mr. and Mrs. W. Barry Kahn                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kimmel
                                              The Kayser Foundation                      The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy                                                Ms. Jennifer Lauren Kovacs
     Ms. Brenda Kaku                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Kimmel
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Kazokas                 Memorial Foundation                                                            Mr. and Mrs. James F. Kovarik
                                                                                                                                  Sidney Kimmel Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                            Ms. Christine Kovich
                                                                                                                                  Kinder Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                            Mr. David Kowalik
                                                                                                                                  Kinder Morgan, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                            Cindy and Greg Kozmetsky
                                                                                                                                  Ms. Audria Borders King
                                                                                                                                                                            Employees of KPMG
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Clinton H. King
                                                                                                                                                                            Susan and Marvin Krasner
     Advance Team 2010-2011                                                                                                       Mr. Edward P. King
                                                                                                                                  Mr. Gary A. King
                                                                                                                                                                            The Gladys and Lee A. Krause Jr. Fund of
                                                                                                                                                                                the Lutheran Community Foundation
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Graham O. King               Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kretz
     The following individuals compose a volunteer leadership board focused on                                                    Mr. Michael P. King                       Ms. Vivian Kreutzberger
     advancing MD Anderson’s mission to eliminate cancer through community-                                                       Ms. Sheeran H. King                       Mr. Bruce Krier
     based initiatives centered on basic science research, education and cancer                                                   Mr. W. Russell King                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kriscunas
                                                                                                                                  King & Spalding LLP                       Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Krist
     prevention. This year’s focus has been on the Children’s Cancer Hospital.                                                    Jesse T. & Jodie E. King Foundation       Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Kruse
                                                                                                                                  King Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Kruse
     Mrs. Melissa Amschwand Bellinger                                 Mrs. Kim Johnson                                            Mr. Jim E. Kingham                        Mrs. Helen H. Kuester
                                                                                                                                  Ms. Jane C. Kingsbury                     Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty
     Mr. Brent Benoit                                                 Mrs. Ashley C. Loeffler                                     Mrs. Warren C. Kingsbury                  Gene and Mary Lou Kurtz
     Mr. Stuart A. Bernstein                                          Mrs. Clayton Y. Maebius                                     Mr. and Mrs. William S. Kingsbury         Ms. Marcy E. Kurtz
     Mrs. Ashli Rosenthal Blumenfeld                                  Mrs. Soraya McClelland                                      Sally M. Kingsbury Sarcoma Research       Estate of Roberta Houx Kurtz
                                                                                                                                      Foundation, Inc.
     Mrs. Jenee J. Bobbora                                            Mr. Andrew D. McCullough, Jr.                                                                         Estate of Lois Kuss
                                                                                                                                  The Kinkaid School
                                                                                                                                                                            Michael Kutsch
     Mrs. Nancy A. Broudy                                             Mr. Connelly T. McGreevy                                    Mr. David E. Kinnan
                                                                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Kutsche
                                                                                                                                  Mr. Michael Kinsey
     Mr. Patrick Burk                                                 Mr. Eric R. Meadows                                                                                   Mrs. Stacy H. Kutter
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Hans J. Kirchner
                                                                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. George F. Kutzschbach
     Mrs. Amanda L. Bush                                              Mrs. Carrie Chamberlin Miller                               Mr. John P. Kirk
                                                                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kuykendall
     Mrs. Caroline Cage                                               Mrs. Kristen C. Nix                                         Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Kirkmyer
                                                                                                                                                                            KW Cares
                                                                                                                                  Dr. and Mrs. Rickey C. Kirkpatrick
     Mr. Brian Carney                                                 Mrs. Camille Harrell Ohmstede                                                                         Dr. and Mrs. Demos T. Kyrazis
                                                                                                                                  The Kirlin Company
                                                                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kyte
     Mr. John B. Connally                                             Mrs. Dorothy S. Paterson                                    Dr. and Mrs. Henry A. Kissinger
     Mrs. Andrea Crawmer                                              Mrs. Mary Martha Pickens                                    Mr. Benjamin F. Kitchen
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kjelland
     Mrs. Katie Earthman Cullen                                       Mrs. Lauren Loeffler Powers                                 Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Klasse
     Dr. Steven Dean                                                  Mr. Ian C. Radomski                                         Mr. Terry A. Klebe
                                                                                                                                  Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C.       Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce LaBoon
     Mr. G. Edward Deery                                              Dr. Leslie Rainbolt-Forbes                                      Kleberg Foundation                    Estate of Donna Lacey
     Mrs. Jill Deutser                                                Mr. Michael Rodriguez                                       Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Kleemeier              Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lacey
     Mrs. Courtney Duphorne                                           Mr. Eduardo Sanchez                                         Mr. and Mrs. Alan A. Kleier               Mrs. Annette LaChapelle
                                                                                                                                  Mr. David N. Klein                        Mr. and Mrs. Todd E. Lachenmyer
     Mrs. Leslie Easterling                                           Mr. Patricio Sanchez                                        Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn N. Klein              Mr. Horace D. Lacy
     Mrs. Courtney Hill Fertitta                                      Ms. Courtney E. Sanders                                     Estate of Roberta T. Klein                Kent Lacy
     Mr. Brendan J. Fikes                                             Mrs. Heather Johnson Sargent                                Mr. and Mrs. Ron Klein                    Lacy’s Western Properties, Inc.
                                                                                                                                  The Klein Family Foundation, Inc.         Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ladd
     Mrs. Jeannie Frazier                                             Ms. Jennifer L. Shufelt                                     Mr. and Mrs. William P. Kliewer           Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of
     Mrs. Eleanor H. Gilbane                                          Mr. Stewart Smith                                           Ms. Nancy P. Kline                            Foreign Wars
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Kline              Ladies Leukemia League, Inc.
     Mr. Hilton Graham                                                Mrs. Leslie Swanson-Gallardo                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Mohammad Ladjevardian
                                                                                                                                  Mrs. Edward J. Kloess
     Mr. R. Lee Harrell, Jr.                                          Mrs. Anooshea Saberioon Taghdisi                            Mrs. Guta Klug                            Mr. Brian A. Laeger
     Ms. Lourdes T. Hernandez                                         Mr. Ignacio Urbieta, Jr.                                    Ron and Erin Knape                        Dr. Robert S. LaForte
                                                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Ken Knapp                    Lagniappe Foundation
     Mr. David T. Herr                                                Mr. Rad Weaver                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Fengchyuan Lai
                                                                                                                                  Ms. Sandra G. Knapp
     Mrs. Shawn Hogan                                                 Mr. W. Temple Webber III                                    Angela and Bob Knauss                     Lake Highlands Wildcat Club
     Mr. Brandon Holcomb                                              Mrs. Kathryn Wilson                                         Mr. John S. Knight                        Mr. Bruce R. Lakefield
                                                                                                                                  Mr. George W. Knorr, Jr.                  Lakefield Family Foundation
     Mr. Britton Holland                                                                                                                                                    Ms. Phiroza Lalvani
                                                                                                                                  Ms. Mary Louise Knowlton
     Mrs. Gloria Moncrief Holmsten                                                                                                Robert W. Knox, Sr. & Pearl Wallis Knox   Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Lambert
                                                                                                                                      Charitable Foundation                 Ms. Ann Lancaster

                                                                                                                   MD Anderson Cancer Center Annual Report 2009 – 2010

The Lancaster Family                    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin R. Levit
Mr. David J. Lance                      Mrs. Lee Levit
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Land                  Milton and Lee Levit Family/Max and
Mrs. Sarah Landmark                         Rochelle Levit Family
Mrs. Joan Dolores Landrum               Rochelle and Max Levit
Dr. Richard S. Landrum                  Mr. and Mrs. Irwin L. Levowitz
Landry’s Foundation/Tilman and Paige    Mr. and Mrs. Bert Levy
    Fertitta                            The Meyer Levy Charitable Foundation/
Mr. Dean J. Lane                            Rachel Levy Goldberg, Mara Elizabeth
                                            Levy, Tobin Janel Levy & Michael
Mr. Eric S. Lane                            R. Levy
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Langdon            Mr. Chris W. Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Langlois             Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lewis
Mr. Gerald P. Langlykke                 Mr. Michael A. Lewis
Dr. Paul H. Langner                     Ross and Judy Lewis
Langsford Funeral Home, Inc.            Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lewis
The Honorable and Mrs. Bob Lanier       Lewis Foundation Trust
Lanier Operating Foundation             Richard Spencer Lewis Memorial
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lapin                     Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mike A. Lara               Margaret H. Ley
Mr. Richard M. Larabee                  Ms. Frann G. Lichtenstein
Estate of Kay D. Laro                   Mrs. William C. Liedtke, Jr.
The Larry Brand Memorial Golf           Estate of Elsie Lieskovsky
    Tournament                          Life Beyond Cancer Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Larsen               Mr. Jeffrey A. Liggett
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar M. Larsen            Julie Lightfoot, Discovery Toys            Art and integrative medicine
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Lartigue, Jr.     Captain Thomas N. Lightsey, Jr.            Anne and John Mendelsohn, M.D., (from left) celebrate Barbara Hines’ successful show at Meredith
Dr. and Mrs. Tadeusz Z. Laskowski       Tom & Betty Lightsey Family Trust          Long & Co. in Houston benefiting MD Anderson and Aishel House. Hines, a longtime supporter of
Mrs. Linda M. Last                      Mr. and Mrs. Duke R. Ligon
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Latham                                                            the institution, contributed approximately $125,000 from the sale of her artwork to MD Anderson’s
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Lilly
Ms. Margaret Latimer                    Estate of Italia Theresa Limmer            integrative Medicine Program. She also contributed proceeds to Aishel House, a nonprofit organization
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Lattimore III      Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Linbeck                that supports patients in the Texas Medical Center and their families.
Lattimore Materials                     Bette and Leo Linbeck, Jr.
Mrs. Helen H. Laughery                  Linbeck Group, LLC
Ms. Erica Laughlin                      Mr. Gerald Lindholm
Margaret and John Lauletta              Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lindholm                Mr. and Mrs. Jeff B. Love                  Mr. and Mrs. Wales H. Madden, Jr.         Mr. Wes Marti
Mr. Angel R. Laurel                     George B. Lindler Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Brent L. Lowery               Ms. Beth Madison                          Marti Cattle Company
Mrs. Elsa G. Laurel                     George B. & Irene Lindler Foundation       Mr. Dan E. Lowrance                        Madison Charitable Foundation, Inc.       Mr. J. Stephen Martin
Law Offices of Frank K. Goto, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Lindley             Dr. Guillermina Lozano and Dr. Gregory     Mr. William F. Magee                      Estate of Josephine Williams Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Kase L. Lawal                                                             S. May                                 Magellan Corporation                      Mrs. Mary B. Marx
                                        Carl and Edyth Lindner                     LPL Financial Services
Mrs. Betty J. Lawrence                  Lindsey’s Office Furniture                                                            Magic Circle Music, Ltd.                  Sharon and Dawson Mase
Mr. and Mrs. C. Berdon Lawrence                                                    The Lubrizol Foundation                    Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Maginn            Mr. Brian Maser
                                        Mr. Jonathan S. Linker                     Mrs. True F. Luck
The William Lawrence and Blanche        Linn Energy                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. Magne               Stuart and Flora Mason
    Hughes Children’s Foundation                                                   Luck Stone Corporation                     Magnolia Chapter No. 706 OES              Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance
                                        Ms. Nancy A. Linton                        Ms. Helen A. Luckett
Mr. Jack E. Lawton, Sr.                                                                                                       Magnolia Independent School District      Mr. and Mrs. Eric E. Masterson
                                        Mr. Billy Linville                         Mrs. Seymour Luckoff
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Lay                                                                                                   Mr. Jim Mahler                            The G. Harold and Leila y. Mathers
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Litman                Mr. Tery Luedtke                                                                         Charitable Foundation
Sara E. Leahey                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Bob Mahr
                                        Estate of Elizabeth G. Little              Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Luker                                                         Ms. Marcella Renee Mathew
Rita and Dick Leathers                                                                                                        Mr. Harry M. Main
                                        Mrs. Betty J. Lively                       Mr. and Mrs. John F. Luman III                                                       Jennifer Matsui and her Friends
Dr. Milam E. Leavens                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. S. Lewis Main
                                        Mrs. Francis S. Livermore                  Mrs. Guadalupe G. Luna                                                               Mr. William C. Mattei
Lisa Kelso LeBlanc                                                                                                            Malaysian Palm Oil Board
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Stephan F. Livingston         Mrs. Betty Lunsford                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Kade L. Matthews
Mr. and Mrs. Marc LeBlanc                                                                                                     Malibu Floors
                                        Mr. Daniel Lloyd                           Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Lusher                                                           Lucinda and Bill Matthews
Lecon, Inc.                                                                                                                   Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Maling
                                        Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell LLP           The Lustgarten Foundation                                                            Ms. Rebecca Matthews and Mr. James
Mr. Chul-Jae Lee                                                                                                              Mr. James A. Mallak
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Lockhart          Mr. and Mrs. Homer L. Luther, Jr.                                                        F. Wallack
Ms. Donna Marie Lee                                                                                                           V. M. Mallouk
                                        Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program      Lutheran Helping Hands, Inc.                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Steve Mattingly
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie L. Lee                   for Colleges and Universities - The                                               Mr. Cesar A. Malpica
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Lee                  Scholarship Foundation                 Mr. and Mrs. Jesse P. Luton, Jr.                                                     Mrs. Patricia N. Maunder
                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Manchi
Ken and Ashley Lee                      Lockton Companies of Houston, Inc.         Mrs. Rosemary K. Lykos                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Page F. Maxson
                                                                                                                              Mangen Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. yong M. Lee                         Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lodge III             Ms. Patricia S. Lyle                                                                 Mr. John E. Maxwell
                                                                                                                              The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation,
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Lee                   Lodge Lumber Company, Inc.                 Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Lyman                  Inc.                                  MAXXAM Inc.
Mr. Donald M. Leebern, Jr.              Loeb Holding Corporation                   Estate of Rachel Lyman                     Marathon Oil Corporation                  Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael May
Dr. Norman E. Leeds in Honor of Ms.     Nancy B. Loeffler                          Lymphoma Research Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Paul March                   Mr. Mark D. May
    Bette G. Leeds                      Michael and Tina Loehr                     Lynette Ellsworth Buhler Golf Tournament   Estate of Betty B. Marcus                 Ms. Melinda J. May
The Morgan Le Fay Dreams Foundation     Mr. and Mrs. Evald L. Lofgren              Mrs. Louise C. Lynn                        The Marcus Foundation                     Ms. Susan S. May and Mr. Andy
Mr. and Mrs. William Lefkofsky                                                                                                                                              Owczarek
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Lohec                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Joe A. Marek
Diane Legg D-M-L Technical Search                                                                                                                                       Mayberry Memorial
                                        Mr. Christopher S. Lolley                                                             Mr. and Mrs. R. Stan Marek, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                        Dr. Dan Maydan
Mr. William M. Legg, Jr.                Lonestar Charity Auctions                  M                                          Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Marek
                                                                                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Mayell
Lehigh White Cement                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Long                                                           The Marek Family
Mr. and Mrs. Jay S. Leiber                                                                                                                                              Roy and Nancy Mayers
                                        The Longevity Foundation                   M C Tubular Products, Inc.                 Marek Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. LeMaistre                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Mayfield
                                        Longhorn, Inc.                             Mr. Christopher Phat Ma                    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Margolis
Mr. Henry F. LeMieux                                                                                                                                                    Lowry and Peggy Mays
                                        Mrs. Aixalis B. Longoria                   Ms. Deborah A. MacDonald                   Mrs. Lucy A. Margolis
Ms. Ann Lents and Mr. J. David Heaney                                                                                                                                   Mays Family Foundation
                                        Mr. Heriberto F. Longoria                  Mr. and Mrs. Ian M. MacDonald              Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Margolis
The Lents Foundation                                                                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Don A. Mazursky
                                        Ms. Janiece Longoria and Mr. Stephen       Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey N. MacDowell          The Rodney H. and Judy E. Margolis
Mr. and Mrs. Gino W. Lenzi                  A. Lasher                                                                             Foundation                            Mr. and Mrs. James A. McAllen
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Mace                                                          Mr. Richard McAllister
Mrs. Lula M. Leonard                    Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Longwell/Longwell                                               Mariner Energy Inc.
                                            Family Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Mace                                                             Mr. David L. McArdle
Mrs. Marty V. Leonard                                                                                                         Mrs. Ellen Marino
                                        Christopher H. Loo, M.D., Ph.D.            Mach Family Fund                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. McArthur
Ms. Marie LeRay                                                                                                               Marinor
                                        Mr. and Mrs. Cecil J. Looke                The Honorable and Mrs. Earle I. Mack                                                 Mrs. Theresa O. McBride and Mr. Robert
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lerner                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Rick Markle
                                        Ms. Susan E. Loosen                        Estate of Mavis Ann MacKay                                                               R. McBride, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary T. Leseman                                                                                                  Mrs. Leigh Marks
                                        Estate of Ida B. Loper                     Mr. Andrew MacKechnie                                                                Tom and Meef McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T. Leseman                                                                                                Mr. Steve M. Marks
                                        Mrs. Katharine C. Lord                     Mr. Donald S. MacKenzie                                                              Mr. David S. McBurnett
Mr. and Mrs. B. Jeff Lester, Jr.                                                                                              Mrs. Jennifer Margolis Marquez and Mr.
                                        Richard E. Lore Sr.                        Mrs. Diane E. Macon                            Andres Marquez                        Mr. Timothy J. McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lettieri                                                       MacPapers Incorporated Advised Fund                                                  Dr. and Mrs. Gary E. McCall
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society             Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lorenzo                                                            Mrs. Jo Marsh
                                        Mr. Charlie Loudermilk                     Mr. and Mrs. John P. Madden                Wendy and Stanley Marsh 3                 Mr. Marty McCambridge
Leukemia Research Foundation                                                       Mr. and Mrs. John W. Madden                                                          Mr. and Mrs. John I. McCann
Mr. and Mrs. J. Waymon Levell           Mr. Robert D. Loughney                                                                Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.
                                        Louisiana Machinery Co.                    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Madden, Jr.           Mrs. Marie M. Marshall                    McCann-Erickson USA, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Levenson                                                       Rita and Robert Madden                                                               Dr. and Mrs. John D. McCarroll
Mrs. Sylvia Levin                       Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Lovasz                                                        Marshall Heritage Foundation
                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Madden              Dr. Armand H. Martel                      Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. McCarthy


     The Anderson Assembly*
     Since its inception in 1989, The Anderson Assembly has recognized those whose support and financial contributions
     have enabled MD Anderson’s continued growth and progress. Listed here are members who have committed
     $1 million or more to support MD Anderson programs.

     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Abbott               Enron Corporation                         Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer              Corbin J. Robertson and Wilhelmina C.
     Mr. and Mrs. Avinash C. Ahuja           Entertainment Industry Foundation          Foundation                                 Robertson Smith
     Joan and Stanford Alexander             Exxon Corporation                         Saranne and Livingston Kosberg            Mr. and Mrs. James C. Roe
     Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Alkek            ExxonMobil Foundation                     The State of Kuwait                       Ben, Julie, and Regina Rogers
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Allison, Jr.     Diane Lokey Farb                          Mr. and Mrs. William Kyte                 Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation
     American Cancer Society                 Farmer Family Foundation                  Estate of Emma Lou Lancaster              Estate of David Rosenstone
     Amgen, Inc.                             The Favrot Fund                           Helen H. Laughery                         Rotary Club of Houston Foundation
     Homer Ammann Trust                      Carolyn Grant Fay                         Mrs. Theodore N. Law                      The Jerry and Maury Rubenstein
     Anadarko Petroleum Corporation          Mr. and Mrs. David L. Feavel              Mr. and Mrs. C. Berdon Lawrence             Foundation
     Estate of June Carol Anderson           Mr. and Mrs. George A. Finley, III        Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lester                Mr. and Mrs. Federico Sada
     M. D. Anderson Foundation               Ray C. Fish Foundation                    Leukemia & Lymphoma Society               Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
     Apache Corporation                      Louis & Gloria Flanzer Charitable Trust   Rochelle and Max Levit                    The A. R. Tony and Maria J. Sanchez
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Milton Levit and Family        Family Foundation
     Laura and John Arnold Foundation        Mr. and Mrs. George E. Foreman
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Liebman            SBC Foundation
     AstraZeneca LP                          Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold
                                               Foundation                              LIVESTRONG                                Schecter Family Foundation
     Avon Foundation for Women
                                             Pamela and Wayne Garrison                 Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lockton, III         Schering-Plough Corporation
     Mr. and Mrs. James A. Baker, III
                                             The Gillson Longenbaugh Foundation        Mr. and Mrs. Ben F Love
                                                                                                            .                    Estate of Gene Schulze
     Mr. and Mrs. Perry R. Bass
                                             Mose A. Gimbel                            The Lustgarten Foundation for             Estate of Dr. Sam Schwartzberg
     Paul Beck
                                             Golfers Against Cancer                     Pancreatic Cancer Research               Peggy and Carl Sewell
     Estate of Gwin C. Blair
                                             Mr. Harold V. Goodman                     Lymphoma Research Foundation              Shell Oil Company Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Blanton, Sr.
                                             Mr. and Mrs. William H. Goodwin, Jr.      The Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. Foundation,           .
                                                                                                                                 Cecil P and Anna C. Simpson
     Breast Cancer Research Foundation
                                             Mr. and Mrs. F O’Neil Griffin              Inc.                                     R. E. “Bob” and Vivian L. Smith
     The Bosarge Family Office
                                             Estate of Dr. and Mrs. Ferenc Gyorkey     The G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers        Clara B. & W. Aubrey Smith Charitable
     Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
                                                                                        Charitable Foundation                      Foundation
     Mrs. Eleine Brooks                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Haas
                                                                                       M. D. Matthews Foundation                 Ron and Tycha Stading
     Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Brooks            Maureen and Jim Hackett/Hackett
                                               Family Foundation                       Lowry and Peggy Mays                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Stiefel
     Mr. Kyle C. Brooks
                                             The Hamill Foundation                     Del and Dennis McCarthy                   The Sunderland Foundation
     The Brown Foundation, Inc.
                                             The Hawn Foundation                       Red and Charline McCombs                  Dr. and Mrs. John C. W. Taylor
     David Bruton, Jr. Charitable Trust
                                             The Hearst Foundations                           .
                                                                                       John P McGovern Foundation                T.L.L. Temple Foundation
     Burlington Resources
                                             Ms. Lyda Hill                             The Robert and Janice McNair              Tenneco Inc.
     Burroughs Wellcome Fund                                                            Foundation
                                             Hoffmann-LaRoche, Inc.                                                              Texas Federation of Business and
     Charles Butt                                                                      J. Ralph and Lillian H. Meadows             Professional Women’s Clubs, Inc.
     Kathleen Cailloux Family Foundation     Mike Hogg Fund
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Melcher                William G. and Dorothy K. Theisinger
     The Cain Foundation                     The Hoglund Foundation
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Allen A. Meyer               Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Thompson
     Gordon and Mary Cain Foundation         Houston Endowment Inc.
                                                                                       Estate of Anne W. McGraw Midgley          Timken Foundation of Canton
     CaP CURE                                Roy M. and Phyllis Gough Huffington
                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. George P Mitchell            Mrs. Shirley W. Toomim
     Ann and Clarence P Cazalot, Jr.
                         .                   Interferon Foundation
                                                                                       Estate of A. Clifton Mock                 Mr. and Mrs. Morton L. Topfer
     The Chaplaincy Fund, Inc.               Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.
                                                                                       W.A. “Tex” and Deborah Moncrief, Jr.      Estate of Harold L. Tull
     Chapman Foundations Management,         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Jamail, Jr.
                                                                                       Estate of Mary E. Montrose                Herbert H. and Katharine Moore
      LLC                                    Judith and Weldon Jaynes                                                              Unsworth
                                                                                       Estate of Louise J. Moran
     China Medical University and            M.G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation,                                              The V Foundation For Cancer Research
                                               Inc.                                    Estate of Frances Morse
      Hospital/Chang-Hai Tsai
                                                                                       The Honorable and Mrs. Robert A.          The Vale-Asche Foundation
     The Cockrell Foundation                 Jane and John Justin Foundation
                                                                                        Mosbacher, Sr.                           Mr. and Mrs. J. Virgil Waggoner
     ConocoPhillips                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kadoorie
                                                                                       Ralph E. and Virginia Mullin              The Weingarten Schnitzer Family
     Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Corey              John Kanzius Cancer Research
                                               Foundation                              Estate of Wanda L. Murry                  The Robert A. Welch Foundation
     The James M. Cox, Jr. Foundation
                                             Abraham J. and Phyllis Katz               National Breast Cancer Foundation,        Neva and Wesley West Foundation
     Robert Page Crozer                                                                 Inc.
                                               Foundation                                                                        Harry Carothers and Olga Keith Wiess
     The Cullen Foundation                                                             The Robert R. and Kay M. Onstead
                                             Kavanagh Family Foundation                                                          J. Brooks Williams
     The Cullen Trust for Health Care                                                   Foundation
                                             W. M. Keck Foundation                                                               Mr. and Mrs. John Eddie Williams, Jr.
     Mrs. Delmer W. Dallas                                                             The Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
                                             Mr. and Mrs. James C. Kennedy                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn L. Wolff
     The Sidney and Charline Dauphin                                                   The John M. O’Quinn Foundation
                                             Killam Family Foundation                                                            The Wortham Foundation
      Foundation                                                                       Elsa U. Pardee Foundation
                                             Kimberly-Clark Foundation, Inc.                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Oscar S. Wyatt, Jr.
     Mr. William J. Doré, Sr.                                                          Ray Park and Family
                                             Kinder Foundation                                                                   The Anne and Henry Zarrow
     John S. Dunn Research Foundation                                                  Pennzoil-Quaker State Company
                                             Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. and Helen C.                                                   Foundation
     Raymond A. Jr. and Roslyn S. Eckstein                                              (Pennzoil Company)
      Foundation                               Kleberg Foundation
                                                                                       Mr. T. Boone Pickens                      *This historical listing reflects the original
     El Paso Corporation                     Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn N. Klein                                                        names of individuals, foundations and
                                                                                       Mr. Gene Rainbolt
     The Margaret and James A. Elkins, Jr.                     .
                                             Estate of Ellen F Knisely                                                           corporations as they were brought into
                                                                                       Bernard and Audre Rapoport                The Anderson Assembly.
      Foundation                             Mr. and Mrs. David H. Koch
                                                                                       Sid W. Richardson Foundation
     The Ellwood Foundation                  Estate of Lillian C. Koehler

                                                                                                                     MD Anderson Cancer Center Annual Report 2009 – 2010

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.        Mr. and Mrs. Cecil R. Meador
Mr. James W. McCartney                   Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Meadows
The Catherine Terrell McCartney          George H. and Martha G. Meason
    Foundation                           Mr. John W. Mecom, Jr.
The Honorable Linda Shoff McCausland     MEDA Pharmaceuticals
Ms. Elizabeth L. McClain                 Medical Support Association, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Cris D. McClellan           Medical Technology Management
Ella Mae McClendon                           Institute, Inc.
Mr. Frederick H. McClintock              Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Medina
The Honorable and Mrs. Austin McCloud    Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Medvene
Mr. and Mrs. B. Curtiss McClymond        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Meeks
Mr. Robert A. McCollum                   Mr. Terry C. Mehaffie
Estate of Floyd George McComas, Jr.      Masud and Alex Mehran Foundation
Red and Charline McCombs                 Mehta Family Foundation
The Red and Charline McCombs Family      Dr. Elke B. Meier and Dr. William B. Gail
    Foundation                           Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Meinecke
Mr. and Mrs. Steve B. McCommas           Nancy and Peter Meinig
Nancy and Walter McConnell               The Meinig Family Foundation Fund of
Jim and Kathy McCool                         the Cornell University Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. McCord            Dr. Jeanne M. Meis
McCormick & Company Inc.                 Melanoma Research Alliance
Mr. Wil McCorquodale                     Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Melton
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. McCoy             Mr. Henry H. Melton, Jr.
The McCrea Foundation                    Memory Lane
Mrs. Lesley McCreath, Jr.                Men of Distinction
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. McCullough, Jr.   Dr. and Mrs. John Mendelsohn
Ralph H. and Ruth J. McCullough          Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mercer                 A living legend
    Foundation                           Merck & Co., Inc.                           veteran CBS News journalist Bob Schieffer (left) and former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn engage
Mrs. Gaye McCutchen                      Merck Company Foundation                    in a one-on-one interview at A Conversation With a Living Legend® in Atlanta. The event raised
Mr. Thomas B. McDade                     M. Jane Merdian                             $668,000 for cancer research at MD Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McDade            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Merino
Mr. James H. McDaniel                    Mr. William D. Meriwether, Jr.
The David McDavid Family                 Captain and Mrs. Hugh A. Merrill            Mr. and Mrs. Cooper N. Mills              Mr. Thomas J. Moran                     The Muse Educational Foundation
Dr. Alison McDermott and Dr. Adrian      Merrill Lynch & Company Foundation          Mr. F. H. Mills, Jr.                      P. J. Moran Foundation                  Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Musselman
    Glasser                                                                          Mrs. Brenda Milner                        Estate of Alma W. Moreton               Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Boothe Musselman,
                                         Colonel and Mrs. Robert A. Mesick
Mrs. Beverly T. McDonald                                                             Dr. Amy Mininberg and Dr. Eric D.         Mrs. George B. Morgan                       Jr.
                                         Ms. Kathleen A. Messina and Mr. Gary
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. McDonough               W. Goodwin                                  Mininberg                             Morgan Stanley Corporation              Ms. Sara Musselman
Mr. Stephen M. and Mrs. Sherry J.        Metalforms, Inc.                            The Ministers and Missionaries Benefit    Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global      Mr. Joseph A. Musto
    McEachern                                                                            Board                                      Impact Funding Trust, Inc.         Mr. Edward J. Myers
                                         Steve and Roslyn Metchis
Mrs. Arthur L. McElmurry                                                             Minority Print Media, L.L.C.              Mrs. Marjorie A. Morrell                Emily Erisman Myers
                                         MetLife Foundation
Jay and Patsy McElroy                                                                Minton, Burton, Foster & Collins          Mr. and Mrs. Dud Morris                 Mrs. Maxine Myers
                                         Barbara and Randall Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. A. Patrick McEvoy                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Hans Mirka                   Morris Kaye & Sons                      Mr. and Mrs. Mike A. Myers
                                         Mrs. Gloria B. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. M. Kevin McEvoy                                                         Mirna Therapeutics, Inc.                  Merna Morrison                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Myers
                                         Mr. and Mrs. John Meyer
McFadin Foundation                                                                   Mirror Industries                         Mr. Robert R. Morrison, Jr.             Mike A. Myers Foundation
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Kirby T. Meyer
Thomas W. and Patricia A. McGarity                                                   Ms. Paula Mischer                         Sue Alexander Morrison                  Arthur B. & Marion V. Myers Trust Fund
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Otis A. Meyer
Suzanne and Patrick McGee                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Mischer, Jr.       Mr. Tom A. Morrison IV                  Myriad Genetics, Inc.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Al M. Micallef
Mr. and Mrs. William M. McGee                                                        The Mischer Family                        Mr. and Mrs. Bill Morrow
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Michaud
Mr. and Mrs. Sutton McGehee                                                          The Walter M. Mischer and Mary A.         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph T. Morrow
                                         Micro Rentals, LLC                              Mischer Foundation
Estate of Ina L. McGinnis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. McGinnis
                                         Microsoft Giving Campaign                   Mischer Investments, L.P.
                                                                                                                               Estate of Frances Morse                 N
                                         Ms. Beatrice Mieth                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Morton
Estate of Bessie McGoldrick                                                          Dr. Lopa Mishra
                                         The Mike Doiron Legends of Friendswood                                                Mr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Mortus            NACUSO
John P. McGovern Foundation                  Golf Tournament                         Mr. and Mrs. Matthew B. Mitchell
                                                                                                                               The Honorable and Mrs. Robert A.        Mr. Stephen C. Nanny
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McGrath             Mrs. Beryl B. Milburn                       Mr. Roy Lee Mitchell                           Mosbacher, Sr.
Mr. Cooper McGregor                                                                  Mr. S. L. Mitchell                                                                Mrs. Cheryl L. Napier
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Edward Milinski                                                          Mosbacher Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. M. Joseph McHugh                                                        Mitchell Foundation                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Albert Narath
                                         Millennium Futurity LLC                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Moseley, Jr.
Mr. William A. McIntosh                                                              Dr. Elizabeth A. Mittendorf                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nardo
                                         Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                                                      Mr. Daniel J. Moses
Ms. Janet M. McIntyre                                                                Mr. Neal Miura                                                                    National Brain Tumor Society
                                         Millepede Foundation                                                                  Mrs. Kristan T. Mosley
The McIntyre Foundation                                                              Mrs. Eva M. Mizrahi                                                               National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.
                                         Ms. Barbara A. Miller                                                                 Mr. Wiley L. Mossy, Jr.
Mrs. Bobbie N. McKamy                                                                Mobil Foundation, Inc.                                                            National Foundation for Cancer Research
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Miller                                                          The Jane P. and Wiley L. Mossy Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David S. McKeehan                                                       Modestus Bauer Foundation                      Foundation                         National Foundation for Philanthropy
                                         C. John and Reva Miller                                                                                                       National Marrow Donor Program
Mr. Michael D. McKinnon                  Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Miller                 Dr. and Mrs. Radhe Mohan                  Motec, Ltd.
Mr. and Mrs. Don A. McKnight                                                         Molex Incorporated                        Ms. Della Moulson                       National Philanthropic Trust
                                         Mr. Cecil Miller                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. John L. Nau III
Mr. Trent McKnight                       Mr. and Mrs. David G. Miller                Dr. and Mrs. James T. Molina              Ms. Kimberly Mount
The Reverend and Mrs. Alexander S.                                                   Shelah and Marc S. Moller                 MTI                                     Nautilus World, Ltd.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. David L. Miller                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Neal
    McLachlan                                                                        Jim and Elaine Monaghan                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Mueller
                                         Mr. Dennis E. Miller                                                                                                          Beverly and Mason Neely
Mr. and Mrs. Drayton McLane, Jr.                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Moncrief          Estate of Marguerite B. Muhlenfeld
                                         Hollis and Janet Miller                                                                                                       Dr. and Mrs. Warren F. Neely
Dr. Darlene McLaughlin and Mr. James                                                 Mr. Richard Monk                          Mr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Mullen
    McLaughlin, Jr.                      Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Miller                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. James P. Neeves
                                         Jan and Steve Miller                        Ms. Margaret Montaigne                    Mr. Edward R. Muller and Ms. Patricia
Mr. James K. McLean, Jr.                                                             Mr. and Mrs. William A. Monteleone, Jr.        E. Bauer                           Mr. and Mrs. Dru A. Neikirk
Mr. and Mrs. Leo R. McLean               Mary Catherine Farrington Miller                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Mullis              Mrs. Laura B. Neill
                                         Ms. Polly G. Miller                         Monteleone Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McLeod                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. Montgomery            Mr. and Mrs. David G. Mulock            The Neiman Marcus Group, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon McMillan             Mrs. Rhea J. Miller                                                                   Miriam and Jim Mulva                    Mr. Bart Nelms
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Miller              Mr. and Mrs. Ray Montgomery
Mrs. Kay R. McMillan                                                                 Mr. William C. Montgomery                 Susan and Pat Mulvey                    Mrs. Deane A. Nelson
Dr. Jeanie B. McMillin-Vanwinkle         Mr. Robert G. Miller                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Muncy            Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Nelson
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Miller                 Mr. Thomas R. Mooney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McNair                                                        Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Moore                  Mr. and Mrs. Nick Munson                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Nenninger
The Robert and Janice McNair             Ms. Tabatha Miller                                                                    Mrs. Joanne T. Murcklen                 Estate of Jerome J. Nerenberg
    Foundation                           Mrs. Vida R. Miller                         Mr. Arthur J. Moore
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Douglas D. Moore             Murphy Oil Corporation                  Mr. Joseph H. Netherland, Jr.
Ms. Leslie E. McNeill                    Mr. William D. Miller                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Murrah           Mr. Antonio Galvao Neto
Mrs. Josephine P. McNutt                 Arnold and Suzanne Miller Charitable        Mr. Ed Moore
                                             Fund                                    Jess and Beth Sanders Moore               Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Murray          The Neubauer Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. McVean                                                                                                 Mr. Thomas V. Murto, Jr.                The Neuberger Berman Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dow McVean                  The B.W. and Barbara Miller Foundation      Estate of Laurence Lusk Moore
                                         The Gerald M. and Carole A. Miller          Mr. and Mrs. Preston Moore, Jr.           Mr. and Mrs. Carl Musacchia             Mr. and Mrs. Toby R. Neugebauer
McVeigh Associates LTD                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Carmelo Musacchia          Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Neumeyer
                                             Family Foundation                       Mr. and Mrs. Lewis J. Moorman III
Mr. and Mrs. E. Scott Mead                                                                                                     Muscular Dystrophy Association          Neustadt Charitable Foundation
                                         Steven and Sheila Miller Foundation         Mr. and Mrs. Dan J. Moran, Jr.
The Scott and Suling Mead Foundation                                                                                           Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation   New Electric, Inc.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. John Milligan                  Estate of Louise J. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Meadlock                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. John R. Muse               Mrs. Mary E. Newberry
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Mills               Mr. and Mrs. Sidney S. Moran
The Meadlock Foundation


                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. John Oettinger                Ms. Mary E. Parker                         David and Mindy Pfeil
                                                                                     The OFIS L.P.                              Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Parker             Pfizer Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                     Ms. Una O’Hagan                            Mrs. Robert A. Parker                      Pfizer, Inc.
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Bradley W. O’Halla            Robert A. Parker Foundation                PFS Shared Blessings Foundation
                                                                                     Beverly and Will O’Hara                    Mr. Jaime Parra                            Mr. and Mrs. Jim Phalan
                                                                                     Mr. Hugh J. O’Hare                         Parra Loan Company                         Mr. Ninh Phan
                                                                                     Ohiopyle Prints, Inc.                      Mr. Roger K. Parsons                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Phaneuf
                                                                                     Mrs. Frances W. O’Hornett                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Partain            Pharmacyclics, Inc.
                                                                                     Ms. Leslie A. Ohr                          Mr. and Mrs. Tom Partlow                   Mr. and Mrs. Dionne S. Phelps
                                                                                     Mrs. Mary Ann Ohr                          The Michael P. Parziale Foundation, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Elliott W. Phillips
                                                                                     Oil States International, Inc.             Mrs. Corrine Paston                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Phillips, Jr.
                                                                                     Mrs. Anna H. O’Kelley                      Mrs. Patrick J. Patek                      Mrs. Jennie L. Phillips
                                                                                     Mrs. Judith R. Okun                        Dr. Daksha M. Patel                        Mr. and Mrs. Mark Phillips
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. G. Michael O’Leary            Mr. Jay Patel                              Mr. Philip B. Phillips, Jr.
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. David E. Oliver               Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Paterson              The Waite and Genevieve Phillips
                                                                                     Mr. Jack Oliver                            Mrs. Carrin M. Patman                          Foundation
                                                                                     Dr. Judy L. Oliver and Dr. David W. Bash   Patrinely Group, LLC                       Physicians Medical Billing Service
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Christian D. Olivier          John and Nora Patterson                    Pi Kappa Alpha
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph K. Olson              Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Patterson             Mr. and Mrs. Ugo Piccagli
                                                                                     Mr. Wayne A. Olson                         Dr. Tad L. Patton                          Mr. Robert S. Pickelner
                                                                                     Olympus America Inc.                       Mr. Suhas P. Patwardhan                    Dr. and Mrs. John Pickens
                                                                                     One In Six Foundation                      Ms. Janelle M. Pauer and Mr. Andrew        Ms. Nelda Cain Pickens
                                                                                     Ms. Joan G. O’Neil                             E. Shirley                             Mr. T. Boone Pickens
                                                                                     Mrs. Patty C. O’Neil                       Mr. and Mrs. Carl F. Paul                  Mr. and Mrs. William C. Pickens
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. O’Neill              Dr. and Mrs. James A. Paulson              Estate of Charles A. Pickett
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. James J. O’Neill              Mr. and Mrs. David Payne                   Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Pierce, Jr.
                                                                                     William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill          Mr. John W. Payne                          Mrs. Janie C. Pillittere-Hannifin and Mr.
                                                                                         Foundation                             Martha and Billy Payne                         Steve P. Hannifin
                                                                                     OnPoint Community Credit Union             Mr. and Mrs. Robert Payne                  Pink Ribbons Project
                                                                                     Dr. Charles O. Onstead                     Mr. John Payton                            Ms. Charlotte L. Pippin
                                                                                     Mrs. Kay M. Onstead                        PCCA                                       Mrs. Marilyn M. Pirner and Mr. Max
                                                                                                                                                                               R. Pirner
                                                                                     Pam and Randall Onstead                    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Peabody, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                           Pitch and Putt For A Cure
                                                                                     The Robert R. and Kay M. Onstead           Pearland High School
                                                                                         Foundation                                                                        Pitney Bowes, Inc.
                                                                                                                                Ms. Barbara L. Pearlman
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Opalka                                                       Dr. Carl Plager
                                                                                                                                Pecan Deluxe Candy Company
                                                                                     Operators Edge LLC                                                                    Plains Marketing, L.P.
                                                                                                                                Family and Friends of Kimberly Miller
                                                                                     Oppenheimer Funds Legacy Program               Peck                                   Mr. James Platt
                                                                                     The John M. O’Quinn Foundation             Estate of Maria S. Peck                    Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Plummer
     Beating cancer with a stick                                                     Mr. Morris A. Orden                        Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Peck               Dr. and Mrs. William K. Plunkett
     Fairfield university’s Brent Adams (left) and the university of Notre           Mrs. Franca G. Oreffice                    Mrs. Rodman S. Peddie                      Mrs. Jani J. Poindexter
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Oreffice              Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the    Mr. David G. Polis
     Dame’s Neal Hicks compete before 2,000 spectators at The Kinkaid
                                                                                     The Oreffice Foundation                        United States                          Polish Progressive Club Lodge No. 2336
     School’s Beating Cancer With a Stick Lacrosse Classic in Houston.                                                          Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation       Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Polk
                                                                                     The Oriska Foundation
     The inaugural event raised $10,000 for MD Anderson Children’s                   Mr. David A. Orlando                       Mr. Robert R. Peebles                      Pollard Foundation Inc.
     Cancer Hospital’s Pediatric Clinical Research Program.                          Orthopaedic & Neurological                 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Peet                  Mr. and Mrs. Jose Polo
                                                                                         Rehabilitation, Inc.                   Mr. Bill Pegel                             Mrs. Lewis H. Pool
                                                                                     Ken and Barbara Oshman                     Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Peiser              Dr. Sam Lee Pool
                                                                                     OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.                  Mr. David R. Pena                          Mr. William L. Pope
     Mr. Robert Newberry                  North Cypress Pathology Associates, P.A.   Mr. and Mrs. Guy J. Ossello                Mr. and Mrs. Pablo G. Pena                 Portfolio Financial of Texas, Inc.
     Mr. and Mrs. Randy Newcomer, Jr.     North Dallas Bank & Trust Company          Ottogi Corporation                         Mrs. Nora H. Pendergrass                   Andrew & Lillian A. Posey Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. David Newell            North Dallas Business & Professional       Mrs. Jeanne Oudenhoven                     Richard and Kaye Pendleton                 Mr. David A. Posner
     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Newell            Women                                  Our Day Farm                               Mr. and Mrs. Ken Pendray                   Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation
     Newfield Foundation                  Northern Trust Company                     Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, Inc.         Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Penland, Sr.           Mr. and Mrs. John Post
     Dr. and Mrs. Wayne D. Newhauser      Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Northington, Jr.        Ms. Dian Graves Owen                       Mr. Gene Pennebaker                        Mr. Allan S. Poster
     Mr. Jeff Newlin                      The Northrop Grumman Foundation            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Owen               Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Penner              The Poster Family Foundation
     Mr. Keith O. Newton                  Northwestern Mutual Life Foundation        Mrs. Traci Owen                            Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pennington                 Mrs. Marjorie M. Postma
     Nexen Inc.                           Carl L. and Shouling Liu Norton            Dian Graves Owen Foundation                Pamela J. and James D. Penny               Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Poulos
     Mrs. Tassie Nicandros                Mr. Russell W. Norwood                     Mr. Thomas J. Owens                        PepsiCo Foundation                         Miss Judith L. Powell
     Jason and Natalia Nicholls           Mr. Charles J. Novak                       Mr. Brent C. Oxley                         Performance Diesel Inc.                    Mr. Mark Powell
     Mr. and Mrs. W. Robert Nichols III   Novartis (Thailand) Limited                Mr. Lamar E. Ozley, Jr.                    Mr. Franklin T. Perkins                    Mr. and Mrs. Rick Powell
     Ms. Elsa L. Nicholson                Novartis Oncology                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Perkins                 Tom and Jane Cheever Powell
     Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Nicklaus        The Nu Alpha Chapter of Kappa Alpha                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Perkins            Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Power
     Nicklos Drilling Company
                                              Psi Fraternity Inc.
                                          The Honorable Samuel Augustus Nunn,
                                                                                     P                                          The Dick and Judy Perkins Charitable       The John and Jane Powers Foundation
     Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Nickson                                                                                                Foundation                             Prairie Star, Inc.
                                              Jr.                                                                               Margot and Ross Perot
     Joanna M. Nicolay Melanoma           The Colleen & Sam Nunn Family              Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Pace                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Prasek
         Foundation Inc.                      Foundation                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ross Perot, Jr.               Mrs. Susan S. Pratt
                                                                                     Packaging Service Co., Inc.
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Nierling                                                                                           The Sarah and Ross Perot Jr. Foundation    Mr. and Mrs. David E. Preng
                                                                                     Packaging Source Inc.
     Mr. and Mrs. David A. Nisbet                                                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Perry, Jr.          Preng & Company, Ltd.
                                                                                     Mr. Perry Paganelli
                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Mills C. Perry
     Mr. and Mrs. Lee S. Nix              O                                          Mr. and Mrs. Carter F. Page
                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Will Person
                                                                                                                                                                           Mrs. Sheila Prenowitz
     Nix Patterson & Roach, LLP                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Dan Painter                                                              Presidio Title
     Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Nixon                                                                                               Estate of Milena Pesic                     Prevent Cancer Foundation
                                          Mr. and Mrs. Jerald L. Oaks                Mr. James H. Painter
     Kathy and Bill Noble                                                                                                       Judge and Mrs. Jimmie C. Peters            Mr. and Mrs. Michael Prevor
                                          Obie O’Brien                               Ms. Herminia Palacio and Dr. Kenneth
     Mr. and Mrs. James W. Nobles, Jr.                                                   Aldape                                 Roger and Bernadette Peters                The Roslyn and Michael Prevor
     Mr. and Mrs. James L. Noel III       Mr. Raymond V. O’Brien, Jr.                                                           Ms. Virginia L. Peters                         Charitable Foundation, Inc.
                                          Dr. Susan O’Brien                          Mr. Joseph R. Palermo, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. William D. Noel                                                    Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Palmer              Ms. Margaret L. Petersen                   Price Gregory International, Inc.
     Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Noggle       Mr. and Mrs. T. B. O’Brien                                                            Charles and Nancy Peterson                 Ms. Lori F. Priess
                                          Obstetrical and Gynecological              Mr. and Mrs. David D. Palmer
     Faith Family & Friends/Michael and                                              Palmer Foundation                          Mr. and Mrs. Donald N. Peterson            Primrose School of Coppell
         Kristine Nolan                       Associates, P.A.-OGA
                                                                                     Pappas Restaurants, Inc.                   Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Peterson               Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Prince
     Mrs. Patricia P. Nolan               Ms. Kathleen Ocker
                                                                                     Elsa U. Pardee Foundation                  Adrian Peterson’s All Day Foundation       Mrs. Ruth E. Pringle
     Nolan Bros. of Texas, Inc.           Dr. Brendan D. O’Connor
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Raymond P. Park               Mr. Alfred J. Petit-Clair, Jr.             Professional Turf Products, LP
     Ms. Rosemary Nolder                  O-D Rentals
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. David Parker                  Petroleum Investor Relations Association   Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Proft
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noppe           Mrs. Charles Oden
                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. David L. Parker               Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Petru                  Prosperity Bank
     Norman Frede Chevrolet Co.           The Sydnor and Olga Oden Foundation
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Jerre L. Parker               Mrs. Eugenia C. Pettit                     Prostate Cancer Foundation
     Ms. Jan Norris                       Mr. Charles H. Odom
                                                                                     Estate of John M. Parker                   Ms. June Pettus                            Protech Automotive L.L.C.
     Mrs. Karen H. Norsworthy             Mrs. Rita Odom
                                                                                     Maggie Ryden Parker                        Peyton Anderson Foundation                 Protection Engineering Consultants

                                                                                                                    MD Anderson Cancer Center Annual Report 2009 – 2010

Pro-Tem Inc.                             Rally Foundation For Childhood Cancer      Mr. and Mrs. Joe G. Reed                 Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Reynolds         Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Roberts
Prudential Foundation                        Research                               The Reed Foundation                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Reynolds           Mr. and Mrs. Corbin J. Robertson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Pruett             Mr. and Mrs. Julian Ramirez                Mrs. Katherine Perot Reeves              RGK Foundation                            Mr. Jack Robertson
PSCU Financial Services, Inc.            Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ramos                  Mr. James Regan                          Mr. Phillip Rhee                          Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Robin
Mr. Gerry J. Pugil                       Ms. Kim E. Ramsey                          Mr. and Mrs. Don E. Reichert             Colonel and Mrs. James W. Rice, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Frank Robin
Tillman R. Pullig                        Mr. Ray D. Ramsey                          Ms. Alison T. Reid                           (Ret.)                                Ms. Nancy G. Robinett and Mr. John J.
Mr. Matthew A. Purdy                     Ranchero Trust                             Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Reid              Rice Epicurean Markets                         Hamlin
Ms. Marjorie M. Purnell                  Mr. Risher Randall                         Mr. Brent H. Reid                        Mr. and Mrs. Hershel M. Rich              Estate of Belle y. Robins
Mrs. M. K. Putter                        Roberta K. Randall Charitable Foundation   Mrs. James H. Reid, Jr.                  The Marc Rich Foundation                  Mr. Craig Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe E. Pybus, Jr.           The Risher Randall Family Foundation       Ms. Linda Reid                           Martin D. & Barbara H. Rich Family        Mrs. Edgar A. Robinson
                                         Randalls Food Markets                                                                   Charitable Foundation                 Mrs. Edna E. Robinson
Ms. Marilou E. Pych                                                                 Ms. Reba Reid
                                         The Randalls Foundation                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richard              Mr. and Mrs. H. English Robinson, Jr.
Ms. Patti Pyle                                                                      Ms. Rhonda Reid
                                         Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Rankin, Jr.                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Richards          J. Mack Robinson
                                                                                    Royce H. Reid
                                         Ms. Renee M. Ransom                                                                 Ms. Denise Richards                       Ms. Paula K. Robinson
                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William P. Reid
                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Richardson
Q                                        Dr. Ronald P. Rapini                       Mr. Walter Reifel, Jr.
                                                                                                                             Ms. Lou Ann Richardson
                                                                                                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Ray Robinson
                                         Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ratcliffe            Mrs. Diane C. Reimann                                                              Ruth Robinson and Family
                                         R. Byron and Bobbie Ratliff                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Richardson         J. Mack Robinson Foundation
Q & A Reporting, Inc.                                                               Mr. Larry E. Reimert
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ratner                                                          Gail and Gene Richter                     Mr. and Mrs. Chase Robison
Quail Valley Middle School                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Reintjes
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Lyle J. Ratner                                                         Liz and Al Richter                        Rock “N” Roll Coal Co.
Quality Electric Steel Castings, L.P.                                               Mr. Owen A. Reischman
                                         The Albert R. & Audrey G. Ratner Family                                             Mr. and Mrs. Lee Ricks                    Carolyn Jones Roden
Quantum Gas & Power Services, Ltd.                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Rick Reitz
                                             Foundation                                                                      Ms. Margaret A. Riecker                   Bill and Sue Rodgers
Quantum Resources Management, LLC                                                   The Reliable Specialty Company
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Keith O. Rattie                                                        Mr. and Mrs. John J. Riedmueller          Mr. and Mrs. Mark E. Rodriguez
Questar Corporation                                                                 Miriam and Tim Relyea
                                         Ms. Beverly K. Rawls                                                                Mr. and Mrs. James D. Rieker, Jr.         Mrs. Donna L. Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Quick                                                            Mr. John W. Renfro
                                         Mr. John R. Rawls                                                                   The RIG III Family Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Parker S. Quillen                                                      Renfro Foods, Inc.
                                         Mrs. Phyllis Ray                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William S. Riggins           Ms. Mary Rogers
Quilling, Selander, Cummiskey & Lownds                                              Renven, LLC
                                         Mrs. Vera L. Ray                                                                    Dr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Riggs, Jr.        Mrs. Muriel L. Rogers
    P.C.                                                                            Ms. Francy Renz
                                         Ms. Bess L. Rayford                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Rikard             Regina Rogers
Dr. Edward J. Quinlan, Jr.                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Repperger
                                         Bessie L. Rayford Foundation                                                        Mr. and Mrs. H. John Riley, Jr.           Mr. Roy Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Quinn, Jr.                                                     Research Analysis & Maintenance, Inc.
                                         Craig and Nancy Raymond                                                             Mr. John Rippel                           Sandra Rogers in Loving Memory of
                                                                                    Mrs. Harold A. Reskin
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Martin S. Raymond                                                      Mrs. Elva Robles Ritter                        Bobby Rogers
                                                                                    Estate of B. J. Resoft
                                         Raytheon Matching Gifts for Education                                               Mr. Ricardo Rivas                         Mr. Theodore C. Rogers
R                                            Program                                Retina Research Foundation
                                                                                                                             Estate of Mary L. Rizk                    The Rogers Agencies, Inc.
                                         Mrs. Evelyn Rayzor-Nienhuis                Miss Nancie L. Rettig
                                                                                                                             Dr. and Mrs. Jae y. Ro                    The RoKe Foundation, Inc.
R & R Masonry                            RBC Wealth Management                      Mrs. Melissa Reusing
                                                                                                                             Mr. Marc E. Robb                          Mr. W. Robert Rolingson
Roger Allan Raby                         Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Read                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Rewey, Jr.
                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. James D. Robbins             Roll Giving
RadiaDyne                                Realan Foundation, Inc.                    Rexanna’s Foundation for Fighting Lung
                                                                                        Cancer                               Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Robbs              Mr. and Mrs. A. Ross Rommel, Jr.
Dr. Thorir Ragnarsson and Ms. Sigridur   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Reckling III                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roberson             Mr. John N. Rooney
    Hjaltadottir                                                                    Mr. Mario Reyna
                                         Mr. and Mrs. T. Radcliff Reckling IV                                                Estate of Barrie Roberts                  Mrs. Sybil F. Roos
Dr. Judith A. Ragsdale                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Alban Reynolds
                                         Red Robin Restaurants                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Braxton L. Roberts, Jr.      Mr. William H. Roquemore
The Ragsdale Foundation                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Reynolds
                                         Redstone Hotels, Inc.                                                               Mr. Richard H. Roberts                    Mrs. Ruth E. Roschke
Mr. Gene Rainbolt                                                                   Mr. James H. Reynolds
                                         Mrs. Irene I. Reece                                                                 Ms. Sheryl L. Roberts                     Mr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Rainbolt, Jr.                                                    Ms. Kelly Reynolds
                                         Estate of Virgina Archer Reece                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Roberts            Dr. Marnie Rose Foundation

Monroe Dunaway Anderson Society
New members, Sept. 1, 2009-Aug. 31, 2010

Established in 1995, the Monroe Dunaway Anderson Society recognizes individuals and families who have selected the programs
at MD Anderson to benefit from a planned gift such as a bequest, life insurance policy or other similar vehicle. Listed here are new
members of the society who recently named the institution in their estate plans.
Dr. and Mrs. John V. Amy                            Dr. Ralph C. Disch                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Kane                              Mrs. Marilyn M. Pirner
Mrs. Rebecca H. Baker                               Mr. Lewis T. Dumas                                    Mr. David L. Keel                                    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Push
Mr. Bill C. Barnett                                 Ms. Constance A. Dumas                                Mr. Stephen Kraychy                                  Ms. Virginia Archer Reece
Mr. Paul Beck                                       Ms. Miriam G. Dunbar                                  Mrs. Roberta H. Kurtz                                Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Robin
Mr. Noelan L. Bibler                                Mr. Robert L. Duncan                                  Mr. Kent Lacy                                        Ms. Louise T. Roe
William and Silva Birk                              Mr. Harry Fagen                                       Ms. Joan Lamb                                        Mr. and Mrs. Harry Richard Smith
Ms. Barbara H. Blades                               Ms. Phyllis H. Fissel                                 Helen H. Laughery                                    Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Staggers, Jr.
Mr. Steven S. Braun                                 Mrs. Beverly B. Friedman                              Mrs. Italia Theresa Limmer                           Mrs. Kimberly H. Summers
Mr. Wayne F Bray
             .                                      Dr. Donald C. Gentry                                  Mr. Charles R. Lindsey                               Mrs. Ruby I. Tregoning
Mrs. Edith B. Brehm                                 Mr. and Mrs. Terry M. Giles                           Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Lockhart                    Ms. Janet Vincze
Ms. Julie A. Buchanan                               Ms. Melissa Gilhart                                   Ms. Ida B. Loper                                     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Wallon
Mr. and Mrs. Rick J. Calhoon                        Mr. John D. Gray                                      Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Luke                                     .
                                                                                                                                                               Mr. Frank F Ward
Mr. and Mrs. John F Carrigan
                    .                               Mr. and Mrs. Andy Gronik, Jr.                         Ms. Mavis Ann MacKay                                 Mrs. Cathryn Waters
Mr. and Mrs. Barney W. Cearley                      Ms. Luba C. Hagan                                                   .
                                                                                                          Mr. William F Magee                                  Dr. John N. Weinstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jack B. Corey                          Mrs. Lynn A. Haney                                    Mr. and Mrs. John I. McCann                          Dr. John Medlin White
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Crabtree                     Mr. John Hanson II                                    Mr. and Mrs. Steve B. McCommas                       Mr. and Mrs. Wesley W. Wilson
Mr. Charles E. Craig, Jr.                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Heath                         M. Jane Merdian                                                           .
                                                                                                                                                               Dr. and Mrs. James F Wittmer
Mr. Robert H. Cronshey                              Ms. Margaret G. Hynes                                 Mr. and Mrs. James Moncrief                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wysocki
Mrs. Mary Beth Davies                               Mrs. Natalie D. Inge                                  Mrs. Maria Salome Peck                               Mr. Herbert S. Young
Ray and Myrna Deckert                               Mr. and Mrs. Carlos M. Ippolito                       Ms. Lori Valencic and Mr. William D.                 Ms. Meiling Yu
Mrs. Katherine Denton                                            .
                                                    Mr. Hubert P Isaacks                                   Pellerin


                                                                                                                                 The Thomas H. and Mayme P. Scott            Mrs. Diana Shields
                                                                                                                                     Foundation, Inc.                        Mr. Lawrence W. Shipley III
                                                                                                                                 Scott Universal Foundation, Inc.            Shipley Do-Nuts
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Nick Scotto                    Mr. W. H. Shirley
                                                                                                                                 Scripps Howard Foundation                   Mr. and Mrs. Derek W. Shoobridge
                                                                                                                                 Kim and Jeff Scrivener                      Shooting for a Cure
                                                                                                                                 Scurlock Foundation                         Shop for Bags, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 SEA-3 Inc.                                  Toby Shor
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John Seaberg                   Mr. and Mrs. Grady Lee Shropshire
                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Jane P. Seal                           Ms. Jennifer L. Shufelt and Mr. Colter
                                                                                                                                 Leo W. Seal Family Foundation                   Harris
                                                                                                                                 SeattleGenetics, Inc.                       Shuffle Master Australasia Pty, Ltd.
                                                                                                                                 Lt. Colonel Albert L. Seaver, USAF (Ret.)   The Honorable and Mrs. George P. Shultz
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. George E. Seay III             Mr. and Mrs. George A. Shutt
                                                                                                                                 Seecure, LLC                                Ms. Evelyn W. Sibley
                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Connie C. Seegmiller                   Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Sidle
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Elliot M. Segal                Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Alvin G. Segel                 Signature Real Estate Services, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 Mr. Larry J. Seger                          Mrs. Heather Silver and Mr. Neil D.
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Sehon, Sr.               Grundhoefer
                                                                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. David L. Seida                 Silver Eagle Distributors, LP
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Seidel                 Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Silverman
                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Elaine Seidel                          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Silverstein
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Seiden                  Ms. Jennie M. Simmons
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Seidenberger         The Matthew R. Simmons Family
                                                                                                                                 Mr. Terry Seitz                             Mr. Richard Simmons
     Game, set, match                                                                                                            Thomas Seitz, McKinsey & Company, Inc.      Mr. and Mrs. Scott Simmons
     MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital patient Wade Dillenbeck gets a ball signed by tennis                                 Lawrence K. Selan and Sharon                Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Simmons, Jr.
     pro Roger Federer during Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day, which helped kick off the 2010 u.S. open tennis
                                                                                                                                     Fortmeyer-Selan                         Mr. Tony A. Simmons
                                                                                                                                 Estate of Charles W. Selby                  Neal and Lourdes Simmons Foundation
     tournament in Flushing, N.y. Dillenbeck and other pediatric cancer patients had on-court seats at the                       The Honorable and Mrs. Kel Seliger          Mr. and Mrs. J. Peter Simon
     MD Anderson Performance Challenge, which featured some of the world’s top professional tennis                               Dr. Veronica Selinko-Curran and Mr.         Ms. Sydney Simons
     players. The event raised $15,000 for the Children’s Cancer Hospital.                                                           Michael F. Curran                       Mr. and Mrs. Henry Simpson
                                                                                                                                 The Sence Foundation                        Lela Walton Simpson
                                                                                                                                 Colonel Jan L. Senecal                      Ms. Ruth Simpson
                                                                                                                                 Mrs. Robin Overton Sengelmann               SIR Foundation
                                                                                                                                 Sense Corp Texas 4000 for Cancer            Sirtex Medical Inc.
     Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Rosen
     Dr. A. Everett Rosen & Ruth E. Rosen
                                               S                                       Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Sawyer
                                                                                       Mr. Jack Sawyer                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Senter              Mr. and Mrs. John J. Sisler
         Foundation                                                                    Mrs. Janice Z. Sayatovic                  Mr. James A. Serritella                     Ms. E. R. Sisson
     Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B. Rosenberg         Gita and Ali Saberioon                  Sazon Goya                                Mr. and Mrs. Vernon A. Sevier, Jr.          Mr. Bill Sjolander
     Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Rosenberg         Mr. Andrew E. Sabin                     Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Scales                Peggy and Carl Sewell                       Mr. and Mrs. Millard L. Skaggs
     Rozanne and Billy Rosenthal               Andrew Sabin Family Foundation          Ivy and Joe Scarpinato                    Sewell Infiniti                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Skalka
     Mr. David N. Rosner                       Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Sabo              Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Schade             Sewell Lexus                                Mr. and Mrs. Damir S. Skerl
     David N. Rosner Charitable Foundation     Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sadlek             Ms. Wanda J. Schaffner                    Sewell Village Cadillac                     Mr. and Mrs. James W. Skidmore
     Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Ross                Safeway Inc.                            Matt and Rosemary Schatzman               Mr. and Mrs. Rutherford Seydel              Ms. Lillian S. Skiles
     Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ross                Ms. Dorothy A. Saka                     Dr. Kenneth Schaufelberger                Estate of George M. Seymour                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Skinner
     Mr. William F. Ross                       Mrs. Frances M. Saladin                 Schecter Family Foundation                SGS Industrial Supplies                     Mr. and Mrs. Glenn H. Slaven
     Matthew and Jennifer Rosser               Mr. Luis Salas                          Mr. David R. Scheihagen                   SGV International, LLC                      Mr. and Mrs. Gene Sledge
     Mr. David Rossi                           Ms. Callie C. Saleski                   Dr. Paul Scheinberg                       Mr. and Mrs. Bobby S. Shackouls             Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Sledge
     Mrs. Jane Anderson Rote                   Salient Partners                        A.I. and Manet Schepps Foundation         The Shackouls Family Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Sliger
     Ms. Shirley Rothwell                      Salient Trust Company                   Bob and Patricia Schieffer                Shadywood Foundation                        Mrs. Barbara J. Sloan
     Mr. Charley H. Rougeau                    Salvatore Ferragamo                     Mr. Donald T. Schlattman                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Shaffer, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sloan
     Mr. and Mrs. Tyler W. Rounding            Mr. and Mrs. Rick Salwen                Mr. Thomas P. Schleich                    Mr. and Mrs. Mel A. Shaftel                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sloan
     Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Rountree              Mr. and Mrs. John A. Salzer III         Mr. and Mrs. Kurt R. Schliemann           Mr. and Mrs. Rajani Shah                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Small
     Jerome A. Rouse                           Mr. Cliff Samples                       Mr. and Mrs. Pierre M. Schlumberger       Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Shaheen               Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Smit
     Arch and Stella Rowan Foundation, Inc.    Earl C. Sams Foundation, Inc.           Schlumberger                              Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Shalek               Dr. Alfred R. Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. James W. Rowe                Mr. and Mrs. Michael Samulin            Ms. Susanne M. Schmelz                    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Shanklin              Mr. and Mrs. Bubba Smith
     Mrs. Beverly Rowlett                      San Antonio Area Foundation             Mr. Arthur W. Schmidt                     Mrs. Abie Shanks                            Mr. Chadbourne B. Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Rowling            Mr. and Mrs. Adalio T. Sanchez          Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Schmidt              Dr. and Mrs. Tzu-Fann Shao                  Estate of Ed A. Smith
     Rowling Foundation                        Mr. and Mrs. Tony Sanchez, Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Schmidt           Marc and Jeri Shapiro                       Mr. and Mrs. Ford Smith, Sr.
     Roy Gurley Oil & Gas                      Mr. and Mrs. Walton D. Sanchez          The Honorable and Mrs. Harvey A.          Mrs. Elayne J. Sharon                       Mr. and Mrs. Gene Smith
     Drs. Marc Rozner and Hazel Heddings       The A. R. “Tony” and Maria J. Sanchez        Schneider                            The Ruth C. and Charles S. Sharp            Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Smith
     RRP Cancer Foundation                         Family Foundation                   Mr. and Mrs. John D. Schoolfield              Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Smith, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rubenstein             Sandbaggers Inc.                        Mr. and Mrs. David Schott                 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Shaughnessy
                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. Henry A. Smith, Jr.
     The Jerry and Maury Rubenstein            Jack and Mary Baldwin Sanders           Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Schremp             Rosemary and Joseph Shaughnessy
                                                                                                                                                                             Joe H. Smith and Kent H. Smith
         Foundation                            Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sanders                Colonel Eldor H. Schueler                 Estate of Leo N. Shaver, Jr.
                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Joe H. Smith
     Max and Ruth Rumelhart                    Mr. Kenneth W. Sanders                  Ms. Laura Schuhmacher                     Beth and David Shaw
                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Kent H. Smith
     Estate of William A. Runnels III          Mr. and Mrs. Lewis A. Sanders           Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Schultz           Mr. and Mrs. Wiley S. Shaw
                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Laloo G. Rupani              Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sanders            Dr. Maria Schumacher and Dr. Richard      Mr. and Mrs. Randall S. Shawell
                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Lance Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Ruppert            Mr. and Mrs. Roy I. Sandoval                 G. Brennan                           Shawnee Mission West High School
                                                                                                                                                                             Larry J. and Marsha Smith
     Mr. W. Marvin Rush                        Mr. and Mrs. George P. SanFilippo       Schwab Charitable Fund                    Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Sheedy
                                                                                                                                                                             Mrs. Lura B. Smith
     Mr. James Russell                         sanofi-aventis U.S.                     Mary R. Schwartz M.D.                     The Sheedy Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                             Mr. Marvin L. Smith, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. John L. Russell              SARC (Sarcoma Alliance for Research     Mrs. William A. Schwartz                  Mr. and Mrs. Myron M. Sheinfeld
                                                   through Collaboration)                                                                                                    Mr. Marvin L. Smith III
     Ms. Sharan Russell                                                                The William A. Schwartz Family Research   Mrs. Jeanne F. Shelby
                                               Sarcoma Research Foundation                  Fund of the Jewish Federation of                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Mel Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rutenis                                                                                                   Mr. Patrick B. Shelby
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Sarofim             Greater Atlanta                                                                  Mr. Noel E. Smith, Jr.
     Paul Rutenis Research Fund                                                                                                  Shell Oil Company Foundation
                                               Mr. Fayez S. Sarofim                    Alan and Marilyn Schwedel                                                             Mr. Randlow Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Keith Rutherford                                                                                               Shell Pipeline Company LP
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Laurence R. Saslaw         Mr. John C. Schweitzer                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Patrick R. Rutherford, Jr.                                                                                     Mr. Raymond Shelley
                                               Mrs. Annwin Sather                      The Schweitzer Family Foundation                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Smith
     Rutherford Oil Corporation                                                                                                  Mrs. Ouita R. Shelton
                                               Dr. and Mrs. William C. Satterfield     Mr. and Mrs. Todson B. Schweizer                                                      Ms. Sherria K. Smith
     Kathryn and Patrick W. Ryan                                                                                                 Ms. Lucille Sheng
                                               Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM/   Science Park - Research Division                                                      Mr. Stephen F. Smith
     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Rybarski                                                                                             Mr. Glen Shepard
                                                   MOHE - I)                           Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Scott                                                              Mr. Stuart H. Smith
     Ryland Title Company                                                                                                        Ms. Cynthia S. Sheridan
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sauer                Mrs. Barbara W. Scott                                                                 Mr. Terence J. Smith
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. George V. Sherman, Jr.
                                               Mr. Richard S. Sauers                   Mr. Thomas D. Scott                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Smith
                                                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sherry
                                               Mr. and Mrs. John T. Saunders, Jr.                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Warren H. Smith

                                                                                                                 MD Anderson Cancer Center Annual Report 2009 – 2010

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Smith
Clara B. & W. Aubrey Smith Charitable
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Phil Steinberg
                                         Ron and Phyllis Steinhart               Gretchen Swanson Family Foundation,
                                                                                                                          Thank Heaven Foundation
                                                                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Theriault
    Foundation                           Dr. Fred Steinman and Mrs. Robyn            Inc.                                 Mrs. Castine B. Theriot
Vivian L. Smith Foundation                    Steinman                           Mrs. Alice M. Sweeney                    ThermOptics                           U.S. Quality Furniture Services, Inc.
The William A. and Madeline Welder       Estate of Stephanie C. Stelter          Mr. and Mrs. John W. Sweeney III         Mr. Edward E. Thiele                  U.S.A. Sports, Inc.
    Smith Foundation                     Mr. James L. Stembridge                 Mr. and Mrs. Virgil N. Swift                                                   UBM Medica LLC
                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thoburn
Smith, Graham & Company                  Mr. and Mrs. John D. Stenson            Mr. Kent M. Swig                                                               Mr. and Mrs. D. R. “Tom” Uher
                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine M. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Smouse            Dr. Maria Stephan-Laham and Dr.         Ms. Kimberlee Swig                                                             Mr. and Mrs. James I. Uihlein
                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. John W. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Snead                  James L. Laham                     Roselyne Chroman Swig                                                          Robert A. Uihlein Foundation
                                                                                                                          Myra and Eb Thomas
Ms. Sarah Snell and Mr. James            Mr. and Mrs. James M. Stephenson        The Swig Foundation                                                            Mr. Marc Ulbrich
    Blackwell                                                                                                             Thomas & Farr Agency, Inc.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Stephenson      Mr. Mark Swim                                                                  Ms. Sharon S. Umphenour
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Snell                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Hall W. Thompson
                                         The Sterling-Turner Foundation          Swingle, Collins & Associates                                                  Mr. Chip Underdown
Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Snyder                                                                                             Mr. James G. Thompson
                                         Ms. Donna M. Stevens                    Ms. Nettie Swinney                                                             Mr. and Mrs. David M. Underwood, Sr.
Mr. John C. Snyder                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jon L. Thompson
                                         Ms. Rena C. Stevens                     Gerald and Nancy Syler                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Unger
Estate of Oriel A. Snyder                                                                                                 Mrs. Kathy Thompson
                                         Mr. Richard F. Stevens                  Synovus                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ungerer
The Harry and Estelle Soicher                                                                                             Peggy and Jere Thompson
                                         Mr. John Stevenson and Ms. Robyn        Synthes Spine Co., LP                                                          United States Cancer Pain Relief
    Foundation                                Rothman                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Peter K. Thompson            Committee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Solberg                                                   SySCO Corporation                        Mrs. Raybourne Thompson, Sr.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Jed Stever                                                                                                United Way of Tri-State
Solid Systems CAD Services                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Antonio M. Szabo            Dr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Thomson
                                         The Marshall T. Steves Sr. Foundation                                                                                  Uniting Against Lung Cancer
The Somekh Family Foundation                                                     Mr. Charles W. Szuluk                    Mr. Laurence F. Thomson
                                         Mr. and Mrs. H. Leighton Steward                                                                                       Urban Concrete Contractors, Ltd.
Mr. Ronald J. Sommers, Jr.               Alan G. and Kathy Kurtin Stewart                                                 Patrick J. and Loretta Thornton       Vivian and Ignacio Urbieta Jr.
Mrs. Terry Sonnevil                      Mr. and Mrs. Douglass M. Stewart                                                 Dr. and Mrs. William E. Thornton
Sooner Pipe, LLC                         Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Stiefel
                                                                                 T                                        Mr. Jeffrey Thorp
                                                                                                                                                                Urbieta Family Fund for Colon Cancer
                                                                                                                                                                    Research Foundation
South Carolina Christian Foundation      Mr. and Mrs. C. David Stinson                                                    Ms. Mary L. Thorstenberg              Mr. John A. Urquhart
South Texas Money Management,            Mike and Pamela Stinson                 T.R.U.E. Research Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Threet
    LTD.                                                                         Mr. Matthew Tabak                        Mr. R. Michael Throne
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Stobaugh
Southwest Airlines Co.
Dr. and Mrs. David T. Sowa
                                         Mr. Michael M. Stoeger                  Mr. Robert Tabak                         Mr. and Mrs. Brian Thurman            V
                                         Dr. and Mrs. Steven M. Stoltz           Mrs. Elizabeth y. Taber                  Ms. Leslie Thurmond
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Spaeth                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Tabor, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. Norris Tibbetts
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Francis M. Stone, Jr.                                                                                     The V Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bill J. Sparks                                                      Tag Petroleum, Inc.                      Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tickman
                                         Sheri Hirschfield Stone                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Ken J. Valach
Ruth Parr Sparks Foundation                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Ali Taghdisi                Mrs. Donna Tiede
                                         Mr. Michael J. Stonehocker                                                                                             Valco Instruments Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David Spaw                                                          Sharon and J. Michael Talbert            Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Tillman
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Storey, Sr.                                                                                     The Vale-Asche Foundation
Mrs. Heather F. Spector                                                          Mrs. Zoe Talbert                         Tioga Foundation
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. Stovall, Jr.                                                                                      Jose L. Valencia, M.D.
Spectra Energy Foundation                                                        Mrs. Mary Lynn Talbot-Davidson and       Tipton Asset Group, Inc.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. H. James Stover                                                                                           Ms. Lori Valencic and Mr. William D.
Mr. James E. Speedy                                                                  Mr. William F. Davidson              Ms. Karen Toda and Mr. Douglas Kaye       Pellerin
                                         Mr. and Mrs. George W. Strake, Jr.
Mr. Roger W. Speer                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Talbott             Dr. Teresa M. Todd and Dr. David      Ms. Martha Jane Valent
                                         Strake Foundation
Mr. William T. Speller                                                           Ms. Denell Tallackson                        L. Todd                           Valero Energy Foundation
                                         Mr. Dave Straub
Mary John Spence                                                                 Mr. G. R. Talley                         Todd Family Charitable Foundation     VALIC
                                         Lauri Strauss Leukemia Foundation
Ms. D. Laurie Spencer                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Talley             Mr. and Mrs. Bill Toller              Mr. and Mrs. Tony Vallone
                                         Mr. F. W. Straw
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Spencer                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Tallman           The Toller Family Foundation, Inc.    Mr. and Mrs. Vern L. Van Bebber
                                         Bill and Lindy Street
Mr. Melvin D. Spencer                                                            Bob Tallman’s Charities, Inc.            Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tondu                The Honorable Leticia Van De Putte
                                         Jannette and Gerald Streit
Lee and Sheryl Spielman                                                          Mr. Bruce A. Tankleff                    Toney Construction Services Inc.      Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Van Deventer
                                         Ms. Suzanna Stribling and Mr. Robert
Mr. and Mrs. Jan W. Spin                      G. Rubin                           Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Tanner             Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research       Mr. and Mrs. Henri Van Dierdonck
Mr. and Mrs. Joel I. Spira               Ms. Susan E. Strieter                   Mr. and Mrs. Jim L. Tanner, Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. Michael Toomey           Ms. Margaret F. Van Dolsen
The Joel & Brenda Spira Foundation       Mr. John N. Strnadel                    Mr. and Mrs. Alan S. Taper               Mrs. Shirley W. Toomim                Roger and Diana Van Duzer
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Spitler          Dr. and Mrs. David R. Strome            Mrs. Beatrice B. Taplin                  Mr. and Mrs. Steve J. Torbeck         Ronald and Deborah Van Ness
SPJST Lodge No. 88                       Ms. Lori Stroud                         Mrs. Polly T. Taplin                     Mr. and Mrs. Donaldo E. Torres        Dr. William R. Vance
Dr. Craig A. Spletzer                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Strunk             Thomas and Beatrice Taplin Fund of       TOSA Foundation                       Mr. William L. Vancil
Mrs. Mary F. Spletzer                                                                The Denver Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. Leon Toubin
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Steven C. Stryker                                                                                         Mr. Thomas Vandenberg
Mr. Charles Sporck                                                               Target Corporation                       Mr. Steven Town
                                         Stryker Orthopaedics                                                                                                   Mrs. Eleanor Vandeventer
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Springmeyer                                                    Target Insurance Services                Mrs. Sibyl V. Townes
                                         Mr. Michael D. Stuart                                                                                                  Vanguard Charitable Endowment
SSS Foundation                                                                   Dr. Nancy Tarrand and Dr. Jeffrey J.     Jean and Severn Townsend                  Program
                                         Mr. Timothy L. Stuart                       Tarrand
St. Baldrick’s Foundation                Mr. and Mrs. James E. Stueve                                                     Mrs. Sachiko P. Toy                   Mr. and Mrs. William W. Vann
                                                                                 Judy and Charles Tate                    TracyLocke
Mr. Jack B. St. Clair                    Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Stutes                                                                                          The Vanneck Bailey Foundation
                                                                                 Bonnie and George Taubel                 Mr. Alan S. Trager
St. Jude Medical, Inc.                   Mrs. Martha H. Styner                                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Adalberto Vara
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. David W. Tauber, Sr.        Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Train
St. Mark’s Episcopal School              Mr. and Mrs. Randy L. Subers                                                                                           Mr. Constantin W. Vaseliades
                                                                                 The Taurus Corporation                   Mr. William L. Transier
St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church   Mr. and Mrs. Calvin H. Sugg, Jr.                                                                                       Susan and Gene Vaughan
                                                                                 Richard and Leanne Tavoso                Transocean Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Stan St. Pierre             Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sullivan                                                                                           VCFO
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Hollis M. Taylor            The Traveling Skillet
Stan and Suzanne St. Pierre              Mrs. Jeanne M. Sullivan                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. William P. Verbout
    Foundation                                                                   Mr. John S. Taylor                       Mr. Clayton Trent, Sr.
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sullivan, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Teel                                                    Dr. Kathleen S. Verderber and Dr.
St. Thomas’ Episcopal School                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. D. Michael Trent             Rudolph F. Verderber
                                         Dr. Abdul Aziz Sultan                   Tejas Acres Ranch
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Stading                                                                                                  Sidney and Pamela Trest               Veritas Institute
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Summers               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Tella, II
Dr. and Mrs. Gregg A. Staerkel                                                                                            Trio Electric Ltd.                    Verizon Foundation
                                         Mrs. Kimberly H. Summers                Ms. Nancee J. Temple
Mrs. Claudia J. Stafford                                                                                                  Mrs. Betty H. Trover                  Ms. Mary Shelton Simpson Vescovo
                                         Summit Electric Supply                  Mr. Robert N. Tenczar
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Stafford                                                                                               J. M. Trow                            Mr. Samuel H. Vester, Jr.
                                         Mrs. Betty J. Summitt                   David B. Terk Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Allen C. Staggers, Jr.                                                                                       Mr. and Mrs. John C. Trudeau          VHA Inc.
                                         Mr. Joe Chat Sumner, III                Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Terrill
Mr. Hugh I. Stahlman III                                                                                                  Mr. John Tucker                       Ms. Nancy B. Viator
                                         Mr. and Mrs. Tom G. Sumner              The Denise Terrill NF Charity Classics
Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Staible                                                                                              Drs. Mark and Tina Tucker             Vicon Equipment Inc.
                                         Mr. Cal Sumrall                             Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Stakes                                                                                             Stephanie and Brad Tucker             Vidacare
                                         Sunbelt Reporting & Litigation          Mike and Mary Terry
Mary J. and Paul D. Stang                     Services                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Ellis L. Tudzin          Video Land
                                                                                 Mr. Wayne H. Teumer
Mrs. Rosalie Stanke-Garvin               Mr. Royce R. Sunday                                                              Tulsa Community Foundation            Helen R. Viereck
                                                                                 Tex US TOO
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Stanley          Mr. Charles Sunderland                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Turner       Mrs. George F. Vietor
                                                                                 Texas Business Women, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Stansill            The Sunderland Foundation                                                        Mr. Matthew Garrett Turner            Vince Lombardo Run for Hope
                                                                                 Texas Industries, Inc.
Mr. Michael L. Stanwood                  Mrs. Margaret C. Sunderman                                                       Turner and Townsend, Inc.             A.P. “Skip” Viragh
                                                                                 Texas Instruments Foundation
Star Home Comfort                        Scott A. Sundet and Cindy Trosen            Educational Matching Gift Program    Turner Foundation Inc.                Vista Research
Mr. and Mrs. George Stark                     Sundet DDS                         Texas Medical Distributors, Inc.         Mr. Robert C. Turnham, Sr.            Vital Care Charitable Foundation Inc.
Stark Community Foundation               Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Sunwall            Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation       Turn-Tex Machine & Tool, Inc.         Vitol Inc.
Ms. Ann Starr and Mr. Oz Nelson          Mrs. Dolores L. Sura                    Texas Pain Society                       Mr. Jack A. Turpin                    Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Starr            Susan D. Wiley Insurance Agency, Inc.   Texas Prairie Land Foundation            Mrs. Vernita J. Turpin                Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Vogt
State Employee Charitable Campaign       Sutaruk Foundation                      Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation        Mr. William H. Tyler                  Mr. and Mrs. Kurt von Plonski
Mr. and Mrs. Dean C. Stavinoha           Mr. and Mrs. John L. Sutey              Texas Self Storage Association, Inc.     Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael Tyson         Mrs. Wilma Voss
Mr. and Mrs. Gustave R. Steenborg        Mr. and Mrs. James D. Sutton            Textron Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Stehling         Kathy and Mike Sutton                   TFWC Jasper Woman’s Civic Club
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Stein            Mrs. Beth C. Swalm                      TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company
Mr. and Mrs. David Steinberg             Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Swanson            Mr. Chester Allen Thames, Jr.


                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Williams
                                                                                                                           Gene and Colleen Williams
                                                                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Glen N. Williams
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Williams             Xcenda
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. James P. Williams          XTO Energy Inc.
                                                                                                                           Dr. Jimmy C. Williams
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John D. Williams, Sr.
                                                                                                                           Sheridan and John Eddie Williams, Jr.   y
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Williams
                                                                                                                           Kenneth C. and Theresa S. Williams      Miss young L. yang
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Kent Williams              Mr. and Mrs. Bill O. yant
                                                                                                                           Mr. Laney P. Williams                   Mr. Fernando A. yarrito
                                                                                                                           Margaret Alkek Williams                 Mr. and Mrs. Danny yates
                                                                                                                           Estate of Mary F. Williams              Dr. James R. yates and Dr. Alba A.
                                                                                                                           Mrs. Michel H. Williams                     Ortiz
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Williams, Jr.    Dr. Neshat yazdi
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Williams             Mr. and Mrs. Kyle yeates
                                                                                                                           Tyrous R. and Ruth F. Williams          Sonia and Gary yeck
                                                                                                                               Charitable Trust                    Estate of Bonnie Mae young
                                                                                                                           Williams Companies, Inc.                Ms. DeLois C. young
                                                                                                                           The Paul J. Williams Foundation         Mr. James J. young
                                                                                                                           Williams Scotsman International, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. young
                                                                                                                           Barbara and Jim Williamson              Dr. Paul young and Mrs. Susan Torn
                                                                                                                           Dr. and Mrs. Hugh J. Williamson             young
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Truett Williford           young Texans Against Cancer
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John C. Willingham         Mr. and Mrs. Glenn A. youngkin
 Indoor playground                                                                                                         Mr. James A. Willis                     Mrs. Sandra Graham younts
 Children navigate traffic at the Little Galleria play area in the Houston Galleria®. The new indoor area                  Wilmington Trust Company                Ms. Meiling yu
 for children includes miniature versions of landmark Galleria retail stores such as Neiman Marcus,                        Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand A. Wilson         yurman Design, Inc.
 Nordstrom, Macy’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. Little Galleria was created from a partnership between                           Mr. and Mrs. Clyde H. Wilson, Jr.
 MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital and Simon Property Group inc., owners of the Galleria.                             Mr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Wilson
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Herman T. Wilson, Jr.      Z
                                                                                                                           Ms. Mary Wilson
                                                                                                                           Ms. Paula C. Wilson                     The Zaban Foundation
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Wilson           Zachry Industrial, Inc.
     W                                       Mrs. Cathryn Waters
                                                                                  Western Container Corporation
                                                                                  Mr. Norden Wetstone
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Wallace S. Wilson          Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Zager
                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Winkler III      Zaplin-Lampert Gallery, Inc.
                                             Ms. Amanda Watford                   Mr. and Mrs. R. Graham Whaling           Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Winkler         Henry Zarrow
     Mark and Debbie Waage                   Dr. and Mrs. David L. Watkins        Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. Whatley
     Wachovia Foundation                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Winnike         Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zarrow
                                             Watkins, Lourie, Roll & Chance, PC   Mrs. Mae Dean Wheeler                    Dr. J. David Winningham                 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart A. Zarrow
     Mr. and Mrs. Neal O. Wade III           Mr. Eddie Watson                     Lt. Col. and Mrs. Robert A. Wheeless,
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Wade                                                                                          Mrs. Judith Winograd                    Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family
                                             The Honorable and Mrs. Kirk Watson       Jr.                                                                              Foundation
     Susan Roberson Wade Memorial                                                 Mr. Nicholas H. Wheless, Jr.             The Winokur Family Foundation, Inc.
         Car Rally                           Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Watson                                                 Winstead PC                             The Anne and Henry Zarrow
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Watt III     Mr. and Mrs. William M. Wheless IV                                                   Foundation
     Mrs. Ann Wadlington                                                          The Wheless Foundation                   Mrs. Candace Winter
                                             Mr. Philip C. Watt                                                                                                    Mr. John Zavitsanos
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waechter                                                 Mr. Bobby T. White                       The David C. Winter Charity, Inc.
                                             Ms. Marilyn Kay Watts                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Zbar
     Waffle House                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. David H. White              Mr. Tom G. Winterton
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Jim C. Weatherly                                                                                         Ferrin Randall Zeitlin Foundation for
     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Wagner                                                David Harrell White                      Wipe Out Cancer Foundation                  Sarcoma Research
     Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wagner          Mr. and Mrs. James Conrad Weaver                                              Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wise
                                             Dr. and Mrs. William R. Weaver       Mr. and Mrs. James E. White, Jr.                                                 Jori Zemel Children’s Bone Cancer
     Mr. and Mrs. Walter Waguespack                                               Mr. and Mrs. Larry N. White              Marie F. Wise                               Foundation
     The Honorable and Mrs. Stephen A.       The Gil & Dody Weaver Foundation                                              Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wise            Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Zenthoefer
         Wakefield                           Mr. and Mrs. John R. Webb            Dr. Lois White and Dr. John Medlin
                                                                                      White                                Watson W. Wise Foundation               Zeta Tau Alpha Foundation, Inc.
     Mr. Tommy Wald                          Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Webb                                                  Dr. and Mrs. James F. Wittmer           Mr. Paul Ziegler
                                                                                  Mrs. Raye G. White
     Mrs. Charlie Walden                     Webberville Propane, Inc.                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Brad Witty                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ziegler
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. White
     Sharon and Bob Waldron                  Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Keith Weber                                              Mr. Michael Woinsky                     Mr. and Mrs. Scott C. Zifferer
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Russell W. White
     Mr. and Mrs. Foster Walker III          Mr. and Mrs. William M. Weber                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Wolf               Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Zimmerman, Jr.
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Lowell D. Whitlock III
     Dr. and Mrs. J. Mike Walker             Weber Family Foundation                                                       Dr. Judith K. Wolf                      Mr. Ronald R. Zimmerman
                                                                                  The Honorable John Whitmire
     Mr. Ralph Walker                        Joan and Michael Wechsler                                                     Ms. Judith Wolfe and Mr. Robin          Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Zimmerman
                                                                                  Meredith Whitney
     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Walker           Mr. and Mrs. Valyn E. Weekly                                                      Richmond                            Mrs. Connie Ziober
                                                                                  Whitney Bank
     Mr. and Mrs. Allen Wall                 Mr. and Mrs. U. Roger Weems                                                   Cyvia & Melvyn Wolff                    Mr. and Mrs. Frank M. Zoch
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Don R. Whitten
     Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wall                   Mr. and Mrs. James P. Weidener                                                Mr. and Mrs. David S. Wolff             Mr. and Mrs. William C. Zollner
                                                                                  WHR Architects, Inc.
     Mrs. Dwane L. Wallace                   Mr. and Mrs. S. Conrad Weil, Jr.                                              Mr. Gerry Wolken                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Zorich
                                                                                  Wig World
     Mr. and Mrs. H. Dalton Wallace          Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Weiner                                                 Mr. and Mrs. H. H. “Tripp” Wommack      Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Zorn
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Denny Wigbels
     Wayne and Margaret Wallace              Emily Weingarten                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Don M. Woo                 Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Zowine
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Wigbels
     Dwane L. and Velma Lunt Wallace         The Weingarten Schnitzer Family                                               Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Wood              Mr. and Mrs. Joe Zuber
         Charitable Foundation                                                    Ms. Deanna A. Wilbourn
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Kevin F. Weinrich                                                Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Wood            Mr. and Mrs. James W. Zug
     Wallgren Environmental Services, Inc.                                        Ms. Barbara Wilcox
                                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Weintraub                                                Mr. Larry D. Wood                       Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Zullo
     Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Wallon                                               Dr. Jean Wildberg
                                             Joseph Weintraub Family Foundation                                            Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Wood            Dr. and Mrs. Fernando J. Zuniga y
     Wall’s Gator Farms, LLC                                                      Mrs. Helen B. Wiley
                                             Miss Lauren A. Weiser                                                         Mr. and Mrs. William A. Wood III            Rivero
     Wal-Mart /Sam’s Club Foundation                                              Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Wiley
                                             Mr. Charles S. Weiss                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Brad Woodard               Mr. X. Kembo Zunzanyika
     Mr. F. Howard Walsh III                                                      Ms. Susan D. Wiley
                                             Ms. Laurie A. Weiss                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Woodfin            Dr. and Mrs. Arnold Zweig
     The Walsh Foundation                                                         Mr. Johnathan N. Wilhelm
                                             Mr. and Mrs. John Welch                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Allan Woodruff             Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Zweig
     Ms. Elisse B. Walter and Mr. Ronald                                          Mrs. Dolores K. Wilkenfeld
                                             James and Jane Welch Foundation                                               Mr. and Mrs. James D. Woods             Susan Ellman Zweig Endowment
         Stern                                                                    Mrs. Margaret M. Wilkerson
                                             The Robert A. Welch Foundation                                                Ms. Kendall Woods                           Philanthropic Fund of the Jewish
     Mr. and Mrs. John T. Walter, Jr.                                             Mr. James E. Wilkes
                                             Carole and D. Brent Wells                                                     Dr. Kendra V. Woods and Mr. Brent           Federation of Greater Atlanta
     Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Walter III                                            Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Wilkes                 P. Francis
                                             Wells Design/Jerry Jeanmard, Inc.
     Walter A. Smith Enterprises, Inc.                                            Mr. and Mrs. William D. Wilkin           Ms. Kirby Woodson
                                             Employees of Wells Fargo
     Walter Oil & Gas Corporation                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wilkinson            Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Woolfolk
                                             Wells Fargo Foundation
     Walter P. Moore and Associates, Inc.                                         Dr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Wilks            Henry N. Worrest
                                             Mr. and Mrs. David D. Welsh
     Ms. Qingsu Wang and Mr. John G.                                              Dr. and Mrs. W. Darrell Willerson, Jr.   Arthur and Janet Wright
         Zvonar                              Rosemary and Bruce Wentworth
                                                                                  Ms. Beth Williams                        Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Wright, Jr.
     Mr. Albert J. Ward, Jr.                 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Werlin, Jr.                                                                                       every attempt has been made to
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Williams         Mrs. Marla L. Wright
     Mr. and Mrs. William C. Ward            Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Werner                                                                                        ensure the accuracy of this list.
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Chris Williams              Dr. Ching-yuan Wu
     Mr. and Mrs. John A. Warner             Mr. and Mrs. Lon T. Werner                                                                                            if an error has been made, please
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Clayton W. Williams, Jr.    WWWW Foundation, Inc. (QuadW)
     Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Warren              Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Wessinger                                                                                      contact the Development office
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. E. Wayne Williams, Jr.      Wyle Laboratories
     Washington Plate Printers Union         West Michigan Christian Foundation
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Earle C. Williams           Wynne & Wynne LLP                       at 713-792-3450.
     Mr. and Mrs. Steven H. Wasserman        Mr. Warren G. Wester


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