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_________________________________                   elected from the student body and are
                                                    generally a mix of both traditional and
Student Services and Student Leadership             nontraditional students. The Director of
                                                    Student Services is the advisor for the
The Student Services Division is an integral        Student Senate. Funding for extra- and co-
component in the education and growth of            curricular activities on campus is derived
students at the University of Maine at Fort         from student activity fees paid by individual
Kent. Student Services personnel strive to          students. The Student Senate constitution
foster and enhance the academic and social          and bylaws are comprehensive and complete
development of all students in a safe,              (Exhibit 3.14: Student Senate Constitution,
supportive, and intellectually stimulating          Bylaws, and Minutes).
campus environment. Philosophies guiding
student services are found in the Student           Student Senate Website
Services Mission Statement and Core       
Values (Appendix 6.01: Student Success
and Advising Plan). The statement and core          Students have opportunities to create their
values guide all members of the Student             own organizations and clubs according to
Services staff in their work with students.         their own interests. Examples of UMFK
                                                    clubs and organizations from the past and
UMFK maintains convenient campus                    present are: Earth Club, Non-Traditional
services and programs that support students’        Students Club, Diversity Club, Kappa Delta
basic needs in all areas of University life         Phi and Kappa Rho, Newman Club, Student
while encouraging students to take personal         Nurses Organization (SNO), and Student
responsibility for their academic and social        Teachers Educational Professional Society
behavior. Personnel in the Student Services         (STEPS). Details of each of these
Office are available for consultation about         organizations and clubs are available on the
any question or problem a student may have.         student services website.
Student Services foster student enrichment
through co-curricular activities, extra-            Student Equal Opportunity, Diversity,
curricular activities, diversity programming,       Learning, and Physical Needs
wellness programming, and student clubs
and organizations (Exhibit 6.01: Student            UMFK does not discriminate on the grounds
Services Information).                              of race, color, religion, sex, sexual
                                                    orientation, national origin, citizenship
Student Services Website                            status, age, disability, or veterans’ status in                 employment, admissions, education, and all
                                                    other areas of University of Maine System
The Student Senate is the student                   (UMS). UMFK encourages diversity
government organization at UMFK. The                through the recruitment of American and
Senate is an elected group of students              international students as well as through
comprised of 17 seats. Student senators are
Chapter 6: Student Services                     1
recruitment of faculty with diverse                  financing higher education at UMFK.
backgrounds.                                         Financial assistance is provided by
                                                     institutional, federal, and state funds in the
Students with a documented disability, who           form of grants, scholarships, tuition waivers,
need academic accommodations, are                    loans, and work opportunities.
strongly encouraged to meet with an                  Approximately 80% of students receive
Academic and Counseling Services (ACS)               financial assistance each year and over $4.1
representative to develop a plan for their           million was administered by this office in
accommodations. ACS also includes                    AY 2004-2005. Awards are determined in
tutoring, career development, counseling,            accordance with the U.S. Department of
placement testing, and remedial courses.             Education Federal Methodology and subject
These services are disseminated on the               to federal and state regulations, which
Internet as well as in the Student                   provide for a fair and equitable analysis and
Handbook/Academic Planner 2004-2005,                 monitoring of academic progress, among
page 22, and reviewed on a regular basis             other requirements.
with students to facilitate a shared learning
community and responsible citizenry                  Most awards are based on financial need.
(Exhibit 6.02: Academic & Counseling                 All eligible students must file the Free
Services, Student Handbook/                          Application for Federal Student Aid for
Academic Planner 2004-2005).                         consideration for federal, state, and
                                                     institutional funds. UMFK and UMS also
Academic and Counseling Services Website             provide scholarships from endowed funds.                    The criteria for these awards are published
                                                     in several places, including the UMFK
The UMFK Diversity Committee consists of             2005-2007 Catalog and the Financial Aid
a minimum of one member from each of the             Office website. In addition, UMS policies
educational divisions of the University,             and Maine laws provide for several
professional staff in the areas of Residential       programs of tuition waivers based on student
Life and Diversity programming, Library              qualifications. Financial aid services are
and Information Services, and Human                  publicized on the Internet as well as in the
Resources.                                           UMFK Student/Academic Planner 2003-
                                                     2004, page 25, and the UMFK 2005-2007
All of the academic divisions have                   Catalog (Exhibit 6.03: Financial Aid
incorporated classes into their curriculum           Reports and Audits; Exhibit 4.42: Scannell
that have a diversity component (Appendix            and Kurz, Inc. Report).
1.03: Institutional Performance Scorecard;
KPI 1.1-1.4).                                        Private scholarships donated to the UMFK
                                                     Foundation are invested through UMS
UMFK is small and students have one-on-              Offices. The spending policy for these funds
one interaction with Student Services staff.         is determined by the Board of Trustees
The staff makes qualitative assessments              (BOT) and currently calls for a spending
including student needs, student trends, and         level of 5% of a three year rolling average.
overall student population characteristics.          This is consistent with national norms. The
The staff then uses this information to make         earned return on these endowed funds
provisions to ensure academic and social             during FY 2005 was 19%.
                                                     Financial Aid Website
Financial Aid                              

The Financial Aid Office provides                    Federal work-study funds are supplemented
information and counseling in the area of            by institutionally supported work

Chapter 6: Student Services                      2
opportunities. Guideline manuals for student
work-study employees and supervisors are              Academic advisement on campus is a multi-
published and distributed every year and are          faceted process that includes the cooperation
available on the UMFK website (Exhibit                of individual faculty and staff members and
6.04: Work Study Guideline Manuals).                  academic divisions. The purpose of the
                                                      advising program is to guide students
Work Study Employer Guide for Supervisors             through their academic progression, campus         socialization, and career exploration
mpgd.pdf                                              (Appendix 6.01). Faculty and student roles
                                                      in academic advising are also described in
                                                      the Student Handbook/Academic Planner
Work Study Employment Guide for Students       2004-2005, page 11 and are available online.
                                                      Academic Advising Website
Student Orientation, Advisement, Career     
Planning, Health Services, and Residential
                                                      The Office of Student Services and the
                                                      Office of Academic and Counseling
The University provides new students with             Services are the two entities most involved
an array of programs to prepare them for a            in career planning and placement on
positive experience at this institution. This         campus. Basic services such as resume
includes an early academic scheduling                 preparation, interviewing skills, and job
process for all in-coming students that               placement are shared by the personnel in
focuses on the individual needs of each               these offices. The new Student Success
student. Students are provided the                    Coordinator is the position that will bring
opportunity to learn more about the campus,           both of these areas into focus on student
its people, and its programs at an extensive          needs.
fall (and a briefer program for spring
admits) orientation program (Exhibit 6.05:            Career Center Resources Website
Orientation Program Schedule), which is     
also described in the Student Handbook/
Academic Planner 2004-2005, page 47.                  Student Services provides for basic health
                                                      and dining needs as well as orientation and
Orientation Website                                   services related to off-campus housing and        residential life. Students who choose to live
/                                                     on campus can opt to reside in one of three
                                                      residence halls with a total capacity of 300.
All first year freshmen are required to               Residential Life professional and student
complete a three-credit First Year                    staff enforce residence halls policies,
Experience (FYE) program titled                       provide counsel, and generate extensive
“Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes for                 hall-related programming including extra-
Success.” This three credit course is                 curricular, diversity, and wellness
designed to introduce students to effective           programming.
academic and social strategies for use in
their development as students and as                  Students have access to a state of the art
citizens. The course focuses on crucial               primary health care clinic on campus. The
knowledge and skill areas that are necessary          clinic, which is a contracted service with
for the success of all students in their              local health care providers, provides a wide-
academic and social experiences (Exhibit              range of physical and psychological health
4.25: HUM 102: Knowledge, Skills, and                 care services on a walk-in clinical basis. In
Attitudes for Success Syllabus).
Chapter 6: Student Services                       3
addition, the Office of Academic and                 6.07: NSSE 2004 Mean Comparison
Counseling Services counselors, Student              Report; Sections 6 & 7).
Services staff, and Residential Life staff
provide basic personal counseling to                 Student Services Training, Facilities, and
students in need.                                    Funding

Residential Life Website                             The University makes a special effort to hire          experienced personnel to work in the
                                                     Division of Student Services. These
Health Clinic Website           employees receive a great deal of their
                                                     student service training on the job. Student
Athletics                                            Services staff are also active participants in
                                                     system-wide training and conferences, and
                                                     many are members of professional
Intramural and Intercollegiate Athletics are a
part of the recreational program available at
UMFK. The campus is affiliated with the
                                                     Student Services facilities include three
National Association of Intercollegiate
                                                     residence halls; one of which is brand new, a
Athletics (NAIA) and is a member of the
                                                     dining facility, a full service sports complex,
Sunrise Conference. UMFK offers men’s
                                                     a bookstore/mailroom/ switchboard, a
and women’s soccer and basketball. Athletes
                                                     student health clinic, and numerous staff
are considered to be students first and
athletes second, and no athletic scholarships
are awarded. UMFK follows NAIA rules of              Student Ethical Standards, Rights, and
eligibility. Student data is reviewed each           Privacy
semester and reported through the Register’s
Office to the NAIA National Office. Student
athletes must meet minimum requirements              UMFK is in compliance with the UMS
in both GPA and credit hours. Further                Student Conduct Code. The UMS Student
information about athletics is available             Conduct Code seeks to promote the pursuit
online and in print (Exhibit 6.06: UMFK              of activities that contribute to the
Athletics).                                          intellectual, ethical, and physical
                                                     development of all students. It is expected
UMFK Athletics Website                               that all students will act with proper regard                 for the rights of all members of the UMFK
                                                     family. All policies relating to students are
Students who choose not to participate in the        published annually in the Student
intercollegiate options are given many other         Handbook/Academic Planner 2004-2005,
alternatives. Co-curricular activities are           (Exhibit: 6.02) and are available online. The
developed for both traditional and non-              handbook also includes pertinent
traditional students through the Athletics           information on campus and community
Department, Student Life, and the Distance           activities and resources.
Education and Academic Outreach Office.
UMFK offers intramural sports of all kinds           The institution is in compliance with the
as well as free access to the Gold Standard          Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
Weight Room, Cardiovascular Room,                    (FERPA). This act governs the security of a
racquetball and basketball courts, and the           student’s permanent academic record and
soccer field. Fort Kent’s rural setting also         personal information. UMFK is also in
gives students the opportunity to participate        compliance with the Health Information
in outdoor activities such as canoeing,              Portability and Accountability Act
climbing, snow shoeing, and skiing (Exhibit          (HIPAA), which governs safety and security

Chapter 6: Student Services                      4
of the student health information;                 6.10: Student Health Clinic Survey).
specifically, information attained at the          Recently, the entire campus has been
Student Health Clinic and by the                   surveyed with regards to their behaviors and
University’s Athletic Trainer; and the             attitudes regarding tobacco use and alcohol
Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act of the Federal            and drug use (Exhibit 6.11: Campus
Trade Commission (GLB-FTC), which                  Tobacco Use Survey; Exhibit 6.12: CORE
governs the safety and security of all             Alcohol and Drug Use Survey).
pertinent student financial information;
specifically, information attained in the
                                                   All Student Services staff members provide
University’s Financial Aid and Business
                                                   the Director of Student Services annually
Offices. The HIPAA policy is available
                                                   with affinity diagrams outlining goals and
online.                                            objectives for their programs.
HIPAA Policy Website

Student Services Evaluation
The Office of Student Services maintains
and publishes an annual report of campus           _________________________________
crime activity as required by the Cleary Act
of the Federal Government and manages all          Student Services and Student Leadership
documentation regarding international
students entering the United States (US) for       Over the past 10 years, UMFK has made
study at UMFK through the use of the               many improvements in co-curricular and
Department of Homeland Security’s SEVIS            extra-curricular activities as students would
System. This information is available online       frequently complain of “nothing to do.” This
at the Student Services website above and in       reaction may have reflected a lack of
the exhibit file (Exhibit 6.08: Campus             effective communication about what was
Crime and Security Report).                        available. Improvement in that area is an
                                                   ongoing effort. To that end, the Student
Recently the UMFK enrolled in the National         Services Office and the Student Senate
Survey for Student Engagement (Exhibit             informs students of student organizations
4.29: NSSE Institutional Report 2004). This        and upcoming activities at their website, and
survey is designed to provide information          students are also informed of campus events
about a student’s University experience,           through the University weekly newsletter,
views on the quality of the education              The Valley Vision Currents (Exhibit 6.13),
received, and how time was spent while at          as well as at the campus website.
UMFK. This program selects a
representative sample of UMFK’s first year         Student Equal Opportunity, Diversity,
students and graduating seniors to be              Learning, and Physical Needs
surveyed for purposes of external
benchmarking.                                      An important goal of the Diversity
                                                   Committee is to provide workshops for
The Office of Student Services uses a              faculty and staff on subjects that relate to
number of other assessment tools to provide        diversity topics. Accessibility to all areas of
information about student satisfaction with        campus for students with disabilities is
specific programs. On a semester basis,            another goal, which has not been achieved.
ARAMark Dining Services surveys meal
plan students (Exhibit 6.09: ARAMark
Survey) and the UMFK Health Clinic
surveys students on an annual basis (Exhibit

Chapter 6: Student Services                    5
                                                     achieving the greatest leverage possible
                                                     from student aid funds available. A campus
Financial Aid                                        visit by the firm occurred in March 2005 and
                                                     a follow up report was delivered in June.
The Financial Aid Office has gone through            The University’s financial aid program is
several changes since 1995. A major catalyst         subject to both annual and unscheduled
for these changes has been technology and            audits from the internal and independent
software. The office has worked toward a             auditors and federal and/or state program
more personalized service by reducing                reviews. (Exhibit 6.03: Financial Aid
paper, streamlining the application process,         Reports and Audits).
and using Web-based applications for
students to receive and download forms.
Students are now able to check their
financial aid status on-line, as well as check
and complete requirements. This past year,           Student Orientation, Advisement, Career
Student Personnel staff have conducted a             Planning, Health Services, and Residential
deliberate effort to push electronic mail use        Life
among students as a means of official
communication. Full use of data                      A new student Orientation Program is now
communication with lender, federal, and              being offered in January for students
state partners has allowed for timelier and          beginning in the spring semester, in addition
easier processing for students.                      to the September orientation session for
                                                     those starting in the fall. The new orientation
Financial Aid Office personnel are currently         program has been well received by students.
participating in the UMS conversion to the           The University is currently in the process of
PeopleSoft® integrated management system.            reviewing its entire academic advising
This process is expected to be completed in          program with the intent to assess the current
2010. At that time, the current financial aid        program’s strengths and weaknesses and
database system, Financier, will be retired.         make recommendations for its improvement.
In the meantime, with UMS approval, the              In addition, the career planning and
Financial Aid Office hopes to upgrade to the         placement services available on campus are
on-line version of Financier on a system-            being reviewed. Current services are limited
wide basis. The new integrated PeopleSoft®           and the campus would benefit from a career
data system will eliminate the multiple              planning professional.
systems currently used in admissions,
financial aid, registration, and billing, as         The student health clinic, which is a new
well as communication problems inherent in           service since the last accreditation visit, is
separate systems.                                    housed in the new state-of-the-art Northern
                                                     Maine Center for Rural Health in Nadeau
Financial Aid Office personnel participate in        Hall. The health clinic provides a
training opportunities offered by federal,           comprehensive array of primary health care
state, and professional organizations, as well       services free for UMFK students to include
as UMS PeopleSoft® training, where and               physical exams, pap smears, birth control
when budgets permit. The UMFK Director               counseling, tobacco cessation, basic
of Financial Aid currently co-chairs a state-        nutritional counseling, basic suturing,
wide committee examining future aid                  sexually transmitted disease (STD) checks,
strategies for UMS.                                  and treatment of upper respiratory and
                                                     urinary tract infections, orthopedic and
UMFK is currently participating in a review          sports injuries, and headaches.
by the firm of Scannell and Kurz to explore
whether UMS and individual campuses are
Chapter 6: Student Services                      6
The Health Clinic has seen increasing                and Lyndon State and Machias propose to
demands for psychiatric mental health                join NCAA in 2006 and 2007, respectively.
services (Exhibit 6.10: Student Health               Options open to UMFK are explored in the
Clinic Survey). Providing health and referral        projections section of this chapter.
information on the website would be
beneficial. The educational outreach                 Student Services Training, Facilities, and
activities beyond the health services are            Funding
limited by contract. Use of the American
College Health Association’s National                Student Services personnel attend local,
College Assessment would be helpful to               state, regional, and national workshops and
provide a campus population health                   conferences to keep them current in their
overview from which to guide services and            particular area of expertise and
programs.                                            responsibilities. Local employees provide
                                                     UMFK with a large contingent of bilingual
The University opened a new 150 bed                  staff members who work well with St. John
residence hall in August 2004 which doubles          Valley residents.
our on-campus student population.
                                                     Facilities and funding for student services
Athletics                                            are appropriate to meet basic student needs.
                                                     Increased funding is needed to provide
Dedicated recruitment of student athletes by         better advising and career planning and
both the Admissions Department and                   placement services.
athletic staff has built competitive teams as
well as added diversity to the overall student       Student Ethical Standards, Rights, and
body. The athletic program is balanced in            Privacy
both women’s and men’s sports. The
Athletics Department would benefit from a            Complete student life policies and
written plan to guide institutional budgetary        disciplinary procedures are contained in the
decisions for programmatic activities and            current Student Handbook/Academic
changes over the next several years.                 Planner 2004-2005, available online, and
                                                     the University of Maine System Student
The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is                 Conduct Code.
currently serving as the Acting Athletic
Director (AD). This was occasioned by the            Student Services Systematic Evaluation
departure of the AD in 2003. While straining
the demands on this individual, the structure        The campus is currently increasing the use
has enabled the institution to address a             of assessment instruments to provide student
number of management problems that                   services personnel with more quantitative
plagued the program.                                 data on which to base decisions. The NSSE
                                                     survey results were shared with faculty,
The President of UMFK is currently serving           staff, student leaders, and other important
as President of the Sunrise Conference of            groups who need to know what it is like to
the National Association of Intercollegiate          be an undergraduate at UMFK.
Athletics (NAIA) and has been active in
NAIA national activities. The Sunrise                Local surveys have been conducted on
Conference is in trouble as a number of              specific issues such as: the CORE Alcohol
institutions have shifted to the National            Survey, ARAMark Dining Survey, Tobacco
Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA),              Use on Campus Survey, and the Health
Division III. At this writing there are five         Clinic Survey.
institutions (the minimum allowed for
conference participation) in the conference
Chapter 6: Student Services                      7
The Office of Student Services is also
implementing an on-going program of                    The Financial Aid Office will make use of
student satisfaction focus groups for a                technology to improve channels of
number of campus cohorts. These include                communication with students, partners, and
groups representing: Non-Traditional                   with other campus personnel, although our
Students, Teacher Certification Students,              place in line for the PeopleSoft®
Transfer Students, FYE Students, Student               implementation is far in the future. The
Athletes, International Students,                      conversion will require extensive training
Commuters, and Residence Hall Students.                over the years of implementation, as well as
The information from these focus groups                interim patches as other modules become
will be collected and used to provide                  operational before us, to ensure a smooth
feedback for the improvement of campus                 transition.
programs and services.
                                                       A serious problem on the horizon is the
PROJECTION                                             proposed Federal redefinition of the Campus
_________________________________                      Based Funding allocation formula. The “Fair
                                                       Share” proposal as it now stands would
We will continue to provide an environment             reduce UMFK funding for these programs
that fosters intellectual and personal                 by approximately 80%. We continue to
development of students, as well as support            work with UMS lobbying personnel and our
opportunities for student leadership and               professional organizations (where possible)
participation in campus organizations and              to mitigate the negative outcome of any
governance.                                            changes.

An ongoing goal of UMFK is to increase the             During 2003-04, the Academic Advising
amount of diversity and civility issues                Task Force developed a plan for ongoing
discussed in classes and open forums by                review and improvement of the advising
providing a place conducive to higher                  process. One of the goals of the task force is
learning. UMFK is in the process of                    to implement a faculty development training
developing an international student                    day on the theme of student advising and
handbook and increasing the number of                  mentoring (Appendix Exhibit 6.01: Student
links for international and diversity students         Success and Advising Plan). UMFK 2003-
on the University website.                             2008 Strategic Plan highlights the need for
                                                       the implementation of a career planning and
UMFK, like most other universities, will be            placement professional. These two factors
challenged with the needs of “millennial               resulted in a decision in December 2004 to
generation” students. More emphasis will               move ahead with the hiring of a Student
need to be placed on faculty and staff                 Success Coordinator. The search was
training in the areas of learning disabilities         successful and that individual joined the
and academic accommodations. The campus                staff in July 2005.
will also need to place a greater emphasis on
student mental health services and                     Increasing demands for psychiatric mental
comprehensive student advisement.                      health services warranted the addition of
                                                       services provided by the Aroostook Mental
Providing workshops for faculty and staff on           Health Center. Initially, the educational
subjects that relate to diversity topics is also       outreach activities beyond the health
an important goal of the Diversity                     services were limited as the center had only
Committee (Appendix 1.03: Institutional                been open for two years; however, these
Performance Scorecard, KPI 4.1-4.26).                  activities are now expanding to include
                                                       campus health fairs and smoking cessation

Chapter 6: Student Services                        8
As noted, the Sunrise Conference may soon            fitness and wellness activities offered during
lose the majority of its member campuses             2004 expanded dramatically.
thus, requiring us to investigate other
possible conference memberships and/or               The Athletics Department is developing a
other significant structural changes in the          written plan to guide institutional budgetary
Athletics Department competition schedules.          decisions for travel and competition as a
                                                     member of the Sunrise Conference. We need
Options for UMFK include:                            to reduce the amount of money we spend on
    1. Shift to NCAA. We believe this
       would require fielding twelve teams.          The Office of Student Services maintains
       We are planning the addition of               and annually updates the online Student
       Nordic skiing and volleyball in the           Handbook/Academic Planner 2004-2005,
       fall of 2005.                                 which outlines the rights and responsibilities
    2. Shift downward to the National                of both on and off campus students.
       Small College Association. UMFK
       once belonged to this conference but          The information gathered by the NSSE and
       left because the level of competition         all other student affairs assessment tools will
       was not at our level. Most members            be useful in determining future directions in
       are community colleges. This is not           student programs and activities. We will use
       a desirable alternative.                      these data to evaluate the effectiveness of
    3. Find new members in the region.               our programs and suggest changes in
       We are working with the NAIA staff            practices necessary for an effective
       to contact prospective institutions.          undergraduate experience.
       Nationally, most NAIA members
       are small private schools.                                          ╪
    4. Create a Maine Conference. We
       have proposed this to the UMS
       Chancellor. A conference in Maine
       including the five non-division one
       institutions, plus Maine Maritime
       and small central Maine private
       institutions has the potential to save
       a great deal of money currently
       allocated to transportation. The
       Chancellor has tasked the President
       of UMFK to move ahead with a
       proposal for such a structure.
       Inquiries and a mailing in the spring
       of 2005 indicate clearly that this will
       be possible only if all participants
       are NCAA.

With the hiring of the Assistant Director of
Residential Life and Wellness
Programming, a tangible link has been
created between Student Services and
Athletics in that the wellness component of
this position will help in the development
and oversight of a more comprehensive
intramural sports program. The number of

Chapter 6: Student Services                      9

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