Glossary of Acronyms

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					                                                                                  GLOSSARY OF ACRONYMS

Glossary of Acronyms

      3G       Third Generation                                      CIAO      Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office

A                                                                     CIO      Chief Information Officer

      AD       Antidumping                                            CIP      Critical Infrastructure Protection

     ADP       Automated Data Processing                            CIPGP      Critical Infrastructure Protection Grants Program

    APEC       Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperative                    COOL       Commerce Opportunities Online

     APP       Annual Performance Plan                              COTS       Commercial Off-the-Shelf

    APPR       Annual Program Performance Report                 CRADA         Cooperative Research and Development
     ARC       Appalachian Regional Commission
                                                                     CRM       Customer Relationship Management
     ASQ       American Society for Quality
                                                                    CSRS       Civil Service Retirement System
     ATP       Advanced Technology Program
                                                                     CVD       Countervailing Duty
AWIPS          Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System
                                                                     CWC       Chemical Weapons Convention
                                                                CWPPRA         Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and
     BEA       Bureau of Economic Analysis                                     Restoration Act

     BLS       Bureau of Labor Statistics                       D

    BNQP       Baldrige National Quality Program                     DEC       District Export Council

    BRAC       Base Realignment and Closure                           DM       Departmental Management

     BRS       Business Reporting System                             DOD       Department of Defense

     BXA       Bureau of Export Administration                       DOE       Department of Energy
                                                                     DOT       Department of Transportation

    CAMS       Commerce Administrative Management System        E

    CDBG       Community Development Block Grants                    EAA       Export Administration Act

     CFC       Chlorofluorocarbon                                    EAR       Export Administration Regulations

F Y        2 0 0 4     A N N U A L            P E R F O R M A N C E         P L A N                                         143

ECASS     Export Control Automated Support System               H

    EDA   Economic Development Administration                         HPC   Hydrometeorological Prediction Center

EDAP      Economic Development Assistance Program                      HR   Human Resources

 EEEL     Electronics and Electrical Engineering Laboratory          HRDS   Human Resources Data System

ENSO      El Niño/Southern Oscillation                                HUD   Department of Housing and Urban Development

    EPA   Environmental Protection Agency                       I

    ESA   Economics and Statistics Administration                      IA   Import Administration

F                                                                     ICP   Internal Control Program

    FAA   Federal Aviation Administration                            ICSP   Interagency Council on Statistical Policy

 FAIR     Federal Activities Inventory Reform                         IMF   International Monetary Fund

    FAR   False Alarm Rate                                           IRAC   Interdepartment Radio Advisory Committee

    FBI   Federal Bureau of Investigation                             IRS   Internal Revenue Service

    FCC   Federal Communications Commission                            IT   Information Technology

FEMA      Federal Emergency Management Agency                         ITA   International Trade Administration

FGDC      Federal Geographic Data Committee                           ITL   Information Technology Laboratory

 FOIA     Freedom of Information Act                                  ITS   Institute for Telecommunication Sciences

    FTE   Full-Time Equivalent                                        ITU   International Telecommunication Union

G                                                               J

    GAO   General Accounting Office                                   JVS   Josephson Volt Standard

    GDP   Gross Domestic Product                               M

    GIS   Geographic Information System                        MAF/TIGER    Master Address File/Topologically Integrated
                                                                            Encoding and Referencing
 GMF      Government Master File
                                                                    MBDA    Minority Business Development Agency
GOES      Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
                                                                     MBIP   Minority Business Internet Portal
GPEA      Government Paperwork Elimination Act
                                                                    MBNQP   Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program
GPRA      Government Performance and Results Act
                                                                      MEL   Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory
    GPS   Global Positioning Satellite System
                                                                      MEP   Manufacturing Extension Partnership
    GSS   Geographic Support System

144                                      F Y    2 0 0 4       A N N U A L   P E R F O R M A N C E                   P L A N
                                                                                   GLOSSARY OF ACRONYMS

       MFI     Market Facts Incorporated                               OIG      Office of Inspector General

      MSA      Metropolitan Statistical Area                          OMB       Office of Management and Budget

N                                                                    OPEM       Bureau of Export Administration’s Office of
                                                                                Planning, Evaluation, and Management
     NAICS     North American Industry Classification System
                                                                     OSDBU      Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business
    NAPCS      North American Product Classification System                     Utilization

     NASA      National Aeronautics and Space Administration          OSM       Office of Spectrum Management

     NCDC      National Climatic Data Center                           OTP      Office of Technology Policy

    NESDIS     National Environmental Satellite, Data, and       P
               Information Service
                                                                       PAC      Procurement, Acquisition, and Construction
    NEXRAD     Next Generation Weather Radar
                                                                      PALM      Patent Application Location and Monitoring
      NIMA     National Imagery and Mapping Agency
                                                                      PCIS      Partnership for Critical Infrastructure Security
      NIST     National Institute of Standards and Technology
                                                                       PEC      Procurement Executive Council
     NMFS      National Marine Fisheries Service
                                                                       PRA      Paperwork Reduction Act
     NOAA      National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
                                                                       PSV      Postshipment Verification
      NOS      National Ocean Service
                                                                      PTFP      Public Telecommunications Facilities Program
      NRC      National Research Council
     NSRS      National Spatial Reference System
                                                                       QFR      Quarterly Financial Report
      NTIA     National Telecommunications and Information
               Administration                                    R

      NTIS     National Technical Information Service                 R&D       Research and Development

      NWS      National Weather Service                              RD/RU      Rural Development/Rural Utilities

O                                                                      RPS      Recover Protected Species

      OAR      Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research        S

    OCWWS      Office of Climate, Water, and Weather Services          SBA      Small Business Administration

       OEA     Office of Economic Adjustment                           SES      Senior Executive Service

      OECD     Organisation for Economic Co-operation and             SIPP      Survey of Income and Program Participation
                                                                      SME       Small and Medium-sized Enterprise
     OHRM      Office of Human Resources Management
                                                                       SOI      Southern Oscillation Index

F Y      2 0 0 4    A N N U A L            P E R F O R M A N C E             P L A N                                           145

       SPD   Survey of Program Dynamics                      W

       SRD   Standard Reference Data                                WFO        Weather Forecast Office

      SRM    Standard Reference Material                            WRC        World Radio-communication Conference

       SSN   Social Security Number                              WSR-88D       Weather Service Radar

       S&T   Science and Technology


        TA   Technology Administration

       TAA   Trade Adjustment Assistance

       TCC   Trade Compliance Center

       TED   Turtle Excluder Device

       TOP   Technology Opportunities Program

       TPC   Tropical Prediction Center

      TPCC   Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee

      TRAM   Trademark Reporting and Monitoring


        US   Under Secretary

      USDA   U.S. Department of Agriculture

    US&FCS   U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service

      USGS   U.S. Geographic Survey

     USPTO   U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

      USTR   U.S. Trade Representative

    USWRP    U.S. Weather Research Program

      UWB    Ultra Wideband

146                                    F Y    2 0 0 4   A N N U A L        P E R F O R M A N C E            P L A N