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					                            Dakota Rattlers Wrestling Club
                                   Board Meeting
                           Wednesday, November 14th, 2007
                                      5:30 PM
                                  Meeting Minutes

Officers present: Lance Haugen, Steve Lipp, Trini Lipp, Kim Mathwich, Amy Armstrong
Joel Sandy, and Kristi Sandy
Board members present: Darren Armstrong, Chrissy Haugen

Treasurers Report: Kim report the current savings and checking balance. She mentioned
that the food bill for the end of the 2007 year party was recently paid.

Meeting Discussion included:
   Rattlers newsletter will go out in January, Joel will begin working on this and will
      also send out information by email to those members’ emails that we have on file.

      Joel will also send out an email regarding the current availability of the Mat Rats
       free wrestling practice available at Magic City Campus wrestling room, coached
       by Kevin White - Mondays from 6-6:45PM for k-2 and Tuesdays from 6-6:45PM
       for grades 3 and older. Several Rattlers are participating and others are
       encouraged to do so if they wish.

      It was discussed and decided by the group that Rattlers will encourage recruiting
       new club members again this year by giving out $10.00 Rattler gear dollars to
       current members for each new member that is recruited and registers as a Ratter
       for the 2008 season.

      The idea of including a secure area on the website for members only was
       discussed. Possible information to be included might be meeting minutes, team
       rosters and pictures of wrestlers. It was decided that we will leave the website as
       is for now but continue to be sensitive to making sure that no last names or
       contact information of the children are included on the website.

      Tournament discussion lead by Steve included:

           o Cannot have the Rattlers tournament at Ryan this year.
           o Special Olympics are the same weekend and are held at the Dome and
             Swain Hall so Swain is not available. Last year’s costs at Swain were
             prohibitive including approximately $500 for use of the building and very
             limited concession dollars.
           o Steve had discussions with Minot High School athletic director and
             wrestling coaches about the possibility of having the Rattlers tournament
             at Minot High School and MHS folks were supportive of this. A minimal
             fee to Minot Public School will be required to cover the cost of a
           custodian. Tim Mosser is a custodian at MHS and may be willing to do
       o   The group discussed the possibility of making a donation to Minot High
           School booster club. This will be decided on at a later date. In past years
           we have given a donation to the Ryan Boosters as a thank you for use of
           the wrestling room for practices.
       o   The need to have an athletic trainer present was noted and this will be
           coordinated through Trinity Sports Medicine. Darren will check on this.
       o   After discussion, Kim made a motion to have the Rattlers Tournament on
           March 7-8, 2008 at Magic City Campus. Kristi seconded this, and the
           entire group voted in favor.
       o   Steve will make the final arrangements with Minot Public Schools and
           find out the specific costs and concession procedures and update the group
           at the next meeting.

   Next Rattlers Board Officers meeting will be Saturday, December 8th at 6PM at
    the Sandy’s.
        o Agenda Items:
                Set up a tournament committee
                Newsletter for in mid January
                Plan a general meeting in early January for all Rattler members
                   and send out email and postcard invitations. At this meeting gather
                   folks for the tournament committee and tournament workers.
                Update on tournament plans

   Additional discussion: Was noted that a parent expressed concern to a board
    member regarding coaches not at the mat when son was wrestling at a
    tournament. It was noted that this is a challenge. It was suggested that a reminder
    to coaches to try to attend to on all wrestlers as much possible at tournaments, get
    coaches to spread out on the various mats and not “double-up” on coaching. It
    was also suggested to remind parents that there are often limits to the number of
    coaches allowed on the tournament mats and the number of coaches hired.

   Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 PM

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