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           Mid-Pacific institute/VoluMe 39 • issue 1 • fall 2010

                                              Annual Report
                                                Featuring the Honor Roll of Donors

Retired Chief Justice Ronald T. Y. Moon ’58
                                                                     PResiDenT’s Message
                                                                                           have the 21st century skills and knowl-
Constant improvement                                                                       edge essential to a successful and
                                                                                           meaningful life. Our trustees, admin-
Aloha Mid-Pacific Institute Ohana!                                                         istration, faculty and staff are commit-
                                                                                           ted to this effort.
The 2010-2011 school year opened to the largest enrollment
in our 146 year history - 1526 students, preschool through 12th                            A gentleman of exceptional athletic
grade. It might seem surprising that we continue to grow and                               talent and witty wisdom, Yogi Berra of
prosper given the economic conditions in Hawaii. However,                                  Yankee Baseball fame, once said:
the value placed by parents on a high-quality education re-                                “when you come to a fork in the road,
mains strong and Mid-Pacific continues to demonstrate that                                 take it.”
our faculty is among the best, our programs exceptional, and
graduates are well-prepared for college upon graduation. Vir-      I think he meant that we must make choices if we are going to
tually every graduate moves on for further study in the U.S.       accomplish things and get somewhere. So, believing that Yogi
with a growing number studying in international universities.      was correct in his thinking, we have, over the past year, engaged
                                                                   our trustees, alumni, faculty, staff, and parents in “strategic
Mid-Pacific is succeeding because we continue working to get thinking” exercises which have led to the creation of a newly
better in all we do. Last year we were one of twenty schools in formed plan to guide us as we move from the fork in the road.
the state recognized by the Hawaii Community Foundation There will be much more information to share as we move for-
and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools for our ef- ward; but the following highlights the major initiatives, goals
forts addressing what “Schools of the Future” should be. Our and objectives that will ensure our place as leaders in the ed-
funding over the five-year project cycle will allow us to research ucational community.
and implement best practices in assessment of student learn-
ing, curriculum and instruction, teacher and staff professional
growth, learning environment, and much more. We will be a
leader in making the changes needed to ensure our students Joe C. Rice, President and CEO

                                       BOARD OF TRuSTEES                                                                               ADMInISTRATIOn
                                            James S. Kometani ’57                                                                               Joe C. Rice
                                                     Chair                                                                                  President and CEO
                                          Kenneth R. Kupchak, Esq.                                                                              Kristy Tong
                                                  Vice Chair                                                                   Vice President for Institutional Advancement
                                              Gaylord H. Wilcox                                                                             Patrick Garvey, Jr.
                                                   Treasurer                                                                              Chief Financial Officer
                                          Dickson C.H. Lee, Esq. ’64                                                                           Edna Hussey
                                                   Secretary                                                                           Elementary School Principal
                                           norman T. S. Chong ’55                                                                          Dr. Dwayne Priester
                                              Assistant Treasurer                                                                         Middle School Principal
                                               Denis K. Isono                                                                                   Grace Cruz
                                                                                                                                           High School Principal
                                              Assistant Secretary
                                                                                                                                               Scott Siegfried
                                                                                                                                          Director of Admissions
                                                                                                                                             Ella Browning
                      Mohsen M. Agsen                                  Walter M. Ozawa ’63                                           Associate Director of Admissions
                      Frank C. Atherton                                 Susanne M. Pearce
                                                                                                                                              Kerry Wheeler
                          James R. Bell                                Steven J. Teruya ’70                                            Director of Alumni Relations
                     Rev. Dr. Charles Buck                               Michael B. Wood
                        George P. Buck                                  Albert M.Yamada                                                      Ka‘ili O’Connell
                    Mel Y.K. Choy, AIA, RAIA                                                                                             Director of Development
                                                                       Honorary Members
                       Robert I. Crowell                               C.F. Damon, Jr., Esq.                                                     Scot Allen
                       Holly V. Gorence                                                                                                Director of Communications
                                                                        Emily H. Fujii ’47
                       Sandra T. Hartley                                Donald G. Horner
                    Kenneth J. Kobatake ’65                             Donald C.W. Kim                                                 Karen (Kawano) Koles ’63
                        Keith K. Ogata                                  Bert A. Kobayashi                                              President, Alumni Association
                      Diane T. Ono, Esq.                               Frank H. Watase ’41                                                     David Franzel
                                                                                                                                        Chair, Board of Counselors
                                                                                                                                                Denise Yuh
                                                                                                                                 President, Parent-Community Association
    The Owl Line is published by Mid-Pacific Institute and circulated free of charge to more than 13,000 alumni, parents and friends of the school. Please send address changes,
                news and class notes to the Owl Line, 2445 Ka‘ala Street, Honolulu, HI 96822-2299, (808) 973-5052, FAX (808) 973-6134,
                                         Mid-Pacific Institute is a nondiscriminatory employment and educational institution.
                                                     Our strategic Plan

gOaL 1: PROgRaM                                                     gOaL 2: sTUDenT BODY
goal: Mid-Pacific Institute’s educational program will provide goal: Mid-Pacific Institute will prepare a diverse student body
rigorous, global, 21st century learning experiences* that honor within a nurturing environment to adapt to a changing future
and enhance each child’s lifelong potential.                       while remaining true to its core values. Students are fully pre-
                                                                   pared for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.
Rationale: Every student is entitled to (should have an opportunty
to experience) a unique, personalized, challenging, well-coordi- Rationale: A diverse student population, in terms of ethnicity,
nated, educational program.                                        socio-economics, and multiple talents, is critical to the success of
                                                                   Mid-Pacific and its mission. Individual student successes in many
action steps:                                                      program areas encourage strong community support and the ad-
• Create a flexible schoolwide schedule to support 21st century vancement of Mid-Pacific.
    teaching and learning, including internships and
    internal/external apprenticeships.                             action steps:
                                                                   • Investigate and implement a plan to ensure a diverse student
• Implement MPI's “Schools of the Future” initiative, which            enrollment. In addition, monitor enrollment as it relates
    focuses on transforming school culture through quality             to school culture, environment, and resources.
    teaching approaches, a high level of student engagement,
    and varied assessments of learning appropriate to the          • Develop a plan that enables qualified students who meet
    discipline and student's grade level.                              admission standards to attend MPI.

• Develop and implement a service learning curriculum that      • Examine ways to improve the international student
  emphasizes personal integrity, development of ethical values,   experience on campus.
  high standards of behavior, and commitment to social
  responsibility and service.                                   • Develop programs and activities to instill and promote school
                                                                  pride within all students.
• Thoughtfully address the students' spiritual development,
  as part of an overall program.                                • Incorporate a 21st century skill set and opportunities to
                                                                  develop student leadership and self-confidence.
• Require that each student design and implement a
  culminating project at 5th, 8th, and 12th grades that         • Facilitate student risk-taking (encourage students to challenge
  demonstrates the student's understanding of MPI's learning      themselves) in their own academic, social, and
  expectations.                                                   extra-curricular endeavors.

• Research, develop, and implement a vertically-developed           • Incorporate diverse methods for listening to and honoring
  curriculum and faculty-advisory mentoring program that              student voice.
  ensures student choice.

• Develop a “global schoolhouse” learning community
  beginning with diversification of an international student
  enrollment, language and cultural studies, and eventually
  a study abroad program and boarding program.

• Promote school pride, spirit, and loyalty through a program
  that educates students from preschool through high school
  about the history, traditions, and values of MPI.

 *21st century learning experiences as outlined by Tony Wagner, co-director of the Change Leadership Group at the Harvard
 Graduate School of Education, are critical thinking and problem solving; collaboration across networks and leading by
 influence; agility and adaptability; initiative and entrepreneurialism; effective oral and written communication;
 accessing and analyzing information; curiosity and imagination.
                                                     Our strategic Plan
gOaL 3:                                                              action steps:
FaCULTY/sTaFF/aDMinisTRaTiOn                                        • Consolidate the school's databases in order to more effectively
                                                                       communicate with all constituencies and to identify resources
                                                                       for internal and external networking.
goal: Mid-Pacific Institute will recruit and retain faculty, admin-
istration, and staff who are dedicated to serving in the best interest • Recognize the accomplishments of members of the
of our students and guiding them to meet 21st century challenges         Mid-Pacific 'ohana.
and opportunities.
                                                                       • Increase and strengthen active parent involvement at all
Rationale: Strong connections among faculty, staff, and adminis-         levels of school life.
tration to help support the mission and vision of the school and
create a positive working environment. Students can succeed and • Create more opportunities for internal and external groups
thrive when guided and inspired by highly qualified faculty who          supporting Mid-Pacific to interact, network, and strengthen
are imaginative, forward-thinking, passionate about learning, and        community partnerships.
child-centered. MPI students and faculty are recognized as leaders
in education.                                                          • Identify volunteer needs at Mid-Pacific and develop a system
                                                                         for communicating the school's needs with constituencies.
action steps:
• Develop a transparent evaluation system for all employees

                                                                    gOaL 5:
    and create an accountability process.

• Establish a recognition process of school personnel throughout
  the year.                                                         COMMUniCaTiOns anD OUTReaCH
• Examine the multiple roles of the faculty and ways to support, goal: Mid-Pacific Institute will be acknowledged as one of the
  enrich, and further develop their skills and talents to benefit premier schools in Hawaii that combines rigorous learning and
  students and further the school’s vision.                       a high level of student engagement in a nurturing environment.

• Foster relationships of collegiality, trust, and respect among    Rationale: Mid-Pacific has a rich story to tell and has established
  all members of the school staff.                                  its own unique place among independent schools both in Hawaii
                                                                    and internationally. A comprehensive and effectively imple-
• Assess the current data management infrastructure and             mented marketing plan is not only essential to attracting and re-
  consolidate various databases into a schoolwide data              taining the best, qualified students, faculty, staff, and
  management system.                                                administration, but also necessary for increasing financial sup-
                                                                    port of the school.

                                                                    action steps:
gOaL 4: MPi COMMUniTY                                               • Articulate Mid-Pacific's unique strengths — students,
                                                                        educational program, faculty, and sense of place.
goal: Mid-Pacific Institute will build and sustain a welcoming,
interconnected school 'ohana inclusive of all (internal and exter- • Develop a comprehensive, aggressive internal and external
nal) constituencies.                                                  marketing plan with effective strategies, from creating a tag
                                                                      line that articulates Mid-Pacific's vision for all students to
Rationale: In order to enhance and support the students' educa-       ensuring increased exposure in a variety of media.
tional experience at Mid-Pacific and to instill a sense of pride and
honor in its mission and vision, the school must cultivate a strong • Establish an ambassador program for Mid-Pacific's internal
sense of community that is enthusiastically shared by all con-        community in the spirit of personalizing and communicating
stituencies.                                                          the school's unique mission and vision to the larger,
                                                                      external community.

                                                     Our strategic Plan
• Develop a communication and information protocol for
  the entire school community.                                       gOaL 7: FinanCe anD
• Enhance the school's website and publications by                   insTiTUTiOnaL aDVanCeMenT
  including news items from preschool through high school.
                                                                     goal: Mid-Pacific Institute will carefully manage its financial and
                                                                     human resources and aggressively cultivate and secure additional
                                                                     revenue in order to sustain educational excellence, increase the
gOaL 6: PHYsiCaL PLanT                                               size of the endowment, and meet the critical facilities needs.

goal: Ensure an aesthetically pleasing and nurturing learning en- Rationale: Mid-Pacific Institute must carefully manage its financial
vironment to support the evolving program.                          resources and enhance its broad-based philanthropic support to
                                                                    ensure the financial stability of the school and provide the
Rationale: A safe and aesthetically attractive physical environment necessary resources to address the priorities of the strategic plan.
— facilities and grounds — should support and enhance the
present needs of the learning program and accommodate pro-           action steps:
gram changes. The facilities should also provide a welcoming and     • Maintain and refine a multi-year financial plan that anticipates
quality learning environment for students, faculty, and staff.           the costs of implementing the goals in this strategic plan while
                                                                         maintaining a competitive tuition rate. As programs are added
action steps:                                                            or expanded, develop a process to evaluate whether others
• Update the existing Master Plan to address current and                 should be streamlined or eliminated.
    evolving program needs.
                                                                     • Recruit and develop Board of Trustee members that can
• Seriously consider sustainability, green issues, and efficiency      financially contribute to MPI and influence others to
  when updating the Master Plan.                                       substantially give to Mid-Pacific Institute.

• Identify, prioritize, and address deferred maintenance needs       • Pursue progressive, proactive fundraising as a community
  on a regular basis.                                                  including: Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, alumni,
                                                                       parents, grandparents, friends, businesses and foundations.
• Evaluate and update disaster preparedness and crisis
  management plans each year.                                        • Explore alternative ways to increase revenue for
                                                                       Mid-Pacific Institute while continuing to strengthen its
• Acquire properties adjacent to campus as they                        world-class image.
  become available.
                                                                     • Emphasize long term sustainability by refining and
                                                                       implementing the endowment plan to attract substantial
                                                                       and consistent revenue sources.

                                                                     • Evaluate the entire development program and staffing
                                                                       needs to implement successful annual giving campaigns,
                                                                       special events, grant writing, capital campaigns and
                                                                       endowment campaigns.

                                    Out among the World’s great People

“Every decision is important… ”
Chief Justice Ronald T. Y. Moon ’58                               supervised me for hard labor!” Aer his father passed
                                                                  away at the young age of 54, his mother kept the family
When Chief Justice Ronald T. Y. Moon ’58 stepped down business going for another 20 years. His work ethic has
as leader of the Hawaii Supreme Court on August 31 at stuck with him to this day.
the age of 70, he le a legacy of important decisions—as
well as a history of bipartisanship—all working in service At college in Iowa, he remembers what a culture shock it
of the law. As he tells it, he fo-                                was. Being in the Midwest, the people were more calm,
cused on the facts and applied                                                               cool and collected. ey were
the law, setting aside his per-                                                              hard-working, conscientious
sonal beliefs.                                                                               people. But he learned that dis-
                                                                                             crimination was prevalent
"Ronald Moon has been an ar-                                                                 throughout the mainland. “I had
ticulate and persuasive defender                                                             experiences of not being served
of that fundamental principle of                                                             in a restaurant, not being al-
our democracy," said Mark                                                                    lowed to use a restroom at a gas
Recktenwald, who served on                                                                   station and not being picked up
Moon's court for more than a                                                                 by a cab. Walking back from a
year before his recent appoint-                                                              movie downtown, I understood
ment as chief justice.                                                                       how people were really treated.
                                                                                             I picked up law eventually. Per-
During his 17-year tenure                                                                    haps that’s why I went into law.”
Moon presided over many im-
portant decisions, including                                                                 He speaks fondly of his mentor,
rulings on the Hawaii Super-                                                                 the late u.S. District Judge Mar-
ferry, the development of Turtle     Ronald T. Y. Moon ’58 with grandson Joshua Moon ’14     tin Pence, who said that a judge
Bay, and the state's stand on same-                                                       should not consider factors such as
sex marriage. In 1993, he agreed with Associate Justice                                   personal beliefs or popular opin-
Steven Levinson, who wrote the pioneering opinion that ion. To Pence (and Moon) a good judge sets these things
the state's ban on same-sex marriage violated the Hawaii aside to focus on the facts and apply the law.
                                                                  Judge Pence, Moon said, offered several ethical guide-
Moon was born and raised in Wahiawa, the plantation lines. When you are assigned a case, go through this ex-
town in the middle of Oahu oen called the “pineapple ercise: It will be a “tug and a pull.” Apply the applicable
capital of the world.” His family owned a clothing shop laws and make a decision, setting aside popularity, what
and were considered leaders at their Korean Christian you hear outside the court what you learn from friends
Church and in the Korean community.                               and media coverage. Do the right thing for large corpo-
                                                                  rations or the little guy.
no stranger to hard work, he helped out in the shop, at
church and even in the fields. “I remember growing up Moon said he believes in three strong branches of gov-
in the store, where we lived on the top. I remember say- ernment as a foundation of our democracy. “e
ing ‘May I help you?’” He was 15 years old when his dad Supreme Court needs to be a strong branch and must
said “we had it pretty easy working at the store.” So, dur- exert itself without regard to public views, through strong
ing the summers he learned how hard it really is to make judicial independence. If the decision-making is tainted
a dollar. “I worked in the pineapple fields. I remember by outside influences, then we have a weak branch of gov-
the first night… it was terrible… bugs were getting into ernment. Look at other nations such as China, which has
my shirt when we were bending over the boom picking progressed financially through its industry, but its legal
up pineapples… I was breaking my back.” He said he de- system is tainted with lack of due process. In their crim-
veloped a night shi work ethic that served him well at inal system, defendants have very few rights. e legal
MPI, college and law school. “Work ethic wise, my dad system is the foundation of our government.”
                                   Out among the World’s great People
In retirement, his plans involve commitments to his fam-
ily. “I promised them that I would not do anything for six
months… to view the ‘lay of the land’ and do things that
                                                               ROnALD T.Y. MOOn
I would like to do. I have grandchildren in Alabama I          Born: Sept. 4, 1940
would like to visit. I have two grandsons here. I missed
out in watching them play tennis, judo, soccer, baseball.      Education: Mid-Pacific In-
I have seven grandchildren altogether.”                        stitute 1958, Coe College in
                                                               Iowa 1962, university of
It is rumored that a few of his classmates from the class      Iowa law school 1965
of 1958 felt he was a bit of a rascal. “Today, I would agree
with that! I probably broke every rule they had. Chewing
gum, wearing drape pants with wide bottoms. At that            College Sport: Wrestling
time the restriction was 20 inches, I always had to go a
little more. At dances, we had to dance 6 inches away
from the girl, so I broke that rule as well!”                  Legal career: Law clerk, u.S. District Judge Mar-
                                                               tin Pence, 1965-66; city deputy prosecutor, 1966-
Moon said that the structured environment at MPI—the           68; associate and partner, Libkuman, Ventura,
boarding, the inspection of the rooms with white gloves,       Moon and Ayabe, 1968-1982.
even the discipline—was helpful to him.

“I think it really helped me to learn that rules should not    Judicial career: Circuit judge, 1982-1990; associ-
be broken. Once a week, we had dinner with young ladies        ate justice, 1990-1993; chief justice, 1993-Aug.
and learned etiquette, so there was good training. It was      31, 2010.
good to learn how to do laundry and make your bed. It
was very structured, and it taught us to be very compas-
sionate. ey (faculty and staff) would spend a lot of           Chief Justice Ronald Moon received the national
time with you, help you with study hall.”                      Center for State Courts' Distinguished Service
                                                               Award. In honor of the occasion, Gov. Linda Lin-
His words of wisdom for today’s students involve two dif-      gle and Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona proclaimed Mon-
ferent areas. “e first is to learn about how your govern-     day, February 24, as Chief Justice Ronald T.Y.
ment works, what civics is all about. It’s how you get         Moon Day.
things done!” He laments that civics is so oen le out of
school curriculums. “Today we have ‘no Child Le Be-
hind’ courses that test for writing, arithmetic and English.   Family: Wife Stella, three children, three
In the 1950s we had hardcore courses like civics. Civics       stepchildren, seven grandchildren.
is le out.”

He is also perplexed that in the state that elected one of     MPI Service: Served on the MPI Board of Coun-
its own as president, the voter turnout was so low. “now,      selors from 1993 to 1998; 2001 Commencement
how does that happen? It is because people don’t under-        speaker
stand why voting is so important.”

Connected to this is jury duty. “Jury duty is a privilege.     Favorite teacher: Les Cingcade, “I spent a lot of
Citizens have to be part of a legal system.” People oen       time in his office!” and Mrs. Rodman, “she was a
don’t respond to their summons. “ere are sometimes            public speaking teacher.”
90% no-shows. What is going on here?!”

In Moon’s philosophy of life, a person has to treat others
with dignity, respect and compassion. “As a leader, if you
can’t do that, you will not have anyone willing to follow
you. Trust and respect in others. is dignity transfers
confidence in you.”

                                                     eLeMenTaRY sCHOOL

A summer study tour to Reggio Emilia
a reflection by edna Hussey, preschool and elementary school principal
Travel broadens the mind, so the saying goes. My first visit to     ment were contextualized in visits to early childhood centers
Italy wasn’t necessarily to broaden my worldview, but rather to     and conversations with other educators.
see for myself the schools and approach to early childhood
learning that have inspired Mid-Pacific Institute’s preschool       I now have a better understanding of the historical context of
and hundreds of other “inspired” schools around the world. As       Reggio Emilia and the nearly 50 years of political, social, and
the only Hawaii participant among nearly a hundred educators        economic upheaval, which shaped what is known as the Reggio
from across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Japan, I felt honored     approach. The collaboration among Loris Malaguzzi, its
to be part of the 30th annual summer study tour to Reggio           founder, and well-known psychologists and educational re-
Emilia.                                                             searchers such as Bruner, Piaget, Gardner, Vygotsky, and the
                                                                    many early teachers of Reggio Emilia, have contributed to this
Reggio Emilia is the name of the municipality in the northern       mindset. The depth of the research and constant efforts to im-
region called Emilia Romagna, well known for its agriculture        prove children's learning, not just in Italy but also globally, is
and work managed through cooperatives. The approach to              impressive. The Loris Malaguzzi International Centre, where I
early childhood learning emerged as a response to the social        spent three days immersed in lecture and presentation, is a re-
and political ills of World War II and                                                    search center, toddler and preschool site,
the threat of fascism. Through efforts                                                    and meeting place for about 20 study tour
largely attributed to the Union of Ital-                                                  groups, many international groups, each
ian Women, many of them mothers,                                                          year since 2006.
and the brilliant leadership of teacher
Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the                                                        My visits to three Reggio Emilia
early childhood program, the munici-                                                       preschools were amazing experiences. The
pality of Reggio Emilia assumed the                                                        notion of the "image of the child" was
management and funding of free                                                             clearly evident in the space that children
preschools for children ages 3 to 6 years                                                  learn, play, and relate to one another. High
and infant-toddler centers for children                                                    ceilings, large windows to the outdoor en-
3 months to 3 years of age. This fact                                                      vironment, several atelier (workshop
alone — that a municipality had borne                                                      areas), and the use of transparent walls
responsibility for the education of its                                                    and doors contributed to an aesthetic en-
youngest citizens and continues today to support early child-       vironment that supports child-to-child and adult-to-child rela-
hood learning, specifically 25 preschools, 26 infant-toddler cen-   tionships. Early childhood schools run by the municipality of
ters, 570 staff, 43 buildings — places Reggio Emilia at the         Reggio Emilia share some visible characteristics: a welcoming
forefront among countries. They demonstrate what can be             space, a central area (much like the concept of a piazza or meet-
achieved when a community makes a real commitment to chil-          ing place), a transparency of space so that learning is made visi-
dren. Moreover, the vast network of family services and in-         ble internally and externally via large windows and glass
depth research on children’s learning contribute to the ongoing     openings in walls, a fully-loaded kitchen, and a dining area for
innovation that inspires and attracts many visitors like myself     the children. Classrooms are airy and aesthetically pleasing.
to Reggio Emilia.                                                   Materials such as construction blocks, recyclable items for art
                                                                    and play, and dramatic play are thoughtfully arranged. Evidence
The underlying philosophy of the Reggio Approach — a strong         of student work is often left out so that when children return to
image of children as having enormous potential and ability to       school, they can continue their work. Documentation panels,
make choices — and promoting children's education through           which hang from ceilings or posted on walls, explain the chil-
the development of all their languages: expressive, communica-      dren's learning processes.
tive, symbolic, cognitive, imaginative, and relational — has had
extensive international impact. Concepts and theories I've          At each school, I learned about the history of the school from
mostly read about during the formation process of our pre-          the pedagogista (akin to the director of the school or curricu-
school and over the past five years of the preschool's develop-     lum head). The most important concept is the image of the

                                                      eLeMenTaRY sCHOOL
child -- a view of the child as a citizen from the very beginning,   daily communication with parents. Mid-Pacific Institute began
a "protagonist" who is capable of making choices and who is          its Reggio-inspired preschool five years ago, and I feel we've
naturally predisposed to curiosity and to learning. School is re-    made significant progress in our journey towards creating a
garded as a place for making connections and building rela-          community and environment that value children as citizens,
tionships to others, that is, the interconnectedness between         protagonists, decision-makers, and unique persons.
cognition and emotions. This concept about the child’s rela-
tionship to the environment is readily apparent in the class-        I know we've made progress because during my study tour in
room architecture and the aesthetic arrangement of furniture         Reggio Emilia, there was so much that I felt we have imple-
and materials.                                                       mented, discussed, are aware of, and are considering, given our
                                                                     context as a preschool within a larger independent school in
I was deeply impressed by the level of commitment of the             Hawaii. The essential pieces are in place at Mid-Pacific. We have
teachers. As inspiring as the physical                                                    a pedagogista, atelierista, a committed
environment and uses of space in Reg-                                                     team of early childhood educators whose
gio Emilia were for me, even more im-                                                     mindset and attitude are as researchers.
pressive were the meetings with the                                                       We offer inviting spaces such as the atelier
teachers through skillful translators.                                                    (art studio) and classrooms, and an in-
Teachers typically meet two to three                                                      structional approach based on the peda-
times each week in the afternoons for                                                     gogy of listening to children and having
three hours at a time to discuss the evi-                                                 meaningful conversations with them.
dence of students' learning (e.g., draw-                                                  Other elements such as documenting
ings, sketches, structures, video, photos,                                                learning and daily communication with
etc.). Their meetings are intensive dis-                                                  parents are also practiced.
cussions full of speculation and possi-
bility about their interpretations of                                                       But we have not yet "arrived." As I learned
children's work. And I do mean they                                                         from my new friends at Reggio Emilia, our
think deeply about learning. I also spoke with the atelieristi       inspiration is an active process that is a continuous journey. We
who are the art studio teachers and how they try to support stu-     are learning how to identify possible learning projects based on
dents' thinking by providing various materials and experiences.      our observations and documentation. We are learning how to
Imagine how different our young children could be learning           think about children's thinking. We are learning how to talk
and developing given the deep passion of their teachers.             with colleagues and talk with parents about the extraordinary
                                                                     learning in ordinary moments. I am convinced and encouraged
I feel strongly rooted in Reggio philosophy because of the work      that Mid-Pacific has chosen the best early childhood education
in our MPI preschool and the inquiry-based work in our ele-          approach to implement. And what an exhilarating journey of
mentary level. At Mid-Pacific, our preschool shares many char-       continuous discovery about the mindful, highly competent
acteristics similar to our Italian model, particularly our           learning of our youngest students!
children’s engagement in thought-provoking projects, the care-
ful arrangement of furniture, the large windows that open to
the lush, Manoa environment, documentation panels, and the

 Postscript: The world-renown traveling exhibition, The Wonder of Learning, will be coming to Hawaii June through November
 2013. This massive, in-depth exhibit, recounts learning experiences from the infant-toddler centers and preschools in Reggio
 Emilia. This exhibition is offered as a “democratic piazza” calling international attention to the importance of early childhood
 education. MPI Principal Edna Hussey and preschool teacher and pedagogista Leslie Gleim co-authored the proposal to bring
 the exhibit to Hawaii. Their proposal was selected from over 50 proposals submitted from across the U.S. and Canada.

 Mid-Pacific Institute is currently working with a consortium of Hawaii educators and businesses to support the exhibit’s pres-
 ence in our state. If you would like to help in the planning, contact Edna Hussey at the elementary school, 441-3800, or email
                                                       sCHOOLs OF THe FUTURe
Mid-Pacific Institute Awarded $75,000 Schools of the Future Grant
Last year, Mid-Pacific was selected as one of 18 programs to receive
financial support from the Schools of the Future (SOTF),a five-year,
multi-million dollar funding commitment from the Hawaii Com-
munity Foundation (HCF) and a facilitating Hawaii Association of
Independent Schools (HAIS) Leadership Team. In year one (2009-
2010 school year), MPI received $47,000. This year, the second year
of the project,Mid-Pacific has been awarded the maximum funding
of $75,000. Schools of the Future is a capacity building initiative de-
signed to encourage and mobilize schools to transform their learning
environments and teaching strategies in support of student-cen-
tered, project-based learning that is relevant to teaching all students
how to live, learn, and work as engaged and knowledgeable citizens
of the 21st Century. This program is designed to assist HAIS schools
as they assess their existing learning environments,envision the new
learning platforms they would like to develop, and implement spe-
cific plans or projects to actualize these visions.

Year 1 Review:
                                                                           Inspired by their classroom inquiry on how trash
                                                                           affects the natural environment, second graders
                                                                           Jake Delaney (le) and Kai Yamada (right) scour
Faculty Collaboration …                                                    the playground for trash. ey learned that trash
Enhanced Student Engagement                                                can be washed into streams, which eventually
                                                                           empty into the ocean, and along with it - trash.
The first year of Mid-Pacific’s SOTF initiative has been an amazing
journey for the three principals and their faculty. They can now re-
flect on a very productive year of research, inquiry, and thoughtful
discovery into what 21st century learning is and how it can make an       While their year 1 goals were originally identified as research and
impact on student learning at all three levels of the school. Driven      planning, Mid-Pacific was pleased to actually be able to implement
by the school’s new vision, and with the financial support of the         their discoveries in the classrooms as well. The growth throughout
Schools of the Future initiative,Principals Edna Hussey,Dee Priester,     all of Mid-Pacific is reflected in the teachers’ learning and collabo-
and Grace Cruz have guided their faculty at the school-wide and in-       ration, and the resulting enhanced instruction and student engage-
dividual school levels in exploring and implementing enhanced lev-        ment at each school level.
els of instruction.
                                                                         Preschool & elementary school: Under Principal Edna Hussey’s guid-
An interesting occurrence happened throughout this process. The ance, the faculty’s growth and understanding of inquiry has been
principal leadership team set out to educate their faculty on 21st cen- evident in the classroom as the teachers continue to implement in-
tury learning. As a result,not only did their faculty increase their in- quiry practices. They are approaching inquiries with their students
structional knowledge, they experienced first-hand the incredible in a more methodical way, ultimately enriching the students’ expe-
distance a group can go when they come together to analyze, share, rience. The teachers are now challenging their students and giving
collaborate, and create. The unity                                       them more time to develop questions that require in-depth investi-
and shared vision throughout the                                                                           gations. They are engaging stu-
                                                                                                           dents in a process to comprehend
all-school faculty learning process       They can now reflect on a very productive year of                information beyond literal under-
at MPI has been an unexpected,yet         research, inquiry, and thoughtful discovery into what            standing that might lead to taking
welcome, outcome of this collabo-
ration.                                   21st century learning is and how it can make an impact           action (e.g. advocacy, awareness)
                                          on student learning at all three levels of the school.           on issues. An example of this is

                                                     sCHOOLs OF THe FUTURe

                                                                                                         Last year's 7th grade science
                                                                                                         students, Brayden Aki, Evan
                                                                                                         Suemori and Ben Swanson
                                                                                                         (le to right), learned the
                                                                                                         importance of collaboration
                                                                                                         and inquiry as a means to
                                                                                                         meaningful learning during
                                                                                                         the Water Purification Lab
                                                                                                         at the 7th Grade Jam.

two multiage first- and second-grade classes that investigated the      focused discussions. The 7th grade faculty team,for example,spent
impact of environmental waste in the Pacific Ocean,particularly the     an entire school day analyzing the curriculum of all 7th grade classes,
Pacific Gyre. This awareness of environmental conditions came           determined curriculum connections,and then created the resulting
about as students researched ocean life.They investigated materials     quarterly theme.The Hawaii Project is an initiative with three major
collected by the University of Hawaii’s oceanography department,        curricular focuses: sustainability,survival,and the islands. The kick-
scoured websites with the help of parents, read age-appropriate ar-     off event,e 7th Grade Jam,launched on March 10,and featured
ticles,and listened to several community speakers.Their inquiry de-     six fun and engaging activities: The Fitness Challenge, Lost at Sea,
veloped into creating a video promoting public awareness of this        T-Leaf Lei Making, Kapa Cloth Making,Water Purification Lab,and
environmental issue and premiering the PSA at a school assembly.        the Plant Mono-printing. The purpose of these activities was to get
One of the most useful strategies has been to notate documents with     the students engaged and excited about the three major curricular
their questions,comments about connections they are making,state-       focuses in all of their 7th grade classes. These curriculum connec-
ments about new learning or surprises, and more questions about         tions allow the students to better relate to and engage in their subject
what they are still curious about.Recently,the teachers of these mul-   matter.
tiage first- and second-grade classes invited students and their fam-
ilies to participate in a community beach clean-up — an                 High school: At the high school level, Principal Grace Cruz focused
opportunity to transform learning into action by responding to a        on providing basic education of 21st century learning,changing tra-
real community need.                                                    ditional preconceptions of classroom instruction, and encouraging
                                                                        frequent collaboration with teacher colleagues from the preschool/el-
Middle school: Principal Dee Priester challenged his grade level teams ementary and middle schools. The faculty discussed how 21st cen-
to review their current curriculum and adjust their instruction in tury skills could be incorporated into their current curriculum and
order to further engage their students (utilizing the skills identified instructional practices. The learning throughout year 1 has gradually
by Tony Wagner in Global Achievement Gap – critical thinking, been embraced,with some teachers implementing the new concepts
collaboration, communication, creativity, etc.). With the help of the in their classes. An example of these changes occurring in the class-
SOTF grant,the teams were able to engage in in-depth,curriculum- room is the 9th grade World Civilizations project that occurred this
                                                      sCHOOLs OF THe FUTURe

9th grade World Civilization Class students meet Korean/Vietnam War vets at the Hawaii Army Museum.

spring.Students worked in teams to develop a presentation depicting      ing of their challenges and successes made their research meaningful
the effects of total war on the soldiers who fought during World War     and relevant. Through their discovery process,like any true inquiry
I. They created a research paper in their groups,and then used what      process, the more the faculty learned, the more questions they had.
they learned from their research to develop a "memory box" using         These questions have helped to identify the direction for the year 2
iWeb and other Mac tools. The memory box – a website museum              activities, which include more research and learning, as well as op-
for the common soldier during World War 1 – was developed with           portunities for refined teacher instruction and greater student en-
the help of an outside organization, the Hawaiian Army Museum,           gagement.
and in conjunction with MPI’s graphic design teacher. Finally, stu-
dents then studied some of the artistic movements that developed         Preschool & elementary school: The preschool/elementary school’s goal
after the war and then created their own "protest art" pieces based      for year 2 is to further strengthen their inquiry foundation. Principal
on their concerns about the current state of the world. These pieces     Edna Hussey will challenge her team to deepen their understanding
were displayed alongside their "memory box" presentations. The           of inquiry. As a culmination to the students’ elementary school in-
protest art pieces were developed in partnership with the MPI art        quiry experience, a 5th grade capstone project will be developed in
teacher.There was individual "choice and voice" for students to pur-     year 2 (with implementation in year 3). Finally, a natural next step
sue their interests by choosing topics, web design, and art. Teaching    to the development of the preschool/elementary school inquiry pro-
was by design where the project was conceived first, and then skills     gram is the further development of a K-5 technology curriculum
and content chosen to facilitate the creation of the project. Students   plan. In tandem with this plan,the faculty will develop an electronic
were constantly checking their own progress and evaluating their         portfolio system with support from a consultant and MPI’s technol-
own and their peers' work.They hosted a public presentation to share     ogy director.
what they accomplished (peer teaching). The entire project repre-
sented collaborations between student and teacher as well as be-         Middle school: Principal Dee Priester will guide his faculty as they con-
tween history, literature, art, and web design.                          tinue to develop their knowledge and practice of 21st century skills,
                                                                         interdisciplinary teaming,and collaboration. The faculty will be en-
                                                                         couraged to collaborate with their interdisciplinary,grade-level teams
YeaR 2:                                                                  to enhance curriculum,instruction and cross-disciplinary activities.
                                                                         The faculty will be encouraged to implement what they learn in their
Continuing Faculty Development                                           classrooms,and design projects that incorporate 21st century skills.
and Student Engagement                                                   The final step for the middle school in year 2 will be to make the ap-
                                                                         propriate revisions to the curriculum. The new curriculum is ex-
The collaboration that occurred in year 1 across school levels, pre-     pected to support greater student engagement.
school through 12th grade,made a huge impact on the learning and
growth of all faculty. Their engaging discussions,as well as the shar-

                                                      sCHOOLs OF THe FUTURe

Mid-Pacific Institute was invited to speak at the first Schools of the Future Conference held at the Hilton Hawaiian
Village on October 14th, sponsored by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools and the Hawaii Commu-
nity Foundation.  is illustration, created by graphic artist Nick Payne, summarized MPI’s presentation. A team
of teachers and principals highlighted the progressive changes in philosophy and program, as well as the resulting
innovative projects occurring in our classrooms, preschool through 12th grade.

High school: Principal Grace Cruz and team will create a program          experience,the learning never ceases. The three principals will sus-
(currently being referred to as MPI-Exploratory or MPX) within the        tain the momentum of learning begun in year 1. Each school level
high school in which students may elect to take project-based, in-        – preschool/elementary,middle,and high – has set ambitious goals
terdisciplinary,team-taught classes.This program will be in addition      in year 2 to meet the unique needs of their learners. Together, all
to the existing core program. To meet the needs of the new instruc-       goals and actions lead back to our school’s vision and common focus
tional direction for MPX, the entire high school will move to a           – to continue the exploration of 21st century learning in order to
block/modified block schedule,wherein classes meet for 80-90 min-         provide stronger,more rigorous instruction and greater student en-
utes.Year 2 SOTF activities will be focused on training all high school   gagement. Mid-Pacific Institute is grateful to the Schools of the Fu-
faculty to teach within a block schedule and preparing for the launch     ture initiative for continuing to support our leadership, faculty, and
of MPX, both of which will occur in year 3.                               students.

The inquiry process for Mid-Pacific continues – questions,research,
discoveries, and innovative implementation. As with any inquiry

      Through their discovery process, like any true inquiry process, the more the faculty learned, the more questions they had.

                                                           MiDDLe sCHOOL
     2010 Middle School Awards                                                                               Grade 8 Awards
                                                                                                               Language Arts
                                                                                                  Honors - Rumer Ajifu; Eng.8 - Matthew Sasaki
           Grade 6 Awards                                    Grade 7 Awards
             Language Arts                                     Language Arts                                         Math
              Megan Meyer                                      Hana Furuichi                         Geom - Yoojin Rhee; Algebra -Brittnee Yee

                   Math                                             Math                                            Science
                                                          Math 7 - Kelli Ann Tanaka                              Hubert Szczygiel
                 Rayna Higa                                Algebra - Kyler Asato
                                                                                                                  Social Studies
                Science                                            Science                                         Sheri Tochiki
              Emma Krening                                      Ethan Okazaki
                                                                                                               News Broadcasting
               Social Studies                                   Social Studies                                   Adam Simon
               Kai Funakawa                                      Nicholas Lee
                                                                                                               Physical Education
                Tech Award                                       Study Skills                           M - Tommy Lam; F - Haley Kodama
               Nicolas Politsch                                  Taylor Krantz
                                                                                                                   Visual Arts
                                                             News Broadcasting                                     Amy Tanoue
            Physical Education                                 David Dacanay
                M -Tyler Allen                                                                                        Dance
          F – Lekaleka Kiner-Falefa                          Physical Education                    III - Emma Suzuki-Jones;II - Brennen Aotaki
                                                               M -Brandon Ho                                     I - Kelsi Kobata
                Visual Arts                                    F - Skyla Alcon
                Sachi Clark                                                                                           Theater
                                                                 Visual Arts                                        Jaz Graham
                  Dance                                          Anri Rogers
               Uilalani Marx                                                                                    Musical Theater
                                                                     Dance                            Music - Alyssa Lau; Dance - Jordan Ota
                 Theater                                      III- Coco Nirawasa
                                                               II- Emily Wright                                       Band
                Chelsea Cox                                        I- Migi Lee                                      Keith Saito
                                                                Stirling Aponte
              Musical Theater                                                                                       Orchestra
               Alyssa Soares                                       Theater                                          Aiden Shin
                                                                  Kyle Green
                 Japanese                                                                                          Language
              Sydni Tokuyama                                  Musical Theater                             French,Koko Hanson-Dobbs ;
                                                              James Trowbridge                               Japanese,Adam Simon;
               PCA Award                                                                           Spanish,Trace Sakima; Latin,Philip Kitamura
              Keala O’Connell                                        Band
                                                                  Ally Chung                                          ESL
        Commitment to Excellence                                                                               Ryan (Hee Yang) Kim
              Kelly Sano                                         Da-Hea Kim                                           MPTA
                                                                                                                   Lindsay Matoi
         Outstanding Grade Level                                     ESL
             Isaiah Browning                                      Eric Wang                                         PCA Award
                                                                                                                     Jordan Ota
           Teacher’s Choice Award                                PCA Award
(positive attitude/ role model/good character)                  Nikki Johnston                             Commitment to Excellence
                 Nicole Stacey                                                                                 Lindsey Teruya
                                                         Commitment to Excellence
                                                               Jordan Lee                                   Outstanding Grade Level
                                                                                                                   Alyssa Lau
                                                          Outstanding Grade Level
                                                               Trisha Hirano                                   Teacher’s Choice Award
                                                                                                  (positive attitude/ role model/good character)
                                                            Teacher’s Choice Award                                    Beth Surratt
                                                 (positive attitude/ role model/good character)
                                                                   Alana Brow
                                                           MiDDLe sCHOOL

The National Junior Honor Society particpated in a community service project on Saturday, Oct. 2. Tag Team/Project
CLEAN is a community-wide clean up and graffiti paint-out day in Moiliili and McCully. There were approximately 600
volunteers participating from various organizations. — Gail Weisz

8th Grade Toy Fair
On Thursday May 13, the Annual 8th Grade Toy Fair
took place in Atherton Pavilion. Parents, teachers, ad-
ministrators, participated in this event as eager 8th
graders jumped at the chance to demonstrate and sell
their products. The concept behind this interdiscipli-
nary project was to incorporate creativity, sensibility,
technology and cooperation into creating a never-
been-seen toy that would sell in today’s market.

Congratulations to the following Toy Groups that sold
the most units.

1st – TIA tots’ Slipprints…creations with your slippers

2nd – Kool Kine Toys’ Spiralmania…catch the never
ending fun

3rd Tie– Imaginate’s Serendipity…a fun-filled mind
stimulating card game & El Paraguete’s Fish Mansion:
endless fun for you and your fishes.

Team spirit award – ‘Stache Toys’ - Battle ’Stache – got
to ‘stache ’em all.
                                                            HigH sCHOOL
                                             2010 Honors and awards Program Winners
                                             Outstanding arts students                        Dorothy Chock Chang Outstanding scholarship award
                                             Dance – Brittany Hill ’10, Stanton Jacinto ’10   Ridwan Kazi ’10
                                             Theatre – Kimberley Ip ’10
                                             Visual Arts – Michi Tamashiro ’10                Carol santoki Dodd award
                                             Media – Ian Madinger ’10                         Todd Aquino-Michaels ’10

                                             Outstanding Technology students                  Helena L. Lowe Mathematics award
                                             Media – Keita Funakawa ’12                       Mai Hayano ’10
graduation awards                            Systems – Reyn Yonashiro ’11
Board of Trustees award                                                                       Mid-Pacific Teacher's association award
                                             Outstanding science student                      Geoffrey Siu ’11,Ashley Yamachika ’11
Amanda Chong                                 Ridwan Kazi ’10
Daughter of Nathan and Corinne Chong                                                          Hui Malama O na Pueo awards (PCa)
Santa Clara University (CA)                  Outstanding social studies student               9th – Haley Sakamoto ’13
                                             Stuart Beardsley ’10                             10th – Michon Fuchigami ’12
                                                                                              11th – Taylor Ann Loo ’11
elizabeth appleton awards                    Outstanding Language arts student                12th – Jordan Obata ’10
Gina Hirose                                  Rachel Roley ’11
Daughter of George and Gayle Hirose                                                           Mary Root Holomua scholarship award
Loyola Marymount University (CA)             Outstanding World Language students              Jackie Aganon ’10,Courtney Liu ’10
                                             European: Hisa Mercy Hashisaka ’10
                                             Asian: Ichigo Oashi ’10                          sga Officers
Elise Ishida
                                                                                              Andrew Buck,Sara Fukuhara,
Daughter of Lane and Jo Ann Ishida           Outstanding Mathematics student                  Olivia Overton,Rachel Roley,Ryan Stanfield,
University of Massachusetts (MA)             Daron Lee ’12                                    Tyler Watkins

Ridwan Kazi                                  Outstanding esL student                          Holomua Members
                                             Miga Lee ’11                                     Class of 2010 (previous members)
Son of Anwar and Ashrafun Kazi
                                                                                              Jackie Aganon,Amanda Chong,Jacqueline
Washington University (MO)                   Yearbook & na Pueo staff awards                  Donovan,Gina Hirose,Kimberley Ip,Elise
                                             Yearbook – Sachiko Roscoe ’10                    Ishida,Stanton Jacinto,Ridwan Kazi,Tiffany
D. Ransom sherretz awards                    Na Pueo – Ian Madinger ’10                       Kondo,Sophia Lobley,Emily Niederhauser,
Benjamin Lane                                                                                 Kiana Otsuka,Kanoe Perreira,Ashley Tanaka,
                                             Outstanding Freshman                             Tanner Whyte
Son of David and Vicki Lane                  Mitchell Heidenreich ’13
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA)                                                          Class of 2010 (new members)
                                             Outstanding sophomore                            Daniel Ching,Cassidy Dunsmore,Steven Jensen,
Kiana Otsuka                                 Annette Lee ’12                                  Marissa Kam,Benjamin Lane,Courtney Liu,
Daughter of Curt and Robin Otsuka                                                             Matthew Reyes
                                             Outstanding Junior
Loyola Marymount University (CA)             Olivia Overton ’11                               Class of 2011 (new members)
                                                                                              Kara Chin,Shelby Fujitani,Sara Fukuhara,Ryan
Masaichi imoto Legacy scholarship award      Harvard Book award                               Hobson,Fred Ikeler,Kelsey Kasumi,Reina Med-
Matthew Kumabe                               Rachel Roley ’11                                 ina,Nijitoshi Nakajima,Matthew Oda,Olivia
                                                                                              Overton,Rachel Roley,Ryan Stanfield
Son Russell and Clara Kumabe
                                             Cornell University Book award
Grandson of Grace Izutsu Kumabe ‘31          Ryan Stanfield ’11                               national Honor society Members
University of Portland (OR)                                                                   Class of 2010 (previous members)
                                             Miles Tanimoto Memorial award                    Jackie Aganon,Amanda Chong,Jacqueline
Brandon Hiroaki Kobayashi ’99 scholarship    Neal Cooper ’10                                  Donovan,Devin Furutani,Gina Hirose,Elise
                                                                                              Ishida,Stanton Jacinto,Brent Kawamura,Tiffany
Emily Niederhauser                           Bausch and Lomb science award                    Kondo,Benjamin Lane,Emily Niederhauser,
Daughter of Glen and Victoria Niederhauser   Justin Little ’11                                Kiana Otsuka,Kanoe Perreira,Lauren Toku-
Villanova University (PA)                                                                     naga,Paige Young,Victoria Zeuner
                                             Dr. sau Yee Chang science award
                                             Benjamin Lane ’10
                                                               HigH sCHOOL
Class of 2010 (new members)                       Class of 2012 (new members)                      Music: Cassidy Dunsmore,Jonah Osawa,Shane-
Cassidy Dunsmore,Hisa Hashisaka,Ridwan            Annette Lee,Summer Shigetani,Nicole Sato         Adam Young
Kazi,Melissa Kim,Courney Liu,Sophia Lobley,
Alexandra Makk                                    MPsa Certificate seniors                         Theatre Arts: Joseph Allen,Michael Eber,Sophie
                                                  (level 2 and above)                              Friedheim,Tristan Hiraishi,Bria Hiromoto,
Class of 2011 (previous members)                  Dance: Jackie Aganon,Daniel Ching,Sasha Dee      Kimberley Ip,Kanoa Ishihara,Leah Ostroff
Kelsey Kasumi,Rachel Roley,Geoffrey Siu,          Dayoan,Brittany Hill,Kimberley Ip,Stanton Jac-
Daniel Wagner                                     into,Kellie Kato,Catherine Keem,Tiffany Kondo,   Visual Arts: Neal Cooper,Nichole Ewert,Gina Hi-
                                                  Mari Anne Lau,Jayna McClaran,Olivia Simp-        rose,Yun Young (Vivian) Lee,Alexandra Makk,
Class of 2011 (new members)                       son,Amber Takeuchi,Tori Yamashiro                Maria Moore,Bianca Pierce,Chelsea Reid,Kelli
Kara Chin,Kaitlyn Fujihara,Shelby Fujitani,Sara                                                    Shibata,Michi Tamashiro,Hugh Thornhill,Tyler
Fukuhara,Ryan Hobson,Fred Ikeler,Kristi Koy-      Dance/Hula: Katherine Kennedy,Leiokanani         Yasui
anagi,Jane Krot,Nijitoshi Nakajima,Shingo         Todd
Nakajima,Matthew Oda,Anna On,Kacey Ota,
Jennifer Sasaki,Jasmin Shin,Ryan Stanfield        Media: Ian Madinger

  Ka Nalu Ola wins two prestigious awards
  Congratulations to the staff of MPI's literary journal, Ka Nalu Ola. The spring 2010 edition won two prestigious
  awards: a First Place Award from the American Scholastic Press Association and a Silver Award from the Columbia
  Scholastic Press Association.

  "Although several have departed the islands for college destinations, all are commended for their passion invested in
  the creation of Ka Nalu Ola." said Pat Takeshita, advisor & high school language arts teacher. "Since we are neither a
  club nor a class, time is gleaned from
  personal moments, notably spring

  Ka Nalu Ola -- The Wave of Life -- show-
  cases the artistry of student writers who
  have pulled and shaped undulating
  thought into voiced visions.

  The American Scholastic Press Associa-
  tion offers its Annual Contest/Review in
  the belief that "the quality of a school's
  publications and how they present
  themselves to their reading community From le to right are Geoffrey Siu ’11, Jacqueline Arakaki ’11
  is a guidepost to the quality of the pub- (she designed the book's cover), Rachel Roley ’11, Maria Moore
  lishing school."                           ’10 (editor in chief), Pat Takeshita advisor. Missing: Reyna
                                             Callejo ’10, Kim Ip ’10, Ridwan Kazi ’11, Reyn Yonashiro ’11.
  "To make good writing the basis of suc-
  cessful student publications" was one of
  the earliest goals for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, an international association. From its beginnings in
  1925, the CSPA sponsored annual contests to seek out and publicize the best practices in student writing, editing and
  publishing. Student newspapers and magazines were the earliest formats chosen for these competitions. Today, online
  student media have been added as the technology of communications expands from print into cyberspace.”

MPSA Dancers Take Flight
          The class of 2010 included four-    still enjoying the benefits of a small uni-     comprehensive, organic approach to
teen graduates who completed the Mid-         versity.” (Chapman website) Haley is            dance. The degree is earned in an inten-
Pacific Institute School of the Arts’ dance   welcoming the challenges presented by           sive three-year plus two-summer cur-
certificate program. Six of these talented    the increased pointe work she is experi-        riculum. (see Stanton’s essay below)
young dancers are now attending col-          encing. Sasha is currently rehearsing                      Brittany is living a short subway
leges and universities as dance majors.       Falling Angels by renowned choreogra-           ride uptown from Stanton where she is
          Catherine Keem and Daniel           pher Jiri Kylian, former director of the        attending her first year at the prestigious
Ching are attending uH Manoa where            netherlands Dance Theatre.                      Juilliard School. Brittany, along with fel-
the dance program “enables students to                   Stanton Jacinto and Brittany         low graduate Daniel Ching spent part of
work in the dance traditions of Asia and      Hill are continuing their dance journeys        their summer at the San Francisco Con-
the Pacific as well as in those of Western    in nYC. Stanton, also a full IB Diploma         servatory of Dance preparing for the de-
Europe and the united States.” (uHM           graduate of MPI, is attending new York          mands of their new adventures. Brittany
website) Daniel, a uHM Regents                university’s Tisch School of the Arts. He       follows in the footsteps of her mentor,
Scholar, recently performed a self-chore-     spent his summer at the American                MPSA dance faculty member Sylvia Ya-
ographed solo, Metamorphosis, in the          Dance Festival on the campus of Duke            mada, as one the few dancers from
annual uH Fall Footholds.                     university, where he performed in West          Hawaii to be accepted into the dance
          Sasha Dee Dayoan and Haley          Side Story Suite, choreographed by dance        program at Juilliard. At Juilliard she will
Esaki (formerly Tiffany Kondo) are            legend Jerome Robbins. Stanton re-              be guided by “highly regarded artists,
dance majors at Chapman university, in        cently made his new York stage debut            and will develop her abilities to live in
Orange County California. At Chapman          and is preparing for his next appearance        the moment in a way that gives dance
Haley and Sasha are receiving “strong         in a work choreographed by nYu fac-             excitement, veracity, and eloquence.”
professional dance training and partici-      ulty member Pamela Pietro. nYu’s      
pating in high quality productions while      B.F.A. training program is devised as a

                                                            Daniel Ching &
  Brittany Hill                 Catherine Keem              Stanton Jacinto                 Sasha Dee Dayoan               Haley Esaki

  When i grow up, i want to become a…                                from being a full International Baccalaureate student, I en-
                                                                     joyed the rigorous pre-professional training in ballet and
                                                                     modern dance, working with numerous guest artists both
  by Stanton Jacinto ’10                                             locally and internationally, performing in front of audiences
 As children we oen would say, “when I grow up, I want to           full of peers, faculty, and dance lovers, and especially explor-
 become a…” in hopes of one day becoming successful and              ing and expressing my creative voice through dance and
 fulfilling our lives with passion and interest. Of course our       choreography.
 parents wanted us to fill in that blank by becoming a doctor,                 roughout my experience as a dance certificate
 lawyer, politician, etc. mainly because of the excellent in-        student, I realized that there is more to my future in college
 come these careers would produce, leading towards a future          and life than needing to become a doctor, lawyer, or politi-
 of wealth, financial stability, and status. But what if our fu-     cian. And although there is nothing wrong in wanting to be-
 ture can extend beyond the boundaries of income or status?          come any of those professions, it’s important to fulfill the
 What if “when I grow up, I want to become a…” something             desire and passion we each have. I find my desire and pas-
 that we love and are passionate about because it feeds our                      sion satisfied through dance and I want to share
 soul and satisfaction in life?                                                  this with others because as a dancer, I am able to
            At Mid-Pacific there is a hidden gem                                 communicate without saying a single word but
 called the Mid-Pacific School of the Arts                                       through the expression and articulation of move-
 (MPSA), where students can escape from the                                      ment from my body. And to me, such an experi-
 rigors of challenging academics and immerse                                     ence and feeling feeds my passion and desires in
 themselves in expressing and exploring them-                                    life. When I grow up, I want to become a
 selves through art. ankfully, I found this hid-                                dancer…
 den gem as a dance certificate student. Aside
18                                                        Stanton Jacinto
Brittany Hill ’10 @ Juilliard School                                     We heard that you like history, do you ever think about the
                                                                         other dancers who trained in the Juilliard studios before you?
Brittany Hill ’10 is attending her first year at the presti-             Oh, yeah! Some of today’s most respected dancers and choreogra-
                                                                         phers are Juilliard graduates’ It’s always an honor for me to learn of
gious Juilliard School in New York City. She follows in the
                                                                         dancers with a Juilliard legacy. I especially think about Ms. Ya-
footsteps of her mentor, MPSA dance faculty member                       mada (MPSA dance instructor) who went here not too long ago.
Sylvia Yamada, as one of the few dancers from Hawaii                     The director and many members of the Juilliard faculty know her
to be accepted into the Juilliard dance program.                         and they all tell me about what a great person she is and great
                                                                         dancer she was when she was here. It’s such an awesome feeling to
How well did MPI prepare you for college?                                know that we’ve both attended the same school! We’re also really
Very well. The rigor of MPSA/IB Dance, as well as IB English             close so I hope that one-day, when I become a teacher, one of my
and History, help me daily with decision-making, how to handle           students will attend Juilliard and continue this “legacy.” That
the pressures of rehearsals, deadlines and exams, and most impor-        would be awesome.
tantly with time management. At MPI the demands of MPSA
and my challenging academic schedule required me to find a “sys- Was making the decision to apply to Juilliard difficult?
tem” to follow to find the perfect balance enabling me to produce It’s funny because everyone at MPI was always telling me “Brittany
quality results. MPSA WAS my four years of HS at MPI, dance             you’ll attend a big dance school for college,” but honestly, I didn’t
was always the main thing on my mind and MPSA fed                                                      make the decision to audition for Juil-
my constant hunger to become better.                                                                   liard until 3 weeks before the applica-
                                                                                                       tions were due! I never thought that I’d
Compare New York to Honolulu.                                                                          get in, I felt there were so many odds
What is life like in the Big City?!                                                                    against me - they only accept 13
Living in nY is such a different experience. You can be                                                women. I was fearful of disappointing
anywhere and there are always people around, always                                                    people if I was cut at the audition. I re-
something fun to do with your friends. Juilliard is located                                            ally had a change of heart though
at Lincoln Center - so I live right next door to the Met! It’s                                         when my grandma and mom talked
crazy walking back to the school seeing celebrities and                                                to me about the “regret” aspect of not
getting in the same elevators as people you see on TV. I’ve                                            auditioning...It made me think about
encountered Kourtney Kardashian and Mark Wahlberg,                                                     the “what if I do get in?” and the fear of
I’ve even seen my favorite ballerina, Paloma Herrera, buy-                                             looking back later in life and having
ing groceries! :) But I definitely miss the warm weather,                                              wished I’d done it. I also felt my dance
nature, and local people.                                               teachers had put so much effort into me that I had to at least try – I
                                                                        just wanted to make everyone proud. With all those feelings com-
Describe Juilliard.
                                                                        bined I made the final decision to just go for it. I’m glad I did!
Juilliard is everything I imagined it would be and more. It’s small -
                                                                        Glad because I’m incredibly honored to be a student at Juilliard.
only one building, but it’s beautiful and full of artists!! Walking on
                                                                        All this talent around me and some of the best faculty in the world
one floor you hear vocalists singing beautifully, up a flight of steps
                                                                        motivate me every day and make me realize how lucky of a person
and the sounds of classical and jazz musicians practicing fill the air,
                                                                        I am. Even during those days when I’m not having a great class, or
and we (dance) share floors with the drama division students who
                                                                        if I’m exhausted, I simply take a step back, look around myself, and
are always rehearsing their lines for upcoming shows. One of our
                                                                        see how everyone is so dedicated and hard working which deeply
dance studios has an entire wall of glass that overlooks Broadway.
                                                                        inspires me to give it all I have and just dance the best that I can.
People stop and watch us rehearse and we wave and dance for
                                                                        That’s really all I can ask of myself, you know?
them. The faculty is amazing and the students in every division
are FAnTASTIC. It’s a shock going to school in a place where all Any words of advice to current MPSA students?
the people you’re with are some of the best at what they do! I just My biggest advice: If you love what you do, work really hard at it.
saw a senior drama production of the play “ Raisin in the Sun”          never give in or up to anything, things will eventually come your
…for several hours afterward I wanted to switch divisions and be- way even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment. Secondly: believe
come an actress!                                                        in yourself! Throughout high school I never believed in my danc-
                                                               ing as much as I should have and in some ways, it held me back. I
How long is a typical day?
                                                               was lucky to have two fantastic and loving dance teachers at
My days are as expected – LOnG! They range from 8 to 13 hours,
                                                               MPSA, Sylvia Yamada and Paul Maley—they pushed me and al-
depending on what is scheduled, and they include dance tech-
                                                               ways believed in me, even through times when I didn’t. They were
nique classes, music classes, academics, and rehearsals.
                                                               truly with me through both my highest and lowest points at MPI.
                                                                                                  Dunn Muramaru
                                                                                                    In 2008,Coach Muramaru sealed his 400th
                                                                                                    career victory as a coach after a come-from-
                                                                                                    behind victory against Punahou.“Dunn is a
                                                                                                    master craftsman in the sport of baseball,”
                                                                                                    said former MPI Athletic Di-
                                                                                                    rector Bill Villa.“He keeps
                                                                                                    learning newer and more ef-
                                                                                                    ficient ways to improve the
                                                  On February 5, 2011, the Seventh Annual M program and keep it fresh
                                                  ClubAthletic Hall of Fame Gala will be held at for a whole new generation
                                                  the Ko’olau Ballrooms in Kaneohe,where we of players.”
                                                  will be pleased to pay tribute to the significant
Message from the Athletic Director:               contributions to MPI sports made by three “Dunn has established an outstanding base-
                                                  outstanding individuals. The Kometani ball program at Mid-Pacific over the past 25
The 2010-11 school year is well on its way        Brothers, Katsumi ’25 and Harold ’36, and years. He clearly develops outstanding base-
and by the time you read this message, the        Baseball Coach Dunn Muramaru will be in- ball players,but more importantly,he is a
winter season will have started.Since the last    ducted into the MPI Athletic Hall of Fame. great mentor to our student-athletes.
Owl Line issue in spring, we have been able       This gala evening will also include a silent auc- Thanks to Coach Dunn,our baseball pro-
to complete a number of facility upgrades.        tion,gourmet dinner,as well as entertainment. gram is second to none in the state of
The outdoor basketball and volleyball courts      Former UH football coach, Dick Tomey will Hawaii” says MPI Athletic Director Jo Ito.
have been resurfaced, the condition of the        provide the keynote address.
pool deck has been improved, and a new
gym floor has been installed. The comple-                                                           Coach Dunn has coached many winning
                                                  M Club is the booster club for MPI athletics.It seasons,won several ILH and State Champi-
tion of these projects gives us the opportu-      provides extra funding for the MPI athletic onships,received numerous Coach of the
nity to offer a much improved practice and        program. The proceeds from the previous six Year awards,and influenced countless young
competition environment while cultivating         Gala events generated approximately ballplayers over his 25 years at the helm of
school pride in our student-athletes,coaches,     $600,000 to provide substantial improve- the MPI Baseball Program.Dunn is a win-
and other members of the athletic program.        ments to MPI Athletics, as well as to fund the ner of the 2009 Chuck Leahey Award win-
The members of the athletic program ap-           Miyawaki Endowed Scholarship. The recent ner,presented to a person who has
preciate the school’s and especially the M        improvements include the funding of new celebrated and supported Hawaii baseball.
Club’s support in realizing these projects.       kayaks,video cameras for performance analy-
                                                  sis, a new mascot owl costume, a portable “There are several ways to evaluate an ath-
The following pages include an article by M       electronic scoreboard, varsity athlete t-shirts, letic program,” former Punahou baseball
Club President Janie Bryan, as well as a          shooting coats, ankle braces, and a pick-up coach Pal Eldredge said.“Obviously,win-
celebration of the individual accomplish-         truck.Over the summer,the resurfacing of the ning is one way,and so is the teaching of the
ments of 2009-10 varsity athletes,recognized      multi-purpose outdoor courts was completed sport for life-long learning,and of course,
at the Athletic Banquet May 26.                   as was the re-flooring of Mills Gym.              teaching toward lessons in life.Coach Dunn
Please visit our athletics website for the most                                                     encompasses all three.”
                                                  It is important to note that all teams benefit
recent news and accomplishments of our            from the M Club, either directly or indirectly,
athletic program and its many teams:              since the club fosters pride, honors traditions Thank you for              and augments the entire athletic program . We
                                                                                                    Katsumi Kometani ’25
your continued support and I hope to see          encourage you to join by filling out the form Harold Kometani ’36
you at one of the upcoming winter and             on the next page,and we look forward to see- The Kometani brothers will be honored
spring sporting events.                           ing you in February!                              posthumously.The two played a variety of
                                                  —Janie Bryan, M Club President                    sports at MPI and exhibited a lifelong com-
Mahalo,                                                                                             mitment to family,team sports and Mid-Pa-
                                                                                                    cific.They both exemplified the value of

Jo Ito                M Club Board
Athletic Director     Janie Bryan, President; Brad Swanson, Vice President; Judy Dang, Secretary; Ka'ili O'Connell, Treasurer;
                      Christina Asao. Board members: Colleen Ajifu ’78, Randy Brown, Dorothy Crowell ’55, Gloria Onishi ’74,
20                    Kathy Ohtani, Karen Koles’63, L. Kae Graniel, Lia Hunt ’90, Joe Rice & Jo Ito.
service to the community and others,while       Eastern Olympics in 1940.In 1942,he joined       man.He was the head football coach in
providing an example of integrity to all.       a special battalion of soldiers and he           1943-45 and was instrumental in forming
                                                coached a baseball team while his unit was       the nucleus of the UH football team after the
Katsumi Kometani ’25played volleyball,bas-      in training.After the war,he was invited to      war.He was inducted into UH’s Circle of
ketball and was a cross country runner.He       meet with General Douglas MacArthur to           Honor in 1986. Current Mid-Pacific stu-
covered sporting events for the Honolulu        discuss the occupation of Japan and the role     dents have been touched by Harold’s mem-
Advertiser,providing statistics and noted to    that baseball would play in the establish-       ory through The Harold and Mae Kometani
the paper.He was also a very good swim-         ment of goodwill between nations.Katsumi         Scholarship Endowment Fund,which funds
mer.He enrolled in Michigan State Univer-       was also instrumental in reestablishing          educational opportunities for many deserv-
sity in 1927,and later heard                    Japan’s participation in the Olympic games       ing MPI students.
about a swimming scholar-                       by raising funds and hosting the delegates
ship.Following his love of                      that attended the reinstatement request          Dick Tomey
swimming (and driven by a                       meetings.                                        Former UH head football coach,Dick
desire to pay his bills!) he                                                                     Tomey will provide the keynote address.
made the team.He then set a                     Harold Kometani ’36,a retired chairman of the    Tomey is an American football icon.He
record for the 100-yard                         Mid-Pacific Institute Board of Trustees,is re-   served as the head coach at the University of
breaststroke in 1928 that lasted for many       membered as a family man,as well as for his      Hawaii at Manoa (1977–1986),the Univer-
years.Katsumi had a lifelong interest in ath-   athletic achievements,and as                     sity of Arizona (1987–2000),and San Jose
letics.After graduating as a dentist from the   a business leader.He served                      State University (2005–2009),compiling a
University of Southern California in 1931,      the school for a remarkable                      career college football record of 183–145–7.
Katsumi became involved with a youth            43 years as a member of the                      In 28 seasons as a head coach,he has never
group at McKinley High School,which led to      board.He was awarded MPI                         experienced back-to-back losing seasons.
his interest in baseball.In 1934,he was given   Alumnus of the year in 1961                      Tomey is the only head coach who ranks in
the Azuma Baseball team,which later led to      and 1985.While attending MPI,Harold was          the top-10 for conference coaching victories
the ownership of the Asahi Baseball Club.He     on the basketball team (co-captain his sen-      in both the WAC and the Pacific-10 Confer-
was fortunate to have many MPI graduates        ior year) and the track team.After graduat-      ence.
on his teams.Baseball led him to the Good-      ing from MPI,he went on to the University
will Games,trips to Japan and the first Far     of Hawaii,where he was a four-year letter-

Gillia and Nishimura ’06 appointed as
MPI's Track & Field Co-Head Coaches
The MPI Athletic Department is delighted to announce the new co-head coaches for
its track & field program. Both Ryan Gillia and Casey Nishimura ’06 are no strangers
to the MPI Athletic Program. This fall, Ryan Gillia entered his second year as the head
coach for MPI's cross country program and Casey Nishimura `06, one of MPI's most
successful runners, recently joined Gillia as a cross country assistant coach.

"I am very happy that Ryan and Casey accepted the co-head coaching position. Both            Ryan Gillia and Casey Nishimura `06
bring a lot of experience to the program," says MPI Athletic Director Jo Ito.

   2009-2010 Varsity athletic Banquet                                                          2010 Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards:
                                                                                               Air Riflery,JB-Clark Velasco
 The 2009-2010 athletic school year            TRi-aTHLeTe aWaRDs
                                                                                               Air Riflery,Paige Young
 came to a close with the Varsity Athletic     JORDAN DOI ’11                                  Baseball,Ryan Muraoka
 Banquet.We were honored to have one of        Football - Basketball - Baseball                Basketball,Jenna Savusa
 MPI’s most successful athletes, Dani                                                          Basketball,Andrew Swanson
 Mafua ’06, share her story from her days      KATE HENDRIX ’10                                Bowling,Justin Fukuda
 at MPI to her successful career as a vol-     Bowling - Soccer - Sailing                      Bowling,Taylor Sumi
 leyball player at the University of Hawaii.                                                   Canoe Paddling-Div.I,Taylor Thompson
                                               HUNTER HASTIE ’10                               Canoe Paddling-Div.I,Shawn Kaho'okele
                                               Boys Water Polo - Kayaking - Canoe Paddling     Canoe Paddling-Div.I,Emily Niederhauser
 Most Outstanding athlete                                                                      Canoe Paddling-Div.II,Gianna Gigante
                                               ELISE ISHIDA ’10                                Canoe Paddling-Mixed,Chase Suzuki
 KEATON McFADDEN ’10                           Volleyball - Soccer - Girls Water Polo
 CODY SULLIVAN ’10                                                                             Canoe Paddling-Mixed,Madison Guss
 DAVID TERAO ’11                               KALEIKOA KALEOALOHA ’12
                                                                                               Cross Country,Daniel Wagner
                                               Boys Water Polo - Kayaking - Track              Cross Country,Amanda Ishikawa
 scholar athlete                                                                               Golf,Cole Yamane
 EMILY NIEDERHAUSER ’10                        LOGAN MURAKAMI ’10                              Golf,Whitney Nakama
 TANNER WHYTE ’10                              Football - Basketball - Track                   Judo,David Terao
                                                                                               Kayaking,Shawn Kaho'okele
 Most inspirational athlete                    EMILY NIEDERHAUSER ’10                          Kayaking,Rachel Kincaid
 JENNA SAVUSA ’10                              Kayaking - Canoe Paddling - Water Polo          Pep Squad,Sara Fukuhara
                                                                                               Precision Air Riflery,Kristen Chin
                                               BRENDAN SAGUCIO ’11                             Sailing,Morgan Merrill
 green & White award                           Football - Soccer - Volleyball
 DANIEL WAGNER ’11                                                                             Soccer,Kennedy Spencer
 LINDSEY CARLOS ’12                                                                            Soccer,Cody Sullivan
                                               CHASE SUZUKI ’10
                                               Kayaking - Canoe Paddling - Golf
                                                                                               Soccer,Taylor Higa
                                                                                               Softball,Kristin Yama
                                               DANIEL WAGNER ’11                               Softball,Lindsey Carlos
                                               Cross Country - Soccer - Track                  Swimming,Benjamin Lane
                                                                                               Tennis,Shane Adam Young
                                               PAIGE YOUNG ’10                                 Tennis,Gabrielle Gorence
                                               Sporter Air Riflery - Basketball - Track        Track,Marie Moriwake
                                                                                               Track,Ryan Hobson
                                                                                               Volleyball,Evan Ho
                                                                                               Volleyball,Keaton McFadden
     Dani Mafua ’06                                                                            Water Polo,Samuel Kakuni
                                                                                               Wrestling,David Terao

                                                                                               MID-PACIFIC GIFT CLUBS
        Annual Report
                                                                                               The following honor roll of donors
                                                                                               recognizes the generosity of many
                                                                                               thoughtful individuals and organ-
                                                                                               izations who care deeply about
                                                                                               MPI and its students. The list re-
                                Featuring the Honor Roll of Donors                             flects gifts received between Au-
                                                                                               gust 1, 2009, and July 31, 2010.
On behalf of the trustees of Mid-Pacific Institute, I would like to take this opportunity to   Please note that if you have made
thank you—our administrators, teachers, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, board of         a pledge, only the payments re-
counselors and friends—for your continued sup-                                                 ceived during this fiscal year are
port of this fine school.We are grateful for the donors                                        acknowledged. Future payments
who selflessly ensure that our students receive a                                              will be acknowledged in the fiscal
world-class education.                                                                         year they are received.
                                                                                               Mahalo for your support.
Of course, support comes in many forms. It is a
humbling fact that so many of you entrust your chil-
dren to our teachers and administration.Thank you                                                             Legacy Circle
for having faith in the school and its mission.Thank                                                      Lifetime $100,000+
you for your unwavering support.

This school year promises to be filled with many                                                            Founders’ Circle
challenges and opportunities. Many of you know                                                                $10,000 +
that this annual report is dedicated to recognizing
the many generous donors to our school. I want to
take it a step further. The document you now hold in your hands is a testament to ad-                      Trustees’ Council
vancing the mission of Mid-Pacific Institute. Advancement is a process that moves the                       $5,000-$9,999
school forward, continually looking for new sources of revenue to support our cutting-
edge educational initiatives. Every single day, the school's advancement team puts Mid-
Pacific first, both on campus and out in the community.                                                   President’s society
As I have said many times to the thousands in the Mid-Pacific ‘ohana who have partici-
pated in our advancement efforts: you amaze me with your commitment to—and your
support of—this fine school! We simply cannot offer the enrichments that make the MPI                     Counselors’ society
experience so exceptional without your help, and we thank you for your time and gen-                         $500-$999

The school's new strategic plan is outlined in this issue of the Owl Line.As we move ahead,                   Pueo Club
we will be reviewing these plans to ensure that the school continues on its mission to re-                    $250-$499
main an educational leader in Hawaii. Our goal is to provide our students and faculty
with the tools to meet the challenges that lie ahead of them.Actually, I take that back! We
don't want to simply meet these challenges, we will strive to overcome and surpass these                     Century Club
challenges.That is what 21st century thinking is all about! Teamwork.Collaboration.And                        $100-$249
a positive attitude!

I sincerely want you to know that your heartfelt commitment to the good works of Mid-          Please note: in this annual report,
Pacific Institute is valued and cherished.
                                                                                               every effort has been made to include the
Sincerely,                                                                                     correct name of every donor. if you feel
                                                                                               your name has been omitted, please
                                                                                               check to make sure your gift was made
                                                                                               during the 2009-2010 fiscal year
                                                                                               (august 1, 2009 through July 31, 2010) or
James S. Kometani ’57
Chair, Board of Trustees
                                                                                               contact Lisa Reed (973-5017 or
                                                  2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
LEGACY CIRCLE                                     Quality Naturally Foods                      Se Hyun Kim & Mi Young Park
This very special group of donors has made        T. Raymond ’51 & Betsy Sekiya                Kenneth ’65 & Sue-Ann Kobatake
lifetime contributions of $100,000 or more.       Thomas Sinnett                               Sueo Kondo ’47
Their support of Mid-Pacific Institute has been   Strong Foundation                            Kenneth & Patricia Kupchak
instrumental in making MPI one of the premier     Fred Takahashi ’33 *                         Dean & Billie McGill
college-preparatory schools in Hawaii. We are     Frank Watase ’41                             Eric Moore ’77
grateful for their significant donations.         Harry & Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.   MPI Parent Community Association
                                                  G. N. Wilcox Trust                           A. Maurice & Jean Myers
ANONYMOUS (1)                                     Gaylord & Carol Wilcox                       NASA
Mohsen & Lexie Agsen                                                                           Nike, Inc.
Albert T. & Wallace T. Teruya Foundation                                                       Diane Ono & Gary Galiher
Alexander & Baldwin Foundation                    FOUNDERS’ CIRCLE                             Thomas & Nobuko Paule
Atherton Family Foundation                        ($10,000+)                                   POS Hawaii
LeBurta Atherton Foundation                                                                    John & Maile Romanowski
William * & Dawn Aull                             William * & Dawn Aull                        Raymond Sasaki, Jr. ’62
Bank of Hawaii                                    Bicara, Ltd.                                 John ’50 & Barbara Hu ’50 Tanji
Robert E. Black Fund                              Robert E. Black Fund                         Gaylord & Carol Wilcox
Erma M. Boyen Trust                               The Cades Foundation                         Wilson Okamoto Corporation
George & Susan Buck                               Harold K.L. Castle Foundation
The Cades Foundation                              Lester * & Judith * Cingcade
Harold K.L. Castle Foundation                     ESI Inc.                                     PRESIDENT’S SOCIETY
The Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation          Sandra & Michael Hartley                     ($1,000 - $4,999)
Dwight Chang ’63                                  Hawaii Community Foundation
Dennis S.L. Chew ’72 Memorial Gift                Garrett ’85 & Nancy Hayashi                  ANONYMOUS (3)
Hung Wo & Elizabeth Lau Ching Foundation          Alan* ’61 & Merle Oshiro ’61 Hinazumi        A.S. Atherton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Estate of Myra Lee Ching ’26                      William & Celeste Hughes                     Jayson Abe ’00
Henry & Charlotte Clark                           Satsuki Izutsu ’40                           Jeffrey & Traci Abear
Cooke Foundation Limited                          Donald C.W. & Iris Kim                       Air Central Inc.
First Hawaiian Bank                               James ’57 & Momi Kometani                    Katherine Miyata Akagi ’56
Frear Eleemosynary Trust                          McInerny Foundation                          Jason & Rhona Ako
DeVee Gildroy                                     MPI Alumni Association                       Albert Chong & Associates
Sandra & Michael Hartley                          Nakata Electrical, Inc.                      Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing
Hawaii Community Foundation                       Ronald ’56 & Jessie Nakata                   American Savings Bank
Alan* ’61 & Merle Oshiro ’61 Hinazumi             William, Lorna, Jennifer, & Alexis ’17 Ong   Jean Nakamura Aramaki ’60
Ann & Kenneth Hipp                                Steven ’66 & Stephanie Saito                 Minoru & Ruth Asato
Dr. Sadao & Jean K. Sekiya ’46 Honda              Brian Sakamaki ’62                           LeBurta Atherton Foundation
Florence Ichinose                                 Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates                    Frank & Coe Atherton
  in memory of Samuro Ichinose ’19                Fred & Valerie Trotter                       LeBurta Atherton
Estate of Masaichi Imoto ’25                      G. N. Wilcox Trust                           BAE Systems
Alexander ’41 & Patricia Kim                      Michael & Joanne Wood                        Christine & Thomas Bailie
Donald C.W. & Iris Kim                                                                         BDS
Kenneth ’65 & Sue-Ann Kobatake                                                                 Bel Air Distributors, Inc.
Bert & Susan Kobayashi                            TRUSTEE’S COUNCIL                            James & Mary Ann Bell
Harold ’36 & Mae Kometani                         ($5,000 - $9,999)                            Isaac & Yuko Berg
James ’57 & Momi Kometani                                                                      Scott Bradley
Kosasa Foundation                                 ANONYMOUS (1)                                Janie Bryan
Estate of Ardith Chock Lam ’31                    George & Susan Buck                          Charles & Susan Buck
Estate of Albert Akau Liu ’32                     Charles Reed Bishop Trust                    Kalei Cadinha-Pua’a & Ricky Pua’a
McInerny Foundation                               Hingson & Sheila Chun                        Central Pacific Bank
Edison Miyawaki                                   Dorothy Hanamaika’i Crowell ’55              Chuck & Janice Choi
Eric Moore ’77                                    Delta Construction Corporation               Norman ’55 & Laura Chong
MPI Alumni Association                            Karl & Cindy Fujii                           Patricia Chong ’50
Kaname Nakamaru ’23                               T.J. & Holly Gorence                         Ariel Fung ’60 & Larry* Chun
Bruce Nakamura ’66                                George & Sharlene Hirai                      City Mill Company, Ltd./C.K. Ai Foundation
Charles Ockey                                     Edna & Herbert Hussey                        Michael & Katharine Clifford
Hugh & Chong Jah Pingree                          Florence Ichinose                            Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties
Glenn & Dorothy Puder                              in memory of Samuro Ichinose ’19            Commercial Plumbing, Inc.
24                                                                                                                       * Recently Deceased
                                            2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Anthony & Diana Costa                       Keith & Tammy Ishibashi                          Jr & Lou Kawamura
Debra Pfaltzgraff ’69 & Robert Creps        Lincoln J. Ishida ’49                            T & Karen Kawamura
Robert & Helen Crowell                      Chason & Dawn Ishii                              Ross Kawawaki
Marc & Paulina Cutter                       Denis & Ella Isono                               Charles & Annie Kim
Judy & Gerald Dang                          Mark & Lynn Izawa                                Thomas & Alice Kim
Eunice DeMello                              Satoru Izutsu ’46                                Robert & June Ko
Peter & Leila Diamond                       Jamba Juice - Financial Plaza                    A.C. Kobayashi Family Foundation, Inc.
DME Construction                            Florence Jones                                   Davis ’91 & Wendy Chang Kobayashi
Marsha Durbin & Peedi-Jean Saldania         Kris & Maria Kadzielawa                          Patrick ’91 & Kris Okutani ’91 Kobayashi
David & Marilou Eagar                       David & Roxanne Kamalu                           Malcolm & Carol Koga
Masaharu & Mayumi Edamura                   Pearl & Henry Katsuda                            Michael & Frances Krafft
Editions, Limited                           Frederick Kawabata ’57                           Kimberly Koga ’91 & Jason Kubo
Amy Hamamoto ’55 & Vernon Faulconer         Charles ’59 & Arlene Kawakami                    Kenneth Kumura ’60
Finance Factors, Ltd.                                                                        Lorraine Takiguchi Kwan ’60
First Hawaiian Bank                                                                          Barry Lai ’92
Flora-Dec Sales                                                                              Dickson ’64 & Merilyn Lee
Flowers by Jr Lou & T                                                                        Seung Un & Nan Hee Lee
Hiram Fong, Jr. & Andrea Emoto                                                               Leis by Karen
Friends of Hawaii Charities, Inc.                                                            Leu & Okuda, Attorneys at Law
Emily Hino Fujii ’47                                                                         John & Vicki Limper
Rendi Fujinaka ’02                                                                           Shelley Nakagawa ’91 & Bennett Loui
Robert & Carolyn Fujioka                                                                     William & Sheree Loui
Fukunaga & Associates, Inc.                                                                  Lyle Hamasaki Construction, Inc.
James ’85 & Sheri Fukuroda                                                                   Martin Ma ’89
Atsushi & Deborah Funakawa                                                                   Holly & John Madinger
Garrett Funasaki ’06                                                                         Paul Maley
Gary & Lori Funasaki                                                                         Donn & Akiko Marutani
Shaylyn Funasaki ’09                                                                         Matson Navigation Company
Galiher DeRobertis Ono                                                                       William ’46 & Karen Matsuo
Patrick & Earleene Garvey                                                                    Robert McIntosh
Lorena Gaskill & Ian Okazaki                                                                 Raymond & Lou McKay
Timothy & Marilyn Hagino                      in 2007, alan Hinzumi ’61 was voted alum-      Meadow Gold Dairies
Sidney ’59 & Karen Hamada                     nus of the Year by the alumni assocation       Owen & Betty Miyamoto
Hawaii Association of Independent Schools     for the second time. Very few have been        Joe & Teresa Moore
Hawaii Chinese Association, Inc.              honored in such a way. alan was a              Joel Moribe ’90
Hawaii Dental Service                                                                        Georgine Takayesu ’60 & Thurston Morita
                                              devoted alumnus of MPi, serving on the
Hawaii High School Athletic Association                                                      MPI Class of 1945
Hawaii Pacific X-Ray Corporation              Board of Counselors, and at one time or        MPI Class of 1970
Hawaii Self Storage                           another, served as an officer and/or as        Douglas ’54 & Betty Mukai
Hawaii Star Ball, Inc.                        chair or committee member of every             Archie & May Murakami
Hawaiian Insurance and                        fundraising activity of the alumni             Adrienne Muroda & Lorrin Hirano
  Guaranty Company, Limited                   association.  in addition, he was the          Chelsey Muroda ’07
Carl ’60 & Allene Hayashi                                                                    James Musgrave & Lynn Yanagihara
                                              co-chair of the inaugural M Club athletic
Mark Hines & Sara McKay-Hines                                                                Gordon & Maria Nakano
John ’60 & Marilynn Hirashima                 Hall of Fame gala.                             David Nakashima & Jade Ching
Joylinda Javier ’58 & Mack Hirayama                                                          Cass & Tina Nakasone
Karin Koga Holt ’82                           alan passed away in april 2009, and at the     Herbert ’60 & Sharon Nakasone
Dr. Sadao & Jean K. Sekiya ’46 Honda          end of last year, his wife, Merle Oshiro       Galen ’55 & Nami Ann Mizuha ’56 Narimatsu
James Honke ’58                               Hinazumi ’61, and their children, son Mark     Sharon Komata ’62 & Alvin Narimatsu
Honolulu Police Department                                                                   Enid Taga ’54 & Andy Nii
                                              '90 and daughter Mari '87, established an
Ann Takenaka Horiuchi ’60                                                                    Brian O’Connor & Elaine Imoto
Laura Houghtailing-Adams & Steve Adams        endowment in his memory. The alan H.           Jane Miura ’49 & Edward Oda
Henry & Margo Howlett                         Hinazumi ’61 endowed Fund was created          Florence Ogawa
Hideo & Seiko Imoto                           to enhance and support the technology            in memory of Harry Ogawa ’55
International Takumi Corporation              program at Mid-Pacific institute. This is a    Robert & Emi Ogawa
Interscholastic League of Honolulu            wonderful tribute to alan and reinforces his   Mark Ogino & Paul Czubryt
Intuition                                                                                    Shigeru & Akiko Ogino
                                              lifelong commitment to MPi.
                                            2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Alan ’60 & Charlene Okamura                 Franklin & Suzanne Tokioka                     Russell Gifford
Lynne Kawagoe ’79 & Curtis Okazaki          Kenneth Tokuda ’59                             Norman & Gail Glenn
Gary & Marilyn Okuda                        Joyce Ozaki ’67 & Alan Tomonari                James ’55 & Noriko Goto
Gloria Fukuda ’74 & Henry Onishi            Kristy & Samuel Tong                           Louise Grow
Owen & Donalyn Oshiro                       University of Oregon                           Carl ’55 & Carole Haga
Ruth Oshiro Oshiro ’46                      Harry* ’51 & Amy Tawarahara ’51 Ushijima       Harry & Ruth Hanohano
Colleen & Roy Otsuka                        Scott ’79 & Margaret Ushijima                  Hawaii Pizza Hut, Inc.
Lisa Ouchi-Yamamoto & Craig Yamamoto        Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation                Hawaiian Electric Industries
Gina & Jeffrey Overton                        Matching Gifts Program                         Charitable Foundation
Walter ’63 & Gayle Ozawa                    Gail & Michael Weisz                           Hawaiian Telcom
Pac Five Athletics                          Carlier Wheeler                                Craig ’87 & Heidi Hayashi
Doris Kau ’45 & Robert Pang                 Terry & Diane Wood                             Sherwood & Grace Hayashi
Rodney & Marvelyn Pang                      Xerox Corporation                              David & Michele Heath
Chulmin & Myo Yeon Park                     Richard & Florence Yamada                      Lynn Hiromoto
Susanne Pearce                              Stanley Yamagata, Jr. ’58                      George & Gayle Hirose
Pearl Harbor Historical Sites Fund at the   Masataka & Kiren Yamamoto                      Arnold & Karen Hirotsu
  Hawaii Community                          Ethel Hazama Yamane ’45                        Richard Hitomi & Jackie Brown-Hitomi
Chong Jah Pingree                           Frances Iida Yano ’61                          Muriel Ho
PKF Pacific Hawaii LLP                      Wendy Miyasato Yim ’70                           in memory of Charles Ho ’48
Robert & Doris Pulley                       Craig & Karen Yoshikawa                        Jean Imamoto ’53
Stein ’74 & Haven Rafto                     Allan & Lisa Yoshimoto                         Leslie & Nancy Inouye
David & Deborah Ramirez                     Emory & Megin Young                            Leigh Ishida ’87
Joe Rice & Florence Coletta-Rice                                                           Clyde ’70 & Saskia Ishii
Richard Matsunaga &                                                                        Island Movers, Inc.
  Associates Architects, Inc.               COUNSELORS’ SOCIETY                            Thomas ’46 & Doris Ito
Thomas Riley & Akiko Ono                    ($500 - $999)                                  Todd ’96 & Kimberly Agena ’95 Jinbo
Rons Construction Corporation                                                              Roberta Kameda ’78
Randall & Karol Sakumoto                    ANONYMOUS (3)                                  Chikako Kanamaru & William Byrns
Kenneth Sakurai                             Aiea Collision Center                          Ada Arakawa ’46 & George Kaneoka
Derrick & Sharon Sano                       Michael ’76 & Colleen Chinen ’78 Ajifu         Darryl & Dawn Kanno
Kanrad & Marlene Sasaki                     Keith & Sharon Aotaki                          Stephen Kato ’93
David ’60 & Joanne Uchimura ’60 Sato        Joshua Arakaki ’09                             Manuel & Elaine Kau
Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.       Richard Arakaki & Debra Ogata-Arakaki          Alison Miyahira ’95 & Keith Kawamoto
Mabel Sekiya ’47                            Arnold & Joji Baptiste                         David & Oak Sook Keem
Michael & Lisa Selman                       Randall & Carrie Brown                         Lan Kersey
Frank ’57 & Sharen Serikaku                 Ella & Mark Browning                           Charles ’70 & Dale Keyes
George ’53 & Alyce Serikaku                 David Chen & Tzu-Lan Kuo                       Luther & Reiko Killebrew
Siemans Foundation                          Steven & Jill Chiang                           Gregg & Be-Jay Kodama
TaiSei & Rie Son                            Fred & Eleanor Chung                           Benjamin ’52 & Betty Haga ’52 Koike
Robert Sonoda ’60                           Friends & Family                               Koko Marina Shopping Center
Iris Tanimoto ’46 & John Spade                 in memory of Judith A. Cingcade             Ann & Garrett Kondo
SportsMedicine Hawaii, Ltd.                 Tarquin Collis & Katherine Kingsley            Jeffrey & Courtney Krantz
Friends & Family                            Grace Cruz                                     John & Chandra Kuriyama
  in memory of Dorothy Louise Stevenson     Jill & Brent Cullinan                          Daniel & Pamela Kurose
Lorraine Suzuki ’53 & John Stringfellow     Darrell & Janet Dayoan                         Constance Furukawa ’60 & James Kurtz
Noilani Strohlin                            Marina De Abreu                                Larry & Beatrice Ching Foundation
Craig & Vicki Suemori                       M. Dixon and Associates - Allstate Insurance   Michele & Paul LeBlanc
Ellen Lee ’60 & Ray Suhl                    Gertrude Takahashi Ebesu ’52                   Chi Man Cindy Lee
Akihiko Tajima                              Paul & Caroline Faringer                       Darren & Dee Lee
Robert & June Takano                        Jon Fernandez ’79                              Howard & Teale Lee
Ann Sato ’60 & Gary Takazono                Gale Ogasawara Fontenelle ’60                  Kent ’81 & Jaylene Leong
Jerald S. ’62 & Betsy S. Takesono           Foodland Super Market Ltd.                     Alyce Loui
Robert & Sandra Tanaka                      Lance & Patricia Fujisaki                      Darren & Celeste Lum
Troy ’82 & Doreen Yamagata ’82 Tanji        Mark & Mona Fukuhara                           Toru & Gin Manabe
Steven ’70 & Cynthia Yamasaki ’70 Teruya    Garret & Jane Furukido                         Lorraine & Maurice Matsuzaki
The Neiman Marcus Group                     Neil & Carol Furuya                            Ron ’72 & Cathleen Matsuzaki
The NRA Foundation                          General Mills Box Tops for Education           Ryan Matsuzaki ’08
26                                                                                                                  * Recently Deceased
                                            2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Linda McDuffee                              Jack & Tracy Watkins                            Tedmund & Alice Cheong
KaMana’o McKague                            William ’78 & Kerry Wheeler                     Norman ’58 & Grace Ching
David & Helen McNeil                        Brian ’84 & Donna Wong                          Lloyd & Sandie Chong
Rodolfo & Teresita Mediana                  Hiroshi ’45 & Helene Sudo ’44 Yamamoto          Rick Chong & Sharon Keau-Chong
Alan & Janet Meier                          Paul Yamashige ’52                              Milton & LiAnn Choy
Milton & Diane Mitsui                       Earl & Carol Yasui                              Celia Chun Wright
Michele Miyamoto                            Ronald & Sun Young Yee                          Henry * Chun ’37
Jennie Miyasaki ’60                         Michael Yoneji ’60                              Kevin Cintron & Laura Moffat-Cintron
R. Roy & Audrey Mizushima                   Annie Koga Yoshimoto ’42                        Corporate Enviroments International, LLC
Calvin ’63 & Gail Murashige                 George & Carol Yoshimura                        Catherine Cruz Simpson & Arthur Simpson
Lynn Warashina ’63 & Melvin Murata          Victoria Niino ’60 & Howard Young               Adam & Laura Davidson
Susan Muroshige ’64                         Choy Zane, Jr.                                  Susan & Timothy Donlon
James Nagahiro ’50                             in memory of Leora Wong Zane ’37             Chieko & Richard Egged
Wallace & Faye Nakakuni                                                                     Agenhart & Dorie Ellis
George Nakama ’49                                                                           Wallace K. ’50 & Jean Endo
Alan & Gwynne Nakamura                      PUEO CLUB                                       Engineering Concepts Inc.
Brian ’60 & Karen Nakashima                 ($250 - $499)                                   Dave & Tamae Erdman
Ann Nicol                                                                                   Ruby Shigemura Eyke ’45
Kevin & Ka’ili O’Connell                    David Adachi                                    FMT Properties, LLC
Eddie ’61 & Marlene Fujieki ’61 Okahara     Emerson & Marlene Aganon                        Karl & Ellen Fooks
Myron Okubo                                 Akamai Island Food Brokerage                    Craig Fujii ’76
Hilary Okumura ’96                          Scot & Verdene Allen                            Wayne ’70 & Peggy Fujimoto
Marvin Oleshansky &                         Thomas & Leah Allen                             Stephen & Carole Fujinaka
  Joyce Schoenheimer Oleshansky             Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.             Howard ’56 & Sanora Nemoto ’55 Fujino
Grace On ’09                                Cosmo & Ann Arakawa                             Clare Fujioka ’08
Yung Ho & Young Sook On                     Wade Asato ’94                                  Franklin Fukuda & Dawn Minaai
Linda Kawazoe & Earle Oshio                 Danny & Lorna Auyoung                           Jill Akamine Fukui ’81
Bryant & Joan Park                          Wendell & Pamela Awada                          Ryan Furuya ’06
Kelly Ann Park ’96                          Sky Baso                                        R. Kevin & Sharon Garcia Doyle
Virginia Pinto                              Belt Collins Hawaii Ltd.                        Antero & Susana Geonzon
Laurene & Edward Raleigh                    Wallace Blaisdell                               Laura & David Givens
Lisa & Robert Reed                          Frances Shimaura Bowers ’63                     Elsie Shimonishi ’50 & Thomas Godbey
Clifford & Amy Sakata                       Daniel & Gloria Boylan                          Margaret Grimes
Jonn & June Saruwatari                      Connie Brinton-Diamond & Milton Diamond         Nathaniel Gudoy
Valerie Aniya Schmidt ’90                   Donald & Jennifer Campbell                      Grace Ng Hamamoto ’58
SeaBreeze Water Sports - Hawaii Kai         Mary Carias                                     Ann Fukuki ’48 & Charles Hamane
Katherine Matsuura ’80 & Ron ’81 Serikaku   William & Shelly Cataldo                        Craig & Lynne Hamasaki
Hiroki & Kazuko Shuto                       Joyce Takenaka ’59 & Francis Chee               Jonathan Hamblin
Kam Chun ’59 & Emily Siu                                                                    Carlton ’48 & Michiko Hanta
Harold ’54 & Judy Sugiyama                                                                  MD Cleaning & Restoration ~
Mary Sullivan-Tanaka                          Pass assets to heirs and control when            Mark ’92 & Arlene Harris
Joanne & Mark Suzuki                          heirs receive inheritance by establishing a   Henry & Linda Hasegawa
Fred Takakuwa ’65                             charitable lead trust. Like a temporary       Nolan Hasegawa ’60
Claude ’68 & Wendy Takanishi                                                                Ernest & Sumie Hashizume
Mark & Nona Tamanaha                          foundation, your trust will pay an annual     Dennis & Gail Hathaway
Bryan Tamura ’94                              amount to Mid-Pacific institute for a term    Hua He & Jin Ye
Patricia Teho ’60                             of years, after which trust assets are        George & Amy Hedricks
Tektronix Foundation                          passed to your heirs with reduced or no       Jane & Paul Heimerdinger
Arthur Thornhill & Lucy Lower                 transfer tax.                                 Herbert Chock & Associates, Inc.
Kevin & Jo Ann Tokuda                                                                       Alfred Herrera
Richard & Laurie Tom                                                                        Robert ’44 & Ethel Yanagihara ’44 Hinazumi
Alan Toyomura ’85                             Because it makes immediate annual             Scott & Janet Hirai
TP Hawaii Tours                               payments to MPi for a period of years, a      Delton & Carol Ho
David ’72 & Lei Ueunten                       charitable lead trust is an excellent way     Thomas & Amy Hobson
Nanette Naito Umeda ’60                                                                     William & Pamela Holloway
Gordon ’59 & Ann Ibara ’59 Umemoto
                                              to support an MPi capital campaign.           Greg Honda & Linda Chun
Kenneth ’41 & Nora Uyeda                                                                    Peter & Linda Ingram
                                              Please call Kristy Tong at 973-5016 or
                                              973-5052 for more information.                                                       27
                                      2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
IPR, Inc.                             Jun Matsuyoshi ’65                             Darryl & Jo Ann Okawa
Florence Ota Iseri ’45                Matthew McDaniel ’09                           Lawrence ’60 & Jane Okazaki
JoAnn Morita Ishii ’59                Randy & Gina McDaniel                          George ’47 & Lillian Okihiro
Jo Ito & Alison Stewart-Ito           Paul ’53 & Meg Miguel                          Clayton & Lois Oku
Woodrow & Tei Ito                     Hilda Odan Miwa ’47                            George & Janice Okuhara
Mae Koike ’64 & Wesley Iwamoto        Evelyn Miyata ’54                              May Yamamoto ’46 & Richard Omura
Phyllis Jensen                        Torry & Edward Montes                          Regan Onikama ’95
Yvonne & David Jinbo                  Cliff & Tamara Montgomery                      Dale Oshio ’00
John & Tonette Jones                  Donn & Colby Morita                            Paul ’55 & Diane Osumi
Lincoln & Wanda Jong                  Kevin & Lori Mott                              Dean & Shannon Ota
Nathan Kabei ’99                      Dunn & Lynn Muramaru                           Clarence Pacarro & Leslie Kobayashi
Anna Sekiya Kajiwara ’72              Sunao & Fujie Murata                           Anthony Pfaltzgraff ’68
Andrew & Amy Kam                      Todd & Sharon Murata                           Phat & Jennifer Phung
Jeffrey & Sue Kam                     Curtis & Nancy Murayama                        PMT Architecture
Scott & Elaine Kami                   Oren Naiditch ’08                              David Politsch & Toni Floerke-Politsch
Karl & Sandra Kaneko                  Hisashi Nakada ’57                             Robin Thomson ’89 & Samuel Pratt
Herbert ’46 & Jean Kaneshiro          Cory & Tracey Nakama                           Dwayne & Clara Priester
Carolyn Kargol & Melissa Lange        Laurie Nakama ’96                              Jeffrey & Renee Protacio
Christine Kashiwabara                 Renee & Robert Nakamoto                        William & Ann Quinn
Elaine Manago ’61 & Ronald Katahara   David & Cynthia Nakamura                       Kyoungil Ra & Kanghyo Kim
Melvyn & Gail Kawahara                Henry Nakamura ’42                             Terrie Mengel Rambo ’78
Garret & Linda Kawamura               Kurt ’82 & Irene Nakamura                      Robert Reed
Marcia Kemble                         Helen Honke ’60 & James Nakano                 Michael Reyes & Janet Williams-Reyes
Nancy Kickertz                        Robert & Becky Nakasone                        Roberts Hawaii, Inc.
George ’49 & Mamie Kimata             Albert ’45 & Clarissa Nakata                   Anne & Craig ’77 Roberts
Mildred Saito Kimura ’63              Samuel & Anne Navarro                          Ted & Shirley Robinson
Ivan & Rene Kobayashi                 Alan Nemiroff                                  Carolyn & Milton Roscoe
Glenn & Faith Kosaki                  Sharon Newalu-Garcia                           Gareth Russell
Diane & Newton Koshi                  Claudio Nigg                                   Ashley Ryan ’05
Dudley & Susan Kubo                   Alan & Sandra Nishimoto                        Takashi Saito & Nuchada Techavanich
Scott & Denise Kubota                 Noreen & Kurt Nishimura                        Roy ’43 & Shinae Sakai
Cameron ’76 & Sonya Kuboyama          Tommy & Barbara Nishioka                       Bert & Katherine Sakuda
Mari Kuboyama ’08                     Jon & Kathleen Ochikubo                        Raymond & Shannon Sakurai
Anthony & Joan Kuh                    Gary & Annette Oda                             Margot Gushi ’61 & Wayne Sarae
Melvin & Lorraine Kunishima           Gary & Terrie Oda                              Frank Sasaki ’49
Marc Kuniyoshi                        Keith & Renee Ogata                            Nobuo & Aileen Sato
Jean Kokubo Kuraoka ’39               Tadashi & Katherine Ogi                        Michael & Vien Schwinn
Melvina & Brett Kurashige             Tommy & Gayle Ohashi                           Oded Shapira & Cheryl Leialoha
Amery & Karen Lam                     Ronald & Karen Ohira                           Glenn & Susan Shea
Hovey ’69 & Keiko Lambert             Robb & Kathy Ohtani                            Kenji ’60 & Margaret Shiba
Rachelle Lambert ’05                  Douglas ’75 & Ruth Morita ’73 Okada            Charles ’57 & Lan Hwa Shibue
Susan & William Lampe                 David ’46 & Haruko Okamoto                     Marilyn & Padraic Shigetani
Matthew & Helen Lau                   Curtis & Faye Okawa                            Ann Tokushima ’74 & Clyde Shiigi
Stephen & Jill Lee                                                                   Herbert & Lillian Shimabukuro
Denise Liu ’78                                                                       W.A. Shimabukuro ’69
Leighton & Valerie Lum                                                               Kei Shimizu
David & Nancy Lundsgaard                Maintain use of your assets during your      Clyde Shimoda
Michael A.T. Maeda ’79                  lifetime by naming Mid-Pacific institute a   Betty Aoki ’54 & Barney Shiotani
Ryuichi & Junko Maeda                   beneficiary of your will or revocable        Leinette Shiraki
Americo B. & Sylvia Makk                living trust.                                Rose Shiroma
Wes Masuda                                                                           Masumi Shoma
Aleza & Eric Matayoshi                                                               Scott Siegfried & Kimberly Collins-Siegfried
                                        You will continue to have the flexibility
David Mathews & Katharina Heyer                                                      Bradley & Nagomi Smith
Wayne & Shirley Matoi                   to change the provision during your          Jeffrey & Kim Sonson
Lois Sato ’65 & Jerry Matsuda           lifetime.                                    St. Andrew’s Priory
Paul ’51 & Mona Matsui                                                               Grieg Steward & Margaret McManus
Jennifer Matsumoto                      Call Kristy Tong at 973-5016 or 973-5052     Darrel & Marilyn Stromer
                                        for more information.                                                   * Recently Deceased
                                               2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Bradley & Jennifer Swanson                     CENTURY CLUB                                      Tysen Campbell ’96
Kyle & Robyn Tabata                            ($100 - $249)                                     Julio ’70 & Doreen Carino
Kevin ’91 & Jennifer Takahashi -                                                                 Charles Chan & Sandra Loo-Chan
  State Farm Insurance                         ANONYMOUS (4)                                     Vincent Chan ’80
Darrell & Lyn Takanishi                        Brent & Nancy Abe                                 Donna Chang
Harold ’57 & June Takayama                     Antonio Abrahano ’72                              Edwin ’69 & Lizabeth Chang
Ruby Kawasaki ’56 & Fred Takebayashi           Marciano Acob, Jr.                                Loren & Laurie Chang
Clifford ’53 & Catherine Tamanaha ’55 Tamura   Andrew Agcaoili ’08                               Lorna Chang
Harry* ’45 & Haruyo Tamura                     Leanna Agcaoili ’07                               Patricia Chang & Denise Albano
Milton & Kelly Tani                            Lawrence & Fay Agena                              Warren & Ruth Chang
Tracy ’78 & Joan Tanji                         Aiea Little League                                Richard & Betty Char
Floyd & Angelita Tanoue                        Francis * ’63 & Chun Yon Akamine                  Derrick M. Chee
Ronald & Marilyn Terayama                      Kathleen Akiona-Perreira & Duane Perreira         Henrietta Chee
The Hawaii Skin Cancer &                       Ala World Travel, Inc.                            Lyle & Claudette Chee
  Photodamage Center                           Salvador Altar ’51                                Clifford ’83 & Danelle Cheng
Frank Tokioka & Terry Yee                      Howard & Linda Anderson                           Catherine Ching
Yumi Kitsuda Tominaga ’78                      Takashi Ando                                      Gerald ’66 & Donna Loo ’66 Ching
Amy Tomisato                                   Stephen & Leona Anthony                           Guy & Marvi Ching
Stephanie Toshi ’02                            Gloria Ching Arakaki ’76                          Iris Kim Ching
Paul & Shelli Tottori                          Harry ’46 & Jane Arakaki                          Liane Kimura ’94 & Jason Chong
Michel & Catherine Trapasso                    Morris & Janet Arakaki                            Robert & Nora Chong
David & Michelle Uchiyama                      Eva Hosaka ’70 & Cline Ardo                       Jonathan Chow & Maria Chan
George Ueki & Sarah Tajima-Ueki                John & Janice Arizumi                             Catherine & Charles Choy
Darren & Hedley Uetake                         Mary Artist-Holden & Richard Holden               Elsie Toyama Choy ’52
Paul ’72 & Bobbie Ueunten                      Richard ’70 & Linda Asahi                         Mrs. Herbert Y.C. Choy
Lorrie Yasui ’90 & Darin Ujimori               Bryant & Christina Asao                           Lauren Fujii ’98 & Erik ’99 Christensen
Sanford ’86 & Donna Ujimori                    Aline Sato ’48 & Herbert Asato                    Mike & Carol Chung
Lloyd & Phyllis Unebasami                      Dave & Marsha Asato                               Henry & Charlotte Clark
Yoshimitsu ’41 & Mildred Ushijima              Alison & Frank Ashford                            Brandon & Lawana Collier
Edward & Michelle Van Court                    Macarthur Avecilla ’60                            Samuel & Jann Dacanay
Robert & Carol Vieira                          Norman & Eileen Azama                             Kristen Kawakami ’68 & Jeffrey Dean
William & Renae Villa                          Charles M. Barclay                                John & Lyn Derby
Wesley Warashina ’61                           Thomas & Ruth Bingham                               in memory of Judith Cingcade
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign         Helen Oshiro Blaisdell ’46                        Gerard & Leslie DiNardo
M. Leilani Williams-Solomon                    Boeing Gift Matching Program                      Joyce Isagawa ’57 & Reynold Doiguchi
Abbielyn & Myron Wong                          Neil Bond                                         Moya Kaohi Donahue
Barry & Corinda Wong                           Andrew Braden ’04                                 David & Elizabeth Dunham
David Wong ’89                                 Kristina Brinton-James ’92                        Michael Dunn ’73 & Sandra Chao
Taylor ’92 & Janelle Wong                      Mr. and Mrs. James Campbell                       Molly Egged
Clarence ’53 & Lenora Okumura ’55 Yagi                                                           Judith Egusa ’69
Glenn & Annette Yamachika                                                                        Electricians Inc.
Darrell ’79 & Veronica Yamagata                                                                  Mary Okuyama Endo ’47
Keith & Gayle Yamashita                          Donate your property and continue to live       Raymond Evans
Deanna Yasui ’96                                 there by deeding your personal residence        Terry Ewart
Trenton Yasui ’92                                or vacation home to Mid-Pacific institute in    Sarah Field
Bernard & Lori Yip                               a retained life estate agreement.               First Data Western Union Foundation
Hirotaka & Miyoko Yoshida                                                                        Lori Fujitani ’91 & Garrett Fong
Jason & Sandra Yoshimi                                                                           Caron Kiane French
Collyer Young & Lindy Dang-Young                 additional benefits include a significant im-   Collin & Susyn Fritz
Denise & Gerald Yuh                              mediate income tax charitable deduction         Chandelle & Scott Fuchigami
                                                 that may be spread over up to six years.        Lillian & Glenn Fujihara
                                                                                                 Kunio & Mary Fujii
                                                                                                 Lorenne Hasebe ’71 & Harold Fujii
                                                 For more information, please contact the        Bert & Sharon Fujimori
                                                 advancement Office at 973-5052.                 Bryce Fujimoto ’00
                                                                                                 Craig ’72 & Cynthia Tamura ’72 Fujino
                                                                                                 Carole Fujioka ’65
                                         2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Leslie & Yuko Fukata                     Gale Ikeda                                Esther M. Kimata ’46
Rachel Fukuda                            Garrett & Lynn Ikeda                      Kimonokitsy Studios LLC
Steven & Louise Fukumoto                 Masako Ikeda                              Lance ’77 & Allison Kimura
Tadashi ’44 & Grace Fukumoto             Thomas ’55 & Rosemary Ikeda               Robert & Florence Kimura
Teruo Fukumoto ’43                       Marti Ikehara ’75                         Carl ’49 & Hatsue Kinoshita
Harold Fukunaga ’40 & Jane Hamamura      Dan Ikei ’94                              Dan ’83 & Allicia Kinoshita
Fukunaga ’40                             Roseline Taniguchi Ikeno ’36              Terry Kinoshita ’71
Marlene & Jerry Fuller                   Lynn Imai                                 Sadao ’43 & Judith Ito ’43 Kishimoto
Brian Funasaki ’86                       Edward ’49 & Miyeko Imamoto               Laura Ota Kitamura ’46
Lauren Furumoto ’09                      Amy Iwaishi ’66 & Roy Inouye              Mark ’74 & Sheila Kitamura
Val & Dawn Furumoto                      Joyce Kometani Ironside ’63               Takashi ’30 & Yuki Kitaoka
Mildred Furutani                         John Ishihara                             Raymond & Emi Kitashiro
Genentech, Inc.                          Island Network Solutions                  Leslie & Lorri Kobata
John & Helen Gillmor                     Larry & Fumie Isono                       Loren & Candice Kobayashi
Zan & Sue Girton                         Shelley Itagaki ’92                       Sandy & Tamateru Kodama
Leslie Gleim                             Bennett Ito ’00                           Gail Koga
Ryan ’96 & Melissa Druger ’97 Goo        Daryl Ito ’75                             Pierson ’63 & Betsy Koike
Michael & Allison Green                  Harvard Ito ’48                           Robert ’50 & Bernice Koike
John Greene & Romy Feehrer               Lillian Endo Ito ’51                      Sylvia Koike ’55
Jo Ann Murashige ’75 & Martin Gronberg   Richard & Janice Ito                      Margaret Sato Kojima ’47
Phyllis Guard                            Valerie Ito                               Karen Kawano Koles ’63
Gordon ’61 & Judith Haitsuka             James & Laura Iwaki                       Jean & Archie Komae
Byron Han & Dorothy Chen                 Sandra Iwasa ’63                          Nils & Maki Konikson
Daniel ’63 & Lois Hinazumi ’63 Hanaoka   Henry & Anne Iwashita                     Geraldine Kono ’67
Brian & Wendy Handa                      David Iwata ’73                           Robert Kono ’63
Frank Haramoto ’43                       Helen Izuka                               Kazuo & Ellen Kosaki
Sean & Shannon Harrison                  Aaron Izumi ’78                           Mahealani Krafft ’96
Judy Inafuku Harvey ’60                  Naomi Izumo ’60                           Winfred & Winifred Kubo
Dorothy Ochiai ’48 & Richard Hazama      Brigitte Janku-Pierce & Jay Pierce        Audrey Izumo Kubota ’61
Allen Heau                               Pamela & Richard Jenkins                  Earl Kubota
Lester & Debbie Hee                      Edward & Harriet Jorgenson                Shinkiyo & Fumiko Kuniyoshi
Heinrich Photography Inc.                Arlene* Sakamaki ’41 & Richard Kagimoto   Lawrence ’57 & Clara Kuranaka
Ronnda Heinrich                          Kahala Urgent Care                        Harrison Kuroda ’04
Jerome & Carolyn Hersh                   Scott & Leanne Kaichi                     Joseph ’45 & Betty Kuroda
Ryne & Shari Higa                        Ben Kaito ’44                             Kevin Kuroda ’77
Alton & Lynn Higashi                     Gail Kaito ’75                            Roland & Sharon Kuroda
Toshie Hihara                            Allen Kajioka                             Julia Takitani ’46 & Arthur Kusumoto
Linda Nakai ’60 & Thomas Hirano          Harold & Margaret Kam                     Harriet Kusunoki ’46
Hirata & Associates, Inc.                Jordan Kam ’00                            Sophie Taniguchi Kutaka ’55
Gary & Caren Hisaoka                     Alvin ’75 & Charlotte Kamikawa            Wallace ’49 & Rebecca Kuwaye
Kelley Hitomi                            Robert ’49 & Alice Kaneko                 Charles & Gail Lam
Brian ’86 & Jennifer Ho                  Eric & Gwen Kanemura                      Sun Kien & Evelyn Lam
Bernie Ho-Azada ’58                      Glenn & Aimee Kasumi                      Norma Lamprech
Kaye Okada Hokama ’45                    Kayce Kasumi ’06                          Ludivina Agcaoili Landeza ’58
Michael & Suzy Hollinger                 Fukuo & Mary Kato                         Miki`ala Reed Landford ’00
Ted ’51 & Margaret Hori                  Glenn Kato & Lydia Lem                    Brian & Yvonne Lau
Grace Furukawa Horiuchi ’55              Brian ’88 & Wendy Dodge Kau               Robert & Maxine Lau
Sandra Ann Hu                            Norman & Lynn Kau                         Teresa Kaleiopu Lau ’46
John Hunt                                Toshio ’42 & Machiko Kawamoto             Hartwell & Leimalama Lee Loy
Lia Young ’90 & Ian Hunt                 Howard ’57 & Cynthia Kawanishi            Annette & Guye Lee
Charles ’46 & Almira Ida                 James & Kathy Kawano                      Calvin & Linda Lee
Fred ’39 & Dolores Ida                   Shawn & Marla Kelly                       Robyn Lee ’99
Thomas ’49 & Keiko Ida                   Robin Kennedy & Wade Oshio                Leeward Physical Therapy
Hiroshi Ige ’42                          Thomas Kilmer                             George & Sandi Leong
Dwight & Lisa Iha                        Albert & Sora Kim                         Kari Okino ’92 & Evan Leong
Wallace ’59 & Linda Iimura               James & Meeye Kim                         Hester Lewellen
David ’61 & Virginia Ikeda               Stella * Han ’48 & Peter Kim              Kelsey & Druscilla Lewis
30                                                                                                           * Recently Deceased
                                                2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Charles Liang ’58                               Neil & Rumi Morikawa                         Darren ’80 & Wendy Ogawa
Yan Chao & Hui Ying Liang                       Roy & Jane Morisato                          Wendall & Jeanne Ogimoto
Armin & Shirley Limper                          Alton & Debra Motobu                         Mary Emura Ohtani ’44
Dorothy Wong Liu ’45                            Earl & Jean Motooka                          Kathleen Murakoshi ’64 & Michael Okada
George & Chikako Lobley                         Loretta Mukai                                Lena Okada
Dwight & Sharon Lopez                           Matthew & Christie Mukai                     Gary & Lori Okamoto
Walter & Bridgette Lott                         Roy ’77 & Gwen Shimokusu ’78 Murakami        Richard ’36 & Florence Okamoto
Sam Louangraj                                   Tsukasa & Yukie Murakami                     Cleve & Beth Okamura
Geoffrey & Tracey Loui                          Jessie Muramaru                              Jane Okamura ’49
Wilma Lovell                                    Craig & Lori Muramoto                        Norma Okasaki
  in memory of Ray Yokoyama ’70                 Ellen Muramoto                               Lisa Okazaki ’07
Karen Lindsay ’77 & Robert Lozito               Leeann & Daniel Muranaka                     Diane Okazaki-Morgan ’61
Allen & Candy Ma                                Murashige Family                             Patrick ’87 & Lori Oki
Terri Macdonald                                 MW Group, Ltd.                               Glenn ’71 & Lisa Okihiro
Tom Madeira ’82                                 Steven & Verna Nagamine                      Charles & Mildred Okimura
Annie Tse Makaiwa ’45                           Wilfred & Elsie Nagamine                     Kyle Okino ’90
Lorianne Hiroe ’83 & Robert Makiya              Vern Nakaguma ’72                            Carol-Ann Oki-Noguchi
Derrick Mamiya & Jaime Wheeler                  Jaymie Nakama ’08                            Vernelle Oku
Stephanie Marques                               Whitney Nakama ’10                           Tokio & Janice Okudara
  in memory of Grandpa Mike                     Carol Yoshimura Nakamura ’50                 Burt & Marianne Okura
Gregory Marr ’76                                  in memory of Herbert Nakamura              Jeanne Koike ’62 & Peter Okutani
Kathryn Martin-Yeager                           Wayne ’70 & Karen Nakamura                   Nancy Olipares
Harold & Tazuko Masaki                          Shani Nakanishi ’87                          Hiroshi & Bonnie Omori
Geraldine Mathews                               Edwin ’45 & Marian Nakano                      in memory of Harry Ushijima ’51
Chad Matsuda ’95                                Nellie Nakano                                Harry & Kathleen Omoto
Florence Matsuda ’51                            Harold & Grace Nakaoka                       Joe & Patricia Onaka
Reid Matsuda ’92                                Patrick & Jeanette Nakata                    Karen Onoe
Satoru & Hanami Matsuda                         William & Yukiko Nash                        Helen Nekota Onoye ’46
Bryan ’71 & Vera Nakamine ’72 Matsumoto         Stephen Ng ’77                               Charles Ontiveros ’58
Wesley Matsumoto ’76                            George & Jane Nguyen                         Robert Onzuka ’41
Merilyn Sanjume Matsumura ’58                   Wilfred & Melody Nishi                       Tracy Orillo-Donovan & Jim Donovan
Tad & Janice Matsuno                            Gavin Nishimura ’96                          Arthur ’51 & Michiko Osako
Hitoshi ’52 & Beverly Matsuo                    Karl ’48 & Millie Nishimura                  James ’51 & Edith Osato
Linda Matsuo & Aaron Lee                        Shelley Nishimura ’85                        Sakae Oshima
Jean S. Matsumura ’59 & Gene Matsuura           Susan Higashi ’55 & Ronan Nishimura          Corinne Oshima-Koseda ’67 & Charles Koseda
Bette Matthews                                  Scott Obara ’82                              Frances Sugai ’60 & Roy Oshiro
Wendy & Lee Maxwell                             Koyumi Yamamoto Oda ’57                      Hiroshi & Mildred Oshiro
Tracy Myers ’86 & Kent McConnell                Lorna Sumida ’59 & Melvin Ogata              George & Margaret Oshita
Kinsey & Marsha McFadden                                                                     Betty Ota ’45
Philippa Mendoza-Avilla ’47 & Larry S. Avilla                                                Helen Gokan ’42 & Robert Ota
Judi Sunahara Mihata ’61                                                                     Keli Rae Yamamoto ’98 & Steven Ota
                                                 naMeD enDOWeD FUnDs
Randal Mita & Iris Teruya-Mita                                                               Mark & Debra Oyadomori
Sharon Miura                                     named endowed funds can provide un-         Shobun Oyama
  in memory of George Miura ’51                  restricted support or donors may desig-     Milton Ozaki ’63
Dezarae Ramos ’01 & Daniel Miyahira              nate funds for a specific program or        Denton Pang ’94
Michelle Miyake ’86                              other use.                                  Michael & Billie Pangilinan
Calvin & Linda Miyamoto                                                                      Darren ’83 & Ann Toyomura ’83 Park
David ’41 & Ethel Miyamoto                                                                   Lorna Kwon Park ’56
                                                 Contributions are permanently restricted
Robert & Flora Miyamoto                                                                      Noreen & Robert Piccinino
Cora Goto ’75 & Eric Miyasaki                    and only the interest income is utilized.   Pedro & Jane Poentis
Richard & Ruth Miyashiro                         additional gifts to named endowments        C. Dudley* Pratt, Jr.
Marshall Mizobe ’63                              contribute to the steady growth of the      Marie Protacio
Myron & Denise Mizuta                            fund and help meet future needs. You        Pyramid Insurance Centre, Ltd.
Florencia Montes                                 are welcome to contribute to any of the     Queen Emma Dance Inc.
Ronald ’58 & Stella Moon                                                                     Martin & Tamae Radke
                                                 existing funds or establish your own
Caryn Ono ’72 & John Moran                                                                   Mark Recktenwald
Jon & Lisa Morikawa                              named endowed fund. For more infor-         Tiana Reed ’05
                                                 mation, please contact the advancement
                                                 Office at 973-5052.                                                                31
                                         2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Stephanie Reford                         Edward Sunada ’65                               Nolan & Mavis Tokunaga
Donna Revard                             Elsie Nakamoto Sunada ’44                       Patrick Tom
Shirley Rivera                           Shizue Suyama                                   Ronald Tom ’69
Susan & Richard Roberts                  Gilbert Suzawa ’60                              Steven & Melissa Tome
Teodola Cafirma Rosko ’91                Agnes Minami ’50 & William Suzuki               Barry & Carlene Toshi
David Ross & Ann Castelfranco            Alvin ’78 & Cheryl Suzuki                       Harry & Irene Toyomura
Robert Ruggieri & Joan Kagawa            Elwyn & Cecilia Suzuki                          Alice Shimamoto Toyooka ’51
John & Jennifer Sabas                    Florence Nishimura Suzuki ’54                   Justine Trowbridge
Steven Saiki ’94                         Patrick Suzuki ’06                              Jane Yamamoto Tsukamoto ’62
Paul & Sybil Saito                       Jed & Eva Taba                                  Myles Tsukamoto ’71
Damon & Edna Sakai                       Manabu & Susan Tagomori                         Robert ’57 & Elaine Tsumura
Don & Carolyn Sakai                      Erin Suzawa ’99 & Scott Tajima                  David Tsunehiro, Jr. ’56
Barbara Sakamoto ’65                     Sandra Higuchi ’62 & Michael Takaezu            Marian Date ’56 & Shinichi Tsutsui
George Sakamoto ’73                      Annabelle Takahashi ’58                         Indira Hale Tucker ’61
Helen & Wayne Sakamoto                   Earl ’86 & Xena Kaneda ’86 Takahashi            Milton ’49 & Ethel Uehara
Sheri Sakamoto & Eric Takamura           Naohiro & Grace Takahashi                       Norma Ung
Scott Saki ’75                           Michael & Jamie Takamune                        Allen & Linda Uyechi
Raymond & Rachel Sakumoto                Sylas Takamune ’04                              Benjamin Y. Uyesato ’46
Joseph & Jeanne Santucci                 June Wong Takekawa ’68                          Leigh ’76 & Diane Wakamatsu
Vivian Saruwatari                        Ikuo & Madge Takenaka                           Bette Miyahara Wakamoto ’54
Samuel Sasai                             Lani Takeuchi ’00                               Jane Nishizawa ’55 & Rowan Watanabe
Edwin Sato ’57                           Sharon & Larry Tamashiro                        Paul ’72 & Joan Tanaka ’73 Watanabe
Eric ’71 & Merle Sato                    Robert & May Tamura                             Agnes Asato Weaver ’54
Sally Schultz                            Janice Tanigawa                                 Donald & Mary Weisman
Lisa Scott ’89                           Trudi Tanji ’83                                 Benjamin & Vida Wheeler
Stephen ’86 & Narumi Screen              Raymond & Lorraine Tasaka                       Richard & Marina Whyte
Allan ’66 & Sandra Segawa                Brad ’95 & Pamela Taura                         Allen & Rosalinda Wicklund
Walter Sekiya ’47                        Harriet Tanaka Tavares ’40                      Catherine Kudo ’70 & Joel Wilcox
Patricia Yoshimoto Seppanen ’56          Alison Tenbruggencate ’71 & Tony D’Alessandro   Windward Arts Council
Albert ’64 & Georgina Serikaku           Derek ’75 & Kelijene Tengan                     Katherine & Robert Wirsing
Richard ’60 & Jean Serikaku              Lorraine Kikukawa ’53 & Lawrence Tengan           in memory of Beatrice Ching Imada ’36
Thomas ’60 & Kathryn Serikaku            Lorraine Tenjoma                                Lloyd ’50 & Geraldine Wong
Peter & Susan Shaindlin                  Beatrice Kaneyoshi ’50 & Roy Terada             Aveluz & Kim Yadao
Toshiyuki & Noreen Shibata               Donn Terada                                     June & Leslie Yahiku
Colin & Fran Shigemasa                   Lyanne Iwamoto Terada ’89                       Sylvia Yamada Brown
Tsutomu & Sharon Shigemasa               Lindy & Debra Terao                             Alma Tashiro Yamada ’60
Herbert Shigemoto ’51                    Ethel Teruya                                    Craig & Tammy Yamada
Bruce Shigenaga                          Lawson Teshima ’64                              Glenn Yamada ’58
Alton ’64 & Sandra Shimabukuro           The Center for Asia-Pacific Exchange            Betsy Yoshimura Yamamoto ’45
Anne Imamoto ’84 & Richard Shimabukuro   Lauren-Ashly Tojo ’05                           Georgine Watanabe Yamamura ’45
Lynn Nagaishi ’45 & Kazuto Shimizu       Lisa Tojo ’72                                   Tina Yamane
Harry & Elaine Shimokawa                                                                 Guy Yamashiro ’98
James & Joyce Shimokusu                   giFTs OF aPPReCiaTeD seCURiTies                Katsuo & Jean Yamashiro
Howard Shinseki ’60                       anD ReaL esTaTe                                Thomas & Susan Yamashiro
Charlie & Jean Shintaku                   a gift of stock, mutual funds, or real es-     Henry ’45 & Alice Yamashita
Gerald & Cathleen Shintaku                                                               Jane Yamashita
                                          tate that is worth more than you paid
Shiro & Associates, Inc.                                                                 Larry ’59 & Karen Yamashita
Barton & Laurie Siegfried                 for it is an excellent way to give signifi-    Ronald & Sharlene Yamauchi
Heidi Kim ’91 & Edwin Sniffen             cant assistance to MPi. You could real-        Danielle Yanagihara ’02
Kimberly & Jay Soares                     ize considerable tax savings with an           Thomas Yap ’63
Sprint Foundation                         income tax deduction for the full fair         Charles Yara ’63
Katherine Kobayashi Staton ’50            market value and no tax on the capital         Michael Yasui & Kathleen Loui-Yasui
Alan Gordan & Romelynn Stein                                                             August Yee
                                          gain. in the case of stock, you could use
Robin Stewart-Metze ’57                                                                  Hannah Kawaguchi Yee ’41 *
Dean Sugimoto                             cash to repurchase it at a current cost        Ronald ’66 & Margaret Yogi
Harrison Sumida ’99                       basis.                                           in memory of Brian K.M. Ching
Larry Sumida & Jacqueline Thuener                                                        Mary Shimonishi Yokomichi ’47
32                                                                                                               * Recently Deceased
                                           2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Ray Yokoyama ’70 *                         Cha Cha Cha Salsaria                          First Hawaiian Bank
Carolyn Hamaishi ’64 & Stephen Yoshihara   Chanel                                        FKS Rentals & Sales
Helen Yoshida Yoshimura ’49                Colin & Loreen Chang                          The Floor Store
  in honor of Cy Higashi ’11               Loren & Laurie Chang                          Flora-Dec Sales
Mary Jane & Roy Yoshimura                  Cheesecake Factory                            Flud Watches
Scott Yoshinaga & Audra Ann Furuichi       Kunbong Choi & Yura Koh                       Wendell ’62 & Susan Foo
Colin & Christine Yoshiyama                Norm & Diane Chow                             Friends of Hawaii Charities, Inc.
Herbert & Jenny Yoshizumi                  Coffee Talk                                   Stephen & Carole Fujinaka
Mark & Sandra You                          Andy Cole                                     Lance & Patricia Fujisaki
Anne Nakashima ’75 & Allen Young           Florence Coletta-Rice & Joe Rice              Russell & Elaine Fujiwara
Barbara & Joseph Young                     Brandon & Lawana Collier                      Mark & Mona Fukuhara
Daniel & Rose Young                        Consolidated Theatres                         Jeffrey Fukui ’85
Teri & Clarence Young                      Ming Constable                                Neil & Carol Furuya
Leatrice Itao ’45 & Yoshio Yukinaga        Anthony & Diana Costa                         Jill Gaspar
Frederick & Eva Zane                       The Counter                                   Germaine’s Luau, Inc.
Harris Zane ’87                            Creative Holidays                             Richard Girton & Sara Farnham
Nolan Zane ’89                             Anthony Crisci & Carrie Kotoshirodo           go! Mokulele
Debara Zeller                              d.k. Steak House                              John Greene & Romy Feehrer
                                           Liz Dahl                                      Linda Gusman
                                           Judy & Gerald Dang                            Marc & Kimberly Haine
GIFT IN KIND                               Howard Dashefsky                              Halekulani Corporation
                                           Eric & Alana Dean                             Sidney ’59 & Karen Hamada
A3 Electric LLC                            Julia deMorsella                              Jonathan Hamblin
Eri & Peter Ackman                         Diamond Head Theatre                          MD Cleaning & Restoration ~
Mohsen & Lexie Agsen                       Daniel & Michelle Dolan                          Mark ’92 & Arlene Harris
Aiea Manapua & Snacks                      Dole Plantation                               Henry & Linda Hasegawa
Chanon & Jannicole Alcon                   Susan & Timothy Donlon                        Gary & Lisa Hashimoto
Thomas & Leah Allen                        Mark & Naoko Donnelly                         HASR Wine Company
American Carpet One                        Doubletree Alana Hotel - Waikiki              Hawaii Balloon Company
Davin Aoyagi ’09                           David & Elizabeth Dunham                      Hawaii Kai Golf Course
Sean Aoyagi ’05                            Marsha Durbin & Peedi-Jean Saldania           Hawaii Pilots Association
Applied Surfacing Technology               Aaron & Angela Eberhardt                      Hawaii Prince Golf Course
Keith & Julie Ann Aragaki                  Elements Spa & Salon                          Hawaii Self Storage
Ellie & Richy Asasaki                      Brenton Endo ’04                              Hawaii Shark Encounters
Alison & Frank Ashford                     Edward & Virginia Enos                        The Hawaii Skin Cancer & Photodamage Center
Kevin & Michele Aucello                    Ewa Beach Golf Club                           Hawaiian Hotels & Resorts
BalanceCore                                Faimafili Falefa & Kim Kiner                  Garrett ’85 & Nancy Hayashi
The Bead Gallery of Honolulu               Far West Rice                                 Hua He & Jin Ye
Beasted Clothing                           Fighting Eel                                  Head Arts
Bel Air Distributors, Inc.                                                               Hans & Karen Hedemann
Better Brands                                                                            Daven Hee
Big City Diner, Inc.                         esCRiP                                      Highway Inn, Inc.
Big Island Candies, Inc.                                                                 Mark Hines & Sara McKay-Hines
Bikram Yoga Hawaii Kai                       MPi has a partner – escrip – that will      Frank & Shu Hua Hinshaw
Bishop Museum                                help us raise funds doing what we do on     George & Sharlene Hirai
Travis ’92 & Heidi Fujii ’91 Bow             a regular basis – shop! it is easy and      Troy & Maureen Hiura
Lisa Bradley                                 free. Through escrip, an electronic         Gordon & Ranelle Ho
Brand Athletics                              fundraising network, various merchants      Gary & Nadine Hogan
Breakthrough Rehab Inc.                      will contribute a percentage (up to 10%)    Honolulu Country Club
Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream & Desserts                                                    Honolulu Trading Company
Budget Plus Travel, LLC                      of your purchase to MPi. Participation is   Lia Young ’90 & Ian Hunt
California Pizza Kitchen Kahala              easy. go to, click on        Mark & Cristina Iguchi
Canon U.S.A., Inc.                           “sign up” and follow the instructions. if   ’Ilima Hotel
Captain Cook Coin Co. of Honolulu, Inc.      you have any questions, please call the     Island Collections: Fine Gifts,Lighting & Decor
Carin Shirts                                 advancement Office at 973-5052.             J.J. Dolan’s
Patrick Carroll                                                                          Richard & Carole Jacobs
Michael Casupang                                                                         Yvonne & David Jinbo
                                          2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
JJ’s Bistro and French Pastry             Mountain Apple                                    Jeffrey & Renee Protacio
Johnson Brothers of Hawaii                MPSA - Mid-Pacific Institute School of the Arts   Pupukahi I Ke Alo O Na Pua
Robert Johnson                            Jon & Sara Muraoka                                Pure Golf, Inc.
JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa        Leslie Murashige ’73                              Stein ’74 & Haven Rafto
Jon & Cindy Kaita                         Murashige Family                                  Keith & Sandra Robbins
Randall & Sandra Kam                      Lynn Warashina ’63 & Melvin Murata                Roberts Hawaii, Inc.
Kama’aina Termite & Pest Control          Curtis & Nancy Murayama                           Roy Sakuma Productions
Kapalua Land Company, Ltd.                James Musgrave & Lynn Yanagihara                  Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club
Carolyn Kargol & Melissa Lange            MW Group, Ltd.                                    Royal Kona Resort
Kawika’s Painting & Waterproofing, Inc.   Janell Nakahara ’94                               Warren & Deborah Saito
Robin Kennedy & Wade Oshio                Wallace & Faye Nakakuni                           Sanuk
James & Charlene Kim                      Dan & Debbie Nakamura                             Jonn & June Saruwatari
King Street Pet Hospital, LLC             Denise Nakamura                                   Paul & Suzanne Sasaki
Ko Olina Golf Club                        David Nakashima & Jade Ching                      SeaBreeze Water Sports - Hawaii Kai
Ko Olina Resort & Marina                  Wayde Nakasone & Erika Buder-Nakasone             Oded Shapira & Cheryl Leialoha
Jon Kostiner                              Cynthia Nakaya                                    Vernon & Jill Shibata
Melvin & Lorraine Kunishima               John & Amy Nash                                   Dayne & Vicky Shinbo
Robert & Melanie Kyker                    Natasha’s Skin Care                               Gerald & Cathleen Shintaku
KYO-YA Hotel & Resorts LP                 Natural Wellness Center                           Signs Plus
Lanikai Bath & Body Works                 Gavin Nishimura ’96                               Skydive Hawaii
Le Bistro                                 Myles Nishiyama                                   Kimberly & Jay Soares
James Lenhart                             Frances Matsunaga Nitta ’47                       Southern Wine and Spirits of Hawaii
Kari Okino ’92 & Evan Leong               Neil & Maria Noble                                Sports Line
Lavonne Leong                             The Oahu Club                                     Spy Optic
Love’s Bakery                             Oceanarium Restaurant                             Starwood Hotels & Resorts Hawaii
Allen & Candy Ma                          Nadine Ogata                                      Craig & Vicki Suemori
Makk Studios                              Mark Ogino & Paul Czubryt                         Tisha Sugano ’92
Americo B. & Sylvia Makk                  George & Ruth Oishi                               Scott & Gail Suzuki-Jones
Manoa Valley Theatre                      Millie Okada-Miura ’77                            Tamura Superette
Market City Shopping Center               George ’47 & Lillian Okihiro                      Tamura’s Fine Wines & Liquors
The Marsha Nadalin Salon and Spa          Stella Okimoto                                    Robert & Sandra Tanaka
Donn & Akiko Marutani                     The Old Spaghetti Factory                         Doreen Yamagata Tanji ’82
David Mathews & Katharina Heyer           Marvin Oleshansky &                               Troy ’82 & Doreen Yamagata ’82 Tanji
David Matlin                                Joyce Schoenheimer Oleshansky                   Taormina Sicilian Cuisine
Kevin Matsuda                             Gloria Fukuda ’74 & Henry Onishi                  Paul & Susan Tateishi
Tad & Janice Matsuno                      Gina & Jeffrey Overton                            Tiki’s Grill and Bar
Lorraine & Maurice Matsuzaki              Pacific Gallery & Frames                          David & Susan Todani
Maui Divers of Hawaii                     Paddle Core Fitness                               Tokidoki
Kelly & Thao McGill                       Paddle Surf Hawaii                                Dana Tokioka
McKinley Car Wash                         Monica Pang ’86 & Richard Szoke                   Frank Tokioka & Terry Yee
Medical Spa & Skin Care Hawaii            Paul Brown Salon & Day Spa                        Donna Tokumoto
Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt                   Andrew Perreira & Evelyn Garcia-Perreira          Ronald & Sharon Tomasa
Mid-Pacific Institute M Club              PIXIE Jewelry Designs - Shelby Goo                Ed & Pat Tompkins
Ronald & Kellie Mori                      David Politsch & Toni Floerke-Politsch            Noel & Lynne Torigoe
Kevin & Lori Mott                         Progressive Marketing, Inc.                       Paul & Shelli Tottori
                                                                                            Michel & Catherine Trapasso
                                                                                            Jon & Carolyn Tsukamoto
                                                                                            Umbrellas Hawaii
   Thanks to the genorosity of the                                                          US Taekwondo Center
   g.n. Wilcox Charitable Trust                                                             Scott ’79 & Margaret Ushijima
                                                                                            USS Missouri Memorial Association, Inc.
   and proceeds from Moon Over
                                                                                            Vacations Hawaii
   Manoa and the M Club gala, a                                                             Vanguard Car Rental USA Inc.
   new floor was installed in Mills                                                         Jose-Bienvenido & Valentina Velasco
   gymnasium over the summer.                                                               Volcom
                                                                                            Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa
                                                                                            Kerry & Judie Wasson
34                                                                                                                    * Recently Deceased
                                     2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Watanabe Floral                      Kazuo Takanishi                                CLASS OF 1942
Craig ’68 & Sandra Watanabe          Akira Wada                                     Martina Domingo Acoba
The Willows                                                                         Hiroshi Ige
Michael & Joanne Wood                CLASS OF 1940                                  Toshio Kawamoto
Terry & Diane Wood                   Harold Fukunaga                                Henry Nakamura
Craig & Tammy Yamada                 Jane Hamamura Fukunaga                         Helen Gokan Ota
Jordan Yamasaki ’01                  Satsuki Izutsu                                 Kazuo Tomasa
Keith & Gayle Yamashita              Steven Kaneda                                  Annie Koga Yoshimoto
Brad Yates - Hi Level Performance    Harriet Tanaka Tavares
August Yee                                                                          CLASS OF 1943
Wendy Miyasato Yim ’70               CLASS OF 1941                                  Happy Chun
Robert & Cindy Yonover               Arlene Sakamaki Kagimoto *                     Teruo Fukumoto
Christine Nishimura Yoshimura ’77    Yoshimitsu Ushijima                            Frank Haramoto
Curt ’85 & Li-Anne Yoshimura           in memory of Kenneth Kawate’41               Beatrice Nosse Kikawa
Byron & Kimberly Yoshino             David Miyamoto                                 Judith Ito Kishimoto
Emory & Megin Young                  Richard Murashige                              Sadao Kishimoto
                                     Robert Onzuka                                  Michie Tanaka Nagamine
                                     Tadao Sekiya                                   Michael Okihiro
ALUMNI GIVING                        Yoshimitsu Ushijima                            Roy Sakai
BY CLASS                             Kenneth Uyeda
                                     Frank Watase                                   CLASS OF 1944
CLASS OF 1919                        Thomas Yanagihara                              Tadashi Fukumoto
Florence Ichinose                    Hannah Kawaguchi Yee *                         Ethel Yanagihara Hinazumi
  in memory of Samuro Ichinose ’19                                                  Robert Hinazumi
                                                                                    Ben Kaito
CLASS OF 1930                                                                       Chijo Kobayashi Kawasaki
Takashi Kitaoka                                                                     Robert Kawasaki
                                       PLanneD giVing                               Kiyoso Kobayashi
CLASS OF 1933                                                                       Betty Kunihisa Obayashi
                                       Many supporters of MPi wish they could
Gladys Katagiri Matoi                                                               Mary Emura Ohtani
Jane Izutsu Nakabayashi                do more for the school and don’t realize     Elsie Nakamoto Sunada
Edward Okamoto                         that they can! Planned giving is a cre-      Danny Takanishi , Sr.
                                       ative process that is part estate plan-      Richard Tawata
CLASS OF 1934                          ning, part financial planning and part       Helene Sudo Yamamoto
Kazue Morita Ukeda                     tax planning all rolled into one. There      Yuzuru Yamasaki
                                       are many different ways to make a
CLASS OF 1936                                                                       CLASS OF 1945
Roseline Taniguchi Ikeno               planned gift, often with significant tax     Setsuko Matsumiya Amemiya
Dennis Nagaishi                        benefits and even the possibility of life-   Richard Chong
Richard Okamoto                        time income. The easiest planned gift is     Ruby Shigemura Eyke
                                       to simply remember MPi in your will or       Jane Konishi Hashimoto
CLASS OF 1937                          trust. ask your estate planning attorney     Kaye Okada Hokama
Albert Araki                                                                        Florence Ota Iseri
                                       to add this suggested wording to your
Henry Chun *                                                                        Jay Itagaki
Setsuo Izutsu                          will or living trust if you would like to    George Kaneko
Choy Zane, Jr.                         support our mission after you are gone:      Joseph Kuroda
  in memory of Leora Wong Zane ’37                                                  Dorothy Wong Liu
                                       i give to Mid-Pacific institute,             Annie Tse Makaiwa
CLASS OF 1938                                                                       Edwin Nakano
Fumio Morita                           Honolulu, Hawaii, (the sum of $____          Albert Nakata
Tadao Murashige                        or _____% of the rest, residue, and          Sueo Okimoto *
Masanori Tsuchida *                                                                 Betty Ota
John Wong                              remainder of my estate, for its general      Doris Kau Pang
                                       endowment or for the                         Jessica Kawasuna Saiki
CLASS OF 1939                                                                       Lynn Nagaishi Shimizu
Fred Ida
                                       _____ endowed fund or to establish           Harry Tamura *
Mitsuru Kunihiro                       the _____ endowed fund).                     Betsy Yoshimura Yamamoto
Jean Kokubo Kuraoka                                                                 Hiroshi Yamamoto
                                       2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Georgine Watanabe Yamamura             CLASS OF 1948                   Ellen Nakama Yamamoto
Ethel Hazama Yamane                    Aline Sato Asato                Naomi Koga Yoshida
Henry Yamashita                        Ann Fukuki Hamane
Leatrice Itao Yukinaga                 Carlton Hanta                   CLASS OF 1951
CLASS OF 1946                          Dorothy Ochiai Hazama           Salvador Altar
Harry Arakaki                          Muriel Ho                       Edwin Ho
Helen Oshiro Blaisdell                   in memory of Charles Ho ’48   Ted Hori
Geraldine Maikai Hewett                Grace Arakawa Ige               Edna Tanaka Inayoshi
Jean Sekiya Honda                      Harvard Ito                     Lillian Endo Ito
Charles Ida                            Stella Han Kim *                Edward Kawakami
Thomas Ito                             Itsuko Haramoto Morishige       Mary Furukawa Maruyama
Satoru Izutsu                          Karl Nishimura                  Florence Matsuda
Ada Arakawa Kaneoka                    Richard Ushijima                Paul Matsui
Herbert Kaneshiro                      George Yamamoto                 Sharon Miura
Richard Kato                                                             in memory of George Miura ’51
Esther Kimata                          CLASS OF 1949                   James Nakano
Margaret Kawabata Kimura               Grace Sakai Akagi               Arthur Osako
Laura Ota Kitamura                     Thomas Ida                      James Osato
Julia Takitani Kusumoto                Edward Imamoto                  Sylvia Yim Rapoza
Harriet Kusunoki                       Lincoln Ishida                  T. Raymond Sekiya
Teresa Kaleiopu Lau                    Robert Kaneko                   Herbert Shigemoto
William Matsuo                         Daniel Kawakami                 Marianne Takafuji
Claude Nagaishi                        George Kimata                   Alice Shimamoto Toyooka
David Okamoto                          Bernice Yoshioka Kimura         Amy Tawarahara Ushijima
May Yamamoto Omura                     Carl Kinoshita                  Friends & Family
Helen Nekota Onoye                     Wallace Kuwaye                    in memory of Harry Ushijima ’51
Ruth Oshiro Oshiro                     George Nakama
Iris Tanimoto Spade                    Frances Matsubara Nishida       CLASS OF 1952
Hideko Tachibana                       Jane Miura Oda                  Elsie Toyama Choy
  in memory of Richard Tachibana ’46   Tadashi Ogi                     Gertrude Takahashi Ebesu
Ethel Tokuda Tsugawa                   Jane Okamura                    Marian Abe Inouye
Benjamin Uyesato                       Misao Sasaki Oyadomari          Lawrence Isobe
                                       Frank Sasaki                    Benjamin Koike
CLASS OF 1947                          Milton Uehara                   Betty Haga Koike
Richard Au                             Helen Yoshida Yoshimura         Morris Matsuda
Mary Okuyama Endo                                                      Hitoshi Matsuo
Toru Endo                              CLASS OF 1950                   Paul Yamashige
Emily Hino Fujii                       May Ogata Ambo
Grace Sera Hotoke                      Patricia Chong                  CLASS OF 1953
Carole Misono Kaneshige                Wallace K. Endo                 Jean Imamoto
Margaret Sato Kojima                   Wallace Fujikawa                Molly Ann Yoon Lee
Sueo Kondo                             Elsie Shimonishi Godbey         Thomas Matsuoka
Irene Imamura Matsumoto                Esther Goto                     Paul Miguel
Jane Nakamura Matsumoto                Patricia Leong Hara             Henrietta Arakawa Oshiro
Philippa Mendoza-Avilla                Robert Koike                    George Serikaku
Hilda Odan Miwa                        Lois Kodama Murakami            Lorraine Suzuki Stringfellow
Samuel Nakasone                        James Nagahiro                  Clifford Tamura
Frances Matsunaga Nitta                Carol Yoshimura Nakamura        Lorraine Kikukawa Tengan
John Nosse                             Raymond Nishida                 Clarence Yagi
George Ohara                           Sally Higashi Robinson
Hazel Tatsuguchi Oi                    Katherine Kobayashi Staton      CLASS OF 1954
George Okihiro                         Agnes Minami Suzuki             Anonymous
Yukiko Okumura                         Elaine Oba Tanaka                 in memory of Miles Tanimoto ’54
Mabel Sekiya                           Barbara Hu Tanji                Albert Arakawa
Walter Sekiya                          John Tanji                      Stanley Ishiyama
Mary Shimonishi Yokomichi              Beatrice Kaneyoshi Terada       Evelyn Miyata
                                       Lloyd Wong                      Douglas Mukai

36                                                                                                * Recently Deceased
                                               2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Fred Murata                                     Franklin Hamamura                      Joyce Ing Kajihara
Enid Taga Nii                                   Frances Takahama Kawauchi              Ludivina Agcaoili Landeza
Benjamin Okumura                                Shirley Miyasaki Kitamura              Charles Liang
Betty Aoki Shiotani                             Ronald Nakata                          Merilyn Sanjume Matsumura
Harold Sugiyama                                 Nami Ann Mizuha Narimatsu              Priscilla Guerrero McClellan
Florence Nishimura Suzuki                       Lorna Kwon Park                        Ronald Moon
Robert & Sandra Tanaka                          Marilyn Abing Santos                   Edwin Motoshige
  in memory of Helene Date Tanaka ’54           Patricia Yoshimoto Seppanen            Thelma Uehara Okino
Bette Miyahara Wakamoto                         Ruby Kawasaki Takebayashi              Charles Ontiveros
Agnes Asato Weaver                              David Tsunehiro , Jr.                  Annabelle Takahashi
                                                Marian Date Tsutsui                    Raymond Tamaribuchi
CLASS OF 1955                                                                          Jan Nitta Uesato
Clifford Arakawa                                CLASS OF 1957                          Glenn Yamada
Francis Chinen                                  ANONYMOUS                              Stanley Yamagata , Jr.
Norman Chong                                    Bert Asada
Dorothy Hanamaika’i Crowell                     Joyce Isagawa Doiguchi                 CLASS OF 1959
Amy Hamamoto Faulconer                          Judith Okada Fukuchi                   Joyce Takenaka Chee
Sanora Nemoto Fujino                            Frederick Kawabata                     Sidney Hamada
Virginia Yamamoto Fujiura                       Howard Kawanishi                       Dennis Hee
James Goto                                      Amy Kimura                             Wallace Iimura
Carl Haga                                       James Kometani                         JoAnn Morita Ishii
Allen Harada                                    Lawrence Kuranaka                      Ralph Iwane
Grace Furukawa Horiuchi                         Lawrence Lee                           Charles Kawakami
Thomas Ikeda                                    Claire Ching Mahuna                    Lyman Koike
Sylvia Koike                                    Hisashi Nakada                         Jean Matsumura Matsuura
Sophie Taniguchi Kutaka                         Koyumi Yamamoto Oda                    Kent Nakamaru
Frederick Mahadocon , Jr.                       Edwin Sato                             Lorna Sumida Ogata
Galen Narimatsu                                 Frank Serikaku                         Florence Yamamoto Palmeira
Susan Higashi Nishimura                         Charles Shibue                         Thomas Sakai
Florence Ogawa                                  Robin Stewart-Metze                    Kam Chun Siu
  in memory of Harry Ogawa ’55                  Harold Takayama                        Kenneth Tokuda
Paul Osumi , Jr.                                Robert Tsumura                         Ann Ibara Umemoto
Catherine Tamanaha Tamura                                                              Gordon Umemoto
Herbert Tamura                                  CLASS OF 1958                          Larry Yamashita
Jane Nishizawa Watanabe                         Norman Ching
Lenora Okumura Yagi                             Grace Ng Hamamoto                      CLASS OF 1960
                                                Irene Baba Higuchi                     Jean Nakamura Aramaki
CLASS OF 1956                                   Joylinda Javier Hirayama               Amy Sumida Arii
Katherine Miyata Akagi                          Bernie Ho-Azada                        Macarthur Avecilla
Carl Chang                                      James Honke                            Ariel Fung Chun
Howard Fujino                                   Judy Yoshimoto Iwai                    Gale Ogasawara Fontenelle
                                                                                       Judy Inafuku Harvey
                                                                                       Nolan Hasegawa
                                                                                       Carl Hayashi
                                                                                       Linda Nakai Hirano
                                                                                       John Hirashima
                                                                                       Raymond Honda
                                                                                       Ann Takenaka Horiuchi
                                                                                       Raymond Itagaki
                                                                                       Naomi Izumo
                                                                                       Kenneth Kumura
                                                                                       Constance Furukawa Kurtz
                                                                                       Lorraine Takiguchi Kwan
                                                                                       Rodney Masuoka
                                                                                       Jennie Miyasaki
  Celebrating their 50th reunion, the Class of 1960 contributed more than $35,000 to   Georgine Takayesu Morita
  establish an endowed scholarship.                                                    Helen Honke Nakano

                            2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Brian Nakashima             Neil Okamura                              Marshall Mizobe
Herbert Nakasone            Jeanne Koike Okutani                      Calvin Murashige
Alan Okamura                Brian Sakamaki                            Lynn Warashina Murata
Lawrence Okazaki            Judy Chun-Hoon Sakamaki                   Lloyd Nakao
Frances Sugai Oshiro        Raymond Sasaki , Jr.                      Milton Ozaki
Pauline Sakai Richards      Ann Uchiyama Shinno                       Walter Ozawa
David Sato                  James Sugita                              Christine Kato Pagnani
Joanne Uchimura Sato        Sandra Higuchi Takaezu                    Jean Takenaka
Richard Serikaku            Jerald Takesono                           Sylvia Onaga Teixeira
Thomas Serikaku             Jane Yamamoto Tsukamoto                   Leibella Agcaoili Unciano
Kenji Shiba                 Barbara Date Yoshioka                     Faye Yamashita Yamashita
Howard Shinseki             Nathan Yoshioka                           Thomas Yap
Robert Sonoda                                                         Charles Yara
Ellen Lee Suhl              CLASS OF 1963                             Alfred Yoshida
Gilbert Suzawa              Francis Akamine *
Clifford Takara             Glenna Osumi Arakaki                      CLASS OF 1964
Ann Sato Takazono           Frances Shimaura Bowers                   Mae Koike Iwamoto
Patricia Teho               Daniel Hanaoka                            Dickson Lee
Nanette Naito Umeda         Lois Hinazumi Hanaoka                     Susan Muroshige
Alma Tashiro Yamada         Diane Kawasaki Heirakuji                  Kathleen Murakoshi Okada
Michael Yoneji              Leslie Higashi                            Myra Nii Oyama
Cindra Inouye Yoshida       Sylvia Kuboyama Higashi                   Stanley Park
Victoria Niino Young        Joyce Kometani Ironside                   Cheryl Tom Parker
                            Sandra Iwasa                              Albert Serikaku
CLASS OF 1961               Ginny Koshi Kawasaki                      Alton Shimabukuro
Gordon Haitsuka             Mildred Saito Kimura                      Lawson Teshima
Alan Hinazumi *             Gary Kirihara                             Gary Tsumoto
Merle Oshiro Hinazumi       Pierson Koike                             Carolyn Hamaishi Yoshihara
David Ikeda                 Karen Kawano Koles
Elaine Manago Katahara      Robert Kono                               CLASS OF 1965
Wayne Kishinami             Verna Yee Lum                             Charlene Yoneji Forbes
Audrey Izumo Kubota         Carol Oshita Mitchell                     Carole Fujioka
Judi Sunahara Mihata                                                  Kenneth Kobatake
George Moribe                                                         Ann Kagawa Lee
Gerald Niimi                  in 2009, steven ‘66                     Lois Sato Matsuda
Eddie Okahara                                                         Jun Matsuyoshi
                              and stephanie saito
Marlene Fujieki Okahara                                               Barbara Sakamoto
Diane Okazaki-Morgan          established a named                     Susan Tsunehiro Satogata
Margot Gushi Sarae            endowed fund to                         Edward Sunada
Franklin Tom                  honor the memory of                     Fred Takakuwa
Indira Hale Tucker                                                    Wayne Teruya
                              his late brother,
Wesley Warashina                                                      Vernon Uchida
Frances Iida Yano             ernest Y. saito ‘64,                    Claude Yorimoto
Chester Young                 who passed away in 2006.                Robert Yoshikawa

CLASS OF 1962                                                         CLASS OF 1966
                              The ernie saito ’64 endowed scholar-
Wanda Yamagata Carlson                                                Carol Nakamoto Asuncion
Colette Ching Dhakhwa         ship will be used to provide scholar-   Donna Loo Ching
Wendell Foo                   ships to talented students who          Gerald Ching
Yvonne Otani Giordano         demonstrate financial need. second-     Winifred Ohara Doi
Ernest Harada                                                         Aaron Fung
                              ary preference will be for sophomore
Gloria Okihara Matsumura                                              Amy Iwaishi Inouye
Jerry McCauley                or junior students whose family is      Calvin Kuniyuki
Lynette Kuboyama Miyamoto     facing financial difficulties.          Phyllis Kono Maietta
Sharon Komata Narimatsu                                               Glenn Matsumura
Carol Kono Nezu                                                       Harvey Nakamoto
Raymond Ohta                                                          Bruce Nakamura
38                                                                                                * Recently Deceased
                                   2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Lyle Saiki                         W.A. Shimabukuro                                 Lavina Wong
Steven Saito                       Donna Min Shiroma                                David Yamashita
Allan Segawa                       Ronald Tom                                       Wendy Miyasato Yim
Gregory Sugimoto                   Nathan Uyehara                                   Ray Yokoyama *
Brian Suyama                       CLASS OF 1970                                    Don Yorimoto
Amy Iwaishi Inouye                 Lloyd Arakaki
  in memory of Joel Suzuki * ’66   Eva Hosaka Ardo                                  CLASS OF 1971
Lynne Koike Uchida                 Richard Asahi                                    Lorenne Hasebe Fujii
Kenneth Yamagata                   William Brennan                                  May Yuasa Goto
Ronald Yogi                        Julio Carino , Jr.                               Patricia Au Hamai
Diane Akamine Yoneoka              Susan Chinen                                     Terry Kinoshita
                                   Jeffrey Egusa                                    Russell Leong
CLASS OF 1967                      Wayne Fujimoto                                   Bryan Matsumoto
Lynette Tahira Chan                Mark Fujioka                                     Glenn Okimoto
Joanne Sera Hoota                  Wayne Horie                                      Hope Okabe Okimoto
Geraldine Kono                     Aimee Murakami Ida                               Arlene Oshima-Oda
Mae Murakami                       Gerald Ida                                       Eric Sato
Corinne Oshima-Koseda              Deborah Ikehara                                  David Sugiyama
Kathleen Saiki Sproles             Clyde Ishii                                      Floyd Takeuchi
Barbara Mikami Tom                 Kimo Jow                                         Alison Tenbruggencate
Joyce Ozaki Tomonari               Lester Katahara                                  Myles Tsukamoto
Ronald Yamada                      Corinne Yasuda Kazunaga                          Dean Warashina
                                   Charles Keyes                                    Linda Okada Warashina
CLASS OF 1968                      Wesley Kobayashi                                 Joan Sakai Yamamoto
Kristen Kawakami Dean              Wayne Nakamura
Nalani Chang Fujimoto              Leighton Ogawa                                   CLASS OF 1972
Jan Hino                           Yumiko Pakenham                                  Antonio Abrahano
Michael Kasadate                   Natalie Ho Sandberg                              Dennis Brown
Geraldine Okada Lee                Warren Shioi                                     Helen Chisum
Joanne Sasaki Miyasato             Cynthia Yamasaki Teruya                          Russell Endo
Louise Ohara-Bninski               Steven Teruya                                    Craig Fujino
Esther Okada                       Dennis Tojo                                      Cynthia Tamura Fujino
Stephen Oki                        Catherine Kudo Wilcox                            Paulette Wong Hopkins
Anthony Pfaltzgraff                                                                 Anna Sekiya Kajiwara
Brian Shigemoto                                                                     Kim Murashige Kajiyama
Claude Takanishi                    as the tax laws change, we would be             Alan Kamida
Calvin Takara                                                                       Cesili Kawakami-Wong
June Wong Takekawa                  pleased to discuss how you can avoid cap-       Annette Tong Kirkpatrick
Dexter Teruya                       ital gains tax on charitable gifts of appre-    Michael Kitamura
Valerie Teshima Teruya                                                              Robert Masutani
Craig Watanabe                      ciated assets, and how you can unlock the       Vera Nakamine Matsumoto
                                    value of appreciated assets to increase         Ron Matsuzaki
CLASS OF 1969                       spendable income now and in retirement          Caryn Ono Moran
ANONYMOUS                                                                           Vern Nakaguma
Edwin Chang                         through charitable gift plans. Please call      Judith Iha Nakamura
Judith Egusa                        Kristy Tong, Vice President for institutional   Jennifer Sakai Pang
Lynne Yamamura Kaneta                                                               Gary Takeuchi
Alvin Kazunaga                      advancement, in confidence, at 973-5016,        Lisa Tojo
Grace Niimi Komoda                  973-5052, or                  David Ueunten
Hovey Lambert                                                                       Paul Ueunten
Joan Loke                                                                           Alvin Watanabe
Gwendolyn Chu Nagata                Please also consult your tax advisor            Paul Watanabe
Cynthia Nakai                       concerning all charitable gifts. Thank you      Dalwyn Wong
Katherine Nakata                                                                    CLASS OF 1973
Lois Okano                          for your support for Mid-Pacific institute.     Gale Arakaki
Debra Pfaltzgraff                                                                   Michael Dunn
Stephen Sekiya                                                                      Tom Goto
                            2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Melvin Hirayama             Leilisa Nemoto Gehring                       Jon Fernandez
David Iwata                 Curtis Higashiyama                           Kerry Kanbe
Leslie Murashige            Kari Kanbe                                   Candace Kukino
Ruth Morita Okada           Lance Kimura                                 Michael Maeda
Robert Primiano             Kevin Kuroda                                 Paula Ouye Maruyama
George Sakamoto             Karen Lindsay Lozito                         Dale Matsumoto-Oi
Jennie Yukinaga Tamashiro   Wade Makizuru                                Mark Muramoto
Mark Tamashiro              Eric Moore                                   Lynne Kawagoe Okazaki
Joan Tanaka Watanabe        Roy Murakami                                 Charles Raymond
Lynn Yamamoto               Michael Murashige                            Scott Ushijima
Aaron Yasui                 Stephen Ng                                   Darrell Yamagata
                            Millie Okada-Miura                           Greg Yoshimura
CLASS OF 1974               Karen Graves Pyrch                           CLASS OF 1980
Paula Palisbo Caracol       Craig Roberts                                Vincent Chan
Mark Kitamura               Kyle Tengan                                  Joyce Diama-Kuniyoshi
Allan Nakanishi             Erik Wong                                    Darren Ogawa
Gloria Fukuda Onishi        Christine Nishimura Yoshimura                Diane Matsuura Pang
Stein Rafto                                                              Katherine Matsuura Serikaku
Ann Tokushima Shiigi        CLASS OF 1978                                Scott Settsu
Penny Yamashita Takeuchi    Colleen Chinen Ajifu
Aaron Yokomura              Alicia Hewett                                CLASS OF 1981
                            Aaron Izumi                                  Robin Fernandez
CLASS OF 1975               Roberta Kameda                               Jill Akamine Fukui
Denise Yoshinaga Arakawa    Lori Yoshimitsu Lee                          Macey Kamauu Kamauoha
Carol Fujimoto              Denise Liu                                   Keith Kawamoto
Tony Ganiron                Carol Oi Meek                                Iris Kitamura
Jo Ann Murashige Gronberg   Gwen Shimokusu Murakami                      Laurence Kometani
Miles Hamamoto              May Kawawaki Price                           Kent Leong
Marti Ikehara               Terrie Mengel Rambo                          Alan Mito
Daryl Ito                   Dwayne Saiki                                 Kyle Nakamura
Gail Kaito                  Michelle Aki Shigezawa                       Kurt Nozaki
Alvin Kamikawa              Melissa Miguel Sills                         Jeffrey Sato
Cora Goto Miyasaki          Curtis Suminguit                             Ron Serikaku
Neil Morinaga               Alvin Suzuki                                 Kalani Spencer
Craig Nakaguma              Tracy Tanji                                  Ryan Terayama
Douglas Okada               Yumi Kitsuda Tominaga                        Pat Shimokusu Townsend
Catherine Abe Sakai         William Wheeler                              Kathryn Wheeler
Scott Saki                  Melodie Williams Aduja                       Clifford Yee
Rachael Kitamura Sasaki     Jodi Yoshinaga Yamamoto
Jan Yasui So                Liane Hironaka Yamashiro                     CLASS OF 1982
Derek Tengan                Jean Zee                                     ANONYMOUS (2)
Keri Endo Yamamoto                                                       Cathy Hara Haga
Anne Nakashima Young        CLASS OF 1979                                Karin Koga Holt
                            Cindy Saiki Comes                            Elisabeth Good Lemquist
CLASS OF 1976               Daniel Eng                                   Terry Lo
Michael Ajifu                                                            Tom Madeira
Gloria Ching Arakaki         You can increase your retirement in-        Desmund Manaba
Neal Arakaki                                                             Kurt Nakamura
Craig Fujii                  come with a current or deferred charita-    Scott Obara
Steven Isono                 ble gift annuity. You will receive income   Faye Takata Ross
Cameron Kuboyama             for life, an immediate tax deduction,       Doreen Yamagata Tanji
Gregory Marr                 and part of your annuity payments will      Troy Tanji
Wesley Matsumoto
Gracyne Uyehara Perkins      be tax-free. at your passing, your re-      CLASS OF 1983
Pat Takeuchi                 maining annuity principal will give         Clifford Cheng
Leigh Wakamatsu              much-needed unrestricted support to         Chantal Rahman Keith
CLASS OF 1977                MPi, or support an MPi program of your      Dan Kinoshita
40                           choosing.                                                             * Recently Deceased
                              2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
John Kumashiro                Leane Nakamoto Kaneko                           Roxanne Morinaga Villanueva
Lorianne Hiroe Makiya         Sean Keenan                                     Calvyn Wong
Bonny Mundon Moniz            Candace Endo Konjevic                           Robyn Yanaga
Ann Toyomura Park             Lon Matsuse                                     Scot Yoshimura
Darren Park                   Tracy Myers McConnell                           Harris Zane
Tracy Rodenhurst              Aaron Medina
Liann Ichiyama Swenson        Michelle Miyake                                 CLASS OF 1988
Cyd Morita Tagawa             Heather Nylen                                   Kelly Wong Allen
Trudi Tanji                   Monica Pang                                     Corey Avecilla
Sandra Vincent                Stephen Screen                                  Sonia Bawden Driscoll
Stephen Wheeler               Shari Young Simmons                             Christina Song Groshong
Arlene Yamashita              Dean Stowell                                    Valerie Heu
Joyce Yen Yee                 Earl Takahashi                                  Earl Izawa
                              Xena Kaneda Takahashi                           Brian Kau
CLASS OF 1984                 Reid Tanibe                                     Kevin Kawamoto
Edward Abo                    Sanford Ujimori                                 Adrienne Young Lampitelli
Lori Kimura Chong-Kee         Lynn Watanabe                                   Thomas Landeza
Donny Ma’a                    Nicholas Wellein                                Wendi Lau
Ross Nagaji                                                                   Cynthia Lee
David Omai                    CLASS OF 1987                                   Roland Lee
Kurt Sanehira                 Joelle Ching                                    Pamela Mata Maeda
Anne Imamoto Shimabukuro      Kristie Fujimoto                                Melanie Murai
John Shinkawa                 Curtis Hama                                     Mari Naukana-Christensen
Jamie Okuhara Sugai           Craig Hayashi                                   Craig Okutani
Brian Wong                    Leigh Ishida                                    Julee Lock Ryan
Lori-Ann Wong                 Michael Ishimoto                                Richelle Suzuki Takara
                              Michael Ito                                     Tom Tsuha
CLASS OF 1985                 Kimberly Kiyokane Kai                           Troy Ujimori
Alan Akiyama                  Kevin Luke
Zacarias Baricuatro           Christopher Manabe                              CLASS OF 1989
Gregory Bouchakian            Mark Miyamoto                                   Neill Char
Grace Chow                    Jan Kuwahara Mulvey                             Jennifer Pang Kishida
Jeffrey Fukui                 Shani Nakanishi                                 Wesley Kishida
James Fukuroda                Patrick Oki                                     Brian Kubo
Sheri Ann Nakahara Funasaki   Aisha Rahman                                    Wilfred Lam , Jr.
Garrett Hayashi               Lance Sato                                      Gregory Luke
SuAnne Kim                    Jodi-Ann Tsukamoto Sunahara                     Martin Ma
Mari Munakata                 Erik Tanaka                                     Mikela Lau Medal
Rod Nishimoto                 Kevin Uehara                                    Belle Kuboyama Murashige
Shelley Nishimura                                                             Dana Nakashima
Tracy Ching Ogawa                                                             Leeann Nishida
Jeanine Kato Okubo                                                            Robin Thomson Pratt
                                MaTCHing giFTs
Shere Sasaki                                                                  Lisa Scott
Jason Sato                      Many companies encourage the charita-         Tessy Tateishi
Kris Tanahara                   ble giving of their employees by offer-       Lyanne Iwamoto Terada
Blake Tanaka                    ing to match their gifts dollar for dollar.   David Wong
Judi Palmeira Tatsuyama         some companies will even provide a            Nolan Zane
Alan Toyomura                   two-to-one match, two dollars for every
Mark Van Dusen                                                                CLASS OF 1990
                                one dollar that the employee donates.
Geoffrey Wellein                                                              David Nalu Akaka
Michele Iwai Yamanaka           Contact your personnel office to deter-       Emily Koff Bogdanoff
Curt Yoshimura                  mine whether your company partici-            Marc Dixon
                                pates in this program and be sure to          Kyle Hara
CLASS OF 1986                   include your company’s matching gift          Cheryl Udui Holm
Brian Funasaki                  form with your donation and watch your        Lia Young Hunt
Terrence Hempelman                                                            Jennifer Ishida
                                contribution grow!
Brian Ho                                                                      Misha Tajima Kam
                             2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Kylie Luke                   Lisa Hee Tulchin            Regan Onikama
Joel Moribe                  Taylor Wong                 Elika Otoya
Nicole Oishi                 Tracie Yasuda               Spencer Pang
Kyle Okino                   Trenton Yasui               Marci Osato Saito
Gavin Sanjume                                            Brandon Silva
Valerie Aniya Schmidt        CLASS OF 1993               Brad Taura
Cheryl Hisaoka Shozuya       Catherine Miyamoto Choi     Jon Tulchin
Kevin Tarasawa               Stephen Kato                Leigh Wagai
Jennifer Tasaka              Nathan Lee                  Heidi McMillan Wong
Lorrie Yasui Ujimori         Lori Miyanaga
                             Carolyn Oki-Idouchi         CLASS OF 1996
CLASS OF 1991                Sherry Sasuga               Tysen Campbell
Heidi Fujii Bow              Carolyn Tasaka Yamatsuka    Lori Lieberman Crowley
Robert Chong                                             Keith Endow
Ann Mito Dabbagh             CLASS OF 1994               Ryan Goo
Lori Fujitani Fong           Wade Asato                  Todd Jinbo
Davis Kobayashi              Blaine Azama                Sy Kodama
Kris Okutani Kobayashi       Sheri Lieberman Azama       Mahealani Krafft
Patrick Kobayashi            Hokulani Mizumoto Chong     Ian Kurihara
Kimberly Koga Kubo           Liane Kimura Chong          Ryan Miyashiro
Craig Kurosu                 Elise Inuo Dixon            Meridith Morisaki
Shelley Nakagawa Loui        Jason Graetz                Sean Murphy
Ramona Miyashiro Matsumoto   Kyle Higuchi                Laurie Nakama
Marc Nakamoto                Dan Ikei                    Gavin Nishimura
Teodola Cafirma Rosko        Kimberly Muranaka Miyoshi   Kelly Lum Nishimura
Kerri Ryusaki                Cobe Matsumoto Moriki       Bryan Nitta
Heidi Kim Sniffen            Janell Nakahara             Hilary Okumura
Kevin Takahashi              Shawn Nakamura              Kurtis Onoe
Darren Tom                   Weylin Oshiro               Kelly Ann Park
Kengo Ueno                   Chad Palmer                 Gavin Shimabukuro
Ross Yoshimura               Denton Pang                 Deanna Yasui
                             Steven Saiki                Scott Yoshihara
CLASS OF 1992                Jeffrey Tagami
ANONYMOUS                    Sharee Tamasaka             CLASS OF 1997
Marci Lieberman Awaya        Bryan Tamura                Steven Chang
Travis Bow                   Jana Uyeda                  Jay Festa
Kristina Brinton-James       Mark Villamor               Melissa Druger Goo
Mike Fujita                  Kyle Watanabe               Alan Ito
Michelle Marr Furoyama       Denise Konishi Yamada       Lorita Leonhardt
Mark Harris                  Derek Yamamoto              Darci Shimabukuro Magsino
Jill Hirata                                              Lane Nogawa
Shelley Itagaki              CLASS OF 1995               Lureen Tanaka Nogawa
Kelsy Kai-Yamamoto           Farrah Choe DiMagiba        Cheryl Oshiro
Barry Lai                    Barry Fong                  Landon Oshiro
Justin Lee                   Brandie Kamiya Fong         Kelton Otsuka
Kari Okino Leong             Chad Fujioka                Jeff Oya
Jennifer Oyama Ly            Nathan Hu                   Rie Shintani
Darren Maeda                 Jeffrey Ibara               Mitchell Taira
Reid Matsuda                 Trevor Inouye               Keli Tashiro
Jonathan Mizushima           Kimberly Agena Jinbo        Guy Watanabe
Greg Nakagawa                Alison Miyahira Kawamoto    Carlier Wheeler
Toni Joy Baptiste Romias     Gwen Kushiyama              Janelle Wong
Bryce Shimabukuro            Ivan Lee
Ryan Shimabukuro             Chad Matsuda                CLASS OF 1998
Tisha Sugano                 Shanti Spencer McCarter     Janice Chang
Vail Matsumoto Takamoto      Janessa Ikeda Murphy        Lauren Fujii Christensen
Wade Takamoto                Byron Nakamura              Brandy Egdamin
42                                                                                  * Recently Deceased
                              2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Candice Hong                  Casey Taira                                    Stefanie Mizushima Sakado
Tyler Isono                   Lani Takeuchi                                  Jennifer Shido
Davis Kurihara-Nakasu         Shane Toguchi                                  Stephanie Toshi
Andrew Lum                    Elizabeth Uyematsu                             Danielle Yanagihara
Richard Mills                 Jonathan Vongvichai                            Dane Yoshimura
Jennifer Miyasaki             Kristi Yamaguchi                               Melanie Young
Catherine Miyasato            Tiffany Yee
Henry Mochida                                                                CLASS OF 2003
Keli Rae Yamamoto Ota         CLASS OF 2001                                  Shawn Booker
Toni Taniguchi                Kari Furuta                                    April Cheng
Guy Yamashiro                 Dale Hamashige                                 Troy Hanzawa
                              Kimberly Hee                                   Rachel Hartley
CLASS OF 1999                 Jamie Lyn Itokazu                              Rikki Hartley
Colleen Abe Burke             Alan Konishi                                   Jonathan Hee
Erik Christensen              Troy Matsumura                                 Natalie Heu
Cherie Goto                   Dezarae Ramos Miyahira                         Travis Isono
Nathan Kabei                  Jessica Muranaka                               Andrew Kam
Blaine Kashiwaeda             Chad Nishi                                     Deena Kam
Michele Kurihara              Courtney Oshiro                                Justin Kashiwaeda
Barry Kushiyama               Chayson Seneca                                 Ryan McKinley
Robyn Lee                     Jineane Shibuya                                Marc Miyaki
Sheldon Matsui                Brian Terayama                                 Jeffrey Mizokawa
Justin Matsuura               Karalyn Tom                                    Shannon Nishi
Danille Minayoshi             Jordan Yamasaki                                Jeremy Nishimura
Scott Miyaki                                                                 Shelly Nitta
Lance Okuda                   CLASS OF 2002                                  John Deron Ohtani
Brandon Park                  Corie Abe                                      Russell Oyama
Matthew Peterson              Lisa Ansai                                     Rui Saito
Dara Chung Shelton            Ryan Batt                                      Jordan Savusa
Harrison Sumida               Rendi Fujinaka                                 Summer Shiigi
Erin Suzawa Tajima            Catherine Isono                                Kris Shota
Kristyna Nakamatsu Takemoto   Nora Kobashigawa                               Christine Sun
Brian Tomihama                Michelle Kunita
Justin Yamauchi               Kristy Minamishin                              CLASS OF 2004
                              Laurie Morihara                                Ryan Asato
CLASS OF 2000                 Isaac Omura                                    Erin Boylan
Jayson Abe                    Justin Pate                                    Andrew Braden
Reid Asato                    Tiffany Richardson                             Connor Carey
Jonathan Egged                Nathan Sakado                                  Ryan Chun
Bryce Fujimoto                                                               Brenton Endo
Alisa Ikoma                                                                  Ka’aumoana Fergerstrom
Bennett Ito                     annUaL giVing                                Derek Fujio
Jordan Kam                      You may be surprised to learn that tu-       Jillian Haraguchi
Miki`ala Reed Landford          ition alone does not cover the entire cost   Ian Hsieh
Keith Loo-Chan                  of an MPi education. Donations from          Ivan Kabei
Shayna Lum                                                                   Kelli Kajiwara
Tiana Krohn-Ching Maslanka      alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty,      Sharilyn Kazunaga
Justin Matsunaga                staff and friends annually provide 15%       Harrison Kuroda
Jesse McCarty                   of the cost for the school to keep up        Collin Lock
Dale Oshio                      with changing technology, offer a state-     Candace Murayama
Hunter Parker                   of-the art curriculum and programs, em-      Alex Ohtani
Elizabeth Pearson               ploy and retain the best qualified           Kristen Okada
Justin Sakaue                                                                Jared Say
Shelle Santoki                  teachers, sustain our grounds and facili-    Sharyn Suekawa
Jade Savusa                     ties, and keep tuition costs manageable      Sylas Takamune
Kyle Shibuya                    for all of our families. Unrestricted an-    Britt Takashima
Tysha Sugita                    nual gifts make a difference every day       Lance Yahiku
                                in every way at MPi.
                     2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Laura Yamamoto       Kendyl Mitsui                                    Reyn Suzuki
Meghan Yamamoto      Morgan Murakami                                  Nicholas Tomihama
                     Chelsey Muroda                                   Jarrett Yanagida
CLASS OF 2005        Tani Nakamoto                                    Melissa Yoshimoto
Sean Aoyagi          Lisa Okazaki
Alexandra Arbeit     Miya Quinn                                       CLASS OF 2009
Sean Corpuz          Cheryl Sanpei                                    Tamir Abdel-Wahab
Staci Ann Follante   Jenna Sato                                       Davin Aoyagi
Skylar Fritz         Arthur Simpson                                   Joshua Arakaki
Grant Gannon         Thomas Yamamoto                                  Christopher Chong
Garrick Ikeda                                                         Peter Chun
Rachelle Lambert     CLASS OF 2008                                    Desiree Dung
Kathryn Lee          Andrew Agcaoili                                  Ryan Dunham
Kip Masuda           Yukari Aratani                                   Collyn Fritz
Julie Ann Minaai     Micah Cabalo                                     Shaylyn Funasaki
Gilani Moiseff       Kevin Chong                                      Lauren Furumoto
Cherie Motobu        Matthew Chong                                    Kara Gifford
Reid Nakamura        Jessica Jo de Ruiter                             Erin Grathwohl
Tamara Okazaki       Clare Fujioka                                    Evan Greer
Aaron Omura          Kelly Furuike                                    Karli Hamada
Tiana Reed           Dane Furutani                                    Amanda Kaku
Ashley Ryan          Grady Gannon                                     Maile Kamisugi
Mariko Strickland    Jennifer Hamamoto                                Blaine Kawakami
Lauren-Ashly Tojo    Justin Hashimoto                                 Andrew Kim
Blake Ushijima       Mindee Iguchi                                    Brent Koki
Erin Uwaine          Courtney Ikeda                                   Bryson Lam
Reyn Wakabayashi     Sean Ishii                                       Erin Lee
Shannon Yamamoto     Chelsey Jensen                                   Kevin Loo-Chan
Todd Yonemura        Kase Kaneko                                      Matthew McDaniel
Shawn Yoshimura      Norman Kau                                       James Morton
                     Catherine Kenjo                                  Grace On
CLASS OF 2006        Mari Kondo                                       Alyssa Oue
Mindy Batt           Mari Kuboyama                                    Nicholas Seu
Jennifer Corpuz      Ryan Matsuzaki                                   Jantzen Suan
Garrett Funasaki     Matthew Minaai                                   Wade Tamaru
Ryan Furuya          Stephanie Mow                                    Jonathan Taniguchi
Scott Graham         Michael Nagamine                                 Acacia Wong
Jared Hara           Oren Naiditch
Valerie Heu          Jaymie Nakama
Jaymie Ho            Alex Nakamoto
Kayce Kasumi         Christopher Okamura
Marielle Komori      Sierra Rafto
Sean Kuniyoshi       Ronson Shiigi
Kelli-Ann Morihara   Lyle Shimata
Don Okuda            Jeremy Shin
Jonathan Okunaga
Tyler Oya             give a significant gift at modest cost with a
Gavin Sugita          gift of an existing life insurance policy you
Cheryl Sun
Alan Sunada
                      no longer need, or a new policy that names
Patrick Suzuki        Mid-Pacific institute as owner and benefici-
CLASS OF 2007         ary.
Leanna Agcaoili
Kyla Graham           additional benefits may include an income
Sean James John       tax charitable deduction for the cash value
Corbin Matsumoto
Kelsie-Ann Mita
                      of the policy, or your investment in the pol-
                      icy, as well as for any subsequent premium
44                    payments you make.                                                   * Recently Deceased
                                            2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
PARENT GIVING                               Harold & Grace Nakaoka                          Aaron ’73 & Allison Funaki Yasui
BY CLASS                                    Alan & Sandra Nishimoto                         Ronald & Sun Young Yee
                                            Garrett & Susan Nishimura                       Roger & Sharon Yoshizawa
CLASS OF 2010                               Nancy Olipares
Emerson & Marlene Aganon                    Tracy Orillo-Donovan & Jim Donovan              CLASS OF 2011
Kathleen Akiona-Perreira & Duane Perreira   Chulmin & Myo Yeon Park                         Scot & Verdene Allen
Wendell & Pamela Awada                      Thomas & Sharon Pereira                         Stephen & Leona Anthony
Michael Ching & Judy Waldman                Robert Primiano ’73                             Keith & Julie Ann Aragaki
Lloyd & Sandie Chong                        Michael Reyes & Janet Williams-Reyes            Neal ’76 & Ming Arakaki
Nathan & Corinne Chong                      Carolyn & Milton Roscoe                         Janie Bryan
Rick Chong & Sharon Keau-Chong              Colin & Fran Shigemasa                          George & Susan Buck
Willis & Shelly Choy                        Mary Sullivan-Tanaka                            Loren & Laurie Chang
James & Molly Cooper                        Larry Sumida & Jacqueline Thuener               Tedmund & Alice Cheong
Catherine Cruz Simpson & Arthur Simpson     Craig & Darci Suzuki                            Kenneth & Kathleen Chin
Darrell & Janet Dayoan                      Bradley & Jennifer Swanson                      Kevin Cintron & Laura Moffat-Cintron
Lin Dunsmore                                Pat ’76 & Penny Yamashita ’74 Takeuchi          William & Ann Comstock
Hiram Fong, Jr. & Andrea Emoto              Mark & Nona Tamanaha                            Gerard & Leslie DiNardo
Karl & Ellen Fooks                          Takahiko & Debra Tanaka                         Daniel & Kendra Epstein
T.J. & Holly Gorence                        Craig & Gwen Tanno                              Clark & Gayle Fujihara
Barron & Diana Guss                         A. Kimbal & Nicki Ann Thompson                  Kerry & Kenda Fujikawa
Lester & Debbie Hee                         Arthur Thornhill & Lucy Lower                   Stephen & Carole Fujinaka
George & Sharlene Hirai                     David & Susan Todani                            Aaron S. Fujioka
Lynn Hiromoto                               Nolan & Mavis Tokunaga                          Mark & Mona Fukuhara
George & Gayle Hirose                       Carey & Kathy Tomasa                            Brian Fuller & Diedre Wong
Delton & Carol Ho                           David & Michelle Uchiyama                       Richard & Rose Hamura
Dwight & Lisa Iha                           Richard & Marina Whyte                          Gary & Lisa Hashimoto
John Ishihara                               Barry & Corinda Wong                            David & Michele Heath
Chason & Dawn Ishii                         Thomas & Susan Yamashiro                        Eiji & Akiko Hiroi
Mark & Lynn Izawa                                                                           Troy & Maureen Hiura
Brigitte Janku-Pierce & Jay Pierce                                                          Thomas & Amy Hobson
John & Tonette Jones                          You can pay for education expenses for        Garrett & Lynn Ikeda
                                                                                            Scott & Elaine Kami
Andrew & Amy Kam                              your children or grandchildren by estab-      Glenn & Aimee Kasumi
Westley & Lucita Kam                          lishing a charitable remainder trust for
Glenn Kato & Lydia Lem                                                                      James & Charlene Kim
Norman & Lynn Kau                             a term of, for example, four to eight         Anthony & Joan Kuh
Garret & Linda Kawamura                       years, that names MPi as charitable           Jerrold & Karen Lee
                                                                                            Lori Yoshimitsu ’78 & Gerald Lee
David & Oak Sook Keem                         beneficiary. The payments from the            Seung Un & Nan Hee Lee
Robin Kennedy & Wade Oshio                    trust can defray educational expenses,
Loren & Candice Kobayashi                                                                   Walter & Bridgette Lott
Jeffrey & Courtney Krantz                     and you will receive an income tax de-        Ernest & Melanie Martin
Cameron ’76 & Sonya Kuboyama                  duction that can be spread out over six       Aleza & Eric Matayoshi
                                                                                            Wayne & Shirley Matoi
Russell & Clara Kumabe                        years, if necessary. When the trust ends      Dale Matsumoto-Oi ’79
Amery & Karen Lam                             and the principal is distributed to MPi,
Brian & Yvonne Lau                                                                          Aaron ’86 & Miki Medina
Howard & Teale Lee                            you will provide significant support to       Gary Moniz & Kathleen Durante Moniz
Yan Chao & Hui Ying Liang                     MPi in the near term for a purpose you        Masao & Hitomi Nakagawa
                                                                                            Alan Nemiroff
Creighton Liu & Lorrie Manasas-Liu            choose. if you fund the trust with an         Gen & Charlotte Nishimura
George & Chikako Lobley                       asset now worth more than you paid for
Holly & John Madinger                                                                       Gary & Terrie Oda
Americo B. & Sylvia Makk                      it, such as real estate or securities, you    Darren ’80 & Wendy Ogawa
Keisuke & Teiko Maruyama                      will avoid the tax on the increase in         Darryl & Jo Ann Okawa
                                                                                            Vernelle Oku
Kinsey & Marsha McFadden                      value and put the full fair market value      Myron Okubo
Alan & Janet Meier                            of the asset to work in the trust. a short-
Milton & Diane Mitsui                                                                       Yung Ho & Young Sook On
Craig & Lori Muramoto                         term charitable remainder trust is an         Gloria Fukuda ’74 & Henry Onishi
Wilfred & Elsie Nagamine                      excellent way to support an MPi capital       Gina & Jeffrey Overton
                                                                                            Jessica Perry & William Wong
Cory & Tracey Nakama                          campaign.
                                       2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Jeffrey & Renee Protacio               Chris & Charlotte Johnson                   Dean & Mariko Baldwin
Alice Ramos                            Karl & Sandra Kaneko                        Thomas & Ruth Bingham
Susan & Richard Roberts                Raymond & Naomi Kanna                       Dennis ’72 & Laura Brown
Alan & Melanie Rosehill                Mark & Jullien Kawata                       Mary Carias
Stuart & Lynn Saito                    Robin Kennedy & Wade Oshio                  Julio ’70 & Doreen Carino
Byron & Joy Sakamoto                   Charles & Annie Kim                         Patrick Carroll
Lorraine & Bert Sakamoto               Duane & Cara Kondo                          Kenneth & Kathleen Chin
Rachael Kitamura Sasaki ’75            Scott & Denise Kubota                       Iris Kim Ching
Kei Shimizu                            Darren & Dee Lee                            Hingson & Sheila Chun
Dayne & Vicky Shinbo                   Yoonjoo Lee                                 Mike & Carol Chung
Bob Stanfield & Barbara Pretty         Nelson & Elizabeth Lindsay                  Kevin Cintron & Laura Moffat-Cintron
Greig & Carol Sugiyama                 Scott & Beth Lozanoff                       Brandon & Lawana Collier
Michael & Lynn Tanaka                  Candice Naito                               Randy & Jean Cox
Lindy & Debra Terao                    Renee & Robert Nakamoto                     Howard Dashefsky
Steven & Melissa Tome                  David & Cynthia Nakamura                    Julia deMorsella
Michel & Catherine Trapasso            Daniel & Brenda Nakandakari                 Moya Kaohi Donahue
Ricardo & Victoria Villegas            Gary & Annette Oda                          Masaharu & Mayumi Edamura
Dean ’71 & Linda Okada ’71 Warashina   Robb & Kathy Ohtani                         Faimafili Falefa & Kim Kiner
Jack & Tracy Watkins                   Curtis & Faye Okawa                         Paul & Caroline Faringer
Barry & Corinda Wong                   Marvin Oleshansky &                         Lauren Faulkner
Chris & Minie Yamachika                  Joyce Schoenheimer Oleshansky             David & Janet FitzGerald
Tina Yamane                            Tracy Orillo-Donovan & Jim Donovan          Dyann & Steven Fong
                                       Mark & Debra Oyadomori                      Russell & Elaine Fujiwara
CLASS OF 2012                          Chulmin & Myo Yeon Park                     Dean & Deanne Grathwohl
ANONYMOUS (2)                          Andrew Perreira & Evelyn Garcia-Perreira    Mark & Laura Greer
Eri & Peter Ackman                     David Ross & Ann Castelfranco               Linda Gusman
Mohsen & Lexie Agsen                   John & Jennifer Sabas                       Ryne & Shari Higa
Jason & Rhona Ako                      Paul & Sybil Saito                          Frank & Shu Hua Hinshaw
Vinai & Ta Apinopphaibul               Sheri Sakamoto & Eric Takamura              George & Sharlene Hirai
Ellie & Richy Asasaki                  Alan & Lucy Sasai                           Scott & Chantelle Hirose
Christine & Thomas Bailie              Peter & Susan Shaindlin                     Gordon & Ranelle Ho
Mary Carias                            Marilyn & Padraic Shigetani                 Michael & Suzy Hollinger
Brian Chang & Sui Ping Lui             Teri Skillman-Kashyap                       Michele Honold
Lyle & Claudette Chee                  Kimberly & Jay Soares                       Mark & Cristina Iguchi
Milton & LiAnn Choy                    Darrell & Lyn Takanishi                     Iris Iwami
Judy & Gerald Dang                     Takahiko & Debra Tanaka                     Brigitte Janku-Pierce & Jay Pierce
Michael & Tina Dimitrion               Derek ’75 & Kelijene Tengan                 Robert Johnson
Susan & Timothy Donlon                 Richard & Laurie Tom                        Brandais & Robert Jones
Dave & Tamae Erdman                    Yumi Kitsuda Tominaga ’78                   Pearl & Henry Katsuda
Chandelle & Scott Fuchigami            Barry & Carlene Toshi                       James & Kathy Kawano
Stephen & Carole Fujinaka              Gerald Tsutsui & Doreen Sugita-Tsutsui      John & Janet Khil
Franklin Fukuda & Dawn Minaai          George Ueki & Sarah Tajima-Ueki             Lance ’77 & Allison Kimura
Atsushi & Deborah Funakawa             Jose-Bienvenido & Valentina Velasco         Curtis & Cheryl Komura
Samuel & Monica Gandauli               Donald & Mary Weisman                       Warren & Claire Kozai
Laura & David Givens                   Richard & Marina Whyte                      Miles & Heidi Kubo
Glenn & Junko Hamada                   Terry & Diane Wood                          Roy & Marie Kumabe
Karl & Shawn Hamada                    Keri Endo ’75 & Glen Yamamoto               John ’83 & Lisa Kumashiro
Byron Han & Dorothy Chen               Nathan & Julie Yatogo                       Daniel & Pamela Kurose
Gary & Lisa Hashimoto                  Edward & LeeOna Yee                         Robert & Melanie Kyker
George & Amy Hedricks                  Craig & Karen Yoshikawa                     Howard & Teale Lee
Steven & Sandra Heggeness              Emory & Megin Young                         James Lenhart
Scott & Chantelle Hirose                                                           Kent ’81 & Jaylene Leong
Arnold & Karen Hirotsu                 CLASS OF 2013                               William & Sheree Loui
Andrew & Denise Ishikawa               Sharyn Abe                                  Allen & Candy Ma
Valerie Ito                            Kathleen Akiona-Perreira & Duane Perreira   Wesley & Karen Machida
Richard & Carole Jacobs                Bryant & Christina Asao                     Ryuichi & Junko Maeda
Douglas & Kimberly Jeffs               Alison & Frank Ashford                      Ernest & Melanie Martin
46                                                                                                          * Recently Deceased
                                         2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Keisuke & Teiko Maruyama                 Guy & Marvi Ching                             John & Vanessa Meyer
Joy Matsuyama                            Milton & LiAnn Choy                           James Musgrave & Lynn Yanagihara
Sharon Miyagawa                          Ming Constable                                Cecil & Amy Nakata
Pat & Jill Miyamura                      Clement & Sally Dang                          George & Jane Nguyen
Gary Moniz & Kathleen Durante Moniz      Michael & Tina Dimitrion                      Jon & Kathleen Ochikubo
Paul & Barrie Morgan                     Leonard & Amaryllis Fernandes                 Brian O’Connor & Elaine Imoto
Aaron & Virginia Moriwake                Kerry & Kenda Fujikawa                        Gary & Terrie Oda
Kevin & Lori Mott                        Garret & Jane Furukido                        Glenn & Karen Oeda
Mark & Trudy Murakami                    Neil & Carol Furuya                           Darren ’80 & Wendy Ogawa
Craig & Lori Muramoto                    Antero & Susana Geonzon                       Tracy Ching Ogawa ’85
Todd & Sharon Murata                     Gerald & Mari Goo                             Robb & Kathy Ohtani
John & Belinda Nadler                    Garry Graham                                  Marvin Oleshansky &
Steven & Verna Nagamine                  Linda Gusman                                    Joyce Schoenheimer Oleshansky
Wallace & Faye Nakakuni                  Celeste & Brent Hamasaki                      Gloria Fukuda ’74 & Henry Onishi
Gordon & Maria Nakano                    Craig & Lynne Hamasaki                        Dean & Shannon Ota
Samuel & Anne Navarro                    Sean & Shannon Harrison                       Gina & Jeffrey Overton
Nicolas & Giulia Nelken                  Scott & Janet Hirai                           Bryant & Joan Park
Kevin & Ka’ili O’Connell                 Troy & Maureen Hiura                          Keith & Sandra Robbins
Cleve & Beth Okamura                     William & Celeste Hughes                      Edward & Miyuki Rogers
Darryl & Jo Ann Okawa                    Mark & Cristina Iguchi                        Takashi Saito & Nuchada Techavanich
Thomas & Sharon Pereira                  Leslie & Nancy Inouye                         Damon & Edna Sakai
Nathan & Jill Poentis                    Chason & Dawn Ishii                           Rachael Kitamura Sasaki ’75
William & Ann Quinn                      Mark & Lynn Izawa                             Michael & Vien Schwinn
Michael Reyes & Janet Williams-Reyes     David & Lisa Kam                              Toshiyuki & Noreen Shibata
Michael & Elizabeth Robertson            Kevin & Sheila Kanekoa                        Kevin & Lokelani Simon
Ted & Shirley Robinson                   Carolyn Kargol & Melissa Lange                Tjet Sun & Pui Heng Tang
Cidtroy & Toni Joy Baptiste ’92 Romias   James & Meeye Kim                             Scott & Gail Suzuki-Jones
Dwayne ’78 & Rae Ann Saiki               Leslie & Lorri Kobata                         Gary & Irene Takami
Warren & Deborah Saito                   Gregg & Be-Jay Kodama                         Floyd & Angelita Tanoue
Raymond & Shannon Sakurai                Stacey Kwock                                  Paul & Susan Tateishi
Steven & Carol Shiraki                   Martin & Colette Lau                          Lindy & Debra Terao
Dean Sugimoto                            Matthew & Helen Lau                           Jon & Carolyn Tsukamoto
Kyle & Robyn Tabata                      Robert & Maxine Lau                           Kengo Ueno ’91
Akihiko Tajima                           Steven & Patricia Lee                         Brian Wong & Helen Vistart-Wong
Ken & Sherryl Takahashi                  John & Vicki Limper                           Chris & Minie Yamachika
Wayne & Terrene Uehira                   Darren & Celeste Lum                          Jodi Yoshinaga ’78 & Paul Yamamoto
Edward & Michelle Van Court              Leighton & Valerie Lum                        Tina Yamane
Bryan & Charlene Wong                    Ryuichi & Junko Maeda                         Michael Yasui & Kathleen Loui-Yasui
Hugh & Bethany Yamaguchi                 Wayne & Shirley Matoi                         Byron & Joan Yee
Masataka & Kiren Yamamoto                Aaron ’86 & Miki Medina                       Shirleyann Young
Randy & Lisa Yamura                                                                    Denise & Gerald Yuh
Scott & Debra Yoshida
Alan & Sandra Yoshikawa                                                                CLASS OF 2015
Allan & Lisa Yoshimoto                     CaPiTaL PROJeCTs                            Theresa Aki
Teri & Clarence Young                      Large projects such as the Mike and         Chanon & Jannicole Alcon
                                           sandy Hartley Math/ science/                David & Lori-Lei Aponte
CLASS OF 2014                              Technology Complex and our new ele-         Randall & Jill Asato
ANONYMOUS (1)                              mentary school require a big commit-        Christopher & Leilani Au
Brian & Carolyn Adachi                     ment from the Mid-Pacific institute         Lisa Bradley
Heidi Ajifu                                                                            Scott Bradley
Thomas & Leah Allen                        ‘ohana. The school’s capital campaigns      Randall & Carrie Brown
Keith & Sharon Aotaki                      are needed to support the current capital   Shujie & Yvonne Chang
Alison & Frank Ashford                     projects that include renovation and/or     Celia Chun Wright
Patrick Carroll                            replacement of existing campus facilities   Samuel & Jann Dacanay
Colin & Loreen Chang                       to make them appropriate for growing        Judy & Gerald Dang
Warren & Ruth Chang                        programs.                                   Leslie & Yuko Fukata
Derrick M. Chee                                                                        Lorena Gaskill & Ian Okazaki
                                           2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Michael & Allison Green                    Byron & Shirley Wong                        Derek ’75 & Kelijene Tengan
Cathy Hara ’82 & Dale Haga                 Jodi Yoshinaga ’78 & Paul Yamamoto          Michel & Catherine Trapasso
Sanford & June Hasegawa                    Paul & Margaret Yamashita                   Scott ’79 & Margaret Ushijima
Mark Hines & Sara McKay-Hines              Joel & Adrienne Yap                         Robert & Carol Vieira
George & Gayle Hirose                      Curt ’85 & Li-Anne Yoshimura                Paul & Margaret Yamashita
Scott & Chantelle Hirose                   Emory & Megin Young                         Michael Yasui & Kathleen Loui-Yasui
Thomas & Amy Hobson                                                                    Jason & Sandra Yoshimi
Peter & Linda Ingram                       CLASS OF 2016
Motoko Kagomoto                            Thomas & Leah Allen                         CLASS OF 2017
David & Roxanne Kamalu                     Dean & Mariko Baldwin                       Lei Ann Akau-Haas & Richard Haas
Chikako Kanamaru & William Byrns           Ella & Mark Browning                        Arthur & Lynn Chan
Peter & Beverly Kaneshige                  Kalei Cadinha-Pua’a & Ricky Pua’a           Young Hoon & Sohee Choi
Carolyn Kargol & Melissa Lange             Milton & LiAnn Choy                         Kevin & Saengdo Costello
Albert & Sora Kim                          Hingson & Sheila Chun                       Arthur & Wendy D’Innocenti
Keith & Alison Kiyotoki                    Nicole Chung                                Moya Kaohi Donahue
Nils & Maki Konikson                       Brandon & Lawana Collier                    Daniel ’79 & Desiree Eng
Glenn & Faith Kosaki                       Tarquin Collis & Katherine Kingsley         Nathaniel Gudoy
Jeffrey & Courtney Krantz                  Randy & Jean Cox                            Garrett ’85 & Nancy Hayashi
Roy & Marie Kumabe                         David & Marilou Eagar                       Hiroki & Ayumi Hayashi
Seung Un & Nan Hee Lee                     Faimafili Falefa & Kim Kiner                Robert Johnson
Kent ’81 & Jaylene Leong                   Atsushi & Deborah Funakawa                  Kimberly Kiyokane ’87 & Gareth Kai
Kelsey & Druscilla Lewis                   Richard Girton & Sara Farnham               Scott & Leanne Kaichi
Dwight & Sharon Lopez                      Hua He & Jin Ye                             Jeffrey & Sue Kam
Ping Lu                                    David & Michele Heath                       George Kane
Norman & Brenda Makalena                   Theodore Jung, Jr. & Korina Hanohano-Jung   Peter & Beverly Kaneshige
Dale Matsumoto-Oi ’79                      Kris & Maria Kadzielawa                     Mark & Jullien Kawata
Bonny Mundon Moniz ’83                     Jon & Cindy Kaita                           Nils & Maki Konikson
Ronald & Kellie Mori                       Scott & Elaine Kami                         Glenn & Faith Kosaki
Neil & Rumi Morikawa                       Patrick & Melanie Kelly                     Michele & Paul LeBlanc
Dan & Debbie Nakamura                      SuAnne Kim ’85                              Stephen & Jill Lee
David & Cynthia Nakamura                   Lance ’77 & Allison Kimura                  Darren & Celeste Lum
Denise Nakamura                            Dudley & Susan Kubo                         Curtis & Nancy Murayama
Billie & Roger Napoleon                    Kelsey & Druscilla Lewis                    Patrick & Anne Murphy
Clinton & Sandra Ng                        Darren & Celeste Lum                        James Musgrave & Lynn Yanagihara
Peter & Jennifer Noel                      Derrick Mamiya & Jaime Wheeler              Renee & Robert Nakamoto
Clayton & Lois Oku                         Toru & Gin Manabe                           Billie & Roger Napoleon
Andrew Perreira & Evelyn Garcia-Perreira   Tad & Janice Matsuno                        John & Amy Nash
Jeffrey & Renee Protacio                   Joy Matsuyama                               Brian O’Connor & Elaine Imoto
Tim & Mardi Savage                         John & Vanessa Meyer                        Mark Ogino & Paul Czubryt
Stephen ’86 & Narumi Screen                Joe & Teresa Moore                          Marvin Oleshansky &
Michael & Lisa Selman                      Donn & Colby Morita                           Joyce Schoenheimer Oleshansky
Timothy & Keri Shepherd                    Jon & Sara Muraoka                          William, Lorna, Jennifer, & Alexis ’17 Ong
Melissa Miguel Sills ’78                   Jon Narimatsu & Renee Allison               Thomas & Nobuko Paule
Bradley & Nagomi Smith                     Samuel & Anne Navarro                       David & Deborah Ramirez
Craig & Vicki Suemori                      Darryl & Karen Nishihara                    Tim & Mardi Savage
Bradley & Jennifer Swanson                 Kevin & Ka’ili O’Connell                    Timothy & Keri Shepherd
Jed & Eva Taba                             Gary & Lori Okamoto                         Gerald & Cathleen Shintaku
Darrell & Lyn Takanishi                    Jessica Perry & William Wong                Christian & Lisa Siegfried
Cristy Tamanaha                            David Politsch & Toni Floerke-Politsch      Jeffrey & Kim Sonson
Robert & Sandra Tanaka                     Kyoungil Ra & Kanghyo Kim                   Craig & Vicki Suemori
Troy ’82 & Doreen Yamagata ’82 Tanji       Steven & Teresa Sakata                      Cristy Tamanaha
Richard & Laurie Tom                       Randall & Karol Sakumoto                    Michael & Lynn Tanaka
Paul & Shelli Tottori                      Derrick & Sharon Sano                       Robert & Sandra Tanaka
Jill & John Trowbridge                     Rachael Kitamura Sasaki ’75                 Troy ’82 & Doreen Yamagata ’82 Tanji
Lloyd & Phyllis Unebasami                  Kimberly & Jay Soares                       Jon & Carolyn Tsukamoto
Kerry & Judie Wasson                       Noilani Strohlin                            Wayne & Terrene Uehira
Deborah & Ross Watabayashi                 Darren & Shari Tasaka                       Kathryn Wheeler ’81
48                                                                                                                 * Recently Deceased
                                            2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Kerry & William ’78 Wheeler                 Sam & Lori Kwee                              Tracy Myers ’86 & Kent McConnell
Aveluz & Kim Yadao                          Glenn & Cindy Maglasang                      Kelly & Thao McGill
Keith & Gayle Yamashita                     Kirk & Karen Mento                           Darryl & Karen Nishihara
Joel & Adrienne Yap                         John & Vanessa Meyer                         Mark Ogino & Paul Czubryt
Hirotaka & Miyoko Yoshida                   Torry & Edward Montes                        Owen & Donalyn Oshiro
                                            Matthew & Christie Mukai                     Dean & Shannon Ota
CLASS OF 2018                               Cecil & Amy Nakata                           Colleen & Roy Otsuka
Isaac & Yuko Berg                           Tommy & Gayle Ohashi                         Kevin & April Pabila
Clifford ’83 & Danelle Cheng                Monica Pang ’86 & Richard Szoke              Paul & Suzanne Sasaki
Celia Chun Wright                           David & Deborah Ramirez                      Ron ’81 & Katherine Matsuura ’80 Serikaku
Tarquin Collis & Katherine Kingsley         Jonn & June Saruwatari                       Hiroki & Kazuko Shuto
Jill & Brent Cullinan                       TaiSei & Rie Son                             TaiSei & Rie Son
Marc & Paulina Cutter                       Pat Shimokusu ’81 & Irving Townsend          Erin Suzawa ’99 & Scott Tajima
Peter & Leila Diamond                       Brian ’84 & Donna Wong                       Brian ’84 & Donna Wong
Mark & Naoko Donnelly                       Joel & Adrienne Yap                          Craig & Tammy Yamada
Sonia Bawden ’88 & Patrick Driscoll         Robert ’65 & Daphne Yoshikawa                Hirotaka & Miyoko Yoshida
David & Marilou Eagar                       Mark & Sandra You
Daniel ’79 & Desiree Eng                                                                 CLASS OF 2021
Daniel & Kendra Epstein                     CLASS OF 2020                                Steven & Jill Chiang
Rianne Graves-Grantham & Brian Grantham     Jeffrey & Traci Abear                        Eric & Alana Dean
Henry & Linda Hasegawa                      Scott & Anne-Michelle Chai                   Daniel & Michelle Dolan
David & Michele Heath                       Chuck & Janice Choi                          Karl & Cindy Fujii
Laura Houghtailing-Adams & Steve Adams      Jonathan Chow & Maria Chan                   Marc & Kimberly Haine
George & Sandi Leong                        Anthony Crisci & Carrie Kotoshirodo          Richard Hitomi & Jackie Brown-Hitomi
Tracy Myers ’86 & Kent McConnell            Sonia Bawden ’88 & Patrick Driscoll          Keith & Tammy Ishibashi
Torry & Edward Montes                       Robert & Jane Fyrberg                        Pamela & Richard Jenkins
David Nakashima & Jade Ching                John Greene & Romy Feehrer                   Darryl & Dawn Kanno
Claudio Nigg                                Henry & Linda Hasegawa                       Davis ’91 & Wendy Chang Kobayashi
Clayton & Lois Oku                          Craig ’87 & Heidi Hayashi                    John & Chandra Kuriyama
Clarence Pacarro & Leslie Kobayashi         Hans & Karen Hedemann                        Glenn & Cindy Maglasang
Thomas Riley & Akiko Ono                    Mark Hines & Sara McKay-Hines                Donn & Akiko Marutani
Robert Ruggieri & Joan Kagawa               Richard Hitomi & Jackie Brown-Hitomi         Jennifer Matsumoto
Stephen ’86 & Narumi Screen                 Kris & Maria Kadzielawa                      Lorraine & Maurice Matsuzaki
Sharon & Larry Tamashiro                    T & Karen Kawamura                           David & Helen McNeil
Jill & John Trowbridge                      Stephen & Jill Lee                           Jon & Sara Muraoka
Keith & Sheila Washio                       Donn & Akiko Marutani                        Masao & Hitomi Nakagawa
Millard & Lisa Wong                                                                      Neil & Maria Noble
Craig & Tammy Yamada                                                                     Trevor Orr & Chenoa Farnsworth
Bernard & Lori Yip                                                                       Phat & Jennifer Phung
Teri & Clarence Young
                                              giFTs OF DePReCiaTeD seCURiTies            Scott Siegfried & Kimberly Collins-Siegfried
                                              anD ReaL esTaTe                            TaiSei & Rie Son
CLASS OF 2019                                 if you own stock, mutual funds or real     Gail & Michael Weisz
William & Shelly Cataldo                      estate that are worth less than you        Bernard & Lori Yip
David Chen & Tzu-Lan Kuo                      paid for them, it may be best to sell
Clifford ’83 & Danelle Cheng                  them, take the tax loss, and contribute    CLASS OF 2022
Susan & Timothy Donlon                                                                   Travis ’92 & Heidi Fujii ’91 Bow
Chieko & Richard Egged
                                              the proceeds rather than the asset         Kalei Cadinha-Pua’a & Ricky Pua’a
Karl & Cindy Fujii                            itself. The combined tax deductions for    Patricia Chang & Denise Albano
Brian & Wendy Handa                           the capital loss and the charitable gift   Anthony & Diana Costa
Ronnda Heinrich                               could be of significant benefit to you.    Anthony Crisci & Carrie Kotoshirodo
Craig & Dina Hersh                                                                       Karl & Cindy Fujii
Gordon & Ranelle Ho                           as always, we encourage you to dis-        Rianne Graves-Grantham & Brian Grantham
Pamela & Richard Jenkins                                                                 John Greene & Romy Feehrer
Theodore Jung, Jr. & Korina Hanohano-Jung
                                              cuss charitable gifts with your advisors   Timothy & Marilyn Hagino
Se Hyun Kim & Mi Young Park                   to help you decide what is best for        Marc & Kimberly Haine
Kristopher Kiyabu & Liana Peiler              you.                                       Garrett ’85 & Nancy Hayashi
George & Shannon Kondos                                                                  Brian ’86 & Jennifer Ho
                                         2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Greg Honda & Linda Chun                  Carl & Heather Schwarm                           Zan & Sue Girton
Patrick & Tracy Jones                    Oded Shapira & Cheryl Leialoha                   Margaret Grimes
Geoffrey & Tracey Loui                   Scott Siegfried & Kimberly Collins-Siegfried     Phyllis Guard
David Mathews & Katharina Heyer          Kevin & Alexandra Sugiki                         Charles & Madge Hamada
John & Ruth Matsunaga                    Kristy & Samuel Tong                             Harry & Ruth Hanohano
Murashige Family                         John & France Wood                               Ernest & Sumie Hashizume
Janell Nakahara ’94                      Collyer Young & Lindy Dang-Young                 Sherwood & Grace Hayashi
Wayde Nakasone & Erika Buder-Nakasone                                                     Jerome & Carolyn Hersh
Jeffrey & Yumi Nasrallah                                                                  Irene Baba ’58 & Donald Higuchi
Darren ’83 & Ann Toyomura ’83 Park                                                        Toshie Hihara
John & Maile Romanowski                  GRANDPARENTS                                     Tomoko Hisamoto
Oded Shapira & Cheryl Leialoha                                                            James Honke ’58
Alan Gordan & Romelynn Stein             ANONYMOUS (2)                                    Masako Ikeda
Frank Tokioka & Terry Yee                Patricia Abear                                   Hideo & Seiko Imoto
Jill & John Trowbridge                   Jim & Jo Ann Allen                               Lincoln J. Ishida ’49
                                         Takashi Ando                                     Larry & Fumie Isono
CLASS OF 2023                            Morris & Janet Arakaki                           Thomas ’46 & Doris Ito
Kevin & Michele Aucello                  Mary Artist-Holden & Richard Holden              Woodrow & Tei Ito
Blaine ’94 & Sheri Lieberman ’94 Azama   Minoru & Ruth Asato                              James & Laura Iwaki
Isaac & Yuko Berg                        Richard ’47 & Evelyn Au                          Yvonne & David Jinbo
David Chen & Tzu-Lan Kuo                 Norman & Eileen Azama                            Florence Jones
Iris Kim Ching                           Charles M. Barclay                               Renata Kadzielawa
Brandon & Lawana Collier                 Eric Bartleson                                   Harold & Margaret Kam
John Davis                               Wallace Blaisdell                                Ada Arakawa ’46 & George Kaneoka
Naomi Davis                              Barbara Brown                                    Carole Misono Kaneshige ’47
Lance & Patricia Fujisaki                Harlan & Kaleialoha Cadinha                      Fukuo & Mary Kato
James ’85 & Sheri Fukuroda               Linda Mae Chang                                  Manuel & Elaine Kau
Byron Han & Dorothy Chen                 Richard & Betty Char                             Jr & Lou Kawamura
Craig ’87 & Heidi Hayashi                Henrietta Chee                                   Thomas Kilmer
Ronnda Heinrich                          Robert & Nora Chong                              Thomas & Alice Kim
Shawn & Marla Kelly                      Norm & Diane Chow                                Robert & Florence Kimura
Stephen & Jill Lee                       Fred & Eleanor Chung                             Robert & June Ko
Cass & Tina Nakasone                     Michael & Katharine Clifford                     Ivan & Rene Kobayashi
Jeffrey & Yumi Nasrallah                 Eric & Janet Crabbe                              Bert & Helen Kochi
Neil & Maria Noble                       Gertrude Takahashi Ebesu ’52                     Sandy & Tamateru Kodama
Kevin & Ka’ili O’Connell                 Toru Endo ’47                                    Gail Koga
Patrick ’87 & Lori Oki                   Lillian & Glenn Fujihara                         Kathy & Glenn Koga
Trevor Orr & Chenoa Farnsworth           Robert & Edith Fujihara                          Margaret Sato Kojima ’47
Owen & Donalyn Oshiro                    Emily Hino Fujii ’47                             Jean & Archie Komae
Phat & Jennifer Phung                    Kunio & Mary Fujii                               James ’57 & Momi Kometani
Paul & Suzanne Sasaki                    Rachel Fukuda                                    Kazuo & Ellen Kosaki
Grieg Steward & Margaret McManus         Marlene & Jerry Fuller                           Natsuko Kunimune
Frank Tokioka & Terry Yee                Patrick & Earleene Garvey                        Melvin & Lorraine Kunishima
Kristy & Samuel Tong                     Gerald & Pauline Gifford                         Shinkiyo & Fumiko Kuniyoshi
Stephen ’83 & Brenda Wheeler                                                              Irvin & Kimiko Kwock
Colin & Christine Yoshiyama                                                               Sun Kien & Evelyn Lam
                                           avoid double taxation on retirement fund       Norma Lamprech
CLASS OF 2024                              assets left to heirs by naming Mid-Pacific     Hartwell & Leimalama Lee Loy
Chuck & Janice Choi                        institute beneficiary of an iRa or other       Calvin & Linda Lee
Kunbong Choi & Yura Koh                                                                   Armin & Shirley Limper
Maile Chow & Denny Ono
                                           employer benefit plan.                         Judy Lizama
Marsha Durbin & Peedi-Jean Saldania                                                       Alyce Loui
James & Taryn Gifford                      You will increase support of Mid-Pacific in-   Raymond & Sharlene Ma
Lavonne Leong                              stitute with pre-tax dollars, and you can      Stephanie Marques
Kelly & Thao McGill                                                                         in memory of Grandpa Mike
Colleen & Roy Otsuka
                                           leave other assets to heirs.                   Harold & Tazuko Masaki

                                           Contact your plan administrator for a ben-
50                                         eficiary form.                                                         * Recently Deceased
                                            2009-2010 annUaL RePORT
Geraldine Mathews                           Glenn & Dorothy Puder                          Michael & Claudia Virtudes
Satoru & Hanami Matsuda                     Robert & Doris Pulley                          Irwin & Gertrude Wada
Paul ’51 & Mona Matsui                      Dorothy U. Saito                               Benjamin & Vida Wheeler
Linda McDuffee                              Ruby Saito                                     Carlier Wheeler
Dean & Billie McGill                        Don & Carolyn Sakai                            Nani Wight
Raymond & Lou McKay                         Helen & Wayne Sakamoto                         Theodore & Ruth Wong
Paul ’53 & Meg Miguel                       Jerry & Rosie Sakamoto                         Michael & Joanne Wood
Debbie Miura                                Virginia Sakoda                                Glenn & Annette Yamachika
Robert & Flora Miyamoto                     Raymond & Rachel Sakumoto                      Richard & Florence Yamada
Richard & Ruth Miyashiro                    Kenneth Sakurai                                Sachie Yamada
Florencia Montes                            Joseph & Jeanne Santucci                       Carl Yamagata
Ronald ’58 & Stella Moon                    Vivian Saruwatari                              Katsuo & Jean Yamashiro
Roy & Jane Morisato                         Samuel Sasai                                   Jane Yamashita
Earl & Jean Motooka                         Kanrad & Marlene Sasaki                        Florence Yasuda
Loretta Mukai                               Nobuo & Aileen Sato                            Henry & Grace Yoshihiro
Maizie Mukai                                Frank ’57 & Sharen Serikaku                    Harriet Yoshimitsu
Archie & May Murakami                       George ’53 & Alyce Serikaku                    George & Carol Yoshimura
Ellen Muramoto                              Glenn & Susan Shea                             Mary Jane & Roy Yoshimura
Sunao & Fujie Murata                        Tsutomu & Sharon Shigemasa                     Herbert & Jenny Yoshizumi
A. Maurice & Jean Myers                     Glady Shimabuku                                Barbara & Joseph Young
Kenneth & Judy Nakahara                     Harry & Elaine Shimokawa                       Daniel & Rose Young
Robert & Becky Nakasone                     James & Joyce Shimokusu
Patrick & Jeanette Nakata                   Charlie & Jean Shintaku
Ronald ’56 & Jessie Nakata                  Rose Shiroma
Galen ’55 & Nami Ann Mizuha ’56 Narimatsu   Barton & Laurie Siegfried                      FACULTY & STAFF GIVING
William & Yukiko Nash                       Mieko Soken                                    (Current & Former)
Gilbert & Florence Nashiro                  Dan Taba
Sharon Newalu-Garcia                        Manabu & Susan Tagomori                        Lori Abe
Ann Nicol                                   Robert & June Takano                           Marciano Acob
Enid Taga ’54 & Andy Nii                    Ikuo & Madge Takenaka                          Emerson Aganon
Tommy & Barbara Nishioka                    Clifford ’53 & Catherine Tamanaha ’55 Tamura   Colleen Chinen Ajifu ’78
Jane Miura ’49 & Edward Oda                 Robert & May Tamura                            Lei Ann Akau-Haas
Florence Ogawa                              John ’50 & Barbara Hu ’50 Tanji                Faye Aki
  in memory of Harry Ogawa ’55              Raymond & Lorraine Tasaka                      Kathleen Akiona-Perreira
Robert & Emi Ogawa                          Judith Tateishi                                Chanon Alcon
Shigeru & Akiko Ogino                       Richard ’44 & Evelyn Tawata                    Scot Allen
Norma Okasaki                               Lorraine Tenjoma                               Howard Anderson
Charles & Mildred Okimura                   Beatrice Kaneyoshi ’50 & Roy Terada            Sean Aoyagi ’05
Tokio & Janice Okudara                      Franklin & Suzanne Tokioka                     Alison Ashford
Harry & Kathleen Omoto                      Harry & Irene Toyomura                         Marci Lieberman Awaya ’92
Joe & Patricia Onaka                        Fred & Valerie Trotter                         Christine Bailie
Hiroshi & Mildred Oshiro                    Justine Trowbridge                             Sky Baso
Charlotte Overton                           Herb & Nancy Tsuda                             Joyce Brannan
  in honor of Olivia Overton ’11            Vicki Tsuhako                                  Ella Browning
Rodney & Marvelyn Pang                      Wilfred & Flora Uekawa                         Michael Casupang
Michael & Billie Pangilinan                 Terushi & Yoko Ueno                            Donna Chang
Pedro & Jane Poentis                        Norma Ung                                      Lorna Chang
Marie Protacio                              Harry* ’51 & Amy Tawarahara ’51 Ushijima       Lyle Chee
                                                                                           Byron Cheng
                                                                                           Tedmund Cheong
  To donate online, visit the MPi Web site giving page,                                    Catherine Ching
                                                                                           Iris Ching if you need additional information                                       Lloyd Chong
                                                                                           Maile Chow
  or assistance, please call the institutional advancement                                 Celia Chun Wright
                                                                                           Florence Coletta-Rice
  Office at (808) 973-5052                                                                 Dorothy Hanamaika’i Crowell ’55
                                                                                           Grace Cruz
Marina De Abreu                        Michael Krafft                           William Quinn
Eunice DeMello                         Marc Kuniyoshi                           Allyson Reed
Moya Donahue                           Melvina Kurashige                        Lisa Reed
Sarah Field                            Daniel Kurose                            Donna Revard
Carl Fraticelli                        Adrienne Young Lampitelli ’88            Joe Rice
Caron French                           Michele LeBlanc                          Shirley Rivera
Peggy Fujimoto                         Annette Lee                              Anne Roberts
R. Kevin Garcia Doyle                  Candace Kanja Leong                      Carolyn Roscoe
Patrick Garvey                         Hester Lewellen                          Gareth Russell
Lorena Gaskill                         Sam Louangraj                            Clifford Sakata
Antero Geonzon                         David Lundsgaard                         Elizabeth Salz
Laura Givens                           Terri Macdonald                          Marlene Sasaki
Leslie Gleim                           Holly Madinger                           Joanne Uchimura Sato ’60
Rianne Graves-Grantham                 Paul Maley                               Sally Schultz
Richard Haas                           Jennifer Matsumoto                       Marilyn Shigetani
Jonathan Hamblin                       Vera Nakamine Matsumoto ’72              Scott Siegfried
Craig Hayashi ’87                      Lorraine Matsuzaki                       Melissa Miguel Sills ’78
Daven Hee                              Bette Matthews                           Noilani Strohlin
Mark Hines                             Wendy Maxwell                            Mary Sullivan-Tanaka
Kelley Hitomi                          Robert McIntosh                          Joanne Suzuki
Laura Houghtailing-Adams               Sara McKay-Hines                         Bradley Swanson
Henry Howlett                          Rodolfo Mediana                          Jennifer Swanson
Nathan Hu ’95                          Adria Mendoza                            Ruby Kawasaki Takebayashi ’56
Eric Humphreys                         Paul Miguel ’53                          Patricia Takeshita
Ian Hunt                               Dezarae Ramos Miyahira ’01               Brad Taura ’95
Edna Hussey                            Michele Miyamoto                         Lyanne Iwamoto Terada ’89
Gale Ikeda                             Gail Mizokawa                            Kevin Tokuda
Lynn Imai                              Torry Montes                             Ed Tompkins
Leslie Inouye                          Dunn Muramaru                            Kristy Tong
Jo Ito                                 Leeann Muranaka                          Cheryl Van Treese
Lance Iwamoto                          Renee Nakamoto                           William Villa
Brigitte Janku-Pierce                  Nellie Nakano                            Gail Weisz
Pamela Jenkins                         Billie Napoleon                          Raleigh Werberger
Phyllis Jensen                         Noreen Nishimura                         Carlier Wheeler
Todd Jinbo ’96                         Tina Northern                            Kathryn Wheeler ’81
Yvonne Jinbo                           Ka’ili O’Connell                         Kerry Wheeler
Nathan Johnson                         Kevin O’Connell                          William Wheeler ’78
Naomi Kaneko                           Lena Okada                               Aveluz Yadao
Christine Kashiwabara                  George Okuhara                           June Yahiku
Ross Kawawaki                          Karen Onoe                               Sylvia Yamada Brown
David Keem                             Martha O’Rourke                          Shannon Yamamoto ’05
Sarahlea Kekuna                        Linda Oshio                              Tina Yamane
Marcia Kemble                          Leigh Oshiro                             Scott Yoshinaga
Luther Killebrew                       Colleen Otsuka                           Anne Nakashima Young ’75
Chiang-pu Kingsbury                    Tekakwitha Pernambuco-Wise               Lana Young
Paul Kojima                            Duane Perreira                           Shirleyann Young
Momi Kometani                          Kenneth Phifer                           Debara Zeller
Ann Kondo                              Virginia Pinto
Diane Koshi                            Dwayne Priester

 Thank you for your on-going support of Mid-Pacific institute. The generosity of MPis’s alumni, parents,
 grandparents, faculty, staff and friends is essential to enable the school to nurture and challenge more
 than 1500 students annually to develop intellectual, emotional, artistic, spiritual and physical strengths
 to become compassionate and responsible lifelong learners and global citizens.

52                                                                                                       * Recently Deceased
 MPi’s 10-10ofCHaLLengemany challenges throughout their MPI days,
                                                                                                     Jonah Osawa
                                                                                                     Kiana Otsuka
 Mid-Pacific’s Class 2010 has taken on                                                               Kevin Park
 including the first-ever Senior Class 10/10 Challenge. is program was designed to                  Kanoelehua Perreira
 instill the honorable tradition of giving back to their alma mater. Specifically, this
                                                                                                     David Rasmussen
 initiative encouraged seniors to pledge $10 per year to their alma mater for the next 10
 years, thus the 10/10 Challenge. With an impressive 51 percent participation, the funds             Matthew Reyes
 generated by the senior class will be put toward the Class of 2010 Scholarship                      Sachiko Roscoe
 Endowment – the beginning of their MPI legacy.                                                      Kelli Shibata
                                                                                                     Lauren Shigemasa
CLASS OF 2010                       Kimberley Ip                        Courtney Liu                 Taylor Sumi
Jackie Aganon                       Elise Ishida                        Sophia Lobley                Chase Suzuki
Zoe Ambard                          Kanoa Ishihara                      Ian Madinger                 Amber Takeuchi
Todd Aquino-Michaels                Andrew Izawa                        Alexandra Makk               Kendall Tamanaha
Reyn Arakaki-Fukui                  Stanton Jacinto                     Nicole Matallana             Michi Tamashiro
Casey Baron                         Austin Johnson                      Sierra McDermott             Ashley Tanaka
Michelle Choi                       Harrison Kam                        Rex Meier                    Christopher Tanaka
Amanda Chong                        Marissa Kam                         Michael Minaai               Taylor Thompson
Brandon Chong                       Alyssa Kau                          Bryson Mitsui                Kelly Todani
Jesselyn Chong                      Brent Kawamura                      Jordan Miyata                Leiokanani Todd
Taylor Chong                        Tomoko Kawase                       Maria Moore                  Lauren Tokunaga
Keegan Choy                         Ridwan Kazi                         Kelsey Morihara              Hannah Tomita
Jacqueline Donovan                  Jordan Kealoha                      Logan Murakami               Kevin Tran
Edward Dunbar III                   Catherine Keem                      Ryan Muraoka                 Elle Watson
Cassidy Dunsmore                    Katherine Kennedy                   Corrie Murashige             Tanner Whyte
Michael Eber                        Tiffany Kondo                       Whitney Nakama               Michael Wong
Mark Fooks                          Ty Kono                             Ryan Nakamura                Kristin Yama
Devin Furutani                      Jeffrey Krantz                      Emily Niederhauser           Yuka Yamazaki
Hisa Hashisaka                      Rylen Kuboyama                      Courtney Niino               Sherri Yee-Martinez
Brittany Hill                       Matthew Kumabe                      Jordan Nip                   Tyler Yoshizawa
Tristan Hiraishi                    Shane Kurihara                      Shanon Nishimura             Shane-Adam Young
Gina Hirose                         Jenna Lam                           Ichigo Oashi
Evan Ho                             Benjamin Lane                       Jordan Obata
Kelsen Ikenaga                      Mari Anne Lau                       Kurt Okita

                                                                         Kristy Tong Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Office of Institutional Advancement                                      (808) 973-5016
Helping You Change Lives
Our mission is to work with alumni,friends and your advisors to          Scot Allen Director of Communications
help you realize your charitable goals as part of your overall estate    973-5013
and financial planning.                                                  Kerry Wheeler Director of Alumni Relations
Mid-Pacific Institute                                                    Ka‘ili O’Connell Director of Development
Office of Institutional Advancement                                      973-5051
2445 Ka‘ala Street                                                       Lisa Reed Manager
Honolulu,HI 96822                                                        973-5017                                                    Donna Chang Assistant
Questions or Comments? We’d like to know what you think.                 June Yahiku Secretary
Please contact us at or 808-973-5052.              973-5052
establish endowed Funds at Mid-Pacific institute
Establishing an endowed fund at Mid-Pacific Institute           who demonstrate financial need.
creates a legacy with the power to change lives.
                                                                Professional development fund –a fund to support
As funds held in perpetuity, endowments make the most           continuing education and professional learning for faculty
powerful and lasting fiscal impact on an institution.           and staff.
Endowments generate the funds needed to support
scholarships, educational programs, athletics, faculty          Technology enhancement fund –permits upgrading/
enrichment, and many other areas critical to the success        installation of computers, software, equipment and more.
and financial well-being of the school.
                                                                Program endowments –provide additional funding to
A generous endowment gives an institution confidence that       specific programs such as arts, athletics, library, and other
it can remain true to its mission regardless of a challenging   academic areas.
economy. When you create an endowment, you build a per-
manent resource that makes a difference now and for             Lecture/speakers series –income generated from the
generations to come.                                            endowed fund would pay to bring distinguished speakers to
                                                                address topics of interest.
Endowments are an excellent way to honor someone special
to you or permanently memorialize a loved one. Endowed          Landscape/beautification endowment –provides for
scholarships are the most popular form of endowments at         outdoor enhancement: trees, shrubs, parking, walkways,
MPI but there are many opportunities available, including:      signage and more.

scholarship endowment –named endowment funds that will          Building maintenance fund –covers ongoing maintenance of
provide scholarships to talented, deserving students            specific buildings or rooms.

MPi’s newest named endowments!                                  Dennis S.L.Chew ‘72 Memorial Scholarship Fund
                                                                Myra Lee Ching ‘26 Scholarship Fund
                                                                Quan Yuen ‘28 & Pauline Ching Scholarship Fund
Class of 1960 Scholarship Endowment Fund
                                                                Yun Fong Ching ‘23 Scholarship Fund
Class of 2010 10/10 Challenge
Clarence S.’47 and Emily H.’47 Fujii Endowed Scholarship Fund   Kwock Shee Chun Memorial Scholarship Fund
Alan Hinazumi ’61 Endowment Fund for Technology Enhancement     Lester E.& Judith A.Cingcade Scholarship Fund
Izutsu Family Endowed Scholarship Fund                          Geraldine Putnam Clark Visual Arts Scholarship
Ernie Saito ’64 Endowed Scholarship Fund                        Dorothy Hanama’ikai Crowell ’55 Scholarship Endowment
Joel M.Suzuki ’66 Family Star Thrower Endowment for the Arts    Francis & Mary Damon Scholarship
Fred ’33 and Dorothy Takahashi Endowed Fund                     Richard C.Damon Memorial Scholarship
                                                                Carol Santoki Dodd Writing Award
Current named endowed Funds at MPi                              DeVee Gildroy Endowment
                                                                Samuel Haga ‘24 Scholarship
Elizabeth Appleton Scholarship Award                            Byron Hipp Endowed Scholarship Fund
Alexander Atherton Scholarship Fund                             S.K.& S.Y.‘21 Huang Scholarship
K.M.Atherton Memorial Scholarship Fund                          Samoru Ichinose ‘19 Memorial Scholarship
William E.Aull Memorial Scholarship Fund                        Masaichi Imoto ‘25 Memorial Scholarship
Lydia Bingham Scholarship Fund                                  Kaito ‘44 & Ishida ‘49 Alumni Scholarship
Board of Trustees’ Cecil Martin Memorial Award                  Cecilia Kamakama ‘26 Scholarship Fund
Erma Meeks Boyen Scholarship Fund                               Kawakami Family Library Support Fund
Ida B.Castle Scholarship Fund                                   Donald C.W.Kim Scholarship Fund
Dr.Sau Yee Chang Science Award                                  Harold Kometani Scholarship Fund
Violet Siu & Edmund Hoo Chang Memorial Scholarship              KSK Foundation Fund

                    Frequently asked questions about endowed funds
What is an endowed fund?                                                For example, a donor can establish a fund and add $5,000 per year
An endowed fund provides a permanent source of                          to the fund for four years or more.
funding for a specific purpose. The basic plan underlying an
endowed fund is simple. It is invested in accordance with the           Can others add to the fund?
investment policies established by the Board of Trustees and            Yes,many times donors,friends,family members,and alumni
earnings generated from the fund are used to fulfill the purposes       combine their efforts and pool their gifts in order to honor an
for which the fund was created.                                         individual by establishing an endowed fund.

What is the first step in starting an endowed fund?                     Once the fund reaches $25,000 can i still add to the fund?
Usually,the first step is to decide for whom you would like to name     Yes,many times our stakeholders will continue to add to an
the fund and then work with the Institutional Advancement staff to      endowed fund and increase the available funds to
establish an endowed fund agreement. Typically,the agreement            support the designated purpose.
outlines the name of the fund and the purpose of the fund.
                                                                        Can i establish a named endowed fund through my estate?
What is needed to fully fund an endowed scholarship or program?         Yes.In some cases,our donors elect to establish an endowed fund
Currently,when an endowed fund balance reaches $25,000,it is            through their estate plans. Endowed funds may be established
considered fully funded. Each year, 5 percent of the growth of the      through a variety of planned gifts such as bequest through one’s
fund is budgeted to be awarded to the designated fund purpose.          will,insurance policy or retirement plan.
Any realized gain above 5 percent is returned to the fund so the cor-
pus remains untouched and continues to grow.                            are all gifts tax-deductible?
                                                                        Gifts to MPI are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Can i begin a named endowed fund with less than $25,000?                We recommend that you consult with a tax attorney or financial
Absolutely! Many of our stakeholders begin an endowed fund with         advisor when planning a charitable gift.
the intention that the endowment will be funded over a period of
years or through their estate plans. As long as individuals are         To set up your endowed fund at Mid-Pacific
actively contributing to the fund,the fund will be considered active.   institute, please contact Kristy Tong at
                                                              , (808) 973-5016 or 973-5052.

                                         Current named endowed Funds at MPi
Dickson C.H.Lee ‘64 Scholarship Fund                                    PCA Milllennium Scholarship Fund
Albert Liu ‘32 Scholarship                                              Mary A.Richards Scholarship
Helena L.Lowe Mathematics Award                                         Shizue Sumi Sakamaki Memorial Scholarship
Chuck Mau ‘26 Scholarship                                               Robert Sasaki ‘35 Scholarship Fund
Mills Boys Scholarship Fund                                             Sasson Family Permanent Endowment Fund
Dr.Edison & Sallie Miyawaki Scholarship Fund                            Benjamin Y.Sekiya Scholarship Fund
MPI Class of 1946                                                       Vance O.Smith Scholarship
MPI Class of 1947                                                       Sueko & Francis T.Takahashi Scholarship
MPI Class of 1948                                                       Miles Tanimoto ‘54 Award
MPI Class of 1957                                                       Beatrice M.S.Chang and Takeo & Misao Tanji Memorial Faculty Award
MPI Class of 1958                                                       John A.Templeton Scholarship
MPI Class of 1959                                                       Mildred Tom ‘39 Scholarship
Dr./Mrs.Kaname ‘23,Bruce ‘58,Dr.Kent ‘59 Nakamaru Scholarships          Harry M.Ushijima ‘51 Memorial
Yoshio & Jane’32 and Norman ‘62 & Bruce ’66 Nakamura                    Carlier Wheeler Scholarship Fund
 Family Scholarship Fund                                                Samuel Kee Young 1902 Fund
Say & Hanako Nakata Endowment Fund
Hugh & Chong Jah Pingree Scholarship
                                          MOOn OVeR ManOa
                                                                                 DOnORs (Cash & in-Kind)
 MOOn OVeR ManOa
 Your participation in Moon Over Manoa this year helped make                     Mohsen & Lexie Agsen
 the event a great success. is year’s event earned almost                       Wally Amos
                                                                                 Keith & Julie Ann Aragaki
 $140,000, which is helping our students excel safely in sports and              Tracy Wright Corvo
 physical education on our new gym floor, and helping to keep all                Eric & Alana Dean
                                                                                 Julia deMorsella
 of our campus facilities safe and state-of-the-art.                             Patrice & Keanu Federspiel
                                                                                 T.J. & Holly Gorence
                                                                                 The Hawaii Skin Cancer &
 Once again thank you for your belief in Mid-Pacific Institute.                    Photodamage Center
                                                                                 Hawaiian Hotels & Resorts
 We look forward to seeing you at Moon Over Manoa 2011!                          Gary & Nadine Hogan
                                                                                 Denis & Ella Isono
                                                                                 Kimberly Kiyokane '87 & Gareth Kai
                                                                                 Kenneth & Patricia Kupchak
                                                                                 Priscilla Leong
Sponsors                           Galiher DeRobertis Ono                        Mark Kane Designs
                                   Sidney Hamada ’59 ~ Flora-Dec Sales           Donn & Akiko Marutani
PLaTinUM Level ($10,000)           Merle S. Hinazumi '61                         Kevin & Lori Mott
Sandy & Mike Hartley               Edna & Herb Hussey                            James Musgrave & Lynn Yanagihara
                                   Tammy & Keith Ishibashi and                   The Neiman Marcus Group
gOLD Level ($5,000)                          Akiko & Donn Marutani               Lynne Kawagoe '79 & Curtis Okazaki
The Agsen, Buck, Gorence, &        The Isono, Masuda, & Okazaki Families         The Pasha Group
                                   Patricia & Kenneth Kupchak                    Susanne Pearce
  Yamamoto Families                                                              John & Maile Romanowski
Delta Construction Corporation     Leu & Okuda,Attorneys at Law
                                   Aleza & Eric Matayoshi                        Rons Construction Corporation
Mari & David Eagar ~                                                             Oded Shapira & Cheryl Leialoha
 DME Construction, Inc.            Mid-Pacific Institute Board of Trustees
                                   Renee & Keith Ogata                           Jeffrey & Lorrie Stone
Nancy & Garrett '85 Hayashi                                                      Troy '82 & Doreen Yamagata '82 Tanji
Momi & James '57 Kometani ~        Gina & Jeff Overton ~                         Frank Tokioka II & Terry Yee
 James Kometani, Inc., Realtors              Group 70 International              Tracy Wright Corvo Portrait Photography
Obun Hawaii Group                  PKF Pacific Hawaii                            US Taekwondo Center
POS Hawaii                         Richard Matsunaga & Associates                Stanley Yamagata, Jr. '58
Sodexo ~ Mid-Pacific Institute               Architects Inc.                     Emory & Megin Young
Valerie & Fred Trotter             Akiko Ono & Thomas Riley
                                   Maile & John Romanowski                       Up to $999
The Wacker Family                                                                Aikahi Smile Designs
Wilson Okamoto Corporation         Joanne & Mike Wood ~
                                             Hawaii Self Storage                 Big Island Candies, Inc.
Yummy Restaurant Group                                                           Cadinha & Co., LLC
                                   Xerox Hawaii
                                   Stanley Yamagata, Jr. '58 ~                   Anthony & Diana Costa
siLVeR Level ($3,000)                                                            Leonard & Lanie Cupo
Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing                      Business Insurance Services, Inc.
                                                                                 Peter & Leila Diamond
Bank of Hawaii                                                                   Hunter & Traci Downs
Bel Air Distributors, Inc.                                                       Marsha Durbin & Peedi-Jean Saldania
Mel Choy ~ Media 5 Architecture                                                  Elegant Catering
Cutter Automotive                                                                Jonathan Hamblin
Leila & Peter Diamond                                                            Hawaii Pizza Hut, Inc.
Editions Limited                                                                 Hawaiian Airlines
                                                                                 Hans & Karen Hedemann
Finance Factors, Ltd.                                                            Hilton Waikoloa Village
First Hawaiian Bank                                                              Keith & Tammy Ishibashi
Flowers by Jr, Lou, & T                                                          JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa
Cindy & Karl Fujii                                                               Kris & Maria Kadzielawa
Fukunaga & Associates, Inc.                                                      Kanile'a 'Ukulele
                                                                                 Duane & Cara Kondo
                                                       MOOn OVeR ManOa

                                                                    Ken Kupchak, Holly gorence, emily Fujii ‘47, Patty Kupchak and gaylord
          Kristy Tong, Mike & Joanne Wood, Joe Rice                 Wilcox

                                                                                              Momi and Jim ‘57 Kometani and Pat garvey
KYO-YA Hotel & Resorts LP                       George & Susan Buck                           Monarch Properties, Inc
Butch & Ann Loo                                 Adam & Laura Davidson                         MPI Elementary School
Michael & Susan Masuda                          Sandy & Colin Denney                          Rick & Lori Nadalini
Kelly & Thao McGill                             Dolphin Excursions Hawaii                     Masao & Hitomi Nakagawa
Sharon Miyagawa                                 Edward & Virginia Enos                        Wallace & Faye Nakakuni
MPSA                                            Dave & Tamae Erdman                           Jon & Michelle Nakata
Keith & Renee Ogata                             Kualani Fernandez                             Eric & Shari Ogata
Lisa Ouchi-Yamamoto & Craig Yamamoto            FMT Properties, LLC                           Gina & Jeffrey Overton
Kalei Cadinha-Pua'a & Ricky Pua'a               Emily Hino Fujii '47                          Walter '63 & Gayle Ozawa
Joe Rice & Florence Coletta-Rice                John Greene & Romy Feehrer                    Diane Matsuura '80 & Michael Pang
Sea Life Park Hawaii                            Charles Guthrie III & Nahoko Saito            Thomas & Nobuko Paule
Shasa Emporium / Sharon Price                   Harry & Ruth Hanohano                         Robert & Doris Pulley
Glenn & Susan Shea                              Hawaii Pilots Association                     Guenter Randolf & Susanne Spiessberger
Il Soo & Rebecca Shin                           Garrett '85 & Nancy Hayashi                   Donna Revard & John Koon
Hiroki and Kazuko Shuto                         Chie Hearn                                    Royal Kona Resort
South Pacific Distributors                      Michael & Florence Illovsky                   Kanrad & Marlene Sasaki
Thomas Stirling & Anita Rhee                    Peter & Linda Ingram                          Thomas & Emily Schiffer
Christopher & Andrea Stoebenau                  Patrick & Tracy Jones                         Carl & Heather Schwarm
Michel & Catherine Trapasso                     Kale's Natural Foods                          SeaBreeze Water Sports - Hawaii Kai
Robert & Carol Vieira                           Chikako Kanamaru & William Byrns              Ron '81 & Katherine Matsuura '80 Serikaku
Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa             Davis '91 & Wendy Chang Kobayashi             Scott Siegfried & Kimberly Collins-Siegfried
                                                Reese Liggett & Suzan Harada                  Grieg Steward & Margaret McManus
Up to $499                                      Allen & Candy Ma                              Robert & Sandra Tanaka
Steve & A. Michele Aspera                       Brian Malanaphy & Karen Peralto               Tiffany & Co.
James & Mary Ann Bell                           David Mathews & Katharina Heyer               Franklin & Suzanne Tokioka
Belt Collins Hawaii Ltd.                        Joy Matsuyama                                 Kristy & Samuel Tong
Ryan & Ami Bentzen                              Lorraine & Maurice Matsuzaki                  Paul & Shelli Tottori
Shai & Lola Ben-Yossef                          David & Helen McNeil                          Andrew & Shirlee Trozzi
Isaac & Yuko Berg                               Moments...Memories                            Gail & Michael Weisz
Bob Vieira Realty, LLC                            Photography by Julie Aragaki                Guy Wilding & Shelley Oates-Wilding
                                                MOOn OVeR ManOa

     T and Karen Kawamura, gabe solis
                                        Moon Over Manoa 2010 Committee (L-R): gina Overton, Donna Chang, Ka’ili O’Connell, Kristy
                                        Tong, Tammy ishibashi, Rene Ogata, akiko Ono, Lisa Reed and akiko Marutani.

                                        Carl schwarm,
                                        ginny and greigh Hirata,
                                        Oded shapira, Cheryl Leialoha

      august Yee and Donna Chang
Matthew & Diana Yasuda                  Ho'ala Salon and Spa                           David Nakashima & Jade Ching
Denise & Gerald Yuh                     Greg Honda & Linda Chun                        Patrick & Jeanette Nakata
                                        Roy & Annie Hughes                             Galen '55 & Nami Ann Mizuha '56 Narimatsu
Up to $249                              Michael Ibarra & Joyce Lee-Ibarra              William & Yukiko Nash
Aaron's Dive Shop                       Jamie & Leslie Jeffryes                        Claudio Nigg
The Bead Gallery of Honolulu            Pamela & Richard Jenkins                       Enid Taga '54 & Andy Nii
Bill Braden                             Patricia Jordan                                Brian Niitani & Bliss Kiyabu
Ella & Mark Browning                    Carolyn Kargol & Melissa Lange                 Quin & Gail Ogawa
Chuck & Janice Choi                     Alison Miyahira '95 & Keith Kawamoto           Patrick '87 & Lori Oki
Jonathan Chow & Maria Chan              Shawn & Marla Kelly                            Clayton & Lois Oku
Brandon & Lawana Collier                Kevin Hair Studio                              Colleen & Roy Otsuka
The Counter                             Chol-Ho & Mami Kim                             Pacific Souvenir Group
Anthony Crisci & Carrie Kotoshirodo     Se Hyun Kim & Mi Young Park                    Monica Pang '86 & Richard Szoke
Jill & Brent Cullinan                   King Street Pet Hospital, LLC                  Darren '83 & Ann Toyomura '83 Park
Dave & Buster's of Honolulu             Kristopher Kiyabu & Liana Peiler               Paul Brown Salon & Day Spa
Daniel & Michelle Dolan                 Maris Kiyuna & Steven Kam                      Heather Philiposian
Marybeth & Alan Fentriss                Ko Olina Golf Club                             PIXIE Jewelry Designs - Shelby Goo
First Hawaiian Bank                     Kenn & Dina Kojima                             Princess Kaiulani Fashions
Wendell '62 & Susan Foo                 John & Chandra Kuriyama                        Roy Sakuma Productions
Karl & Cindy Fujii                      Susan & William Lampe                          Roy's Restaurants
James '85 & Sheri Fukuroda              Matthew & Helen Lau                            Peter & Susan Shaindlin
Leslie Gleim                            Le Bistro                                      Akihiko Tajima
Halekulani Corporation                  George & Sandi Leong                           Ken & Sherryl Takahashi
Brian & Wendy Handa                     Al & Lynn Limatoc                              Sharon & Larry Tamashiro
Henry & Linda Hasegawa                  Shelley Nakagawa '91 & Bennett Loui            Wayne & Coleen Tanaka
Hawaii Balloon Company                  McKinley Car Wash                              Taormina Sicilian Cuisine
Hirata & Associates, Inc.               Michel's at the Colony Surf                    Pat Shimokusu '81 & Irving Townsend
Joylinda Javier '58 & Mack Hirayama     Mark & Carol Mitsuyasu                         Alan Toyomura '85
Kelley Hitomi                           Myron & Denise Mizuta                          Umbrellas Hawaii
Richard Hitomi & Jackie Brown-Hitomi    Torry & Edward Montes                          Abbielyn & Myron Wong
                                                    MOOn OVeR ManOa

Davis Kobayashi ‘91, Marc nakamoto ‘91 and
Vance ishibashi                                                                   Dave & Tamae erdman, Mohsen & Lexie agsen,
                                                                                  Tiana and nobunide Torii
                                                Yuko Berg and akiko Ono

                                                                                             Bob & Helen Crowell, ella & Denis isono
Tom Riley and galen narimatsu ’55                       Kim soares and Jill Lee

Brian '84 & Donna Wong                       Glass Bottom Boat                            Darryl & Karen Nishihara
Kam Hon & Po Kwan Wong                       Rianne Graves-Grantham & Brian Grantham      Ka'ili and Kevin O'Connell
World Navigate Inc.                          Jon & Leatrice Hayashi                       Tommy & Gayle Ohashi
Craig & Tammy Yamada                         Ryne & Shari Higa                            Vernelle Oku
Keith & Gayle Yamashita                      Gordon & Ranelle Ho                          Reese & Linda Omizo
Victor Ng & Sherri Yee                       Venice & Peter Hochman                       Owen & Donalyn Oshiro
Hirotaka & Miyoko Yoshida                    James Honke '58                              Dean & Shannon Ota
John Zalewski & Karen Okamoto                Hiroyasu & Mitsuyo Hosoyama                  Kevin & April Pabila
                                             Laura Houghtailing-Adams & Steve Adams       Clarence Pacarro & Leslie Kobayashi
Up to $100                                   Masako Ikeda                                 Robert Ruggieri & Joan Kagawa
Jeffrey & Traci Abear                        In My Closet                                 Bradley Sakaguchi & Lori Kelsey-Sakaguchi
Kevin & Michele Aucello                      J n J Food and Beverage Store                Wes & Lisa Sakamoto
Blaine '94 & Sheri Lieberman '94 Azama       The Kahala Hotel & Resort                    Salon Nanea
Bark Avenue                                  Emmett & Mei Li Kinney                       Paul & Suzanne Sasaki
Travis '92 & Heidi Fujii '91 Bow             Sam & Lori Kwee                              Kimberly & Jay Soares
William & Shelly Cataldo                     Charlie & Elaine Lum                         Kevin & Alexandra Sugiki
Scott & Anne-Michelle Chai                   Glenn & Cindy Maglasang                      Erin Suzawa Tajima '99
Clifford '83 & Danelle Cheng                 Albert & Rochelle Mahoe                      Jayne Thorp
Tarquin Collis & Katherine Kingsley          Manoa Valley Theatre                         Kevin & Jo Ann Tokuda
Cream Pot                                    Jennifer Matsumoto                           Colin '80 & Vanessa Tom
Marina De Abreu                              John & Ruth Matsunaga                        Ukulele Hale
Susan & Timothy Donlon                       Kirk & Karen Mento                           Millard & Lisa Wong
Sonia Bawden '88 & Patrick Driscoll          John & Vanessa Meyer                         John & France Wood
Daniel & Kendra Epstein                      David & Lori Ann Mozdren                     Bernard & Lori Yip
Monica Matsumoto '90 & Kevin Flores          Matthew & Christie Mukai                     Roy & Ann Yonashiro
Marty & Susyn Fritz                          Jon & Sara Muraoka                           Dayne & Deanne Yoshioka
Lance & Patricia Fujisaki                    Janell Nakahara '94                          Teri & Clarence Young
Rachel Fukuda                                Wayde Nakasone & Erika Buder-Nakasone
Michelle Marr Furoyama '92                   Cecil & Amy Nakata
James & Taryn Gifford                        Clinton & Sandra Ng
                                                The Joel M. Suzuki Family
Aloha MPI Alumni and Friends!                   Star Thrower Endowment for the Arts
At the past 48 Mid-Pacific Institute com-       The Joel M. Suzuki Family Star Thrower Endowment for the Arts was established
mencement cere-                                 in 2010 in memory of Joel M. Suzuki '66. It is bestowed to Mid-Pacific Institute
monies, the Board of                            for the School of the Arts to create and enrich new and ex-
Trustees Award (origi-                          isting programs and to aid in the professional develop-
nally named the Board                           ment of faculty in the particular fields of film, theater and
of Managers’ Award)                             other related media arts, the areas in which Joel excelled.
has been presented to
the most outstanding                            Born and raised in Kapaa, Kauai, Joel studied at Mid-Pa-
student of the graduat-                         cific Institute from 1962-1966, graduating as president of
ing class.                                      his senior class. It was at Mid-Pacific that his exceptional
                                                gifts for writing, public speaking and theater were first dis-
The first ever award was presented on Sat-      covered and nurtured. He went on to earn a degree from
urday, June 2, 1962, to Charlotte Sumida        Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, becoming the first male kindergarten
who was also the class valedictorian. Char-     teacher in the state of Minnesota. After graduate school, he became a consultant
lotte went on to graduate from Stanford         and national speaker in the field of education. His success as a speaker eventu-
University. She later had a successful ca-      ally led him to found his own company, Star Thrower Distribution, a leading pro-
reer at the Stanford Medical Center, fol-       ducer of training and development programs. At Star Thrower, Joel was able to
lowed by an exciting profession in research     integrate his passion for learning into films that help individuals take action and
in France where she still resides.              embrace change. His programs have been translated into many different lan-
                                                guages and have been used by organizations around the world.
Fast forward 45-years later, at the 2007
commencement ceremony where senior              Together with his wife, Nancy, a lifelong educator, Joel raised a family and entered
Carolyn Pearce was presented that very          deeply into the life of his community. Joel was a well-known civic leader for or-
same award. Carolyn spent this past sum-        ganizations throughout the state of Minnesota. Yet, Joel always cherished his
mer at a hospital in Kenya and will now         Hawaii roots. The Suzuki family offers the Suzuki Endowment for the Arts in ac-
continue her studies as a senior at John        knowledgment of the pivotal role Mid-Pacific Institute played in Joel's life and
Hopkins University.                             career and as testament to their continuing love for the Islands. It is their hope
                                                that future generations of Mid-Pacific students will profit, as Joel did, from an ex-
You can read more about Charlotte and           cellent education in the arts.
Carolyn in the “Out Amongst the World’s
Great Peoples” feature in this issue of Owl
Line.We hope to share with all of you the
successes of our other Board of
Trustees/Board of Managers’ Award win-
ners in future issues!

If you were a past award recipient, please
contact me at or
(808) 951-8856.


Kerry Wheeler
Director of Alumni Relations

                                              san FRanCisCO gaTHeRing Board of Trustees Chairman Jim Kometani ’57 and President
                                              Joe Rice hosted a dinner on February 26 for MPI alumni and friends residing in North-
                                              ern California. The group gathered at the Delancey Street Restaurant in San Francisco.
CLASS NOTES                                   Class of 1981
We want to hear from you! Submit              Dan Ihara ’81 and his wife Julie appeared
photos and info to Alumni Director            in HGTV’s #1 show “House Hunters.”
Kerry Wheeler at                              Dan and Julie are realtors with Prudential or Alumni                   Advantage Realty and in 2009 were
House, 2445 Ka’ala Street, Honolulu,          ranked #21 in the state of Hawaii and #11
HI 96822.                                     on Oahu. Last year, the “House Hunters”
                                              production crew flew to Oahu to film an
Class of 1951                                 episode on Oahu with Dan and his
Submitted by the Class of 1951: The Class     clients who were moving back home
of 1951 proudly congratulates our own         from Michigan where they sold a large
James McGraw, DDS, ’51 who received           home for $185,000 and purchased a nice
the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus Award          home in Manoa for almost $900,000. The
at the University of Washington’s School      price to pay to live in paradise!
of Dentistry. Jimmy had settled and prac-
ticed endodontic dentistry in the Seattle     Class of 2005
area for many years. He came to MPI           Sarah Halford ’05 recently appeared in
from the little island of Molokai and ex-     the lead role of Maria in Diamond Head
celled in basketball. He was a great all      Theatre’s production of The Sound of
                                              Music. After graduating from MPI in                   Sarah Halford ’05
around guy! Many alohas to him and his
lovely wife, Jan.                             2005, Sarah attended Westmont College
                                              in Santa Barbara where she received her
(Excerpt from the Dental Alumni News,         BA in Theatre. She will be attending UC
Winter/Spring 2010 edition) Dr. McGraw        San Diego in the fall for her MFA in act-
is the former President of the American       ing.
Association of Endodontists and former
Vice President of the American Dental         Class of 2008
Association. He is an affiliate faculty       Janelle Wong ’08 is currently attending
member at the School and has served on        HPU where she is pursuing her bache-
the Admissions Committee since 1984.          lor’s degree in nursing. She was named
In 1995, he was honored by the Washing-       Miss Chinatown Hawaii and was a con-
ton State Dental Association as its Citizen   testant in the Miss Hawaii pageant.
of the Year for his outstanding commu-
nity service. He was also dental director
for the 1990 U.S.A. – U.S.S.R. Goodwill
Games in Seattle, directing a team of 50
volunteer dentists. Retired from private
endodontics practice on Seattle’s east-
side, Dr. McGrew also carved out a repu-
tation as the “zoo dentist,” having
volunteered his services at Seattle’s
Woodland Park Zoo starting in 1969. In
the years that followed, he became a pio-
neer in applying dental techniques to an-
imals, and worked on veterinary patients
ranging from monkeys to elephants. He
also served on the zoo’s board of direc-                                                   The Trustees, Faculty, Staff and
tors and its Conservation Committee.                                                       Alumni of Mid-Pacific Institute
                                                                                           congratulate 1996 MPI graduate
                                                                                           Kristen Lum Brummel, Hawaii's
                                                                                           2011 Teacher of the Year!

 IN MEMORIAM                                                         lime. Mid-Pac's curriculum put a lot of emphasis on religion
 It is with deepest sympathy that we note that passing               and English, but had no higher math courses. I wasn't admit-
 of the following MPI alumni. We welcome memo-                       ted to UH College of Applied Science because I had no math
 riam submissions from classmates of the deceased.                   background. Determined to learn on my own, I read and bor-
 Submit info to Alumni Director Kerry Wheeler at                     rowed books on geometry, trigonometry, algebra, and ab- or Alumni House, 2445 Ka’ala                      sorbed enough to pass the exam. I did all this studying after
 Street, Honolulu, HI 96822.                                         working a long day at the Hawaiian Pineapple Cannery.”

 Felice (Wong) Kaulukukui ’33, passed away on May 5, at the          Wah Fard Tom ’39, passed away on May 23. He was a retired
 age of 92. She graduated from MPI at the age of 15 and imme-        court reporter with the state of Hawaii with over 30 years of
 diately enrolled at the University of Hawaii. It was at UH that     service. He served I the U.S. Army during World War II and
 she met the love of her life, Tommy Kaulukukui. It was a sto-       the Korean War.
 rybook romance – he was the campus athletic star and she
 was elected Ka Palapala Chinese beauty queen. She graduated         Stella (Han) Kim ’48, of Mililani, passed away on March 4, at
 from UH in science at the age of 19 and then completed post-        the age of 79.
 graduate work in medical technology at Gradwohl School of
 Laboratory Technique in St. Louis, Missouri. She returned to        Sylvia (Yap) Chung ’52, of Aiea, passed away on March 28, at
 Hawaii with a passion for microbiology and bacteriology. She        the age of 75. She is a retired Radford High School registrar.
 later married Tommy and had three children. For over three          She is survived by MPI alumna Diane Chung ’84.
 decades, she worked as a medical technologist. She retired in
 1972 to travel. Over the next three decades she traveled to         Rodney Arakawa ‘54, of Pearl City, passed away on March 11,
 fourteen different countries and twelve different states.           at the age of 73. He is survived by MPI alumni son Steven
                                                                     Arakawa ’82, and sisters Ada (Arakawa) Kaneoka ’46,
 Henry H.Q. Chun ‘37, passed away on May 12, at the age of 92.       Theodora (Arakawa) Mukai ’48, and Henrietta (Arakawa)
 Henry earned degrees in physics and astrophysics and later          Oshiro ’53.
 worked as an aerospace engineer at Aerospace and Boeing. He
 shared his memories of MPI with his sister: “The student            Thomas Osakoda ’58, of Wailuku, passed away on June 3, at
 body was divided into five groups. Each group had freshmen          the age of 70. He was the owner and operator of Valley Isle
 to seniors to provide a good mix. My group, KAPPA NU, en-           Transportation, Inc., and was the former owner of Akiko’s
 tered me in the spelling contest. I won 1st during my junior        Taxi on Kauai.
 year. I also directed an original play for the drama contest. WE
 WON! All the students were assigned daily chores. My first          Dwight Kikukawa ’66, of Wahiawa, passed away on June 14, at
 chore was cleaning the science classroom in the basement.           the age of 62. He is survived by MPI alumna Janice
 My chore in my senior year was ringing all scheduled bell           (Kikukawa) Suyat ’72.
 alarms for wake-up calls, classes and sleeping time. During
 that year, I rang the bell at the wrong time only once. I also      Dean Oura ’77, of Kahului, passed away on May 17, at the age
 disinfected the swimming pool once a week with chloride of          of 50. Dean was a retired accountant. Survived by MPI alumni
                                                                     father Donald Oura ’55.

Congratulations to the newlyweds! Share your happy news with your MPI Ohana. Submit photos and info to
Alumni Director Kerry Wheeler at or Alumni House, 2445 Ka’ala Street, Honolulu, HI

Have you been blessed with a little one? Show off your cute little bundle of joy!
Send a photo (you must have many to chose from) with your baby’s information to
Alumni Director Kerry Wheeler at or Alumni House, 2445
Ka’ala Street, Honolulu, HI 96822.

Congratulations to Alumni Board member Kelly (Lum) Nishimura ’96 and her husband Sky-
lar, on the birth of their third child – Jaslyn – who was born on June 8, 2010. Baby Jaslyn
weighed in at 6 lbs 5.2 oz. and 21 ½ inches. Jaslyn joins big sister Jordyn and big brother Jaxen.
MPI classes are encouraged to
share with us news on their class
reunions, birthday celebrations,
etc.! Photos are highly encouraged.
Submit your photos and info to
Alumni Director Kerry Wheeler at or Alumni
House, 2445 Ka’ala Street, Hon-
olulu, HI 96822.

Submitted by the class of 1945: On Sun-
day, June 27, 2010, the class of 1945 cele-
brated its 65th reunion with a brunch at
Hale Ikena, Fort Shafter. There were 24 of    Front row, from le: Albert “Sunshine” Nakata, Teruo Tanji, Ethel
the classmates present along with some        (Hazama) Yamane, Betsy (Yoshimura) Yamamoto, Harry Tamura, Jane
of their spouses, a total of 29 attendees.    (Konishi) Hashimoto, Leatrice (Itao) Yukinaga. Middle row: Hiroshi
We all had a great time reminiscing           “Manoa” Yamamoto, Robert “Makoto” Takeuchi, Anne (Tse) Mukaiwa,
about the great boarding school days of       Florence (Ota) Iseri, Poi Yee Hee Lau, Georgina (Watanabe) Yamamura,
MPI, sharing our aches and pains of           Elaine (Ippongi) Nikaido., Kay (Okada) Hokama, Betty (Nakamura)
aging as well as our travel adventures, in-   Gondo. Back row: Ted Miyahara, Richard Chong, henry “Big Yama” Ya-
cluding our frequent trips to Las Vegas.      mashita, Doris (Kau) Pang, Edwin “Stumpy” Nakano, Ruby (Shigemura)
We had representation from each of the        Eykes, Joseph “Jumbo” Kuroda, and Osamu Murata.
neighbor island county: Ted Miyahara
from Hawaii County, Edwin Naakano
from Kauai county, and Robert Takeuchi,
from Molokai representing Maui county.
Are you an alumni residing on the main-
land? Would you like to give back to your
alma mater from afar? This year, with
your help, we hope to start the "Home
Away From Home" program.

What is this program about? Every year,
the majority of MPI graduates go away
to schools on the mainland. We hope to
provide these students with a list of MPI
alumni who they can call upon to help
them in this transition. Who better to        e Class of 1958 gathered at the Vegas Reunion in celebration of their
answer their questions, and calm their        70th birthdays. Front row, from le: Barbara (Albao) Gayagas, Joylinda
fears about their new neighborhoods ...       (Javier) Hirayama, Grace (Ng) Hamamoto. Back row, from le: Mack Hi-
than fellow MPI alumni who reside in          rayama, Ludi (Agcaoili) Landeza, Jan (Nitta) Uesata, Irene (Baba)
the cities and towns of their colleges and    Higuchi, and James Honke.

We already have 80 alumni who have
signed up to be a part of this program!
But we need many, many more partici-
pants! If you would like to join this group
please email Alumni Director Kerry
Wheeler at or                                                                                   63
(808) 951-8856.

                                                                               Michael Lanakila Casupang and
Karen (Kawano) Koles ’63 and           Michael Lanakila Casupang, Kim
                                                                               Calvin Kuniyuki ’66.
Calvin Kuniyuki ’66.                   (Agena) Jinbo’95, Todd Jinbo ’96,
                                       Toni Joy (Baptiste) Romias ’92,
                                       Robert Reynolds ’90 dance.

       Herb Nakasone ’60
                                                                               Michael Lanakila Casupang
                                                                               with his parents, Agnes and
                                                                               Amador Casupang

                                                           e Alumnus of the Year Award is the highest award of the
ALuMnI WEEKEnD 2010                                        MPI Alumni Association and is presented to a person who
                                                           provided outstanding service to the school, displayed a
MPI alumni, family, and friends gathered at Mid-Pacific
                                                           strong sense of support and loyalty, and has dedicated sig-
Institute for the annual Alumni Weekend festivities.
                                                           nificant effort to the improvement of Mid-Pacific Institute.
On Friday, April 23, alumni who already celebrated their
                                                           e 2010 MPIAA Alumnus of the Year is Calvin Ku-
50th reunion from MPI attended a special luncheon in
                                                           niyuki. Calvin graduated from MPI in 1966 (scholarship
their honor at President Joe Rice’s home. e luncheon
                                                           student, four-year boarder, Holomua, Senate, choir, var-
was preceded by a special performance by MPI’s very
                                                           sity baseball, M Club VP/Pres). In 1970, he earned a
own hula ensemble – Pupukahi I Ke Alo O na Pua.
                                                           Bachelor’s degree in Japanese from the university of
                                                           Hawaii. Subsequently, as an alumnus, he began a long
On Saturday, April 24, several MPI alumni took a stu-
                                                           and productive association with Mid-Pacific Institute, its
dent-led campus tour and reminisced with their class-
                                                           students, and the alumni. He was invited to join the
mates. e day concluded with an all-you-can-eat luau
                                                           MPIAA Board of Directors. During this period, a major
which celebrated the 50th reunion Class of 1960, and the
                                                           fund-raising effort was the Kawaiahao Renovation Cam-
recognition of the 2010 Alumnus of the Year – Calvin
                                                           paign. Calvin set the example as a class telephone solici-
Kuniyuki ’66, the 2010 Wa’ahila Award Recipient –
                                                           tor (a trying and difficult responsibility) and contributed
Michael Lanakila Casupang, and the awarding of the
                                                           to the overall success of that Campaign.
2010 Alumni Service Awards. e attendees were also
treated to a performance by the MPI Orchestra led by in-
structor Elton Masaki, and a group of alumni who per-
formed the hula for our honorees.

          MPI Orchestra

                                                                2010 Alumni Service Award Winners

Judy (Inafuku) Harvey ’60 and
Ariel Chun ’60.

                                                                              Class of 1960

His career took him to Japan, where he spent the next 25          e 2010 Wa’ahila Award recipient is Michael Lanakila
years as a securities analyst and, later, as a highly-re-         Casupang. Lanakila celebrated his 20th anniversary at
garded freelance translator (Japanese to English).                MPI in 2009. When he first came to MPI, he was the
roughout this period, though separated by time and               choral director and soon became the full-time hula in-
distance, he maintained contact with his classmates and           structor with students from the middle and high school.
continued to support Mid-Pacific Institute.                       In his teaching, he instills discipline and proper etiquette
He eventually returned to Hawaii with his wife, Chisora,          as part of his Life Skills mantra. Lanakila and Pupukah
and two daughters, Janice and Lani ‘05. Calvin resumed            have travelled to the neighbor islands, Korea, Japan, Cali-
his association with the MPIAA. In 2003, he was again             fornia, Washington staste, and new Zealand. ey are
invited to join the Board of Directors and served as its          true ambassadors of the school and Hawaii.
Secretary for four, continuous years (2004-2008). His
wise counsel, dedication, honesty, dependability, knowl-          His love for hula is perpetuated through Pupukahi and
edge, and broad background were invaluable to the deci-           his Merrie Monarch award-winning Halau I Ka Wekiu
sions of the Finance Committee, the Executive                     with fellow Kumu Karl Veto Baker. Halau I Ka Wekiu
Committee, and the MPIAA Board.                                   members include many MPI alumni. Prior to earning his
                                                                  Kumu status, Lanakila danced for na Kamalei led by
e Wa’ahila Award is a distinguished award presented to           Kumu Robert Cazimero.
a graduate of Mid-Pacific Institute or a person closely asso-
ciated with Mid-Pacific who has excelled in his/her field of
endeavor and has attained a level of prominence which ex-
ceeds his/her service to Mid-Pacific, yet reflects favorable
on Mid-Pacific Institute.

                                               Sasha Dee Dayoan ’10, Kiana Otsuka ’10,
                                               Aisha Rahman ’87 and
                                               Barbara Sakamoto ’65.

What do you get when you add 19 sponsors, 100+ door
prizes, 168 golfers, and 40+ volunteers together? Over                Mahalo to our donors!
$20,000 in scholarships for deserving students!                       Akamai Benefits Consultants – Mark Fukuhara; Alamo Rent-A-
                                                                      Car; Ali’i Kai Catamaran; Bubbies Homemade Ice Cream &
Mahalo to our Tee sponsors!                                           Desserts: Canon USA, Inc. – Jeff Fukui ’85; Chanel; Dole Planta-
Advantage Insurance Services, Inc. – Davis Kobayashi ’91; Air         tion; Electrician’s, Inc.; Far West Foods; Germaine’s Luau; Hawaii
Central, Inc. – Barry Lai ’92; Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing ; Ariel        Kai Golf Course; Hawaii Pizza Hut, Inc.; Hawaii Prince Golf Club;
(Fung) Chun ’60; Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties; Finance          Henry Loui’s; George Hirai; James Honke ’58; Honolulu Country
Factors – Steve Teruya ’70; Flora Dec – Sidney Hamada ’59;            Club; Denise Liu ’78; Love’s Bakery; Magic of Polynesia; Miramar
Hawaii Dental Services; Hawaii Self Storage; Lyle Hamasaki Con-       at Waikiki; MPI Alumni Association; Lynn (Warashina) ’63 & Mel
struction, Inc.; James Kometani Inc. – James Kometani ’57;            Murata; Millie (Okada) Miura ’77; Nadine Ogata; Progressive
Marian’s Catering; Meadow Gold Dairies; Robert’s Hawaii; Secu-        Marketing, Inc. – Wendy (Miyasato) Yim ’70; Quality Travel –
ritas Security Services USA, Inc.; Sodexo of Mid-Pacific Institute;   Ellen (Lee) Suhl ’60; Bob Reed; Barbara Sakamoto ’65; Frank
and,Wilson Okamoto Corporation                                        Serikaku ’57; Signs Plus – Christine (Nishimura) Yoshimura ’77;
                                                                      Sony Open in Hawaii; Tamura’s Fine Wines & Spirits – Cliff
Mahalo to our Hole-in-One sponsors!                                   Tamura ’53; Tamura Superette – Herb Tamura ’55; The Resort
Hilary Okumura ’96; Galen Narimatsu ’55: In memory of Judi            Group; Troy Tanji ’82; Amy (Tawarahara) Ushijima ’51; and Dar-
Cingcade, Rodney Arakawa ’54, Bark Sing Kam, and Joel Suzuki          rel Yamagata ’79.

                                                                                           Scott Nishimura ’83
                                                                                          and President Joe Rice

                                                    Mark Tanji ’78 and
                                                    Bill Wheeler ’78

Ann Kondo, Craig Hayashi ’87
                                                           Ian Madinger ’10,
and Dunn Muramaru
                                                           Colin Hirai ’10
                                                           and George Hirai

and the winners are ...                                      Cash Raffle:
                                                             Alden Kajioka, Ian Madinger ‘10, Brandt Nishimura ‘94, Richard
31st Place Grand Prize:                                      Serikaku ‘60,Shaun Ushijima, and Paul Yamashige ‘52,
Deems Narimatsu, Joe Espinoza, Richard Oshiro
                                                             Lowest Scoring Team:
Random All-Alumni Team:                                      Reed Kishinami ‘87, Davis Kobayashi ‘91, Marc Okumura
Jaymie Nakama ’08,Whitney Nakama ’10, Lisa Okazaki ’07
                                                             2nd Lowest Scoring Team:
Closest-to-the-Pin:                                          Kim Jinbo ‘95, Jourdan Okada ’98, Kelly Park ‘96,
Hole A3: Reed Kishinami ‘87
Hole C3: Shaun Harada ‘96                                    Randomly Selected Teams:
Hole C7: Daniel Ho                                           15th: Roy Murakami ’77, Mark Tanji ’78, Tracy Tanji ‘78
                                                             20th: Brent Hamasaki, Celeste Hamasaki, Eugene Naruse
Putting Contest: Kelly Park ‘96                              25th: Charley Kawakami ‘59, Sidney Hamada ‘59, Robert Sada ‘59
Chipping Contest: Sean Yamashita                             30th: Todd Jinbo ‘96, Ryan Tamashiro ’00, Brad Taura ‘06
                                                             35th: Ivan Kobayashi, Stan Shiraki Kelvin Shoji.
OuT AMOnG THE WORLD’S GREAT PEOPLE                                  What led you to your current career path? Are you doing
                                                                    what you always wanted to do?
Carolyn Pearce ’07                                                  I have never been one of those people who knew exactly which
                                                                    career I wanted to pursue. Graduating from high school, I
In 2007, Carolyn Pearce was honored with the Board of               knew I loved studying international issues and honestly
Trustees Award. Carolyn was a class officer, played tennis, ran       thought that I would become a
cross country, played in the Wind Ensemble, a member of             diplomat one day. I started as an
PAAC, the Social Services Club, national Honor Society, and         international relations major at
Holomua.                                                            Hopkins and decided that,
                                                                    while I still wanted to pursue a
Carolyn is currently a senior at Johns Hopkins university. is
                                                                    career that incorporated inter-
past summer she worked at Tenwak Hospital – a mission hos-
                                                                    national issues, that career
pital in rural, western Kenya – doing retrospective chart re-
                                                                    wasn’t going to be politics and
views on a pregnancy complication on a condition called
                                                                    diplomacy. I found public
                                                                    health, particularly interna-
                                                                    tional health, to be an awesome
OWL LINE: Where are you living now?
                                                                    combination of science and
I am living in Kenya until August, and then I will be returning
                                                                    compassion, while simultane-
to Baltimore for my senior year at Johns Hopkins university.
                                                                    ously catering to my global in-
                                                                    terests. Currently, I am
What are you passionate about? And why?
                                                                    pursuing a BA in Public Health Studies, but what they say
With fear of sounding cliché, I would have to say that I am pas-
                                                                    about Hopkins is true: you can’t go to Hopkins and come out
sionate about people. I love meeting people, building relation-
                                                                    not wanting to be a doctor. In addition to public health, I am
ships, and watching growth. I not only love observing people’s
                                                                    also looking to go to medical school.
journeys, but I love being a part of them, be it in a social or
professional setting.
                                                                     Has MPI helped shape the person you are today? If so, how?
                                                                     I moved to Hawaii two months before the start of sixth grade
What would you consider your greatest achievement thus far?
                                                                     and I remember feeling terribly out of place as a tall blonde girl.
I don’t consider any one accomplishment the greatest. Each ex-
                                                                     I think from the beginning, MPI taught me to embrace the dif-
perience, action and accomplishment is given to us as a build-
                                                                     ferences when I really wanted to be bitter about being different.
ing block in preparation for the next experience. ough I
                                                                     roughout the course of my time at MPI, I learned to love
haven’t lived very long, I feel as though this is a lifelong process
                                                                     and embrace the great gi of diversity.
that continues without an apex.
                                                                    Do you have a favorite memory at MPI?
Do you have a specific goal in life? If so, what is it?
                                                                    During my senior year, I think, I was singing with the chapel
I used to dream about changing the world in some kind of rev-
                                                                    praise band and we were singing one of my favorite worship
olutionary way, but the more time I have spent with people, the
                                                                    songs, Sanctuary, when all of a sudden it started pouring down
more I am starting to realize that making a difference in the
                                                                    rain. We were in the gym so the rain just resonated throughout
world doesn’t necessitate a revolutionary discovery. It simply
                                                                    the building. It was beautiful and powerful and all of us just
means loving people and valuing them. Changing the world
                                                                    sang out with confidence and power. It was really cool.
means giving of yourself for the benefit of someone else.
                                                               Any words of wisdom for current MPI students?
Do you have words that inspire you?
                                                               I was talking to a missionary doc yesterday about which service
“We must dream in order to be, we must believe in order to be-
                                                               I should pursue if I want to effectively be a missionary doctor.
come.” – Anonymous
                                                               She told me that I should pursue whichever field about which I
                                                               find myself most passionate and there will be a place for me on
Are you involved with community service?
                                                               the mission field. Well, I think that same principle applies to life
Every spring break, I have gone on community service trips,
                                                               and career choices. I would tell MPI students not to focus on
being a volunteer camp counselor for kids who have been af-
                                                               what they think they “should” become, but pursue their pas-
fected by the flooding in the Midwest. is past year, I helped
out on a ranch in Colorado, hauling logs and digging ditches.
Here in Kenya, I have done a few projects with orphanages in
the community.

OuT AMOnG THE WORLD’S GREAT PEOPLE                                   What would you consider your greatest achievement thus far?
                                                                     A successful integration in a foreign country whose culture I
Charlotte sumida ’62                                                 love. is integration is cultural and professional.

At the 1962 commencement ceremony, the very first Board of           Do you have a specific goal in life? If so, what is it?
Trustees Award (then called the Board of Managers Award)             To be happy by trying to be a good human being.
was awarded to Charlotte Sum-
ida. is Award continues to be                                       Is there a moment that changed your life?
awarded at graduation to the                                         Meeting my companion, a French man named Pierre
most outstanding member of the                                       Rousseau, 18 years ago and his unexpected death this past
senior class.                                                        April. Yes, my life has changed because of this remarkable man.

Aer graduating from Mid-Pa-                                         Did you have a family member who worked at or attended
cific, Charlotte attended Stanford                                   MPI?
university on a scholarship. She                                     Many members of my family graduated from MPI. All four of
shared: “e advisor and teach-                                       us Sumida children: Steve ’64, David ’67, and Barbara ’72. My
ers at MPI encouraged me                                             cousin Anthony ’59 and my uncle George Yamamoto also
(pushed me very hard) to apply                                       graduated from MPI. I have probably forgotten other members
to Stanford. neither I, nor my                                       of the family!
family, knew anything about
California universities. I actually did not want to leave Hawaii     Do you have a favorite memory at MPI?
and only accepted to go no farther than California. I am very        not one favorite but my memory of MPI is the camaraderie
glad that MPI knew better than I did about the world!”               and close-knit friendships. I loved the events where we partici-
                                                                     pated as a class, like Spring Sing. I loved the turkey turnovers.
OWL LINE: Where were you born?
Aiea, Hawaii. I am a Sumida of the Sumida Watercress Farm in         Has MPI helped shape the person you are today? If so, how?
Aiea. e farm was started by my grandmother in 1928, so the          Definitely. Learning how to live and make lifetime friends with
farm is now 83-years-old. I try to come home every year to visit     young people from all over the islands and with different back-
my family.                                                           grounds. Tolerance. Appreciation of differences. Discipline. Or-
                                                                     ganization. Taking responsibility. Pushing ourselves to the
Where are you living now?                                            limits of our capacities. Achievement. Realizing one's potential.
In Vanves, France, a little town just on the outskirts of Paris. I
can see Paris from my balcony! I have been living in France          Any words of wisdom for current MPI students?
since 1971. I le a good job at Stanford Medical Center in 1968      Be willing to take risks, be adventurous, have desires in life, lis-
because I was bored and I wanted to live an adventure in Eu-         ten to that little voice inside that says you can do whatever you
rope. I have lived in Europe every since. I have spent my whole      want in life. Live life to the fullest. Stand up for your principles.
successful career here in France.

What are you passionate about? And why?
I was a scientist doing basic research in hormone biochemistry
until I retired in January 2009 as the Director of Research with
the French national Center for Scientific Research. Research
was my passion and my vocation from MPI days. now that I
am retired my hobby is gardening. Although living in an urban
environment, I have always had a need for two things: digging
around with my hands in dirt and growing plants (I guess these
are my watercress farmer roots) and hearing and watching the
ocean (we had a beach house on Makaha beach).



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