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Red = Things Jesus said
that we can apply

Blue= Things Jesus did we
can‟t physically
duplicate but need to grasp

Green= Things Jesus did
that we can do
Jesus was baptized. (Matthew 3:13-17)
  It‟s the first thing on a followers of Christ to do list.
  Jesus started his ministry by being baptized with
  water. It‟s a symbol of new birth and repentance of
  sin. Have you been baptized? What does it mean to
  you? Or what is holding you back?

Before starting his new ministry Jesus prayed and
 fasted. (Matthew 4:1-2)

  How can we apply this to our life?
Jesus knows and quotes scripture. (Matthew 4:8-10)
  To counter the attacks of the enemy and fight off
  temptation as well as point to truth.
  How can we make this our habit?

Jesus calls his disciples to “Come and See”. (John

 There are no promises and no guarantees, just an
 invitation to go along for the journey.

Jesus is committed to God‟s will and God‟s timing.
  (Luke 2:33-35)

 He was willing to wait for God‟s planned time for
 events, and when it was time to act he acted. How can
 we be more committed to God‟s timing in our lives?
Jesus helped friends in need, even if it brought no
  benefit to himself. (Luke 2:33-35)
  He helped out on the low wine situation. How can
  imitate that? Giving when there is no benefit to

Jesus actions were a sign of the bigger picture. (John

  He demonstrated the good news of the new covenant
  of freedom with his actions. How can we demonstrate
  the good news of freedom with our actions? What
  actions would that be?
Jesus takes a stand for what is right. (John 2:12-22)
  There‟s 2.5 million people giving him the awkward
  eye in the temple, but he stands for his devotion to
  God. How can we be so bold for what‟s right when
  it‟s tough?

Jesus pushes our distraction aside that keeps us
  from God. (John 2:22)

  Even good things can keep us from God. What are
  some good things keeping you from God?
Jesus is trustworthy, people believe in his name.
  (John 2:23-25)
  People trusted him, followed him, desired to spend
  time with him. How can we be looked at exactly the

Jesus makes time for one on one. (John 2:23-25)

 Jesus in the dark of night makes time for a public
 enemy who has a question. We need to make time for
 those in our lives pondering big questions. How can
 we be more about the people and less about bad
Jesus changes the subject of conversation to fit the
  need. (John 3:1-28)
  Jesus find the real needs of people and offers them
  answers, and stays away from pointless chat and
  mulling around other topics, when serious things
  need addressed. How can we be more like that?
  How can we become aware of people‟s true needs
  and questions?

Jesus explains truth in a way man can understand.
  (John 3:1-28)

  How can we relay what we have found as truth in
  relevant and easy to understand ways?
Jesus is the light. (John 3:19-21)
  How can I be a light? How can I be the moon and
  reflect the Son?

Jesus made baptizing important. (John 3:22-24)
  Jesus group was baptizing people. Baptism was
  vitally important to Jesus. If it wasn‟t he would have
  left it up to John to do it, but he pushed it to the point
  of bumping barriers with John. How can we make it
  important to us?
Like before…Jesus is trustworthy. (John 3:27-36)
  But this time in a different way. He has seen the
  unseen. He can speak of both things seen in heaven
  and on earth. How can we be trustworthy in this
  way? Trustworthy in what we have seen on earth?
  Trustworthy in what we have seen of heaven through
  Jesus Word?

Jesus offers life complete. (John 3:27-36)
  He offers abundant life, NOW. Not a happy life
  necessarily, but a life filled of everything God has to
  offer, that will far surpass human happiness when all
  is said and done. In what ways can we live out this
  life abundantly?
Jesus slips under the radar at times to maintain his
  effectiveness. (John 4:1-3)
  Jesus knows that his witness can not be effective if
  he is locked up by his enemies, so he backs away
  from the major public eye for a bit. We can become
  ineffective in our witness if we pound it visibly over
  and over. There are moments when we need to
  minister undercover until another opportunity arises.
  What might this look like?
Jesus doesn‟t take the easy road. (John 4:1-3)
  He doesn‟t go the long route that is comfortably away
  from Samaria, he goes right through it knowing it will
  give him difficult opportunities to share the Good
  News. How can we imitate this?
Jesus doesn‟t follow the unspoken racial rules.
  (John 4:7-10)
  He doesn‟t stay clear of other races because
  everyone is doing it. He doesn‟t fall in line with the
  acts of hate. He in fact breaks the barriers and
  reaches out. How can we cross the line in the same

Jesus uses what is surrounding him. (John 4:7-10)
  You don‟t have to be creative. Jesus wasn‟t here.
  He uses what is available. How can we think this
  way. Use water to talk about living water, bread to
  talk about the bread of life. Would it work in our
Jesus establishes the need first. (John 4:11-16)
  Jesus tells Nicodemus he must be re-born because
  he is asking theological question, he tells the woman
  at the well on a dry sunny day that she needs living
  water. How can we establish peoples needs?
Jesus is gracious in convicting. (John 4:17-18)
  Jesus didn‟t go through the painful details, just stirred
  up conviction. How can we use this in our
Jesus applauds honesty in facing sin. (John 4:17-
  He doesn‟t turn and say, yuck, your are a nasty
  sinner, he applauds the honesty and they move on to
  the next step. How do we do this?
Jesus goes to Galilee even when rejection is
  certain. (John 4:43-45)
  Jesus return to his home region knowing that people
  will not fully accept him as Savior, and they will turn
  against him. How can we be similarly bold?

Jesus corrects those whose faith is weak. (John
  Jesus uses this opportunity to tell all of Cana that
  faith must come without a sign to be true. He tests
  the man‟s faith by performing a miracle he can‟t see
  but must simply believe. How can we practice faith in
  the unseen?
Jesus miracle was a sign of changed lives. (John
 Jesus used this miracle to change the lives of the
 household of the royal official. Jesus has the power
 to change lives from a distance. How can we share
 of the change in our life to share the good news?

Jesus quotes Bible stories to make his point. (Luke
 Jesus tells of past blessing from God to the Gentiles
 to explain how it will be in the kingdom. How can we
 use the Bible like Jesus?
Jesus can‟t be killed if he is not willing. (Luke 4:30)
  Jesus has a date on the cross for our salvation and
  nothing will keep him from it. We don‟t have a date
  on the cross, but we have a mission to share about it.
  How can we live like nothing will keep us from it?

Jesus makes time for studying God‟s Word with
  others. (Mark 1:21-28)
  He was busy, he had others things to do, and he was
  God‟s son, who didn‟t necessarily need to be there.
  Still he went.
Jesus recognized and took care of the demonized
  and possessed. (Mark 1:21-28)
  Jesus knows the reality of the spiritual realm and with
  authority casts our demons and keeps them in check.
  How can we take this reality seriously as well?

Jesus meets his friends requests. (Mark 1:29-31)
  Jesus took time for the little things that were
  important to his close friends. Such as Peter‟s in-
  laws. How can we have a similar “others first”
Jesus cared for the sick and afflicted. (Mark 1:32-
  Jesus makes house calls and he makes time when
  they come to him. He heals the sick, and frees the
  demon possessed. How can we be of the same
Jesus took some quiet time with God. (Mark 1:35)
  Jesus even after the fatiguing day got up to pray and
  spend time alone with God the Father. How can we
  imitate this?
Jesus was caught in prayer. (Mark 1:36-38)
  Jesus was found in prayer. We will find him in prayer
  often. How can we make prayer such a regular thing
  that we may be caught in it?
Jesus kept safe space between him and the people.
  (Luke 5:1-11)
  Jesus would be in the boat on the water with the
  people on the shore. Close enough to teach and
  connect, far enough, to continue in safety and sanity.
  How can we practice this?

Jesus gets you to the point where you can drop and
  follow. (Luke 5:1-11)
  Jesus demonstrated his glory and power to the
  fishermen, so they would drop all they had and follow
  him. How can we drop and follow? What does that
  look like for us?
Jesus reaches out to the lonely. (Mark 1:40-45)
  Jesus seeks out those who are isolated and alone,
  who need human touch and meets them where they
  are at. How can we do this? Who can we reach out

Jesus touches the unclean. (Mark 1:40-45)
  Jesus physically touches the unclean leper. He is
  never disgusted or sickened by others appearance.
  How can we do the same?
Jesus is more concerned with peoples heart
  condition than their physical condition. (Mark 2:1-
  When the paralyzed man is dropped at his feet he
  forgives his sins before he restores his strength.
  What are we concerned about?

Jesus makes social sacrifices to reach the lost.
  (Matthew 9:9-13)
  Jesus takes a hit socially by reaching out to the lost
  sinners. He eats and drinks with the lost, he touches
  lepers. He is not worried about what others might
  think or how they will judge him. What would this
  look like for us?
Jesus uses anyone in ministry. (Matthew 9:9-13)
  Jesus calls a tax collector named Matthew who was
  known as scum to become a disciple. Jesus will call
  all different sorts of people, and we are to embrace
  all who are called. How can we embrace this?

Jesus came for the sick not the healthy. (Matthew
  Jesus reaches out to the downcast and hurting, those
  who are in trouble and will turn to him, rather than
  tugging forever on the healthy who cannot see a
  need in them at all. What does this look like for us?
Jesus says he is the new way. (Luke 5:33-39)
  He uses 3 short parables to explain he is the new
  way and the religious leaders are the old way and the
  two don‟t mix. What way do we follow? Are we
  showing the world something fresh?

Jesus asks, “Do you want to get well?” (John 5:1-13)
  He asks the question in search of the felt need. Then
  he offers the answer to the need. In what ways can
  we offer wellness?
Jesus warns of something worse (lof). (John 5:14-
  Jesus warns a man to repent or something worse
  (like eternal damnation) would happen to him. How
  can we do this in a right way?

Jesus is always at work, even on a day of rest. (John
  Jesus even works on his day off when grace and
  mercy needs to be extended. How can we emulate
  this? Is it his rule or his exception to the rule?
Jesus watched the Father and mimicked. (John 5:19-
  Jesus submitted to the Father God and did only what
  he saw God doing. Jesus is now in that place for us
  as the head of the body. Are we mimicking his

The Father and the Son always work together. (John
  The Father and the Son are one and work together
  for common good always, without straying. We have
  his Holy Spirit in us, part of God. Can we then be
  aligned with God too?
Jesus called out to the spiritually dead. (John 5:19-
  He called out to the dead and hoped they would hear
  the truth. All heard the message but only few
  responded in hearing and receiving. Have we
  responded? Are we calling others to respond?

Jesus had witnesses. (John 5:31-40)
  Both John the Baptist and God the Father testified
  about who Jesus was. In order to help people see
  the truth.
Jesus hung out in the fields with his friends
  (Matthew 12:1-8)
  Again we see Jesus meeting people where they are
  at, leisurely spending time with them in a non-
  threatening environment.

Jesus desires mercy (Matthew 12:1-8)
  Jesus desires and take delight in giving mercy to the
  lost and watching us demonstrate that same mercy to
Jesus prayed through tough decisions (selecting
  apostles) (Luke 6:12-13)
  Difficult situations and choices will face us in life.
  Jesus demonstrated praying through it.

Jesus used prayer as a first resort. (Luke 6:12)
  Jesus doesn‟t go to prayer when all else fails, he
  knows it is the power to move the right hand of God
  and is the first and best thing for every situation.
  How can we go about making prayer our first idea?
Jesus called followers and made disciples. (Mark
  He called “the Twelve” and discipled them to preach,
  exorcise demons, and be pillars of the church. How
  can follow in the same plan?
Jesus describes the path to salvation in the
  beatitudes. (Matthew 5:1-12)
  Jesus used creative ways to explain to state of
  person as he comes to a saving relationship in Jesus
  Christ. What creative ways could we use?

Jesus is the salt. (Matthew 5:13-16)
  Jesus is our perfect example of being salty
  (preserving the word, flavoring the message, creating
  thirst for living water, heal the lost, melting the ice of
  people hearts). How can I be salty?
Jesus said we are to practice & teach the
  commandments (Matthew 5:17-20)
  He describes us being judged by what we teach and
  practice. We need to be studying as approved
  workman who are not ashamed. And teaching and
  seeking truth.

Jesus said we are to not murder in thought or deed.
  (Matthew 5:21-26)
  He says even the attitude of hate towards someone
  is as bad as killing them. How can we actually do
Jesus said we are not to commit adultery, not even
  in our thoughts (Matthew 5:27-30).
  Jesus says we can commit an equal sin to adultery
  when we look at someone lustfully wishing after
  them. How can we do this?

Jesus said to stay married of you are married
  (Matthew 5:31-32).
  Also stay single if divorced for any reason except a
  life of immorality. So that you may be reconciled.
Jesus said to not take vows or take oaths (Matthew
  Our „yes‟ should be yes and our „no‟ no. Anything
  else is from a heart of evil.
Jesus said we should not retaliate or demand our
  rights (Matthew 5:35-42).
  Jesus says we should turn the other cheek and give
  mercy not expecting to receive it. How can we put
  this into action?
Jesus said we should show love to all (enemies too)
  (Matthew 5:43-48).
  Jesus says we should show God‟s love through our
  actions to those who love us back and those who
  hate us.
Jesus said to pray in a personal, non-rambling,
  private way. (Matthew 6:5-8)
  We should go to our room, close the door and pray in
  private, and we will be rewarded. Public prayer is
  used in scripture as well, but Jesus is against praying
  in public just to be seen.
Jesus said to give to the needy in secret. (Matthew
  Don‟t help others for the sake of being seen.

Jesus said to pray for God‟s glory to be revealed.
  (Matthew 6:9-13)
  We should reverently hallow his name but giving him
  glory and seek him to reveal it to the world.

Jesus says to pray for his kingdom to come.
  (Matthew 6:9-13)
   We should pray for his return to come soon, and
   for many people to fill it.
Jesus said to pray for God‟s will to be done.
  (Matthew 6:9-13)
  We should always look for God‟s will to be done, over
  our wills and desires.
Jesus said to pray for our daily sustenance.
  (Matthew 6:9-13)
  We should prayer for our daily lives, and food both
  physical and spiritual over wishing for lives of
  splendor and riches.
Jesus said to pray for forgiveness and to forgive
  others. (Matthew 6:9-13)
  We should seek forgiveness of all our sins so to be
  filled with the spirits blessing and to forgive others
  sins as well.
Jesus said to pray for protection against ourselves
  and Satan. (Matthew 6:9-13)
  We should pray for safety from the enemy and from
  our old selves who tempt us in everyway.

Jesus said when you fast, keep it secret. (Matthew
  We fast to spend sacrificial time with our Lord, not to
  be thought of religious by men. There will be rewards
  for fasting done with the right spirit.
Jesus said we should store up treasure in heaven,
  not on earth. (Matthew 6:19-24)
  We store up treasure where our heart is, is our heart
  on the things of earth or the kingdom of heaven?

Jesus said to keep your eyes on him (the good) to
  let your lives be filled with light (Matthew 6:19-24)
  Garbage in garbage out. Jesus in Jesus out. It‟s that
  simple. Where‟s our focus?
Jesus said you can‟t serve both God and Money
  (Matthew 6:19-24)
  You serve the world and it‟s ways and desires or you
  seek after God‟s purposes. There is no sitting on the
  fence, it‟s one way or the other.

Jesus said if the kingdom of God is your focus, then
  don‟t worry about your needs. (Matthew 6:25-34)
  If we focus on his kingdom he will supply all our
  needs. For he knows them before we ask.
Jesus said treat others as you want to be treated.
  (Matthew 7:1, 12)
  Jesus says don‟t judge others. Not in your mind, not
  in your heart, not in any action. Treat others as you
  want to be treated. This can only be done be the
  Spirit in you. How can we begin this?

Jesus said get the plank out of your own eye.
  (Matthew 7:2-5)
  Before you point out fault in others, set yourself
  straight. Nobody wants diet advise from a fat guy
  and nobody wants spiritual advice from a sin trapped
Jesus said don‟t give holy things to the unholy.
  (Matthew 7:6)
 Some people are just out to destroy, so we should not
 give them our hearts, our ministries, etc. They might
 in turn destroy us. What can you do about it?

Jesus said ask and it shall be given to you.
  (Matthew 7:7-8)
 God will give us the Holy Spirit when we give our
 lives to Jesus, and he will give us everything we ask
 for in Jesus name.
Jesus said stick to the narrow road. (Matthew
  The entrance way to heaven is narrow, it can only be
  opened with one way, one key, Jesus Christ himself.
  All other roads lead to destruction.

Jesus said watch out for false prophets. (Matthew
  They make look, sound, smell like one of us, but we
  will now them by their fruit.
Jesus said not all will enter the kingdom , only
  those with a rock solid foundation. (Matthew 7:21-
  If you build your hope on the rock of Jesus Christ,
  you will make it, if you put your hope in the sands of
  the world, you will crash down. If you have this taken
  care of in your life you should make sure its true in
  your loved ones lives

Jesus gift is for all people. (Luke 7:1-10)
  Jesus opens the kingdom to all the world. We can‟t
  pick and chose who should come to Jesus, we must
  fervently share with everyone.
Jesus said only His blood gets you into the
  kingdom not your families. (Matthew 8:11)
  You don‟t inherit Jesus from your family. If your
  parents were Christians don‟t assume you are. Only
  Jesus blood saves you, not your own.

Jesus has compassion on the bereaved. (Luke 7:11-
  He sees a woman who lost her only son and his heart
  went out to her. He understands our pain. How can
  we demonstrate similar compassion?
Jesus says Wisdom‟s children are proven by what
  they do. (Luke 7:35)
  When we follow in Jesus steps, in obedience to his
  wisdom it will be obvious in our walk. That‟s what we
  are attempting!

Jesus has compassion for the unrepentant.
  (Matthew 11:20-24)
  His heart breaks for those who refuse to turn to him,
  really like a boy who‟s crush goes out with another
  boy. But he waits for her to return.
Jesus doesn‟t shy away from telling people
  unpopular truth. (Matthew 11:20-24)
  Jesus loves these people desperately and that is way
  he tells them the truth that they are on the path to the
  LOF, and it‟s going to be bad.

Jesus praises God, even when what he is doing
  doesn‟t make human sense. (Matthew 11:25-27)
  He lifts up a prayer of praise to God for hiding truth
  from the some and revealing it to others. Even when
  his heart broke for those who it was kept hidden from.
Jesus knows God intimately (Matthew 11:25-27)

  Sure it was because of the whole trinity thing but also
  because of quality time spent in prayer and reading
  scripture. With the Spirit inside us in the church age
  we can know God personally and intimately.

Jesus calls the world to come and rest easy in his
  embrace. (Matthew 11:28-30)
  He offers freedom form the yoke of sin, and gives a
  yoke of freedom in Christ.
Jesus forgives however much sin we got. (Luke
  If it‟s a little or a lot, Jesus grace is sufficient to
  save and forgive us. And to the amount I have
  been forgive is to the amount I should give back.

Jesus uses the help of women. (Luke 8:1-3)
  Women in ministry is a hot topic with much debate,
  but one thing is clear is that Jesus allowed women to
  serve to the amount they could to spread the word.
Jesus appeared to be out of his mind
  sometimes. (Mark 3:20-23)

  His family heard and saw what was going on and
  tried to take custody of Jesus. Not because he
  was going crazy but because he was radically
  dedicated to God and the Good News message.

Jesus said, Out of the overflow of our heart the
  mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34)
  Where our heart is focused our talk is focused. If I
  am concentrated on Jesus my conversations will key
  in on that. If I am focused on something else, my
  conversations will key in on that.
Jesus says we shouldn‟t ask for a miraculous sign
  (Matthew 12:39)

  What we read of him in scripture, and what see
  him doing in our lives is enough to step out in

Jesus says he is greater than Jonah and Solomon
  (Matthew 12:41-42)
  If he is greater than a prophet of God, and is greater
  than the wisest king that only leaves room for him to
  be the Messiah.
Jesus says We must be filled with the Spirit of God
  & not merely clean our selves up and stand
  empty. (Matthew 12:43-45)

  Self-cleanings, and organized religions will give us
  structure and emptiness setting us up for a fall, but
  Jesus Spirit offers, graces, truth, and peace, and
  protection from the enemy.

We must be obedient to God‟s Will (Matthew 12:50)
  Those who do the will of God are called a part of
  Christ‟s family.
Jesus says true Christians produce. (Matthew 13:1-

  Many people will look like Christians, but the true
  test is the crop they return on Jesus seed.

Jesus says we must co-exist with evil until harvest
  time (Matthew 13:24-35; 47:50)
  Not a single one of us would survive he God removed
  evil from the world in once swift stroke of the sickle.
  But one day evil will be separated from God‟s
  children. Like good fish from bad fish.
Jesus says we must give our lives over, in order to
  receive the gift of Jesus life. (Matthew 13:44-45)
  Like selling all you have for treasure or pearls. We
  must give ourselves away.

Jesus says the church will unstoppably grow
  because the Holy Spirit is involved like yeast.
  (Matthew 13:33)
  The Spirit is the power to make the church rise and
  grow in power and number. We must simply get him
Jesus brings us the old and new treasures.
  (Matthew 13:52)
  Jesus the all-knowing son of God can reveal to us
  thing of long ago, and introduce to us something
  brand new. He is the first and the last, the beginning
  and the end.

Jesus rested when he was tired. (Mark 4:35-41)

  Even in a boat on the sea, in the rain, he took time to
  rest. Rest is something God designed us to need to
  perform to the best of our abilities the next day.
Jesus commanded the storm to cease (Mark 4:35-

  He stood up raised his hand and rebuked the
      storm to save his friends. We can‟t stop storms
      in our live but we can stay near the one who can.

Jesus wishes for His followers to have faith in Him.
  (Mark 4:35-41)

  He desires our faithfulness and trust in him as
      much as he trusts the Father in Heaven.
The enemy is submissive to Jesus authority (Mark

  The Legion of demons bow before Jesus and
      are subject to his will and authority as Son of
      the Most High God. Jesus has given us that
      same authority as children of the most high
      God, we can resist the devil and make him
      flee in Jesus name.

Jesus granted the request of a demon (Mark 5:10-13)

  Jesus listened to and answered the request of a
      demon possessing a man. A demon who is lof-
      bound and unredeemable. How much more then
      will Jesus listen and answer our requests?
Jesus commissioned the former possessed man to
  reach his home. (Mark 5:18-20)

  Jesus was uninvited to the Decapolis and send
      this man to reach them. Still today we are Jesus
      hands in feet in a world that He is uninvited.

Jesus called the hemorrhaging woman, “Daughter”.
  (Mark 5:34)

  Because of her faith in Jesus she became a child   of
Jesus challenges the hurting, „Don‟t be afraid; just
  believe.” (Mark 5:36)

  Whether you have lost a loved one or are going
     through a personal battle, the challenge of Jesus
     is still the same. He will see you through if you
     just trust him.

Jesus has power over death ( Luke 7:11-16; Mark

  Whether a boy is a casket, a girl in a home, Lazarus
  in the tomb, or himself crucified. Jesus
       conquered death.
Jesus answered prayer according to the faith of the
  people. (Matthew 9:27-29, Mark 6:5,6)

  He made the blind to see, because they believed
     He could. But in Nazareth He could not do much
     because the faith was so weak.

Jesus didn‟t have a superstar pedigree. (Mark 6:1-6)
  He was from an ordinary back ground, humble
      upbringing, yet He was a powerful witness for the
      kingdom. What the world couldn‟t see was that
      He was the Son of God, and thus was
      empowered as such.
Jesus demonstrated ministry to the disciples before
  He sent them out to do it. (Matthew 9:35-39, Mark
  He told them about it, He had them watch Him do it,
  and He then send them to do it while He
      watches. The simple three step plan of

Jesus says pray for the workers to reap the harvest
  that is great. (Matthew 9:37-38)

  So much God is ready to accomplish, and the
     more harvest hands the better.
Jesus sends his harvest hands out in pairs (Mark
  In pairs we have stronger resolve and faith. You
       can lean on one another and have the support of
       another believer at all times.

Jesus sends his harvest hands into their own
  neighborhoods with the message (Matthew 10:5-7)

  There is a need to reach the world and other
     cultures, but God desires us to reach out at
     home, in our own community and see that they
     here the message as well.
Jesus gives his harvest hands the power to
  succeed (Matthew 10:8; 19-20)

  He empowers His workers with the Holy Spirit,
      granting spiritual gifts, spirit powers, and even
      giving us His words of life to speak when we
      have none.

Jesus says if you rejected dust your feet off.
  (Matthew 10:14)
  This is a cultural phrase meaning after time has
      been spent on a person and the rejection of truth
      is constant, we can cut our loses and move on.
      Jesus says so.
Jesus says give a greeting when you enter a home,
  and let your peace rest upon it. (Matthew 10:12)
  This may seem like just a practical thing, but it is
      something Jesus mentioned we should be
      careful to do. When the greeting is received we
      should let our peace dwell in that place.

Jesus explains we should be LIKE our
  teacher/master (Matthew 10:24-25)
  You are not to be holier than Jesus in our   actions,
  but seek to emulate him in the fullest way possible.
Jesus says we should not fear those who can only
  kill (Matthew 10:26-28)
  At the end the most an enemy can take from you is
  your physical life. Jesus says we shouldn‟t fear that
  end but rather fear those who face   eternal death
  in the LOF.

If we do not deny Jesus, he will not deny us.
   (Matthew 10:32-33; 22)

  We must stand for Jesus no matter the cost, because
  those who stand for him will be saved.
Jesus says we must love him more than family.
  (Matthew 10:37-38)
  If our families turn from Jesus or hate us because
  of Him, we must stand with Jesus and       not
  follow our family.

Jesus says the only way to save our lives is to find
  it in him (Matthew 10:39)

  We are saved when we give our lives that we
     cannot save to Jesus Christ in exchange for His
     life that saves.
Jesus has a prepayment plan in eternity for the
  harvest hands (Matthew 10:40-42)

  We don‟t need it nor deserve it, but Jesus will
     reward the workers for their actions.

Jesus calls us to “come with me by yourselves to a
  quiet place and rest.” (Mark 6:31)

  Harvest hands need to re-fill the tanks by resting   in
  Jesus care, having quiet alone times with Him,
      and His Word.
People are attracted to people emulating Jesus and
  are with Jesus. (Mark 6:32-34)

  The disciples were trying to be like the Master
      and were spreading the good news around the
      region and people heard about them, and Jesus
      Himself and came in droves.

Jesus can supply all our needs, plus more. (John

  Jesus fed the 5,000 until they were satisfied and
      had much left over, He can supply our needs the
      same way in any area, if we trust Him.
Jesus says, “Take courage! It is I. Don‟t be afraid.”
  (Mark 6:50)

  Scared, worried, think you‟ve seen a ghost even?
     Don‟t be afraid, Jesus is there. Trust Him.

Our faith‟s strength depends on our focus. (Matthew

  Peter could walk on water in faith when looking    to
  Jesus, but when he focused on the storm he
      sank in weak faith. Works the same in our
      situations everyday.
Jesus answers the people questions (John 6:25-40)
  Jesus takes the time to answer the questions of
      seekers, it help them see him for who he is.

Jesus is the Bread of Life (John 6:35-40).

  He said it himself, if we have him we will not need
  anything else.

No one can come to Jesus unless God calls them.
  (John 6:44)

  Eloquent words, and carefully constructed
      apologetic arguments are nice, but nobody come
      to Jesus unless God calls them.
Eternal life comes from believing in Jesus and
  partaking in his body and blood. (John 6:43-59)

  This isn‟t physically eating His body and blood,
      but taking it in the spirit, accepting His sacrifice of
      flesh and blood for us and give our lives away for

Peter says, “there is nowhere else to go.” (John
  It‟s a beautiful way of saying, Jesus is the final
        stop. The can shop all the world for forgiveness
        and eternal life, but it‟s only available in one
        place. Jesus Christ arms of mercy and grace.
Jesus calls cosmetic cleanliness and religion
  hypocritical. (Mark 7:5-13)
  If you ignore the Word of God in favor of a man
       made tradition or dogma, you are a fool and a
       hypocrite. A Christian must talk the talk and walk
       the walk aligned with nothing contradictory of
       God‟s word.

Jesus says, „ Man‟s uncleanliness comes from
  within‟ (Mark 7:14-23)
  Our human hearts are naturally sinful, and our
      sinful desires and uncleanliness come from
      within, and not from physical dirt of the outside.
      No amount of hand washing can cure a heart of
Jesus grace falls to everyone, Jews or Gentile
  (Matthew 15:21-28)

  Jesus came to save us all and grant mercy and
      grace to all, no matter size shape or race.

We can trust and remember the sign of Jonah
 (Matthew 16:1-4)

  Jesus was buried in the belly of the earth for three
  days then came to life to complete God‟s
Jesus said, be on guard against false teachers
  (Matthew 16:5-12)
  Jesus compared false impure teaching to yeast
      and it can work itself through every piece of us.
      We must stand against the false teachings and
      stand for what is pure.

Jesus can help us see clearly (Mark 8:22-26)

  Just as Jesus made the blind man see more clearly,
  He will open our eyes too. We just need   to seek
  Him and ask Him to see what He wants      us to
When we try to detour God‟s plans we act for Satan.
 (Mark 8:31-33)

  God has a plan, and it isn‟t always rosey from
     our point of view, but to avoid it or try to get other
     off of it is to work for the enemy himself.

We must deny ourselves to follow Jesus. (Mark
 To follow Jesus and His hard way, we have to
     deny our selfish desires and will.
We must take up our cross to follow Jesus. (Mark
 To follow Jesus and His hard way, we have to
     accept the sentence He has given us to carry

Denial or acceptance today is mirrored in eternity
  (Mark 8:38)
  What you do towards Jesus in your life today, will
      be echoed by him towards you at heaven gate.
      Welcomed or unwelcomed.
Jesus glorified kingdom is coming (Mark 9:2-4)

  The transfiguration on earth foreshadows the
      glorious kingdom to come on earth.

God has chosen Jesus above all (Luke 9:34-35)

  He is above all other names, He is the Messiah
      and King, we would be well to place Him in our
      lives accordingly.

Miracles and blessings are granted according to our
  faith. (Mark 9:14-27)
  Small faith, small blessing, large faith, large
Evil Spirits are overcome by faithful prayer (Mark

  Your faith in Jesus power, and calling upon His
      name is the way to free a person of evil spirits.

Jesus paid his taxes. (Matthew 17:24-27)

  He could be excluded as King, but He paid them
      anyway as an example for us.

The least shall be the greatest (Mark 9:33-37)
      Serving one another for the good of others will
      place you higher than you can ever get stepping
      on everyone around you.
If you welcome Jesus you welcome God who sent
   Him. (Mark 9:33-37)
   What a message to be understood by the
       Muslims, the Orthodox Jews, and any other
       people group that thinks they are embracing
       God, but reject Jesus Christ.

Do not shun Christians of other groups. (Mark 9:38-
  We should encourage those who claim the name of
  Jesus Christ no matter the quirk or group. Baptist,
  Lutheran, Assemblies of God, CCV, Calvary,
  Messianic Jew, etc.
There are eternal consequences for every little thing
  we do. (Mark 9:38-41)

  Give a cup of water today, get rewarded      forever
  for it later. Of course miss an opportunity now, miss
  the reward forever.

Do not trip a weaker Christian (Mark 9:42-48)

  Jesus says we would be wiser to die in the ocean
      than to cause someone else to stumble,
      especially someone who is lost.
The Lake of fire awaits the lost (Mark 9:42-48)

  If you miss Jesus in this world, you miss Him in
       the next. You will be cast in the place of eternal

Jesus came to save the lost. (Matthew 18:11-14)
  Amen and amen. Even if you were the only lost
      sheep He would find you to save you.

If someone sins against you, go to him (Matthew
   We should seek reconciliation with the person.
       Go to them and them alone for the solution.
If the one who sinned against you is unrepentant
    take 2 or more witnesses (Matthew 18:16)
    We should seek reconciliation with witnesses if

Those unrepentant must be dealt with by the church
  itself. (Matthew 18:17)

  The church leadership shall arbitrate conflicts,
      seeking Christian resolution, and shall pass
Forgive all as you have been forgiven (Matthew
  Jesus has pardoned your every sin, extend the
      same grace to others.

Jesus doesn‟t seek retribution for rejection (Luke
  He was rejected in Samaria, but He doesn‟t wish
      them destroyed. He wished to forgive them their
Following Jesus takes 100% (Luke 9:57-62)
  You can‟t look back if you want to move forward
      with Jesus. And nothing can be of greater
      importance than His will.

Don‟t judge by outward appearance. (John 7:14-24)
  What you see is not always what you get, seek
       the truth inside out before making judgments.

Jesus says, If anyone is thirsty let them drink of
  Him (John 7:37-41)
  Jesus provides the drink of the Holy Spirit to those
  who call upon His name. It is a drink that
      overflows our cups forever
Jesus says, I am the light of the world (John 8:12)
  When we come to Jesus and follow Him, we walk
      away from the darkness

Jesus says if you do not believe in Him, you will die
  in your sins. (John 8:23-24)
  Jesus is the only path to forgiveness of sins, apart
  from Him we die in them forever in the         LOF.

Jesus says, know he truth and the truth shall set
  you free (John 8:31-35)
  Jesus is the truth of which he speaks, and the
      truth of Jesus in our lives, can free us from our
      slavery to sin.
Jesus says, if anyone keeps his word, they will not
  taste death. (John 8:48-51)
  To keep Jesus word is to fulfill His commands to
      believe in Him. When we trust in the Son, we are
      freed from the eternal death awaiting sinners.

Jesus is the „I AM‟ (John 8:58)

  Jesus the Son is part of the eternal timeless God   of

Jesus says our joy shouldn‟t be in what we can do
  in Jesus name, but that our names are written in
  heaven. (Luke 10:17-24)
Jesus agrees we are to love God with all our heart,
  soul, strength, and mind. Also to love our
  neighbor as ourselves. (Luke 10:27-28)
  This was the impossible path to heaven before
      Jesus and it is a part of our path that we must
      lean on Jesus for help with.

Jesus says the best choice is time spent with Him.
  (Luke 10:38-42)
  The world may tell you different but there is no
      better time spent or efforts used than spending
      time with Jesus.
Jesus says God is always there to meet our needs.
  (Luke 11:5-13)

  No mater what time, God always gives good gifts to
  His children. He won‟t chose to give you your
      every want, but all our needs and desires that fall
      under His will, will be granted.

If you aren‟t for Jesus you‟re against him. (Luke
   11:23; Matthew 12:30)

  To not choice Jesus is to side against him. And
      He who sides against the Lord will be judged
Jesus says tithing is good (Luke 11:42)
  While a 10% tithe is from the old law which we
      died from the curses of, Jesus did tell the
      Pharisees that it was good at that time. We are
      to give cheerfully to the one who freed us from

Jesus says we should practice the love of God and
  his justice (Luke 11:42)
  The Pharisees weren‟t doing this, but need to.
       So do we. We need to come near the love of
       God so we can let it flow through us to others.
       God‟s justice of grace should be extended to
       others as well.
Jesus says woe to us who have the key but we do
  not offer it. (Luke 11:52)
  The teachers of the law had a law that pointed to
      God but they missed it and kept that from others.
      We who know the truth and keep it from others
      will stand condemned of such things.

Jesus says do not be hypocritical, but be the same
  in the light and dark. (Luke 12:1-3)
  Everything will be revealed in the end, so we
       should live as real as we can. Let our dirt be
       seen if it‟s there and seek forgiveness and
       restoration. And not hide the good and truth of
       grace that is inside us either.
Jesus says to fear the one who can destroy the
  Spirit in hell, not the body on earth. (Luke 12:4-5)
  We need to have a reverent fear for God that
      stands up for Him in the face of death.

Jesus says when we are brought before rulers and
  authorities the Holy Spirit will give us words to
  say. (Luke 12:11-12)
  We no not need to search for our brilliant   defense
  if we are arrested for our face. The Spirit inside us
  will give us the words and the strength to handle all
  we may face.
Treasures on earth are worthless compared to the
  eternal treasure in heaven. (Luke 12:13-21)

 What we do with what we have been entrusted
    with on earth will determine what we have in
    store for us in heaven.

God provides all the needs of everything He has
 created from flowers, to birds, to us His children.
 (Luke 12:22-34)

 We can trust that the Lord will provide for us,
    there is no need to worry or store up surplus to
    make it through.
Jesus says we are to be ready and watching for His
  coming. (Luke 12:35-40)
  Will His return catch you off guard or do you know
  the season in which He will come? Are         you
  prepared for His return or are there many     things
       left undone?

Jesus says following him will bring division. (Luke

  We may be put against our own flesh and blood
     because we stand for Jesus Christ.
Jesus says to reconcile before you are judged.
  (Luke 12:58-59)
  This works with our earth dealings as well as
      reconciling with God through Jesus before we
      are brought to judgment by death

Jesus says we must repent or we will perish. (Luke
  Perish eternally forever absent from the
      presence of God. We must make a change and
      give our lives to Jesus Christ in order to be
Jesus says a believers life must bear fruit (Luke
  Not bearing fruit is a sign of unbelief and shows
      there has been no change in your life.

Jesus said those in the kingdom would grow fast
  like mustard tree or yeast filled flour. (Luke 13:18-
  Believers who plant themselves in the Word of
       God will grow tremendously.

Jesus says that sin does not cause physical
  infirmities (John 9:1-7)
  Calamities of life come for other reasons than a
       judgment for ones sin. There is another
       judgment for that.
Jesus is the light of the world (John 9:1-7)

  His ministry was His day, His death was His night,
       and now we are the city on the hill, the light in
  this world to point people to Jesus Christ.

Blind are those who do not see Jesus for who He is
  (John 9:39-41)

  When the good news is heard and rejected we
     blind ourselves or are blinded by the enemy.
Jesus calls us to belief in Him (John 9:35-39; 10:1-
  He calls us to believe in Him. He calls our name
      and we chose to follow Him or not. We will know
      His voice.

Jesus is the only gate to God (John 10:1-18)

  He is the only way, the only path, the only ticket, to
  restored relationship with the father through imputed
Jesus is the Good Shepherd (John 10:1-18)

  He is the protector and lover of His flock. He is
      the master of his flock. He lays down his life for
      His flock.

Jesus offers eternal security (John 10:28-30)

  Once we are adopted into the family of God nobody
  can remove us from His grasp.

A day will come when the opportunity for salvation
  is past (Luke 13:22-30)
  We must all enter through the narrow door of
      Jesus Christ today, no other entrance will work,
      and one day the doors will be shut and people
      left out.
We must humble ourselves before the Lord. (Luke

  We can only come to Jesus in humility needing
     His help, if we want to do some of the saving
     ourselves in our pride, we will be left.

Everyone of every kind is invited to the wedding
  feast of the Lamb but only a few will accept.
  (Luke 14:15-24)

  It‟s the most important decision of anyone‟s life,   to
  accept or not.
We must make Jesus more important than family to
 follow Him rightly (Luke 14:25-27, 33)

  To follow Him, means He is number one, clearly         in
  our vision, will all things we love a distant   thought
  in comparison to him. So distant from           our love
  of Christ that it could be called hating our families.

Heaven celebrates over each repentance (Luke 15:1-

  When the lost are found the angels in heaven
     celebrate for each soul is of great worth
God opens his arms to the rebellious sons who
  come home (Luke 15:11-32)

  We are all prodigals in same way, and God
     welcomes each of us back.

God loves us not based upon our works (Luke 15:11-

  What we have done, who we are, are how moral
     we are, doesn‟t change our position with God,
     grace is extended to everyone, no matter the
We are to have money serve us to further the
 kingdom, rather than serve money. (Luke 16:1-13)

  We must wisely use God‟s resources and wealth      to
  make friends of the gospel.

God will trust those whom where trustworthy with
  His riches with their own in heaven (Luke 16:11-

  Mismanage your account in earth and why   should
  God give you any of your own to manage    in the
Our justification of our sin, never can change God‟s
  truths or laws (Luke 16:14-18)

  The truths of God remain the same, no matter
      how we try to color it.

Money can‟t buy you paradise (Luke 16:19-31)

  You can‟t buy your way or your friends way to
      heaven you must enter through Christ alone.

Do not lead people away from faith in Christ. (Luke

  There are unbearable consequences for leading
     people away from Christ.
Forgive your brother every time (Luke 17:4).

  Every time he repents, you must forgive him as
     God forgave you.

Work in humility God‟s duty for you. (Luke 17:7-10)

  Don‟t look for prizes and recognition for doing
     what is required of you. Just do it for Jesus.

Jesus is the resurrection and the life (John 11:17-44)

  Those who believe in Jesus will live even if they
     die. What a hope.
Jesus death starts the judgment program of the
  coming kingdom (Luke 17:20-37)

  Jesus death brings the water mark of judgment,
      you trust in Him for salvation or not, the church
      will be rescued at the onset of the day of the
      Lord, then judgment will be poured out, and the
      kingdom will be established.

Jesus said we are to never give up in our praying.
  (Luke 18:1-8)

  Pray without ceasing, pray until you hear an answer.
  God‟s justice and will , will be done in His timing.
Jesus said, Divorce is for the hard hearted (Matthew

  Jesus was against divorce. Divorce is breaking a
      commitment to God

Jesus says, we must come to Him with faith like a
  child. (Matthew 9:13-15)

  We must embrace our savior and what He has
     done for us, and what He wants us to do with it,
     with no reservation or over-analyzing.
Late entries into grace still get it in full. (Matthew

  Young, middle aged, or old. Whenever you come to
  Christ you get full 100% grace. Praise   God for
  not penalizing the late in trusting.

Get placed higher in the kingdom by lowering
  yourself on earth. (Matthew 20:20-28)

  Servants of the kingdom will find themselves
      rewarded, the puffed a proud look at me workers
      of earth will find themselves lacking.
Jesus made an intentional relationship with
  Zacchaeus. (Luke 19:1-10)

  He sought out a sinner, built a relationship, and
      brought Him to a saving faith

Jesus left us with great responsibility and what we
  do with it matters greatly. (Luke 19:11-28)

  We have a job to do. A duty. It‟s a matter of life
     and death.
Jesus is the King (John 12:12-15)
   Hosannna to the King. He has come, he has
   departed, he is coming back.

Jesus draws all men unto himself when he is raised
  up. (John 12:32)

  He was raised on the tree, he was raised from the
  grave, all mankind can gather at his feet, salvation is
  for the whole world.
Jesus hearts breaks for those who do not truly see
  him. (John 12:41-44)

   No matter the reason if they miss the point with
  Jesus he longs for them, he desires them.

If we do not worship Jesus the rocks will (Luke

   I wonder how close the rocks have come the last
  century? We need to give Jesus our full worship.

The kingdom of God has been entrusted to us to be
  fruitful (Mathew 21:33-44)

  God has left us to do the work of the ministry and
War, famine, lies, deceit, disaster will increase as
 the day of his return approaches. (Matthew 24:4-

  Increasing like labor pains, stronger and more

When persecution comes we prove our faith and
 salvation by enduring to the end. (Matthew 24:9-

  We must remain faithful and true as the Spirit is
  strong within us.
When (if) we see the abomination of desolation we
 should run! Jews first, Christians second.
 (Matthew 15-24)
 Satan‟s wrath will be poured on men through the
 beast and Revelations tells us after the Jews have
 hidden safely the wrath will turn against us.

We should be able to spot the season of the Lord‟s
 return. (Matthew 24:32-34)

   Jesus gave us signs to look for. So did Paul, do did
  John and the OT prophets before them. Piecing
  them all together we can get a good picture of what
  season the Lord‟s return will take place in.
Jesus said “Whatever you did for one of the least of
  my brothers of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew

  Serving the physical needs of the people around us
  was central to the heart of Jesus.

Jesus demonstrated servitude by washing the
  disciples feet. (John 13:1-17)

  Moving as the perfect mentor, doing first exactly what
  he wants his disciples to do. We are to follow in
  Jesus steps as we lower ourselves in order to reach
Jesus says we have to be bathed to part of him.
  (John 13:6-8)
  We have to be fully washed in the blood of the lamb,
  head to toe, fully surrendered. Our life is his to have
  and to hold, that is the only way to be completely
  bathed and to be in Christ.

Jesus said the bathed still should wash their feet.
  (John 13:9-10)

  The bath brings salvation, but we get dirt again as we
  walk in the world, never fully marred again, but our
  feet get dirty. Confessing those sins to God and
  seeking forgiveness is essential feet washing to keep
  us right with the Lord.
Jesus commanded that we love one another (John
    To love the way he loved. Sacrificially, humbly,
    passionately, love each other.

Jesus permits sifting, but prays for us (Luke 22:31-

    Sometimes the enemy tests us, but Jesus will see
    us through, we must focus on him and his will.
Jesus instructs us to come together and eat bread
and drink the cup to remember his sacrifice until he
returns. (Mark 14:23-26)

     We should regularly remember his suffering and
     death this way. Giving thanks or the new
     covenant which is better and look forward to his

Jesus prepares a place for us where he is. (John

      The best news there is, that he has gone ahead t
      to prepare for us, and he will come and take us
      there someday.
Jesus said he will return for us. (John 14:3, 28-29)

      The king is returning for his children, his family,
      his bride, and he will bring all things to proper

If the love Jesus he says we will obey him (John

     We demonstrate our commitment and our love
     when we do what Jesus wants. We demonstrate
     our sacrifice by our obedience.
We have been given the Holy Spirit. (John 14:15-21,
     Jesus went away but he sent the Spirit to us. He
     indwells us when we trust in Christ with our lives.
     He guides, teaches, reminds, and protects.

Jesus offers true peace through the Spirit (John

      What a peace we have knowing that the Spirit is
      inside us, sealing us for the day of redemption.

Jesus says we cannot bear fruit outside of Him
(John 15:4)
      All our own works and efforts are fruitless if they
      are not done in Christ, and Christ working through
Jesus called us to remain in Him (John 15:1-17)

      When we remain in Jesus Christ walking with his
      spirit, we will bear much fruit, showing we are
     sealed, we will love one another, and we obey the
     commands he has given.

Jesus says the world hates us because of Him (John

     As those chosen and aligned with the light the
     children of darkness will hate us as much as they
     hate the light. But our joy will be complete in
Jesus says we will have trouble in this world be
take heart for he has overcome the world. (John

      It is part of the plan, we will have struggles in this
      life, but Jesus has solved the sin problem and
      one day sin will be no more and all will be made

Jesus declared in prayer that eternal life is found in
knowing him. (John 17:2-3)

      Eternal life starts with knowing Jesus. And we
      know Jesus by receiving his life and the holy
      Spirit, and walking with him all of our days.
Jesus declared in prayer that eternal life is found in
knowing him. (John 17:2-3)

      Eternal life starts with knowing Jesus. And we
      know Jesus by receiving his life and the holy
      Spirit, and walking with him all of our days.

Jesus prayed for believers to be sanctified (John

      We are to be set apart for a special use. We are
      to be lights in this dark world using our spiritual

Jesus prayed for believers unity (John 17:20-23)
(John 17:24) Jesus prayed for believers to join him
Jesus asked friends to pray with him during a
distressing time of life. (Matthew 26:36-38)

      This is a good model for when we are distressed
      and depressed.

Jesus was not selfish, he obeyed His fathers
hardest command. (Matthew 26:40-46)

      God‟s command was for Jesus to die on the
      cross for all of humanity, and Jesus obeyed Him

Jesus said that those who take up the sword would
die by it. (Matthew 26:52)
Jesus is the future judge coming on the clouds of
heaven (Mark 14:62)

      Those forgiven will join his side, those opposed
      will meet their judgment. But no matter what we
      do, no matter the sin, Jesus will put you on his
      side if you confess your sin and repent giving
      your life to him.

Jesus forgave those who were against him. (Luke

      His mind could have been on hundreds of other
      things. He had every right to hate his enemies,
      but he loved and forgave them.
Jesus took care of his mother in her old age. (John

      He wanted to make sure that she was taken care

Jesus showed the two disciples what Moses and
the Prophets said about him to help them
understand. (Luke 24:13-32)

      We need to know and understand what the OT
      says about Jesus so we can help other
      understand the gospel story in full.
Jesus proved who he was physically. (Luke 24:36-

      He showed them his scars and had them touch
      him and ate in front of them, anything to make
      himself more real.

Jesus taught us about our future bodies by
demonstration Luke 24:36-43)

      Our resurrected bodies like Jesus‟ will be of flesh
      and bone, able to eat, to feel and be felt, etc.

EVERYWHERE. (Matthew 28:19-20)

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