; High-Energy Electrons Have New Home at Texas A_M University
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High-Energy Electrons Have New Home at Texas A_M University


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									March 26, 2003                                         Web site: http://www.stc-hps.org                                                            Vol. 24, No. 1
               P                             P
       H                           H






      FOUNDED 1956

      S O CIE T Y                  S O CIE T Y

                           Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists

     At the November                                                                                                                        Jim Sharp took the
       meeting of the                                                                                                                       picture and is the
 South Texas Chapter                                                                                                                        only person not in
      all the meeting                                                                                                                       the photo...
  attendees stood in                                                                                                                        Thanks Jim for all
   front of the Alamo                                                                                                                       your photo work.
      for their photo.

            High-Energy Electrons Have New Home at Texas A&M University
                                                                         Douglas A. Johnson

   n the fall of 2002, Texas A&M Univer-               and below the product, deposition at the

I  sity opened a dual-beam, 10-MeV,
   12-KW pulsed electron-beam (E-beam)
research facility. Designed and built by
                                                       interior of the product is the summation
                                                       of the dose tails of the two beams. So, in
                                                       the case of food products (ground beef),
the SureBeam Corporation® of San Diego,                a total thickness of about 9 cm can be
CA, this is not a prototype but a fully                effectively treated for E. coli bacteria.
functional, high-throughput, irradiator.               Treatment for insects (commonly required
    Food or other products are placed on               for imported fruits) requires a smaller
a conveyer belt about 60 cm wide, which                dose, and density differences are
moves the food or product into a concrete              accounted for in a dose mapping process.
vault through a series of turns. In the                    Since the beam was designed for
interior of the vault, two accelerators are            food production, electron energy and
offset and are positioned above and below              construction materials are designed to
gaps in the rollers. A pulsed beam sweeps              preclude photo-neutron activation of the
the width of the belt at about 10 Hz. The              components or food products.
electrons are pulsed at about 300 Hz, and                  The E-beam facility invites inquiries
dose rates are based on the precise speed              regarding new investigative opportunities.
of the belt rollers. Doses can reach tens              Security and staff considerations allow
of kGy (a few Megarads) in a single                    for proprietary and classified government
multisecond pass. The electrons act like               work and training to be hosted. Current
monoenergetic betas and deposit energy                 research activity includes numerous food
on the surface of the product and, assum-              studies, mold removal from archival doc-
ing a density of water, energy deposition              uments, and component sterilization. x
will increase reaching a maximum dose
                                                       Douglas A. Johnson is the General Manager of the Electron
at a depth of about 2 cm. Dose decreases               Beam Food Research Facility at the Institute of Food
beyond this depth, but since the beams                 Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University             The accelerator scan horn is directed down toward
can be operated in opposition from above               E-mail: dougjohnson@tamu.edu.                               the conveyer with a foam phantom on the rollers.
2                                 Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists

    Bob Emery
                                                                          Science Teacher Workshops
    University of Texas at Houston                                                          Ruben Cortez
    Houston                (713) 500-8100
                                                  he Conference for the             Houston CAST 2003 is                 time slot at CAST 2003. This
    Michael A. Charlton
    UTHSC at San Antonio
    San Antonio
                         (210) 567-2955
                                             T    Advancement of Science
                                                  Teaching (CAST) is the
                                             annual membership meeting
                                                                                scheduled for October 30, 2003,
                                                                                through November 1, 2003,
                                                                                at the Reliant Center in
                                                                                                                         science teacher workshop
                                                                                                                         can be one of our best if we
                                                                                                                         apply what we have learned
                                             of the Science Teachers            Houston. Our participation               from our experience with
    Past President                           Association of Texas. CAST         with CAST 2002 should help               past CASTs. x
    Susan M. Jablonski
    TCEQ                                     has a national reputation for      get the STC-HPS a better
    Austin                  (512) 239-6731   excellence and is attended by
                                             many teachers from other
    Secretary                                states. CAST 2002 was held
    Mary Van Baalen
    UTMB–Environmental Health & Safety
                                             in El Paso, Texas, on
    Galveston          (409) 772-2279        November 7–9, 2002. The
    mvanbaal@utmb.edu                        South Texas Chapter of the
    Treasurer                                Health Physics Society
    Ken V. Krieger                           (STC-HPS) provided a
    Earth Tech Inc.
    San Antonio           (210) 271-0925     science teacher workshop on
    ken_krieger@earthtech.com                November 9, 2002. Susan
    Executive Council                        Jablonski and Robert Emery
    Christopher W. (Chris) Maxwell           did most of the coordination
    ADIT/Eljen Technology
    Sweetwater             (800) 399-4557
                                             and planning for the workshop
    cmaxwell@camalott.com                    with our CAST contact
    Jim Sharp
                                             Mercedes Guzman. More
    Sharp Radiation Safety Services          than 30 notebooks, CDs, and
    Alvin                  (281) 455-7781    instruments were prepared for
                                             the workshop. Frank Iddings,
    Stacy Krieger                            Jim Lewis, and Ruben Cortez
    Brown Engineering Limited
    San Antonio          (210) 614-4188      represented the STC-HPS at a
    smkrieger@browneng.com                   CAST workshop.
    Editor                                       Upon arrival, it was dis-
    John P. Hageman                          covered that there were five
    Southwest Research Institute®
    San Antonio           (210) 522-2633
                                             teachers signed up for the         Ruben Cortez, Frank Iddings, and Jim Lewis in front of the projection screen.
    STCEditor@swri.org                       class. Actually that was the
    Managing Editor
                                             good news! Only one of them
    Alana Woods                              showed up for the short
    Southwest Research Institute®            course. It helped that there
    San Antonio           (210) 522-3760
                                             were two walk-ins. So, it was
    Associate Editor                         a whopping class of 3! The
    Susan Jablonski
    TCEQ                                     size of the class was very
    Austin                  (512) 239-6731   disappointing because at
                                             CAST 2001 in Lubbock, we
    Technical Editor                         had to turn teachers away
    David Norman
    NORM-Rad Services
                                             since we only had room for
    Graham            (940) 549-6578         30 or so. The small class did
    David.Norman@norm-rad.com                allow for a great bit of inter-
    Graphic Designer                         action with the three teachers.
    Jean Fox                                 It was agreed upon by all of
    Southwest Research Institute®
    San Antonio           (210) 522-2839     the participants that a full-day
                                             workshop on the last day of
    The Billet is sponsored by the South     the conference was not the
    Texas Chapter Affiliate Members and
    is printed as a courtesy by Southwest
                                             best idea in a remote location
    Research Institute® in San Antonio.      like El Paso.                      Ruben Cortez talking to the class.
       Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists   3

[Original Signed]
4   Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists
      Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists   5

[Original Signed]
6                      Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists

                              Midyear Meeting in San Antonio, Texas
                                                           John Hageman

     he 2003 Health Physics       Symposia Committee, and so       Board, Vice Chancellor of the    meetings and exhibits in the

T    Society (HPS) Midyear
     Meeting held in San
Antonio, Texas, was perhaps
                                  the STC, through him, was
                                  heavily involved in this
                                  massive effort of program
                                                                   University of Texas System,
                                                                   and Assistant to the Sec. of
                                                                   Defense involved in nuclear,
                                                                                                    San Antonio Convention
                                                                                                    Center. Sue Burk, with the
                                                                                                    HPS Secretariat’s Office,
one of the most successful in     activities.                      chemical, and biological         skillfully held out and negoti-
the Society’s recent history.         The events of September 11   defense programs. They           ated for the Hyatt to provide
Several people and items          dictated that the subject of     wanted to invite him as one      the HPS with $25,000 worth
came together to make this        the 2003 Midyear Topical         of the key speakers for the      of hotel services and food for
meeting such a huge success. I    Symposia should be “Radiation    2003 Midyear Meeting. Also,      the “inconvenience of this
want to tell you about some of    Safety Aspects of Homeland       it was only natural to get       move.” But that’s not the
the behind-the-scenes events      Security,” and the topic of      John Poston, Chairman of the     only blessing. If we had
that made the meeting so          “and Emergency Response”         NCRP Report No. 138              stayed solely with the Hyatt
rewarding.                        was added to peak the interest   “Management of Terrorists        Hotel and not moved to the
    This meeting was planned      of the Society’s Equipment       Events Involving Radioactive     San Antonio Convention
when no chapters had dared to     Vendors. For the past several    Material” and professor in       Center we would not have
come forward to host another      Midyear meetings, the            the Nuclear Engineering          had enough room for the 700+
HPS Midyear Meeting. The          Symposia Committee had           Department at Texas A&M          attendees and the overwhelm-
HPS Board of Directors was        three or four abstracts by the   University, as another key       ing number of exhibitors.
seriously close to eliminating    required deadline, and the       speaker. Susan Jablonski             If you remember the Night
Midyear Meetings because of       Committee had to go into         worked hard to fill the other    Out event at the 1997 HPS
the lack of interest in hosting   hyperdrive to beg members to     speaker slots and submit         Annual Meeting, we had the
a meeting and the very poor       give a paper at the Midyear      papers.                          “Night Out Never to be
attendance at the recent          meeting. This year, there were       The 2003 Midyear Meeting     Topped.” We asked Kathy
Midyears. The South Texas         about 90 abstracts submitted     was originally planned to have   Cadena to contact the same
Chapter (STC) had just fin-       before the deadline. The topic   the event entirely within the    caterer to host the 2003
ished the 1997 Annual HPS         was hot, hot, hot. The “only”    San Antonio Riverwalk Hyatt      Midyear Night Out. She,
Meeting, and I was reluctant      work the Symposia Committee      Hotel’s meeting rooms and        Jim Lewis, and the caterer
to ask the STC Executive          had to do was review, approve,   ballroom. With recent typical    arranged for the Night Out
Council if they would host the    and allocate time and type of    attendance at HPS Midyears       to be at the Buckhorn
2002 or 2003 Midyear. The         presentation. This is NO small   at about 300 registrants and     Bar/Museum with an open bar
STC jumped at the chance,         task! Thanks to all of the HPS   50 exhibitor booths, the         for beer, wine, and margaritas.
but only wanted to do fun         Symposia Committee for their     Hyatt’s meeting space was        This Night Out came real
Local Arrangements                great job.                       ample. However, the Hyatt        close to tying the fun of the
Committee (LAC) work and              After the topic was estab-   had another larger group that    1997 Night Out, but without
not the work of reviewing,        lished, the STC decided to       came in late and wanted the      the armadillo races.
accepting, and collecting         handle the program activities    same meeting original meet-          Linda Morris coordinated
abstracts and papers for the      for the Monday morning’s         ing dates (Jan 19–24, 2003)      the 15 Texas students who
meeting (program activities).     opening Plenary Session. STC     that the HPS had already         volunteered to help at this
As it turned out, the             members John White and           contracted for. The Hyatt        meeting. Because of the mas-
President-Elect of the STC,       Susan Jablonski knew Dale        wanted us to move our meeting    sive attendance, they proved
Mike Charlton was to be           Klein, the former Chairman of    to one week later and to hold    to be very useful if not essen-
the Chairman of the HPS           the Texas Radiation Advisory     the Monday-thru-Wednesday        tial. The STC paid for the
                       Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists                              7

students’ hotel rooms, and        Canvas Bag Acquisition:          Dwane Stevens, Jane Stevens,   Contacting Texas
President Frazer and the HPS      Bob Cherry, Ken Krieger,         Mary Van Baalen, John White,   Emergency Planners:
Executive Committee agreed        Jim Lewis                        Bob Wilson, Otto Zeck, &       Pete Myers, Ruth McBurney,
to allow the Texas students                                        Students from TAMU, TSTC,      David Fogle
who worked 4 hours each day       Canvas Bag Stuffing:             & UTHSC at SA
of the meeting a waiver of        Bob Cherry, Evelyn Cooke,                                       Press Room Coordinator:
the $55 student registration      Alta Craft, Roy Craft,           Exhibitor Assistants:          Bob Emery, Mike Charlton,
fee. The Texas schools that       Diep Quan Dudek, Bob Emery,      Bill Bryant, Chris Maxwell     Janet McCrary, John Poston
allowed students to attend        David Fogle, John Hageman,
and help with the meeting         Ken Hardy, Janie Hardy,          Hospitality Suite:             LAC/Speaker Ready Room
included Texas A&M                Susan Jablonski, Kathy James,    Kathy Cadena, Alta Craft,      Coordinators:
University (TAMU), Texas          Doug Johnson, Ken Krieger,       Janie Hardy, Ken Hardy,        Mike Charlton, Al Evans
State Technical College           Stacy Krieger, Jim Lewis,        Kathy James
(TSTC), and the University        Chris Maxwell, Ruth                                             Security Briefing for
of Texas Health Science           McBurney, Janet McCrary,         STC Web Site Development:      Companions:
Center at San Antonio             Scott Nichelson, John            A.J. Teachout, Robert          Kathy James
(UTHSC at SA).                    Salsman, Jim Sharp,              Ludlum, Nancy Johnson,
    So many people worked         Sharon Sharp, Christy Shriver,   Marilyn Kelso, Alana Woods     Post Office Booth
together to make this Midyear     Warren Snell, Jody Spence,       (SwRI professional staff)      Coordinator:
such a successful meeting.        Mary Van Baalen, Wayne                                          John Hageman
Our thanks go to the hard         Wiatrowski, Bob Wilson, &        Night Out Planning:
work of the Executive             Students from TAMU, TSTC,        Kathy Cadena, Jim Lewis        Logo Design:
Secretariat’s Office, the         & UTHSC at SA                                                   John Hageman with lots
Symposia Committee, and the                                        Social Tours:                  of help from the SwRI
members of the South Texas        Sign Placement:                  Kathy Cadena, Sheryl Harley    Publications Staff
and North Texas Chapters.         Linda Morris, Students from
The volunteers from Texas         TAMU, TSTC, & UTHSC              Technical Tour of              GammaWatch® Door Prize:
Chapters are listed in the        at SA                            Brooks AFB:                    John Hageman,
following by their function(s).                                    Dan Caputo, Ken Krieger.       John McCormick
                                  Premeeting Publicity Booth       Jim Lewis, Scott Nicholson
                                  Workers:                                                        Students’ Coordinators:
Responsible Individuals           Matt Arno, Ed Bailey,            PEP Assistants:                Linda Morris, Mike Charlton,
                                  Bill Bryant, Dave Cadena,        Pete Myers, Karen Myers,       Ian Hamilton
Plenary Session Speakers          Kathy Cadena, Mike Charlton,     Chris Maxwell, Jody Spence,
Arrangements:                     Luz Cheng, Bob Cherry,           Diep Quan Dudek,               TAMU Students:
Susan Jablonski, John White,      Evelyn Cooke, Alta Craft,                                       Jason Ceceaux, Laura Grady,
Bob Emery                         Roy Craft, Bob Emery, Diep       Secretary/Minutes:             Katie Graebner, Sandra
                                  Quan Dudek, Al Evans,            Pete Myers, Karen Myers        Jimenez, Alexis Lazarine,
Design and Order T-Shirts:        David Fogle, Maria Gonzales,                                    Becky Raabe, Amy Reiter,
Susan Jablonski, David Fogle,     John Hageman, Ian Hamilton,      Message Board:                 Laura Stoicescu, and
John Hageman with design          Ken Hardy, Bill Huckabee,        Eva Legler, Steven Legler      Jennifer Watson.
help from the Southwest           Susan Jablonski, Rick Jacobi,
Research Institute® (SwRI®)       Kathy James, Carl Kee,           LAC Photographer: Jim          TSTC Student:
Publications Staff                Ken Krieger, Stacy Krieger,      Sharp, Jim Lewis               Ranee Raup
                                  Eva Legler, Steven Legler,
T-shirts Sales:                   Jim Lewis, Robert Lobaugh,       Color Map to the Buckhorn      UTHSC at SA Students:
Students from TAMU, TSTC,         Robert Ludlum, Chris             and Announcements Flyer:       Mehul Naik, Robin Campos,
& UTHSC at SA, Susan              Maxwell, Ruth McBurney,          Jim Lewis, John Hageman        Max Amurao, Eric Dzintars,
Jablonski, David Fogle            Janet McCrary, Chris Meyer,      and Alana Woods (SwRI pro-     James Tanyi
                                  Linda Morris, Karen Myers,       fessional staff)
Registration and Event            Pete Myers, Bud Norton,                                         LAC Co-Chairmen:
Assistance:                       Rob O’Donel, John Poston,        5K Fun Run/Walk:               Jim Lewis and John Hageman
Evelyn Cook, Ruth                 John Salsman, Bruce              Jim Lewis, John Hageman,
McBurney, Linda Morris,           Schoenbucher, Jim Sharp,         John Purnell (Professional
John Salsman, Christy Shriver     Christy Shriver, Jody Spence,    Run Mgr.)
8                       Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists

                                                                  Lacy Orpin
                                                               Tech Times Staff

 Monique is an enthusiastic         friends missed her while she
 member of the Texas State          was away. “Yes, they all
 Technical College (TSTC)           missed me very much,” she
 Student Branch of the HPS.         confidently announces as she
 She is looking forward to          snuggles her way onto
 continuing her Environmental       Monique’s lap. “I told them
 Health & Safety/Health             I went with my mommy to
 Physics courses with Linda         Colorado.”
 Morris at TSTC.                        The trip in mention was an
                                    extended Thanksgiving break
       he should be home by         to Denver to visit Monique’s

“S     now; she’s never been
       this late,” said Monique
 Ortiz as she anxiously paces
                                    parents. Family meetings have
                                    become more essential to
                                    Monique lately. She needs
 around her cozy TSTC cam-          Chelsea to know her grandpar-
 pus home’s living room. “She       ents. She needs to know that in
 has been gone for five days,       case anything happens to her,
 I hope they haven’t forgotten      Chelsea will be okay. You see,
 about her.” Minutes later, a       Monique has cancer … and
 smile stretches across her face    she is a single mother. Four
 as she scoots from the couch       months ago, the first year,

                                                                                                                                                   Mark Burdine, Photography Coordinator
 and hurries to the front door      26-year-old health physics
 and down the sidewalk.             major found herself faced
 “Mommy, mommy” squeals             with a harsh reality that has
 the pint-sized object of worry     changed her life.
 as she races from the bus and          “I went for my annual
 leaps into the arms of her         exam, and it came back abnor-
 mother for their daily dose of     mal; so I redid it and it turned
                                                                         Keeping Perspective: 26-year-old Monique Ortiz and her daughter Chelsea
 after school hugs and kisses.      out that I had ovarian cancer,
                                                                         make the most out of every shared minute. The first-year Health Physics
     “Santer Claus was at school    said Monique. “I had a full          major was diagnosed with cancer in September.
 today,” exclaims Monique’s         hysterectomy at the beginning
 pigtailed five-year-old daugh-     of September, and I missed               After three weeks of               elementary school, first dates,
 ter, Chelsea as she mixes          the first four weeks of the          chemotherapy left Monique              and prom. I am one of the
 between giggles and excitedly      semester. I went back to             tired and unable to care for           room mothers at her school,
 talking herself out of breath.     Hillcrest for my three-week          Chelsea, she opted not to              and I plan on being that for
 “It’s Santer Claus mommy,          check-up after that, and that        continue with the treatment.           several more years.”
 not Santa Claus; there is a        is when they told me it had          Doctors have since told                    Thankfully, she was
 difference.” She recounts her      spread to my liver.”                 Monique that if she does not           accepted as a patient at the
 day’s events to Monique one            The ordeal isn’t the first       begin another form of treat-           MD Anderson Cancer Center
 after another, innocently          time Monique has faced a             ment in two months, she may            and will undergo the treatment
 oblivious to the fact that there   health challenge. She battled        have only 18 months of life            that doctors hope will allow
 are strangers watching the         breast cancer at just 22 and         remaining.                             her to make a full recovery.
 poignant interaction she is        has been forced to become                “For about a week I was            Treatments could send
 sharing with her mother.           more health conscious because        so angry and in denial that I          Monique to Austin three days
     As Chelsea wrestles to         of her family’s history of can-      didn’t do any of my homework,          a week, leaving Chelsea in the
 open her after-school snack        cer. Her mother successfully         Monique said candidly. “After          care of friends during the day.
 of chocolate filled Oreos          dealt with cervical cancer that      that though I was like come            Although she was forced to
 while chewing an oversized         required a partial hysterectomy      on, go get the treatment,              sell her car to pay for classes
 piece of grape bubble gum,         while a 32-year-old aunt died        everything will be fine. You           and housing at TSTC, the
 Monique asks the Connally          three years ago from ovarian         know Chelsea is only five.             transportation issues are the
 Primary kindergartner if her       cancer.                              I need to see her through              least of her worries.
                        Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists                                    9

                                                                        Canberra’s Presentation at STC-HPS
                                                                       Meeting on Homeland Security Available
                                                                                                   John Smalling
                                                                                      Director of Homeland Security Programs
    “I’m at that point now,         Chris’ second child. Faced                                   Canberra Industries
where I am looking to move          with the reality that she was
back to Colorado to be near         not going to be able to care
                                                                            t the request of Dr. Bob Emery, I am making available a
my family,” said Monique. “I
am going to need more exten-
sive treatment, and I know I
am going to need them to help
                                    for two children on her own,
                                    Monique made plans, while
                                    four months pregnant, to have
                                    him adopted.
                                                                      A     PDF file of the presentation I gave on Nuclear/
                                                                            Radiological Terrorism. Bob is free to give any or all of
                                                                      this presentation to anyone who may be interested. It is
                                                                      Canberra’s hope to come to Houston to give a specific version
with my daughter. I have                “Why take away from both
                                                                      of this presentation to First Responders and to demonstrate
already found a school to go        of them? I wanted both of
                                                                      several pieces of equipment.
to and a cancer research cen-       them to have a wonderful life,
                                                                          For a copy of the Texas Presentation PDF, contact John P.
ter there so I wouldn’t have        and I just couldn’t do it on my
                                                                      Smalling at 423-282-4621 (office), 423-282-3818 (fax), small-
to worry about losing my            own,” said Monique. “I inter-
                                                                      ing@canberra.com (email), or http://www.canberra.com/home-
Medicaid insurance.”                viewed 111 couples ’till I
                                                                      land.htm. x
    Chelsea is acutely aware        found exactly what I wanted
her mother is sick. Although        for my son. I have a com-
she is in the gifted and talented   pletely open relationship with
program at her school, there is     them. They send me pictures
no way her young mind can           every month, and I talk to             Ludlum Instruments Must Be Selling
comprehend the severity of          them every Sunday.”                                            Rick Jacobi
Monique’s illness. She does             Because of that close
however, angelically console        relationship, the couple who         n Sweetwater, Texas, the home of Ludlum Measurements, Inc.,
Monique with her tiny
resources. “She is very con-
cerned how I am feeling. She
                                    adopted her son has also
                                    volunteered to adopt Chelsea
                                    should something happen to
                                                                      I  a business news article stated that Ludlum Measurements,
                                                                         who employs 200 people is expanding to add 100 more
                                                                      employees. You can visit this STC Affiliate’s web site at
gets me a drink when I am not       Monique. Following her visit      http://www.ludlums.com. x
feeling well and makes me           to Colorado, Monique has
peanut butter and jelly sand-       realized the importance of her
wiches,” said Monique,              own family. “I grew up with
lovingly stroking Chelsea’s         all my cousins and everyone
cheek.                              around me, and I think                  Change of Address for David Fogle
    Though delicate in stature,     Chelsea deserves the same
Monique appears to be the           opportunity. I feel selfish            TTENTION STC members! STC Membership Committee
epitome of health. She wears
a constant grin and exudes a
bubbly personality. Chelsea
                                    keeping her from that, and I
                                    also know that in Colorado,
                                    Chelsea can stay with my
                                                                      A    Chair David Fogle’s address has changed. Even though the
                                                                           U.S. Postal Service will forward mail addressed to the
                                                                      Cervin Boulevard address for about 3 months, use of the new
rarely leaves Monique’s side        family when I am getting          address would assure prompt delivery of Chapter dues renewals.
as if savoring each moment          treatment.”                       The dues renewal form should have the following address:
spent with her mother. The              Although there are times
duo has been on their own for       that Monique is overcome              NEW ADDRESS:
nearly all of Chelsea’s life.       with anger by the unfairness
After enlisting in the US Army,     of her illness, she also allows       David Fogle
Monique was stationed in            herself to dream about her            14904 Haley Hollow
Virginia where she met and          future. “I want to get married        Austin, TX 78728
married Chelsea’s father,           again, take care of my home,
Chris Savage. The couple was        go to banquets with my hus-          When writing your check for STC dues, please support your
sent to Germany where               band, and watch my daughter       Chapter’s principal initiatives by contributing to the Science
Monique later gave birth to         grow up. Time is precious         Teacher Workshops or Student Scholarship Fund.
Chelsea. Following that,            right now.”
Monique soon found herself              So is the love she shares         Thanks,
stationed at Fort Hood,             with Chelsea. x                       Mary Van Baalen, STC Secretary
divorced and pregnant with
10                 Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists

                       President-Elect Kase
                        Michael A. Charlton

                                                                                               he National HPS President-Elect Dr. Ken Kase
                   (L-R) Bob Emery (STC President), Ken Kase (HPS President-Elect), and
                                                    Mike Charlton (STC President-Elect)
                                                                                          T    was treated to a warm South Texas welcome
                                                                                               on November 15–16, 2002, in San Antonio,
                                                                                          Texas, where the South Texas Chapter of the
                                                                                          Health Physics Society hosted their annual
                                                                                          Affiliate Fair at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The
                                                                                          STC-HPS meeting was held in the same hotel that
                                                                                          hosted the 36th Annual Midyear Symposia on
                                                                                          January 26–29, 2003.
                                                                                              Attendees were delighted by the innovative
                                                                                          programs described by a variety of Affiliate mem-
                                                                                          bers in the morning program. The luncheon of
                                                                                          Texas-style beef and chicken fajitas culminated
                                                                                          in a keynote lecture by President-Elect Kase.
                                                                                          Dr. Kase presented numerous Health Physics
                                                                                          Society programs including Homeland Defense,
                                                                                          Radiation Safety Without Borders, public education
                                                                                          through Science Teacher Workshops, and health
                                                                                          physics college educational initiatives. His theme
                                                                                          of “We Want You” to participate in national pro-
     (L-R) Janet McCrary, Bob Emery (STC President), and Ken Kase (HPS President-Elect)
                                                                                          grams motivated the audience.
                           Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists                                             11

                                   Storms The Alamo!

    Following the keynote lecture, meeting partici-    Steven and Eva Legler bask in the glow of the Alamo
pants strolled one block to the historic Alamo for a
photo opportunity with Dr. Kase. The Texans suc-
cessfully defended The Alamo so that attendees of
the 2003 HPS Midyear would be able to experience
the national treasure in January!
    President Emery dedicated afternoon sessions
to a variety of STC-HPS initiatives including a
Radiation Safety Without Borders trip to Costa Rica.
Dr. Emery described his meeting with “El Jefe”
or “The Leader” of the Costa Rica radiation
protection program during his August 2002 visit.
Local Arrangement Co-Chairs John Hageman
and Jim Lewis discussed final planning for the
2003 Midyear in San Antonio.
    The gathering concluded with students from
Texas A&M University and Texas State Technical
College making a clean sweep of Affiliate door
prizes. President-Elect Kase concluded that the
South Texas Chapter is the “most spirited” chapter     (L-R) Susan Jablonski (STC Past-President), David Fogle (STC Membership Committee Chair),
around! x                                              Ken Kase, and Mike Charlton sipping suds
12     Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists

      Fall 2003 Education Grants Available
                                    May 27, 2003
     Please refer to financial information form and application form on this page and the next.
Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists   13
14                    Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists

                                    Support for Atomic Energy Merit Badge
                                                          Albert (Al) E. Evans

      ounseling Boy Scout candidates for

C     the Atomic-Energy Merit Badge is a
      way to bring nuclear technology to
boys in age from 11 to 17. Requirements
for the badge, addressed in a 75-page
pamphlet, cover information about
    x basic atomic and nuclear physics
    x history of the evolution of our
        knowledge of nuclear physics
    x types and behavior of radiation
    x radiation safety
    x existence of natural and manmade
        radiation in the world
    x applications of radiation
    The boys are examined for what they
have learned from the pamphlet and
other reading material. They then partici-
pate in some simple exercises and model
building to enhance their understanding.
The material can be covered for 10 or
fewer boys in about three hours. A visit
to a facility such as a hospital with
nuclear medicine and/or x-ray equipment
can meet two of the optional require-
ments. Arrangements to teach the course
can be made through any Scoutmaster or       STC member and Boy Scout Unit Commissioner Al Evans (back) presents the Atomic Energy Merit Badge
through your local/area Boy Scout            to (left to right) Chris Hale, Jason Klix, Stephen Moore, and Michael Fuentes at the January 20, 2003,
Council. x                                   Court of Honor held by Scout Troop 1199 at the Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Sugar Land, Texas.
                         Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists                                            15

                             South Texas Chapter of Health Physics Society, Inc.

                                     Spring Meeting
                               Texas A&M University – Memorial Student Center
                                          College Station, Texas

                                                           April 25–26, 2003

      his meeting will be dedi-      Science Center. This presen-           and reviewed. A media “pre-        current health physics student

T     cated to facilitating all of
      the ideals on which our
Chapter was founded and will
                                     tation will outline the new
                                     public relations role the health
                                     physicist faces in the public
                                                                            paredness” presentation of this
                                                                            nature is the first of its kind
                                                                            for the STC-HPS.
                                                                                                               members is planned immedi-
                                                                                                               ately following the Executive
provide an opportunity to            health/homeland defense                    STC President Dr. Robert
interact with radiation protec-
                                                       x                    Emery will present an inform-       …interacting
tion professionals throughout                                               ative report on the “State of
Texas. Students will provide             Students                           the Chapter,” and Treasurer             with a
presentations about their                                                   Kenneth Krieger will present
research and compete for the            will provide                        a report on the Chapter finan-
                                                                                                               variety of media
Richard D. Neff Memorial
                                                                            cial status.                          outlets…
Student Award, a $100 cash                                                      The STC-HPS Executive
award.                                                                      Council will meet on Friday,                      x
    The meeting will also fea-                         x                    April 25, 2003, from 5 pm to       Council meeting in College
ture a luncheon presentation         realm. Specific instances of           6:30 pm in the Memorial            Station’s historic “Northgate”
from Mr. David R. Bates,             South Texas Chapter members            Student Center on the Texas        area. All members and students
Director of Media Relations          interacting with a variety of          A&M University campus.             are invited to attend the infor-
at the UT Houston Health             media outlets will be displayed        An informal reception with         mal reception!

                             CEUs Awarded for LMP & MRT Certifications†
                                 †Based on evaluation of finalized agenda by TDH – Professional Licensure staff.
                            STC-HPS members will be notified via e-mail of CEU amounts and affected certifications.


                                                            Future Meetings
  Date                         Location                                      Topic                                    Deadline for The Billet

  April 26, 2003               Texas A&M University                          Student Papers                           NA
                               College Station, Texas

  July 20–24, 2003             San Diego, California                         National HPS Meeting                     NA
16                       Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists

                                  Map to Memorial Student Center and Parking
     From Austin & San Antonio: Take IH-35 North to Hwy 290 East to State Route 21.            Parking tokens will be available during
     East on State Route 21 to Hwy 47 (on outskirts of Bryan near Texas A&M Riverside          the meeting for use at the University
     Campus). Head east on Hwy 47 (which will eventually become Hwy 60 or University           Center Parking Garage.
     Drive). Past Easterwood Airport exit,
     veer to the right onto West By-Pass
     (2818). Turn left at stoplight onto
     George Bush Drive. Continue north-
     west on George Bush Drive to
     Houston St. (2nd stoplight). Turn left
     on Houston St. to enter the University
     Center Parking Garage.

     From Houston: Take Loop 610
     South/West. Take the Highway 290
     exit (towards Austin). Stay on Hwy 290
     until you reach Hwy 6 (just north of
     Hempstead). Turn right onto Hwy 6
     North all the way to College Station.
     Near College Station, continue north                    Memorial
     on BUSINESS 6 (Texas Ave.) to
     George Bush Drive. Turn left onto
     George Bush Drive. Continue west on
     George Bush Drive to Houston Street
     (3rd stoplight). Turn right on Houston
     St. to enter the University Center                                         Parking Garage (University Center)
     Parking Garage.

                                                     Hilton College Station
                     801 University Drive East, College Station, TX 77840 x 1 (800) HILTONS or (979) 693-7500

     The Hilton College Station and Conference Center is one mile from Texas A&M University. The conveniently located hotel
     offers more than 26,000 square feet of meeting space for business and social occasions, a spacious outdoor pool, and a state-
     of-the-art exercise room. Within a three-mile radius of the hotel, guests can shop or dine at the Post Oak Mall or sightsee at
     the Brazos Valley Museum or George Bush Presidential Library. The Hilton’s restaurant, the Plaza Café is open from 6:30 am
     to 11:00 pm. The Gallery Bar offers a relaxed setting for cocktails in the evening.

     A block of rooms has been reserved for Friday, April 25, and Saturday, April 26, 2003, until April 4, 2003, under the name
     “South Texas Chapter Health Physics Society.” The event name is “Student Research Project Competition.” Room rates will
     be $80 per night – single or double occupancy. Room rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes. A limited number of
     rooms are available under this room block. To secure these excellent rates, you must call the reservation telephone number
     listed above EARLY and specify that you are with the South Texas Chapter Health Physics Society. After the reservation
     deadline, Hilton anticipates that no rooms will be available at this rate, so make your reservations early!
             Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists           17

                                      Preliminary Agenda

                                        Friday, April 25, 2003
5:00 – 6:30 p.m.      Executive Council Meeting
                      Rudder Tower, Room 504
                      Texas A&M University

7:00 – 10:00 p.m.     Informal Reception (all members welcome)
                      Dixie Chicken on Northgate

                                    Saturday, April 26, 2003
                         Memorial Student Center – Texas A&M University

8:00 – 8:20 a.m.      Registration and Continental Breakfast
                      Room 292

8:20 – 8:30 a.m.      Welcome and Introductions – Mike Charlton, Ph.D., STC-HPS President-Elect
                      Room 292

8:30 – 10:00 a.m.     Student Presentations
                      Room 292

10:00 – 10:30 a.m.    Break and Professional Networking – Coffee, Assorted Teas, and Baked Goods
                      Room 292

10:30 – 12:00 pm      Student Presentations
                      Room 292

12:00 – 1:30 p.m.     Bar-B-Que Beef Brisket Lunch
                      David Bates, Director of Media Relations – UTHSC-Houston
                      “Media Preparedness for the Health Physics Community”
                      Room 201

1:30 – 3:00 p.m.      Affiliate Member Demonstration & Presentations
                      Room 292

3:00 – 3:30 p.m.      Break – Snacks, Coffee, and Sodas
                      Room 292

3:30 – 4:00 p.m.      State of the Chapter Address – Robert Emery, Ph.D., STC-HPS President
                      Room 292

4:00 p.m.             Adjournment
18                     Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists

                         Please submit a registration form for each member or guest attending the meeting and mail to the address below.

                                           Spring Meeting and Student Presentations
                                                                   April 25–26, 2003

                                            Hilton College Station x College Station, Texas

                                                         Pre-Registration Form
                    Hotel Registration Deadline — April 11, 2003 x STC Registration Deadline — April 18, 2003

  Attendee’s Name

  Attendee’s Address

  City                                                                        State                                        Zip

  ❏ STC Member (technical session and lunch) - $ 45
  ❏ STC Member (technical session ONLY) - $ 25

  ❏ Non-STC Member (technical session and lunch) - $ 55**
  ❏ Non-STC Member (technical session ONLY) - $ 40
  ❏ Non-STC Member (lunch ONLY) - $ 35*

  ❏ Student (technical session and lunch) - $ 10

  ❏ Need a receipt for this meeting
  ❏ Need CEU certificate

  Mail registration form(s) with your check (made payable to the STC-HPS) to arrive before April 18, 2003, to:

           Kenneth V. Krieger
           5003 Northfield Drive
           San Antonio, TX 78228-1064
           Phone (210) 271-0925
           Fax (210) 271-3061

Preregistration will close on April 18, 2003. If you will not be able to attend the meeting, please call and cancel your
reservation PRIOR TO APRIL 18, 2003. Any reservations not cancelled by April 18, 2003, will be regarded as confirmed
reservations, and funds will be collected for the meeting. Refunds will be honored only for cancellations made before April 18, 2003.
Registration fees collected after April 18, 2003, or at the door, if available, will be $10 extra.

 * If contemplating on-site purchase of lunch, meeting space and lunch cannot be guaranteed on the day of the meeting.

**Nonmembers may select the option of applying for South Texas Chapter–Health Physics Society membership at the meeting
  and enjoy privileges of membership at future Chapter events.
                      Health Physics Society x South Texas Chapter x Radiation Safety Specialists                               19

                            South Texas Chapter – Health Physics Society
                         Chapter Dues Payment/Membership Application Form
                                     (Please Print – This information is used for mailing labels and directory listing.)

Name                                                                            Business Name

Home Address                                                                    Business Address

Home Phone                                                                      Business Phone

Home Fax                                                                        Business Fax


❏ I would prefer to receive mail at: ❏ Home ❏ Business                                  ❏ I would like to be a Meeting Mentor
❏ I would prefer to receive calls at: ❏ Home ❏ Business                                 My interest or area of expertise

❏ Yes, I am a National HPS member.
❏ Yes, I am a Certified Health Physicist.
❏ Yes, I am a Registered Radiation Protection Technologist.

Please check the STC-HPS committee(s) on which you would like to actively serve.
❏ Nominating            ❏ Meeting Program          ❏ Membership                  ❏ Publications
❏ Legislation           ❏ Public Relations         ❏ Affiliate                   ❏ Other/Ad Hoc
❏ Student Assistance

Enclosed is my check #__________ made payable to the STC-HPS for the following:
STC-HPS dues for the year:

             Regular membership:                                  $10.00/yr ×_____Years               = $____________________

             Student membership:                                    $5.00/yr ×_____Years              = $____________________

             Student Scholarship Fund Donation (tax deductible)*                                      = $____________________

             Science Teachers Workshop Donation (tax deductible)*                                     = $____________________

             Total Enclosed                                                                           = $____________________
*For two $10 donations you get a free STC lapel pin.

Please mail this form with your check or money order (please do not mail cash) to:
                        David B. Fogle                                          Phone: (512) 834-6688, x2203
                        Membership Committee Chair                              Fax: (512) 834-6690
                        14904 Haley Hollow                                      Email: david.fogle@tdh.state.tx.us
                        Austin, TX 78728
               P                            P
       H                          H






      FOUNDED 1956

      S O CIE T Y                 S O CIE T Y

Health Physics Society
South Texas Chapter
P.O. Drawer 28510
San Antonio, TX 78228-0510
ATTN: John Hageman


           he affiliate membership of the South Texas Chapter (STC) is listed below. Our affiliates help support our Chapter functions,

T          and we should support them. They contribute substantially to the STC, and each should be thanked by our considering their
           products or services first. Also, tell them we sent you.

ADIT/ELJEN Technology                           Earth Tech Inc.                    Ludlum Measurements, Inc.          PULCIR, Inc.                          Suntrac Services
Chris Maxwell                                   Carl Forbes                        Dwane Stevens                      Scott Eddlemon                        Rob O’Donel
Post Office Box 870                             110 Broadway Ste. 320              Post Office Box 810                9209 Oak Ridge Parkway                1818 East Main Street
303 Crane Street                                San Antonio, TX 78205              501 Oak Street                     Oak Ridge, TN 37830-3500              League City, TX 77573
Sweetwater, TX 79556                            WEB: www.earthtech.com             Sweetwater, TX 79556               WEB: www.pulcir.com                   WEB: www.suntrac.com
WEB: www.aditpmt.com                            E: ken_krieger@earthtech.com       WEB: www.ludlums.com               E: sales@pulcir.com                   E: rob@suntrac.com
E: cmaxwell@aditpmt.com                         T: 210-271-0925                    E: dstevens@ludlums.com            T: 800-862-1390                       T: 281-338-2133
T: 800-399-4557                                 F: 210-271-3061                    T: 800-622-0828                                                          F: 281-338-2136
F: 915-235-2872                                                                    F: 915-235-4672                    Radiation Technology
                                                F&J Speciality Products, Inc.                                         Jack Hendrick                         Texas Energy Research Associates, Inc.
APTEC-NRC, Inc.                                 Frank Gavila                       Microtec Services Inc.             Post Office Box 27637                 5926 Balcones Dr. Suite 400
Steve Vittatoe                                  404 Cypress Road                   Quintin Stokely                    Austin, TX 78755                      Austin, TX 78731
Route 2 Box 154F3                               Ocala, FL 34472                    110 Charles Street                 E: Radiationtech@msn.com
Gladewater, TX 75647                            WEB: www.fjspecialty.com           Pasadena, TX 77506                 T: 512-346-7608                       Texas State Technical College
WEB: www.canberra.com                           E: fandj@atlantic.net              E: qas.msi@ev1.net                 F: 512-795-8718                       Linda Morris
E: svittatoe@canberra.com                       T: 352-680-1177                    T: 713-475-2274                                                          Honorary Affiliate
T: 903-297-2987                                 F: 352-680-1454                    F: 713-475-2362                    Research Products                     3801 Campus Drive
F: 603-971-6389                                                                                                       International Corp.                   Waco, TX 76705
                                                ICN Worldwide Dosimetry Service    Owens Scientific, Inc.             Albert L. Eccker                      E: lmorris@tstc.edu
Atomic Energy Industrial                        Phil Harris                        Jack Owens                         410 North Business Center Dr.         T: 254-867-2952
Laboratories of the Southwest, Inc.             3300 Hyland                        6906 Escondido Drive               Mt. Prospect, IL 60056
Steven H. Allen                                 Costa Mesa, CA 92626               Houston, TX 77083-1118             WEB: www.rpicorp.com                  The Delphi Groupe, Inc.
9261 Kirby Drive                                WEB: www.dosimetry.com             E: owensssci@flash.net             E: services@rpicor.com                Ron Gauny
Houston, TX 77054                               E: pharris@icnpharm.com            T: 281-498-3311                    T: 847-635-7330                       2211 South Interstate Highway 35, Suite 400
WEB: www.aeil.com                               T: 800-548-0136 Ext. 9379          F: 281-933-0522                    F: 847-635-1177                       Austin, TX 78741
E:shallen@aeil.com                              F: 714-668-3149                                                                                             WEB: www.delphigroupe.com
T: 877-866-2345                                                                    Perma-Fix Environmental Services   SAINT-GOBAIN Crystals & Detectors     T: 512-462-1181
F: 713-790-0542                                 Inovision Radiation Measurements   Ben Warren                         Terry C. Moore                        F: 512-462-1187
                                                Bryan Hughes                       1940 N.W. 67th Place               2964 Forest Chase Terrace
Bicron NE                                       1011 Goldfinch                     Gainesville, FL 32653-1692         Marietta, GA 30066                    Thermo-Eberline Instruments
Terrence Moore                                  Sugarland, TX 77478                WEB: www.perma-fix.com             WEB: www.detectors.saint-gobain.com   Denny Cannon
2964 Forest Chase Terrace                       WEB: www.inovision.com             E: bwarren@perma-fix.com           E: Terence.C.Moore@saint-gobain.com   Post Office Box 621059
Marietta, GA 30066                              OR www.surveymeters.com            T: 352-395-1352                    T: 770-926-1660                       Littleton, CO 80162
WEB: www.detectors.saint-gobain.com             E: bhughes@inovision.com           F: 352-372-8963                    F: 770-926-5541                       WEB: www.thermoeberline.com
E: terrence.c.moore@saint-gobain.com            T: 800-850-4608 Ext. 3715                                                                                   E: DCannon@thermoeberline.com
T: 770-926-1660                                 F: 281-494-5174                    Phoenix Scientific Sales           Solutient Technologies, LLC           T: 303-948-5001
F: 770-926-5541                                                                    Bill Tucker                        Steve Pocock                          F: 303-978-0518
                                                ISO-TEX                            Post Office Box 2074               7857 Freedom Ave., NW
Bionomics, Inc.                                 Tom Maloney                        Roswell, GA 30076                  North Canton, OH 44720                Thermo MeasureTech
John McCormick                                  Post Office Box 909                E: phoenixsales@mindspring.com     WEB: www.solutientech.com             Ralph S. Heyer
Post Office Box 817                             Friendswood, TX 77546              T: 770-642-8529                    E: spocock@solutientech.com           2555 North I.H. 35
1391 James Ferry Road                           WEB: www.isotexdiagnostics.com     F: 770-642-0466                    T: 330-497-5905, 877-787-8721         Round Rock, TX 78664
Kingston, TN 37763                              E: isotex@aol.com                                                     F: 330-497-2045                       WEB: www.thermo.com
E: j_mccormick_bionomics@email.msn.com          T: 281-482-1231                    Protechnics Environmental                                                E: rheyer@thermoMT.com
T: 865-376-0053                                 F: 281-482-1070                    Services, Inc.                     Southwest Research Institute          T: 512-388-9287
F: 865-376-4291                                                                    Larry Stephenson                   John Hageman                          F: 512-388-9333
                                                K&S Associates, Inc.               6316 Windfern Rd.                  Honorary Affiliate
Canberra Industries                             Thomas Slowey                      Houston, TX 77040                  6220 Culebra Road                     William B. Johnson
Steve Vittatoe                                  1926 Elm Tree Drive                T: 281-496-3734                    San Antonio, TX 78238-5166            Dick Landfried
Route 2 Box 154F3                               Nashville, TN 37210                                                   WEB: www.swri.org                     Post Office Box 472
Gladewater, TX 75647                            WEB: www.kslab.com                                                    E: jhageman@swri.org                  200 A.E.I. Drive
WEB: www.canberra.com                           E: tslowey@kslab.com                                                  T: 210-522-2633                       Fairlea, WV 24902
E: svittaoe@canberra.com                        T: 615-883-9760                                                                                             WEB: www.johnsonnuclear.com
T: 903-297-2987                                 F: 615-871-0856                                                                                             T: 304-645-6568
F: 603-971-6389                                                                                                                                             F: 304-645-2182

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