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									         T h e U n i v e r s i T y o f h a w a i‘ i a T M ā n o a

  School of Nursing
and Dental Hygiene
                                 2006 annUal reporT

      Leading The Way
         Imua Kupai Anaha
                                                  School of Nursing
                                                  and Dental Hygiene
Inside this report                                AdministrAtion
                                                  Mary G. Boland, DrPH, RN, FAAN
                                                                                          Jillian inouye, PhD, APRN-BC
                                                   Dean	                                     Director of Research
	 3	 Dean’s	message                                mgboland@hawaii.edu	                      jinouye@hawaii.edu
                                                  Christine A. Lima, PhD, MBA, RN         Joe Mobley, PhD, MA
	 4	 Interview	with	Dean	Boland
                                                    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs     Associate Director of Research
                                                    limac@hawaii.edu	                       and extramural Programming
	 6	 SONDH	at	a	glance
                                                  CoMMuNity PARtNeRsHiPs
	 7	 SONDH	meets	community	needs	
                                                  stephanie Marshall, MsN, RN             Joan Dodgson, PhD, MPH, RN
	   	 with	accelerated	and	online	programs                                                  Director, Center for the
                                                    smarshal@hawaii.edu                     Advancement of Health
	 8	 Simulation	technology	prepares	
                                                                                            Disparities Research
	   	 students	for	the	real	world                 DeveLoPMeNt AND ALuMNi                    dodgson@hawaii.edu
	 10	 ‘Ike	AO	PONO	program	nurtures	                                                      iNteRNAtioNAL AFFAiRs
                                                  Anne Marie Rizzo
	   	 cultural	sensitivity	for	Native	Hawaiian	    Director                               John Casken, PhD, MPH, RN
	   	 students	and	patients	                       annemarie.rizzo@uhf.hawaii.edu           Director of International Affairs
	 12	 Revamping	healthcare	through	               CHAiRs
                                                  Carolyn K. Kuba, Med, RDH               stuDeNt seRviCes
	   	 cultural	value	based	research
                                                    Chair, Department of Dental Hygiene   Ray Jarman, PhD
	 14	 Advancing	oral	care	across	the	islands        ckuba@hawaii.edu                        Interim Director of office of
                                                  Ann sloat, PhD, RN                        Student Services
	 16	 Celebrating	50	years	of	nursing	             Chair, Department of Nursing             jarmanr@hawaii.edu	
	   	 with	the	Fabulous	50	                        asloat@hawaii.edu
                                                  victoria Niederhauser, DrPH,
	 18		 SONDH	takes	a	global	approach	
                                                  APRN-BC, PNP                            Gail tiwanak, MBA, RN
	   	 to	problem	solving                            Graduate Chair                         Director of operations
                                                    niederha@hawaii.edu	                   gtiwanak@hawaii.edu
	 19	 Community	partnerships	pave	
                                                  ACADeMiC suPPoRt                        sCHooL oF NuRsiNG
	   	 the	way	for	more	programs
                                                                                          AND DeNtAL HyGieNe
                                                  Lois A. Magnussen, edD, APRN
	 20	 Honoring	our	benefactors	                     Director of Faculty Development       2528	McMarthy	Mall
                                                    magnusse@hawaii.edu	                  Webster	Hall
	 22	 Become	a	SONDH	supporter;	                                                          Honolulu,	Hi	96822
                                                  Nalani Minton, MA                       Phone:	808	956-8522
	   	 Create	a	legacy                              Director of ‘Ike Ao PoNo               Fax:	808	956-3257
                                                   bminton@hawaii.edu	                    www.nursing.hawaii.edu
                                                  Lorrie Wong, Ms, RN
                                                    Director of Simulation Learning       The University of Hawai’i is an equal
                                                    lorriew@hawaii.edu	                   opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution
                                                         “We are not content to sit back and wait for the future.
                                                            We are meeting it head-on by leading the way.”

Dean’s Message
Aloha.	As	I	move	into	my	second	year	as	dean	of	The	School	of	Nursing	and	Dental	
Hygiene	(SONDH)	at	the	University	of	Hawai‘i	at	Mānoa,	I	continue	to	be	inspired	by	
the	pride,	vitality	and	determination	of	our	faculty,	students	and	staff.	There	is	an	
excitement	in	the	air,	not	just	due	to	the	changes	that	are	occurring	in	our	school,	but	
also	as	a	result	of	the	expanding	roles	nurses	and	dental	hygienists	are	taking	in	the	
evolution	of	healthcare.

As	a	school,	the	SONDH	is	aggressively	proactive.	By	forging	stronger	bonds	with	our	
medical	counterparts,	we	are	working	to	address	critical	health	issues	facing	our	state.	
Among	these	is	the	acute	shortage	of	nurses	as	the	Baby	Boomer	generation	moves	into	
retirement,	a	situation	which	is	further	exacerbated	by	the	aging	of	Hawai‘i’s	nursing	
workforce.	The	earthquake	of	2006,	the	litany	of	world-wide	natural	disasters	and	the	
impending	threat	of	emerging	diseases	also	serve	as	reminders	that	Hawai‘i’s	healthcare	
professionals	must	be	forever	vigilant.	And	as	the	SONDH	looks	to	the	future,	we	cannot	
ignore	Hawai‘i’s	at-risk,	under-served	and	under	represented	populations	who	need	our	help	right	now.	

In	this	report,	you’ll	hear	how	faculty	and	students	at	the	SONDH	are	leading	the	way	by	initiating	research	that	addresses	the	
underlying	cause	of	poor	outcomes	and	improving	long-term	health	for	entire	populations.	Additionally,	they	are	creating	
innovative	partnerships	that	enable	the	SONDH	to	provide	our	students	with	relevant	hands-on	opportunities	while	allowing	us	
to	fine-tune	our	curriculum	to	meet	the	current	and	anticipated	needs	of	Hawai‘i’s	dental,	medical,	educational	and	public	
health	communities.	

On	the	educational	forefront,	the	SONDH	is	leading	the	way	with	simulation	technology	in	the	classroom,	online	and	
accelerated	degree	programs,	and	a	leadership	track	that	provides	joint	nursing	and	business	degrees.	Throughout	this	
report,	you’ll	also	discover	how	we	are	turning	our	unique	location	and	multi-cultural	student	and	patient	base	into	
opportunities	to	improve	lives	in	the	islands	and	throughout	the	Pacific	Rim.

Adding	to	our	school’s	energy	was	our	Fabulous	50	event	honoring	50	of	the	state’s	top	nurses.	Also	recognized	at	the	
event	were	four	proud	members	of	our	class	of	’56.	They	were	the	first	graduates	to	receive	4-year	bachelor	degrees	in	
nursing	and	paved	the	way	for	the	talented	nursing	and	dental	hygiene	professionals	who	are	following	in	their	footsteps.

At	the	SONDH,	we	are	not	content	to	sit	back	and	wait	for	the	future.	We	are	meeting	it	head-on	by	leading	the	way	in	the	
classroom	and	out	in	the	field.	We	invite	you	to	join	us	as	we	continue	our	quest	to	become	one	of	the	top	20	nursing	
schools	in	the	nation—a	school	where	the	world’s	premier	faculty	will	be	drawn	and	whose	graduates	are	among	the	most	
coveted	in	Hawai‘i	and	beyond.

M a r y G . B o l a n d ,	DrPH,	RN,	FAAN
Dean	and	Professor

                                                                  	   School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                    
                                                                                                Photo: Dean Mary Boland,
         “…it’s our responsibility—our kuleana—to                                               DrPH, RN, FAAN (center)
       find ways to improve the health of individuals                                           with former soNDH deans,
                and populations in our state.”                                                  Jean Lum, PhD, RN, FAAN
                                                                                                (left) and Rosanne
                                                                                                Harrigan, edD, APRN-Rx,
                                                                                                FAAN (right) at the
                                                                                                Fabulous Fifty Gala.

 Launching a new era at the SONDH
       Dean Mary Boland talks about her vision and future directions for the school

Q: Dean Boland, as the leader for                Q: Can you give me an example?    begin	we	needed	to	lay	the	ground-
the school of Nursing and Dental                                                   work.	Before	I	came	aboard,	the	
                                         A:	One	that	comes	to	mind	is	devel-
Hygiene, what would you say is the                                                 school	created	an	Office	of	Research	
                                         oping	solutions	to	the	epidemic	of	
state of the school?                                                               directed	by	Dr.	Jillian	Inouye.	This	
                                         diabetes.	Native	Hawaiian	and	
A:	The	first	75	years	of	the	school	was	 Filipino	groups	have	a	much	higher	       past	year,	the	faculty	developed	a	
dedicated	to	building	our	educational	 rate	of	diabetes	as	compared	to	the	        research	agenda.	Following	on	that,	
programs.	Today,	our	graduates	are	      U.S.	mainland.	It’s	also	one	of	the	      we	added	support	throughout	the	
well	respected	and	highly	recruited.	    hardest	diseases	to	prevent	and	self-     entire	process	from	concept	develop-
Now,	the	SONDH	is	ready	to	become	       manage.	Right	now,	nurse	researchers	     ment	to	proposal	submission	and	
a	force	for	change.	                     at	the	SONDH	are	developing	ap-
                                                                                   project	management.	
                                         proaches	to	help	diabetics	to	become	
Q: Where and what kind of change         managers	of	their	own	care—do	self-
                                                                                   Q: Are there challenges and
do you see?                              management—to	live	healthier	lives.	
                                         Our	faculty	and	students	embrace	         opportunities facing the school?
A:	As	a	public	institution,	it’s	our	    and	represent	the	diverse	cultures	in	
responsibility—our	kuleana—to	find	                                                A:	O‘ahu	is	referred	to	as	the	Gather-
                                         Hawai‘i.	They	seek	interventions	and	
ways	to	improve	the	health	of	                                                     ing	Place	where	multiple	people	and	
                                         solutions	that	incorporate	traditional	
individuals	and	populations	in	our	      native	Hawaiian,	Japanese,	Chinese	       forces	come	together.	The	rate	of	
state.	Unlike	private	institutions,	we	  and	Filipino	practices.                   change	in	our	world	will	continue	to	
take	our	lead	from	and	have	a	
                                                                                   accelerate.	Both	health	sciences	
responsibility	to	the	community.	We’re	 Q: is research a new initiative
                                                                                   education	and	health	care	are	in	
continually	asking	ourselves	what	our	
                                         for the school?                           transition.	The	public	is	concerned	
school	can	bring	to	the	table	to	
improve	the	health	related	quality	of	   A:	Research	has	been	part	of	our	         and	rightly	so	about	the	quality	of	
life	for	the	people	of	Hawai‘i.          strategic	plan,	but	before	we	could	      care	in	a	country	where	the	cost	of	

	   U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
care	continues	to	spiral	upward.	The	       mandate	for	change.	Complacency	is	        Q: What do you see as your role in
demands	on	an	aging	care	workforce	         our	enemy.	Schools	that	lead	the	way	      the school’s future?
have	the	potential	to	worsen	issues	of	     in	driving	towards	innovation	and	
                                                                                       On	any	given	day,	I	wear	many	hats	–	
access	and	quality	across	all	popula-       excellence	will	thrive.	                   guide,	facilitator,	stimulator,	steward.	
tion	groups.	At	the	same	time,	the	                                                    Always,	I	strive	to	create	a	mission-
Institute	of	Medicine	challenged	us	to	     Q: What kind of support can make           driven	school	culture	with	a	strong	
reform	our	educational	efforts	to	          a difference for the school?               sense	of	purpose.	each	member	of	
improve	quality	and	address	the	                                                       our	school	‘Ohana,	and	students	in	
                                            A:	We’re	reaching	out	to	individuals	
nation’s	health	needs	more	effective-                                                  particular,	is	a	valued	resource.	I	use	
                                            and	organizations	who	see	our	
ly.	Last	year,	the	bipartisan	National	                                                every	opportunity	to	communicate	
                                            potential.	We’re	looking	at	creating	
Conference	of	State	Legislatures	Blue	                                                 and	invite	others	to	join	with	us	to	
                                            endowment	opportunities	to	support	
Ribbon	Panel	on	Higher	education	                                                      realize	the	school’s	vision	to	be	the	
                                            professorships,	visiting	faculty,	
                                                                                       nursing	leader	in	our	state	and	
issued	a	call	for	the	country	to	rethink	   student	scholarships,	and	research	
                                                                                       region.	To	the	larger	community,	the	
its	investment	or	risk	federal	intrusion	   funding—these	are	tools	that	will	         Dean	is	the	face	of	the	school.	I	am	
into	education.	Our	public	education-       enable	the	SONDH	to	recruit	and	           committed	to	spreading	the	word	
al	institutions	must	be	responsive	to	      retain	the	best	faculty,	which	in	turn,	about	our	wonderful	school,	sharing	
workforce	needs	and	accountable	to	         increases	our	ability	to	graduate	more	 our	efforts	and	hearing	about	
our	states	while	contributing	to	the	       nurses.	Locally,	we	want	to	combine	    community	needs.	One	of	my	favorite	
knowledge	generation	and	profes-            our	efforts	with	our	partners	to	          things	is	to	speak	to	individuals	and	
sional	evolution	of	our	disciplines.	       address	critical	issues	and	promote	       groups	about	us.	We	have	a	great	
Taken	together	these	present	a	             better	health.	                            story	to	tell!

                                                                   	   School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                       
                                 uNiveRsit y oF HAWAi‘i At MāNoA

                               School of Nursing
                               and Dental Hygiene
                                __at_____ ________________________
                                  _ ____
                               •	 visioN: 	The	leader	in	nursing	and	dental	hygiene	education	and	
                                  research	in	Hawai‘i	with	outreach	to	Asia	and	the	Pacific	Basin.

                               •	 MissioN:	Provide	an	innovative,	caring	and	multicultural	
                                  environment	in	which	faculty,	students	and	staff	work	together	to	
                                  generate	and	transmit	knowledge,	wisdom	and	values	to	promote	
                                  quality	of	life	and	health	for	present	and	future	generations.	To	
                                  better	reflect	Hawai‘i’s	unique	cultural	diversity	and	heritage,	the	
                                  SONDH	is	committed	to	increasing	Native	Hawaiian	and	other	
                                  under-served	people	in	all	nursing	and	dental	hygiene	programs.
                               •	 Bachelor’s,	Master’s,	Doctoral	degrees;	Post-Master’s	Certificates

                               •	 512	students

                               •	 4,000	plus	alumni
                               DePARtMeNt oF NuRsiNG

                               •	 BS	degree	in	nursing

                               •	 MS	degree	and	Post-Master’s	Certificates	in	advanced	practice,	
                                  mental	health,	education	and	administration

                               •	 PhD	in	nursing

                               •	 Accredited	by	the	Hawai‘i	State	Board	of	Nursing,	the	National	
                                  League	for	Nursing	Accrediting	Commission	(NLNAC),	and	the	
                                  Commission	on	Collegiate	Nursing	education	(CCNe)	

                               •	 300	undergraduate	nursing	students

                               •	 115	Master	and	Post-Master’s	nursing	students

                               •	 30	PhD	in	nursing	students
                               DePARtMeNt oF DeNtAL HyGieNe

                               •	 BS	degree	in	dental	hygiene
                               •	 Accredited	by	the	American	Dental	Association	Commission	on	
                                  Dental	Accreditation

                               •	 67	dental	hygiene	students

	   U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
                                                                    The SONDH is the only nursing program in the State of
                                                                        Hawai‘i accredited by both the Commission on
                                                                    Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and the National
                                                                    League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

Learning at the speed of life
    the soNDH leads the way with accelerated and online programs

The	SONDH,	like	its	mainland	counterparts,	is	responding	to	the	acute	nationwide	nursing	shortage	with	rigorous	fast-track	
degree	programs.	This	innovative	approach	propels	qualified	graduates	into	the	field	in	less	time	than	needed	for	a	
traditional	undergraduate	degree.	Designed	for	second-degree,	second-career	and	graduate	students,	fast	track	programs	
fulfill	employer	requests	for	mature,	experienced	nurses	prepared	for	leadership	roles.

Accelerated Nursing Program and Master’s entry Program in Nursing
Piloted	in	2004,	the	Accelerated	Bachelor’s	Degree	program	enables	students	with	a	prior	bachelor’s	degree	in	any	field	to	
complete	their	BS	in	nursing	in	just	eighteen	months.	It	is	designed	for	individuals	who	desire	a	“fast	track”	program	to	
launch	them	into	a	new	career	in	professional	nursing.	

In	2006,	the	program	admitted	24	students,	ranging	in	age	from	23-37.	While	most	students	held	bachelor	degrees,	several	
came	with	master’s	degrees	in	public	health,	psychology	and	business	administration.	Our	accelerated	students	are	
focused	and	highly	motivated.	In	fact,	the	present	class	scored	87%	on	the	National	League	for	Nursing	achievement	tests	
in	health	assessment,	well	above	the	national	average	of	50%.	They	are	also	a	diverse	group:	the	present	class	includes	3	
male	and	21	female	students;	4	students	of	Hawaiian	ancestry,	and	3	of	Native	American	heritage.	

Building	on	successful	models	across	the	nation,	and	in	response	to	the	demand	by	employers	and	students	for	a	master’s	
level	fast	track	program,	the	SONDH	is	revising	the	accelerated	effort	to	create	a	Master’s	entry	Program	in	Nursing	(MePN)	
program.	This	move	will	enable	the	SONDH	to	streamline	the	core	requirement	process	to	better	accommodate	students	
pursuing	nursing	as	their	second	degree.	Simultaneously,	the	MePN	will	increase	efficiency	in	the	bachelor’s	program	by	
reducing	the	number	of	master’s	candidates	in	undergraduate	courses.	By	evolving	its	curriculum,	the	SONDH	will	address	
the	immediate	demand	from	employers	and	prepare	nurses	for	education,	leadership	and	specialty	practice.

Joint Ms Nursing/Master’s in Business Administration
In	a	move	to	address	the	shortage	of	nurses	in	leadership	positions	the	SONDH,	in	conjunction	with	the	Shidler	College	of	
Business	at	the	University	of	Hawai‘i,	offers	a	joint	degree	in	nursing	and	business	administration.	The	degree	includes	
preparation	in	management,	finance	and	planning	to	provide	nurses	with	business	skills	for	positions	in	mid-level	and	
senior	leadership	positions.

online PhD in Nursing
The	online	doctoral	degree	breaks	new	ground	for	the	university.	Innovative	quality	programming	increases	access	for	
students	throughout	Hawai‘i.	The	PhD	program	prepares	nurses	to	conduct	clinical	scholarship	and	to	teach	in	nursing	
education	programs,	especially	those	with	minority	student	populations.	The	courses	use	the	Internet,	email,	list-serves	
and	other	web-based	technologies.	In	addition,	students	participate	in	on-campus	meetings	throughout	the	course	of	the	
program	to	foster	their	learning	in	an	academic	and	scholarly	community.

                                                                	   School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                      
	   U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
                       The first thing you learn as a health care provider is
                     to assess the situation—to take in the environment, the
                              patient, the details that can save a life.

Practice makes perfect
    simulation technology takes real life situations into the classroom

The	SONDH	is	countering	the	nursing	shortage	by	preparing	graduates	
to	literally	hit	the	ground	running.	In	the	Simulation	Laboratory,	two	
computerized	mannequins,	SimMan™	and	SimBaby,™	prompt	nursing	
students	to	treat	a	variety	of	acute	care	situations	without	real	world	
consequences.	As	the	mannequins	talk,	cry,	experience	difficulty	
breathing,	exhibit	erratic	pulse	and	heart	rates,	make	bowel	sounds	and	
show	lip	cyanosis,	the	students	respond	by	clearing	obstructed	airways,	
administering	IVs,	taking	blood	pressure	readings	and	inserting	
nasogastric	tubes.	each	session	is	carefully	monitored	through	a	one-
way	mirror	by	instructor	Lorrie	Wong,	RN,	MSN.	At	the	close	of	the	
session,	she	will	facilitate	an	interactive	debriefing	reviewing	the	
scenario	with	the	students.	

By	the	time	SONDH	students	become	registered	nurses,	they	will	have	
honed	their	clinical,	technical	and	decision-making	skills	in	preparation	for	
clinical	practice.

The	goal	is	for	the	SONDH’s	Health	Workforce	Simulation	Resource	
Laboratory	to	be	networked	to	the	five	other	University	of	Hawai‘i	nursing	
programs	across	O‘ahu,	the	Big	Island,	Maui	and	kaua‘i	for	interdisciplinary	
training	to	improve	communication,	outcomes,	and	patient	safety.	

                	   School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                        
      ‘IKE is a shared vision held and nurtured by all;
      AO is the everlasting quality of continuation; and
                  PONO is harmony in life.

 ‘iKe Ao PoNo students and director Nalani Minton participate in a Native Hawaiian health conference held on the island of Kaho‘olawe.

                                                                                  ‘iKe Ao PoNo student Blaine sanchez practices a
                                                                                  Native Hawaiian tradition by placing a ho‘okupu
                                                                                  (offering) at the heiau (sacred place) as a gift of deep
                                                                                  appreciation to honor the experience of Kalaupapa.

Community nursing students visit Kalaupapa

From	about	1866	to	1969,	Hansen	Disease	(also	called	leprosy)	victims	were	banished	to	the	remote	kalaupapa	Peninsula	on	
the	island	of	Moloka‘i.	Recognizing	the	potentially	profound	effort	of	such	a	visit,	instructor	Nancy	McGuckin	organized	
trips	to	kalaupapa	for	students	and	faculty.

In	2006,	Dean	Mary	Boland	accompanied	kris	Qureshi,	RN,	DNSc,	Stephanie	Marshall,	RN,	MS	and	a	group	of	fifth	
semester	nursing	students	to	visit	kalaupapa,	Moloka‘i.	In	the	early	years	of	HIV/AIDS	work,	nurses	on	the	front	lines	
found	lessons	in	the	history	of	social	response	to	infectious	disease	while	dealing	with	issues	of	stigma	for	care	
providers	and	patients.	Visiting	this	community,	where	long-term	residents	have	chosen	to	live	out	their	remaining	
years,	touched	each	one	of	us.

10	   U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
                                      Kanaka Maoli embracing puolo ho‘okupu, a sacred offering/blessing;
                                      this emblem of compassion was chosen to symbolize the sacred gifts
                                      and responsibilities of committed health professionals. (illustration
                                      by Native Hawaiian Artist, Doug tolentino).

    innovative cultural program at soNDH makes history

In	Hawai‘i,	diversity	is	a	way	of	life.	And	yet,	despite	the	beautiful	mix	of	peoples,	Native	Hawaiians	of	the	indigenous	
culture,	are	sorely	underrepresented	in	healthcare	professions.	Although	Hawaiians	make	up	about	25%	of	the	state’s	
population,	they	represent	only	5%	of	Hawai‘i’s	nursing	professionals.	The	SONDH	is	correcting	that	disparity	by	supporting	
an	innovative	program	called	‘Ike	AO	PONO,	directed	by	Nalani	Minton,	MA.

Nalani	explains	the	cultural	meaning	of	its	mission	as	reflected	in	the	name	she	gave	the	program:	‘iKe	is	a	shared	vision	
held	and	nurtured	by	all;	Ao	is	the	everlasting	quality	of	continuation;	and	PoNo	is	harmony	in	life	sustained	by	integrity:		
right	relationship,	right	intention	and	right	action.	Together,	these	concepts	present	the	collective	vision	of	lasting	health	
and	wellness	for	the	whole	community.	

The	SONDH	is	committed	to	creating	positive	change	through	‘Ike	AO	PONO,	a	support	and	cultural	enrichment	program	
for	Native	Hawaiian	and	Pacific	Island	nursing	students.	Its	primary	purposes	are:	1)	to	improve	the	health	of	Native	
Hawaiian	and	Pacific	Island	peoples	through	culturally	sensitive	care;	2)	to	increase	the	number	of	Native	Hawaiian	and	
Pacific	Island	health	professionals;	and	3)	to	provide	inspiration	to	younger	generations	of	Native	Hawaiians	and	Pacific	
Islanders	in	the	form	of	positive	role	models.	

Recent	statistics	show	that	compared	to	the	U.S.	mainland,	Native	Hawaiians	(in	Hawai‘i)	have	a	greater	rate	of	cancer,	a	
higher	rate	of	diabetes	and	obesity,	a	higher	rate	of	heart	disease	and	an	alarming	higher	rate	of	early	mortality.	Samoan	
and	Pacific	Islanders	are	also	at	high	risk	for	these	diseases,	and	32%	of	Samoan	household	incomes	in	Hawai‘i	are	below	
the	poverty	level.	All	face	barriers	to	higher	education,	positive	health	and	socioeconomic	outcomes.

‘Ike	AO	PONO	helps	Native	Hawaiian	and	Pacific	Island	students	apply	to,	succeed	in	and	graduate	from	the	SONDH.	While	
 many	of	these	students	come	from	at-risk	and	under-served	communities,	they	are	inspired	and	encouraged	to	succeed	
 through	a	unique	support	base,	consisting	of	academic	counseling,	a	strong	student	‘ohana	(family),	scholarships,	financial	
 aid,	health	conferences	and	professional	opportunities.	

At	the	core	of	the	program	is	‘Ike	AO	PONO’s	uniquely	Hawaiian	approach	to	wellnesss.	Through	community	service,	students	
spend	time	tending	the	lo‘i	(taro	patches),	visiting	sacred	sites	and	reconnecting	with	their	past.	Through	these	experiences,	
students	develop	a	cultural	understanding	of	health	that	enriches	their	peers,	faculty,	the	healthcare	community	and	the	
Native	Hawaiian	community	at	large.

In	2001,	‘Ike	AO	PONO	began	with	6	students.	As	of	Fall	     ‘IKE AO PONO is supported by PL-103-150, the Native Hawaiian
2006,	the	program	has	graduated	40	RNs	and	today	            Health Care Act and the Native Hawaiian Education Act enacted
supports	45	undergraduate	nursing	students,	15	              by the U.S. Congress. Program funding is provided through a
graduate	Native	Hawaiian	and	Pacific	Island	students	        Social Justice Initiative of the UH Mānoa Chancellor’s Office, UH
per	semester,	and	the	first	Native	Hawaiian	graduate	to	     President and the Kuali‘i Council. Funding for student scholar-
earn	a	PhD	in	Nursing	from	the	SONDH.	These	                 ships, cultural program needs, supplies and equipment is provided
numbers	represent	a	remarkable	transformation	and	           through partnerships with over 50 local organizations, among
contribution	to	the	nursing	profession	and	culturally	       them, Queen’s Medical Center and Kamehameha Schools.
competent	health	care	in	Hawai‘i.	

                                                                  	   School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                       11
Dr. Niederhauser’s study
helps to significantly increase
the up-to-date immunization
rate of keiki (children) at the
Kalihi Palama Health Center.

Implementing change from the inside out
      using cultural value based research to revamp healthcare in Hawai‘i

The	SONDH	is	pursuing	research	that	addresses	the	needs	of	Hawai‘i’s	diverse	population	as	well	as	those	of	the	Pacific	
Basin	and	Asia.	Hawai‘i’s	multi-cultural	setting	affords	the	SONDH	a	unique	opportunity	to	conduct	culturally	relevant	
investigations	that	have	the	potential	to	improve	the	quality	of	life	in	our	communities,	our	islands,	and	the	world.	

Two	of	the	SONDH’s	top	priorities	are	preventive	care	and	self-management.	The	ability	to	care	for	oneself—such	as	in	
diabetes	management	and	childhood	immunizations—are	seen	as	critical	steps	in	improving	the	health	of	Hawai‘i’s	most	
at-risk	populations.	By	transforming	clinical	observations	to	targeted	hypothesis	and	data	proven	solutions,	the	SONDH’s	
nurses	are	leading	the	way	to	better	health.

12	   U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
i N C R e A s i N G H e ALt H AWAR e N e ss t H R o u G H Cu Lt u R AL s e N s i t i v i t y
Jamie Boyd, PhD, FNP, Instructor, SoNDH                   Dr.	Boyd	explains	that	concepts	of	“me”	such	as	“my	blood	
                                                          pressure	reading,	my	weight,	my	age”	are	not	important	to	
Across	the	globe,	native	people	and	health	professionals	
                                                          Native	Hawaiians.	Instead,	their	health	is	measured	by	their	
are	struggling	to	come	to	an	agreement	about	what	
                                                          ability	to	care	for	others,	for	example,	“I	am	raising	four	
defines	good	health.	This	issue	goes	beyond	semantics	to	
                                                          children	and	taking	care	of	my	mother,	so	that	must	mean	
ingrained	beliefs	as	to	what	makes	a	person	healthy,	and	
                                                          I’m	healthy.”	
therefore,	what	constitutes	a	medical	problem	and	how	
and	when	should	that	problem	be	treated.	Jamie	Boyd,	     How	can	two	such	disparate	points	of	view	meet?	Dr.	Boyd	
PhD,	FNP	is	at	the	heart	of	the	issue.	A	Native	Hawaiian	 stresses	that	the	first	step	is	to	understand	a	patient’s	core	
and	collaborator	with	the	‘Ike	AO	PONO	program,	she	      beliefs	so	that	the	desired	solution	can	be	explained	
holds	a	SONDH	faculty	position	at	Leeward	Community	      through	a	culturally	acceptable	point	of	view.	Instead	of	
College	in	West	Oahu.	Immersed	in	one	of	Hawai‘i’s	       telling	a	patient	he	must	lower	his	glucose	level	to	a	specific	
highest-risk	and	under-served	communities,	she	is	        number,	a	nurse	might	tell	him	that	if	he	wants	to	be	able	to	
bringing	together	the	teachings	of	her	grandparents	with	 play	with	his	grandchildren	in	five	years,	he	will	need	to	eat	
her	nursing	education.	                                   more	foods	that	come	directly	from	the	land	and	sea.

usiNG CoGNitive BeHAvioR iNteRveNtioN to MANAGe DiABetes seLF-CARe
Jillian Inouye, PhD, APRN-BC, MS, MA, eNHANCe Program                   The	Cognitive	Behavior	Intervention	Study	is	a	five-year	
Principal Investigator and Professor, SoNDH                             research	initiative	to	determine	if	the	systematic	modifica-
                                                                        tion	of	behaviors	can	result	in	improved	health	outcomes,	
every	diabetic	knows	that	maintaining	self-control	at	parties	          better	quality-of-life	and	enhanced	adherence	to	self-
can	be	difficult.	Now	imagine	Hawai‘i’s	local-style	gather-             management	for	Asian	and	Pacific	Islander	individuals	with	
ings	where	delectable	dishes	tout	flavors	from	around	the	              diabetes.	Or,	in	other	words,	can	patients	be	motivated	to	
world.	To	many,	restraint	is	equivalent	to	torture.	                    take	better	care	of	themselves	by	perceiving	their	condi-
                                                                        tion	as	“half	full”	instead	of	“half	empty?”	
According	to	Dr.	Jillian	Inouye,	there	are	more	than	102	
steps	to	managing	diabetes,	making	it	one	of	the	most	                  The	Cognitive	Behavioral	Intervention	(CBT)	Study	for	
challenging—and	overwhelming—lifestyles	to	maintain.	                   Diabetes	Self	Management	is	a	$1.2	million	five-year	grant	
Because	it	is	widely	accepted	that	knowledge	does	not	                  from	the	National	Institute	of	Nursing	Research,	NIH.	
predict	or	change	behavior,	Dr.	Inouye	identified	the	need	             Currently	in	its	third	year,	study	results	will	contribute	to	
for	an	alternate	approach,	one	that	took	into	consideration	            understanding	successful	diabetes	management	in	Asian	
a	person’s	cultural	and	personal	values.                                Pacific	Islanders.

MiNiMiziNG DisPARities iN CHiLDHooD iMMuNizAtioNs RAtes
Victoria Niederhauser, DrPH, APRN-BC, PNP,                          families	with	case	managers.	“In	order	to	increase	immuniza-
Associate Professor, SoNDH                                          tions,	we	must	identify	the	unique	barriers	specific	to	each	
                                                                    setting,”	says	Niederhauser.	Dr.	Niederhauser	eliminated	
Dr.	Niederhauser	explored	the	barriers	to	immunization	in	
                                                                    concerns	about	scheduling	appointments,	missing	work,	
poor	and	ethnically	diverse	children	and	developed	an	              being	turned	away	for	being	late,	and	being	asked	to	pay	for	
intervention	study	to	minimize	organizational	barriers	at	kalihi	   immunizations	by	opening	a	walk-in	shot	clinic	(WISC)	run	by	
Palama	Health	Center.	                                              a	nurse	practitioner	two	evenings	per	week	and	on	Saturdays.	

Because	the	parent	reported	barriers	differed	based	on	             Study	findings	were	published	in	the	Journal	of	the	American	
location	and	across	cultural	and	social	groups,	Niederhauser	       Academy	of	Nurse	Practitioners	(www.aanp.org)	in	January	
recommended	a	combination	of	targeted	immunization	                 2007	and	the	Family	and	Community	Health	Journal	(www.
interventions,	public	policy	changes	and	linking	high-risk	         familyandcommunityhealth.com),	March/April	2007	issue.

                                                                    	    School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                        1
Advancing oral care in the Islands
      the Department of Dental Hygiene

In	2006,	the	Department	of	Dental	Hygiene	enrolled	25	new	students	for	a	total	student	count	of	67.	The	dental	hygiene	
program	at	University	of	Hawai‘i	at	Mānoa	is	the	only	baccalaureate	degree	in	the	islands.	It	offers	the	educational	
preparation	required	by	dental	hygienists	to	provide	oral	health	care	and	education	to	the	people	of	Hawai‘i,	the	
continental	U.S.	and	the	Pacific-Asia	region.	

In	a	well-equipped	clinical	setting,	students	receive	hands-on	experience	and	supervised	patient	care	experiences	to	
prepare	them	for	real	world	careers.	The	program	also	includes	courses	in	liberal	arts	and	basic	sciences.

As	with	their	nursing	counterparts,	dental	hygienists	are	especially	needed	in	communities	with	at-risk,	under	represented	
and	under-served	populations,	primarily	Native	Hawaiian	and	Pacific	Island	populations.	To	this	end,	the	SONDH	and	
Department	of	Dental	Hygiene	are	committed	to	the	reduction	of	health	disparities	among	all	the	people	of	Hawai‘i.	

Students	completing	the	bachelor’s	of	science	in	dental	hygiene	qualify	for	admission	to	the	national	and	state	board	
dental	hygiene	examinations	for	licensure	to	practice	dental	hygiene	in	private,	public	health	and	other	dental	hygiene	
settings.	It	offers	professional	training	to	broaden	and	deepen	knowledge	and	skills,	as	well	as	providing	a	foundation	for	
personal	and	professional	development	and	opportunities	for	admission	to	graduate	work.

1	   U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
                                                                   The Dental Hygiene program operates a dental hygiene
                                                                  clinic on the UH Mānoa campus providing services and
                                                                  educational experiences to students and the community.

Moving Forward

Dean	Boland,	Dental	Hygiene	Department	Chair	Carolyn	kuba,	and	dental	hygiene	faculty	instituted	a	comprehensive	
strategic	effort	to	guide	future	dental	hygiene	education	within	the	School	of	Nursing	and	Dental	Hygiene.	The	strategic	
planning	process	included	preparation	of	a	comprehensive	White	Paper	describing	the	national	and	local	context	for	
dental	hygiene	education,	surveys	of	Hawai‘i’s	dentists	and	dental	hygienists	to	assess	workforce	supply	and	demand;	and	
a	conference	of	stakeholders	with	expert	presentations	followed	by	group	interactive	brainstorming	and	plan	building.

The	effort	provided	the	School	and	Department	with	discipline-specific	strategies	to	support	the	School’s	mission	for	
dental	hygiene	education.	Most	importantly,	local	and	national	stakeholders	expressed	a	deep	commitment	to	supporting	
dental	hygiene	education	at	UH.

To	access	the	2006	Strategic	Planning	Summary	Report	for	Dental	Hygiene	education,	UH	visit	the	school’s	web	site	at:	

                                                              	   School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                     1
Hawai‘i’s Fabulous Fifty Nurses honored on october 21, 2006. Back row: Alison Miyasaki, Pat Nishimoto, Roberta oneha (standing in
for her daughter Mary Frances), Dee Jay Mailer, Dale Allison, Mahealani thomas, Judy Mikami, Paulette Nakamatsu, Adele Mitchell,
sandra Kakiuchi, Melody Kilcommons, Juliet Beniga. Second row from Back: Karen Klemme, Leilani Karasaki, Kenneth zeri, Lt Col Laura
Rogers, stephen Cull, Mary Catiel, Desiree Puhi, Christi Keliipio, toby Clairmont, sister Alicia Damien Lau. Third row from Back: Joan
Matsukawa, Kathy Johnson, Hope Cooper-oliver, Fay Nakamoto, Caroline yee, Nancy Johnson, Ruth ota, Margaret salvador, Patricia
Gilbert, Lori Conley, Dorothy Motoyama, Kim Larsen-Hester. fronT row: Mala Lange, Patricia tom, Rose Ann Poyzer, Beth Hoban, Hob
osterlund, Dean Mary Boland, Rep. Marilyn Lee, Ann sasuga, olivia Castro, Melodee Deutsch.

The Fabulous 50
      Honoring Hawai‘i’s brightest stars

In	2006,	in	celebration	of	50	years	of	achievement,	the	SONDH	paid	tribute	to	50	nurses	from	throughout	the	state	who	
represent	the	best	of	nursing	in	Hawai‘i.	The	service	and	dedication	of	these	“Fabulous	50”	brought	honor	to	the	nursing	
profession,	advancements	in	healthcare,	and	extended	the	spirit	of	aloha	to	countless	patients	and	families	in	our	community.	

Also	honored	were	four	members	of	the	Class	of	’56,	the	remarkable	young	women	who	were	the	start	of	a	new	direc-
tion	in	nursing	as	the	first	graduates	from	a	beginning	nursing	baccalaureate	program	in	Hawai‘i.	They	went	on	to	rich	
careers	in	healthcare,	administration	and	research,	and	set	the	stage	for	the	evolution	of	one	of	the	leading	healthcare	
institutions	in	the	state:	the	University	of	Hawai‘i	School	of	Nursing	and	Dental	Hygiene.	

Starting	with	that	first	graduation	ceremony	in	1956,	the	SONDH	at	UH	Mānoa	has	awarded	nearly	3,000	bachelor’s	
degrees,	750	master’s	degrees,	and	18	doctorates	in	nursing.	Our	students	represent	the	rich	cultural	and	ethnic	tapestry	
that	defines	Hawai‘i:	their	ancestry	is	Hawaiian,	Pacific	Islander,	Filipino,	Japanese,	Chinese	and	european,	among	others.	
A	full	25%	percent	of	our	students	are	male,	far	exceeding	the	national	average	of	8%.	Most	graduates	stay	in	Hawai‘i	but	
many	go	on	to	careers	on	the	mainland	and	abroad.

1	   U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
Hawai‘i’s	Fabulous	Fifty	Nurses
May Akamine                Waimanalo Health Center
Dale Allison               Hawai‘i Pacific University
Juliet Beniga              Queen’s Medical Center
Rick Carmichael            UH Kaua‘i Community College
Olivia Castro              Kaiser Permanente
Mary Catiel                Lana‘i Community Hospital
Toby Clairmont             Healthcare Association of Hawai‘i
Lori Conley                Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children
Hope Cooper-Oliver         Tripler Army Medical Center
Stephen Cull               Kaua‘i Veterans Memorial Hospital
Melodee Deutsch            Kaiser Foundation Hospital
Lenora Fabrao-Wong         Lana‘i Community Hospital                                   Four graduates of the class of ’56 were also honored at the
Patricia Gilbert           Castle Medical Center                                       event. From left: Ruth (Fukuhara) yoshioka, Jeanne unser-
Beth Hoban                 Prime Care Services Hawai‘i                                 Hess, Governor Linda Lingle, Mae (ikeda) Kuramoto,
Kathy Johnson              Queen’s Medical Center                                      soNDH Dean Mary Boland, Audrey (Hirata) yamada.
Nancy Johnson              Maui Community College
Sandra Kakiuchi            Kaiser Permanente
Leilani Karasaki           Queen’s Medical Center
Christi Keliipio           Kapi‘olani Medical Center at Pali Momi
Melody Kilcommons          Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women and Children
Karen Klemme               Consultant
Mala Lange                 Hawai‘i Medical Center (formerly St. Francis
                           Medical Center)
Kim Larsen-Hester          private nurse
Sister Alicia Damien Lau   Ito Group
Rep. Marilyn Lee           38th Representative District
Dee Jay A. Mailer          Kamehameha Schools
Geri Marullo               Consuelo Foundation
Joan Matsukawa             Kapiolani Community College
Judy Mikami                Na Pu‘uwai Native Hawaiian Healthcare System
Adele Mitchell             University of Phoenix
Alison Miyasaki            Kaiser Permanente
Dorothy Motoyama           Consultant                                                  Reid Del Rosario, President of the student Nursing
Paulette Nakamatsu         Shriners’ Hospital for Children                             organization provided a heartfelt address at the
Fay Nakamoto               State Dept. of Health, retired
                                                                                       Fabulous Fifty event.
Patricia Nisimoto          Tripler Army Medical Center
Mary Oneha                 Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center
Hob Osterlund              Queen’s Medical Center
Ruth Ota
COL David Peterson
                           State Dept. of Health, Public Health Nursing Branch
                           Tripler Army Medical Center
                                                                                         How	to	Get	in	Touch
Rose Ann Poyzer            retired                                                       The	Alumni	Association	is	a	great	way	to	stay	
Desiree Puhi               Moloka‘i General Hospital                                     connected	with	this	remarkable	network	of	
LTC Laura Rogers           Tripler Army Medical Center                                   talented	and	successful	professionals.	Reunite	
Margaret Salvador          Arcadia Retirement Residence                                  with	old	friends	and	classmates	or	create	new	
Ann Sasuga                 State Dept. of Health, Public Health Nursing Branch
                                                                                         connections	for	professional	development.	For	
LCDR Dondria Smith-Hollies Naval Health Clinic Hawai‘i
                                                                                         more	information,	contact	Anne	Marie	Rizzo,	
Mahealani Thomas           Castle Medical Center
Patricia Tom               Castle Home Care                                              Director	of	Development	and	Alumni	Relations	at	
Caroline Yee               Straub Clinic and Hospital                                    808-956-3395	or	annemarie.rizzo@uhf.hawaii.edu.
Kenneth Zeri               Hospice Hawai‘i

                                                                                 	   School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                       1
                                                                                                                                                                                              Beaufort Sea
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ba n Bay


 R U S S I A

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Hudson Bay

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Labrador Sea

                                                                                                                                                                             Gulf of Alaska



                                                                          NORTH KOREA

                                                                         SOUTH KOREA                                                                                                                            U. S. A.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          N o r t h    A t l a n t i c   O c e a
                                                                                                                       N o r t h   P a c i   c   O c e a n

        CHINA                                                                           JAPAN

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Gulf of Mexico

                THAILAND                                            Philippine Sea
                                 VIETNAM                                                                                                                                                                                                           Caribbean Sea


                                           I   N   D   O    N   E    S   I   A

e a n


                                                                                                    NEW CALEDONIA

                                                                                                                                                 S o u t h   P a c i   c   O c e a n

                                                                                                   Tasman Sea

                                                                                                                    NEW ZEALAND

                           Caring without borders
                                      exchanging ideas through the office of international Affairs

                           As	the	crossroads	of	the	Pacific,	Hawai‘i	has	a	special	role	to	play	in	the	sharing	of	knowledge	and	information.	That	mission	
                           is	even	more	important	in	the	fields	of	healthcare	and	public	health	as	our	region	faces	new	health	challenges.	What’s	
                           more,	the	health	issues	of	one	nation	can	quickly	become	the	concern	of	a	whole	region.	

                           The	Office	of	International	Affairs	of	SONDH	has	made	a	strong	commitment	to	increasing	the	exchange	of	ideas	with	other	
                           institutions.	In	2005-2006,	SONDH	hosted	groups	from	all	over	Asia	including	nursing	schools,	hospital	groups	and	
                           associations	from	Japan,	China,	korea	and	Thailand.	Over	30	institutions	were	represented,	including	Chiang	Mai	University,	
                           Ge	Medical	Systems	China,	kochi	Medical	School,	Okinawa	Prefecture	College	of	Nursing,	Prince	of	Songkla	University,	and	
                           Tokyo	Women’s	Medical	University.

                           In	dental	hygiene,	SONDH	has	relationships	with	two	schools	in	Japan:	Sanyo	Shikaeisei	Senmon	and	Sendai	Dental	
                           Hygiene	Program.	Our	10-year	relationship	with	the	Sendai	Program	provides	for	an	extraordinary	learning	experience	for	
                           approximately	50	students	and	faculty	members.

                           1	      U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
Dr. Margaret Heitkemper, RN, PhD, FAAN, Professor, university of Washington school of Nursing and soNDH Frances A. Matsuda
sano scholar and Consultant (front left wearing the lei) joins QMC nurses and soNDH faculty at Nursing Research Day at QMC.
the Cooperative Partnerships for Nursing Research Development initiative between the Queen emma Nursing institute, QMC
and soNDH was launched in 2006.

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
    Addressing Hawai‘i’s health challenges through strategic partnerships

Healthcare	is	a	team	sport.	When	it	comes	to	the	challenges	facing	our	number	one	patient,	the	State	of	Hawai‘i,	no	single	
organization	can	do	it	alone.	At	SONDH,	we	are	fortunate	to	live	in	a	community	where	organizations	from	all	branches	of	
healthcare	understand	and	appreciate	the	value	of	teamwork.	This	allows	SONDH	students	to	learn	in	settings	along	the	
continuum	of	care.	

Over	the	years,	we	have	created	community	partnerships	with	Hawai‘i’s	leading	hospitals,	dental	care	providers,	public	
health	departments,	rehabilitation	and	long-term	care	facilities.	Within	the	University	of	Hawai‘i,	partnerships	with	John	A.	
Burns	School	of	Medicine	(JABSOM),	Department	of	Public	Health,	Shidler	College	of	Business,	and	the	Richardson	School	
of	Law	enrich	the	school	with	research	opportunities,	on-site	training,	access	to	new	technologies,	skill	development,	
leadership	direction	and	development.	In	return,	the	SONDH	is	graduating	top-notch	nurses	and	dental	hygienists—
professionals	who	strengthen	their	employers	by	providing	quality,	committed	and	compassionate	care.	

The	Queen’s	Medical	Center	(QMC)	continues	to	be	a	strong	supporter	of	the	SONDH	and	in	2006	provided	$150,000	in	
education	awards	for	nine	accelerated	nursing	students,	supported	the	‘Ike	Ao	Pono	program,	and	funded	a	research	
partnership	between	QMC	and	the	SONDH.	

The	SONDH	has	also	found	an	extraordinary	partner	in	the	Hawai‘i	Health	Systems	Corporation.	Thanks	to	their	efforts,	
SONDH	graduate	students	will	be	participating	in	clinical	rotations	with	the	JABSOM	family	medicine	residents.	

Additionally,	the	SONDH	maintains	relationships	with	key	dental	care	providers	and	dental	healthcare	organizations,	
offering	our	students	and	faculty	resources	and	opportunities	that	would	otherwise	be	unavailable.	

                                                                	   School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                      1
Honor Roll of Donors
      Fiscal year 2006

The	School	of	Nursing	and	Dental	Hygiene	received	more	than	$175,000	in	private	gifts	from	July	2005	to	June	2006	
through	the	University	of	Hawai‘i	Foundation,	the	non-profit	fundraising	organization	of	the	University.	We	are	grateful	to	
the	individuals,	corporations,	foundations,	alumni,	other	organizations,	and	those	who	wish	to	remain	anonymous	for	their	
direct	gifts,	wills,	charitable	gift	annuities,	and	scholarships.	These	funds	provide	important	support	for	the	emerging	
needs	of	our	school.	

To	learn	more	about	ways	you	can	make	a	lasting	contribution	to	the	SONDH,	please	contact	Anne	Marie	Rizzo,	Director	of	
Development	and	Alumni	Relations.

GIFTS oF $, & aBoVE                 LTC	(Ret.)	Antoinette	A.	Correia       Ms.	Veronica	I.	Molyneux          GIFTS UP To $
Anonymous                                Mr.	&	Mrs.	James	W.	Cox                Ms.	Maria	O.	Moreno-Chow          Mr.	&	Mrs.	George	S.	Abe	
                                         Mrs.	Sandra	Jean	Cruz                  Mr.	&	Mrs.	Douglas	T.	Moring      Ms.	Judith	S.	Agostosa-Quintos
GIFTS oF $, - $,
                                         Mr.	Bruce	F.	Dalton                    Mrs.	Joy	Y.	Muraoka               Ms.	Valerie	F.	Ah	Cook
HMSA	Foundation
                                         Dr.	Candy	Dato                         Mrs.	Shuku	W.	Najita              Ms.	Donna	T.	Ai
GIFTS oF $, – $,               Ms.	Corey	Milan	Dillman                Ms.	Nadine	A.	J.	Nakamatsu        Mr.	&	Mrs.	Daniel	k.	Akaka,	Jr.
Mr.	Howard	S.	kamimoto                   Col.	Lennie	S.	enzel                   Mrs.	Mary	P.	Naman                Mr.	&	Mrs.	Terence	Y.	Akamine
Dr.	&	Mrs.	Johnson	N.	Lau                Dr.	Patsy	k.	Fujimoto                  Ms.	Abbie	J.	Neves                Mrs.	Judith	Y.	Akamine
                                         Mrs.	Barbara	Garson                    Mrs.	Patricia	H.	Nishimura        Ms.	Maydeen	Akimoto
GIFTS oF $, – $,                 The	Gillette	Company                   Dr.	&	Mrs.	Walter	S.	Nobuhara     Ms.	Valerie	J.	Amneus
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Gary	Damsker                  Ms.	Angela	k.	V.	Goodbody                                                Dr.	Robert	L.	Anders
                                                                                Ms.	Norma	Ann	Nojima
Imperial	Court	of	Hawaii                 Ms.	Marie	Ann	Grannan                                                    Ms.	elizabeth	S.	Anderson
                                                                                Ms.	Irene	M.	Nomura
The	Queen’s	Medical	Center               Ms.	Martha	e.	Greenwell                                                  Mr.	&	Ms.	Manuel	S.	Anduha,	Jr.
                                                                                Mrs.	Judith	H.	Oda
                                         Ms.	Leslie	V.	Griffi                   Ms.	Arlene	S.	Okuno               Mrs.	Marion	H.	Aniya
GIFTS oF $, – $,
                                         Mrs.	Claire	R.	Groom                   Mr.	&	Mrs.	Bruce	H.	Olsten        Ms.	Tanya	Y.	Arakawa
Ms.	Dana	k.	Anderson
                                         Ms.	Mary	Ann	Sanchez	Habon             Mr.	&	Mrs.	Leroy	H.	Paahao        Ms.	Maren	S.	Arine
Ms.	Hyosang	Cho-kinoshita
                                         Mr.	&	Mrs.	Gerald	A.	Hirokawa                                            Ms.	Deanne	Asato
Mrs.	Alice	Clay                                                                 Ms.	Linda	kaye	Person
                                         Ms.	elizabeth	k.	Ho                                                      Mr.	&	Mrs.	Roy	Ashimine	
G.	Hartzell	&	Son,	Inc.                                                         Mr.	&	Mrs.	ernest	Pung
                                         Mr.	&	Mrs.	Greg	Howick                                                   Ms.	Cheryl	H.	Au
Laerdal	Medical	Corporation                                                     Mr.	&	Mrs.	Vincent	U.	Rayo
                                         Ms.	Barbara	k.	Ideta                                                     Mr.	&	Mrs.	Wayne	M.	Austin
McInerny	Foundation                                                             Sanyo	College	of	Dental	Hygiene
                                         Mrs.	esther	G.	Ines                                                      Ms.	Coleen	M.	Ayudan
The	Murabayashi	Foundation                                                      Ms.	Jo	Ann	Schroeder
                                         Ms.	Barbara	Ingwalson                                                    Ms.	evalani-Paulina	P.	Banas
The	edwin	S.	N.	Wong	Foundation                                                 Ms.	Gloria	L.	Shibuya
                                         Dr.	Jillian	&	Mr.	Lance	M.	Inouye                                        Mrs.	Susan	M.	Baxa
                                                                                Ms.	Lauren	M.	Shinjo
GIFTS oF $ - $                     Mrs.	Joan	V.	Irvine                                                      Ms.	Jeanne	Bennett
                                                                                Ms.	Florence	A.	Stanley
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Marshall	Ballou               Dr.	Dianne	N.	&	Mr.	Howard	T.	Ishida                                     Dr.	&	Mrs.	Gary	W.	Bilyk
                                                                                Mrs.	eleanor	S.	Sterling
Mrs.	Yukie	T.	Gross                      Dr.	&	Mrs.	Michael	Ishioka                                               Ms.	Maribelle	M.	Blackmon
                                                                                Dr.	Janice	C.	Stinson
Haili	Investment	Corporation             Dr.	Jane	k.	&	Mr.	Howard	M.	kadohiro                                     Mr.	&	Mrs.	Alfred	J.	Bladen
                                                                                Mrs.	esther	M.	Stubblefield	*
International	Yan	Xin	Qigong	Assn        Dr.	Yoshitaka	kaketa                                                     Ms.	Phyllis	M.	Britten
                                                                                Ms.	Jean	Y.	Sugino
Quality	Case	Management,	Inc.            Ms.	Sandra	S.	kakiuchi                                                   Mr.	&	Mrs.	Leonard	Britton	
                                                                                Mr.	&	Mrs.	Wendell	Y.	Sukita
                                         Mr.	&	Mrs.	kerry	k.	kanakaole                                            Ms.	Grace	Anne	Wong	Callahan
GIFTS oF $ - $                                                            Mr.	&	Mrs.	John	k.	Takamune
                                         Ms.	Myrtle	I.	kanemitsu                                                  Ms.	Michelle	A.	Calvan
Mr.	Regino	C.	Agliam                     Mrs.	Barbara	A.	kaneshiro              Ms.	Wendy	M.	Takeshita            Mr.	Walter	Camacho	*
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Neyland	Ahana                 Mr.	&	Mrs.	John	R.	kim                 Mrs.	Susan	L.	Tengan              Ms.	Mary	Jane	Corpuz	Campos
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Peter	L.	Anderson             Ms.	Mavis	Yasuko	kim                   Ms.	Amy	e.	Teves                  Ms.	Jocelyn	P.	Caraang
Mrs.	Barbara	T.	Antonio                  Ms.	Noreen	k.	koki                     Mrs.	elizabeth	H.	Toma            Mrs.	Susan	L.	Carlson
Ms.	Stephanie	L.	L.	Aquino               Dr.	&	Mrs.	Gilbert	M.	korenaga,	Jr.    Mrs.	Doris	S.	Tomita              Ms.	Connie	L.	Carter
The	Honorable	&	Mrs.	Dennis	A.	Arakaki   Prudence	Chizuko	kusano                Mr.	Ted	Tsuchida                  Mrs.	Judith	eshleman	Castillo
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Antonio	Baldonaldo            Doris	Akiko	Lee                        Ms.	Lani	e.	Tsuneishi             Mrs.	Debora	Castro
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Alfredo	Barbieto              Ms.	Gail	P.	Lynn                       Mrs.	Allison	J.	Uesugi            Mr.	&	Mrs.	Russell	M.	Cavaco
Mr.	&	Mrs.	George	M.	Becker              Ms.	Janet	R.	Macauley                  Ms.	elaine	Mary	Vuyosevich        Ms.	Sandra	M.	Chandler
Mrs.	Delfinita	Benitez
           	                             Mrs.	Margaret	J.	Mahoney               Mrs.	Myra	N.	Wakuzawa             Dr.	&	Mrs.	Alan	Y.	M.	Chang
Ms.	Jill	A.	Bennett                      Dr.	Geri	Marullo                       Mrs.	Rebecca	B.	Wild-Wesley       Mrs.	Josephine	J.	Chapman
Ms.	Mandi	Te	Benton                      Mr.	&	Mrs.	Claude	I.	Matsui            Ms.	Jacqueline	A.	Woolsey         Mrs.	Alice	M.	Char
Mr.	&	Mrs.	William	H.	Q.	Bow             Isabelle	Yaeko	Matsumoto               Dr.	&	Mrs.	Loren	G.	Yamamoto      Mr.	&	Mrs.	Alvin	L.	Char
Dr.	Margot	S.	Bradley                    Mrs.	Teri	Ann	Matsumura                Dr.	Amy	emiko	Yasunaga            Mrs.	Sylvia	L.	H.	Ching
Dr.	Donna	R.	Carman                      Mr.	&	Mrs.	J.	Bryce	McWalter           Dr.	&	Mrs.	Melvin	k.	M.	Yee       Ms.	Gloria	Sui	Lan	Ching-Low
Ms.	Victoria	L.	H.	Chang                 Mr.	&	Mrs.	David	T.	Mikami             Mrs.	Ruth	H.	Yoshioka             Ms.	kari	S.	N.	Sing	Chow

20	   U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
Dr.	&	Mrs.	katok	A.	Chuang                Mr.	&	Mrs.	Walter	k.	Hussey        Ms.	Janice	Y.	Nakama               Ms.	Gail	R.	k.	Smith
Ms.	Carolyn	Bow	Yuk	Chun                  Mrs.	Jane	Y.	Ibara                 Mrs.	Lynette	N.	Nakama             Mr.	&	Mrs.	Robert	G.	Smith
Ms.	Janet	M.	Coghill                      Mr.	&	Mrs.	edwin	I.	Ichiriu        Mr.	Mark	Nakamoto                  Ms.	Debra	D.	Soto
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Harold	Cole                    Mrs.	Betsy	e.	Imao*                Mrs.	Catherine	G.	Nakamura         Mr.	&	Mrs.	Oran	D.	Spotts,	Jr.
Mr.	Clint	R.	Colescott                    Mr.	Yoshikatsu	Imao                Ms.	edith	S.	Nakamura              Ms.	Lorna	L.	Stewart
Ms.	Margaret	M.	Coolidge                  Mr.	&	Mrs.	Warren	T.	Ishimi        Mrs.	Hitomi	Nakaoka                Mrs.	Sylvia	Y.	Sugimoto
Mr.	&	Mrs.	David	Cox                      Mr.	&	Mrs.	ken	T.	Ishizaki         Mrs.	Christine	S.	Nakasone
                                                                                                                Ms.	Leilani	F.	Swift
Mr.	&	Mrs.	eric	J.	Crabbe                 Mrs.	Mitsuyo	Iwata-Shinsato        Ms.	Faith	N.	Nakasone
                                                                                                                Mrs.	Allison	R.	Tabali
Ms.	Susan	M.	Craig                        Mr.	Larry	Robert	Johnson           Ms.	Nyala	Neill
                                                                                                                Mrs.	kate	k.	Takahashi
Ms.	Susan	S.	Cyronek                      Mr.	&	Mrs.	Dereck	A.	kalaiwaa      Mr.	Ross	e.	Newmann
                                                                                                                Mrs.	edith	H.	Takaki
Tina	L.	Daehler-Masifilo                  Mr.	&	Mrs.	kyle	H.	kamikawa        Ms.	Susan	Nicholson
                                          Mrs.	Judy	H.	kamm                  karen	A.	Nishimura,	RHD            Mrs.	Joyce	T.	Takata
Mrs.	Leticia	C.	Dagulo
                                          Mr.	Calvin	M.	kanemaru             Mr.	&	Mrs.	Owen	M.	Nishioka        Ms.	Amy	Takeuchi
Ms.	Sharon	V.	Davo
                                          Mr.	&	Mrs.	Walter	A.	kanemori	     Mr.	&	Mrs.	kenneth	Noguchi         Ms.	Tiiu	Talva
Ms.	Dawn	De	La	Cruz
                                          Ms.	Susan	C.	kaneshiro             Mr.	&	Mrs.	Clinton	Y.	Nonaka       Ms.	Jamie	Mie	Tamanaha
The	Honorable	&	Mrs.	Dexter	Del	Rosario
                                          Mr.	&	Mrs.	Wayne	M.	katayama       Amy	A.	Ogawa	D.M.D.,	Inc.          Mr.	&	Mrs.	Dean	T.	Tamayori
Melodee	J.	Deutsch
                                          Mrs.	Lauralee	M.	kawamata          Ms.	Sharon	N.	Ohara-katres         Mrs.	Jane	Y.	Tanaka
Mr.	Marshall	A.	Dimond
                                          Mrs.	Irene	k.	kawamura             M.	Oishi,	D.D.S.,	Inc.             Dr.	&	Mrs.	Cyrus	A.	N.	Tenn
Mrs.	emilie	Domingo
                                          Mr.	&	Mrs.	James	M.	kawasaki       Ms.	Alicia	k.	Oki                  Mrs.	kathleen	M.	Teruya
Monica	A.	Dostal
                                          Mrs.	Helen	Sayoko	kawashima        Mr.	&	Mrs.	Harold	H.	Okumura       Ms.	Amanda	J.	Thomson
Ms.	Melissa	Ann	Duerden
                                          Dr.	&	Mrs.	George	kent             Mr.	&	Mrs.	Dennis	Olaivar          Mrs.	Cathy	L.	Tomita
Ms.	Linda	L.	Dullin
                                          Mrs.	Nora	S.	N.	kimura             Dr.	&	Mrs.	Alvin	I.	Omori	         Mrs.	Dorothy	H.	Y.	Tong
Ms.	Teresa	L.	Dunn
                                          Ms.	Dana	H.	kiyabu                 Ms.	kristine	M.	Osada
John	R.	ebert,	D.D.S.,	Inc.                                                                                     Mrs.	Janice	A.	Toshikiyo
                                          karin	k.	kobashigawa               Mr.	Derrik	I.	Oshiro
Mr.	Terrence	echavaria                                                                                          Mr.	&	Mrs.	Burt	k.	Tsuchiya
                                          Mrs.	Lynn	H.	kozuma                Ms.	Rebecca	P.	Owens
Mr.	Phillip	L.	ellsworth                                                                                        Mrs.	Sally	Y.	Tsuda
                                          Ms.	Patricia	A.	kuentz             Mrs.	Lorraine	Oyabu
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Harvey	J.	endow                                                                                      Ms.	Mary	P.	Tumminello
                                          Mr.	&	Mrs.	Dennis	D.	M.	kunitake   Mr.	&	Mrs.	Craig	T.	Pang	
Ms.	Marcia	Y.	enga                                                                                              Mr.	&	Mrs.	Yoshiharu	Umeda
                                          Mrs.	Mae	N.	kuramoto               Ms.	Florence	G.	Pascua
Ms.	Jeri	espiritu                         Mr.	&	Mrs.	Don	S.	kurihara         Mr.	&	Mrs.	eric	Clemente	Pascual   Mr.	Ty	Yoshio	Uratani
Mrs.	kathleen	M.	ezaki                    Mr.	Barry	Hiroshi	kushiyama        Ms.	Diane	Peck                     Mr.	&	Mrs.	kenneth	Uyeda
Mrs.	Lyndell	Backman	Fehl                 Ms.	Joline	L.	Labbe                Ms.	Tanya	C.	Pereira               Ms.	Francine	Y.	Uyeno
Ms.	Jane	Gallagher	Felix                  Mr.	&	Mrs.	Bobby	A.	N.	Lazo        Mr.	&	Mrs.	Craig	B.	Perry	         Mr.	&	Mrs.	kenneth	S.	Uyeno
Mrs.	Colleen	M.	L.	Fergerstrom            Ms.	Judith	M.	Leahy                Mrs.	Martha	T.	Peterson            Mrs.	Cheryl	Vivers
The	Medtronic	Foundation                  Mr.	&	Ms.	Robert	Lee               Mrs.	Jennifer	R.	Pirie             Dr.	Wendy	Ann	N.	Wakai
Mr.	&	Mrs.	eugene	I.	Fujii                Mrs.	Olivia	T.	Gushiken	Lee        Ms.	Mary	R.	Polensky               Mrs.	Patricia	C.	Walsh-Domingo
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Harold	T.	Fujimoto             Mrs.	Jean	A.	Leong                 Mr.	&	Mrs.	Gordon	L.	Price         Mrs.	elaine	H.	Watanabe
Mrs.	Debbie	A.	Fujiyama                   Mrs.	Deborah	e.	Lichota            Mr.	&	Mrs.	David	F.	Primiano       Mr.	&	Mrs.	Thomas	B.	Watkins
Mrs.	Donna	M.	Fukuda                      Mr.	Carlito	Limayo                 Mrs.	Jet	A.	Proctor                Mr.	John	W.	Watt
Ms.	Naomi	N.	Fukuda                       Mrs.	Sandra	Y.	S.	Loo-Chan         Col.	Flory	C.	Quarto
                                                                                                                Ms.	Susan	Lauret	Weinhardt
Ms.	Christine	T.	Fukumoto                 Ms.	Teresa	Lu                      Ms.	karin	T.	Quon
                                                                                                                Mrs.	Barbara	Lynn	Wildern
Mrs.	kris	N.	Gabriel                      Mr.	&	Mrs.	edgar	L.	Lucas                              	
                                                                             Ms.	Patricia	M.	Raffetto
                                                                                                                Mrs.	Donna	J.	Wohlleb
Mr.	&	Mrs.	earl	Galdeira                  Ms.	Jennifer	Lynn	Mac              Mr.	Jessie	U.	Ramirez
Mrs.	Margi	Garabiles                                                                                            Mr.	James	C.	Wolfe
                                          Mr.	eric	J.	Macaraeg               Mr.	&	Mrs.	ernest	Ramiscal
Mr.	&	Mrs.	David	Gibbons                                                                                        Ms.	kendra	Anne	Wong
                                          Mrs.	Francesca	Mafua               Ms.	kathleen	L.	Reilly
Rev.	&	Ms.	Robert	R.	Gillchrest           Ms.	Judith	ellen	Mancini           Ms.	karen	A.	Reynolds              Ms.	Naomi	Wong
Mrs.	Marcia	T.	Glassford                  Ms.	Bonnie	J.	Mangonon             Mrs.	Sandra	k.	Richardson          Leslie	k.	L.	Wong,	D.D.S.,	Inc.
Ms.	Carol	S.	Goodin                       Mrs.	Deborah	L.	Marcos             Ms.	Tricia	J.	Rigney               Mrs.	Lisa	k.	S.	Wong-Yamamoto
Mr.	&	Mrs.	David	R.	Goodin                Mrs.	Ann	Masaki                    Daryl	Jean	F.	Robertson            Ms.	Patricia	Wood
Ms.	Linda	Pohl	Greene                     Mrs.	Mary	Y.	Matsui                Mr.	Melvin	Ruaburo                 Mr.	&	Mrs.	Charles	A.	Wright
Ms.	Susan	Gucwa-Bucasas                   Ms.	Catherine	Mattei-Williams      Mrs.	Sally	M.	T.	Sakaitani         Mrs.	Harriet	k.	Yamada
Mrs.	Linda	N.	Hamada                      Ms.	Gladys	Isabel	Mau              Ms.	elizabeth	e.	Salanga           Lawrence	M.	Yamada
Mrs.	Charlene	J.	Handa                    Dr.	&	Mrs.	Robert	L.	May           Mrs.	elaine	Santo	Domingo          Mr.	Bryce	Shoichi	kee	Yamamoto
Ms.	Nina	L.	Hansen                        Mrs.	Helen	k.	Mayeda               Ms.	Sylvia	M.	Santucci             Mrs.	Gail	Y.	Yamamoto
Mrs.	Myra	k.	Harada                       Ms.	Patricia	k.	McGuire            Ms.	Lorraine	emy	Sato              Mrs.	Corliss	S.	Yamasaki
Ms.	Janet	L.	Hawkins                      Dr.	Gloria	e.	Mckissic             Ms.	Nancy	C.	Schlenker-Tisdale     Mrs.	Diane	k.	Yamasaki
Ms.	Patsy	k.	Hayashi                      Ms.	Mary	I.	Medina                 Mr.	&	Mrs.	Philip	Scott
                                                                                                                Ms.	Winifred	Y.	Yamashiro
Mrs.	Annie	L.	Hayashida                   Mr.	Dan	k.	Michibata               Ms.	Mary	J.	Serpilio
                                                                                                                Ms.	Francine	L.	G.	Yee
Ms.	Debra	G.	Hedani                       Ms.	Carmen	D.	Miyahara             Mr.	&	Mrs.	William	Sewake
                                                                                                                Mrs.	Joan	C.	Yokoyama
Mrs.	eloise	H.	Hensley                    Mrs.	Colene	R.	Montoya             Mrs.	Maria	R.	P.	Shigeteni
                                                                                                                Dr.	&	Mrs.	Gary	S.	Yonemoto
Mr.	&	Mrs.	Lawrence	Herring               Ms.	Gladys	Y.	Moon                 Ms.	Pam	F.	Shimizu
Ms.	Gerraine	k.	Hignite                   Mr.	&	Mrs.	Jerome	e.	Murakami      Mrs.	karen	G.	Y.	Shimomura         Mr.	&	Mrs.	Gary	I.	Yoshimori
Mr.	&	Mrs.	eric	Y.	Hiromoto               Mr.	&	Mrs.	Stanley	A.	Naganuma     Mrs.	Beverly	Shiroma               Ms.	Carmen	A.	Young
Mrs.	Shonn	A.	Hirota-Chee                 Mr.	&	Mrs.	Leroy	k.	Nagasako       Mrs.	Nora	N.	Shiroma               Mrs.	elizabeth	H.	Young
Mrs.	Brenda	S.	Ho                         Mr.	&	Mrs.	eric	S.	Nakagawa        Ms.	Catherine	R.	Slavens           *	Deceased

                                                                             	   School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene                             21
                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Deneau
                                                                                                     award nursing students
                                                                                                     the 2006-07 Hawai‘i
                                                                                                     Keiki endowed
                                                                                                     scholarships. Front row
                                                                                                     from L to R: Kelly
                                                                                                     yasuda, Maria Agluba,
                                                                                                     Juliane Ching, Xandee
                                                                                                     Curameng, Richelle
                                                                                                     Asselstine, Joan
                                                                                                     Flormata. second row
                                                                                                     from L to R: Bryan
                                                                                                     Archpru, yuka
                                                                                                     Colescott, Mr. Donald
                                                                                                     Deneau and Mrs. Bobbie

                                   Andrea Gusukuma, dental hygiene student
                                   is awarded the Agnes C. Bickerton
                                   scholarship by Ms. Dana Anderson at the
                                   2006 scholarship Reception.

Create a legacy
      scholarships and endowments

When	you	establish	a	scholarship	or	endowment,	you	join	a	distinguished	community	of	benefactors	who	make	it	possible	
for	deserving	students	to	attend	the	University	of	Hawai‘i	regardless	of	their	financial	circumstances.	

In	2006,	fifty-eight	students	pursuing	degrees	in	nursing	or	dental	hygiene	received	more	than	$200,000	in	scholarships	
from	donor	gifts	and	endowed	scholarships	to	the	School	of	Nursing	and	Dental	Hygiene	through	the	UH	Foundation.	

endowments	for	professorships,	programs	and	scholarships	create	perpetual	support	for	the	school.	They	enable	the	SONDH	
to	attract	and	retain	top	faculty,	establish	leading-edge	programs	and	make	it	possible	for	Hawai‘i’s	best	and	brightest	
students	to	study	at	the	UH	Mānoa.	The	Friendship	endowed	Scholarship	offers	support	for	both	students	and	faculty	to	
address	the	school’s	most	significant	needs.

To	learn	more	about	ways	to	support	the	School	of	Nursing,	contact	Anne	Marie	Rizzo,	Director	of	Development	and	
Alumni	Relations	or	visit	www.nursing.hawaii.edu.

22	   U n i v e r s i t y o f H a w a i ‘i a t M Ā n o a
The	School	of	Nursing	and	Dental	Hygiene	
gratefully	acknowledges	the	following	sources	of	
financial	support	of	our	students	and	faculty.
 Friendship	endowed	Scholarship	
 The	Hawai‘i	keiki	endowed	Scholarship	
 The	Joan	Lau	kamimoto	endowed	Scholarship	
 Frances	A.	Matsuda	Fellowship	
 edward	and	Sally	Sheehan	Scholarship	in	Nursing	
  Agnes	C.	Bickerton	Scholarship	
  The	Damsker	Nursing	Scholarship	
  Dr.	Graceann	ehlke	Memorial	Scholarship	
  Milton	Lau	Memorial	Scholarship	
  The	Murabayashi	Foundation	Nursing	Scholarship	
  The	Signe	Widen	Nyborg	Scholarship	in	Nursing	
 American	Organization	of	Nurse	executives,	Hawai‘i						
 				Chapter	Scholarship	
 Army	Nurse	Corps	Association	Scholarship	
 Black	Nurses’	Association	Scholarship	
 kuakini	Medical	Center	Scholarship	
 Queen	emma	Nursing	Institute	Scholarship	
 Queen’s	Medical	Center	educational	Award	
 Sigma	Theta	Tau	Scholarship
       School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene
            university of Hawai‘i at Mānoa www.nursing.hawaii.edu

                                                                    NONPROFIT	ORG.
                                                                    U. S . P O S TAG e
                                                                    — P a I d—
                                                                    HONOLULU,	HI
                                                                    PeRMIT	NO.	 


SCHoo l o F n U rS I nG
an d dE nTal HyGIEnE
2528	McMarthy	Mall,	Webster	Hall
    Honolulu,	Hawai‘i	96822

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