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									       St George’s Crypt

                          Hebrews ch13v 2
                          Don’t forget to show
                          hospitality to strangers, for
                          some who have done this
                          have entertained angels.
                          without realizing it.

News Letter and Prayer Diary
              June 2009
            August 2009
SUNDAY: Regent Terrace.
Matthew ch11 v5 'The good news is preached to the poor‘

We have much to give thanks for at Regent Terrace. The strong staff team continue
to ensure this project flourishes. Four residents and 2 staff visited David‘s house in
the dales for 4 days and since their return 1 has given up drinking. He had drunk all
his life, God really does work miracles. Please pray for S. as we work with him to
plan his future.

One resident has gone to rehab and another is awaiting a detox. Pray God will give
them the strength they need. The hostel is being decorated and upgraded by the
residents and staff. It is looking more like the home these vulnerable men deserve.
Thank God for the ownership some residents are taking of the house.

Sadly one of our long term drinkers died suddenly in the house on Easter Day. This
has been very upsetting for our residents and staff. Please pray for calm and healing
for all concerned.

MONDAY: Care Centre

We have had concerns raised by a local resident about the behaviour of some of our
clients. Please pray that our clients would be considerate towards local residents and
that this would not damage our relationship with the neighbourhood.

Please pray for wisdom for staff in dealing with situations that arise and wise
decisions on the part of local residents. We want to maintain good relations and to
help the local community and keep the good name of St George‘s Crypt.

Continue to pray please for unity of the team and the planning of our return to The

TUESDAY: Tara Volunteer Coordinator

This service that the volunteers perform is not only supplying the needs of God‘s
people, but is also over-flowing in many expressions of thanks to God.

We thank God for the constant stream of people coming through the Crypt doors
willing to give their free time to those in desperate need.

We pray that these volunteers find strength, love and hope in the work that they do
and that God will continue to guide volunteers to our door.

WEDNESDAY: Fundraising
Psalm ch145 v7 ‗They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your

All of us at St Michael‘s are spending time preparing for our return to the Crypt.
Pray that we can inspire people to continue to give generously in whatever way they
can during the turbulent times of this recession. Give thanks for our partners be
they individual, church, company, trust or public sector.
Pray for a sense of discernment in all our activities and help us to meet each
challenge in turn. Give thanks for our External Relations Committee and the
dedication of our Adviser Rob Marshall.

Give thanks for the life of Joe Moss who died recently aged 100. In 1930 he entered
the Crypt with our founder Don Robins. We pray for his family and honour his
witness to the Crypt through the years.

Pray for our new website and we ask that through this more people will learn of the
Crypt and our work in transforming people‘s lives.

Give thanks for the encouragement of so many as we continue to seek the right way
forward with our Next Step project for residents moving on from Faith Lodge.

Pray that our vision of modernising and redeveloping Regent Terrace will begin to
become a clearer path.

Give thanks for Lauren, our Events intern from Leeds Met, for all her hard work, and
bless her as she returns to University life.

THURSDAY: Support Services
James ch2 v14-17 ‗Dear friends, do you think you'll get anywhere in this world if you
learn all the right words but never do anything? Does merely talking about faith
indicate that a person really has it? For instance, you come upon an old friend
dressed in rags and half-starved and say, "Good morning, friend! Be clothed in
Christ! Be filled with the Holy Spirit!" and walk off without providing so much as a
coat or a cup of soup—where does that get you? Isn't it obvious that God-talk
without God-acts is outrageous nonsense.‗

We are thankful for all the support we get from volunteers giving their time to
support the Crypt and also the many skills that they bring. Thank God for them, and
all that they do.

We are so blessed that we meet so many people at reception. Please pray for all our
visitors and clients as they access the Crypt here at St Michael‘s and that they may
be met with love, compassion and in the spirit by which Jesus met with strangers.

FRIDAY: Crypt Shop

Please pray for the continued patronage of our shop in Oakwood Leeds. Many
people come and buy items whilst sometimes needing someone to chat to. Please
pray for the customers who meet with kindness and Christian understanding from
dedicated staff and volunteers who understand.

Please pray for the team who are looking after the shop on a day to day basis until a
more settled staff can be found, please thank God for the wonderful and sincere
dedication shown to this valuable resource.

Please pray for the team of volunteers who give of themselves in order for us to
keep open. Pray for their safety, their continued support and their continued

Please pray that our presence on the high street is seen as a window into the work
done throughout the charity in the Lord‘s name.

SATURDAY: Faith Lodge and Resettlement.
Matthew ch13 v33 ‗The Kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed.‘

We give thanks for the many residents who continue to make good progress in Faith
Lodge and our Resettlement Houses. Residents have now taken over responsibility
for the cleaning in the hostel and are doing a good job. Another two are decorating
and refurbishing Regent Terrace Hostel. We have recently opened another room to
offer more accommodation to the homeless. Residents continue with their
handcrafts and jewellery making and we have had good success with sales of these.

The gardening project is flourishing, with the polly tunnel bursting with plants for the
allotments and the project involving the Chelsea Flower Show. Please watch out for
us on TV. Pray for those recovering from addictions, that each day they will be
stronger in their resolve to change their lives. Recently one of our residents was
baptized at Gateway Church and others have attended the Alpha course, and the
staff team continue to work above and beyond their roles, pray that they will able to
do this..

                               St George’s’ Crypt
                                  News letter

Dear Friend of the Crypt,

The one thing that can never be said of the Crypt is we stand still!

Things are moving quickly and the new build is going according to plan; please
pray that it remains so as we cannot afford any ―hidden extras‖ that may take
us by surprise.

Our clients and residents are now used to being up here at St Michael‘s
College and are finding the vast space something of a luxury. We have to keep
reminding them that we will be moving back into a half pint pot!

God has been as gracious as ever and provided us with an abundance of food
and equipment we can utilise for this place and some office desks etc that we
can use in the new build.

The beauty of God‘s abundance is in the sharing … we have a fantastic
network of agencies which we call when we have more than we can use
Here is a short list of the other charities /agencies we have shared with;

Little Sisters of the Poor, Together Women, Leeds Women‘s Aid, Daniel
Yorath Brain Injuries Trust, Emmaus, Caring for Life, Caleb, Spacious Places,
Oxford Place, Cornerstone, Destitute House and Gildersome Children‘s
Centre Outreach.

Only by the generosity of ASDA, Sainsburys, Eversheds, HSBC, Addleshaw
Goddards and many others are we able to spread a little hope to so many
organisations, so on behalf of all at the Crypt, we thank them and may God
bless them.

I cannot mention all that we share without thanking all those of you who
continue to pray and help with your own giving. Without your regular income,
our time would be spent concentrating on funding the charity instead of the
core work of helping God‘s children when they need it the most. Thank you.

We have had a couple of fantastic good news stories concerning our two
hostels. A resident at Faith Lodge who had been going through a terrible time
and causing great concern to the staff decided to help with a bucket collection
at one of the supermarkets. He enjoyed being part of a team and being trusted
with the collected money so much that he has turned his life around and
settled into a full training programme and resettlement programme. It just
takes a step in faith to believe in someone‘s potential and God seems to do
the rest.

Another guy from Regent Terrace (our wet hostel) went on a short holiday to
the cottage in Wensleydale we use. During this time he stayed dry from
alcohol (with the help of a drug prescription) and on returning stopped
drinking once he realised what life is about. How fantastic is that? Just two
more lives changed through the hard work of a dedicated team and your

We also have another five guys who have successfully completed their NVQ‘s;
some in horticulture, some in social care!

Following on from the NVQ successes, it needs mentioning that over 20% of
our staff were clients at one time. We have a policy of personal development
and trust in people who really do want to change their lives. Our staff list is
testament to this. Please pray for our continued ground breaking in this field.

Our overnight provision is as full as ever and we expect to see many more
now the credit crunch has leveled off. Just as it was in the 30‘s when we
started, guys are turning up hoping to find work only to be disappointed. At
least through the generosity of our prayer and giving partners and the gifts
from food manufacturers we can offer these lads and lasses three hot meals a
day and somewhere to sleep.

The dedicated team of support workers work tirelessly trying to find
appropriate accommodation for them to move onto and as we speak we are
managing around a 70% success rate. There will always be the individuals who
don‘t ―fit‖ into boxes and fall through the net, but they all know to come back
to us when all else fails.

The saddest thing about the overnight provision is that the age range is falling
rapidly and the average age of an overnight resident is around 21 years. Please
pray that family grows in importance for society as a whole. 99% of these lads
come from broken homes or from care, it‘s heartbreaking when we reflect on
the love we know from our own families and the family of Christ and what is
missing in their lives.

I hope you find this newsletter informative and as exciting as we find working
here. By telling you all what‘s going on and that not all outcomes from
homelessness are negative I hope that you feel you are supporting a charity
worthy of your time and sacrificial giving.

Yours in Christ

Chris Fields
Operations Director
Operations Director - Chris.
Fundraising & Public Relations Director - Martin.
Pastoral Care – Steve.
Support Services - Rowena, Arja, Sue, Ann, Lauren and Sue Julie and Paul Ann W,
Catering - Damian and Kim,
Team Leaders – Hilary, Liz, Brian and Bridgette.

Support Workers –
Ian, Chris, Tiina, Jess, Chris,
Fred, Michael, Struan, Daniel.
Sadie, David, Michael, Wayne, Alison
Doorman Daz,
Cleaners - Kath and Paul.
Hostel Manager - Mary.
Resettlement - Gordon.
Housing support - Jean, Jon, Jonathan, Keith, Robin, Esther, Barbara, Chris, Jonathan and Damien.
Cleaner - Martin.
Handyman - Michael.
Shop - Jackie and Benjamin.
Volunteer Coordinator - Tara.
St George‘s Buildings Manager - Tony.

Bank Staff
Prayer Partners
Spacious Places
Church Team

Clergy team - Jonathan, James and Joanna.
Youth Leaders - Beth and Chris.
Caretakers - Farrell and Dean.
Church Administrator - Janet.
Secretaries - Harriet and Kim.

Interns - Sam, Sim, Louisa, Victoria, Ben, Chris and Nick.
Events Administrator - Maureen.

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