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									October 2011 • vol. 6                           issue 1                       newslet ter of hamilton international middle school ptsa

                                                                      FROM THE PRINCIPAL

 Picture Day at Hamilton
                                                Dear Parent and Guardians,
 PTSA General Meeting,                          As we begin to gain momentum this year there is lots of information to share. I apologize
 HIMS Commons, 6:30-8:00pm                      in advance for all the text in this October newsletter. I really do try to keep it to one page,
 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13                           but this month there are too many exciting things to share!
 Curriculum Night
 HIMS, 6-8pm                                    Curriculum Night
 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14                             Thursday, October 13th from 6:00–8:00 we will be holding our Curriculum Night. This event
 No School                                      provides our parents and guardians an opportunity to hear about the learning in store for
                                                this school year. We will kick things off in our gym with a brief principal’s welcome and
 HIMS Fall Fund Drive                           overview, and then get you into your classrooms to meet your teachers. In addition to
 Kickoff Party                                  hearing and seeing academic information, your student’s Measures of Student Progress
 Greenwood Senior Center, 7-9pm                 (MSP) report from Spring 2011 will be available for pick-up. Furthermore, you will have an
 OCTOBER 17-21                                  opportunity to view our FLASH curriculum, visit with our school community partner, YMCA,
 OPI Outdoor School (6th grade)                 to hear about exciting after school information, and finally OPI will be here to answer
 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26                          questions regarding our upcoming sixth grade outdoor experience. We look forward to
 Early Dismissal, 12:20pm                       seeing you here.
                                                (Just a reminder that Curriculum Night is not a student event. As you know, space is limited,
 For current news and calendar updates, go to   so we ask that students not attend unless absolutely necessary. Parking is also available                at Lincoln High School).

                                                New Website Launch, October 7th
                                                Seattle Public Schools has worked with all of its schools to provide a more robust and


                                                consistent web based communication tool. HIMS will launch our new website October 7th.

October 5                                       While we are launching the new site, we will continue to partner with our current PTSA
6:30pm                                          sponsored site by including links to familiar places for information. Our goal for 2011-12 is
                                                to have one updated HIMS website that is user friendly and provides interactive tools to
Q&A with Principal
Carter in the HIMS Commons                      support our students and families. A link to the new page will be sent home in our e-news
                                                bulletin on October 7th!
                                                The SOURCE will continue to be in use as
                                                a resource to monitor student grades yet
                                                the new website teacher pages will be the                                                Donate Now:
                                                                                                                                         Support your
Hamilton International                          place to visit to find out about the learning                                            student, the
Middle School PTSA                              in teacher classrooms!                                                                  classroom and
1610 North 41st Street                                                                                                                    academics
Seattle, WA 98103                               International Education
                                                Today, global issues place new demands
Main Office
Hours: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
                                                on education. In the era of globalized
206.252.5810                                    trade and media, and pressing issues such
Fax 206.252.5811                                as climate change, what does it mean to
School Hours                                    be a responsible global citizen? What does
7:50 am – 2:20 pm                               continued on page 3                                       See page 4 for details about the Fall Fund Drive.
Christopher Carter                     hamilton international middle school – a collaborative community of inspired and engaged learners!
                                                       P TSA BOA RD NE WS
                                                       Lisa Hayward, PTSA President
PRESIDENT                              Welcome Hamilton families! I hope that the 2011-2012 school year has gotten off to a good
  Lisa Hayward                         start for you and your student(s). The PTSA has been hard at work since summer, continu-
                                       ing our focus of providing volunteer and financial support for school programs, facilitating
S E C R E TA R Y                       family engagement through communication, and building community through events and
  Amy Barnett                          programs. Late this summer, for example, the PTSA funded the purchase of classroom
  AMY– BARNETT100@MSN.COM              books for new classrooms. PTSA volunteers (including nearly a dozen incoming and return-
TREASURER                              ing students) stuffed 1,000 (yes, one thousand!) first week packets and hosted a back to
  Dianne Casper                        school luncheon for school staff. And, we are busily planning upcoming events such as the
  GLEN _ CASPER@HOTMAIL.COM            Fall Carnival.
V P – CO M M U N I C AT I O N S        Although a number of this year’s PTSA board members (including me!) are new to Hamil-
  Charlotte Trelease                   ton, we are so very fortunate to be surrounded by a cadre of dedicated and energetic par-
                                       ents willing to offer their time and efforts in support of Hamilton students, teachers and
CO -V P s – F U N D R A I S I N G      families. All of the PTSA’s work is driven by your volunteer hours and is funded by your
  Shannon Frizzle                      financial contributions and PTSA membership dues. We hope you will join us, as a PTSA
  KRYZZELL@DRIZZLE.COM                 member and as a financial supporter, so we can continue our efforts.
  Trina Torgelson
  TNTORG@MSN.COM                       The PTSA will be hosting its first PTSA General Membership meeting of the school year
                                       on Wednesday, October 5th beginning at 6:30 pm in the Commons. Mark your calendars.
CO -V P s – P R O G R A M S
                                       Mr. Carter has graciously agreed to participate in a Question & Answer session. And,
  Stephanie Neffner
                                       you are always welcome to attend PTSA board meetings – the schedule is posted on the
                              website and meetings are regularly announced via the weekly
  Ngaire Taylor
  NGAIRE@AOL.COM                       e-news. In addition, I encourage you to reach out to me or any PTSA board member with
                                       your questions or concerns and we’ll do our best to connect you with the appropriate
AT- L A R G E , N E W S L E T T E R
                                       resource to try and help. I’m looking forward to the school year.
  Margie Lane
  LANE.MARGIE@GMAIL.COM                The PTSA is underway for promoting the annual fundraiser. Please donate to this great
                                       cause! More information about the campaign is included on page 4 of this newsletter.
6 t h G R A D E R E P.
  Grace Cooley

7 t h G R A D E R E P.
  Christie Rodgers
                                       Welcome from Hamilton Counselors
                                       Neil Yeda, Head Counselor
8 t h G R A D E R E P.
  Amy Liddicoat
  AMYOLIDDICOAT@GMAIL.COM              This school year is off to a great start and as Hamilton’s
                                       counselors we want to introduce ourselves and clarify            Neil Yeda, Head Counselor
                                       your child’s assigned counselor. This year we made a
  Karen Nakagawa                                                                                        6th grade and 8th grade
                                       change to how students are assigned to a counselor.              students M-Z
                                       Last year student were assigned by alphabet, but we              206.252.5828
S TA F F R E P R E S E N TAT I V E S   found that we were not connected to grade level teams  
  Principal Carter                     or an administrator. So this year we made the decision
  CECARTER@SEATTLESCHOOLS.                                                                              Juli Keith
  ORG                                  to pair ourselves with an administrator and a grade level
  Jordan Gussin                        team. The advantages to this move is that we are able to         7th grade and 8th grade
  JSGUSSIN@SEATTLESCHOOLS.             continue to follow your child through to when they leave         students A-L
  ORG                                  Hamilton in 8th grade, we will be a part of their grade level    206.252.5830
  Darrell Tanaka                       activities, and we are also paired with an administrator that
                                       works with the same students.                                    Jessica Eagle,
                                       This year we are also happy to have the skilled services of      Counseling Intern
                                       Jessica Eagle, our Counseling Intern from Seattle University,    206.252.5827
                                       who will be working with students individually and in  
                                       groups. We also have Heather Babbitt, our Mental Health
                                       and Prevention Specialist from Neighborcare. Heather is          Heather Babbitt,
                                       great resource on mental health and drug and alcohol             Mental Health and Prevention
     Hey Hawks is edited by
                                                                                                        Specialist – Neighborcare
          Margie Lane.                 issues. We are all located in the Counseling center in room
   Linda Sewell takes care of          107 across from the Nurse’s office. We look forward to           206.940.2582
       layout and design.              meeting you and getting to know both you and           
                                       your student.

Letter From the Principal – continued from page 1
                                                                                                                            HIMS Musicians Off
                                                                                                                            to a Music-Filled Year
this require of education? In our rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected                                          Jeanette Farrell, FOMAHI
world, HIMS believes that education is the key to helping students meet the
challenges they will confront now and in the future. Thus, HIMS is in the process of                                        Concert orchestra started off
building a 3-year service learning model because we believe in order to meet the                                            the year with a performance at
challenges students face now and in the future understanding global issues and what                                         the Bellevue Origami Confer-
it means to be globally sustainable is an important part of our education.                                                  ence. The students performed
                                                                                                                            Ear-igami by Richard Meyer.
As part of our mission, as an international school, it is important that we model what                                      This creative piece combines
it means to be a global citizen and participate in ways where we make a difference                                          the ancient art of paper fold-
and help to educate others. We began this work in 2010-11 by focusing on the global                                         ing and playing an instrument.
issue of water in all grades. For 2011-12 we will expand this learning by:                                                  Each musician uses a piece of
• Continuing to learn about and take action at the 6th grade around the issue of                                            paper to make music, by snap-
  water!                                                                                                                    ping, rustling, or using the
                                                                                                                            paper as a bow. The crowd
• Learn about and take action at the 7th and 8th grade around the global issue
                                                                                                                            loved it.
  of food security!
                                                                                                                            Nearly 30 concerts, festivals
Academic Information                                                                                                        and symposia are planned
I would like to take an opportunity to celebrate the hard work of students, parents                                         for the year. To stay informed
and our fantastic teachers. Our 2010-11 state test scores are in and HIMS continues to                                      about upcoming music events
grow. State test scores are one measure of achievement, but an important measure                                            is through the music program
for schools. Across the board HIMS is showing tremendous gains in all tested areas.                                         e-mail list. If you are not
What is really reflective of the hard work of our school community can be seen as                                           already receiving e-mails from
we get into the finer grained data (not shown below) and take a closer look at our                                          Hamilton Music, and would
individual groups of students represented at HIMS. We are extremely proud to say ALL                                        like to join the list, please
students’ achievement is up. Though we continue to strive to ensure EVERY student is                                        send an e-mail including your
achieving at HIMS we want to take a moment to celebrate the hard work all of you are                                        student’s name, student’s
doing. Below is a chart that shows the percentage of our students meeting grade level                                       music class, and your name
standards by tested area over time. Way to go HIMS!                                                                         and e-mail address to fomahi.
 GRADE             READING                       MATH                   WRITING                        SCIENCE              What is FOMAHI? The music
 LEVEL        08-09 09-10 10-11          08-09 09-10 10-11          08-09 09-10        10-11   08-09 09-10          10-11   program is supported by an
6th Grade     69.7% 77.2% 89.3%          53.8% 74.2% 84.4%            —   NOT TESTED   —          —    NOT TESTED   —
                                                                                                                            organization of families known
                                                                                                                            as Friends of Music at Ham-
7th Grade     50.2% 73.5% 74.2%          43.1% 71.9% 79.9%          67.6% 76.8%        84%        —    NOT TESTED   —
                                                                                                                            ilton International (FOMAHI).
8th Grade     69.1%   80.6%   80.8%      49.8%      62.1%   70.2%     —   NOT TESTED   —       47.6%    68.4%       76%     FOMAHI provides volunteer
                                                                                                                            assistance to music teach-
                                                                                                                            ers, organizes concerts and
Grading Marking Periods for 2011-12                                                                                         festivals, and raises funds
Mark your calendar for our grade marking dates. We mail home quarter/semester                                               for music program expenses.
grades. Students bring home mid-quarter progress reports.                                                                   There are plenty of opportuni-
• Quarter 1 ends November 4                 > Mid-quarter progress reports come home October 7.                             ties to join in and volunteer.
• Semester 1 ends January 26                > Mid-quarter progress reports come home                                        Monthly FOMAHI board meet-
                                              December 9.                                                                   ings are open to all members
                                                                                                                            of the Hamilton community.
• Quarter 3 ends April 6                    > Mid-quarter progress reports come home March 2.                               Schedules and other informa-
• Semester 2 ends June 20                   > Mid-quarter progress reports come home May 18.                                tion can be found at www.
                                                                                                                   or email fomahi.
                                                                                                                   The next
Go Hawks!                                                                                                                   FOMAHI meeting is Wednes-
                                                                                                                            day October 12th, 7pm, in the
Christopher Carter                                                                                                          orchestra room. This meeting
Principal                                                                                                                   will include a concert attire ex-
                                                                                                                            change. Come to donate your
                                                                                                                            gently used concert clothes or
                                                                                                                            to pick up concert clothes for
                                                                                                                            your musician.
                 Mr. Rossman and Ms. Liz      | 206.252.5831

The HIMS YMCA Community Learning Center (CLC) congratu-              Are you interested in teaching a HOST class? If you or any-
lates all students, parents, guardians, teachers and staff on        one you know has a special talent and would be interested
a successful start to the 2011-2012 school year.                     in being an instructor please contact us at the Community
CLC Director Chris Rossman is entering his 7th school year           Learning Center for proposal information. New ideas for
at HIMS, while Liz Chase will be entering her 3rd year with          classes are always welcome! We love volunteers but we
the school. We are both excited to be a part of another              also have money to pay for staff time and materials.
year at HIMS.                                                        Planning for Winter and Spring HOST sessions will take
Hawk Out of School Time (HOST) began the week of Octo-               place soon.
ber 3. HOST offers a great mix of academic, recreational             The Hamilton YMCA CLC is also conducting a school supply
and enrichment programs that are free to all. Research               drive for HIMS. Items of need include dividers, college ruled
shows that students that participate in Out of School Time           notebook paper, graphing paper, 1/2 inch to 1 inch bind-
programs have fewer absences and higher grade point                  ers, pencil pouches and mechanical & #2 pencils. Dona-
averages. With that said, be sure to sign up for the Fall            tions can be given to the YMCA office in room 104 and are
session of HOST while you still can! Spanish Movie Club,             greatly appreciated.
Junior Jazz Band, and Hip-Hop & Breakdancing are just a              Any parents, guardians or community members interested
few classes that still have space. Registration forms can be         in volunteering at HIMS can contact Ms. Liz at 206.252.5831
found in the YMCA Office (room 104 – across from the main            or Volunteers are especially
office) or online at                  needed for the upcoming 6th grade OPI trip!
Need a PE waiver? Call the YMCA CLC and ask how you can              We are looking forward to another great school year!
earn hours during HOST!

Hamilton Fall Fund Drive
Shannon Frizzell & Trina Torgelson, PTSA Fundraising Co-Chairs
Welcome to a new aca-           This academic year, your                                            despite deep state and local
demic year for families         tax-deductible donation                Please join us at the        funding cuts to education.
and students at Hamilton        will fund:                             Fall Fund Drive
International Middle School.                                                                        How do I participate?
The PTSA is about to kick       The Student: Enrichment                Kick-off Party on            Please donate securely at
off our Hamilton Hawks Fall     and Scholarships                       Friday, October 14,          www.hamiltoninterna-
Fund Drive – a three-week,      Science, math and literacy             2011 from 7-9 pm    and click on
fund drive held from Octo-      nights, science fair, artists-         at the Greenwood             the DONATE NOW button.
ber 13-November 4, 2011.        in-residence, student                  Senior Center,               Last year, the average
                                scholarship fund, after-               525 N. 85th Street           donation was over $200. By
Hamilton – a collaborative
                                school sports programs                 in Seattle. Come             increasing participation to
partnership of students,
families, teachers, adminis-    and physical education                 reconnect and meet           100% – again, no amount
                                The Classroom: Academic                fellow parents and           is too small – we will meet
trators and the community
                                Excellence and Teacher                 partners in your             our fundraising goal. Your
– is tasked with educating
                                Support                                student’s education!         gift will go farther if your
and inspiring our kids to
                                Library books, curriculum              Light appetizers and         employer matches chari-
reach their potential in a
                                materials and supplies,                beverages served.            table contributions. Please
global world. Please partner
                                technology, readers and                                             go to the Hamilton website
with us by donating to the
                                writers workshop, profes-                                           for more information about
fall fund drive. Our goal is
                                sional development, grants           Hamilton’s enrollment is       our school and the PTSA
100% family participation. No
                                to teachers                          up – over 900 students         budget. Thank you for
amount is too small. Every
                                                                     – and needs are up. Our        participating in the Hamilton
donation counts.                The Community: Building              fundraising goal is $75,000.   Hawks Fall Fund Drive.
                                and Sustaining Hamilton              We hope to meet that goal
                                6th, 7th and 8th grade               with your donation, your
                                events, global learning and          pledge or both during the
                                awareness programs, school           fall fund drive. Together we
                                directory and newsletters,           will support and strengthen
                                ice cream social and                 education, our kids, and
                                carnival nights                      community at Hamilton –
New Vice Principal                                                  Three Reasons To Join The PTSA
Shannon Conner, Assistant Principal                                 Karen Nakagawa, PTSA Membership Chair

Hello Hamilton Hawk Community!                                      Welcome new and returning Hamilton families! For the 2011-
I can’t tell you how excited I am to be a part of this school       12 school year, the Hamilton PTSA board continues to work
in my new role as an assistant principal. I have to say that        on three primary goals, all of which are interdependent:
it has been somewhat strange to start a school year out-            1. Mobilize volunteer and financial support for school
side of my own classroom; after eighteen years as a high               programs.
school English teacher at Nathan Hale High School, being
                                                                      The PTSA provides and coordinates volunteer and finan-
removed from the excitement a new school year has to of-
                                                                      cial support for important academic events (Math Night,
fer in the classroom was a bit sad for me. At the same time,
                                                                      Literacy Night, Science Night) and much needed financial
I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of excited,
                                                                      support for teachers through classroom grants.
bright, hard-working middle-schoolers at Hamilton and the
teachers here are clearly very conscientious. In my first           2. Facilitate communication and organize events to
month at Hamilton, I have been delighted to engage with                nurture family engagement.
the staff in further developing a thoughtful plan for student
                                                                      Your PTSA serves as the vital communication link be-
achievement at our school. The staff is dedicated to push-
                                                                      tween home and school through our newsletter, emails,
ing students to achieve at high levels while creating a sense
                                                                      and website. The PTSA also hosts grade-level social
of community for all of us. I am thrilled to help support all
                                                                      events (ice cream social to welcome incoming 6th grad-
of these endeavors as the school year progresses.
                                                                      ers and our 8th grade graduation) and general PTSA
A few other things about me: 1) I am married to a veteran             meetings open to the public during the year.
first grade teacher who teaches in Seattle Public Schools
and enjoys the satisfaction of working with this young,             3. Advocate for all Hamilton students on legislative
energetic age group. 2) I have a nine-year-old daughter who            issues.
loves school and is deeply into Potter-mania! 3) I have a             The HIMS PTSA advocates for all Hamilton students and
son in 7th grade who also enjoys school but is extremely              children around the state and we are also a resource for
excited about his t.a. position in the Whitman Middle                 legislative issues both locally and statewide. The best
School library!                                                       way to support our advocacy efforts is by becoming a
Finally, I want to thank everyone who has welcomed me                 member of our PTSA.
into the Hamilton community. It is my goal to help further          Membership forms were included in the first day packet,
the school’s work in equitably and purposefully ensuring            but additional copies can be found in the main office and
all of our students are engaged in a rigorous, accessible           will be online soon at: –
and fun academic experience here. Please say “hi” to me             look for the link on the front page under “Resources.”
in the hall or at an after school meeting/event so I can get        All of our work is driven by your volunteer hours and is
to know you better and also feel free to call or email me           funded through your PTSA membership and annual fund
whenever you have a question or concern you think I                 donations. If you’ve already joined the PTSA as a family,
can address.                                                        thank you for your support! If you’ve joined as a solo mem-
Here’s to an awesome, learning-filled year for all of us at         ber, please consider expanding to a family membership. We
Hamilton International Middle School. Go Hawks!!                    invite you to join us!

Chinese Language and Culture Club Forming!
Stephanie Barton, Chinese Language & Culture Club coordinator

Join us for a new Chinese Language and Culture Club after           The club teacher is a native Mandarin Chinese speaker
school at HIMS! No prior experience in Chinese is required.         with over 10 years of experience teaching Chinese in after
The club is designed for students with some to little or no         school programs and is an instructor for One World Now!
background in Chinese language. The club will highlight             summer programs. She also has several years of experience
Chinese culture and Mandarin Chinese will be used as the            in teaching Chinese calligraphy and Chinese cooking, using
teaching tool rather than a subject material. A new theme           both to enrich the process of learning Chinese culture and
will be introduced at each session through games, songs,            Language.
drawings, and role-play with some related vocabulary.               Club sessions are tentatively scheduled for Fridays from
Basic Mandarin Chinese greetings and common daily basic             2:30 to 4:30 at HIMS. Please contact club coordinator,
phrases will be incorporated in all classes. Calligraphy and        Stephanie Barton, either by phone at 206.632.4213 or
Chinese cooking may also be included depending on par-              by email at for further
ent/student interest (additional material fees would apply).        information.

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