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									Adirondack Medical Center
             2008 Annual Report

         A Message                   The mark of a nimble, effective, and flexible organization is its
                                 ability to forge ahead during times of turmoil, and to be useful to the
      from Chandler              individuals it serves.
                                     2008 was indeed a year of challenges, not only locally and
                                 nationally, but worldwide.
                                     Despite the loss of some of our most valued physicians to retire-
                                 ment, relocation, and one’s untimely passing, AMC has forged
                                 ahead strongly to establish a first-class physician recruiting program.
                                     In the pages that follow, we are pleased to share some of the
                                 new initiatives taking place at AMC. You would be hard-pressed on
                                 a national level to find a hospital and its medical staff more
                                 advanced in the area of Information Technology connectivity.
                                     And with the intense focus on federal health care reform, includ-
                                 ing bundling payments for a full episode of care covering hospital
                                 and post-hospital care, our nursing homes are becoming more criti-
             Chandler Ralph      cal to our health care system as well as our community.
            President & CEO          So as we renew our commitment to this community each year,
                                 we recognize the need for self renewal within the organization to
                                 remain vital, vibrant, and most importantly, remain a relevant ser-
                                 vant to the community.
        Board of Trustees

              Emily L. Selleck

                  VIce Chair     From the Chair ~ Emily L. Selleck
      Rev. Carlos J. Caguiat
                                      When I began practicing nursing in the early
        Secretary/Treasurer      1970s, nurses were easily recognized in their white
       John Hopkinson, PhD       uniforms, stockings, shoes, and caps. Each school
                                 of nursing had its own distinct cap; and each had
                                 its own unique pin received upon graduation.
             Julie D. Connors         Today, nurses and all AMC staff are recognized
               Jan F. Demers     more by their deeds and caring behaviors than their
        Susan M. Delahanty       dress. When they leave work - whether at the hospi-
      Jay S. Federman, M.D.      tal or the nursing homes or the health centers, our
                                 staff takes that caring back out into our communi-
        Edward H. Roetman        ties in many different ways. Some serve on boards
              Mary W. Sparks     of charitable or educational institutions; some on
             Stanley T. Urban    rescue squads, and many lend a hand to their fami-
                                 lies and neighbors in times of need.
                    Ex-officio        I recently found my nursing pin tucked away in
                                 a drawer at home. I turned it over to read its
     W. Roy Slaunwhite, M.D.     inscription, “Neighbors.” Here in our very special
        William J. Smith, M.D.   communities, we are all neighbors. And here at
          Chandler M. Ralph      Adirondack Medical Center, taking care of our
William M. Viscardo Jr., M.D.    neighbors is what we do best.

                                                                                     Executive Team

      Front row, l-r: Michele Byno, Chief Long Term Care Officer;
                  Chandler Ralph, President & CEO;                                             2008
         Jeff Corrigan, Interim Chief Human Resources Officer.
    Back row, l-r: William Viscardo Jr., M.D., Chief Medical Officer;              Leadership Team
               Patrick Facteau, Chief Financial Officer;
                Margaret Sorensen, Chief Nursing Officer.

Accounting                          Horticulture                        Pastoral Care
Paula LaPierre                      Pearl McCahill                      Sister Janet Peters

Activities                          Information Systems                 Perioperative Services
Christina Shoemaker (Uihlein)       Mike Kelly                          & Oncology
Jennifer Kucipak (Mercy)                                                Marion Vanden Heuvel
Admissions                          Pragna Prajapati                    Pharmacy
Peggy Robertson                                                         Thomas Smith
                                    Materials Management
Ambulatory Services                 Karen Neenan                        Plant Operations
& Renal Dialysis                                                        Brian Waters
Pam Davies                          Medical Imaging &
                                    Cardiopulmonary                     Quality Management
AMC Foundation &                    Melinda Serrano                     Adele Hodlin
Community Relations
Cheryl Breen Randall                Medical & Surgical Unit             Rehabilitation Services
                                    David Mader                         Rick Preston
Colby Center
Mark Keating                        Nursing - Long Term Care            Renal Services
                                    Stephanie Cassell (Mercy)           Pam Davies
Critical Care Services (ER & ICU)   Mary Holzer (Uihlein)
Mary O’Connor                                                           Social Services
                                    Obstetrics                          - Long Term Care
Facility Services                   Marilyn Leitsch                     Jill Brown
Sherman Beaudette
(Mercy~Uihlein)                     Nutritional Services
                                    David Dekkers (AMC)
Health Centers                      Paul Giacovelli (Mercy)
Patricia Gero                       Derek Tobrocke (Uihlein)

Health Information Management       Patient Accounting
Star Thornton                       Susan Stratford
                                                        The active
                                                      medical st af f
                                                         of nearly
                                                    50 physicians,
                                                 in 21 specialties,
                                             complement the many
                                              medical and surgical
                                                 services at AMC.

Our New Physicians

  Dr. James E. Jenks                         Dr. Frank Nocilla
  GYN                                        Hospitalist
  Tupper Lake Health Center                  Adirondack Medical Center

2008 Medical Staff
                                           Anesthesiology                  Medical Imaging
                                      Charles C. Gibbs, M.D.          Richard M. Moccia, M.D.
                                        Ryan A. Holt, M.D.            Howard I. Novick, M.D.
MEDICAL STAFF OFFICERS               Michael J. Oberding, M.D.
                                      David A. Rowell, M.D.                  Neurology
                                                                      Edward J. Mazdzer, M.D.
      William J. Smith, M.D.        L. Anthony Waickman, M.D.           Obstetrics/Gynecology
      President                                                      Denise M. Ferrando, M.D.
                                             Dentistry                 James E. Jenks, M.D.
                                   Peter M. Rosenberger, D.M.D.       Waguih Kirollos, M.D.

                                        Emergency Medicine                Ophthalmology
                                     John D. Broderick, M.D.           Carl R. Wille, M.D.
                                                                      Duncan F. Winter, M.D.
                                           Family Practice
      Elizabeth K.B. Buck, M.D.      Elizabeth A. Bartos, M.D.               Orthopedics
      Vice President
                                      George S. Cook, M.D.             Eugene F. Byrne, M.D.
                                    Dorothy S. Federman, M.D.          William J. Smith, M.D.
                                      Jay S. Federman, M.D.
                                    Christopher P. Hyson, M.D.           Otolaryngology (ENT)
                                         Ira J. Ellen, M.D.*            John W. Decker, M.D.
                                     Woods McCahill Jr., M.D.
      Claude R. Roland, M.D.              General Practice              John M. Eckel, M.D.
      Treasurer                                                      Michael R. Harvey Jr., M.D.
                                   Herbert V.W. Bergamini, M.D.
                                                                      C. Francis Varga, M.D.
                                          General Surgery
                                      Michael A. Hill, M.D.                    Pediatrics
                                     Edward G. Hixson, M.D.          Elizabeth K. B. Buck, M.D.
                                      C. David Merkel, M.D.            George S. Cook, M.D.
                                     Claude R. Roland, M.D.            Edward F. Frost, M.D.
                                    Mary A. Woodhouse, M.D.           Lawrence I. Kring, M.D.
      John D. Broderick, M.D.
      Secretary                       Gregory P. Zale, M.D.           Patricia K. Monroe, M.D.
                                                                      W. Roy Slaunwhite, M.D.
                                          Internal Medicine
                                    Elizabeth K.B. Buck, M.D.      Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
                                       Edward F. Frost, M.D.            David G. Welch, M.D.
                                      Dorit D. Gaedtke, M.D.
                                                                           Thoracic Surgery
                                     Richard P. Handler, M.D.
                                                                        Michael A. Hill, M.D.
                                      David A. Johnson, M.D.
      Michael J. Oberding, M.D.
                                     Barry J. Kilbourne, M.D.             Vascular Surgery
      Immediate Past President
                                      Lawrence I. Kring, M.D.         Claude R. Roland, M.D.
                                        Frank Nocilla, M.D.
                                   William M. Viscardo Jr., M.D.               Urology
                                   L. Anthony Waickman, M.D.             Irwin M. Lieb, M.D.
                                       David G. Welch, M.D.
                                          Long Term Care
                                     Paul V. Montalbine, M.D.

Despite the challenges facing
health care, AMC has remained
steadfast in it s commitment to the
needs of our patient s and nursing
home resident s. While we must all
learn to cope in these unprecen -
dented times, resident s of the Tri-
Lakes region and beyond can
remain confident that AMC will be
here in their time of need.

     u n
  Rebu ildin g
      &Ren ewaln

                                 Dr. Frank Nocilla joined the AMC Medical Staff
                               to establish and oversee the Hospitalist Program
                                                 at Adirondack Medical Center.

                                                                  In 2008, AMC took the step
                                                               of establishing a Hospitalist
                                                                  A Hospitalist is an acute-care
                                                               physician that cares for
                                                               patients in the hospital, and
                                                               does so from admission to dis-
               The                                                Through regular communi-
                                                               cation with other physicians,
       Hospitalist                                             the Hospitalist focuses on the
    focuses on the                                             unique needs of inpatient
     unique needs                                              care. This can mean a shorter
                                                               hospital stay for patients.
       of inpatient                                               The Hospitalist also allows pri-
              care.                                            mary care physicians to see
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////        more patients in their office.
                                                               Likewise, a strong Hospitalist
                                                               Program is viewed as an incen-
                                                               tive when recruiting new doc-
                                                               tors to the area.
                                                                  AMC is fortunate to have Dr.
                                                               Frank Nocilla as its Hospitalist.
                                                               Dr. Nocilla has established
                                                               Hospitalist Programs at other
                                                               health care facilities, and has
                                                               been a welcome addition to
                                                               the AMC staff.

     u n
  Rebu ildin g
The Medical St af f is the foundation of any hospit al. AMC prides
it self on recruiting physicians and surgeons who desire to become
a part of the rich medical tradition upon which the community of
Saranac Lake was founded.
                                                                  AMC has worked aggresive-
                                                               ly to overcome the physician
                                                               shortage affecting so many
                                                               rural hospitals.
                                                                  The Medical Center has
                                                               made great strides with recruit-
      The Medical                                              ing physicians for primary care
                                                               practices.       AMC has also
        Center has                                             recruited physician assistants
        made great                                             and nurse practitioners to
                                                               complement a broad and
       strides with                                            diverse medical staff.
         recr uiting                                              AMC’s recruitment efforts go
                                                               beyond the primary care set-
     physicians for                                            ting.
      primar y care                                               Moving forward, AMC has
                                                               broadened its search to
         practices.                                            include general surgeons and
                                                                  Enhancing the recruitment
                                                               efforts will be the recent
                                                               awarding of a Doctors Across
                                                               New York Grant. These loan
                                                               repayment and other financial
                                                               incentives will help build
                                                               AMC’s competitive edge for
                                                               physician recruitment.

In many ways, health care is changing for the better.
In these dif ficult economic times, everyone is being
asked to do more with less. Implementing the latest
technology is just one of the ways in which AMC is
able to enhance the level of care being delivered to
the Tri-Lakes community.
                                                                  Health Information Techno-
                                                               logy, efficiency, and above
                                                               all, patient safety are among
                                                               the priorities in the discussion
                                                               over health care reform across
                                                               the nation.
                                                                  Adirondack Medical Center
                                                               is ahead of the curve when it
                                                               comes to these issues.
                                                                  We have embarked upon
     Adirondack                                                an Electronic Medical Record
                                                               initiative, and are in the
 Medical Center                                                process of implementing the
         is ahead                                              Trudeau Health Exchange.
                                                               The Health Exchange is a part-
     of the cur ve                                             nership between AMC and its
  when it comes                                                affiliated physicians through
 to these issues.                                              Trudeau Health Systems.
                                                                  Not only will the Trudeau
                                                               Health Exchange provide criti-
                                                               cal information in a timely
                                                               manner, it will improve the
                                                               information flow between the
                                                               doctor’s office, hospital and
                                                                  To learn more about the
                                                               Trudeau Health Exchange, talk
                                                               to your provider or log onto

AMC Foundation

                              Adirondack Medical Center’s mission, “Excellent Health Care,
                           Close to Home” is accomplished by providing physical, mental
                           and spiritual healing. It is a big responsibility and one that is
                           enthusiastically embraced by our caregivers, staff members,
                           physicians and trustees.

                              As the premier provider of health care services in the Tri-Lakes
                           region of the Adirondacks, AMC operates the Medical Center,
                           two nursing homes, three primary care health centers, a mental
 Cheryl Breen Randall      health facility, a Bariatric weight loss program that has earned
   Executive Director      Center of Excellence designation, and a highly reputable sports
                           medicine program.

                              Adirondack Medical Center’s remarkable service to the resi-
                           dents and many visitors of the Tri-Lakes would not be possible
                           without the dedication, commitment and financial support of
                           caring individuals just like you. Gifts and bequests to the
                           Foundation provide resources for new medical technology, first-
                           rate facilities and high-quality, personal health care services.

                               Your support continues to play an essential role in the health
                           of the Medical Center. Our grateful appreciation is extended to
                           each and every donor for supporting our mission.

  2008 AMC Foundation Board of Trustees
  Terry B. Birdsong
  Ted T. Blazer
  Adele P. Connors, Vice Chair
  Judith L. Duken
  Susan M. Goetz
  Edward M. Good
  Douglas L. Hoffman, Secretary/Treasurer
  Harry A. Jacobs Jr.
  Thomas B. Leonardi
  Hillarie Logan-Dechene
  Judith C. McCartney                       Ex-Officio
  Robert M. Ohanesian, Chair                Cheryl Breen Randall, Executive Director
  Meredith M. Prime                         Chandler M. Ralph, AMC President & CEO
  Stephanie Ratcliffe                       Emily L. Selleck, AMC Board Chair
  William C. Ughetta                        John Hopkinson III, PhD, AMC Board Sec./Treasurer
  Marjorie Nohowel Wasilewski               Patrick M. Facteau, AMC Chief Finance Officer

                    AMC-Mercy, our skilled nursing and
               rehabilitation facility in Tupper Lake, will
                    undergo extensive room renovations.

                                                                   In addition to the renovations at AMC-Mercy, a new
                                                             Medical Office Building is planned for construction across
                                                            the street from the skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility

                                                                                                          Architectural renderings of
                                                                                                        the proposed Medical Office
                                                                                                             Building in Tupper Lake.

    AMC is looking forward to completing a major investment in its health care
facilities in Tupper Lake.
    AMC-Mercy, our skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Tupper Lake, will
undergo extensive room renovations, plus the addition of renal dialysis stations,
the creation of a 10-bed rehabilitation unit, and the relocation of the outpa-
tient physical theryapy and rehabilitation department from the downtown
area to the AMC-Mercy facility.
    A new Medical Office Building is planned for construction across the street
from AMC-Mercy, and will house an expanded primary care health center, pri-
vate physician offices, as well as laboratory and medical imaging services.
    While a certain amount of the project cost is funded through financing
and grant awards, a vital portion of the funding comes from the generous sup-
port of community giving. AMC is grateful for not only the support from Tupper
Lake, but from those beyond the community who share in our mission of
Excellent Health Care, Close to Home.

Annual Golf Tournament s
                          It was a picture perfect day of golf for those
                                              who teed off in support of
                                           Adirondack Medical Center
                                                     at the Crowne Plaza
                                  Lake Placid Club’s Mountain Course
                           on July 25th. In all, 47 teams of four took to
                        the links and teed up to help raise more than
                         $45,000 for Adirondack Medical Center and
                                      its many programs and services.

Likewise, it was a carbon copy
beautiful day in Tupper Lake
as 25 teams of four took to the
links on August 14th. Those teams
teed up to raise more than $13,000
for Adirondack Medical Center
programs and services.
                          Tournament Sponsors
13th Annual Lake Placid Tournament                                   Barbecue Sponsor ~ $3,000 Level
                                                                             Richard M. Moccia, M.D.
Exclusive Corporate Sponsor ~ $7,500 Level
                  Coca-Cola                                            Gold Sponsors ~ $1,400 Level
                                                                             HANYS Benefit Solutions
  Hole-in-One & Putting Contest Sponsors                                         HHA Services
               $1,750 Level                                                       NBT Bank
             Brim Healthcare, Inc.
     Iseman, Cunningham, Riester & Hyde                                Silver Sponsors ~ $1,000 Level
     MorrisSwitzer Environments for Health                                   DEW Construction
             The Bonadio Group                                           UFCW District Union Local One

                              Bronze Sponsors ~ $600 Level                     High Peaks Pathology Associates
                                  Bailey, Haskell & LaLonde                               Insight Health
                                Benefit Group of New England                      M.S. Hall & Associates, Inc.
                                   Burgess Enterprise, Ltd.                     Medical Liability Mutual Ins. Co.
                                         CDPHP, Inc.                                Merriam Graves/Air Gas
                                    Cool Insuring Agency                         Murnane Building Contractors
                                         ComTon, Inc.                                   Pantheon Capital
                                    CVPH Medical Center                          Skoler, Abbott & Presser, PC
                                Eye Care for the Adirondacks                  Thuillez, Ford, Gold, Butler & Young
                                Friends of Dr. John G. Rogers                          Time Warner Cable
                                    HANYS Solutions, Inc.                       Tri-Lakes Federal Credit Union

                                  and thanks to... Lake Placid Resort Golf Club, Malone Golf &
                                  Country Club, Saranac Inn Golf & Country Club, Town of North Elba
                                  Park District, Tupper Lake Country Club, Whiteface Inn Club, Frenette
                                  Brothers (beverages) and NBT Bank (golf balls).

                  2nd Annual Tupper Lake Benefit Golf Tournament

            Hole-in-One & Putting                                                 $250 Level
             Contest Sponsors                                               Cornell Linen Systems
                  $500 Level                                        Stuart-Fortune-Keough Funeral Home
        Belleville & Associates Insurance
               Hayes & Wright, PLLC
                                                                              Bronze Sponsors
                      HOSS’S                                                     $150 Level
             (In Memory of Dr. Hosler)                                     Community Bank, NA
                Hyde Fuel Company                                             Hill & Marks, Inc.
          LeRoy’s Auto Sales & Service                                         MAC Janitorial
      Morris/Switzer Environments for Health                                Time Warner Cable
                     NBT Bank                                          Town of Tupper Lake Democrats
           Shaheen’s Supermarket, Inc.
                                                                               and thanks to...
                                                                               Frenette Brothers
                Gold Sponsors                                                     (beverages)
                 $400 Level                                                     NBT Bank, Inc.
               Tupper Lake Supply                                                  (golf balls)
                                                     An Evening of
                                                Splendor & Support
                                                                               The historic and elegant
                                                                           AuSable Club was the setting
                                                                           for the 2008 Crystal Gala.
                                                                               Over 250 guests and sup-
                                                                           porters of AMC turned out to
                                                                           honor Dr. Thomas F. Minehan
                                                                           and Rev. George O. Nagle
                                                                           who were each presented
                                                                           with the Medical Center’s
    Adirondack Medical Center            Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort      Distinguished Service Award.
  gratefully acknowledges the                  Edward & Judi Good
                                             Ali & Michelle Hamdan             Dr. William M. Viscardo Jr.,
         following businesses,
  individuals and patrons for their            Hayes & Wright, PLLC        Vice President of Medical
                                              High Peaks Radiology         Affairs for AMC, and his wife,
generous donations and services
                                                 High Peaks Resort
     to the Crystal Gala ‘08:           Iseman, Cunningham, Reister &      Kirsten, served as Honorary
                                                      Hyde, LLP            Chairs, and welcomed guests
                AdWorkshop                   David W. Johnson, LLC
    Adirondack Anesthesia Services
                                                                           as they arrived greeting them
                                          Mr. & Mrs. Ronald B. Keough
    Adirondack Internal Medicine &                 Katrine Kretser         with champagne butlers, hors
              Pediatric Group             Lake Placid Flower & Gift Co.    d’oeuvres, and the music of a
            Adirondack Motel                 Mr. & Mrs. John Lansing
          Adirondack Museum
                                                                           strolling violinist.
                                            Sen. Elizabeth O’C. Little
          The Adirondack Store                      McDonald’s
       Adirondack Surgical Group         (Saranac Lake & Tupper Lake)
          AMC Executive Team               Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott McGraw
           AMC Medical Staff                    Medical Associates
                Anonymous                        of Saranac Lake
   Dr. Meg Balassone & Dr. John Mills             Mirror Lake Inn
             Nancie Battaglia             MorrisSwitzer Environments for              Stuart-Fortune-Keough
          Hon. & Mrs. John Bell                         Health                               Funeral Home
               Michael L. Bird                          ORDA                       Roger & Catherine Sullivan
                    Bling                     Outpost Wine & Spirits                        Julie Testwuide
               Bookstore Plus                         NBT Bank                   Tri-Lakes Federal Credit Union
         William J. Brennan, DDS        North Country Home Inspections               Tri-Lakes Home Medical
        Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Bristol        North Country Home Services                         Equipment
        Donald & Yvette Caldera            Rudolph & Cheryl Palyswiat                    Town of North Elba
             Casier’s Furniture                          Pink                               Garry Trudeau
                Coca-Cola                     Placid Planet Bicycles                 Trudeau Health Systems
        Howard & Marjory Cohen                      Ralph Prata                            Trudeau Institute
               ComTon, Inc.                       Ray Brook Frog                          UFCW Local One
           Crowne Plaza Resort                     Stephen Reed                       Marjorie N. Wasilewski
              Kimmey Decker                  Michael & Sally Ritchie            Weight Management New York
                    Dupli                         F. L. Rockefeller                       Whiteface Lodge
               Eye Peek, Inc.                 James & Keela Rogers               Whiteface Risk Management
                F. Matthews                         Ruthie’s Run                           The Wild Center
     Drs. Jay & Dorothy Federman                     Rolf Schulte                      Wine & Spirit Shoppe
             Mrs. Mabel Foote                       Scott’s Florist                       Volmrich Jewelers
                Tim Fortune                       Stewart’s Shops
2008 AMC Donors
         The AMC Foundation extends its deepest appreciation
         to our many loyal donors. The following individuals
          and entities are being recognized for their generous
           giving between January 1 and December 31, 2008
ANNUAL GIFTS                            Dr. & Mrs. Charles C. Gibbs *       Mr. & Mrs. Ralph L. MacDonald, Jr.
Your annual donation supports           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Holder            Mr. William K. Marinis*
programs, services & technological      Mr. Edwards R. Hopple               William C. Maroun, D.D.S.
advancements.                           Mr. & Mrs. Pliny Jewell             Marie* & George McBride
                                        Kinney Drugs Foundation, Inc.       Mr. & Mrs. W. Scott McGraw
Pinnacle Level                          Mr. & Mrs. William E. Larzelere     Mrs. Paula M. McGreevy*
(gifts of $50,000 and more)             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Leonardi       Millipore Corporate Giving Program
AMC Volunteers & Gift Shop              Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lescinsky            matching gift
Mr. & Mrs. Barrie A. Wigmore            Mr. & Mrs. Serge Lussi                for George & Marie McBride*
                                        Rev. & Mrs. George O. Nagle         Dr. & Mrs. Richard M. Moccia
Marcy Level                             Mr. & Mrs. Theodore C. Papes        Mr. & Mrs. Frederick G. Pierce II
(gifts of $10,000 to $49,999)           Mrs. Meredith M. Prime              Mr. Jonathan Prime
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Keet                  ProAct Pharmacy Services, Inc.        T.F. Prime Nursing Education Fund
Mr. Charles W. McCutchen                Ms. Chandler M. Ralph*              Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael Ritchie
NBT Bank N.A.                             & Mr. David K. Aldrich            Ms. Margaret M. Robertson*
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Ritchie, Jr.      Mr. & Mrs. John Rosenthal           Ms. Connie Rockefeller*
Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Sullivan            Mrs. Sheila Ross                    Ruthie's Run
                                        Dr. & Mrs. Nathaniel Selleck        St. Henry's Church
Ampersand Level                         Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Sheffield        Ms. Kathryn I. Strack*
(gifts of $5,000 to $9,999)             Snowflake Farms / Make it BetteRx   Mr. & Mrs. Wayne S. Thomas
AMC Auxiliary                           Mrs. Margaret E. Sorensen*          Mrs. Star Thornton*
Anonymous                               Mrs. Martha H. Starr                Mr. Garry Trudeau & Ms. Jane Pauley
Mr. Harry A. Jacobs, Jr.                Mr. & Mrs. Thompson M. Swayne       VFW Club Post #3120
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lievense           T.H.E. LOOP                         Dr. & Mrs. William M. Viscardo Jr.*
Mrs. Mary G. Rockefeller & Mrs.         Mr. & Mrs. John A. Thain            Mr. & Mrs. Curtis R. Welling
Sarah Bogdanovitch                      United Way of Greater Rochester
Mr. & Mrs. William C. Ughetta, Sr.      William Hale Fund                   St. Regis Level
                                        Mr. Paul C. Wagner                  (gifts of $250 to $499)
                                        Ms. Michelle Wright*                Adirondack Community Trust
Racquette Level                                                              Woods* & Pearl McCahill*
(gifts of $2,500 to $4,999)             Cloudspin Level                      Family Fund
Adirondack Community Trust              (gifts of $500 to $999)             Anonymous
 NA Sports Community Fund               Adirondack Community Trust          Patricia* & Kenneth Boyle*
Mr. & Mrs. Lynn S. Birdsong              Evergreen Fund                     Craig & Cheryl Breen Randall*
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Friedman           Anonymous                           Ms. Michele Byno*
Kingsley Foundation                     Drs. Margaret Balassone             Mrs. Thomas Cantwell
Mrs. Dorothy C. Treisman                  & John W. Mills                   Mr. Jason Colby
John B. Trevor Charity Trust            Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Blitt          Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Cormier
                                        Ms. Alma Boulanger                  Ms. Marilyn M. Corson*
Whiteface Level                         Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. Brown         Mrs. Pamela R. Davies*
(gifts of $1,000 to $2,499)             Rev. & Mrs. Carlos J. Caguiat       Ms. Judith M. Duquette*
AMC-Mercy                               Benjamin Churco American Legion     Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Ford
Anonymous                                Post 220                           Golub Foundation
Mr. William J. Bumsted                  Sue* & David Dekkers*               Ms. Maryanne Hamelin*
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Casier               Mr. & Mrs. Jack Delehanty           Mr. & Mrs. Douglas L. Hoffman
Clifford Family Foundation              Darlene* & Patrick Facteau*         Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Lamoy
Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Clifford, Jr.      Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah M. Hayes        Mrs. Paula LaPierre*
Community Bank, NA                      Mr. & Mrs. John F. Heimerdinger     Mr. Michael D. Lee*
Rev. Jenifer Deming                     Mr. Richard D. Jarvis               Mrs. Allan Logie
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander W. Dreyfoos, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Kevin T. Keane           Ms. Patricia A. Loud*
Mr. & Mrs. Gil Duken                    Mr. William M. Kelly*               Mr. & Mrs. David B. Mader*
Garden Club of Lake Placid, Inc.        Dr. & Mrs. George P. Kubica         Mrs. Phyllis E. Magnus
                                               * Denotes AMC Employee
2008 AMC Donors
Mrs. A.B. Murray, Jr.                Mr. John R. Dover                Nancy* & Edmund Lynch
Ms. Kathryn Nixon*                   Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Duffy       Mr. & Mrs. William Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Otis              Mrs. Mitchel Dukett              Mrs. Helen L. Macey*
Ms. Dorine Peregrim*                 Assemblywoman Janet L. Duprey    Mr. & Mrs. Camil G. Maroun, Jr.
Mr. Richard M. Preston*              Susan* & Dennis Dwyer            Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Maxfield
Mary L. & Edwin G. Robb              Ms. Jamie Dyer                   Ms. Virginia McDaniel
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Roy               Mr. & Mrs. George Dyslin         Ms. Katheryn A.S. McHugh*
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph H. Russell          Mr. & Mrs. James L. Elrod, Jr.   Medical Liability Mutual Insurance
Ms. Barbara J. Ryan*                 Drs. Dorothy & Jay Federman      Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Miller
SONY BMG Music Entertainment         Mr. & Mrs. Creighton C. Fee      Ms. Linda Millious
Mrs. Susan S. Stratford*             Mr. & Mrs. Richard Feldman       Mr. & Mrs. A.R. Montgomery III
Ms. Anne Marie Tripp*                Mrs. Linda Finn*                 Mr. & Mrs. William D. Morton, Jr.
Mrs. Phyllis Wendt Pierce            Ms. Kristin Finn*                Mr. Rafael Moz*
Mr. & Mrs. Wade Whitney              Mr. & Mrs. Henry E. Fish         Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Mullen
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Willis, Jr.     Mr. & Mrs. Ruben L. Folin        Ms. Megan A. Murphy*
Mrs. Sheila H. Young*                Mrs. Edward H. Foote             Mrs. Nancy Murray*
                                     Ms. Paula F. Fowler*             Dr. Frederick Muschenheim
Cascade Level                        Dr. Dorit Gaedtke                Ms. Laurette M. Nadeau
(gifts of $100 to $249)               & Dr. Peter Rosenberger*        Ms. Karen Z. Neenan*
Adirondack Park Agency               Ms. Virginia M. Garrow           Mr. & Mrs. Bengt Ohman
Anonymous                            Ms. Patricia Gero*               Mr. & Mrs. John O'Neill
Dr. Mary Elizabeth Alexander         Cyd* & Paul Giacovelli*          Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Palyswiat
Mr. & Mrs. J. Ripley Allen           Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Gilgore    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Parsons
Mr. Craig Amrhein*                   Mr. & Mrs. Edward Goetz, Jr.     Ms. Therese K. Patnode
Ms. Susan Bailey*                    Ms. Laura Gokey*                 Mrs. Geraldine G. Peckham*
Ms. Maude H. Barney*                 Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Good        Ms. Dorothy L. Perkins
Mr. Brian P. Barrett                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Grant       Mr. Dana M. Peryea
Nancie Battaglia & Edward Finnerty   Ms. Denise J. Gregoire*          Mr. John J. Phillips, Jr.
Ms. Robin M. Baxter*                 Mr. & Mrs. Francis S. Haines     Mr. Joseph Plotino
Ms. Kimberly Beane*                  Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Harris         Mr. & Mrs. William H. Plumb
Mr. & Mrs. J. Chris Beattie          Dr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Havlicek   Mr. & Mrs. Ian R. Poole
Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Bencze           Dr. Margery Lawrence Henneman    Mr. Albert A. Pozzi
Col. & Mrs. Harold F. Bentz, Jr.     Rev. Daniel & Adele Hodlin*      Ms. Pragna Prajapati*
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Bickford        Mr. Kenneth M. Hollenbeck        Ms. Linda F. Preston*
Mr. & Mrs. Milton Bickle             Mr. David J. Holliday*           Mr. & Mrs. S. Warren Prince, Jr.
Mrs. Natalie Bombard Leduc           Ms. Mary Holzer*                 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Reardon
Ms. Kimberly Bombard-Tromblee        Mr. & Mrs. Irving B. Hunt        Mr. & Mrs. Johathan J. Reiss
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Bradbury, Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Carl Jacobs           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reiss
Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Browne           Ms. Eileen D. Jauch*             Mr. & Mrs. Gregg L. Rettew
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Butts                Mr. Paul N. Johnson*             Ms. Christine Reynolds*
Mr. George M. Carley                 Mr. & Mrs. Karl J. Kabza         Mr. & Mrs. Phillip S. Reynolds
Church of St. Luke                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kelly         Mrs. John G. Rogers
Ms. Cora K. Clark*                   Mr. Theodore W. Kerner           Ms. Heather L. Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Clark*         Mr. Henry J. Killen              Mr. Brian J. Ruede
Ms. Bethany L. Cliche*               Ms. Gail E. Kissel*              Cathy* & Anthony* Samperi
Mr. Owen P. Coats                    Mr. & Mrs. Harry E. LaBrake      Mr. Douglas H. Sarr, Jr.*
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy J. Colby           Ms. Kerri Ladue*                 Linda* & Michael* Savarie
Ms. Nancy Colon                      Mr. John E. Lafferty             Ms. Bronwyn Seal
Ms. Eileen Crary                     Mr. & Mrs. John S. Lansing       Mr. Robert S. Sheppard
Mr. Darrell M. Davies                Mr. Walter Larzik*               Mr. Mark S. Simkins*
Mr. & Mrs. David Dechene, Sr.        Mrs. Gail Lautenschuetz*         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Smith*
Mrs. Janet P. Decker                 Mr. & Mrs. Jon M. Law            Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Stafford
Ms. Lucille T. DeForge               Mr. & Mrs. Harold T. Lennon      Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon C. Staves
Mrs. Jeanne DeMattos                 Mr. & Mrs. Donald C. Lewis*      Ms. Judith E. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. DePuy          Dr. & Mrs. Albert A. Lewis       Mr. Richard P. Suttmeier
Mr. & Ms. James Detmer               Cindy & Robert Lewis             Mr. & Mrs. John M. Sweeney
Mrs. William G. Distin               Mr. & Mrs. Richard B.            Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Sweet
Ms. Suzanne Dixon*                    Logan-Dechene                   Mrs. Ann R. Swern
Mr. Mike Donah                       Mrs. William Lowenthal           Mr. & Mrs. John A. Thompson
                                           * Denotes AMC Employee
2008 AMC Donors
Mr. Robert Timmons                      Ms. JoAnne Bruce*                 Ms. Gert Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Tyler                 Ms. Susan C. Camera               Peppy & Mac Fobare
Mr. Roland M. Urfirer                   Mr. & Mrs. Everett B. Campbell    Mr. & Mrs. L. Thomas Fortune
Ms. Angela I. Wagner                    Mr. George Campion                Ms. Jessica Fraser*
Mrs. Shelley Wamsganz*                  Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Capone         Ms. Elaine M. Frechette*
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Ward              Ms. Margaret A. Carpenter         Ms. Ellen Frenette-Garcia
Ms. Linda Warner                        Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Carroll     Mrs. Elizabeth M. Fuller*
Mrs. Marjorie Nohowel Wasilewski        Mr. Michael Cassell*              Ms. Patricia Fuller*
Mr. Brian Waters*                       Ms. Stephanie Cassell*            Ms. Nichole Gallo
Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Webb                  Mr. & Mrs. Joe S. Cavallaro       Mr. Steven J. Geddes*
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan E. Welles           Mr. & Mrs. Paul Charland          Ms. Judith Geesler*
Mr. John J. Whalen                      Ms. Christina Charland*           Mrs. & Mrs. Adrien Girouard
Ms. Sharon L. Wheeler                   Ms. Dorothy E. Charland           Mrs. Patricia E. Gonyea*
Whiteface Mt. Lodge No. 789 F&AM        Mr. & Mrs. Paul Chesney           Ms. Charlotte E. Gonyea
Ms. Elzida L. Wilkins                   Mr. Scott H. Childs*              Mrs. Mary C. Gregory*
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wunderlich           Ms. Sandra C. Clark               Ms. Jean W. Grimm
Ms. Fran Yardley & Mr. Burdette Parks   Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Coffin III    Mr. & Mrs. Jerrier A. Haddad
Ms. Debra Young                         Ms. Barbara S. Cole               Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hale
                                        Ms. Etta M. Collins*              LTC & Mrs. Donald W. Harclerode
Adirondack Level                        Ms. Cindy Conway*                 Mrs. Carolyn L. Harris-Walrath
(gifts to $99)                          Mr. & Mrs. M. John Corson         Mr. & Mrs. James V. Hart, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Abendroth           Ms. Joanne E. Court*              Ms. Lorraine E. Healy
Adirondack Medical Center               K.A. & J.L. Crandall              Mr. Peter W. Henry*
Anonymous                               Ms. Aimee Crouse*                 Ms. Ann Hewitt*
Ms. Linda M. Allen*                     Mr. Thomas H. Curit               Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hill*
Ms. Bernadette Alliegro-Stofan*         Ms. Nancy Dashnaw*                Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Hinkle
Ms. Tracey L. Amell*                    Ms. Carrie Dechavez*              Gary & Amy Hodgson*
Mrs. Joyce K. Ankenmann                 Ms. Chalice Dechene               Mr. & Mrs. Howard Hoffman
Mr. & Mrs. Perry L. Babcock             Ms. Mildred B. Dechene            Ms. Angela Hoffman*
Ms. Laurie Baeder*                      Ms. Rachel A. Dechene*            Mr. Michael D. Holland
Ms. Donna E. Bailey*                    Ms. Mary L. DeGone                Mr. Eric Holmes*
Ms. Robin Bailey*                       Ms. Colleen DeGrace*              Ms. Laura Holmes*
Mary* & Dana Baker                      Mr. & Mrs. Rodger L. Dempster     Ms. Susan Holmes
Mr. Dean Baker                          Mr. Bradley Dewey*                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Holmlund
Ms. Julie Barney*                       Ms. Gina M. Dewyea*               Mr. Jacob P. Holz, Jr.
Ms. Virginia Bartlett*                  Mr. Sean Dibble*                  HomEnergy Services, Inc.
Mr. Albert R. Beaney                    Ms. Laurie Diehl*                 Ms. Sharon G. Hoole
Mr. & Mrs. Peter M. Beatty              Ms. Marcia A. Doty*               Ms. Nanette L. Hooley*
Mr. Sherman Beaudette*                  Ms. Donna M. Doyle                Mr. & Mrs. Bertrand Horwitz
Mrs. Deborah A. Beaudette*              Ms. Charlene Dunham*              Ms. Lillian Hoy*
Ms. Shannon Beaudette*                  Mrs. Gordon Dunn                  Ms. Kathy Hubbard*
Mr. Charles W. Becker                   Ms. Marcy Dunn                    Ms. Darlene Hutchins*
Ms. Lea J. Bedore*                      Mrs. Margaret M. Duprey           Mr. & Mrs. John Huttlinger
Ms. Diane Belois*                       Ms. Ashley Dupuis                 Dr. & Mrs. Christopher P.Hyson*
Mr. & Mrs. Winfred L. Benoit            Ms. Mary Jane Durfee*             Mr. Leayle James*
Ms. Donna L. Besaw*                     Mr. Dick Easterlin & Ms. Eileen   Mr. & Mrs. David W. Johnson
Mrs. Elizabeth J. Bevilacqua            Crimmins                          Ms. Joanne Johnson*
Ms. Marcy Blackmer*                     Mr. & Mrs. David E. Edgley        Ms. Rebecca Johnson*
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Bodah               Ms. Patricia Egan                 Mrs. Linda A. Jones*
Ms. Frances A. Bourbeau*                Ms. Florine T. Eisele             Ms. Kathryn A. Keniston*
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bower*                Ms. Bridget A. Ellsworth*         Ms. Suzanne M. Keniston
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore H. Braley           Ms. Ann M. Ertel                  Ms. Mary Ellen Kerigan*
Ms. Dorothy J. Brasch                   Ms. Ellen M. Eshchuk              Mr. & Mrs. Richard F. Kibben
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Breen              Mr. John Ette*                    Ms. Helen Kiklevich*
Mr. & Mrs. Elmer F. Brewster            Mrs. Joanne M. Farmer*            Ms. Tamera Kingsley*
Mrs. Jill A. Brockway*                  Ms. Jean C. Felio                 Ms. Jane Kirkbride
Ms. Jill Brown*                         Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. Fiedler      Mr. Fred Klein*
Mrs. Bonnie L. Brownell*                Ms. Linda G. Finlayson*           Wanda* & Rusty Knobel*
Mrs. Colleen Bruce*                     Ms. Patti J. Finlayson*           Ms. Joanne M. Kordziel*
                                               * Denotes AMC Employee
2008 AMC Donors
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kretser           Ms. Mary Murray*                        Ms. Tara A. Smith*
Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Kucipeck        Ms. Kristin Myers*                      Mr. Thomas C. Smith*
Ms. Jeanne Kulka*                   Ms. Rebecca L. Nels*                    Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. David P. LaBarge         Ms. Doris Noble                         Ms. Barbara Snickles*
Mr. & Mrs. Donald LaBarge           Mr. & Mrs. Gary A. Nye*                 Ms. Brenda Snyder*
Mrs. Antoinette LaCourse*           Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. O'Brien           Ms. Sharon A. Sorgule*
Mr. Alan LaFlamme*                  Ms. Mary O'Connor*                      St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center
Ms. Tracy LaFlamme*                 Mr. & Mrs. William O'Reilly*            Ms. Susan Starr*
Mr. Thomas LaFountain*              Ms. Dorothy Ormsby*                     Ms. Laura Stender*
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald F. Lamica         Nathan & Corinne Palmeri Parsons        Ms. Maxine Steves*
Ms. Jessica LaPoint*                Mr. Donald M. Papier                    Katie* & Scott Stoddard*
Mr. Shawn Larabie*                  Mr. Howard Peckham*                     Ms. Judy Strack*
Ms. Margaret M. LaRocque            Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Pelletieri           Ms. Holly Stretch*
Mr. & Mrs. Mark B. LaVigne          Mrs. Carol A. Perkins                   Ms. Barbara R. Strowger
Mr. Alan E. Lawrence*               Sister Janet Peters*                    Mr. Harry J. Stuart
Ms. Tanya Lawrence                  Diane & Kirk Peterson                   Mrs. Rhonda D. Swinyer*
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Leamer        Mr. Jeffrey L. Petrocci*                Mr. & Mrs. Larry Thayer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lee            Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pickreign             Ms. Mim Tracy*
Mrs. Marily R. Leitsch*             Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence H. Poole            Tri-Lakes Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
Ms. Kathy A. Lincoln*               Post Office Pharmacy                    Trudeau Institute, Inc
Ms. Barbara Loewen*                 Ms. Kristin Proctor                     Ms. Marion VandenHeuvel*
Ms. Elizabeth M. Lowe               Mr. & Mrs. David T. Reed                Ms. Better Lou Varden-Wells*
Mrs. Heidi Lyon*                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reff                  Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Virostek
Ms. Staci Lysek*                    Mr. Joseph Riccio*                      Mrs. Alice Wareham
Ms. Lyn MacAlpine*                  Dr. & Mrs. Howard Ringler               Janet* & John Watson
Ms. Theresa MacDowell*              Mr. & Mrs. R. David Riotto              Mr. & Mrs. Keith Wells
Ms. Catherine L. Mack*              Mr. Raymond Rock*                       Mr. Guy G. Wescott, Jr.
Ms. Jill V. Maddison*               Mr. & Mrs. Alfio Romano                 Mr. Keith R. White
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Mahoney         Mrs. Bonnie Rosenbarker*                Ms. Stephanie A. Whitelaw
Ms. Anne Maltais                    Ms. Alberdina L. Rupp*                  Ms. Lena Wiggar
Mrs. Felecia D. Manheim             Dr. B.R. Russell & Dr. Pamela Russell   Sister M. Denise Wilke*
Mrs. Evelyn M. Martelle*            Mrs. Danielle M. Sabin*                 Mr. Andrew F. Willard
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Martin           Mr. Curtis M. Saccone*                  Ms. Alonna L. Willette*
Ms. Sharon A. Martin*               Mrs. Julie Santa Maria*                 Mrs. Robin A. Williams*
Ms. Blair Mattoon*                  Ms. Lynn M. Sarr*                       Ms. Betty Wilson*
Mrs. Marie Mayotte                  Mr. & Mrs. Edward Savard                Ms. Amy Winch*
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel G. McClellan IV   Ms. Kristen Scanio*                     Mr. & Mrs. M.W. Wituszynski
Ms. Beverly A. McCoy*               Mr. & Mrs. George J. Schaefer           Ms. Eileen M. Wojcik
Ms. Lorraine McCulley*              Ms. Elisabeth Schulte*                  Women of the Moose Chapter 598
Patricia* & Charles W. McGrath      Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Scovell             Ms. Barbara A. Wood*
Mr. Neil C. McKinnon*               Mr. Mark D. Sears*                      Ms. Brenda L. Wood*
Ms. Ann McLean*                     Ms. Betty J. Senoff                     Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Woodman
Ms. Jean McNamara*                  Ms. Elizabeth L. Sharlow                Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Yamrick*
Ms. Christine J. Merrill*           Mrs. Doris Shatraw                      Ms. Deborah L. Yelle*
Dr. & Mrs. Neil P. Miller           Mr. & Mrs. Michael D.B. Shene           Ms. Alicia Young
Dr. & Mrs. Alexander C. Mitchell    Mrs. Jeannette D. Sheppard              Ms. Debra Zale*
Ms. Daphne C. Montgomery            Ms. Christina Shoemaker*
Ms. Christine Moody*                Ms. Valerie Shumway*
Ms. Deborah M. Moody*               Mr. James B. Silliman
Mr. Andrew A. Morford               Mrs. Linda K. Skiff*
Mr. & Mrs. Donald W. Morgan         Ms. Ann Slack*
Nancy* & Peter Morrill              Mr. & Mrs. Russ Slingerland
Ms. Janet Morton*                   Ms. Brenda M. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest H. Mueller        Ms. Christine L. Smith*
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mull              Mr. Garrett Smith*
Ms. Jami L. Mulverhill*             Mrs. Jean Smith*
Ms. Amy L. Munn*                    Ms. Judith A. Smith
Ms. Shirley T. Murphy*              Ms. Patricia M. Smith*

                                            * Denotes AMC Employee
2008 AMC Donors
HONORARY GIFTS                             MEGHAN E. HANDLER                    DAVID F. THOMASHOW, M.D.
Friends and loved ones honor those         Dr. Dorothy & Dr. Jay Federman       Mrs. Elizabeth J. Bevilacqua
listed here with a gift in their name      Dr. & Mrs. George P. Kubica          Mr. & Mrs. Rodger L. Dempster
to Adirondack Medical Center.              Nancy & Edmund Lynch                 HomEnergy Services, Inc.
                                           Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Miller         Mrs. Linda A. Jones
In Honor of                                                                     Mr. Henry J. Killen
DORIT D. GAEDTKE, M.D.                     PATRICIA C. HARRIGAN                 Mrs. Felicia D. Manheim
Anonymous                                  Adirondack Park Agency               Mr. & Mrs. Roger A. Maxfield
                                           Ms. Ann M. Ertel                     Ms. Doris Noble
CRAIG H. RANDALL                           Ms. B. Forrester                     Post Office Pharmacy
NBT Bank, N.A.                             Mr. & Mrs. George J. Schaefer        Ms. Chandler M. Ralph
                                           Mr. & Mrs. Michael D.B. Shene         & Mr. David K. Aldrich
MEMORIAL GIFTS                             Mrs. Jeannette D. Sheppard           Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan J. Reiss
Friends and loved ones honor the           Tri-Lakes Amateur Radio Club, Inc.   Ms. Heather L. Ross
memory of those listed here. Their gifts   Ms. Sharon L. Wheeler                Mr. & Mrs. Michael D.B. Shene
will support and perpetuate the good                                            Mr. Robert S. Sheppard
works of Adirondack Medical Center.        CATHERINE HAUPERT                    Mr. & Mrs. William E. Smith
                                           Mrs. Joyce K. Ankenmann              Ms. Angela I. Wagner
In Memory of                               Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Capone            Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Ward
ALICE BICHSEL                              Ms. Dorothy E. Charland
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. O’Brien              Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Pelletieri        GORDON E. TRUDEAU
                                                                                Mrs. Gordon E. Trudeau
St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center         Ms. Therese K. Patnode               RALPH TRUMEL
                                                                                Mrs. Margaret M. Duprey
RENA CARDINAL                              JULIE LAMY
Ms. Chalice Dechene                        Mr. Richard D. Jarvis                CLARENCE WAGNER
Mr. & Mrs. L. Thomas Fortune                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Everett B. Campbell
                                           WILLIAM LOWENTHAL                    Trudeau Institute, Inc.
JAMES H. DAVIS                             Mrs. William Lowenthal
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Heimerdinger                                                 SR. MARY LOUISE WILEY
Mrs. Marjorie Nohowel Wasilewski           RITA MALTAIS                         Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reff
                                           Ms. Anne Maltais
HOWARD “BUSTER” DENIS                                                           ELINOR ZAHN
Adirondack Medical Center                  DELISCIA PERTH                       Mrs. Alice Wareham
                                           Mr. & Mrs. Paul Charland
ED DOYLE                                   Mr. & Mrs. Edward Savard             IN-KIND GIFTS
Ms. Donna M. Doyle                         Mr. & Mrs. M.W. Wituszynski          Contributions of equipment, supplies
                                                                                and other property are gratefully
FLORENCE DUGAN                             MARY J. POTTER                       acknowledged.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lee                   Mr. & Mrs. Favor R. Smith            Ms. Kathy Ford
                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Favor R. Smith
BESSIE FLAGG                               THEODORE PRIME                        In memory of Mary J. Potter
Ms. Gert Fischer                           Mr. Jonathan S. Prime                Dr. & Mrs. William J. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Hinkle                                                    Mr. & Mrs. Roger J. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Peter R. Kucipeck               JOHN RANDALL III                     Mr. Garry Trudeau & Ms. Jane Pauley
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mull                     Mrs. Marjorie Nohowel Wasilewski
                                                                                The Redfield Society:
REV. PETER FRANCIS                         NELSON RICE                          A Legacy of Caring
Mrs. Phyllis Francis                       Ms. Sharon G. Hoole                  AMC’s Redfield Society recognizes individu-
                                                                                als who have included Adirondack
                                           Ms. Betty J. Senoff
                                                                                Medical Center in their wills and in their
WILLIAM FRENETTE                                                                estate plans. These gifts, of all sizes, have
Mr. & Mrs. Creighton C. Fee                JOHN G. ROGERS, M.D.                 and continue to impact health care in our
Ms. Ellen Frenette-Garcia                  Mrs. John G. Rogers                  community, and provide a legacy of car-
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hale                                                          ing for those to come. Please consider a
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah M. Hayes               JEAN L. SHELDON                      gift to Adirondack Medical Center while
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Mahoney                Her Family                           making your will and estate plans. Thank
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest H. Mueller                                                    you.
                                                                                We sincerely apologize if your name has been
Ms. Chandler Ralph*                        CECELIA STERN                        inadvertently misspelled, omitted or incorrectly
 & Mr. David K. Aldrich                    LTC & Mrs. Donald W. Harclerode      listed. Please contact the Foundation Office at
                                                   * Denotes AMC Employee
2008 AMC Donors
                                                             Forgotten Ellis Island
                                                                    Adirondack Medical Center proudly host-
                                                              ed a screening of “Forgotten Ellis Island,” a film
                                                              that chronicles the history of one of the world’s
                                                              greatest hospitals, built to examine and care
                                                              for the immigrants entering America through
                                                              Ellis Island.
                                                                    The following individuals and businesses
                                                              generously sponsored the event:

                                                                         Adirondack Wine & Liquor
                                                                       Adirondack Daily Enterprise
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Lynn S. Birdsong
                                                                             The Bookstore Plus
                                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Jack Delahanty
                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. John F. Heimerdinger
                                                                         Mirror Lake Wine & Liquor
                                                                          Mrs. Meredith M. Prime
                                                                               NBT Bank N.A.
                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Ritchie, Jr.
                                                                        Terry Robards Wine & Spirits
    Lorie Conway, who authored “Forgotten Ellis                       Saranac Lake Discount Liquor
Island”, which was later made into a documentary                       Station Street Wine & Liquor
                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. William C. Ughetta
film, signs copies of her book following a screen-                   Mrs. Marjorie Nohowel Wasilewski
ing of the film.                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Edwin H. Weibrecht Jr.

Strength for Healing                                      Diane Bryjak, a counseling psychologist/
                                                      licensed marriage and family therapist certified
    Confronting a disease as serious as cancer        in Guided Imagery; Gina DuMond, RN, Merrill
can create added stress at a time when healing
demands a great deal of energy and persever-
                                                      Oncology Center; and Mary Bartel, a Certified
ance.                                                 Structural Yoga Therapist and Professional Level
    The staff of the Merrill Oncology Department      Structural and Kripalu Hatha Yoga Instructor.
at Adirondack Medical Center recognize the
challenges their patients and family face, and
are offering a Guided Imagery and Gentle
Restorative Yoga program to strengthen both
mind and body.
    “Strength for Healing” is being offered free to
patients, their family members and caregivers,
thanks to a generous grant from the Adirondack
Medical Center Foundation.
    Studies have shown these activities have
lead to improved physical fitness, lower levels of
stress, and increased feelings of relaxation and
well being. For our cancer patients and their
caregivers the potential benefits include relief of
anxiety and depression, stress reduction,
strengthening the immune system, reduced pain
and suffering and improved sleep.
2008 Financial Summary
Total Operating Revenues............................................................................$82.9 million
Total Operating Expenses.............................................................................$81.6 million
Income from Operations................................................................................$1.3 million
Total Non-Operating Revenues....................................................................{$2.8 million}
Excess of Revenue Over Payments..............................................................{$1.5 million}

Operating Expenses
Salaries and Wages.................................................................................................... 44%
Supplies........................................................................................................................ 38%
Employee Benefits........................................................................................................ 9%
Depreciation................................................................................................................. 4%
Bad Debts...................................................................................................................... 4%
Interest............................................................................................................................ 1%

Admissions (Inpatient)...............................................................................................3,110
Patient Days.............................................................................................................15,562
Long Term Care Resident Days..............................................................................65,773
Average Length of Stay................................................................................................5.2
Emergency Visits.......................................................................................................15,726
Health/Dental Clinic Visits.......................................................................................24,576
Outpatient Visits........................................................................................................65,453
Number of Full-Time Employees...................................................................................741
Ambulatory Surgery Procedures...............................................................................2,279
Operating Room Procedures....................................................................................3,274

     In 2008, Adirondack Medical Center also provided
      over $4.1 million in health care to the community
    through charity care and uncompensated services.
 Adirondack Medical Center
     2008 Annual Report                 Photography
    was produced by the          supplied by the archives of
     AMC Foundation &           Adirondack Medical Center.
Community Relations Office       Additional photos, design
Please direct any questions to  & layout of this publication
        (518) 897-2320                  byJoe Riccio
                                 Communications Manager,
                                   Community Relations
                                   Cheryl Breen Randall
                                     Executive Director,
                             Foundation & Community Relations

                        Adirondack Medical Center
                        P.O. Box 471
                        2233 State Route 86
                        Saranac Lake, NY 12983
                        (518) 891-4141

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