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					Orange County Engineering Council

              Est. 19 6 2

The Centre at Sycamore Plaza
Saturday, February 20th, 2010
Orange County Engineering Council
Orange County Engineering Council
Orange County Engineering Council
     Orange County Engineering Council

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                         Orange County Engineering Council

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           Est. 19 6 2

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Table of Contents

Banquet Agenda                                            9
Board of Directors                                        10
OCEC President Message                                    11
Master of Ceremonies                                      12
Keynote Speaker                                           13

Aida Hadzihasanovic                                       14
Beena Ajmera                                              15
Mohamed Salama                                            16
Owen H. Cupp                                              17
Paul Nordeen                                              18
Shahab Moaydian                                           19

Anthony T. Barlin                                         20
Casey Weber                                               21
Daniel P. Strosnider                                      22
Jeannette Lindemann                                       23
Karen N. Cohoe                                            24
Michael C. Hogan                                          25
Michael Wise                                              26
Molly Jewett                                              27
Payam Khashaee                                            28

Brandon Park                                              29
Jeffrey W. Royle                                          30
Kent Peterson                                             31
Kristine E. Haugaard                                      32
Robert Richardson                                         33
Vincent Gin                                               34
Randall Berry                                             35
John Stewart                                              36

Larry Sun                                                 37
Margaret S. Morse                                         38

Nadeem H. Majaj                                           39
Thomas T. Bui                                             40

C-17 Electronic Flight Control System (EFCS)              41
C-17 Flight Ramp Support Team                             42
Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center                     43
Pacific Coast Highway Traffic Congestion Relief Project   44
The Wheeler North Reef, San Clemente, CA                  45
Loma Linda University Thermal Energy Storage System       46
Barrier Replacement and Seismic Retrofit of Santiago Canyon Road Bridge   47
Environmental Nature Center                                               48
SR-90 & Orangethorpe Ave. Grade Separation Project                        49

Erich Kreidler                                                            50
Spiros H. Courellis                                                       51
Vonna Hammerschmitt                                                       52
Binod Tiwari                                                              53

Fred Aminzadeh                                                            54
Raman Unnikrishnan                                                        55
John W. North Water Treatment Plant                                       56

Jayant D. Patel                                                           57

Azzam Saad                                                                58
               Orange County Engineering Council

National Engineers Week
2010 Annual Awards Banquet

•Reception and Networking
•Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation
•Welcome Address
•Dinner and Entertainment
•Keynote Speaker: Will Kempton, Chief Executive Officer
    Orange County Transportation Authority
•Awards Ceremony

    Outstanding Engineering Student Awards
    Young Engineer Awards
    Outstanding Engineering Merit Awards
    Outstanding Engineering Service Awards
    Distinguished Engineering Merit Awards
    Engineering Project Achievement Awards
    Outstanding Engineering Educator Awards
    Distinguished Engineering Educator Awards
    Engineering Project of the Year Award
    The James E. Ballinger Engineer of the Year Award
    OCEC Presidents Award

                              Orange County Engineering Council

                                Board of Directors

President                                              Adam Chamaa, MSCE, PE, GE
Past President                                         Dr. Peter R. Kurzhals, CM
V.P. Engineering                                       Mohammad Sadiq, ASCE
V.P. Corporate Sponsors                                 Dr. Jesa Kreiner, PE
V.P. Professional Societies                   Dr. C.T. Bathala, PE
V.P. Education                                          Rick Gallaher
V.P. Communications                                     Cynthia Mescher
Treasurer                                               Phil Ridout, FIAE, AIAA
Secretary                                              Ann Lotti, IIE
Tour Director                                           Mohammad Sadiq, ASCE
Plaque Coordinator                                      Manny Moya
                                                    Orange County Engineering Council

                                                                    OCEC’s President’s Message
                                                                    Adam Chamaa, M.S.C.E, P.E., G.E.
                                                                                  OCEC President

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Welcome to the OCEC Honors and Awards Banquet. This annual event recognizes the achievements of outstanding engineers, scientists,
educators and projects in Southern California. Once again, our Selection Committee, led by Mr. Mohammad Sadiq OCEC VP-Engineering,
had a challenging task in selecting the best of the best from many excellent nominations. Our selecting team consisted of Mr. Peter R.
Kurzhals, Mr. CT Bathala, Mr. Jesa Kreiner, and Mr. Sam Sarem, but they succeeded, and we’re here tonight to recognize and celebrate the
winners.OCEC, a non-profit umbrella organization, was established in 1962 by a group of dedicated scientists and engineers. These included
the late James E. Ballinger, first OCEC Executive Director; Dr. Al Rajput, retired Air Force Colonel; and Dr. Krisna Krisnamurthy, former
Mechanical Engineering chairman at California State University, Fullerton. Our council membership is drawn from companies, professional
societies and universities located in, or near, Orange County. Working together, our principal objectives are to promote and enhance the
image of engineers and scientists and to recognize their contributions to engineering and society within Orange County, California and the

Some of the other activities sponsored by OCEC include:

•Financial and manpower support to the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair (OCSEF).
•OCSEF judging and scholarships for outstanding junior and senior High School student projects.
•Funding and manpower support for Future Scientists and Engineers of America (FSEA), a highly successful after-school grade 4-12 program
founded by George Westrom, a former OCEC delegate, more than 10 years ago.

In addition, OCEC sponsors an annual Leaders Night where society presidents, corporate executives and university leaders interact and
provide guidance on future OCEC initiatives.

OCEC’s mission would not be possible without the financial support of our sponsors, and without the enthusiastic participation by our
member delegates, and I thank them all for their support. In addition, I’d like to invite any of you in the audience, who are interested, to join us
as we work to strengthen the role and recognition of engineering and science in Orange County, and beyond…
                                                  Orange County Engineering Council

                                                                          Master of Ceremonies
                                                                          Mohammad Sadiq, ASCE
                                                                                  VP Engineering

I, Mohammad Sadiq, Master of tonight's ceremony, welcome you all to Orange County Engineering Council, 2010, National Engineers week
Awards Banquet, here at the Sycamore Plaza, in Lakewood, California.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere greetings and best wishes to all of you, on this auspicious occasion.

OCEC is privileged and honored to have among us, Will Kempton, Chief Executive Officer, of Orange County Transportation Authority, who
will deliver the keynote address on improving mobility across California.

Prior to joining OCTA, Director Kempton honorably served as the Statewide Director of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans),
overseeing an annual operating budget of $ 3.8 billion and 22,000 employees.

Hearty congratulations to all the Outstanding and Distinguished award winners, OCEC President's award winner, the prestigious James E.
Ballinger award winner, Young Engineer award winners, Engineering Project Achievement award winners and the Project of the Year (2010)
award winner.

OCEC's mission statement is to enhance the public image of engineers and scientists and promote the interaction of professional societies
and engineering / scientific corporations in Orange County, California.

On behalf of OCEC, from the bottom of my heart, I thank all our Sponsors for their financial support, invaluable participation of our
membership, delegates, professional societies, educational partners, and the tireless efforts of OCEC Board members, all working together
to make OCEC's 2010 National Engineers week Awards and Banquet, this gala event, possible.
                                      Orange County Engineering Council

                                                          Keynote Speaker
                                                           Will Kempton
                                                        Chief Executive Officer
                                                 Orange County Transportation Authority

Will Kempton is chief executive officer of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA), a countywide
transportation agency with 1,900 employees and an annual budget of $1.2 billion. Under the direction of a 17-
voting member Board of Directors, he is responsible for planning, financing and coordinating Orange County's
freeway, street and rail development as well as managing bus services, commuter-rail services, paratransit
van service for people with disabilities and a host of other transportation programs. He has served in the
position since August 2009.

Prior to joining OCTA, Kempton served as the director of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans),
overseeing an annual operating budget of more than $13.8 billion with $10 billion worth of transportation
improvements under construction and 22,000 employees. In 1985, Kempton was named executive director of
the Santa Clara County Traffic Authority, the state’s first local sales tax program. The program he managed is
widely viewed as one of the most successful in the state, resulting in the delivery of nearly $1 billion in
highway improvements in less than 10 years. Over the course of his career, Kempton has cultivated extensive
contacts throughout the transportation community at all levels of public service. In January 2003, Kempton
joined the City of Folsom as assistant city manager for community services. He was charged with overseeing
the operations of the city’s Community Development, Neighborhood. Kempton resides in Orange County with
his wife, Beverley. They have two adult children, Mark and Christina.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                    Outstanding Engineering Student Award

                                                                   Aida Hadzihasanovic
                                                                   Mechanical Engineering
                                                             California State University, Fullerton

Aida Hadzihasanovic is a senior mechanical engineering student at California State University, Fullerton and a member of ASME-
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, SWE- Society of Women Engineers, ASHRAE-American Society of Heating
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers and SAMPE-Society for Advancement of Material and Process Engineering. Since
transferring to CSUF in 2006 she maintained a high GPA. Her particular interests are in the areas of design and fabrication of
rehabilitation devices for war injured and the physically handicapped people as well as biomedical devices which accelerate
healing process subsequent to surgeries.

She grew up in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and lived there until 1996 when the fratricidal war among the various ethnic
groups in the former Yugoslavia ended and she experienced the tragedy of killings, hunger, deprivation and persecution. She
commenced her education in her native country but was forced to abandon it during the war years. Upon immigrating to the US
she had to acquire a new language and culture while making a living at the same time which she did with incredible determination.
She re-started her education at the DeAnza Community College in San Jose and obtained an AA degree in manufacturing and
design subsequently transferring to California State University, Fullerton where she is pursuing the BS in mechanical engineering.
She is currently an intern at the Ronald McNair program at the University and is involved with research on corrosion phenomena
in Southern California. In recognition of her scholarship Ms. Hadzihasanovic was awarded the student scholarship of the ASHRAE
Orange County Empire chapter in 2008.

Aida's future plans include continuing her education and pursuing MS and Ph.D. degrees after graduation.
                                            Orange County Engineering Council

                                   Outstanding Engineering Student Award

                                                                     Beena Ajmera
                                                                     Civil Engineering
                                                           California State University, Fullerton

Working towards a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics at the California State
University, Fullerton, Beena Ajmera has been on the Dean’s List since her first semester. She was also chosen as the
Outstanding Junior by the Civil and Environment Engineering Department and is a recipient of the Dwight D. Eisenhower
Transportation Fellowship for her research titled, “Urban Planning Promoting Mixed Used High Density Development with Wind
and Solar Energy”. The paper addressed global warming through suggestions for minimizing the emissions of green house
gases and the United States dependence on foreign oil while solving domestic issues like traffic congestion and reducing
individual commute time.

She is also working in research in the area of Geotechnical Engineering and has co-authored a paper titled “Shear Strength
Reduction at Soil Structure Interface”. The research found the interface shear strength of soil against structural interfaces of
wood, steel and concrete.

Beena Ajmera is also actively involved in student organizations on campus. She is the current Surveying Captain and Quiz Bowl
Captain for the American Society of Civil Engineers and will be representing them at the Pacific South West Regional
Conference in Las Vegas. Beena also participates in Tau Beta Pi and was elected Corresponding Secretary for the society for
the coming year.

During the semester, Beena works as an instructional student aid, assisting students with basic theoretical concepts and
laboratory work for Survey Labs at California State University, Fullerton. She is also actively involved in preparing AutoCAD
drawings for various land development projects in the Los Angeles area as well as overseas.
                                              Orange County Engineering Council

                                     Outstanding Engineering Student Award

                                                                      Mohamed Salama
                                                             Civil and Environmental Engineering
                                                                University of California, Irvine

Mohamed Salama is a graduate student enrolled in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of
California, Irvine (UCI). In his short tenure at the university, he has exemplified every desirable characteristic that is expected of
a scholar.
Mr. Salama started his career in Egypt where he studied for his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degrees, while
working as a young civil engineer. After getting his feet wet in industry, Mohamed decided to pursue advanced studies in the
United States, where he hoped to be exposed to a culture of scientific inquiry and professional expertise.

Since coming to UCI, Mohamed has been an exemplary student. He has consistently exhibited critical thinking skills and unique
problem solving abilities. He regularly initiates discussions within the classroom. He routinely challenges his peers to secure a
more profound understanding of theoretical concepts. With regard to teaching, Mohamed is a natural educator. He has been an
outstanding teaching assistant and has received enthusiastic support from instructors and top marks from students.

As a university researcher, he has already collaborated with professionals to support research in the Seismic Retrofit and
Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Walls. With regard to his doctoral research, Mohamed has
conducted numerous computational studies and completed several large-scale verification tests of advanced carbon/epoxy
smart bridging systems. In this design, composite fibers provide strength, while embedded fiber optic sensors deliver real time
information on critical strains and displacements. The research is expected to change composite bridge design and generate an
advanced diagnostic/prognostic health monitoring that can be utilized in areas of civil and mechanical engineering.
                                      Orange County Engineering Council

                              Outstanding Engineering Student Award

                                                           Owen H. Cupp
                                                         Electrical Engineering
                                                  California State University, Fullerton

Owen Cupp offers a superb track record of dedication to learning in his engineering profession and long
consistency in volunteering for successful leadership roles in Orange County’s top engineering societies. His
undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering was completed with summa cum laude honors in 2007; and
diligence of lifelong learning is exemplified with a Masters of Electrical Engineering soon after in 2009.

Owen’s graduate studies in signal processing; robotics; systems engineering; and research in RF photonics
were each completed with the highest marks possible recognizing his superb demonstration of diligent
mastery in the advanced topics. In addition, Owen volunteers for leadership positions in numerous
engineering societies, such as IEEE and OCEN.
                                                  Orange County Engineering Council

                                        Outstanding Engineering Student Award

                                                                                 Paul Nordeen
                                                                           Mechanical Engineering
                                                                     California State University, Fullerton

Mr. Paul Nordeen, is a senior in the mechanical engineering program at California State University, Fullerton. Paul graduated from the Mount
Carmel High School in Poway where he simultaneously developed passion for exact sciences, engineering and music. Subsequently, upon
graduation Paul joined the California State University, Fullerton where he maintains an admirable 3.90 GPA. Paul’s professional interests are
in the field of robotics and control systems and he will pursue advanced degrees upon completing his BSME. He has already applied to some
of the best engineering programs in the nation. His ultimate goal is to pursue research endeavors in development of autonomous machinery as
a faculty member in academia.

At the University, Paul is active member of ASME, SAE and Tau Beta Pi and is a lifetime member of Phi Kappa Phi. He is currently serving as
an officer in these societies where he demonstrates his leadership qualities. Paul’s many eclectic talents include building electronic equipment
and computers, astronomy, computer programming and photography and, as of late, gourmet cooking. He is the designated chef at the

Mr. Nordeen believes in responsible citizenship and environmental awareness and has participated in numerous outreach events such as
cleanups of the Huntington Beach and Brea Storm Channel. He also tutored less advantaged high school students in mathematics and
physics. Also, he was engaged with the MESA Orange County Robotics program under the inspired leadership of Mrs. Vonna

He was born and raised in Rancho Penasquitos community near San Diego, California in an engineering family with both of his parents
instilling in him the love for this noble profession. His father is a welding engineer while his mother is a chemical engineer.
                                                Orange County Engineering Council

                                      Outstanding Engineering Student Award

                                                                           Shahab Moayedian
                                                                        Mechanical Engineering
                                                                California State University, Long Beach

       Shahab Moayedian is a Ph.D. student in the Engineering and Industrial Applied Mathematics program, offered jointly by CSULB
and Claremont Graduate University. He completed his M.S. with honors in Mechanical Engineering at CSULB in May 2009. He has a 4.0
GPA in all his graduate courses and is very active in research. His MS thesis was on experimental assessment of a new catalyst for
reducing NOx emissions of diesel trucks. His project involved development of a high-efficiency selective catalytic reduction (SCR) device
using urea or ammonia as the reducing agent, for decreasing diesel engines NOx emissions. In summer 2007, Shahab worked as a
research assistant for a project which involved design of a solid model for an energy-sufficient electro-mechanical assembly used to
regulate      flow      of       cold     and        hot      water     through         pipes      in       household         applications.

        His other work experiences include: experimental measurements and data analysis, instrumentation, internship in the area of
HVAC and fire sprinkler systems for commercial and residential buildings, design of heat transfer systems, assessment of mixing
enhancement of ring injectors and opposed flow injection with tabs on mixing enhancement of turbulent jets, and development of a
MATLAB code for the textbook “Applied Mathematics for Engineers”. Currently, Shahab is working on an NSF sponsored research project
involving development of an innovative horizontal wind turbine (wind mill) for power generation for household applications.

       Shahab received his B.S. in mechanical engineering from Tehran University in Iran in 2005. His undergraduate senior design
project was on the development of T-shaped tubes using high pressure hydroforming (HPH) process. Additionally, during his
undergraduate study, he conducted research on development of a computer model to solve the Navier-Stokes equation in cavity,
development of technology for renewable energy sources including wind turbine and photoelectric cells. Shahab is very active in the
Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) CSULB Chapter; and also a member of ASME and ASHRAE.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                                Young Engineer Award

                                                                   Anthony T. Barlin
                                                                    Industrial Engineer
                                                                   The Boeing Company

Anthony has significantly improved his skill set and excels in Industrial Engineering since graduating from Cal Poly Pomona in
2005. He has taken Six Sigma training, and became ASQ Certified in Six Sigma Black Belt in 2006. In 2007, he took Project
Management classes through Villanova, where he obtained a Certificate in Mastering Project Management. During the same time,
he also started pursuing a M.S. degree in Systems Architecture and Engineering at the University of Southern California,
eventually graduating in December 2008 with a 3.74 GPA. While at work, he obtained LEAN training and became Accelerated
Improvement Workshop certified at Boeing.

Even more impressive is how he has exercised his knowledge “tool box” through practical applications in the workplace. Although
he has been involved in numerous projects, his most significant engineering accomplishment is the Flap Damage Reduction
Project. He used Six Sigma tools such as flow charting, histograms, Pareto charts, Ishikawa diagrams, measles charts, scatter
diagrams, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), and control charts to find the root causes, analyze data, and target
solutions. Ultimately, by the conclusion of the project, the defects were reduced by more than 50% which resulted in an estimated
cost avoidance of greater than $500,000 per year. The project later went on to win the Quality Cup award for that year.
Another characteristic of Anthony is his eagerness to lead. He has demonstrated this throughout his career, assuming project
manager responsibilities on multiple work projects and currently serving as 2010 President-Elect of the Institute of Industrial
Engineering – OC chapter. He attempts to be successful in everything he does, including being a husband and parent. Through it
all, Anthony has remained humble and continues to work hard to fulfill his goals.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                                Young Engineer Award

                                                                       Casey Weber
                                                                        Civil Engineer

Casey Weber has been working in the engineering profession at AECOM since June 2004. He graduated with a Masters degree in
Structural Engineering from the University of California, San Diego in 2004 and obtained his California Professional Civil
Engineering license in 2006. He is a valued member of the Structural Engineering group in the AECOM Orange office.

Casey’s nomination is based on his willingness to accept and excel with increased responsibilities, his dedication to produce
quality work always and his commitment to giving back through education and engineering. Casey has won several High Achiever
Awards from AECOM which are awarded quarterly to those demonstrating outstanding effort on their project assignments. Outside
of the office Casey has been involved in his community through a tutoring program in West Side Costa Mesa that seeks to educate
and provide more opportunities to the predominantly Hispanic community. He has traveled to Mexico on several occasions to build
homes near Tijuana and to Dominican Republic and Panama to participate in various community development projects.

Among Casey’s recent project assignments, one stands out as an example of his hard work, ability to successfully complete
challenging design tasks and to see a project through from start to finish. The project was the SR-73 Northbound Widening Project
for the San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency (TCA), a $25 million project that accommodates two additional lanes and
increased shoulder width in the middle of the northbound roadway. The project required the widening of three bridges – Newport
Coast Drive Undercrossing, Ford Road/Bonita Canyon Road Undercrossing and Wildlife Undercrossing No. 2. Casey was involved
in the design of the three bridges from the start of the project through construction and prepared the plans, specifications and
estimates for their construction.

Casey has tremendous dedication to his engineering work and is always willing to go above and beyond to deliver a quality
product. His performance far exceeds many of his peers with the same years of experience.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                                Young Engineer Award

                                                                       Dan Strosnider
                                                    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Technology Lead
                                                                     The Boeing Company

Dan Strosnider’s leadership in support of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has helped to bring The Boeing Company’s
programs and customers to additional levels of functionality and productivity. The work completed in 2009 towards this effort will
be leveraged now and in the future to bring additional value to Boeing customers and stakeholders. Among many of the projects
that Dan has led, the most outstanding was his leadership and fine example of professionalism while working on the Long-Range
Technology Plan (LRTP). He led the enterprise technology strategy and core technology plan for PLM. The elements included a
10-year roadmap of PLM technology, a multi-million dollar project portfolio, intellectual property assessment, and competitive
assessment. As a Young Engineer, Dan has exhibited the attitude, leadership, and expertise normally expected from a veteran
engineer with many years of experience. He is a role model for his peers in more ways than one. He is a motivated person who
is self-directed in his work and vision. Yet at the same time, he is a team-player who leads his team with goals and purpose, and
receives respect from the group. Dan is constantly asked for advice and direction from all of his Boeing colleagues.
                                            Orange County Engineering Council

                                               Young Engineer Award

                                                                      Jeannette Lindemann
                                                                          Civil Engineering
                                                                        DDB Engineering, Inc.

Jeannette has worked in the civil engineering profession for over eight years concentrating in public works and urban land
development projects. She has specialized in street, sewer and water plan improvements. Recently Jeannette began working
in wastewater treatment improvements; one of Jeannette’s recent achievements was to assist in the approval by the California
Department of Public Health of the Groundwater Replenishment System 100% injection of recycled water, which will save the
Orange County Water District millions of dollars by eliminating the purchase of imported water. Jeannette is an active member
of Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Orange County Section and American Society of Civil Engineers, serving in leadership
position for both organizations. Jeannette is being recognized for her technical achievements in the field of civil engineering
and her leadership and service in the engineering community.
                                      Orange County Engineering Council

                                         Young Engineer Award

                                                               Karen N. Cohoe
                                                                 Civil Engineer
                                                                   RMC, Inc.

Over the past five years in the private civil engineering industry, Karen Cohoe has made significant
contributions to both the firms that she has worked for and to the projects she has undertaken. During the past
two years, Karen has worked full time as a junior engineer while earning her master’s degree in civil
engineering as a part time student. While this in itself is a major accomplishment, she was also able to do this
without an undergraduate degree in engineering. Also notable is her willingness to take on new tasks and
learn about different areas of civil engineering. As a project coordinator and task lead, she has the ability to
work with stakeholders and the project team to ensure that the schedule is met, which in turn allows for
projects to run more smoothly. She is a major asset to the industry in the future.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                                Young Engineer Award

                                                                       Michael C Hogan
                                                                      Industrial Engineering
                                                                       The Boeing Company

Michael C. Hogan is being recognized for his professional and civic contributions as a Young Engineer. Michael joined Boeing in
2005 after graduating from the University Of Southern California Viterbi School Of Engineering. While at Boeing, he has helped
to deliver exciting new software products and has coached over 20 teams and 100 engineering managers to achieve over $24M
in savings. As an active member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers since 2001, Michael has worked to promote the
industrial engineering profession, created opportunities for university students to develop as industrial engineers, and facilitated
interactions between student and professional industrial engineers in Orange County and the western United States. Michael is
also actively involved in the local community, promoting math, science, and engineering to local middle school and high school
students. He has volunteered as a tutor, speaker and workshop leader at local events including the TEAM Science Summer
Science Camp, the JPL Invention Challenge, and the Engineers’ Week Future Cities Competition. This year, Michael was also a
key member of the team which built the Surf Museum float for the Huntington Beach 4th of July parade. He looks forward to
continued professional and civic involvement in Orange County and California.
                                                 Orange County Engineering Council

                                                     Young Engineer Award

                                                                                Michael Wise
                                                                                Civil Engineering

Michael Wise has been working in the engineering profession since 2004. He gained design skills in various aspects of civil engineering
including highway, bridge, rail, marine, and airport projects. He earned a Masters degree in Structural Engineering from Stanford University
in 2004. He joined AECOM in 2005.

Michael's nomination is based on his willingness to accept and excel with increased responsibility, and his dedication to deliver a high
quality project. His desire and ability to take on challenging design tasks has allowed him to grow as an important member of the Structural
Engineering group at the Orange office of AECOM.

In the past five years, Michael has been involved in a number of important transportation projects in Southern California, ranging from
highway improvement, roadway widening, grade separations and marine oil terminal projects.

Among Michael's recent project assignments, one stands out as an example of his project dedication, ability to take on new design
aspects, and commitment to deliver a quality product. The assignment was the US Mormon Island Marine Oil Terminal Condition Survey at
the Port of Los Angeles for Shell Oil Products. This project began as a state required audit to identify the repairs required to have met the
recently accepted Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS). However, the project has evolved into an
upgrade of the entire marine oil terminal. Michael completed the structural evaluation of the historic 1920's timber wharf, put together the
audit report for the facility, contributed to the conceptual study for future improvements, helped with the design and construction support of
new berthing dolphins, and has recently commenced work on the design of the replacement loading platforms, access bridges, and
catwalk structures.

Michael has tremendous devotion to excellence in his engineering work and is always willing to put in the extra effort to prepare the highest
quality product. His performance exceeds that of many of his peers who have more years of experience.
                                                 Orange County Engineering Council

                                                    Young Engineer Award

                                                                                Molly Jewett
                                                                              Civil Engineering
                                                                               Tetra Tech, Inc.

Ms. Molly Jewett is currently a design engineer for Tetra Tech, Inc. During her four plus years of service, Ms. Jewett’s professional efforts
have been integral to the success of a myriad of complex water, recycled water and wastewater projects. These projects include the Santa
Ana River Interceptor Replacement, Orange County Sanitation District; Bastanchury Road Transmission Mains, Yorba Linda Water District;
Jackson Drive Crossover Emergency Connection, San Diego County Water Authority; 10-MG Nohl Reservoir, City of Anaheim; Beach
Boulevard Siphon Relocation, City of Buena Park; 2005-06 Cast Iron Replacements and S&S Sewer Improvements, Yorba Linda Water
District; Exxon/Mobile RO Product Dechlorination System, West Basin Municipal Water District; and Regional Treatment Plant
Improvements, South Orange County Wastewater Authority.

Ms. Jewett is a 2005 graduate of University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering. During her
collegiate career, she was a member of the student chapters of American Society of Civil Engineers, Society of Women Engineers and Chi
Epsilon, as well as a member of the marching band.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                                Young Engineer Award

                                                                      Payam Khashaee
                                                                         Civil Engineer
                                                                       Thornton Tomasetti

Payam Khashaee, Ph.D., P.E., is a Project Engineer with Thornton Tomasetti in Irvine, California. He has designed several high-
rise buildings, including One Broadway Plaza – at 491 feet high and 37 stories with a rooftop restaurant, the tallest building in
Orange County and the A-Star residential Complex in Korea (49, 50 and 51 stories) standing at 563 feet). He also analyzed and
reviewed skyscrapers such as the Chicago Spire, the tallest building in the United States (2,000 feet at 150 stories), the Aria
Hotel Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada (61 stories). His portfolio includes over 50 buildings with diverse occupancies including
schools, office buildings, parking garages and industrial facilities.

Dr. khashaee has experience with a wide range of materials including structural steel, post tensioned concrete and reinforced
concrete, masonry, aluminum and wood. He has taught at Southern Methodist University and has published numerous papers
on seismic design of structures for technical and general audiences. His Ph.D. dissertation was on performance-based seismic
design and damage assessment for structures. His paper entitled “Damage Based Seismic Design of Structures”, wherein he
developed a new model for earthquake damage, captured top prize at Earthquake Engineering Research Institute’s 2004
graduate student competition.

Dr. Khashaee received the 2004 E. Friedman Young Engineer award from the American Society of Civil Engineers. The National
Society of Professional Engineers recognized him as one of the new faces in Engineering in 2005. Earlier, he was named the
2003 Young Engineer of the Year by the Texas Society of Professional Engineers. He received the coveted Presidential Award
of Excellence Scholar-Leader from Southern Methodist University in 2004. He has served as a MathCount volunteer in Texas
and California and is currently working as V.P. of Student and Youth Activity in the Southern Chapters Council of the California
Society of Professional Engineers.
                                            Orange County Engineering Council

                                 Outstanding Engineering Merit Award
                                                                         Brandon Park
                                                                        Civil Engineering
                                                                  Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Brandon Park is a Project Engineer in the civil land development division of the Global Buildings North America group within
Jacobs. His primary responsibility is the design and management of civil engineering projects from initial conception to
construction completion. Technical design functions include mass and precise grading, water pressure systems, sanitary sewer
networks; hydrology and hydraulic storm drain system designs including storm water treatment, and sustainable development
best management practices. Brandon has risen quickly within his company and is now the lead civil engineer and signing
authority for projects such as John Wayne Airport Terminal C Improvement and Chiquita Canyon Landfill Gas to Energy Plant.
What makes Brandon particularly unique at his age is his keen ability to service clients. Recently he received a 95% client
satisfaction score from the staff at John Wayne Airport.

His dedication to his profession is apparent from his contribution in and out of work. He is a strong believer in sustainable
development and has promoted LEED accreditation within the civil engineering community by facilitating and moderating
multiple sustainable design workshops. The most current event titled “The New LEED 3.0 Requirements” featured a panel of
LEED champions thoroughly explaining the changes incorporated by the USGBC. Brandon is also passionate about K-12
outreach because he believes that civil engineers get the least amount of press. As an ACE mentor and former K-12 outreach
chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Brandon regularly attends schools around Orange County to promote the

Brandon Park graduated from the University of California Irvine in June 2004 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil
Engineering. He is a licensed civil engineer in the state of California and is a LEED Accredited Professional in new construction
design. Brandon has a passion for traveling and is an avid snow boarder.
                                            Orange County Engineering Council

                                 Outstanding Engineering Merit Award

                                                                       Jeffrey W. Royle
                                                                      Software Engineering
                                                                      The Boeing Company

•Jeff Royle is a Boeing Company’s Strategic Missile Systems Lead Software Engineer. He is the lead for multiple software
and hardware development capabilities this last year and is sought after to support multiple programs by management, other
companies, and customers. Jeff started out at Northrop in Hawthorne, where for 17 years he made major software
contributions on another wide range of defense programs. For the lasts 10 years, Jeff has the lead an equally wide range of
Boeing Huntington Beach-Anaheim software defense programs.

•This year, Jeff Royle’s major accomplishment has been a proprietary gyrocompass lab reference system for precision
azimuth determination using automated remote capabilities. On this important program, Jeff Royle developed and mentored
others on a clever use of state-of-the-art COTS Embedded hardware and COTS “LabView” embedded software, that has
saved significant costs and schedule. And, the result is outstanding interactive screens that are used monitor and change the
gyrocompass system parameters and performance. This facilitates the testing of inertial guidance components (gyros, level
detectors, advanced motors, bearings) on a rotary rate table. This was all done under very lean, tight costs and schedule
demands. And, due to the critical tolerances, everything had to be done right the fist time.

During this same year, Jeff is also a lead on other diverse programs, flying out to support the AF on the flight lines across the
country for a tanker program. And, he is the lead on a major program for a gyro test station upgrade where he won AF praises
for developing a low cost solution to shift out 1980s computer and to re-host the software in modern COTS embedded
hardware and software.

Jeff Royle has made landmark significant contributions for the end military users, and with each accomplishment his has
achieved an outstanding reputation as an engineering expert.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                  Outstanding Engineering Merit Award

                                                                         Kent Peterson
                                                                       P2S Engineering, Inc.

Kent Peterson is a leader in the building industry when it comes to design of high-performance systems. He founded his firm in
1991 and has gone on to become a driving force as the need and appreciation of sustainability has broadened. In 2007-08, Mr.
Peterson’s longtime contributions to the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)
culminated when he became president of the international organization. As president, Kent focused on Greater Efficiency
Today, Blue Skies Tomorrow, emphasizing innovation in the quest for sustainability in the built environment. His contributions as
ASHRAE president include launch of a new publication, High Performance Building magazine, dedicated to helping decision-
makers in the building community learn about the latest developments in innovative technologies and energy-efficient design
and operation. He also set the groundwork for the new Building Energy Quotient program, which will inform building owners and
operators, tenants and prospective buyers on the energy use of buildings, similar to a nutrition label on food or miles per gallon
ratings on cars, to encourage the building industry to find ways to cut energy use and costs. The program launched late last
year in a pilot phrase with several leading building owners and designers, real estate developers and government agencies. He
has carried through on his theme by taking on the challenging role of chair of the Society’s committee developing Standard
189.1P, Standard for the Design of High Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings, which will be the
nation’s first code-intended high-performance building standard upon its publication later this month. The standard is being
developed in partnership with the Illuminating Engineering Association and the U.S. Green Building Council.
                                    Orange County Engineering Council

                           Outstanding Engineering Merit Award

                                                         Kristine E. Haugaard
                                                          Mechanical Engineer
                                                          The Boeing Company

Kristine Haugaard is considered a recognized expert in the field of Packaging Engineering and Hazardous
Material’s. Kris was selected as the California member of a Boeing Enterprise Team to standardize
Packaging Engineering practices across all of Boeing and was recently featured in the Boeing Focus
magazine. Kris and her team were also a featured article in the October 2009 issue of the Boeing Integrate
Defense System News Letter, on the deliver of the Delta IV, 65 foot and 16 feet wide Payload Fairing. Kris
also provides training across the Boeing Southern California region for personnel who are engaged in the
handling and shipment of dangerous cargo.
                                     Orange County Engineering Council

                           Outstanding Engineering Merit Award

                                                           Robert Richardson
                                                             Civil Engineering
                                                            Flatiron West, Inc.

Rob Richardson has demonstrated his construction project management expertise by his continued
commitment to not only managing the project’s technical aspects but by enlarging the project focus to areas
not regularly associated with a successful project such as the public good and mentoring staff. Although
others may touch on these important, professional obligations, Rob makes these a priority in his everyday
decision making process. He considers these the backbone of our profession without which our efforts would
be in vain.
                                            Orange County Engineering Council

                                 Outstanding Engineering Merit Award

                                                                                 Vincent Gin
                                                                 Interim Manager, Project Management Division
                                                                          Orange County Public Works

Vincent Gin graduated from UC Irvine with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 1990 and obtained engineering
licensure from the State in 1993. Vincent has worked in both the public and private sectors and has experience in
environmental remediation, flood control, coastal engineering, municipal engineering, regulatory permitting, utilities, and project

Vincent has been a member of ASCE since college and is active with the ASCE Orange County Branch Legislative Committee.
He has also been active in the California Marine Affairs and Navigation Conference (CMANC), a port and harbor association,
and served as a Director and State Affairs Committee Chair in 2007.

Vincent currently manages the County's OC Engineering, Project Management Division which has project delivery
responsibilities as well as regulatory permitting and utility functions for OC Engineering. The projects Vincent oversees include
Haster Flood Control Basin, a $30 million multipurpose pump station, detention basin, and recreational park project, and Alton
Parkway Extension, a $20 million roadway extension project. Vincent is fortunate to work with a diverse team of talented
professionals with experience in utilities, project delivery, environmental policy, regulatory permitting, and engineering.
                                            Orange County Engineering Council

                                 Outstanding Engineering Merit Award

                                                                         Randall Berry
                                                                   Design Manager / Associate
                                                                       Harris & Associates

Randall Berry graduated with a BSCE from CSU Fullerton in December, 1984 and became a California RCE in 1989. He started
his 25-year public works design career first with Willdan Associates, then worked his way up to Sr. Vice President at Norris-
Repke where he worked for over 12-years before coming to Harris & Associates as their Civil Design Manager for over 10-years.
Randy and his wife Debbie celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in January and enjoy their two wonderful children, Jessica
(18) and Chris (16).

Randy has been active in ASCE for his entire career starting with college, serving as CSU Fullerton’s Student Chapter President
and then their industry Contact Member for 12-years. He then served as the OC Branch’s Student Activities Chair for 9-years,
during which time CSU Fullerton won # 1 Student Chapter in Nation. Randy was the first recipient of the OC Branch’s Young
Engineer of the Year Award in 1995, before he went on to serve on the OC Branch Board of Directors (1999-2003), proudly
serving as President in 2002 (150th ASCE Anniversary year).

During his career Randy has designed over 800 different street, storm drain, sewer and water improvement projects for almost
every city in Orange County, eventually expanding into Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, Santa Barbara and Kern Counties.
Some of his proudest design accomplishments include: APWA Award Winning McCarrell Canyon Storm Drain (Rancho Palos
Verdes), World Famous Sunset Strip Beautification Project (West Hollywood), Bristol Street Widening (Santa Ana), Esplanade
Streetscape Improvements (Redondo Beach), Canyon Acres Storm Drain (Laguna Beach) and APWA Award Winning Pomerado
Road Widening (Poway).
                                     Orange County Engineering Council

                           Outstanding Engineering Merit Award

                                                                          John Stewart
                                                                Software and Systems Engineering
                                              Formula SAE California, Intercollegiate Racecar Engineering Competition

The Formula SAE California Intercollegiate Racecar Engineering Competition provides engineering students
direct experience with team engineering of complex systems. The guiding principle of the event is effective
engineering for product development. Racing provides an exciting context for learning hard lessons about
technology, decisions and deadlines. Under John Stewart’s guidance the FSAE California has been an
outstanding educational, professional and life experience for thousands of engineering students.
                                              Orange County Engineering Council

                                 Distinguished Engineering Merit Award

                                                                          Nadeem Majaj
                                                                         Assistant Director
                                                                     Orange County Public Works

Nadeem Majaj has served the County of Orange and its citizens for the past quarter of a century and is currently the Assistant
Director of OC Public Works/OC Engineering. He has been involved with ASCE since the early 80’s and has chaired its Hydrology
and Hydraulics Technical Group. He has contributed to the civil engineering profession through part-time lecturing at CSULB, Cal
Poly Pomona and UCI, where hundreds of students benefited from his expertise and teaching style. Over the years he also
presented numerous engineering classes to the local engineering community as well as to his fellow County engineers.

Nadeem contributed to several advancements in the field of hydraulic engineering and has authored numerous papers on a
variety of complex flood control issues. Early in his career, he developed an unconventional retarding concept for the Talbert
Channel System in Huntington Beach and the concept was presented at several national conferences and published in their
proceedings. His Masters Thesis studied state-of-the-art mathematical modeling of the sediment deposition process in reservoirs,
under the mentorship of the legendary Dr. Mostafa.
By far, Nadeem’s greatest contribution to the profession is the development of the Basin Analysis Software (BAS). He recognized
that despite the availability of a number of hydraulic (and hydrology) software, no application existed for the accurate solution and
optimization of side-weirs and offline retarding systems. His research delved into the history (over 100 years) of side-weirs which
is summarized in the 250 page user’s manual he authored. The research, computer programming and development of BAS
absorbed over 6000 hours and the application is currently used by numerous counties, flood control districts and water districts
across the United States. His life now revolves around his public service as well as his family; wife, Silvia and daughters, Tala and
                                            Orange County Engineering Council

                                Distinguished Engineering Merit Award

                                                                        Thomas T. Bui
                                                                     Senior Technical Fellow
                                                                      The Boeing Company

Dr. Bui is a Boeing Senior Technical Fellow who is recognized as an expert in system-of-systems information networking, net-
centric interoperability, and cyber security within Boeing and among the international scientific community. His technical
knowledge spans the range of disciplines essential to architect, design, and implement high technology net-centric systems. Dr.
Bui recently led a team of 18 senior technical experts from government and industry to assess the technical integrity of the
Combat Brigade Team Modernization program, consisting of automated sensors, intelligent robots, next generation data fusion,
and advanced networks designed to revolutionize the Army’s missions. In 2005, Dr. Bui was appointed by the Under Secretary
of the Air Force to the Interoperability Maturity Technical Committee. The committee created a model for evaluating the
interoperability of the service’s multi-billion dollar investment in communications assets. Dr. Bui is also contributing to the
International Messaging Standards Committee of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
(OASIS). His vision of leveraging the Extensible Markup Language (XML) technology to enable interoperability among the first
responders to disasters has helped the creation and subsequent ratification of the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP). CAP was
adopted as the international emergency messaging standard among government agencies and non-governmental organizations
(NGO). In 2006, Dr. Bui advised the head of the Department of Defense’s Office of Integration in preparation for his
congressional testimony on the DOD’s deployment of Internet Protocol version 6. Prior to his current position at Boeing, Dr. Bui
held positions of Chief Technologist at KPMG Consulting, Vice President of Engineering at Home Gopher, Principal Architect at
Broadcom, and Chief Technology Officer at 3S Technology.

Dr. Bui received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from California Polytechnic University in 1979. He earned his master and
doctorate degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1981 and 1984, respectively.
                                           Orange County Engineering Council

                              Outstanding Engineering Service Award

                                                                          Larry Sun
                                                                    Mechanical Engineering
                                                                    TKSC Engineering, Inc.

Larry Sun has been working in Orange County for over 23 years. He is a mechanical engineering graduate of Cal Poly San Luis
Obispo. He is very active at ASHRAE at the society level. Prior to that, he was active at the Orange Empire Chapter and the
Region X of ASHRAE. Larry was student activities committee chairman at Orange Empire Chapter, then he moved on to
become Region’s Regional Vice-chair and a member of society’s student activities committee. He has served as chair of student
activities committee within the society. By his involvement, he has given scholarships, grants, judged student design
competitions and has helped students with entry level positions and internships.

He recently formed a committee within the ASHRAE society, Young Engineers in ASHRAE, to help young engineers and get
them more involved in the society activities. The committee provides activity and networking support for young engineers less
than 30 years of age. His involvement has helped students and young engineers alike. He is on the Industry Advisory Board at
Cal Poly Pomona, and also serves as the Chairman of Industry Advisory Board at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                Outstanding Engineering Service Award

                                                                 Margaret (Peggy) S. Morse
                                                                       Electrical Engineer
                                                                      The Boeing Company

Peggy Morse began her career as a radar engineer. In her career, Peggy has advanced to a program manager on classified
programs, a Chief Engineer of the Inertial Upper Stage Program, a Director of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Sales Operations, a
manager on Space and Intelligence Systems programs, and a Director of Strategy and Business Integration for Boeing Australia in
Sydney. For the last four years, she has served as the Director of the Boeing C3 Networks’ Strategic Missile Systems. This
Outstanding Service Award is in recognition of Peggy Morse’s demonstrated exceptional leadership and service to the engineering
profession. Her many dedicated efforts in her professional assignments and in her public service on community, education, and
national boards as well as associations have promoted the highest goals of engineering. Peggy is the Boeing representative to the
Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and the Boeing focus to New Mexico State University, serving as the Vice President of the
Dean’s Advisory Board. In 2007, she was recognized with the Amelia Earhart Society Award for her guidance, mentoring, and
support that challenged woman to reach their full potential. In 2008, she was the Executive Champion for the Boeing's Leadership,
Education and Development (LEAD) program on professional development opportunities. In 2009, Peggy was the AIAA Orange
County Leadership Award winner for service to the engineering professional. This last year, the 50th year anniversary of ICBMs,
Peggy has marked the occasion by championing to the military, Washington, and the nation the importance of sustaining a viable
strategic workforce and industrial base while modernizing the Minuteman strategic system. In this pursue, she coauthored an
Aerospace Industries Association -- National Security Space Committee paper on "Sustaining our National Strategic Missile Skills
to Provide Global Deterrence.”
                                              Orange County Engineering Council

                                Engineering Project Achievement Award

                                                                     C-17 Electronic Flight Control System (EFCS)
                                                                                   The Boeing Company

The C-17 Globemaster III is the backbone of the USAF strategic airlift fleet, comprising 55% of the total fleet and undertaking
80% of all missions, and is the only remaining US wide-body military transport in production. This distinguished aircraft has the
highest reliability and mission capable rate of any airlifter, making it the aircraft of choice for the Global War on Terrorism and
humanitarian missions worldwide. Even though the C-17 has relatively impressive dispatch numbers, the Electronic Flight Control
System (EFCS) computers have had a long history of related flight squawks, repeatedly making the top-10 high-driver list of
component failures.

A Six-Sigma study was launched to determine the type of failures that had significant impact to the C-17 mission capability rate.
Results of the Pareto-analysis indicated that approximately 77.3% of the squawks resulted in CND (Can Not Duplicate) by
maintenance personnel, and 22.7% of all EFCS computer removals resulted in a large number of RTOK (Re-Test Okay).
Troubleshooting these failures often caused substantial delays that drove unplanned maintenance costs.

On December 7th, 2006, an EFCS Material Improvement Project (MIP) was funded. A team of Flight Controls engineers was
assembled to “Find a Way” to significantly reduce the EFCS CND and RTOK of the C-17 fleet. This EFCS MIP Team determined
that the project only required a software update to the EFCS computers to address various nuisance faults. By applying creative
project management, a planned multiple software build approach was adopted. Thinking ahead, the team knew that software
airworthiness qualification needed to be achieved by May 22nd, 2009 in order for Boeing to meet P-189 production fly-away and a
270-day retrofit commitment to the customer. With true dedication and exemplary performance from each team member, all work
was accomplished under budget and within the business goals and objectives of the project.
                                                  Orange County Engineering Council

                                   Engineering Project Achievement Award

                                                                                   C-17 Flight Ramp Support Team
                                                                                           The Boeing Company

Engineers on the C-17 Program in Long Beach, CA from Design, Liaison and Quality Engineering Organizations had with the responsibility to
ensure the successful delivery of the C-17 within expected Quality, Schedule and Cost constraints by providing engineering support while co-
located on the Flight Ramp and comprehensive closed-loop root cause corrective action (RCCA) investigations. This activity provided a
quick resolution and mitigated the occurrence of repeat issues resulting in the following achievements:

Schedule » quantity of flying hours required in Long Beach prior to delivery was reduced by 10% from CY2008 to CY2009.
Quality » quantity of in-flight Flight Crew write-ups in Long Beach prior to delivery was reduced by 11.3% from CY2008 to CY2009.
Quality » quantity of LRUs rejected by Production during aircraft or lab testing decreased by 31.9% from CY2008 to CY2009.
Cost » cost improvements realized by Production on the C-17 Flight Ramp was a 13.6% improvement in CY2009 compared to CY2008
Customer Satisfaction » based on the C-17 Customer Satisfaction Survey, the Index increased in CY2009

The team utilized tools such as fishbone diagrams, fault trees, Paredo charts, and other Boeing developed analysis tools to ensure the proper
breadth and depth of the investigations achieved the right technical and business solutions. During aircraft troubleshooting the team utilized
special tools and system specific laptops allowing the team to analyze the condition off-aircraft and develop a plan prior to consuming
valuable aircraft time.
New relationships were formed and a closer relationship developed between the team and all stakeholders. A higher level of trust was
established with various internal and external customers.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                Engineering Project Achievement Award

                                                                          Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center
                                                                                   Irvine Ranch Water District

The Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center is a unique project owned and operated by the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts
of America on 210 acres of land donated by The Irvine Company adjacent to Irvine Regional Park. It serves the outdoor education
and recreational needs of all of the area’s youth groups and school groups including, the Girl Scouts, YMCA, Boys and Girls
Clubs, Boy Scouts, church youth groups, and both public and private school groups. Design and entitlement work began in 2003
under the direction of the Irvine Company and the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America. Construction of $30 million in
improvements, being funded by donations, began on 52 acres in the fall of 2005 and was completed in October of 2009.

 Unusual features include a mine shaft, a creek bed waterslide and a 300’ dual zip line. In addition there are camping areas, bunk
houses, archery and BB ranges, a junior Olympic swimming pool, a dinning hall, a training center, an amphitheater, activity
pavilions and fields, a nature center, an orange grove, a windmill and well, staff housing, solar panels, and extensive berms and
native plant landscaping which blend with and compliment the surrounding natural environment.

The project is unique not only in its features and operating objectives, but also in the degree of support it received from civil
engineers. Civil engineers from fifteen firms contributed their professional expertise on a pro bono or discounted fee basis. The
project design and construction management team was also led by civil engineers. By dividing the load each firm was able to
make a contribution which in aggregate totaled over $1 million. It is an outstanding example of the generous commitment civil
engineers make to our community and it demonstrates how a careful collaboration can succeed in producing both an economical
and excellent end result.
                                              Orange County Engineering Council

                                Engineering Project Achievement Award
                                    Pacific Coast Highway Traffic Congestion Relief Project

Gracing the entrance to the seaside resort community of the City of Dana Point is a new pedestrian bridge crossing Pacific Coast
Highway (PCH). The bridge is the centerpiece of a multi-million dollar road widening providing traffic congestion relief from
Interstate 5 to Dana Point and its Harbor. The bridge allows direct pedestrian access from the businesses on the north side of
PCH to Doheny State Beach on the south side, while at the same time helping to improve traffic flow by removing vehicle
pedestrian conflicts. Extensive architectural treatments, lighting, and public art give the bridge and abutments a distinctive look,
both day and night, and transform it into an iconic “gateway” to the City. Accenting the abutments are large mosaic panels
depicting scenes from Dana Point’s history, created by local artists to capture the spirit and heritage of the City of Dana Point.

Psomas was selected by the City of Dana Point to serve as the Prime Consultant for the Pacific Coast Highway Traffic
Congestion Relief Project. In this capacity, Psomas was responsible for management and implementation of all aspects of the
project, from planning and design through construction.

The City and Psomas partnered over a period of three years, from 2006 to 2009, to manage this complex project and bring it to
successful completion. Approvals for the project were obtained from the California Coastal Commission, Caltrans and the
California State Department of Parks.
                                              Orange County Engineering Council

                                Engineering Project Achievement Award

                                                                         The Wheeler North Reef, San Clemente, CA
                                                                                       Coastal Environments

The Wheeler North Reef at San Clemente, CA, is the largest artificial reef ever constructed in the United States (174.4 acres). It
was constructed in two phases: Phase 1, the Experimental Artificial Reef (22.4 acres) and Phase 2 (152 acres). The Phase 1
reef’s success assured that Phase 2 reef would meet project goals. Phase 1 was completed on September 28, 1999; and Phase
2 was completed on September 11, 2008.

The objective of the Wheeler North Reef is to create a fully functioning kelp reef community with a minimum of 150 acres of
medium-to-high density giant kelp, Macrocyctis pyrifera, and the associated biota (algaes, invertebrates, and fishes). The project
is located offshore of City of San Clemente, California in water depth between 11.5 and 14.5 m.

The Phase 1 Experimental Artificial Reef consists of 56 modules. Each module has a footprint of 40 m x 40 m and a low relief,
single layer of reef hard substrate. Phase 1 was designed to test the suitability of the primary site (San Clemente) in sustaining a
giant kelp forest community, the construction material suitability (rock vs. concrete), and the density of hard substrate coverage on
the bottom (17%, 34%, and 67%).

The successful construction of the Experimental Artificial Reef in 1999 provided the basis for the Phase 2 design. The design of
the Phase 2 Reef consists of 17 polygons, varying in area from 1.3 to 38.9 acres. For Phase 2, the reef construction material
consisted exclusively of quarry rock, a single-layer at a density of approximately 840 tons per acre. The California Coastal
Commission approved the project in January 2009. After construction was completed, it has been noticed that kelp plants have
been growing successfully on the new polygons.
                                                   Orange County Engineering Council

                                    Engineering Project Achievement Award
                                        Loma Linda University Thermal Energy Storage System
                                                              Goss Engineering, Inc

Goss Engineering, Inc. performed as the prime mechanical consultant and engineer-of-record responsible to retrofit the two existing
absorption chillers (total capacity 2400 tons) and two centrifugal chillers (total capacity of 2500 tons) at the Loma Linda University Central
Plant. The project also converted the existing pumping arrangement from constant-volume-primary to variable-volume primary-secondary
with the addition of four new primary chilled water pumps and two secondary chilled water pumps (construction cost $7 million). The project
followed by addition of a chilled water Thermal Energy Storage (TES) tank and its connection to the central chilled water piping distribution
(construction cost $5 million). TES tank has a volume capacity of 5-million gallons serving the campus with 40,000 ton-hours of chilled water
for air conditioning purposes. The project also included master planning for a new $200 million central plant.
The purpose of TES tank is to operate the central plant chillers at night-time (electricity of-peak periods) and store chilled water at 40oF. During
hot-summer days (on-peak periods) when the electricity is in demand and its price is high, the chillers will be off while pumps distribute
chilled water on campus through the chilled water piping distribution in order to provide air conditioning for the campus occupants via air
handling units.
The advantages of the system upgrade and addition of TES tank are:
•Meet future campus cooling load demand of 12,000 tons,
•Improved chilled water system performance,
•Avoid pipe replacement,
•Reduce on-peak electricity demand by 4 to 5 Megawatts,
•Save approximately 3 million kWh annually,
•Save $14 million in operating cost over 15–year period resulting in 43% rate of return versus the conventional chiller plant.
                                                       Orange County Engineering Council

                                       Engineering Project Achievement Award
                                    Barrier Replacement and Seismic Retrofit of Santiago Canyon Road Bridge
                                                              County of Orange

The Santiago Canyon Road Bridge is located at Silverado Canyon Road in the rural Santiago Canyon area of unincorporated Orange County. The project
improvements included retrofitting of the bridge to withstand earthquakes, provide wider bike lanes and fix cracks in the bridge deck. While all those
improvements are necessary, re-evaluating the design of the bridge barrier railings is what gave the County an opportunity to do something different,
something unique, something that captures the rural nature of the canyons.

For the project, the bridge footings were extended below the creek erosion depth, new bridge column casings were added to provide flexible movement
during an earthquake, the bike lanes were widened to provide standard width, the bridge deck cracks have been sealed with epoxy, and the new
weathering steel bridge barrier railings meet state standards.

The suggestions of canyon resident Linda May, along with direction from Orange County Third District Supervisor Bill Campbell, led to OC Public Works
providing railing that reflects the rural nature of the canyons. The result of that partnership is the first time this new standard crash-tested tubular railing
has been used in Orange County.

Canyon resident Linda May stated, “The Bridge is FANTASTIC! Everyone loves it and a lot of folks are saying it is one of the best things to happen out here
in a long, long time. The rusted rails look like they have been there a hundred years and some folks even thought they were wood…”

Due to the positive reception received, the County will consider its use in other County rural areas when bridge repair or replacement work is needed in
the future. The County secured about one half of the project cost from federal funds and used local funds for the remainder.
                                                  Orange County Engineering Council

                                   Engineering Project Achievement Award

                                                                          The Environmental Nature Center, Newport Beach, CA
                                                                                     LTI (Civil), LPA, Inc. (Architect)

The Environmental Nature Center (ENC) is a privately owned public facility located in the City of Newport Beach and it houses a small
museum, a few classrooms, retail stores and office space for the staff. With a limited budget, but big dreams, a distinct, environmental and
cost effective solution was created for this 9,000 square foot educational building. Effective site placement and orientation, material selection,
storm water management and water conservation techniques provide the most sustainable solution for this facility. Following are the unique
features of the facility:
•The inclusion of a roof top photovoltaic array provides all of the on-site power requirements for the facility making this a net zero energy

•Simple green strategies allow the buildings to be naturally conditioned eliminating heating and cooling systems.

•The indigenous and drought tolerant landscaping conserves irrigation water while waterless urinals and low flow fixtures conserve water
used within the building.

•All storm water is treated, managed, and infiltrated on site and there is no connection to the city storm drain system. On site bio-swales
provide low maintenance linear biofilters for storm run-off. The underlying sand layer of the existing soil was the optimal reason that made it
possible to use a dry well system.

•The limited parking area includes paving systems with no traditional curb and gutter and bio-swales in the parking medians. The roof drains
to a sculptural storm water catchment "bowl" that serves as part of the architectural and site design as well as the storm water treatment.

•Site concrete is uncolored and broom-finished to provide high reflectivity and reduce the urban heat island effect.

This facility received its LEED Platinum certification from the USGBC in November 2008.
                                                 Orange County Engineering Council

                                   Engineering Project Achievement Award

                                                                           SR-90 & Orangethorpe Avenue Grade Separation Project
                                                                                           Caltrans, District 12

SR-90 & Orangethorpe/Esperanza Avenue Grade Separation Project is located north of State Route 91 at the boundaries of the cities of
Yorba Linda and Anaheim in Orange County, California. The project construction started in September 2006 and completed by the end of
2009. The improvements at the project location include the following:
•Construction of a new bridge structure on the Imperial Highway (SR-90) over the existing Orangethorpe/Esperanza Avenue and the
Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad crossing.
•Widening a section of the Imperial Highway at the existing BNSF Railroad crossing and Esperanza Road/Orangethorpe Avenue intersection
•Construction of two new ramps to Orangethorpe/Esperanza Avenue.

Unique Challenges:
•Accomodate regional and system planning criteria between the County of Orange, Orange County Transportation Authority and the State of
•Improve traffic flow at the intersection of the Imperial Highway, BNSF Railroad crossing and Esperanza Road/Orangethorpe Avenue, by
removing the at-grade intersection and building an overhead bridge.
•Extensive earthwork during construction involving fill slopes of up to 35 feet high and cut slopes of 25 feet deep.
•Construction of extensive retaining walls along the north and south abutment wingwalls of the bridge.
•A special soil nailed wall north of the Orangethorpe/Espiranza Avenue intersection to avoid disruption of an environmentally sensitive area.
•Traffic management with least interruption to both the automobile and railroad traffic during construction.
•Completion of the project ahead of schedule by about 14 months.

The project was funded by the State of California STIP funds, and Federal Demonstration TEA-21 funds. Project credits: Pija Ansari -
Caltrans Project Manager, Matthew Cugini - Design Chief, Fred Hamidi – Resident Engineer, James Yii – Assistant Resident Engineer and
Leslie Manderscheid, Chief-Branch B, Environmental Division.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                               Outstanding Engineering Educator Award

                                                                         Erich Kreidler
                                                                Global Relationship Manager (GRM)
                                                                             UST Global

Mr. Erich Kreidler, adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, is recognized as a distinguished engineering
educator for his innovative ways in teaching, establishing opportunities for universities and students in addition to significant
profession and civic contributions. Former students’ recommendations acknowledge Erich’s great enthusiasm, respect for
students and ability to stimulate their interest by embracing open communication and bringing in relevant trends, examples and
case studies directly from industry. Erich is also noted for his commitment to establishing opportunities for universities and
students to contribute in the industry through internship programs, a founding member and president-elect of the Institute of
Industrial Engineers, Orange County Chapter, and a few of his published books.
                                               Orange County Engineering Council

                            Outstanding Engineering Educator Award

                                                                           Spiros H. Courellis
                                                                  Assistant Professor of Computer Science
                                                                    California State University, Fullerton

Professor Courellis is an exceptional engineer, an outstanding teacher, a tireless mentor, and a genuinely caring individual. He
received his engineering education from prestigious, world renown academic institutions and pursued an engineering career that
combined positions in academia and in industry. His many contributions to the industry are illustrated by well known projects such
as the XM satellite radio and the propagation of internet application development technologies. His numerous contributions to
academic research are exemplified by his participation in the design and implementation of the first in-vitro cortical neuroprosthetic
device, the Grand Grid project (cloud computing infrastructure across CSU), and computational efficiencies achieved in protein
analysis algorithms. Having engineering education as one of his passions, Dr. Courellis combines his experience of academic
research and industry practicality to shape and deliver engineering education that brings together cutting edge technical knowledge
and real world applicability, skills that are highly desirable in new engineers graduating from college. His dedication to the
dissemination of the value of engineering got him involved in programs like MESA, which promote engineering education among
minorities and women. Students he educates range from professionals in the engineering workforce of Orange County to future
engineering leaders and engineering educators. In recognition of all his work and his lifetime commitment to Engineering
Education, I would like to nominate Professor Spiros H. Courellis for the Distinguished Engineering Educator Award of the Orange
County Engineering Council. It will be an expression of professional and community appreciation for his contribution to the
engineering profession as an educator and a mentor to the youth and the professionals of our region in the past and for the years
to come.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                        Outstanding Engineering Educator Award

                                                                       Vonna Hammerschmitt
                                                                           Director of the NOC

 Ms. Vonna Hammerschmitt is an outstanding teacher, a tireless mentor, and a genuinely caring individual. She received her
education from prestigious, world renown academic institutions and pursued a career in education and the last several years,
educating prospective engineers and scientists. Her many contributions to the industry are illustrated by well known projects
such as the MESA awards and the John Hopkins University program for future engineers that takes place every summer at
California State University, at Fullerton. Her numerous contributions to engineering education are exemplified by the participation
in state and national competitions where her team always places in the top. Having education administration as one of her
degrees, Ms. Vonna Hammerschmitt combines the experience of academic research and educational practicality to shape and
deliver engineering education to junior high and high school students. The participants in the MESA program acquire skills that
are highly desirable in new engineering students in college and in life. Her dedication to the dissemination of the value of
engineering got her involved in programs like John Hopkins University program and the MESA program, which promote
engineering education among minorities and women. The Mesa participants are educated from professionals in the engineering
workforce of Orange County. In recognition of all her work and her lifetime commitment to Engineering Education, I would like to
nominate Ms. Vonna Hammerschmitt for the Distinguished Engineering Educator Award of the Orange County Engineering
Council. It will be an expression of professional and community appreciation for her contribution to the engineering profession as
an educator and a mentor to the youth and the professionals of our region in the past and for the years to come.
                                              Orange County Engineering Council

                       Outstanding Engineering Educator Award

                                                                           Binod Tiwari
                                                                          Assistant Professor
                                                                    Cal State University, Fullerton

Dr. Tiwari is an assistant professor, undergraduate advisor, and ASCE student advisor in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Department of the CSU Fullerton. Dr. Binod Tiwari received his Ph.D. in 2003 from Niigata University Japan. His Ph.D. was in
the area pertinent to geotechnical engineering. He was post-doctoral research associate in geotechnical engineering program at
Virginia Tech from 2003 to 2006 prior to joining the California State University, Fullerton in fall 2006. Dr. Tiwari is in-charge of
geotechnical engineering and engineering surveying program at CSU Fullerton. He is a member of the technical committee on
“Landslides and Engineered Slope” of International Society on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering and “Slope, Dam,
and Embankment” of ASCE, Geo-Institute. He is an editor of two journals pertinent to geotechnical engineering and landslides
and a reviewer of 20 different journals in civil/geotechnical engineering. He has chaired several international conference
sessions. Dr. Tiwari has published approximately 100 papers in various journals, conference proceeding, and research reports.
Dr. Tiwari received several awards from CSU Fullerton for his excellence in teaching, research and service to the university.
Recently, Dr. Tiwari received “2009 Certificate of Commendation” from ASCE Headquarter for his outstanding service as a
faculty advisor.
                                                 Orange County Engineering Council

                               Distinguished Engineering Educator Award

                                                                                     Fred Aminzadeh
                                                                 Electrical Engineering/Geophysics/Petroleum Engineering
                                                                              University of Southern California

Dr. Aminzadeh is a research professor at USC School of Engineering. During his career in the industry and academia, not only he has
made substantial contributions in many disciplines, he has also pioneered new concepts and programs with emphasis on education and
enrichment in all levels from university students to professionals and executives. He served as the president of Society of Exploration
Geophysicists (2007-2008) and a member of the DOE’s Unconventional Resource Technology Advisory Board (URTAC).

Even during his many years of industry work at Bell Laboratories, Unocal, and dGB, he was able to maintain his strong ties with the
academic and research communities. He worked as an advisor, instructor, visiting or adjunct professor at USC, UCI, Cal State Long Beach,
Cal State Fullerton and Rice University. He also served as an advisor or consultant to Lawrence Berkeley, Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos
and Oak Ridge National laboratories.

Dr. Aminzadeh served on the U.S. National Research Council’s Committee on Seismology. He is the first foreign member of Azerbaijan Oil
Academy, as well as a foreign member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. He has given many short courses, keynote speeches,
webinars and technical talks on different topics in more than 30 countries. He is a Fellow of IEEE, holding three patents, authoring 12 books
and over 300 technical papers.

Currently, at USC he teaches graduate courses and advises PhD students. He started the USC Global Energy Center as a platform for
strategic decision making and innovation on energy related issues and serves as its managing director. He also established the USC
Executive Petroleum Program serving as its director to help provide training for the energy industry executives. Recently, Dr. Aminzadeh
won a $1.5 million DOE’s geothermal energy grant providing R&D opportunities for his graduate and post-doctoral students.
                                            Orange County Engineering Council

                            Distinguished Engineering Educator Award

                                                                        Raman Unnikrishnan
                                                                Dean of Engineering and Computer Science
                                                                   California State University, Fullerton

Dr. Raman Unnikrishnan is a professor of electrical engineering and computer engineering, and the dean of the college of
engineering and computer science at California State University Fullerton. As an electrical engineer, his technical contributions
have been recognized by Xerox Corporation and Harris Communications. He is a Fellow of IEEE. He is well known as an effective
and motivating teacher. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York awarded him the Eisenhart Award for
Outstanding Teaching “in recognition of conspicuous success in the enhancement of teaching and learning, conveying the high
respect and admiration of the institute community.” In 2006, the University of Missouri bestowed the Missouri Honor Award and in
2009 South Dakota State University awarded him the recognition “Distinguished Engineer” for his national standing and
contributions to the profession of engineering. As a Commissioner for the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, he
contributes to the continuous improvement of engineering education nationally. Having been on accreditation visits to Mexico,
Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and India, he has been an active figure in the increasingly global nature of engineering
education. Dr. Unnikrishnan has been the dean at CSUF since 2001. During this period, the college of engineering and computer
science added degree programs in computer engineering and software engineering. The engineering enrollment at CSUF is
growing, the infrastructure has significantly improved and all degree programs recently received ABET accreditation. In October
2009 ABET recognized the College of Engineering and Computer Science with the Claire Felbinger Award for Diversity. The
Semillas/Wal-Mart Foundation recognized the retention activities of the college as a national model and awarded the college
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                 Engineering Project of the Year Award

                                                                    John W. North Water Treatment Plant
                                                                                    Tetra Tech

In 2006, the City of Riverside embarked on a program to develop a new source of water supply. The plan was to use a series of
existing irrigation wells and pipelines located along the Santa Ana River. While the water was suitable for irrigation purposes, it
was determined that it could not be used for drinking water without building a surface water treatment plant.

The John W. North Water Treatment Plant is an innovative project that was undertaken to quickly bring a new water supply online
and eliminate the City’s reliance on the imported State Project Water, effectively insulating the City and its customers from the
ongoing State-wide water crisis. With a fiscally responsible approach, the project included adaptive reuse of existing facilities,
coupled with the Public Utilities first Design-Build project.

A high-technology, ultra-filtration approach was selected by the City for the surface water treatment Plant. The John W. North
Water Treatment Plant produces 10-million gallons per day of high-quality, treated water. It uses a GE/Zenon submerged
membrane system to meet surface water treatment requirements. The final product water is then chlorinated prior to being
pumped into the City’s main supply line. The project also replaced the old Grand Terrace booster pump station that was located
on the site. A new 50-MGD pump station was constructed as part of the treatment facility. Each of the three pumps is powered by
400-horsepower electrical motors with variable speed drives.

As a testament to the City’s commitment to reducing demands on the State Water Project, this project began design and
construction in May 2007, testing in July 2008, and was fully operational by September 2008. As a result, 2008 was the first year
in the City’s recent history, where it placed virtually no demand on the State Water Project.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                    James E. Ballinger Engineer of the Year Award

                                                                       Jayant D. Patel
                                                                       Technical Fellow
                                                                     The Boeing Company

Jay is a recognized national and international authority in the field of composites and plastics technologies. He is an innovator
with numerous break-through technologies, many of which have been patented. He currently holds 31 patents, with four additional
patents pending, and six Special Inventor Awards for technologies that have become industry standards. Many of his
technological developments not only simplify process, but also eliminate waste, consume less energy to manufacture, and
provide long-term durability while providing cost savings and performance.

Jay is a compassionate and caring professional who volunteers his time and resources to wide range of humanitarian causes as
well as teaching at teachers’ enrichment day, judging at the SAE Aero-Design Competition, and mentoring students and young
engineers in developing their career paths. His technical knowledge, leadership, accomplishments, unselfish attitude and
teamwork make him a truly outstanding Engineer of the Year.
                                             Orange County Engineering Council

                                     OCEC President’s Award

                                                                               Azzam Saad
                                                                         Civil - Environmental - Law
                                                                          SEMA Construction, Inc.

Azzam Saad obtained his civil engineering education through the darkest days of the war in Lebanon spending nine months at
night in the basement to avoid bombings. Despite the hard times, he graduated and worked in three Middle Eastern countries
before immigrating to the U.S.

Azzam has served the public construction sector for over thirty years. He has left a lucrative and promising career in Saudi Arabia
to go back to his home country Lebanon to rebuild many schools that were damaged after the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

After his immigration to California, Azzam worked in Real Estate & Construction while working hard to obtain higher education and
professional licenses. His thirst for knowledge led him to obtain another profession as a construction lawyer. He has worked as a
civil servant and consultant to several public agencies in California. Azzam has worked on several high profile projects in
Southern California, including the double-deck Harbor Freeway in LA County, the 241 Toll Road project, and SR 22 in Orange
County. Currently, Azzam manages over 14 public work projects for $200 million in highway, roadwork, railroad and water
reservoirs in Southern CA
                               Orange County Engineering Council

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