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Alameda County
Building Blocks


    Our Collective Approach to
     Achieving Health Equity
Health starts where we
live, learn, work, and
+ 1 in 3 newborns are born in families
  struggling to get by…

                               Source: CAPE with vital statistics data, 2006
Top 30 Census Tracts Receiving Public Health Services
Top 30 Census Tracts Receiving Social Services
Top 30 Census Tracts Receiving Parole Services
Top 30 Census Tracts Receiving Probation Services
13 Census Tracts With the Highest Concentration of Services…
+   …In neighborhoods where there is low life

                 1       2   3
    High         90%
    Unemploy-    4%
    Poverty      7%
    Home         64%
    Life         >80
    Expectancy   years

                 1       2       3
    High         90%     81%
    Unemploy-    4%      6%
    Poverty      7%      10%
    Home         64%     52%
    Life         >80     74-80
    Expectancy   years   yrs

                 1       2       3
    High         90%     81%     65%
    Unemploy-    4%      6%      12%
    Poverty      7%      10%     25%
    Home         64%     52%     38%
    Life         >80     74-80   <74
    Expectancy   years   yrs     yrs
    All Americans should have the

    opportunity to make the choices

+   that allow them to live a long,

    healthy life, regardless of their

    income, education, or ethnic

+ Your neighborhood or job shouldn’t be
  hazardous to your health
                        Physical and Mental Health Impacts
                                   No fresh food
 Bus doesn’t come;
                                      nearby                      Discrimination
   late to school

               Stress                                    Stress

Mold found                                                            program full
 in house      Stress                                                 – nothing to

               Stress                                    Stress
 Not enough                           Stress                         Drug dealers
                                     Poor air                          live next
   this year
                                    quality –                             door
                                   gets asthma
            Stressed            vs.   Stressed Out

       Stressed = Protective        Stressed Out = Toxic

           Increased cardiac            Hypertension &
            output                        cardiovascular
           Increased available
            glucose                      Glucose intolerance
                                          & insulin resistance
           Enhanced immune              Infection &
            functions                     inflammation

           Growth of neurons            Atrophy & death of
            in hippocampus &              neurons in
            prefrontal cortex             hippocampus &
                                          prefrontal cortex
+                      ―The Life Course Perspective‖
    Health potential
                                                                             Optimal Life

                                                                              Life Trajectory
                                                                              Impacted by Inequity

                       Early     ―The kind and quantity of nutrition you received in the
                   Programming              Cumulative Pathways
                                 womb; the pollutants, drugs and infections you were
                                        experiences you have was pregnant
                                 The level and state of mind while she each
                                 exposed to during gestation; your mother's health,
                                 day addall these factors shaped you as a baby and a
                                 with you — up to determine your
                                 child and throughout your life
                                 health continue to affect you to this day.‖
    ...and transfer through generations

                     ―The kind and quantity of nutrition you
                     received in the womb; the pollutants,
                     drugs and infections you were exposed to
                     during gestation; your mother's health,
                     stress level and state of mind while she
                     was pregnant with you — all these factors
                     shaped you as a baby and a child and
                     continue to affect you to this day.‖
+ The Solution:
  Working Together to Develop
  Strategies that Work
    The groundwork for good health requires the
    contributions of many sectors

    ECONOMICS                                       EDUCATION
     Neighborhood poverty = lower early             Knowledge of the alphabet at the end of
       school readiness and poorer long-term           kindergarten = higher SAT scores.
       academic attainment.
                                                       Mothers’ college education = a child
    •   Family savings of as little as $3,000 =         twice as likely to recognize letters in
        higher odds of high school graduation.          kindergarten (vs. Mother’s HS
       A 1% increase in wealth = a 5% boost to a       graduation)
        young man’s chance of escaping a low-
        wage job.                                   PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT
                                                     Experience in the wilderness = higher
    •  Being born healthy weight = healthy
       physical, social, and intellectual           COMMUNITY
       development.                                  More social support = better health

    •   Low birth weight = heightened risks for        Neighborhood education = higher life
        problems in school as early as                  expectancy
+                     Housing                 Childcare


Healthy                             Building                                      Clean Air
                      Parks and
                                    We each                            Policy
                                   have a role                         Makers

          Education                                       Preschool               Neighbor

    Building Blocks Collaborative:
    We Each Have a Role

  Physical &                         Community

    Education                         Healthcare
    Building Blocks Collaborative:
    Launched in September 2009

     Key    Objectives:
        Develop shared vision for diverse partners
        Apply the Life Course Perspective in our daily work
        On-going collaborative action

     Planning       Framework
    Building Blocks Collaborative:
    Very committed, diverse organizations
       First 5 Alameda County, East Bay Regional Parks District, Mandela Marketplace,
        Museum of Children’s Art, Oakland Housing Authority, Berkeley Food & Housing Project,
        Interactive Parenting Media, Urban Strategies Council, Community Financial Resources,
        Brighter Beginnings, Lotus Bloom Family Resource Center, Girls, Inc. of Alameda
        County, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland Unified School District, Alameda Health
        Consortium, Youth Uprising, Lifelong Medical Care, Safe Passages, Oakland Children’s
        Hospital & Research Center, Centering Pregnancy, Alameda County Sheriff Department,
        Oakland Parks & Recreation, City of Oakland, Head Start Program, Attitudinal Healing
        Connection, Operation Hope, People’s Grocery, Alameda County Child Care
        Department, Board of Supervisors; East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation,
        California Family Health Council, Alameda County Juvenile Probation Services,
        Hayward Recreation, Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, Lucille Packard
        Foundation for Children’s Health, Alameda County Community Development,
        PolicyLink, Eden Family Services, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center, The Link to Children,
        West Oakland Health Center, Alameda County Public Health Commission, Contra Costa
        Health Services, Alameda County Community Food Bank…and growing!

       Full group meetings monthly – rotating sites

       What can we do together with the resources we have?
    Building Blocks Collaborative:
    Statement of Purpose

    Recognizing overt disparities in health,
     wealth, and education that limit the ability
     of Alameda County children to all realize
     their potential,
     Together we will ensure a sustainable multi-
     sector commitment to improved overall
     well-being for communities and the people
     who live in them, from the earliest stage and
     throughout all stages of life.
+ Bill of Rights
  All children in Alameda County have a right to be born healthy,
  and to:
  1.    be believed in

  2.    live, play and grow in a clean, safe place

  3.    receive a quality education

  4.    be loved by a caring adult

  5.    eat healthy food

  6.    explore nature

  7.    enjoy economic opportunity and financial security

  8.    access health care that promotes well-being

  9.    be free from discrimination and violence

  10.   be included & valued by a supportive community

  Building Blocks Collaborative, April 2010
+ Leadership
 Steering Committee is composed of ACPHD staff and partners
   involved in the Building Blocks Collaborative. Open meetings are
   held monthly.

 Members from multiple sectors

    Lisa Forti (Urban Strategies, Alameda County Community Asset

    Barbara McCullough (Brighter Beginnings)

    Dana Harvey (Mandela Marketplace)

    Elizabeth Hales (East Bay Regional Parks District)

    Aeeshah Clottey (Attitudinal Healing)

    Anita Siegel (ACPHD)

    Kiko Malin (ACPHD)

    Marge Deichman (ACPHD)
    Strategy Areas
    Identified January 2011

    The Building Blocks Collaborative will engage community
      members, leaders, and organizations to improve health over
      a lifetime.

    We will we will leverage our partnerships, resources, and
     networks in the following areas:
      Healthy Food
      Healthy Economy

      Healthy Youth and Families
+ Developing Community Projects
 Parameters Suggested By Steering Committee

 BBC Projects will:

  Have   a clear link(s) to the Bill of Rights
  Be   sustainable and build capacity
  Work   toward systems change
  Provideopportunity for broad buy-in and
  involvement for community and BBC (driven by
  community need; building on BBC partner
    achievable, with greatest likelihood of
  Be
  demonstrating success
+ Focus Communities:
  West Oakland & Ashland-Cherryland
    Food to Families
    Demonstration Project
       Intervention to reduce health disparities among prenatal
        women in Ashland/Cherryland and West Oakland

       Youth-led business to improve the healthy food environment
        in these communities

       Local health centers to write healthy food ―prescriptions‖ to
        refer women to these resources

       Addresses Bill of Right #1: Be Believed In, #5: Eat Healthy
        Food, #7 Enjoy Economic Opportunity and Financial Security
    Systems Change and Capacity Building:
    ACPHD Life Course Systems Design

       Internal ACPHD workgroup
           Aligned with ACPHD Strategic Plan for Health Equity
           Membership from throughout ACPHD divisions and programs

       Operationalizing the Life Course Perspective:
           How do we translate Life Course principles into practice?
           How do we reorganize systems and services to meet the needs of
            families across the Life Course?

       Projects:
           Scope of Work Presentation – Internal ―Roadshow‖
           Home Visiting Evaluation report - completed
           Home Visiting System Design
+ Building Blocks Collaborative
  Key Values
  Health      Equity through a Life Course Perspective
     Racism, Classism, ―Place-ism‖

  Every      voice is important, each member can see their role
     Each sector brings important expertise
     Not exclusively tied to a health outcome

  Transparency            & shared ownership
     Consensus driven facilitation
         Rotating hosts
         Members facilitate the meetings
         Vision, mission, strategy areas determined collectively

  Systems        Change
     How can we work differently using the resources we have
     ACPHD Life Course Systems Design Committee

       Designed and funded Food to Families project

       Many ―mini-collaboratives‖ have formed

       Developed a vibrant learning community – website, blog

       Part of a growing health equity movement with growing
+ Many seeds have been planted through the work of
  this collaborative…
  What BBC seeds have taken root?

      ―Observing deep and
      amazing connections     ―Growing relationships. The BBC
      and collaborations      has given me the opportunity to
      within a multitude of   meet and come to know so many
      agencies.‖              people representing so many
                              opportunities to enrich and set the
                              right course for our children, their
    ―Rich dialogue that       families, and the community.‖
    individual/family needs
    with changing/broader     ―Life Course Bill of
    community conditions.‖    Rights brought a
                              broader purpose to
                              our work.‖

                                                             September 2010
More Information
         Alameda County Public Health Department

         Bina Shrimali, MPH

     +   Life Course Initiative – Building Blocks Coordinator
         (510) 268-7078

         Anita Siegel, RN, MPH

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