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                         CITY LIGHT NEWS
 Vol. 23        Number 6                                 Celebrating over 22 years of publishing in Western Canada                                                                          June 2010

Alcoholic dad finds
way back to family
by Doris Fleck                                            more. Campbell soon recognized he was
   At one time, Brian Campbell’s wife                     becoming like his own father, so he left his
would brag about him to her friends, telling              family to spare them the pain of seeing him
them what a great father he was.                          the way he had seen his dad.
   “If the kids were out playing on the                      “My family was very upset with me,”
street, I was out there with them,” said the              Campbell related. “It was really, really hard
father of two. “I was very involved in my                 because I missed my kids and my wife.”
children’s lives.”                                           Then his wife asked for a legal separa-
   But that was before alcohol addiction                  tion. Campbell was stunned.
took over his life.                                          “I was in a fog and didn’t think it would
   Growing up in Innisfail, Campbell had                  go any further than that,” he said. “But
watched his alcoholic father wreck the                    finally it went to divorce.”
relationship he had with his family.                         Campbell had hit rock bottom. With-
   “I vowed and I said this to my wife,                   out work and homeless, he still wanted to
I would never be like that,” Campbell                     maintain a relationship with his two chil-
admitted.                                                 dren, so he lived in his car near their house.
   Though Campbell thought he could                          In February, 2009 it was bitterly cold,
control his alcohol addiction, soon it                    and Campbell mistakenly slept with his
controlled him. He ended up homeless,                     steel-toed boots on. When he woke up he
without his family, physically and emotion-               couldn’t feel his feet. He went to a walk-in
ally spent. That’s when the Calgary Dream                 clinic believing he had frostbite but they
Centre (CDC) came to the rescue.                          told him to go home, take some Tylenol
   A recovery and treatment facility, the                 and put his feet up.
CDC helps men conquer their addictions                       He decided to go to the Southland
and enables them to successfully transi-                  Leisure Centre to soak his cold, painful
tion off the streets to become productive                 feet but passed out when he was walking
members of society.                                       up the steps from the hot pool. An ambu-
   For Campbell, it rehabilitated his life                lance took him to the Rockyview General
and restored relationship with his family.                Hospital where his toes began changing
   Campbell had tried a few treatment                     color and then broke into open wounds.
programs before the CDC, but they were                       After three and a half months in the
short-term and did nothing to help him                    hospital, the doctors were able to save all
deal with the on-going stresses at work.                  but his two big toes.                            Father of two, Brian Campbell, plays guitar at the Calgary Dream Centre where
   At the time, his answer was to just drink                                      See “DAD” Page 6         he was valedictorian of their most recent graduating class. — photo by Peter Fleck

Celebrate Father’s Day by going for a run
by Joy Syratt                                                             If you have 15 male family members like uncles, cousins,      thing from boxers to blue wigs. The Canada Safeway
   Prostate cancer is the highest cancer threat to men in                 or in-laws, two of them may be affected by the disease.       Foundation also pledges $100,000 each year.
Canada. One in every six Canadian men will be affected by                    Because of these staggering statistics, Prostate Cancer       “We want to demonstrate the terrific spirit of Safeway
prostate cancer. A seemingly small number, but consider                   Canada created the annual Safeway Father’s Day Walk/          employees and our company’s collective commitment to
your group of friends. If you have 100 male friends, 16 of                Run for Prostate Cancer. Funds raised support cutting         ending prostate cancer,” said Chuck Mulvenna, Chief Op-
them will possibly develop prostate cancer in their lifetime.             edge research into the causes, detection, prevention and      erating Officer of Canada Safeway Limited. Mulvenna has
                                                                                                        treatment of the disease.       been training and plans to run the entire five kilometers
                                                                                                            On the morning of           with family this year.
                                                                                                        June 20, family members,           The Safeway Father’s Day Walk/Run takes place across
                                                                                                        co-workers, neighbors and       Western Canada, including Victoria, Vancouver, Kam-
                                                                                                        friends will gather at Eau      loops, Edmonton, Calgary and Regina. More information
                                                                                                        Claire Market in Calgary        can be found at
                                                                                                        and Laurier Park in Ed-

                                                                                                        monton. Their mission
                                                                                                        is to tie up their running              • Tim Callaway .................. Page 4
                                                                                                        shoes and walk or run five               • Brian Rushfeldt ............... Page 5
                                                                                                        kilometers to support their
                                                                                                                                                • Cindy Stephen ................ Page 8
                                                                                                        fathers and grandfathers.
                                                                                                            Canada Safeway is the               • Phil Callaway .................. Page 10
                                                                                                        title sponsor of the event.             • Calendar of Events ......... Page 15
                                                                                                        Safeway stores create teams                                                                                and show up wearing any-                • Classifieds ...................... Page 16 1
                                                                                                                                                  CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010 —
Grandson of PBI’s founder                                                                                                       Ambrose University appoints
appointed president                                                                                                             new Dean of Theology
Three Hills, AB – During Prairie Bible Institute’s gradua-     recently as Chair. The grandson of Prairie’s co-founder
tion service held April 24, 2010, Bruce Miller, Chairman       L.E. Maxwell, he has been serving as Interim President           Calgary, AB – Ambrose President, Howard Wilson,
of Prairie’s Board of Directors, announced that Mark           since February. The appointment follows two months               has appointed Dr. Arch Wong as Dean of the Faculty
Maxwell has been appointed as the ninth President of           of growing endorsement around the campus and com-                of Theology. Dr. Wong’s main responsibilities will be
Prairie Bible Institute. The response to this decision was     munity as Maxwell has spent significant time providing            to oversee faculty and curriculum, and to implement
overwhelmingly affirmed as the 1,800 staff, faculty, stu-       clarity and focus on the school’s faith foundation as a          the academic plans for the undergraduate theology
dents and guests spontaneously erupted with a standing         Christ-centred, Bible-based, discipleship-oriented college       programs and the seminary.
ovation.                                                       preparing students for lifelong learning and service in             After more than 10 years at Ambrose, one of the
   Mark is an alumnus of Prairie and has been involved         ministry and missions.                                           reasons Dr. Wong decided to accept the Dean’s role
with business and missions for his entire career. He has           “Soon after I arrived,” said Maxwell as he acknowl-          is because of the institution’s continual commitment
served on Prairie’s Board for the past 15 years, most          edged the appointment, “we found a document hand-                to undergraduate ministry preparation and graduate
                                                               written by my grandfather that confirmed in my heart the          theological education. His desire is to see the Faculty
                                                               direction for Prairie. It identified Prairie’s historic purpose   of Theology continue to build strong community
                                                               penned in 1923: ‘To know Christ and make Him known.’             among professors and students inside and outside of
                                                               How do you improve on that?”                                     the classroom, so that learning and spiritual formation
                                                                  As Bruce Miller called Mark’s wife Elaine and daughter        occur. Furthermore, he wants to find ways to make
                                                               Jocelyn to the stage, he stated that “this is a two-for-one      theological education accessible to all.
                                                               deal.” Not only has Elaine encouraged Mark to pursue                In addition to his new Dean’s role, Dr. Wong con-
                                                               the leadership role here, but she is a gifted teacher and        tinues to serve as Professor of Practical Theology.
                                                               leader in her own right, someone who will have a positive        You can contact: Dr. Arch Wong, Dean, Faculty of
                                                               impact on the Prairie community.                                 Theology by email at:
                                                                  When asked about his immediate goals, he responded,
                                                               “This is not about me. It’s about honoring the great tradi-
                                                               tion of a school that has for 88 years brought God’s Word
                                                               to life around the world. At this point we need to focus
                                                               time, attention, and resources on revitalizing our campus
                                                               and rebuilding our Bible College program. We want to fill
                                                               our dorms and classrooms by offering programs that will
                                                               challenge and provide a foundation for life-long learning.
                                                               Our constituency and churches can be a real help to us in
                                                               communicating our renewed emphasis on Bible training.”

                                                               For more information, contact: Prairie Bible Institute
Prairie’s new president, Mark Maxwell.                         President’s Office, Box 4000, Three Hills, AB T0M 2A0
                                    — photo courtesy Prairie   Ph: 403-443-5511.

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                                          to Youth                  J. Wilkinson Contracting
                                                                                                                                     Dean of Theology, Dr. Arch Wong

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2 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010                                                                                                               
                                                                     King’s Church, 3939 - 69          at             – coming out of the faith         for Casting Crowns, Mark
  News Briefs                                                        Street SW. Tickets: Adults
                                                                     $20, 12 & under $15. Buy
                                                                                                       or can be contacted through
                                                                                                       customer service at 1-866-
                                                                                                                                           community, seems to be pen-
                                                                                                                                           etrating mainstream music
                                                                                                                                                                             Hall, whose group has won
                                                                                                                                                                             five Dove Awards, says the
                                                                     online at       946-1711, for a list of printed     audiences at an increasing        greater interest in Christian
                                                                     or call 403-660-8093.             or online catalogues. The                                             music is because “everyone
Volunteers                        Alberta. “I’m on Cloud 9 right
                                  now,” she said. The experi-                                          staff at the Calgary store has
                                                                                                                                           rate. “From rap to pop, hip hop
                                                                                                                                           to rock, soul to Southern gos-    is searching for hope. Ev-

needed – The Servants             ence has her convinced, “I’m
                                  in the right profession.” As
                                                                     Calgary’s                         been blessed to be part of the
                                                                                                       ministry of making Scriptures
                                                                                                                                           pel, contemporary Christian
                                                                                                                                           music encompasses every
                                                                                                                                                                             eryone is wanting answers,
                                                                                                                                                                             especially now... so much
Calgary, AB
Anonymous Society (SAS)
                                  Zone 6’s Edwin Parr win-
                                  ner, Kelly has been invited        Canadian Bible                    available to the Calgary area. It
                                                                                                       is with heavy hearts they say
                                                                                                                                           musical style and is eking
                                                                                                                                           its way into the mainstream,
                                                                                                                                                                             uncertainty right now.” The
                                                                                                                                                                             article muses over some of
of Calgary is looking for 100
volunteers to help with a
                                  to attend the ASBA awards
                                  ceremony Nov. 21, 2010 in          Society store                     goodbye. Thank you for your
                                                                                                       loyalty to this local ministry
                                                                                                                                           and vice versa,” stated Green.
                                                                                                                                           According to the report, when
                                                                                                                                                                             the other possible reasons for
                                                                                                                                                                             the attraction toward Chris-
third-party fundraiser, Gallery
Calorie, on the evening of June
                                  Edmonton. For more informa-
                                  tion, Kelly Bouwman can be         closes                            and we pray God continue to
                                                                                                       bless each of you in your ef-
                                                                                                                                           mainstream music sales re-
                                                                                                                                           corded losses, Christian mu-
                                                                                                                                                                             tian music… many American
                                                                                                                                                                             Idol contestants (some of
11 for setup and on June 12 for   reached at Calgary Christian’s     Calgary, AB – The Canadian        forts for the Kingdom.              sic sales as a percentage of      them winners) have been
the main event. Please contact    elementary campus at 403-          Bible Society permanently                                             all music receipts rose to 7.2    believers and even worship
Shelley Morabito directly at      242-2896.                          closed the south Alberta store                                        percent last year from 6.8        leaders, such as Kris Allen, or 403-
614-3762, if you would like to
                                                                     effective May 31, 2010. For       Christian music                     percent in 2008. Frontman         AI’s latest winner.

assist SAS with this exciting
fundraiser by volunteering.
                                  Corps Bara                         many years it has been a
                                                                     privilege to provide qual-        beginning to                                                   †he
                                  Youth Company
                                                                     ity Bibles and Christian re-
For more information about
the event, please visit www.
                                                                     sources throughout southern
                                                                     Alberta through the ministry
                                                                                                       penetrate                                                      s
                                                                                                                                                             Carpen†ers Tickets
are available for this event at
                                  unplugged                          of Calgary’s local store. The
                                                                     Canadian Bible Society will
                                                                                                       mainstream                                             Helpers
                                                                                                                                                   Basements, Bathrooms Complete
SAS or on the website.            Calgar y, AB – Unique in
                                  Canada, Corps Bara Youth
                                                                     be streamlining its operations
                                                                     across Canada to continue the     more                                         Decks, Fences Built & Repaired
                                                                                                                                                    References and Free Estimates
Congratulations                   Dance Theatre (ages 9-18)
                                  provides the opportunity for
                                                                     role of Bible translation, pro-
                                                                     duction and engagement. The
                                                                                                       BCN News – A recent
                                                                                                       FOXNews report by Lauren
                                                                                                                                                       Our Purpose is to Serve

to Edwin Parr
                                  young dancers to explore their     national office will be launch-   Green, observed that music                            403-560-2980
                                  Christian faith through dance.     ing a new website in August       – with many differing styles
                                  A supportive environment of
Award winner
Calgary, AB – A kindergarten
                                  sound technical and artistic
                                  training is partnered with a
teacher at Calgary Christian      spiritual focus to develop the
School is this year’s recipient   whole dancer. Through pro-
of the Zone 6 Alberta School      fessional mentoring, young
Boards Association Edwin          dancers have the opportunity
Parr Teacher Award, recogniz-     to work with a wide variety
ing an outstanding first-year     of seasoned choreographers
teacher. Kelly Bouwman was        with the goal of creating cul-
in the running with nine other    turally relatable nice produc-
new teachers from the other       tions for audiences of all ages.
school divisions in Zone 6,       Unplugged runs on Saturday,
which covers all of southern      June 5 at 3 pm at Westside

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       We are Available, Compassionate and Accountable
   All About Seniors helps families provide thoughtful, companion care for seniors
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   basic living and the fun stuff that keeps seniors engaged and active.
   We have more than 30 staff members to help you every way we can. Our staff
   is carefully selected, trained, and bonded to ensure our clients receive the best
   care possible.

                                   Call us today! 403-730-4070
                           •                                                                                                                             CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010 — 3
 That reminds me                                                                                              Through a Glass, Darkly
 of a story...                                                                                                 by Tim Callaway
by Peter McManus                                                                               “President Coolidge came down in a railroad train;           Petroleum’s estimate that the clean-up in the Gulf is going
   As a dad, I often wonder, as I’m sure most dads do,                                         With a little fat man with a note-pad in his hand;           to cost at least $10 billion. That’s a virtually incompre-
what makes for a good father? Do “I have the goods” to                                         The President say, “Little fat man, isn’t it a shame what    hensible sum for most of us. And that claim was early in
be the dad seen on television’s allusion of what a normal                                      the river has done, To these poor crackers’ land?”           the response when BP was confident they could quickly
family life should be like?                                                                    Louisiana, Louisiana, They’re tryin’ to wash us away;        staunch the leak, an aspiration that remained unfulfilled
   I remember being in the Philippines where I was with a                                      They’re tryin’ to wash us away”                              weeks after the initial explosion.
few other pastors conducting services in an open-air tent                                                        — Randy Newman in Louisiana 1927              If the Exxon Valdez disaster of March 1989 proved
in the middle of a field. There was no electricity except                                      As our youngest son packs up for a move to Baton              one thing, it was that a collective bashing of Big Oil is
what was provided by the generator used to power the                                       Rouge this summer, I’ve found myself following closely           meaningless apart from a simultaneous personal decision
lighting and the sound for the band. It took me back to                                    the news of the horrific underwater oil leak off the              to reduce one’s own dependency on the industry. In other
what I envisioned what the early revival tent meetings                                     coast of the Bayou State. As if the floods of ’27 and the         words, there is little value in patting ourselves on the back
must have looked like in the early part of the 1900’s.                                     Hurricane Katrina disaster of 2005 didn’t wreak enough           for not having purchased an Exxon/Esso product since
   But what I remember the most was one of the best                                        havoc on the embattled people of that resilient region,          the mess off Alaska took place, if we’ve done zilch to
sermons I’ve ever heard. It was aimed at the Filipino men.                                 now they’ve got to worry about rude crude up the yin-            reduce our dependency on fossil fuels.
I’m sure they have the same questions about what it takes                                  yang for who knows how long!                                        Here then are a few simple suggestions to help point
to be a good dad too.                                                                         I, for one, am not content with a trite “isn’t that too       us toward devising a personal response to both the active
   The preacher used an illustration of when Hallmark,                                     bad” as my sole response to such catastrophes. I firmly           and latent disasters associated with our insatiable thirst
the card company, decided to do a project for Mother’s                                     believe that a proper Christian social conscience requires       for hydrocarbons.
Day and donate free Mother’s Day cards to any prisoner                                     far more than that. “Isn’t that too bad” is an appropriate       1. Observe a regular Sabbath from consumption of fossil
who wanted to send his mom a card. Once the results                                        response for something truly meaningless, such as the            fuels. “Impossible!” you retort? Not so. Learn to embrace
were tallied, Hallmark executives realized they hit a nerve                                Flames not making the playoffs.                                  such petty inconveniences as walking or cycling to the
by the amazing overwhelming response they had by the                                          Truth be told, I’m not entirely sure what a genuine           neighborhood grocery store instead of driving there for
male prisoners.                                                                            Christian social conscience looks like in the face of such       that mid-week jug of milk. Try establishing a personal
   It was so successful, they decided to continue the same                                 colossal environmental disarray. But I’m willing to make         drive-free day at least once a week. Go out of your way
offer for Father’s Day. They contacted all the prisons in                                  a few suggestions.                                               to find ways to car-pool to work downtown or to church.
the States and they were confounded when they got the                                         In so doing, I am well aware that many CLN readers            2. Make a sizable donation to the World Wildlife Founda-
resulting tally, especially in light of the fact that Father’s                             derive their livelihoods either directly or indirectly from      tion or any group attempting to rescue and protect fragile
Day is the fourth largest holiday for card sending. Hardly                                 the hydrocarbons industry. Hence, one is well advised to         eco-systems and wildlife preserves. If God is concerned
any men took up the free offer to send his dad a card.
                                                                                           demonstrate tact regarding any criticisms leveled at Big         enough to note when a sparrow falls, presumably He is
   When the preacher was closing, he asked for a response
                                                                                           Oil. Nonetheless, at a minimum, it should go without             also troubled when hundreds of ducks perish in a tail-
from the audience if they could identify with what he was
                                                                                           saying that the eco-disaster currently unfolding in the          ings pond.
saying. Not only did every hand go up, but everyone, and
                                                                                           Gulf of Mexico demands serious reflection and response            3. Use the internet to identify and support small busi-
I mean everyone got to their feet and went forward to
                                                                                           from anyone purporting to have a meaningful relationship         nesses negatively impacted by eco-disasters. Hey, some
the stage where they got on their knees and were sobbing
                                                                                           with the Creator.                                                day yours might be one.
like little babies. The pastor had struck a nerve. Each one
                                                                                              This is our Father’s world, we sing. And we’ve just
had issues with their dad.
                                                                                           screwed it up big time, let us note. Again! Witness British      Tim values your feedback at
   I’m sure the reasons varied as much as there were men
there that day. But whatever the reason, there’s a place in
each man’s life to have a relationship with his father. For
some, that means forgiveness, others may simply need to                                              LETTERS TO THE EDITOR
phone up their dad to say, “I love you dad.”                                                              We want to hear from you. Please send us your thoughts and opinions.
   That night in the Philippines was a wake-up call for me.                                               Email us at: or fax us at 403-640-2000.
I remember being at my dad’s bed-side, just before he died.
   Coming from that generation of men who found it hard                                    Dear Editor,                                                     your local church – is a safe place to find support, en-
to say words of encouragement or anything on a personal                                                                                                     couragement, a listening ear? Where does one go without
level, it was difficult for me to reciprocate the same way.                                 RE: The church is failing to face the reality of same            being condemned?
But I did. Just moments before I knew it would be too                                      gender attraction                                                   The church should be the first place of refuge, the
late, I managed to tell my dad I loved him.                                                   Homosexuality is as present within our local churches         first place that people ought to be able to turn for ‘safe’
   That’s why now, I try and tell my son that I love him                                   as it is within the secular world. Ron Sider, in The Scandal     discussions and dialogue. Unfortunately, the church seems
every day.                                                                                 of the Evangelical Conscience (2005), points out that national   to be the last place one would want to go for that kind of
   Happy Father’s Day!                                                                     poll after national poll by highly respected pollsters such      support. The church, more often than not, is more bent
                                                                                           as Gallup and George Barna conclude that there is pre-           on condemnation than showing love.
                                                                                           cious little difference between church statistics and those         It is time to turn stigma into support. It is time for
                                                                                           found in the secular community.                                  churches to declare themselves as safe havens for those
                                                                                              How prevalent is homosexuality within Canada? Na-             struggling with same gender attraction. That happens
  CITY LIGHT NEWS                            Writer’s Guidelines: Writers may              tional media routinely throw out a figure of between 3            through open dialogue and a lot of love. It happens
          459 Astoria Cres SE                request a free copy of our guidelines or
     Calgary AB Canada T2J 0Y6               visit While         per cent and 5 per cent. The most recent Canadian Com-           through education and by joining a growing national
                                             your input is welcome, we cannot be
  Ph. 403-640-2011
                                             responsible for unsolicited manuscripts
                                                                                           munity Health Survey conducted by Statistics Canada              network of churches who covenant to provide that safe
  Fax 403-640-2000
  Toll Free: 1-866-640-2011                  or photos.                                    (2004) says that just 1 per cent of Canadians aged 18 to         haven.
                                             Viewpoints expressed in CLN are               59 consider themselves to be homosexual (gay or lesbian).           Exodus International is an association of dozens of
                                             those of their writers and do not
  Publisher: CLN Publications
                                             necessarily represent the viewpoints of
                                                                                           And .7 per cent consider themselves to be bisexual.              ministries across North America which also provides
  Editor: Peter McManus or
                                             the publisher or management.                     Since that statistic is equally relevant within the Chris-    support to that network of churches. It is part of Exodus                 Subscriptions can be delivered to your        tian community, we need to ask ourselves how we as               Global Alliance, a world-wide umbrella group that brings
  Sales: Leslie McManus 403-640-2011         home or office. Gift subscriptions are
  Proof Reading:                             also available. Add GST.                      congregations provide support and encouragement to that          together hundreds of ministries across Africa, Asia, South
  Denise Hill                                    In Canada               1 year: $24.95    1 per cent among us who struggle with homosexuality.             and Central America, and Europe.
  Printed by: Star Press, Wainwright                                    2 years: $39.95
  Webmaster: Tom McLaughlin                      Outside Canada:         1 year: $49.95    For every 100 people in the pew, someone is dealing with               Keith Knight
  City Light News is an inter-
                                                                        2 years: $89.95
                                             Advertising: For advertising information,
                                                                                           homosexual tendencies. More likely than not, that person               Guelph, ON
  denominational, evangelical Christian      rates and deadlines, phone 403-640-2011       is dealing with those tendencies alone. Add to that the
  for-profit newspaper, published            or fax: 403-640-2000 or call Toll Free 1-
  in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is         866-640-2011. Advertising, supplements
                                                                                           family members or friends who are also living with that
  designed to be a one-stop source of        and inserts are open to anyone wishing        struggle and stigma.
  up-to-date information on Christian        to reach the local Christian community.
  events and resources serving the body      While effort is made to screen advertisers,      I can still feel the pain of the father who, after watching   To the Editor:
  of believers in the Southern and Central   no endorsement by CLN Publications            his son live a gay lifestyle for decades, finally discovered
  Alberta area. CLN has been published       is implied or responsibility accepted. The
                                                                                           the strength to stand up in front of a church and to declare
  since 1987. Our ministry news-oriented
  publication has a monthly readership
                                             publisher reserves the right to refuse or
                                                                                                                                                            The culture of life gaining momentum
                                             cancel any advertising for any reason or no   that his son was dying of AIDS. Parents struggle with
  of over 36,000, (Circulation 12,000).      stated reason.                                                                                                    For those who love life and consider it sacred, recent
                 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:                               a homosexual child with nowhere to turn for support.
                                                                                                                                                            encouraging developments in Ottawa have to be a refresh-
                           City Light News                                                 Struggling alone.
    459 Astoria Cres SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0Y6 •                                                                                    ing wind in their sails. The culture of life is still very much
                                                                                              Where does one go if one struggles with homosexual-
       Publications Mail Agreement # 40779073 • Customer # 7088196
                                                                                           ity? To whom can one turn? Where in the world – or in                                            See “LETTERS” Page 5
4 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010                                                                                                                                               
Guest Columns                                                                                                                                   What public educators want
CLN is committed to running monthly “guest columns” open to anyone who wants to articulate their views on a religious, political or other
relevant issue. Articles may be written in the first person and are published at the discretion of the editor. Writing should reflect standard
                                                                                                                                                to teach your children
journalistic style and is subject to editing. Statements, beliefs and opinions expressed are not necessarily those of CLN or its advertisers.
                                                                                                                                                            by Brian Rushfeldt,

Modern day persecution of local church
                                                                                                                                                                 Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                     Canada Family Action Coalition
Calgary, AB – As you may or may not know, Street Church                 ing shut down, has won victory after victory in the courts                  On April 19 the Ontario Liberal government announced
Ministries has been ministering on the streets of Calgary               defending our rights as Christians to preach, protest, and              plans to implement new Health and Physical Education
for several years, preaching the gospel and bringing hope               care for the less fortunate, publicly, and through those vic-           curriculum for grades one to eight, which included major
and love to the brokenhearted. Over the years, the ministry             tories having unconstitutional laws struck down.                        changes to sex education (and other provinces are moving
has been through a lot. Here is a brief summary, and it’s                  For years, the ministry members were shunned by the                  in the same direction).
a mouthful; they have received over eighty summons and                  churches, being labelled as law breakers and trouble makers                 Most parents were appalled by the graphic descriptions
tickets, with officers storming church services, court appear-           by everyday Christians that believed the media rather than              in the curriculum. City Light News is a family paper, so I will
ances with lead pastor, Artur Pawlowski, standing before a              calling the ministry directly and asking sincere questions              not include most of the terminology in the new curriculum.
judge over thirty-five times, receiving warrants for his arrest          without prejudice. The cries for help and support from the              This sex ed would start in grade one, and by third grade
five different times (each time turning himself in), being               ministry to the broader community of Christ went more                   children would learn about multiple genders and high-risk
arrested twice while preaching publicly, receiving personal             or less unheard. The ministry was trying to tell people that            unnatural sex behaviors.
visits from authorities to his home, confiscation of Bibles              unjust acts were being committed against them, that the                     In today’s sexualized world via videos, movies, internet,
and Christian DVDs during church services, physical at-                 police and bylaw officers were overstepping their author-                billboards and magazine advertising, we all know that six
tacks of officers on volunteers, intimidation tactics (with              ity and that there was an agenda being forwarded with a                 year olds have seen a lot more about sex than people of my
photographs taken of volunteers and their vehicles and                  goal to shut down the public preaching of the gospel of                 generation (baby boomers). But do six year olds need to be
                                                                                                                                                taught about sex in public classrooms? Do third graders need
license plates). Wow, they truly have endured trial after trial.        Jesus Christ.
                                                                                                                                                graphic explanations about sex behaviors that are unnatural
   At times, from an outside observer’s perspective, it                    Recently, I spoke with Pawlowski to see how much sup-
                                                                                                                                                and high risk for disease, not to mention immoral according
looked crazy because, quite frankly, it was. Who would ex-              port the churches were giving now that the ministry had
                                                                                                                                                to many parents’ values?
pect this kind of reaction from the city toward a Christian             been vindicated by the courts. Artur indicated that, still to
                                                                                                                                                    Perhaps the most appalling thing about this new curricu-
ministry? Nevertheless, despite the city’s attempts to shut             this day, there is very little support from the churches. I
                                                                                                                                                lum is that it contains many lies. For example, the curriculum
them down, Street Church has been vocal and steadfast                   found this shocking considering the ministry has incurred
                                                                                                                                                tells teachers to tell students that abstinence can be defined
for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through it all, God has                 hundreds of thousands of dollars in defending the rights
                                                                                                                                                in several ways. Wrong. Teachers, see the dictionary for the
elevated them, to the point where this church is likely the             of all Canadians against unconstitutional laws and abuse                only real definition. Then there is the six gender lie. Teachers
only church in the world that preaches outside their city’s             of power on the part of Calgary officers. As the Apostle                 tell children there are six genders, again false information
municipal building four times a week while providing meals              Paul stated, “in Christ we who are many form one body,                  with absolutely no factual basis in science, reason or reality
and necessities of life to all who come.                                and each member belongs to all the others.” I ask the ques-             (and a violation of the beliefs of all major religions.) Based
   It’s also amazing to see that the ministry, rather than be-          tion of all who do not stand with this ministry “Why not?”              on that false gender theory the curriculum goes on to tell
                                                                                                                                                children they can be a different gender on the outside than
Hanky panky at Christian Research Institute                                                                                                     they are on the inside. What kind of irresponsible “teaching”
                                                                                                                                                is this? All pre-pubescent children are emotionally connected
by Don McAreavy                                                         fully gutted the orga-
                                                                                                                                                to friends of the same sex (think Anne of Green Gables
    Hard Questions for the Bible Answer Man by Jay Howard is            nization of over 100
                                                                                                                                                and her bosom friend Diana). Imagine how this type of
not a happy read in front of a cozy fire on a cold winter’s              dedicated staff and
                                                                                                                                                information will confuse developing children, and perhaps
night. For those Bible Answer Man listeners and support-                the cream of talent-                                                    lead them on a self-destructive path?
ers who believe that Hank Hanegraaff walks on water and                 ed researchers. After                                                       Allow me two more examples. Every informed person
revere him as the chosen oracle for this last dispensation,             reading copious heart                                                   knows condoms are not totally safe barriers. Pregnancies still
this is a sobering reminder that money corrupts and that                wrenching testimo-                                                      occur and some viruses penetrate condoms. The curriculum
all men have feet of clay.                                              nials of broken and                                                     only makes a vague reference that some behaviors may be
    The book reveals Hanegraaff ’s suspect, hostile, and                dismayed individuals                                                    unsafe. And what the curriculum calls “anal sex” (the diction-
conniving takeover of the Christian Research Institute                  who lives were poured                                                   ary and Bible definition is “sodomy”), is criminal behavior
(CRI) immediately following the sudden death of its                     into this epic ministry                                                 for anyone doing that to another human being unless the
beloved founder Walter Martin.                                          one is left wondering                                                   persons are married or are consenting and age 18 or older
    Since becoming dictator Hanegraaff has treated CRI                  – how could this all                                                    (section 159 of the criminal code). The curriculum fails to
like his own giant piñata and through his Machiavellian                 happen?                                                                 mention this fact.
methods of bullying, firings and lawsuits has success-                      The book begins to                                                       Of course we know that some young children do ex-
                                                                        answer this question                                                    periment with sex, but failing to provide full disclosure of
                                                                                                  f paranoia,
                                                                        by discussing Hanegraaff ’s paranoia quest for power and
LETTERS TO THE                                                          recognition, and thirst for wealth. His desire to be filthy
                                                                                                                                                information such as the dangers, legalities and facts is legally
                                                                                                                                                negligent on the part of public education.
    EDITOR                                                              rich is a real embarrassment. The book documents Hane-
                                                                        graaff ’s public deception about the value of his $750,000
                                                                                                                                                    After Canada Family Action became aware of the cur-
                                                                                                                                                riculum April 19, we, along with two other organizations,
...cont’d from Page 4                                                   dollar house, his using CRI funds for new flooring while                 sent out a news release calling on the government to stop
alive in Canada and there is growing evidence the pro-life              pulling in over $300,000 dollars a year, his duplicity in               corrupting children ( All major
movement is gaining momentum.                                           plagiarism, and a new low – dumpster digging a few                      media covered the story and parents were enraged. For three
    Canada’s largest ever March for Life last week had                  misplaced envelopes to create a fake desperate situation                days Premier McGuinty defended what he called “respon-
twelve thousand plus people on Parliament Hill, with                    to justify yet another appeal for more funds.                           sible education.” On the fourth day the premier suddenly
standing room only at many of the events. And they                         Howard laments CRI’s mission to evangelize the lost                  announced the sex content would be indefinitely shelved.
were in good spirits with the recent defeat of legislation              in the cults and occult has been replaced by this “Elmer                He made the right decision but parents still beware.
in Parliament to legalize euthnasia and the vote to exclude             Gantry wannabe who lives to line his own pocket at the                      Now sex “experts“ and activists are decrying the Premier’s
                                                                        expense of little people who can scarcely afford it.” The               decision and say it will be taught anyway. Their disregard for
abortion in the G8 maternal health initiative.
                                                                        CRI vision of ministry has been reduced to a clearing                   children’s safety and parent’s rights is disgusting and immoral.
    There can be little doubt that the abortion debate will
                                                                        house for books and CD’s because “Hanegraaff ’s deci-                       Parents must take responsibility to teach about sex be-
be very much a part of the next federal election campaign.
                                                                        sion making ability is driven by the considerations of:                 haviors at home. Your children’s safety and future depends
It is simply unacceptable that an otherwise intelligent
                                                                        what’s in it for Hank Hanegraaff and will this enlarge                  on you providing factual information reflecting your moral
country like Canada, while progressive on many human
                                                                        his power base?”                                                        values.
rights issues, still allows unrestricted abortion where a
                                                                           This is a book not to be left on the shelf after reading                 See a good resource at
fetus can be aborted right up to the day of birth when                                                                                          enting/sexuality/teaching_children_healthy_sexuality.aspx
countries like Britain, Spain and the Netherlands at least              but to be passed around to wake up the community that
                                                                        continues to view Hank Hanegraaff through rose tinted                       Albertans – keep alert, check your children’s curriculum,
exercise a minimum of restraint in prohibiting abortion                                                                                         some of the inappropriate information is already being
after 20 weeks.                                                         glasses. This is also a topic of discussion that needs to
                                                                        be presented to Hank during his radio program. He must                  provided to your children.
    This fight is not unlike the battle to abolish slavery led                                                                                       Honest sex education must start at home by YOUR
by William Wilberforce in the British Empire in the early               be held accountable.
                                                                                                                                                modeling of good behavior.
1800’s and is a spiritual and moral battle for the right to
life and the defence of the unborn and a growing number                 Hard Questions for the Bible Answer Man
have the courage to wage the war.                                       ISBN 978-0-615-31167-8 can be purchased by visiting www.focu-
      Gerald Hall                                              Copies go for $16 plus $2 shipping and handling
      Parksville, B.C.                                   USD. Some copies available from for $10.88.                                                                                                                                  CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010 — 5
U of C finds pro-life students guilty
Calgary, AB – The University of Calgary has notified eight         our rights to free speech just because they’re threaten-       the Charter, but in 2008 the University reversed its policy
members of the Campus Pro-Life (CPL) student group                ing us. I’d rather be expelled as a principled person than     without explanation.
that they have been found guilty of a major violation             graduate a coward.”                                               “This recent hearing and result is just another step
under the Non-Academic Misconduct Policy regarding                   Last month, after having set up a pro-life                          in a long history of intimidation and censorship
a pro-life display held last month. The verdict comes one                                                 e
                                                                  display on campus for the ninth time since                                 and
                                                                                                                                             a if they think we’ll step down as the result
week after the students each attended individual, closed-         2006, members of the group were noti-                                         of it then they’re sorely mistaken,” stated
door hearings with an Associate Vice-Provost during               fied that they were being charged with  ith                                      Cameron Wilson, CPL Vice-President
which legal representatives were disallowed.                      a ‘Major Violation’ under Section 4.10 0                                         (External).
   The verdict is “a formal written warning” that if the stu-     of the University of Calgary’s Non-                                                   The group’s pro-life display, called
dents “fail to comply with directives of Campus Security          Academic Misconduct Policy for                                                     the Genocide Awareness Project, has
staff in the future” it will “result in more severe sanctions,”   “failure to comply with a Campus                                                    been held on the University of Calgary
said Acting Associate Vice-Provost Meghan Houghton,               Security officer or University of-                                                    grounds without incident nine times
who was the sole decision-maker in the guilty verdict.            ficial in legitimate pursuit of his/                                                  since 2006. The display compares
   “We are going to challenge this verdict,” stated Alanna        her duties” when asked to turn their                                                 abortion to past historical atrocities,
Campbell, CPL President. “We did not break a single               signs inward or leave campus.                                                        such as the Rwandan genocide and
University bylaw or regulation and so we will defend                 In Houghton’s decision, she                                                      the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. In
ourselves accordingly. We will also not cease exercising          referenced the university’s demand                                                 2009, the University charged six stu-
                                                                  that the students failed to comply     y                                         dents with trespassing in relation to the

 Dad finds life in Jesus                                          with: “Signs that welcomed viewers    ers
                                                                  and signs that identified your group as an
                                                                  anti-abortion display could remain outward
                                                                                                         utward                              N
                                                                                                                                                  display, but the Crown Prosecutor stayed
                                                                                                                                                these charges prior to a trial scheduled for
                                                                                                                                             November of 2009. Since then, members
...cont’d from Page 1                                             facing but signs with the actual content of your                        of Campus Pro-Life have been threatened with
    “I consider myself fortunate that I can still walk,”          display… must face away from walkways…or any other             Non-Academic Misconduct upon each display, but only
Campbell said.                                                    areas in which persons on campus would have little choice      now has the University carried out its threats, beginning
    As soon as he was released from the hospital, Campbell        but to look at your display.”                                  with this formal warning.
entered the Dream Centre and started working through                 “That’s blatant content-based discrimination,” said            “We’ve been informed that there are a lot of pos-
their three-month recovery program.                               Peter Csillag, CPL Vice-President (Internal). “Why weren’t     sible punishments involved, ranging from warnings to
    Named valedictorian of his graduating class, Campbell         abortion advocates, or Falun Gong supporters, forced           expulsion,” stated Cristina Perri, CPL Secretary. “There’s
said the love and support he received from the counsel-           to place their messages inwards when they protested on         nothing they can do to us individually that compares to
ors and staff at the CDC helped him maintain sobriety.            campus? You can’t have debate if everyone is pointed in-       what hundreds of unborn children encounter each day
Though he had always believed in God, Campbell was                wards on themselves. As far as I’m concerned, this verdict     in our country.”
introduced to Jesus Christ at the CDC and said that be-           against us pro-lifers is not legitimate, and it reveals U of      For further information, contact Club President Alanna
coming a Christian has been a transforming experience.            C to be an institute of censorship and double standards        Campbell at 403-690-5217, Vice-President (Internal)
Now he and his wife are good friends again and she sup-           – not of higher learning.”                                     Peter Csillag at 403-465-1777, Vice-President (External)
ports the CDC’s work in his life.                                    In 2006 and 2007, during the first four displays of the      Cameron Wilson at 403-668-9624, Secretary Cristina Perri
    “I still love that lady,” Campbell said, “and we’re making    Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) on campus, the Uni-           at 403-808-8142, or lawyer John Carpay of the Canadian
it the best we can for the kids.”                                 versity defended the students’ right to expression under       Constitution Foundation at 403-619-8014.

                                                          “If I couldn’t get better, we were just doomed!”                                                           ADVERTISEMENT

  Naturopath puts farmer back in the saddle
     Linden-area farmer Kevin Neufeld said he is ex-              to identify the problem. The only remedy offered was        Neufeld said he could actually feel the sensation
  tremely grateful that, “God led me” to Naturopath               over-the-counter pain killers.                            of the toxins draining from his lymph nodes and
  Robert Kish.                                                       Neufeld was examined by a respiratory specialist by the beginning of April he was ready to plough
     Sitting at the kitchen table with his wife, Lenore,          who was stymied, saying he had                                             back into his work.
  and the couple’s two daughters, Neufeld said not                never seen anything like it in 25                                             At the end of that summer all
  being able to work several summers ago would have               years of practice. He did however                                          that remained was a slight tender-
  meant financial ruin for the family. That winter the             recommend surgically removing the                                          ness under his arms and Neufeld
  outlook had been downright frightening for the                  lymph glands.                                                              was able to put in a good summer
  33-year-old.                                                       Neufeld recoiled at the sugges-                                         and work long hours!
     Neufeld’s lymph nodes were swollen badly, “like              tion pointing out, “God put them                                              Neufeld said it was worth
  grapefruits or small cantaloupes under my arms.”                there for a reason.”                                                       every penny he spent. “If I
     Even reaching for a glass of water proved to be                 Neufeld had been impressed by                                           wouldn’t have been up and work-
  a painful experience, he recalled.                              an interview he heard on Shine FM                                          ing by spring, it would have cost
     “It’s hard to explain,’ he said. “I couldn’t even            with Robert Kish but did not know                                          me a lot more in the long run.”
  put my arms down, it hurt so bad.”                              how to get hold of him.                                                       Had the lymph node prob-
     Sapped of all his energy, Neufeld said he spent                 Together with his wife, Neufeld                                         lem persisted, Neufeld added,
  his days merely migrating between the living room               was desperately praying that his                                           there was always the danger that
  chair, the bed, and the bathtub – unable to get any             health would return in time for                                            it could have progressed into
  work done.                                                      spring when work on the farm                                               something far more serious, such
     “That’s not me at all,” he protested. “I’m very              would escalate. Then he saw an ad KEVIN NEUFELD, who was beset as cancer. Neufeld had watched
  energetic. I used to be up at 4:00 every morning and            for Kish in The Shepherd’s Guide and with a sudden debilitating illness, several friends suffering with
  not get to bed until 1:00. We’d go through the whole            realized that this was the naturopath is glad to be back at work on his health concerns over the course
  summer like that, just work around the clock.”                  he had heard on the radio.              farm near Linden as well as in his of months or years and not
     Then Neufeld was hit by this sudden affliction                   After in-depth testing at the oil reclamation business.                 finding any answers. “And all of
  that “didn’t just slow me down. It shut me right                clinic, Kish devised a course of treatment for Neufeld a sudden,” he said, “their diagnosis is something
  down.”                                                          that would detoxify his lymphatic system and restore horrible.”
     When the tenderness under his arms first sur-                 the chemical and electrical balance of his body.            For the grace that he received, Neufeld said,
  face, Neufeld explained, “I went to see the doctor                 Kish did live blood analysis and detected parasites “I’m thankful for God’s healing power and for
  about it and he kind of shrugged it off as if it was            in Neufeld’s system. These were robbing him of es- leading us to Robert Kish. It has definitely changed
  something that would pass, maybe some kind of a                 sential nutrients, so Kish put him on supplements our lives.”
  virus or something, and he said it would get better             that would take aim at them. Neufeld expressed, “My
  in a couple of weeks.”                                          energy level picked up quite a bit. I noticed that pretty     Robert J. Kish, Phy.D., N.D. (Phy.)
     Instead Neufeld watched his health plunge                    much immediately.”
  rapidly. The swelling ballooned rapidly and began                  Two weeks later while sitting in the respiratory                     Call 403-938-6062
  to spread to other lymph nodes. Extensive blood                 specialist’s office, the swelling in Neufeld’s glands had   
  work, ultrasound, chest X-ray and CT scans failed               already diminished slightly.
6 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010                                                                                                                   
Nationwide seniors
singing competition
Mississauga, ON – Chart-        242-9075 • EAU CLAIRE          seniors, over one thousand
well Seniors Housing REIT       (JUNE 7) 301 7th St. SW.,      of them, who audition and
is inviting seniors to par-     Calgar y. Call 403-269-        vie for the honors in both
ticipate in the fourth annual   3114 • HARBOURS OF             the Regional Competitions
“Senior Star” singing and       NEWPORT (JUNE 8) 20            and the Finals,” said Dinah
musical instrument com-         Country Village Cove NE.,      Christie, Canadian enter-
petition.                       Calgary. Call 403-295-2919     tainment icon and host of
    T he competition is         • COLONEL BELCHER              the National Final. “They
held across Canada in Se-       (JUNE 9) 1945 Veteran’s        all so heartily deserve the
niors Centres, theatres and     Way NW, Calgary. Call 403-     exuberant celebration they
Chartwell residences. It is     283-3491.                      received through the Senior
open to anyone who is 65           The Regional Finals take    Star experience.”
and over and a Canadian         place on June 15 at 1pm -         Chartwell Seniors Hous-
resident. Contestants do        4pm at 1910 Kensington         ing REIT is Canada’s lead-
not have to be living in a      Road NW, Calgary. At the       ing provider of the best
Chartwell residence.            Regional Competitions,         and broadest range of high
   “Chartwell’s Senior Star     contestants are given a        quality seniors housing,
contest has grown to be         maximum of five minutes         offering a full spectrum
the largest celebration of      to sing a song, play an in-    of care from indepen-
seniors’ talent in Canada,”     strument, or do both, and      dent living to retirement
announced Brent Binions,        their performance is video-    residences to fully serviced
President and CEO of            taped. Musical accompani-      long-term care. With over
Chartwell Seniors Hous-         ment is provided to singing    260 locations, Chartwell
ing REIT. “We are proud         contestants, if required. A    is committed to providing
to support the incredible       panel of three judges, made    Canadian seniors with a
talent of Canadian seniors.     up of musical experts, lo-     safe and rewarding lifestyle
Go to your local Chartwell      cal government officials,      in a residence they are
residence and ask them for      and media representatives,     proud to call home. For
a copy of the DVD from          choose the top three local     more information about
the 2009 finale and you’ll       contestants, each of whom      Chartwell residences, visit
agree that these talented       will be recognized with a or call
performers get better with      Senior Star trophy.            1-888-584-2386.
age and experience,” added         The first place winners
Mr. Binions.                    then have a chance to be
   Those wishing to com-        one of the ten competi-
pete in 2010 may pick up        tors invited to compete in
a registration form at their    the Senior Star National
local Chartwell Seniors         Final. The ten finalists are
Housing residence today,        chosen from the first-place
or they can visit www.          winners of the Regional for more       Competitions by a celebrity
information.                    panel of judges, and will
   In Calgary, the auditions    compete in the National
will take place at these four   Final, held at the Carlu, in
locations: ROYAL PARK           Toronto, October 18, 2010.
(MAY 28) 4315 Richardson           “Canada applauds the
Rd. SW., Calgary. Call 403-     courage of the talented

   “We are happier in many ways when we are old than
   when we were young. The young sow wild oats. The
   old grow sage.”               — Winston Churchill                                                                      CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010 — 7
 Cindy in the City                                                                                                  with Cindy Stephen

   What makes a strong neighborhood?                      by and accessible and when there’s positive, community          might help,” said Heather
   According to a Research Brief conducted by social      economic development.                                           White with City of Calgary
services agencies with the City of Calgary, a neighbor-       In other words, when neighbors socialize with each          Neighborhood Services.
hood is healthy when there’s strong social cohesion and   other, are happy in their well-maintained homes, can               White says that the City
inclusion when housing is accessible, affordable and of   stroll through a nearby park or off-leash area, shopping        is working with the FCC
good quality.                                             and medical facilities are nearby and commercial areas          to help spread the word
   When the surrounding environment is natural and        are open for business.                                          about the survey through
of good quality. When programs and services are close         How neighborhoods function and even how they                community association newsletters.
                                                          look strongly affects the people who live there. When              Let’s take this one step further and involve the hun-
                                                          neighbors know neighbors, when houses have broken               dreds of churches in our city.
                                                          windows and fences or walls are covered with graffiti, it           Church leadership works to build a strong community
                                                          has a cumulative effect and can impact all kinds of things,     within the confines of the congregation, but are churches
                                                          including outcomes for children                                 in general contributing to the strength of the local com-
                                                              Some neighborhoods already have a city-wide repu-           munity? How is your church perceived in the neighbor-
                                                          tation for being run-down and riddled with crime and            hood in which it’s located?
                                                          vandalism, but there are some weak and poverty-stricken            Many churches are searching for ways to create more
                                                          areas in our city that are sight unseen.                        positive outcomes in neighborhoods and here’s a great
                                                              Therefore, in order to get a feel for how Calgarians view   opportunity to take the first step.
                                                          their neighborhoods, the Federation of Calgary Communi-            The survey can be completed anonymously, or if you
                                                          ties (FCC) and Family and Community Support Services            want to win an i-Pod or passes to City facilities, you have
                                                          (FCSS) are urging Calgarians to complete an online survey.      the option to leave your name and email address. The
                                                          It takes less than five minutes to complete and will provide     questions are multiple choice and there are boxes to leave
                                                          information about how safe Calgarians feel in their homes       further commentary.
                                                          and how connected they feel to their neighborhoods.                It takes less than five minutes to complete and will give
                                                              “It will help to identify those neighborhoods we            them information about how safe you feel in your home,
                                                                                                                          how connected you feel to your neighborhood and how
                                                                                                                          you believe churches can be a part of a healthy neigh-
                                                                                                                          borhood. You can follow this link to the survey located
                                                                                                                          at The Research
                                                                                                                          Briefs can be found at
                                                                                                                             Churches were once the heart of Calgary neighbor-
                                                                                                                          hoods – perhaps those days are long gone. However,
                                                                                                                          churches can still be a strong partner in a healthy com-
                                                                                                                          munity. Let’s let the City of Calgary know it.

                                                                                                                          Email Cindy with your comments:

8 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010                                                                                                           
Missions reports on recent short-term trips
Students experience eye-opening experience
by Cheryl Whipple                bed as soon as we arrived at    hugs. We couldn’t stay long,
Vice-Principal of Heri-          the camp. Upon awakening,       however, because we had
tage Christian Academy           we ate breakfast then had       to go up to the orphanage
    This year’s mission’s trip   an orientation of Campa-        by the camp again to do our
to Costa Rica was an amaz-       mento Roblealto.                children’s program for the
ing eye-opening experience           Afterwards, the music       children there.
for everyone on Heritage         people did a sound check,          The kids here were even
Christian Academy’s mis-         and then the team packed        more attentive and respon-
sion’s team.                     up and hiked up the road        sive, and willingly got up to
    The newcomers weren’t        to do our program for           dance when the music was
all too sure what to expect,     the farmers at an orphan-       playing. It touched many of
but the experienced team         age. Many of the people         our hearts to see how these
members and chaperones           we ministered to that day       young children did not
were very helpful in pre-        had never even heard the        even have parents, and yet
paring the “new kids” for        gospel, and although the        they were so filled with joy
the trip. Everyone was very      response was not huge,          to be there. Over the next      Heritage Christian Academy students who attended the school’s mission trip to
supportive and encourag-         we could tell that some         couple of days, we revisited    Costa Rica over the March break.         — photo courtesy Heritage Christian Academy
ing, which really helped us      of the workers had been         the school, a men’s rehab       God with all they had, and       would not live past the age       works everywhere, in every
to have confidence in going       impacted.                       centre, and La Carpio, one      their worship was so filled       of 17, and even a large           situation, and can bring the
to minister in a different           Day 2 we had to get         of the poorest slums in all     with praise.                     percentage of the little          best out of anything. This
country. The team took off       up early in the morning         of Costa Rica.                     Getting to work at La         girls were being abused and       trip has taught many of us
from the Calgary Airport at      in order to have breakfast         Getting a chance to min-     Carpio was one of the most       raped. It was amazing to          to be selfless and willing to
9 am on March 23. After          so that we could pack up        ister to the men at the reha-   eye-opening, and possibly,       see children living in such       reach out to those in need,
five hours of flying, we         and head off to the local       bilitation centre (ELIASIB)     emotional parts of the trip.     a place where they often ate      no matter what the circum-
spent a seven-hour layover       public school. The kids         was very incredible. Even       Here, we ministered at a         only one meal a day, and          stance. Each one of us has
at the Mexico City Airport,      listened fairly well and paid   though they have been           centre made just for kids.       gang wars occur frequently,       a place in their heart for the
then finally arrived in San       attention while we did our      struggling and dealing with     The directors informed           yet they still welcomed us        people of Costa Rica, and
Jose, Costa Rica around          program, and afterwards         incredibly hard situations      us that many of the boys         with heart-warming grins          for the work that God is
1:30 the next morning, then      several of them came up         and barriers in their lives,    would soon be involved in        and open hearts.                  doing in their lives.
unpacked and headed for          to thank us and give us         we all saw that they loved      drugs and gangs, and many           We realized that God

In six days…
by Janice M. Flinn
   The invitation – six days in beautiful Baja California,
Mexico with six very different but equally gifted servant-
leaders of the Lord!
   The adventure began with a lightening fast six-hour
road trip from the San Diego Airport down the coastal
plain of the Baja Peninsula to the rich farmland of the
San Quintin Valley. The Foundation For His Ministry
(FFHM) has for the past 44 years ministered to hundreds
of thousands of the poor and needy, the least of these,
in this region. Now as guests of this multifaceted mercy
ministry, we would soon experience first hand what life
as one of FFHM’s 150 long or short term missionaries
would be like. In our small group, the countries of Canada,
the US, Sweden, Zimbabwe and Northern Ireland all
represented and all one in Christ Jesus.
   In 1966, the Lord called Chuck and Charla Pereau
to start this work. Faithful in the little things, their long
obedience in the same direction has seen this faith min-
istry expand and grow to one that today has spread from
Baja California to the states of Oaxaca, Michoacan and
now Sinaloa. Their model for ministry remains the same:          One of over 200 orphans at the Foundation For His
preach the Gospel to the displaced indigenous people and         Ministry in Baja California, Mexico.
make provision for their spiritual and physical needs. So                                                                          Christian Adoption Services
                                                                                                                                                                                             visit our website:

                                                                                                        — photo by Steve Fillis
today, orphanages (housing nearly 200 children), a daycare       missionaries as they left to launch a new mission base in
centre, a disabled children’s learning center, a Bible Insti-
tute, a medical centre, a commercially sized macadamia nut
                                                                 Sinaloa, the drug capital of Mexico. Extremes of poverty
                                                                 and wealth, human deprivation, violence and greed make
                                                                                                                                    Building A Family
farm, a drug rehab center, a home for abused women and           this a wide open field for evangelism and the fields ever            Through International
children, a print shop, a mechanical shop, an upholstery
shop, a sewing room, a church, a school and a university
                                                                 white unto harvest.
                                                                    The week sped by. The hospitality and graciousness of
                                                                                                                                    Adoption Course
students’ home constitute the layout component parts of          those living at the Mission profoundly touched us. The                                          Upcoming Course
each of FFHM’s four Missions.                                    daily time of morning worship was something one has to                                              dates:
   Peter McManus, one of our six guests was coming from          experience to comprehend; the mid-week commissioning
Alberta, Canada to train the Mission’s young printer on          service for Hugo and Lizette where close to 800 were                                            • June 5 - Calgary
the use of a new Heidelberg press that had been donated.         gathered, some in rags and others much better attired, to                                       • July 17 - Edmonton
After six days, his mission was a success.                       worship the King of Kings and dedicate these two to His                                         • August 13 - Calgary
   Steve Fillis, a very gifted photographic journalist from      service in Sinaloa; the little children, like little 18-month
Zimbabwe (once an executive CNN photographer) had                old Cristal and her 7 year old brother Israel brought to
offered his services to make a new documentary video             the Mission by DIF (Mexican social services) after being
on this ever-expanding work. After six days, mission ac-         abandoned by their parents. Little broken hearts that will          email:
complished.                                                      take the love of Jesus to help heal.                                Call 403-256-3224
   Dr. John Lucas, Maranatha Evangelistic Association               And before we knew it our six days were over and our             201B, 9705 Horton Road SW
(MEA), and President of FFHM’s International Council             return journey had begun.                                           Calgary, Alberta T2V 2X5
had come to take part in the commissioning of two FFHM              We would never be the same. Gloria a Dios!                                                                                                                   CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010 — 9
 Laughing Matters

Close to home
                                                                                                                                           by Phil Callaway

   During the height of the diamond rush in Africa, a            I’m like the first farmer. So often I neglect to investigate     concerns to the living room and spend an hour on my
farmer was intrigued by the promise of great wealth.          and polish what I already have. In my disappointment               knees trying to leave them with God. Sometimes I pick
Only one thing stood in his way. His farm had to be sold      with the way things are, in my quest to get ahead, I fail to       them up again, but I’m learning to trust Him to take care
before he could set off in search of the precious stones      recognize the wealth in my own backyard. And end up                of my family just like He’s taking care of me.”
that would make him a wealthy man. At last the deal was       walking over untold riches every day.                                 Today Andrew is doing all he can to reconcile with
done and he was free.                                            While speaking in a                                                                            his wife and children, but
   The search was long and painful. Trekking across des-      farming community re-                                                                             he knows the road ahead
erts, blazing trails through jungles and mountain passes,     cently, I met Andrew.                                                                             is steep. “I thought I was
he searched for the elusive diamonds. But none could be       A successful insurance                                                                            giving them everything they
found. Finally, penniless, sick, and utterly depressed, he    and investment consul-                                                                            needed,” he says. “I guess
threw himself into a raging river.                            tant, he spent the last   t                                                                       w they really needed was
   Back home, the man who had bought the farm was             twenty years of his life                                                                          me.”
planting a crop and came across a odd-looking stone           searching for diamonds.                                                                              When I told Andrew
which he placed on his mantle.                                Eighteen months ago, he                                                                           about my book called Mak-
   One night a visitor saw the stone, examined it and said,   made his way back home.                                                                           ing Life Rich Without Any
“Do you know what you have here? It’s one of the largest      But by then, his house                                                                            M
                                                                                                                                                                Money, he said, “I was so
diamonds ever.” Further investigation revealed that the       was empty. His wife of                                                                            busy building an empire I
entire farm was literally covered with similar magnificent     twenty-three years had                                                                            forgot to build a home. I was
stones. The farm sold by the first farmer turned out to        taken their teenage son                                                                           so busy working on multi-
be one of the richest, most productive diamond mines          and daughter and moved                                                                            million dollar deals that I
in the world.                                                 1,000 miles away, leaving g                                                                       hardly had time to buy my
                                                              Andrew with a sprawling                                                                           friends a cup of coffee. I’d
                                                              ranch, two speedboats and an antique car collection. “I            trade all this stuff in a heartbeat for a good marriage.”
                                                              have absolutely everything,” he told me. “It’s all paid for.          I wish I could turn the clock back for Andrew. And
                                                              But I’ve never been so empty. I didn’t realize what I had,         sometimes I’d like to turn it back for myself. But like
                                                              until it was gone.”                                                Andrew, I’m learning that it is relationships, not ranches,
                                                                 Six months ago, suicidal and desperate, Andrew fell to          that make men rich. I’m learning that we make a living by
                                                              his knees and prayed, asking Jesus Christ to change him.           what we get. We make a life by what we give.
                                                              “This may sound crazy,” he told me, “but since that day               What kind of treasure are you stepping over today?
                                                              I’ve experienced more peace than I had during all those
                                                              years of success. Every morning I take my worries and              Pick up a copy of Phil’s book at

                                                                                                                                You are invited to a

                                                                                                                 Spiritual Growth
                                                                                                         New Life Centre, Canmore, AB
                                                                                                              June 18 & 19 2010
                                                                                                                                 sponsored by Huios House

                                                                                                               Our goal is to help you learn to be led of the Spirit.
                                                                                                                “Those who are led of the Spirit are the huios of God.”

                                                                                                                     The cost is $35 per person and includes
                                                                                                                     a syllabus, a text book and refreshments.

                                                                                                                                   Friday June 18
                                                                                                                               7-9:30pm “Huios Explained”

                                                                                                                                 Saturday June 19
                                                                                                      9:30am - noon “Foundation for Success”& “Equipped to Serve”
                                                                                                                         Noon - lunch provided
                                                                                                                       1-2:30pm “Empowerment”
                                                                                                                        7-9pm “Prophetic Prayer”

                                                                                                      If you are hungry for more of God and want to grow up in Him
                                                                                                           where you can hear and obey the Spirit in your daily life
            School resumes on August 30.                                                                                     then consider attending.
                                                                                                                     For more information and to register
                Have a great summer                                                                                         contact
                                                                                                                   We are limited to 20 people per seminar
               and see you in the fall!                                                                         but if it fills up we will host a second seminar.

10 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010                                                                                                                   
                                                                       Sarah Palin touts trusting God
 Rock the River                                                        at Celebration for Life breakfast
 Tour West
 The following questions and answers are in prepara-
                                                                       Washington, D.C. – Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker
                                                                       for the Susan B. Anthony Celebration for Life Breakfast
                                                                       on May 14. As reported by several news sources, Palin
                                                                       spoke at length about the empathy she developed for
                                                                                                                                          On a political note, Palin was quoted as saying Ameri-
                                                                                                                                        can women will make a difference in the direction of this
                                                                                                                                        country because when it comes to their childrens’ future
                                                                                                                                        they are like “Mama Grizzlies.”
 tion for the upcoming tour happening in Calgary.                      women going through difficult pregnancies when she
                                                                       was pregnant with her youngest son, Trig, who was born
 WHAT is Rock the River Tour West?
                                                                       with Down Syndrome.
 Launched by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Associa-
                                                                          Noting that during her pregnancy she didn’t know if
 tion in 2009, Rock the River Tour is an evangelistic
                                                                       her “heart was ready” or if she was “patient and nurturing
 summer concert tour for youth featuring top Chris-
                                                                       enough” to raise a disabled child, Palin said that although
 tian hard rock and hip-hop bands. This summer the
                                                                       she never “actively considered” an abortion, once Trig was
 one-day outdoor events will travel across Western
                                                                       born she understood that “God knows what He’s doing.”
 Canada from the Fraser Valley to Calgary and Ed-
                                                                          “And what seemed like it would be such a challenge has
 monton. Rock the River Tour West will be packed
                                                                       turned into our greatest blessing,” Palin said, adding that it
 with seven hours of high-voltage music and brief,
                                                                       was “the best thing to ever happen” to her and her family.
 challenging messages by Franklin Graham.
                                                                          In the end, according to a CBS report, Palin claimed
 WHEN and WHERE will we Rock the River in                              she has “strengthened my support for choosing life,”             Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov.
                                                                       noting that it “may not be easiest, but it’s the right path.”    Sarah Palin carries her son, Trig.
 Rock the River Tour West arrives in Calgary on Sat-
 urday, Aug. 21 from 2:30 – 9:30 p.m.
 The event will be held at Canada Olympic Park (88
 Canada Olympic Drive SW, Calgary, AB).
 Cost is $10 at the gate.
 WHO will Rock the River in the Calgary?
 Music helps bring youth together from all walks of
 life. That’s why the Rock the River Tour West has in-
                                                                                    Country Gospel Jamboree
 vited some of today’s top Christian hip-hop and hard
 rock bands to play in Calgary, including Flyleaf, Skil-                                           August 1 & 2
 let, Hawk Nelson, Lecrae, Downhere and Starfield.
 WHY Rock the River?
                                                                                           Kin Coulee Park, Medicine Hat
 In a culture that bombards our youth with negative                               With Special Guests:
 messages, many are left searching for identity and                               The Cross-Section Band, Jodi Faith, Christian
 a sense of belonging. With Rock the River Tour
                                                                                  Cowboys, Robert Larrabee, Harry & Gladys
 West, Franklin Graham brings some of today’s most
 popular, cutting-edge Christian bands together to                                Rusk, Edwin Friesen, Boschee & Friends,
 help reach a lost generation of young people with a                              Russell Scherer, Michael Brown & Co., The
 positive message of hope.                                                        Fehr Family and The Study Family.
                                                                                    For more info contact
 KING’S FOLD                                                                  403-529-5267 or 403-866-5570 (cell)                                             with Special Guest
            RETREAT&RENEWAL                                                                                                    Robert Larrabee
    a place for rest, renewal and spiritual discovery
          in the context of the Christian faith

                                 • dining facilities
                                 • library & conference room
                                 • home-like accommodations
                                   for up to 30 guests
                                 • for individuals and groups

                                    (403) 932-3174
One hour northwest of Calgary     website:
 Box 758, Cochrane, AB T4C 1A8   email:                                                                                                                        CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010 — 11
                                                                                                               Facility Available for Rent on Sundays
                                                                                                                                                             Other days also available for churches,
                                                                                                                                                             groups, classes, workshops, business
                                                                                                                                                             functions, family celebrations.
                                                                                                                                                             Lovely park setting by canal. Hardwood floor,
                                                                                                                                                             fireplace, vaulted ceiling. Includes small kitchen,
                                                                                                                                                             separate room for children and limited storage
                                                                                                                                                             cabinets. Cozy atmosphere.
                                                                                                    • • 403-235-2922

                                                                                                                                              New Beginnings Welcomes You
                                                                                                                                             • Get to know a God who is crazy about you
                                                            6                                                                                             • Lessons for Life

                                 You’re                              Worship Services                        Holy Spirit
                                                                                                                                                                 Sundays 10:00 am

                                 Invited!                                   at
                                                                      10am and 6pm
                                                                                      1                    Anointed Services                                                      Varsity Community
                                                                                                            Saturdays at 7:30 pm                                                  4303 Varsity Dr. NW
              Sunday Service:                                         Southside                                   Days Inn                                             
                                                                    Victory Center                          3828 Macleod Trail S.                                                    403-253-2525
                10:00 am                                               6402 1A St SW                             Calgary, AB                Pastors Willie & Laura Dueck

      Immanuel Church
                                                                 (right next to Chinook C-Train Station)
                                                                                                              Ph. 403-248-3773
                                                                  Calgary, AB T2H 0G6
                                                                                                                             Belong * Believe * Become
          1512 - 1 Street SW, Calgary                            Ph. 403-253-7777
              Ph. 403-262-3723                          
                                                                                                                       Calgary Manmin

                                                            3    Fairview 4
                           Full Gospel                             Church
                                                                                                                             Diseases are healed by the power of God!
                                                                                                                             God is a living God and the Bible is true!
                             Church                                   welcomes you to                                        Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. – Hebrews 13:8
                                                                        a traditional                                        Works of God’s power as recorded in the Bible
 Dr. Len and Ingrid Zoeteman warmly welcome you to join them          Worship Service                                        are taking place today through Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee.
 each Sunday and become a part of the extraordinary work that        Sunday Service:
 God is doing in the heart of our city. People of all ages and
 ethnicities call this church home.
                                                                        10:30 am                                        Sunday Worship Service: 2pm
               Sunday Services                                               Daily Prayer Meeting (M-F) 9-11pm
                                                                         3803 - 69th Street NW Calgary (Foothills United Church)
              9 & 11 am and 6 pm
      917 - 14 Avenue SW • 403-244-2948                             At the corner of
                                                                   Fairmount Drive                                                Call: Caleb or Hope at 246-9226 or 815-1885
                                                                   and 78th Ave SE                                MANMIN TV            Email:
     Passion for God … Compassion for People                        Call 403-252-1704                      Prayer Line: 877-962-6646
                                                                                                                or 877-9Manmin

                                                            5                                        2

                                                                                                            Church Directory
  Inter-denominational Charismatic Worship & Ministry            THE REDEEMED

                                                                 CHURCH OF GOD,
                                                                   Christ Embassy
              Jesus came to give it.                                   Ch h
                                                                  of Many Nations
           Join us at The Lighthouse
    this Sunday at 10:30am or call us about:                      Sunday Service: 10am
 • FOUR12 Youth Centre • ESL • Small Groups
                                                                 Crescent Heights Community Centre                       9           10
                                                                   1101 - 2nd Street NW Calgary
       9827E Horton Road SW, Calgary                                                                                                                                                                8
                                                                   403-293-9398 • 305-4490
                Call 403-640-2099                                                                                                  2
     Calgary Free Presbyterian Church
   123 Pinetown Place NE • Sundays 11am & 6pm                       Attention                                                                                        7
                 Invites you to their...
     Bible Conference May 28 - 30
                                                                    Pastors!                                                                                     1

     Fri. May 28 7 pm - The People of the Cross                                                                                                                   4
     Sat. May 29 7 pm - Called to be A Christian                     Your Church
  Sun. May 30 6 pm - Programmed for Eternal Glory                   could advertise                                                                          5
    Preacher Rev. Ian Goligher (Cloverdale, B.C.)                   here for as little
           Special Singing and Testimonies
              by Youth Outreach Team                                as $49/month.
              Let the Bible Speak Broadcasts
                 Radio CHRB AM1140
             Sat. 5:30 pm & Sundays 10 am                             403-640-2011
  For further info 1-800-969-1091                     to place your ad                                                                                                                            CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010 — 13
Respectful ‘good bye’ replaced by familiar ‘hello’ to the dead
by Larry Heather                                                 than attract more of the morbidly curious to the display?         ity of these corpses, people without names, backgrounds, or
   Gunther Von Hagens’ Body Worlds & The Brain exhibit at            Is this not in fact human taxidermy? Taxidermy is defined      graves blinds us to the reality of what is going on.
Calgary’s Telus World of Science has provoked controversy        as: 1. The art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting animals so        Without anonymity, the illusion breaks apart.
and sickened many. It is an exhibit I do not plan to visit or    that they appear lifelike. 2. The art or process of preserving       The people in the Nazi death camps were given numbers
encourage others to visit. The $12 ticket to this macabre ex-    dead animals or parts of them.                                    in place of names, and their individuality thus being stripped
hibition of 25 plastinated corpses marks a decided departure         Note that the word animals is prominent. How in our           from them, was essential preparation for what was to follow.
from our Western values.                                         Western culture can man be a mere animal, set out for                An ABC April 23, 2009 news account tells of a French
   Those values are based on a Biblical worldview, which         display amidst the raccoons and reptiles? If we are indeed        judge ruling the shutdown Our Bodies, The Universe Within; a
shaped our traditional reverence towards human remains.          made in the image and likeness of God, Imago Dei, a divide        Paris exhibition of real human bodies from China. The judge
For me, the exhibition exhibits a barren materialism and as-     is crossed.                                                       said that exhibiting dead bodies for profit is a “violation of
saults our conception of human worth. I feel the initial won-        The true import of this exhibit is shocking. Suppose the      the respect owed to them.”
der of the human body design by viewers will be overtaken        bodies of our dead Canadian soldiers were to be plastinated,         “Under the law, the proper place for corpses is in the
by the ravaging depersonalization of these 25 individuals        posed naked in action stances, and then used to sell tickets in   cemetery,” said judge Louis-Marie Raingeard. Given the
and the families they came from.                                 an exhibition? Signed consent forms or not, the outrageous        well-documented human rights abuses in China, it is feared
   Many people are profoundly uncomfortable with promo-          nature of this affront to human dignity would be clear to         that some of the cadavers on display came from executed
tion of the display, but may find it hard to articulate why. In   all discerning people. These are people we would be able to       prisoners. No proof of consent was produced in this display.
the face of endless praise as to the educational wonder of       identify and place in context. The same reaction would be         The exhibition would be the last step in a horrible traffic
this display, many who object are intimidated into baffled re-    reproduced among all who are relatives or friends of those        operation of human bodies originating in China.
treat. After all, do our seemingly feeble protests do any more   25 on display at the Telus Centre. As it is, the forced anonym-      The Calgary exhibit involves the issue of mutilation. Being
                                                                                                                                   peeled back like an onion, exposing the various layers and
                                                                                                                                   muscle groups is harmful to the dignity of the remains. And
                                                                                                                                   that which is degraded most is that part of man which is
                                                                                                                                   intangible but real...the soul and spirit. Could not the same
                                                                                                                                   educational goal could be reached by illustration or animation

                                                                                   A    new feature in City Light News.
                                                                                        If you would like to place a
                                                                                   Memoriam to remember your loved
                                                                                                                                   without demeaning individual human remains?
                                                                                                                                      The goal of true medical research and anatomy is focused
                                                                                                                                   on the preservation of life and such knowledge in the past
                                                                                   one, please contact Peter or Leslie             was respectfully entrusted to
                                                                                   at 403-640-2011 or email us your
                                                                                   copy to
                                                                                                                                   those in the position of best
                                                                                                                                   applying this knowledge. The
                                                                                                                                                                     “the proper
                                                                                   Pictures are welcome.                           necessary examination was
                                                                                                                                   done, and the remains respect-
                                                                                                                                                                     place for
                                                                                   Price of $50 includes publication
                                                                                   in the paper as well as on our web-
                                                                                                                                   fully committed. The growing
                                                                                                                                   abandonment of the Hippo-
                                                                                                                                                                     corpses is in
                                                                                                                                   cratic Oath to ‘Do No Harm”
                                                                                                                                   gravely erodes this essential
                                                                                                                                                                     the cemetery”

                         In Memoriam
                                                                                                                                   bedrock of this professionalism. The welfare of the care
                                                                                                                                   of those still alive, is the focus of such intimate knowledge.
                                                                                                                                   When the medical students or practitioners becomes irrever-
                                                                                                                                   ent to the human remains, their respect for the vulnerable
                                                                                                                                   or impaired living patients is sure to suffer.
                                                                                                                                      When such knowledge is commercially franchised for
                                                                                                                                   profit as the Body Worlds & The Brain exhibit is, the focus

                                                                                                                                   switches to a far less principled imperative, that which could
                                                                                                                                   be termed, the satisfaction of morbid curiosity.
                                                                                                                                      Medical research ungoverned by ethics has been seen in
                                                                                                                                   past ideologies such as Nazi experimentation that robbed
                                                                                                                                   the victims of their spiritual nature and essential humanity
     TEACHERS NEEDED                                                Every Career Ad placed here receives a FREE Online
                                                                      listing in CLN’s Classified Help Wanted section.
                                                                                                                                   and coarsened the people who perpetrated it.
                                                                                                                                      The farewell given to a person in a funeral, is morphed
   A Christian Education Foundation that started 75 years          Call 403-640-2011 to place                                      to a continual “Hello” to a plastinated corpse on permanent
   ago is seeking to employ Christians as teachers in                      your Career Ad                                          display. The separated soul and spirit, in Biblical understand-
   schools in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing,            Email:                                 ing, still exist in a location in time and space known to God.
   Qingdao and Yantai, China. Depending on the city,                                                                               This is fundamental to the impetus to keep the body hidden
   the freedom to share the Gospel is almost unlimited.                                                                            from view in this time of separation. In non Judeo-Christian
   Due to the fact that 300,000,000 Chinese are study-             CITY LIGHT NEWS                                                 religions such as Egyptian mummies, even they are wrapped
   ing English, to minister to the locals you don’t need to
   speak Chinese, but you will have lots of opportunity                    Subscription                                            from direct view and posed in positions of rest, not action.
                                                                                                                                      The practice of placing people, and especially leaders in
   to learn the language if you want to.
   It is the perfect opportunity for those who are interested
                                                                           Order Form                                              graves of public prominence is found in the Bible (i.e. The
                                                                                                                                   Tomb of Joseph in Shechem). But the public perpetual dis-
   in China missions, but would like to work on the tent           Have CLN mailed directly to your home or place of business      play of the actual body creates a visible usurpation, which
   making model, supporting themselves by teaching.                         q $24.95 for 12 monthly issues                         robs the memory of that person as the living being they
                                                                            q $39.95 for 24 monthly issues                         were (and in Biblical teaching and ARE). It diminishes the
   The wage is very attractive and there are many ben-
                                                                                  Outside of Canada:                               respect of the remembrance of their earthly lives.
   efits such as housing, (food in some schools), medical
                                                                                 q $49.95 – 12 issues                                 The tradition of an open casket at the funeral emphasizes
   coverage, return airfare, gratuity and more.                                  q $89.95 – 24 issues                              the reality of a difference state as loved ones transition from
   There are two types of positions:                                                                                               an experience of the living to the state of separation and
   • One for certified teachers with B.Ed., which would            Name ___________________________________                         the reality of death. It is a way of easing the transition from
   open opportunities for teaching in international schools       ________________________________________                         death, to separation by burial.
   that enrol children of expats working in China.                Address _________________________________                           This is in contrast to the display of Lenin in Moscow.
   • Second is for university grads (B.A., B.Sc. etc.) of         City ___________________________Prov _____                       Upon Lenin’s death on January 21st, 1924, in spite of the
   almost any major who would like to teach their major                                                                            protests of many Old Bolsheviks and of Lenin’s widow,
                                                                  Code_____________ Ph. ___________________
   in an English as a Second Language environment or                                                                               Lenin’s corpse was embalmed and placed in a glass coffin
   teach ESL in schools with about half local and half            q Cheque/M.O. Enclosed                                           inside a mausoleum built of wood upon Red Square. This
   international students.                                        (mail to CLN, 459 Astoria Cres SE, Calgary AB T2J 0Y6)
                                                                                                                                   peculiar form of public worship was necessary to the con-
                                                                                                                                   tinuance of that materialistic religion. Having eliminated
   Interviews to be held in Calgary.                              q Visa     q MasterCard
                                                                                                                                   the spiritual realm and God, the physical was all they had
  If you are interested, send your resumé                         Credit Card#_______________________Exp ___                       left to hold onto.
  to: or call 403                           Date: ___________________________________                           These are perspectives that should not be lost in our
  975-0653 and we will respond as soon                            Signature: _______________________________                       culture, as we contemplate the effects of such exhibits as
  as possible.                                                                                                                     Body Worlds upon our society.
14 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                                      To get your event listed, please format your info
                                                                                                                                                                                      exactly as you see these listings and email it to
                                                                                                                                                                                      Be sure to include the date, time, contact person
                                               For regularly updated listings visit our website at                                                                 and organization hosting the event.

                                                                                            Services, #204, 11625 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary AB, email
  BREAKFASTS, DINNERS & BANQUETS                                                            or visit their website at:                                                                      SINGLES
June 2 CHRIST-CENTERED PROFESSIONALS CLUB – You are invited to a Monthly                                                                                                               Adult Singles Ministry. For “singles” and “single again” adults. Contact Glenn Larsen
                                                                                            Ongoing Cooperative ESL Ministries offers free Intercultural Workshops to
Luncheon in the Calgary Area. CCPC SW CHAPTER – at TONY ROMA’S, 6712 Macleod                                                                                                           403-862-8424. Cost for one year membership $20.00. Adult Singles Ministries, a
                                                                                            interested churches in the Calgary area. These workshops are designed to help
Trail SE. 11:45am, Wednesday, June 2. Guest speaker: Mr. David Peddie. Please                                                                                                          ministry of the United Church of Canada, presents the following:
                                                                                            Canadians feel comfortable in welcoming people from other countries and cultures.
RSVP to Rev. Dr. Tan Ngo at or 403-280-4403 (Office)                                                                                                              June
                                                                                            Participants will learn about intercultural barriers and develop some effective strate-
& 403-922-2209 (Cell). CCPC has been established to help bring CHRIST back into                                                                                                             11 Pot luck supper and board games night at St. David’s United Church,
                                                                                            gies to improve intercultural communication. If you are interested in having a FREE
the marketplace. Web:                                                                                                                                   3303 Capitol Hill Cres. NW, Calgary. 6-10pm. Cost: $3.00 non member/
                                                                                            workshop at your church, please contact Bev by phone at 403-208-7531, or email
Ongoing Give It Up Gala, until June 20purchase a ticket to NOT attend our gala.                                                                                                             $1 member.
That’s right, we’ve gone virtual. We know everyone is busy with their families right                                                                                                        13 Service at Fanning Centre, 16 Ave. NE, Calgary. Please arrive at 3 pm
now but we still need your support to help families in Malawi. So buy a ticket, keep it            DRAMA, THEATRE & THE ARTS                                                                to help porter clients. Service at 4pm.
or give it as a gift and know that while you’re with your family we are helping another     May 28 - August 29 Rosebud Theatre presnts Oliver! running from May 28                          17 & 18 Free clothing exchange at Northminster United Church, 3311
one with your support. For more information email or call          to August 29 at the Rosebud Theatre Opera House. Includes evening shows Thursday                Centre Street N., Calgary. 6-9pm each day.
403-214-7780 or check our website                                   through Saturday, and matinees Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, with Sunday                    28 Bowling at Fairview Bowling Lanes, 1010, 999 - 36 St. NE, 6pm - 9pm,
Ongoing Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Calgary’s Chapter, monthly                    matinees in July and August. Special Father’s Day matinee Sunday, June 20. Tickets              all you can bowl for $10. plus $2 shoe rental.
breakfasts, inspiring speakers, to find out more call: Wilfred: 403-280-8412, Eugene:       can be purchased by calling the theatre box office at 1-800-267-7553. More informa-        Ongoing Fusion: invites you to join us Sunday evenings 5:30-7pm for teaching,
403-272-6204 or Dave 403-288-9449.                                                          tion at                                                            worship, small groups and social interaction. Fusion is dynamic community of singles
Ongoing The Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast every Thursday morning at                   July 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 The Canadian Badlands Passion Play presents                     (25+) committed to developing genuine friendships and nurturing Christ-centered
7am at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, 100 - 6 Avenue SW. The breakfast is                 an outdoor spectacular Passion Play in Drumheller, AB. Ticket prices: Adults $32-44;       living. Our goal is to provide a place where we can connect with other people and
on the 2nd floor. The Chamber has an agreement with an Impark parking lot on the            Seniors $27-39; Students $25-37; Children $17-29 (5 & under free); Group Rates             grow as followers of Jesus Christ through fellowship. For more information, please
corner of Centre St and 4 Ave SE, it is an outdoor parking lot, is free for guests of       available. For full details check their website at or call     email or go to We look forward to seeing you
the Chamber until 9:30am. We have a Hot Buffet Breakfast which includes fruit and           toll free 1-888-823-2001. Note: some dates are for afternoon matinees. Book online         at First Alliance Church, 12345 - 40 Street SE Calgary, 403-252-7572.
pastries as well as typically bacon, sausage, eggs & hash-browns. The price is $15.         before April 30 and receive 10% off. Use codeword “alberta” in the discount code box.      Ongoing Ministry Of Singles Alive In Christ & Community (MOSAIC), for single
For more info call Melody at 403-651-4845 or email                         Fall 2010 (date to be announced) PAGEANTRY/PROCESSIONAL FLAGGING:                          adults 50+. Held at Centre Street Church every Thursday at 7:15pm. Refreshments,
Ongoing Men’s Breakfast Study Group at Emmanuel Community Church, 30 Ave                    Christian Dance Fellowship Workshop with Darlene West leading us in worship as we          worship in song & music, message, small groups and social events. Call the MOSAIC
and 28 Street SE Calgary. 403-272-1551. Every Friday at 6:30am. Please join us!             move together as one unit using 8’ flag poles forming a banner wall, a banner choir,       info line at 403-520-2690.
Ongoing Weekly Saturday Breakfast, Calgary Chinook Riders / Christian Motor-                a banner tunnel, etc. All Flags provided. For info please email Amay at cdfcalgary@        Ongoing Single Parent Families are invited to dinner & crafts on the first Monday
cyclists Association, 9am-12 noon at the Roadking Truckstop (Peigan Trail & Barlow                                                                                 of each month at Emmanuel Community Church, 30 Ave and 28 Street SE Calgary at
Trail SE), Calgary, AB, ride may follow if weather permits, please call Harry at 403-
813-3789 or visit for more info.
                                                                                                                      FUNDRAISING                                                      5:30pm. Please call 403-272-1551 if you’d like to join us!
                                                                                            June                                                                                                                      SPEAKERS
                                   CAMPS                                                    8 Charity GOLF TOURNAMENT – Partners Relief and Development Canada is hosting              June 11 ISRAEL and THE CHURCH, HEBRAIC ROOTS of our faith and the FEASTS
June 13-18 New “1/2 Speed” Retreat Coming to King’s Fold... Come join a                     a fun golf tournament at the Springbank Links Golf Course on June 8. A BBQ lunch           CONFERENCE hosted by Comfort Israel Canada. Speaker Joe Amaral from First Century
community of Christians who serve in a variety of roles as leaders within worship,          will be served after the morning round. There will be door prizes, fun prizes and skill    Foundations. June 11-13th, Moose Jaw SK. For more info. please contact Kerrie at
theology and the arts. 1/2 Speed is a retreat focused on spiritual formation that oc-       prizes. Funds raised will ensure more support is given to those (especially children)
curs at and through the intersection of liturgy, art, ritual, contemplation, corporate      who face insurmountable odds in Burma. For more information phone 403-703-7523
worship and devotional exercises. Our goal is to discover new and renewed resources         or email                                                              SUPPORT GROUPS & HEALING MINISTRY
                                                                                            Ongoing Give It Up Gala, until June 20 purchase a ticket to NOT attend our gala.           Ongoing Calgary Pregnancy Care Centre, helping women in crisis, pregnancy
for our work, worship and leadership as we find in community, rest and reflection an
                                                                                            That’s right, we’ve gone virtual. We know everyone is busy with their families right       tests, options counseling, post-abortion support groups, birth mom’s groups, par-
invitation to inhabit God’s Kingdom in relevant and life transforming ways. This will
                                                                                            now but we still need your support to help families in Malawi. So buy a ticket, keep it    enting and pre-natal classes, #205, 925 - 7 Ave SW, Calgary, call 24-hour hotline
all happen at half speed... 2 days of content in 5 days of retreat! Cost: $875 (meals,
                                                                                            or give it as a gift and know that while you’re with your family we are helping another    403-269-3110 or visit
accommodation and retreat fees included). Please go to to begin
                                                                                            one with your support. For more information email or call         Ongoing Sonshine Community Counseling Services: Christian counseling for
your journey with us!
                                                                                            403-214-7780 or check our website                                  individuals and couples on a wide range of issues including marital and premarital
                                                                                            Ongoing Your Care Group can provide full support for a missionary in India! Ask            counseling, depression, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, relationship conflict, and fam-
For a listing of Christian Camps please consult our Camp Directory under our
                                                                                            me how. Kevin, Gospel for Asia.                                    ily violence. 2nd stage shelter providing a one-year residential program for women
Directories tab:
                                                                                                                                                                                       and children fleeing domestic violence and abuse. Call 403-705-3474 or visit www.
                  CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS                                                                                              MEN                                         
For a listing of Christian schools please consult our Education Directory under             Ongoing Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Calgary’s Chapter, monthly                   Ongoing DivorceCare is a weekly video lesson and support group for those who
our Directories tab:                breakfasts, inspiring speakers, to find out more call: Wilfred: 403-280-8412, Eugene:      are separated or divorced. It’s a place where people understand what you’re going
                                                                                            403-272-6204 or Douglas: 403-254-2616.
                         CELEBRATIONS                                                       Ongoing Men’s Breakfast Study Group at Emmanuel Community Church, 30
                                                                                                                                                                                       through. Wednesdays, starting April 7, 7-9 pm at First Alliance Church, 12345 - 40
                                                                                                                                                                                       St. SE. Please call Bonnie or Rick at 403-256-5030 or DivorceCareatFAC@gmail.
Ongoing Give It Up Gala, until June 20 purchase a ticket to NOT attend our gala.            Ave and 28 Street SE Calgary. 403-272-1551. Every Friday morning at 6:30am.                com.
That’s right, we’ve gone virtual. We know everyone is busy with their families right        Please join us!                                                                            Ongoing Saddleback’s: Celebrate Recovery is a Christ centered, international
now but we still need your support to help families in Malawi. So buy a ticket, keep it     Ongoing Men’s Prayer at Lighthouse Church, Friday mornings at 8-9am at 9827E               program, started by John Baker. It is a program that fits almost any type of problem
or give it as a gift and know that while you’re with your family we are helping another     Horton Rd. SW, Calgary AB. For more info call Frank at 403-640-2099 or visit www.          with less than 1/3 of participants struggling with alcohol and drug problems. It is being
one with your support. For more information email or call                                                                     used in thousands of churches worldwide. Beginning Sunday April 11 and running
403-214-7780 or check our website                                   Ongoing In Lethbridge - Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International                every Sunday starting at 6:00pm. A meal will be prepared at a nominal cost to you of
                  CONCERTS & EVENTS                                                         Lethbridge Chapter, monthly breakfasts, great speakers, for more information call Al       $3. The meeting itself will start at 7:00pm. I extend a warm invitation to you to come
June 20 March for Jesus, 2 pm. Let’s make an impact for Jesus together! Come                Myshrall at 403-327-8796 or Sheldon Watson at 403-381-7919.                                out and join us on Sunday evenings. For location and further details you can call Tom
and organize, come and march, join the revival – restoring Canada’s heritage. Join
us afterward for free barbeque steaks, music, prayer & worship. Everyone welcome!
                                                                                                           PRAYER AND WORSHIP                                                          Crites at 403- 241-2428 or email
                                                                                            Ongoing The Calgary Leadership Prayer Breakfast every Thursday morning at                  Ongoing CrossCurrent – A Christ-centered introductory discipleship program
Visit                                                                 7am at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, 100 - 6 Avenue SW. The breakfast is                helping men and women grapple with the truth of their sexuality and relationships
Ongoing ProArts @ Noon Concert Series. FREE (every) Wednesday noon hour                     on the 2nd floor. The Chamber has an agreement with an Impark parking lot on the           and begin a journey of healing. Programs run for 8 weeks and meets once a week
performing arts concerts at Cathedral Church of the Redeemer (corner of 7 Ave and           corner of Centre St and 4 Ave SE, it is an outdoor parking lot, is free for guests of      on Mondays from 7 to 9pm, St. James Anglican Church, 6351 Ranchview Drive
1 Street SE) from 12:10pm-12:50pm every Wednesday. Join us every Wednesday                  the Chamber until 9:30am. We have a Hot Buffet Breakfast which includes fruit and          NW, Calgary, AB. Cost: $120 (including booklet). For more information or to register,
for free concerts featuring a wide variety of performances. You’re welcome to bring         pastries as well as typically bacon, sausage, eggs & hash-browns. The price is $15.        please contact: Living Waters Canada, Prairie Region, 780-487-2266. edmonton@
your lunch! Relish an unconventional look at one of the World’s greatest playwrights.       For more info call Melody at 403-651-4845 or email               or
This sparse, yet illuminating performance by one of Canada’s most independent-              Ongoing Prayer/Awareness Night for the persecuted church will be held the first            Ongoing GriefShare Recovery Seminar and support group: Meets at South Calgary
minded, classically-trained and innovative performing artists is a memorable and            Sunday of every month at Centre Street Church, 3900 2nd Street NE Calgary, AB T2E          Community Church, 2900 Cedarbrae Drive SW, beginning Monday at 7pm. For more
vivid experience for both the lovers and haters of Shakespeare. For more information        9C1 at 4:15pm in Conference Room A.                                                        info contact Wendy at 403-697-9948 or SCCC at 403-281-6755.
call 403-269-1904 or go to                                           Ongoing Praise & Worship: We are looking for volunteer people who are interested                                       VOLUNTEERS
           CONFERENCES & COURSES                                                            in helping our church in this ministry with their talents (instruments, voices) from       Drivers Needed – Volunteer with City Light News. Drivers are needed to deliver
June                                                                                        God. Please contact All Nations Church of Jesus, or 403-277-2937.             CLN papers to churches in various parts of Calgary and Central and Southern Alberta
5 Adoption Course: In Calgary June 5. In Edmonton July 17. In Calgary August                Ongoing Monthly OMF International Prayer Meeting, last Sunday of each month,               communities. Routes can usually be completed within 2-3 hours. If you would like to be
13. Call 403-256-3224 or 1-877-256-3224 (toll-free), Building a Family Through              January to May; 3:30pm - 5pm, interdenominational meeting, all are welcome, call           involved in working with Christian media, please call us at 403-640-2011 or email us at
International Adoption, Christian Adoption Services, #204, 11625 Elbow Drive SW,            Kathleen 403-286-2868.                                                            Please visit our website at (*)
Calgary AB, email or visit their website at: www.christia-         Ongoing Quarterly City Wide Prayer Rally, held at different churches throughout            Praise & Worship We are looking for people who are interested in helping                                                                            Calgary, co-sponsored by Calgary Concerts of Prayer, Calgary Evangelical Ministerial       our church in this ministry with their talents (instruments, voices) from God. Please
11 ISRAEL and THE CHURCH, HEBRAIC ROOTS of our faith and the FEASTS CON-                    Association and other Inter-Denominational and Inter-Generational and Inter-National       Contact All Nations Church of Jesus, or 403-277-2937.
FERENCE hosted by Comfort Israel Canada. Speaker Joe Amaral from First Century              Churches, for more information on dates, times and locations email info@calgary-           NEEDED VOLUNTEER to help manage/promote a fundraising website for ministry
Foundations. June 11-13th, Moose Jaw SK. For more info. please contact Kerrie at   or visit                                        to ISRAEL and the Jewish people. If that is your heart and you have the skills needed                                                             Ongoing City-Wide Prayer Weekly Meeting, Wednesdays 1-2 pm, Salvation Army                 to launch this please contact Kerrie at
18 & 19 You are invited to a spiritual growth seminar at the New Life Centre,               Glenmore Temple, 921 - 68 Ave. SW, East door entrance, interdenominational meeting,        Ongoing Wanted – a humble, committed Christian who has a heart for poor
Canmore. Sponsored by Huios House. The cost is $35 per person and includes a                all are welcome, call John 403-282-8208.                                                   and abandoned children. Orphanages for Africa (OFA) is a charity that partners with
syllabus, a text book and refreshments. Our goal is to help you learn to be led of the                                                                                                 ministries in four African countries by providing small business grants to orphanage
Spirit. “Those who are led of the Spirit are the huios of God.” Friday June 18, 7-9:30pm:    SEMINARS, RETREATS & WORKSHOPS                                                            ministries. We also run a child sponsorship program. Need to be organized, faithful,
“Huios Explained.” Saturday June 19, 9:30am- noon: “Foundation for Success”&                June 18 & 19 You are invited to a spiritual growth seminar at the New Life                 reliable and dependable. Please email Abby at if you
“Equipped to Serve.” Noon: lunch provided. 1-2:30pm: “Empowerment.” 7-9pm                   Centre, Canmore. Sponsored by Huios House. The cost is $35 per person and                  are interested in volunteering with OFA-Canada.
“Prophetic Prayer.” If you are hungry for more of God and want to grow up in Him where      includes a syllabus, a text book and refreshments. Our goal is to help you learn to be     Ongoing Group Home Partnership Ministry Opportunity – Youth Guidance is one
you can hear and obey the Spirit in your daily life then consider attending. For more       led of the Spirit. “Those who are led of the Spirit are the huios of God.” Friday June     of the five ministry divisions of Youth For Christ Calgary. Youth Guidance goes about
information and to register contact with the subject: Huios Seminar.        18, 7-9:30pm: “Huios Explained.” Saturday June 19, 9:30am- noon: “Foundation for           fulfilling YFC’s mission by mentoring “youth.” If you have any interest in being apart
We are limited to 20 people per seminar but if it fills up we will host a second seminar.   Success”& “Equipped to Serve.” Noon: lunch provided. 1-2:30pm: “Empowerment.”              of this interesting ministry please give me (Bernie) a call at 403-291-3179.
July                                                                                        7-9pm “Prophetic Prayer.” If you are hungry for more of God and want to grow up in
17 Adoption Course: In Edmonton July 17. In Calgary August 13. Call 403-                    Him where you can hear and obey the Spirit in your daily life then consider attend-                                           WOMEN
                                                                                            ing. For more information and to register contact with the subject:        Ongoing Women’s Brunch at Emmanuel Community Church, 30 Ave & 28 Street
256-3224 or 1-877-256-3224 (toll-free), Building a Family Through International
                                                                                            Huios Seminar. We are limited to 20 people per seminar but if it fills up we will host     SE Calgary. 403-272-1551. The last Saturday of each month, beginning at 9am. Guest
Adoption, Christian Adoption Services, #204, 11625 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary AB,
                                                                                            a second seminar.                                                                          speakers join us at each brunch; we’d love if you could join us too!
email or visit their website at:
                                                                                            September 24-25 Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship Annual Fall Confer-                 Ongoing The Mothers of Preschoolers Group at First Alliance Church are pleased
18 to August 1 Ministry training: 2-Week School of Healing and Discipleship
                                                                                            ence - Sept. 24-25 at Providence Renewal Centre, Edmonton. Banquet Friday night            to present the entertaining and informative video series Making Your Children Mind
Part A offered by Ellel Ministries Canada at Entheos Retreat Centre. Receive essential
                                                                                            with Rudy Wiebe and Blake Paul, workshops on poetry, fiction and non-fiction as well       Without Losing Yours by Dr. Kevin Leman. Children are welcome. For more info contact
practical life-changing knowledge and sound biblical teaching. Apply God’s kingdom
                                                                                            as a session on blogging. Award-winning writers, including Alberta author Sigmund          Carole at 403-256-6912 or
truths and principles in your own life and the lives of others to bring healing and
                                                                                            Brouwer will be on hand to share their expertise and to chat informally with attendees.    Ongoing Organize your home, receive daily devotional reminders, get fit, and
wholeness. Please contact (403) 238-2008 or email info.calgary@ellelministries.
                                                                                            Winners of the annual Fall Contest will be announced and prizes awarded. For more          “stay on-track,” with tips and help from the “Annie Groups.” These are internet
org for more information or visit
                                                                                            information see Inscribe’s website:                                      support groups for Christian homemakers. For further information visit: http://www.
1 to 15 Ministry training: 2-Week School of Healing and Discipleship Part B
offered by Ellel Ministries Canada at Entheos Retreat Centre. This school continues                                         SENIORS                                                    Ongoing Volunteer Opportunity: Servants Anonymous, founded on Christian
                                                                                                                                                                                       principles, is dedicated to meeting the needs of young women (16-29) who are
from Part A with more in-depth coverage and additional topics. Receive teaching and         Ongoing Open Door Seniors. Weekly Activities: Mondays 1-3pm, Matinee
                                                                                            Movies - Reflexology once a month on Mondays. Tuesdays 10-12am, Watercolors                victims of prostitution or who are at risk of entering prostitution. If you require further
gain understanding of key life-transforming principles. Apply these key principles into
                                                                                            Classes and 12-3pm, Bridge. Wednesdays 1-3pm, Cribbage. Thursdays 10-12am,                 information you may contact me at 403-205-5530 or you can email me jackie@
your own life. Come alongside our experienced ministry team and begin to help others
                                                                                            Music Appreciation and Fridays 10:30-11am, Exercise and 12-3pm, Bridge. First    
apply these principles into their lives. Please contact (403) 238-2008 or email
                                                                                            Thursday of the Month Luncheon at 12noon and entertainment. For more info write            Ongoing TOPS Non-profit WEIGHTLOSS support group. Harvest Hills Alliance for more information or visit
                                                                                            or call 1307 - 4 Street SW, Calgary Alberta T2R 0X9. Phone: 403-269-7900. Web:             Church, Meets every Tuesday at 10:45am. Please call Pat at 403-226-0181 for
13 Adoption Course: In Calgary August 13. Call 403-256-3224 or 1-877-256-
                                                                                                                                                     information on this group or any of our 44 Chapters in Calgary.
3224 (toll-free), Building a Family Through International Adoption, Christian Adoption                                                                                                                                                                           CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010 — 15
                                                                                Accommodation Ads run for $30 for paper and web or $25/issue and must be prepaid. 50 word limit. Place by email or mail
                      Accommodations                                            and paid by cash, cheque, Visa or MasterCard. 459 Astoria Cres SE, Calgary, AB T2J 0Y6. Deadline: 15th of each month.
                                                                                Email: • Web: • Ph. 403-640-2011

                                                                          and utilities. Near all ameni-               $550+ /mo depending on                         this is your place, $399/month                   before. Please call 403-454-
ACCOMMODATION                      tian household. Close to bus.
                                                                          ties (Crowfoot Centre) and a                 size and location of room,                     unfurnished, $599 furnished,                     1214. (Jun/10)
   AVAILABLE                       No plug in parking. Must be
                                                                          block-and-a-half to bus for five             plus SD equal to one month’s                   security deposit equal to one                    SE Deer Run – Roommates
                                   mature and employed. No
                                                                          minute ride to Crowfoot LRT.                 rent. Weekly rate of $200 plus                 month’s rent, plus shared utili-                 wanted $600 per month all in.
Out of Town – Experience           drinking, smoking, drugs, pets
                                                                          Available immediately. Phone                 $200 SD. Call 403-295-0304                     ties. Call Ian at 403-247-1187                   Spacious 3 bedroom house in
country living without the         nor overnight guests. Refer-
                                                                          403-547-0640 for viewing                     (voice mail) *                                 (home) or 403-863-7974                           Deer Run. Just minutes from
binding ties of a mortgage!        ences required and will be
                                                                          appointment. (Jun/10)                        SW (inner city) – Looking                      (cell). (Jun/10)                                 Deerfoot Trail and Fish Creek
Available end of July, newly       checked. $575mo/$400DD/
renovated home on 14 acres.        Available June 1. 403-249-             NW Hawkwood – Wanted:                        for single Christian women to                  SE Cranston – Room for Rent.                     Park. Bus-stop within a block.
Approximately 1,500 sq. ft., 4     4808. (Jun/10)                         quiet female student or adult                rent two large bedrooms and                    Wanted: Responsible, quiet,                      For info call Terin at 403-479-
bedroom, 2.5 bath, big kitch-                                             to share with 2 other females                to share a large kitchen, living               Christian male to share 4                        6544. (July/10)
                                   SW Killarney – Immaculate
                                                                          & an outdoor cat. We have                    room, bathroom, own laundry                    bedroom, 2½ bath home. 1
en, bright and cheery rooms.       bright spacious furnished 1
                                                                          a clean, large bright house                  facilities, all on main floor.                 minute from Deerfoot Trail, 5
45 min. NW of Calgary. Horse
boarding negotiable. Space for
                                   bedroom basement. Gorgeous
                                                                          completely furnished, offering               House is located in inner city                 minutes to Superstore, Wal-                           PROPERTY
                                   fireplace and own furnace.
outdoor only pets. No inside                                              your own bath, shared kitchen,               area, close to bus stop and                    Mart, Edo’s, etc. 2 blocks to
                                   $900 per month includes all                                                                                                                                                         VANCOUVER ISLAND
pets. No smoking. References                                              laundry, high speed internet                 access to downtown. Walking                    bus stop. Rent is $475 includ-
                                   utilities (heat, water, elec-                                                                                                                                                       Holiday House BB Motel —
and damage deposit required.                                              service, TV & sitting rooms, 2               distance to shopping mall.                     ing utilities, cable and W/D.
                                   tric) plus high speed Internet                                                                                                                                                      Re s e r v a t i o n s : 1 - 8 8 8 -
Available long term. $1200/                                               patios. Choice of two rooms,                 Rent $500/month per bedroom                    Damage deposit required.
                                   and full cable TV. Available
month – includes all utilities.                                           upstairs or basement room                    including utilities (extra fee                 Please call Dave at 403-477-                     310-2299, or 250-245-
                                   to a clean, quiet single indi-
403-637-3019. Can email pix.                                              $450. Phone 403-241-5168.                    for utilities may be charged                   0064. (June/10)                                  2 2 3 1 • W e b : w w w.
                                   vidual. Phone 403-242-3029.
(Jun/10)                                                                  (Jun/10)                                     for more than two women on                                                                      l a d y s m i t h o c e a n v i e w.
                                                                                                                       floor). Please call 403-663-
                                                                          NE Huntington Hills – Room                                                                                                                   com. SPRING SPECIALS
                                      SHARED                              for rent WEEKLY OR MONTHLY                   8285. (Jun/10)                                       WANTED                                     Weekly and Monthly rentals for
Buy a Home with Zero
Down.Free Special Report           ACCOMMODATION                          for clean, quiet Christian man               SE Chaparral – Christian                       SW Marda Loop – 2 bedroom                        Vacation - Suites - Rooms (*)                                                who does not use drugs,                      male looking for male room-                    apartment in quiet 8-plex in                     Beautiful 2 BR, 2 bath condo
                                   NW Arbour Lake – Shared                alcohol or tobacco. Totally                  mates to share large executive
SW Killarney – Semi-private                                                                                                                                           Marda Loop. 5 minute walk                        with fireplace and all the other
                                   with one other female. Fully           furnished, private phone line                class home, computer and
Bachelor Suite, fully furnished.                                                                                                                                      to grocery, drug store, banks,                   amenities at wonderful Mead-
                                   furnished. Large, sunny, walk-         and Cable TV in BR. Includes                 cable outlets in each room,
Large bed/sitting room, private                                                                                                                                       etc. right on bus route. Ma-                     ow Lake Resort in Columbia
                                   out for female N/S N/D N/P   .         utilities, kitchen privileges,               large yard, access to Lake
bath & kitchenette. Shared                                                                                                                                            ture Christian lady offering                     Falls, Montana. Play golf, sit
                                   $650 per month includes sep-           washer/dryer. Great bus ser-                 Chaparral (within two blocks)
washer & dryer. Includes all                                                                                                                                          furnished bedroom, shared                        in the hot tub, dine at the
                                   arate bedroom, shared kitchen,         vice to: Downtown, U of C                    included, bus stops in front of
bed linens and kitchen equip-                                                                                                                                         bath, and rest of apartment.                     restaurant. Relax in luxury. For
                                   eating area, bathroom, lounge          and NE commercial/industrial                 house direct to LRT station,
ment. Includes all utilities,                                                                                                                                         N.S., N.D. (no parties), laun-                   booking information call 714-
                                   with gas fireplace, laundry            areas (close to routes #3, 4,                no smoking, drinking or pets
cable and high speed wireless                                                                                                                                         dry down. Rent $425/mth all                      898-9821 or check it out at the
                                   area, and also patio & garden.         5, 20, 32 and Express). Near                 in house, references required,
internet. No separate entrance.                                                                                                                                       included. Damage deposit                         following website: www.vrbo.
                                   Includes cable TV, high-speed          shopping, library, fitness cen-              if you’re looking for affordable
Suitable for one person only.                                                                                                                                         same. Available June 30 or                       com (property #124959). (*)
                                   wireless internet, telephone,          tre and pool. Monthly rates:                 housing in a Godly atmosphere
Quiet, mature & low key Chris-

                                                                           All Classifieds must be prepaid. The cost is .85 cents per word for both paper & web or .65 cents per word for either plus 5% GST.

                         Classifieds                                        A minimum cost of $10 plus GST applies. Ads can be emailed, mailed or phoned in to City Light News, 459 Astoria Cres. SE, Calgary, AB T2J
                                                                           0Y6. Email: • Web: • Ph. 403-640-2011

                                                                          School Bus Drivers Wanted.                                                                                                                            Avoid Costly
      ARTICLES                       BUSINESS                             Will train. Show your true color.
                                                                                                                              MUSIC/                                               REAL                                    Homeseller Mistakes
      FOR SALE                     OPPORTUNITIES                          Commitment comes in yellow.                        MUSICIANS                                            ESTATE                                      27 Valuable Tips
                                                                          Join us. Southland Transporta-                                                                                                                   Get Your Home SOLD
National Geographics –             Self-motivated? $10/mo.                                                             Wo r s h i p B a n d Le a d e r :              Commercial business oppor-
                                                                          tion. Call 403-253-9322. (*)                                                                                                                   Fast and for TOP DOLLAR
Jan 1980 - March 2000. Open        system. briandarlene@gmail.                                                         We are looking for an expe-                    tunities. Established business
to offers. 403-863-7155.           com. 403-454-5456. www.                Permanent full time evening                  rienced worship band leader                    for sale. Call D’Arcy Browning           
                          (*)               custodian position open. Avail-              to help grow and lead our                      at 403-730-8755 or visit www.                      For your Success: You
Adobe Creative Suite for
                                                                          able July 2010. Competitive                  worship bands. 8-10 hours/           , Re/Max                         focus on your Business...
Mac – Version 3. This is the
complete software that in-            ATTENTION                           wage and benefits. Please                    week. Send your resume to                      Real Estate Central. (*)                         Let us focus on your Books.
                                           Create a Reliable              call Tracy Francis at Mas-          for                                                                        Call Tania for Bookkeeping
cludes Photoshop, Illustrator,             Six figure Income.                                                                                                                    FREE Quick
                                                                          ter’s Academy and College                    your opportunity to join our                                                                     Solutions. 403-831-7821.
InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash           Start-up less than $400.                                                                                                                OVER-THE-NET
                                                                          403-242-7034 ext 277. Send                   dynamic, growing church.                                                              
Professional and Adobe Acro-                                                                                                                  Home Evaluation
                                                                          resumes to tracy.francis@                    (Jun/10)                                                                                                   (Oct/10)
bat. Includes Video Workshop                Alberta, Canada                                                                                                            Free report and list, with pictures
training. Asking price $300.       L e a d e r s o n l y, p l e a s e :                                                Guitar and keyboard players                                   LAGORE LEGACI Moving
Please call Peter at City Light                Self-motivated? $10/mo.                      wanted by House Church or-                                                                      & Carpet Cleaning. Trucks,
                                                                                                                                                                      Save $$$ Thousands in Real
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  BIBLE STUDY/                                                   (*)
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or money order to Irwin Hertz-     L e a d e r s o n l y, p l e a s e :
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sprung, 117 Scimitar Heath
NW, Calgary, AB T3L 2E1 or         4 0 3 - 2 1 0 - 5 0 8 0 . w w w.              Sell your stuff...
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16 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010                                                                                                                                                                    
 Books, CD’s & DVD’s
                                 No More                      life. Could it be the key to his future happiness and the                                      out the way you thought
                                                              mending of his heart? Or will the war once again threaten                                      it would? What do you
                                 Christian Nice               his chances for a new start?                                                                   do when you have to
                                 Girl: When Just                  Dan Walsh does not disappoint in this tender story of                                      turn to Plan B?
                                 Being Nice –                 family ties and the healing of a broken heart.                                                    In Plan B pastor and
                                 Instead of Good                                                                                                             author Pete Wilson uses
                                                                                                                                                             real life stories of disap-
                                 – Hurts You,                                                                                                                pointments and hurts
                                                                                               What Happened
                                 Your Family,                                                                                                                along with the Bibli-
                                                                                               To My Life?:
                                 and Your Friends                                                                                                            cal stories of men and
                                 Paul Coughlin and                                             Finding New                                                   women like David, Jo-
                                 Jennifer D. Degler                                            Passion, Purpose                                              seph, and Ruth to help
                                                                                                                                                             readers come to grips
                                 Bethany House                                                 and Joy
                                 9780764207693                                                                                                               with the truth that they
                                                                                               Danna Demetre
                                 $16.99 CDN                                                                                                                  will face situations that
                                                                                                                                                             in themselves they are
   Be the Strong, Confident, and Caring Woman You                                                                            completely unable to handle but that in them, God is
                                                                                               $16.99 CDN
Were Meant to Be.                                                                                                           simply trying to get them to surrender their plans so that
   Tired of doing all you can for others while your rela-                                                                   they can receive His.
                                                                                                    Here’s your 40-day
tionships remain stuck in neutral – or headed in reverse?                                       plan for reclaiming your
Paul Coughlin and psychologist Jennifer Degler show how                                         life                                                          Take Your Best
being nice can harm you and drain the life out of your                                              Do you feel too busy?
relationships. They explore the keys to fulfillment at home,                                                                                                   Shot: Do Some-
                                                              Do you worry about the future? Do disappointments
work, church, and even in the bedroom. You’ll discover        in life drain your joy? It doesn’t have to be that way! In                                      thing Bigger
that emulating the real Jesus is the key to transforming      What Happened to My Life? personal life coach and speaker                                       Than Yourself
from a Christian Nice Girl into an authentic, powerful        Danna Demetre invites you to join her on a 40-day journey                                       Austin Gutwein and
woman of loving faith.                                        where you’ll learn to                                                                           Todd Hillard
                                                              • Slow down and make good choices                                                               Thomas Nelson
                                                              • Reinterpret life and have more realistic expectations                                         9781400315154
                                                              • Choose the very best from all the good                                                        $16.49 CDN
                                 The                          • Pursue God in a life-changing way
                                 Homecoming                      Whether you’re dealing with a crisis or simply feel-                                             Discover how you can
                                 Dan Walsh                    ing that life is not all you’d hoped for, you’ll learn to                                       respond to God’s call in
                                 Revell                       find authentic contentment and joy regardless of your                                            your own life, whether
                                 9780800733896                circumstances.                                                                                  it’s in your own town
                                 $16.99 CDN                      It’s time to move from simply surviving to truly thriv-                                      or on the other side of
                                                              ing once again!                                               the world.
                                     A reluctant war hero                                                                      Teen Austin Gutwein has taken his best shot several
                                  returns home and en-                                                                      thousand times to help AIDS orphans in Africa and in the
                                  counters a new chance       Plan B: What Do You Do When God                               process has built a school and a medical clinic! Take Your
                                  at love.                                                                                  Best Shot tells how one boy made an incredible difference
                                     No sooner has Shawn      Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Thought                           in the lives of those without hope while challenging the
                                  Collins returned home       He Would?                                                     reader to do the same.
                                  from the fighting in Eu-     Pete Wilson                                                      The interactive dialogue will leave space for the reader
rope than he is called upon to serve his country in another   Thomas Nelson                                                 to respond. By the end of the book, the reader will know
way--as a speaker on the war bond tour. While other men       9780849946509                                                 the testimony of Austin and other teens from around the
might jump at the chance to travel around the country         $18.99 CDN                                                    world who are committed to a life of sharing Christ’s
with attractive Hollywood starlets, Shawn just wants to                                                                     love, and will have begun to search for God’s voice in
stay home with his son Patrick and his aging father, and        Learn how God often does His best work in our most          their own lives. The book will also equip and challenge
grieve the loss of his wife in private. When Shawn asks       hopeless situations.                                          readers with information on a variety of ministries and
Katherine Townsend to be Patrick’s nanny while he’s on          What do you do with a shattered dream? Or an unmet          organizations around the world to help people, animals,
the road, he has no idea how this decision will impact his    expectation? What do you do when your life isn’t turning      and the environment.

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 Books, CD’s & DVD’s
The Word of Promise -                                          such as Michael York, Lou Gossett Jr., Richard Drey-
                                                               fuss, Jason Alexander and Jim Caviezel just to
                                                                                                                      and flowing with the emotion of inspirational music.
                                                                                                                                       The price tag is definitely in the
Complete Audio Bible                                           name a few. Generally speaking, the
                                                               voice talents are well suited to each
                                                                                                                                       higher range, but still seems quite
                                                                                                                                       reasonable considering that there
79-disc Box Set, $124.99                                       part and the diction is quite clear.                                    are 79 Cd’s and 90 hours of listen-
Thomas Nelson Publishers                                          Next, Italian composer Stefano                                       ing. Add to this the astonishing
Reviewed by Sandra Penn                                        Mainetti, faced the challenge of                                        number and calibre of the talent in-
                                                               writing and conducting music for                                        volved during the three years it took
   What do you get when you combine a passion                  the hours of recorded material. The                                     to complete this project. There is
for radio theatre, the skills of over 600 professional         resulting score gives the production                                    no other recording quite like it.
actors and the Bible, the best script in the world?            an enjoyable classical feel. Mainetti is                                   The result is a quality produc-
   Producer Carl Amari has a long history of work-             best known for creating Cd’s that have                                 tion that I found hard to find fault
ing with audio theatre but it wasn’t till he was on            music combined with the Pope’s voice.  e.                             with. Amari’s commitment to not cut
the set of the movie, “The Passion of the Christ”                 Lastly, all the sound effects were   re                          corners has resulted in a package that
that he saw the potential of creating an audio Bible.          produced in the studio, and are a catalyst l                     is
                                                                                                                                i enjoyable for all ages, and should have
Amari knew the power of radio drama and a vision               in helping to stir up the imagination. The result is          long lasting appeal. It’s absolutely worth
to bring the Bible to life was born.                           an understandable reading of the New King James        checking out next time you’re at your local Christian
   First Amari enlisted the help of well known actors          Version of the Bible, set in the drama of theatre,     bookstore.

Summer Dance Camp and expansion plans
Crossings Dance Ministries — Cultivating Creative Community
Calgary, AB – 18 years ago it was rare to hear the wordsUnique in Canada, Crossings has become known for              providing much needed rehearsal space.
                                                    developing the next generation of arts leaders. Many of
Christian and dance in the same sentence yet Karen Sudds                                                                 To celebrate their expansion Crossings is offering a
                                                    its students have gone on to further training in prestigious
had a dream to create a centre where dancers of all ages                                                              2 week musical theatre camp called “Use it, or Lose it”.
                                                    companies and schools throughout North America in-
could explore their Christian faith journey through the                                                               This an original musical written by Alessandra Enns based
                                                    cluding: Alvin Ailey, Jose Limon, Royal Winnipeg Ballet,
art form of dance. Although it began small, Crossings                                                                 on the parable of the talents. Students will learn to act,
has grown from 15 students and 1 teacher to over 300University of Calgary, University of Arizona, YWAM and            sing and dance and present the full length production to
                                                    the Banff Centre.
students and 15 teachers becoming a thriving environment                                                              family and friends.
                                                        As one of the only Christian dance schools in Canada,
where superior technical and artistic training are partnered                                                             For more information on Crossings classes or summer
with a spiritual focus.                             Crossings is a draw for teachers, choreographers and stu-         programs contact: or email:
                                                                                  dents from across Canada.  Phone: 403-254-4321.
                                                                                  As a result, Crossings has
                                                                                  become a bridge between
                                                                                  the arts community and
                                                                                  Christian community ulti-
                                                                                  mately enriching both.
                                                                                     This summer Crossings
                                                                                  will be expanding its cur-
                                                                                  rent facility to over 5000
                                                                                  square feet of studio space.
                                                                                  The expansion provides the
                                                                                  opportunity for Crossings
                                                                                  to offer a wider range of
                                                                                  dance styles and fitness op-
                                                                                  tions for all ages and levels.
                                                                                  In addition it will create
                                                                                  space for Corps Bara Dance
                                                                                  Theatre (Canada’s premier
                                                                                  professional Christian dance
                                                                                  company) to further de-
                                                                                  velop both their youth and
Crossing performers preparing for their next dance routine. — photo by Tony Field professional companies by           Crossings’ Laura V. warming up. — photo by Tony Field

18 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010                                                                                                      
 Music Review                                                                                                                                    reviewed by Peter Fleck

                                               agement, Bell offered to take Falk under        painstaking attention to detail.              listener engaged with the music.
                                               his wing and gave her the opportunity to           Overall, this is a pop record that             Completing the package are Falk’s ob-
                                               record her next album on his Signpost           runs the gamut from soaring rock riffs        vious vocal skills which earned her four
                                               Music label.                                    to quieter, piano-driven numbers and          straight Covenant Awards as Canadian
                                                  The result is stunning. For an artist        quasi-symphonic orchestrations that are       Christian music’s Female Vocalist of the
                                               that scored a Juno Award with her debut         downright ethereal.                           Year from 2005-2008.
                                               project and secured a second Juno nomi-            One element that Falk and Bradford             In Your Child, Falk writes of being
                                               nation with her sophomore release, Falk’s       truly get is the importance of “progres-      “worn and weary” with a heavy heart.
                                               latest effort raises the bar by an extra few    sion” in the music. The songs are replete     But in between then and now, something’s
                                               notches.                                        with movement, ebbs and flows, varying         changed. Certainly, putting out an album
                                                  In Between The Now And Then is Falk’s        tempos, instrumentation and musical nu-       of this quality is bound to alter anyone’s
                                               coming out party. Previously, most of the       ances. The lead radio single, Paper Planes,   countenance.
                                               songs sung by Falk were co-writes or tunes      even breaks standard songwriting struc-
                                               entirely composed by others. On the first        ture, employing a secondary or “faux”         Available for $16.99 wherever Christian music
Amanda Falk                                    two CDs, Falk is listed as the sole song-
                                               writer on only three compositions. But this
                                                                                               chorus. All of these serve to keep the        is sold.

In Between The Now And Then
                                                                                                Oliver! — Charles Dickens
                                               disc has her exclusively pen all 14 tracks.
                                                  To be brutally honest, I’ve never been
   Thank God for Steve Bell.                   much of an Amanda Falk fan. Sure, I rec-
   Not only has the veteran musician
forged one of the most enduring and dis-
                                               ognized her talent. But for the most part,
                                               her music never seemed to engage me. So          classic comes alive in Rosebud
tinguished careers in Canadian Christian       when I first cracked open the shrink wrap
music, but he’s serving as a mentor and        on her latest disc, my expectations were        Rosebud, AB – The much loved British
inspiration to a growing number of artists.    small. It was bedtime and I hoped to catch      musical Oliver! is finding itself at home
   The latest beneficiary is fellow Winnipeg-   a few tunes before falling asleep. Yet with     this summer starting May 28 at Rosebud
ger Amanda Falk. Falk had been the poster      each song, I became less tired. Enraptured      Theatre. Under the watchful eye of
girl for Avante Records and their Beautiful    by the music, I ended up awaiting each up-      Artistic Director Morris Ertman, this in-
Unique Girl program. As such, she exten-       coming selection with eager anticipation.       spired production vividly brings Charles
sively toured the country headlining musical   And more than just a temporary tickling of      Dickens’ classic to life, re-acquainting
pajama parties aimed at enabling young         the ears, I find the songs have the ability to   us with timeless characters including the
women to discover their inner beauty and       grow in appeal with subsequent listenings.      ever-popular young orphan Oliver who
unique value in the eyes of God.                  Other than Falk asserting her identity       dared to asked for more.
   But Falk had simply become BUgirled         as a singer/songwriter, much of the suc-           The Rosebud Opera House is no
out. It’s a mantle she no longer wanted        cess for In Between The Now And Then is         stranger to tackling big musicals (Man
to carry. Tired and discouraged, Falk had      owing to the exquisite production of            of La Mancha, Fiddler, Joseph) and put-
contemplated leaving music entirely.           Adrian Bradford. His arrangements are           ting the Rosebud magical touch to its
                                                                                               performances. Ertman is confident that         The Artful Dodger (Carmen Be-
   That was until she got together with        richly orchestrated, offering a full sound
                                                                                                                                             langer) and Oliver Twist (Cassia Sch-
Bell. Beyond just extending his encour-        that is at the same time very intricate with    his cast of close to 40 actors and musi-
                                                                                                                                             ramm). — photo courtesy Rosebud Theatre
                                                                                               cians is up to the task. Special to this
                                                                                               performance is a rotating children’s choir    He promises to be amazing.
                                                                                               of 22 talented young entertainers from           Karl Sine, another Rosebud stalwart,
                                                                                               Calgary and Southern Alberta. Ertman’s        plays Bill Sykes. He’s a scary, tattooed
                                                                                               unique approach combined with Terry           underworld character that comes right
                                                                                               Gunvordahl’s spectacular Dickensian           out of the Godfather. The kids are great.
                                                                                               London inspired set is sure to captivate      Cassia Schramm, a young apprentice
                                                                                               audiences.                                    actor, plays Oliver, and she is so lovable
                                                                                                  Ertman added, “I love this story of a      and so full of spunk that you’ll want to
                                                                                               boy who goes from the darkest under-          take her home with you. The company
                                                                                               belly of Victorian London to finding           is fantastic, and there is an energy radi-
                                                                                               his true birthright. The songs are so         ating out from our rehearsal hall that is
                                                                                               wonderful – melodies that capture the         infectious!”
                                                                                               spirit of the moment and linger with you         Oliver! runs from May 28 to August 29
                                                                                               long after. This musical is pure magic –      at the Rosebud Theatre Opera House.
                                                                                               a dose of goodness emerging from an           Includes evening shows Thursday
                                                                                               unexpected place. The characters are          through Saturday, and matinees Wednes-
                                                                                               very nicely drawn, and we have actors in      day, Thursday and Saturday, with Sunday
                                                                                               principle roles who will give people the      matinees in July and August. Special
                                                                                               entertainment, pathos and heart that this     Father’s Day matinee Sunday, June 20.
                                                                                               story demands. Nathan Schmidt, who            Tickets can be purchased by calling the
                                                                                               audiences know from his many character        theatre box office at 1-800-267-7553.
                                                                                               roles on stage in Rosebud, plays Fagin.       More info at                                                                                                               CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010 — 19
  Let’s make an impact for Jesus together! Come and Organize, Come and March!

20 — CITY LIGHT NEWS, JUNE 2010                       

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