Sports Psychology

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					Sports Psychology
 Laval Liberty High School Panthers
          Champions 2007
         November 14, 2007
            Coach Doron
   Laval Liberty Panthers
  High School Champions
       Video Clip
What does this make you think about?
   Questions / Comments before game on Friday?
     What should you be thinking?
     Is it normal that I think…

   Marks, marks, marks
   Final Works Related due by Tuesday November
   Positive Video Clips

             Do not get too
             high; do not get
             too low
                - Coach Doron

   Sports Psychology is worth 20% of your mark
   Deadline to show me your work is on Tuesday
    November 20th
   Show me the work online (
   If absolutely cannot do it online, show it in
    writing and submit to me in my hands.
   Go to my website for clear guidelines as to each
    work that is required 
   Some of you will get 20/20; some 0!
                  Work Required

   1) Online collaboration on google as a team
       Put your number in the right order
   2) Describe what it means to be a panther
   3) Two paragraphs on your remarkable of 35-
     1st paragraph – describe the negativity
     2nd paragraph – describe the positive things
                Work Required

   4) Describe the magical last comeback to win
    the championship
     Write down five mental skills associated with the
      comeback i.e. We required a belief in ourselves. I
      was confident that we can do it. This must be a
      minimum of six sentences.
    Show an example online by clicking here.
                      Work Required

   5) Open a new document and collaborate with
     Add my email address –
     Mental imagery script of your room (10%)
           Use the six senses
                See, Hear, Feel, Smell, Touch & Taste
     Mental Imagery of the Great Play (20%)
     Once you see red corrections, correct it and I may
      add extra points! That is the advantage of working
      on it earlier and not leaving it to the last minute.
                       Work Required
   Some of you are up-to-date 
   Final work is…
   Tell me what it would mean to you to win the B’ol Dor (5
    points); due by Friday; others should read it! Who would you
    dedicate this for…? 1-2 sentences minimum.
   On your document write down 100 positive sports psychology
    words. Don’t ONLY copy and paste the other words.
   Write down five positive sports psychology words used on the
    last game of the season and or how you have used it during the
   For example, I am focused for the game.
       Always write in the present (it’s good to be in the present)
         Sports Psychology Mark
   Make sure everything is up to date by Tuesday.
   If you forget what is needed, go to my website and follow the
   I will post your marks near coach James’ office
    by Friday morning.
   Any problems with it, please see me on Friday
    the latest!
                  Video Slide
   Intrinsic Vs. Extrinsic Reasons to Win…
   Let’s get into this!
   Click here to get started… get it?
   Simply the best
   1st here then… Eye of the Tiger
   Enjoy the game!

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