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					                                  NORTHAMPTON COLLEGE

                    Minutes of a meeting of the Capital Projects Committee
                             held on Tuesday 1st December 2009
                          at 2.45pm in the Booth Lane Boardroom

Present:                R Morris (Chairman), L Closs, R Smart, A Rajguru
In attendance:          H Morgan (Director of Finance)
                        G Brough (Director of Estates)
                        R Starkey (Vice Principal – Planning and Business Development)
                        T Smith
                        S Markham
                        A Butcher (Pick Everard)
                        J Virk (Pick Everard)
                        T Strickland (SDC)
                        C Chapell (SDC)
                        J Kelly (Clerk)

              It was agreed to change the order of business from that on the agenda

09/064           Apologies

Apologies were received from M Dunn.

09/065           Minutes of meeting held on 29th September 2009

Minutes of the meeting held on 29th September 2009 were approved as a correct record.

09/066           Booth Lane/Lower Mounts
(a) Pick Everard Progress Report and Financial Update ( SDC representatives were not
present for this item)

J Virk presented a progress report together with a summary of budget and expenditure and a copy
of the risk register updated on the 20th October 2009. It was agreed that the statement of
expenditure against budget should remain confidential for the duration of the project and is
therefore the subject of a separate confidential minute.

He drew attention to the key activities carried out within the last period and the activities planned
for the next period at both sites. It was noted that at Booth Lane work was 2 weeks behind
schedule owing to the delay in demolition due to the discovery of additional asbestos. It was
expected that time would be recovered during construction of the concrete frame although this
was dependent on weather conditions.

He reported that site progress at Booth Lane was being affected by delays in information release
and that an additional architect has been employed to assist with this. A letter of intent had been
issued to SDC as the construction contracts had still not been signed. The Director of Estates
explained that the College’s Solicitors had recommended a number of alterations to the standard
JCT form of contract. This schedule of variations was with SDC for consideration and it was
expected that the contract would be signed within the next month. The Chair expressed concern
that the Contracts had not been signed, suggested that this should be determined as a matter of
urgency and requested that there was an up-date at the next Capital Projects Committee meeting.

It was agreed that the risk relating to the construction contracts not having been signed be added
to the Risk Register.

The Risk Register had been reviewed and up-dated. It was confirmed that a number of the high
risks had now been successfully managed to either eliminate or reduce the risk to an acceptable
level that would not impact on cost or programme. The two remaining high risks were the failure
of the LSC to fund Phase 2 and the relocation of key pieces of existing equipment, a further
explanation of the latter being covered under Item 068 of the agenda.

J Virk finally reported that, as things stood, the out turn for the project should be below budget.

The report was received.

(b) SDC Project Update

C. Chappell presented a progress report on the Booth Lane project. He drew attention to the
works currently being carried out and the works planned during the next reporting period. He
reported that information release was behind programme and that this was affecting site progress
but that this was being addressed by Pick Everard.

Car parking had commenced at St Mary’s which had relieved the pressure on the site car parking
and final negotiations were ongoing with regard to the lease agreement. The planning application
was due to be determined by the 4th December and, hopefully, this would allow the main
demolition works to be commenced.

The Health and Safety Executive had attended the site during the last period. No issues had been

It was confirmed that the scheme had been registered with the Considerate Contractors Scheme.
The first audit had been conducted and the project had received a mark of 33.5 out of a possible
40. SDC had achieved a level of “high level beyond compliance “in each of the 8 categories.

T. Strickland then presented a progress report on the Lower Mounts project. He reported that
progress was currently 7 days behind programme but that SDC had managed to maintain progress
with the RC frameworks to a point where this element of work was now off the critical path. Both
internal and external walls had commenced on programme and the following trades were also
geared up and ready to start when required.

WNDC had confirmed that a separate planning application would be required for Advertisement
Consent with regard to the proposed signage on the elevations.

The report was received

             The SDC and Pick Everard representatives left the meeting at this point

09/068          Risk Register: Decanting High Risk

G.Brough presented this item and confirmed that the Risk Register had been updated to reflect
the current status of the risk item relating to the relocation of key pieces of existing equipment.
An audit had been undertaken during 2008 to identify all pieces of equipment that would
potentially be able to be moved and those which would not and, hence, that which would need to
be purchased. He clarified that the risks remained high as the actual items capable of being

removed would only be decided as and when decanting started. This would be three years after
the audit and during that time equipment may have become unsuitable to move because of
serviceability and /or legislative changes that may prevent the reuse of some equipment. This risk
would continue to be monitored by the Client team.

This report was received

09/069         Daventry: Update Report

S Markham presented an interim draft of a feasibility study on the development plans at the
Daventry Campus and a review of the feasibility of the Daventry Learning Partnership (DLP).
This provided detailed information under the following headings: Daventry Learning Partnership
(DLP) Consultation, LEA consultation, Future Consultation, Daventry Regeneration Partnership
Board, Valuation of the Daventry Site, Space Review, Reputational Impact, Northampton College
Phase two and the LSC Context and the next steps.

The next steps were summarised as:

     the conclusion of discussions with the LSC to determine the overall capital budget for
       future estate investment
     Consultation with the DDC to identify what other funding sources exist and would be
       able to be utilised
     A commitment of all DLP partners to the short and medium strategy for Daventry and the
       establishment of a mechanism for funding any future work that the Feasibility Study had

Members considered the report in detail. Concern was expressed by members that after five years
of accepting responsibility for Further Education in Daventry following the merger of the Tertiary
College and taking primary responsibility for leading subsequent developments, the College
could not continue to shoulder the burden unsupported by other key partners and stakeholders. It
was particularly unacceptable, especially as a period of public sector retrenchment was
beginning, to continue operations that were not financially viable and that carried a significant
opportunity cost. There was also continuing uncertainty resulting from the perception of a lack of
meaningful commitment by other parties in the DLP. It was acknowledged that money from the
College’s annual capital budget would have to be set aside to pay for the costs of refurbishment
for the Daventry site building. Members requested that a schedule of likely costs be prepared for
consideration at a future meeting.

The report was received.

09/070          External Signage

G Brough presented a report on the external signage. It was agreed that MG Signs supply, deliver
and install Northampton College Letters as per their quotation dated the 24 th November 2009.

09/067         Progress Report on Options for Phase 2

It was reported, following discussions with the LSC at a meeting at the College on 26 th November
2009, that it would not be possible to secure phase 2 funding in the foreseeable future which
would cause a number of serious implications. An action plan had been put together to achieve an
outcome within phase 1 of delivering those essential services which are within the phase 2 plan

i.e reception, enrolments etc. The various options were outlined in detail by G Brough. In
summary, the proposals were to:

Implement a revised phase 2, adopting Option 4 out-lined in the report, with simplified versions
of buildings A & H fully fitted out at an estimated cost of £12M, financed from

          £1.1M savings
          £5.5M re-classification of money allocated by the LSC
          £5,367,000 additional borrowing

Option 4 also included re-use of existing buildings, namely to;

Refit building P to provide improved sports facilities etc

Relocate the Nursery in the summer 2010

Move the business centre from Westbury CT to Building R

Buildings S to be used for GP classrooms to cover expected shortfall

The Director of Estates confirmed that by starting work on Option 4 (phase 2[a])as soon as the
phase 1 new build was occupied this would prevent excessive remobilisation costs and that a
phase 2 [b] strategy to deliver building B and to complete external ground works could also then
be developed. The proposal would need LSC consent. The Director of Finance confirmed that
the proposal could be met from within the loan facilities that the College has agreed with Lloyds
Bank and that it would not be necessary to have to get additional approval to borrow more

Members considered the proposals in detail. The Chair commented that it was important to
maximise every potential but not to totally lose sight of the original concept.

The report was received and it was agreed to recommend option 4 to the Corporation for

09/071          Any Other Business


09/072          Date and time of next meeting
                Tuesday 2nd February 2010 at 2.45pm

                                  The meeting closed at 5.30pm


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