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									                                                          Volume 21, Number 1, March 2003

                    Spring 2003 — A Busy Time for MAGS !
     The calendar has been flipped to January and our thoughts turn towards spring. Included
with this issue of Der Kurier is the registration brochure for the spring meeting. It will be held
on 26 April at Blob’s Park.
     Marianne S. Wokeck, Associate Professor of History at Indiana University, will be giving
three presentations on topics of interest to many family historians whose German ancestors
came to the Mid-Atlantic region during the 1700s. Many Germans when they arrived in
Philadelphia, New York, or Baltimore were sold into servitude, but information on servitude is
very difficult to find. Professor Wokeck in her first presentation will provide attendees with
some interesting insights into this rather difficult topic.
     MAGS member and former President Cathryn S. Dippo will give the second presentation.
Accompanying the Germans who immigrated to this region in the eighteenth-century were
many Huguenots—folks who may have left France and settled in Germany for one or two
generations before they relocated here. This may be the first time anyone has spoken at a
MAGS meeting on this rather important group of eighteenth-century immigrants.
     In compiling information for her book Trade in Strangers, Dr. Wokeck developed very
interesting material that appears in the appendix. In the two presentations Marianne is giving
during the afternoon she will explore some of that data—information that may prove useful in
gaining additional insights into the lives of our eighteenth-century German ancestors.
     The Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society will be a participating society at this year’s NGS
Annual Conference to be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The program has received a lot of
favorable comment and the early indicators suggest the NGS 100th Anniversary conference
will be well attended.
     Trudy Schenk, the speaker at the fall 2000 MAGS meeting, will be the featured lecturer at
the two MAGS events in Pittsburgh. On Friday, May 30, MAGS will sponsor a lunch. The title
of Trudy’s presentation is “Humorous Anecdotes Found in Old German Records and my
Experiences While Doing Research Abroad.” Trudy will be giving two presentations on
Saturday May 31.The afternoon lecture titled “Research in Germany With Emphasis on
Primary Records” is a MAGS sponsored event.
     MAGS will also have a booth in the exhibit hall. If you are planning on attending the NGS
Conference in Pittsburgh, please offer to help with the booth.

John T. Humphrey, President
Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                                     Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

                                 MID-ATLANTIC GERMANIC SOCIETY
                                 P.O. Box 2642
                                 Kensington, MD 20891-2642


       Our mission: to stimulate and facilitate research on Germanic genealogy
                        and heritage in the mid-Atlantic region

Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society (MAGS) is a non-profit genealogical society founded July 10, 1982.
Annual dues are only $10 (individual) or $12 (family). Membership is open to all interested persons
without regard to place of residence, nationality, or ethnicity. Benefits of membership include:
     Spring and Fall Meetings featuring                     Ahnentafels published in Der Kurier.
       expert speakers.                                      Queries
     Quarterly newsletter, Der Kurier.                      Surname Exchange Index
     MAGS Lending Library                                   Stumped Roots

           A membership application appears on the back cover of Der Kurier.
     Contact information for MAGS special services appears on the inside back cover.

                                                        Special Services
Officers                                                Ahnentafel: Shirley E. Forrester
                                                        Editor: John W. Bieber
President: John T. Humphrey                             Historian: Beverly Repass Hoch
1 Vice President: Susannah E. Brooks                    Library Administrator: Carl M. Shrader
2 Vice President: Jane Adams Clarke                     Membership: Susannah E. Brooks
Corresponding Secretary: Patricia P. Cramer             Programs: Jane Adams Clarke
Recording Secretary: Deyerle R. Atkins                  Publications: Corinne P. Earnest
Treasurer: David Pincock                                Publicity: Open
At-Large Board Member: Betty deKeyser                   Queries: Edythe H. Millar
At-Large Board Member: Open                             Registrar: Diane M. Kuster
Immediate Past President: Dorothy J. Reed               Rep Assn German-American Soc: Merl Arp
                                                        Sales Manager: Judy Dohner
                                                        Stumped Roots: Susannah E. Brooks
                                                        Surname Exchange: Edward G. Winner
                                                        Webmaster: R. Yos

  Der Kurier is published quarterly in March, June, September and December. It is indexed in the
  Periodical Source Index by the Allen County Public Library, Ft. Wayne, IN, and the Genealogical
  Periodical Annual Index by Heritage Books, Inc, Bowie, MD.
  Submissions to Der Kurier. Articles concerning Germanic genealogy and heritage in the Mid-
  Atlantic region are welcome, as are “Letters to the Editor.” Research articles should document
  conclusions with appropriate citation of primary sources.

  MAGS reserves the right to edit submissions for length and style. Any material published becomes the
  property of MAGS. Deadline for submissions: the first of January, April, July and October. Submit to:
  John W Bieber, 25 Rolling Road, Claymont, DE 19703. E-mail: long.hair@att.net Phone: 302-798-7210.

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                                            Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

der Kalender                                                             IN THIS ISSUE
                                                         New Members ....................................... 4
                    2003                                 Jefferson Co, OH Records .................. 4
                                                         Fraktur Forum: GUNDER ..................... 5
                                                         Queries .................................................. 6
April 6-13. Salt Lake City Genealogy Trip.               MAGS Needs Your Help ...................... 6
Organized by Indiana Chapter member                      CULLERS Family of VA ....................... 7
Sharon Kennedy, approved by Palatines to                 Book Review ......................................... 8
America board of directors. Details: Sharon              Der Kurier Year 2002 Index ................. 9
Kennedy, 367 Nottinghill Court, Indianapolis,            MAGS Services / MAGS Store .......... 19
IN 46234, e-mail: SKenn63523@aol.com

April 26. MAGS Spring Meeting. Blob’s                    East Weber Road, Colombus, OH 43211.
Park, Maryland. Theme: Servitude, Church                 Web: < www.palam.org>
Records and Bureaucrats! For details and
registration materials, see insert in this issue         July 12.        German Interest Group
of Der Kurier.                                           Workshop.        University of Wisconsin-
                                                         Whitewater Campus. Featured speaker is
April 24-27. Society for German-American                 Marion Wolfert of Salt Lake City. For details
Studies 27th Annual Symposium. Baltimore,                contact German Interest Group-Wisconsin,
Maryland. Open to non-members. For more                  P.O. Box 2185, Janesville, WI 53547-2185.
information contact German Society of
Maryland, P.O. Box 22585, Baltimore, MD                  July 2003. Trip to Germany, focused on
21203-4585. Phone 410-685-0450.                          Leipzig area. Sponsored by German
                                                         America Heritage Center. For details contact
May 13-19. CHAPMAN Family Association                    Bruce Bufe at 563-793-5900 (work) or 563-
Meeting.     Richmond, Virginia. Additional              332-1820 (home). E-mail:
information: CFA, 770 South Post Oak Lane,               Bruce.Bufe@risd41.org
#435, Houston, TX 77056-1913.       E-mail:
cfa@chapmanfamilies.org                                  August 17. HOCH / HIGH Family Reunion.
                                                         Oley, Pennsylvania. Descendants of Rudolph
May 22-25. United German Hungarian Gau-                  and Melchior Hoch will meet near the farm
fest. Philadelphia, PA. Further information:             where Rudolph settled in 1728. Details: Ralph
Gaufast 2003, 4666 Bristol Road, Oakford,                P. Lorah, 610-987-3541.
PA 19053. Web: <www.ughclub.com> E-mail:
www.gauverband.org                                       October 18. MAGS Fall Meeting. Wilming-
                                                         ton, Delaware. Details will appear in future
May 28-31. NGS Conference in the States.                 issues of Der Kurier and on MAGS’s Website:
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. David L. Additional            <www.rootsweb.com/~usmags/>
information: NGS Conference, 4527 17th
Street North, Arlington, VA 22207-2399.                  If you would like your event or program
                                                         placed on der Kalender, please send the
June 19, 20, 21. Palatines to America                    information to the MAGS Editor by the
National Conference. Columbus, Ohio.                     stated deadline (see inside front page).
Details: Palam National Headquarters, 611

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                                      Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

                                 MAGS Welcomes New Members
A maximum of four surnames being researched by each new member appears in parentheses and italics
following the new member’s name. Space does not permit more than four surnames or most spelling
variations. MAGS encourages all members to submit their research names to the Surname Exchange Index
and to have the Index searched to determine if others are also researching the same family.

Carolyn Adams of Columbia MD
Terrence Alleg of West Islip NY                           Charles C. & Gloria H. Leber of Potomac MD
   (Alleg, Raab, Fuhrer, Solch)                              (Leber, Delp, Kline)
Philip & Mary Alter of Edgewater MD                       Donald J. Mosemann of Newark DE
   (Alter, Barthelmes, Lucke, Brummer)                       (Mosemann, Forry, Hershey, Hottenstein)
Kathleen R. Ballman of Annapolis MD                       Robert Mowery of Medford OR
   (Bahlmann, Klemmer, Pfaffenbarger)                     Ray Ozmon of Naples FL
Sheila Benedict of Santa Ynez CA                             (Adams, Ehlers, Ozmon, Taylor)
George & Terry Bork of Silver Spring MD                   Lloyd Palwick-Goebel of Philadelphia PA
   (Borowski, Kutchen, Reiter, Liebl)                        (Goebel, Gummel, Sommer, German)
Irvin S. Briese of Lincoln NE                             David Pool of Saratoga CA
   (Briese, Slusser)                                      Hugo & Lisa Ramos of Waldorf MD
June Kness Britton of Miami, FL                              (Brom(m)elmeier, Cirin)
   (Kness/Knies, Bowers, McCullister)                     Christine & Lee Reynolds of Oakton VA
Ray Eshelman of           Shepherdstown WV                   (Nietsche, Zschiesche, Nehring, Guthmann)
   (Eshelman, Houpt, Pfoutz, Keller)                      Ann Rittenberg & family of Brooklyn NY
Ruth Famiglietti of Wisconsin Dells WI                       (Hillmann, Schmidt, Harshall, Severs)
   (Dietrich, Kies, Vormund, Marx)                        William J. Roos of Bellebrook OH
Mary Finn of Leonardo NJ                                     (Reith, Roos, Steinbrunner, Abmayr)
   (Pellicot, Dressel)                                    Thelma E. Schaefer of Baltimore, MD
Harold Fisher of East Point GA                               (Faber, Koerber/Kober, Kaisand, Holtz/Holz)
   (Fisher/Fischer)                                       James D. Schaub of Laurel MD
Bert Garino of Alexandria         VA                         (Schaub, Dressler, Maisel, Blum)
   (Kraetsch, Jochem, Binzier, Voss)                      Mackie Rae Schmitz of Merced CA
Thomas Rudolph            Harner of Washington DC            (Onstott, Kintner, Lamb, Creitz)
   (Harner, Lamber, Harden, Neal)                         George K. Schweitzer, PhD of Knoxville TN
Cyndi Howells of Milton WA                                Pepper Scotto of Point of Rocks MD
Kathryn K. Keating of Bethesda MD                            (Hoffmeister, Solt, Suman, Lucke)
   (Graeff, Jörg, Winz, Hitzhaus)                         Herman A. Zenk of Berlin MD
Annamarie Kehnast of Pennsville NJ                           (Zenk, Steigerwald)
   (Weigel, Kehnast)

                   Jefferson County, Ohio Cemeteries and Bible Records

        Gail Komar, past Treasurer of MAGS, now lives in Jefferson County, Ohio and is co-
chairing a project for the Jefferson County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.
        In connection with Ohio’s Bicentennial, the Jefferson County Chapter has an ongoing
project to identify, abstract, restore, and preserve all cemeteries in the county. Readers of Der
Kurier can help. If your ancestors came through Jefferson County, they seek Bible records of early
settlers who died and were buried in Jefferson County, the burial location if known, and any
information on family or private cemeteries that may now have disappeared. Jefferson County has
seen much coal strip mining since the 1920’s especially on farmland causing loss of some family
cemeteries. If you can help, please contact:
 Flora VerStraten, 404 Ross Twp. 259, Richmond, OH 43944, E-mail: verstratten@prodigy.net,
 Gail Komar, 123 East Rd., Toronto, OH 43964, E-mail: gkomar@eohio.net.

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                                   Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

FRAKTUR FORUM                                                                 by Corinne Earnest

                                    GUNDER ON FRAKTUR

Clifford Ginter asked about the name Günter/Gunther/Ginder/Kinter on fraktur. I found only a
handful of fraktur having that name, and they were made for families scattered from Pennsylvania
to Ohio and Virginia. Clifford Ginter is particularly interested in this name in York County,
Pennsylvania. Although not fraktur, Lewis Miller (1796-1882), a folk artist from York sketched
scenes of everyday life in York when he was a young man. The York County Heritage Trust
published his drawings in 1966 in a book called Lewis Miller: Sketches and Chronicles. On page 36
of that book, Miller pictured a number of men sliding on ice. The drawing was dated 1823. Among
the men sliding on ice was John GENTHER. The picture is too small to make out details about
John GENTHER, but if Miller labeled the figures accurately, GENTHER appears to have had a
hunched back. Researchers having ancestors in York during the mid-nineteenth century should be
aware of Lewis Miller drawings, for he presented rare opportunities to see caricatures of their
ancestors. Technically, Miller’s drawings are not fraktur, although Miller did make taufscheins (birth
and baptism certificates), which are the most common type of fraktur. For readers interested in
nineteenth century history of York County, Lewis Miller’s drawings present a charming vignette of
day-to-day life. The book of Miller drawings is available in the York County Heritage Trust museum
shop at 250 East Market Street, York, PA 17403.

Regarding taufscheins, an example was made for Johannes SCHMELZER, son of Conrad and
Margaretha (KINTER) SCHMELZER. Johannes was born August 21, 1799 at about eleven o’clock
at night. He was baptized October [?] 6 by Pastor BASS [probably BOOS]. Johannes KINTER and
Maria BECK were sponsors. Although Johannes was born in Oley Township, Berks County, his
baptism was recorded on a form that was printed in Hanover, York County. Thus, the family may
have moved to York County when they had this certificate filled out.

In the July 1999 issue of Wythe County Historical Review, MAGS’s historian, Beverly Repass
Hoch, wrote an article called “Fraktur: Birth and Baptismal Records of the Early Germans.” A
taufschein listed by Hoch mentions the name, GÜNTHER. The taufschein was made for
Margaretha ETTER, daughter of Peter and Elisabeth (DAÜTISS) ETTER. Margaretha was born
July 18, 1780, probably in Wythe County, Virginia. No information concerning her baptism is given
other than to say the sponsors were Peter and Margaretha GÜNTHER.

A fraktur in a private collection was made for David SCHWEIHART, son of Friedrich and Salome
(KINDER) SCHWEIHART. David was born in Dover Township, Tuscarawas County, Ohio on
November 18, 1812. David was baptized by Johannes REINHART (no date given), and his parents
were sponsors.

As customary, I am forwarding Clifford Ginter additional references to fraktur having his surname. If
you have names you wish me to research on fraktur, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to
Corinne Earnest, MAGS Publications Chair, P.O. Box 1007, East Berlin, PA 17316.

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                                     Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

 Please mention at least one time, one place, and one German surname with known variants. Limit each
 query to one family. Use no more than fifty (50) words, not counting your name and address. There is
 no charge for members of MAGS. Non-members please include $1.00 (check payable to Mid-Atlantic
 Germanic Society) per query with your submission. More than one query may be sent at a time, but
 each should be clearly written or typed on a separate sheet of 8 1/2 by 11 inch clean, white paper.
 Please indicate desired priority for printing. MAGS reserves the right to edit. Neither MAGS nor Der
 Kurier assumes any responsibility for accuracy. Send your Queries to Edythe H. Millar, Queries Editor,
 MAGS, 511 FOREST GLEN CIRCLE, MURFREESBORO, TN 37128. E-mail: ehoffmillar@netscape.net

SHULTZ* SCHULTZ* KLEIN* KLINE*                          HESS* BERGMANN*
#21-1 Seek bpl/date and par/sib Margaretha              # 21-3 Seek par/fam of Catharine HESS, b
/ Eva Margarethe SHULTZ / SCHULTZ m                     ca 1760-1761 'of Tulpechocken'. Berks
Stephanus / Stephen KLEIN / KLINE 27 Jun                Co. PA, m Johannes BERGMANN, a
1790 in Frederick, MD; d 30 Nov 1833 age 64             Brunswicker soldier in 1785. Catharine's par
in Frederick, MD. Ch: Anna Maria, Elisabeth,            poss a Johannes and Eliza Barbara HESS.
Heinrich, Johannes, Susanna, Daniel,
Stephen J, Catharina, Rebecca, Sophia.                  Janine   Goldsmith, 6511 Commonwealth
                                                        Court, Manassas, VA 20112-3429. E-mail:
Mary A. Kline, 103 Golden St. Norwich, CT               ggoldsmi@erols.com
06360. E-mail: maryakline@aol.com
                                                        GOLDSCHMIED* GOLDSMITH* BRUNST
#21-2 Seek bpl/date, par/sib and occupation             #    21-4 Seek   fam/desc  of    Frederick
of Stephen/Stephanus KLEIN / KLINE /                    (Friederich) and Josephine GOLDSCH-
CLINE bap 6 Nov 1764 York Co. PA. m                     MIED/GOLDSMITH, settled Montgomery Co.
Marg. SHULTZ 27 Jun 1790 in Frederick,                  PA 1828.      Ch: Wilhelmina (m John
MD; d 11 Apr. 1830 in Frederick, MD. CH:                BRUNST); Christian (m LeaAnn ?); Susan (m
Anna Maria, Elisabeth, Heinrich, Johannes,              Thomas COULSTON); Augustus; Maria (m
Susanna, Daniel, Stephen J., Catharina,                 Frederick HILTWINE); Elizabeth (m Jacob
Rebecca, Sophia.                                        RICKLEY).

Mary A. Kline, 103 Golden St. Norwich, CT               Janine   Goldsmith, 6511 Commonwealth
06360. E-mail: maryakline@aol.com                       Court, Manassas, VA 20112-3429. E-mail
       This surname, and variant spellings, is found in the MAGS Surname Exchange Index
                together with the researcher(s) reporting interest in the surname.

                                   MAGS NEEDS YOUR HELP

Do you plan to attend the National Genealogical Society (NGS) Conference in Pittsburgh May 28-
31, 2003? If so, MAGS needs your help. If you would be willing to spend a few hours assisting at
the MAGS booth in the exhibit hall, please let us know. MAGS members are needed to explain
MAGS services, accept new membership applications, and sell various books and other MAGS
items. If you can help, please contact Judith Dohner, MAGS sales manager, (6130 Sebring Dr.,
Columbia MD 21044) or Susannah Brooks, membership chairman, (sebrooks2@earthlink.net) or
just stop by the MAGS booth at the conference.

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                                     Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

          John and Mary CULLERS of Shenandoah County, Virginia
                                          Patricia A. Fogle

John Cullers was the second known son of Jacob
and Mary Magdalene Köller. He was born in 1747,           Editor’s Note: Patricia Fogle recently
but it is not known whether he was born in                completed     a   book    called    “The
Germany or Maryland, as I have not found proof of         Descendants of John and Mary Cullers
his parents immigration.                                  of Shenandoah County, Virginia.” For
                                                          more information, contact her directly at
His son, Daniel, in the 1830 census, stated that          P. O. Box 128, Quincy, PA 17247-0128.
both of his parents were born in Maryland.                E-mail: pfogle2@innernet.net
According to Maryland German Church Records,
Volume 3, page 12, Mary was born in Frederick             Patricia is also author of “The
County, MD on August 30, 1751 and baptized on             Descendants of Michael Köller/Culler
October 27, 1751, the daughter of Christian Müller        and Eleanora Schmid Culler of Frederick
and his wife, who is not named in the record.             County, Maryland,” available at Willow
                                                          Bend Books, 65 East Main Street,
John and Mary were married in Frederick County,           Westminster, MD. E-mail:
MD on April 4, 1775, as found in “Frederick,              WillowBend@willowbend.net
Maryland Lutheran Marriages and Burials, 1743-
1811,” translated by Frederick S. Weiser. Their first
child, Maria Magdalena, was born in Frederick County, MD on February 17, 1776, and baptized on
March 20, 1776. John’s father, Jacob, and stepmother, Maria Magdalena Abel Köller were her

In 1777 John purchased Teboe’s Fort in Fort Valley in Shenandoah County, Virginia, and the
remaining seven of their children were born there. That property remained in the family until 1997,
when it was sold at auction, due to the fact that the present owner had died and no one in the
family was able to purchase or maintain it.

The spelling of the name Köller was changed first to Kullers, and then to Cullers after the move to
Virginia. John’s brother, Michael, who remained in Frederick County, MD, continued to use the
name Köller until about 1800, when the spelling was changed to Culler.

Of John and Mary’s eight children, three daughters, Maria Magdalena, Katherine and Mary,
married and moved to Ohio. Daughter Elizabeth married and moved to Tennessee. Son Jacob,
who lived in Virginia at the time of the division of the state into Virginia and West Virginia, ended up
in Hardy County, WV, where he remained until his death. John Randolph moved first to Missouri,
and then to Texas, where he died. Henry Samuel and Daniel remained in Shenandoah County.

From seven of those eight children there were 61 known grandchildren. I know nothing of the
family of Mary, who married John Ramsberger in Shenandoah County on August 12, 1801. I
believe they moved to Ohio in the 1820's but have no further information on that line.

Approximately 40 years of research by Lewis E. Martin, his daughter, Marie Martin Murphy and
myself, has resulted in the finding of more then 8,100 direct descendants of John and Mary
Cullers, along with more than 5,100 spouses, and there are certainly more to be found. Anyone
with more information on this family may feel free to contact me at any time. [See box above for
contact information.]

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                                      Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003


  Trade in Strangers: The Beginnings
  of Mass Migration to North America                        Note: The author of Trade in Strangers,
         by Marianne S. Wokeck                              Marianne S. Wokeck, is a featured
                                                            speaker at MAGS’s Spring Meeting.
1999. Penn State University Press, University               See insert in this issue of Der Kurier for
Park, PA. $21.50 plus $4.00 shipping/handling.              details and for registration materials.

Trade in Strangers is a study of the “business          wanted to emigrate legally they might give
of emigration” from Germany and Ireland                 him permission to move east (Russia,
during the 18th century to America, especially          Hungary, etc), which was a less expensive
Pennsylvania. The author shows how the                  and arduous trip. Some of these people did
increasing profits in transporting emigrants            migrate to Eastern Europe; but many took
determined the patterns of emigration and               their chances, negotiated passage, and set
how immigrants lived when they first arrived            sail for America.
in America. Transporting German emigrants
began as an adjunct to English and Dutch                The author drew from both primary and
trade with America and developed into a                 secondary sources in the US (especially
profitable independent form of trade, which             Pennsylvania), Germany, Canada, The
was the precursor to the mass immigration of            Netherlands, Great Britain, and Switzerland.
the 19th and early 20th centuries to the United         These sources are listed in a 33-page
States.                                                 bibliography, which would alone be valuable
                                                        to any researcher interested in 18th
The earliest German emigrants generally                 immigration to America. This list of sources
traveled as family units and were wealthy               might let the researcher know where records
enough to pay for their passage to America              exist, which possibly contain information
before they left Europe. Later, as more                 about their ancestor’s migration.         An
emigrants did not have the financial means to           appendix lists all the known ships, which
pay for their passage before leaving, other             carried Germans, which arrived in North
means of payment developed that allowed                 America between 1683 and 1775. This chart
one to pay after there arrival.       Wokeck            includes the name of the ship, its tonnage,
discusses     the    differences     between            the captain’s name, the original and interim
redemptioners and indentured servants, two              ports of departure and the departure date(s),
terms often mistakenly used interchangeably.            the port and date of arrival in America, the
She also compares indenture contracts,                  merchants who financed the voyage, and the
which were negotiated in Europe versus                  number of passengers.        There are also
those arranged after a person’s arrival in              additional notes on many of the ships.
                                                        This is not a book where you will find your
The enactment of both colonial and German               ancestors listed, unless they were a merchant
laws regulating the trade strongly influenced           involved in the migrant trade; but it is an
the patterns of emigration. For example, if a           invaluable source of information on what our
person did not have enough money to pay for             18th C. German ancestors experienced in
his passage to America, local German                    Germany, in transit, and when they first
governments often would not give permission             arrived in America.
for the person to emigrate, in order to protect
his from the hardships and abuses suffered              Reviewed by Susannah E. Brooks
by others before him. If the person still

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                             Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

           Der Kurier Index                          Volume 20 – Year 2002
                                      Compiled by Jeff Hughes
This index covers the four issues of Der            Surname                 First Name       Page
Kurier published in 2002:                           BAUGHMAN                                   10
                                                    BEALL                   Ninian             78
Vol 20, No 1   (Mar 2002)      Pages 1-20
                                                    BECKER                  Georg Conrad       51
Vol 20, No 2   (Jun 2002)      Pages 21-40
Vol 20, No 3   (Sep 2002)      Pages 41-60          BECKER                  Georg Philipp      51
Vol 20, No 4   (Dec 2002)      Pages 61-80          BECKER                  Jacob              51
                                                    BECKER                  Jakob              51
                                                                            Joh. Freidrich
Surname                     First Name       Page   BECKER                  Wilhelm            51
                            Barbara            38   BECKER                  Joh. Georg         51
                            Beatrice           73   BECKER                  Johannes           51
                            Billingsley        73                           Regina
                            Elizabeth          73   BECKER                  Wilhelmine         51
                            Johanna            74   BECKWITH                Eliza Ellen        10
                            Josephine          73   BEHRENS                                    26
                            Lotta              72   BELL                                        5
                            Margaret           72   BENDER/PAINTER                             65
                            Mary               46   BENER                   David              45
                            Mary C.            72                           Waschinton
                                                    BENER                   (Washington)       45
                            Mike               72
                                                    BENNER                  Albert P.          45
ABMAYR/APMEYER                                 44
                                                    BENNER                  Christian          45
ADAM                        Magdalena          68
                                                    BENNER                  Elias              45
ADAM                        Rebeca             68
                                                    BENNER                  Franklin Henry     45
AKE                                             5
                                                    BENNER                  Henrietta          45
ALBIKER                                         5
ALBRECHT                                        5   BENNER                  William            45
ALLMAN                                         26   BENNETT                                    26
ALSPACH                                        65   BENSINGER                                  65
ALTENKIRCH                                      5   BENTHEIM                Gumbel             50
ALTVATER                    Charles            73   BERGMAN                                     5
ANDERS                                         23   BERKEY                  Daniel W.          27
ANTES                                          65   BERSCH                                     26
AROLD                                          26   BEYER/BYER/BEER/BEIER                      23
ARONOWITZ                                      26   BIODEMANN                                   5
AUSTIN                      Roy                73   BISCHOFF                                   26
BABENDRIER                                     44   BLACK                                      44
BAITTINGER                                      5   BLASER                  Ann                 7
BAKER                       Henrietta          28   BLOOMQUIST                                 44
BAKER                       John               28   BOGGS                                      26
BALTHASER                   Clara A.           27   BOHN                                        5
BÄR                         Lazarus            50   BOON                                        5
BARGMANN                                       65   BORDNER                 Anna Malinda       27
BATES                                           5   BORDNER                 William J.         27
BAUBLITZ                                       26   BORNEMAN                                   26

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                          Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

Surname                  First Name        Page    Surname              First Name        Page
BOSSERT                  Hans Jacob          21    COERPER                                  65
BOTJER                                        5    COMFOM                                    5
BOWERS                                       65    CONRAD               Joseph              27
BOWIE                    Allen               78    COOKE                Mary Elizabeth      57
BOWMAN                                       10    CORNWELL                                 26
BRANDENBURG                                  10    CORSON                                   26
BRANDT                                        5    CRAMER                                    5
BRAUER                                        5    CRAMPHIN             Thomas              78
BRAUNGART                Amelia              73    CRANE                                    44
BRENNER                  Christina Cath.     51    CREUZBAUR                                26
BRICKER                                      26    CUSTER                                    5
BRILL                    Charles             28    DAMMAN                                    5
BRILL                    Hermann             28    DANNEBERG                                74
BRILL                    John                28    DARR/DORR                                65
BRILL                    Joseph              50    DASHER                                   26
BRILL                    Lisetta (Emma)      28    DAVIS                                    26
BRILL                    Louisa              28    DEDERICK                                  5
BRILL                    Mary                28    DEIBLER                                   5
BRILL                    Peter               28    DEIMEL                                   26
BRILL                    Philip              28    DEKOB/DEKALB                             44
BRILL                    William             28    DEMMY                                     5
BRINKER                                      26    DEMUTH                                   44
BROADBACK                                     5    DENGLER              John                45
BROOKS                                       44    DICKARD                                   5
BROOKS                   Howard J.           46    DIEHL                                    44
BRUMBACH                                      5    DIETRICH                                 23
BRUMMELL                                     65    DIETRICH                                 65
BRUNS                                        26    DIETRICH             Adam                72
BUCKHART                                      5    DIETRICH             Amelia              72
BUDDENBOHN                                    5    DIETRICH             Amelia              73
BUELTMANN                                    44    DIETRICH             Amelia M.           73
BUMGARD                                      65    DIETRICH             Anna Maria          71
BURGMASTER                                    5    DIETRICH             Anna Maria          72
BUSH                                         44    DIETRICH             August              73
CAIN                                          5    DIETRICH             Balthasar           71
CARL                                          5    DIETRICH             Balthasar           73
CASSIDY                                      44    DIETRICH             Bulzer              73
CAVENDISH                                    44    DIETRICH             Catharina           74
CLAUS                    Barbe               38    DIETRICH             Charles             72
CLAUS                    Mathias             38    DIETRICH             Charles Philipp     74
CLEMSON                                      26    DIETRICH             Christine           73
CLINE                                        33    DIETRICH             Donald R.           72
                         Anna                      DIETRICH             Doris M.            72
CLOSTERMANN              Elisabetha          38    DIETRICH             Edgar Clarence      72
CLOSTERMANN              Johann Georg        38    DIETRICH             Edward Adolph       72

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                           Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

Surname                  First Name        Page    Surname               First Name        Page
DIETRICH                 Edward Carl         74                          Maggie
DIETRICH                 Edwin M.            73    DIETRICH              Schweitzer          70
DIETRICH                 Elmer Martin        72    DIETRICH              Mamie M.            74
DIETRICH                 Emelia              74    DIETRICH              Mammie              73
DIETRICH                 Emma                72    DIETRICH              Maria               71
DIETRICH                 Emma                73    DIETRICH              Maria               72
DIETRICH                 Emma                74    DIETRICH              Maria               73
DIETRICH                 Florence            73    DIETRICH              Maria               74
                         Frederick                                       Maria
DIETRICH                 Christian           70    DIETRICH              Catherina           74
                         Frederick                 DIETRICH              Maria Christina     74
DIETRICH                 Christian           72    DIETRICH              Mary                74
DIETRICH                 George              73    DIETRICH              Mary K.             72
                         George                    DIETRICH              Nellie              74
DIETRICH                 Washington          74    DIETRICH              Philipp             74
DIETRICH                 Gustav              74    DIETRICH              Unknown             72
DIETRICH                 Harry               73    DIETRICH              Vernon Elmer        72
DIETRICH                 Harry C.            73    DIETRICH              William G.          74
DIETRICH                 Hazel               73    DIETRICH              William George      72
DIETRICH                 Heinrich            73    DIETRICH, I           Balthasar           73
DIETRICH                 Helena              74    DIETRICH, II          Balthasar           73
DIETRICH                 Henrich             71    DIETRICH, Jr.         Adam                73
DIETRICH                 Henrich             73                          George
DIETRICH                 Henry               73    DIETRICH, Jr.         Washington          74
DIETRICH                 Henry               74    DIETRICH, Jr.         Philipp             74
DIETRICH                 Irwin Wilbur        72    DILL                                      26
DIETRICH                 Johann Adam         71    DINKLE                Mary Ann            45
DIETRICH                 Johann Philipp      71    DIPPO                                      5
DIETRICH                 Johann Philipp      74    DOCHNAHL                                  44
DIETRICH                 Johanna             72    DOERR                                      5
DIETRICH                 Johannes            71    DOLCH                 Dolores Marie       57
DIETRICH                 Johannes            74    DOLCH                 Hans Conrad         58
                         Johannes                  DOLCH                 Johann Conrad       58
DIETRICH                 Heinrich            74                          Johann Georg
DIETRICH                 John Edwin          73    DOLCH                 Bernhard            57
DIETRICH                 John H.             72                          Johann Georg
DIETRICH                 John W.             74    DOLCH                 David               58
DIETRICH                 Kate                73    DOLCH                 Johann Ludwig       58
DIETRICH                 Katherine           72    DOLCH                 John Carl           57
DIETRICH                 Katherine           74    DOLCH                 Karl Johnson        57
DIETRICH                 Kenneth Allan       72    DOLCH                 Nicholaus           58
DIETRICH                 Leroy R.            72    DOLCHEN               Curt                58
DIETRICH                 Lillian M.          73    DOLDE                                     26
DIETRICH                 Louis Oscar         74    DORBETT             Marie Augusta         72
                         Maggie                    DOREY/DORY                                26
DIETRICH                 Margaret            73    DORSEY/DORCY/DORCEY                       44
                                                   DOSSEY                                    44

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                            Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

Surname                  First Name        Page    Surname                First Name     Page
DRECKSELER                                    5    FISCHER                Mary Ann          38
DREISBACH/DRESBACH/                                FISHER                                   26
DRESBACK/DREISBAUGH                          51                           William
DRESHER/DRESCHER                             23    FISHER                 Thomas            10
DRESSEL                                      44    FISHER/FISCHER         Adam              10
DREWANZ                                      65    FOUST                                    65
DUMAN                                        26    FOX                    Josiah B.         45
DUNDOR                   Adam J.B.           27    FRANK                  Maria (Mary)      28
DUNDOR                   Daniel              27    FRANTZ                 Margaretha         6
DUNDOR                   David               27    FRANZ                                    26
DUNDOR                   Emma                27    FRESE                                    26
DUNDOR                   Fränklin            27    FREYBERG                                 26
DUNDOR                   Irene               27    FRY'SOPER                                10
DUNDOR                   Laura               27    FULTZ/FULTS                              44
DUNDOR                   Loweine             27    GEIL                   Adeline           73
DUNDOR                   Mahella             27    GEIL                   John              73
DUNDORE                  Daniel B.           27    GEISENDORFFER                             5
DUNDORE                  Elizabeth           27    GERBER                 Anna              66
EACKER                                        5                           Amalia
EBERHARD(T)                                  65    GERHARDT               Susanna           27
ECKERL                                       44    GERHARDT               Elias             27
EIERMANN                 Bertha              72    GERLINGER                                65
EIERMANN                 Emma                74    GERMAN                                   44
EISELE                                       44    GERMANTON              Conrad            68
ELFTMAN                                      65    GERMANTON              Elisabetha        68
EMERICK                                       5    GIRARD                 Josephina         37
ENDERS                   G.W.                45    GOBRECHT                                  6
ENGELMAN                 Maria               69    GOLDENBLUM             Wolf              50
ENGLISH                                      65    GOLDSMITH                                 5
ERDICH                                        5    GOOD/GUTH                                 5
ERDMAN                                       26    GRAFF                                     5
ESSEX                                         5    GRAPSKI                Edward C.         72
EULER/EYLER                                  65    GRATHWOHL                                65
EYLER                                        44    GREIGER                                  44
FATZINGER                                     5    GRIMMER                                  44
FELSHEIM                                     44    GROGG                                    26
FERREE                                        5    GROH                                     23
FETTERMAN                                     5    GROSS                                    26
FEUERSTEIN                                   26    GROVE                                     5
                         Emilie                    GUE                                      10
                         Charlotte                 GUENTHER                                 35
FIELEKIND                Karoline            37    GUENTHER                                 65
FINK                     Barbara Clara       47    GUISLEMAN                                26
FINK                     Barbara Clara       69    GUTH/GOOD                                 5
FISCHER                  Christena           10    HAAS                   Moses             50
FISCHER                  Henry               10    HAFNER                 Jonathan          68

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                              Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

Surname                  First Name        Page    Surname                  First Name        Page
                         Elizabeth                 HISKY                                         5
HAINES                   (Lizzie) Ann        46    HOBSTETTER                                   26
HAKE                                         26    HOCH                     Abraham              6
HAMMER                                       65    HOCH                     Ana                  6
HANNEMANN                Thomas              37    HOCH                     Anna                 6
HANNEMANN                Max Robert          37    HOCH                     Ester                6
HANNEMANN                Wilhelm Karl        37    HOCH                     Heinrich             6
HARBACH                                      26    HOCH                     Jacob                6
HARBAUGH                                     44    HOCH                     Margaretha           6
HARDESTY                 Martha L.           73    HOCH                     Maria Ana            6
HARSH                                         5    HOCHIN                   Daniel               6
HARSHMAN                                     26    HOCHIN                   Isai                 6
HARTIG                                       26    HOCHIN                   Margaretha           6
HARTMAN                                      65    HOELLEIN/HELLEIN                              5
HARTRANFT/                                         HOELSCHER                                    26
HERTERRANFT                                  23    HOFFMAN                                      23
HARTZ                                        26    HOFFMAN                                      33
HAUCK                                        65    HOFFMAN                  P.P.A.              27
HAUPTMAN                                     35    HOFFRICHTER                                  23
HAUSE                                         5    HOFMANN                  Wolf                50
HAY                                           5    HOGREFE                                       5
HECK                     Anna Catharine      21    HOLDER                                       44
HEEBNER/HÜBNER/                                    HOLLOPETER                                   26
HEAVENER/HEVENER                             23    HOLZAPEL                 Eva Maria           71
HEIL                     Mary                46    HOLZAPEL                 Maria Christina     71
HEINRICKS                                    26    HOLZAPEL                 Maria Christina     73
HEINZ                                        26    HOOCK                    Anna Maria           6
HEINZMAN                                     26    HOOCK                    Hanna                6
HEISTER                  Cornelius C.        27    HOOCK                    Henrich              6
HELLEIN/HOELLEIN                              5    HOOVER                                        5
HELLER                                       44    HOOVER                                       10
HELLERMAN                Adeline             73                             Maria
HELLERMAN                Henry F.            73    HORCHER                  Christiane          58
HELLERMAN                Lester              73    HOWARD                   Thomas Edwin        57
                         Maria                     HUBER                                        26
HENKEL                   Katharina           74    HUETHER                                      44
HERMAN                                       26    HUFFMAN                                      26
HERMAN                   Augustine           34    HURTER                                        5
HERSHEY                                      10    HUTTLIN/HÜTTLIN                              26
HESS                                          5    IHLE                                         26
HEURICH                                      35    JÄCKEL/JÄKEL/
HEYDRICK                                     23    YEAKEL/YEAKLE                                23
HILDEBRANDT                                   5    JACKSON                                       5
HILL                     Donald              73    JACKSON                                      78
HILL                     Harry               72    JAGER                                        68
HILL                     Harry               73    JAHN                                         26

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                            Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

Surname                  First Name        Page    Surname                  First Name      Page
JEFFERSON                                     5    KRAUSS/KRAUSE                              23
JOHN                                         23    KREBS                                       5
KACSALA                                       5    KRIEBEL/KRIEBLE/KRIBEL                     23
KAHN                     Bezahlal            50    KRUSE                                      26
KALB                                         26    KUEHNE                   Hugo              74
KAMPS                                         5    KUEHNE                   Paul              74
KANTELHARDT                                  44    KUHLMANN                                   26
KARI/KARY                                    44    KUNCELMAN                                  26
KATHREIN                                     44    KUNKLE                                     26
KATTENHORN                                   26    KUPER                                      65
KEELER                                       44    LABS                                       65
KEELER (KALEAU)          John F.             46    LANTZ                                       5
KEIM                     Litthia (Lydia)     27    LANTZ                    Isaac             68
KEISER                                        5    LANTZ                    Peter             68
KEISER                   Georg               45    LAUDENSLAGER                                5
                         Mgdalena                  LAÜTENSCHLAGER                             65
KEISER                   (Magdalena)         45    LEFFEL                                      5
KERN                                         26    LEFFERT                                    73
KERN                     Conrad              38    LEFFERT                  John George       73
KERN                     Elisabeth           38    LEHLWEBER                Wilhemina         73
KERP                                          5    LEHMAN(N)                                  26
KESSLER                                      26    LEINBACH                 Maria R.          27
KING                                         10    LEINBACH                 Thomas Calvin     27
KLEIN                                        26    LEIPENSEL/LINEPENSEL     Charles           69
KLEIN                                        36    LeMASTERS                                  26
KLEIN                                        44    LEMLEY                                     26
KLEIN/KLINE                                   5    LENZ                     Conrad            37
KLEMM                    Johann Conrad       76    LENZ                     Mary              37
KLINE/KLEIN                                   5    LIEBIG                   Margareta         57
KLINGEL                                      21    LINDE                                      26
KLIPPLE                                       5    LINDNER                                     5
KNECHT                                        5    LOCKMAN                  Wilhelmenia       58
KNESS/KNIES                                  65    LONG/LUNG                                  26
KNIES/KNESS                                  65    LONGENECKERS             Elizabeth          7
KNOSKY                   J.                  68    LONGENECKERS             Ulrich             7
KOCH                     Magdalena           57    LORTON                                     65
KOENIG                                       10    LOUDERMAN                Katarina          58
KOTHE                    Johann              47    LUKER                                      26
KOTHE                    Johann              69    LUTHER                                     26
KOTHE                    Maria Theresa       47    LUTZ (LUTS)              Mahlon            46
KOTHE                    Maria Theresa       69    MACK                     Katharina         58
KRAMER                                       65    MADACAI                  Israel            50
KRAMER                   Rebecca             72    MAGIN                                      26
KRAUS                                         5    MAICHOW                                    65
KRAUSE                                       44    MALESSA                                    65

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                         Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

Surname                  First Name        Page    Surname               First Name    Page
MANEVAL                                      44    MICHELMANN            Lorenz          38
MANGIS/MENGES                                26    MIESE                 Isaac           45
MARCH                                        26    MIKESELL                              26
MARKS                                        65    MILLER                                26
MARTIN                                       26    MILLER                                65
MARTZ                                        26    MILLER                Barbara         34
MASER                    Margarete           73    MILLER                Catherine       46
MASER                    Margarette          71                          Katharina
MATTERN                  Daniel              68    MOENIUS               Margaretha      58
MATTERN                  Litia (Lydia)       68    MOLLE                                  5
MAUK/MAUCH                                   65    MOORE (MOHR)          Elias           46
MAYER AUS BONNIGHEIM     Elisabeth           58    MOORE (MOHR)          Mary Ann        46
McCULLISTER                                  65    MORITZ                Henry H.        28
                         Anna                      MORLEY                Kathleen M.     72
MEISER                   Margaretha          72    MORLEY                William J.      72
                         Georg                     MORLEY, Jr.           Paul V.         72
MEISSNER                 Frederich           47    MORLEY, Sr.           Paul V.         72
MEISSNER                 Georg Freidrich     69    MOSER                                 26
MEISSNER                 Joseph Johann       47    MUEHL                                 26
MEISSNER                 Joseph Johann       69    MUEHMER                               23
MENSDEN                                       6    MÜLLER                                26
MENTZEL                                      23    MÜLLER                                36
MERCHANT                                      5    MULLERLEILE                           26
MERCHANT                 Anna                69    MYERS                                 26
MERCK                    Mary E.             73    MYERS                                 65
MERKEL                   Gumbel              50    MYLIUS                                44
MERKEL                   Isaak               50    NAVE                                  26
MEISTHER/MASTER                              23    NELSON                                26
MESSMANN                                     26    NEU                   Abraham         50
METZ                                         65    NEU                   Moses           50
METZGER                  Aron                50    NEUBERGER             Heyum           50
MEYER                                        26    NEUMAN                                23
MEYER                    Catharina           68    NEWCOMER                               5
MEYER                    Johannes            68    NEWCOMER                              44
                                                   NEWCOMER (NEUCOMER/
MEYER                    Mary Keysor         35    NEICOMER/NEUKOMMER/
MEYERS                                        5    NEWCOMMEN)            Jacob           46
MICHELMAN                George              37    NICHLAESS                              5
                         Karl (Charles)            NOERPEL                               26
MICHELMAN                Frederick           37
                                                   NOETH                                 26
MICHELMAN                Wilhelm             37
                                                   NOLL                  Heinrich        71
MICHELMANN               Carl                38
                                                   OESTERLING                             5
MICHELMANN               Johann Carl         38
                                                   OHRENDORF                             44
MICHELMANN               Johann Caspar       38
                                                   OPPENHEIMER           Lämmle          50
MICHELMANN               Johann Conrad       38
                                                   OTT                                   26
MICHELMANN               Freidrich           38    OTTO                                   5

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                           Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

Surname                  First Name        Page    Surname               First Name     Page
OTTO                                         44    REESER                William H.        27
PARIS                                         5    REICK                                    5
PASQUAY                                       5    REIF                                     5
PATTERSON                                     5    REIMER                Catharina         68
PAUL                                         65    REIMER                Elisabeth         68
PECK                                         26    REIMER                Elisabetha        68
PELLICOT                                     44    REIMER                Jacob             68
PELLICOT                 Julius              46    REIMERT               Johann            68
PFAFF                                         5                          Maria
PHEIL/PHIEL/PEAL                             65    REIMERT               Magdalena         68
PHILIPPI                                     26    REIP                                    26
PLAGE                                        65    REISS                                   65
POFF                                          5    REITH                                   44
POFF/PFAFF/                                        REMER                 Kaieia            68
POFFENBERGER/                                      REPASS                                   5
PFAFFENBERGER            George              69    RESH                  Susan A.          27
POFFENBERGER/                                      RETINGER                                44
POFF/PFAFF               George              69    REUTZEL                                 65
POOLE                                         5    REYNALD                                 23
POPP                                         26    RHEA                                    26
PREL/PRILL                                   28    RICE                                     5
PRETZMAN                                      5    RICHARDSON                              26
PREUß                    Heyun               50    RICHERT                                  5
PRICE                                         5    RICHTER                                 26
PRIOR                    Anna Marie          57    RICKETTS              Jeremiah          55
RADER                                        65    RICKETTS              Verlinda          55
RAMBACH                  Johannes            68    RICKETTS, Jr.         Thomas            55
RAMBACH                  Maria               68    RIDENOUR                                 5
RATCLIFF                 Anna Maxine         72    RIEFFER                                 26
                         Basilides                 RINEWALT/REINWALD/
REBER                    Barbara             27    REINWALD/REINWALT                       23
REBMAENN                 Margretha           45    RING                  Barbara           33
REBMAN                   Edna Luct           45    RING                  Joseph            33
REBMAN                   Jacob               45    RING                  Joseph            34
REBMAN                   Susan               45    RING                  Nicholas          34
REBMANN                  Mary Ann            45    RINGER/RINKER                            5
REDHEFFER/                                         RINGWALD                                 5
ROTHENHOEFER                                 44    RINKER/RINGER                            5
REED                                         44    RIPPAS                Jacob             66
REED/RIETH                                   26    RIPPE                                   65
REESE/REIS/REES/RIES                         26    RIPPETH                                 44
REESER                   Obed                27    RITTER                                  44
REESER                   Og                  27    RITZROW               Augusta           28
REESER                   Oniad               27    RITZROW               Henry             28
REESER                   Oscar               27    RODEHEAVER                               5
REESER                   Owen                27    ROEDER                                   5

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                            Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

Surname                  First Name        Page    Surname                First Name     Page
ROHS                                          5    SCHUMACHER             Isaac             68
ROOS                                         44    SCHUMACKER                               26
ROOSE/RUESS                                  26    SCHUMUCKER                               26
ROTH                     Lillie V.           45    SCHUON                                    5
ROTH/RHODES                                  26    SCHWAB                 Clara              6
ROTHSCHILD               Bendit              50    SCHWAB                 Conrad             6
RUDOLF                   Maria Dorothea      58    SCHWANINGER                               5
RUMMELL                                      44    SCHWARTZ               August            57
SCHAAFF                                      65    SCHWARTZ               Clamens           58
SCHADE/SCHAH                                 65    SCHWEIGHOFER                             26
SCHAEFFER                                    26    SCHWEITZER                               65
SCHAEFFER                Freidrich           45    SCHWEITZER             Margaret          72
SCHAEFFER                Magdalena           45    SCHWINK                                  34
SCHAFFER                                     65    SEIBEL                                   44
SCHARS                                       65    SEIFERT                                   5
SCHAUER                                      26    SEIPT/SEIBT                              23
SCHEELE                                      26    SEITZ                                    33
SCHEMEL                                      44    SESLER                                   65
SCHENCK                                      44    SHANABROOK                                5
SCHEPS                                       23    SHAWYER                                  44
SCHINDEL                                      5    SHEETS                                   10
SCHINDELE                                    44    SHEIN/SCHEIN                             65
SCHLEYHAUF               Veronkia            58    SHOOK                                     5
SCHMAHL                                      26    SHRADER                                   5
SCHMALZER                                    44    SIMONS                                   65
SCHMIDT                                       5    SINGER                                   26
SCHMIDT                                      26    SLAYSMAN                                  5
SCHMIDT                                      36    SMITH/SCHMIDT          George            28
SCHMIDT                                      44    SMYTH                                    44
SCHMIDT                  Anna Katherine      72    SPANGLER                                  5
SCHNEEMANN                                   26    SPEAR                                    26
SCHNEIDER                                     5    SPEICKER (SPICKETT/
SCHNEIDER                Margaretta          37    SPICKER/SPIEKERDT)     Catharine         37
SCHNEIDER                Philippina          38    SPOTHOLTZ                                65
SCHOLL                                        5    SPRANKLER                                34
SCHRAGE                                      26    STALHUT                                  44
SCHREMSER                                    44    STEINBRUNNER                             44
SCHRENKER                                    26    STELLJES                                  5
SCHRIDER                                     44    STELTZ                                    5
SCHROEDER/SHRADER        Caroline            28    STEMPLE                                   5
SCHUBERT/SHUBERT/                                  STERN                  Elias             50
SHOEBERT                                     23    STILL                  Isaak F.          68
SCHULTZ                                      26    STITELY                                  26
SCHULTZ/SCHOLTZ/                                   STOMBAUGH                                65
SCHOLTZE                                     23    STOTTLEMYER                              10
SCHUMACHER               Catharina           68

Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                         Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

Surname                  First Name        Page    Surname             First Name       Page
STRAÜSS                  Nathaniel           27    WEIGAND(T)                             65
STRAYER                                      65    WEIGNER/WIEGNER                        23
STUCKEL                  Anna Maria          38    WEIMER(T)                              26
STUCKEL                  Daniel              38    WEISS                                  23
STUMPF                                       26    WELLER                                 44
SUTTNER                                       5    WERNER                                  5
SWEISFORT                                     5    WERTHEIMER                             50
SWIGART/SCHWEIGART                           26    WERTMAN                                23
TALLARD                                      26    WETER                                  26
TAYLOR                                       44    WETTERMANN                             26
TEICHMAN                                     23    WHITE               Margareth          45
THALHEIMER                                   26    WHITMAN                                44
THOMPSON                                     65    WHITTLESEY                             65
TRANSU/DRANSU/                                     WIESE                                   5
TRANSO/TRANSEAU                              65    WILKINS             Lillian Louise     57
TREFFEHN                                     26    WILLIAR                                44
TROMMER                                      44    WINGERT                                 5
TRUCKENMILLER                                 5    WINKELPLECK                             5
TURNER                   Catharine           28    WINKLER                                26
TURNER                   Frederick           28    WINSTIN                                44
TURNER                   Lodowick Lewis      28    WITTEBE             Carolina           47
VAN VRANKEN                                  65    WITTEBE             Carolina           69
VANDERCAMMEN                                 26    WOLF                                    5
VEITH                                        44    WOLF(E)                                 5
VOGT                     Augusta             28    WOLFGANG            Daniel             68
VOLLERS                  Lena                74    WOLFGANG            Magdalena          68
VOLLERS, Jr.             Ferdinand           74    WOLLSCHLAGER                           26
VOLLERS, Sr.             Ferdinand           74    WOODRING/WOTRING                        5
von DEYLEN                                    5    WOTRING/WOODRING                        5
von PETERSDORF                               65    YEAGER                                 65
WADDELL/WADDLE                               26    YEAKEL/YEAKLE/
WAGNER                   Marier Anne         38    JÄCKEL/JÄKEL                           23
WAGNER/WAGENER                               23    YODER               Conrad             33
WALTER                   Jean                38    YODER               David              33
WALTER                   Rosalia             37    YODER               Geo. M. (Col.)     33
WALTER, Jr.              Mathias             37    YODER               John               33
WALTER, Sr.              Mathias             38    ZÄUSSER                                68
WALTERS                                       5    ZECH                                   26
WARMER                                       23    ZELLER              Catharina          27
WASHINGTON               George              35    ZIMMER                                  5
WASHMUTH                 August              58    ZIMMERMAN                               5
WASHMUTH                 Augusta             57    ZIMMERMAN                              35
WASMUTH                                       5    ZIMMERMAN                              65
WEAVER                                       65    ZITTAUER                               26
WEICK/WEIK                                   44    ZUMBRUN             Evelyn             72

  Der Kurier Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society                                                                             Vol 21, No. 1, March 2003

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     S E Brooks, 2010 Bermondsey Drive,                                                  Ed Winner, 219 Whittier Street, N.W.,
     Mitchellville, MD 20721-4213                                                        Washington, D.C. 20012-2162

                                                                      MAGS Store

           1. Back issues of Der Kurier                                                    4. MAGS Membership Lapel Pin
              Each copy ................................................... $ 2.00            Colors: black / white / gold. One-inch diameter.
              Plus shipping and handling, each copy ........ $ .50                            Members only ........................................... $ 5.00
                                                                                              Shipping and handling .............................. $ 1.00
           2. Surname Index for Der Kurier
              Part I (1982-1992), 30 pp ............................ $3.00                 5. MAGS BAGS
              Part II (1993-1998), 30 pp .......................... $3.00                     Canvas tote bag, wheat color with MAGS logo.
              Plus shipping and handling, first index ...... $ 1.50                           Members only ........................................... $ 8.00
              Each additional index in same order, add ... $ .50                              Shipping and handling .............................. $ 3.00

           3. Maxi-Atlas Deutschland                                                       6. Ahnentafels: Ancestral Charts for Families of
              2001/2002, maps in color, 300+ pp                                            German Heritage, Volume I
              Members / Non-members ........ $ 30.00 / $ 35.00                                Members / Non-Members ......... $13.50 / $15.00
              Shipping and handling .............................. $ 5.00                     Shipping and handling .............................. $3.50

ORDER FORM.               Circle numbered item(s) desired, calculate cost below, and mail to:
                          Judy Dohner, 6130 Sebring Drive, Columbia, MD 21044-3924
                          Make checks payable to Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society. Do not send cash.

NAME           _________________________________________                                                             ITEM COST __________
                                                                                                                   AMOUNT ENCLOSED:
                                                                                                                   5% SALES TAX _________
STREET ADDRESS _______________________________                                                                   $ _______________
                                                                                                                 (MD addresses only)
                                                                                                                           SHIPPING _________
CITY, STATE, ZIP+4 _______________________________
                                                                                                                     TOTAL COST __________
                         MID-ATLANTIC GERMANIC SOCIETY
                          APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP
           Please complete this form fully and send it with payment to address below.

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ADDRESS     ___________________________________________________
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 PHONE       _________________              E-MAIL    _________________________

HOW DID YOU FIRST HEAR ABOUT MAGS ?                   Annual Membership Fee:
                                                        $10.00 (individual) or $12.00 (family)
                                                      Make check or money order payable to
                                                      Mid-Atlantic Germanic Society and mail to:
LIST 4 SURNAMES YOU ARE RESEARCHING                     S E Brooks
                                                        2010 Bermondsey Drive
______________________________                          Mitchellville, MD 20721-4213

                      Membership year runs January 1 through December 31.
  New members joining anytime during the calendar year receive all copies of that year’s newsletters.


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