H1N1 Update - West Virginia Hospital Association by chenleihor


									                                     Influenza Update
                                      March 17, 2010

Epidemiology and Lab:
West Virginia is reporting influenza activity as “Sporadic” for MMWR week 10 (ending
Saturday, March 13th, 2010).

There were 1658 cases of influenza-like illness (ILI) reported during MMWR week 10.
Sentinel providers reported 2.1 % of visits were ILI. This is slightly less than the
baseline of 2.4%.

There were 2 positive tests for influenza A and no positive tests for influenza B reported
by hospital and referral laboratories. Only PCR, immunofluorescence and culture results
are counted in these totals. At the Office of Laboratory Services 1 (100%) of 1 positive
tests for influenza A were influenza A 2009 (H1N1).

A total of 21 hospitals reported 2 influenza-related hospitalizations and no deaths during
MMWR week 10. A total of 926 hospitalizations and 22 deaths have been reported
since week 35.

There were NO active influenza outbreaks.

Please note that during times of low influenza activity, the positive predictive value of a
rapid test is extremely low. If clinically indicated, providers should consider confirming a
positive rapid test result with culture or PCR.

Up to date information can be found at the website:
Attached is a memorandum sent out earlier this week related to the storage and
disposal of unused H1N1 vaccine. Also attached is a list of hazardous waste haulers.
Links to additional information can be found at OEHS Infectious Medical Waste
http://www.wvdhhr.org/wvimw/ and DEP Hazardous Waste
http://www.dep.wv.gov/WWE/Programs/hazwaste/Pages/default.aspx .

Healthcare system:
  • SMARTT system monitoring
         – Feb
                • 98% facilities have reported into the system
                • 46% reporting 100% of time
                • 1 facility not reporting
                • 82% reporting at least 80% of the time
         – Supplying feedback to STEMS and HA monthly

Last update provided on 3-12-10. At that time, no antivirals were reported as


      Please be aware that due to upcoming expiration, CDC has blocked the following
       doses from ordering: MedImmune Product (NDC# 66019-0200-10). All four (4)
       depots are affected and grantees will see a decrease in allocation for this product
       in their Grantee Allocation Report. If you have any questions, please send an e-
       mail to H1N1VacDistribution@cdc.gov.
   CDC Director Frieden sent a letter to state health officers on March 4, 2010, in
    which he discusses the substantial immunity to 2009 H1N1 due to illness or
    immunization, particularly among children, which reduces the likelihood of
    outbreaks of H1N1 disease at this time. However, flu activity has occurred in
    waves during past pandemics and additional smaller waves or localized
    outbreaks are still possible.

    Dr. Frieden describes the H1N1 vaccination initiative as a remarkable success,
    with approximately 37% of children and 23% of adults vaccinated. He also urges
    state health officers to remain vigilant to detect changes in influenza activity, and
    continue testing for all hospitalized and severely ill patients and reporting of all
    pediatric deaths associated with laboratory-confirmed influenza.

    The letter also encourages vaccine to continue to be made available through
    provider offices, retail settings, and health departments and for state health
    officers to determine how best to promote H1N1 vaccination. The CDC also
    recommends that state health departments request that retailers, pharmacies,
    and health care providers retain their unexpired H1N1 vaccine supplies as a
    reserve should demand for vaccination increase before seasonal vaccine
    becomes available.
               WVDEP – Homeland Security & Emergency Response Section
                          Available West Virginia Vendors
                           (Last Update: January 20, 2010)

                                      Astech Corporation, Inc.
                                      Attention: Mr. John Simon
                                         1601 Coonskin Drive
                                Charleston, West Virginia 25311-1023
                                        Phone: (304) 342-0545
                                         Fax: (304) 342-3972
24/7 Emergence Response, Asbestos Abatement, Removal and Disposal, Fuel Spill and Chemical
  Spill Clean-up, Underground Storage Tank Removal, Spill Clean-up at Loading or Unloading
  Facilities, Building Razing, Moving, or Demolition. Heavy machinery available at all times: 2
    track excavators; 2 rubber tired backhoes; 2 dump trucks; 1 bobcat; liquid transfer pumps;
    portable oil storage tanks, tri-axle trucks w/hydraulic booms and grapples for reloading or
   lifting; track front end loaders. PPE available at all times, excluding Level AA@. Oil booms,
 socks, pads, sweeps, pillows, skimmers, blankets, oil sorb, and over-pack drums available at all
  times. All personnel have had 40 hour HAZWOPER Training. Performs all forms Hazardous
                                            Waste Removal.

                                         Baker Tanks

Attention: Jeff Phillips, Branch Manager

                                     PO Box 369 – Route 25
                                       Institute, WV 25112
                                     Phone: (304) 727-4863
                                     Phone: (800) 982-2327
                                      FAX: (304) 727-4865
                                Cellular Phone: (304) 741-2125
                                     Pager: (800) 982-2327
                              E-Mail: jphillips@bakertanks.com
                               Web Page: www.bakertanks.com
                         Suppler of tanks and support systems, roll-offs.

BBU Services of WV

Contact: Mark Shouldis – Sales Manager

                                 Kentuck Road – PO BOX 169
                                      Kenna, WV 25248
                                    Phone: (304) 372-8192
                                   Cellular: (304) 415-8064
                                    Home: (304) 372-4134
Fax: (304) 372-8193

                                     E-Mail: markbbu@aol.com
  24-Hour Emergency Response, Remediation: assessment, remote-sensing, asbestos and lead
removal, collection and analysis, PCB clean-up, groundwater treatment, bioremediation, Phase
I, II, III services, mold removal, soil excavation, lagoon closures, soil venting, maintenance and
  industrial cleaning, transportation and disposal, vacuum trucks, roll-offs, tankers, frac tanks,
                                          AST/UST services

Clean Earth of West Virginia

                                  Attention: Casey Kersey
                                  3815 South State Route 2
                                    Friendly, WV 26146
                               Phone: (304) 652-8580 Ext. 13
                                  Cellular: (304) 904-7263
                                    Fax: (304) 652-8582
    Soil Remediation- petroleum, coal tar, and manufactured gas plant contaminated wastes

                      Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc.
                               Attention: Mr. Matt Coulter
                                    420 Blake Road
                                    Nitro, WV 25143
                                 Phone: (304) 731-0030
                                  FAX: (304) 755-9697
                                Cellular: (304) 755-9697
                        E-Mail: coulter.james@cleanharbors.com
            Emergency Response, Removal Disposal, Transportation and Disposal

                      Contractor Services, Inc. of West Virginia
                           Attention: Mr. J. Scott Freshwater
                                 1015 Charleston Road
                                   Spencer, WV 25276
                                 Phone: (304) 927-5033
                                  FAX: (304) 927-5068
                             Cellular Phone: (304) 532-2223
       Emergency Response Containment, Non-Haz Fluids Transport, (Vacuum Trucks)
             Excavation; Petroleum Emergency Response, Clean up, Removal

                                         DuPont Belle
                            Attention: Barry Lindley (304) 357-1000
                            Attention: Tom Keefer (304) 357-1359
                            Emergency Response, Containment Only
                                         ECO First, Inc.
                      Attention: Dana L. Tomes, President/General Manager
                                        Post Office Box 390
                                     Lesage, WV 25537-0390
                                      Phone: (877) 736-7303
                                      Pager. (304) 361-7303
                                      Home: (304) 736-7343
                                     Cellular: (304) 416-0445
                                       FAX: (304) 736-7332
                        Second Callout: Sterling Ayers, Operations Manger
                                     Cellular: (304) 416-3586
                                      Home: (304) 208-3375
                   Third Callout: Millard Ryder, Waste Management Supervisor
                                     Cellular: (304) 416-3587
                                      Home: (304) 412-7209
Emergency Response, Non-Hazardous waste transportation and recycling/disposal services, hazardous
 waste transportation and recycling disposal services, used motor oil/fuel transportation and recycling
  services, bulk liquid/waste water transportation and disposal services, used tire transportation and
      recycling/disposal services, used oil/fuel filter transportation and recycling services, on-site
  environmental and safety training services, full service environmental consulting capabilities, used
   battery recycling/disposal services, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management programs,
respiratory protection and fit testing services, universal waste/fluorescent lamp recycling services, river
and highway spill response services, liquid and solid sampling and laboratory analysis capabilities, new
                            absorbent product and spill kit sales and service

                                   Attention: Mr. Ray Strauss
                                      2750 Patterson Street
                                  Greensboro, NC 27407-2317
                                     Phone: (336)558-5441
                                     Phone: (800) 999-6510
                                     FAX: (336) 855-4137
                                  Email: rstrauss@ecoflow.com
   Non-hazardous and hazardous sampling, identification and waste characterization, on-site
 quality control of materials, packaging, preparation and transportation services. ECOFLO®
   operates a Part B permitted treatment, storage and disposal facility (TSDF) in Greensboro,
 North Carolina, where wastes are received, tracked, consolidated and transported off-site for
  final disposition, Non-RCRA incineration of pharmaceuticals, returned goods and consumer
 products, Waste-to-energy technology for the environmentally conscious generator, Technical
    Services Department handles the administrative details of approval processing, complete
 scheduling coordination through our network of audited TSDFs, secure witness incineration,
                                   Certificates of destruction
                        Environmental Marketing Services LLC
                                    107-1 Wall Street
                                   Clemson, SC 29631
                                  Phone: (864) 654-4732
                                   Fax: (864) 654-4618
                             E-Mail: emsllcsc@bellsouth.net
                                Attention: Melinda Loftin
 Research, Development, Disposal, Compliance – Remediation: Spills, UST, Asbestos, Decon;
 Transportation: US and Canada – both haz and non-haz – full pick up and delivery services;
                 Environmental Auditing; Analytical services’ Lab-packing

                     Environmental and Industrial Solutions, LLC
                           Attention: Josh Smith, Office Manager
                                       55 Union Street
                            New Martinsville, WV 26155-2540
                                   Phone: (304) 455-3980
                             Emergency Phone: (304) 771-4610
                                    Fax: (304) 455-3981
                          E-Mail: els_kebert@charterinternet.com
                            Website: yoursolution.bravehost.com
 24 hours emergency spill response and site remediation; tank separator system and pipeline
 cleaning; AST cleaning and removal; non-haz transportation and disposal; roll-off and box
                                 rental and transportation.

                      Evergreen Environmental Management, Inc.
                      Attention: Mr. John Starling, Field Operations
                    Attention: Ms. Diane Starling, Operations Manager
                                    Post Office Box 382
                            (Street Address: 2541 Highway 19)
                                     Ghent, WV 25843
                                 Toll Free (800) 330-3248
                                  Phone: (304) 787-4144
                                   Pager: (304) 487-4041
24-Hour Statewide Emergency Response for Spills; Haz and Non-Haz Transport and Disposal;
                 Asbestos Abatement; Training - OSHA 40-Hour 1910.120
                                 Handex of Maryland
                             Attention: Ms. Virginia Clark
                               13400 Old Columbia Pike
                              Colesville, MD 20904-4540
                                 Phone: (313) 879-7036
RCRA and Petroleum Site Characterization; Corrective Action Plan; Design and Installation of
                           Sub Surface Remediation Systems
                             Hefner Environmental, LLC
                                  Attention: Bruce Hefner
                         142 Hefner’s Mobile Home Park – Lot 5
                                    Weston, WV 26452
                                  Phone: (304) 269-2313
                     24/7 Contact: (800) 269-9118 or (304) 476-6967
                       Cellular: (304) 476-6967 or (304) 619-4111
                       E-Mail: Hefner-Environmental@yahoo.com
                                 Web Page: hefnewv.com
Emergency Response, Heavy Equipment: Excavators, Bob Cat, Doziers, etc. Subcontract Tanker
 Trucks and Vacuum Trucks (IVS Hydro), Pumps on hand, Level A to D PPE, Air monitoring,
       Gas Monitoring, Portable Light Plants, All Absorbents, DOH Certified flagger

                                  IMS Environmental Services
                                    Attention: Mr. Bob May
                                        P.O. Box 1779
                                      Norfolk, VA 23501
                                    Phone: (757) 436-3000
                                     FAX: (757) 436-5266
  24-Hour Emergency Oil and Hazardous Materials Spill Response USCG Level A-E OSRO coverage,
Transportation and disposal of drummed/bulked hazardous and non-hazardous waste, Industrial Services
   - including tank cleaning, removal, installation, industrial vacuuming - wet and dry, line pigging,
    environmental construction and demolition services, Environmental consulting and remediation
    contracting services, Phase I, II, II ESA’s, drilling and geoprobe services, UST/AST compliance,
              Brownfield restoration, OSHA, OPA-90, Spill Response training/exercise

                                        IVS Hydro, Inc.
                               Jerry Biehl, Operations Manager
                                          Main Office:
                                           PO Box 245
                                      Waverly, WV 26184
                                    Phone: (304) 464-4340
                                     FAX: (304) 464-5612
                                    Charleston Area Office:
                                Brad Tyler, Operations Manager
                                           PO Box 457
                                      Institute, WV 25112
                                    Phone: (304) 768-4307
                                     FAX: (304) 768-5596
                           24-hour Cal Out Number: (800) 756-0089
                                Web Site: www://ivshydro.com
  Vacuum Truck Service (Non-Emergency, Non-Hazardous) Drum Over-packing and Pick-up,
   Materials Incineration (no Land-filling), General Environmental, Demolition/construction,
  sampling, tank cleaning, emergency response for oil releases, environmental consulting, and
    pressure cleaning. Statewide Emergency Response; Hazardous Waste Containment and
    Disposal; Waste Characterization; Decontamination, Demolition; Soil and Groundwater

                                         Marshall Miller
                                     Attention: Danny Mullins
                                     534 Industrial Park Road
                                     Bluefield, VA 24605
                                    Phone: (276) 322-5467
                                 24/7 Contact: (866) 730-7810
                                     FAX: (276) 322-1510
                                 Pager: (304) 325-0101 (24/7)
                                   Cellular: (540) 239-4241
                              E-Mail: danny.mullins@mma1.com
 Asbestos inspection, lead based paint inspection, OSHA on-Scene 1C Hazard communication,
  Pumps, PPE, Heavy Equipment: Back Hoe, Mini Excavator, Bobcat, and Skid Loader, Air
  Monitoring, Air Permits, Sorbents on hand, Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Studies,
    Phase I ESA Real Estate Transactions, Risk Assessments, Corrective Action Design and
Implementation, Brownfield / Voluntary Remediation Actions, Expert Witness, Civil Engineering
                        and Design, Investigative / Forensic Engineering

Miller Environmental*

                                 Attention: Mr. Mike Miller

1383 Bennett Drive

                             Morgantown, West Virginia 26508
                                 Phone: (304) 692-5300
                                  Fax: (304) 292-5300

Hazardous/non-hazardous Emergency Response; Disposal

North American Services Group

                              Attention: Mr. George Wilkinson
                                          Box 1397
                                  Saint Albans, WV 254177
                                    Phone: (304) 759-3570
                                   Cellular: (304) 741-2927
                                    FAX: (304) 7859-3569
   Water Blasting, Vacuum Trucks, Oil Skimmer, Boats, Equipment trailer, Roll off, Turbo
Vacuum, Excavator, Spill Trailer, Yard Boxes, Pipe Line Cleaning, Surface Preparation, Quarry
   and Construction, Explosive Cleaning and de-slagging, environmental clean up services.

                             Onyx Industrial Services
         (Formerly Waste Management Industrial Services, Inc.) – SEE VEOLIA

                      Onyx Environmental Services – SEE VEOLIA
                                      Perma-Fix of Dayton
                                (Formerly Chemical Conservation Corporation)
                                     Attention: Tom Phillips
                               7600 Coventry Woods Drive North
                                        Dublin, Ohio 43017
                                 Home Phone: (614) 799-9630

Cellular: (614) 582-9330

                                   FAX: (614) 761-3952
                                   Pager: (614) 513-3842
                                  Office: (614) 761-2871
                             E-Mail: tphill8388@aol.com or
                                   Attention: Jeff Pocisk
                                300 South West End Avenue
                                    Dayton, Ohio 45427
                                  Phone: (800) 543-3670
                                   FAX: (937) 268-9059
                              Cellular Phone: (540) 420-3979
                        Customer Service - Orlando: (407) 859-4441
               Waste Treatment/Processing, Transport and Disposal - All Types

                    Price Construction and Environmental Services, Inc.
                                Attention: Mr. Darrell Price
                                       P.O. Box 1253
                                  South Point, Ohio 45680

Phone: (740) 377-2676
                                      Phone: (800) 350-7423
                                       Fax: (740) 377-2676
  Hazardous Waste Clean-up and Removal; Excavation; on-site fueling; Demolition; Roll off Box and
 Truck Services; Licensed; Bonded; and Insured; Soil Assessment, excavation, transport and disposal;
 lagoon and sludge removal; trench and pit cleaning; high pressure water-blasting; UST removal and
replacement; drum management; recycling; concrete work; electrical; welding; piping; site preparation

                              Ross Environmental Services, Inc.
                             Timothy Lutz, Territory Sales Manager
                                      150 Innovation Drive
                                       Elyria, Ohio 44035
                                    Phone: (440) 366-2000
                                    Phone: (800) 791-4219
                                      Fax: (440) 366-2351
                             E-Mail: tlutz @rossenvironmental.com
                             Web Page: www.rossenvironmental.com
                            Transportation and disposal, remediation.
                                 Ryan Environmental, Inc.
                                 Attention: Mr. Chris Marks
                                     Route 4 - Box 260
                              Bridgeport, West Virginia 26330
                                  Phone: (3045) 842-5131
                                  Phone: (800) 649-5578
                              E-Mail: cmarks@ryan.enviro.com
    Training and Safety; Mobile Power Vacuum; UST/AST Management; Remedial Systems

                               Safety-Kleen Corporation
                 Attention: Wayne Shafer, Technical Sales Representative
                               3702 Pennsylvania Avenue
                             Charleston, West Virginia 25302
                             Phone: (304) 342-9122 - Wayne
                              FAX: (304) 342-9173 - Wayne
                         Phone: (304) 755-4279 - Poca Chemists
                          FAX: (304) 755-0508 - Poca Chemists
            Removal and disposal of petroleum products, paint waste and solvents

                            Shamrock Environmental Corporation
                        Attention: Mr. James M. McGroarty, President
                                      Corporate Office:
                                     519 Patton Avenue
                                        PO Box 14987

Greensboro, North Carolina 27415
                           Phone: (336) 375-1989 or (800) 881-1098
                                      FAX: (336) 375-1801
             West Virginia Office: PO Box 3090, Parkersburg, West Virginia 26103
                            Parkersburg, WV Phone: (304) 422-9980
          E-mail: info@shamrockenviro.com - Web Page: www.shamrockenviro.com
  EPA/CERCLA Permitted Facility, Waste Minimization Services, Recycling and Reclamation,
 Waste Water Treatment, Oil Recycling and Fuel Blending, Waste Solidification and Disposal,
Liquid Waste Management, Landfill and Lagoon Cleaning and Closure, Waste Characterization
and Disposal, Demolition and Decommissioning, Facility Decontamination, Soil Excavation and
 Transportation, In-Situ Stabilization, Dewatering and Dredging, Brownfields/Site Restoration,
Navigable Waterways Restoration, Stream Restoration: Grading, Excavating, Removal of Debris
   and Blockages, Repair and Replacement of Drainage Structures, Natural Rosgen-Channel
 Construction and Relocation, In-Stream Habitat Structures, Erosion Control Measures; AFVR
   Services: Free Product Recovery, Dissolved Product Removal, Vapor Extraction, Reduced
    Capital and Permitting Expenses; Tank Cleaning: High Pressure and High Temperature
Cleaning System, Product Heating, Liquid and Dry Chemical Tank Cleaning Service, Safety and
Heel Management Programs, Internal and External Cleaning, Caustic Wash, Presolve, Hot and
    Cold Wash and Flush, Super Strip for Set-up Products, Hoses and Tank Parks Washing,
   Detergent Wash, Steam Wash, Tote Cleaning, Drying, Degreasing, Tank Cleaning, Special
 Services: 24-hour Emergency Response Hotline, Tank Truck Rollover, Train Derailment, Spill
 Containment, Chemical Decontamination, Project Management and Clean Up for Hazardous
              Waste, Project Management and Clean Up for Non-hazardous waste
                           Southern Hydrocarbon Corporation
                                Mr. Bill Wright / President
                                          Suite B
                                   934 Little Coal River
                                 Alum Creek, WV 25003
                                  Phone (304) 756-3171
                            Phone (304) 524-7711 (After Hours)
                                   Pager (304) 537-0260
                                  Mobile (304) 546-9761
                                    Fax (304) 756-1364
24/7 Emergency response, petroleum spills clean-up specialists. Consulting available; Haz-mat
  approved. Booms, socks and other clean-up supplies in stock; microbes for Bioremediation
  available. Southern Hydrocarbon Corporation performs all types of hydrocarbon clean-up.

Thompson Pump

                             Lance Schultz, Branch Manager
                                       142 8th Avenue
                                   Huntington, WV 2701
                                   Phone (304) 522-7002
                                    Fax (304) 522-7004
                                     Cel (304) 751-0596
                                   Home (304) 343-0414
                           E-Mail: lschultz@thompsonpump.com
                              Web Page: thompsonpump.com

Heavy duty pumps for long-term and emergency situations

                     VEOLIA – (Formerly Onyx Industrial Services)
                                   Attention: Philip Ash
                               7 Park Road - Hub Industrial
                                   Post Office Box 126
                                    Nitro, WV 25143
                                  Phone: (304) 755-0105
                                 Cellular: (304) 616-6852
                                  FAX: (304) 755-0142
                          24-Hour Contact Number: 800-688-4005
 Hazardous and Non-hazardous transportation and disposal; Site Remediation; 24-hour Spill
 Response; Roll-off Frac Tank Container Services; Water blasting; Power Vacuum Loading;
Cyclone Drumming Capabilities; Chemical Cleaning; Separation Technologies; Tank Cleaning
                 (Manual and Automated); Sewer Cleaning and Inspection
                 VEOLIA – (Formerly Onyx Environmental Services)
                    Attention: Steve Atkinson, Account Manager
                            Rock Branch Industrial Park
                                 402 Jacobson Drive
                                  Poca, WV 25159
                               Phone: (304) 759-1055

FAX: (304) 759-1057

                              Home Office: (304) 757-4298
                                Cellular: (304) 543-6373
                                 Pager: (304) 361-9164
                             E-Mail: satkinson@onyxes.com

Disposal only

                              (formerly WasteTron, Inc.)
                                Attention: Mr. Paul Saluja
                                    Route 2 - Box 33B
                               Poca, West Virginia 25159
                                 Phone: (304) 755-8448
                                  FAX: (304) 755-1099
                              E-Mail: www.wastetron.com
  Emergency Response, Asbestos Removal and Disposal, Analytical, Remediation, Disposal,
                     Excavation, Own & Operate Heavy Equipment

                             Waste Technology Industries
                             Attention: Ms. Allison Knowles
                                 1250 St. George Street
                              East Liverpool, Ohio 43920
                             Phone General (330) 385-7337
                              Phone direct (800) 403-4890
                                  FAX (216) 386-2167
                             Hazardous Waste Incineration
                            Weavertown Environmental Group*
                                      WEG Engineering
                                  Optimal Technologies, Inc.
                                 Attention: Marcia A. Chaney
                                         PO Box 671
                                Catlettsburg, Kentucky 41129
                                    Phone: (412) 215-2492
                             Main Office Phone: (800) 746-4850
                                     FAX: (724) 746-9024
   Emergency Response - 24/7, Soil & Groundwater Remediation, Storage Tank Removal&
 Closure, Excavation & Site Restoration; Impoundment Closures; Solidification / Stabilization;
Bioremediation; Cleaning & Decontamination; Vacuum Trucks; Water Blasting; Barge & Rail
  Car Cleaning; Line Cleaning; Tank & Water Tower Cleaning; EPA - OSHA - DOT - MSHA
Education and Training; Subsurface Investigations; Site Assessments; Modeling; Surveying and
CADD; Permitting; Remedial Design; Facility Plans; Storage Tank Management; Hazardous &
Non-Hazardous Waste Transportation; Drummed and Bulk Quantity Transportation; Recycling;
  Vacuum Trucks; Dump Trucks; Skid Loaders; Backhoes; Roll off Containers; Tank Trailers;
Frac Tanks; Track Hoes; Air Quality Permitting & Compliance; Emission inventories; Ambient
      Air Quality; Source Testing; Industrial Hygiene & Safety; Leak Detection & Repair

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