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MONDAY MORNING                                                      August 1, 2011

     Regional & Assistant Directors’ Awards                                             INSIDE
Congratulations to the following individuals and groups on being selected as
recipients of awards from the Bureau’s Regional Directors and Assistant
Directors for their accomplishments in 2010.
                                                                                In Memoriam:
Regional Directors’ Awards                                                        Mark Foraker                   2

Grace Kindred, FMC Lexington, Mid-Atlantic Region                               MDC Guaynabo Staff
Tony Poppe, USP Leavenworth, North Central Region                               Receive FBI Awards                2
Jimmie Barter, Jr., USP Marion, North Central Region
Mark Kirby, FCI Fairton, Northeast Region                                       FCI Berlin Receives
Katherine Demers, FCI El Reno, South Central Region                             Energy Efficiency Award 2
George “Steve” Goebel, FCI Fort Worth, South Central Region
Zandra Bender, FCI Yazoo City, Southeast Region                                 BOP Retirees Hold
Rita Teel, SERO, Southeast Region                                               Annual Convention                 3
Eduarto Fuentes, FCI Herlong, Western Region
                                                                                AOUSC Staff Visit
Regional Directors’ Special Recognition Award                                   FCC Petersburg                    3

Mona Woods, USP Lee, Mid-Atlantic Region                                        Staff News                        7
Jack Burton, FCI Waseca, North Central Region
Julie Dake, MCFP Springfield, North Central Region
Victor Considine, FCI Elkton, Northeast Region
David Losey, FCI Ray Brook, Northeast Region
Reuben Pena, FCI La Tuna, South Central Region
Rick Salmon, FCI El Reno, South Central Region                                 Mission of the Bureau of Prisons
Jose Santa, FCC Victorville, Western Region                                    It is the mission of the Federal Bureau
Brett Jurgensen, FCC Victorville, Western Region                               of Prisons to protect society by
                                                                               confining offenders in the controlled
Assistant Directors’ Awards                                                    environments       of    prisons    and
                                                                               community-based facilities that are
Administration (ADM): Terry Day, FMC Lexington                                 safe, humane, cost-efficient, and
Correctional Programs (CPD): Craig Pickles, Grand Prairie                      appropriately secure, and that provide
Human Resource Management (HRMD): Ann Wedding, FCI El Reno                     work and other self-improvement
Health Services (HSD) “Maryellen Thoms Award”: Evelyn Castro,                  opportunities to assist offenders in
                                                                               becoming law-abiding citizens.
 FCI Terminal Island
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Assistant Directors’ Awards                             In Memoriam: Mark Foraker
Industries, Education and Vocational Training (IEVT):   On July 12, Mark Foraker, FCC Florence Correctional
  Daniel Moore, Central Office                          Counselor, passed away following a sudden illness.
Information, Policy and Public Affairs (IPPA):          He was 41 years old. Mr. Foraker began his BOP
  Richard Holter, FCI Bennettsville                     career as a Correctional Officer at FCI Florence in
Office of General Counsel (OGC): William Robinson,      1998; he became a Correctional Counselor at USP
  Central Office                                        Florence in 2009.
Program Review (PRD): Charles “Chuck” Ingram,
  Central Office                                        He is survived by his wife, Candice, and daughters
                                                        Olivia and Laura. Cards and letters of condolence can
Assistant Directors’ Special Recognition                be sent to the attention of Warden’s Office, USP
Awards                                                  Florence, P.O. Box 7500, Florence, Colorado, 81226.
ADM:  Timothy Sheldrake, FMC Rochester
       Jose Montoya, SCRO                               MDC Guaynabo Staff
CPD:   Group Award - FCC Oakdale, SMU Staff -           Receive FBI Awards
       Barbara Moorehead, Corinne Ortega,
       Kimberly Labuff                                  On July 21, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
HRMD: Group Award - FCI McDowell, Human                 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, held its annual awards
       Resources Dept. - Nikki Prout, Emily Carver      ceremony, during which MDC Guaynabo’s Special
       John Ward, FCC Victorville                       Investigative     Service      (SIS)     staff    were
HSD:   Brandy Moore, FCC Forrest City                   recognized. Luis Fraticelli, Special Agent in Charge
       Aaron Jones, FCC Oakdale                         for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, presented
IEVT: Stacy Blee, FCI Waseca                            two FBI Director’s awards to the SIS department for
       Staci Card, FCI Otisville                        its outstanding assistance in connection with the FBI's
       Tony Kennedy, FCI Big Spring                     investigative efforts. Warden Jerry C. Martinez and
       Group Award - FCI Schuylkill, UNICOR -           Special Investigative Agent (SIA) Jose Rosa-Floran
       Jeff Kruleski, Richard Brant, Martin Shrift,     accepted the awards on behalf of the institution. In
       Jason Worhach, Michelle Reilley, Pete Tipka,     addition to SIA Rosa-Floran, the following SIS staff
       Henry “Hank” Andersen, Larry Barnes,             were recognized: Lieutenants Marcelino Figueroa and
       Rick Bast, Terry Christopher,                    Roger Cintron, and Technician Luis Teissonnier.
       Concepcion Miranda, Gary Wilner,
       John Endrick, Clem Laskoski,
       Nick Pizzico, Troy Smeltz , Ed Washuta,          FCI Berlin Receives
       Dave Costy, Timothy Derk,                        Energy Efficiency Award
       Candis Bensinger
IPPA: Jeraldnette Simmons, FCC Butner                   On June 24, 2011, New Hampshire's energy provider,
OGC: Susan Albert, FCC Allenwood                        the Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH),
PRD: Group Award - FCI Miami, Psychology                presented FCI Berlin, New Hampshire, a plaque in
      Services – Ana Harper, Sherri Skibinski,
                                                        recognition of the FCI's participation in its 2010
      Tamera Anderson- Hanna, Alexandra Burgos,
      Jenelle Campos, Angie Acevedo,                    Energy Efficiency Program. PSNH encourages
      Selma DeJesus-Zayas,                              customers building new facilities or renovating
      Nora Beatriz Carmenates                           existing facilities to conserve energy through their
                                                        New Construction and Equipment Program. This
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program offers prescriptive and custom rebates for a        the retirees and providing an update on the current
variety of equipment.                                       status of the Bureau. Emergency Preparedness Officer
                                                            T. Ray Henry finished the breakfast session with a
In support of the BOP's commitment to lowering              presentation on the history of FCC Terre Haute. The
energy costs, FCI Berlin installed energy efficient         retirees then toured the USP and FCI and had a picnic
equipment throughout the facility including sensor          at the Complex pavilion. The third day included a golf
lighting, low volume flushing, flow meters on showers,      tournament and tours of the local area. During the
double-pane windows, and Energy Star equipment.             FPRA convention banquet, FCC Terre Haute Complex
The program's benefits to the environment will be the       Warden Charles L. Lockett was keynote speaker. On
annual avoidance of various emissions released into         the last day, the annual business meeting was held and
the air. The BOP received $87,835.00 in rebates for         the current national officers – Dan Otey, President;
participating in the program.                               Fred Haag, Vice President; Dennis O’Neill, Chaplain;
                                                            and Tanya Barnaby, Secretary/Treasurer, were re-
Congratulations to FCI Berlin for starting its history as   elected for two years. The 2012 convention will be
a responsible consumer of energy.                           held June 6-9, in Lexington, Kentucky, and will be
                                                            hosted by the Bluegrass Chapter.

                            FCI Berlin
                                                                              FPRA conference picnic
BOP Retirees Hold
Annual Convention                                           AOUSC Staff Visit
                                                            FCC Petersburg
The National Federal Prison Retirees Association
(FPRA) held their 38th annual convention in Terre           On July 19, FCC Petersburg hosted a visit by staff
Haute, Indiana, from July 22-25. The conference was         from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts
hosted by the Wabash Chapter with Chapter President         (AOUSC) in Washington, D.C. The group was
Dan Otey heading the planning committee, and staff at       accompanied by Dominique Raia, Senior Counsel,
FCC Terre Haute providing support and assistance. An        Legislative and Correctional Issues Branch, Office of
opening reception was held on June 22. The next day,        General Counsel. They met with the Complex’s
the retirees visited the National Bus Center at FCC         executive staff, received an overview of the Complex
Terre Haute and were transported by bus to the              and its operations and toured the medium security
Complex’s training center where FCC Terre Haute’s           facility. The AOUSC staff members were impressed
Employees’ Club provided a cook-to-order breakfast          with institution operations and the variety of programs
for the group. North Central Regional Director              available to the inmate population.
Michael Nalley gave opening comments, welcoming
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Bureau Staff Attend LULAC and
SAIGE Conferences
LULAC Conference
During the week of June 27, 2011, select Bureau staff
participated in the 82nd annual League of United Latin                Hispanic Employment Program Manager
American Citizens (LULAC) convention and training                           Regional Award recipients
conference held in Cincinnati, Ohio. This year's theme
was "Bridging the Gap: Expanding the Latino Agenda         Hispanic Employment Program Managers
into New Frontiers."
                                                           Amanda Riehm, FPC Duluth, North Central Region
The conference included informative sessions on            Marisol Santiago, FCI Otisville, Northeast Region
numerous topics including equal employment                 Reynaldo Osorio, FDC Houston, South Central Region
opportunity, health care, housing, education,              Oscar Rodriguez, FPC Montgomery, Southeast Region
technology, civil rights, financial planning, and civic    Gilbert Castillo, MDC Los Angeles, Western Region
engagement. In addition, the conference offered a
Hispanic employment program summit that covered            Federal Women’s Program Managers
being an "Agent of Change," youth-collegiate federal
careers, and recruitment. Other sessions dealt with        Sandra Loch, FCI Ashland, Mid-Atlantic Region
strategic diversity recruitment, creating a professional   Anna Anderson, FPC Duluth, North Central Region
portfolio, EEO for federal employees, employing            Jean Wright, NERO, Northeast Region
veterans, and "Transforming Yourself into a Strategic      Doris Underwood, FPC Bryan, South Central Region
Leader." Among the keynote and session speakers            Mary Ann Branch, FCI Jesup, Southeast Region
were Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. Department of       Sandy Haeger, FCC Tucson, Western Region
Health and Human Services, and Secretary Hilda Solis,
U.S. Department of Labor.

During the Bureau's Executive Staff session, Acting
Director Thomas R. Kane, Northeast Regional Director
Joseph L. Norwood, and Senior Deputy Assistant
Director Dan Joslin (Human Resource Management
Division), encouraged staff to take advantage of the
training opportunities that LULAC offered and to share
                                                                        Federal Women’s Program Manager
what they learned with their constituents upon return to                    Regional Award recipients
their duty stations. Current Bureau initiatives were
discussed including recruitment, retention of staff,
                                                           SAIGE Conference
activation of new institutions, and budget issues. The
meeting ended with a Q&A session.
                                                           During the week of June 13-17, 2011, select BOP staff
                                                           participated in the 8th Annual Training Conference of
Congratulations to the following special emphasis
                                                           the Society of American Indian Government
program managers who were recognized as 2010
                                                           Employees (SAIGE), which was held in Tulsa,
regional award recipients for their outstanding
                                                           Oklahoma. The theme for this year's conference was
contributions to the Affirmative Action Program:
                                                           "Service, Honor, Respect: Strengthening Our Cultures
                                                           and Communities."
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The conference was wide ranging in its focus, covering   Asian/Pacific Islander, Native American Indian
such topics as equal employment opportunity, culture     Program Manager
and diversity, professional development, disabilities,
and human resources, as well as others that dealt with   Phil Hamel, FCI Ray Brook, Northeast Region
natural resources, Indian country, and wellness.
Keynote speakers at the conference included John         Institutions Serve the
Berry, Director, Office of Personnel Management and
Don Chapman, Senior Advisor, Native American             Community
Affairs, Office of the Secretary, U.S. Department of
Commerce; among others.                                  FCI Waseca

During the BOP-specific session, Assistant Director
(AD) Kim M. White, Human Resource Management
Division, and Regional Director (RD) G. Maldonado,
Jr., South Central Region, provided updates to staff.
The status of various initiatives was discussed, and
progress reports were provided on recruitment,
retention, activation of new institutions, and budget
issues. AD White and RD Maldonado concluded the                              FCI Waseca staff

session with a Q&A period.
                                                         FCI Waseca hosted its third annual Race for the Cure
                                                         event on July 16. Approximately 200 inmates, along
Congratulations to the following special emphasis
                                                         with staff and representatives from the Minneapolis
program managers who were recognized as the 2010
                                                         Chapter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, attended
Regional Award recipients for their outstanding
                                                         the opening ceremony which included the presentation
contributions to the Affirmative Action Program:
                                                         of flags carried by breast cancer survivors and guest
                                                         speakers. The ceremony was followed by a one mile
                                                         walk on the recreation yard. The inmate population
                                                         donated approximately $1,500 to the Komen

                                                         Words of Wisdom:

                                                         “Difficulty need not foreshadow despair or defeat.
                                                         Rather, achievement can be all the more satisfying
           AD White (front row, left) and RD Maldonado
              (back row, right) with award recipients
                                                         because of obstacles surmounted.”
                                                                                           William Hastie
Selective Placement Program Managers

Brett Keller, FPC Yankton, North Central Region
Dominic Quinn, FCI Elkton, Northeast Region
David Esparza, FMC Carswell, South Central Region
Danny Stone, USP Atlanta, Southeast Region
Kenneth Lewis, FCC Victorville
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              Federal Occupational Health
             Employee Assistance Program
                    1-888-262-7848 (TTY)

     Call for information or confidential assistance.

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Staff News (posting dates 07/23/11 through 07/27/11)
Outstanding Employees

Staff Name              Position                       Duty Station           Award
Robert Napier           Senior Officer                 SeaTac FDC             Correctional Officer of the Month


Staff Name          Last Position               Last Duty Station     Retirement Notes
Marshall Bliss      Maintenance Worker                                25 years BOP service. Former duty station:
                                                Phoenix FCI
                    Supervisor                                        FCI Safford. Retire Date: 9/30/2011
Beverly Boyd                                                          17 years government service. Former duty
                    Sports Specialist           Greenville FCI        station: FMC Rochester. Retire Date:
Terry Burger                                                          34 years government service. Retire Date:
                    Senior Officer              Terre Haute FCC
Forrest Cates       Electrical Worker                                 25 years BOP service. Retire Date: 8/31/2011
                                                Terre Haute FCC
Raleigh Clemmer     Machine Tool Operator                             26 years BOP service. Retire Date: 9/30/2011
                                                Texarkana FCI
Eduardo Ferriol                                                       22 years government service. Retire Date:
                    Clinical Director           Safford FCI
Anton Haugabook                                                       20 years BOP service. Retire Date:
                    Case Manager                Los Angeles MDC
Kyle Hjelmberg                                                        9 years government service. Retire Date:
                    Correctional Officer        Sandstone FCI
Chris Johnson                                                         21 years BOP service. Former duty station:
                    Senior Officer Specialist   New York MCC
                                                                      USP Atlanta. Retire Date: 11/18/2011
Rebecca Lewis                                                         20 years BOP service. Former duty stations:
                    Chaplain                    Forrest City FCC      FCI La Tuna, FCI El Reno, MCFP
                                                                      Springfield. Retire Date: 8/31/2011
Alan Magruder       Welding Worker Foreman      Englewood FCI         22 years BOP service. Retire Date: 9/30/2011
Sherry Nolan                                                          30 years government service. Former duty
                                                                      stations: FCI Seagoville, FCI Loretto, FCC
                    Associate Warden            McKean FCI
                                                                      Allenwood, MCC Chicago, FCI Petersburg,
                                                                      FCI Pekin. Retire Date: 9/30/2011
Dominick Oliverio                                                     25 years BOP service. Former duty stations:
                                                                      FCI Petersburg, FCI Englewood, USP
                    Chief Psychologist          Milan FCI
                                                                      Marion, FCC Florence. Retire Date:
Christopher Smith                                                     24 years BOP service. Former duty station:
                    Unit Manager                Pollock FCC
                                                                      FDC Oakdale. Retire Date: 9/30/2011
Bradley Thompson                                                      30 years government service. Former duty
                    Engineering Technician      Sandstone FCI         stations: FPC Duluth, NCRO. Retire Date:
Glenn Walters                                                         30 years government service. Former duty
                    DAP Coordinator             Schuylkill FCI        stations: USP Leavenworth, FCI Fairton.
                                                                      Retire Date: 9/30/2011
William Waters                                                        25 years BOP service. Former duty stations:
                    UNICOR Warehouse
                                                Bastrop FCI           USP Marion, FPC El Paso.
                    Worker Foreman
                                                                      Retire Date: 9/30/2011
Staff Name            Last Position                Last Duty Station Retirement Notes
Mark Wedding                                                         24 years BOP service. Former duty stations:
                      Lieutenant                   Oklahoma City FTC FCI Safford, FCI Butner. Retire Date:
Georgetta Winger      Registered Nurse             Springfield MCFP  29 years BOP service. Retire Date: 9/2/2011

Personnel & Executive Staff Selections

                                          From                                              To
Staff Name
                      Position                    Duty Station         Position                  Duty Station
Donald Altenhofen     Factory Manager                                  Superintendent of
                                                  McCreary USP                                   Canaan USP
Jr.                                                                    Industries
Kimberly Bennett      Teacher                     Coleman FCC          Supervisor of Education   Ray Brook FCI
Mary Bloom            Community Corrections                            Community Corrections
                                                  CPD, CO                                        CPD, CO
                      Specialist                                       Specialist
Phequitta Boyce       Superintendent of                                Associate Warden
                                                  Beaumont FCC                                   Manchester FCI
Michael Branch        Discipline Hearing                            Asst. Correctional
                                                  SERO                                           SERO
                      Officer                                       Services Administrator
Michael Carr          Health Services                               Regional Health Services
                                                  Oklahoma City FTC                              SCRO
                      Administrator                                 Administrator
Arthur Dulgov         Teacher                     Tucson FCI        Supervisor of Education      New York MCC
Mark Elliott          Associate Warden            Manchester FCI    Associate Warden             Leavenworth USP
Derek Erny            Senior Officer Specialist   Herlong FCI       Lieutenant                   New York MCC
Edward Faison         Inventory Management                          Supervisory Contract
                                                  Petersburg FCC                                 Petersburg FCC
                      Specialist                                    Specialist
Lisa Gradiska         Human Resource                                Deputy Chief, Workforce
                                                  Beaumont FCC                                   HRMD, CO
                      Manager                                       Systems & Evaluation
Melissa Hemingway     Teacher                     Estill FCI        Teacher                      Mendota FCI
Katherine Hooper      Support Services                              Trust Fund Supervisor
                                                  Allenwood FCC                                  Terre Haute FCC
Charleston Iwuagwu    Health Services                                  Regional Health Services
                                                  Devens FMC                                    MARO
                      Administrator                                    Administrator
Kathy Lane            Complex Case                                     Executive Assistant
                      Management                  Coleman FCC                                   SERO
Francisco Lara        Associate Warden                            Correctional Services
                                                  Otisville FCI                                  CPD, CO
Mark Manteuffel       Associate Warden          Oklahoma City FTC Associate Warden               Miami FDC
Letisha Mason         UNICOR Accountant         Butner FCC        EEO Counselor                  Beaumont FCC
Bridgette Nickerson   Associate Warden          Texarkana FCI     Associate Warden               Oklahoma City FTC
Jane O'Leary          Human Resource                              Human Resource
                                                Beckley FCI                                      Beckley FCI
                      Specialist                                  Manager
Edwin Perez Salva     Associate Warden          Miami FDC         Associate Warden               Guaynabo MDC
Sean Platner          Senior Officer Specialist                   Correctional Systems
                                                SeaTac FDC                                       SeaTac FDC
Bruce Plumley         Administrative Remedy                       Associate Warden
                                                OGC, CO                                          Danbury FCI
Felipe Rodriguez      Associate Warden          Danbury FCI       Associate Warden               Otisville FCI
Josias Salazar        Associate Warden          Safford FCI       Associate Warden               Phoenix FCI
                                         From                                     To
Staff Name
                     Position                 Duty Station     Position                Duty Station
Patricia Singleton   Human Resource                            Associate Warden
                                              SERO                                     Yazoo City FCC
Thomas Smith         Assistant Administrator,                  Associate Warden
                                              CPD, CO                                  Duluth FPC
                     Correctional Services
Earl Swartz          Budget Analyst                           Budget & Accounting
                                              Allenwood FCC                            Allenwood FCC
Randolph Toy         Industrial Manager     Lexington FMC     Associate Warden         Lexington FMC
Paula Troxell        Human Resource                           Asst. Human Resource
                                            Oklahoma City FTC                          Oklahoma City FTC
                     Specialist                               Manager
Steven Wentzel       Executive Assistant/                     Associate Warden
                                            Texarkana FCI                              Oakdale FCC
                     Camp Administrator
Douglas White        Captain                Rochester FMC     Associate Warden         Safford FCI
Dennis Williams      Correctional Officer   Oklahoma City FTC Lieutenant               Oklahoma City FTC
April Wolaver        Budget Analyst                           Budget and Accounting
                                            Terre Haute FCC                            Terre Haute FCC
                         POPULATION REPORT                       07/28/2011

                           CURRENT                                        CURRENT
                         POPULATION                                     POPULATION

ALDERSON FPC, WV             1193     |     EL RENO-CAMP                       285
ALLENWOOD LOW FCI, PA        1408     |   ELKTON FCI, OH                      1821
ALLENWOOD MED FCI, PA        1332     |     ELKTON-FSL                         596
ALLENWOOD USP, PA            1125     |   ENGLEWOOD FCI, CO                    951
ASHLAND FCI, KY              1247     |     ENGLEWOOD-CAMP                     169
  ASHLAND-CAMP                314     |   ESTILL FCI, SC                      1214
ATLANTA USP, GA              2013     |     ESTILL-CAMP                        303
  ATLANTA-CAMP                450     |   FAIRTON FCI, NJ                     1321
ATWATER USP, CA              1265     |     FAIRTON-CAMP                       122
  ATWATER-CAMP                133     |   FLORENCE ADMAX USP, CO               451
BASTROP FCI, TX              1347     |     FLORENCE USP-CAMP                  545
  BASTROP-CAMP                185     |   FLORENCE FCI, CO                    1198
BEAUMONT LOW FCI, TX         2073     |   FLORENCE HIGH USP, CO                953
BEAUMONT MED FCI, TX         1852     |   FORREST CITY FCI, AR                1915
BEAUMONT USP, TX             1569     |     FORREST CITY FCI-CAMP              313
  BEAUMONT USP-CAMP           567     |   FORREST CITY MED FCI, AR            1861
BECKLEY FCI, WV              1803     |   FORT DIX FCI, NJ                    4182
  BECKLEY-CAMP                417     |     FORT DIX-CAMP                      401
BENNETTSVILLE FCI, SC        1789     |   FORT WORTH FCI, TX                  1483
  BENNETTSVILLE-CAMP          135     |   GILMER FCI, WV                      1837
BIG SANDY USP, KY            1325     |     GILMER-CAMP                        162
  BIG SANDY-CAMP              136     |   GREENVILLE FCI, IL                  1209
BIG SPRING FCI, TX           1549     |     GREENVILLE-CAMP                    346
  BIG SPRING-CAMP             186     |   GUAYNABO MDC, RQ                    1428
BROOKLYN MDC, NY             2445     |   HAZELTON USP, WV                    1219
BRYAN FPC, TX                 936     |     HAZELTON-CAMP                      125
BUTNER FMC, NC                937     |     HAZELTON-FEMALE                    481
BUTNER LOW FCI, NC           1382     |   HERLONG FCI, CA                     1577
BUTNER MED I FCI, NC          734     |     HERLONG-CAMP                       133
  BUTNER-CAMP                 335     |   HONOLULU FDC, HI                     850
BUTNER MED II FCI, NC        1733     |   HOUSTON FDC, TX                      925
CANAAN USP, PA               1491     |   JESUP FCI, GA                       1240
  CANAAN-CAMP                 127     |     JESUP-CAMP                         152
CARSWELL FMC, TX             1432     |     JESUP-FSL                          564
  CARSWELL-CAMP               291     |   LA TUNA FCI, TX                     1172
CHICAGO MCC, IL               710     |     LA TUNA-CAMP                       328
COLEMAN I USP, FL            1561     |     LA TUNA-FSL (EL PASO)              463
COLEMAN II USP, FL           1531     |   LEAVENWORTH USP, KS                 1864
COLEMAN LOW FCI, FL          1922     |     LEAVENWORTH-CAMP                   452
COLEMAN MED FCI, FL          1844     |   LEE USP, VA                         1487
  COLEMAN MED FCI-CAMP        491     |     LEE USP-CAMP                       139
CUMBERLAND FCI, MD           1249     |   LEWISBURG USP, PA                   1350
  CUMBERLAND-CAMP             333     |     LEWISBURG-CAMP                     540
DANBURY FCI, CT              1096     |   LEXINGTON FMC, KY                   1548
  DANBURY-CAMP                207     |     LEXINGTON-CAMP                     302
DEVENS FMC, MA               1026     |   LOMPOC FCI, CA                      1398
  DEVENS-CAMP                 130     |   LOMPOC USP, CA                      1719
DUBLIN FCI, CA               1046     |     LOMPOC USP-CAMP                    523
  DUBLIN-CAMP                 312     |   LORETTO FCI, PA                     1303
DULUTH FPC, MN                905     |     LORETTO-CAMP                       156
EDGEFIELD FCI, SC            1826     |   LOS ANGELES MDC, CA                 1010
  EDGEFIELD-CAMP              585     |   MANCHESTER FCI, KY                  1199
EL RENO FCI, OK              1168     |     MANCHESTER-CAMP                    490
                         POPULATION REPORT                        07/28/2011

                           CURRENT                                         CURRENT
                         POPULATION                                      POPULATION

MARIANNA FCI, FL             1276     |      TALLADEGA-CAMP                    364
  MARIANNA-CAMP               303     |    TALLAHASSEE FCI, FL                1316
MARION USP, IL               1184     |    TERMINAL ISLAND FCI, CA            1112
  MARION-CAMP                 304     |    TERRE HAUTE FCI, IN                1223
MCCREARY USP, KY             1390     |      TERRE HAUTE FCI-CAMP              452
  MCCREARY-CAMP               145     |    TERRE HAUTE USP, IN                1616
MCDOWELL FCI, WV              964     |    TEXARKANA FCI, TX                  1293
  MCDOWELL-CAMP               126     |      TEXARKANA-CAMP                    354
MCKEAN FCI, PA               1127     |    THREE RIVERS FCI, TX               1176
  MCKEAN-CAMP                 292     |      THREE RIVERS-CAMP                 392
MEMPHIS FCI, TN              1229     |    TUCSON FCI, AZ                      699
  MEMPHIS-CAMP                354     |    TUCSON USP, AZ                     1595
MIAMI FCI, FL                1098     |      TUCSON-CAMP                       140
  MIAMI FCI-CAMP              370     |    VICTORVILLE MED I FCI, CA          1675
MIAMI FDC, FL                1478     |    VICTORVILLE MED II FCI, CA         1698
MILAN FCI, MI                1536     |      VICTORVILLE MED II-CAMP           310
MONTGOMERY FPC, AL            982     |    VICTORVILLE USP, CA                1576
MORGANTOWN FCI, WV           1277     |    WASECA FCI, MN                     1026
NEW YORK MCC, NY              841     |    WILLIAMSBURG FCI, SC               1781
OAKDALE FCI, LA              1386     |      WILLIAMSBURG-CAMP                 147
OAKDALE FDC, LA               847     |    YANKTON FPC, SD                     894
  OAKDALE FDC-CAMP            157     |    YAZOO CITY FCI, MS                 1752
OKLAHOMA CITY FTC, OK        1092     |      YAZOO-CAMP                        142
OTISVILLE FCI, NY            1116     |    YAZOO CITY MED FCI, MS             1529
  OTISVILLE-CAMP              129     |        BUREAU OF PRISONS            177187
OXFORD FCI, WI               1171     |
PEKIN FCI, IL                1167     |    ADAMS COUNTY CORR CTR CI, MS        2553
  PEKIN-CAMP                  273     |    BIG SPRING CI, TX                   3500
PENSACOLA FPC, FL             770     |    CIBOLA COUNTY CI, NM                1196
PETERSBURG FCI, VA           1251     |    D. RAY JAMES CORR FACL CI,GA        2504
  PETERSBURG FCI-CAMP         335     |    DALBY CI, TX                        1913
PETERSBURG MED FCI, VA       1882     |    EDEN CI, TX                         1553
PHILADELPHIA FDC, PA         1058     |    MCRAE CI, GA                        1739
PHOENIX FCI, AZ              1208     |    MOSHANNON VALLEY CI, PA             1485
  PHOENIX-CAMP                305     |    NE OHIO CORR CTR CI, OH             1506
POLLOCK MED FCI, LA          1648     |    REEVES CI, TX                       2397
POLLOCK USP, LA              1350     |    REEVES DC, TX                       1343
  POLLOCK-CAMP                247     |    RIVERS CI, NC                       1431
RAY BROOK FCI, NY            1139     |    TAFT CI, CA                         1775
ROCHESTER FMC, MN             958     |      TAFT-CAMP                          558
SAFFORD FCI, AZ              1249     |        TOTAL, PRIVATE FACILITIES      25453
SAN DIEGO MCC, CA            1054     |
SCHUYLKILL FCI, PA           1185     |    RRC'S                                8972
  SCHUYLKILL-CAMP             312     |    HOME CONFINEMENT                     2545
SEAGOVILLE FCI, TX           1906     |    JAIL/SHORT-TERM DETENTION            3004
  SEAGOVILLE-CAMP             176     |    CONTRACT JUVENILES                    159
SEATAC FDC, WA                663     |    LONG-TERM BOARDERS                    124
SHERIDAN FCI, OR             1385     |        TOTAL, CONTRACTS                14804
  SHERIDAN-CAMP               493     |
SPRINGFIELD USMCFP, MO       1147     |    TOTAL, BUREAU OF PRISONS         217444
TALLADEGA FCI, AL            1064     |

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