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					2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
{ $5 = 18 meals }
The overuse of the word has lessened some of its meaning but for Connecticut Food Bank, the meaning
of the word holds true. To have an effect on something.

Every day, thousands of Connecticut residents have something to eat because donors like you, together
with staff at the food bank and our partner agencies, have provided them with food. Our work, together,
has had a direct effect on the lives of others.

Like drops of rain, one donation, one food drive or one helping hand can have a ripple effect on the world
around us, providing the very basics to someone in need. Giving just five dollars can prevent one less
child from going to school hungry and be better able to concentrate on his studies. Donating groceries at
a food drive can mean a single mom won’t have to skip lunch and dinner so that her children will have
something to eat. Volunteering to help the food bank can lessen the chance that a senior citizen will have
to choose between having enough to eat and paying for his medications.

Throughout the year Connecticut Food Bank collects food and monetary donations and holds special events
that help stock the shelves of local food assistance programs. Your support through donations and
volunteering make it possible for us to do the work we do.
                    Table of Contents
     Message from the President & Executive Director      3
                                         Our Mission      4
                                      Blue Jeans Ball     6
                                 Walk Against Hunger      7
                                         Plant A Row      8
               Community Food Donors & Food Drives        9
                        Food Industry Product Donors     10
                                   Member Programs       11
                                 Harvest Club Donors     14
In-Kind Donors & Corporate Matching Gift Contributors    15
                                    Individual Donors    16
       Business, Foundation and Organization Donors      32
                                           Volunteers    34
                                Financial Information    36
                            List of Board of Directors   37
                                         List of Staff   37
Message from the President & Executive Director

Over the past twenty-six years, Connecticut Food Bank has made great strides in fighting hunger in our communities.
Unfortunately, our work continues as more individuals and families turn to food assistance programs to meet their
basic needs. Everywhere we look, people are affected by circumstances that force them to seek the help of emergency
food programs, many for the very first time.

Food prices are on the rise. This not only affects the thousands of families and individuals in Connecticut living at or
below the poverty level – it also puts stress on the budgets of food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens that must
serve even more people with less resources.

An uncertain economy. With rising costs and unemployment rates, families are finding it even harder to make ends             Francine Du Verger
meet. Individuals with jobs are often underemployed, working more than one job but still unable to earn enough to
pay for housing, utilities, medical bills and food. Too often, people must choose between paying their bills and buying
groceries. Luckily, they can turn to local soup kitchens and food pantries. Unfortunately, the programs are feeling the
pinch of fewer donations and higher operating costs.

Not enough free or low-cost summer food programs. Over the summer, less than 20 percent of eligible children across
the country participated in free summer food programs. Without school meals, low-income children can go hungry
during the summer if they don’t have access to these independent programs. We must continue to urge our local
leaders to organize summer programs that help bridge the hunger gap for thousands of children in Connecticut.

With the support of individuals and families, community organizations, local and state businesses, and the food
industry, Connecticut Food Bank is able to provide food and other resources to those in need. We are proud of the
positive impact we have made on the lives of hundreds of thousands of our neighbors, but there is still much work to
be done.

                                                                                                                             Nancy L. Carrington
By continuing to focus on the values of Advocacy, Action and Accountability, we will rise to the challenges of the
future and face them together.

Francine Du Verger                                         Nancy L. Carrington
President, CFB Board of Directors                          Executive Director

                                                                                                                           2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT   |   3
           Connecticut Food Bank’s Mission
           Connecticut Food Bank (CFB) is a private, nonprofit organization whose mission is to alleviate
           hunger. We strive to do this by supplying food products and resources to partner programs
           throughout our service area in Connecticut, and by promoting public awareness about the problem
           of hunger. Founded in 1982, CFB is the largest centralized source of donated, emergency food in
           Connecticut. The main warehouse is located in East Haven, with additional warehouses in
           Waterbury and Fairfield, and distribution sites in New London and Stamford. CFB provides food
           to 650 food-assistance programs such as soup kitchens, shelters, food pantries, and adult and
           child day care centers in six of Connecticut’s eight counties: Fairfield, Litchfield, Middlesex, New
           Haven, New London and Windham. In 2007, CFB distributed 15.3 million pounds of food. Since
           1982, CFB has distributed 172 million pounds of food to our neighbors in need.

           Connecticut Food Bank is a member of Feeding America – formerly America’s Second Harvest, The
           Nation’s Food Bank Network – which is the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief charity
           network, consisting of more than 200 food banks and food rescue organizations. CFB also
           collaborates with End Hunger Connecticut! and similar advocacy organizations as part of its
           mission of community education and advocacy about the problem of hunger.

4   |   2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
is to alleviate hunger.
            In the 2007-2008 fiscal year, hunger did not go away. But many of us believe it
            is possible. Thousands of men, women, children, companies and organizations
            provided financial gifts, in-kind gifts, matching gifts, food donations, event
            sponsorship or volunteered their time or talent to fight the problems of hunger.
            For that, and for their support, we are eternally grateful.

            We thank each of you whose name is found within these pages for being
            ambassadors of hope in a time of economic turmoil; bearers of light in the dark
            and gloomy world of poverty, hunger, and despair. Thank you for sharing our
            vision of a state – indeed, a world – free of hunger.

                                                              2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT          |   5
                                                                                                       Connecticut Food Bank is exceedingly
                                                                                                       grateful to all of our Blue Jeans Ball
                                                                                                       sponsors and recognizes them for
                                                                                                       their outstanding generosity.

                                                                                                       PLATINUM RIVET
                                                                                                       Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
                                                                                                       Robbins Tesar Inc.

                                                                                                       SILVER RIVET
                                                                                                       Chapel Construction of New Haven
                                                                                                       Communications Distributors
                                                                                                       Citizens Bank
                                                                                                       Diageo North America
                                                                                                       HID Corp.
                                                                                                       Invest II
                                                                                                       Jack M. Heflin
                                                                                                       Pitney Bowes
                                                                                                       Rose & Kiernan, Inc.
                                                                                                       Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
                             Blue Jeans Ball:                                                          Thurston Foods
                                                                                                       UHY LLP
                             Celebration of Connecticut Food Bank’s                                    Webster Bank
                                                                                                       Wiggin and Dana
                             25th Anniversary                                                          BRONZE RIVET
                             Connecticut Food Bank (CFB) opened its main warehouse on the night        Air Control Mechanical Services
                                                                                                       Bowman Monaco and Black
                             of Sept. 29, 2007, to commemorate 25 years of working with our partners
                                                                                                       Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman LLP
                             in the community to alleviate hunger. The fundraising event — which       Foxwoods Resort Casino
                             featured toe-tapping entertainment, an exciting silent auction and        General Re Corp.
                             Treasure Chest raffle, and delectable cuisine — allowed longtime and      Kew Professional Photo & Digital
                                                                                                          Imaging Services
                             new supporters of CFB an opportunity to see the warehouse in a
                                                                                                       NewAlliance Bank
                             different light. The event raised more than $70,000 to benefit the        New England Physical Therapy Services
                             Food Bank.                                                                People’s United Bank
                                                                                                       Renaissance Management
                                                                                                       Wachovia Bank

                                                                                                       Barker Specialty
                                                                                                       LW Robbins Associates
                                                                                                       Pioneer Industries
                                                                                                       Space-Craft Manufacturing

6   |   2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                                       Heart & Sole Circle
                                                                                                                     New Club Honors Major Walk
                                                                                                                  Fundraising: The Heart and Sole
                                                                                                              Circle was created in 2008 to honor
                                                                                                               and celebrate the achievements of
                                                                                                                   those who raised $500 or more
                                                                                                                     as individuals for this year's
                                                                                                                             Walk Against Hunger.

                                                                                                              Sole  CIRC LE
                                                                                                                                       This year's
                                                                                                                                   recipients are:

                                                                                                              Lenora Moore-Turner of New Haven,
                                                                                                                                Charter Member
                                                                                                                       Allie Carroll of North Haven
                                                                                                                      Emily Carroll of North Haven
                                                                                                                        Nicole Dover of Waterbury
                                                                                                                      Debra Goodwin of Brookfield
                                                                                                                         Kristi Hanson of Branford
                                                                                                                   Rhonda Harrison of West Haven
                                                                                                                        Leslie Jenkins of Branford
                                                                                                                        Jodi Johnson of Brookfield
                                                                                                                   The Judd Family of New Haven
                                                                                                                    Barry Kiesinger of West Haven
                                                                                                                    Mary Kiesinger of West Haven
                                                                                                                       Linda Kopec of West Haven

Walk Against Hunger                                                                                               Christine Latham of West Haven
                                                                                                                     Wendy McLeod of New Haven
                                                                                                                        Nancy L. Rogers of Oxford
In the Spring 2008, the cities of New Haven and Waterbury hosted the annual Connecticut Food Bank Walk
                                                                                                                       Helen Smith of West Haven
Against Hunger, presented by Webster Bank. The 32nd annual walk in New Haven and the 3rd annual walk                     Sarah Viglione of Hamden
in Waterbury raised more than $162,000, surpassing the total funds raised in the previous year. Both
walks, which hosted nearly 1,000 walkers and volunteers overall, focused on team-building efforts via
The Challenge 2008, which asked groups to compete and raise more funds and recruit more walkers.
As a result, a record number of teams participated in the two walks.

                                                                                                         2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                      |   7
        Plant A Row
        Plant a Row in Connecticut was launched in 2006 by local resident and                                    Michael Alberino
        avid gardener Marilyn Wilkes to help local hunger relief organizations.
        This effort has provided more fresh produce for people who might          Milford Benson-Cramp Memorial Community Garden
        otherwise go without. The following produce donations of 100 pounds
        or more were made between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.                                         Merilyn & Paul Sandberg

8   |   2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Community Food Donors & Food Drives
From religious groups to schools and corporations; from annual efforts to one-time initiatives, each and every food drive makes a positive
impact and reminds the community how important it is to support our neighbors in need. Donating groceries at a food drive can mean a
single mom won’t have to skip lunch and dinner so that her children will have something to eat. The following food donations of 100 pounds
of food or more were made between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.
45,000 +          pounds                  Unilever
                                          Unitarian Church of Westport
                                                                                    The Avraham Y. Goldratt Institute
                                                                                    Baby Cottage
                                                                                                                             Bijan Eshaghi
                                                                                                                             Richard Esposito
                                                                                                                                                                       Lynda Mollon
                                                                                                                                                                       Mom’s Dinner Club, Monroe
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Tashua School, Trumbull
                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Breakfast
Credit Union League of Connecticut
                                          University of New Haven                   Deborah Baez                             Explorer Post 1027                        William Morann                          The Goddard School, Brookfield
                                          Vinny the Taper                           Balance 4 Optimal Health                 Exxon Mobil Station, Forbes Avenue, New   Jennifer Moskal                         The Grotto Restaurant
20,000 - 25,000                pounds                                               Barbara M. Barrett
                                                                                    Betsy Graver Realty
                                                                                                                             Fairfield Ludlowe High School Key Club
                                                                                                                                                                       New Haven Ski Club
                                                                                                                                                                       North Branford Recreation Department
                                                                                                                                                                                                               The MacMillan Center at Yale
                                                                                                                                                                                                               The Quill Group
AIA CT, “CANstruction”                    501 - 1,000            pounds             Blessed Sacrament School, Waterbury      Fayerweather Yacht Club                   Old Stone Church, East Haven            Thermatool Corporation
                                                                                    Boys & Girls Club of Greater Waterbury   Fresh Yoga                                Perry Pacini                            Tivoli Gardens Senior Center
                                          ADP Small Business Services
                                                                                    Bridgeport Art League                    Friends Meeting House                     The Pension Service, Inc.               Town Fair Tire, East Haven
7,500 - 15,000               pounds       Aetna, Inc.
                                          Bethany Community School
                                                                                    Bridgeport Hospital                      Gastroenterology Center of CT             People’s United Bank, Woodbridge        Trader Joe’s, Orange
                                                                                    Brooklawn Country Club                   Girl Scout Troop 61115                    Pitney Bowes                            James Trimble
CT State Police                           Boy Scouts Troop 10
                                                                                    Building with Books                      Janet Gordon                              Primed                                  Under the Sun
Shaw's Supermarkets, "Spirit of Giving"   Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman LLP
                                                                                    Bullard Havens Regional                  Greater New Haven Association             PRTM                                    United States Surgical
                                          Mayor April Capone Almon, East Haven                                                   of Realtors
                                                                                        High School, Bridgeport                                                        Jamie Prudden                           University of Bridgeport - Dining Hall
                                          Church of the Redeemer, UCC,
5,001 - 7,500             pounds              New Haven
                                                                                    Burzenski & Company
                                                                                                                             Hardwood Wholesalers
                                                                                                                             Michael Harris
                                                                                                                                                                       Quassy Amusement Park                   University Towers, New Haven
                                          Colony Hardware Supply                                                                                                       Quinnipiac University                   Sam & Natalie Vetto
Amity Regional Senior High School                                                   Carmody & Torrance                       Hewitt Associates                             Public Relations Majors             Victorinox Swiss Army
                                          CT Dept. of Transportation
Congregation B’nai Israel, Bridgeport                                               Ceiling Systems, Inc.                    Holy Transfiguration Church, New Haven    Quinnipiac University                   VNA Health at Home Inc.
                                          Elm City College Prep Middle School,
People’s Bank, Bridgeport                                                           Vae Champagne                            Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox               Quinnipiac University PR Program        Cesare & Sira Volpato
                                              New Haven
William Preinitz                                                                    Charter Oak State College, New Britain       Church, Bridgeport                    Quninnipiac University School of Law    Wachovia Bank
                                          Evergreen Club 50
                                                                                    CheckFree Corp.                          James Hulme                               Ramdy Corp                              Washington Mutual Bank
                                          Jewish Home for the Elderly
                                                                                    The Children’s House of                  Hunt Ridge Montessori School, Fairfield   Steve Regier                            Waterbury Hospital
2,501 - 5,000             pounds          Landmark Academy, Westport
                                          Thomas Little
                                                                                        Montessori, Woodbridge               Imperial Sovereign Court of All CT        Barbara G. Renckowski                   Waterbury Republican-American
                                                                                    CityFest, Waterbury                      In Shape Fitness, North Haven             Residence Inn by Marriott, Milford      Watrous Nursing Center
Bethany Boy Scouts Troop 931              Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy
                                                                                    Alexandrea Clark                         In Shape Gym, Silver Sneakers             Roger Sherman Elementary                Westport Field Hockey Association
Bethany Boy Scouts Troop 59               McKinley School, Fairfield                                                             Program, Branford
Bic Corporation                                                                     Clayton Property Brokers, LLC,                                                         School, Fairfield                   Whitney Center, Hamden
                                          People’s Bank, Bridgeport                                                          The Institute of Professional Practice
                                                                                        East Haven                                                                     Gary J. Ross                            Wilbur Smith Associates, New Haven
IPC Systems                               Quota Club                                                                         Invitrogen
                                                                                    Clinical Data, Inc.                                                                Blair Sader                             Wolcott Lion’s Club
Royal Bank of Scotland, Bridgeport        Riverfield Elementary School, Fairfield                                            Ivy Biomedical
                                                                                    Coldwell Banker, Branford                                                          Sargent Manufacturing Co.               Yale University Church
                                          Shubert Theater                                                                    Jackson Browne Productions
                                                                                    P.A. Colon                                                                         Saugatuck Outreach Nutrition Program    Yale Child Study Center
                                          Southern CT Pagan Pride Project                                                    Susanna, Mark, Kiera & Sophie Jaikut
1,001 - 2,500             pounds          Southern Connecticut State University
                                                                                    Connecticut Junior Women
                                                                                    Connecticut Yankee Council               JetBlue Airways, Darien
                                                                                                                                                                       Saybrook College Orchestra, New Haven
                                                                                                                                                                       Randy Schmidt
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Yale Divinity School - The Left Behind
                                          St. Mary’s School, Waterbury                                                                                                                                         Yale School of Management
ACES                                                                                Connecticut Yoga Center and Bookstore    Jewish Federation, Southbury              Shaolin Kempo Academy, East Haven
                                          St. Nicholas Ladies Auxiliary                                                                                                                                        Yale University Press
Big Y Foods, Inc.                                                                   Paul Constantinople                      Mark & Pat Jooss                          Shared Technologies
                                          St. Vincent’s Medical Center                                                                                                                                         Yale University Program on Aging
C.A.E.S.                                                                            Cook’s Kitchen in the Courtyard          Junior League of Greater New Haven        Lee Sharkey
                                          Survey Sampling, Inc.                                                                                                                                                Zion Lutheran Church, Wallingford
Coastal Chordsmen                                                                   Laura Corbett                            Kappa Gamma Sorority                      Sherman Elementary
                                          United Health Care                                                                                                                                                   Zuludog Records
Congregation Beth El-Kesser Israel,                                                 Michael Costeines                        King/Robinson Magnet School,                  School PTA, Fairfield
    New Haven                             Valentin Karate                                                                        New Haven
                                                                                    Country Club of Fairfield                                                          Sikorsky Aircraft (UTC)
                                          Waterbury Companies, Inc.
Congregation Or Shalom, Orange
Connecticut Contacts, Inc.                WPLR 99.1FM
                                                                                    CT Carpenters Benefit Funds              Sandy F. Kline
                                                                                                                             John Knies
                                                                                                                                                                       Sikorsky Employees Picnic               Annual Thanksgiving
                                                                                    CT Dept. of Child Support                                                          Silver Petrucelli & Associates
Cub Scout Pack 61                                                                   CT Dept. of Developmental Services       Chelsea Krasnow                           Louise Silverman                          for All Food Drives
Albert Cuseo                                                                                                                 John Krelowicz
Eagle Hill Southport School               100 - 500          pounds                 CT Dept. of Social Services
                                                                                    CT Family Chiropractic                   Al Krelowicz
                                                                                                                                                                       Simply Gina, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                       Sinoway, McEnery & Messey
                                                                                                                                                                                                               “Big Heart at Big Y,” WATR/1320 AM:
Eastern Bag & Paper Group                                                                                                    Lori Lamson                                                                           $2,678, 2,250 pounds of food, 133
                                          ABB Inc.                                  CT Humane Society                                                                  Smith Barney, Westport                      turkeys
Fitness Edge, Fairfield                   James & Barbara Abraham                   Cub Scout Pack 92, St. Thomas Aquinas    Liberty Life Assurance Co. of Boston      Sodexho at GE Headquarters, Fairfield   “Caravan of Carriages,” News/Talk 960
HBH Construction                          Michael Alberino                          Kim F. DeLauri                           The Lioness Club of New Haven             Sons of Italy Lodge #37                     WELI: $7,786, 6,873 pounds of food,
Joel Barlow High School, Redding          Alpha Iota Sorority, New Haven            Patricia A. DeMilia                      Lions Club of New Haven                   Southern Connecticut State University       232 turkeys
Metro Taxi                                   Alumnae Chapter                        DHL Express                              Local 1426 Fairfield Firefighters         Special Olympics                        “Fill the Bowl,” WPLR 99.1: $4,234,
New England Synod ELCA                    Alzheimers Resource Center                Diageo                                   Lauren Longhi                             St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church,       10,144 pounds of food, 743 turkeys
North Haven Board of Education            American Medical Response                 Michael Dilley                           Barbara Lycosky                               New Haven                           “Fill the Bowl at Yale Bowl,” WPLR 99.1,
Our Lady of Mount Carmel                  Ashley Anfiteatro                         Kate DiMartino                           Ashleigh Lyons                            St. Francis Xavier School, Waterbury        WTNH/News Channel 8, Yale Athletics:
    School, Waterbury                     Ann Taylor, Inc.                          Drive Sol                                Macy’s East, Waterbury                    St. Joseph’s School, Danbury                $7,403, 1,474 pounds of food,
Susan Palmieri                            Applied Engineering Products              East Haven High School-Interact Club     Madison Jaycees                           St. Mary’s Hospital, Waterbury              211 turkeys
Pratt & Whitney                           Association of Yale Alumni                East Haven High School-Ms. Michelle      David & Marilyn Malchman                  Steppin Out                             “Food for Friends,” Star 99.9: $23,755,
Saints Peter and Paul School, Waterbury   AT&T Customer Service Department              Modanna’s Class                      Melissa Mangini                           Stock Building Company                      17,455 pounds of food, 1,093 turkeys
Schick-Wilkinson Sword                    AT&T Employees’ Community Services        East Haven Landscape Products            The Marlin Company                        Strangers Helping Strangers             “MADD Dash,” MADD of CT: 16 turkeys
St. Luke’s Church, Westport                  Fund, Hamden                           Eastern CT State University              Russell & Jean Melita                     Christine Su                            “Stuff-a-Bus,” KC 101: $3,952, 15,236
Staples High School, Westport             Avalon Milford                                                                     Metcalf & Eddy                                                                        pounds of food, 1,105 turkeys
                                                                                    Eder Brothers, Inc.                                                                Sundial Travel
U.S. Coast Guard Sector                   Mary Ann Avigne                                                                    Metlife, Westport                                                                 “Turkey Tuesday,” Bank of America:
                                                                                    Elite Fitness, Hamden                                                              Lisa Swates
    Long Island Sound                                                                                                                                                                                              $1,286, 90 pounds of food, 3 turkeys

                                                                                                                                                                                              2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                     |   9
         Food Industry Product Donors
         The food industry, including national manufacturers, processors and retailers, along
         with local food companies, growers and farmers, provide the majority of food and
         nonfood products that we distribute to our member programs. The food industry has a
         significant impact in the fight against hunger. The following companies donated
         products between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

         America Frozen Foods, Inc.                 City Line Distributors                      Heald’s Valley Farms, Ltd.           Minute Maid Foods*
         American Food Distributors                 Claire’s Corner Copia**                     Henny’s Wholesale Distribution       Moark Productions, Inc.*
         Americares*                                Columbia Fresh Produce Sales*               Hershey Foods Corp.*                 Napoli Foods
         Atticus Bakery                             ConAgra Foods*                              Hickory Hill Farm                    Naugatuck Valley Food
         Auna Kiwi*                                 Costco                                      Hoffmaster*                              Distributors
         Aurora Products, Inc.                      Crabtree & Evelyn                           Ikea                                 Ocean State Job Lot
         Aurora Foods*                              CVS Pharmacy*                               Karlin Food Products*                Onofrio’s Fruit & Produce
         Barilla America*                           Davidson Co. Inc.                           Kellogg Company*                     P.J. Fruit & Produce
         Bell Amici Restaurant**                    Dream Dinners**                             Koffkoff Egg Farm*                   P & K Services, LLC*               Stop & Shop Supermarket   #647   Superior Bakery, Inc.
                                                                                                                                     Peet’s Coffee & Tea                   Milford**                     Target Store #T1373, Meriden*
         B & E Juice                                Edge of The Woods**                         Kraft Biscuit Co.*
                                                                                                                                     Pepperidge Farm*                   Stop & Shop Supermarket   #648   Target Store # T1528, Bethel*
         Big Y World Class Market, North Haven**    Entenmann’s Thrift Store*                   Kraft Foods*
                                                                                                                                                                           New Haven**                   Target Store # T1544, Stamford*
         Bishop’s Orchards                          The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts      Land O’ Lakes*                       Pepsi Bottling Group*
                                                                                                                                                                        Stop & Shop Supermarket   #654   Target Store #T1916, North Haven
         BJ’s Wholesale Club, North Haven**         Fishery Products*                           Lequoc Cuisine Corp.                 PepsiCo Beverages and Foods
                                                                                                                                                                           Meriden**                     Target Store #T1956, Trumbull
         Blue Jay Orchard                           FoodShare                                   Lindt Chocolate                          North America*
                                                                                                                                                                        Stop & Shop Supermarket   #661   Target Store #T2156, Waterbury
         Bonnie Tandy Leblang**                     Frito-Lay*                                  Link Snacks Inc.*                    PepsiCo Inc.*
         Bozzuto’s Inc.                             Food Tech International                     Lucibello’s Italian Pastry Shop**    Perdue Farms*                                                       T. C. Distribution Co.
                                                                                                                                                                        Stop & Shop Supermarket   #663
         Brookside Farm Market**                    Frozen Specialties Inc.                     Lynn-Ette & Son’s, Inc.              Philabundance                                                       Tastefully Simple
         Bunnell Farm                               The Fulfillment Co.                         M & M Produce                        Proctor & Gamble*                                                   The CT Agricultural Experiment Station
                                                                                                                                                                        Stop & Shop Supermarket   #672
         Bush Brothers & Company*                   Gateway Community College                   M & N Distributors, Inc.             Quaker Foods North America*           Dayville**                    The Clorox Company*
         C & S Wholesale                            Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor             M & R Frosted Foods                  Quinnipiac University**            Stop & Shop Supermarket   #676   The Coca-Cola Company*
         Cadbury Schweppes*                             Food Center                             March Farm                           Radio Foods                           Orange**                      This LLC
         Café George by Paula**                     General Mills*                              Marcus Dairy, Inc.                   Ragozzino Foods, Inc.              Stop & Shop Supermarket   #680   Thompson Brands
         Carolina Logistics Services*               George Weston Bakeries, Inc.*               Mario Gambarducci Co.                Reverse Solutions                     Meriden**                     Thurston Foods, Inc.
         Chef Fresh Foods                           Gerber*                                     McCain Foods Ltd.*                   Rhode Island Community Food Bank   Stop & Shop Supermarket   #687   Trader Joe’s #522, Darien
         Chestnut Fine Foods & Confections**        Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank               Melisi Snack Foods                   Rich Products                         Branford**                    Trader Joe’s #523, Fairfield
         Christoforo Farm                           Greater Boston Food Bank                    Meyers Distribution                  Sam’s Club*                        Stop & Shop Supermarket   #692   Trader Joe’s #524, Orange
         Christopher Martins Restaurant & Pub**     Hallock Orchard                             Minore’s Poultry & Foods             Sargent Enterprises, Inc.             East Haven**                  Tropicana Products, Inc.*
                                                                                                                                     Schick Wilkinson-Sword             Stop & Shop Supermarket   #694   Turbana Corp.*
                                                                                                                                     Schuman Produce                       North Haven**                 Trumbull Cares
                                                                                                                                     SeaShare*                          Stop & Shop Supermarket   #603   Tyson Foods, Inc.*
                      PRODUCT DONATION BREAKDOWN                                                                                     Second Harvest Food Bank              Seymour**                     Unilever*
                                                                                                                                         of East Central Indiana*       Stop & Shop Supermarket   #608   United Natural Foods, Inc.
                                                                                                                                     Shadybrook Farms*                     Colchester**                  U.S. Foodservice*
             Local retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers,                                                                            Shaw’s Supermarket - Hamden        Stop & Shop Supermarket   #618   Wakefern Food Corp.,
                  processors (excludes inter-member transfers) - 29%                                                                                                       Waterbury**                       ShopRite Supermarkets
                                                                                                                                     Shaw’s Supermarket - Fairfield
                                                                                                                                                                        Stop & Shop Supermarket   #629   Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.*
                                                                                                                                     Shaw’s Supermarket - New Haven        Shelton**
             State and Federal Programs                                                                                              Shaw’s Supermarket - Shelton       Stop & Shop Supermarket   #639
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Waterfield Farms
                  (FEMA, TEFAP, SSNAP) - 22%                                                                                         Shaw’s Supermarket - Stratford        Stratford**                   Welch’s*
                                                                                                                                     Shaw’s Supermarket - Wallingford   Stop & Shop Supermarket   #650   Wesleyan University
             Prepared Foods - 1%                                                                                                     Shaw’s Supermarket - Westport         Fairfield**                   Western Veg-Produce, Inc.*
                                                                                                                                     ShopRite - Waterbury               Stop & Shop Supermarket   #657   WhiteTail Solutions
             Purchased Foods                                                                                                         Smithfield Foods*                     Watertown**                   Whitneyville Food Center**
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Whole Foods Market, Inc.,
                 (includes PDO & RDO purchase pounds) - 11%                                                                          The Society of St. Andrew*         Stop & Shop Supermarket   #667
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Northeast Distribution Center
                                                                                                                                     Something Sweet, Inc.                 Waterford**
                                                                                                                                     Special Olympics                   Stop & Shop Supermarket   #675   Willoughby’s Coffee & Tea
             Grocery Store Salvage - 11%                                                                                                                                   Waterbury**                   Worcester County Food Bank
                                                                                                                                     State of Connecticut, Department   Stop & Shop Supermarket   #678   X-Pect Discount Stores
             Food Drives - 3%                                                                                                            of Social Services                Montville**                   Yale University Dining Services**
                                                                                                                                     Starbucks**                        Stop & Shop Supermarket   #679   YoFarm Yogurt Co.
             National manufacturers, processors, growers                                                                             Stew Leonard’s                        Waterbury**
                  (Feeding America yellow and blue receipts) - 19%                                                                   Stonyfield Farm                    Stop & Shop Supermarket   #688
                                                                                                                                     Stop & Shop Supermarket Company       Old Saybrook**                * Donates through Feeding America,
             Other Food Banks (inter-member transfers) - 4%                                                                          Stop & Shop Supermarket #600       Stop & Shop Supermarket   #695     formerly America’s Second Harvest
                                                                                                                                         Hamden**                          Cheshire**
                                                                                                                                                                                                         ** Donates through Connecticut Food
                                                                                                                                     Stop & Shop Supermarket #638       Stop & Shop Supermarket   #653
           * numbers generated from 2nd & 3rd quarter QPR for calendar year 2007 and 1st & 2nd quarter QPR from calendar year 2008                                                                          Bank's Food Rescue Operation or
                                                                                                                                         Wallingford**                     Westport**
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Meat the Need

10   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Member Programs
CFB provides food and other resources to 650 food-assistance programs such as soup kitchens, shelters,
food pantries, and adult and child day care centers in six of Connecticut’s eight counties: Fairfield,
Litchfield, Middlesex, New Haven, New London and Windham.

(F)    Served   by   CFB’s   Fairfield warehouse.
(LF)   Served   by   CFB’s   subsidiary, Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Stamford.
(NL)   Served   by   CFB’s   subsidiary, the Gemma E. Moran United Way/Labor Food Center, New London.
(W)    Served   by   CFB’s   Waterbury warehouse.

All other programs are served by Connecticut Food Bank’s East Haven (EH) warehouse.

                                                                                                      Bridgeport (F)                             Council of Churches of                     New Hope Missionary Baptist Church,
                                                                                                      Agape Soup Kitchen                             Greater Bridgeport                         Kitchen of Hope
                                                                                                      Alpha & Omega Christian Church Pantry          Co-op Center Rehabilitation Program    North End Community Council Pantry
                                                                                                      Alpha Community Services YMCA                  Janus House Shelter                    Optimus Health Care, Inc.
                                                                                                         Bridgeport Supportive Housing           CT Renaissance, Inc., Maple Street House       Chase Wellness Center Pantry
                                                                                                         Families in Transition Shelter              Rehabilitation Residence               Pivot Ministries Rehabilitative Residence
                                                                                                         Harrison Apartments Pantry              Daughters of Charity of Rescue             Re-Entry Ministry Pantry &
                                                                                                                                                     Mission Pantry                             Residential Program
                                                                                                      Apostolic Ark Pentecostal Pantry
                                                                                                                                                 East End Community Council Pantry          Refocus Outreach Ministry, Inc., Shelter
                                                                                                      Applied Behavioral Rehabilitation, Inc.,
                                                                                                         Homes for the Brave Shelter             Faith Gospel Assembly Church Pantry            & Pantry
                                                              Ansonia                                                                                & Soup Kitchen (EH)                    Regional Network of Programs
                                                              Area Congregations Together Pantry      APT Foundation, Daytop Residential
                                                                                                         Rehabilitation Program (EH)             Family Resource Center Pantries                Horizons Residential
                                                              Birmingham Group Health Services                                                       Cesar A. Batalla                              Rehabilitation Program
                                                                 ABI House                            ASPIRA of CT Pantry
                                                                                                      Bethel Memorial Deliverance                    Dunbar/RTCC                                Huntington House Residential
                                                                 Shelter, Pantry & Social Club                                                       Roosevelt School                              Rehabilitation Program
                                                                                                         Church Pantry
                                                              Greater Valley Salvation Army Pantry                                                   Waltersville                               Iranistan House Residential
                                                                                                      Bethel Recovery Center, Inc. Pantry
                                                              Segunda Iglesia Evangelica                                                         First Christian House of Prayer Pantry            Rehabilitation Program
                                                                 Estrella de Jacob Pantry (W)         Bethel Shiloh Apostolic Church Pantry
                                                                                                                                                 First Haitian Evangelical Church Pantry        Prospect House Residential
                                                                                                      Bishop Jean Outreach Ministry Pantry
                                                                                                                                                 Full Gospel Pentecostal Church, The               Rehabilitation Program
                                                              Baltic                                  Blessed Sacrament RC Church Pantry
                                                                                                                                                     Lighthouse Food Kitchen                    Supervised Apartments Pantry
                                                              Sisters of Charity Pantry               Bridge House, Inc. Pantry
                                                                                                                                                 Greater Bridgeport Adolescent              St. Charles Church Food Pantry
                                                                                                      Bridgeport Rescue Mission Soup Kitchen,
                                                                                                                                                     Pregnancy Program, Inc.,               St. Luke’s Episcopal Church Pantry
                                                                                                         Pantry & Residential
                                                              Bantum (W)                              Bridgeport Salvation Army ARC
                                                                                                                                                     Mi Casa/My Home Pantry                 St. Stephen’s Church Pantry
                                                              Urban Hope Kids Camp                                                               Healing Tree Economic Development          St. Vincent De Paul Society of St. Raphael
                                                                                                      Bridgeport Salvation Army Soup Kitchen
                                                                                                                                                     King’s Pantry I & II                       Church Pantry
                                                                                                         & Pantry
                                                              Bethany                                 Bridgeport Tabernacle Seventh-Day              Mobile Soup Kitchen                    Spanish Seventh-Day Adventist
                                                              Institute of Professional Practice                                                 Helping Hand Center Shelter                    Church Pantry
                                                                                                         Adventist Church Pantry
                                                                 (three residential programs)                                                    Holy Rosary Roman Catholic                 Summerfield United Methodist Church
                                                                                                      Brooklawn Seventh-Day Adventist
                                                                                                         Church Pantry                               Church Pantry                              Light on the Hill Food Pantry
                                                              Bethel (F)                              Calvary St. George’s Episcopal Church      House of God Outreach, Whosoevers          Thomas Merton House Soup Kitchen
                                                              Brotherhood in Action of Bethel, Inc.      Food Pantry                                 Food Pantry                            United Tabernacle Apostolic
                                                                  Pantry                              Calvary Seventh-Day Adventist              Iglesia Pentecostal El Olivar Pantry           Church Pantry
                                                              MCCA- New Dawn Group Home                  Church Pantry                           Isaiah 61:1 Shelter and                    Victory Outreach Church Pantry
                                                              St. Thomas Church Food Pantry           Center for Women & Families Shelter            Rehabilitative Residences                  Recovery Home
                                                                                                      Child Guidance Center of Greater               Isaiah House I, II & III                   Urban Training Center
                                                              Bethlehem (W)                              Bridgeport Pantry                           Mary Magdalene                         Youth Continuum, Inc., Harbor House
                                                              Institute of Professional Practice      Christian Revival Church Pantry            JSM Development Corp, Father’s House           Group Home
                                                                 (one residential program)            Church of God Pantry & Soup Kitchen            Food Pantry
                                                                                                      Community Suppers                          Liberation Programs, Inc., Bridgeport      Brooklyn
                                                              Branford                                   Calvary St. George’s Episcopal Church       Services Pantry                        Perception Programs, Inc., Brooklyn
                                                              Branford Food Council Pantry               East End Baptist Church                 Mary Immaculate Day Care                      Bridge Residential Program
                                                              Community Dining Room                      Golden Hill United Methodist Church     McGivney Community Center, Inc. After
                                                              Harbor Health Services                     St. John’s Episcopal Church
                                                                                                                                                     School Program                         Canaan (W)
                                                                 Harbor Health House                                                             Miracle Faith World Outreach Pantry        Fishes & Loaves Pantry
                                                                                                         St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
                                                                 IOP Groups                                                                      Miracle House Rehabilitative Residence
                                                                                                      Corporation for Justice Management,
                                                                 Options Social Center                   Union House Shelter                     Music & Arts Center for Humanity After     Canterbury
                                                                                                                                                     School Program                         Canterbury Cares Pantry

                                                                                                                                                                      2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                            |   11
         Centerbrook                                 Deep River                                 Jewett City (NL)                           Northern Middlesex YMCA, Phelps
         Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries          Mount St. John, Inc.                       St. Mary’s Church Pantry                      Ingersoll Center for Children
                                                                                                                                           Shiloh Baptist Church Pantry
                                                                                                                                                                                                   PROGRAMS SERVED
                                                     Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries
         Cheshire (W)                                                                           Lakeville (W)                              Zion First Baptist Church Pantry
         Legion of Christ College of the             Derby                                      OWL’s Kitchen Pantry
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Food Pantries - 47%
            Humanities                               Area Congregations Together, Spooner                                                  Milford
                                                        House                                   Lebanon                                    Berean Assembly of
         Chester                                     CFB Kids’ BackPack Program                 Lebanon Social Services, Neighbors             God Pantry
         Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries             Irving Elementary                          Helping Neighbors Pantry (NL)           Bridges Community Support System, Inc.                                                   Residential Programs - 20%
                                                     Father McKenna St. Vincent de Paul Food    SCADD Inc., Lebanon Pines                  Combined Parishes Action Committee,
         Clinton                                        Pantry (W)                                                                             Beth-El Soup Kitchen
         Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries                                                     Ledyard (NL)                               Cornerstone Christian Center,                                                                    Soup Kitchens - 11%
                                                     Durham                                                                                    Storehouse Food Pantry
                                                                                                New Life Church Pantry
                                                                                                                                           Milford Elderly Services Food Pantry
         Colchester (NL)                             Lake Grove of Durham                       Noank Baptist Group Homes
                                                                                                                                               & Soup Kitchen (F)
         Colchester Food Pantry
                                                                                                                                           St. Gabriel Church Pantry                                                                   Emergency Shelters - 6%
                                                     East Haddam                                Litchfield (W)
         Cos Cob (LF)                                East Haddam Food Pantry                    Central Naugatuck Valley HELP, Inc.,
                                                                                                                                           Monroe (F)
         ARC Group Homes                                                                           McAulliffe Manor
                                                     East Haven                                 Education Connection
                                                                                                                                           Monroe Congregational Church,                                                              Youth Day Programs - 7%
                                                                                                                                              Monroe Food Pantry
         Cromwell                                    East Haven Food Pantry
         The Children’s Home of Cromwell             Institute for Professional Practice (one   Madison                                    Montville (NL)
            Potter’s House                              residential program)                    A Better Chance                                                                                                                        Adult Day Programs - 4%
                                                                                                                                           Montville Union Baptist Church Pantry
         Gilead Community Services                   Youth Continuum, Inc., Bradley House
            Iris Home                                                                           Meriden                                    Moosup
                                                     Essex                                      Apostolic Community Church Soup
                                                                                                                                           Community Kitchens                                                                 CFB Kids’ BackPack Programs - 5%
         Danbury (W)                                 Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries             Kitchen & Pantry
         Catholic Charities, New Heights Pantry                                                 ARC of Meriden/Wallingford (one
                                                     Fairfield (F)                                  residential program)                   Mystic (NL)
         CFB Kids’ BackPack Program                                                                                                        Noank Baptist Group Homes, Inc.,
            Broadview School                         First Church Congregational Community      Iglesia Cristiana Palabra de Vida Pantry
                                                                                                                                             High Street House                         Chemical Abuse Services/MAAS                FISH of Greater New Haven Pantry
            Great Plain School                           Suppers                                Meriden Salvation Army Pantry
                                                     Operation Hope Pantry & Soup Kitchen           & Soup Kitchen                                                                     Christ Deliverance Church Pantry            Free Forever, My Brother’s Keeper Shelter
            Hayestown Elementary                                                                                                           Naugatuck (W)                                                                               & Pantry
                                                                                                Meriden Soup Kitchen, Inc.                                                             Christian Community Action Pantry
            Mill Ridge Intermediate                                                                                                        Ecumenical Food Pantry                                                                  Glorified Deliverance Church Pantry
                                                     Gales Ferry (NL)                           New Gethsemane Pantry                                                                     Stepping Stone Transitional Program
            Morris Street Elementary                                                                                                       Human Resource Development                                                              The Guinean Community in CT Pantry
                                                     Outreach for the Unreached Pantry          New Opportunities, Inc.                                                                Christian Love Center Pantries
            Park Avenue School                                                                                                                Agency Pantry                                                                        Hill Health Corp.
                                                                                                    Operation Pantry                                                                   Church of God of Prophecy Pantry
            Pembroke Elementary                                                                                                            ICES, Inc. (four residential programs)                                                      Early Stimulation Program
                                                     Greenwich (LF)                                 Shelter NOW, Inc.                                                                  Columbus House Shelter
            Roberts Avenue Elementary                                                                                                                                                                                                  Emergency Food Pantry
                                                     ARC Greenwich Group Home                   Parker Memorial A.M.E. Zion                                                               Sojourner’s Place Transitional Shelter
            Shelter Rock Elementary
                                                                                                    Church Pantry                          New Canaan (LF)                             Community Action Agency of New                  Grant Street Partnership
         Community Action Committee of Danbury,      Neighbor to Neighbor Pantry
                                                                                                Rushford Center, Inc., Friendship          Human Services Council, St. Mark’s             Haven Pantry                                 Village of Power
            Inc. Pantry                              Pathways Fellowship Club                                                                Pantry
                                                                                                    Club Pantry                                                                        Community Builders Pantries                 Holy Nation Tabernacle of Praise &
         Daily Bread at St. James Church Pantry                                                                                                                                                                                        Worship Church Pantry
                                                     Groton (NL)                                                                                                                          Church Street South
         Danbury Salvation Army Pantry
                                                                                                Middlebury                                 New Haven                                      Kensington Square                        Immanuel Baptist Church Soup Kitchen
         Dorothy Day Hospitality Pantry (F)          Child & Family Agency of SECT, Early                                                  AIDS Interfaith Network Meal Program
                                                                                                More Than Conquerors Church Pantry                                                     Community Solutions, Youth Center               & Pantry
         Families Network of Western CT Pantry          Childhood Development Center                                                          & Pantry                                    For Change                               Iglesia de Dios La Puerta Estrecha Pantry
         Family & Children’s Aid (five residential   FHM Services Shelter                                                                  AIDS Project New Haven Pantry
                                                                                                Middlefield                                                                            Community Soup Kitchen                      IRIS: Integrated Refugee & Immigrant
            programs)                                Groton Senior/Social Services, Groton                                                    & Caring Cuisine
                                                                                                Institute for Professional Practice (one                                               CFB Kids’ BackPack Program                      Services Pantry
         Interfaith AIDS Ministry of Greater            Food Locker                                                                        ALSO Cornerstone, Inc. Residential
                                                                                                   residential program)                                                                   Hill Central Music Academy               Jewish Family Services Pantry
            Danbury Pantry                           Mother’s Retreat                                                                         Pantries
                                                                                                                                                                                          Katherine Brennan School                 Kollel Tifereth Z’Keinim Levi Yitzchak
         MCCA-McDonough House Residential            MTC/MDA Food Locker                                                                      Norton Court
                                                                                                Middletown                                                                                Timothy Dwight School                        Vchomas Noshim Pantry
            Rehabilitation Program                   Navy Marine Corps Relief Society Pantry                                                  Park Street
                                                                                                Amazing Grace Pantry                                                                      Vincent E. Mauro School                  L.E.A.P. After School Program
         Mental Health Association of CT (one        New England Adolescent                                                                   Pendleton House
                                                                                                Children’s Home Community Services,                                                       Wexler/Grant Community School            Life Haven Shelter
            residential program)                        Treatment Center                                                                      Ruoppolo
                                                                                                   Isaiah House                                                                        The Connection, Inc.                        LULAC Head Start, Inc.
         Women’s Center of Greater Danbury,          Riverfront Children’s Center                                                          APT Foundation Vocational Services
                                                                                                CFB Kids’ BackPack Program                                                             Elm City Women & Children Center                Hill Parent Child Center Pantry
            Elizabeth House Shelter                  YMCA of SECT- Small World Day Care                                                    Bethel AME Church Pantry
                                                                                                   Bielefield School                                                                   Roger Sherman House                             Mill River Center Pantry
                                                     Sound Community Services, Inc.,                                                       Casa Otoñal Pantry, After School Program
                                                                                                   CRT Head Start                                                                                                                  Macedonia Church of God Soup Kitchen
         Danielson                                      Bent Crandall Pantry                                                                  & Senior Meals                           The Consultation Center, Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       & Pantry
         ACCESS Agency, Inc.                                                                       Macdonough School                                                                      Family Education & Support Program
                                                                                                                                           Cathedral of Higher Praise Pantry                                                       Mount Hope Recovery Center Pantry
             Community Services Pantry               Guilford                                      YMCA Phelps Ingersoll Center
                                                                                                                                           Catholic Charities, Centro San Jose, Inc.   Continuum of Care Residential Programs
                                                                                                Community Health Center                                                                                                            New Haven Ecology Project, Common
             Emergency Shelter                       Guilford Interfaith Ministries, Guilford                                                 Pantry                                   Coordinating Council for Children in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ground High School
             Hawkins House                              Food Pantry Project                        New Horizons Domestic                   CFB Community Pantries                         Crisis Pantry
                                                                                                      Violence Services                                                                                                            New Haven Home Recovery
         Friends of Assisi Pantry                                                                                                             CB Motley                                Crossroads Inc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Careways Shelter
         St. Albans, Be Our Guest Meals &            Hamden                                        Oasis Center Pantry
                                                                                                                                              Crawford Manor                              Amethyst House
                                                                                                The Connection, Inc.                                                                                                                   Women in Crisis Shelter
             Food Pantry                             Community Partners in Action, S.A.G.E.                                                   Essex                                       Juan Rosa House
                                                         Program for Girls                         Connection House                                                                                                                New Haven Life Resource Center Meal
         Community Kitchens                                                                                                                   Fairmont Heights                         Domestic Violence Services of Greater
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Program & Pantry
                                                     God’s Miracle Unlimited Outreach              Eddy Center                                                                            New Haven
                                                                                                                                              Farnum Court                                                                         New Haven Salvation Army ARC & Pantry
         Darien (LF)                                     Church Pantry                          Gilead Community Services                                                              Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen
                                                                                                                                              McConaughy                                                                           New Haven Seventh-Day Adventist
         Person to Person Pantry                     Highville Mustard Seed Charter School         Baldwin Home                                                                           & Pantry
                                                                                                                                              McQueeny                                                                                 Church, Midnight Run Pantry
                                                     Institute of Professional Practice            Gilead II                                                                           Emergency Shelter Management
                                                         (one residential program)                                                            Newhall Gardens                                                                      New Haven YMCA Youth Center
         Dayville                                                                                  Social Center                                                                       Everlasting Word Outreach
                                                     Love Center Deliverance Ministry Pantry                                                  Ribicoff                                    Ministries Pantry                        Newhallville Community Center Pantry
         United Services, Domestic Violence                                                     House of God Pantry
                                                     Ministry of Helps Foundation Pantry                                                      RT Wolfe                                 Fair Haven Parents’ Ministry Pantry         Parents’ Foundation for
            Center                                                                              Institute for Professional Practice                                                                                                    Transitional Living
                                                     St. Ann’s Pantry & Soup Kitchen                                                          WT Rowe                                  Fellowship Place, Inc. Meal Program
                                                                                                   (two residential programs)
                                                                                                                                                                                          and Pantry

12   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Project M.O.R.E.                          New Milford (W)                             Tabernacle of Deliverance & Praise       Domus Foundation Group Home                Trumbull (F)                               Waterford (NL)
    Pantry                                New Milford United Methodist                   Ministries Pantry                     Ebenezer Church of God Pantry              Christ Episcopal Church Tashua,            New London Area Food Pantry
    Project Green                           Church Pantry                             Unitarian Universalist Church            Exchange Club Parenting Skills                Trumbull Social Services                YMCA of SECT, Prime Time After
    Walter Brooks House                                                                  Soup Kitchen                          Faith Tabernacle Pantry                    The Kennedy Center, Inc.,                    School Program
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Pantry      Newtown (W)                                 YMCA of Southeastern CT, Kids Care       First Haitian Free Methodist Pantry           Supported Living Program
St. Francis Home for Children             Newtown Department Social Services,                                                  First Spanish Church of the                Nichols United Methodist Church            Watertown (W)
St. Luke’s Church Soup Kitchen & Pantry     Newtown Salvation Army Pantry             Old Greenwich (LF)                           Nazarene Pantry                           Mobile Soup Kitchen                     Institute of Professional Practice
St. Matthew’s U.F.W.B. Church Pantry                                                  ARC Group Homes                          Greater Emmanuel Pantry                                                                  (three residential programs)
St. Paul & St. James’ Loaves &            Niantic (NL)                                                                         HAC of New Jerusalem Church Pantry         Uncasville (NL)                            Kangaroo Korner, Inc. Day Care
    Fishes Pantry                         Pleasant Valley Community, Care and         Old Lyme                                 Haitian Community Center Pantry            The Connection, Inc.,
St. Thomas More Soup Kitchen                 Share Soup Kitchen                       Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries       Haitian Theophile Church Pantry               Cochegan House (EH)                     West Haven
Salvation & Deliverance Church Pantry                                                                                          Jesus Is Lord Church Soup Kitchen          Montville Senior Social Services Pantry    Christian Union Church Pantry
Second Star of Jacob Pantry               Noank (NL)                                  Old Saybrook                                 & Pantry                                                                          Faith Baptist Church Pantry
Solar Youth                               Noank Baptist Group Homes, Inc.,            Estuary Council of Seniors, Inc.         Jewish Family Services Pantry              Voluntown (NL)                             Gateway Christian Fellowship Pantry
Teen Challenge                              Main Street House                         Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries       Laurel House, Inc. Pantry                  Living Word Emergency Food Pantry          WHEAT Pantry
    Men’s Center                                                                                                               Liberation Programs, Inc.
    Women’s Center                        North Grosvenordale                         Pawcatuck (NL)                               Families in Recovery                   Wallingford                                Westbrook
There’s No Place Like Home                Community Kitchens                          Pawcatuck Neighborhood Center Pantry         Liberation House                       American Red Cross,                        Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Pantries
Tower One Pantry                          TEEG, Inc. Pantry                                                                    Meals on Wheels                              Wallingford Food Pantry
Unitarian Society, Waverly Community                                                  Plainfield                               MLK Senior Support Pantry                  Master’s Manna, Inc. Pantry                Willimantic
    Services Pantry                       North Haven                                 Project PIN Pantry                       New Covenant House of Hospitality Soup                                                ACCESS Agency, Inc., Pantry
Varick AME Zion Church Soup Kitchen &     Children’s Home Community Services,                                                      Kitchen & Pantry                       Waterbury (W)                              Catholic Charities & Family
    Pantry                                    Esther House                            Pleasant Valley (W)                      St. Luke’s Lifeworks                       Ark Church Pantry                             Services Pantry
Youth Continuum, Inc.                     Girl Scouts, CT Trails Council              Community Food Pantry                        Family Housing                         Central Naugatuck Valley Help, Inc.        Holy Family Home & Shelter
    Forbes House                          Institute of Professional Practice (three                                                Gilead House                               Drug Services                          Covenant Soup Kitchen & Pantry
    MacMullen ETEC                            residential programs)                   Portland                                     Women’s Housing                            Roger’s House                          Perception Programs, Inc.
    Umoja House                                                                       True Vine Holiness Church,               Shelter for the Homeless                   Children’s Community School                   Next Step Residential Program
    Uno House                             North Stonington                               People Helping People Pantry              Pacific House                          Church of God Pantry                          Omega House Shelter
                                          Eastern Pequot Wattooantam                                                               Berkeley                               CMHA, Worth Program                           Perception House
New London (NL)                              Foundation, Inc. Pantry                  Putnam                                   Stamford Salvation Army Shelter & Pantry   Community Solutions                        United Services, Domestic
Alliance for Living                                                                   Community Kitchens                       Stamford YMCA Day Program                      The Chase Center                          Violence Center
    Essentials for Life Pantry            Norwalk (LF)                                Daily Bread Pantry                       Tabernacle of Grace Pantry                     Waterbury AIC                          Windham Region No Freeze Project
    Community Meals                       Appleby School Health & Human Services                                               USSC Senior Program                        Community Tabernacle Outreach Pantry
                                              Council Pantry                          Sandy Hook (W)
Apostolic Cathedral of Hope Pantry                                                                                             Wilson Memorial Church Pantry              CT Renaissance, Inc., East & West          Winsted (W)
Catholic Charities Pantry                 Bible Church of Norwalk Soup Kitchen        F.A.I.T.H. Food Pantry                   Women’s Mentoring Network Pantry           CT Trails Girl Scouts                      Winsted Salvation Army, Winsted Area
                                              & Pantry
Centro de la Communidad Day Care                                                                                               Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Pantry    Family Service Assoc. of Greater              Interfaith Food Bank
                                          Christian Community Action Pantry                                                                                                   Waterbury, Chapman House
Child & Family Agency of SECT
                                          Choices for Success After
                                                                                      Seymour (W)
    B.P. Learned Land Day Care
                                              School Program
                                                                                      Seymour/Oxford Food Pantry               Stratford (F)                              First Assembly of God Pantry               Wolcott (W)
    Smith Bent Day Nursery                                                                                                     Agape Food Pantry                          Greater Waterbury Interfaith Ministries    ICES, Inc. (one residential program)
                                          Community Solutions                                                                                                                 Soup Kitchen & Pantry
Connecticut College Mentoring Program         Residential Program                     Sharon (W)                               CFB Kids’ BackPack Program
    Day Care                                                                          MCCA, Trinity Glen Residential              Chapel Street School                    Hispanic Coalition of Greater              Woodbridge
                                          Domestic Violence Crisis Center                                                                                                     Waterbury Pantry
Covenant Shelter                                                                        Rehabilitation Program                    Eli Whitney Elementary                                                             Institute of Professional Practice
                                          George Washington Carver Foundation,                                                                                            ICES, Inc. (three residential programs)
Directions, Inc.                              After School Program                                                                Franklin Elementary                                                                   (two residential programs)
Drop-In Learning Center                                                               South Norwalk (LF)                          Lordship Elementary                     Iglesia Cristiana Juan 3:16 Pantry
                                          Malta House Pantry & Shelter
First Church Fishes & Loaves                                                          Assemblies of God Pentecostal Church        Stratford Academy/Honeyspot             Iglesia Cristiana Pentecostal, Puerta de   Woodbury (W)
                                          Manna House of Hospitality Soup Kitchen                                                                                             Salvación Pantry
    Soup Kitchen                              & Pantry                                   John 3:16 Pantry                         Wilcoxson Elementary                                                               Community Services Council of
Front Porch Foundation (six programs)                                                 Norwalk Housing Foundation After                                                    Mental Health Association of CT               Woodbury Pantry
                                          MCCA- Adolescent Residential Treatment                                               Living Water Deliverance Ministry Pantry
Homeless Hospitality Shelter                                                             School Program                                                                       Independence Center                    Institute of Professional Practice
                                          Mid Fairfield AIDS Project Pantry                                                    South End Community Center
Jewish Federation Senior & Community                                                                                              of Stratford Pantry                         Residential Services                      (two residential programs)
                                          New Life Church Pantry
    Services Pantry                                                                   Southbury (W)                            Sterling House Pantry                      Morris Foundation
                                          Norwalk Congregate Homes for
La Famille de L’Eglise de Dieu, Inc.                                                  Institute of Professional Practice       Stratford Coalition for the Homeless           Morris House
                                              the Elderly
    Pantry                                                                               (one residential program)                Bethlehem House Pantry                      Therapeutic Shelter
                                          Norwalk Salvation Army Pantry
Mount Moriah Fire Baptized Holiness                                                                                                                                           Women & Children’s Shelter
                                          St. Vincent de Paul Society Pantry (F)
    Church Pantry                                                                     Stamford (LF)                            Terryville (W)                             NAFI- Stepping Stone
New London Community Meal Services                                                    ARC Group Homes                                                                         Residential Program
New London Salvation Army Pantry &
                                          Norwich (NL)                                                                         Plymouth Community Food Pantry
                                                                                                                                                                          New Opportunities, Inc., Pantry
                                                                                      ARI Group Homes                          Plymouth Visiting Nurse Association &
    Soup Kitchen                          Beulah Land Church of God Pantry
                                                                                      Bayview Towers Youth Programs & Pantry      Human Services Pantry                   Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury
New London Youth Organization             Catholic Charities & Family
                                                                                      Bethel AME Church Pantry                                                            St. Vincent DePaul Mission of
    Teen Cafe                                 Services Pantry
                                                                                      Boys & Girls Club                                                                       Waterbury, Inc.
Office of Youth Affairs Day Care          Dr. Martin Luther King Center Pantry                                                 Torrington (W)                                 Pantry & Soup Kitchen
                                          Madonna Place Day Care                      Catholic Charities                       Community Solutions, Torrington AIC
Opportunities Ind. Center of New London                                                  Elder Hispanic Outreach Pantry                                                       Casa de Rosa
    Pantry & Soup Kitchen                 Martin House Residential Program                                                     Community Soup Kitchen
                                                                                         Senior Neighborhood Support                                                          Cornerstone
St. James Episcopal Church Soup Kitchen   Norwich Area Clergy Food Locker                                                      FISH of Torrington Shelter & Pantry
                                                                                      Church of God House of Peace Pantry                                                 Waterbury Baptist Ministries Pantry
Shiloh Development Corporation            Norwich Human Services Food Pantry                                                   Friendly Hands Food Pantry
                                                                                      Community Tabernacle of                                                             Waterbury Salvation Army Shelter
    Childworks PreSchool                  Norwich Salvation Army Pantry &                                                      McCall Foundation, Inc.,
                                                                                         Deliverance Pantry                                                                   & Pantry
Sound Community Services, Inc.                Soup Kitchen                                                                        Carnes Weeks Center
                                                                                      Committee on Training & Development                                                 Waterbury Spanish Seventh-Day
    Oasis Center Soup Kitchen             Norwich Worship Center Pantry                                                        Mental Health Association of CT
                                                                                         Lathon Wider Education & Youth                                                       Adventist Church Pantry
                                          St. Vincent de Paul Place Soup Kitchen                                                  (one residential program)
    Supervised Apartments Pantry                                                           Family Services                                                                Waterbury Youth Service Systems, Inc.
                                              & Pantry                                                                         Northwestern CT AIDS Project, Inc.
Women’s Center of Southeastern                                                           Viewpoint Recovery Program
                                          Reliance House, Inc.                                                                    Meal Program & Pantry
    Connecticut School
                                              Penobscot Place Soup Kitchen            Deliverance Center World                 Northwestern CT YMCA Pantry
    Readiness Program
                                                & Pantry                                 Ministries Pantry                     Prime Time House
                                              Teamworks Soup Kitchen & Pantry         Domestic Violence Crisis Center          Torrington Salvation Army Pantry

                                                                                                                                                                                                2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                     |   13
         Harvest Club Donors
         Members of the Harvest Club donate funds on a regular basis – weekly, monthly or quarterly – knowing that every dollar donated impacts our
         daily work of getting more food to more people in need. The following individuals are Harvest Club members that made contributions between
         July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

         $2,500.00 - $5,000.00             $500.00 - $999.99                $250.00 - $499.99                   Susan Krieger
                                                                                                                Catherine M. Lauder
                                                                                                                                                 $100.00 - $249.99             Ernest & Janie Nagler
                                                                                                                                                                               Meridee K. Olsen
         Bruce & Mary Fichandler           Peter & Kathleen Achorn          Susan Ackerman                      Carol A. Lawson                  Mark Azzara Jr.               Michael & Linda Polke
                                           Mike & Diane Appicelli           Cheryl Alison & Sandra Miller       Sarah Lord                       Elaine Balsley                Karen J. Riem
                                           Rich & Betsy Buckley             Joseph Anderson Jr.                 Mary F. Lowery                   Mark & Diane Bancroft         Edward S. Rigney
                                           David & Sharleen Dinneen         Anonymous                           Gertrude McKitterick             Ruth Bates                    David & Ruth Sack
         $1,000.00 - $2,499.99             William & Kathleen Dornfeld      David & Kathleen Bavelas            Barbara J. Milnes                Angelica D. Bentley           Rodney & Linda Salisbury
                                           Marc & Heidi Eisenberg           Mark Becker                         Calvin & Patricia Moffie         Frank & Helen Bowden          Nathan A. Schatz
         Rick & Nancy Antle
                                           Kathleen Filon                   Robert K. Berg                      Christopher Montgomery           Russell & Deirdre Christman   Joyce & William Smith
         Richard & Julia Auerbach
                                           Daniel & Lynn French             Robert & Elizabeth Bergin           Catherine Palsa                  Gary Elliott                  Marion Sullivan
         Sarbani Basu
                                           Joan M. Genest                   Maryann Bessette                    Peter & Ethel Pearce             Vilma Esposito                William A. Wheeler
         George C. Bradley Jr.
                                           Ann W. Gibb                      Marie Block                         Margaret Pisani                  Patricia Lange Flemma         William & Tammy Wolfe II
         Hugh & Nancy Broughel
                                           Frank & Mary Grazioso            Judith B. Burns                     Bernard & Ruth Plaisted          Lisa Gagliardi                Donna M. Young
         Mr. & Mrs. Rafael M. Carruthers
                                           John & Maureen Hahn              Thomas & Regina Campfield           Denis & Kathryn Pope             Susan Gargano
         Center for Medicare Advocacy
                                           Mrs. Robert D. Haller            Peter Casula Jr.                    Roland Proulx                    Thomas & Joan Gunning
         Anne L. Demchak
                                           Mark & Donna Haversat            Roxanne Coady                       Christopher Pyne                 Anne M. Harris
         Michael P. DiToro
         Christine Mary Gerli
                                           Richard C. Howell                Anthony Colavolpe                   Marie S. Redmond                 Gregory C. Hartwick           Up to $100.00
                                           Joan Jackson                     James & Helen Coleman               Kevin & Elizabeth Robinson       Regina E. Herman
         Emery & Jeannine Gluck                                                                                                                                                Josephine Ardito
                                           Rosemary Kelly                   Brenda L. Cooper                    Jill Saverine                    Patricia Hurley
         David Hinkle                                                                                                                                                          Linda Bedard
                                           Patricia A. Klein                Daniel & Mary Cotter                Gary & Susan Seckinger           Dennis & Sally Huysman
         Walter R. Keenan                                                                                                                                                      Patricia Cimmino
                                           Connie Koskelowski               Neil & Megan Crockett               S. Anthony Shattuck              Patricia Johnson
         Tim Kulig                                                                                                                                                             Darren & Marjorie Clark
                                           Elizabeth J. Kuen                Bessie Day                          Matt & Crystal Snyder            Ernest & Margot Kohorn
         Giora & Leslie Lebl                                                                                                                                                   John DelFavero
                                           Paul & Sandra Linton             Marylou Difelice                    Edward & Patricia Stannard       Carol Koskelowski
         Karen E. McCormick                                                                                                                                                    Alexander & Sarah Hoffert
                                           Martha Maguire                   Holly Fichtel                       Timothy J. Sugrue                Peter & Carleen Kunkel
         Robert & Michele Millham                                                                                                                                              Larry & Debby Hoffman
                                           Lee & Bernice Schacter           Bill & Betty Fink                   Mr. & Mrs. William C. Sullivan   James & Barbara Lacey
         Gary & Marilyn Pezzullo                                                                                                                                               Jean Z. Lazuk
                                           Elaine M. Waters                 Ann M. Flaxman                      Marcia Valente                   Cynthia F. Mann
         Edward Stilwagen                                                                                                                                                      Regina M. Marshall
                                           Chris & Janice Fletcher Yarson   Inez M. Foley                       John & Laura Whinfield           Fred J. Martin
         William Taylor                                                                                                                                                        Kimberly A. O’Brien
                                                                            Angelos & Margaret Giannakopoulos   Benjamin W. Wyckoff              Anne McCarthy
         Leo & Debra Whelan Jr.                                                                                                                                                Mary & Louis Poeta
                                                                            Richard & Kathleen Hoblitzell                                        Rodney & Sandra McFarland
                                                                                                                                                                               Kathleen Rhodeen
                                                                            Anna D. Johnson                                                      Alan B. Mitchell
                                                                                                                                                                               S. Brian & Mary Rinelli
                                                                            Aroon & Soraya Kaoroptham                                            Marjorie Moore
                                                                            Herbert & Ruth Kaufman                                               Vera Moore

14   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
In-Kind Donors
Providing CFB with the opportunity to utilize the full profits of an event or save on essentials for warehouse operations, in-kind donors
impact our success. The following individuals, groups, and businesses donated goods or services between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

Adeptus Art / Timothy Hochstetter         Christ Presbyterian Church, New Haven   Hummel Bros.                        McDermott Chevrolet           R.C. Bigelow, Inc.                    Thermo King of Southern Connecticut
Agway of North Branford                   City Seed, Inc.                         Ikea                                McLaughlin Vineyards          Regional Water Authority              Thomas Fallon Fine Photography
American Medical Response                 Connecticut Magazine                    Inn at Middletown                   Munson’s Chocolates           Richard D. Grant                      Thompson Candy Company
Anthony DeCarlo Photography               Cuisinart                               It’s Only Natural Restaurant        Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppe     Robbins Tesar Inc.                    Tiffany & Co.
Anthony Valentino                         David Johnson                           Ivoryton Playhouse                  New England Revolution        Saybrook Point Inn & Spa              Timex
Archie Moore’s Bar & Restaurant           Debra & Jeff Rapoport                   Jarjura Farm                        New Haven Police Department   Seven Angels Theatre                  Tommy Hilfiger
B & B Transportation                      Diageo                                  Jessica Kagan Cushman               New Haven Register            ShopRite Waterbury                    Trina Learned
Balance 4 Optimal Health                  East Haven Police Department            Joiya Day Spa                       New Jersey Devils             ShopRite West Haven                   Vineyard Vines
Barker Specialty                          Ellen Coe                               Joseph Dzeda                        New York Jets                 Smith Optics                          Vinnie’s Saybrook Fish House
BIC                                       Faith Middleton                         Julie Rio                           New York Rangers              Star 99.9 FM                          Waterbury Police Department
Big Dipper Ice Cream Factory              Fox 61 Morning Show                     Kate Walton & Family                New York Red Bulls            Stew Leonard’s                        Waterbury Republican-American
Boston Red Sox                            Foxwoods Resort Casino                  Kathy Moran                         Palace Theater, Waterbury     Stockbridge’s Gourmet Cheesecakes     WATR 1320 AM
Bradford Renaissance                      Fran Giffin                             KC 101 FM                           Panera Bread                  Subway                                Webster Bank
   Portraits Corporation                  Francine Du Verger & Martin LaManna     Kim Damien                          Pat Carl-Stannard             Sweet Maria’s                         White Silo Vineyard
Breugger’s Enterprises, Inc.              General Mills                           Lake Compounce                      Patty’s Restaurant            The Loft                              WJ Productions
Cabot Creamery                            Gladys Alcedo                           Laurie Mucherino                    Pepe’s Pizza                  The New England Patriots Charitable   WPLR 99.1 FM
Carmen Anthony Restaurant Group           Gouveia Vineyard                        Liquid Lunch                        Professional Cutlery Direct      Foundation, Inc.                   WTNH / News Channel 8
Chabaso Bakery                            Greenwood Glass Blowing Studio          Luigi’s Italian Pastry              Quick Center for the Arts     The Pampered Chef                     Yale University Department of Athletics
Chamard Vineyards                             & Gallery/ Peter Greenwood          Main Street Styles                     at Fairfield University    The Spa at Norwich Inn

Corporate Matching Gift Contributors
Furthering the good will of others makes an incredible impact – five dollars can turn to ten or one dinner into a week’s worth of meals.
We thank the companies that kindly match the donations of their employees and participate in the matching gift program.

AES Thames, L.L.C.                        Dominion Foundation                     RBC Foundation
Aetna Foundation, Inc.                    Dynegy, Inc.                            Reader’s Digest Foundation
Alliance Bernstein                        Endurance Services Limited              Reid & Riege Foundation
Alternative Investment Group, LLC         ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc.             Reuters America Inc.
Altria Group, Inc.                        FactSet Research Systems                Russell Sage Foundation
American Express Foundation               Fitch, Inc.                             SPX Corporation
American International Group              Gartner                                 St. Paul Travelers Foundation
AMICA                                     GE Foundation                           The Stanley Works
Applera Corporation                       General Re Services Corporation         Survey Sampling, Inc.
Arch Chemicals, Inc.                      The Gillette Company                    Thomson
AT&T Services, Inc.                       GlaxoSmithKline Foundation              The Thomson Corporation
Avon Products Foundation                  Goodrich Foundation                     Torrington Savings Bank
AXA Foundation                            Greenberg, Rhein & Margolis             Tudor Investment Corp.
Bank of America Foundation                The JPMorgan Chase Foundation           Tyco
Barnes Group Foundation, Inc.             Kraft Foods Matching Gifts Program      UBS
Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman LLP           Landmark Partners, Inc.                 Unilever United States Foundation
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.                  MasterCard Worldwide                    United Technologies PAC
Business & Legal Reports, Inc.            The McGraw-Hill Companies               Verizon Foundation
CA, Inc.                                  Merck Partnership for Giving            Wachovia Foundation
Casey Charitable Matching Programs        Meredith Corporation Foundation         XL Global Services
The Chubb Corporation                     Microsoft
Cisco Foundation                          Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal
Citizens Financial Group Matching Gifts   Newgate Capital Management LLC
Cooper Surgical                           Odyssey America Reinsurance Corp.
Covidien Employee Matching                PBG Foundation - PBG WINs
    Gift Program                          Pequot Capital Foundation, Inc.
Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn                  Pfizer Matching Gift Center
Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation         Pitney Bowes, Inc.
Diageo North America Foundation           The Prudential Foundation

                                                                                                                                                                        2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                     |   15
                                                                                                        $15,000 +                                 Steven & Diane Girvin
                                                                                                                                                  Eugene Gorab
                                                                                                        Wes & Betsy Malloy Higgins                William H. Hubbell
                                                                                                                                                  Jonathan Jaffe
                                                                                                                                                  Joseph T. King Jr. & Amy C. Justice
                                                                                                                                                  William & Lisa Kreussling
                                                                                                        $10,000.00 -                              Edward & Susan Kritzman
                                                                                                                                                  Martha Merrill Shattuck Charitable
                                                                                                          $14,999.99                                  Lead Annuity Trust
                                                                                                        Raymond T. Dalio,                         Richard L. Matthies
                                                                                                           Dalio Family Foundation                John & Catherine McHugh
                                                                                                        Eric & Nancy Gany                         Brian J. Miller
                                                                                                        Estate of Dr. E. Louise Gaudet            Denis & Britta Nayden
                                                                                                        Bruce & Barbara Hoag                      Kathleen O’Grady
                                                                                                        Frank W. Pepe Jr.                         Rachelle L. Owen
                                                                                                        William C. Shanley III                    Philip A. Riordan
                                                                                                        Geoffrey & Carla Walworth                 Eileen D. Rodman
                                                                                                                                                  Beverly Sackler
                                                                                                                                                  Katherine A. Sears
                                                                                                                                                  John & Debra Shaw
                                                                                                        $5,000.00 - $9,999.99                     Guy & Kathe Sherman
                                                                                                                                                  Richard & Jo Anne Siebrasse
                                                                                                        Rev. Harry & Manette Adams                Jon & Cleo Sonneborn
                                                                                                        Claude & Jennifer Amadeo                  Lois Sontag, Jeld Charitable Foundation
                                                                                                        Jill Birinyi                              Jesse R. Stuart
                                                                                                        John & June Caldwell                      Bettye H. Turitto
                                                                                                        Donald & Elizabeth Chiboucas              Kathleen Vojack & Mitchell S. Katz
                                                                                                        Michael W. Cleman & Marilyn H. Moss       Stuart Warner
                                                                                                        Frank & Augusta Downey                    Norman Weinstein
                                                                                                        David J. DuPont                           Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign
                                                                                                        William & Jean Graustein                  Joel S. Zackin & Celeste Suggs
                                                                                                        Sheila M. Greatrex
                                                                                                        Mary Ellen Griffin, Griffin Family Fund
                                                                                                        Kathleen & John Harper
                                                                                                        Margaret G. Heppelmann
                                                                                                            & Michael Wacek
                                                                                                                                                  $1,000.00 - $2,499.99
                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. David L. Hunt,                 Marion D. Aimesbury
                                                                                                            The Sara & David Hunt                 Alfred A. Akowitz
                                                                                                            Charitable Fund                       Bruce & Terri Alpert
                                                                                                        Eric & Mary Hyson                         Carl & Dorian Anderson
                                                                                                        Marta Jo Lawrence                         Douglas & Gail Anderson
                                                                                                        James & Lynn Mead                         Norman & Margery Andrews
                                                                                                        Kate C. Paley                             Anonymous
                                                                                                        Lawrence & Robin Sapanski                 Basil & Susan Anton
                                                                                                        John Schmid                               Philip M. Asche
                                                                                                        Barry & Claudia Spaulding                 Astmann Family
                                                                                                        Harold A. Spratt                          Barbara A. Aurell

                                                                     Individual Donors                  Arlene A. Whalen                          Donald E. & Ruthann Aylor
                                                                                                                                                  Laurie D. Bagley
                                                                                                                                                  William & Sandra Bailey
                                                                                                                                                  Benjamin Baker
         The impact that food has on our lives is immeasurable. Giving just five dollars can help one   $2,500.00 - $4,999.99                     Greg Baldwin & Meredith Gavrin
                                                                                                                                                  Ellen Banks
                less child go to school hungry and be better able to concentrate on his studies. The    Anonymous
                                                                                                                                                  Keith & Barbara Baxter
                                                                                                        Allan & Maria Borghesi
                       following individuals donated funds between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.      Francis & Barbara Boyle Jr.               Timothy W. Bethuy
                                                                                                                                                  Geoffrey & Sara Bible
                                                                                                        John Bozzi & Dr. Catharine Arnold
                                                                                                        Timothy & Adrienne Bradford               Mark M. Bielstein
                                                                                                        Nicholas Brown                            David & Eunice Bigelow
                                                                                                        Richard & Marilyn Buel                    Roman & Elise Bninski
                                                                                                        The Common Fund, Employees                Francis & Jeanette Bogdan
                                                                                                        Virginia M. Crossley                      L. Stewart Bohan
                                                                                                        Vince D’Agostino,                         Elizabeth E. Bone
                                                                                                            The D’Agostino Family Foundation      Angelo Bordonaro
                                                                                                        Devin Dallaire                            William & Margaret Bossert
                                                                                                        Lucile L. Darcy                           J. Martin Brayboy
                                                                                                        Anthony & Jeanne De Angelo,               Norma F. Brewer
                                                                                                            Fortress Fiduciary Co.                Robert Brunetti
                                                                                                        Andrew & Catherine Geggie                 Steven E. Buller & Anne L. Walsh
                                                                                                        Bob Gerber & Dr. Veronica Rynn            William & Penney Burnett, William &
                                                                                                        James & Nina Gerber                           Penney Burnett Foundation

16   |    2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
George J. Bussman Jr.                       Peter N. Herbert                          David & Deborah Morrow                  Dennis Stern                           Judith N. Bogin                        David & Ellen Dodge
Sally Campbell                              William A. Herrick Jr.                    William R. Morse                        Thomas & Kathleen Stone                Philip & Sarah E. Bondy                Robert Dombi
Loulie D. Canady                            Robert Hicks                              Michael & Joanne Morton                 Paul D. Storiale                       Robert & Karen Bosco                   Alex Dorato
James & Carolyn Carroll                     Rebecca S. Hoblin                         Michael A. Mulready & Barbara L. Chan   Dr. Pavur Sundaresan                   Joseph R. Bove                         Christopher W. Douglass
James & Nancy Carroll                       Kevin T. Hoffman, Law Offices             Pamela J. Murphy & Richard D’Avino      John & Susan Sutherland                Geralyn Brennan                        Helen Dulko
Monica G. Cavanagh                          Mary & Daniel Hoffman                     Christopher M. Murtaugh                 Cheryl N. Symmes                       Jeffrey H. Brewer                      Christina S. Duncan
Louis & Terese Ceruzzi                      Molli & Steve Hourihan                    Mary D. Neumann                         Dean Takahashi & Wendy Sharp           Renfrew & Cynthia Brighton             James Dunn & Coleen Hurlie
Felix Charney                               Peter Huvelle                             Bridget S. Neville                      John & Sandra Teixeira                 Margaret K. Brophy                     Peter R. Dunn
Ann Christmann                              Pasquale & Amy Iannuzzi                   Robert C. Norris                        Karen Tell, William Tell &             John A. Brown                          Roma H. Dupuis, Happy Hollow Farm
Cary A. Cieciuch                            Alan Lee & Marsha Ingber                  Timothy O’Neil                              Karen Tell Foundation              Karen D. Broyles                       Edwin & Karen Duval
Patricia L. Cody & James L. Miller          Roger & Martha Jackson                    Elisabet Orville                        Lincoln Thompson Jr.                   Peter & Ann Bruchansky                 Lucian Dzialo
Sanford M. Cohen                            Charlotte A. Januska                      Harold Gray Osborn                      David & Nancy Tillson                  Robert & Mary Bucciferro               Charles & Judy Eaton
Courtney B. I. Combe                        Barbara K. Jones                          Kenneth & Doris Papp                    James Trainor                          James & Jane Bucher                    John M. & Diane Edgecomb
Joseph & Barbara Connolly III               Elizabeth R. Joyce                        Ralph S. Parson                         Mac & Pat Turner                       Kevin & Joan Buckley                   Roberta J. Egnaczyk
John R. Corbet                              Hugh & Diane Kearney                      David & Cathy Parsons                   Charles & Anna Vandenburgh             Barbara Burch                          Jan & Mary Ann Ehrenwerth
Irene Covey                                 Eric A. Keener                            Frederick A. Parsons III                Michael Varco, Newday Communications   James & Barbara Buss                   David Elford
Barbara A. Cunningham                       Robert & Jane Keiter                      Lara J. Paschalidis                     Mark B. Victor                         Ann W. Butler                          Lucy R. Elliot
William Curran                              Frank Kenna III                           Thomas & Nancy Patton                   Jed & Ellen Walker                     Kevin & Susan Byrne                    Kathleen C. Ellis
Jeanne F. Curtin                            Frank & Joan Kenna                        Elizabeth M. Pfriem                     Robert & Judith Hall Walsh             Diane S. Canfield                      Patricia Englund
Jim & Sue Curtin                            Gilbert Kenna                             Janet M. Pierpont                       Marlene L. Waradzin                    Michael & Mary Carpenter               Edward N. Epstein
Guy A. D’Aguanno & Karen A. Binelli         Shirley A. Keyes                          Zachary W. Pitluk                       Hilary Warner                          Nancy L. Carrington                    John & Elizabeth Fath
Anthony Michael D’Inzillo                   Richard King                              William & Wendy Platt                   Charles & Lynn Weiner                  Sean Carroll, Merit Insurance          Rick & Kim Fawcett
John Dahill                                 John & Phyllis Kingsbury                  Stanley Popiel & Ingrid Feddersen       Eric C. Wenberg                        Gary L. Carter                         Lt. Gov. Michael & Carol Fedele
John & Elizabeth Dailinger                  Lucinda E. Knuth                          Doreen E. Porter                        Michael & Anita Werdmann               Laurence & Charlene Cass Jr.           Evelyn R. Ferguson
Philip & Diana Danford,                     William & Linda Kosturko                  Frances D. Puddicombe                   Peter & Pam Werth                      Ron Charles, R.H. Charles Realty Co.   Allan & Cynthia Fine
    The Danford Foundation                  Marian Kretsch                            Fred & Wendy Purdue                     Suzanne K. Werth,                      Elaine Cheng                           Michael R. Finick
Patricia J. Davino                          Karen Krupnik & Alexander Zaharoff        Jill Pustola, Pustola & Associates          The Werth Family Foundation        Robert Chernoff                        Jesse & Betsy Fink,
Denese A. Deeds & David M. Gioiello Jr.     Cynthia LaPorta                           Linda L. Randell                        Stephen & AnnaLynn Wheeler             Hawley T. Chester Jr.                      Marshall Street Management
Camille DeGalan                             Prue B. LaRocca                           Charles F. Reese                        Malcolm & Carolyn Wiener               Joan Chetrick                          Susan Finkelstein
Aubrey & Joyce DeWolfe                      Hilary B. Laubach                         Kathleen C. Reilly                      Ronald A. Wislocki Jr.                 Susan C. Chevalier                     Carrie Finlayson
Sheila Donnelly                             Christine Lebert                          Anne T. Reynolds                        Christina Johnson Wolff                James & Joan Cianci                    David R. Finn
Thomas F. Donnelly                          Theresa Zinck Lederer                     Sandra L. Rice                          Carol A. Wolven                        Domenic V. Cicchetti, PhD              Laura S. Fisher
Dr. Paul J. Donoghue & Dr. Mary E. Siegel   Susanna Lindberg                          H. Thomas & June Robinson               Peter & Wendy Wright                   Ryan L. Clair                          Mark W. Fisher
G. Joyce Duff                               Arthur W. Linden                          John S. & Lupi Robinson                 Charles & Mary Ann Wyand               Alicia J. Clegg                        V.M. Fitzgerald
Robert D. Duke                              Joseph & Kathleen Linta,                  Michael P. Robinson                     Donald F. & Kathy Zak                  Joel Cogen & Elizabeth Gilson          Edward J. Flynn
Richard E. Dye                                  Linta Sports Agency                   Richard Roman                                                                  Bonita Cohen                           K. Foley
James & Mary Ann Emswiler                   Robert A. Lisak                           William & Polly Rosen                                                          Eugene & Joan Cohler                   John Fox
Robert Ericson                              John D. Lobrano                           Charles & Deborah Royce                                                        Kathleen M. Colica                     Jon & Dorothy Fox
John E. Evers                               Robert & Robin Lofquist                   J. Preston & Janet S. Ruddell           $500.00 - $999.99                      Karen L. Collins                       Stephen & Jane Frank
S.G. & K.J. Fellows                         Thomas Lombardi                           Ellen Ryerson                           Janine Aggott                          Dennis & Laura Colwell                 Michael Freda
Donald G. Fertman Jr.                       Harold W. Low                             Robert & Georgina Sackstein             Zahida Ali                             Jeffrey & Laura Comen                  Arthur P. Freierman & Abby Gilmore
Robert & Susan Flemming Jr.                 Romaine A. Macomb                         Robert T. Saleem                        David & Katherine Allen                Florence Comite                        Robert & Marie Frenkel
Carl Franklin                               Terry & Martha Maguire,                   Barbara Sanchez                         Robert & Laura Allen                   Jeffrey & Agnes Cook                   Alfred Frueh
Lois Friedman                                   Bessemer Securities Corp.             Anne D. Sanger                                                                 Marc & Laura Cotnoir                   Richard R. Fucci
                                                                                                                              Richard Amione
Robert W. Garthwait Sr.                     Patricia M. Mahoney                       Andrew M. Schatz & Barbara F. Wolf                                             Jay & Cathy Coyle                      Diane D. Fuller
                                                                                                                              Asher Anderson
Greg Garvey                                 Lola Ann Majure                           Robert & Thomas Scheuer, Scheuer                                               David & Victoria Crompton              Denise A. Funk
                                                                                                                              Robert & Nancy Anderson
Robert E. Gay                               Peter L. Malkin, The Malkin Fund              Associates Foundation                                                      Barbara Crouse                         William & Sharon Gallagher
Liliana Geldmacher                          Stephen & Susan Mandel Jr.                Margaret G. Schultz                                                            David A. Csejka                        Gregory E. Gardiner & Paula Brown
                                                                                                                              Thomas H. Armistead
Elisabeth A. Glynn                          Elizabeth F. March                        Norman & Margaret Schrump Schwartz                                             Alice Cummings                         Wyatt & Katharine Garfield
                                                                                                                              Peter Auster & Lisa Wahle
David & Joanne Goldblum                     Helen Joy Marsh                           James E. Scott                                                                 Lawrence Cunningham                    Dana H. Gaston
                                                                                                                              Kenneth F. Bacco
David & Meryl Gordon, Meryl & David         H.S. Mathis,                              Kevin V. Seaman                                                                Nancy R. Cunningham                    John Gernon & Rebecca Brienza
                                                                                                                              Elizabeth M. Bacon
    Gordon Philanthropic Fund                   Litchfield Asset Holdings, Inc.       John & Margretta Seashore                                                      Robert D. Curran                       Neil Gershon
                                                                                                                              Bridget B. Baird
Richard D. Grant                            Edward & Alice Mattison                   John & Lucille Sekara                                                          Mary Lou D’Addario                     Christopher & Carol Gette
                                                                                                                              Lisa G. Bakanas
Donald & Rosalie Gray                       Peter Mcaveney                            Leila Shakkour, LLL Foundation                                                 Anthony & Sharon D’Amico               Rolfe & Carol Gjellstad
                                                                                                                              Scott Bale
Gary Grechika                               Terence P. McCarthy & Joanne F. Kennedy   Bruce & Nancy Shay                                                             Ann & Robert Dahl                      Carol Glaude
                                                                                                                              Christopher Balestracci
James & Valerie Greco                       Mary T. McDowell                          Paula Shemitz                                                                  Peggy Daroesman                        Barbara Godfrey
                                                                                                                              Steven & Donna Bandrowczak
Eileen Ann Griffin                          Richard & Arline McGowan                  Arthur Shulman                                                                 Joseph Daubert                         Chris & Diane Goetz
                                                                                                                              Lisa Barillaro
Gabrielle Guise & Jon David Tiktinsky       Francine M. McKiernan                     Brad Skinner & Marie Bostwick                                                  Helen H. Davis                         Marjorie P. Golden & Russell Baris
                                                                                                                              Paul & Carole Bass
Peter H. Haffner, MD                        Elaine R. McMahon                         John F. Slane                                                                  Raymond DeAngelis                      David S. Golub & Kathryn Emmett
                                                                                                                              Marjorie Beecher
Charles & Carol Hamilton,                   Michael & Jennifer McNiff                 Mark & Cindy Slane                                                             Robert & Virginia deCourcy             Laurie G. Gonthier
                                                                                                                              Robert L. Bellard
    The Hamilton Foundation                 Timothy J. Meldrum                        Kyle & Victoria Sligar                                                         Congresswoman Rosa L. DeLauro &        Caleb & Flora Gonzalez
                                                                                                                              Robert & Karin Benson
Mark & Carmela Hansen                       Frank Melville                            Richard & Kathleen Sorcinelli                                                      Stanley B. Greenberg               Jefferey & Carolyn Gonzalez
                                                                                                                              Mark L. Bergamo, Esq.
Eve Harrison, LCSW                          Danny Mendelson                           Jerry Spigal                                                                   Richard P. Delbello                    Paul A. Grace, Grace Property
                                                                                                                              Eric & Ethel Berger
William R. Hartman                          Russell Merck                             Ernest & Diane Spira                                                           Frank & Shannon Demarest                   Management LLC
                                                                                                                              Emilie W. Betts
Robert E. Haxton                            William T. Messinger                      Dorothy Stahlschmidt                                                           Anthony & Elizabeth DePaolo            Kristine Granetz
                                                                                                                              Vanita D. Bhalla
Rev. John & Mrs. Carol Hay                  Edward L. Michaelson                      John & Cynthia Stasko Jr.                                                      Rev. Russell & Alice Deragon           Joan Granlund
                                                                                                                              Gerard A. Bianco
Mary T. Healey                              Kristine Mooseker                         Thomas & Maura Stavovy                                                         Lawrence & Ellen Dinkes                Thomas & Betsy Grant
                                                                                                                              Wilson V. Binger
Jack M. Heflin                              William F. & Mary Sue Morrill,            Joni R. Steele                                                                 James H. Ditkoff                       Ken & Sandy Green
                                                Lion’s Head Fund                                                              Ian E. Bjorkman, Esq.
Marguerite C. Hennessey                                                               Bart & Rebecca Steinfeld                                                       Deborah A. Doane                       Kathryn Greene-McCreight
                                            William & Maureen Morris                                                          Karen Boeckmann Freedman
C. Robert & Mary Henrikson                                                            William D. Stempel                                                             Casimir & Janina Dobkowski             Jim & Pat Greenleaf

                                                                                                                                                                                          2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                |   17
         Jane M. Griffin                        Karen Lambert                             Cheryl E. Olsen                              Richard & Jennifer Shaefer
         Patricia A. Grigg                      Robert Lang                               Kathleen M. Olstein                          Michael Shalett
                                                                                                                                                                           $250.00 - $499.99                        Frank M. Billone
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Michael Bisceglia
         Karen E. Grimmell                      Stephen Larcen & Susan Graham             Jeffrey & Deborah Owens                      Sandra L. Shaner                    Melanie B. Abbott                        Mark & Deborah Blackman
         Stephen Gross                          Miles H. Lasater                          John & Stephany Palmer                       Philip & Kajsa Sheibley             Hermine F. Aborn                         Helen Blanchard
         Jon & Joan Grossman                    Arthur & Katherine Latimer                Michael A. Paternoster                       Walter & Linda Shephard             David & Donna Adams                      Geza Bodnar
         Harry C. Grumpelt                      Gloria B. Lechner                         Suesan R. Patton                             Vivian Shih                         Richard Affenito                         Charles Boer
         Stephen H. Guss                        Dorothy Lecours                           Karen D. Paul                                Mark & Lisa Shufro                  Marie Anne Afragola                      Robert S. Boltax
         Francis & Donna Guyott Jr.             Robin L. Leeds                            Katy Paul-Chowdhury                          James & Susan Sidway                Ann Ahamed                               Joan Bombace, Ph.D.
         Ursula Haerter & Michael Gamache       Frederic & Lori Leif                      Robin S. Pellish                             Andrew Singer                       Anthony & Isla Alexander                 John Bona
         Elizabeth F. Haigis                    Urban & Patricia Leimkuhler Jr.           Henry & Marion Pennell III                   James J. Skelton, Esq.              Elizabeth D. Allen                       James & Marcia Bouchard
         Mildred E. Hall                        Charles J. Lemmen                         Brewster & Judith Perkins                    Gil L. Skillman                     John Alvaro                              Jeffrey A. Boyd
         Anne M. Hamilton                       Edward W. Lenard & Linda A. Walsh         Steve & Nancy Peters                         Thomas & Nancy Smith                Paula J. Amazeen                         Jeanne Boynton
         Robert & Jeanne Hanningan              Layne C. Lescault                         Samuel & Martha Peterson                     Robert & Elizabeth Smoler           Bonnie Amendola                          Richard Boynton
         Terry & Diane Hansen                   Robert Leventhal, Naugatuck Valley        Frederick & Judith Pettini                   Richard & Kerala Snyder             Barbara Anderson                         William & Ellen Brainard
         Tommy J. Harris                            Gastroenterology Consultants          Ronald & Elizabeth Ann Pierpaoli             Thomas & Janet Sorell               Lydia Anderson                           Mark & Betsy Branch
         Roy Harvey                             Harry M. Levit                            Stefanie Pont                                Caroll & Debra Spinney              Marc & Bernice Anderson                  Floyd Brandow Jr.
         Mary Lyndon Haviland                   Christine A. Lewis                        George Powell                                Gerard & Cynthia St. Laurent Jr.    Michael & Lori A. Anderson               Dennis L. Brandt
         Rich Hayden                            Catherine K. Lin                          Donald & Ruth Priest                         Susan Stackpole                     Russell E. Anderson                      James K. Braun
         Kathy Heard & Fitzhugh Pannill         Norman & Helen Liveten                    Robert & Sharon Prince                       Edward L. Steward                   Joseph & Elizabeth Anesi                 Robert & Alexandra Braun
         Dana Henderson                         Henry D. Lord                             Jennifer Proga                               Van Stratos                         Paul & Carole Angon                      Susan R. Breig
         Patricia Heyl                          Ruth Lord                                 Morris Propp, The Marni & Morris Propp II    Ted R. Strayer & Karen L. Parish    Anonymous                                John & Margaret Brewer Jr.
         Jane Hickey                            Peter Lozyniak                                Family Foundation                        Kurt A. Strecker                    John A. Antonucci                        Linda M. Briggs
         Kenneth & Georgina Hill                Dorothy C. Lucas                          Barbara Prothero                             Valerie Street                      George Appleby                           Steve Broderick
         Theodore R. Holford                    Joseph & Amy Luciano                      J. Allan Pryor                               Brian L. Sullivan                   Walter Ariker                            Tan & Joanne Bronson
         Lisa A. Holzwarth                      Joyce Ludwig                              Terry Ralston                                Edmund Swartz                       Mary B. Arnstein                         Mary Brubaker
         Alexander & Pamela Hutchinson          Frank T. MacInnis,                        Andrew Rebmann                               Mary K. Sweeney                     Alma Asadoorian                          Gail Brundage
         Robert & Anne Ivanhoe                      The MacInnis Family Foundation        Carol R. Reed                                Stanley Sypek                       Martin & Denise Augelli                  Albert R. Brunelle Jr.
         Bradley & Lamia Jacobs                 Anne E. MacLeod                           Betsey Reid                                  Bob & Arlene Szczarba               Reinhardt Augustin                       Margaret Buckley
         William M. Jayne Jr.                   Marc & Margaret Mann                      Dorothy Rich                                 Harold M. Tague                     Emory & Susan Ayers                      Amy K. Buckman
         Chandra Jessee & Julius Gaudio         Kwan Lan Mao                              Barbara M. Riley                             Stephen Taylor                      Harry J. Azano                           Melva J. Bucksbaum & Raymond Learsy
         Barbara A. Johnson                     Craig & Camille Markleski                 Pamela W. Ritter                             William & Margaret Taylor           John D. Babington                        Becky Burdumy
         Irene R. Johnson                       John & Amey Marrella, The Winterer Fund   Kathryn Robbins                              Eleanor Teichner                    Margaret A. Bachtel                      Robert L. Burger
         Laura Johnston                         David R. Martin                           Marie E. Robert & Earl J. Glusac             Patrick & Susan Tennant             Barbara W. Bacon                         Lynne Burgess
         Gregory P. Joseph                      Jill E. Martin                            Kenneth & Jean Roberts                       June Thomas                         Walter & Margherita Bacon                Gerald & Eileen Burke
         Maria Joyce                            Patrick & Renee Martucci                  Jeanne B. Robison                            Mark A. Tice                        Alan P. Bailey                           Kevin & Kathy Burke
         Andrew J. Julian                       Matthew C. Massagli                       Rocco Roina Jr.                              John Tkacik                         Antoinette H. Bain                       Tom Burlington
         Bruce & Kathryn Kasanoff               Charles H. Matassa                        David A. Ross                                Constantine Trahiotis               Mark Balascak                            Joan D. Burton
         Peter Kauff                            Robert & Mary Ann Matthews,               Kathryn G. Ross                              Paul J. Trifone                     Robert & Faith Baldwin                   Martin & Elaine Buschmeyer
         Robert T. Kaufman & Joann Chapel           The Matthews Foundation               Matthew & Laraine Runci                      Howard & Judith Udell               Jane Baljevic                            Selinda R. Butkus
         John J. Keefe Jr.                      Elizabeth S. Mayo                         William F. Ruoff III                         Marta Unker                         Michael & Cindy Ann Bankalter            Muriel K. Butler
         Erik L. Keller                         Robert G. & Nancy Mazzoli                 Ruscito & Head Families, The Ruscito         Marshall J. Urist                   Halina S. Bannan                         Anne E. Byrnes Vescera,
         James J. Kendzior                      Monika L. McDermott                           Family Foundation                        Siamak Vahidi                       Virginia Bantle                             Affordable/Shoreline
         Patrick T. Kennedy Jr.                 John S. McIntosh                          Jeffrey D. Ryan                              Richard Valeriani                   Beverly S. Barnard                          Hearing Solutions
         Mary Ellen Keresey                     Dale McKenzie                             Katharine B. Sacks                           John E. Vernaglia                   Steve Barrett                            Henry & Laura Cabin
         Fred Kern                              Brian & Michelle McNulty                  Gary Salva, Lincoln Financial Advisors       Martha B. Vida                      William & Susan Barrett                  Sally J. Cahill
         Karen A. Kerr                          Margaret Meyers                           Anthony & Catherine Santopolo                Christopher & Jill Vollmer          Edward & Yvonne Barry                    Clyde H. Callejo
         Gregg J. Kieber                        William F. Meyers                         Robert & Janis Saperstein                    Eugene M. Waith                     Michael F. Barry                         Karen Camp
         Margaret Kilgore                       Harold & Shirley Michel                   Richard Saymon                               David & Susan Wakefield             Joanna Batter                            Windell & Robbin Camp
         Gary Klein, Sandak Hennessey & Greco   David F. Mintell                          Michael P. Scanlon                           Mary M. Warfield                    Saida Baxt, MD, PA                       Lawrence & Diane Campane
         Alvin K. Klevorick & Susan E. Bender   David R. Molgard                          Ruth Ann Scherm                              Edward A. Weiss & Caron Palder      Anita H. Baxter, Baxter Communications   Charlotte Campbell
         Eric Klimas                            John Moody                                Bryna Scherr                                 William Wells                       Malcolm H. Beatty                        Gayle G. Campbell
         Constance Knauff                       John & Lynne Morgan                       Jennifer L. Schiff, The Jennifer L. Schiff   David S. Whalen                     Diane S. Behn                            Lynn Campo
         Lucy M. Knopf                          James T. Morley,                              Charitable Fund                          Angela Whitford & Stan Madaloni     George Beitzel                           Candid Group
                                                    St. Huberts Foundation Trust          Rony Schlapfer                                                                                                            Robert Canning
         Anthony Koban                                                                                                                 Beth L. Williams                    Charlotte Bell
                                                Donald & Sheila Morrison                  Clifford & Dolores Schmidt                                                                                                Sandra E. Canning
         B. Kenneth Koe                                                                                                                Phyllis M. Williams                 James R. Bell Jr.
                                                Murray & Susan Morrison                   David & Norma Schmidt                                                                                                     John & Sharyn Cannon
         Donald J. Kohl                                                                                                                George & Linda Wilson               Jean F. Benedict
                                                Molly H. Moseley                          Kenneth & Sallie Schmidt                                                                                                  Romie L. Cantley Jr.
         John & JoAnna Koster                                                                                                          Sheri Wilson Gray                   Michael J. Benevento
                                                Andrew & Sharon Moss                      Ruth L. Schmidt                                                                                                           Josephine A. Capozziello
         Joseph P. Krajeski                                                                                                            Ilana Wistinetzki & Peter Hegedus   Lois Benis
                                                Geoffrey & Karen Moss                     Catherine S. Schneider                                                                                                    Katherine Carberry
         Hoby & Sally Kreitler,                                                                                                        Martha Wolf                         Brad & Nancy Benjamin
             The Kreitler Foundation            Douglas & Lisa Muller                     Margaret M. Schneider                                                                                                     Gloria Carbone, P.C. Metals, Inc.
                                                                                                                                       Linda S. Wood                       Debbie L. Benner
         Robert S. Kruger                       John L. Murphy & Martha Reed              Mark & Cynthia Schoenfeld                                                                                                 William Carboni
                                                                                                                                       Norman & Sallye Wright              Beth Bennett
         John & Denise Kuendig                  Arthur A. Nagel                           Schreiber Family Foundation,                                                                                              Jennifer Carello
                                                                                                                                       Andrew & Laura Wyeth                Jane M. Bergeron
         Joan M. Kunsch                         Robert & Helen Natt                           Ms. Ellen McBride                                                                                                     Gary & Ellen Carlo
                                                                                                                                       Carl Yohans Jr.                     Phillip & Barbara Berkowitz
         The Hon. F. Paul Kurmay                Brendan Naughton                          Helen K. Schulten                                                                                                         Richard E. Carlson
                                                                                                                                       Barbara A. Young                    Lynette A. Bester
         Jolanta E. Kurzela                     Don H. Nelson                             Mark & Nancy Schultz                                                                                                      Angela M. Carlucci
                                                                                                                                       Corwin & Kristina Yulinsky          Christine Betts
         Norma M. Lacasse                       Minot & Alycyn Nettleton                  Neil & Audrey Scollan                                                                                                     Susan L. Carney
                                                                                                                                       John & Patricia Zandy               Paul E. Betts
         James LaFond                           Kathleen E. Nolan                         Kathryn Scully                                                                                                            Jane Carpenter
                                                                                                                                       Joseph & Jennifer Zarrilli Jr.      John Alan & Susan Bick
         Pamela Lake                            Madelyn E. O’Brien                        Anne L. Secondino                                                                                                         Gail Carriero
                                                                                                                                       Barak Zelinsky, Barak Zelinsky      Richard A. Bieder
         Debra Lalonde                          Edmond J. O’Connell                       Tracy & Helen Selmon                             Foundation, Inc.                                                         Edyth C. Carrington
                                                                                                                                                                           Robert Bienstock
         Si Hoi Lam                             Rosemary C. Ogrinc                        David & Cheryl Serfilippi                                                                                                 Christopher Carter
                                                                                                                                                                           Cathy Bigda
                                                    & William P. Krivoshik

18   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Susan J. Carter                        Donald C. Damiani                        Kathleen M. Farren                   Marris & Ed Goldstone                  Henry K. Holland                       Achim Knust
Virginia Cartwright                    Donald C. Damoth                         Robert Featherstone                  Dan & Monique Goldwasser               Margaret Hooker                        Wendy Kohli
Arnold & Carolyn Cary                  Richard & Deborah Danen                  Marisa Fede                          Edson M. Gomes                         James Horan                            Joseph J. Kohut
Patrick Casey                          Jeannine A. Dansereau                    Patricia A. Ference                  Crystal Gooding                        Greg Horrigan                          Susan Kondic
Mary C. Cashman                        Thomas & Gayle Darrow                    Rosemary Ferrara                     Edward & Janet Gordon                  Rosemary Horrigan                      Carole Kowalski
Karen M. Castonguay                    David & Toni Davis                       Jack & Abby Fiedler                  Nancy W. Goss                          James D. Horwitz & Sandra L. Allison   James & Sylvia Kowolenko
Christopher & Irene Caulfield          Elizabeth B. Davis & Andrew S. Gleeman   John H. Field                        Patrick Goss                           Edward & Martha Hourihan               Howard & Janis Kozinn
Stephen & Patricia Cavanna             Judy W. Davis                            John G. Filakovsky                   Andre Goulet                           C. Douglas Howard & Andrea Chase       Stephen Kraffmiller
Kathleen B. Chase                      Arne & Helen de Keijzer                  Earle Finch                          Andrew & Elizabeth Graham              Richard Howard                         Alan H. Kramer
Peter C. Chemery                       Angela D. de Lara                        Jared & Elizabeth Finkelstein        Gregory & Susan Gravel                 Robert G. Howard                       Barbara R. Krasner
Carol Cheney                           Debbie A. De Nunez                       Jonathan & Amanda Finman             Clarence Grebey                        Robin Howell                           Bert Krauss
Suzanne Chiovitti                      Sebastian DeBellis                       Janet M. Finneran                    Ralph J. Greco                         Dale A. Hoxie                          Mary Kress
Brian & Barbara Chitester              Michael Deeley                           Maris G. Fiondella                   Ian & Holly Green                      Jacqueline Hubbard                     Conrad Kronholm
Thomas Christensen                     Arthur & Janice DeGaetano                Eileen Fitzgerald                    Jennifer Gregoretti                        & Norman Needleman                 Mark Krosse
Bernard Christianson                   DeGrand Family                           William T. Fitzmaurice,              J. Robert Greiner                      Marion R. Hubbard                      N. David & Darryl Rodman Kuperstock
Karen A. Christofferson                Thomas & Donna Delitto                       Fitzmaurice & Freeman            Stephen & Jane Gresham                 Edward R. Hulina                       Judith A. LaDone
Leo & Christina Chupaska               Patricia M. Demarais                     The Hon. Holly Fitzsimmons           Robin Grieve                           Katherine Humphrey                     Robert H. LaGoy
Paul Ciatto                            Gary & Francene DeMezzo,                     & Mark J. Alvarez                James & Barbara D. Grond               Janice Hungerford                      Walter W. Lamb
Joseph & Angela Cimerol                    Doctor Weld, LLC                     Thomas & Mary Flatley                Peter Gross                            Jonathan Ingersoll                     Charles B. LaMonica
Anthony Cipriano                       James & Theresa DePascale                Grace L. Flight                      Kathe R. Grosser-Yanez                 Paul & Jean Ingraham                   Mary G. Lang
Logan & Kay Clarke Jr.                 Margaret B. DeRose                       Laura S. Flores                      Mrs. Richard D. Grossman               John A. Intravia                       Elizabeth L. Langhorne
John F. Cleary                         Kathleen E. Devanney                     Kristine Floryan                     R. Guidera                             Stephen Jackson                        Susan Lardner
James & Carolyn Coady                  Frances K. Dibner                        Charles & Anne Forber                Judith D. Guthman                      Alan & Wendy Jacobs                    Janice M. Larner
Harold F. Cobin                        Lawrence & Barbara Dickie                Rosemary Forni                       Elizabeth A. Gutman                    Elizabeth A. Jacovino                  Jean Lasser
Frank Cochran & Stephanie Fitzgerald   Carol B. Dicks                           Hilary Forsyth                       Kenneth Hadden                         Stephen & Rita Jaeger                  Diane Latkowski
Leslie D. Cohen                        Herbert T. Dike                          Theresa Fortin                       Samuel Hahn                            Richard & Francoise Jaffe              Linda Latrenta
Richard & Angela Cohen                 John & Ronna DiPersia                    Michael J. Foster                    Randal & Elizabeth Hale                Joseph & Nijole Janik                  Timothy & Susan Laughlin
Ronald & Lucienne Coifman              William DiPietro                         Sheila Fox                           Janet Hall                             Helen A. Jankoski                      Lindsay Law
Dennis & Wendy Cole                    Gina K. Dodge                            Jon & Karin Fraade                   Gordon & Virginia Halstead             Theodore R. Jeffries                   Gale Lawrence
Regina H. Coleman                      Donna Doherty                            Luisa Francoeur                      Jan Hamel                              Ruth Jencks                            Peter & Gunilla Lawrie
John & Frances Colla                   Eleanor Doherty-McGrath                  Richard R. Freedman                  Carol Hamilton                         Jacqueline Jodl                        David & Trina Learned
Thomas & Adriane Collimore             Faith A. Dohm                            Mr. & Mrs. Carmine J. Frele          Jane-Howard Hammerstein                Helmuth W. Joel                        Daniel & Linda Leary
Mike & Gail Collins                    Joseph & Deanne Donia                    Leonard Freschner                    Jennifer M. Hanrahan                   Karyn S. Johnson                       John & Suzanne Leary
Eugene & Dorothy Colonese              Thomas & Patricia Donnelly               Robert Fricker & Charlotte L. Rea    Karen S. Haraghey                      Leonard F. Johnson                     Lauren Leathers
Christine Condon & Susan Fair          Annette Donovan                          Eric & Wendy Frieden                 Charles & Elizabeth Harding            Steven Johnson                         Barbara M. Lee
Mary Rose Conklyn                      Bill & Gail Donovan                      Julius Friese                        Burrus G. Harlow                       Margaret T.M. Jones                    David & Elizabeth Leigh
Michael & Katherine Connor             Robert Dorsey                            Melvin Fritsche                      Robert & Lyn Harmon                    Robert & Steffi Jones                  John P. Lelas III
Harry Conolly                          Charles L. Doughty                       D.B. & Mary Kay Frost                Linda K. Harper                        Vicki Jones                            Maria Lemay
Klaus Conrad                           Allyce B. Dowler                         Kevin Fuest                          Gail L. Hartley                        John & Kathleen Kadow                  Frank Leonardi
Frances J. Consiglio                   Allen G. Downs                           William T. Fujimoto                  Russell M. Hartz                       Myrthine Kaep                          Robert Lerman, Ebottles.com, Inc.
Michael Consolini                      William B. Dragan                        Steven & Paula Funk                  Scott Hasz                             Jules & Sharon Kaplove                 Michael Lesko, Lesko
Ron Contino                            David & Deborah Dressler                 Theresa Furtak                       James R. Hawkins II                    Dolores Katzenberger                       Plumbing & Heating
Elizabeth Cooke                        Margaret M. Drury                        Thomas M. Fynan                      W. Drew Hawkins                        Allan F. Kauders                       Dr. Robert & Mrs. Ruth Lesser
Bruce & Kristi Cooper                  Pennie H. Dubourg                        Louis Gabordi                        Mark Healey & Celia Pinzi              Daniel & Janet Kazienko                Madeleine Leveille & Robert E. Sills
Robert L. Cooper Jr.                   Ronald & Marianne Dubuque                Rick Gaboury                         David Hebert                           Kay M. Kazmaier                        M. James Levitan
Belton A. Copp                         Claire C. Dudley                         Joanne Gabryszewski                  Douglas Hecker                         Thomas J. Keenan                       Mark S. Levy
Gerald & Adoria Corcoran               Linda Dugan                              David Gagnon, Cromwell Textile Co.   Ronald & Phyllis Hedberg               Tommy & Camille Kellogg                Diane Lewis
John & Sarah Corning                   Anita M. Dunn                            Peter B. Galant                      William F. & Judith B. Heins           Allene L. Kelly                        John & Barbara Lichtman, The Susan
Thomas J. Corradino                    Mary Dunn                                Gregory Gallagher                    James G. Henderson                     Bruce & Anne Kelly                         Pechter Charitable Foundation
David & Cynthia Coutu                  G. Janice Dutram                         Teresa C. Gallagher                  Lynn Henderson                         Michele E. Kelly                       Stephen & Mary Lilley
Catherine Cox                          Terence & Eileen Ede                     Karen Garrity                        Michael D. Heneberry                   Christine J. Kenna-Moore               Katherine L. Lindbeck
Edward & Carol Cox                     Malcolm S. Edgar                         Robert Garvey                        George E. Hermalik                     Tibor Kerekes Jr.                      Marilynn S. Lipton
John & Katha Cox                       Kemerer Edwards                          John R. Garvin                       Paul Hermes                            Jason & Catherine Kermode              Ruth Littman
Ronald & Mary Cozzolino                R.K. Edwards                             Henry & Michelle Gasiorowski         Angel L. Hernandez                     Paul Keroack                           Cynthia A. LoCascio
John & Catherine Crawford              Candace E. Eggleston                     Gaylord Hospital, Employees          Philip T. Herr                         Robert Kerzner                         Sarah E. Locher
Richard & Joan Crews                   Chrisanne Eleftheriou                    Andrew & Diane Geisert               Paula Herren                           Dennis S. Keyes                        William Lockhart
Vincent J. Cronan, CPA                 David G. Elliott                         Martin & Janneane Gent               Peter J. Heslin                        Kenneth & Judith Kidd                  Midge Loery
James J. Cronin                        Robert & Elizabeth Ellis                 Mark Genta                           Roger & Judith Hess                    Francis & Sonia Kieras                 Emmanuel Logiadis
Joseph Crowley                         Susan Ellis                              Mary E. George                       D.C. Hewitt                            Phillip W. King                        Christopher LoGiudice
Constance Csizmadia                    Nancy E. Ellman                          Kelin & Connie Gersick               Lois B. Heyde                          Thomas & Sue King                      Kevin Lonergan
Mia M. Cueva                           Marcus Elmore                            Joyce Gersitz                        K. Michael Hibbard                     Bruce & Margo Kirby                    Maria Longo, M.D.
Ellen Cummings                         Robert W. Elmore                         Neil J. Gesuero                      Nelson Hicks                           Suzanne Kissell                        A. Dwight & Maureen Lopes
Robert J. Cummiskey                    Nancy J. Eltman                          Phyllis Kelleen Giffin               Anne Higgins                           Penelope Klatell                       Christine E. Louth & Dennis W. Daugherty
Heidi Cunningham                       Rick J. Errichetti                       Joseph Gilbert & Nancy E. Follini    John & Lesley Higgins-Biddle           Laura Kleber                           Terri A. Lowenthal
Adele Cutrali-Valovich                 Amy R. Etherington                       Marilyn M. Giles                     Scott & Monica Hill                    Arthur Klein                           Andrew & Florence Lozyniak
Gerard D. D’Amato                      William & Gail Etter                     Thelma M. Gilkes                     Roberta L. Hines & Jerry T. Liebrand   Ed & Helen Klein                       Peter Lozyniak
Donald Dailey                          Kevin & Nancy Fagan                      John M. Giusto                       David Hodges                           Frank W. Kling                         Peter R. Lozyniak
Thomas J. Daley                        Richard & Sheila Fanelli                 Daniel B. Glickman                   Judy Hodgson                           Kristof R. Kloeckner                   Andrew & Carol Lubin
John J. Daly                           William L. Fanning                       Laurie H. Goldberg                   Eugene Hoffman                         Thomas S. Knight Jr.                   John Lucak
                                       John Faragher & Michele Hoffnung         Philip J. Goldstein                                                         Amy Knowles                            Henry Lugo Jr.

                                                                                                                                                                                 2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                      |   19
         Eric P. Lundin                Carl Mueller                             Robert & Diana Perron                  Barry P. Rosa                              Antonio Soto                            Harry & Cynthia Twiss
         Mary J. Lux                   John H. Muller Jr.                       Mildred W. Perry                       Richard & Rebecca Rosen                    Noelle Sowers                           Glennys Ulschak
         Susan E. Lynch                Rocco Murano                             Marla S. Persky                        Louise P. Rossi                            Sally A. Spence                         UnitedHealth Group Employee Giving
         John & Cecilia Lyons          William & Mary Murdy                     Michael & Estella Pesapane             Richard J. Rothenheber                     John Spolyar                            Stephen C. Updegrove
         Iain & Cynthia Mackay         Brian P. Murphy                          Thomas & June Peters                   Dean Roumanis                              Don Sprague                                 & Kathleen M. Hayes
         Hugh Mackenzie                Philip Muzio                             Dave & Joyce Petre                     Mary Ellen & Ralph Rousseau                Henry Sprouse, DMD                      Elton & Donna Vail
         Ian & Mary-Jane MacKinnon     William & Holly Nardini                  Andrew & Ann Pettola                   Matthew Rowe                               Jean M. St. Clair                       Nicholas & Teresa Vanech
         Michael & Diane Macris        Donald & Marjorie Narducci               Steven Pfau                            Chip & Deb Rubenstein                      Kirby & Sara Ann Stafford III           Wendy Varga
         Katherine Maglieri            David E. & Evelyn L. Nash                Brian & Nicole Phipps                  Sue Rubino                                 Paul & Judith Stanulis                  Raymond & Kay Ann Velazquez
         Clark Maines                  James E. Needham                         Lois V. Pierson                        John & Nina Ruckes                         Alyse D. Stearns                        Christ & Nancy Verses
         Gregory Majewski              Deborah J. Neff                          Edward & Margaret Pikaart              Francis & Nancy Ruddle                     Jared Steele                            Gary Vescera
         John & Mary Malenda           Robert A. Neiman                         Louis & Joyce Pillion                  Marcia Rush                                Jeffrey Stein                           Walter A. Vichas
         Thomas C. Mandia              Marilyn Nelson                           Jay & Dale Pinchbeck                   Patricia Rutledge                          LaDonna L. Steiner                      Anthony Vigliotti
         John A. Mangus                Shira R. Nerenberg                       Rudolph & Nancy Pinter                 Kathleen Ryan                              George Stephens                         John & Diane Visconti
         Gregory & Patricia Marazita   Robert C. Neuman                         Anthony Pio Costa III                  John Rychwicki                             Mary Sternbach                          Anthony Vuozzo
         Kenneth & Lisa Marcus         Ruth S. Newberg                          Kevin Platt                            David Sacco & Amy Brewer                   Keith R. Stetson                        Lesley Waldron
         Perry & Barbara Maresca       John C. Newland,                         Joel & Tamara Podolny                  Diana Salesky                              James Stevenson                         George & Irene Wall
         Crozer Martin                     Jay Newland River Music              Nancy Pohle                            Patricia Salinger                          Elizabeth Stewart & Joseph Pignatello   Alexander & Suzanna Walsh
         Peter & Patricia Martin       Martin Nicholls                          Jeffrey D. Poland                      Wendy Samberg & John H. Champion           Peter A. Stokes, Clock Repair           Christian Walsh
         Karl Maruyama                 James & Miriam Niederman                 Judith Pollack                         Frank & Betty Lou Santino Sr.              B. Corey Stone Jr. & Susan McDonald     Christopher & Nicole Walsh
         Peter Maselli                 North Branford Police Union, Local 484   Joan Pollak                            Felipe Santo Domingo                       Randolph Stone                          Thomas Walsh, Systems by Walsh, LLC
         Margaret S. Mason             John Nowosad                             Curtis & May Pollen                    Thaddeus Sasiadek                          Charles & Marion Strauss                James & Dilea Wang
         Louis R. Mastrianna           William S. Nugent                        Carol Polyviou                         Lorna D. Savage                            Lynn A. Street & Donald B. Margulies    Belinda Ward
         Patrick & Linda Mastroianni   Jean W. O’Connor                         Anne C. Popolizio                      Daniel Scavone                             Christine A. Strick                     Peggy Webb
         James Matthews                Jim & Cheryl O’Connor                    Kelly Poskus                           Richard & Marilyn Schiaroli                James & Gabriele Stritch                Joyce N. Webster
         Peter Matthews                Theresa Z. O’Connor                      Linda Post                             John Schilling                             Thomas & Carolyn Strnad                 Robert & Diane Weeks
         Michael & Susan Maturo        Anne M. O’Donnell                        Robert C. Price                        Norma J. Schlager                          James Sullivan                          Diana Wege-Sherogan
         Mercer Mayer                  Roger & Rosemary O’Hanlon                John & Karen Prokop                    P. Schmechel                               James W. Sullivan Jr.                   Hazel M. Weiner
         Rachel Mazzarelli             Stella O’Leary & Yasutsugu Ueda          Laurie M. Quatrella                    Alice M. Schmidt, Telecom Pioneers of CT   Maud Sullivan                           Mary Ellen Weiner
         Hugh McAleer                  John R. O’Neill                          David & Evelyn Quigley                 William H. Schmitt                         Martin & Betty Sumner                   Gwen Weiss
         Randy McArthur                Suzanne Ocheskey                         Quinnipiac University School           William J. Schoonmaker                     Norman Suslock                          Judy Weiss
         William & Susan McConnell     Joan T. Oddie                                of Law Students                    Ellen Schowalter, Schowalter Associates    Samuel & Donna Sutter                   Linda Welchman
         Virginia S. McCurdy           Sara H. Ohly                             Jean A. Quintiliano                    John & Ruth Schreiber                      Megan Svensen                           Abby Wells
         Drew V. McDermott             Joseph Olivenbaum                        Edward & Karen Rado                    Peter Schrobenhauser                       Anne Fitzgerald Swan                    Cynthia A. Wells & Ronald W. Schatz
         Joanne Mceniry                John & Elinor Olson                      Ramachandran & Uma Ramani              Peter Schulze                              Herbert E. Swartz                       Richard Wells
         David & Judith McGar          Francis & Louisa Oneglia, Francis &      Elizabeth Ramee                        Gregory Seaman & Lois Smith                David & Karen Swiatek                   Mark Welshons
         Eleanor McGrath                   Louisa Oneglia Foundation            Richard Ramsey                         Roger M. Search                            Judith A. Swiech                        Gary & Rosemarie Wendt
         Richard & Margaret McHugh     Arunporn Ongusaha                        Stacy Ramsey,                          Mary Grace Sell                            Erna Szekeres                           Caroline N. Werber
         Arthur & Barbara McIlravy     Grant Orelup                                 Greek Week Management Team         Gail I. Selover                            Helen Taffel                            William C. & Anne Wernau
         John B. McKitterick           Christopher P. Orlando                   Christian P. Randon                    Douglas Sharp                              Hemant D. Tagare & Lisa R. Berlinger    Sharon Werner
         Robert M. McLean              William C. Orr                           Darryl L. Rapini                       Robert & Lesley Sharpe                     Jeff Tallman, J. Tallman Builders       Jeffrey West, M.D.
         Linda McMahon                 Michael Osyf                             Ruth Ray                               Claire M. Shea                             Kenneth Tamborra                        Edward S. & Joan Wheeler
         Charles C. McNair             Penny Owen                               Bernard Reade                          Sarah Shepard                              Kenneth & Gloriana Tardie               John R. Wheeler Jr.
         James & Loretta Mele          Louis & Catherine Paglia                 John P. Redding                        Jane E. Sherman                            Conrad Tatge                            Suzanne Whelan
         John Melillo                  Alix Paine                               Charles E. Reed                        Robert & Enid Sherman                      Nikki Taylor                            R. Whidden
         Michael Melnick               Andrew J. Pakstis                        Kate E. Reid,                          William Shiller, D.D.S.                    Frederick B. Tedford                    Claudia White
         Maria E. Mendes               Anthony P. Palladin                          Kate Reid Landscape Design, Inc.   Warren D. Shlomchik                        Lisa Thibdaue                           Heather L. Wilcauskas
         Anthony J. Mercaldo,          Jennifer Panosky                         Wendy Reiners                          Mary Siano                                 Shirley Thibeau                         Michael & Marjorie Wilder
             Mittler & Mercaldo, PC    Susan Paolini, Fence World Inc.          Robert Renault                         John & Lucretia Sias                       Wayne A. Thomas                         John Wilhelm & Elizabeth B. Gilbertson
         Elizabeth Mettler             Henry J. Paparazzo                       Alexander Rhodeen                      John Sievel                                Peter & Julia Thompson                  Jay & Dianne Wilker
         Molly Meyer                   Muriel S. Paris                          Anne Ricciardelli                      Michael & Gale Silverberg                  David J. Thormahlen                     George J. Willauer
         Robert Meyer                  Jeanne Parker, ADK Sigma Chapter         Florence Ricciuti                      Bruce & Pamela Simonds                     Kevin J. Thornton                       Ann B. Williams
         Anna-Maria Milani             Joyce A. Parker                          James P. Richardson                    Olive Simpson                              Roger C. Thronsedt                      Daniel A. Williams
         George & Phyllis Milano       Diane Parus                              Rabbi Seth Daniel Rierner              Alan & Lynda Sirignano                     Maxine Thumim                           Ronald & Patricia Williams
         Christopher A. Mill           William & Lorayne Pasqua                 Christopher S. Rigling                 Holly D. Sivec                             Susan Tierney,                          Michael Williamson
         Jon & Andrea Miller           Janice M. Patterson                      Donald & Lucy Roberto                  Donald & Karen Skokan                          The Tierney Family Foundation       Charles Willner
         Jonas & Barbara Miller        Brent Paulovicks                         June E. Roberts                        B. Barclay Smith                           Kathleen M. Timm                        Sheldon & Phyllis Willner
         David J. Miner                David L. Paulsen                         Wendy L. Robertson                     Gina Smith                                 Marc Tishfield                          June M. Wilson
         Dorothy Misbach               Erik Paulsen                             Peter A. Robidoux                      Kevin Smith                                Elizabeth Tobin                         Sandra Wilson
         John Miscioscia               Ralph Pausig                             Douglas & Krysia Robinson              Samuel Z. Smith                            Jeanne M. Todaro                        Fred A. Wissburn
         Zenon & Natalie Mocarski      Bruce R. Peabody                         James Robinson                         Walter E. Smith                            Edward & Gail Tomberg                   Elizabeth Witherell
         Meg M. Mooar                  Philip Pedros                            Susan C. Robinson                      Donna Smolens                              Patricia Toole                          Richard Wlodarski
         Elisabeth S. Moore            Ronald & Angela Pelletier Jr.            Heather Robison                        Stuart A. Snyder                           Lois Triffin                            Alice J. Wolfe
         Herbert & Jennifer Moorin     Ronald A. Pelletier                      Kathy F. Rocha                         Camille Solbrig & Michael Weiner           Carol Truitt                            Margret Wolfe & Jack Balkin
         Kevin & Joan Moran            Sophie K. Pepe                           Kelly L. Rockwell                      Pamela Solley                              Harry Tubman                            Lucy Wong
         Jane T. Morosky               Russell & Sandra Peppet                  Robin Rodgers                          Carl G. Sontheimer,                        Heidi Tuchmann                          Betsy & Clyde Work
         Cochi & Daniel Morowitz       Robert Perelman & Mary Lee Barker        Agostinho & Joanne Rodrigues               The Sontheimer Foundation              Gregory Tumminio                        Peter & Carol Workman,
         Keith & Cindy Morris          Robert S. Perkin                         Ana Rodriguez, J and A Foods           Janette A. Soracco                         Richard Turner                              Whispering Bells Foundation
         William C. Morris             Gilman C. Perkins,                       Debby Rogart                           Jennie M. Sorese                           Diane Turro                             Richard T. Wright
         Laurence C. Morse                 Perkins Fund Marketing               Harold Rogers                          Ernesto & Mary Soriano                     Thomas & Diane Turro                    Maria Yankura

20   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Janice M. Yost                        Nina Allred                          Laura Augustine                          Nicholas & Judith Battaglino          Robert & Dorothy Bernier             Karen Boisvert
Peter & Judith Young                  Lynda Aloia                          Elizabeth S. Auld                        Richard E. Batten & Mary McGee        Sereno & Rosemarie Bernobich         Rev. R. C. Bollea
Sandy & Ilene Young                   Jeffrey Alter                        Michael Aurichio                         Miriam T. Battista                    Randall & Janice Berriault           John & Gertrude Bollier
Peter & Leslie Zackin                 Carolyn U. Alteri                    Nicholas & Jo-Anne Avallone              Sara Battista                         Chris & Amanda Berry                 Gail Bolling
Janet Zamparo                         John & Eileen Altieri                Barry & Evelyn Averill                   Bonnie Battiston                      Craig Berry                          Carol E. Bona
Carl Zanoni                           Stanley F. Altman                    Dr. & Mrs. John & Ellen Aversa           Jon Bauer                             Pamela J. Berry & Harold Huberfeld   Elizabeth Boncer
Frederick & Patricia Ziegler          Jennifer Alves                       Victor Aviles                            Marion O. Bauer                       Steven Berry & Lauren Pinzka         Edward & Arlene Bond
Janet Zigadto                         John D. Ambler                       Richard Avitabile                        Monica Bauer                          Victor & Susan Bers                  Caroline S. Bonheim
Robert Zimmer                         Cathi Ambrose                        Dr. & Mrs. Alfredo & Patricia Axtmayer   Dr. Robert Baughman                   Timothy Bertaccini                   Peter R. Bonitatibus
Joseph & Susan Ziobrowski             Loretta Ambrose                      JoAnn Azzara                             Jill A. Baumbach                      Ron Bertasi                          Lawrence Bonora
Peter A. & Barbara K. Zisser          Peter Ambrose, Law Office            Anthony Bacarella                        David & Ingrid Baumgartner            Francis & Joanne Berthiaume Jr.      Roy E. Bonwick
Sophie Zmyewski                       Michele Amendola                     Peter Bafitis                            Adrienne Baumrind                     Robert Berube & Ann Getly            John Booth
Baselio Zorzanello                    K. Tucker Andersen                   Alan & Joan Bailey                       Myrna Baye                            Edwin Bescherer                      Dr. Jonathan Borak
Bill & Jill Zorzanello                Arthur & Elaine Anderson             Karen Bailey                             Russell Bayles Jr.                    Charles A. Best & William Walker     Bruce Borden
Robin Zygelman, DirectNet LLC         Carol Anderson                       David & Susannah Bailin                  Joann Bayusik                         James W. Bethea                      Violet Bornemann
                                      Daleen Anderson                      Thomas Baird                             Michael Bazzario                      Jayma Gates Bettcher                 Dr. & Mrs. Harold &
                                      Donald D. Anderson                   Dorothy W. Baker                         Robert & Corrine Beacom               Joan Betts                               Maureen Bornstein Jr.
                                      Eleanor Anderson                     Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Baker                  Duane L. Beale                        Karen Betts                          Ruth Bosco
$100.00 - $249.99                     Elizabeth Carr Anderson              Shirley Baker                            Richard & Nancy Beals                 Marvin Betts                         Mrs. Salvatrice C. Bosco
                                      Mrs. Frank J. Anderson               Susan H. Baker                           Phyllis P. Beard                      Gregory & Pamela Beutler             Souby Boski
Andrew Abatello
                                      John Anderson                        Tracie Baker                             Alan & Patricia Beasley               Dan Beyer                            Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Botarelli
Marilyn Abbazia
                                      Matthew W. Anderson                  Edward Balazs                            David Beaty                           Bernard & Miriam Beyman              Louis P. Botelho
Susan S. Abbot
                                      Dudley & Stephanie Andrew            Suzanne Baldasare                        Judy L. Beaumont                      Gregory Bialecki                     Angela Bothwell
Rev. John W. Abbott
                                      Peter Andrew                         John C. Baldaserini                      Patricia H. Beck                      Anne Biederman                       F. Gerald & Angela D. Bothwell
Rebecca L. Abbott
                                      William N. Andrew                    Midge Baldrige                           Bernd Becker                          Thomas Bierly                        Tim & Doreen Bottone
Mrs. Ray Abboushi
                                      Barbara Andrews                      Elizabeth W. Baldwin                     Carol Becker                          Stephen & Linda Bignelli             George Boucher
Mrs. Willa Abelson
                                      Bruce & Linda Lea Andrews            Susan W. Baldwin & Gary Gepner           Carolyn Becker                        Edmund & Anna Binder                 Glen J. Boucher
James & Barbara Abraham
                                      Edward Andrews                       Paul A. Balko                            Michael Becker                        Eryn A. Bingle                       Stephen Boucher
Jennifer G. Acampora
                                      Laura Andrighetti                    Michael J. Ball                          Patricia Beckwith                     Mary Binkowski                       Albert & Janet Bouley
Richard M. Accola
                                      Ernesto Ang                          Donald T. Ballou                         Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beers               Christina Bird                       Barbara Bouley
Laura Achilles
                                      Holly Marie Angelini                 Gabriel Balsamo Jr.                      Patrick & Angela Beirne               Adolph Birkenberger                  Dorothy Bourassa
Molly Ackerly & Michael Sconyers
                                      Coy & Jane Angelo                    Andrew & Patricia Balter                 Susan P. Belcher                      Larry Bishop                         Constance Bourie
Carole Ackerman
                                      Anonymous                            Edward Banks Jr.                         David & Alice Belden                  Louis J. Bishop                      Lynn D. Bourque
Irwin Ackerman
                                      Christine Antaya                     Martha J. Banks                          Robert Belisle                        Thomas & Katherine Bishop            Raymond & Sandra Bourret
Bonnie W. Acquarulo
                                      Ellen L. Anton                       John Bannon                              Isabelle G. Bell                      Brian & Jennifer Bissell             Jeff Bousquet
Signe Adam
                                      Eric & Kathleen Appellof             Robert & Gail Banta                      Michael F. Bellacosa                  Dr. Bertrand Bisson                  Deborah Bovilsky
Janet C. Adami
                                      Robert & Gloria Appicelli            Keith & Lynda Barber                     Carrie Ann Bellagamba                 Edward Bisson                        Elizabeth A. Bowe
Arlene P. Adams
                                      Sandra Arango                        William G. Barber                        Robert J. Belletzkie                  Roland & Margaret Bixler             Parick H. Bowen
Georgia Adams
                                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Araujo             Catharine Barclay                        Mary Ann Bellezza                     Michael D. Bizzoco                   Richard Bowerman
Peter Adams
                                      Maureen R. Archer                    Marilyn Bardin                           Salvatore Bellofatto                  Mr. & Mrs. John Blachuta Jr.         Doris Bowlby
Richard Adams
                                      Khristy Arcovio                      Nicholas Barile                          Mary Beltramello                      C. Timmons Black                     Clarence Bowley
Sharlene Adams
                                      Peter B. Ardery                      Julia L. Barker & Andy Gol               Ray Benack                            Phyllis Blackman                     Paul Bowlin
Susan Adams
                                      Elizabeth A. Ardito                  Michael & Catherine Barna                Bill & Dorothy Bendel                 Ruth Blackwell                       Dahl F. Bowser
Nancy Addario
                                      Marilyn Ardito                       Rebecca Barna                            David & Sharon Bender, The David &    Janet Blake                          Michael & Susan Boyar
John Addeo
                                      Thomas & Rachel Ardito               George E. Barnes Jr.                         Sharon Bender Family Foundation   Frederick Blakeslee                  Jaclyne W. Boyden
Justus Addiss
                                      Raymond J. Armstrong                 James G. Barnes                          Ronald Bender                         Kira F. Blakeslee                    James & Phoebe Boyer
Justin J. Adinolfi
                                      Francine E. Arndt                    Nancy Barnett                            Donna Benjunas                        Jeffrey & Carolyn Blanch             Mary Boylan
David Adler
                                      Jean Arneberg                        Jennifer Barnick                         Jackson G. Bennett                    Robert & Helene Blanchette           James & Ann Boyle
Alfred Agostinelli
                                      Andrew & Gina Arnold                 Shirley Baron                            Gale M. Bentley                       Joanne Blanck                        Kevin & Suzanne Boyle
Paul Agranovitch
                                      Patricia Aronson                     Charles & Judith Barr                    Richard Bentley                       Roy Blazejowski                      Kenneth & Wendy Brachfeld
Teresa K. Ahearn
                                      Ronald Aronson                       Peter Barr                               Peter & Susan Bergen                  Christina Blazek                     E.A. Brackbill
Rona Ahrens
                                      Louis & Sally Arovas                 William & Evelyn Barrack Jr.             Diana Berger                          Lucinda Blessinger                   Mr. & Mrs. David Brackley
Nancy Alban
                                      Kimberly M. Arpaia                   Dr. & Mrs. James & Marlene Barrante      Robert & Evelyn Bergstrom             Christina M. Bliven                  Laurie Bradbury
Lucille Alderman
                                      Frances M. Arrowsmith                Christine Barrett                        Miriam Berkman                        Margaret Block                       John J. Brady
Sheila Alderman & Henry Rothberg
                                      Robert G. Arrowsmith                 Judith E. Barrett                        Larry R. Berkowitz                    Andrea Bloom                         Margaret Brady
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Aldrich
                                      Lucia Arsenault                      Sarah Barrett                            Rita Berkson & Dr. Randy Reinholdt    Jeanne Bloom                         Elaine F. Brainerd
Durelle Alexander
                                      Marian Neal Ash                      Richard T. Barringer                     Patricia Berky                        Mary Bloomer                         Ernest & Barbara Brandolini
Nancy Alexander & Phillip Bernstein
                                      Herbert J. Ashe & Edith Mittel       Carol Barron                             Nancy Berliner & Alan Plattus         W. Martin & Sharon Bloomer           Ronald Brandt
Shani Alexander
                                      B. Ashfield                          William & Jennifer Barron                Christopher & Kathy Berman            Lynda S. Bluestein                   Branford Veterinary Hospital,
Gilbert Alexandre                                                                                                                                                                                  Robert A. Schaper, VMD
                                      Celeste Asis                         Gloria Barry                             Lynn Berman                           Rose B. Blum
Janet Aley                                                                                                                                                                                     Robert Brangi
                                      Vicki Aspbury                        Ann Bartlett                             Sol Berman                            Paul Boardman Jr.
B. Joseph & Melanie Allen                                                                                                                                                                      Mildred Branham
                                      Gerald & Christine Assard            Scott E. Bartlett                        Steve & Ronni Berman, New England     Dr. Richard Boas
Belinda Allen                                                                                                           Shower Door                                                            Jean E. Brassil
                                      Charles Athenian                     M. Beverly Bartner                                                             Ralph M. Bocchetta
Faith A. Allen                                                                                                      Raymond Bernacchia                                                         Ferne B. Braveman
                                      Jane Atkinson                        Dale Barton                                                                    Kimberly Boccuzzi
George & Susan Allen                                                                                                Mr. & Mrs. Kent Bernard                                                    Peter Braver
                                      Dr. Murali Atluru,                   John & Roberta Bassett                                                         Ernest Bodenweber
Peter Allen                                                                                                         Thomas & Lois Bernardi                                                     Barbara Braverman
                                          Diversified Technologies Corp.   William H. Bassett                                                             Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bogdan
Timothy Allen                                                                                                       Dolores Bernardoni                                                         Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Braverman
                                      Ms. Audette                          Pamela Bateman                                                                 Bruce Boggs
Wayne T. Allen                                                                                                      Robert B. & Cecilia Berner                                                 Jane Brawerman & Brian Stewart
                                      Carol Auer                           Dr. & Mrs. William & Donna Batsford                                            Philip & Dorothy Bognar
William & Angela Allen III                                                                                          William W. Bernhart                                                        A. Richard & Faith Brayer
                                      Henry E. Auer                        Barbara L. Batt                                                                Betty J. Boissy
John Allison Jr.                                                                                                    Anne Bernick                                                               Frank J. Brayne
                                      Joshua & Jessica Auerbach

                                                                                                                                                                              2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                           |   21
         James E. Breen                     Matthew Burg                             Cherry Camporiale                       John J. Cavaliere                       Stephen J. & Carol Clark                  Patricia A. Conti
         Margaret Breen                     John Burgeson                            John Canaday                            Francis & Rose Cavallaro                Susan Clark                               Thomas Conway &
         Paul & Brenda Breitenbach          Patrice Burke                            Jeffrey J. Canavan                      Barbara-Ann Cavanaugh                   Timothy Clark                                 Mary Romansic Conway
         Dorothy Brennan                    Sylvia Burke                             Mary Cancilla                           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cavanaugh             Raymond Clarke                            Barbara Cook
         Katherine Brennan                  Tom Burke                                Tracy Candelli                          Edward Cavazuti                         Martha Clay                               Keith & Nancy Cook
         Michael Brennan                    Michael Robert Burkom                    Virginia Cannon                         Joseph & Carmella Celano                Marla Clayton                             Diana L. Cooke
         Sara Brennan                       David & Kathy Burley                     Diane M. T. Cano                        Janis Celone                            Ronald & Mary Clayton                     Michele Coon
         Susan A. Brennan                   Timothy Burnash                          Luann Cantamessa                        Dennis A. Ceneviva, Attorney at Law     Rosemary Clegg                            Elizabeth R. Cooney
         Nancy Brenner                      David Burnham                            Sophie Cantamessa                       Justin Cerritelli                       Robert & Marilyn Clements                 John Cooney
         J. Alan & Linda Brewster           Evelyn P. Burnham                        David Cantor                            Gene & Carol Cesca                      William H. Clendenen Jr.                  Peter & Diana Cooper
         Richard Bridburg                   Cynthia Burnim                           Jay Cantor                              Carolyn Ceto                            George Clifford                           Susan J. Cooper
         Mr. & Mrs. James Brielmann         David & Christine Burnor                 Frank Capasso, Valley Electric Supply   Joe Chadwick                            Janet A. Cliggott                         Adrianne Coppola
         Dr. & Mrs. Robert & Joyce Briggs   Anne P. Burns                            Steven Capella                          Ling Chai & Robert Maginn               Eileen M. Cline                           Deborah S. Corbett
         William Briggs                     Diane S. Burns                           Michael J. Caplan                       Harold C. Chait                         Paula Clogher                             Michael & Sandra Corbett
         Lyn Brignoli                       Edward T. Burns                          Yvette Capobianco                       Giri Chakravarthi                       Richard T. Clomiro, Esq.                  Carrie Corcoran
         Roberta Brilmayer & Bill Horne     The Hon. Ellen Burns                     Robert & Mary Caporaso                  Patricia Chamberlain                    Nina Cocchi                               Jane Corcoran
         LaRue Brion                        Elsa S. Burns                            Donna Capoverde & Frank Pracukowski     Robert Chamberlain                      John A. Cochran                           Andrea Cordova
         Sadie Bristow                      Regina L. Burns                          George Carabetta Jr.                    Theodore & Susan Chambers               Bill Cochrane                             Ann Corkery
         Alice A. Brochinsky                Veronica Burns                           Carol Caraluzzi                         Amy Champlin                            Mary M. Coffey                            George Cormier
         Susan Brock                        Robert Burnside                          Ginny Carargol                          Kenneth Champlin, Kenneth M. Champlin   Christina H. Coffin                       Pamela J. Cornell
         Tracy Brock                        D. K. & Anchi Burow                      Albert & Katherine Carbaugh                 & Associates                        Paula Cofrancesco                         Terri Corning
         William Brockett                   Jeffrey & Allee Burt                     Angelique Carbo                         Angel Q. Chan                           Randolph C. Cogliser                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Corona
         Paul Brody                         Katherine Burt                           Patricia Carbone                        Joan Channick                           Tim Cohane                                Robert L. Corona
         Sondra Brody                       Kenneth Burtis                           Matthew Carden                          James & Margaret Chapin                 Ann R. Cohen                              Joan F. Coroso, PhD
         Dr. Mary R. Brogan                 Martin Burton & Faith Marrion            Colleen Carey                           Dale M. Chapman                         Edward & Gail Cohen                       Joseph & Gail Corpette
         Judith A. Bronson                  Forbes & Michelle Burtt                  Vicente & Maria Caride                  Elsie B. Chapman                        Gladys Cohen                              Rosemary B. Corroon
         Beth & Ian Brooks                  Richard H. Bush                          John Carlson                            Gary A. Chapman,                        Gordon & Marjorie Cohen                   Fred & Nancy Cort
         Kathryn Brooks                     Suzanne Bush                             Nancylinnea Carlson                         Chapman Bros. Roofing Co.           Joy Ruth Cohen                            Linda Cortright
         Patricia Brooks                    David Bushell                            Barbara Carmichael                      James Chapman                           Matthew & Michele Cohen                   Dr. & Mrs. Anthony G. Coscia
         Sara M. Brooks                     Matthew & Joan Bushey                    Dan & Jean Carnese                      Leslie J. Chapman                       Michael R. & Arlene Cohen                 Theresa A. Cosden
         Steven & Monique Brooks            Jeff & Kelli Bussan                      Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Carney               M. Virginia Chapman &                   Dr. & Mrs. Stanley L. Cohen               Mark A. Costello
         Genevieve B. Brophy                Joseph & Sharon Buteau                   Patricia Caron                              R. David Thompson                   Lauren Cohn                               David & Ann Cote
         Betty Z. Brosius                   Timothy Butkus                           Gary E. Carpenter                       Randall B. Chapnick                     Richard Cohn & Heather Jessen             Daniel Coughlin
         Gary & Sandra Brossman             John N. Butler                           Claudette Carr                          George H. Charlesworth                  Anna Coit                                 Gail Couillard
         Linda J. Brostowicz                Kathleen Buzbee                          Collette Carr                           Dennis Charney                          Frank & Patricia Colangelo                Gerard & Juliette Coulombe
         Ronald P. & Lin Brotherton         Lloyd & Judith Buzzell                   Colum & Ena Carr                        David Charnin                           Dominic & Helen Colavito                  Peter J. Coulter
         Carole Brown                       Claudia Buzzi & Pietro DeCamilli         Cynthia Carr                            Gary Chase                              Marilyn B. Cole                           Eileen P. Courville
         Deborah Brown                      Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Bye                  MaryLou Carr                            Neil Chase                              Molly Cole                                Robin & Erin Marie Cowell
         Diane Brown                        A. Byrne, DMD & J. Zerella, DMD, MDS     Robert Carr, Red Hawk Consulting        Larry Chatfield                         Connie Cole-Ingber                        Lesley Cowenhoven
         Faith Brown                        Jo A. Byrnes                             Lori Carria                             Cynthia Chegwidden                      Larry Coleman                             Ann L. Cowles
         Howard & Edith Brown               Thomas W. & Gloria Cabeen                Anthony S. Carriero Jr.                 Zhiwu & Bay Chen                        Ronald & Sequella Coleman                 Stephen Cox
         Jeffrey Brown                      Mrs. Peter Cable                         Hiram & Joan Carrington                 Mrs. Alex Cherniavsky                   Sharon Coleman                            Ruth K. Coyle
         Julie Brown                        Janet Cacopardo                          J. Otis Carroll                         Carol Cherry                            Anita Coles                               Geoffrey J. Craddock
         Loreen Brown                       Ellen S. Cady                            Patricia Carroll & Richard Strahota     Marian Chertow                          John L. Colish                            Joseph Craft & Cristina M. Brunet
         William Brown                      John P. Cafferty                         Richard & Barbara Carroll               David Chevan                            Mrs. J.F. Colleran                        Fred Craig
         Edward T. Browning                 Manrico Caglioni                         Jean K. Carros                          Paula B. Chipman                        Susan Collette                            Holly Craig
         Robert & Laura Brownstein          Robert & Lucille Cahill Jr.              Brenda C. Carter                        Lizbeta Chisolm                         Dr. & Mrs. David Colley                   Douglas Cramer
         Doreatha O. Brueggemann            Maureen T. Cain                          Erin Carter                             Susan Chodorov                          Virginia W. Collier                       Kevin Craw
         Nancy Brunetti                     Kenneth E. Caisse                        Robert F. Carter                        Paul S. Chomet                          John & Judith Collins                     Laura A. Creed
         Barbara Bryan                      Philomen Caissie                         Margaret Cartolano                      Jennifer & Scott Chopskie               Pat Collins                               Marjorie Crelin
         Carrie J. Bryson                   The Hon. & Mrs. Guido & Anne Calabresi   Daniel F. Caruso                        Joan C. Chrisler                        Patricia A. Collins                       Rose E. Cretella
         Charles Bucchioni                  Tom Calatayud                            Brian Carvalho                          Louise Christenson                      Frank & Nancy Colton                      Claire Criscuolo
         Dennis Buccilli                    Raymond Caldiero                         Donna L. Caserta                        Anne Christie                           Mary C. Colwell                           Peter & Carole Criscuolo
         Frances Buchholz                   Richard Calhoun & Suzanne Martin         James Casey                             Jennifer Chu                            William & Deborah Colwell                 Michael Cristina
         Nancy Buck                         Maureen Callaghan                        James A. Casey Jr.                      Joyce Lee Chubat                        Dr. James P. Comer                        Jennifer Cristo
         Barbara Buckley                    Ann K. Callahan                          William & Janet Casey                   J. Churchill                            Brian & Susan Compton                     David S. Crockett
         Lisa A. Buckley                    Rosemary Caluori                         Stewart M. Casper, Casper & de Toledo   Lawrence & Lori Ciambriello             Luan Cong & Shaohua Xie                   Ruth B. Crockett
         Winifred Buckley                   William Calvert                          Anne T. Cassady                         Dale Ciccarelli                         Diana P. Congdon                          David Cronin
         Dr. & Mrs. Thomas & Doris Bucky    Cynthia Camargo                          Mr. & Mrs. Gene Cassavechia             David B. Cichetti                       Dr. & Mrs. Thomas & Mary Ann Conine Jr.   Catherine Crook
         Sara P. Buell                      Roberta Camarota                         Conchita Cassell                        Joseph E. Cillizza                      Rev. Walter J. Conlan, S.J.               Joseph & Carmen Crosby
         Grant E. Buerstetta                Michelle Camden                          Emily & Frank Cassella                  Nicholas J. Cimmino                     William H. Connelly                       Mary-Jane Cross
         Patricia G. Bullard                Richard Camella                          Ernest P. Cassidy                       Margaret P. Cinquanta                   John & Lucille Connolly                   Joseph Crupi
         Stephanie Bulyk                    Harma K. Camozzi                         Daniel P. Castagna                      Joseph & Theresa Cipolla                John E. Connolly                          David & Nancy Cryer
         Norita Bunch                       Pam Campagna                             Cava R. Castagnaro                      Frank & Evelyn Cipriano                 Kim Connolly                              Robert Crystal Jr.
         Eva M. Bunnell                     Georgeanne Campaigne                     Dominic & Linda Castriota               Joanne Ciriello                         Susan Connolly                            C. Nancy Culos
         Mary E. Bunzel                     C. Campbell                              Raymond Castro                          Patrick & Andrea Clancy                 Colleen Connor                            Mark Cummings
         Dr. & Mrs. Peter G. Burch          Meredith Campbell-Britton                Kelly Catlin & Darren Whitehouse        Edward J. Clark                         Thomas & Emilie Connor                    Linda Cummins
         Sue Burchsted                      William Campen                           Peggy Catlin                            Nancy Clark                             Cynthia Conrad                            Carolyn A. Cummiskey
         Amy Burd                           Susan Campion                            Julie Cavailere                         Norma Clark                             Joan Conroy                               Alison Cunningham
                                                                                                                             Patricia Clark                                                                    Candace Cunningham

22   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Mrs. David Cunningham              Glenn Dawson, Connecticut Curtain         Bernard & Lisa Deutsch                    Christopher & Ann Donnells,       Richard Dvarskas                     Joan Ermish
Patrick Cunningham                     & Linen Company                       Kenneth & Maureen Devane                      That House in Milford         Andrew & Renee Dwyer II              Janet Errichetti
Robert & Gail S. Cuomo             Michael & Connee Dawson                   Anna Deveau                               Deborah Donnelly                  Donald & Rosemary Dwyer              Maura C. Errico
Paul E. Cuozzo                     Tim Day                                   Sheena Devine                             Patricia Donnelly                 Evelyn Dwyer                         Dr. James Errington
Renee Cupran                       Mrs. Nurjehan Daya                        Ann DeVoe                                 Mr. & Mrs. V.P. & M.E. Donnelly   Richard & Cynthia Dwyer              Anne M. Esposito
James E. Curley                    Gary & Margaret Dayharsh                  Doris J. DeWees, Charter Oak Appraisals   Geraldine Donoghue                Marguerite Dyer                      Kristana Esslinger
Dr. Ann Curran                     Marc De Oliveira                          Gwendoline Dexter                         John C. Donohue                   Mrs. Robert Dyer                     Henry Estabrook
Bob Curran                         Camille De Rosa                           Richard Di Lorenzo                        Mary Donohue                      Ruth B. Dyer                         Anne Etgen
Helen H. Curran                    James Dean, Dean Financial Group, LLC     Andrea Di Marino                          Patrick T. Donohue                Charles E. Dyson                     Charles Evans
Kathy Curran                       William W. Dean                           Daniel A. Diadun                          John & Mildred Doody              Rep. William R. Dyson                Elizabeth H. Evans
Robert & Doris Curran              Joao Paulo Deazevedo                      Peter & Anne Diamantini                   Cynthia G. Doolittle              Bob Dzurenda                         Mary Lou Evans
Donald R. Currier                  Eileen DeBiasio                           Howard & Eden Diamond                     Michael J. Doolittle              John & Rose Earley                   Richard Evans
Ann Curtis                         Mary DeBisschop                           Roseann Diana                             Marret Doorfee                    Lawrence E. Earnshaw                 Peter & Susan Evensen
John R. Curtis                     June Decker                               Nestor & Carmen Diaz                      John & Nyleen G. Dorais           Theodora Eberstadt                   Marysue Everett
Mark Curtis                        Peter & Patricia Decker                   Rose DiBona                               Anita Doran                       Douglas & Joan Eccleston             Edward & Ann Evonciw
Judith A. Cushingham               Paul H. DeCoster                          Vincent & Connie DiChello                 Michael M. Dore                   Janice Eckelman                      Ray Ezell
Sue Cushman & David Britt          Craig DeFilippo                           Carolyn Dicker                            Edwin Dorenberger                 John W. Eckert                       Carl Ezzo
William & Danuta Cuthbert          Virginia Defilippo                        Lucille Dickess                           Raymond Dorman                    Elizabeth H. Eddy                    Remo Fabbri Jr., MD
Mary M. Cutler                     Arthur W. DeFrank                         Nancy Dickgiesser                         The Hon. Peter C. Dorsey          Eileen Eder                          Harold & Doris Faber
Ronald Cwik                        Katie DeGabriel                           Peter DiDomenico                          Anne M. Dorsi                     Katherine C. Edlin                   Robert B. Factor
Mary Cygan & Frank Bruey           Paul Del Gobbo                            Henry J. Dietz Jr.                        Cheryl R. Doss & Douglas Gollin   Janet Edmondson & John Farnham       Kevin & Pauline Fagan
Allyre J. Cyr                      Gary Del Piano                            Harriet L. Diggs                          Edward & Nancy Doty               Bruce & Dorothy Edwards              Nancy Fagan
Robert Cyr                         Barbara Delaney                           Jamie C. Digiacomo                        Leete & Marjorie Doty             Larry & Donna Edwards                Deborah Fainer
Jerome S. Czech                    Jamie Delaney                             Francesca Digiorgi                        Raymond & Linda Doucette          Mary Jane A. Edwards                 Beth Fair
Susan Czech                        Kathleen Delaney                          Brett M. Dignam                           Craig & Marilyn Douglas           Jennifer M. Egeland                  Susan Fairchild
Mary M. Czerwinski                 Martha D. Delaney                         Paul & Karen DiGrazio                     Norman S. Douglas                 George Ehinger Jr.                   Sharon Falanga
Catherine D’Amato                  Nora Delany                               Laura A. Dijs                             Henry & Elaine Dove               Alberta Eiseman                      Agatha Falcone
Peter & Patricia D’Amato           Michael DeLeo                             Christina Dilko                           William & Diane Dow               Ellen Eisenberg, DMD                 James C. Falconer
Denise D’Angelo                    Dr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Delfini              Bruce & Catherine Dillingham              Anthony J. Dowd                   Helen Eisenman                       Dr. Carolyn R. Fallahi
Maurice D’Angelo                   Steven Della Rocca & Courtenay A. Hardy   Eve Dillingham                            Ron & Denise Dower                Patricia Eisner                      Eleanor Faller
Eve D’Arcy                         Michael & Lori Della Valle                Anthony DiLullo                           Kathleen O. Downes                Helmer & Joanne Ekstrom              Barbara G. Fallon & Bennett J. Bernblum
Michael & Janet D’Onofrio          Joseph Delle Fontane                      Keith E. DiMarco                          Cindy Doyle                       Steven & Jill Elbaum                 Richard Fallon
Raul Da Silva                      Ralph Dellecave                           Diane DiMauro                             Lisa A. Doyle                     Barbara Eler                         Joan Fappiano
Terry M. Dagradi                   A. Alexander Delli Paoli                  Catherine DiMeo                           Tom Doyle                         Enes Elia                            William Fappiano
Diane Dal Zin                      Vivian Delozier                           Edward J. Dimmock                         Lawrence & Joanne Drago           Jonathan & Suzanne Ellenthal         Donna Farber
Jagdish R. Dalal                   Anne Delsignore                           Nancy J. DiNardo                          Barbara Draheim                   John & Jane Elliott                  Lawrence Farina
Billy C. Dale                      Ann R. Deluca                             James & Mary Beth Dinneen                 George Drake                      Louise Elliott                       Gerald Faris
David Dalessio                     Natalie Deluca                            John Dirgo                                Diana Draper                      Darwin V. Ellis                      John Farkash
Mary E. Daley                      Patricia Deluca                           Michael & Kathleen DiRocco                Anne Dray                         Mary Ellis                           Kelly Farmer
Charlotte Dallett                  George & Brenda DeMaio                    Debra Disbrow                             Carol A. Dresser                  Thomas N. Ellis Jr.                  James & Elizabeth Farmham
Patricia Dalton                    Joseph & Kathleen DeMaio                  C.M. Dittmar                              Gary Dritschler                   James S. Ellison                     Frank Farrell
Catherine M. Daly                  Melinda DeMaio                            Wendy M. Dittrich & Edward L. Gomez       Gary & Marjorie Drucker           Susan Ellison                        Robert Farrell & Mary-Jean McGarrity
Vincent A. Damato                  Robert Demarchi                           Melinda A. Divicino                       Jack Drum                         Steven & Jane Ellwanger              Robert Fashjian
Kim A. Damien                      Vincent DeMatteo                          Thomas G. Dixcy                           Melvin K. & C. Gay Drumm          Charlotte Elsberry                   Carolyn Faxon
Virginia H. Damon                  Mrs. Anthony V. DeMayo                    John Dixon                                Elaine G. Drummond                Sharon Elwell                        Diane Faxon
Jonathan Dane                      William DeMayo Jr.                        Kenneth Dixon                             Eleanore W. Drury                 Ernest Emerling                      Mary Ellen Fay
W. Curtis & Elizabeth Danforth     Louise-Marie Dembry                       Jennifer Dize                             Michael Du Mez                    Kenneth N. Emerson                   Terrence L. Fay
Barbara Daniele                    Frank J. Demilo                           Afsaneh Djabbari                          Anne Dube                         Frances Emery                        Valerie Fay
John C. & Claudia J. Dapp          Anna Deming                               Richard S. Dmochowski                     Steve Dubinsky                    Jodie Emery                          Michael Fecher
Peter Dargan                       Katherine S. Demmon                       Carole Dmytryshak                         Shirley Duboff                    Debra S. Emmelman                    Norman & Patricia Fecteau
Stephen E. Darnell                 Kathleen Dempsey & Douglas Karp           Agatha Dobbins                            Dr. Ann DuCille                   Rosemary D. Emmens                   Linda Feczko
Jane Dauphinais                    Dr. Frieda Denemark                       Clinton Dobbs                             Joseph M. Dudra                   Kelly J. Emmitt                      Marianne Federici
Nancy B. Dautel                    Martha L. Dengler                         Rebecca Docimo                            Marilyn Dueker                    Patricia A. Emons                    Christopher Feeney
Susan M. Davey                     David C. Denison                          Morrison & Emma Dodson                    Thea Duell                        Daniel K. Eng                        Francis Feeney
Ann Davidow                        Steve Denning                             Cheryl Doebrick                           Victor Dufault                    Joseph F. Engelberger                Susan Fegan
E. Michael Davies                  Frank DePonte                             David & Sheila Doherty                    John Dugan                        Robert & Sylvia Engelman             Irene H. Feher
Ann C. Davis                       Kathleen Deponte                          Pamela Doko                               Marjorie Duke                     Suzanne England                      Vince & Maria Feijoo
Ann M. Davis                       Milford J. Deprey                         Catherine T. Dolan & Daniel J. Caruso     Andrew & Cindy Dunaj Jr.          Elizabeth S. English                 Harvey & Susan Feinberg
Beth Davis                         Dr. Deborah A. Derose &                   Elizabeth Dolan                           Robert & Joann Dunford            David Engstom                        Michael & Ann Merriam Feinberg
Eileen Davis                           Mr. Alvin S. Prusoff                  Regina Dolan                              Peter Dunham                      Anthony B. Enright                   Stephanie Feinland
Eric Davis                         Adam Derrick                              Susan Dolliver                            Jerry Dunklee                     Denise Enright                       Douglas Fekete
Glenn M. Davis                     Johanna DeRuiter                          Ed & Lori Dombroski                       Delmar M. Dunn                    Eric W. Epstein & Karyn M. Gilvarg   Mary Fellows
Dr. & Mrs. Gustave & Susan Davis   Tom W. DeSalvo                            Thomas Dometios                           Valerie Dunn                      Jo-Ann M. Epstein                    Norman Fellows
James W. Davis                     Donald & Jo-Ann Desautels                 Ricardo A. Dominguez                      Kathryn A. duPree                 Joel & Arline Epstein                Susan A. Fellows-Gannon,
Judith V. Davis                    Mary DeSilva                              Roberto Dominijanni                       Cathy Durato                      Bernard Erdmann                          Long Story Productions, Inc.
Kimberly Davis                     Claire DeSilver                           Eileen Donahue                            Rosemary C. Durkin                George & Susan Erickson              Richard W. Felten
Mary E. Davis                      Susan DeSilver                            Linda Donahue                             Irene R. Durol                    Jane Erickson                        Deane & Sara Felter
Richard Davis & Rita McCleary      Bethany Desjardin                         Timothy Donahue                           Brian J. Dutch                    Peggy Erickson                       Natalie Fenn
Wendell & Alison Davis             Debbie Desorbo                            Stella Donenfeld                          Robert Dutton                     Saundra Erickson                     Kevin & Patricia Fennell
                                   Mrs. Bailey S. Desrochers                                                           Doris A. Duvall                                                        Steven & Laraine Fenton

                                                                                                                                                                              2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                   |   23
         Eugene Ferguson                            Kenneth A. Fontaine                      Michael & Ellen Funck          William Gertz & Evelyn Pellicane       John F. Gontero                     Sarah Greene
         Betsy Ferling-Hitriz                       Harold W. Foodman                        Patricia M. Funk               Chris & Toddie Getman                  Nelson H. Gonzalez                  Severine Greenspan
         Anne Fernandez-Carol                       Rose Foote                               David K. Funkhouser            Karen Geyer                            Susan Good                          Mary Greenwood
         Margaret Ferrante                          Caren Ford                               Leatrice F. Furano             Marie Geyer                            Mary Goodbody                       Kimberly Gregorio
         Keith Ferrara                              F. Ford III                              Mary Furey                     John & Carol Ghent                     Dr. & Mrs. Daniel & Linda Goodman   Paul Gregorio
         Shannon F. Ferraro                         Kenneth F. Ford                          Dr. Frank Furth                Mary Theresa Giacomo, Esq.             Dona S. Goodman                     Matthew & Jennifer Gregory
         Mike Ferrelli                              Mrs. Mitchell Ford                       G. Fusco                       Jo-Anne Giammattei                     J. Goodman                          Mrs. Norman Greist
         Greg Ferrier                               Edgar C. Forest                          Joseph & Joanne Fuss           Ronald & Jean Giannamore               William Goodrich                    Kelly Grey
         Michael Ferrucci & Elizabeth M. McArthur   Dr. & Mrs. Bernard & Bernadette Forget   Mary Fussell                   Darlene Giannattasio                   Elizabeth Goodspeed                 Elise F. Griffin
         Steve & Gwyn Fertman                       Marjorie F. Forget                       Daniel E. Fydenkevez           Domenick M. Giarnese                   Edward and Debra Goodwin            Shirley Griffin
         Dr. & Mrs. Michael & Norma Fezza           Louis J. & Cecilia Forgione              Dorothy Gaal                   Marcie Piccolello Gibadlo              Michael J. Goodwin                  William J. Griffin
         Nancy A. Fico                              Dr. Michael Fortgang                     Harvey S. Gaberman             Judith Gibbons                         Israel & Adele Gordon               Louis & Wendy Griffith III
         Augustus B. Field IV                       Francine M. Foss                         Geraldine Gabianelli           Dr. & Mrs. Earl & Cathie Gibbs         Jane E. Gordon                      Pamela Griffith
         Dr. Jean Field & Clifford Scott            Cathleen Fossesigurani                   Peter Gaboriault               Elizabeth V. Gibbs                     Anthony Gore                        Karen Griffiths
         Mike Field                                 Judith Foster                            John & Sharon Gabriel          Barbara Gibson                         Kathleen Gorelick                   Catherine B. Grimaldi
         Lori Fields                                William & Jen Foster                     Elise Gabriele                 Dr. David H. Gibson & Lizanne M. Cox   Cynthia K. Gorman                   Tim Grimes
         Louis W. Figliuzzi, C.P.A.                 Richard Foudy                            Joseph & Barbara G. Gabriele   Donald E. Gibson                       Jonathan W. Gorman                  John S. Griswold
         Lee & Amy Fikes                            Walter Foundatio                         Jill Gaffey                    Michael & BettyAnn Gibson              Robert Gorry Jr.                    Rena Grodd
         Nancy Finch                                Grace C. Fowler                          Jim & Ruth Gaffey              Rosemary Gibson                        Edward Goss Jr.                     Lawrence Groo
         Erik Findlay & Nancy Ovedovitz             Paul D. Fowler                           Henry Gagain                   Barbara K. Gierer                      Hal & Anne Goucher                  Eleanor Groschel
         Jonathan M. Fine & Linda K. Bockenstedt    Jill Fox                                 Eve Gagliardi                  Barbara Gilbert                        Barry & Dianna Gould                Ronald Ian Gross
         Sally L. Finger                            John V. & Susan Fox                      Julia Gagliardi                Robert Gilberti                        Helene Goward                       Shirley Gross
         Rosemary & Richard Finn                    Joseph C. Fox                            Gabrielle J. Gagnon            Anne K. Gilhuly                        David Graboff                       Mrs. Richard J. Grossi
         Mary F. Finnen                             Molly Fox                                Anthony M. Galardi             Earl L. Giller                         Rosemary Grabowski                  Thomas & Tina Grove
         James J. Finnerty                          Paul & Mary Fox                          Loryn Galardi                  Kathleen Gilligan-Megrue               Richard & Elizabeth Graca           Marianne Grube
         Michael & Rebecca Finnerty                 Shirley G. Fox                           William Galat                  John R. Gillis                         Michelle Graczyk                    Alan R. Gruber
         Kathleen Finnigan                          William & Robin Fox                      Carol-Ann Galban               Marjorie & Frank Gillis                Diane M. Graf                       Chester Grygorcewicz
         Albert Fino                                Susan Fox-Erlich                         Dolores M. Gall                James & Anne Gillooly                  Julie Graf                          Peter Guarino
         Angela Fiore                               James & Barbara Francese Jr.             Kathleen Gallagher             Jean Gillotti                          Anthony Graffeo                     Vincent & Claire Guarrera
         Robert Fiore                               Karen Francis                            Melinda Gallant                Laura Anne Gilman                      Douglas & Susan Graham              David & Wendy Guda
         Harold C. Fischer                          Mark Francis                             Patricia Galligan              Virginia S. Gilman                     Marta & George Granados             Frances Guerrera
         Drs. Michael & Alice Fischer               Margaret Franco                          George & Diem-Hong Gallo       Robert E. Gilroy                       Susan G. Grande                     Douglas & Roberta Guilfoile
         Barbara Fisher                             Daniel R. Frank                          Ross Galloway                  Donald & June Ginand                   Dorothy Grannas                     Philip M. Guilford
         John M. Fisher                             Janice Frank                             Thomas S. Galvin               Edoardo Ginocchio                      Leslie Gransberry                   Alberto Guinazu
         Margaret R. Fisher                         Dr. Marion E. Frank                      Dr. & Mrs. J.M. Gambardella    Rona S. Ginott                         Claudia Grant                       Julee Guinipero
         Mary-Christy Fisher                        Sheree A. Frank                          Ellis Gamble Jr.               Gayle S. Ginter                        Susan Grant                         Thomas Guitard
         Lewis & Doris Fithian                      Marianne Frankel                         Alfred Ganz                    Melanie A. Ginter & John S. Lapides    William P. Grant                    Irene Guman
         James Fitzgerald                           Bruce Fraser                             Carol Garbarino                Mary-Anne Gisondi                      Ray & Judy Grasso                   Sue Gummeson
         John Fitzgerald                            Daryl Fraser                             Robert J. Garbarino            Barry L. Gladue                        Robert Grasso                       Ann D. Gunberg
         John & Cynthia Fitzgerald                  Susan Fratoni                            Edward Garden                  Edward M. Glanz                        David Gravatt                       Joseph Guncheon
         Mrs. Robert Fitzgerald                     William & Diane Fray                     Cheryl S. Gardner              Elaine Glass                           Henry & Louise Graver               Maureen Gupta
         Dr. Ron Fitzmartin                         G. Neil & Janet Frazier                  J. Gardner                     Joanna Gleason & Chris Sarandon        Christine G. Gray                   Donnell Guthrie
         Cheryl Flaherty                            Lucille M. Frechette                     John Garino                    Josephine Gleba                        Rebecca L. Gray                     Tonya K. Gwynn
         Charles & Andrea Flaks                     Edward Freda                             Colman & Vera Garland          Mary Gledhill                          Samuel Gray                         James & Patricia Haag
         Maureen D. Flanagan                        Valerie Fredericks                       Rochelle C. Garrett            Donna E. Glen                          Edward & Ruth Greco                 Sharon Haas
         Dayna Flath & Mike Fineran                 Wesley & Jeanne Fredericks               Michael & Lori Garris          Guy Gleysteen & Mary L. Hogue          Maryann Greeley                     Stephen & Nancy Habetz
         Miriam Flatow                              Dale Fredston                            Karen Garrison                 Lawrence Gochberg                      Barry & Eleanor Green               Patrick & Janienne Hackett
         Richard & Madlyn Flavell                   Lynn Free                                Barbara Garside                Emmalee Goddiess                       Donald P. & Ann Green               Richard Hadden
         Cherie Flavin                              Gerald & Karen Freedman                  Josh Garskof                   Joseph A. Goebel                       Florence M. Green                   Brian Haeckler
         Mrs. Charles D. Fleischman                 Kim L. Freeman                           Joseph & Kathleen Gartland     Merna B. Goett                         Garrett Green                       Michael F. Hagan
         Francis & Donna Fleming                    Rory K. & Lisa Freeman                   Sidney & Elisabeth Garvais     John & Susan Goetz                     Jennifer Green                      Irene B. Hahn
         Sue Flesch                                 Teresa A. Freeman                        Richard Gasparino              Gregory D. Goffreda                    Lucy A. Green                       Clyde Haig
         Andrew Fleschner                           Carol Frei                               Philippe Gaucher               Andrew Gol                             Margaret Green                      Thomas Haines
         Alfred & Christine Floramo                 Robert & Susan Frew                      Mary J. Gaudio                 Joseph Goldberg                        Marion V. Green                     Jacques Haldimann
         Barbara Florentino                         Sue Friborg                              Lorraine Gauthier              Betsy Golden                           Mary Green                          Mahlon Stewart Hale
         Cesare L. Florio                           Susan Fridy                              Richard Gauvain                John & Marcy Golden                    Dr. Michael Green                   Darlene L. Hall
         William & Catherine Florio                 Deborah Fried                            John & Diane Gaydos            Rosemary W. Golden                     Patrick F. Green                    Erika Hall
         Katharine S. Flower                        Diane Fried                              Robert T. Gaynor               Arthur & Joyce Goldfarb                Robert M. Green                     Frank Hall
         Patricia Flynn                             Patricia Fried                           Seth Geeslin                   Howard & Jill Goldfarb                 Tom & Eve Green                     The Hon. Janet C. Hall & David Schaefer
         Robert & Roseanne Flynn                    Bill & Debbie Friedman                   Jonah B. Gelbach               Suzanne W. Goldman                     Suzanne Greenbaum                   Robert & Josephine Hall
         Thomas J. Flynn                            Dr. Edward Friedman & Sarah Barrett      Saundra E. Gelfand             Patt Goldsmith                         Alana Greenberg                     Mary C. Hallenbeck
         Pam Foarde                                 Aeleen Frisch, Exponential Consulting    Phyllis T. Gelfman             Andrew & Sherry Goldstein              Arthur A. Greenberg                 Peter & Penny Hallgren
         Mitchell & Sherry Fogel                    Michael Jay & Aeleen Frisch              Mary Genco                     J. Goldstein                           David & Ellie Greenberg             Robert & Janet Halliday
         Marshall Fogelmark                         Mary Beth Fritz                          Dr. Kieran Geoghegan &         Michael Goldstein                      David & Cynthia Greenblatt          Tom J. Halligan
         Nancy Foley                                Stephen & Marianne Frost                      Joanne Murray             Sonja Goldstein                        Christopher & Pamela Greene         Katherine Halligan-Flood
         Dr. & Mrs. Robert Folman                   Ronald Fry                               Donald George                  Susan Goldstein                        David & Sylvia Greene               Jennifer Hally
         John C. Folsom                             Thomas Fryman                            William & Marilyn Gere Jr.     Nancy Goldstone                        Edmund Greene                       Michael Hally
         Robert D. Foltz                            Juliana S. Fulbright                     Mary B. Geremia                Joel Gomes                             Heidi Greene                        Peter & Grace Halsey
         Doris Fonicello                            Charles Fulkerson                        Jeffrey P. Germaine            Iana Gonge                             Marvin & Ann Greene                 David & Moira Hambleton
                                                                                             Cathy Gertsch

24   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
George W. Hamell Jr.              Raymond G. Hawes                           Jerry Hill                               Michael & Lenore Howe                Lee A. Jacobus                      Robert A. Jud
Dr. Francis Hamilton Jr.          Peter Hawkins                              Patricia R. Hill & John L. Klause        Roger & Carolyn Howe                 Dr. & Mrs. Robert & Marcia Jacoby   Elizabeth Judd
Gaystory Hamilton                 Karen Hawley                               Robert & Mary Hill                       William Howell                       Drs. Steven & Wendy Shaw Jacoby     Maureen Judge
Elaine Hammers                    Carol Hawran                               Arthur & Deborah Hiller                  Hazen Hoyt                           Jacquinto Family                    Mary E. Jukoski
Jon C. Hammett                    Janet Hayman                               Mrs. Kenneth A. Hiller                   Julie J. Hsieh                       Jacques & Elise Jaeger              Dwight & Linda Juliani
Ellen Hammond                     Kenneth W. Haynam                          Jack E. Hillman Sr.                      Erin Hubbard                         Harvey Jaffer                       Joseph A. Juliano
Suzanne Hammond                   John Hayner                                Hawley A. Hilton                         Mary Huben                           Renata Jagetic                      Robert & Phyllis Junghandel
Mareta Hamre & Mark Abbott        Joyce D. Haynes                            Arthur F. Hinckley                       Amy Hudak                            Cornelia D. Jahncke                 Cheryl Juniewic
Robert & Joan Handschumacher      Valerie Hazlin                             Marie P. Hincks                          Paul & Cathy Hudak                   David Jainchill                     Jennifer R. Just
Karen E. Haney                    Frank T. Healey Jr.                        Robert Hindes & Amy O’Donnell            Kenneth Hudson                       Jeannette Jakubiak                  Joel Kabak
Maury Hanigan                     Tom Healey, Old World Builders of CT LLC   Karen Hinman                             Linda Grant Hudson                   Norine Jalbert                      Kevin A. Kabbai
Norm Hankoff                      Karen Healy                                Charles Hinnant                          Carole Hue                           Luella Jalette                      Joyce Kadan & Thomas Stapleton
Carole Hanlon                     Alicia Heapy                               Henry G. Hintz                           Rita G. Hughes                       Loretta James                       Mildred L. Kahler & Marion V. Davis
Roberta Hanlon                    Sheldon Hearst                             Edward F. Hirsch                         Dr. Edward Huguenel                  Dori Jamison                        Joan Kahn
Martin & Carol Hannon             Randall Heath                              Mitchell & Linda Hirsch                  Charles E. Hummel III                Kimberly Janak                      Paul Kahn & Catherine Iino
Mark Hanratty                     Daniel H. Heaton                           William Hirschberg                       Robert W. Hummel                     Donald & Michelle Jancin            Annemarie Kaiser
Brian L. Hansen                   Audrey Hecken                              Dr. & Mrs. Jay & Marjorie Hirshfield     Geraldine S. Hungerford              Gail Janensch                       David & Andrea Kaiser
Jennifer Hansen                   Robert P. Hedley                           Christopher P. Hiland                    Paulina Hungerford                   Laura A. Janisch                    Jay & Jean Kaiser
Judy Hansen                       Dr. & Mrs. David & Kay Hedrick             Gisela R. Hobman                         Patricia A. Hunihan                  Anthony & Brenda Jannotta           Monica Kalacznik
Valerie Hansen & James Stepanek   Scott Heekin-Canedy                        Richard W. Hodges,                       Donald & Beth Hunt                   Natalie Jarnstedt                   Aaron J. Kalban
Jack & Claire Hanson              Margaret Conley Heffel                         G & H Automotive Repair              Lois Hunt                            Kenneth & Helaine Jarret            George Kalif Jr.
Kenneth Hanson                    Cheryl Heffernan                           Beverly J. Hodgson & John M. Leventhal   David L. Hunter                      Ed Jarvis                           Laurette M. Kaliff
David & Pamela Harding            Laurie F. Heflin                           Fiona K. Hodgson                         Gladys L. Hunter                     Ray & Leanne Jaworski               Elizabeth H. Kalinowski
Lillian B. Harding                Grace Heidel                               Cynthia R. Hodsdon                       Stephen Huot                         Theresa J. Jeffries                 Kal & Jennifer Kalotai
Myron P. Hardy                    Roger A. Heine                             Joseph Hoffman & Elena Citkowitz         Doreen Hurd                          James & Janice Jekel                Richard Kalt
Deborah Hare                      Valerie L. Heinen                          Brenda Hogan                             Ruth Hurd                            Doris Jenkins                       Margaret B. Kamins
Colleen P. Harkness               Leon & Elizabeth Helfand                   Dr. Gilbert F. Hogan                     E.T. Hurle                           Leslie Jenkins                      Marilyn Kaminski
Steven & Amy Harlacker            Ruth Heller                                Dr. James C. Hogan Jr.                   A.E. Hurley                          Sarah Jenkins                       Karen Kaminsky
Anna Harp                         Richard Hellman & Susan Levy               John W. Hogan Jr.                        Paul A. Hurwitz                      Jeffrey & Miriam Jennings           James E. & Carin Kamnitzer
Glenn Harper                      Patricia Helm                              Neil Hogan                               Phillip D. Husband                   Patrick F. Jennings                 Michelle Kampel
Howard & Cynthia Harper           Theodore & Susan Helms                     Tracy A. Hogan                           Kathryn Hutchins                     R.C. Jennings                       Avi Kamrat
Kenneth Harper                    Caroline G. Hendel & John J. Wysolmerski   Joan Holden                              Kelly Hutchins                       Ted & Ellen Jennings                John A. Kanabis
Dorothea L. Harper-Mangels        Joseph Henderson                           Mary Ann Holden                          Gordon J. Hutchinson                 Gilda D. Jensen                     Michael J. Kane
Rachel Harrigan                   Nancy Henderson                            Grant R. Holland                         Lewis & Jill Hutchinson              Kurt Jensen                         Peter Kane
Doris Z. Harrington               Rita & Howard Henderson                    Jean Holland                             Lucile Hutchinson                    Thomas Jensen                       Joe & Rochelle Kanell
E. Doris Harrington               Dr. George Heninger                        Carolyn Holleb                           Nancy Hutchinson                     Xiang Jun Jiang                     Jill C. Kang
Amy Harris                        Vivian M. Henley                           Robert & Brenda Hollis                   Barbara A. Hvizdo                    John & Lucy Jinishian               Eugene H. Kaplan
Barbara Harris                    Paula Hennemuth                            Diane Y. Holmberg                        Elizabeth R. Hyde                    Paul & Joan Johansen                Jessica Kaplan
Cynthia Harris                    Beverly Hennessey                          Judith Holmquist                         Richard Hyde                         Nancy Johmann                       Karen B. Karam
David Harris                      Judy Hennessy                              Paula Holt                               Richard Hylinski                     Barbara A. Johnson                  Kenneth Karetnick
David & Jessica Harris            Donald & Mary Anne Hepler                  Patra Holter                             Jack & Barbara Hyner                 Bruce & Mary Johnson                Anna Karidas
Edith Harris                      Lydia Herd                                 Barbara Holton                           James & Cynthia Iannini              Daniel Johnson                      Leo Karl Jr.
Jay Harris                        Everett Herden                             Brian & Jane Holzman                     Leonard Ibelshauser                  David & Jennifer Johnson            Glenna Karnell
Linda A. Harris                   Marilyn B. Herder                          Olga Jeane Homich                        Sue Iezzi                            Frederick O. Johnson                Mary Karnis
Peggy Harrison                    Theodore Herman                            Catharine Hopkins                        Hayward & Pamela Ignatovich          Judith Johnson                      Janet Karp
Robert & Kathleen Harrison        Lenore F. Hermann                          Richard & Heather Hopkins                Sonja Ikenson                        Linda K. Johnson                    Carol Kasper
Susan Harrison                    JoAnn T. Hernandez                         Robert Hopper                            Robert P. Indyk                      M.C. Johnson                        Rolf & Mariana Kasper
Varick D. Harrison                Melvin Hernandez                           Jon & Joyce Hopwood                      Andrew & Janet Mello Ingenito        Mary Ellen Johnson                  Jonathan Kastner & Peggy Maraschiello
Carolyn Hart                      Eleanor M. Herpich                         Betty C. Horn                            Dorothy Ingersoll                    Peggy Johnson                       Esther Kates
Rachel Hart                       Dr. & Mrs. George & Mary Louise Herr       Tracy M. Horosky                         Carol B. Ingher Lombino              Robert T. Johnson                   George Katinger
Catherine Harter                  David & Adelaide Hersant                   Bill & Nancy Horowitz                    Velta Inglis                         S. Johnson                          Jennifer L. Katrulya
John Hartigan                     Erica L. Herzog                            Rivka Horowitz                           Avis M. Ingram                       Sally S. Johnson                    Matthew Katuzney
Joan V. Hartley                   Barrie & Judith Hesp                       Edward Horrocks                          Elizabeth M. Inkster                 Steven Johnson                      Genie Katynski
Van M. Hartley                    James J. Hessel                            Elizabeth Horton                         Heather Inyart                       Thomas Johnson                      Alan N. Katz
Mary Hartman                      Fatema Hetata                              Grace A. Horton                          Sandra Irgorri                       Tim & Stacey Johnson                Arthur & Judy Katz
Glenn & Lois Hartsoe              Nancy Hetmanski                            Carrie Horvath                           Thomas & Sally Irons                 William Johnson                     David Katz
George & Phyllis Hary             Gwenith Heuss-Severance                    Clare Horvath                            Pamela Priest Irving                 Douglas & Sharon Johnston           Dr. Eric J. Katz
James Hashen                      Robert E. Heussler                         Margaret Hostetter                       Cathy Irwin                          Peggy Johnston                      John Katz
Susan M. Hastings                 Stephanie Heydt                            Maura Hotchkiss                          Jeffrey Irwin, Irwin’s Sheet Metal   Richard Johnston                    Richard M. Katz
Robert J. Hatch                   James H. Heym                              Mrs. W. Stewart Hotchkiss                Barry & Carol Isaacs                 Barry Jones                         Rona Katz
Debbie Hathaway                   Bev Hiatt                                  Charlene M. Hough                        Robert & Karen Isaacs                Charles Jones                       Janet Kaufmann
Erwin Hauer                       Leo & Judith Hickey                        Donna Houk                               Colman & Ethel Ives                  Elsbeth Jones                       Ferne Y. Kawahara
Joan D. Hauptfeld                 George W. Hickson                          Maria K. Houley                          Alice Jackson & Raymond Sprague      Jerry D. Jones                      David Kay
Rita Hausdorff                    Henry & Erika Higdon                       Anne Houra                               Frederick E. Jackson                 Karla Jones                         Joel & Kimberly Kaye
Christine Hauser                  Eileen Higgins                             Arthur & Carol Hovey                     Hugh & Diane Jackson                 Linda E. Jones                      Frank Keane
Michaela Hauser-Wagner &          Stephen R. Hildrich & Andrea Nadel         Ann Howard                               Kenneth W. Jackson                   Lois Jones                          Lucille B. Keating
    Dr. Gunter P. Wagner          Albert L. & Sally A. Hilger                Emily-Mae Howard                         Howard A. Jacobs                     Marcia E. Jones                     Rev. Leander Keck
Kristin Hauslaib                  Dr. David G. Hill                          Garry Howard                             Raymond & Barbara Jacobsen           Susan D. Jones                      Maureen Keefe
Robert & Joan Haversat            George Hill                                Rosemarie Howard                         Harvey & Dolly Jacobson              David Joselit                       Francis Keenan
Edward Havrilla                                                              Laurel Howe

                                                                                                                                                                               2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                 |   25
         Felicia M. Keeton                    Lisa G. Knapp                       Benjamin J. Labreche                      June Lawrence                          Donna LiMauro                     Helen Lusk
         Andrea F. Keilty                     Robert Knapp                        Paul Labrum                               Catherine Leach                        Marshall Linden                   Jan Lutz
         Allyn W. Keiser                      Mary Kneisel                        Linda Labruzza                            William Leaf                           Sol & Sharon Linet                Marcia Lutz-Cross
         Barbara Keiser                       Brian Knies                         Joan Labutis                              Patrick & Cathy Leahy                  Dennis Ling                       Mark Lux
         Joseph Kelleher                      Brian & Louise Knies                Ann C. LaCamera                           Glenda Leake                           Hannah Lipman                     John Lyman Jr.
         Terry Kelleher                       John M. Knies                       Lisa T. Lachance                          Arnold & Dotsie Lear                   Martin & Sylvia Lipnick           Karen Lyman
         Elaine P. Keller                     Denise Kniola                       Celeste LaCroix                           Dirk & Patricia Leasure                Martin C. Lippe LLC               Robert Lyman
         Nancy Kellett                        Louisa C. Knowles                   Bill Lacy                                 Susan Leavitt                          Phyllis Lippe                     Ann B. Lynch
         Jean A. Kelley                       Jim Kohan                           Carolyn J. Ladd                           Peter Lebovitz                         Dr. Diana M. Lippi                Catherine Lynch
         Jean R. Kelley                       Jutta Kohn                          Ann J. Laeuchli                           Richard & Edith Lebowitz               Harry Lipstein                    Dale B. Lynch
         Susan Kelley                         Harvey & Ruth Koizim                Gary & Marilyn LaFlamme                   Richard J. LeBrasseur                  Everett L. Lister                 Dennis & Joyce Lynch
         Sylvia M. Kelley                     Angela Koke                         Gladys Laflesh                            Brian Lee                              Patricia A. Listl                 James Lynch
         Janet Kellock                        Christine Kokoszka                  Maria Lagasse                             Gladys A. Lee                          Dr. & Mrs. Benjamin B. Littman    Michael Lynch
         Deborah Kelly                        Michele Kolier                      Meggan Laing                              Richard Lee                            Jonas & Elizabeth Littman         Richard W. Lynch, Lynch, Traub & Keefe
         Deborah D. Kelly & Wayne G. Renton   Herbert & Yvonne Kolodny            Doris T. Lajeunesse & Florence E. Daly    Richard & Heidi Lee                    John Livesaey                     Dr. & Mrs. Vincent & Marcia Lynch
         Dennis & Lynn Kelly                  Robert L. Kolwicz                   William & Diane Lajewski                  Ursula Lee                             Kathy Livingston                  Catherine W. Lynn & Vincent Scully
         Ed Kelly                             Irene I. Komarynsky                 Mrs. Anthony Lalli                        Lt. Col. & Mrs. William W. Lee Jr.     Richard & Ruth Locke              David Lynn
         Gerald & Mary Kelly                  Lucille Kominis                     Patrick & Carole Lalor                    Bruce A. Lefker                        Ronald Lodziato                   Maryann Lynn
         Joan Kelly                           Donald T. Kono                      Dennis & Susan Lamar                      Joseph Leheny                          William & Jeanne Lofgren          David M. Lyon
         John P. Kelly                        Venetia Kontogouris                 John & Mary LaMattina                     Penelope Lehman                        Martha L. Loh                     Donna Lyon
         Mrs. Joseph F. Kelly                 Ann Koontz                          Audrey W. Lamborn                         Carol B. Leigh                         William J. & Anne M. Lohan        Frank R. Lyon
         Lois Kelly                           Mary Jane Kopal                     Winnie LaMothe                            Robert Leighton & Patricia M. Weaver   David Lojzim                      Christine Lyons
         Gordon Kemp                          Dorothy Kopchik                     Parris Lampropoulos                       Michele A. Leimgruber                  Richard & Ruth Lomasney           Daniel Lyons
         Richard & Mary Ann Kendall           Jennifer & Jonathan Koppell         Arlene Lancor                             Jean & Louise Leinroth                 Margherita Lombardi               Peter A. & Carol Burkhart Lyons
         Alan & Marilyn Kendrix               James J. & Hedy Korst               Wilbur Land                               Wayne Leizear                          Kathy London                      Susan W. Lyons
         John Kennedy                         Bruce & Donna Kosa                  Charles Landau                            May Lisa LeMarier                      Mary E. Long                      William Lyons Jr.
         Marilyn Kennedy                      Gail Kosakowski                     Eva Landau & Helen S. Rosenberg           Marjorie B. Lemmon                     Toni Long                         Jean Maatta & Michael Frame
         Mrs. Sidney R. Kennedy Jr.           Lorraine Kosstrin                   Nadine Landau                             Carol Lemoine                          Patricia Longo                    Malcolm S. MacGruer
         Vincent P. Kennedy                   Mary A. Kostyk                      Eva Landegger                             Jason Lemon                            Rose C. Longo                     Barbara MacAllaster
         Lawrence Kenney                      Elaine G. Koufman                   Ann L. Lander                             Lora M. LeMosy                         Lennart Lonnegren                 Suzanne MacAvoy
         Richard E. Kent                      David Kowolenko                     Shelby Landesbeng                         Anthony & Janet Lendino                Virginia Loock                    Harriet MacCracken
         Mrs. David K. Kenyon                 Richard & Elizabeth Kozloski        Marcia Landesman                          James & Margaret Lengen                Jan Looft                         Elinor MacDonald
         Richard Kenyon                       Reinhard & Karen Krapalis           Stephanie Landis                          Janet K. Lenhart                       Stephen Loomis                    Mandi MacDonald
         Alicia H. Kerr                       Robert & Patricia Krass             Eileen Landry                             Michael Leone, Luft/Leone Design       Helen Lope de Haro                Marion L. MacDonald
         Patrick Kerrigan                     Val Kratzman                        Roger & Juanita Landry                    Margaret Lerner                        Claudia A. Lopez                  Osland MacDonald
         Joseph & Deborah Kess                Mitchell Krauss                     Mary Lang                                 Nathan Lerner                          Gustavo & Marie Lopez             Robert & Margaret MacDonald
         Barry & Aviva Kesselman              Mark & Wendy Kravitz                Kathleen Langan                           Pam Lester                             Nova Lorch                        Ross MacDonald & Lucy Handley
         Aman Khan                            Michael & Sharon Krawiec            Donald & Lynne Langella                   Alphonse & Cheryl Letendre             Marilyn Lord & James F. Meisner   Suzanne MacDonald
         Cloette L. Kieffer                   Martha Kreger                       Nicholas Langello                         John Letizia                           Alan R. Lorenzo                   Gerard MacDonell
         Charles Kiernan                      James & Patricia Kremer             Frederick Langhoff                        Lee & Mona Levey                       Anthony & Lisa Loricco            William & Patricia MacDougall
         Melisa Kiernan                       Rita C. Krett                       Harriet Lanier                            Alan Levi                              Jeffrey Losee                     Richard Maceyunas
         Vincent P. Kiernan                   Dr. & Mr. Karole & David Kreutter   Pat Lanigan                               Martin A. Levin                        Sam & Carol Lota Jr.              Frederick J. Machuga
         William L. Kilcourse                 Kathy A. Kristhoffer                Ross M. Lanius Jr.                        Steven & Joan Levin                    L. Lotstein                       Barbara Macieski
         Mary Jane Kiley                      Joan Krochmal                       Peter Lanzer                              Dr. & Mrs. Alan & Judy Levine          James Louey                       Judith Maciver
         Richard & Mary Anne Kiley            Katherine Kroll                     Janice Lanzoni                            Larry & Anne Levine                    Michael & Judith Loukides         Patricia MacIver
         Mary Jean Kilfoil                    W. Jay & Paula F. Krompinger        Lynn Lanzoni                              Lenny Levine                           Joseph & Virginia Lovas           Charles D. Mack
         Nancy E. Killian                     Frederick W. Krug, Matzkin,         Michael H. LaPlante & Elsie F. Millaway   Michael & Carol Levine                 Rachel Lovins                     Judith A. Mack
         Robert H. Kilpatrick                     Krug & Danen, PC                Robert LaPorta                            John & Ellen Levinson,                 Evelyn Lowe                       Beatrice A. Mackenzie
         Wilson & Carole Kimnach              Libby Krusky                        Valerie Larkin                                Cannupa Foundation                 Jeffrey Lowell                    David MacKenzie
         Charles & Diane Kindle               Roger J. Krystopa                   David & Lucy LaRocca                      Clarice Levister                       Mark & Judith Lowenstein          Peter Mackey
         Alexander & Anastasia King           John H. & Sally Kuck                Laurie Laroche                            Leonard & Susan Levitt                 John & Polly Lowman               Mark & Kate MacKinney
         Richard & Jean King                  Deborah Kuehn                       Leonard P. Larrabee III                   Nancy Levkoff                          Ella F. Lowrey                    Malcolm E. MacLeod
         Kathryn King                         Margaret A. Kunkel                  Russell & Joan Larrabee                   John & Beverly Levy                    Norm & Betty Lowrey               Paul MacMahon
         A.P. Kingsbury                       Rod & Jackie Kunkel                 Deborah J. Larson                         Richard & Barbara Levy                 Robert Lucash                     John & Betty MacPhee
         Douglas & Jane E. Kinkead            Harold Kuplesky                     Margot Larson                             Steven & Blandine Lewine               John & Janice Lucchesi            Nora MacRoberts & Richard Frado
         Richard Kinne                        Daniel Kupratis                     Peter Lasse                               Bob G. Lewis                           Marc Luce                         Richard Madar
         Christopher C. Kiosse                Fran A. Kupsik                      D. J. Lasser                              Cynthia Lewis                          Elaine Luchansky                  Paula Maddern
         Peter & Marsha Kirk                  Stephen Kurczewski                  Andre & Carol Lassonde                    Jodi Lewis                             Robert Luciano                    C. Fred & Cornelia Madsen
         Nancy M. Kissinger                   Raymond P. Kurkjy                   Sara H. Lathrop                           Maryann Lewis                          Debra Lucibello                   Stephen R. Madsen
         Maureen Kitching                     Marcella Kurowski                   Anne W. Lattanzio                         Sharon Lewis                           Carol Luders                      Peter & Donna Maduri
         Margaret Kitchings                   Laura Kurth                         Mrs. Eugene Lattimer                      Raymond W. Leyden Jr.                  Keith & Gaynor Luke               Mary C. Maeder
         K. Joan Kivlin                       Sally Kuslis                        Rev. Ledlie I. Laughlin Jr.               Barbara Libby                          Joseph Lukiw                      Sara L. Mag
         Linda Booz Klein                     Frank Kuszpa Jr.                    Priscilla Lauridsen                       Martin D. Lichtel                      Philip Lunde Jr.                  Maureen Magaro
         Miriam L. Klein                      Dr. Rosalyn Kutcher, WPH Women’s    Erin B. Lavik                             Robert Lichtenfeld                     Kathleen K. Lundquist             Eleanor A. Magas
         Louis & Yvette Klevan                    Imaging Center at Rye Brook     Mary Lavin                                Margaret A. Liddell                    Tina Lungarini                    Howard & Diane Mager
         Gary L. Kline                        Sandy Kuzmich                       Dr. Paul J. Lavrakas                      Helen Lieber                           Jeffrey P. Lupoff                 Dennis & Janet Magid
         Allison M. Kloss                     Rosalie N. La Capra                 Crystal Lawler                            Elizabeth S. Lieberman                 Geraldine Lupoli                  Sharon Magill
         John & Anna Knafels                  Mrs. Joseph La Gambina              Bruce Lawrence                            Donald R. Liebeskind                   Milton Lurie                      Sharon Magnarelli
         Fred J. Knapp                        Bob La Monaca                       Jeffrey A. Lawrence & Carol A. Overcash   Paul Likins                            Charles Lusk                      Daniel Mahier
                                              Dorothea S. Labelle                                                           Georgene Limato

26   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Bonnie Mahmood                     John & Patricia Martin              Marie McBennett                       Paula Meachen                             William & Irene Miller             James Moraveck
Dr. Maurice J. Mahoney             Judy Martin                         Thomas McCabe                         Margaret Mecke                            Dorothy O. Mills                   Karen M. Morehouse
Cynthia Mahony                     Lee, Claudine & Dylan Martin        Stuart McCalley                       Ann Meehan                                Margery Mills                      Nancy Moreland
J. David & Anne B. Maier           Nancy Martin                        Joyce P. McCandless                   Raymond P. Meglio                         Maureen E. Milnar                  Thomas Moreno
Tom M. Maier                       Natalia Martin                      Mark & Christina McCann               Andrew & Lucy Meigs                       Donna E. Milne                     Dr. M. L. Morgado
Barbara P. Maillard                Renae Martin                        David & Margaret McCarthy             Beryl Meiner                              Leonard M. Milstone                David & Betsy Morgan
Emanuel A. Makiaris                Gary Martindale                     Deborah McCarthy                      Janet Meiselman                           Mike Mimnaugh                      Nancy Morgan
Carolyn W. Makover                 Kimberly Martineau                  Kyle A. McCarthy                      Irmgard Meisterling                       Brian Miniter                      R.B. Morgan
Charles V. Malaguti                Nicholas & Susan Martinelli         Frank McCauley                        Dr. & Mrs. David & Christine Melchinger   Mary Jane Minkin & Steven Pincus   Robert L. Morgan
Judith Malamut                     Nayda Martinez                      Elaine M. McClellan                   John & Mary Meli                          Johanne Minkley                    Winnifred Morgan
Andrea Maldon                      Robert & Evelyn Martinez            Grover McClure                        Paul and Karen Melnick                    Agnes & Peter Minnitti             Gary Morgatto
Alex & Susan Maleszweski           Gary & Leslie Martino               Cynthia McConaghy                     Karen Mendelsohn                          Gregory & Tracy Minsky             Sara Morgatto
Elisabeth J. Maley                 Russ & Liz Martinsen                Alice McConnell                       Alberto & Deborah Mendoza                 Jerry & Lynne Minsky               Vicki L. Moritz
Celeste G. Malin                   Lynda Martone, Hawthorne 606        Mary Anne McCormack                   Maira Mendoza                             Linda M. Miodonka                  H. Barclay Morley
Sharon L. Malinowski               Gennaro Martorelli, Esq.            Elaine F. McCorry                     Thomas P. Mennino                         Robert & Joann Mirone              James E. Morley
Kristi A. Mallett                  Lucia Martucci                      Mary K. McCrea                        Pearson & Janet Menoher                   Caitlin Mitchell                   Rhonda A. Morley
Lawrence Malone                    Gregory & Loretta Marty             Melissa McCrea                        Aley Menon                                Carol Magner Mitchell              Edward & Shirley Moroni
Mark & Anne Malone                 Mary Mascola                        Al D. McCready                        Barbara Menturweck                        Franklin & Mary Mitchell           Frank Moroz
Charles Malonis                    Susan Maskel                        Thomas & Mary McCue                   Frank & Paula Meoli                       Jane Mitchell                      Joyce Morral
Dave Maloy                         Beatrice M. Maslowski               Colleen McDonald                      Felix & Tina Merante                      Kathy Mitchell                     Annette M. Morrill
Ann Mamula                         Doris G. Mason                      Eniko G. McDonald                     Daniel Mercer                             Mary S. Mitchell                   Robert T. Morrin
Alice M. Mancinone                 Lula Mason                          James McDonald                        Sam G. Merriam                            Ronald & Kim Mitola                Calvin X. Morris
Mary Grace Mandanici               Sharon Masone                       Stephen McDonough                     John Merrill                              Brian & Karen Mittendorf           John Morris
Milton & Natalie Mandel            Janet M. Masselink                  Karen McDowell                        Stephen B. Merritt                        Rick R. Mitton                     Kim S. Morris
David & Carol Mandigo              Judith Massey                       Amanda & Kate Mcevoy                  Claudette Messineo                        Joseph & Valerie Mocarski          Peggy M. Morris
Cecile Mandour                     Richard Mastanduno                  Eileen McEvoy                         John Metz                                 Keith Modugno,                     Trisha Morris
Frank A. Manfredi                  Eileen Mastracchio                  George & Heidi McEvoy                 Robert & Carolyn Metz                         Spiritworks Productions, LLC   Valerie Morris
Anne Marie Mangialaschi            Drs. Joseph & Patricia Mastrianni   Joseph & Alice McGarry                Jeffrey Metzger                           Sheila Moeller                     Elizabeth Morrison
John & Margaret Mangieri           A.P. & C.A. Mastrogiovanni          Kristie A. McGarry                    Bodil J. Meyer                            Carmine Moffo Jr.                  Mike K. Morrison
Jeanne Mangino                     Jacqueline Masulli                  Kelly Good McGee                      Joanne J. Meyerowitz                      Daniel & Marilyn Moger             Peter J. Morrissey
A. Manheimer                       Jacqueline Masumian                 Terrence McGover                      John & Nancy Meyers                       Henry Mohrer                       Joseph L. Morro
Robert Manheimer                   Anne Matheson                       James & Muriel McGowan                Susan F. Meyers                           Lawrence W. Mola                   Karen Morrow
Landine Manigault                  Susan Matheson                      Faith McGrath                         Patricia Miceli                           Susan Molde                        Alice K. Morse
Landine L. Manigault               Samuel & Rachel Mathew              James A. McGraw                       Katherine Michael                         Richard Molenaar                   Nadine C. Morton
Lawrence & Ruth Manley             Yvonne Mathews                      Jackie McGuire                        Annette B. Michaels                       Dr. David Moll                     Mary Moscato
Shaunette Manning                  Sandra Mathieu                      Patrick McGuire                       Zelda Michaels                            Anne R. Moller                     Irene M. Mosco
Pamela Manthous                    Albert Mattarocci                   Lou Ann McInnes & Judith K. Carlson   Robert & Bonette Michalski                Roderick J. Molleur                John Moses
Audrey Mantz, Mantz Construction   Martha Mattei                       Dennis L. McIntyre                    John Mickmac                              Mary Alice Molloy                  Eric Mosher & Susan Lourie
Mrs. Glenn Marchak                 Ben Mattison                        Doug & Roxane McKay                   Middlebrook Farms at Trumbull             Thomas & Deborah Molloy            Dorothy Mosko
Janet Marchand                     Elaine Matto                        Fred McKay                            David Midgley                             Bonnie Monahan                     Monsignor Leon Mosko
Carl V. Marchitto                  Robert & Carolyn Mattoon            James W. & Lisa A. McKay Jr.          William & Jo Ann Mihal                    Rosalie Monahan                    Sheila K. Mosman
Nancy Marcus                       Marge C.M. Mattson                  Helen W. McKee                        Charles & Sharon Mihalyak                 Alesia Mondello                    Nancy Motola
Pamela Marcus & Jeffery Erskine    Nancy Maturo                        Vivian McKeeman                       Niko Mikolike                             Ralph P. Money & Laura L. Babala   Evelyn S. Moulton
Susan J. Marcus                    Lewis & Katherine Matzkin           Bruce G. McKenzie                     Betty Mikulanecz                          Peter & Carolyn Mongillo           Marjorie Mountain
Robert A. Maresca, Esq.            Fred Mauer & Janice Stabile         Kathy McKiernan                       Mrs. Louis J. Milani                      Stephen & Anna Mongillo            Gerald E. Mudrick
David & Amy Margolis               Joseph & Elizabeth Maurer           Patricia McKinley                     Florence Milano                           Barbara M. Monick                  Susan Mueller
Anthony Mariani                    Richard Mauri                       Sen. John P. McKinney                 Dodie Milardo                             Karen Montalto                     Loretta Mufson
Arthur Mariani                     Harry & Martha Mautte               Andrew & Elaine McKirdy               Anthony J. Milici                         Elva I. Montalvo                   Anne M. Mulcahy
Mrs. John T. Marino                Carol J. Mawhinney                  Robert E. McKiver                     B. D. Millan Jr.                          Nando Monteiro                     Thomas & Barbara Mulcahy
Lois Markie                        Suzan M. Maxey                      Stephanie McLaughlin                  Bruce & Beth Miller                       Jane M. Monteith                   Mrs. Edwin H. Mulford
Annette Markley                    Sherwood D. Maxson                  Theresa M. McLean                     Daniel Miller                             Richard & Ina Montelius            Michael J. Mullen
Paul & Joan H. Marks               Henry & Joan May                    Ann McLellan                          David Miller                              Ann-Marie L. Montemerlo            Danielle Muller-Yoo
Susan Marks Roberts                Anna M. Maye                        Jim McMahon                           Diane Miller                              D.J. Montfont                      Cynthia K. Mullins
James C. Marlas                    Alice A. Mayer                      Kelly McMahon                         Elliott Miller                            Mrs. Martel Montgomery             Raji Mulukutla
Andrew & Susan Marlatt             Robert & Barbara Mayer              Linda McMahon                         Eugene R. Miller                          William & Barbara Monti            John Mulvey
Patricia F. Marlin                 Sarah Mayer                         Christopher McManus                   James Miller                              Johan & Laura Moolenaar            Peter & Dianne Mumola
Charles Marlow                     Theodore Mayer                      Frank & Gay McNally                   John Miller                               Rev. & Mrs. Dwaine Moon            Paula Munera
Lee Marlow                         Howard & Mary Maynard               Patrick J. McNally                    John Hoyt Miller                          Taegun Moon                        Paula A. Munera, The Munera Family
Paul & Margaret Maroni             James & Janet Maynard               C. Paul & Elizabeth McNamara          Joseph & Nancy Miller                     Barbara Moore                          Charitable Trust
Rita & Lou Marotti                 Ronald & Donna Mayne                Charles McNamara                      Kristie Miller                            Beth Moore                         Dr. & Mrs. Alan M. Muney
William Marovitz                   Drs. Rowland & Stephanie Mayor      Donna McNamara                        Mary S. Miller                            Denise Moore                       Susan Munroe
Katherine Marschall                Glenn & Dot Mazepa                  Sandra McNamara                       Michael A. Miller                         Elizabeth F. Moore                 Pamela Muraca
Dave Marsh                         M. Michael & Nancy Maznio           Kellie McNeil                         Morlee J. Miller                          Victoria M. Moore                  Ingrid Murdock
Sylvia Marsh                       David Mazza                         Linda McNeil                          Mrs. Randolph Miller                      Domingo Mora                       David F. Murdy
Jane Marshall                      Anthony Mazzetta                    James & Mary McNiff                   Rebecca Miller                            Annemarie Moran                    Richard Murgo
Lorna Marshall                     Mary H. Mazzola                     Malcolm A. McNiven                    Robert & Mary Miller                      Dorothy Moran                      Alexander Muro
John & Diane Martell               Marsha McAllister &                 Jeanne H. McParland                   Robert B. Miller                          Ellie Moran                        Theresa B. Muro
Barbara Martin                         Dr. J. David Haddox             Fillmore McPherson III                Thomas Miller                             James J. Moran                     Joseph & Michelle Murolo
Barbara A. Martin                  Carolyn D. McArdle                  Martha McVerry                        William & Barbara Miller                  Mary Moran                         Anne L. Murphy
                                   John M. McAvity                                                                                                     Maryjane Moran                     Betty Murphy

                                                                                                                                                                           2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                             |   27
         Gail B. Murphy                           Judith L. Nicholas                    Burton & Carole Orland                       Mary Louise Parry                    Janice Peterson                               Gloria Possidento
         Jacqueline Murphy                        Joanna Nichols                        Nancy L. Orlando                             Elsie Parsons                        Paulette Peterson                             Kenneth Potolicchio
         Joanne Murphy                            Kathryn Nichols & Mark A. Brombaugh   Rocco Orlando                                Harris B. Parsons                    Rolf C. Peterson                              George J. Potter
         John C. Murphy                           Marjorie Nichols                      Philip Orlins                                Frances C. Pascale                   William & Pamela Peterson Jr.                 Joan F. Potter
         Joseph Murphy                            Walter Nicksa                         Lana J. Orphanides                           Robert & Rebecca Pascarelli Jr.      Vincent R. Petrecca                           Mrs. Philip Potter
         Kathy Murphy                             Daphne M. Nielsen                     Donald Orr                                   Dimitrios & Maria Paschalidas        Kimberly Petrelis                             Helen Potvin
         Keith Murphy                             James Nikodemski                      David & Marie Orrell                         Joseph Paschke                       Michael J. Petreycik                          Karen M. Powell
         Kevin Murphy Jr.                         John Niland                           Barbara Orrok                                William & Joan Pashley               Judith Petrillo                               Sophie Powell
         Margaret Murphy                          Laurie Nilsson                        Carol Ann Orticari & Debra I. Castelluccio   Howard & Dianne Paskow               William Petruno Jr.                           Helen Powers
         Patricia Murphy                          Angelo & Clara Ninivaggi              Witold Ortonowski                            Mrs. William Passariello             Lisa Pettingill                               Dickon & Lisa Pownall-Gray
         Peter Murphy                             Charles Noble III                     Martha E. Osberger                           Mary Pasti                           Nancy E. Pettitt                              Diane McMahon Pratt
         Richard & Cathy Murphy                   Alphonse R. Noe                       Dr. Dana Osborn                              Steven C. Pate                       Brigitte Peucker                              Dennis M. Prebensen
         Richard K. Murphy                        Anson & Monika Noe                    Jeff & Monique Osborn                        George Paternoster                   Fritz Peucker                                 Patricia A. Preisig & Robert Alpern
         Sharon Murphy                            V. Noff                               Betty Lou Osborne                            Marguerite Paterson                  Barbara Pezzullo                              Donna Preli
         Judith W. Murphy-Decrescenzo             Fred & Linda Noon                     Jean P. Oslin                                Peter & Kathryn Patrikis             Jessica Pfalzgraf                             Mary Pressey
         Douglas D. Murray                        Doreen M. Norberg                     Mary K. Osorio                               Richard & Anne Marie Patry           Helen M. Pfeifer                              Paula E. Preston-Hurlburt
         Dr. Michael J. Murray                    David & Wendy North                   John & Renee Ostaszewski                     Markus Patsch                        Dagobert & Nancy Pfeiffer                     Dr. Mary L. Prevey
         Phyllis Murray                           Paul North                            Sharon M. Oster                              Carolyn A. Patten                    Kim Pham                                      Elisabeth Prial
         William T. Murray                        Victoria Nott                         J.L. Osterberg                               Bruce Patterson                      Barbara Phelan                                Dan Price
         Emmett J. Murtha                         Amy Notter                            Dr. & Mrs. Robert & Cynthia Ostroff          Donald Patterson                     Duane & Ada Philips                           Daniel & Wai Price
         Laura Musante                            Nancy Novaro                          Margaret A. Otzel & Vincent E. Chiaraluce    Paula Patterson                      Ann B. Phillips                               Roger & Carol Price
         Louis & Carol Musante                    David & Elizabeth Nowak               Dr. George Ouelette                          Gregory Patti                        Donna Phillips                                Stefanie Prigge
         Mrs. Thomas Musbek                       Patricia L. Nuelsen                   Robert Owen                                  Susan Patti                          James H. Phillips                             Alois C. Prihoda
         Jean-Paul & Gerrie Musicco               Elizabeth Nugent                      David R. Owens                               Camille M. Patton                    Martha Phillips                               Joseph V. Prior
         Rebecca A. Muskus                        Patricia Nunemaker                    Marjorie Owens                               Mark S. Patton                       Chris & Paul Piantek                          Arnold & Gretchen Pritchard
         Dan Mussen                               Consuelo Nussbaum                     Kathleen Pacacha                             Janice M. Patzold                    Frances E. Piccinini                          Frank Privitti
         Anthony & Katherine Musto                Linda M. Nye                          Rosemary Pachesa                             Rainer F. Paul                       Dale Ann Piechowski                           Martha Prochnik
         Anthony & Mary Ann Musto                 Frederick O’Brien                     Linda Paddock                                Rick Paul                            Florence Pieczko                              John & Lisa Prokopek
         Jeffrey & Lisa Nable                     Jack G. O’Brien                       Mary E. Pagano                               Susan C. Paventy                     Barry Piekos                                  Mari-Ann Pronovost
         Frank P. Naczi                           John O’Brien                          Jon & Lucy Painter                           Walter L. Pawloski                   R. David Piersall                             Marilyn M. Proto
         Ann Nadeau                               Judith O’Connell                      John & Clemence Palcso                       Herta Payson                         Richard R. Pierson                            Paul A. Prunier
         Barbara A. Nagy                          John T. O’Connor                      Anne Palitz                                  Karin Pazany                         Josephine Pietrangelo                         Lana Pryde
         Joseph Nagy                              Carol A. O’Dell                       The Hon. Frederick & Barbara Palm Jr.        Jim & Carolyn Peacock                Frank W. Pietrosimone Jr.                     Megan Pryor
         Richard & Maureen Najarian               Felicia O’Donohue-Pachaly             Thomas Palm, D/B/A Porcelain Glaze           Lynn E. Pearce                       Alice M. Pihonak                              Mary Ann Pudimat
         Audrey Namowitz                          Joseph & Marion O’Handley             Thomas Palmatier                             Howard Pearson                       Constance Pike                                Margaret Pugliese
         Barbra Nash                              Patricia A. O’Hara                    Douglas Palmer                               Kristina Pearson                     Mr. Charles A. Pillsbury & Rev. Allie Perry   Pasquale Pugliese
         Dr. Jane Nasuti                          Michael & Katherine O’Leary           George & Virginia Palmer                     Sheila M. Peckingham                 Mary Lee Pimentel                             Teresa Pumerantz
         G. Justin & Catherine Natale             Karen O’Neil                          Gerald & Ann Palmer                          Robert & Mary Lou Pederson           Al Pinard                                     Vanessa P. Pumo
         Jennifer Natoli                          John O’Neill                          Donald Palmieri                              Marjorie J. Peene                    Lorenzo W. Pinard                             Richard & Evelyn Purdy
         Steven Nazarian                          Maria J. O’Neill                      Marc Palmieri                                Aron Pell                            Steven B. Pinover                             Susan Purdy
         Andrea Neagle                            Robert O’Neill                        Peter & Patricia Palmieri Sr.                David J. Pelland                     Betty Pinson                                  Sarah A. Qualman
         Mary Nebauer                             Dr. & Mrs. Kevin & Laura O’Reilly     Gaier N. Palmisano                           Frank Pellegrino, Jr.                George & Rose Piroumoff                       David & Lesley Quattrone
         Diane Nebinger                           David P. O’Sullivan                   Dominic & Judith Palumbo                     Tim Pelletier                        Rachel Piven-Kehrle                           Barbara Queirolo
         Michael & Edita Negron                   Jan P. O’Sullivan                     Lydia Pan                                    Cesar Pelli                          Mathews Plamkoodan                            Jacqueline Quigley
         Dottie Neil                              Charles & Claire O’Toole              Robert Panciera                              Marc & Norma Pelliccio               Dana Planeta                                  Barbara Quinn
         Mrs. Loek Neimeth                        Nora O’Toole                          James F. Pandajis                            David A. Pels                        Caroline Plantz                               Carleton L. Quint
         Shirley V. Nelkin                        Harold Oberg                          Kristie Panico                               Fred Pendergast                      Thomas & Halina Platt                         Dr. & Mrs. Andrew & Audrey Rabinowitz
         Elizabeth S. Nelson                      Frederick M. Obrien                   Victoria Panico                              William Pennella                     Timothy & Karen Platt                         Harold Rabinowitz
         Harriet Nelson                           Maureen Obrien                        Lucia Pannella                               Harold E. Pennington                 Brad S. Plebani                               Edward & Yvonne Raboy
         J. David Nelson                          John F. & Christine Offredi           Alphonse Pannullo                            Victor & Mary Peregolise             Amy Plofker                                   Rose M. Raccio
         Jim Nelson & Adrienne Gallagher          Marie Ogren                           Jean M. Pantalone                            Esmeralda Pereira                    Laura Plourde                                 Peter Rae
         John D. Nelson Jr. & Jeanne A. Sargent   Doris Ohlsen                          Michael Paolillo                             Eduardo Perez                        Pamela Plyler                                 Natalie Rafferty
         Majorie Nelson                           Henry D. Okarma                       Kathleen Paolucci                            Andrew & Lisa Perkins                Joseph Podgorski                              Tom Ragland
         Dr. & Mrs. Peter & Joan Nelson           Ann Okerson                           Jeanne Paparazzo                             Hap & Stacey Perkins                 Ed Pohl                                       Virginia H. Raines
         Timothy M. Nelson & Beth M. Rockmill     James & Patricia Okrongly             Richard & Nicole Papcun                      Pamela Perlman                       Diane Polan                                   Fred Raley
         Ness Family                              Anne Olcott & Robert Beech            Morgan & Regina Pape                         Norma Perlstein                      Mendy Polchinski                              Caren Ralston
         Pam Nessel                               Janet S. Olderman                     Joseph & Patricia Papeika                    Bruce & Susan Pernick                W.H. & C.A. Poling                            Tom Ramadei
         Neil F. Nestri                           Kathleen Olding                       Sandra Papone                                Andrew Perrone                       Jamie Polk & Stephen H. Van Ness              David Ramer
         Virginia Nevans                          Diane T. Oles                         Desiree G. Paquette                          David & Sarah A. Perrotta            Mindy Pollack                                 Paul & Carolyn Ramirez
         Alice B. Neville                         Valerie Oliver                        Daniel J. Pardy & Gerald Saladyga            Robert Perrotti                      Jerome J. Pollitt                             David Ramos
         Mildred Neville                          Lee A. Olsen                          Vermelle Paris                               Donna Perry                          Frederick Polner                              Frederick J. Ramsey III
         Susan L. Neville                         Ruth Olsen                            Michael & Lisa Parisi                        Jeffrey Perry                        Michael Poloukhine                            James & Jeannine Rancourt
         Cynthia Newby                            Jerry Olson & Vivian Stanley          Jeffrey Park                                 John Person                          Mildred Pond                                  Suzanne S. Rand
         Eric Newell                              Julie A. Olson                        Stephen R. Park & Janet Van Tassel           Elizabeth Pesce                      Allan K. Poole Jr.                            Diana Randall
         Charles & Carol Newman                   Venita Olson                          Dr. David W. Parke                           Steven Peterec & Mary Angela Glenn   Monica Popadic                                Robert Randell & Kassie Witte
         Robert Newman,                           Alfred & Jean Oneto Jr.               Joseph A. Parker                             Helen Peterle                        Matthew Popilowski                            Roosevelt Rankins
             Robert Newman Foundation             Laurie H. Ongley & Family             Deborah Parks                                Marilyn Petersen                     Eric & Debra Porter                           Kishore Rao
         Martha Newton                            James & Susan Oravetz                 June Parks                                   Carin Peterson                       Nancy Porter                                  Norman & Harriet Rashba
         John Niblack                             Patricia Orkney                       Sheryl Parrella                              Carl W. Peterson                     Paul M. Portnoy                               Paul & Julia Raspe
         Claude & Arlette Nicaise

28   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Dr. & Mrs. Asghar & Faye E. Rastegar      Kathleen Riley                      Bruce Rosenblatt                        Ed & Sylvia Ryan                 Arlene Scanlan                             Joseph Scordato
Hilde K. Ratzel                           Tucker & Denise Riley               Marilyn Rosenfield &                    Eugene & Elaine Ryan             John & Lynda Scanlon                       Peter & Marcia Scotch
Daniel & Katherine Rausch                 Marilynn Rinek                          Andrea Joy Rosenfield               Kathleen Ryan                    Mary M. Scanlon                            Diane Scott
Ramsay Ravenel                            Daniel J. Ringle                    Brian Rosenheim                         Mary B. Ryan                     Raymond J. Scanlon                         Jeffery & Mary Jane Scott
Louis A. Rawden                           Julie T. Rio & Gladys Alcedo        Brian Rosenthal                         Michael Ryan & Julie Rivkin      David & Susan Scannell                     Susan M. Scott
Emily Ray                                 Catherine Riordan & Kurt Raschi     June Rosenthal                          Michele Ryan                     Anita Scaringe                             Leslie Scoutt & Joseph G. Garner
James T. Rayfield                         Joan Riordan                        Marsha Rosenthal                        Tom Ryan                         Stephen Scarpino                           Joan Scranton
Paul Raymunt                              Gregory M. Ripka                    David S. Rosettenstein                  Dr. William Ryan                 Elizabeth Scarpitti                        Patrick Scully
Warren & Helen Raynor                     Geri Risley                         Donald A. Ross                          Karen Ryker                      Lola Scarponi                              Robert & Beverly Sear
R. Desmond & Michelle Rea                 Kim Risolo                          Dr. Gary J. Ross                        Mary Rynne                       Christopher M. Schaefer & Lisa L. Hoffer   Robert Sebes
Joseph & Paula Reagan                     Patricia E. Rist & Joe Brown        George & Patricia Ross                  Chris Sabourin                   Frederick F. Schaefer                      Linda Secord
Karen M. Reardon                          James W. Ritchey                    Irene Ross                              Kirsten Sabrowski                Jane I. Schaefer                           M. Jay Seeley
Carolyn R. Rebbert                        Susan Ritchie                       Joseph L. Ross                          Susan C. Saccio                  Philip & Wendy Schaefer                    Manfred & Carol Seeman
Josephine Redding                         Cynthia Ritola                      Marjorie Ross                           Sigrid L. Sacerdote              Rose Schaefer                              Linda Segal
Lynn Redgrave                             Ken & Susan Ritter                  June Rossi                              Zachary & Ruth Sachs             Dorothy Schaeffer                          John P. Seidel
Cathie Reese, Geomatrix Productions       Lydia Rivera-Abrams                 Karen Rossi                             James D. Sackett                 Lewis Schaffel                             Mrs. Norman Seifer
Richard Reeve & Elizabeth McKenty         Dawn Rizzo                          Dorothy B. Rostov                       Karen Sadik-Khan                 Chris Scharen & Sonja Batalden             Eleanor C. Seiler
Joanne Reeves                             Leandro Rizzuto                     John D. Roth                            Marilyn Safran                   Elizabeth A. Scheffler                     Wendy A. Seiler
Charles M. Regan                          Brett & Joanne Roberson             Robert & Lucille Roth                   William Sagendorf                Anne Schenck                               Loretta L. Seipold
Joseph & Elizabeth Regan                  Patrick & Clare Robert              Laura Rotondo                           Paul & Jody Saginor              Everett & Sarah Schenk                     Barbara Seith
Laura Regnier                             John & Linda Roberto                Evelyn Roundtree                        Abbie Saglimbeni                 Peter Schenk                               Terrence & Neila Seitz
Mary B. Rehnberg                          Denise Roberts                      K. Geert Rouwenhorst                    Edward & Angela Sagnella         Thomas Scheuer                             Davis & Nancy Selander
Mrs. Donald Reich                         Katherine P. Roberts                Michael Rovillo                         Marilyn Sagnella                 Jason Scheurich                            Peter & Carol Seldin
Per Reichborn                             Dawn A. Robertson                   Donald & Louise Rowland                 Ann Baker Salafia                Donna Schiavone                            Donna Semeraro
Lawrence Reid, The L.M. Reid Group, LLC   Fred & Helen Robinson               Skip Rowland                            Saturnino L. Salas               Jeanette Schieferdecker                    Richard Sennett
William P. Reid                           Gregory Robinson                    Donald & Beth Rowley                    Joe & Maryann Salatto            Michael & Jody Schinella                   Michele D. Sensale
James Reidy                               Laura L. Robinson                   Jeffrey & Anne Rowthorn                 Alejandro & Irene Salazar        Andre & Claudia Schipper                   Nick Sentementes
Edward & Florence Reilly                  Pat Robinson                        James & Judith Royster                  Christine Saluto                 Marna Schlegel                             Jesse Serfass
Carolyn Reimers                           Susan Robinson                      Dr. & Mrs. Ron & Jean Rozett            John W. Salvatore                Harry Schleifer                            Alison L. Seropian
Sandy & Bert Reiner                       Laura Robson                        Helena F. Rozier                        Martha T. Salvatore              Paula J. Schlick                           John Setaro
Randolph Reinhold                         Thomas Roche                        Peter & Kathleen Rozsa                  Agi Salzer                       Michael Schmidt                            Suzanne M. Seton
Diana Reische                             James S. Rock                       John S. Rozum                           Jeffrey & Christa Sammons        Florence Schmitt                           Evan J. Shaad
William M. Reisman                        Dr. Donald M. Rocklin               Cathy Rozycki & M.J. Petretto           Janet & Richard Sandella         Beth Schneider                             Susan C. Shackford
Katherine W. Reiss                        Sara Rockwell                       Allison Rubeli                          Patricia Sanders                 Dale & Leanora Schneider                   Mana Shah
Gregory & Lucie Reizian                   Irving E. Rockwood                  Regina Rubeo                            Dr. Jeffrey R. Sanderson         Janice L. Schneider                        Sanjit & Mary Shah
Douglas I. & Mary L. Relyea               Elizabeth K. Rodiger                Wayne Rubicek                           Robert D. Sandine                Michael & Cynthia Schneider                Isabella Shahin
Ron & Gerry Remer                         Joan Rodriguez                      Anne Rubin                              Ralph & Sandra Sandmeyer         Christina E. Schoen                        Brian & Erica Shaker
Paul B. Remy Jr.                          Juan Rodriguez                      Dalia Rudich                            Teena-Ann Sankoorikal            Kirsten Schoenberger                       Theodore Shaker
Ronald Remy                               Sabino Rodriguez                    Dr. Lynn K. Rudich & Alan H. Kleinman   Michael Santacroce               Marian P. Schomp                           John & Marya Shanabrough
William J. Renahan                        Joseph Rodriquez                    Hedy Rudne                              Liz Santamaria                   George & Gloria Schoolfield                Sean & Clyce Shanahan
Richard & Paula Resch                     Elizabeth Roessler & Rita Rienzo    Mark W. Ruffo                           Evandro & Lois Santini           Edward & Michele Schotanus                 Austin V. Shapard
Madeline Revere                           Michele Rofrano                     Margery V. Rugen                        Dr. & Mrs. Fred & Anne Santoro   Dr. Richard S. Schottenfeld &              Harold Shapiro
James & Alice Revillini                   Christopher & Nancy Rogers          Carl Ruggiero                           Michael & Eileen Santos              Tanina Rostain                         Jeffrey & Susan Shapiro
Anne T. Reynolds                          John N. Rogers                      Regina Ruggiero                         Stacey Sapper                    Robert & Eileen C. Schreck                 Michael & Elaine Shapiro
James Reynolds                            John Rohrs                          Elizabeth P. Ruml                       Bonnie Sargent                   Rory Schreck                               S. Shapiro
Mrs. Robert Reynolds                      Steven & Lisa Roman                 Diane Rushin                            Lawton & Audrey Sargent Jr.      Phyllis Schreiber                          Shapiro Family
Sarah A. Reynolds                         Suzanne Roman                       Eugene Rusin                            Margaret A. Sarkela              Michael A. Schrempf                        Dr. & Mrs. Timothy & Ronnie Sharpe
Valerie Reynolds                          Lori Romano                         Ann Russell                             Hedy Sarofin                     Linda Schroth                              Jane Shaw
Harold W. Rhodes                          Madeline Romano & Thomas A. Walsh   Don & Susan Russell                     Alan & Alice Sartorelli          Inge Schultz                               Robert Shaw
Trevor Ricards                            Donald Romanski                     Marion Russell                          Stanley J. Saska                 Joanne Schultz                             Virginia Shaw
Anthony J. Ricciuti                       Richard Romao                       Peter & Elizabeth Russell               Harold J. Saslow                 T. Paul & Judith Schultz                   Mrs. Edward N. Shay
Erin N. Rice                              Robert W. Romatzick                 Richard Russell Sr.                     Mark Sasso                       Edith Schumann                             Dorothy Shea
Jerry G. Rice                             Victor H. Romley                    Robert J. Russell                       Aleksandar Satara                Karl Schumann                              Michael & Sharon Shea
Kathryn P. Rice, Bookkeeping Plus         Wilfred & Rosemarie Rompe Jr.       Bruce & Cynthia Russett                 Julie Satinover                  Robert Schumann                            Dr. & Mrs. Felix & Marie Sheehan
Rose Rich                                 Lisa Rondeau                        Annette Russo                           Peter Satir                      David D. Schupmann                         Kathleen E. Sheehan
Raymond P. Richard,                       Frederick T. Rooks                  Anthony & Mary Russo                    Robert Satterwhite               Anselm Schurgast                           Robert & Rita Sheehan
    Wilbur Smith Associates               Kevin Roones                        Anthony M. Russo, S.F.O.                Robert Sauerhoff                 Judith C. Schurman                         David Sheintop
Elizabeth K. Richards                     Robert Rooney                       Arlyne E. Russo                         Robin L. Saunders                Eunice Schwager                            Kathryn H. Shelava
Barbara B. Richardson                     Kathleen Rorick                     Barbara Russo                           Kathy Sautters                   Amy Schwartz                               Edward & Barbara Sheldon
Sarah Richardson                          Harold J. Rose                      Debra Russo                             Jeramy Savage                    Don & Alice Schwartz                       Myra J. Sheldon
T.T. Richmond                             Jamie Rose                          Gregory & Alison Russo                  John Savinelli                   Eric Schwartz                              Tara Shepherd
Drs. Barry & Joan Richter                 Lawrence J. Rose                    Dr. Peter Russo                         Dorothy M. Savino                Joyce Schwartz                             Fay Sheppard
Robert Richter                            Lesley Rose                         Robert E. Russo                         Tara Savitz                      Dr. & Mrs. Marc & Anne Schwartz            Richard Sherer
Leslie Ricklin                            Melanie Rose                        William Rust                            Shivlal & Rama Sawhney           Bert A. Schwarz                            June F. Sherman
Arthur & Shirley Rider                    Paulette Rosen & Michael Vollmar    Alma Rutgers                            Richard H. Saxl                  Maurice Scialis                            Kenneth P. & Mary Sherwood
Judd & Linda Riedinger                    Sheri J. Rosen                      Nancy Ruther                            Carol & Leonard Sbabo            Helen Scinto                               Ivan Shevchenko &
William & Geraldine Rienzi                Gerald & Elaine Rosenberg           Ann P. Rutherford                       Adrienne Sbarbaro                Lauretta Scionti                               Charlotte J. Hammond
Larry Rifkin                              Stephen Rosenberg                   Barbara A. Ryan                         Catherine Sbriglio               Kathleen Sciullo                           Valerie A. Shields
Roy & Barbara Riggio                      Patricia Rosenberger                Barbara G. Ryan                         Robert E. Scalzo                 Louis & Katherine Sclafani                 Mark D. Shiley
Allan Riley                                                                   Daniel J. Ryan                                                           Patricia Scollay                           Barbara Shiller

                                                                                                                                                                            2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                    |   29
         Howard & Theresa A. Shimmel         Christina M. Smillie                Roger Spingarn                  Michael Stipicevic                         Julia R. Swanson                             S. Richard & Jeanne Thomsen
         Bruce Shipman                       Ann H. Smith                        A. Leo Spodnik                  Mary Stivala                               Ruth Swanton                                 Gladys Thorn
         Tiffany A. Shipman                  Carol L. Smith                      Joseph & Mary Jane Springman    Mrs. David R. Stock                        Michael Sweedo                               Nancy W. Thorne
         Martha Shippee                      Chris & Jennifer Smith              Joseph & Audrey St. Clair       Pamela Stoddard                            Paula Sweeley                                Regina Thornton
         Dr. & Mrs. Donald & Karen Shirer    Freeman Smith                       Margaret Staack                 Edward A. Stodolski                        Lois M. Sweeney                              Torin Thurston
         Carole D. Shores                    Helen W. Smith                      John & Beatriz Staber           Wendy Stokes-Lucier                        Linda I. Swensen                             Alfred Tiezzi Jr.
         Horace Shropshire                   Hunter Sloan Smith                  Brad & Jill Stabinsky           Mark Stoltze                               Joan Swift                                   Mary Tigelaar
         Mark Shulman                        J. Cappie Smith                     Garrett Stack & John Anderson   Peter D. & Lee V. Stolzman                 Jonathan & Nancy Swinchatt                   Nancy H. Tillberg
         Kirk & Ellen Shultz                 James Smith                         Alex Stadler                    Mark & Doreen Stomsky                      David & Carol Swinkin                        Curtis Tilton
         James S. & Mary Shurtleff           James & Jean R. Smith               Jane Stadler & Barry Persky     Elsa L. Stone, MD & Steven Wolfson, MD     Lucy Sye                                     Christine Timmons
         Daniel & Betty Sica                 Joan B. Smith                       Richard & Diane Stadterman      Robert & Roberta Stone                     David & Eleanor Sylvestro                    Elizabeth N. Tinch
         Chester & Anne Sicard               Kendall Smith                       Roy Staehly                     Roger Stone                                Nathan Synan                                 Aldo & Mary Tinti
         Timothy Sickinger                   Linda E. Smith                      Matthew Stager                  Shepard & Marlene Stone                    Laura M. Szamatulski                         Nancy Tipping
         John & Ann Sieckhaus                Lowndes Smith                       Paula Stahl                     Tracy Stone                                James P. Szarkowicz                          Bridget M. Tobin
         Jean Carroll Siefke                 Margot M. Smith                     Dr. Mark Stanberry              William Stone                              Andrew Szegedy Maszak                        Nancy B. Tobin
         Adena Siegel                        Michael Smith                       Pamela Stanton & John Sawyer    Eric & Linda Stones                        Mario Sznol                                  David & Claudia Tom
         Barry & Lauren Siegel               Sara Smith                          Claire M. Staple                Cathy Stordy                               Susan Tabak-Proto                            Gerald Tomasulo
         Patricia Siemenski                  Steve Smith                         Jeffrey W. Stark                Stephen Storfer                            Joely-Ann Tabellione                         Edward Tomberg
         Loraine Sievers                     Susan A. Smith                      Karen Stark                     Elizabeth A. Storms                        Jane Tackling                                Martin Tomberg
         Paul & Ellen Siff                   Susan E. Smith                      Orris H. Stark                  Eric B. Stowe                              Maria Tagliarino & Brian Guido               Sally Tomiko & David Taraskovich
         Walter & Jeanne Siff                Susie V. Smith                      Walter E. & Cathleen T. Stark   Cecily Stranahan                           Lauren Tagliatela                            Margaret P. Tompkins
         R.D. Silverio                       Virginia Smith, Ph.D.               Dawn Starr                      Murray Strauber                            Louis Tagliatela                             Lenora Tomporowski
         Melvin J. Silverman, Esq.           Virginia W. Smith                   John B. Starr                   Marion A. Strauss, Marion Strauss Design   William Tague                                Jennifer Topham
         D.M. Silvestri                      William & Mildred Smith Sr.         Andrew & Lori Starrett          Robert Strauss                             James Tai                                    Steven & Elizabeth Torkelsen
         Katherine Simms                     William H. Smith                    Joanne Staszewski               Julia Strawhince                           Judith Talbot                                Joseph Torma
         Steven & Gloria Simon               Winsome Smith                       Joseph Statkevich               Carmela Strazza                            Peter Tallian                                John Tormondsen
         Trista Simoncek                     Ronald & Angela Smoko               Julie Stauffer                  Charles J. Strba                           Lucian Tammaro                               Johnna G. Torsone
         Joan Marie Simonelli                Mark Smolen                         Chris Stavrou                   Seth Strickland                            Joan Tanzillo                                Bill, Maria & Jennifer Toscano
         Carmen Simonetta                    Jessica E. Smolinski                Donald & Libby Steckler         Wanda Strickland                           Paul Taormina                                Vivien Tota
         Dominique Simonian                  Norbert Smyth                       Robert K. Steel                 Barbara Stringham                          Vanessa Taragowski                           Alpana Toteja
         Shirley L. Simpson                  Raymond B. Smyth                    Edward Steele                   Mrs. George J. Strobel                     Heidi H. Targonsky                           Maximillian Toth
         Vicree Simses                       Sandra B. Smyth                     Christine Steeves               Paul W. Stroh                              Thomas Tata                                  Conrad & Michiko Totman
         Carlos A. Sin                       Louise Sniederman                   James & Gloria Steffenburg      Dr. Ann Strong &                           Judith J. Tattar                             Laura Totten
         John Sinard                         Emil G. Sobek                       Ira & Hillary Stein                 Barbara J. Richetelli                  George B. Tatum                              Fred Tourtellotte
         Stephen Sinatra                     Andre & Mary E. Sofair              Robert M. Stein                 Jerry & Monica Struzik                     Margaret Tawadrous                           Robert J. Traber & Kim E. McLaughlin
         M. Sinay                            Julian Sohon                        Phillip & Sharon Steinberg      Andrea K. Strychalski                      Michele Tayler                               Scott A. Trachtenberg
         Kathleen Sinclair-Smith             Gail Sokolowski                     Richard & Judith Steinberg      Barbara Stuart                             Catherine Taylor, Connecticut                Mary Trachter
         Jody L. Sindelar & Roger Ibbotson   Sharon Sokolowski                   Philip M. Steinborn             Tim & Tracy Stuart                             Valley Homes                             Karen E. Traficanti
         Ann Singer                          Solveig Solem                       Phyllis Steinbrecher,           Anne Sturges                               Ed Taylor                                    Pamela Trailsmith
         Gary & Susie Singer                 Ben A. Solnit                           Steinbrecher Associates     Burton & Dora Stuttman                     Eileen Taylor                                Laurin Traub
         Vinod Sinha                         Mark Solomon                        Dr. Jeanne Steiner &            Jerry Stuzik                               Leo Taylor                                   Michelle G. Traub
         Kathleen Sinisgalli                 Dr. Alex Sommers                        William Rosenblatt          Anda Styler, Styler Graphics & Fine Art    Lori Taylor                                  Charles T. Treadway
         Renee Sinnott                       Daniel Soneson                      Michael & Mary Steinharter      Jose A. Suarez                             Margaret B. Taylor                           Robert J. Trefry
         Frank Sirianni                      Julie Sorcek                        Eric Steinmetz                  Elaine M. Suchman                          Robert F. Taylor                             Mary M. Tremont
         Margaret Sirot                      John & Laura Sorgenfrei             Walter Stelkovis                Richard & Jessica Sudusky                  Taylor Family                                Harry Triebel
         Majorie S. Sirrine                  Jocelyn Soriano                     Betty L. Stem                   Timothy Suffern                            Nancy Tebbe                                  Margaret Tripp
         Marguerite Sisson                   William Soroka                      Arkadiy & Loretta Stepanskiy    Alexis Sulinski                            Carolyn A. Teed & Richard A. Ives            Susan A. Trischman
         Raymond Sitar                       Stephen & Sandra W. Soule           Megan Stephan                   Alice C. Sullivan                          E. Lyndon Tefft                              Barbara Trotman
         Janine Sitko                        Walter Southworth                   Mark & Susan Stephenson         Ann M. Sullivan                            Saul Teichman                                Carmine & Elaine Trotta
         Steve & Meryl Sitver                Margaret Spain                      Steven L. Sterman               Daniel & Denise Sullivan                   Joan Tenedine                                Dana & Anne Troxell
         Dr. S. Siva                         Barbara Spakowski                   Amy Stern                       Elizabeth Sullivan                         Virginia Tennison                            Paulette K. Trueblood
         Mary Sivertsen                      Barbara Spambanato                  Edna Stern                      Gerald Sullivan                            Amy Terlaga                                  Mandi Trumpp
         Peter D. Skaperdas                  Dr. Stephanie Spangler &            Louise B. Stern                 John R. Sullivan                           Jerry Terracino                              Cleanthes S. Tsorvas
         Marcia A. Skelly                        Robert Shulman                  Natalie Stern                   Ken & Elaine Sullivan                      James & Mara Terry                           Tsuchun Tsun
         Stephane M. Skibo                   M. Roberta Spann                    Robert & Karen Stern            Leonilda Sullivan                          John F. Terry                                Genevieve Tucker
         Ellen Skinner                       Richard T. Sparaco                  Jeff & Bonnie Sterritt          Victoria Sullivan                          Robert & Tracy Terry                         Lois H. Tucker
         Jessica Skipper                     Barbara Spargo                      Lydia H. Stevens                Virginia Sundius                           Robert J. Terry                              Michael & Susan Tucker
         Mark Sklar                          Matt Spates                         Meredith Stevens                Karl Sundstrom                             Elisa Terzano                                Melinda Tuhus
         Anita Vogel Sklarsky                Ronald Spears                       Sam Stevens                     Margaret Surgenor                          Dr. Francine M. Testa                        Frederick & Janice Tullock
         Ian Skoggard & Hilary Cain          Cynthia & Sherman Specfor           Edward Stevenson                Carolyn Surgent                            Lucille Testa                                Ellen D. Tulman
         Stanley Skowronek                   Catherine J. Spencer                Karen R. Stevenson              Nancy Suski                                Michael Theriault                            Peter B. Tuneski
         Timothy R. Slapnicka                Cindy L. Spencer                    Katharine Stevenson             Richard A. Sussman &                       Scott L. Therrien, Siegel & Therrien, CPAs   Fran Turchiano
         Brenda Slater                       William & Donna Spencer             Robert A. Stevenson                 Dr. Nina R. Horowitz                   Dr. & Mrs. Francis Thomas                    Peggy Turchyn
         Sandra Slater & Joseph Hochheiser   Henry & Laura Speno                 Elizabeth Stewart               Harold A. Sutphen Jr.                      Richard John Thomas                          Brenda F. Turkel
         Walter & Sabina Slavin              John A. Spera                       Helene C. Stewart               Kathleen Sutter                            Sharon E. Thomas                             Henry & Jane Turner
         Dr. & Mrs. William & Betsy Sledge   Priscilla B. Sperry                 Eleanor Stickney                Anne-Marie Sutton                          Barbara Thomason                             Margaret Turner
         Peg Slocum                          Jane D. Spiller                     Thomas R. Stiger                John Sutton                                Alexander Thompson                           Patricia Turner
         Christopher Small                   Patti Spindel                       Robert M. Stilson               Leonardo H. Suzio                          Catherine Thompson                           Michael Tvardzik
         Stephen Small                       Dr. & Mrs. Henry & Carol Spinelli   Donna Stimpson                  Siad P. Swan                               Eric N. Thompson                             Joseph Twichell
                                             Tony & Alice Spinelli               Lori A. Stimpson                Richard & Jean Swank                       Margaret Thompson

30   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Robert J. Tyd                            Barry J. Vine                          Jerri Watstein                 Teresa White                             Abbie Wojtowicz                         Paul & Lucie Zielinski
Sara Tyler                               Nick Viner                             Janice Wattnem                 Peter & Faith Harlee Whitsett            C. P. Wolf                              Clifford & Dvora Zierer
Mikolaj Tymowski                         Susan Virostek                         William & Joanne Watts,        Lawrence & Sarah Whittemore              Werner & Elizabeth Wolf                 Henry Zigmont
Lawrence Tytla Jr.                       Michael & Judy Virr                        Bill’s Lawn Care Service   Mark Wiatrowski                          Harriet Wolfe                           Barbara Zimmer
Anne Uecker                              Monika Visokay                         James D. Waugh                 Laurette Wice                            Robert & Katina Wolfe                   Rev. Jervis S. Zimmerman
Yasutsugu Ueda                           Valentina Vitale                       Susan M. Weady                 Bill Wickson                             Herbert & Lillian Wolfson               Paul Zinewicz
Judith Uhlin                             Jean Vitalis                           Marion Weatherstone            Kenneth & Anna Wideman                   Jeffrey Wolfson                         Colleen Zingaro
David & Judith Ulrich                    Jo-Ann Vitarelli                       Robert Webber                  Paul Widhalm                             Dr. & Mrs. Charles & Noreen Wolleben,   Lorraine Zionkowski
John Ungrady                             Frithjo Volker                         Barbara Weber                  Joan Wiencek                                 BMS, Belgium                        Donna Zito
Kathleen Upson                           Jamie Volpe                            Ella H. Weber                  Richard & Karen Wies                     Ellen D. Wolpin                         Joseph & Joann Zito
Thomas & Katherine Upson                 Cynthia Von Keyserling                 Geraldine Weber                Margery Wilber                           Charles & Elizabeth Womer               Barry Zorzanello
Ricky Upton, SAP Public Services, Inc.   Meredith Von Kohorn                    Nicholas & Katharine Weber     Alice A. Wilcox                          John Womer                              Mary M. Zorzanello
Dr. Thomas S. Urban                      Thomas Vos                             Arthur E. Webster              Edith W. Wilcox                          Henry & Joyce Wong                      Nancy Zsiba
Robert & Susan Uresky                    Peter Vouras Jr., DMD                  Robert Wechsler & Emily Aber   Kathryn R. Wilcox                        Robin Wood                              Mrs. John Zullo
Robert Urfer                             Victor H. Vroom                        Margaret R. Weeks              Thomas Wilcox                            Thomas Wood                             Jeremy & Virginia Zwelling
Marilyn Usdan                            Cathi C. Waas                          Roger Wehage                   Brenda Wilkes                            Susan Woodall
Mrs. James F. Utley                      Blanche K. Wade                        Lorraine M. Weil               Kathleen Wilkes                          Diane Woodard
Christine Uzpen                          Steven Wagar                           Claire S. Weiler               Eileen Wilkinson                         Patricia Woodford
Jay Valade                               Jeanette Waggner                       Dana Weinberg                  Virginia Wilkinson                       Mary Woodin
Lewis J. Valente                         Cindy Wagner                           Kathy Weinberger               Raymond Willett                          Lisa Woods
Anthony Valenti                          Elizabeth Wagner                       Sandra Weiner                  Beth Williams                            Dr. Suna E. Woods
Mark C. Valentine                        Neal & Milagros Waibel                 Susan K. Weiner                Carolyn Williams                         William & Dani Woods
Ronald & Debra Valigursky                Candy E. Wain                          Jenya Weinreb & Anton Bures    Debra L. Williams                        Gregory P. Woodson
James & Robin Valle                      Leslie P. Waite                        Beryl Weinstein                Evelyn Williams                          Charles Woodward
Marie Van Benthem                        Nancy Waite                            Paula Weinstein                Frederick & Terry Williams               Julia L. Wooster
Melinda Van Der Beek                     John C. Wakerley & Diana S. Wakerley   Cheryl M. Weisberg             Gary & Carol Williams                    Peter Wooster
Louis & Ingrid van Der Heide             Sharlene Walbaum                       Mrs. Lester Weiss              John A. Williams                         Vicki Wray
Flora Z. Van Dyke                        John & Carol Walcott                   Mark Weiss                     Josephine C. Williams                    Lorrie Wright
Diane Van Ess                            Michael J. Waldvogel                   Robert & Joanne Weiss          Kenneth Williams                         Scott & Beverly Wright
Robert Van Kohorn                        Phil J. Walkden & Theresa Saludo       Tim & Ann Weithers             Patricia Williams                        Stephen Wright
Elizabeth Van Munching                   Andrew M. Walker                       Penny Welbourne                Sue Williams                             Susan Wright
William Van Syckle                       David Walker                           Harriet J. Welch               William Williams III                     Leslie Wurst
J.C. Van Verre                           Jeffrey & Patricia Walker              John Welch                     Kathleen Williamson                      David Wyllie
William A. Vance                         Robert G. Walker                       Clifford Weller                Doris Willinger                          Marjorie Wynne
Stephen Vandegraaf                       Timothy Walker                         Marcia E. Wellman              Jim Willis                               Vincent Yade
Dr. Peter Vandell                        Donald & Valletta Wall                 David Wells                    Peter Willis                             Ginger Yagovane
B. J. Vandenbrink                        Suzanne Wall                           Wendy Wells                    James C. Wills                           Dr. Hila Yanai
Ann Vandermaelen                         Gloria Wallace                         Thomas J. Welsh                Sheila Wilmer                            Mark C. Yanarella
Loraine VanDuyne                         Kathleen Wallace                       Lori Wendin                    Helen A. Wilmot                          John E. Yanowicz
Virginia VanHorne                        William L. Wallace                     Robert Wendler                 Alton & Janet Wilson                     David Yass
Donald VanLeeuwen                        Sylvanie Wallington                    Dr. Penny Weremchuk            Andrew Wilson                            M. & V. Yedynak
Gloria Vannorden                         Louis A. Wallis                        Holly Werner                   Christine M. Wilson                      Carol Yoder
Stephen & Joan Varga                     Baxter & Patricia Walsh                Marion Wertheim                Christopher & Lorraine Wilson            David & Victoria Yolen &
Mildred A. Varholak                      Chantal Walsh                          Andrew West                    Elizabeth Wilson                             Master Charlie Yolen
Mark W. Vassalotti                       Joseph Walters                         Eugenia West                   Kenneth Wilson                           Susan L. Yolen
Dwaine R. Vaudrey                        Charles & Loretta Walz                 Leonard & Pamela West          Margaret M. Wilson                       Charles P. Young
John & Elsie Vavrek Jr.                  Meig Walz                              Pat West                       Marilyn Wilson                           James Young
Mrs. Antea Vece                          Adriane Walzer                         Barbara E. Westlake            Sandra Wilson                            Jean Young
Ronald & Amy Vender                      David Wang                             Bruce & Pauline Weston         William & Darunee Wilson                 Karen R. Young
Shyam Venkat                             Anne Ward                              Eleanor L. Wetmore             Valerie Wiltshire                        Linda M. Young
John D. Venter                           Joan Ward                              Kevin & Eleanor Wetmore        William & Karen Wiltsie                  Mrs. Robert Young
Kim Venterea-Zonenshine                  Joseph S. Ward                         Patricia Wettemann             Kristin Winbigler & William J. Berkrot   David Zabel
Mrs. Raymond Vermette                    Barbara C. Wareck                      Joan Wexler                    Patricia Winer                           Dr. & Mrs. Parwiz & A. Maziar Zafari
William Vermeulen                        William B. Warfel                      Curtis D. Weybright            James & Marcy Winkel                     Mona Zain
Cliff Vermilya                           Gregory Warfield                       Michael Whalen                 James & Ethel Winn                       Cathy Zales
Michel Vernhes                           Richard & Valerie Warhall              Charles Wheeler                Gail Winston                             Donna Zalichin & Barry Kramer
Josephine Vernon                         Anna May Wark                          Edward L. Wheeler              Helen C. Winte, Essex Meadows            Angela Zappia & Philip Batchelor
Christine S. Vertefeuille                Burt Warner                            Robert & Elizabeth Wheeler         Health Center                        Ann L. Zawacki
Todd & Sarah Vetter                      Donna Warner                           Linda Whelan                   Marion Winter                            Julia A. Zawacki
Al & Coralie Via                         Suzanne Warner                         Susan Whetstone                Susan Winter                             Maria Zawadzki
Stephen Victor & Susanne Roberts         Mark Warren                            Elena Whidden                  Chris Winters & Leigh Shemitz            Kathleen Zawalich
Barbara Videira                          Kristen Warzecha                       Elaine Whipple                 Margaret W. Winters                      Margaret Zawryt
Mary B. Videtto                          Thomas Washburn                        Thomas R. Whitaker             Fred Wintsch                             George Zdru
Edward P. Vidou                          Ed Wassmer                             Daniel White                   Edith Wisausky                           Yvonne Zeisler
Sher Vieira                              Lawrence N. Waterbury                  Frances S. White               Richard & Nancy Wiseman                  Lisa Zeitel
Mrs. Russel Viering                      Janice Watkins                         Mrs. John P. White             John Wisniewski & Erika Halford          Nancy Zeitler
Anthony & Cecilia Viesto                 Ronald & Margaret Watkins              Mary Ann White                 Hilda Witt                               Israel Zelitch
Sarah Viglione                           Bob & Carol Watson                     Robert E. White                James Wityak                             Elisabeth Zemetis
Joanna E. Vincent & Gordon W. Smith      Richard & Lauren Watson                Stanley M. White               Kath Wojcek                              Constance Zerella
                                                                                Stephen White                  J. Wojsnarowicz                          Debra Ziegler

                                                                                                                                                                     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                 |   31
         Business, Foundation and Organization Donors
         Schools, businesses, and places of worship, corporations and foundations are all making
         an impact in our community. CFB is grateful to the many groups and organizations that
         generously donate funds to alleviate hunger. The following groups and foundations
         donated funds between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008.

         $75,000.00 -                              Newman’s Own Foundation
                                                   Share Our Strength
                                                                                            Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
                                                                                            Omnicom Capital, Inc.
                                                                                                                                       Endurance Services Limited
                                                                                                                                       The Ethel & Abe Lapides Foundation
           $100,000.00                                                                      PBG Foundation, Women @ PBG
                                                                                            Pfizer United Way Campaign, Donor Choice
                                                                                                                                       Eyelet Design
                                                                                                                                       Fairfield United Soccer Association
         Stop & Shop Supermarket Company                                                    REAP Foundation, Inc.                      First Church Congregational, Fairfield
                                                   $5,000.00 - $9,999.99                    Sidney Stern Memorial Trust                First Church of Christ, Woodbridge
                                                                                            St. Anthony of Padua Church, Fairfield     First Congregational Church, Branford
                                                                                            St. John’s Episcopal Church, Salisbury     First Presbyterian Church, New Haven
         $50,000.00 -                              Albert Wadsworth & Helen Meserve
                                                      Memorial Fund                         Stamford Hospital                          The First United Church of Christ, Milford
           $74,999.99                              Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of CT      Sun Hill Foundation
                                                                                            Tiller, LLC
                                                                                                                                       The Foss Company, Inc.
                                                                                                                                       Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana
                                                   Bic Corporation
         Hopkins School                            Big Y Foods, Inc.                        UBS                                        General Re Services Corporation
         ShopRite-Partners In Caring               BJ’s Wholesale Club                      UHY Advisors                               Hain Materials Corp.
                                                   Community Health Charities of            Unilever United States Foundation          Hamermesh Family Charitable Foundation
                                                                                            United Way of Eastern Fairfield County,    The Harry Donenfeld Foundation               Tighe & Bond                             Connecticut Freemasons Cosmopolitan
                                                      Connecticut, Donor Choice, CFC                                                                                                Trinity Church on the Green, New Haven       Lodge 125
                                                   Connecticut Bar Association, Workers         Donor Choice                           Hayes Foundation
         $25,000.00 -                                 Compensation Section                  United Way of Greater Waterbury,           Heyman Properties                            Trinity Episcopal Church, Newtown
                                                                                                                                                                                    United Association of Journeymen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             CUTW Local 1298
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fairfield County Bank
                                                   Connecticut State Medical Society            Donor Choice                           Hospital of Saint Raphael,
           $49,999.99                              GE Foundation                            Whole Foods Market                             One for All Fund                             & Apprentices                        First Congregational Church of Stamford
                                                                                                                                       The Huisking Foundation, Inc.                United Church on the Green, New Haven    The First Congregational Church,
         America’s Second Harvest (including       The Gryphon Fund                                                                                                                 Webster Insurance                            UCC, Cheshire
            American Idol Gives Back)              The James H. Napier Foundation                                                      International Alliance of Theatrical
                                                                                                                                           Stage Employees                          Whitten, Horton & Gibney                 First Unitarian Universalist Society
         Panera Bread Foundation                   The Kaufmann Foundation
         ShopRite-Check Out Hunger                 McCormick Tribune Foundation, The
                                                                                            $1,000.00 - $2,499.99                      Intelligent Motion Systems, Inc.             Wiggin & Dana                                of New Haven
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Foxwoods Resort Casino
                                                                                                                                       International Union of Operating Engineers   William Reese Company
         Spinach for Rip and Joe Schiavone Fund,      Courant/Fox 61 Holiday Campaign       Aetna Foundation, Inc.                                                                                                           The Gillette Company
                                                                                                                                       Invest II                                    Wise Metals Group
            Jennifer Spinach                       The Pampered Chef                        Allianz of America, Inc.                                                                                                         Goodrich Foundation
                                                                                                                                       The Jane F. Curran Charitable Trust          WPLR/99.1
                                                   Pitney Bowes Employee Involvement        American Express Foundation                                                                                                      HBRA of Fairfield County
                                                      Fund, Global Impact                                                              Legg Mason, Inc.                             Yale University Church
                                                                                            AT&T Berkshire Community Service Fund                                                                                            Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Trumbull
                                                   Shaw’s Supermarket, Inc.                                                            Lewis G. Schaeneman Jr. Foundation
                                                                                            AT&T Community Service Fund,                                                                                                     Hospital for Special Care
         $15,000.00 -                              TD Banknorth Charitable Foundation           Gateway Region                         Liberty Bank Foundation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut
                                                   The TJX Foundation, Inc.                                                            Lighting Systems, Inc.
           $24,999.99                              United Way of Greater New Haven,
                                                                                            AT&T Employees Community
                                                                                                Service Fund, Meriden                  Local 35 Unite Here                          $500.00 - $999.99                        Industrial Health & Safety Consultants
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Jordan Caterers & Event Planners, LLC
                                                      Donor Choice                          AT&T United Way Employee                   The McCance Foundation Trust                 A.D. Lines-Euro Group, Inc.
         America’s Charities                                                                                                                                                                                                 Kew Professional Photo & Digital
                                                   United Way of Tri-State, Donor Choice        Giving Program                         Merck Partnership for Giving                 Air Control Mechanical Services, Inc.        Imaging Services
                                                   William H. Prusoff Foundation            Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman LLP            Morgan Stanley, United Way,                  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.         KeyCorp
         Diageo North America, Inc.
                                                   The Worthington Family Foundation        Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.                       Donor Choice                             Altria Group, Inc.
         Food Industry Crusade Against Hunger                                                                                                                                                                                Kiwanis Club of Milford
                                                                                            Bruegger’s Enterprises                     NETiMAGE                                     Ashken Family Charitable Foundation
         Jannotta Family Feed                                                                                                                                                                                                KPMG Community Giving Campaign
                                                                                            BYK USA Inc.                               New England Physical Therapy                 Association of Peri-Operative Nurses
         The JPMorgan Chase Foundation                                                                                                                                                                                       Law Office of Eileen C. Seaman
                                                                                            Cabot Creamery                             New Haven Dental Group                       AT&T Services, Inc.                      Lempert Family Foundation
         The Marion Moore Foundation Inc.
         Maximilian E. & Marion O.
                                                   $2,500.00 - $4,999.99                    Casey Family Services                      Northeast Utilities                          Berkshire Taconic Community              Lions Club of New Haven
                                                                                            Chestnut Fine Foods & Confections          Nutmeg Chapter, POCI                             Foundation, SCHL Fund
            Hoffman Foundation                     A-1 Toyota                                                                                                                                                                LW Robbins Associates
                                                                                            Church of the Redeemer, UCC, New Haven     People’s United Bank, Woodbridge             Blue Horizons Club
         ShopRite Fund of the Community            Alcoa Howmet - Branford Coatings                                                                                                                                          The McGraw-Hill Companies
            Foundation of New Jersey                                                        Cirelli Foods Inc.                         People’s United Bank, Bridgeport,            Bollinger International Movers
                                                   Ann T. D’Addario Family Foundation                                                      Winter Wonderland                                                                 Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal
         Orchard Farm Foundation                   AT&T Employees’ Community Services       Cisco Foundation                                                                        Bowman, Monaco & Black                   Network For Good
                                                                                            Citizens Bank                              Quest Diagnostics, Inc.                      Bridgeport News Inc.
         Webster Bank                                 Fund, Hamden                                                                                                                                                           NewAlliance Bank
                                                                                            Clayton Services, Inc.                     R.C. Bigelow, Inc.                           Capers Dance Committee
                                                   Avon Products Foundation                                                                                                                                                  North Haven High School
                                                                                            CME Associates, Inc.                       Real Estate Finance Assoc. of CT             Cars4Charities
                                                   Bender, Anderson and Barba, PC                                                                                                                                            North Madison Congregational Church
                                                                                            Colony Hardware                            Rose and Kiernan                             Caseworks, LLC
                                                   Bromer Kearney Charitable Foundation                                                                                                                                      Northeast Utilities System Companies
         $10,000.00 -                              The CATIC Foundation, Inc.               Communications Distributors                Ruby Tuesday’s, Cookies for a Cause
                                                                                                                                       Sikorsky Aircraft Corp.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Chabaso Bakery                           Operations Management International, Inc.
                                                   The Community Baptist Church,            Connecticut Community Foundation                                                        Chemtura Corp.                           Painting & Decorating Contractors Assoc.
           $14,999.99                                 New Haven                             Connecticut Department of                  StanPak, LLC                                 Cheshire Academy Middle School           Panza Enterprises, Inc.
                                                                                                Developmental Services                 Stop & Shop Supermarket #648                 Cly-Del Manufacturing Company
         Anonymous                                 Evangelical Lutheran Church in America                                                                                                                                    Pat Munger Construction
                                                                                            Cooperative Funeral Fund, Inc.             Stop & Shop Supermarket #692                 The Community Foundation for Greater
         Aetna Foundation, Inc.                    FactSet Research Systems                                                                                                                                                  People’s Bank
                                                                                            Covidien Employee Matching Gift Program    Swedish Aid Society, Inc.                        New Haven
         BJ’s Charitable Foundation                The First Church of Christ, New Haven                                                                                                                                     Quota International of New Haven
                                                                                            Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn                   Swisher International Inc.                   Congregation for Humanistic Judaism
         Garden Homes Fund                         Greenfield Hill Congregational Church                                                                                                                                     Regional Water Authority
                                                                                            David D’Addario Family Foundation          Thomas Meloy Foundation                      The Congregation Mishkan Israel
         Heidenreich Family Foundation             Helen & William Mazer Foundation                                                                                                                                          Renaissance Management
                                                                                            D’Addario Industries                       Thomaston Savings Bank Foundation, Inc.      Connecticut Association for Health
         Knights of Columbus                       The James McInerney & Gary                                                                                                                                                Robert H. Schaffer & Associates
                                                      Fafard Foundation                     The Easton Exchange Club                   Thurston Foods, Inc.                             Care Recruiters
         MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger

32   |     2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                                                                 Yale-New Haven Hospital,                   Duck Pond Day Care, Inc.                  Portopong, LLC
                                                                                                                                    Mutual Respect Committee                Dynegy, Inc.                              Primary Care Center
                                                                                                                                 Zeta Delta Epsilon, SCSU                   East River Energy, Inc.                   Pro Health Physicians
                                                                                                                                                                            East Rock Global Magnet School            Quaker Farms School
                                                                                                                                                                            Edge Technology Services, Inc.            Quality Sheet Metal
                                                                                                                                                                            Elisabeth C. Adams Middle School          Radalab, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 $100.00 - $249.99                          Express Dental Lab                        REACH - Kent School
                                                                                                                                 Adelman Law Office                         ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc.               Reinsurance Association of America
                                                                                                                                 All Saints of America, Salisbury           F. Monarca Masonry Enterprise, Inc.       Sacred Rivers Yoga
                                                                                                                                 Alliance Group Services, Inc.              Farrell, Leslie & Grochowski              Santa Fuel, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 Alloy Engineering                          Fence World, Inc.                         Sav-Rite Liquors, Inc.
                                                                                                                                 American Committee on Italian Migration    First Congregational Church of Bethel     Schine, Julianelle & Antonucci, P.C.
                                                                                                                                 American Glass, Inc.                       First Congregational Church, East Haven   Security First Insurance Group
                                                                                                                                 American Legion Auxiliary Unit 12          Francis Walsh Intermediate School         Shairons Salon
                                                                                                                                 American Legion Post 165                   Fresh Yoga                                Shoreline Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
                                                                                                                                 American Legion Post 175                   Friedler & Friedler                       Shoreline Pediatrics
                                                                                     New England Medical Specialties                                                        G & G Beverage Distributors, Inc.         Sinoway & McEnery
                                                                                     New England Supply Co.                                                                 Gallagher Real Estate Co.                 Sisters of Charity, East Haven
                                                                                                                                 Antares Real Estate
                                                                                     New Haven Federation of Teachers                                                       Gartner                                   Sisters of the Immaculate
                                                                                                                                 Apollo Refrigeration, Inc.
                                                                                     New Haven Korean Church                                                                GE Fairfield                                  Conception, Putnam
                                                                                                                                 Applera Corporation
                                                                                     Newpol Foundation, Inc.                                                                Giuliano & Richardson, LLC                Skintastic
                                                                                                                                 Bank of America, United Way,
                                                                                     Nichols United Methodist Church, Trumbull                                              GlaxoSmithKline Foundation                Slocum & Sons
                                                                                                                                     Donor Choice
                                                                                     North Haven Funeral Home                                                               GLN, LLC                                  Sound Development Group
                                                                                                                                 Barnes Group Foundation, Inc.
                                                                                     Notre Dame Church, Durham                                                              Golden Compass Inc.                       Soundview Construction Advisors
                                                                                                                                 BPOE Lodge - New Haven Elks
                                                                                     Pasternak Family Foundation                                                            Grace & St. Peter’s Episcopal             St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church,
                                                                                                                                 Branford Police Benevolent Assoc.
                                                                                     PCI Medical, Inc.                                                                          Church, Hamden                            New Haven
                                                                                                                                 Branford/North Branford Pediatrics
                                                                                     Peck Associates                                                                        Greenwich Kumon Math                      St. Mary’s Church, New Haven
Rubino Bros. Inc.                          Cross Keys Designs                                                                    Braxton Manufacturing Co., Inc.
                                                                                     The Pension Service, Inc.                                                              Harbor Electrical Contractors             St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, Bridgeport
Sarezky Family Foundation                  Connecticut Department of Workers’                                                    Bridgeport Energy, LLC
                                                                                     Pilgrim Ecclesiastical Society                                                         Holly Acres Jewelry                       St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church,
Spectra Energy                                 Compensation Commission, Bridgeport                                               Builders’ Supply CT, LLC
                                                                                     Pioneer Industries                                                                     Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church,         Deep River
St. Andrew Ladies Society, New Haven       Dell Direct Giving Campaign                                                           Burke, Esposito & Associates, LLP
                                                                                     Price Chopper                                                                              New Haven                             Stanton H. Lesser Attorney at Law
The St. Andrew’s Society                   Devore Associates                                                                     Business & Legal Reports, Inc.
                                                                                     The Prudential Foundation                                                              Hometown Title Services, LLC              The Stanton House Inn
    of Connecticut, Litchfield             Dichello Distributors, Inc.                                                           Canterbury Court Unit Owners Association
                                                                                     Pullman & Comley, LLC                                                                  Hospital of St. Raphael, Human            Star Distributors, Inc.
St. John’s Episcopal Church, North Haven   Dominski/Bruce                                                                        Capitol Strategies Group, LLC
                                                                                     Qualidigm                                                                                  Resources Department                  Stepping Stones
St. Matthew UFW Baptist Church,            The Durol Co.                                                                         Cappy’s Liquor Store, Inc.
                                                                                     R. Fusco, Inc.                                                                         Huestis Tucker Architects                 Stoll’s Pharmacy, Inc.
    New Haven                              Episcopal Church at Yale Undergraduates                                               Carpet Solutions
                                                                                     Ramdy Corp                                                                             Jacobs Levy Equity Management, Inc.       Summit Handling
St. Paul Travelers Foundation              ExecuNet                                                                              Carrubba Inc.
                                                                                     Reader’s Digest Foundation                                                             Jurman Metrics Inc.                       Surrey Associates LLC
Stockbridge’s Gourmet Cheesecakes          Executive Cleaners                                                                    Casey Charitable Matching Programs
                                                                                     Riverview Realty & Development Corp.                                                   Kol Ami, Inc.                             Survey Sampling, Inc.
Svigals & Partners                         Fairfield Fire Fighters Local 1426                                                    Chiro Care Milford
                                                                                     Robert K. Griffith & Associates, Inc.                                                  L’Elegance Salon                          Teamsters Local 443
SWS Builders, LLC                          Family Care Visiting Nurse Agency                                                     The Chubb Corp.
                                                                                     Roger Sherman Swiss Inn                                                                L.H. Brenner Inc.                         The Cambridge Group, LTD.
Unilever                                   Fasano, Ippolito & Lee, LLC                                                           The Church of Christ, Winsted
                                                                                     Russell Sage Foundation                                                                Lacey Manufacturing Co.                   The Little Black Dress
United Way of New York City                First & Summerfield United Methodist,                                                 Church of the Ascension, Hamden
                                                                                     Saxe School Secretaries & Custodians                                                   Ladies Card Club                          Town & Country Homes
Valley Community Foundation                    New Haven                                                                         Church Women United in Connecticut
                                                                                     Shelton Dental Center                                                                  Law Offices of Audrey J. Porzio           Treadwell Electric Company, Inc.
Viking Construction Inc.                   First Church of Christ, Scientist,                                                    City Hall Cafe
                                                                                     ShopRite of Waterbury                                                                  Lincoln Service & Equipment Co.           Temple Beth Tikrah
Wernert Construction Management                New Haven                                                                         Clayton Property Brokers, LLC
                                                                                     Space-Craft Manufacturing, Inc.                                                        LUNCH                                     U.S. Products, Inc.
The Winfield Foundation                    First Congregational Church, West Haven                                               Cleaning Care Systems, Inc.
                                                                                     The Spring Glen Church, UCC, Hamden                                                    Martin Environment Design LLC             United Brotherhood of Carpenters
ZET Foundation                             Fusco Management Co., LLC                                                             Coginchaug Regional High School
                                                                                     SPX Corporation                                                                        Matty’s Paving & Construction Co., Inc.   United Steel Workers of America
                                           Give With Liberty                                                                     Command P.S. Co.
                                                                                     SRNH, Inc.                                                                             Media Communications Assoc. Int’l.        United Technologies PAC
                                           Greenberg, Rhein & Margolis                                                           Computer U Inc.
                                                                                     St. Michael’s Church, New Haven                                                        Millstone Express                         United Way of the Ozarks, Donor Choice
                                           Gro Well Inc.                                                                         Congregation de Notre Dame, West Haven
                                                                                                                                                                            Monteiro Construction                     United Way of New England,
$250.00 - $499.99                          High Caliber Contracting, LLC,            The Stanley Works
                                                                                     State of Connecticut, Department of
                                                                                                                                 Connecticut Capital Management Group
                                                                                                                                                                            Morgillo & Flynn                              Donor Choice
                                               Clay and Linda Markham                                                            Connecticut Department Workers’
1st Distribution Energy Consultants                                                      Developmental Services, West Region                                                Moving Pictures, Inc.                     VFW Post 10128
                                           Holy Name of Jesus Church, Stratford                                                      Compensation Commission, New Haven
AES Thames, L.L.C.                                                                   The Stratford United Methodist Church                                                  Mystic Air Quality Consultants, Inc.      Victorian Collection
                                           Horizon Sound, Inc.                                                                   Connecticut Foot Surgery Center
American International Group                                                         Sun & Moon Marketing Communications                                                    Mystic Group                              Viking Enterprises Inc.
                                           John Desmond Builders, Inc.                                                           Connecticut Hypodermics
Amity Charitable Trust                                                               Superior Plating Company                                                               National Council of Jewish Women          Washington County Diversion Program
                                           Johnny’s Genuine Record Shoppe                                                        Connecticut MG Club
Anton/Bauer, Inc.                                                                    TransClean Corp.                                                                       New England Title Service, Inc.           Webster Bank, Accounting Dept.
                                           Kaiser’s Truck Shop                                                                   Connecticut Post Card Club
Arch Chemicals, Inc.                                                                 Trinity Episcopal Church, Branford                                                     New Haven Truck & Auto Body               Webster Insurance
                                           Koster Keunen, Inc.                                                                   Consider It Done, LLC
Bank of America, United Way,                                                         The Trumbull Congregational Church                                                     New Light Church, New Haven               Westbrook Concrete Block Co. Inc.
                                           Landmark Partners, Inc.                                                               Cooper Financial Services, Inc.
   Donor Choice                                                                      Tzedakah House LLC                                                                     Newtown High School                       Westfall & Behrens
                                           Lauren E. Avezzie Scholarship Fund                                                    CorePlus Federal Credit Union
Barilla America, Inc.                                                                Unitarian Church of Westport                                                           Nixon & Mulhall                           Westover School
                                           LCD Lighting                                                                          Connecticut Department of Transportation
Benick Machineworks                                                                  United Aluminum Corp. Employees                                                        North Haven Ceramic Tile & Floor, Inc.    Whitney Management Co.
                                           Light Sources                                                                         Cummings & Good
Brescome Barton, Inc.                                                                Valley Presbyterian Church, Brookfield                                                 North Haven Grange No. 35                 Wholesale Cabinet Outlet, Inc.
                                           Lighthouse Voc-Ed Center                                                              D.B.E. London Chapter
C & E Appliance Service LLC                                                          Verizon Foundation                                                                     Northwest Communications, Inc.            Wiggin & Dana Paralegals
                                           Lions Club of Easton                                                                  Daigle Construction
Canine College                                                                       Vigneau & Associates                                                                   Odyssey America Reinsurance Corp.         William C. Woods Jr., CPA
                                           M & R Frosted Food Co.                                                                DeLuca Center, LLC
Centrix, Inc.                                                                        Wachovia Foundation                                                                    Old Stone Church, East Haven              Winchester Electronics Corporation
                                           Microsoft                                                                             Deutsch Charitable Foundation
Claire’s Corner Copia                                                                Wal-Mart Store #5439                                                                   Orange Congregational Church              Yale Library, Research Services
                                           Mitchells/Richards/Marshs                                                             Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation                                                        & Collections
Club Corvette of Connecticut                                                         The Welcome Club of Fairfield & Easton                                                 Oxford High School Booster Club
                                           The Mnuchin Foundation                                                                DiNardo Brass Trust                                                                  Yale University Health Services
Congregation Beth El, Fairfield                                                      Whitecap Technologies, Inc.                                                            Palladin Precision Products
                                           Mohegan Sun                                                                           Diversified Technology Consultants                                                   Yale-New Haven Hospital, Department of
Congregation Or Shalom, Orange                                                       Whitney Center                                                                         People’s United Bank, IT Division
                                           Municipal Association                                                                 The Dominican Nuns of Guilford                                                           Physician Services
Connecticut Distributors, Inc.                 of Trumbull Employees                 Yale Divinity School, The Left Behind                                                  Pizzarama of Plainfield
                                                                                                                                 Dominion Foundation
Cristino Associates, Inc.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT                                         |   33
                                   Volunteering to help the food bank can lessen the chance that a
                                   senior citizen will have to choose between having enough to eat
                                   and paying for his medications. We thank all of our volunteers,
                                   from one-time food drive helpers to regular mail openers. You have
                                   made an impact on all of us. The following individuals and groups
                                   shared their time and talents with us between July 1, 2007 and
                                   June 30, 2008.

                                   Volunteer Groups                          North Haven Academy-Paul Mitchell
                                                                                 Partner School
                                                                                                                         University of New Haven, Women’s
                                                                                                                            Basketball Team
                                   ACES                                      Norwalk Economic Opportunity Now, Inc.      University of New Haven, Women’s
                                   AIC of Meriden                            Notre Dame High School, West Haven             Volleyball Team
                                   AIC of New Opportunites, Inc.             Notre Dame High School, Fairfield           Vinson & Elkins Law Firm
                                   Alcoa Howmet Branford Coatings            Oak Hill School, Hamden                     Vista Vocational & Life Skills Center
                                   Amazing Grace Food Pantry                 Opportunity House                           Waterbury Police Explorer Post
                                   Americorps NCCC                           P.U.S.H. Initiative                         Western Connecticut State University,
                                   Association of Yale Alumni                Pathways Regional School, East Haven           Kappa Chi Alpha
                                   Bethany Ladies                            Project APOYO                               Western Connecticut State University,
                                                                             Project Green, New Haven                       Newman Club
                                   Boy Scout Troop 610
                                                                             Project MORE                                Western Connecticut State University,
                                   Cedarhurst School
                                                                                                                            Zeta Beta Tau
                                   Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day      Quinnipiac University, School of Law
                                                                                                                         Westport YMCA Y’s Men
                                       Saints Missionaries, Fairfield        Quinnipiac University, Office of
                                                                                 Community Services                      Wilby High School, Waterbury
                                   Church of the Redeemer, UCC,
                                       New Haven                             Quota Club of New Haven                     William Pitt Sotheby’s International
                                                                                                                            Realty, Danbury
                                   Community Solutions, Inc.                 Returning Peace Corps
                                                                                                                         Yale Divinity School
                                   Connecticut Job Corps                     RSVP - Central Naugatuck Valley
                                                                                                                         Yale Public Health Society
                                   Connecticut State Police                  RSVP of Northern Fairfield County
                                                                                                                         Youth Continuum, Inc.
                                   Connecting Children and Families          SARAH, Inc.
                                   Credit Union League of Connecticut        Shaw’s Supermarket
                                   Crosby High School, Waterbury             Shelton Jaycees
                                   Diageo of North America
                                   East Haven High School
                                                                             Shoreline Clinical Day School
                                                                             Shriner Klowns
                                                                                                                         Individual Volunteers
                                   East Haven Academy                        Sikorsky Professional                       Natalie Adamczyk
                                   Fairfield Ludlowe High School Key Club        Development Network                     Dan Adams
                                   Fairfield University Campus Ministry      Southern Connecticut State University,      Harry Adams
                                   FedEx Kinko’s Office                          Public Health Society                   Gladys Alcedo
                                   Financial Accounting Foundation           Southern Connecticut State University,      Cornell Allison
                                   First Congregational Church of Coventry       Sigma Delta Sigma                       Chris Anastasio
                                   Foundation High School, Milford           Southern Connecticut State University,      Stephen Aphanasoulis
                                                                                 Zeta Delta Epsilon
                                   Guilford High School                                                                  Adreanna Arce
                                                                             St. Luke’s Church
                                   Hamden Plains United Methodist Church                                                 Kristen Archibald
                                                                             State Street School, Waterbury
                                   Harpoon Helpers, Harpoon Brewery                                                      Lynn Ardito
                                                                             Sunset Shore
                                   Hopkins School, New Haven                                                             Matthew Armonte
                                                                             The Academy, Milford
                                   IBM Corporation                                                                       Joseph F. Ashby
                                                                             United States Coast Guard Sector Long
                                   Junior League of Greater New Haven                                                    Rhoda Auerbach
                                                                                 Island Sound
                                   Kennedy Center                                                                        Michael Autore
                                                                             University of Bridgeport,
                                   Kennedy High School, Waterbury                Office for Campus Activities            Gilbert Avery
                                   Lions Club, Waterbury                         & Community Services                    John Avery
                                   Louis Dreyfus Highbridge Energy           University of Connecticut, Waterbury        Joan Ayr
                                   Macy’s East, Waterbury                    University of New Haven, Chi Kappa Rho      David Badorek
                                   MDF Painting and Powerwash                University of New Haven,                    Michael Bailey
                                   Milford Alternative Education Program         Fire & Science Club                     Lindsey Baker
                                   Milford Jaycees                           University of New Haven,                    David Ball
                                   Naugatuck Savings Bank                        Kappa Gamma Rho                         Jeremy Ballin
                                   New Haven Job Corps                       University of New Haven, National           Joe Balnis
                                   New Haven Korean Church                       Society for Minorities in Hospitality   Daniel Bartl
                                   New Haven Superior Court                  University of New Haven, Office of          Matt Bauer
                                   North Guilford Congregational Church          Community Service                       Sally Bauer

34   |   2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Sara Beddow                             Elder Dalton                        Virginia Gorman              Diane Lewis & Tracy Thomas   Massimo Perciballi          Bill & Kari Steadman
Marguerite Bergers                      Maria Daly                          Becky P. Goss                Ania Liguz                   Michael Perry               James Steck
Jennifer Bertini-Cuomo                  Heather Daniels                     Catherine & Leon Grabowski   Fred Ling                    Cecile Pettit               Lois Steigert
Diane Bethke                            Branden Davis                       Sam Greco                    Sharae Lingsley              Rosana Phorn                Kristin Stephenson
Maureen Birney                          Joy Davis                           Michael Griffin              Lessica/Rossini Family       Mike Piccolello             Carl Stewart
Emily Bloemker                          Sharon Davis                        Thomas Grillo                Chun Lo                      Pete Pietrunti              Mary Stom
Patricia Blondell                       Elrena Dawson                       Alyssa Gruen                 Roseann Logiodice            Stacey Pirelli              Thomas & Kathleen Stone
Lisa, Jake, John & Annie Blumenfeld     Doug, Deanna & Stephanie Debrecht   Tyler Gruen                  Nelson Lopez                 Jillian Piscitelli          John Sulentic
Sam Boccarossa                          Anthony DeCarlo                     Tina Hare                    Karen Lybeck                 Jean Pogwizd                Isabel Sutton
Ruth Bockley                            C. Blair DeGuzman                   John Harpool                 Daniel Macy                  Ed Pollner                  Alexander Szliwoski
Larnell Bond                            Jennie Delisle                      Kara Harton                  Larry Maenza                 Anita Pontolillo            Paul & Alan Tablain
Rebecca Bonetti                         Michael Della Rocco                 Samantha Hathaway            Ellen Malave                 Jenelle Pope                Joe Talmadge
Katie Bonito                            Marie DelMonico                     Nate Hayden                  Glorimar Maldonardo          Brian Potter                Jacqueline Tamm
Ashley Borchert                         Katelyn Delucia                     Heather Osterberg            Gloria Mallonado             Cynthia & Whitney Powell    Hua Tan
Dave Bordick                            Anne L. Demchak                     William Henley               John Malone                  Gloria Protz                David Tata
Gerry Borgerson                         John & Jerina Deptulski             Edward Herbst                Tom Mancarella               Luke Purdy                  Jake Tata
Anthony Bosco                           Maureen DeRose                      K. Michael Hibbard           Marino Mancebo               Justin Purvis               George Tatten
Paul Brady                              Michael DeSanctis                   Ken & Stacey Hoin            Fred & Dustin Maretz         Miriam Putterman            Lousie Taylor
Cleone Brandy                           Lauren Di Scala                     Lauren Horbal                Jeffrey Marshall             Fernando Quezada            Bobby Taylor
Parker & Anna Broggi                    Joe Diana                           Christina Hoyt               David Martinoli              Susan Quinn                 Antonio Teixeira
Meghan Brown                            Ann DiJon                           Eric Hoyt                    Lynne L. Maser               Shayla Ranmal               Reginald Temple
Stephanie Brown                         Kevin Dolan                         Samantha Huelsman            Stephen May                  Shobhana Ranmal             Erin Terzini
Michael, Laura, Mya & Nate Brownstein   Nancy Dombroski                     Brianna Hughes               Steve May                    Hollis M. Redding           David & Charmaine Thompson
Michael & Palma Buonaiuto               Kelly Donegan                       Taylor Hunter                Emalie Mayo                  Carlos Ribeiro              Jeremy Titus
Monica Buonocore                        Doornbosch/LeClair family           Greg Iagrosse                Christopher McCarthy         Cindy Riccio                Jason Torello
Kyle Cadra                              Jennifer Doron                      Leanna Iamunno               Christina McGrath            Florence Ricciuti           Luz Torrens
John Caldwell, Jr.                      Martha Downs                        Cristina Iannaccone          Taylor McGrath               Tyler Richmond              Kevin Totten
Robbin Camp                             Shaakiir Drake                      Jerrell Jamison              John McKenna                 Teresa Ridley-Wellington    James Trimble
Joe Cancellaro                          Eugene Drezek                       Cindy Jeudy                  Sean McNary                  David Rivera                Susan A. Trischman
Scott C. & Matthew Caraway              Ethan Drozd                         Karol Jimenez                Chris Meachen                Gloria Roach                Lynette Turner
Jeff Carbone                            Janet Drummond                      Brent Johnson                Kyle Melvin                  Amanda Rodriguez            Justin Unger
Leo Carey                               Nicole Drury                        Elliott Johnson              Shirley Michel               Ben Romlein                 Justin Vanderharten
Anthony Carpentier                      Jason Dugan                         Violet Johnson               Mitchell Milardo             Wilfred Rosario             Kate Vanstone
Michelle Carrano                        David J. DuPont                     Kelsy Johnston               Jennifer Miller              Matt Roscoe                 Thomas Venice
Edyth C. Carrington                     Lynn Durant                         Rick Jones                   Laicy Mines                  Connie Rose                 Joseph Vitkovsky
Gordon V. Carrington, Jr.               Maria Eagan                         David Joo                    Cameka Mitchell              Patricia Rosenthal          Liz Wallace
Fatima Carson                           Sandra Eckleberry                   Mike Joo                     Srilatha Reddy Molugu        Sarah Rosenthal             Tony Walsh
Aaron Cassanelli                        Connie A. Elmore                    Maura Kane                   Katherine Y. Moran           Katie Ross                  Andy Walters
Jan Cassanelli                          Tyler Elwood                        Alexander Katz               Joe Morgan                   Gail Rowell                 Sherese Ward
Frank M. Castiglione III                Judith Eybal-Cook                   Tyler Keating                Winnifred Morgan             Sarah Ruden                 Jeni Warenda
Brian Chandler                          Tracy Fairchild                     Tim Keefe                    The Hoyt/Morris Family       Jane Rushmore               Bob & Carol Watson
Kelly Chapman                           Damain Fan                          Joyce Kellogg                Bernice Mozealous            Randy Russell               James Weaver
Angelo Chieppo                          Lisa Fannelli                       Sandra R. Kent               Laurie J. Mucherino          Alma F. Ryalls              Faith Weber
Carmella Chieppo                        Janette Fedak                       Mary Kentosh                 Ellen Mullen                 Eugene Ryan                 Richard Weber
Michael Choi                            Cynthia R. Feldman                  Andrew Kindl                 Andrew Muro                  Tyler Salatto               Richard Weiner
Emily Choinski                          Karrie Ferriouolo                   Judy Kindl                   Saliatore Narcisco, Jr.      Terri Salvatore             Matthew Welles
Cole Church                             Marc, Victoria & Lauren Feuer       Regina Kittle                James Nissen                 Marion Sandell              Shanta Whitaker
Marc Ciarleglio                         Hans Fiak Jr.                       Hanna Kivimaki               Vincent Noccioletti          Dave Sandillo               Harvey Wiener
Alisha Cillo                            Sarah Fijal                         Richard Knight               Joey Normandin               Brenda Santos               Hugh Winchell
Paul Clark                              Helen Flynn                         Amy Kopchik                  Karen O’Connor               Kyle Sarcine                Matt Winfield
Tim Cocchiola                           Greg Fusco                          Brandon Kottage              Maria O’Neill Paine          Catherine Satula            Debbie Winters
Ellen Coe                               Steve Gagnon                        Ben Kozikowski               Raquel Ortiz                 Savannah Saucier            Sharon Wirt
Samantha Cohen                          Courtney Gallagher                  Stephen Krasner              Samantha Ortiz               John Savinelli              Shanta Witaker
Claudette Colberg                       Shelby Gallagher                    Eric Kulig                   Troy Ostrander               Diane Schirmer              David Woisard
Marty Concilio                          David Galligan                      Alicia Kutner                Peter Pacheco                Anna Schneer                Betsy Yagla
Aqualina Corn                           Jane Gao & Nathan Zhao              Bryan C. Larrow              Nazz & Jennifer Paciotti     Topher Schott               Ginger Yagovane
Kendallyn Corning                       Gavin Garrow                        John Larson                  Patrycja Padlo               Lee Seslar                  Patricia Yodis
Chris Corret                            Elaine Gearity                      Susan Larson                 Gail Parks                   Jody Shahdad                Amanda Young
Flora Corsi                             Zane Gensler                        Rafael LaRubia               Katrina Pasciutti            Valerie Shanoff             Michael & Sharon Young
Jorge A. Cortez                         Mike Gentile                        Alphonse Lauro               Adarsh Patel                 Tsa Shelton                 Xana Young
Keith Cotlier                           Richie Geremia                      Brittany Lauro               Dipesh Patel                 Carol & Joan Shreder        Seth Zowader
John P., John, Madison                  Jennifer Gilbert                    Felipe Leandro               Viral Patel                  Katie Shultz                Lorraine Zych
    & Mykaela Coughlin                  Sara Gilbertie                      Tom Leary                    Samuel Paulone               Patrick Simone
Cindi & Ross Cross                      Haley Goldblatt                     Leon Leclerc                 Sherri Pedane                Craig Simses
Kevin Crowley                           Ryan Golia                          Jon Leduc                    Joellen Pederson             Kristephanie Skipwith
Maribel Cruz                            Daisy Gonzalez & Sons               Linda LeMere                 Eddie Pedone                 Sam Smith
Shaila Curet                            Scarlet Gonzalez                    Bill Lerchen                 Lida Pelletier               Mary Ann Soboleski
Crystal D’Aiuto                         Kenneth Goodale                     Heather J. Leto              Norman Pelletier             Joe Soriero
Matthew D’Angelo                        Megan Goodhand                      Greg Levasseur               Sandra Pelletier             Sue Sparano

                                                                                                                                                          2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT              |   35
         Financial Information
                    REVENUE & OTHER SUPPORT                                                                                                                          EXPENSES

          Donated Food                       $12,410,690              67%
                                                                                                                                          Food Distribution                   $15,883,669    90%
            & Other Fundraising                $3,465,179             19%                                                                 General and Administrative              $738,243    4%
          Government Grants*                   $1,086,835               6%                                                                Fundraising                             $701,575    4%
          Program Revenue                      $1,293,392               7%                                                                Public Education
          Net Assets Released
                                                                                                                                            and Awareness                         $436,524    2%
            from Restriction                     $185,537               1%
                                                                                                                                          Total                              $17,760,011     100%
          Total                             $18,441,633             100%
         * The state of Connecticut, Department of Social Services administers this grant program for the purchase of high-protein        Full financial report available upon request.
           foods and the distribution of government commodities.


                                                                                                                                         New London
                                                                                           Warehouse                  Middlesex

                                                                                            New Haven

                                                                                                                                                                                                Gifts and grants reported in this publication were
                                                                                                                                                                                                received between July 1, 2007 and June 30,
                                                                                                                                     New London
                                                                                                                                                                                                2008. Every donation is important to us. Due to
                                                                                                   East Haven                         Distribution Outlet
                                                                                                     CFB Headquarters                                                                           space constraints, only donors of $100 or more
                                                                                                                                                                                                are listed here. We thank these donors and

                                                                        Fairfield                                                                                                               everyone who made gifts of under $100 to
                                                                                                                               Connecticut Food Bank serves                                     Connecticut Food Bank during the last fiscal year.
                                                                                                                               six of Connecticut’s eight counties.                             If your name or organization is incorrectly listed
                                                     Stamford                                                                                                                                   or omitted, please notify the Development
                                                       Distribution Outlet                                                                                                                      Department at (203) 469-5000.

36   |   2007-2008 ANNUAL REPORT
Board of Directors                      Staff
 2007-2008                              EXECUTIVE                    INFORMATION SYSTEMS         Jim Hagans                      PRODUCT
                                                                                                   Past Truck Driver/             MANAGEMENT
Francine Du Verger, President           Nancy Carrington             Lee “Skip” Ferry              Warehouse Assistant
  WTNH/WCTX-TV                            Executive Director           Information Systems                                       Ann Cote
                                                                       Director                  Sarah Heidel                      Product Management
Jeffrey Rapoport, Vice President        Grace Maglione                                             East Haven Distribution         Director
  Jordan Caterers & Event Planners        Past Executive Assistant                                 Coordinator
                                                                                                                                 Aimee Bogush
Sudha Shenoy, Treasurer                                              OPERATIONS                  Gary LaFlamme                     Administrative Assistant
  Aetna, Inc.                           BUSINESS                     Windell Camp                  Transportation/Facilities
James J. Greco, Assistant Treasurer                                   Operations Director          Manager
                                        Paul Stetson
  Bruegger’s Enterprises, Inc.            Business Manager           Peter Bellacicco            Margaret Mandanici              PROGRAMS
Ian E. Bjorkman, Esq., Secretary                                       Truck Driver/ Warehouse    Inventory Control              Kate Walton
                                        Jessie Mongillo
  Law Offices of Ian E. Bjorkman, LLC                                  Assistant                  Coordinator                      Programs Director
Iris Medina Calovine                                                 Willie Belton               Craig Maynard                   Luray Bouffard
                                        Connie Rose
   Southern CT Gas/CT Natural Gas                                     Warehouse Assistant          Reclamation Coordinator         Programs Coordinator
Anne L. Demchak                                                      Jorge Cajigas               Lionel McCullough               Terri Corning
  Stop & Shop Supermarket, Amity                                       Warehouse Assistant         Building Superintendent         Past Programs
                                        DEVELOPMENT                                              Matthew McGee                     Department Assistant
Richard Grant                                                        Robert “Buck” Coe
  Sextant Capital Strategies, LLC       Julie Rio                      Waterbury Warehouse        Custodian                      Phaedra Ebron
                                          Past Development             Assistant                                                   Child Nutrition
Mark Haversat                                                                                    Michael Patterson
                                          Director                                                                                 Coordinator
 Robbins Tesar Inc.                                                  Agustin Cotto                Truck Driver/ Warehouse
                                        Beryl Allotey                  Waterbury Warehouse        Assistant                      Sherry Grant
Trina Mace Learned                        Development Department       Manager                                                     Programs Coordinator
  Learned 1, LLC                                                                                 Brian Pelsis
                                                                     Nathan Dahn                   Custodian                     Richard Tirado
Pierrette Comulada Silverman            Kim Damien                     Truck Driver/Warehouse                                      Programs Resource
  Planned Parenthood of CT                                                                       Heide Perdo
                                          Volunteer Coordinator        Assistant                                                   Coordinator
                                                                                                   Past Fairfield Warehouse
Edward P. Stannard, Jr.                 Mary Ann Martin              Raphael Davis                 Distribution Coordinator
  New Haven Register                     Grants Coordinator            Fairfield Warehouse       Carolyn Russell
Richard Weiner                          Nina Pae                       Assistant                   Product Donation
  City of Bridgeport                      Past Development           Lenus Eaton                   Coordinator
Nancy L. Carrington,                      Department Assistant         Senior Warehouse          Edward Sagnella
  CFB Executive Director                Stefanie Stevens               Assistant                   East Haven Warehouse
  Ex-Officio                              Special Events             Laura Falanga                 Manager
                                          Coordinator                  Procurement & Programs    James Stuhlman                                                         Design
HONORARY BOARD                          Christian Webb                 Assistant                   Fairfield Warehouse                                     Fosse-Previs Design
Edward Wood Dunham, Esq.                  Past Communications        Rhafton Fearing               Manager
  Wiggin and Dana                         Coordinator                  Warehouse Restocker                                                                               Printer
                                                                                                 Gordon Tripp                                        Harty Integrated Solutions
Representative William Dyson                                         Brian Gostyla                 Past Truck Driver/
  State Representative                                                 Truck Driver/Warehouse      Warehouse Assistant                                       Contributing Writer
                                                                       Assistant                                                                               Jennifer Doron

                                                                                                                                                                 Kim Damien
                                                                                                                               Anthony DeCarlo, Anthony DeCarlo Photography
                                                                                                                                                           Stefanie Stevens
                                                                                                                                                             Christian Webb
                         New Haven, CT 06531
                         P.O. Box 8686
                                               Connecticut Food Bank
                                                                                  Connecticut Food Bank

                                                                                                  Mailing Address
                                                                                                    P.O. Box 8686
                                                                                             New Haven, CT 06531

                                                                                     Main Office and Warehouse
                                                                                                150 Bradley Street
                                                                                             East Haven, CT 06512
                                                                                                   t/ 203.469.5000
                                                                                                   f/ 203.469.4871

                                                                                              Fairfield Warehouse
                                                                                                74 Linwood Avenue
                                                                                                Fairfield, CT 06824
                                                                                                   t/ 203.256.1935
                                                                                                   f/ 203.256.1648

                                                                                           Waterbury Warehouse
                                                                                                   56 Eagle Street
                                                                                              Waterbury, CT 06708
                                                                                                   t/ 203.759.1919
                                                                                                   f/ 203.759.1921
Permit No. 1142
New Haven, CT

                          Nonprofit Org.
                          U.S. Postage

                                                                              Connecticut Food Bank is a member of
                                                                               Feeding America, the nation’s largest
                                                                                charitable hunger relief organization
                                                                        consisting of more than 200 food banks and
                                                                       food rescue organizations across the country.

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