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A ..................................................................................................................................................................... 3
B ................................................................................................................................................................... 38
C ................................................................................................................................................................... 49
D ................................................................................................................................................................... 97
E .................................................................................................................................................................. 116
F .................................................................................................................................................................. 145
G ................................................................................................................................................................. 164
H ................................................................................................................................................................. 177
I.................................................................................................................................................................... 194
J ................................................................................................................................................................... 216
K ................................................................................................................................................................. 219
L .................................................................................................................................................................. 221
M ................................................................................................................................................................ 234
N ................................................................................................................................................................. 256
O ................................................................................................................................................................. 286
P .................................................................................................................................................................. 306
Q ................................................................................................................................................................. 336
R ................................................................................................................................................................. 339
S .................................................................................................................................................................. 364
T .................................................................................................................................................................. 400
U ................................................................................................................................................................. 422
V ................................................................................................................................................................. 432
W ................................................................................................................................................................ 437
X ................................................................................................................................................................. 449
Y ................................................................................................................................................................. 450
Z .................................................................................................................................................................. 451
NUMBERS ....................................................................................................................................... 452
SYMBOLS ........................................................................................................................................ 453

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A2LA      - American Association for Laboratory Accreditation

AA        - Accountable Area

AA        - Adverse Action

AA        - Advices of Allowance

AA        - Assistant Administrator

AA        - Associate Administrator

AA        - Attainment Area

AA        - Atomic Absorption

AAA       - American Arbitration Association

AAA       - American Automobile Association

AAA       - Army Audit Agency

AAAS      - American Association for the Advancement of Science

AAC       - Acceptable Ambient Concentration

AAC       - Air Armament Center

AAC       - Airborne Activity Confinement

AACS      - Airborne Activity Confinement System

AADI      - Adjusted Acceptable Daily Intake

AADT      - Average Annual Daily Traffic

AAEE      - American Academy of Environmental Engineers

AAEM      - American Academy of Environmental Medicine

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AAES         - American Association of Engineering Societies

AAFC         - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

AAFES        - Army and Air Force Exchange Service

AAL          - Acceptable Ambient Limit

AAL          - Applied Action Level

AANWR        - Alaskan Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

AAOHN        - American Association of Occupational Health Nurses

AAP          - Affirmative Action Plan (Program)

AAP          - Army Ammunition Plant

AAP          - Asbestos Action Plan

AAP          - Asbestos Action Program

AAPCO        - American Association of Pesticide Control Officials

AAQA         - Ambient Air Quality Standard

AAQCD        - Ambient Air Quality Criteria Document

AAR          - After Action Report

AAR/BOE      - Association of American Railroads/Bureau of Explosives

AARC         - Alliance for Acid Rain Control

AAROSLR      - Associate Administrator for Regional Operations and State/Local

AARP         - American Association of Retired Persons

AAQA         - Ambient Air Quality Standard

AAS          - Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

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A&AS        - Advisory and Assistance Services

AASF        - Ammonia Scrubber Feed

AASHTO      - American Association of State Highway Testing Officials

AASHTO      - American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials

AATCC       - American association of Textile Chemists and Colorists

AATSR       - Advanced Along Track Scanning Radiometer

AB          - Afterburner

AB          - Assembly Bill

ABA         - American Bar Association

ABAG        - Association of Bay Area Governments

ABC         - Associated Builders and Contractors

ABCASH      - Automated Bar Coding of Air Samples at Hanford

ABEL        - EPA's computer model for analyzing a violator's ability to pay a civil

ABES        - Alliance for Balanced Environmental Studies (Solutions)

ABIH        - American Board of Industrial Hygienists

ABLES       - Adult Blood Lead Epidemiology and Surveillance

ABMA        - American Boiler Manufacturers Association

ABS         - Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene

ABT         - Averaging, Banking and Trading Programs

ABTRES      - Abatement and Residual Forecasting Model

ABWR        - Advanced Boiling Water Reactor

AC          - Actual Commitment

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AC         - Advisory Circular

AC         - Nova Scotia Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Council

AC         - Alternating Current

A/C        - Air to Cloth Ratio

A&C        - Abatement and Control

A&C        - Abatements and Commitments

Ac         - Actinium

ACA        - Absolute Calibration Audit

ACA        - American Conservation Association

ACAA       - American Coal Ash Association

ACAQ       - Advisory Committee on Air Quality

ACAVC      - Advisory Committee on Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals

ACBM       - Asbestos-Containing Building Material (see ACM)

ACC        - Administrative Committee on Coordination

ACC        - Air Combat command

ACC        - American Chemistry Council

ACCBD      - Advisory Committee on Conservation of Biological Diversity

ACDA       - Arms Control & Disarmament Agency

ACE        - Alliance for Clean Energy

ACE        - Any Credible Evidence

ACEC       - American Consulting Engineers Council

ACEEE      - American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

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ACER       - Advisory Committee on Environmental Resources

ACESC      - Automated Cost Engineering Support Center

acfm       - Actual cubic feet per minute

ACGIH      - American Conference of Government Industrial Hygienists

ACGLF      - Automatic Center-of-Gravity Lift Fixture

AChE       - Acetylcholinesterase

ACHP       - Advisory Council on Historic preservation

ACI        - Activated Carbon Injection

ACI        - American Concrete Institute

ACI        - Association for Conservation Information

ACIL       - American Council of Independent Laboratories

ACIN       - Abatement Control Identification Number

AC/IC      - Area Command/Incident Command

ACL        - Alternate Cleanup Level

ACL        - Alternate Concentration Limit

ACL        - Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

ACM        - Asbestos-Containing Material

ACMRR      - Advisory Committee on Matire Resources Research

ACO        - Administrative Consent Order

ACO        - Administrative Contracting Officer

ACO        - Advanced Oxide Fuel Test

ACOE       - Army Corps of Engineers

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ACOMR      - Advisory Committee on Oceanic Meteorological Research

ACP        - Agriculture Control Program (Water Quality Management)

ACP        - Air Carcinogen Policy

ACP        - Area Contingency Plan

ACP        - Aqueous Carbonate Process

ACQR       - Air Quality Control Region

ACQUIRE    - Aquatic Information Retrieval

ACQR       - Air Quality Control Region

ACR        - Acute Chronic Ratio

ACR        - Agency Confirmation Agreement

ACRN       - Accounting Classification Reference Number

ACS        - American Chemical Society

ACS        - Acid Scrubber

ACSAD      - Arab Center for studies of Arid Zones and Drylands

ACSH       - American Council on Science and Health

ACSM       - American Congress on Surveying and Mapping

ACT        - Action

ACT        - Alternate Control Technique

ACT        - Alternative Control Technology

ACT        - Association for Composite Tanks

ACTS       - Asbestos Contractor Tracking System

ACVEN      - Advisory Committee on Vehicle Emissions and Noise

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ACW         - Asbestos-Containing Waste

ACWA        - American Clean Water Association

ACWM        - Asbestos-Containing Waste Material

ADA         - Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA         - Anti-Deficiency Act

ADABA       - Acceptable Database

ADAPT       - Adapt II Structural Activities

ADARD       - Acid Deposition and Atmospheric Research Division

ADAS        - Acid Deposition Assessment Staff

ADB         - African Development Bank

ADB         - Applications Data Base

ADB         - Asian Development Bank

ADB         - Assessment Database

ADBA        - Adabas Administrator

ADC         - Alternative Material Daily Cover

ADCO        - Alternate Document Control Officer

ADCR        - Automated Document Control Register

ADCRMG      - Automated Document Control Register Management Group

ADD         - Average Daily Dose

ADE         - Acceptable Daily Exposure

ADEC        - Alaska department of Environmental Conservation

ADEM        - Alabama Department of Environmental Management

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ADEQ       - Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

ADGAS      - Venting of Compressed Gases into an Absorbing or Reacting Media

ADI        - Acceptable Daily Intake

ADID       - Advance Identification

ADL        - Acceptable Daily Intake

ADMATCH    - Address Matching Software (GIS)

ADME       - Adsorption/Distribution/Metabolism/Excretion

ADMIN      - ERL-Athens Administrative System

ADP        - Adenosine Diphosphate

ADP        - Advanced Ducted Propfan Engines

ADP        - AHERA Designated Person

ADP        - Air-dried Pulp

ADP        - Applications Database

ADP        - Automated Data Processing

ADPCE      - Arkansas Department of Pollution Control and Ecology

ADPCE      - TS ADP Capital Equipment Inventory System

ADPE       - Automated Data Processing Equipment

ADPS       - Acid Deposition Planning Staff

ADQ        - Audits of Data Quality

ADR        - Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR        - Asbestos Disposal request

ADS        - Acid Deposition Database

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ADS         - Air Data System

ADSO        - Additional Duty Safety Officer

ADSS        - Air Data Screening System

ADT         - Average Daily Traffic

ADTA        - Air Data Transducer Assembly

ADTRACS     - Assistance Disputes

ADVHRR      - Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometry

ADWR        - Arizona Department of Water Resources

AE          - Atomic Emissions

A/E         - Architecture and Engineering Services

AEA         - Atomic Energy Act (1954)

AEC         - African Economic Community

AEC         - Army Environmental Center

AEC         - Associate Enforcement Counsels

AEC         - Atomic Energy Commission

AED         - Air Enforcement Division

AED         - Analysis and Evaluation Division

AED         - Automated External Defibrillator

AE&D        - Advanced Engineering and Design

AEE         - Alliance for Environmental Education

AEE         - Association of Energy Engineers

AEE         - Association of Environmental Education

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AEERL      - Air and Energy Engineering Research Laboratory

AEFA       - Average Emission Factor Approach

AEGL       - Acute Exposure Guideline Levels

AEHA       - U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency

AEI        - Air emissions Inventory

AEIU       - Annual Emissions Inventory Update

AEL        - Acceptable Exposure Limit

AEL        - Airborne Exposure Limit

AEM        - Acoustic Emission Monitoring

AEP        - Accrued Expenditures Paid

AEP        - Associate Environmental Professional

AEPCO      - Arizona Electric Power Cooperative

AEPS       - Arctic Environmental Protection Strategy

AER        - Allowable Emission Rate

AER        - Appropriate Extent of Remedy

AERCO      - Air Emission Reduction Credit Organization

AERE       - Association of Environmental and Research Economists

AEROS      - Aerometric and Emissions Reporting System

AERP       - Aquatic Effects Research Program

AES        - Advanced Encryption Standard

AES        - Air and Energy Staff

AES        - American Electroplating Society

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AES        - Analysis and Evaluation Staff

AES        - Atomic Emission Spectrophotometry

AES        - Auger Electron Spectrometry

AESA       - Association of Environmental Scientists and Administrators

AESF       - American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society

AET        - Apparent effects Threshold

AETC       - Air Education and Training Command

AEU        - Accrued Expenditures Unpaid

AF         - Absorption Fraction

AF         - Acre Foot

AF         - Air Force

AF         - Atomic Formula

AFA        - American Forestry Association

AFAA       - Air Force audit agency

AFAFO      - Air Force Accounting and Finance Office

AFARS      - Army Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplemental

AFB        - Air Force Base

AFBF       - American Farm Bureau Federation

AFCA       - Area Fuel Consumption Allocation

AFCEE      - Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence

AFCEE/EC - AFCEE Environmental Conservation and Planning Directorate

AFD        - Air filtration Device

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AFDC        - Alternative Fuels Data Center

AFDO        - Award Fee Determination Official

AFEJ        - Asian Forum of Environmental Justice

AFFARS      - Air Force FAR Supplements

AFGE        - American Federation of Government Employees

AFI         - American Forest Institute

AFJ         - Agreed Final Judgment

AFMC        - Air Force Material Command

AFO         - Accounting and Finance Office

AFO         - Animal feed Operation

AFO         - Area Field Office

AFPA        - American Forest and Paper Association

AFR         - Air/Fuel Ratio

AFR         - Annual Financial Report

AFRC        - Air Force Reserve Command

AFRCE       - Air Force Regional Civil Engineers

AFRL        - Air Force Research Laboratory

AFS         - AIRS Facility Subsystem

AFSC        - Air Force Space Command

AFSOC       - Air Force Special Operations Command

AFTA        - American Forest & Timber Association

AFUE        - Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency

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AFUG        - AIRS Facility Users Group

AFV         - Alternate Fuel Vehicle

AG          - Acid Gas

AG          - Attorney General

Ag          - Silver

AGA         - American Gas Association

AGC         - Associate General Counsel

AGC         - Associated General Contractors

AGCA        - Associated General Contractors of America

AGD         - Administrative Guidance Document

AGDRs       - Annual Groundwater Data Reports

AGDS        - Automated Grants Documentation System

AGNPS       - Agricultural Non-Point Source Model

AGR         - Advanced Gas Reactor

AGROSTAT - FAO Agricultural Statistics Database

AGST        - Above-Ground Storage Tanks

AH          - Allowance Holder

AH          - Aryl Hydrocarbon

AHD         - Activity Hazard Document

AHE/DB      - Acute Hazardous Events Data Base

AHERA       - Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (TSCA, 1986)

AHFS        - American Hospital Formulary Service

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AHH        - Aryl Hydrocarbon Hydroxylase

AHM        - Acutely Hazardous Material

AHM        - Allowance Monthly Holder

AHQ        - Acute Hazard Quotient

AhR        - Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor

AHU        - Air Handling Unit

AHW        - Acutely Hazardous Waste

AI         - Accident Investigator

AI         - Active Ingredient (generally in regards to pesticides)

AI         - Artificial Intelligence

A&I        - Alternative and Innovative (Wastewater Treatment System)

AIA        - Air Intelligence Agency

AIA        - American Institute of Architects

AIA        - Asbestos Information Association

AIAA       - American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIADA      - American International Automobile Dealers Association

AIBS       - American Institute of Biological Sciences

AIC        - Acceptable Intake - Chronic

AIC        - Active to Inert Conversion

AIChE      - American Institute of Chemical Engineers

AlCPA      - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

AICR       - Alternative Internal Control Review

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AICS       - Australia’s National Chemical Inventory

AICUZ      - Air Installation Compatible Use Zones

AID        - Acceptable Intake – Subchronic

AID        - Agency for International Development

a-ID       - Automatic ID’s

AIDE       - Annie Interactive Development Environment

AIDMO      - Arab Industrial Development and mining Organization

AIDS       - Accident/Incident Data System

AIDS       - Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

AIEC       - Acute Inhalation Exposure Criteria

AIEO       - American Indian Environmental Office

AIF        - Atomic Industrial Health Forum

AIG        - Assistant Inspector General

AIHA       - American Industrial Health Association

AIHA       - American Industrial Hygiene Association

AIHC       - American Industrial Health Council

AIHCE      - American Industrial Hygiene Conference and Exposition

AILSP      - American Indian Lands Environmental Support Project

AIM        - Architectural and Industrial Maintenance

AIM        - Area of Initial Mixing

AIM        - Asia Pacific Integrated Model

AIME       - American Institute of Metallurgical, Mining and Petroleum Engineers

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AIP           - Auto-ignition Point

AIRDOS        - Atmospheric Dispersion of Radionuclides

AIRMON        - Atmospheric Integrated Research Monitoring Network

AIR RISC      - Air Risk Information Support Center

AIRS          - Accident and Illness Reporting System

AIRS          - Aerometric Information Retrieval System

AIRS          - Air Quality Subsystem

AIS           - Acceptable Intake for Subchronic Exposures

AIS           - Address Information System

AIS           - Asbestos Information System

AIS           - Automated Information System

AISC          - American Institute of Steel Construction

AISCM         - Advanced Information System for Career Management

AISI          - American Iron and Steel Institute

AISI          - Automated Information Security

AIT           - Asian Institute of Technology

AIT           - Auto-Ignition Temperature

AL            - Acceptable Level

AL            - Action Level

AL            - Administrative Leave

Al            - Aluminum

AL            - Annual Leave

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ALA         - American League of Anglers

ALA         - American Lung Association

ALA         - Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid

ALA-O       - Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydrates

ALAPCO      - Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officers (Officials)

ALAPO       - Association of Local Air Pollution Control Officers (Officials)

ALARA       - As Low as Reasonably Achievable

ALARP       - As Low as Reasonably Practicable

ALATEP      - As Low as Technically and Economically Practicable

ALC         - Application Limiting Constituent

ALCM        - associate in Loss Control Management

ALD-O       - Delta-Aminolevulinic Acid Dehydrates

ALEC        - American Legislative Exchange Council

ALECSO      - Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization

ALI         - Annual Limits on Intake

ALIDES      - Central American Alliance for Sustainable Development

ALJ         - Administrative Law Judge

ALL         - Anterior Longitudinal Ligament

ALMS        - Atomic Line Molecular Spectroscopy

ALOHA       - Areal Locations of Hazardous Atmospheres

ALPM        - Actual Liters per Minute

ALPS        - EPA Athens, GA Lab Planning System

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ALR          - Action Leakage Rate

ALS          - Advanced Life Support

ALS          - American Littoral Society

ALT-SEA      - Assembly Line Test and Selective Enforcement Audit Data

AM           - Action Memorandum

AM           - Animal Month

Am           - Americium

AMA          - American Medical Association

AMAP         - Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program

AMARC        - Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center

AMAS         - Administrator’s Management Accountability System

AMBIENS      - Atmospheric Mass Balance of Industrially Emitted and Natural

AMC          - Air Mobility Command

AMC          - American Mining Congress

AMC          - Army Material Command

AMCA         - Air Movement and Control Association

AMCCOM       - U.S. Army Armament, Material, and Chemical Command

AMCEN        - African Ministerial Conference on the Environment

AMD          - Acid Mine Drainage

AMD          - Air Management Division

Amd.         - Amendment

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Amends.      - Amendment

AMEDAS       - Automated Meteorological Data Acquisition System

AMEM         - ADL Migration Estimation Model

AMFA         - Alternative Motor Fuels Act

AMIS         - Air Management Information System

AML          - Arc Macro Language

AMLGM        - Amalgamation of Liquid, Elemental Mercury Contaminated with
               Radioactive Materials Utilizing Inorganic Reagents

AMLR         - Annual Metal Loading Rate

AMOC         - Alternate Means or Method of Control

AMOS         - Air Management Oversight System

AMP          - Asbestos Management Planner

AMPS         - Automatic Mapping and Planning System

AMS          - Administrative Management Staff

AMS          - American Meteorological Society

AMS          - Army Map Service

AMS          - Automated Meteorological Station

AMSA         - Association of Metropolitan Sewer Agencies

AMS-AIRS     - Area/Mobile Source Subsystem

AMSD         - Administrative and Management Services Division

AMSI         - Advanced Monitoring Systems Initiative

AMSO         - Acquisition Management Staff Officer

AMT          - Air Monitoring Technician

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AMTIC       - Ambient Monitoring Technical Information Center

AMU         - Agricultural Management Unit

AMURS       - Automated manpower Utilization Reporting System

ANC         - Acid Neutralizing Capacity

ANDA        - Abbreviated New Drug Application

ANEC        - American Nuclear Energy Council

ANES        - Alternative Nonopacity Emission Standard

ANILCA      - Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act

ANL         - Argonne National Laboratory

AnnAGNPS - Annualized Agricultural Non-Point Source Model

ANOVA       - Analysis of Variance

ANPR        - Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

ANPR        - Advanced Notice of Public Response

ANRHRD      - Air, Noise and Radiation Health Research Division

ANPRM       - Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

ANS         - American Nuclear Society

ANSI        - American National Standards Institute

ANSS        - American Nature Study Society

Anti-C      - Anti-contamination

ANWR        - Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

ANZECC      - Australian and New Zealand Environment and Conservation Council

AO          - Action Officer

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AO        - Administrative Officer

AO        - Administrative Order

AO        - Area Office

AO        - Awards and Obligations

AOAC      - Association of Official Analytical Chemists

AOAD      - Arab Organization for Agricultural Development

AOB       - Annual Operating Budget

AOC       - Abnormal Operating Conditions

AOC       - Administrative Order on Consent

AOC       - Area of Concern

AOC       - Area of Contamination

AOD       - Argon-Oxygen Decarbonization

AOI       - Area of Impact

AOL       - Alternate Opacity Limit

AOML      - Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory

AOO       - Accounting Operations Office

AOO       - American Oceanic Organization

AOR       - Alternate Opacity Request

AOS       - Audit Operations Staff

AOT       - Advanced Oxidation Technology

AOX       - Adsorbable Organic Halides

AP        - Accounting Point

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AP         - Aquifer Protection

AP-42      - Compilation of Air emission Factors

APA        - Acid Precipitation Act (1980)

APA        - Administrative Procedures Act

APA        - American Pharmaceutical Association

APA        - American Planning Association

APAR       - Affected Property Assessment report

APC        - Air Pollution Control

APCA       - Air Pollution Control Act (1955)

APCA       - Air Pollution Control Association

APCD       - Air Pollution Control Device

APCD       - Air Pollution Control District

APC&E      - Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology

APCEC      - Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission

APCO       - Air Pollution Control Officer

APCS       - Air Pollution Control System

APD        - Application for Permit to Drill

APDS       - Automated Procurement Documentation System

APENS      - Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia

APER       - Air Pollution Emissions Report

APF        - Appropriated Fund

APF        - Assigned Protection Factor

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APGR       - Ann Arbor AP-42 Program

APHA       - American Public Health Association

APHIS      - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

API        - Aerial Photo Interpretation

API        - American Paper Institute

API        - American Petroleum Institute

API        - Application Programming Interface

APIC       - Army Performance Improvement Criteria

APIH       - Association of Professional Industrial Hygienists

APL        - Abductor Pollicis Longus

APL        - Aqueous Phase Liquid

APMD       - Automated performance Monitoring of Dams

APME       - Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe

APO        - Army Post Office

APO        - Average Passenger Occupancy

APP        - Annual Performance Plan

APP        - Aquifer Protection Plan

APPA       - American Public Power Association

APPA       - Association of Physical Plant Administrators

APPCD      - Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division

APPEN      - Asia-Pacific People’s Environment Network

APR        - Air Purifying Respirator

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APR        - Army Procurement Request

APRAC      - Urban Diffusion Model for Carbon Monoxide from Motor Vehicle

APS        - ADP Planning System

APS        - Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

APS        - Automated Personnel System

APT        - Associated Pharmacists and Toxicologists

APTA       - American Public Transit Association

APTI       - Air Pollution Training Institute

APTIC      - Air pollution Technical Information Center

APTMD      - Air, Pesticides, and Toxics Management Division

APTRA      - Administrative Procedures and Texas Register Act

APTS       - Advanced Public Transportation Systems

APWA       - American Public Works Association

APWP       - Actual Price of Work performed

AQ         - Acquisition

AQ-7       - Non-reactive Pollutant Modeling

AQA        - Approved Quality Assurance

AQQC       - Air Quality Advisory Committee

AQCA       - Air Quality Control Act (1967)

AQCCT      - Air Quality Criteria and Control Techniques

AQCD       - Air Quality Criteria Documents

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AQCP       - Air Quality Control Program

AQCR       - Air Quality Control Region

AQD        - Air Quality Data

AQD        - Air Quality Digest

AQDHS      - Air Quality Data Handling System

AQDM       - Air Quality Display Model

AQIA       - Air Quality Impact Assessment

AQIL       - Annual Quality Implementation List

AQL        - Acceptable Quality Level

AQMA       - Air Quality Maintenance Area

AQMD       - Air Quality Management District

AQMP       - Air Quality Management Plan

AQMP       - Air Quality Maintenance Plan

AQMP       - Air quality Modeling Procedures

AQM1       - Region 1 Air Quality Models

AQM2       - Region 2 Puerto Rico EQB Air Quality Model

AQPS       - Air Quality Pollution Standards

AQRV       - Air Quality Related Value

AQS        - Air quality Subsystem

AQSM       - Air Quality Simulation Model

AQSY       - Ann Arbor Air Quality System

AQTAD      - Air Quality Technical Assistance Demonstration

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AQUIFR      - Artificial Aquifer Data Collection System

AQUIRE      - Aquatic Information Retrieval

AR          - Administrative Record

AR          - Army Regulation

Ar          - Argon

A&R         - Air and Radiation

ARA         - Assistant Regional Administrator

ARA         - Associate Regional Administrator

ARAC        - Acid Rain Advisory Committee

ARACT       - Alternate Reasonably Available Control Technology

ARAP        - Aquatic Resources Alternative Value

ARAR        - Applicable, Relevant and Appropriate Requirements

ARB         - Air Resources Board

ARC         - Agency Ranking Committee

ARC         - Anticipated Residue Concentration

ARCC        - American Rivers Conservation Council

ARCH        - Air Rotary Casing Hammer

ARCS        - Alternative Remedial Contract Strategy

ARCS        - Assessment and Remediation of Contaminated Sediments

ARD         - Air & Radiation Division

ARD         - Aquatic Resource Division

ARE         - Acute Respiratory Exposures

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AREAL       - Atmospheric Research and Exposure Assessment Laboratory

AREEs       - Areas Requiring Environmental Evaluation

AREL        - Acute Reference Exposure Level

ARET        - Accelerated Reduction/Elimination of Toxics

ARG         - American Resources Group

ARH         - EPA’s Acid Rain Hotline

ARI         - Air Conditioning and refrigeration Institute

ARIP        - Accidental Release Information Program

ARL         - Air Resources Laboratory

ARL         - Air Resources Laboratory, Special Operations and Research

ARM         - Air Resources Management

ARMS        - Automated review management system

ARNEWS      - Acid Rain National Early Warning Systems

ARO         - After Receipt of Order

ARO         - Alternate Regulatory Option

ARPO        - Acid Rain Policy Office

ARPS        - Atmospheric Research Program Staff

ARRO        - Acid Rain Research Program

ARRP        - Acid Rain Research Program

ARRPA       - Air Resources Regional Pollution Assessment

ARS         - Agricultural Research Service

ARTAH       - Assessment of Risks Through Analysis of Hazards

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ARTT       - Association of Responsible Thermal Treatment

ARU        - Asbestos Reporting Unit

ARV        - Aeration Room Vent

ARZ        - Auto-Restricted Zone

AS         - Absorber

AS         - Agricultural Water Supply

AS         - Area Source

As         - Arsenic

ASA        - Acoustical Society of America

ASA        - Accredited Safety Auditor

ASA        - Air Stagnation Advisory

ASA        - American Society of Agronomy

ASAE       - American Society of Agriculture

ASAP       - As Soon As Possible

ASB        - American Standards Branch

ASB        - Analytical Services Branch

ASBCA      - Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals

ASBS       - Areas of Special Biological Significance

ASC        - Aeronautical Systems Center

ASC        - Area Source Category

ASC        - Total Ascorbate

ASCE       - American Society of Civil Engineers

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ASCII        - American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASCP         - American Society of Consulting Planners

ASCS         - Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Services

ASD          - Administrative Services Division

ASD          - Analysis and Support Division

ASDWA        - Association of State Drinking Water Administrators

ASE          - National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence

ASEAN        - Association of South-East Asian Nations

ASF          - Atmospheric Stabilization Framework

ASG          - Area Support Group

ASH          - Air-Spaced Hydrocyclone

ASHAA        - Asbestos in Schools Hazard Abatement Act (1984)

ASHAAIS      - Asbestos in Schools Hazard Abatement Automated Information

ASHARA       - Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Reauthorization Act

ASHCAT       - Association of Safety & Health Consultants

ASHP         - American Society of Hospital Pharmacists

ASHRAE       - American Society for Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

ASIA         - Assistant Secretary for Information Analysis

ASIWPCA      - Association of State and Interstate Water Pollution Control

ASL          - Above Sea Level

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ASM         - Acceleration Simulation Mode

ASMD        - Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division

ASMDHS      - Airshed Model Data Handling System

ASMC        - American Society of Military Comptrollers

ASME        - American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASME        - American Society of Mining Engineers

ASN         - American Society of Naturalists

ASNT        - American Society of Nondestructive Testing

ASOC        - Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition

ASOEN       - ASEAN Senior Officials on the Environment

ASOII       - Annual Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses

ASP         - Associate Safety Professional

ASPA        - American Society of Public Administration

ASPECT      - Airborne Spectral Photo-Imaging of Environmental Contaminants

ASPEI       - Association of South Pacific Environmental Institutions

ASPEN       - Assessment System for Population Exposure Nationwide

ASPIS       - Abandoned Site Program Information System

ASQ         - Allowable Sale Quantity

ASQC        - American Society for Quality Control

ASR         - Aquifer Storage Retrieval

ASR         - Atmosphere Supplying Respirator

ASRL        - Atmospheric Sciences Research Laboratory

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
ASRS        - Aviation Safety Reporting System

ASSE        - American Society of Safety Engineers

ASSE        - American Society of Sanitary Engineers

AST         - Aboveground Storage Tank

AST         - Advanced Secondary (Wastewater) Treatment

AST         - Atlantic Strike Team

ASTDR       - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

ASTDR-HazDat- ASTDR Hazardous Substance Release/Health Effects Database

ASTER       - Assessment Tool for the Evaluation of Risk

ASTFP       - Aboveground Storage Tank Facility Plan

ASTHO       - Association of State and Territorial Health Officers

ASTM        - American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTS        - Asbestos in Schools Tracking System

ASTSWMO - Association of State and Territorial Solid Waste Management

ASUS        - Administrative Support/Utilization

ASW         - Ammonia Scrubber Water

ASWS        - Air-Support Weather Shield

AT          - Advanced Treatment

AT          - Alpha Track Detection

AT          - Averaging Time

AT          - Ash Trap

At          - Astatine

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
A&T         - Acquisition and Technology

ATA         - American Trucking Association

ATB         - Asphalt-Treated Base

ATC         - Air Traffic Control

ATC         - Area Training Center

ATC         - Automatic Temperature Compensation

ATCM        - Air Toxics Control Measure

ATCM        - Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting

ATCS        - Audit Tracking and Control System

ATD         - Air and Toxics Division

ATERIS      - Air Toxics Exposure and Risk Information System

ATM         - Air Turbine Motor

ATM         - Asynchronous Transfer Mode

atm         - Atmosphere

ATMI        - American Textile Manufacturing Institute

ATMS        - Advanced Traffic Management Systems

ATP         - Adenosine Triphosphate

ATP         - Antitampering Program

ATPB        - Asphalt-Treated Permeable Base

ATR         - Agency Technical Representative

ATRMRD      - Air Toxics and Radiation Monitoring Research Division

ATRT        - Air Toxics Review Team

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
ATRV       - Air Toxics Response Vehicle

ATS        - Action Tracking System

ATS        - Administrator's Tracking System

ATS        - Allowance Tracking System

ATS        - American Travel Survey

ATS        - Antarctic Treaty System

ATS        - Assignment Tracking System

ATS        - Automated Targeting System

ATS        - Automated Tracking System

ATSDR      - Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

ATSR       - Along Track Scanning Radiometer

Att.       - Attachment

Atmt.      - Attachment

ATTF       - Air Toxics Task Force

ATTIC      - Alternate treatment Technology Information Clearinghouse

ATTS       - Agency Technology Transfer Staff

ATV        - All Terrain Vehicle

AU         - Analysis Units

AU         - Assessment Unit

Au         - Gold

AUB        - American-Ukraine Biotech IV

AUF        - Area Use Factor

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
AUM         - Animal Unit Month

AUR         - Air Unit Risk

AUSA        - Assistant U.S. Attorney

AUSM        - Advanced Utility Simulation Model

A/V         - Audiovisual

AVB         - Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker

AVCS        - Automatic Vehicle Control Systems

AVD         - Audio-Visual Division

Ave         - Average

AVHRR       - Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer

AVIRIS      - Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer

AVL         - Automatic Vehicle Location

AVO         - Audible/Visual/Olfactory

AVS         - Acid-Volatile Sulfide

AVS         - American Vacuum Society

AW          - Atomic Weight

AWBERC      - Andrew W. Breidenbach Environmental Research Center

AWCBC       - Association of Workers Compensation Boards of Canada

AWFCO       - Automatic Waste Feed Cutoff

AWFCS       - Automatic Waste Feed Cutoff System

AWI         - Animal Welfare Institute

AWISE       - Association of Women in Science and Engineering

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
AW&MA      - Air and Waste Management Association (formerly, Air Pollution
             Control Association)

AWMD       - Air and Waste Management Division

AWO        - Animal Welfare Officer

AWOIS      - Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information System

AWOL       - Absent Without Leave

AWPA       - American Wood Preservers’ Association

AWPI       - American Wood Preservers Institute

A/WPR      - Air/Water Pollution Report

AWQC       - Ambient Water-Quality Criteria

AWRA       - American Water Resources Association

AWS        - American Welding Society

AWS        - Automatic Weather Station

AWSAR      - Annual Whole Sludge Application Rate

AWT        - Advanced Wastewater Treatment

AWWA       - American Water Works Association

AWWARF     - American Water Works Association Research Foundation

AWWUC      - American Water Works Utility Council

AX         - Administrator's Office

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
BA          - Budget Activity

BA          - Budget Authority

BA          - Budget Authorization

Ba          - Barium

BAA         - Board of Assistance Appeals

BAA         - Broad Agency Announcement

BAAN        - Budget Authorization Account Number

BAAQMD      - Bay Area Air Quality Management District

BAC         - Best Available Controls

BAC         - Bioremediation Action Committee

BAC         - Biotechnology Advisory Committee

BAC         - Budget Activity Code

BACER       - Biological and Climatological Effects Research

BACM        - Best Available Control Measures

BACT        - Best Available Control Technology

BADCT       - Best Available Demonstrated Control Technology

BADT        - Best Available Demonstrated Technology

BAF         - Bioaccumulation Factor

BALLERINA - Baltic Sea Region On-line Environmental Information

BAM         - Beta Attenuation Monitor

BANANA      - Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
BAP         - Benefits Analysis Program

BaP         - Benzo(a)pyrene

BAPL        - Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory

BAPS        - Baseline Air Pollution Station

BAQC        - Bureau of Air Quality Control

BAR         - Bureau of Automotive Repair

BARCIS      - Barcode Information System

BARCT       - Best Available Retrofit Control Technology

BARD        - Boating Accident Report Database

BARF        - Best Available Retrofit Facility

BART        - Bay Area Rapid Transit

BART        - Best Available Retrofit Technology

BASINS      - Better Assessment Science Integration Point and Nonpoint Sources

BASIS       - Battelle's Automated Search Information System

BASP        - Best Available sampling Port

BASS        - Bioaccumulation and Aquatic System Simulator

BAT         - Best Available Technology

BAT         - Best Available Treatment

BATEA       - Best Available Technology Economically Achievable

BATNEEC     - Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost

BBAP        - Behavior Based Accident Prevention Program

BBI         - Oa-Cincinnati Foreign Tape

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
BBP        - Bloodborne Pathogens

BBS        - Behavior Based Safety

BBS        - Bulletin Board Service

BC         - Benefit-Cost

BC         - Branch Chief

BCA        - Bilateral Compliance Agreement

BCAS       - Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies

BCC        - Bioaccumulative Chemical of Concern

BCC        - Blind Carbon Copy

BCCD       - Bonneville County Civil Defense

BCCM       - Board for Certified Consulting Meteorologists

BCDC       - Bay Area Conservation and Development Commission

BCF        - Bioconcentration Factor

BCL        - Battelle Columbus Laboratory

BCOE       - Biddability, Constructability, Operability, and Environmental

BCP        - Bioconcentration Factor

BCPCT      - Best Conventional Pollutant Control Technology

BCPT       - Best Conventional Pollutant Technology

BCR        - Benefit Cost Ratio

BCRLF      - Brownfields Cleanup

BCSP       - Board of Certified Safety Professionals

BCT        - Best Control Technology

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
BCT        - Best Conventional (Pollutant Control) Technology

BD         - Budget Division

BDAT       - Best Demonstrated Achievable Technology

BDAT       - Best Demonstrated Available Technology

BDCT       - Best Demonstrated Control Technology

BDL        - Below Detectable Level

BDT        - Best Demonstrated Technology

Be         - Beryllium

BEA        - Bureau of Economic Advisors

BEACH      - Beaches Environmental Assessment and Coastal Health

BEAR       - Barents Euro-Arctic Region

BECC       - Border Environmental Cooperation Commission

BEDI       - Brownfields Economic Development Initiative

BEE        - Baseline Ecological Evaluation

BEEF       - Big Explosives Experimental Facility

BEEP       - Benignus EEG Evoked Potential

BEF        - Bioaccumulation Equivalency Factor

BEHI       - Bank Erosion Hazard Index

BEHP       - Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate

BEI        - Biological Exposure Index

BEIS2      - Biogenic Emissions System Inventory – Version 2

BEJ        - Best Engineering Judgment

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
BEJ         - Best Expert Judgment

BEL         - Basic Equipment List

BENCHMARC - Biodegradation of Environmental Chemicals Modeled with Aquatic,
          Relative-Rate Coefficients

BEP         - Black Employment Program

BEP         - bis (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate

BERH        - Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors

BF          - Bonafide Notice of Intent to Manufacture or Import

B&F         - Building and Facilities

bg          - Billion Gallons

BGS         - Balanced Groundwater Scenario

BGS         - Below Ground Surface

BHC         - Benzene Hexachloride

BHC         - Bromohydrocarbon

BHP         - Biodegradation, Hydrolysis, and Photolysis

BI          - Background Information

BI          - Business Interruption

Bi          - Bismuth

BIA         - Bureau of Indian Affairs

BID         - Background Information Document

BID         - Buoyancy Induced Dispersion

BIF         - Boiler and Industrial Furnace

BIIT        - Business Information Integration technology

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
BIOCARB     - Bags of Balanced Microbes Embeded in Charcoal

BIODG       - Biodegradation of Organics or Non-metallic Inorganics

BIOLOGS     - Biological Data Management System

BIOMASS     - Biological Investigations of Marine Antarctic Systems and Stocks

BIOPLUME - Model to Predict the Maximum Extent of Existing Plumes

BIOS        - Biological Data System

BIOS        - Natural Biological Information System

BIOSTU      - Bioassay Studies

BIS         - Bio-geographic Information System

Bk          - Berkelium

BL          - Baseline

BLAST       - Building Load Analysis and System Thermodynamic Center

BLDG        - Building

BLEVES      - Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosions

BLIS        - BACT/RACT/LAER Information System

BLM         - Bureau of Land Management

BLOB        - Biologically Liberated Organo-Beasties

BLOS        - Bicycle Level of Service

BLOSA       - Beam Line Operations and Safety Awareness

BLP         - Bromine-Loading Potential

BLP         - Buoyant Line and Point Source Model

BLR         - Basic Liquid Resins

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
BLRA       - Baseline Risk Assessment

BLRA/CMS - Baseline Risk Assessment/Corrective Measures Study

BLS        - Basic Life Support

BLS        - Bureau of Labor Statistics

BMD        - Benchmark Dose

BMDL       - Benchmark Dose Level

BMFP       - Beach Maintenance Fund Program

BMI        - Body Mass Index

BMP        - Best Management Practice

BMR        - Baseline Monitoring Report

BMU        - Bear Management Unit

BNA        - Base Neutral/Acid

BNA        - Biological Natural Attenuation

BNA        - Bureau of National Affairs

BNFL       - British Nuclear Fuels Limited, Inc.

BNL        - Benthic Nepheloid Layer

BO         - Budget Obligations

BOA        - Basic Ordering Agreement

BOA        - Blank Ordering Agreement

BOAC       - Bill Office Address Code

BOC        - United States/Canada Binational Operations Committee

BOCA       - Building Officials and Code Administrators International

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
BOD         - Basic Oxygen Demand

BOD         - Bid Opening Date

BOD         - Biochemical Oxygen Demand

BOD         - Biological Oxygen Demand

BOD5        - Biological Oxygen Demand (5 day)

BOE         - Bureau of Environment

BOF         - Basic Oxygen Furnace

BOHS        - British Occupational Hygiene Society

BOM         - Bureau of Mines

BOP         - Basic Oxygen Process

BOPF        - Basic Oxygen Process Furnace

BOR         - Bureau of Reclamation

BORAX-V     - Boiling Water Reactor Experiment

BOULD       - Boulder Remote Data Collection and Control System

BOY         - Beginning of Year Violator

BOYSNC      - Beginning of Year Significant Non-Compliers

BP          - Barometric Pressure

BP          - Boiling Point

BPA         - Beaumont-Port Arthur Non Attainment Area

BPA         - Blanket Purchasing Agreement

BPAC        - Budget Program Activity Code

BPATT       - Best Practicable Available Treatment Technology

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
BPCS        - Basic Process Control System

BPCT        - Best Practicable Control Technology

BPCTCA      - Best Practicable Control Technology Currently Available

BPD         - Basis and Purpose Document

BPHE        - Baseline Public Health Evaluation

BPI         - Bureau of Plant Industry

BPI         - Business Performance Indicator

BPIP        - Building Profile Input Program

BPJ         - Best Professional Judgment

BPR         - Business Process Review

BPT         - Best Practicable Technology

BPT         - Best Practicable Control Technology

BPT         - Best Practicable Treatment

BPT         - Best Practice Technology

BPWTT       - Best Practical Wastewater Treatment Technology

BR          - Biennial Report

BR          - Business Roundtable

BR          - Butyl Rubber

Br          - Bromine

BRA         - Baseline Risk Assessment

BRAC        - Base Realignment and Closure

BRAVO       - Big Bend Aerosol and Visibility Observational Study

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
BREF        - BAT Reference Document

BRI         - Building Related Illness

BRS         - Bibliographic Retrieval Service

BRS         - Biennial Reporting System

BS          - Bilateral Staff

BS          - British Standards

BSAC        - Biotechnology Science Advisory Committee

BSAF        - Sediment Bioaccumulation Factor

BSAI        - Bearing Sea and Aleutian Islands Management Area

BSC         - Biological Safety Cabinet

BSC         - Biological Sciences Center

BSCATS      - Bear Sydney Control Adaptive Traffic System

BSI         - Body Substance Isolation

BSI         - British Standards Institute

BSIC        - Bioaccumulative Substance of Immediate Concern

BSO         - Benzene Soluble Organics

BS&W        - Bottom Sediments and Water

BTAGS       - Biological Technical assistance group Coordinators

BTCS        - Bear Traffic Control System

BTEX        - Benzene, Toluene, Ethylene and Xylene

BTF         - Beyond the Floor

BTOC        - Below Top of Casing

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
BTS          - Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Btu or BTU   - British Thermal Unit

BTX          - Benzene, Toluene, Xylenes

BTZ          - Below the Treatment Zone

BU           - Bargaining Unit

BUBBLE       - Use of Alternative Emissions Limits to Meet SIPPS/NSPS

BUD          - Benefits and Use Division

BUN          - Blood Urea Nitrogen

BUST         - Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks

BUSTR        - Ohio Bureau of Underground Storage Tanks

BVN          - Bureau Voucher Number

BW           - Body Weight

B&W          - Black and White

BWa          - Body Weight

BWh          - Body Weight

BWNT         - Babcock and Wilcox Nuclear Technologies

BWON         - Benzene Waste Operations NESHAP

BWR          - Boiling Water Reactor

BXA          - Bureau of Export Administration

BY           - Budget Year

                             JJDS Environmental
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C           - Carbon

°C          - Celsius

C           - Exposure Concentration

C           - Cyclone

CA          - Carbon Absorber

CA          - Citizen Act

CA          - Competition Advocate

CA          - Cooperative Agreements

CA          - Corrective Action

Ca          - Calcium

CAA         - Clean Air Act (1970, amended in 1977, and again in 1990)

CAA         - Combined Available Ammonia

CAA         - Compliance Assurance Agreement

CAAA        - Clean Air Act Amendments (of 1990)

CAAAC       - Clean Air Act Advisory Committee

CAALL-OSH - Canadian Association of Administers of Labour Legislation –
            Occupational Safety and Health Sub-Committee

CAAP        - Compliance Audit Amnesty Program

CAASE       - Computer Assisted Area Source Emissions

CAB         - Civil Aeronautics Board

CAB         - Community Advisory Board

CAC         - Command and Control

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         email: website:
CAC         - Contract Audit Coordinator

CaCl2       - Calcium Chloride

CACS        - Contract Audit Closing Statements

CACW        - Cumulative Allowable Cost worksheet

CAD         - Characterization and Assessment Division

CAD         - Computer Aided Design

CAD         - Computer Aided Dispatch

CAD         - Computer Aided Drafting

CAD         - Confined Aquatic Disposal

CAD         - Corrective Action Directive

CADD        - Computer Aided Drafting and Design

CADDIS      - Casual Analysis/Diagnosis Decision Information System

CADRE       - Computer Aided Data Retrieval and Evaluation Software

CAEDYM      - Computational Aquatic Ecosystem Dynamics Model

CAEP        - Committee on Aviation and Environmental Protection

CAER        - Chemical Awareness and Emergency Response Program

CAER        - Community Awareness and Emergency Response Program

CAFÉ        - Corporate Average Fuel Economy

CAFF        - Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna

CAFO        - Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation

CAFO        - Concentrated Animal Feedlot

CAFO        - Consent Agreement/Final Order

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CAFR         - Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

CAG          - Cancer Assessment Group

CAG          - Carcinogenic Assessment Group

CAG          - Community Advisory Groups

CAGE         - Coating Alternatives Guideline

CAGE         - Commercial and Government Entity

CAGE         - Commercial and Government Entity Code

CAHs         - Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons

CAIR         - Comprehensive Assessment Information Rule

CAIRD        - Cohort Analysis of Increased Risks Deaths Model

CalDPR       - California Department of Pesticide Regulation

CalEPA       - California Environmental Protection Agency

CALINE       - California Line Source Model

CalOSHA      - California Division of Occupational Safety and Health

CALTRANS - California Department of Transportation

Cal WET      - California Waste Extraction Test

CAM          - Compliance Assurance Monitoring

CAM          - Computer Assisted Mapping

CAM          - Contract Audit Manual

CAMDS        - Chemical Agent Munitions Disposal System

CAMEO        - Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations

CAMI         - Civil Aerospace Medical Institute

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
CAMP        - Continuous Air Monitoring Program

CAMRE       - Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment

CAMS        - Continuous Air Monitoring Station

CAMU        - Combined Area Management Units

CAMU        - Corrective Action Management Unit

CAMx        - Comprehensive Air quality Model with Extensions

CAN         - Common Account Number

CANAL       - Love Canal & Data Handling System

Canmet      - Canada Centre for Mineral and Energy Technology

CANS        - Construction Association of Nova Scotia

CAO         - Contract Administration Office

CAO         - Corrective Action Order

CAOO        - Cincinnati Accounting Operations Office

CAP         - Capacity

CAP         - Capacity Assurance Plan

CAP         - Civil Air Patrol

CAP         - Clean Air Plan

CAP         - College of American Pathologists

CAP         - Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union

CAP         - Compliance Advisory Panel

CAP         - Compliance Audit Program

CAP         - Continuing Authorities Program

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CAP         - Corrective Action Plan

CAP         - Cost Allocation Procedure

CAP         - Criteria Air Pollutant

CAPA        - Critical Aquifer Protection Area

CAPCA       - Carolina Air Pollution Control Association

CAPCOA      - California Air Pollution Control Officers Association

CAPDET      - Procedure for Design and Evaluation of TWKS

CAPI        - Clean Air Power Initiative

CAPMON      - Canadian Air and Precipitation Monitoring Network

CAPNLOIS - Corrective Action Plans and Loss of Interim Status

CAR         - Contract administration Report

CAR         - Corrective Action Report

CARA        - Conservation and Reinvestment Act

CARAT       - Committee to Advise on Reassessment and Transition

CARB        - California Air Resources Board

CARD        - Contract Laboratory Program Analytical Results Database

CARE        - Clean Air Responsibility Enterprise

CARF        - Corrective Action Response Form

CARMEN      - Cause-effect Relation Model for Environmental Policy Negotiations

CARPOOL     - Carpool System

CARPS       - Computerized Accidental Release Planning System

CARS        - Carcinogen System

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CARS       - Corrective Action Reporting System

CAS        - Carbon Adsorption System

CAS        - Center for Automotive Safety

CAS        - Chemical Abstract Service

CAS        - Correction Action Specialist

CASAC      - Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee

CASEREP    - Field Office Inspection Data Base

CASETRK    - FIFRA and TSCA Case Tracking System

CASI       - Center for AeroSpace Information

CASLP      - Conference on Alternative State and Local Practices

CASR       - Chemical Activities Status Report

CASRN      - Chemical Abstract Services Registry Number

CASTNET    - Clean Air Status and Trends Network

CASU       - Cooperative Administrative Support Units

CAT        - Clean Air Trust

CAT        - Computerized Axial Tomography

CATC       - Clean Air Technology Center

CATEX      - Categorically Excluded

CATOX      - Catalytic Oxidation Unit

CATS       - Corrective Action Tracking System

CAU        - Carbon Adsorption Unit

CAU        - Command Arithmetic Unit

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CAUSE      - Citizens Allied and United for a Safe Environment

CAV        - Constant Air Volume

CAVE       - Citizens Against Virtually Everything

CB         - Citizens Band Radio

CB         - Continuous Bubbler

CBA        - Central Business Area

CBA        - Chesapeake Bay Agreement

CBA        - Cost Benefit Analysis

CBB        - Chesapeake Bay Basin

CBC        - Canada Building Code

CBC        - Complete Blood Count

CBD        - Central Business District

CBD        - Commerce Business Daily

CBD        - Convention on Biological Diversity

CBEC       - Concentration-Based Exemption Criteria

CBEP       - Community Based Environmental Program

CBEP       - Community Based Environmental Protection

CBER       - Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research

CBI        - Compliance Biomonitoring Inspection

CBI        - Confidential Business Information

CBNRM      - Community Based Natural Resources Management

CBO        - Community Based Organizations

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CBO          - Congressional Budget Office

CBOD         - Carbonaceous Biochemical Oxygen Demand

CBP          - Chesapeake Bay Program

CBP          - County Business Patterns

CBP          - Customs and Border Protection

CBRA         - Coastal Barrier Resources Act

CBRN         - Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear

CBRNE        - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosive

CBRP         - Community Based Restoration Program

CBT          - Computer Based Training

CC           - Carbon Copy

CC           - Central Construction

CC           - Closed Cup Method of Determining Flash Point

CC           - Color Compensating

CC           - Common Cause

CC           - Condition Class

CC           - Contract Clauses

CC           - Cost Center

cc           - Cubic Centimeter

CC list      - Contaminant Categories for Land Disposal Restrictions

CCA          - Chromated Copper Arsenate

CCA          - Competition in Contracting Act

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
CCAA        - California Clean Air Act

CCAA        - Canadian Clean Air Act

CCAD        - Central American Commission on Environment and Development

CCAI        - Coalition for Clean Air Implementation

CCAMLR      - Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living

CCAP        - Center for Clean Air Policy

CCAP        - Climate Change Action Plan

C-CAP       - Coastal Change Analysis Program

CCAS        - Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Seals

CCB         - Continuous Calibration Blank

CCBNET      - Corpus Christi Bay National Estuary Program

CCC         - Chlorine Chemistry Council

CCC         - Cleanup Cost Cap

CCC         - Coastal Coordination Council

CCC         - Compromised Container Caps

CCC         - Criterion Continuous Concentration

CCCF        - Common Cause Correction Factor

CCD         - Chemical Control Division

CCD         - Convention to Combat Desertification

CCD         - Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins

CCDH        - Clark County Department of Health

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CCDS       - Case Conclusion Data Sheet

CCE        - Coordinating Centre for Effects

CCEA       - Conventional Combustion Environmental Assessment

CCF        - Common Cause Factor

CCGT       - Combined Cycle Gas Turbine

CCH        - Commerce Clearing House

CCH        - Contested Case Hearing

CCHW       - Citizens' Clearinghouse for Hazardous Wastes

CCIAD      - Central American Inter-Parliamentary Commission on the

CCID       - Confidential Chemicals Identification System

CCJ        - Campbell Centrifugal Jig

CCL        - Compacted Clay Layer

CCL        - Construction Completion List

CCL        - Contaminant Candidate List

CCLI       - Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative

CCMP       - Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan

CCMS       - Committee on Challenges of a Modern Society

CCN        - Certificate of Convenience and Necessity

CCN        - Contract Change Notices

CCOHS      - Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

CCP        - Coal Combustion Product

CCP        - Composite Correction Plan

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CCP          - Cooperative Compliance Program

CCPS         - Center for Chemical Process Safety

CCR          - California Code of Regulations

CCR          - Cervico-collic Reflex

CCR          - Consumer Confidence Report

CC/RTS       - Chemical Collection/Request Tracking System

CCS          - Chemical Coordination Staff

CCS          - Counter Current Scrubber

CCS/RTS      - Chemical Collection System

CCT          - Center for Clean Technology

CCT          - Clean Coal Technology Demonstration Project

CCTP         - Clean Coal Technology Program

CCTV         - Closed Circuit Television

CCU          - Correspondence Control Unit

CCV          - Continuous Calibration Verification

CCW          - Concentration of Contaminant in Waste

CCWE         - Concentration of Contaminant in Waste Extraction

CD           - Calibration Drift

CD           - Certificate of Destruction

CD           - Certification Division

CD           - Civil Defense

CD           - Climatological Data

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
CD         - Compact Disk

CD         - Compliance Division

CD         - Consent Decree

Cd         - Cadmium

C&D        - Construction and Demolition

CDB        - Consolidated Data Base

CDB        - Waste Management Data Base System

CDBA       - Central Data Base Administrator

CDBG       - Community Development Block Grant

CDC        - Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

CDD        - CAMU Designated Document

CDD        - Chlorinated Dibenzo-p-Dioxin

CDE        - Control Device Evaluation

CDETS      - Consent Decree Tracking System

CDF        - Chlorinated Dibenzofuran

CDF        - Confined Disposal Facility

CDFG       - California Department of Fish and Game

CDHS       - Comprehensive Data Handling System

CDI        - Case Development Inspection

CDI        - Chronic Daily Intake

CDIAC      - Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center

CDM        - Clean Development Mechanism

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CDM           - Climatological Dispersion Model

CDM           - Comprehensive Data Management

CDMQC         - Climatological Dispersion Model with Calibration and Source

CDMS          - Cost Development Management System

CDMS          - Cost Documentation Monitoring System

CDNS          - Climatological Data National Summary

CDOTS         - Contract Delivery Order Tracking System

CDP           - Census Designated Places

CDP           - Common Depth Point

CDPD          - Cellular Digital Packet Data

CDR           - Commander

CDRG          - Catastrophic Diaster Response Group

CDRL          - Contract Data Requirements List

CD-ROM        - Compact Disk – Read Only Memory

CDS           - Compliance Data System

CDS/ISIS      - CDS/Integrated Set of Information System

CE            - Calibration Error

CE            - Capture Efficiency

CE            - Categorical Exclusion

CE            - Conditionally Exempt Generator

CE            - Corps of Engineers

                               JJDS Environmental
           email: website:
CE         - Cost Effectiveness

Ce         - Cerium

CEA        - Certified Environmental Auditor

CEA        - Cooperative Enforcement Agreement

CEA        - Cost and Economic Assessment

CEA        - Council of Economic Advisors

CEALS      - Corps of Engineers Automated Legal Services

CEAM       - Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling

CEAM       - Conceptual Exposure Assessment Model

CEAO       - Corps of Engineers Audit Office

CEAP       - Corps of Engineers Automation Plan

CEARC      - Canadian Environmental Assessment Research Council

CEAS       - Coastal Environmental Assessment Studies

CEAT       - Contractor Evidence Audit Team

CEB        - Chemical Element Balance

CEB        - Commission of European Communities

CEBAF      - Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility

CEBRH      - Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors

CEC        - California Energy Commission

CEC        - Canadian Electric Code

CEC        - Cation Exchange Capacity

CEC        - Commission for Environmental Cooperation

CEC        - Commission of European Communities (see EC, EEC)

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CECATS      - Chemical Screening Branch Existing Chemical Assessment
              Tracking System

CECC        - Corps of Engineers Office of the Chief Counsel

CECG        - Corps of Engineers Headquarters

CECI        - Corps of Engineers Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Corporate

CECW        - Corps of Engineers Directorate of Civil Works

CECW-A      - Corps of Engineers Civil Works Policy Division

CECW-B      - Corps of Engineers Civil Works Programs Division

CECW-E      - Corps of Engineers Civil Works Engineering Division

CECW-O      - Corps of Engineers Civil Works Construction, Operations and
              Readiness Division

CECW-P      - Corps of Engineers Civil Works Planning Division

CED         - CERCLA Enforcement Division

CED         - Criminal Enforcement Division

CEDARE      - Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and

CEE         - Center for Environmental Education

CEE         - Central and Eastern Europe

CEE         - Comprehensive Environmental Evaluation

CEEL        - Community Emergency Exposure Level

CEEM        - Center for Energy and Environmental Management

CEEO        - Corp of Engineers Office of Equal Employment Opportunity

CEERD       - Engineer Research and Development Center

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CEERD-C      - Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

CEERD-E      - Environmental Laboratory

CEERD-G      - Geotechnical Laboratory

CEERD-H      - Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory

CEERD-I      - Information Technology Laboratory

CEERD-R      - Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

CEERD-S      - Structures Laboratory

CEF          - Criticality Experiments Facility

CEFIC        - The European Chemistry Industry Council

CEG          - Certified Engineering Geologist

CEG          - Community Exposure Guidelines

CEG          - Conditionally Exempt Generator

CEGS         - Corps of Engineers Guide Specifications

CEI          - Certified Environmental Inspector

CEI          - Compliance Evaluation Inspection

CEI          - Comprehensive Emissions Inventory

CEIC         - Caribbean Environmental Information Center

CEIS         - Computerized Emissions Inventory System

CEL          - Compliance Evaluation Level

CELDS        - Computer-aided Environmental Legislative Data System

CELRF        - Canadian Environmental Law Research Foundation

CEM          - Continuous Emission Monitor(ing)

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
CEM         - Cooperative Environmental Management

CEM         - Cumulative Effects Model

CEMP        - Community Environmental Monitoring Program

CEMS        - Continuous Emission Monitor(ing) System

CEMS        - Continuous Emission Monitoring Subset

CEMVR       - Corp of Engineers Rock Island District

CEMVS       - Corp of Engineers St. Louis District

CENAB       - Corp of Engineers Baltimore District

CENAD       - Corp of Engineers North Atlantic Division

CENAN       - Corp of Engineers New York District

CENAO       - Corp of Engineers Norfolk District

CENAP       - Corp of Engineers Philadelphia District

CENAU       - Corp of Engineers Europe District

CENCD       - Corp of Engineers North Central Division

CENCR       - Corp of Engineers Rock Island District

CENED       - Corp of Engineers New England District

CENR        - Committee on Environmental and Natural Resources

CENSARA     - Central States Air Resource Agency

CENWD       - Corp of Engineers Northwestern Division

CENWD-MR - Corp of Engineers Missouri River Regional Headquarters

CENWD-NP - Corp of Engineers North Pacific Regional Headquarters

CENWK       - Corp of Engineers Kansas City District

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CENWO      - Corp of Engineers Omaha District

CENWP      - Corp of Engineers Portland District

CENWS      - Corp of Engineers Seattle District

CENWW      - Corp of Engineers Walla Walla District

CEO        - Chief Executive Officer

CEOS       - Committee on Earth Observation Satellites

CEP        - Council on Economic Priorities

CEPA       - California Environmental Protection Agency

CEPA       - Canadian Environmental Protection Act

CEPA       - Conscientious Employee Protection Act

CEPA       - Corp of Engineers Headquarters, Office of Public Affairs

CEPM       - Corp of Engineers Office of Security and Law Enforcement

CEPOA      - Corp of Engineers Alaska District

CEPOD      - Corp of Engineers Pacific Ocean Division

CEPOF      - Corp of Engineers Far East District

CEPOH      - Corp of Engineers Honolulu District

CEPOJ      - Corp of Engineers Japan Engineer District

CEPP       - Chemical Emergency Preparedness Plan

CEPPO      - Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office

CEPR       - Corp of Engineers Headquarters, Office of the Principal Assiustant
             Responsible for Public Contracts

CEPRC      - Chemical Emergency Planning and Response Commission

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CEPS         - Cluster Environmental Protection Specialist

CEQ          - Council on Environmental Quality

CEQA         - California Environmental Quality Act

CERB         - Coastal Engineering Research Board

CERC         - Coastal Engineering Research Center

CERCLA       - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and
               Liability Act (1980, "Superfund")

CERCLIS      - Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and
               Liability Information System

CERD         - Corp of Engineers Headquarters, Directorate of Research and

CERE         - Corp of Engineers Headquarters, Directorate of Real Estate

CERES        - Coalition for Environmental Responsible Economies

CERFA        - Community Environmental Response Facilitation Act

CERFT        - Certified Repair Facility of Texas

CERI         - Center for Environmental Research Information

CERIS        - Center for Environmental and Regulatory Systems

CERL         - Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

CERL         - Corvallis Environmental Research Laboratory

CERM         - Corp of Engineers Headquarters, Directorate of Resource

CERT         - Certificate of Eligibility

CERT         - Community Emergency Response Team

CERTAPPL - Application for Certification

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
CERTT      - Certified Repair Technician of Texas

CES        - Certified Environmental Specialist

CES        - Chemically Enhanced Solubilization

CESA       - California Endangered Species Act

CESAC      - Corp of Engineers Charleston District

CESAD      - Corp of Engineers South Atlantic Division

CESAJ      - Corp of Engineers Jacksonville District

CESAM      - Corp of Engineers Mobile District

CESAS      - Corp of Engineers Savannah District

CESAW      - Corp of Engineers Wilmington District

CESB       - Corp of Engineers Headquarters, Small Business Office

CESB       - Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards

CESO       - Corp of Engineers Headquarters, Safety and Occupational Health

CESPA      - Corp of Engineers Albuquerque District

CESPD      - Corp of Engineers South Pacific Division

CESPK      - Corp of Engineers Sacramento District

CESPL      - Corp of Engineers Los Angeles District

CESPN      - Corp of Engineers San Francisco District

CESQG      - Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators

CESS       - Committee Evaluation and Support Staff

CEST       - Community Environmental Service Teams

CESWD      - Corp of Engineers Southwestern Division

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CESWF       - Corp of Engineers Fort Worth District

CESWG       - Corp of Engineers Galveston District

CESWL       - Corp of Engineers Little Rock District

CESWT       - Corp of Engineers Tulsa District

CET         - Certified Environmental Trainer

CET         - Customer Event Tracking

CETA        - Cleaning Equipment Trade Association

CETAC       - Transatlantic Programs Center

CETC        - California Environmental Technology Center

CETIS       - EPA’s Duluth Laboratory’s Complex Effluent Toxicity Information
              Database System

CETRED      - Combustion Emissions Technical Resource Document

CEU         - Central European University

CEU         - Continuous Education Units

CEV         - Chamber Exhaust Vent

CETWRC      - Water Resources Support Center

CF          - Calibration Factor

CF          - Conservation Foundation

CF          - Conversion Factor

CF          - Copy For

CF          - Copy Furnished

Cf          - Californium

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CFA          - Central Facilities Area

CFA          - Consumer Federation of America

CFB          - Circulating Fluid Bed

CFBC         - Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustor

CFC(s)       - Chlorofluorocarbons

CFC          - Combined Federal Campaign

CFC-11       - Trichlorofluoromethane

CFC-12       - Freon (dichlorodifluoromethane)

CFC-113      - 1,1,2-trichloro-1,2,2-trifluoroethane

CFC-114      - 1,2-dichloro-1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethane

CFC-115      - Chloropentafluoroethane

CFE          - Contractor Furnished Equipment

CFIB         - Canadian Federation of Independent Business

CFM(s)       - Chlorofluoromethanes

cfm          - Cubic Feet per Minute

CFMC         - Cincinnati Financial Management Center

CFO          - Chief Financial Officer

CFOI         - Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries

C/FP/IDIQ    - Cost Fixed Price Indefinite Quantity

CFR          - Code of Federal Regulations

CFS          - Command File System

cfs          - Cubic Feet per Second

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
CFSG        - Citizen Forum for Self Government

CFSII       - Continuing Survey of Flood Intakes by Individuals

CFSR        - Contract Funds Status Report

CFU         - Colony Forming Units

CFY         - Current Fiscal Year

CG          - Combustible Gas

CG          - Construction General

CG          - Conventional Gasoline

CGA         - Compressed Gas

CGA         - Compressed Gas Association

CGA         - Cyclinder Gas Audit

CGEIC       - Canadian Global Emissions Interpretation Center

CGGICS      - Construction Grants GICS

CGI         - Combustible Gas Indicator

CGIAR       - Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

CGL         - Comprehensive General Liability

CGP         - NPDES Construction General Permit

CGPRM       - Construction Grants Resource Model

CGSB        - Canadian General Standards Board

CH          - Clearinghouse

CH          - Contact Handled

CH3D-SED - Curvilinear-grid Hydrodynamics 3D – Integrated Modeling System

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CH3D-SED - Curvilinear Hydrodynamics 3D – Sediment Transport

CH4        - Methane

CHABA      - Committee on Hearing and Bio-Acoustics

CHAMP      - Community Health Air Monitoring Program

CHC        - Critical Hazards control

CHDS       - Complaint Handling Data System

ChE        - Cholinesterase

CHEM       - Chemical Collection Database

CHEMD      - OTS Chemical Directory

CHEMNET    - Chemical Industry Emergency Mutual Aid Network

CHEMTREC - Chemical Transportation Emergency Center

CHESS      - Community Health and Environmental Surveillance System

CHIEF      - Clearinghouse for Inventories and Emission Factors

CHIP       - Chemical Hazard Information Profile

CHIPS      - Chemical Hazard Information Profile System

CHLOREP    - A mutual aid group of shippers and carriers of chlorine

CHLOREP    - Chlorine Emergency Plan

CHMM       - Certified Hazardous Materials Manager

CHO        - Chemical Hygiene Officer

CHO        - Chinese Hamster Ovary

CHOXD      - Chemical or Electrolytic Oxidation

CHP        - Certified Health Physicist

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CHP        - Certified Health Professional

CHP        - Chemical Hygiene Plan

CHRED      - Chemical Reduction

CHRIS      - Chemical Hazard Response Information System

CHSP       - Chemical Hygiene and Safety Plan

CHST       - Construction Safety and Health Technician

CHWA       - Colorado Hazardous Waste Act

CHWMP      - County Hazardous Waste Management Plan

CI         - Chlorine Institute

CI         - Compression Ignition

CI         - Confidence Interval

CI         - Criminal Investigator

ci         - Curie

CIA        - Central Intelligence Agency

CIAC       - Centro de Informacion Ambiental del Caribe

CIAP       - Interamerican Committee of the Alliance for Progress

CIAQ       - Council on Indoor Air Quality

CIAQM      - Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager

CIBL       - Convective Internal Boundary Layer

CIBO       - Congress of Industrial Boiler Owners

CIC        - Chemical Industry Council

CICA       - Competition in Contracting Act

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CICIS         - Chemicals in Commerce Information System

CICS          - Customer Information Control System

CID           - Commercial Item Description

CID           - Criminal Investigation Division

CIDRS         - Cascade Impactor Data Reduction System

CIESIN        - Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network

CIH           - Certified Industrial Hygienist

CII           - Criminal Investigation Index

CIIT          - Chemical Industry Institute of Technology

CI/KR         - Critical Infrastructure/Key Resources

CIL           - Compliance Inquiry Letter

CILSS         - Permanent Inter-state Committee on Drought Control

CIM           - Committee on Integrity and Management Improvement

C/IM          - Chief of information Management

CIMI          - Committee on Integrity and Management Improvement

ci/m3/yr      - Curies per cubic meter per year

CIN           - Control Identification Number

CIN           - Course Identification Number

CINWL         - Commercial Industrial Nonhazardous Waste Landfills

CIO           - Chief Information Officer

CIP           - Capital Improvement Program

CIP           - Capital Improvement Project

                               JJDS Environmental
           email: website:
CIP        - Clean In-place (methods)

CIR        - Color Infrared

CIS        - Chemical Information System

CIS        - Commonwealth of Independent States

CIS        - Contracts Information System

CISR       - Chemical Inventory System

CISWI      - Commercial Industrial Solid Waste Incinerator

CITES      - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

CIU        - Categorical Industrial User

CIVP       - Region 4 Civil Penalties System

CIWMB      - California Integrated Management Board

CJE        - Critical Job Element

CJO        - Chief Judicial Officer

CK         - Cement Kiln

CKD        - Cement Kiln Dust

CKRC       - Cement Kiln Recycling Coalition

CL         - Ceiling Concentration

CL         - Chinese Line

CL         - Contingent Liabilities

Cl         - Chlorine

CLC        - Canada Labour Code

CLC        - Canada labour Congress

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CLC         - Capacity Limiting Constituents

CLC         - Clean Lakes Clearinghouse

CLCL        - Cleans Clever Clinical Studies

CLEAN       - Comprehensive Long Term Environmental Action Navy

CLEANS      - Clinical Laboratory for Evaluation and Assessment of Noxious

CLEVER      - Clinical Laboratory for Evaluation and Validation of Epidemiological

CLF         - Conservation Law Foundation

CLI         - Consumer Labeling Initiative

CLIN        - Contract Line Item Number

CLIPS       - Chemical List and Information Pointer System

CLIPS       - Chemical List Index and Processing System

CLOMA       - Conditional Letter of Map Amendment

CLP         - Chlorine-Loading Potential

CLP         - Contract Laboratory Program

CLPQA       - Contract Laboratory Program Quality Assurance

CLPS        - Contract Lab System

CLR         - Contingent Liability Report

CLS         - Community Liaison Officer

CLSP        - Center for Law & Social Policy

CLU-IN      - EPA’s Cleanup Information Bulletin Board System

CM          - Central Maintenance

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CM          - Corrective Measure

Cm          - Curium

cm          - centimeters

cm2         - Square centimeters
cm          - Cubic centimeter

CMA         - Chemical Manufacturers Association

CMA         - Contract management Assistant

CMAQ        - Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality

CMAS        - Cross-Media Analysis Staff

CMB         - Chemical Mass Balance

CMC         - Carpal-metacarpal

CMC         - Crisis Management Coordinator

CMC         - Criterion Maximum Concentration

CMD         - Contracts Management Division

CMDA        - Chemical Munitions Dumping Area

CME         - Comprehensive Monitoring Evaluation

CME         - Corrective Measures Evaluation

CMEL        - Comprehensive Monitoring Evaluation List (Log)

CME/OAM     - Comprehensive Groundwater Monitoring and Operations and
              maintenance Inspection

CMEP        - Critical Mass Energy Project

CMHP        - Contaminated Materials Handling Plan

CMI         - Can Manufacturers Institute

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CMI         - Corrective Measures Implementation

CMI         - Corrective Measures Investigation

CMO         - Contract Management Office

CMP         - Civil Monetary Penalties

CMP         - Coastal Management Program

CMP         - Corrugated Metal Pipe

CMPU        - Chemical manufacturing Processing Unit

CMR         - Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, or Toxic to Reproduction

CMR         - Chemical Monitoring Reform

CMR         - Command Management Review

CMS         - Case Management System

CMS         - Chemical Management System

CMS         - Congestion Management System

CMS         - Continuous Monitoring System

CMS         - Convention on Migratory Species

CMS         - Corrective Measures Study

cm/s        - Centimeters per Second

CMSA        - Consolidated Metropolitan Statistical Area

CMSWLF      - Closed Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

CMTL        - Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

CN          - Curve Number

CN          - Cyanides

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CNC         - Condensation Nucleus Counter

CNCC        - California Natural Coordinating Council

CNE         - Center Network Environment

CNE         - Curve Number Equation

CNF         - Cost No Fee

CNG         - Coalition of Northeastern Governors

CNG         - Compressed Natural Gas

CNMI        - Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

CNMP        - Conservation Nutrient Management Plan

CNO         - Chief of Naval Operations

CNR         - Composite Noise Rating

CNRA        - Coastal Natural Resource Areas

CNS         - Central Nervous System

CNS         - Communications Nova Scotia

CNS         - Grant Administration Division Congressional Notification

CNSOPB      - Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board

CNT         - Contract

CO          - Carbon Monoxide

CO          - Change Order

CO          - Commissioned Officer

CO          - Consent Order

CO          - Contracting Officer

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CO         - Custodial Officer

C/O        - Carry Over Funds

Co         - Cobalt

CO2        - Carbon Dioxide

COA        - Commissioned Officers Association

COA        - Consent Order and Agreement

COA        - Construction Quality Assurance

COA        - Corresponding Onshore Area

COA        - Course of Action

COAST      - Coastal Oxidant Assessment for Southeast Texas

COB        - Close of Business

COBOL      - Common Business Orientated Language

COBRA      - Coastal Barrier Resources Act

COC        - Certificate of Completion

COC        - Certificate of Compliance

COC        - Chain of Custody

COC        - Chemical of Concern

COC        - Cleveland Open Cup

COC        - Constituents of Concern

COC        - Contaminant of Concern

COCA       - Consent Order and Compliance Agreement

COCO       - Contractor-Owned/Contractor-Operated

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
COD         - Chemical Oxygen Demand

COD         - Coefficient of the Determination

CODES       - Committee & Obligations Data Entry System

CODEX       - Codex Alimentarius Commission

COE         - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

COEMIS      - Corp of Engineers Management Information System

COG         - Compliance Order Guidance

COG         - Council of Government

COG         - Council of Governors

COH         - Coefficient of Haze

COHN        - Certified Occupational Health Nurse

COI         - Conflict of Interest

COI         - Constituent of Interest

COI         - Cost of Illness

COLA        - Cost of Living Adjustment

COLIWASA - Composite Liquid Waste Sampler

COM         - Computer Output Microfilm

COM         - Continuous Opacity Monitor

COMB        - Combustion

COMECOM - Council for Mutual Economic Assistance

COMEMIS     - Coastal and marine Environment Management information System

COML        - Communications Unit leader

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
COMNAP      - Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs

COMPLEX     - Complex Terrain Screening Model

COMPLI      - Stationary Source Compliance

COMPTER - Multiple Source Air Quality Model

ComQAP      - Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program

COMS        - Continuous Opacity Monitoring System

CON         - Control Octane Number

CON         - Selected Contractor or Awardees

CONABO      - National Commission for the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity

COND        - Condition

CONG        - Congressional Committee

CONOPS      - Concept of Operations

CONPLAN     - Interagency Domestic Terrorism Concept of Operations Plan

CONTOP      - Continuous Smelting-top Blowing

CONUS       - Contiguous United States

CONUS       - Continental United States

COO         -Conduct of Operations

COP         -Coastal Oceans Program

COP         - Conference of Parties

COOP        - Continuity of Operations Plan

COPC        - Compound(or Chemical or Constituent or Contaminant) of Potential

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
COPR        - Chromite Ore Processing Residue

COPS        - Contractors Operations and Professional Services

COR         - Contracting Officer’s Representative

CORINE      - Coordination of Information on the Environment

CORMIX      - Cornell Mixing Zone Model

CORPS       - Army Corps of Engineers

CORR        - Chemicals on Reporting Rules Database

COS         - Carbonyl Sulfide

COS         - Clearwater Osteoarthritis Study

COS         - Conservative Opportunity Society

COS         - Cost Accounting System

COSS        - Coastal Oil Spill Simulation System

COTR        - Contracting Officer's Technical Representative

COTS        - Commercial Off-the-Shelf

COWPS       - Council on Wage and Price Stability

COY         - Cubs-of-the-Year

CP          - Cleaner Production

CP          - Command Post

CP          - Contingency Plan

CPA         - Certified Public Accountant

CPA         - Contract Property Administrator

CPA         - Great Lakes Critical Programs Act of 1990

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CPAC         - Civilian Personnel Advisory Center

CPAF         - Cost Plus Award Fee

CPAR         - Construction Productivity Advancement Research

CPAS         - Central Procurement accounting System

CPC          - Chemical Protective Clothing

CPD          - Chicago Police Department

CPDA         - Chemical Producers and Distributor Association

CPDD         - Control Program Development Division

CPDS         - Certified Product Data Sheets

CPE          - Comprehensive Performance Evaluation

CPE          - Comprehensive Plant Evaluation

CPF          - Cancer Potency Factor

CPF          - Carcinogenic Potency Factor

CPFF         - Cost Plus Fixed Fee

CPG          - Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines

CPG 1-3      - Federal Assistance Handbook: Emergency Management and

CPG 1-8      - Guide for Development of State and Local Emergency Operations

CPG 1-8A     - FEMA Planning Guide for State and Local Emergency Operations

CPI          - Chemical Process Industries

CPI          - Consumer Price Index

CPIF         - Cost Plus Incentive Fee

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
CPK       - Creatine Phosphokinase

CPL       - Chemistry and Physics Laboratory

CPL       - Compliance Directive

CPL       - Contractors Pollution Liability

CPL       - Contractors Pollution Liability Insurance

CP&L      - Carolina Power and Light

CPM       - Continuous Particle Monitor

cpm       - Counts per Minute

CPM       - Critical Path Method

CPN       - Contract Payment Notice

CPN       - Critical Path Network

CPO       - Certified Project Officer

CPOC      - Civilian Personnel Operations Center

CPP       - Compliance Policy and Planning

CPP       - Continuing Planning Process

CPR       - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

CPR       - Center for Public Resources

CPR       - Coalition for Pesticide Reform

CPRC      - Carcinogenicity Peer Review Committee

CPS       - Compliance Program and Schedule

CPS       - Contract Payment System

CPSA      - Consumer Product Safety Act

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
CPSC           - Consumer Product Safety Commission

CPSD           - Contingency Planning and Support Division

CPSDAA         - Compliance and Program Staff to the Deputy Assistant

CPT            - Comprehensive Performance Test

CPT            - Cone Penetrometer Test

CPU            - Central Processing Unit

CPWR           - Center to Protect Workers’ Rights

CQA            - Construction Quality Assurance

CQAP           - Construction Quality Assurance Plan

CQC            - Contractor Quality Control

CQCSM          - Construction Quality Control Systems Manager

CQM            - Contractor Quality Management

CR             - Case Report Number

CR             - Community Relations

CR             - Contact Recreation

CR             - Continuous Radon Monitoring

CR             - Cost Reimbursable

Cr             - Chromium

Cr+6           - Hexavalent chromium

Cr, total      - Total Chromium

CRA            - Civil Rights Act

CRA            - Classification Review Area

                                JJDS Environmental
            email: website:
CRA        - Community Relations Agreement

CRA        - Continuing Resolution Authority

CRADA      - Cooperative Research and Development Agreement

CRAVE      - Cancer Risk Assessment Verification Endeavor

CRBOH      - Canadian Registration Board of Occupational Hygienists

CRC        - Coastal Resource Coordinator

CRC        - Community Relations Coordinator

CRC        - Contamination Reduction Corridor

CRC        - Cooperative Research Center

CRCL       - DHS Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

CRD        - Community Relations Division

CRDL       - Contract-Required Detection Limit

CREM       - Council for Regulatory Environmental Modeling

CREP       - Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

CRF        - Central Receiving Facility

CRF        - Combustion Research Facility

CRG        - Community Resource Group

CRGS       - Chemical Regulations and Guideline System

CRIB       - Criteria Reference Information Bank

CRIMDOCK - Criminal Docket System

CRIS       - Commanders Resource Integration System

CRISP      - Comprehensive Risk Information Structure Project

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CRL         - Central Regional Laboratory

CRL         - Central Regional Library

CRL         - Certified Reporting Limit

CRM         - Crop Residue Management

CRO         - Community Response Organization

CROET       - Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology

CROP        - Consolidated Rules of Practice

CRP         - Child Resistant Packaging

CRP         - Clean Rivers Program

CRP         - Community Relations Plan

CRP         - Conservation Reserve Program

CRP         - Core Resource Person

CRQL        - Contract-Required Quantitation Limit

CRR         - Center for Renewable Resources

CRREL       - Cold Regions Engineering and Research Laboratory

CRS         - Certified Remediation Specialist

CRS         - Community Relations Staff

CRS         - Congressional Research Service

CRSI        - Concrete Reinforcement Steel Institute

CRSP        - Canadian Registered Safety Professional

CRSTER      - Single Source Dispersion Model

CRT         - Cathode Ray Tube

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CRTK       - Community Right-to-Know

CRU        - Climatic Research Unit

CRWQCB     - California Regional Water Quality Control Board

CRZ        - Contamination Reduction Zone

CS         - Caustic Scrubber

CS         - Central Services

CS         - Colloidal Suspension

CS         - Compliance Staff

CS         - Contract Specialist

CS         - Cost Share

Cs         - Cesium

C&S        - Certified and Segregated

CSA        - Campus Safety Association

CSA        - Canadian Standards Association

CSA        - Chemical Safety Assessment

CSA        - Chemical Safety Audit

CSA        - Cognizant Security Authority

CSB        - Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board

CSB        - Chemical Species Balance

CSB/ECAD - Chemical Screening Branch/Existing Chemical Assessment Division

CSC        - Car Sealed Closed

CSC        - Coastal Service Center

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CSCOR       - Coastal Ocean Research

CSCT        - Committee for Site Characterization

CSCT        - Consortium for Site Characterization Technology

CSD         - Commission on Sustainable Development

CSD         - Contaminated Soil and Debris

CSD         - Criteria and Standards Division

CSE         - TNRCC Follow-up Inspection

CSEE        - Corporate Systems Engineering Environment

CSF         - Carcinogenic(or Cancer) Slope Factors

CSF         - Complete sample Delivery Group File

CSFI        - Inhalation Cancer Slope Factor

CSFII       - Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals

CSFM        - California State Fire Marshall

CSG         - Council of State Governments

CSG         - Counterterrorism Security Group

CSGWPP      - Comprehensive State Ground Water Protection Program

CSHEM       - Conference of State Health and Environmental Managers

CSHEMA      - Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management

CSHO        - Compliance Safety and Health Officer

CSI         - Chemical Substances Inventory

CSI         - Clean Sites, Inc.

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CSI         - Common Sense Initiative

CSI         - Compliance Sampling Inspection

CSI         - Common Sense Initiative

CSI         - Construction Specifications Institute

CSIN        - Chemical Substances Information Network

CSM         -Certified Safety Manager

CSM         - Conceptual Site Model

CSM         - Continuous Stack Monitoring

CSMA        - Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association

CSMoS       - Center for Subsurface Modeling Support

CSO         - Car Sealed Open

CSO         - Combined Sewer Overflow

CSP         - Certified Safety Professional

CSP         - Competitive Sealed Proposal

CSP         - Conservation Security Program

CSPA        - Council of State Planning Agencies

CSPD        - Chemicals and Statistical Policy Division

CSPI        - Center for Science in the Public Interest

CSR         - Chemical Safety Report

CSRA        - Civil Rights Reform Act

CSREES      - Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service

CSRL        - Center for the Study of Responsive Law

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CSRS       - Civil Service Retirement System

CSS        - Clerical Support Staff

CSSD       - Computer Services and Systems Division

CSSE       - Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

CSSE       - Conference on State Sanitary Engineers

CSST       - Commission de la Sante et de la Securite du Travail

CST        = Capillary Suction Time

cSt        - centi-Stoke

CST        - Combined Statistical and Technology Based MACT Floor Procedure

CSTR       - Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor

CSU        - Corporate Service Unit

CSV        - Unspeciated Chromatographical Semivoliates

CSWMP      - County Solid Waste Management Plan

CT         - Chimney Tray

CT         - Computed Tomography

CT         - Contact Time

C(t)       - Exposure Concentration as a Function of Time

CTA        - Comprehensive Technical Assistance

CTARC      - Chemical Testing and Assessment Research Commission

CTB        - Cement Treated Base

CTC        - Carbon Tetrachloride

CTC        - Control Technology Center

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CTD         - Control Technology Document

CTD         - Cumulative Trauma Disorder

CTG         - Composite Theme Grid

CTG         - Control Techniques Guidelines

CTG         - Control Techniques Guidance

CTG         - Control Technology Guideline

CTGD        - Control Techniques Guideline Document

CTIC        - Center for Technology Information Center

CTM         - Complex Terrain Data Base

CTMP        - Chemical, Thermal, Mechanical Process for Producing Pulp

CTO         - Control Technology Office

CTOS        - Counter Terrorism Operations Support

CTP         - Carpal Tunnel Pressure

C-TPAT      - Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism

CTS         - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

CTS         - Certified Testing Specialist

CTS         - Commitment Tracking System

CTS         - Correspondence Tracking System

CTSA        - Cleaner Technologies Substitutes Assessment

CTT         - Chronic Toxicity Test

CU          - Catalog Units

Cu          - Copper

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CUBP       - Coincidental Unavoidable By-product

CUE        - Critical Use Exemption

CUHWC      - College and University Hazardous Waste Conference

CUL        - Cost Unit Leader

CULP       - Estimating Water Treatment Costs

cu.m.      - Cubic Meter

CUPE       - Canadian Union of Public Employees

CUR        - Carbon Usage Rate

CURE       - Chemical Unit Record Estimates Data Base

CUS        - Chemical Update System

CV         - Chemical Vocabulary

CVAA       - Cold Vapor Atomic Absorption

CVFM       - Cincinnati CORV Financial Management

CVLB       - Cincinnati CORV Library Circulation System

CVM        - Contingent Valuation Method

CVPM       - Cincinnati CORV Personnel Management

CVR        - Closure Verification Report

CVRS       - Casing Vapor Recovery System

CVS        - Cardiovascular System

CVS        - Clearance Verification System

CVS        - Constant Volume Sampler

CW         - Civil Works

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
CW          - Congress Watch

CW          - Continuous Working-level Monitoring

CWA         - Clean Water Act (1977 - FWPCA of 1972)

CWAP        - Clean Water Action Project

CWC         - Chemical Weapons Convention (International Treaty)

CWCCIS      - Civil works Construction Cost Index System

CWMB        - California Waste Management Board

CWDB        - Certified Waste Data Base

CWDB/LMS - Certified Waste Data Base /Load Management System

CWF         - Combined Waste Stream Formula

CWIS        - Civil Works Information System

CWP         - Common Work Practice

CWRT        - Center Waste Reduction Technologies

CWS         - Community Water System

CWSRF       - Clean Water State Revolving Fund

CWSS        - Community Water Supply Study

CWS         - Compressed Work Schedule

CWT         - Centralized Waste Treatment

CWTC        - Chemical Waste Transportation Council

CWTS        - CERCLA Wastewater Treatment System

CY          - Calendar Year

cy          - Cubic Yard

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
CY         - Current Year

CZARA      - Costal Zone Management Act Reauthorization Amendments

CZM        - Coastal Zone Management

CZMA       - Coastal Zone Management Act (1972)

CZMP       - Coastal Zone Management Plan

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
D           - Dose

d           - Density

d23         - Density at 23C

D list      - Wastes considered hazardous by virtue of a characteristic:
              Flammability, Corrosivity, Reactivity or Toxicity

DA          - Department of the Army

DA          - Deputy Administrator

DA          - Designated Agent

DA          - Dilution Air

DAA         - Deputy Assistant Administrator

DAA         - Detailed analysis of Alternatives

DAB         - Defense Acquisition Board

DABT        - Diplomat of the American Board of Toxicology

DAC         - Debutanized Aromatic Concentrate

DAC         - Derived Air Concentrations

DACA        - Days After Contract Award

DAF         - Department of the Air Force

DAF         - Device Assembly Facility

DAF         - Dilution/Attenuation Factor(s)

DAF         - Dissolved Air Flotation

DAFT        - Dissolved Air Flotation Thickeners

DAG         - Department of Agriculture

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
DAHS        - Data Acquisition and Handling System

DAIG        - Deputy Assistant Inspector General

DALE        - Disability-adjusted Life Expectancy

DALY        - Disability Adjusted Life Year

DAMDF       - Durham Air Monitoring Demonstration Facility

DAN         - Document Accountability Number

DAP         - Diazinon Abatement Project

DAPD        - Dual Alkali FGD Process Demonstration

DAPP        - Applied Dose

DAPSS       - Document and Personnel Security System

DAR         - Defense Acquisition Regulations

DAR         - Direct Assistance Request

DAR         - Duly Authorized Representative

DARCOM      - U.S. Army depot System Command

DARO        - Days After Receipt of Order

DARP        - Damage assessment and Restoration Program

DART        - Dallas Area Rapid Transit

DART        - Damage Assessment Regulations Team

DART        - Days Away, Restricted or Transferred Rate

DARTAB      - Dose and Risk assessment Tabulation

DAS         - Data Analysis System

DASD        - Direct Access Storage Drive

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
DASH      - Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension

DASD      - Direct Access Storage Devices

DASE      - Dutch Association of Safety Experts

DAT       - Data Assessment Tool

DAT       - Digital Audio Tape

DB        - Dry Bulb

D&B       - Dunn and Bradstreet Marketing Index

dB        - Decibel

DBA       - Database Analyst

DBA       - Data Base Administrator

DBA       - Dibasic Esters

dBA       - Decibels on A-weighted Scale

DBCP      - Dibromochloropropane

DBE       - Dibasic Ester

dbf       - Database File

DBM       - Bata Base Manager

DBMS      - Database Management System

DBP       - Disinfection By-product

DBPR      - Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproduct Rule

DC        - Direct Current

DC        - District of Columbia

DC        - Double Check Valve – Backflow Prevention Assembly

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
DCA       - Division of Community Assistance

DCA       - Document Control Assistant

DCAA      - Defense Contract Audit Agency

DCE       - Defense Coordinating Element

DCE       - Design Construction Evaluation

DCE       - Dichloroethene

DCF       - Directed Credit Fund

DCGL      - Derived Concentration Guideline Level

DCI       - Data Call-In

DCID      - Director of Central Intelligence Directive

DCIS      - Data Call-In Staff

DCL       - Dedicated Commuter Lane

DCL1      - Region 1 Library Document Control System

DCMA      - Defense Contract Management Agency

DCMA      - Dry Color Manufacturers Association

DCN       - Document Control Number

DCO       - Defense Coordinating Officer

DCO       - Delayed Compliance Order

DCO       - Discharge Cleanup Organization

DCO       - Document Control Officer

DCP       - 1,3-Dichloropropene

DCP       - Discrimination Complaints Program

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
DCPA         - Dimethyl Tetrachloroterephthlate (Dacthal)

DCPLs        - Demonstrated Compliance Parameter Limits

DCPU         - Data Center Policy and Usage

DCR          - Document Control Register

DCS          - Defense Courier Service

DCS          - Developing Countries Staff

DCS          - Director of Central Services

DCS          - Distributed Control System

DCS          - Region 10 Library Document Control

DCSC         - Defense Construction Supply Center

DCW          - Director of Civil Works

D/CW         - Director of Civil Works

DD           - Defense Department

DD           - Deputy Director

D&D          - Decontamination and Decommissioning

D/DBP        - Disinfectants/Disinfection Byproducts

DDD          - Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane

DDE          - Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene

DDE(PM)      - Deputy District Engineer for Project Management

DDESB        - Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board

DDPM         - Deputy District Engineer for Project Management

DDT          - Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
DE          - Delaware

DE          - Destruction Efficiency

DE          - District Engineer

DE          - Division Engineer

De          - Department of Education

DEA         - Drug Enforcement Administration

DEACT       - Deactivation to Remove the Hazardous Characteristic

DEAP        - District Environmental Action Plan

DEC         - Department of Environmental Conservation

DEC         - Department of Environmental Control

DECA        - Defense Commissary Agency

DED         - Data Element Dictionary

DEEP        - Defense Environmental Education Program

DEEP        - Dyer EEG Evoked Potential

DEF         - Diethyl Fumarate

DEFENSIVE - General Counsel Defense Docket System

DEH         - U.S. Army Directorate of Engineering & Housing

DEHP        - Diethylhexylphthalate

DEIA        - Division of Environment Information and Assessment

DEIS        - Draft Environmental Impact Statement

DEL         - Delivery

DelDOT      - Delaware Department of Transportation

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
DELTA      - Detection and Evaluation of Long-range Transport of Aerosols

DEM        - Department of Environmental Management

DEM        - Digital Elevation Model

DEM        - Dynamic Estuary Model

DEMA       - Diesel Engine Manufacturers Association

DEP        - Department of Environmental Protection

DEP        - Diethyl Phthalate

DEP        - Displaced Employee Program

DEPS       - Data Entry and Payment System

DEQ        - Department of Environmental Quality

DER        - Department of Environmental Resources

DERs       - Data Evaluation Records

DERs       - Discrete Emission Reductions

DERA       - Defense Environmental Restoration Account

DERA       - Defense Environmental Restoration Act

DERC       - Discrete Emission Reduction Credits

DERP       - Defense Environmental Restoration Program

DERP-FUDS - Defense Environmental Restoration Program/Formerly Used
            Defense Sites

DES        - Department of Emergency Services

DES        - Diethylstilbesterol

DESC       - Defense Electronics Supply Center

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
DESC           - Defense Energy Support Center

DESIPA         - Department of Economic and Social Information Policy Analysis

DESREP         - Defense Environmental Status Report

DEST           - Domestic Emergency Support Team

DET            - Determination of Equivalent Treatment

DETS           - Directorate of Engineering and technical Services

D/F or DF      - Dioxins and Furans

D/F            - Dredge and Fill

DFA            - Department of Food and Agriculture

D&F            - Determination and Findings

DFAR           - Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation

DFARS          - Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

DFAS           - Defense Finance Accounting Service

DFE            - Design for the Environment

DFG            - Department of Fish and Game

DFG            - Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Standards)

DFLOW          - EPA Computer Program

DFM            - Diesel Fuel Marine

DFM            - Dust, Fume and Mist

DFO            - Disaster Field Office

DFRM           - Direct Final Rule Making

DFS            - Daily Flow System

                                JJDS Environmental
            email: website:
DFS            - Director of Field Services

DFW            - Dallas-Fort Worth

Dg             - Degrees

DGPS           - Differential Global Positioning System

DGSC           - Defense General Supply Center

DGXI           - Directorate General for the Environment

DHEW           - Department of Health, Education and Welfare

DHHS           - Department of Health and Human Services

DHMM           - Director of Hazardous Materials Management

DHS            - Department of Hazardous Substances

DHS            - Department of Health Services

DHS            - Department of Homeland Security

DHS            - Designated Hazardous Substances

DI             - Deionized

DI             - Diagnostic Inspection

DI             - Dry Injection

DI States      - Direct Implementation States

DIAS/IDLMAS -Dynamic Information Architecture System/Integrated Dynamic
            Landscape Analysis and Modeling System

DID            - Data Item Descriptions

DIDS           - Domestic Information Display System

DIERS          - Design Institute for Emergency Relief Systems

DIG            - Deputy Inspector General

                                JJDS Environmental
            email: website:
DIL          - Dilute

D/IM         - Director of Information Management

DIN          - Deutsches Institut fur Normung
DIN          - Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen

DINT         - Internal Dose

DIP          - Distal Interphalangeal

DIPPR        - Design Insitute for Physical Property Data

DIPS         - Department of Interior Payroll System

DIR          - Department of Industrial Relations

DIS          - Defense Investigative Service

DIS          - Draft International Standards

DISA         - Draft Initial Screening of Alternatives

DISC         - Disaster Information Systems Clearinghouse

DISC         - Defense Industrial Supply Center

DISCO        - Defense Investigative Service Cognizant Office

DIST         - District

DIV          - Division

DIVPRTR      - EMSL-LV Expenditure System

DIY          - Do-it-Yourselfer

DL           - Detection Limit

DL           - Direct Labor

dL           - Decaliter

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
DL         - Drivers License

DLA        - Defense Logistics Agency

DLG        - Digital Line Graphs

DLS        - Detection Limits

DM         - Demister

DM         - Design Memorandum

DM         - Deputy Minister

DM         - Dust and Mist

DMA        - Demonstrations of Methods Applicability

DMA        - U.S. Defense Mapping Agency

DMAG       - Depot Maintenance Activity Group

DMARS      - Deposit Message Retrieval System

DMAT       - Disaster Medical Assistance Team

DMB        - Data Management Branch

DMCL       - Dust Metals Concentration Limit

DMCS       - Document Management Control System

DME        - Dimethyl Ether

DMIS       - Duns Marketing Identification System

DMM        - Discarded Military Munitions

DMMO       - Dredged Material Management Office

DMORT      - Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team

DMR        - Discharge Monitoring Report

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
DMR-QA      - Discharge Monitoring Report Quality Assurance Studies

DMRLS       - Data Management and Research Liaison Office

DMRP        - Dredged Material Research Program

DMS         - Data Management System

DMS         - Dynamic Message Sign

DMT         - Dimethyl Terphthalate

DN          - Department of Navy

DNA         - Deoxyribonucleic Acid

DNAPL       - Dense Non-aqueous Phase Liquid

DNB         - Dinitrobenzene

DNEL        - Derived No-Effects Limit

DNFSB       - Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

DNOP        - Di(n)octyl phthalate

DNR         - Department of Natural Resources

DNREC       - Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental

DNS         - Domain Name System

DNT         - Dinitrotoluene

DO          - Delivery Order

DO          - Dissolved Oxygen

DO          - Duty Officer

DOA         - Department of Agriculture

DOAS        - Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
DOB         - Date of Birth

DOC         - Department of Commerce

DOC         - Dissolved Organic Carbon

DOC         - Documentation of Compliance

DOC         - Region 4 Library Tracking System

DOCKET      - Consolidated Docket of Civil Enforcement Actions

DOD         - Department of Defense

DOD         - Dissolved Oxygen Demand

DODAAC      - Department of Defense Activity Address Code

DODEC       - Department of Defense Environmental Contamination

DODI        - Department of Defense Instructions

DODIG       - Department of Defense Inspector General

DODS        - Deep Ocean Disposal Site

DOE         - Department of Ecology

DOE         - Department of Energy

DOE         -Department of Environment

DOH         - Department of Health

DOHS        - Department of Health Services

DOI         - Department of the Interior

DOIG        - Divisional Offices of the Inspector General

DOJ         - Department of Justice

DOL         - Department of Environment and Labour

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
DOL        - Department of Labor

DOL        - U.S. Army Directorate of Logistics

DOM        - Disaster Operations Manual

D/O/M      - Design, Operating and Maintenance Procedures

DON        - Department of the Navy

DOP        - Dioctyl Phthalate

DOPO       - Delivery Order Project Officer

DOS        - Denial of Service

DOS        - Department of State

DOS        - Disk Operating System

DOT        - Department of Transportation

DOTS       - Dredging Operations Technical Support

DOW        - Defenders of Wildlife

DPA        - Deepwater Ports Act

DPA        - Defense Production Act

DPA        - Delegation of Procurement Authority

DPAS       - Defense Priority Allocation System

DPC        - Desktop PC

DPC        - Domestic Policy Council

DPCSD      - Department of Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development

DPD        - Diethyl-p-phenylenediamine

DPD        - Method of Measuring Chlorine Residual in Water

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
DPF        - Digital Photographic Facility

DPM        - Defense Priority Model

DPM        - Digital Panel Meter

DPM        - Disintegrations per Minute

DPMU       - Disaster/Deployable Portable Morgue Unit

DPO        - Deputy Project Officer

DPOT       - Potential Dose

DPR        - Department of Pesticide Regulation

DPR        - Department of Parks and Recreation

DPR        - Detailed Project Report

DPS        - Detailed Project Study

DPS        - Texas Department of Public Safety

DPSIR      - Driving Forces Pressures State Impact Response Framework

DPT        - Direct Push Technology

DQA        - Data Quality Assessment

DQO        - Data Quality Objectives

DRA        - Deputy Regional Administrator

DRAS       - Delisting Risk Assessment Software

DRBC       - Delaware River Basin Commission

DRC        - Deputy Regional Counsel

DRC        - Disaster Recovery Center (Unit)

DRE        - Destruction/Removal Efficiency

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
DREC      - Deputy Regional Emergency Coordinator

DRES      - Dietary Risk Evaluation System

DRF       - Disaster Relief Fund

DRG       - Digital Raster Graphic

DRG       - Disaster Readiness Group

DRI       - Desert Research Institute

DRI       - Direct Reading Instruments

DRM       - Disaster Recovery Manager

DRMO      - Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office

DRMS      - Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service

DRPA      - Delaware River Port Authority

DRPH      - Diesel Range Petroleum Hydrocarbons

DRR       - Data Review Record

DRR       - Dose Relationship Response

DRSE      - DOD Relocation Services for Employees

DS        - Dichotomous Sampler

DSA       - Dimensionally Stable

DSAP      - Data Self Auditing Program

DSAT      - DHS Situational Awareness Team

DSC       - Division Safety Coordinator

DSCA      - Defense Support of Civilian Authorities

dscf      - Dry Standard Cubic Feet

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
dscfm       - Dry Standard Cubic Feet per Minute

dscm        - Dry Standard Cubic Meter

DSE         - Domestic Sewage Exclusion

DSEN        - Drug Enforcement Agency Sensitive

DSITMS      - Direct Sampling Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

DSL/NDSL    - Canada’s National Chemical Inventory

DSM         - Demand Side Management

DSO         - Dam Safety Officer

DSO         - Disaster Safety Officer

DSR         - Document Summary Record

DSS         - Data Systems Staff

DSS         - Decision Support System

DSS         - Department of Social Services

DSS         - Domestic Sewage Study

DSTRC       - Destruction Technology (e.g.., CHOXD, CHRED, BIODG or INCIN)

DSW         - Definition of Solid Waste

DT          - Declaration of Taking

DT          - Detectors (radon) Damaged or Lost

DT          - Detention Time

DT          - Development Team

DTD         - Dated

DT&E        - Demonstration, Testing and Evaluation

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
DTO        - Data for Testifying Officers

DPTW       - Department of Transportation and Public Works

DTRIM      - Domestic Threat Response and Incident Management

DTRIM-PCC - Domestic Threat Response and Incident Management Policy
            Coordination Committee

DTSC       - Department of Toxic Substances Control

DU         - Decision Unit

DU         - Ducks Unlimited

DU         - Dobson Unit

DU         - Dwelling Unit

DUC        - Decision Unit Coordinator

DUL        - Documentation Unit Leader

DUR        - Driving Under Revocation

DUS        - Driving Under Suspension

DV         - Domestic Violence

DVD        - Digital Versatile Disk

DVD        - Digital Video Disk

DVF        - Drum Venting Facility

DVM        - Digital Volt Meter

DVMT       - Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled

DVO        - Diffuse Viewing Only

DW         - Drinking Water

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
DW          - Drinking Water Consumption, assumed to be 2 L/d

DW          - Dry Weight of Soil or Plant/Animal Tissue

DWC         - Drinking Water Committee

DWCD’s      - Drinking Water Criteria Documents

DWEC’s      - Estimated Concentrations in Drinking Water

DWEL        - Drinking Water Equivalent Level

DWI         - Drinking Water Intake

DWLOCs      - Drinking Water Levels of Concern

DWM         - Diagnostic Wind Model

DWPL        - Drinking Water Priority List

DWR         - Department of Water Resources

DWS         - Drinking Water Standard

DWSRF       - Drinking Water State Revolving Fund

Dy          - Dysprosium

DYNHYD4     - Htdrodynamic Model

DYNTOX      - Dynamic Toxics Model

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
E            - Exponent

E            - Exposure

E            - Exposure Level

E            - Exceptional Aquatic Life Use

EA           - Endangerment Assessment

EA           - Enforcement Agreement

EA           - Environmental Action

EA           - Environmental Assessment

EA           - Environmental Audit

EA           - Exposure Assessment

EAB          - Environmental Advisory Board

EAB          - Environmental Appeals Board

EAB/EED      - Exposure Assessment Branch/Exposure Evaluation Division

EAC          - Early action Compact

EAD          - Economic Analysis Division

EAD          - Emergency Action Director

EAD          - Energy and Air Division

EADS         - Environmental Assessment Data System

EAF          - Electric Arc Furnace

EAG          - Exposure Assessment Group

EAM          - Exposure Assessment Model

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
EAP         - Emergency Action Plan

EAP         - Employee Assistance Program

EAP         - Environmental Action Plan

EAPS        - Environmental Aspects of Product Standards

EAR         - Enforcement Action Referral

EAR         - Enforcement Action Request

EAR         - Environmental Auditing Roundtable

EAS         - East-Asian Seas Action Plan

EAS         - Economic Analysis Staff

EAS         - Electronic Article Surveillance

EAS         - Emergency Alert System

EAS         - Emergency Assistance Personnel

EASI        - Environmental Alliance for Senior Involvement

EATR        - Environment Assessment Technical Report

EB          - Emissions Balancing

EBC         - Environmental Biosafety Committees

EBCDIC      - Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

EBJ         - Environmental Business Journal

EBRD        - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

EBS         - Electronic Bid Set

EBS         - Environmental Baseline Study

EBS         - Environmental Baseline Survey

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
EBST       - Environmental Baseline Survey for Transfer

EC         - Education Center

EC         - Effective Concentration

EC         - Electron Capture

EC         - Elifrits Constant (multiple estimate by 1.25)

EC         - Emergency Coordinator

EC         - Emulsifiable Concentrate

EC         - Enforcement Coordinator

EC         - Engineer Circular

EC         - Environment Canada

EC         - Environmental Coordinator

EC         - Environmental Concerns

EC         - European Commission

EC         - European Community (see CEC, EEC; now referred to as the EU -
             European Union)

EC50       - Concentration of a Toxic Pollutant that Produces Sublethal Impacts
             on 50% of the Organisms Tested in a Specified Time Period

ECA        - Economic Commission for Africa

ECA        - Economic Community for Africa

ECA        - Enforceable Consent Order

ECAD       - Existing Chemical Assessment Division

ECAFE      - Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East

ECAMP      - Environmental Compliance, Assessment, and Management

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
ECAO        - Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office

ECAP        - Employee Counseling and Assistance Program

E-CATS      - Electronic Catalog System

ECC         - Emergency Control Center

ECC         - Environmental Collection Center

ECC         - Executive and Congressional Communications

ECD         - Electron Capture Detector

ECDB        - Emissions Certification Data Base

ECE         - Economic Commission for Europe

ECETOC      - European Chemical Industry Ecology and Toxicology Centre

ECF         - Elemental Chlorine Free (bleaching)

ECHA        - European Chemicals Agency (Helsinki)

ECHH        - Electro-Catalytic Hyper-Heaters

ECHO        - Each Community Helps Others

ECHO        - Expanded Characteristic Option

ECL         - Environmental Chemical Laboratory

ECL         - Executive Control Language

ECL         - Korea’s National Chemical Inventory

ECLA        - Economic Commission for Latin America

ECM         - Eligible Coastal Municipalities

E.coli      - Escherichia Coli

ECO         - Economic Concern Only

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
ECO         - Engineering Change Order

ECOFRAM     - Ecological Committee on FIFRA Risk Assessment Methods

ECOHAB      - Ecology and Oceanography on Harmful Algal Blooms

ECOMESD - Estuary and Coastal Ocean Model with Sediment Transport

ECOS        - Environmental Council of the States

ECOWS       - Economic Community of West African States

ECP         - Engineering Change Proposal

ECP         - External Compliance Programs

ECPD        - Expedited Complete Plume Delineation

ECR         - Enforcement Case Review

ECRA        - Economic Cleanup Responsibilities Act

ECRA        - Environmental Cleanup Responsibilities Act

ECRB        - Extensor Carpi Radialis Brevis

ECRL        - Extensor Carpi Radialis Longis

ECSL        - Enforcement Compliance Schedule Letters

ECTD        - Emission Control Technology Division

ECTS        - Executive Correspondence Tracking System

ECU         - Environmental Crimes Unit

ECU         - Extensor Carpi Ulnaris

ED          - Department of Education

ED          - Editorial Division

ED          - Effective Dose

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
ED         - Emergency Department

ED         - Emergency Director

ED         - Enforcement Division

ED         - Executive Director

ED         - Exposure Duration

E&D        - Engineering and Design

EDA        - Economic Development Administration

EDA        - Electronic Data Access

EDA        - Emergency Declaration Area

EDAS       - Ecological Data Application System

EDASS      - Cincinnati Equivalency Statistical System

EDB        - Ethylene Dibromide

EDC        - Economic Development Coalition

EDC        - Economic Development Commission

EDC        - Ethylene Dichloride

EDC        - Extensor Digitorum Communis

EDD        - Electronic Data Deliverable

EDD        - Enforcement Decision Document

EDE        - Effective Dose Equivalent

EDF        - Environmental Defense Fund, Inc.

EDGAR      - Emission Database for Global Atmospheric Research

EDI        - Electronic Data Interchange

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
EDL         - Estimated Detection Limit

EDM         - Electronic Data Management

EDNA        - Elevation Derivatives for National Application

EDP         - Eco-domestic Product

EDP         - Electronic Data Processing

EDPR        - Executive Director’s Preliminary Report

EDRC        - Episode Data Reporting Center

EDRS        - Enforcement Document Retrieval System

EDS         - Editors

EDS         - Effluent Data Statistics System

EDS         - Electronic Data System

EDS         - Energy Data System

EDS         - Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy

EDSTAC      - Endocrine Disrupter Screening and Testing Advisory Committee

EDT         - Edit Data Transmission

EDTA        - Ethylene Diamine Triacetic Acid

EDX         - Electronic Data Exchange

EDZ         - Emission Density Zoning

ED10        - Ten Percent Effective Dose

EE          - Element of Expertise

EE          - Environmental Education

EE          - Environmental Evaluation

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
EE2000      - Environmental Education 2000 Program

EEA         - Energy and Environmental Analysis

EEA         - European Environment Agency

EEC         - Environmental Engineering Committee

EEC         - Estimated Environmental Concentration

EEC         - European Economic Community (see EC, CEC; now referred to as
              the EU - European Union)

EE/CA       - Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis

EED         - Estimated Exposure Duration

EED         - Exposure Evaluation Division

EEG         - Electroencephalogram

EEI         - Edison Electric Institute

EELS        - Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

EEMI        - Environmental Engineers and Managers Institute

EEMI        - Environmental Engineering Resources Institute

EEMS        - Emissions Elements Needs Survey

EENET       - Emergency Education Network

EEO         - Equal Employment Opportunity

EEOC        - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EEPSEA      - Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia

EEQ         - Existing Effluent Quality

EER         - Excess Emission Report

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
EERF       - Eastern Environmental Radiation Facilities

EERI       - Earthquake Engineering Resources Institute

EERL       - Eastern Environmental Radiation Laboratory

EERS       - Earth Electrical Resistivity Survey

EERS       - Excess Emissions Reports

EERU       - Environmental Emergency Response Unit

EESI       - Environment and Energy Study Institute

EESL       - Environmental Ecological and Support Laboratory

EETD       - Environmental Energy Technologies Division

EETFC      - Environmental Effects Transport and Fate Committee

EEZ        - Exclusive Economic Zone

EF         - Emission Factor

EF         - Enrichment Factor

EF         - Exposure Frequency

EFARS      - Engineer Federal Acquisition Supplement

EFDC       - Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code

EFE        - Early Fuel Evaporative System

EfE        - Environment for Europe

EFED       - Environmental Effects and Fate Division

EFH        - Essential Fish Habitat

EFI        - Electronic Fuel Injection Systems

EFIN       - Environmental Financing Information Network

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
EFO         - Equivalent Field Office

EFT         - Electronic Funds Transfer

EFTA        - European Free Trade Association

EFTC        - Environmental Effects, Transport and Fate Committee

EFTC        - European Fluorocarbon Technical Committee

EG          - Emission Guidelines

EGA         - Enhanced Graphics Array

EGAT        - Thailand Electricity Generating Authority

EGBE        - Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether

EGD         - Effluent Guidelines Division

EGM         - Electrogram

EGPT        - Erythrocyte Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase

EGR         - Exhaust Gas Recirculation Systems

E-GRID      - Emissions and Generation Resource Integrated Database

EGSA        - Electric Generating Systems Association

EGSC        - Engineering Guidance Support Center

EGTF        - Effluent Guidelines Task Force

EH          - Redox Potential

EHC         - Environmental Health Committee

EHHE        - Environmental and Human Health Evaluation

EHIS        - Emission History Information System

EHRS        - Environmental Health Research Staff

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
EHS        - Environmental Health and Safety

EHS        - Extremely Hazardous Substance

EH&S       - Environmental Health and Safety

EHSA       - Environmental Health and Safety Affairs

EHSOC      - Environment, Health, Safety and Operations Committee

EHST       - Environment, Safety, Health and Toxicology

EHTD       - Efficient Hydrologic Tracer-test Design

EI         - Emissions Inventory

EI         - Environmental Impact

EI         - Environmental Indicator

EIA        - Economic Impact Assessment

EIA        - Electronic Industries Association

EIA        - Energy Information Administration

EIA        - Environmental Impact Assessment

EIAP       - Environmental Impact Analysis Process

EIB        - European Investment Bank

EIC        - Emission Inventory Credit

EIC        - Environmental Industry Council

EID        - Emerging Infectious Disease

EID        - Environmental Information Documents

EIL        - Environmental Impairment Liability

EIMS       - Environmental Information Management System

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
EIN         - Employer Identification Number

EINECS      - European Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances

EIP         - Economic Incentive Program

EIQ         - Emissions Inventory Questionnaire

EIR         - Endangerment Information Report

EIR         - Environmental Impact Report

EIR         - Exposure Information Report

EIS         - Environmental Impact Statement

EIS         - Environmental Impact Study

EIS         - Environmental Information Systems

EIS         - Environmental Inventory System

EIS/AS      - Emissions Inventory System/Area Source

EIS/PS      - Emissions Inventory System/Point Source

EIS7        - Region 7 EIS 404 Program

EITF        - Emerging Issues Task Force

EIX         - Electrochemical Ion Exchange

EKG         - Electroencephalogram

EKMA        - Empirical Kinetic Modeling Approach

EJ          - Environmental Justice

EL          - Emission Limit

EL          - Environmental Labeling

EL          - Exposure Level

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
ELCR         - Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk

ELF-EMF      - Extremely Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields

ELI          - Environmental Law Institute

ELIN         - Electronic Line Item Number

ELINCS/EINECS – European Community National Chemical Inventory

ELISA        - Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay

ELLPAT       - Environmental Lead Laboratory Proficiency Analytical Testing

ELMS         - Environment and Land Management Sector

ELP          - Environmental Leadership Program

ELPS         - Evaluation of Leachate Performance Standards

ELR          - Environmental Law Reporter

EM           - Electromagnetic

EM           - Electromagnetic Conductivity

EM           - Electron Microscope

EM           - Emergency Management

EM           - Emergency Manual

EM           - Engineer Manual

EM           - Enhanced Monitoring

EM           - Environmental Management

EM-30        - Office of Waste Management

EM-40        - Office of Environmental Restoration

EM-50        - Office of Technology Development

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
EM-52       - Office of Technology Transfer and Program Integration

EM-53       - Office of Research and Development

EM-54       - Office of Demonstration, Evaluation and Testing

EM-60       - Office of Facility Transition and Management

EMA         - Emergency Management Agency

EMA         - Environmental Management Act

E-MAIL      - Electronic Mail

EMAP        - Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program

EMAP-E      - Monitoring and Assessment Program for Estuaries

EMAP-GL     - Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program – Great Lakes

EMAS        - Eco-management and Audit Scheme

EMAS        - Enforcement Management and Accountability System

EMC         - Emergency Management Center

EMC         - Environmental Media Center

EMC         - Event Mean Concentration

EMEP        - European Monitoring and Evaluations Program

EMF         - Exposure Modifying Factor

EMFRAPID - Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Public Information

EMG         - Electromyography

EMI         - Emergency Management Institute

EMIS        - Emergency Management Information System

EMIS        - Environmental Management Information System

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
EMISUM      - Emissions Summary

EML         - Emissions Measurement Laboratory

EMMC        - Environmental Monitoring Management Council

EMMI        - Environmental Monitoring Methods Index

EMP         - Emergency Management Plan

EMP         - Environmental Management Program

EMPACT      - Environmental Monitoring for Public Access and Community

EMPC        - Estimated Maximum Possible Concentration

EMR         - Electro-Magnetic Radiation

EMR         - Environmental Management Report

EMS         - Emergency Management Services

EMS         - Emergency Management System

EMS         - Emergency Medical Service

EMS         - Emergency Medical Support

EMS         - Emergency Services

EMS         - Enforcement Management Subsystem

EMS         - Enforcement Management System

EMS         - Environmental management Standard

EMS         - Environmental Management System

EMS         - Environmental Mutagen Society

EMSD        - Environmental Monitoring Systems Division

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
EMSL         - Environmental Monitoring Support Laboratory

EMSL         - Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory

EMSL-LV      - Environmental Monitoring Systems Laboratory – Las Vegas

EMT          - Emergency Medical Technician

EMTC         - Environmental Management Technical Center

EMTD         - Estimated Maximum Tolerated Dose

EMTIC        - Emission Measurement Technical Information Center

EMTS         - Environmental Methods Testing Site

EMTS         - Environmental Monitoring Testing Site

EMTS         - Exposure Monitoring Test Site

EN           - European Norms

EN           - European Standards

ENC          - Electronic Navigational Charts

ENCS         - Japan’s National Chemical Inventory

ENEA         - European Nuclear Energy Agency

ENF5         - Region 5 Enforcement Tracking System

ENFOMAIN - Enforcement Mail Computer

ENG-AUDIT - GICS Engineer Audit Tracking System

ENPA         - Environmental Performance Agreement

ENRIN        - Environment and Natural Resources Information Network

ENS          - Emergency Notification System

ENTRI        - Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators

                              JJDS Environmental
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EO         - Environmental Objections

EO         - Ethylene Oxide

EO         - Executive Officer

EO         - Executive Order

E&O        - Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance

EOB        - Executive Office Building

EOC        - Emergency Operating (Operations) Center

EOD        - Elimination of Discharge

EOD        - Engineering Operations Division

EOD        - Entrance on Duty

EOD        - Explosion Ordnance Disposal

EOE        - Equal Opportunity Employer

EOF        - Emergency Operations Facility

EOJ        - End of Job

EOP        - Emergency Operations Plan

EOP        - End-of-Pipe Treatment

EOP        - Executive Office of the President

EORRA      - Edible Oils Regulatory Reform Act of 1996

EOT        - Emergency Operations Team

EOY        - End of Year

EP         - Earth Protectors

EP         - Emergency Preparedness

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
EP           - Emitting Process

EP           - End-use Product

EP           - Engineer Pamphlet

EP           - Environmental Profile

EP           - Experimental Product

EP           - Extraction Procedure

EP(TEP)      - Extraction Procedure (Toxicity)

E&P          - Exploration and Production

EP3          - Environmental Pollution Prevention Project

EPA          - Economic Price Adjustment

EPA          - Environmental Protection Agency

EPA#         - RCRA Generator ID Number

EPAA         - Environmental Programs Assistance Act

EPAAR        - EPA Acquisition Regulations

EPAC         - Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee

EPACA        - U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Correlation Approach

EPACASR      - EPA Chemical Activities Status Report

EPACIR       - Circulation System

EPACML       - EPA Composite Model for Landfills Report

EPACT        - Energy Policy Act (1992)

EPACT        - Environmental Policy Act

EPADOC       - Document Control System

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
EPALIT      - Gulf Breeze Text Data Management

EPANTS      - NTIS/EPA Report System

EPATR       - Translation System

EPAYS       - EPA Payroll System

EPB         - Extensor Pollicis Brevis

EPC         - Electronic Product Code

EPC         - Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

EPC         - Exposure Point Concentration

EPCA        - Energy Policy and Conservation Act (1975)

EPCD        - Engine Programs and Compliance Division

EP/CP       - Emergency Plan/Contingency Plan

EPCRA       - Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (1986);
              also known as Title III - Superfund Amendments and
              Reauthorization Act

EPD         - Emergency Planning District

EPDM        - Ethylene-propylene Terpolymer

EPE         - Environmental Performance Evaluation

EFF         - Environmental Planning Function

EPF         - Environmental Protection Fund

EPI         - Economic Performance Indicator

EPI         - Environmental Policy Institute

EPI         - Environmental Priorities Initiative

EPI         - Epichlorohydrin

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
EPIC      - Energy P2 Information Clearinghouse

EPIC      - Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center

EPIC      - Erosion Productivity Impact Calculator

EPID      - Epidemiologocial Studies

EPIP      - Emergency Plan Implementation Procedure

EPL       - Evaluated Products List

EPLO      - Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer

EPN       - Early Project Notification

EPN       - Emission Point Number

EPNL      - Effective Perceived Noise Level

EPO       - Estuarine Programs Office

EPP       - Environmental protection Program

EP&P      - Environmental Planning and Permitting

EPPR      - Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response

EPR       - Ethylene-propylene Elastomers

EPR       - Emergency Preparedness and Response

EPR       - Extended Product Responsibility

EPRA      - Environmental Property Assessment

EPRG      - Environmental Policy Review Group

EPRI      - Electric Power Research Institute

EPS       - Environmental Protection Specialist

EPS       - Expanded Polystyrene

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
EPSA       - Electric Power Supply Association

EPTC       - Extraction Procedure Toxicity Characteristic

EPTC       - S-Ethyl Dipropylthiocarbamate

EPTOX      - Extraction Procedure Toxicity Test

EQ         - Environmental Quality

EQ         - Exceptional Quality

EQA        - Malaysia Environmental Quality Act

E&QA       - Engineering & Quality Assurance

EQC        - Exemption Quantitation Criteria

EQIP       - Environmental Quality Incentives Program

EQL        - Estimated Quantitation Limit

ER         - Ecosystem Restoration

ER         - Electrical Resistivity

ER         - Electronic Records

ER         - Emergency Room

ER         - Engineer Regulation

ER         - Environmental restoration

ER         - Extrarespiratory

Er         - Erbium

ERA        - Ecological Risk Assessment

ERA        - Economic Regulatory Agency

ERA        - Environmental Risk Assessment

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
ERA         - Expedited Response Action

ERAD        - Economic and Regulatory Analysis Division

ERADCOM - U.S. Army Electronics Research and Development Command

ERAMS       - Environmental Radiation Ambient Monitoring System

ERASMUS     - European Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students

ERB         - Environmental Response Branch

ERC         - Emergency Response Commission

ERC         - Emissions Reduction Credit

ERC         - Environment Research Center

ERC         - Environmental Restoration Contractor

ERCS        - Emergency Response Cleanup Services

ERD         - Emergency Response Division

ERDA        - Energy Research and Development Administration

ERDB        - Environmental Radio Frequency Data Base

ERDC        - Engineering Research Development Center

ERD&DAA     - Environmental Research, Development and Demonstration
              Authorization Act

ERFD        - Airborne Particulate and Precipitation Data

ERG         - Emergency Response Guide

ERGO        - Environmental Review Guide for Operations

ERGO        - Extended Reports and Graphic Output

ER-HMI      - Emergency Response – Hazardous Materials Inspection Branch

ERIC        - Educational Resources Information Center

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
ERIIS        - Environmental Risk Information and Imaging Services

ERIS         - Enforcement Case Support Expert Resources Information System

ERK          - Electronic Recordkeeping

ERL          - Environmental Research Laboratory

ERL/ERM      - Effects Range Low/Effects Range Median

ERNS         - Emergency Response Notification System

ERO          - Emergency Response Organization

EROD         - Enforcement Record of Decision

EROS         - Earth Observation Satellite

ERP          - Early Reduction Program

ERP          - Effective Radiated Power

ERP          - Emergency Response Plan

ERP          - Enforcement Response Policy

ERP          - Environmental Review Policy

ERPG         - Emergency Response Planning Guidelines

ERRD         - Emergency and Remedial Response Division

ERRIS        - Emergency and Remedial Response Information System

ERRIS        - Emergency and Remedial Response Inventory System

ERS          - Economic Research Service

ERSS         - Establishment Registration Support System

ERT          - Emergency Response Team

ERT          - Environmental Response Team

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
ERT-A      - Emergency Response Team – Advanced Element

ERTAQ      - ERT Air Quality Model

ERT-N      - National Emergency Response Team

ERTS       - Earth Resources Technology Satellite

ERTW       - Early Return to Work

ERW        - Extraordinary Resource Waterbody

ES         - Enforcement Strategy

ES         - Engineering Staff

ES         - Entrainment Separator

ES         - Expert System

Es         - Einsteinium

ES001      - Estuarine Water Quality Model

ESA        - Ecological Services Analysis

ESA        - Ecological Society of America

ESA        - Endangered Species Act

ESA        - Environmental Site Assessment

ESA        - Environmentally Sensitive Area

ESA        - Ethane Sulfonic Acid

ESAP       - Environmental Sampling and Analysis Plan

ESAT       - Environmental Services Assistance Team

ESBT       - Energy Star Benchmarking Tool

ESC        - Electronic Systems Center

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
ESC        - Endangered Species Committee

ESC        - Expedited Site Characterization

ESCA       - Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis

ESCA       - Endangered Species Conservation Act

ESCAP      - Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

ESCBA      - Escape Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

ESCO       - Energy Service Company

ESCP       - Employee Counseling Service Program

ESCWA      - Economic and Social commission for West Asia

ESD        - Electrostatic Dissipative

ESD        - Emission Standards Division

ESD        - Environmental Services Department

ESD        - Environmental Services Division

ESDB       - Endangered Species Database/Research Scanlink

ESDLS      - EPA’s Spatial Data Library System

ESE        - Environmental Science and Engineering

ESEA       - EPA/State Enforcement Agreement

ESECA      - Energy Supply and Environmental Coordination Act

ESF        - Emergency Support Function

ESFLG      - Emergency Support Function Leadership Group

ESH        - Enforcement Safety and Health

ESH        - Environmental Safety and Health

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
ES&H       - Environmental Safety and Health

ESHA       - Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area

ESI        - Expanded Site Inspection

ESIC       - Earth Science Information Center

ESL        - Effects Screening Level

ESLI       - End-of-Service-Life Indicator

ESO        - Enforcement Specialist Office

ESO        - Environmentally Significant Operation

ESP        - Electrostatic Precipitator(s)

ESP        - Environmental Support Program

ESP        - Exchangeable Sodium Percentage

ESPA       - Endangered Species Preservation Act

ESPS       - Environmental Services Program Support

ESR        - Enforcement System Review

ESRI       - Environmental Systems Research Institute

ESRL       - Environmental Sciences Research Laboratory

ESS        - Enforcement Support Services

EST        - Emergency Support Team

ESU        - Evolutionarily Significant Units

ESWTR      - Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule

ET         - Ecotox Thresholds

ET         - Emissions Trading

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
ET         - Extrathoracic Region

ET         - Event Tree

ETA        - Energy Tax Act

ETA        - Engineering and Technical Assistance

ETA        - Estimated Time of Arrival

ETA        - Event Tree Analysis

ETAG       - Ecological and Technical Assessment Group

ETBE       - Ethyl Tertiary Butyl Ether

ETC        - Employee Transportation Coordinator

ETC        - Energy Technology Centers

ETC        - Environmental Technology Council (formerly Hazardous Waste
             Treatment Council)

ETD        - Economics and Technology Division

ETEC       - Energy Technology Engineering Center

ETF        - Earmarked Tax Fund

ETHOX      - Summary of Ecotox Data on Ethoxylated Surfactants

ETI        - Elapsed Time Indicator

ETI        - Environmental Technology Initiative

ETL        - Engineer Technical Letters

ETL        - Engineering Topographic Laboratories

ETM        - Enhanced Thematic Mapper

EtO        - Ethylene Oxide

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
ETOH        - Ethanol

ETP         - Emissions Trading Policy

ETPS        - Emissions Trading Policy Statement

ETR         - Employee Trip Reduction

ETS         - EPCRA 313 Tracking System

ETS         - Emissions Tracking System

ETS         - Environmental Tobacco Smoke

ETS         - EPCRA 313 Tracking System

ETS         - Extramural Tracking System

ETS         - Region 4 Reference and Administrative Orders Tracking System

ETSD        - Enterprise Technology Services Division

ETT         - Effluent Toxicity Testing

ETTAC       - Environmental Technologies Trade Advisory Committee

ETV         - Environmental Technology Verification Program

EU          - Environmentally Unsatisfactory

EU          - European Union (1994; formerly referred to as the EEC or EC)

EU          - MACT Expanded Universe

Eu          - Europium

EU-HWC      - Emissions Unit - Hazardous Waste Combustor

EUP         - End Use Product

EUP         - Environmental Use Permit

EUP         - Experimental Use Permit

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
EUTR04       - Eutrophication Model

EWCC         - Environmental Workforce Coordinating Committee

EWG          - Exempt Wholesale Generators

EWS          - Engineering Work Station

EX           - Executive Level Appointments

EXAMS        - Exposure Analysis Modeling System

EXAMSII      - Exposure Analysis Modeling System II

EXEX         - Expected Exceedence

EXINTER      - Expert Interface Version 1.0

EXL          - Executive Control Language

EXTRC        - Extraction Technology

EZP2         - Region 2 EZPLOT - User Operated Business Graphics Package

                              JJDS Environmental
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F            - Fluorine

F list       - Listed Hazardous Wastes from Nonspecific Sources

F1           - First Filial Generation

°F           - Fahrenheit

FAA          - Federal Aviation Administration

FAA          - Free Available Ammonia

FAA-AFS      - Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards Service

FAC          - Family Assistance Center

FAC          - Federal Advisory Committee

FAC          - Fee Available Chlorine

FACA         - Federal Advisory Committee (Act)

FACA         - Financial Assurance for Corrective Action

FACM         - Friable Asbestos-Containing Material

FACP         - Fire Alarm Control Panel

FACR         - Final Acute Chronic Residue

FACT         - ERL - Gulf Breeze Financial Data Management

FAD          - Funding Authorization Document

FADH         - Adherence Factor for Soil

FADINAP      - Fertilizer Advisory, Development and information Network for Asia
               and the Pacific

FAFR         - Fatal Accident Frequency Rate

FALCAP       - Framework for Action on Land Conservation in Asia and the Pacific

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
FALD      - Fahrenheit Agency Liaison Division

FAM       - Friable Asbestos Material

FAME      - Framework for Achieving Managerial Excellence

FAMS      - Federal Air Marshals Service

FAN       - Final Acceptance Notice

FAN       - Fixed Account Number

FAO       - Field Audit Office

FAO       - Finance and Accounting Officer

FAO       - Food and Agricultural Organization

FAQs      - Frequently Asked Questions

FAR       - Fatal accident Rate

FAR       - Federal Acquisition Regulations

FAR       - Federal Aviation Regulations

FAR       - Federally Applicable Requirements

FARR      - Federal Air Rules for Reservations

FARS      - Fatality Analysis Reporting System

FAS       - Freely Associated States

FASB      - Financial Accounting Standards Board

FASE      - Foundation for the Advancement in Science and Education

FASP      - Field Analytical Support Program

FAST      - Free and Secure Trade

FAST      - Fugitive Assessment Sampling Train

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
FASTAC      - Field and analytical Services Teaming Advisory Committee

FAT         - First Article Testing

FATES       - FIFRA and TSCA Enforcement System

FAV         - Final Acute Value

FBANK3      - RTP National Filter Analysis Network

FBC         - Fluidized Bed Combustion

FBI         - Federal Bureau of Investigation

FBPOC       - Facility Boundary Point of Compliance

FBR         - Filter Backwash Recycling

FBR         - Freeboard Ratio

FBRR        - Filter Backwash Recycle Rule

FC          - Compression Forces

FC          - Flood Control

FC          - Fluorocarbon

FCA         - Full Cost Accounting

FCAA        - Federal Clean Air Act

FCC         - Federal Communications Commission

FCC         - Fiscal Control Center

FCC         - Fluid Catalytic Converter

f/cc        - Fibers per Cubic Centimeter (of air)

FCCC        - Framework Convention on Climate Change

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
FCCSET      - Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and

FCCU        - Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit

FCFF        - Federal Clean Fuel Fleet Program

FCI         - Fluid Controls Institute

FCM         - Food Chain Multiplier

FCO         - Federal Coordinating Officer (in disaster areas)

FCO         - Forms Control Officer

FCQAS       - Financial Compliance and Quality Assurance Staff

FCQCP       - Final Cover Quality Control Plan

FCR         - Flexor Carpi Radfialis

FCR         - Future Contracting Request

FCSA        - Feasibility Cost Sharing Agreement

FCU         - Flexor Carpi Ulnaris

FDA         - Food and Drug Administration

FDCA        - Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

FDD         - Final Delivery Date

FDER        - Florida Department of Environmental Regulation

FDF         - Fundamentally Different Factor(s)

FDI         - Foreign Direct Investment

FDIC        - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDL         - Final Determination Letter

FDM         - Feature Design Memorandum

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
FDO        - Fee Determination Officer

FDP        - Flexor Digitorium Profundus

FDP        - Flood Damage prevention

FDS        - Flexor Digitorium Superficialis

FE         - Facility Engineer

FE         - Fugitive Emissions

Fe         - Iron

FEA        - Federal Energy Administration

FEB        - Federal Executive Board

FEC        - Federal Executive Council

FEC        - Formal Enforcement conference

FECC       - Federal Emergency Communications Coordinator

FEDS       - Federal Energy Data System

FEF        - Forced Expiratory Flow

FEFx       - Forced Expiratory Flow

FEGLI      - Federal Employee Group Life Insurance

FEHB       - Federal Employees Health Benefits

FEI        - Federal Executive Institute

FEIS       - Final Environmental Impact Statement

FEIS       - Fugitive Emissions Information System

FEL        - Frank Effect Level

FEMA       - Federal Emergency Management Agency

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
FEMA-10      - Federal Emergency Management Agency's Planning Guide &
               Checklist for Hazardous Materials Contingency Plans

FEMA-REP-1- Response Plans and Preparedness in Support of Nuclear Plants

FEMA-REP-5- Guidance for Developing State and Local Radiological Emergency
            Response Plans

FEMA-RFP-2- Guidance for Developing State and Local Radiological Emergency
            Response Plans

FEMIS        - Federal Emergency Management Information System

FEMP         - Fernald Environmental Management Project

FEP          - Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene

FEPCA        - Federal Environmental Pesticides Control Act (amendments to

FERC         - Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

FERS         - Federal Employees Retirement System

FES          - Factor Evaluation System

FET          - Foundation on Economic Trends

FETC         - Federal energy Technology Centers

FEV          - Forced Expiratory Factor (Volume)

FEVI         - Front End Volatility Index

FEV1         - Forced Expiratory Factor - 1 second

FEW          - Federally Employed Women

FF           - Fabric Filter

FF           - Federal Facilities

FFA          - Federal Facilities Agreement

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
FFA           - Flammable Fabrics Act

FFA/CO        - Federal Facilities Agreement/Consent Order

FFAR          - Fuel and Fuel Additive Registration

FFARS         - Fuel and Fuel Additive Registration System

FFC           - Federal Facility Coordinator

FFCA          - Federal Facilities Compliance Act

FFCS          - Federal Facilities Compliance Staff

FFDCA         - Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act

FFF           - Firm Financial Facility

FFFSG         - Fossil Fuel Fired Steam Generator

FFI           - Forest Frontiers Initiative

FFI           - Full Field Investigation

FFIS          - Federal Facilities Information System

FFMC          - Federal Financial Manager's Council

FFP           - Firm Fixed Price

FFP/IDIQ      - Firm Fixed Price Indefinite Quantity

FFP/IDRQ      - Firm Fixed Price Requirements

FFRDC         - Federally Funded Research & Development Center

FFRRO         - Federal Facilities Restoration and Reuse Office

FFTF          - Future Framework Task Force

FFV           - Flexible Fueled Vehicles

FFY           - Federal Fiscal Year

                               JJDS Environmental
           email: website:
FGD         - Flue Gas Desulfurization

FGDC        - Federal Geographic Data Committee

FGDIS       - Flue Gas Desulfurization Information System

FGETS       - Food and Gill Exchange of Toxic Substances

FGR         - Flue Gas Recirculation

FGS         - Final Governing Standards

FGT         - Flue Gas Treatment

FHA         - Farmers Home Administration

FHA         - Federal Housing Authority

FHLBB       - Federal Home Loan Bank Board

FHSA        - Federal Hazardous Substances Act

FHSLA       - Federal Hazardous Substance Labeling Act

FHWA        - Federal Highway Administration

FI          - Field Interview

FIA         - Federal Insurance Administration

FIATS       - Freedom of Information Action Tracking System

FIC         - Federal Information Center

FICA        - Federal Insurance Contributions Act

FICs        - Fluoroiodocarbons

FID         - Flame Ionization Detector

FIELDS      - Field Environmental Decision Support

FIFO        - First In / First Out

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
FIFR        - Region 7 FIFRA Neutral Inspection Selection System

FIFRA       - Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (1972)

FILS        - Federal Information Locator System

FIM         - Friable Insulation Material

FIN         - Facility Identification Number

FINDS       - Facility Index Systems

FIO         - For Information Only

FIP         - Federal Implementation Plan

FIP         - Federal Information Plan

FIP         - Federal Information Processing

FIP         - Final Implementation Plan

FIPS        - Federal Information Procedures System

FIPS        - Federal Information Processing Standards

FIRE        - Factor Information Retrieval Data System

FIRM        - Field Inspection Reference Manual

FIRM        - Field Inspection Reference Manual

FIRMIS      - OSWER Information System

FIRMR       - Federal Resources Management Regulation

FIRMS       - Flood Insurance Rate Maps

FIRST       - Federal Incident Response Support Team

FIRST-UP    - Financial Information Register Satellite Terminal Users Package

FIS         - Flood Insurance Studies

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
FISHTEM      - National Compendium of Freshwater Fish & Water Temperature

FIT          - Federal Investigation Team

FIT          - Field Inspection Team

FIT          - Field Investigation Team

FK           - Fish Kill

FLAA         - Flame Atomic Absorption

FLETC        - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

FLAM         - Flammable

FLASH P      - Flash Point

FLETC        - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

FLM          - Federal Land Manager

FLP          - Flash Point

FLPMA        - Federal Land Policy and Management Act

FLRA         - Federal Labor Relations Authority

FLRC         - Federal Labor Relations Council

FLSA         - Fair Labor Standards Act

FM           - Factory Mutual

FM           - Fire Marshall

FM           - Friable Material

F&M          - Foundations and Materials

F/M          - Food to Microorganism Ratio

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
Fm         - Fermium

FMAP       - Financial Management Assistance Project

FMC        - Federal Maritime Commission

FMC        - Federal Mobilization Center

FMCS       - Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

FMCSA      - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

FMCSR      - Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

FMD        - Financial Management Division

FMEA       - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

FMFC       - Florida Marine Fisheries Commission

FMECA      - Failure Mode, Effects and Critical Analysis

FMFIA      - Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act

FML        - Flexible Membrane Liner

FMLER      - Flexible Membrane Liner Evaluation Report

FMO        - Financial Management Officer

FMP        - Facility Management Plan

FMP        - Financial Management Plan

FMS        - Ada Financial System Management

FMS        - Financial Management System

FMS        - Foreign Military Sales

FMSD       - Facilities Management and Services Division

FMSMG      - Financial Management System Management Group

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
FMSR        - Facilities Management System

FMSTI       - FMS Transaction Input System

FMSTIU      - FMS Transaction Input & Update System

FMVCP       - Federal Motor Vehicle Control Program

FMWOS       - Facility Management work Order System

FN          - Fog Nozzle

FNAL        - Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

FNS         - Food and Nutrition Service

FNSI        - Finding of No significant Impact

FO          - Facilities Office

FOA         - Facility Operations Area

FOA         - Field Operating Activities

FOB         - Free On Board

FOC         - FEMA Operations Center

FOC         - Full Operating Capability

FOCUS       - For On-line Computer Users

FOD         - Frequency of Detection

FOE         - Friends of the Earth

FOG         - Field Operations Guide

FOGRMA      - Federal Oil and Gas Royalty Management Act

FOI         - Freedom of Information

FOIA        - Freedom of Information Act

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
FOISD       - Fiber Optic Isolated Spherical Dipole Antenna

FOM         - Field Operations Manual

FONPA       - Finding of No Practicable Alternative

FONSI       - Finding of No Significant Impact

FOP         - Federal Operating Permit

FOPP        - Federal Operating Permit Program

FOPS        - Falling Object Protective Structure

FORAST      - Forest Response to Anthropogenic Stress

FORTRAN     - Formula Translation

FOSC        - Federal On-Scene Coordinator

FOSD        - Field Operations and Support Division

FOSL        - Finding of Suitability to Lease

FOST        - Finding of Suitability to Transfer

FOSTTA      - Forum on States and Tribal Toxics Action

FOUO        - For Official Use Only

FP          - Fine Particulate

FP          - Flash Point

fp          - Freezing Point

FPA         - Federal Pesticide Act

FPA         - Final Project Announcement

FPAS        - Foreign Purchase Acknowledge Statements

FPC         - Federal Power Commission

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
FPD        - Flame Photometric Detector

FPEIS      - Fine Particulate Emissions Information System

FPI        - Federal Prison Industries

FPI        - Fixed Price Incentive

FPIF       - Fixed Price Incentive Fee

FPL        - Flexor Pollicis Longus

FPLH       - Free-Phase Liquid Hydrocarbon

FPM        - Federal Personnel Manual

FPM        - Flood Plain Management

FPMS       - Flood Plain Management Services

FPO        - Federal Protective Officer

FPO        - Fleet Post Office

FPPA       - Federal Pollution Prevention Act

FPPB       - Fiscal Policies and Procedures Branch

FPR        - Federal Procurement Regulation

FPRS       - Federal Program Resources Statement

FPRS       - Formal Planning and Supporting System

FPS        - Federal Protective Service

fps        - Feet Per Second

FP&SR      - Fall Protection & Scaffolding Regulations

FPTPI      - Fiberglass Petroleum Tank and Pipe Institute

FPV        - Final Plant Value

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
FQPA         - Food Quality Protection Act

FQPASFC      - Food Quality Protection Act Safety Factor Committee

FR           - Federal Register

FR           - Final Rulemaking

FR           - Flame Resistant

FR           - Flammable Range

Fr           - Francium

FRA          - Federal Register Act

FRA          - Flame-Resistant Apparel

FRAB         - Financial Reports and Analysis Branch

FRA-RRS      - Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Safety Analysis

FRB          - Federal Reserve Board

FRC          - Feasibility Review Conference

FRC          - Federal Records Center

FRC          - Federal Resource Coordinator

FRC          - Functional Residual Capacity

FRCS         - Federal Register Chargeback System

FRDS         - Federal Reporting Data System

FREDS        - Flexible Regional Emissions Data System

FREE         - Fund for Renewable Energy and the Environment

FRERP        - Federal Radiological Emergency Response Plan

FRES         - Forest Range Environmental Study

                              JJDS Environmental
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FRGAS      - Foreign Refinery Gasoline

FRM        - Federal Reference Methods

FRM        - Final Rule Making

FRMAC      - Federal Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center

FRN        - Federal Register Notice

FRN        - Final Rulemaking Notice

FRO        - Federal Register Office

FRP        - Facility Response Plan

FRP        - Federal Response Plans

FRP        - Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic

FRP        - Funding Recommendations Package

FRS        - Formal Reporting System

FRTIB      - Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board

FRV        - Final Residue Value

FS         - Factor of Safety

FS         - Feasibility Study

FS         - Field Services

FS         - Forest Service

FSA        - Farm Service Agency

FSA        - Food Security Act

FSAR       - Final Safety Analysis Report

FSB        - Financial Systems Branch

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FSC         - Federal Supply Class

FSC         - Finance/Administration Section Chief

FSCM        - Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers

FSEC        - Florida Solar Energy Center

FSER        - Final safety Evaluation Report

FSIP        - Federal Service Impasse Panel

FSN         - Federal Stock Number

FSP         - Field Sampling Plan

FSR         - Financial Status Report

FSR         - Full Scale Range

FSS         - Facility Status Sheet

FSS         - Federal Supply Schedule

FSS         - Federal Supply Service

FSSD        - Facilities Support and Services Division

FST         - Field Sobriety Test

FSTRAC      - Federal-State Toxicology and Risk Analysis Committee

FSU         - Former Soviet Union

FSUBS       - Fuel Substitution

FT          - Fault Tree

FT          - Full Time

F(t)        - Adsorption Function

ft          - Foot

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ft2         - Square Foot

ft3         - Cubic Foot

FTA         - Fault Tree Analysis

FTA         - Federal Transit Administration

FTC         - Federal Trade Commission

FTE         - Full Time Employee

FTE         - Full Time Equivalent

FTIR        - Fourier Transform Infrared

FTP         - Federal Test Procedure

FTP         - Field Task Proposal

FTR         - Federal Travel Regulations

FTS         - Federal Telecommunications System

FTS         - Field Transfer System

FTS         - File Transfer Service

FTT         - Full Time Temporary

FTTA        - Federal Technology Transfer Act

FTTS        - FIFRA/TSCA Tracking System

FTU         - Fixed Treatment Unit

FUA         - Fuel Use Act

FUDS        - Formerly Used Defense Sites

FUELDB      - Fuels Inspection Data Base

FURS        - Federal Underground Injection Control Reporting System

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         email: website:
FUSRAP      - Formerly Used Sites Remedial Action Plan

FUSRAP      - Formerly Used Sites Remedial Action Program

FVC         - Forced Vital Capacity

FVMP        - Federal Visibility Monitoring Program

FVP         - Field Verification Program

FW          - Formula Weight

FW          - Fresh Weigh (or Whole/Wet Weight) of Plant or Animal Tissue

FWA         - Flow Weighted Average

FWCA        - Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act

FWKO        - Free Water Knock Out

FWL         - Fish and Wildlife

FWP         - Federal Women's Program

FWPAC       - FWP Advisory Committee

FWPCA       - Federal Water Pollution Control Act (1972)

FWPCA       - Federal Water Pollution Control Administration

FWQA        - Federal Water Quality Association

FWQC        - Federal Water Quality Criteria

FWS         - Fish and Wildlife Service

FY          - Fiscal Year

FYI         - For Your Information

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g           - grams

G3OS        - Global Observation System

GA          - Government Approved

Ga          - Gallium

G&A         - General & Administrative

GAAP        - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

GAARP       - Grants ADABAS Access and Retrieval Package

GAC         - Granular Activated Carbon

GAC         - Groundwater Activated Carbon

GACT        - Generally Available Control Technology

GACT        - Granular Activated Carbon Treatment

GAD         - Grants Administration Division

GADMIS      - Grants Administration Division Management Information System


GAE         - Granulomatous Amoebic Encephalitis

GAG         - Glycosaminoglycan

gal         - Gallon

GALP        - Good Automated Laboratory Practices

GAMA        - Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association

GAO         - General Accounting Office

GAP         - Ganga River Action Plan

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GAP        - Gap Analysis Project

GAP        - Groundwater Assessment Plan

GAQM       - Guideline on Air Quality Models

GAR        - Governor’s Authorized Representative

GAR        - Groundwater Assessment Reports

GARP       - Global Atmospheric Research Program

GASP       - General ADP Support

GATT       - General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

GAUD       - Region 4 Grants Audit System

GAW        - Global Atmospheric Watch

GB         - Geophysical Boreholes

GBERL      - Gulf Breeze Environmental Research Laboratory

GBIF       - Global Biodiversity Information Facility

GBL        - Government Bill of Lading

GBNEP      - Galveston Bay National Estuary Program

GBP        - Gravity Based Penalty

GC         - Gas Chromatography

GC         - General Counsel

GCC        - Global Climate Convention

GCC        - Gulf Cooperation Council

GC/CD      - Gas Chromatography/Conductivity Detector

GCCES      - Gulf Coast Community Exposure Study

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GC/CON      - Gas Chromatography/Conductivity Detector

GCCS        - Gas Collection and Control System

GCDB        - Geographic Coordinate Data Base

GC/ECD      - Gas Chromatography/Electron Capture Detector

GC/FID      - Gas Chromatography/Flame Ionization Detector

GCGLD       - Grants, Contracts, and General Law Division

GC/HRMS     - Gas Chromatography/High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

GC/ITD      - Gas Chromatography/Ion Trap Detector

GCL         - Geosynthetic Clay Liner

GCLER       - Geosynthetic Clay Liner Evaluation Report

GCM         - General Circulation Models

GC/MS       - Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrograph

GC/MS       - Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry

GCOE        - Government Conference on the Environment

GCOS        - Global Climate Observation System

GCP         - Good Combustion Practices

GCPCD       - Galveston County Pollution Control District

GCP D/O/M - Good Combustion Design, Operating, and Maintenance Practices

GC/PID      - Gas Chromatograph/Photoionization Detector

GCPL        - General Contractors Pollution Liability (Insurance)

GCPO        - General Contractors Pollution Occurrence (Insurance)

GCS         - Geo-Common Subsystem

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GCSOLAR     - Green Cross Solar

GCVTC       - Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission

GCWR        - Gross Combination Weight Rating

Gd          - Gadolinium

g/day       - Grams per Day

GDE         - Generic Data Exemption

GDM         - General Design Memorandum

GDP         - Gross Domestic Product

g/dscm      - Grams per Dry Standard Cubic Meter

GE          - General Expense Appropriation

Ge          - Germanium

GEA         - Glossary of EPA Acronyms

GED         - Gulf Ecology Division of the National Health and Environmental
              Effects Research Laboratory

GEF         - Global Environmental Facility

GEI         - Geographic Enforcement Initiative

GEIA        - Global Emissions Inventory Activity

GEM         - General Equilibrium Model

GEMI        - Global Environmental Management Initiative

GEMS        - Global Environmental Monitoring System

GEMS        - Graphical Exposure Modeling System

GENEEC      - Generic Expected Environmental Concentration

GEO         - Global Environmental Outlook

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GeoWBS      - Geographically-Based Water Body System

GEP         - Good Engineering Practice

GEP         - Good Epidemiology Practice

GERT        - General Employee Radiological Testing

GES         - Global Enrollment System

GESAMP      - Joint Group of Experts on the Scientific Aspects of Marine
              Environment Pollution

GF          - General Files

GF          - Graphite Furnace

GF          - Green Fund

GFAA        - Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption

GFCI        - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

GFD         - Geotechnical Field Drilling

GFE         - Government Furnished Equipment

GFF         - Glass Fiber Filter

GFI         - Government Furnished Items

GFI         - Ground Fault Interrupter

GFM         - Government Furnished Material

GFO         - Grant Funding Order

GFP         - Government-Furnished Property

GHG         - Greenhouse Gas

GHP         - Greater Houston Partnership

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GI           - Gastrointestinal

GI           - General Investigation

GI           - Global Indexing System

GICS         - Grant Information and Control System

GIEWS        - Global information and early warning System on Food and

GIPME        - Global Investigation of Pollution in the Marine Environment

GIRAS        - Geographic Information Retrieval and Analysis System

GIS          - Geographic Information System

GIS          - Global Indexing System

GIS          - Guidelines Implementation Staff

GISNET       - Geographic Information System Bulletin Board

GISPLM       - GIS Based Phosphorous Loading Model

GIWA         - Global International waters assessment

GIWW         - Gulf Inter-Coastal Waterway

GJ           - Gigajoule

GLA          - Generally Licensed Authorization

GLAD         - Great Lakes Air Deposition

GLASOD       - Global Assessment of Soil Degradation

GLC          - Gas Liquid Chromatography

GLC          - Ground Level Concentration

GLCmaximum   - Maximum Ground Level Concentration

GLEAMS       - Groundwater Loading Effects of Agricultural Management Systems

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GLERL       - Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

GLH         - EPA’s Green Lights Hotline

GLI         - Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative

GLIMR       - Great Lakes Information Management Resources

GLLVHT      - Generalized, Longitudinal-Lateral-Vertical Hydrodynamic and

GLNPO       - Great Lakes National Program Office

GLOBE       - Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment

GLOW        - Greater Opportunity Leadership for Women

GLP         - Good Laboratory Practice

GLPS        - Good Laboratory Practice Standards

GLS         - Ground Level Sampling

GLTxRX      - Great Lakes Toxics Reduction Initiative

GLWQA       - Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

GLWQI       - Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative

gm          - Gram

GMA         - Grocery Manufacturers Association

GMAV        - Genus Acute Mean Value

GMCC        - Global Monitoring for Climatic Change

GMCV        - Genus Mean Chronic Value

GMDI        - Geophysical Models for Data Interpretation

g/mi        - Grams per mile

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g/mmBTU     - Grams per Million British Thermal Unit

GMO         - Genetically Modified Organism

g-mole      - Gram-mole

GMS         - Geostationary Meteorological Satellite

GMSW        - Gross maximum Shipping Weight

GMT         - Greenwich Mean Time

GNF         - General Navigation Feature

GNP         - Gross National Product

GOA         - Gulf of Alaska

GOB         - Grants Operation Branch

GOCART      - Georgia Tech/Goddard Global Ozone Chemistry Aerosol Radiation
              and Transport Model

GOCO        - Government-Owned/Contractor-Operated

GOCM        - Goals, Objectives, Commitments and Measures

GOES        - Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satellite

GOFNMS      - Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

GOGO        - Government-Owned/Government-Operated

GOIN        - Global Observation Information Network

GOLE        - GICS On-line Data Entry System

GOMP        - Gulf of Mexico Project

GOMS        - Grants Obligations Management System

GOOS        - Global Oceans Observation System

GOP         - General Operating Permit

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GOP        - General Operating Procedures

GOP        - Good Operating Practices

GOPO       - Government-Owned/Privately-Operated

GPA        - Gas Processors Association

GPAD       - Gallons per Acre per Day

GPC        - General Plan Configurations

gpd        - Gallons per Day

gpg        - Grams per Gallon

gpm        - Gallons per Minute

GPO        - Government Printing Office

GPR        - Ground-Penetrating Radar

GPRA       - Government Performance and Results Act

GPRMC      - European Organization for Reinforced Plastics/Composites

GPS        - Global Positioning System

GPS        - Groundwater Protection Strategy

GPSA       - Gas Processors Supplier Association

GPT        - Gas Phase Titration

GPT        - Glutamic-Pyruvic Transaminase

GQAP       - Groundwater Quality Assessment Plan

gr         - Grains (7000 grains per pound)

GR         - Grab Radon Sampling

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GRAS         - Generally Recognized As Safe

GRAV         - Unspeciated Gravimetric Compounds

GRCDA        - Governmental Refuse Collection and Disposal Association

gr/dscf      - Grains per Dry Standard Cubic Feet

GREAT        - General Record of Enforcement Actions Tracked

GRGL         - Groundwater Residue Guidance Level

GRH          - Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act

GRH          - Guaranteed Ride Home

GRI          - Gas Research Institute

GRID         - Global Information Resource Database

GRIDS        - Geographic Resources Information and Data System

GRP          - Grasslands Reserve Program

GRP          - Gross Regional Product

GRPH         - Gasoline-Range Petroleum Hydrocarbons

GRPH         - Region 4 Graphics System

GRR          - General Reevaluation Report

GRS          - General Records Schedule

GS           - General Schedule

GS           - Geological Survey

GSA          - General Services Administration

GSAR         - General Services Administration Acquisition Regulations

GSDP         - Geophysical Survey Data Processing System

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GSFC        - Goddard Space Flight Center

GSR         - Occupational Safety General Regulations

GSSHA       - Gridded Surface Subsurface Hydrologic Analysis

GT          - Gas Turbine

GTAB        - Gasoline Treated as Blendstock

GTDMIS      - GTD Bioassay System

GTN         - Global Trend Network

GTNP        - Grand Teton National Park

GTOS        - Global Terrestrial Observation System

GTR         - Government Transportation Request

gts         - Gram of Total Solid

GTSP        - Granular Triple Superphosphate

GTTS        - Grants Treasury Tape System

GTZ         - German Development Assistance Agency

GUI         - Graphical User Interface

GVM         - Gross Vehicle Weight

GVP         - Gasoline Vapor Pressure

GVW         - Gross Vehicle Weight

GVWR        - Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

GW          - Gigawatt

GW          - Grab Working-Level Sampling

GW          - Groundwater

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GWC          - Geotechnical Well Construction

GWDR         - Ground Water Disinfection Rule

GWLF         - Generalized Watershed Loading Functions

GWM          - Groundwater Monitoring

GWM          - Groundwater Policy and Management Staff

GWMT         - Groundwater Monitoring Team

GWP          - Global Warming Potential

GWPC         - Ground Water Protection Council

GWPMS        - Groundwater Policy and Management Staff

GWP-Ind      - Groundwater Protection Standards for Industrial Use

GWP-Res      - Groundwater Protection Standards for Residential Use

GWPS         - General Word Processor Support

GWPS         - Groundwater Protection Standard

GWPS         - Groundwater Protection Strategy

GWS          - Global waste Survey

GWSAP        - Groundwater Sampling and Analysis Plan

GWSS         - Groundwater Supply Survey

GWTF         - Groundwater Task Force

GWTR         - Groundwater Treatment Rule

GWUDI        - Ground Water Under Direct Influence of Surface Water

GXIR         - Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Incident Report Database

GYA          - Greater Yellowstone Area

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GYE      - Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

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H            - High Aquatic Life Use

H            - Hydrogen

H2O          - Water

H2O2         - Hydrogen Peroxide

H2S          - Hydrogen Sulfide

H2SO4        - Sulfuric Acid

H3W          - Household Hazardous Waste

HA           - Hatch Act

HA           - Hazard Assessment

HA           - Health Advisory

HA           - Hectares

HAA5         - Haloacetic Acids (Monochloroacetic, Dichloroacetic, Trichloroacetic,
               Monobromoacetic, and Dibromoacetic Acids)

HABITAT      - United Nations Center for Human Settlements

HABS         - Historic American Buildings Survey

HAC          - House Appropriations Committee

HACS         - Hazard Assessment Computer System

HAD          - Health Assessment Document

HAF          - Halogen Acid Furnace

HAL          - Health Advisory Level

HAN          - Heavy Aromatic Naphtha

HANES        - Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

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HANES I      - First Health and Nutrition Examination Survey

HAOB         - Headquarters Accounting Operations Branch

HAOP         - Houston Area Oxidant Study

HAP          - Hazardous Air Pollutant

HAP          - Homeowners Assistance Program

HAPEM        - Hazardous Air Pollution Exposure Model

HAPEMS       - Hazardous Air Pollutant Enforcement Management System

HAPPS        - Hazardous Air Pollutant Prioritization System

HAR          - Hydrogeological Assessment Report

HAR03        - Region 2 Water Quality Models

HARS         - Historic Area Remediation Unit

HAS          - Health Assessment Summary

HASP         - Health and Safety Plan

HATREMS      - Hazardous and Trace Emissions System

HAVS         - Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome

HAZAN        - Hazard Analysis

HAZARD       - Hazardous Waste Data Base

HAZCAT       - Hazardous Categorization

HAZCOM       - Hazard Communication Standard

HAZCOMM - Hazard Communications Act

HAZID        - Hazard Identification

HAZMAT       - Hazardous Material(s)

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HAZMAT      - Hazardous Material Spill Center

HAZOP       - Hazard and Operability Study

HAZTRAK     - Hazardous Materials Tracking System

HAZW        - Hazardous Waste Collection Database

HAZWOPER - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

HAZWRAP - Hazardous Waste Remedial Action Program

HB          - Health Benefits

HBC         - Health-Based Criteria

HBEP        - Hispanic and Black Employment Programs

HBFC        - Hydrobromofluorocarbon

HB/HA       - Hour Before/Hour After

HBI         - Hilsenhoff Biotic Index

HBL         - Health Based Level

HBL         - Health-Based Limits

HBN         - Health Based Numbers

HBPHC       - High Boiling Point Hydrocarbon

HBR         - Halobutyl Rubber

HBV         - Hepatitis B Virus

HC          - Hazardous Constituents

HC          - Hydrocarbons

HCA         - Hazardous Communication Act

HCC         - Human Cancer Criteria

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HCCPD        - Hexachlorocyclopentadiene

HCFC         - Hydrochlorofluorocarbon

HCFC-22      - Chlorodifluoromethane

HCFC-31      - Chlorofluoromethane

HCFC-123     - 1,1,1-trifluoro-2,2-dichloroethane

HCFC-123a - 1,2-dichloro-1,1,2-trifluoroethane

HCFC-124     - 2-chloro-1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane

HCFC-141b - 1,1-dichloro-1-fluoroethane

HCFC-142b - 1-chloro-1,1-difluoroethane

HCFC-151a - 1-chloro-1-fluoroethane

HCFC-225ca - 3,3-dichloro-1,1,1,2,2-pentafluoropropane

HCHO         - Formaldehyde

HCl          - Hydrogen Chloride/Hydrochloric Acid

HCM          - Highway Capacity Manual

HCP          - Habitat Conservation Plan

HCP          - Hypothermal Coal Process

HCS          - Hazard Communication Standard

HCS          - Hydrogen Chloride Scrubber

HCT          - Hematocrit

HCV          - Hepatitis C Virus

HD           - House Document

HDD          - Heavy Duty Diesel

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HDDE       - Heavy Duty Diesel Engine

HDDT       - Heavy Duty Diesel Truck

HDE        - Heavy Duty Engine

HDECERT    - Heavy Duty Engine Certification Data

HDG        - Heavy Duty Gasoline Powered Vehicle

HDGT       - Heavy Duty Gasoline Truck

HDLNR      - Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

HDPE       - High Density Polyethylene

HDT        - Heavy Duty Truck

HDT        - Highest Dose Tested (in a study)

HDV        - Heavy Duty Vehicle

HE         - Habitat Effectiveness

HE         - Heat Exchanger

HE         - Human Error

HEA        - Habitat Equivalency Analysis

HEA        - Health Effects Assessment

HEAL       - Human Exposure Assessment Location

HEAR       - Hazards, Equipment, Authorizations and Review Database

HEASD      - Human Exposure and Atmospheric Science Division

HEAST      - Health Effects Assessment Summary Tables

HEC        - Human Equivalent Concentration

HEC        - Hydrologic Engineering Center

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HEC-6       - Hydraulic Engineering Center-Scour and Depositions in Rivers and

HEC-6T      - Hydraulic Engineering Center-Sedimentation in Stream Networks

HEC-HMS     - Hydrologic Engineering Center-Hydrologic Modeling System

HEC-RAS     - Hydrologic Engineering Center-Hydrologic Modeling System

HECC        - House Energy and Commerce Committee

HECSA       - Humphrey’s Engineer Center Support Activity

HED         - Hazard Evaluation Division

HED         - Health Effects Division

HEED        - Health and Environmental Effects Document

HEEP        - Health and Environmental Effects Profile

HEGP        - Gases and Particles

HEHF        - Hanford Environmental Health Foundation

HEHP        - Hazardous Pollutants Research

HEI         - Health Effects Institute

HEI         - Heat Exchanger Institute

HEICS       - Hospital Emergency Incident Command System

HELP Model - Hydrologic Evaluation of Landfill Performance Model

HEM         - Human Exposure Modeling

HEM         - N-Hexane Extractable Material

HEM         - Human Exposure Modeling

HEOX        - Oxidants

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HEP        - Habitat Evaluation Procedures

HEP        - Hispanic Employment Program

HEP        - Household Evaluation Program

HEPA       - High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter

HEPS       - Pesticides Research

HERD       - Health and Environmental Review Division

HERL       - Health Effects Research Laboratory

HERL/MIS   - Health Effects Research Laboratory/Management Information

HERS       - High Energy Recovery System

HERS       - Hyperion Energy Recovery System

HES        - Habitat Evaluation System

HES        - High Energy Scrubber

HESAP      - Health and Environmental Study Audit Program

HETA       - Health Hazard Evaluation and Technical Assistance

HETC       - Toxic Substances Research

HEW        - Department of Health, Education and Welfare

HEX        - Hexavalent

HEX-BCH    - Hexachloronorbornadiene

HF         - High Frequency

HF         - Hydrogen fluoride/Hydrofluoric Acid

Hf         - Hafnium

HFAC       - Human Factors Association of Canada

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        email: website:
HFC          - Hydrofluorocarbon

HFCS         - Highway Functional Classification System

HFC-23       - Trifluoromethane

HFC-32       - Difluoromethane

HFC-125      - Pentafluoroethane

HFC-134      - 1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethane

HFC-134a     - 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane

HFC-143a     - 1,1,1-trifluoroethane

HFC-152a     - 1,1-difluoroethane

HFC-161      - Ethylfluoride

HFC-236ea - 1,1,1,2,3,3-hexafluoropropane

HFC-236fa    - 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoropropane

HFC-245ca - 1,1,2,2,3-pentafluoropentane

HFC-245ea - 1,1,2,3,3-pentafluoropropane

HFC-245eb - 1,1,1,3,4-pentafluoropentane

HFC-245fa    - 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropentane

HFC-365mfc - 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluorobutane

HFC 43-10mee - 1,1,1,2,3,4,4,5,5,5-decafluoropentane

HFOS         - HERL Forced Oscillation System

Hg           - Mercury

HGA          - Houston-Galveston NESHAPS Nonattainment Area

HGAS         - HERL Gas/Aerosol System

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HgB        - Hemoglobin

HGM        - Hydrogeomorphic

HGMS       - High-gradient Magnetic Separation

H&H        - Hydology and Hydraulics

HHAG       - Health Hazards Assessments Group

HHC        - Highly Hazardous Chemical

HHDDV      - Heavy Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicle

HHE        - Health Hazard Evaluation

HHE        - Human Health and Environment

HH&E       - Human Health and Environment

HHEM       - Human Health Evaluation Manual

HHRA       - Baseline Human Health Risk Assessment

HHS        - Department of Health and Human Services

HHV        - Higher Heating Value

HHW        - Household Hazardous Waste

HI         - Hazard Index

HIARC      - Hazard Identification Assessment Review Committee

HID        - High Intensity Discharge

HIDE       - Heavy Duty Engine

HIDS       - Hazardous Incident Data System

HIP        - Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program

HIRI       - Heat Island Reduction Initiative

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HISLIB      - Effluent Guideline GC/MS Screening Analysis Data Base

HITS        - Headquarters Invoice Tracking System

HIV         - Human Immunodeficiency Virus

HI-VOL      - High Volume Sampler

HIWAY       - A line source model for gaseous pollutants

HIWS        - High Level Waste and Standards

HL          - Hired Labor

HLA         - Harding Lawson Associates

HLRW        - High-Level Radioactive Waste

HLV         - Hazard Limiting Value

HLVIT       - Vitrification of High Level Mixed Radioactive Wastes

HLW         - High Level Waste

HM181       - DOT’s Identification Rule Making Number for HMTA Revisions

HMBP        - Hazardous Materials Business Plan

HMCRI       - Hazardous Materials Control Research Institute

HMEP        - Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness

HMERC       - Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Commission

HMIG        - Hazardous Materials Identification Guide

HMIS        - Hazardous Materials Information System

HMIS        - Research Triangle Park Management Information System

HMIWI       - Hospital/Medical/Infectious Waste Incineration

HMIX        - Hazardous Materials Information Exchange

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         email: website:
HMR         - Hazardous Materials Regulations

HMRT        - Hazardous Material Response Team

HMS         - Highway Mobile Source

HMSO        - Hazardous Materials Storage Ordinance

HMT         - Hazardous Materials Table

HMT         - Hazardous Materials Technician

HMTA        - Hazardous Materials Transportation Act

HMTC        - Hazardous Material Technical Center

HMTR        - Hazardous Materials Transportation Regulations

HMTRI       - Hazardous materials Training and Research Institute

HMTUSA      - Hazardous Materials Transportation Uniform Safety Act

MNX         - Cyclotetramethylene Tetranitramine

HN          - Host Nations

HNO3        - Nitric Acid

HNV         - Human Noncancer Value

HO          - Headquarters Office

Ho          - Holmium

HOCs        - Halogenated Organic Compounds

HOC         - Hazardous Organic Chemical

HOC         - Hazardous Organic Constituents

HON         - Hazardous Organic NESHAP

HOPS        - Heuristic Optimized Processing System

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HOV        - High Occupancy Vehicle

HP         - Health Physicist (Physics)

HP         - HEPA Filter

HP         - Highway Patrol

hp         - Horse Power

HPAH       - High Molecular weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon

HPC        - Hazard Potential Category

HPD        - Hearing Protection Device

HPI        - Human Poverty Index

HPLC       - High Performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC       - High Pressure Liquid Chromatography

HPLX       - Research Triangle Park Plexiglas System

HPMS       - Highway Performance Monitoring System

HPV        - High Priority Violator

HPV        - High Production Volume

HQ         - Hazard Quotient

HQ         - Headquarters

HQCDO      - Headquarters Case Development Officer

HQUSACE    - Headquarters U.S, Army Corps of Engineers

HQW        - High Quality Waters

HR         - Hazard Ratio

HR         - House of Representatives

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HR         - House Report

HR         - House Resolution

HR         - Human Resources

Hr         - Hour

HRA        - Health Risk Assessment

HRA        - Hourly Rolling Average

HRC        - Human Resources Council

HRD        - Human Resource Division

HRDB       - Human Resources Development Branch

HRDC       - Human Resources Development Canada

HREP       - Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Project

HRGC       - High resolution Gas Chromatography

HRGS       - High Resolution Gas Chromatograph

HRL        - Health Reference Level

HRMS       - High Resolution Mass Spectrometry

HRPS       - High Risk Point Sources

HRRCA      - Health Risk Reduction and Cost Analysis

HRS        - Hazard Ranking System

HRSD       - Hazardous Response Support Division

HRU        - Hydrologic Response Unit

HRUP       - High Risk Urban Problem

HRVOC      - Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compound

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        email: website:
HS         - Hazardous Substance

HS         - Hydrogen Chloride Scrubber

HSA        - California Hazardous Substance Account

HSA        - Hazardous Substances Act

HSA        - Hollow Stem Auger

HSA        - Hydrologically Sensitive Area

HSAS       - Homeland Secirity Advisory System

HSC        - Homeland Security Council

HSCAP      - Hazardous Substances Cleanup Arbitration Panel

HSCD       - Hazardous Site Control Division

HSCTM-2D - Hydrodynamic, Sediment and Contaminant Transport Model

HSDB       - Hazardous Substance Data Bank®

HSDB       - Hazardous Substance Database

HSDR       - Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction

HSE        - Health and Safety Executive

HSEES      - Hazardous Substances Emergency Events Surveillance

HSIA       - Halogenated Solvent Industry Alliance

HSIN       - Homeland Security Information Network

HSIR       - Homeland Security Intelligence Report

HSIRS      - Health and Safety Inspection Report System

HSL        - Hazardous Substance List

HSO        - Health & Safety Officer

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        email: website:
HSOC       - Homeland Security Operations Center

HSOMB      - Homeland Security Operations Morning Briefing

HSP        - Health and Safety Plan

HSPD       - Homeland Security Presidential Directive

HSPF       - Hydrological Simulation Program-Fortran

HSSDS      - Hazardous solvents Substitution Data System

HSWA       - Hazardous and Solid Waste Amendments (RCRA, 1984)

HT         - Hypothermally Treated

HTHE       - High Temperature Heat Exchanger

HTIC       - House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

HTML       - Hyper Text Markup Language

HTMR       - High Temperature Metals Recovery

HTP        - High Temperature and Pressure

HTRN       - Research Triangle Park Training System

HTRW       - Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste

HTRW-CX    - Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste Center of Expertise

HTS&SRS    - Home Town Streets & Safe Routes to School

+HTS       - Harmonized Tariff Schedule

HTTD       - High Temperature Thermal Desorption

HTTP       - Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol

HUC        - Hydrologic Unit Code

HUD        - Department of Housing and Urban Development

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        email: website:
HV         - Habitat Value

HV         - Heating and Ventilation

HVA        - Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

HVAC       - Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

HVIO       - High Volume Industrial Organics

HVLD       - Research Triangle Park Validation System

HVLP       - High Volume, Low Pressure

HW         - Hazardous Waste

HW         - Head Water

HWAC       - Hazardous Waste Action Coalition

HWC        - Hazardous Waste Combustor

HWCAQSP - Hazardous Waste Combustion Air Quality Screening Procedure

HWC/HWI    - Hazardous Waste Combustor/ Hazardous Waste Incinerator

HWCL       - Hazardous Waste Control Law

HWDMS      - Hazardous Waste Data Management System

HWD2       - Region 2 RCRA Facilities Hazard Rating Model

HWED       - Hazardous Waste Enforcement Division

HWERL      - Hazardous Waste Engineering Research Laboratory

HW-FW      - Half Wave/Full Wave

HWGTF      - Hazardous Waste Groundwater Task Force

HWGTF      - Hazardous Waste Groundwater Test Facility

HWHF       - Hazardous Waste Handling Facility

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        email: website:
HWI        - Hazardous Waste Incinerator

HWIR       - Hazardous Waste Identification Rule

HWIS       - Hazardous Waste Information System

HWLT       - Hazardous Waste Land Treatment

HWM        - Hazardous Waste Management

HWMA       - Hazardous Waste Management Act

HWMD       - Hazardous Waste Management Division

HWMU       - Hazardous Waste Management Unit

HWRTF      - Hazardous Waste Restrictions Task Force

HWSA       - Hazardous Waste Services Association

HWSD       - Hazardous Waste Site Data Base

HWSF       - Hazardous Waste Storage Facility

HWSFC      - Hazardous Waste Superfund Collection

HWSFD      - Hazardous Waste Superfund Database

HWSS       - Hazardous Waste and Superfund Staff

HWTC       - Hazardous Waste Treatment Council

HYDE       - History Database of Global Environment

Hz         - Hertz

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I          - Intermediate Aquatic Life Use

I-94       - Application for Immigrant Visa

IA         - DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis

IA         - Initial Appraisal

IA         - Inter-Agency Agreement

IA         - Interim Action

I/A        - Innovative Alternative

IAAC       - Interagency Assessment Advisory Committee

IAATO      - International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators

IABIN      - Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network

IAC        - Incident Advisory Council

IAD        - Internal Audit Division

IADB       - Innovative/Alternative Pollution Control Technology Facility File Data

IADN       - Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network

IAEA       - International Atomic Energy Agency

IAFF       - International Association of Firefighters

IAG        - Inter-Agency Agreement

IAG        - Inter Agency Group

IAGP       - Installation Accountable Government Property

IAIP       - Information Analysis and Infrastructure Protection

IAL        - Intraaural

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IAL          - Interim Ambient Level

IAM          - Integrated Assessment Models

IAMAP        - International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics

IAP          - Incentive Awards Program

IAP          - Incident Action Plan

IAP          - Indoor Air Pollution

IAPA         - Industrial Accident Prevention Association

IAQ          - Indoor Air Quality

IAQINFO      - Indoor Air Quality Information Clearinghouse

IARC         - International Agency for Research on Cancer

IAS          - Incineration at Sea Site Monitoring and Permits File

IAS          - Initial Assessment Study

IASCP        - Indoor Air Source Characterization Project

IAT          - Intraarterial

IATA         - International Air Transport Association

IATDB        - Interim Air Toxics Data Base

IAW          - In Accordance With

IB           - Individual Baselines

IBA          - Important Bird Area

IBA          - Industrial Biotechnology Association

IBAMA        - Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
IBEP        - Integrated Border Environmental Plan

IBEW        - International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

IBI         - Index of Biotic Integrity

IBP         - International Biological Program

IBR         - Incorporation by Reference

IBRD        - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

IBSIN       - Innovations in Building Sustainable Industries

IBT         - Industrial Biotest Laboratory

IBWC        - International Boundary and Water Commission

IC          - Incident Command

IC          - Incident Commander

IC          - Inspection Coordinator

IC          - Integrated Circuit

IC          - Internal Combustion

IC          - Ion Chromatography

ICAIR       - Interdisciplinary Planning and Information Research

ICAO        - International Civil Aviation Organization

ICAP        - Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma

ICARDA      - International center for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas

ICB         - Information Collection Budget

ICB         - Initial Calibration Blank

ICBEN       - International Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
ICB/ETD      - Industrial Chemistry Branch/Economics and Technology Division

ICBG         - International Cooperative Biodiversity Groups Program

ICBN         - International Commission on the Biological Effects of Noise

ICBO         - International Conference on Building Officials

ICC          - Incident Communications Center

ICC          - International Computing Center

ICC          - Interstate Commerce Commission

ICCA         - International Council of Chemical Associations

ICCAIA       - International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries

ICCP         - International Climate Change Partnership

ICCR         - Industrial Combustion Coordinated Rulemaking

ICCROM       - International Center for Conservation in Rome

ICCVAM       - Interagency Coordinating Committee for Alternative Methods

ICE          - Immigration and Customs Enforcement

ICE          - In Case of Emergency

ICE          - Industrial Combustion Emissions Model

ICE          - Internal Combustion Engine

ICE          - International Center for the Environment

ICE          - Internet Center of Expertise

ICE          - Intracereral

ICE Model    - Internal Combustion Emissions Model

ICEA         - Insulated Cable Engineers Association

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          email: website:
ICEM         - Institute for Corporate Environmental Management

ICEPP        - Incident Communications Emergency Policy and Procedures

ICES         - International Council for the Exploration of the Sea

ICESAT       - Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite

ICIMOD       - International Center for Integrated Mountain Development

ICLEI        - International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives

ICOLP        - Industry Cooperative for Ozone Layer Protection

ICOMOS       - International Council on Monuments and Sites

ICP          - Incident Command Post

ICP          - Inductively Coupled Plasma

ICP          - Integrated Contingency Plan

ICP-AE       - Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission

ICP-AES      - Inductively Coupled Plasma - Atomic Emission

ICP/MS       - Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry

ICPIC        - International Cleaner Production Information Clearinghouse

ICR          - Ignitable, Corrosive and Reactive

ICR          - Incremental Cancer Risk

ICR          - Information Collection Request

ICR          - Institute of Cancer Research

ICRA         - Industrial Chemical Research Association

ICRE         - Ignitability, Corrosivity, Reactivity, Extraction

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          email: website:
ICRI         - International Coral Reef Initiative

ICRISAT      - International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics

ICRP         - International Commission on Radiological Protection

ICRU         - International Commission on Radiological Units and Measurements

ICS          - Incident Command System

ICS          - Institute for Chemical Studies

ICS          - Intermittent Control Strategies

ICS          - Intermittent Control System

ICS          - Isolated Combustion System

ICSPRO       - Inter-Secretariat Committee on Scientific Problems Relating to

ICSU         - International Council of Scientific Unions

ICT          - Information and Communications Technology

ICUZ         - Installation Compatible Use Zone

ICV          - Initial Calibration Verification

ICWE         - International Conference on Water and the Environment

ICWI         - Industrial and commercial waste Incinerators

ICWM         - Institute for Chemical Waste Management

ICWP         - Interstate Conference on Water Problems

ICZM         - Integrated Coastal Zone Management

ID           - Identification

ID           - Inside Diameter

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ID          - Integrated Demonstrations

IDA         - International Development Association

IDBS        - Imports Data Base

IDC         - Indefinite Delivery Contract

IDC         - Interest During Construction

IDEA        - Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis

IDEA21      - Incentives, Disincentives, Environmental Performance and
              accountability for the 21 Century

IDEAL       - Integrated Design and Evaluation Assessment of Loadings

IDEM        - Indiana Department of Environmental Management

IDENT       - Identification

IDEQ        - Idaho Department of Environmental Quality

IDHW        - Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

IDIQ        - Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity

IDL         - Instrument Detection Limit

IDLH        - Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health

IDP         - Immediate Deployment Plan

IDP         - Individual Development Plan

IDR         - Intradermal

IDS         - Intrusion Detection System

IDT         - Indefinite Delivery Type

IDT         - Interdisciplinary Team

IDTL        - Idaho Initial Default Target Levels

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         email: website:
IDW       - Investigation Derived Waste

IE        - Industry and Environment Office

IE        - Ion Exchange

I/E       - Information/Education

IEA       - Integrated Environment Assessment

IEB       - International Environment Bureau

IEC       - Information, Education and Communication

IEC       - International Electrotechnical Commission

IEE       - Initial Environmental Evaluation

IEEA      - Integrated System for Environmental and Economic Accounting

IEEE      - Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IEHR      - Institute for Evaluating Health Risks

IEI       - Initial Emissions Inventory

IEMB      - Integrated Environmental Management Division

IEMP      - Integrated Environment Management Project

IEMS      - Integrated Emergency Management System

IEN       - Information Exchange Network

IEP       - Interagency Ecological Program

IEPA      - Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

IEPD      - Industrial and Extractive Processes Division

IERL      - Industrial Environment Research Laboratory

IES       - Institute for Environmental Studies

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IESWTR          - Interim Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule

IEU/BK          - Integrated Exposure Uptake/ Biokinetic Model

IFsoil/adj      - Age-Adjusted Ingestion Factor (mg-yr/Kg-day)

IFA             - Integrated Functional Appraisal

IFB             - Invitation for Bid

IFC             - International Finance Corporation

IFCAM           - Industrial Fuel Choice Analysis Model

IFCS            - International Forum on Chemical Safety

IFD             - Industrial Facilities Discharge File (file within STORET)

IFF             - Identify Friend or Foe

IFF             - International forum on Forests

IFFWS           - Inland Fisheries, Forestry, and Wildlife Sectors

IFI             - Industrial Fasteners Institute

IFIS            - Industrial File Information System

IFMS            - Integrated Financial Management System

IFPP            - Industrial Fugitive Process Particulate

IFPRI           - International Food Policy Research Institute

IFR             - Interim Final Rule

IG              - Inspector General

IGAD            - Inter-Governmental Authority on Development

IGBP            - International Geosphere-Biosphere Program

IGCC            - Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle

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             email: website:
IGCE       - Independent Government Cost Estimate

IGCI       - Industrial Gas Cleaning Institute

IGD        - Inspector General Division

IGE        - Independent Government Cost Estimate

IGFA       - International Group of Funding Agencies for Global Change

IGOS       - Integrated Global Observation Strategy

IGOSS      - Integrated Global Ocean Station System

IGWMC      - International Ground Water Modeling Center

IH         - Industrial Hygiene

IHA        - Integrated Hazard Appraisal

IHD        - International Hydrological Decade

IHDP       - International Human development Program

IHEC       - Integrated Human Exposure Committee

IHEU       - In-House Equipment Utilization

IHIT       - Industrial Hygienist in Training

ihl        - Inhalation

IHMM       - Institute of Hazardous Materials Management

IHS        - Indian Health Service

IHW        - Industrial Hazardous Waste

I&HW       - Industrial and Hazardous waste Permits Section

I/I        - Inflow/Infiltration

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IIAR        - International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration

IIASA       - International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

IIED        - International Institute for Environment and development

IIMG        - Interagency Incident Management Group

IINERT      - In-Place Inactivation and Natural Restoration Technologies

IIPP        - Injury and Illness Prevention Program

IIS         - Inflationary Impact Statement

IISD        - International Institute for Sustainable Development

IIUE        - International Institute for Urban Environment

IJC         - International Joint Commission between the U.S. and Canada

ILCI        - International Loss Control Institute

ILEV        - Inherently Low Emission Vehicle

ILO         - International Labor Organization

ILS         - Intergovernmental Liaison Staff

ILTA        - Independent Liquids Terminal Association

ILTSF       - Intermediate Level Transuranic Storage Facility

IM          - Information Management

IM          - Intramuscular

I&M         - Inspection & Maintenance

I/M         - Inspection/Maintenance

IMA         - Information Mission Area

IMAGE       - Integrated Model to Assess Greenhouse Effects

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         email: website:
IMAGERY     - Multispectral Scanner and Photographic Imagery

IMAN        - NEIC Image Analysis System

IMCO        - Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization

IMD         - Information Management Division

IMDL        - Inter-Laboratory Method Detection Limit

IMERC       - Incineration of Wastes Containing Organics and Mercury

IMF         - International Monetary Fund

IMIQ        - Mexican Institute of Chemical Engineers

IMIS        - Integrated Management Information System

IMM         - Intersection Midblock Model

IMO         - Information Management Office

IMO         - International Maritime Organization

IMP         - Integrated Management Practices

IMPACT      - Integrated Model of Plumes and Atmosphere in Complex Terrain

IMPROVE     - Inter-Agency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environment

IMS         - Information Management Staff

IMS         - Information Management System

IMS         - Internet Map Server

IMS         - Intramodal System

IMS         - Ion Mobility Spectrometry

ims         - Intramuscular

IMSD        - Information Management and Services Division

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         email: website:
IMSURT       - International Medical Surgical Response Team

IMT          - Incident Management Team

in           - Inch

in2          - Square Inch

INBIO        - Costa Rica National Biodiversity Institute

INC          - Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee

INCE         - Institute of Noise Control Engineers

INCITS       - International Committee for Information Technology Standards

INDOEX       - Indian Ocean Experiment

INDX         - Enforcement Document Retrieval System

INE          - Insituto Nacional de Ecologia

INEL         - Idaho National Engineering Laboratory

INEEL        - Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory

INFORMED - Information Needs for Making Environmental Decisions

INFOTERRA - Global Environmental Information Exchange Network

INPUFF       - Gaussian Puff Dispersion Model

INRT         - Initial National Response Plan

INSA         - Inland Navigation Systems Analysis

insol        - Insoluable

INT          - Intermittent

INUR         - Inventory Update Rule

INVITRO      - Research Triangle Park In Vitro System

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          email: website:
IO        - Immediate Office

IO        - Information Officer

IOAA      - Immediate Office of the Assistant Administrator

IOAU      - Input/Output Arthmetric Unit

IOB       - Iron Ore Beneficiation

IOC       - Indian Ocean Commission

IOC       - Initial Operating Capability

IOC       - Inorganic Chemical

IOC       - Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

IOF       - Interim Operating Facility

IOHS      - International Occupational Hygiene Society

IOM       - Inter Office Memorandum

IOSH      - Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

IOTV      - Interoffice Transfer Voucher

IOU       - Input/Output Unit

IOUs      - Investor Owned Utilities

IP        - DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection

IP        - Induced Polarization

IP        - Industrial Plus

IP        - Inhalable Particles (Particulates)

IP        - Integrated Programs

IP        - Interphalangeal

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       email: website:
IPA         - Intergovernmental Personnel Act

IPA         - Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement

IPA         - Isopropyl Alcohol (isopropanol)

IPCC        - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

IPCS        - International Program on Chemical Safety

IPCT        - Industrial process Cooling Towers

IPEP        - Institute of Professional environmental Practice

IPL         - Interim Priority List

IPM         - Inhalable Particulate Matter

IPM         - Integrated Pest Management

IPM         - Insoluble Polystyrene Microspheres

IPMN        - Inhalable Particular Network

IPMP        - Initial Project Management Plan

IPMPCS      - Integrated Pest Management and Program Coordination Staff

IPP         - Implementation Planning Program

IPP         - Independent Power Producer

IPP         - Integrated Plotting Package

IPP         - Intermediate Priority Pollutant

IPPC        - Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control

IPPS        - Industrial Pollution Projection System

IPR         - In-progress Review

IPS         - Iron Pipe Standard

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         email: website:
IPSec       - Internet Protocol Security

IQAT        - Independent Quality Assurance Team

IR          - Immediate Removal

IR          - Infrared

IR          - Installation Restoration

IR          - Intake ratio

IR          - Ingestion or Inhalation Rate

IRair       - Daily Indoor Inhalation Rate (m3/day)

IRsoil      - Workday Soil Inhalation Rate (mg/day)

IRw         - Daily Water Inhalation Rate (liter/day)

IRA         - Interim Response Action

IRC         - Industrial Refrigeration Consortium

IRC         - Issue Resolution Conference

IRD         - Information Resources Directory

IREG        - Information Resources Exchange Group

IRF         - Incineration Research Facility

IRFA        - Initial Regulatory Flexibility Analysis

IRG         - Inter-Agency Review Group

IRIS        - Instructional Resources Information System

IRIS        - Integrated Risk Information System

IRLG        - Interagency Regulatory Liaison Group (composed of EPA, CPSC,
              FDA, and OSHA)

IRM         - Immediate Remedial Measures

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         email: website:
IRM         - Immediate Removal Measures

IRM         - Information Resources Management

IRM         - Interim Remedial Measures

IRM         - iron Rich Material

IRMC        - Inter-Regulatory Risk Management Council

IRMROP      - Information Resources Management Review and Oversight

IRP         - Installation Restoration Process

IRP         - Installation Restoration Program

IRP         - Integrated Risk Project

IRPTC       - International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals

IRR         - Institute of Resource Recovery

IRR         - Inventory Reporting Requirement System

IRS         - Intergovernmental Relations Staff

IRS         - Intermedia Ranking Staff

IRS         - Internal Responsibility System

IRS         - Internal Revenue Service

IRS         - International Referral Systems

IRS         - Inventory Reduction System

IRSD        - Information and Regulatory Systems Division

IRSST       - L’Institut de Recherche en Sante et en Securite du TraviaI

RTA         - Institute for Research and Technical Assistance

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         email: website:
IS          - Indicator Source

IS          - Industrial Water Supply

IS          - Interim Status

ISA         - The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society

I&SA        - Installation and Support Activity

ISAM        - Indexed Sequential File Access Method

ISAO        - Information Sharing and Analysis Organization

ISBMG       - Individual Small Business Marketers of Gasoline

ISC         - Industrial Source Complex Model

ISCL        - Interim Status Compliance Letter

ISCLT       - Industrial Source Complex Long-term Model

ISCP        - Installation Spill Contingency Plan

ISCST       - Industrial Source Complex Short-term Model

ISCST3      - Industrial Source Complex Short Term 3

ISCSTDFT    - Industrial Source Complex Short Term Draft

ISD         - Information Services Division

ISD         - Information Systems Division

ISD         - Interim Status Document

ISDB        - Industry Studies Data Base

ISE         - Ion-Selective Electrode

ISE         - Ion-Specific Electrode

ISEA        - Industrial Safety Equipment Association

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         email: website:
ISESCO      - Islamic Educational Scientific Cultural Organization

ISF         - Interspecies Sensitivity Factor

ISFA        - Industrial Support Function Area

ISI         - Information Systems Inventory

ISIC        - International Standard Industrial Classification

ISIS        - Industry File Indexing System

ISIS        - International Species Information System

ISM         - Integrated Safety Management

ISM         - Interim Stabilization Measures

ISMAP       - Indirect Source Model for Air Pollution

ISO         - International Standards Organization

ISPF        - Interactive System Productivity Facility

ISRI        - Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

ISRIC       - International Soil Reference and Information Center

ISS         - Information Security Specialist

ISS         - Information Systems Staff

ISS         - Interim Status Standards

ISSDS       - Integrated Solvent Substitution Data System

ISSECS      - Integrated Spectroscopic System for Environmental Contaminant

ISSS        - International Society of Soil Science

ISTAS       - Instituto Sindical de Trabajo Ambiente y Dalud

ISTEA       - Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act

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         email: website:
ISU        - In-Situ Remediation

ISV        - In-Situ Vitrification

ISWMP      - Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan

IT         - Information Technology

ITAAC      - Inspections, Tests, Analyses, and Acceptance Criteria

ITC        - Indian Tribal Council

ITC        - Innovative Technology Council

ITC        - Inter-Agency Testing Committee (EPA, DOI, OSHA,

ITC        - International Trade Commission

ITD        - Industrial Technology Division

ITD        - Inhalation Toxicological Division

ITD        - Ion Trap Detector

ITDB       - Intermodal Transportation Database

ITDP       - Individual Training and Development Plan

ITE        - Institute of Transportation Engineers

ITEMS      - Monterey, Mexico Institute of Technology of Higher Studies

ITII       - International Technical Information Institute

ITIPS      - Information Technology Investment Portfolio System

IT IS      - Integrated Taxonomic Information System

ITM        - Inland Testing Manual

ITMS       - Integrated Transportation Management System

ITP        - Individual Training Plan

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
ITP         - Industrial Toxics Project

ITR         - Independent Technical Review

ITR         - Innovative Technology Requirement

ITRC        - Interstate Technology Regulatory Coordination

ITRD        - Innovative Treatment Remediation Demonstration

ITRT        - Independent Technical Review Team

ITS         - Inspection Targeting Strategy

ITS         - Intelligent Transportation System

ITS         - Interagency Testing Committee Tracking System

ITSS        - Integrated Technical Support Services System

ITU         - International Telecommunication Union

iu          - International Units

IUCLID      - International Uniform Chemical Information Database

IUCN        - International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural

IUCN        - World Conservation Union

IUFED       - In-USE Vehicle Fuel Economy Data

IUFRO       - International Union of Forestry Research Organization

IUP         - Intended Use Plan

IUPAC       - International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry

IUR         - Inhalation Unit Risk

IUR         - Inventory Update Rule

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
IUTA      - In-Use Technology Assessment

IV        - Intravenous

IVHS      - Intelligent Vehicle Highway System

IVIC      - Institute of Scientific Research, Caracas

ivn       - Intravenous

IVTC      - International Visitors and Travel Coordinator

IV&V      - Independent Validation and Verification

IWA       - Inside Work Area

IWC       - In-Stream Waste Concentration

IWC       - International Whaling Commission

IWG       - Intergovernmental Working Group

IWI       - Index of Watershed Indicators

IWMB      - Integrated Waste Management Board

IWMP      - Integrated Waste Management Plan

IWP       - Indicative World Plan

IWR       - Institute for Water Resources

IWS       - Ionizing Wet Scrubber

IWTF      - Inland Waterway Trust Fund

IWTP      - Industrial Waste Treatment Plant

IWTS      - Integrated Waste Tracking System

IWW       - Industrial Wastewater

IWW       - Inland Waterways

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J           - Flux

J&A         - Justification and Approval

JAPCA       - Journal of Air Pollution Control Association

JASPER      - Joint Actinide Shock Physics Experimental Research

JATS        - Job Application Tracking System

JCAHO       - Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

JCEDAR      - Joint Committee on Environment and Development in the Arab

JCL         - Job Control Language

JCP         - Joint Committee on Printing

JEC         - Joint Economic Committee

JECFA       - Joint Expert Committee of Food Additives

JEIOG       - Joint Emissions Inventory Oversight Group

JFMIP       - Joint Financial Management Improvement Program

JFO         - Joint Field Office

JFOCG       - Joint Field Office Coordination Group

JHA         - Job Hazard Analysis

JHQ         - Job Hazard Questionnaire

JIC         - Joint Information Center

JIS         - Joint Information System

JLC         - Justification for Limited Competition

JMPR        - Joint Meeting on Pesticide Residues

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
JNCP        - Justification for Noncompetitive Procurement

JOC         - Joint Operations Center

JOFOC       - Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition

JOHSC       - Joint Occupational Health and safety Committee

JP-8        - Jet Fuel

JPA         - Joint Permitting Agreement

JPAS        - Joint Personnel Adjudication System

JPG         - Jefferson Proving Ground (Indiana)

JPO         - Joint Program Office

JRIES       - Joint Regional Information Exchange System

JSD         - Jackson Structured Design

JSI         - Job Severity Index

JSP         - Jackson Structured Programming

JSP         - Java Server Pages

JTC         - Joint Technical Committee

JTF         - Joint Task Force

JTR         - Jobs Through Recycling Program

JTR         - Joint Travel Regulations

JTTF        - Joint Terrorism Task Force

JTU         - Jackson Turbidity Unit

JUDO        - Judicial Officer Case Tracking System

JUXOCO      - Joint UXO Coordination Office

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
JV       - Journal Voucher

JVM      - Java Virtual machine

                          JJDS Environmental
      email: website:

K             - Contract

K             - Kelvin

Kd            - Soil-Water Partition Coefficient

Koc           - Octanol-Water Partition Coefficient

Kow           - Octanol-Water Partition Coefficient

k             - Kilometers

k2            - Square Kilometers

K list        - Listed Hazardous Wastes from Specific Sources

KAPL          - Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

keV           - Kilo Electron Volt

kg            - Kilogram

kg/ha/yr      - Kilograms per Hectare per Year

kg/hr         - Kilograms per Hour

KGRA          - Known Geothermal Resource Area

kg/t          - Kilograms per Metric Ton

kg/yr         - Kilograms per Year

kHz           - Kilohertz

KINEROS2 - Kinematic Runoff and Erosion Model, v2

K-ing         - Contracting

KIPDA         - Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency

km            - Kilometer

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kN          - Kilonewton

KO          - Contracting Officer

KOV         - Knock Out Vessel

KP          - Permeability Coefficient

Kr          - Contractor

KSCATS      - Kirkwood Highway Sydney Control Adaptive Traffic System

kPa         - Kilopascal

kVa         - Kilovolt Ampere

kw          - Kilowatt

kwh         - Kilowatt Hour

KWIC/UNVAC -Research Triangle Park Fey Word in Context Index

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         email: website:

L           - Limited Aquatic Life Use

l           - Liter

LA          - Load Allocations

LAA         - Lead Agency Attorney

LAB         - Linear Alkylbenzenes

LABCOM      - US Army Laboratory Command

LABELS      - Region 3 Mail Labels System

LABPROP     - Laboratory Property Management System

LAC         - Latin America and the Caribbean

LAC         - Limits of Acceptable Change

LADCo       - Lake Michigan Air Directors Consortium

LADD        - Lifetime Average Daily Dose

LADD        - Lowest Acceptable Daily Dose

LAER        - Lowest Achievable Emission Rate

LAI         - Laboratory Audit Inspection

LAKE        - Clean Lakes Database

LAMP        - Lake Acidification Mitigation Project

LaMP        - Great Lakes Lakewide Management Plan

LAMS        - Lake Analysis Management System

LAN         - Local Area Network

LANL        - Los Alamos National Laboratory

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         email: website:
LAN/MAN      - Local Area Network/Metropolitan Area Network

LAO          - Local Administrative Officer

LAO          - Local Area Operations

LAO          - Local Area Office

LAP          - Laboratory Analytical Protocol

LAP          - Load, Assembly and Pack

LAR          - Legislative Appropriation Request

LARA         - Lead Abatement Risk Assessor

LASH         - Lighter Aboard Ship

LB           - Laboratory

lb           - Pound

LBAU         - Lab automation System

LBB          - Legislative Budget Board

lb/d         - Pounds per Day

lb/ft2       - Pounds per Square Foot

LBGR         - Lower Bound Gray Region

LBI          - Limited Background Investigation

LBL          - Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory

LBNL         - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

LBP          - Lead Based Paint

LBPACD       - Lead Based Paint Architectural Component Debris

lbs/hr       - Pounds per Hour

                              JJDS Environmental
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LBV        - Low Band Video

LC         - Lethal Concentration

LC         - Liquid Chromatography

LC         - Loading Capacity

LC         - Locked Closed

LC50       - Concentration of a Toxicant that is Lethal to 50% of the Organisms
             Tested in a Specified Period

LCA        - Life Cycle Analysis

LCA        - Life Cycle Assessment

LCA        - Local Cooperation Agreement

LCCA       - Lead Contamination Control Act

LCD        - Liquid Crystal Display

LCD        - Local Climatological Data

LCD        - Local Climatological data annual summary with comparative data

LCL        - Lower Control Limit

LCLo       - Lowest Published Lethal Concentration

LCM        - Life Cycle Management

LCMIS      - Life Cycle Management of Information Systems

LCP        - Local Coastal Program

LCPM       - Life Cycle Project Management

LCRA       - Lower Colorado River Authority

LCRS       - Leachate Collection and Removal System

                            JJDS Environmental
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LCS        - Laboratory Computer System

LCS        - Laboratory Control Sample

LCS        - Leachate Collection System

LD         - Land Disposal

LD         - Lethal Dose

LD         - Light Duty

LD50       - Median Lethal Dose (i.e., dosage of a toxic substance which kills
             50% of the test animals)

L&D        - Lock and Dam

LDAR       - Leak Detection and Repair

LDC        - London Dumping Convention

LDCRS      - Leachate Detection, Collection and Removal System

LDD        - Light Duty Diesel

LDDT       - Light Duty Diesel Truck

LDDV       - Light Duty Diesel Vehicle

LDEQ       - Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality

LDF        - Land Disposal Facility

LDGT       - Light Duty Gasoline Truck

LDH        - Lactic-Acid Dehydrogenase

LDIAD      - Laboratory Data Integrity Assurance Division

LDIP       - Laboratory Data Integrity Program

LD LO      - Lowest Dosage of a Toxic Substance that Kills Test Organisms

LDMS       - Region 2 Lab Data Management System

                            JJDS Environmental
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LDPE        - Low Density Polyethylene

LDPFA       - Land Disposal Program Flexibility Act

LDPHDN      - Lead Additive Report for Refineries and Importers and

LDR         - Land Disposal Restrictions

LDRD        - Laboratory Directed Research and Development

LDRRDDB     - Land Disposal Restrictions Rule Development

LDRTF       - Land Disposal Restrictions Task Force

LDS         - Leak Detection System

LDS         - Light Duty Vehicle/Truck Certification

LDSFE       - Fuel Economy

LDT         - Light Duty Truck

LDT         - Lowest Dose Tested

LDV         - Light Duty Vehicle

LEA         - Local Educational Authority

LEA         - Local Enforcement Agency

LEA         - Low Excess Air

LEAF        - Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation

LEC         - Local Emergency Coordinator

LED         - Light Emitting Diode

LED         - Low Emission Diesel

LEDO        - Long Term Effects of Dredging Operations

                             JJDS Environmental
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LEL        - Lower Explosive Limit

LEL        - Lower Exposure Limit

LEL        - Lowest Effect Level

LEP        - Laboratory Evaluation Program

LEPC       - Local Emergency Planning Committee

LEPD       - Legal Enforcement Policy Division

LEPOR      - Long-term and Expanded Program of Oceanic Exploration and

LERAM      - Littoral Ecosystem Risk Assessment Model

LERC       - Local Emergency Response Committee

LERD       - Land, Easements, Rights-of-way, and Disposal Areas

LERR       - Land, Easements, Rights-of-way, and Relocations

LERRD      - Land, Easements, Rights-of-way, Relocation and Disposal Areas

LES        - Law Enforcement Sensitive

LEV        - Low Emissions Vehicle

LEVEL8(A) - TSCA 8(a) Level A Information System

LF         - Low Frequency

LFG        - Landfill Gas

LFL        - Lower Flammability Limit

LGP        - Low Ground Pressure

LGR        - Local Governments Reimbursement Program

LH         - Labor Hours

LHDDV      - Light Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicle

                            JJDS Environmental
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LHMA        - Labeling of Hazardous Materials Act

LHV         - Low Heating Value

LHW         - Liquid Hazardous Waste

LI          - Langelier Index

L&I         - License and Inspection

LIBBKS      - Headquarters Book System

LIBR        - Research Triangle Park Library

LID         - Low Impact Development

LIDAR       - Light Detection and Ranging

LIFE        - Community Financial Instrument for the Environment

LIFO        - Last In / First Out

LIH         - Licensed Industrial Hygienist

LIMB        - Limestone-Injection Multi-Stage Burner

LIMDIS      - Limited Distribution

LIMS        - Laboratory Information Management System

LIQ         - Liquid

LIRAP       - Low Income Vehicle Repair, Assistance, Retrofit, and Accelerated
              Vehicle Retirement Program

LIRAQ       - Livermore Regional Air Quality Model

LISTS       - Locator and Information Tracking System

LITS        - Litigation Support System

LLDPE       - Linear Low Density Polyethylene

                             JJDS Environmental
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LLEXT       - Liquid Liquid or Solvent Extraction

LLNL        - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

LLR         - Lessons Learned Report

LLRW        - Low Level Radioactive Waste

LLRWPA      - Low Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act

LLTSM       - Low Level Threat Source Material

LLW         - Low Level Waste

L/M         - Line Management

LME         - Low Mass emissions

LMF         - Logical Mainframe

LMFBR       - Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor

LMM         - Lumbar Motion Monitor

LMMP        - Limited Map Maintenance Program

LMO         - Living Modified Organism

LMOP        - Landfill Methane Outreach Program

LMOS        - Lake Michigan Ozone Study

LMR         - Labor Management Relations

LMS         - Linearized Multistage Model

LMVD        - Lower Mississippi Valley Division

LNAPL       - Lighter than Water Non-aqueous Phase Liquid

LNB         - Low Nitrogen Oxides Burner

LNEP        - Low Noise Emission Product

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LNG         - Liquefied Natural Gas

LNO         - Liaison Officer

LNRD        - Land and Natural resources Division

LO          - Lack of Objectives

LO          - Locked Open

LOAEL       - Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level

LOC         - Level of Concern

LOC         - Library of Congress

LOC         - Loss of Containment

LOC-TFCS - Letter of Credit, Dept. of Treasury Financial Communications

LOCATOR     - Mail Locator

LOD         - Limit of Detection

LOE         - Level of Effort

LOEC        - Lowest Observed Effect Concentration

LOEL        - Lowest Observed Effect Level

LOI         - Letter of Intent

LOI         - Loss on Ignition

LOIS        - Loss of Interim Status

LONGZ       - Long Term Terrain Model

LOOK-UP     - On-line Account Status and payment History

LOP         - Letter of Permission

LOQ         - Level of Quantification

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LOQ        - Limit of Quantitation

LOR        - Liquid Organic Reactor

LOS        - Level of Service

LOSS       - Licensed On-site Supervisor

LOTMP      - Lake Ontario Toxics Management Plan

LOU        - Limited Official Use

LOV        - Letter of Violation

LP         - Legislative Proposal

LPAH       - Low Molecular Weight Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon

LPG        - Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LPIG       - Low Pressure Inert Gas

LPM        - Low Permeability Media

lpm        - Liters per Minute

LPP        - Local Protection Project

LPST       - Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank

L&Q        - Limitations and Qualifications

LQAC       - Laboratory Quality Assurance Coordinator

LQER       - Lesser Quantity Emission Rates

LQG        - Large Quantity Generator

LQHUW      - Large Quantity Handlers of Universal Waste

LQMM       - Laboratory Quality Management Manual

LRAD       - Long Range Alpa Detector

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LRMP       - Land and Resource Management Plan

LRMS       - Low Resolution Mass Spectroscopy

LRO        - Labor Relations Officer

LRPO       - Location Radiation Protection Officer

LRR        - Limited Reevaluation Report

LRT        - Light Rail Transit

LRT        - Liquids Release Test

LRTAP      - Long Range Transboundary Air Pollution

LRTP       - Long Range Transportation Plan

L/S        - Liquid to Solid

LSA        - Labor Surplus Area

LSD        - NEIC Laboratory Services Division

LSC        - Laboratory Services Coordination

LSC        - Logistics Section Chief

LSI        - Large Spark Ignition Engines

LSI        - Legal Support Inspection

LSL        - Lump Sum Leave

LSO        - Laser Safety Officer

LSPC       - Loading Simulation Program in C++

LST        - Low-Solvent Technology

LT         - Lifetime

LTA        - Lead Trial Attorney

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LTA        - Less Than Adequate

LTBMU      - Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

LTC        - Long-Term Concentration

LTCS       - Long Term Contracting Strategy

LTD        - Land Treatment Demonstration

LTD        - Long Term Disability

LTHE       - Low Temperature Heat Exchanger

LTI        - Less Than Interesting

LTL        - Less than Truckload Quantity

LTMS       - Long Term Management Strategy

LTO        - Landing Takeoff Cycle

LTOP       - Lease to Purchase

LTPD       - Long Tons per Day

LTR        - Lead Technical Representative

LTRA       - Long Term Remedial Action

LTRL       - Long Term Remediation List (formerly the NPL)

LTRMP      - Long Term Resource Monitoring Program

LTTD       - Low Temperature Thermal Desorption

LTU        - Land Treatment Unit

LT1ESWTR - Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule

LT2ESWTR - Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule

LUAP       - Land Use Allocation Program

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LUCIFER      - Listing of Organic Compounds Identified in Region 4

LUFT         - Leaking Underground Fuel Tank

LUIS         - Label Use Information System

LULC         - Land Use/Land Cover

LULU         - Locally Undesirable Land Use

LUST         - Leaking Underground Storage Tank

LVE          - Low Volume Exemption

LVM          - Low Volatility Metals

LVS          - Laboratory Ventilation Data System

LVSSS        - Large Volume Suspended Sediment Sampling

LWA          - Light Weight Aggregate

LWAK         - Light Weight Aggregate Kiln

LWCF         - Land and Water Conservation Fund

LWDII        - Lost Workday Injury and Illness

LWOP         - Lease with Option to Purchase

LWOP         - Leave without Pay

LWRP         - Large Scale Watershed Restoration Program

LZ           - Landing Zone

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m           - meter

m2          - Square Meter

m3          - Cubic Meter

m3/sec      - Cubic Meter per SEcond

MA          - Molecular Absorption

MAAC        - Maximum Ambient Air Concentration

MAB         - Man and Biosphere Program

MABS        - Methyl Methacrylate Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

MAC         - Management Advisory Committee

MAC         - Mobile Air Conditioner

MAC         - Mycobacterium Avium Intercellulare

MAC Entity - Multiagency Coordinating Entity

MACC        - Multiagency Command Center

MACOM       - Major Army Command

MACRO       - Macro Encapsulation

MACT        - Maximum Available (or Achievable) Control Technology

MADCAP      - Model of Advection, Diffusion and Chemistry for Air Pollution

MAER        - Maximum Allowable Emission Rate

MAERT       - Maximum Allowable Emission Rates Table

MAF         - Maximum Acceptable Force

MAF         - Maximum Acceptable Frequency

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maf         - Million Acre-Feet

MAG         - Management Advisory Group

MAJCOM      - Major Commands

MAL         - Minimum Analytical Level

MAN         - Metropolitan Area Network

MAP         - Management Assistance Program

MAP         - Medical Assistance Plan

MAP         - Mediterranean Action Plan

MAP         - Mobility Alternatives Program

MAP         - Model Accreditation Plan

MAP         - Motorist Assistance Patrol

MAPC        - Manpower Model for Control Agencies

MAPPER      - Maintaining, Preparing and Producing Executive Reports

MAPPPS      - Multi-state Atmospheric Power Production Pollution Study

MAPS        - Region 2 Environmental Map Catalogue System

MAPSIM      - Mesoscale Air Pollution Simulation Model

MAP3D       - Multistate Atmospheric Power Production Pollution Study

MAR         - Management System Review

MARAD       - Maritime Administration

MARC        - Metabolism Assessment Review Committee

MARC        - Mining and Reclamation Council

MARKS       - Modern Army Records Keeping System

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MARPLOT     - Mapping Application for Response, Planning and Local Operational

MARPOL      - International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships

MARSSIM     - Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual

MARSSIMRS -Multi-Agency Radiation Survey and Site Investigation Manual
          Review Subcommittee

MAS         - Mold Awareness Specialist

MASBAL      - RCRA Mass Balance System

MAT         - Maximum Acceptable Torque

MATC        - Maximum Allowable Toxicant Concentration

MATCOMPAT -Materials Compatibility Database

MAW         - Maximum Acceptable Weight

MAWP        - Maximum Allowable Working Pressure

MAX         - Maximum

MAXDOSE     - Maximum Individual Dose Model

MB          - Mass Balance

MBAS        - Methylene-Blue-Active Substances

MBDA        - Minority Business Development Agency

MBE         - Minority Business Enterprise

MBER        - Minority Business Enterprise Representative

MBE/WBE     - Certification Questionnaire - Minority/Woman Business Enterprise

MBEP        - Region 4 Minority Business Tracking

MBER        - Minority Business Enterprise Representative

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MBF         - Matrix Biological Film

MBF         - Thousand Board Feet

MBNA        - Metal Building Manufacturers Association

MBO         - Management By Objectives

MBR         - Membrane Bio Reactor

MBS         - Methyl Methacrylate Butadiene Styrene

MBWA        - Management by Walking Around

MC          - Multiple Cyclone

MCA         - Manufacturing Chemists Association

MCA         - Multi-channel Analyzer

MCACES      - Micro-Computer Aided Cost Engineering System

MCAWW       - Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes

MCCEM       - Multi Chamber Concentration and Exposure Model

MCC-IP      - Materials Characterization Center Static Leach Test

MCD         - Municipal Construction Division

MCDF        - Master Code Descriptor File

MCE         - Maximum Credible Event

MCEF        - Mixed Cellulose Ester Filter

MCF         - Methyl Chloroform

MCIA        - Methyl Chloride Industry Alliance

MCL         - Maximum Contaminant Level

MCLG        - Maximum Contaminant Level Goal

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MCMIS       - Motor Carrier Management Information System

MCP         - Marginal Production Cost

MCP         - Municipal Compliance Plan

MCRC        - Message Center/Switchboard Operator/Receptionist

MCS         - Media Cleanup Standards

MCS         - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

mcy         - Million Cubic Yards

MD          - Mail Drop

MD          - Management Division

MD          - Maryland

MDA         - Methylenedianiline

MDA         - Minimal Detectable Activity

MDAAQS      - Miscellaneous Data Analysis and Air Quality Simulation Studies

MDAD        - Monitoring and Data Analysis Division

M-DBP       - Microbial and Disinfectants/Disinfection Byproducts

MDC         - Minimal Detectable Change

MDD         - Management Division Director

MDDOT       - Maryland Department of Transportation

MDE         - Maryland Department of the Environment

MDEQ        - Massachusetts Department of Environmental Quality

MDEQ        - Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

MDERC       - Mobile Discrete Emissions Reduction Credits

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MDL       - Method Detection Limit (Level)

MDNR      - Missouri Department of Natural Resources

MDRD      - Minimum Detectable Relative Difference

MDS       - Modifications

MDS       - Mud Dump Site

MDS       - Multimedia Design Studio

MDSD      - Monitoring and Data Support Division

ME        - Molecular Emission

MEA       - Multilateral Environmental Agreement

MEC       - Major Environmental Category

MEC       - Maximum Expected Concentration

MEC       - Michigan Environmental Council

MEC       - Minimum Explosive Concentration

MEC       - Model Energy Code

MEC       - Munitions and Explosives of Concern

MECA      - Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association

MED       - Minimum Effective Dose

MEDLARS   - Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System

MEE       - Minimum Explosive Energy

MEFR      - Maximum Expiratory Flow Rate

MEFS      - Midterm Energy Forecasting System

MEFV      - Maximum Expiratory Flow Volume

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MEH        - Mandatory Enforcement Hearing

MEHP       - Monoethylhexyl phthalate

MEI        - Maximum (Most) Exposed Individual

MEK        - Methyl Ethyl Ketone

MEL        - Maximum Exposure Likely

MEM        - Modal Emission Model

MEMP       - Miamisburg Environmental Management Project

MENS       - Mission Element Needs Statement

MEP        - Manufacturing Extension Partnership

MEP        - Maximum Extent Practicable

MEP        - Multiple Extraction Procedure

MEPA       - Saudi Arabia Meteorology and Environmental Protection Agency

MER        - Monthly Effluent report

MERC       - Mobile Emissions Reduction Credit

MERCOSUR - Southern Common Market of Latin America

MERL       - Municipal Environmental Research Laboratory

MERS       - Mobile Emergency Response Support

MES        - Modal Emission Model

MESC       - Midcontinental Ecological Science Center

MESH       - Management, Environment, Safety and Health Review

MESOPAC - Mesoscale Meteorological Preprocessor Program

MESOPLUME -Mesoscale "Bent Plume" Model

                            JJDS Environmental
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MESOPUFF - Mesoscale Puff Model

MESS         - Model Evaluation Support System

MET          - Modified Elutriate Test

METAP        - Mediterranean European Technical Assistance Program

METH         - Methylene Chloride

METL         - Metals Data Base

METL         - Region 4 Metals System

METS         - Metabolic Equivalents

MEXAMS       - Metals Exposure Analysis Modeling System

MF           - Modifying Factor

mf           - Molecular Formula

MFASAQUE - Major Federal Action Significantly Affecting the Quality of the
           Human Environment

MFBI         - Major Fuel Burning Installation

MFC          - Mass Flow Controller

MFC          - Metal Finishing Category

MFD          - Municipal Facilities Division

MFFRST       - Metal Finishing Facility Risk Screening Tool

MFL          - Maximum Foreseeable Loss

MFM          - Mass Flowmeter

MFR          - Memorandum for Record

Mg           - Megagram

mg           - Milligram(s)

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mgd            - Millions of Gallons per Day

mg/dscm        - Milligrams per Dry Standard Cubic Meter

mg/kg          - Milligrams per Kilogram

mg/kg/d        - Milligram per Kilograms per Day

mg/l           - Milligrams per Liter

Mgmt.          - Management
mg/m           - Milligrams per Cubic Meter

mg/Nm3         - Milligrams per Normal Cubic Meter

MGP            - Manufactured Gas Plant

Mg/yr          - Megagrams per year

MH             - Man-Hours

MHAT           - Medical Health Advisory Team

MHD            - Magnetohydrodynamics

MHDDV          - Medium Heavy Duty Diesel Vehicle

MHGL           - Maximum Hourly Average Gross Load

MHHW           - Mean Higher High Water

MHRA           - Maximum Hourly Rolling Average

MHWM           - mean high water Mark

MHz            - Megahertz

M&I            - Municipal and Industrial

MIBK           - Methyl Isobutyl Ketone

MIC            - Master Item Code

                                JJDS Environmental
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MIC         - Methyl Isocyanate

MICE        - Management Information Capability for Enforcement

MICE        - Methods Information Communication Exchange

MICOM       - US Army Missle Command

MICROMORT - A One-in-a-Million Chance of Death From an Environmental

MICTS       - Management Information Cost Tracking System

MIDSD       - Management Information and Data Systems Division

MIE         - Minimum Ignition Energy

M&IE        - Meals and Incidental Expenses

MIGA        - Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

mil         - 1/1,000 of an Inch

MILCON      - Military Construction

MIN         - Minimum

min         - Minute

MINMOD      - Marine Investigations Module

MINTEQ      - Geochemical Model

MINTEQA2 - Metal Speciation Equilibrium Model for Surface and Ground Water

MIPR        - Military Interagency Procurement Request

MIPR        - Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request

MIPS        - Millions of Instructions Per Second

MIP/SC      - Membrane Interface Probe/Soil Conductivity

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MIR        - Maximum Individual Risk

MIRC       - Market Incentives Resource Center

MIS        - Major Investment Study

MIS        - Management Indicator Species

MIS        - Management Information System

MIS        - Master of Industrial Safety

MIS        - Mineral Industry Surveys

MISC       - Miscible

MISLE      - Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement

MISTT      - Midwest Interstate Sulfur Transformation and Transport

MISWD      - Municipal and Industrial Solid Waste Division

MITS       - Management Information Tracking System

MJ         - Megajoule

ML         - Meteorology Laboratory

ML         - Military Leave

ml         - Milliliter

MLAP       - Migrant Legal Action Program

MLE        - Maximum Likelihood Estimates

MLE        - Most Likely Exposure

MLLW       - Mean Lower Low Water

MLML       - Moss Landing Marine Laboratories

MLSS       - Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids

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MLVSS      - Mixed Liquor Volatile Suspended Solids

MLW        - Mean Low water

M Medium   - Amount of carrier medium material applied to the skin

MM         - Modified Mercalli

mM         - Millimole

mm         - Micrometers

mm         - Millimeter

MMAD       - Mass Median Aerodynamic Diameter

MMBF       - Million Board Feet

MMBtu      - Million British Thermal Units

MMD        - Mass Median Diameter

mm Hg      - Millimeters Mercury

MMPA       - Marine Mammal Protection Act

MMS        - Minerals Management Service

MMT        - Million Metric Tons

MMT        - Molten Metals Technology

MMWR       - Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report

MNAT       - Medical Needs Assessment Team

MNSR       - Minor New Source Review

M&O        - Management & Operations

MOA        - Memorandum of Agreement

MOA        - Military Operating Area

                            JJDS Environmental
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MOB         - Mobile Operations Branch

MOB         - Mobilization

MOBILE      - Mobile Source Emission Model

MOBILE5A - Mobile Source Emission Factor Model

MOC         - Management of Change

MOCERT      - Motorcycle Certification Data

MOCS        - MacPhail Operant Chambers

MOD         - Management and Organization Division

MOD         - Manufacturers Operations Division

MOD         - Marine Operations Division

MOD         - Miscellaneous Obligation Document

MOD         - Modification

MODCEI      - Modified Compliance Evaluation Inspection

MODHIWAY - Modified Highway Program

MOE         - Margin of Exposure

MoE         - Ministry of Environment

MOEE        - Ontario’s Ministry of Environment and Energy

MOFAT       - Multi Phase Flow and Transport

MOGAS       - Motor Vehicle Gas

MOGUNTIA - Model of Global Universal Tracer Transport in the Atmosphere

MOI         - Memorandum of Intent

MOI         - Memorandum of Information

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MOL         - Minister of Labour

MON         - Miscellaneous Organic NESHAP

MON         - Motor Octane Number

MONARC      - Master Office Network Adaptive Real-time Control

MOOC        - Management of Organizational Change

MOP         - Manual of Practice

MOR         - Monthly Operating Report

MORT        - Research Triangle Park Mortality Data Base

MOS         - Management Operations Staff

MOS         - Management Operations Staff

MOS         - Margin of Safety

MOS         - Metal Oxide Semiconductor

MOSES       - Mothers Organized to Stop Environmental Sins

MOSTE       - Malaysia Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment

MOTRON      - MacPhail Motron System

MOU         - Memorandum of Understanding

MP          - Management Programs

MP          - Manufacturing-use Product

MP          - Melting Point

MP          - Metacarpophalangeal

MP          - Military Programs

MPAD        - Manager Pollution Abatement Department

                             JJDS Environmental
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MPC         - Maximum Potential concentration

MPCA        - Microbial Pest Control Agent

MPCA        - Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

MPES        - Management Planning and Evaluation Staff

MPF         - Manufacturing process Facility

MPF         - Maximum Probable Flood

MPF         - Mean Power Frequency

MPG         - Miles per Gallon

MPG         - MPEG Movie

mph         - Miles per Hour

MPI         - Maximum Permitted Intake

MPN         - Maximum Possible Number

MPN         - Maximum Probable Number

MPN         - Most Probable Number

MPN/100 ml - Coliform Count Expressed as Most Probable Number per 100

MPO         - Metropolitan Planning Organization

MPP         - Merit Promotion Number

mppcf       - Million Particles per Cubic Foot

MPR         - Monthly Progress and Financial Report

MPRM        - Meteorological Processor for regulatory models

MPRSA       - Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuaries Act (1972)

MPS2        - Region 2 Merit pay System

                             JJDS Environmental
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MPTDS        - MPTER Model with Deposition and Settling of Pollutants

MPTER        - Multiple Point Source Model with Terrain

MPTER        - Air quality model for multiple point source Gaussian dispersion
               algorithm with terrain adjustments

MPWC         - Multiprocess Wet Cleaning

MQL          - Minimum Quantification Level

MQO          - Measurement Quality Objective

MR           - Magnetic Resonanace

M/R          - Monitoring and Reporting

MRA          - Minimum Retirement Age

MRA          - Munitions Response Area

MRAM         - MacPhail Radial Arm Maze

MRAP         - Medical Resources Advisory Panel

MRC          - Mekong River Commission

MRC          - Mississippi River Commission

mrem         - Millirem

MREM         - Milliroentgen Equivalent in Man

MRF          - Materials Recovery Facility

mR/h         - Milliroentgen per Hour

mrem/hr      - Millirem per Hour

MRI          - Magnetic Resonance Imaging

MRI          - Midwest Research Institute

                              JJDS Environmental
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MRID      - Master Record Identification Number

MRL       - Maximum Residue Limit (Pesticide Tolerance)

MRL       - Method Reporting Limit

MRL       - Minimum Reporting Limit

MRL       - Minimum Risk Level

MRLC      - Multi-Resolution Land Characteristics

MRP       - Multi-Roller Press

MRR       - Monitoring, Reporting and Recordkeeping

MRS       - Munitions Response Site

MR&T      - Mississippi River and Tributaries

MRTD      - Machine Readable Travel Document

MS        - Mail Stop

MS        - Management Situation

MS        - Management Staff

MS        - Mass Spectrometry

MS        - Matrix Spike

MS        - Multilateral Staff

MS4       - Municipal Separate Stormwater Systems

MSA       - Main Storage Area

MSA       - Management System Audits

MSA       - Metropolitan Statistical Areas

MSAM      - Multi-keyed Indexed Sequential File Access Method

                           JJDS Environmental
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MSC       - Major Subordinate Command

MSC       - Marginal Social Cost

MSC       - Medium Specific Concentration

MSCA      - Multi State Cooperative Agreement

MSD       - Management Systems Division

MSD       - Matrix Spike Duplication

MSD       - Musculoskeletal Disorder

MSDE      - Minimum Set of Data Elements

MSDS      - Material Safety Data Sheet

MSEE      - Major Source Enforcement Effort

MSGP      - Multi-sector General Permit

MSHA      - Mine Safety and Health Administration

MSIS      - Model State Information System

MSL       - Mean Sea Level

MSOC      - Maximum Safe Oxygen Concentration

MSOD      - Mobile Source Observation Database

MSPB      - Merit System Protection Board

MSR       - MOC Safety Review

MSRM      - Mixture and Systemic Toxicant Risk Model

MSS       - Maintenance, Start-up, and Shutdown Emissions

MSS       - Management Support Staff

MSS       - Management Systems Staff

                           JJDS Environmental
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MSS         - Manufacturers Standardization Safety of the Valve and Fittings

MST         - Management Support Team

MSTPP       - Multiple Source Training Providers Program

MSU         - Moscow State University

MSW         - Municipal Solid Waste

MSWFA       - Municipal Solid Waste Financial Assurance

MSWL        - Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

MSWL        - Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate

MSWLF       - Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Facility

MSWRAC      - Municipal Soild Waste Reduction Advisory Committee

MS/Z        - Multispan/Zero Box

MT          - Metric Ton

MTA         - Mass Transit Authority

MTAS        - Municipal Technical Advisory Service

MTB         - Materials Transportation Bureau

MTB         - Messaging/Transport Binding

MTB         - Municipal Technology Branch

MTBE        - Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether

MTC         - Metropolitan Transportation Commission

MTD         - Maximum Tolerated Dose

MTDDIS      - Mesoscale Transport Diffusion and Deposition Model for Industrial

                             JJDS Environmental
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MTEC       - Maximum Theoretical Emissions Concentration

MTG        - Media Task Group

MTL        - Median Threshold Limit

MTP        - Maximum Total Trihalomethane Potential

MTP        - Metropolitan Transportation Plan

MTP        - Monoethyl-2,3,5,6-Tetrachloroterephthlate

MTR        - Marine Transportation Related

MTR        - Minimum Technology Requirement

MTR        - Minimum Testing Range

MTS        - Management Tracking System

MTSL       - Monitoring and Technical Support Laboratory

MTU        - Mobile Treatment Unit

MTURI      - Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute

MUD        - Municipal Utility District

MUIR       - Map Unit Interpretation Record

MULTIMED - Multimedia Exposure Assessment Model

MUP        - Manufacturing-use Product

MUSIC      - Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualization

MUSWTCH - Mussel Watch

MUTA       - Mutagenicity

MUTCD      - Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices

MVA        - Multivariate Analysis

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
Mva         - Minute Ventilatory Volume

MVAC        - Motor Vehicle Air Conditioner

MVAPCA      - Motor Vehicle Air Pollution Control Act

MVC         - Maximum Voluntary Contraction

MVEB        - Motor Vehicle Emissions Budget

MVEL        - Motor Vehicle Emissions Laboratory

MVha        - Minute Ventilatory Volume Animal

MVho        - Minute Ventilatory Volume Occupational

MVICSA      - Motor Vehicle Information and Cost Savings Act

MVI/M       - Motor Vehicle Inspection/Maintenance

MVIS        - Maximum Voluntary Isometric Strength

MVMA        - Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association

MVPS        - Maximum Voluntary Pinch Strength

MVRS        - Marine Vapor Recovery System

MVS         - Multiple Virtual System

MVTS        - Motor Vehicle Tampering Survey

MVUE        - Minimum Variance Unbiased Estimator

MVV         - Maximal Voluntary Ventilation

MVVD        - Manual Vent Valve Discharge

MW          - Megawatt

MW          - Mixed Waste

MW          - Molecular Weight

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
MW         - Monitoring Well

MWAP       - Mixed Waste Analysis Plan

MWC        - Machine Wet Cleaning

MWC        - Material and Waste Characterization [form]

MWC        - Municipal Waste Combustor

MWD        - Measurement While Drilling System

MWe        - Megawatts of Electricity

MWG        - Model Work Group

MWI        - Medical Waste Incinerator

MWL        - Mixed Waste Landfill

MWL        - Municipal Waste Leachate

MWLID      - Mixed Waste Landfill Integrated Demonstration

MWSF       - Mixed Waste Storage Facility

MWSSA      - Mixed Waste Satellite Accumulation Area

MWTA       - Medical Waste Tracking Act

MYDP       - Multiyear Development Plans

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
N          - Newtons

N          - Nitrogen

N          - No

N          - Number of Samples

N/A        - Not Applicable

N/A        - Not Available

NA         - National Archives

NA         - Not Applicable

NA         - Nonattainment

Na         - Sodium

NAA        - Nonattainment Area(s)

NAA        - North Atlantic Area

NAAEC      - North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation

NAAG       - National Association of Attorneys General

NAAMP      - North American Amphibian Monitoring Program

NAAQS      - National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NAAS       - National Air Audit System

NABN       - National Atmospheric Background Network

NaBr       - Sodium Bromide

NAC        - National Agency Check

NAC        - National Asbestos Council

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
NACA        - National Agricultural Chemicals Association

NAC/AEFL    - National Advisory Committee for Acute Guideline Levels for
              Hazardous Substances

NACD        - National Association of Chemical Distributors

NACD        - National Association of Conservation Districts

NACE        - National Association of Corrosion Engineers

NACEPT      - National Advisory Committee on Environmental Policy and

NACEPT/RCC -National Advisory Committee on Environmental Policy and
           Technology, Reinvention Criteria Committee

NACHO       - National Association of Chemical Hygiene Officers

NACI        - National Agency Check and Inquiry

NACIP       - Naval Assessment and Control of Installation Pollutants

NACO        - National association of Counties

NACOSH      - National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health

NAD         - North American Datum

NAD         - North Atlantic Division

NADB        - National Air Data Branch

NADB        - National Archeological Data Base

NADB        - National Atmospheric Data Bank

NADP        - National Atmospheric Deposition Program

NADPSC      - National ADP service Center

NAE         - National Academy of Engineering

NAEP        - National Association of Environmental Professionals

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NAF         - Non Appropriated Funding

NAFCOG      - North American Fuel Cell Owner Group

NAFTA       - North American Free Trade Association

NAHERC      - National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps

NAICS       - North American Industrial Classification System

NAIMA       - North American Insulation Manufacturers Association

NAIS        - Neutral Administrative Inspection System

NALC        - North American Landscape Characterization Project

NALD        - Nonattainment Areas Lacking Demonstrations

NAM         - National Association of Manufacturers

NAMA        - National Air Monitoring Audits

NAMF        - National Association of Metal Finishers

NAMS        - National Air Monitoring Station

NAMS        - National Air Monitoring System

NAMS/MIS    - National Air Monitoring Stations Management Information System

NANCO       - National Association of Noise Control Officials

NaoCl       - Sodium Hypochlorite

NAP         - Naphthalene

NAPA        - National Academy of Public Administration

NAPAP       - National Acid Precipitation Advisory Panel

NAPAP       - National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program

NAPAP       - National Acid Precipitation Program Emission Inventories

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NAPBN       - National Air Pollution Background Network

NAPBTAC     - National Air Pollution Control Technical Advisory Committee

NAPCTAC     - National Air Pollution Control Techniques Advisory Committee

NAPH        - National Association of Public Hospitals

NAPIAP      - National Agricultural Pesticide Impact Assessment Program

NAPIS       - National Agricultural Pest Information System

NAPL        - Non-aqueous Phase Liquid

NAPS        - National Air Pollution Surveillance

NAQTS       - National Air Quality Trend Station

NAR         - National Asbestos Registry

NAR         - Nonattainment Review

NARA        - National Air Resources Act

NARA        - National Archives and Records Administration

NARA        - National Agrichemical Retailers Association

NARC        - National Association of Regional Councils

NARCAM      - North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations

NARI        - National Association for Recycling Industries

NARL        - National Air and Radiation Laboratory

NARMP       - National Acid Rain Monitoring Program

NARS        - National Asbestos-Contractor Registry System

NARSTO      - North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone

NARUC       - National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NAS          - National Academy of Sciences

NAS          - National Audubon Society

NAS          - Naval Station

NAS          - Network Analysis System

NASA         - National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASASTD      - NASA Standards

NASDA        - National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

NASDAC       - National Aviation Safety Data Analysis Center

NASEO        - Nation Association of State Energy Officials

NASLR        - National Association of State Land Reclamationists

NASN         - National Air Sampling Network

NASN         - National Air Surveillance Network

NASR         - National Association of Solvent Recyclers

NASS         - National Agricultural Statistics Service

NASS/CDS - National Accident Sampling System/Crashworthiness Data System

NASS/GES - National Accident Sampling System/General Estimates System

NASTTPPO - National Association of Sara Title III Program Officials

NATA         - National Scale Air Toxics Assessment

NATaT        - National Association of Towns and Townships

NATE         - National Assessment and Tool Estimator

NATICH       - National Air Toxics Information Clearinghouse

NATO         - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NATS        - National Air Toxics Strategy

NaTT        - Sodium Tolytriazole

NAV         - Navigation

NAVFAC      - Naval Facilities Engineering Command

NAWA        - National Warning System

NAWC        - National Association of Water Companies

NAWDEX      - National Water Data Exchange

NAWMP       - North American Waterfowl Management Plan

NAWQA       - National Water Quality Assessment

NAWQC       - National Ambient Water Quality Criteria

NBAR        - Nonbinding Preliminary Allocation of Responsibility

NBBPVI      - National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors

NBIC        - National Board Inspection Code

NBII        - National Biological Information Infrastructure

NBR         - Nitrile Butadiene Rubber

NBS         - National Biological Service

NBS         - National Bureau of Standards

NC          - Navigation (Planning) Center

NC          - No Cost

NC          - Non Carcinogen

NCA         - National Coal Association

NCA         - Noise Control Act

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NCAC        - National Clean Air Coalition

NCAF        - National Clean Air Fund

NCAMP       - National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides

NCAMS       - Non Continuous Air Monitoring Station

NCAPS       - National Corrective Action Prioritization System

NCAQ        - National Commission on Air Quality

NCAR        - National Center for Atmospheric Research

NCAR        - Nonconformce and Corrective Action Report

NCASI       - National Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream

NCBC        - Naval Coalition Battalion Center

NCC         - National Climatic Center

NCC         - National Computer Center

NCCMAG      - National Computer Center Management Advisory Group

NCCR        - National Computer Center

NCCT        - National Center for Combating Terrorism

NCD         - North Central Division

NCDB        - National Compliance Data Base

NCDC        - National Climatic Data Center

NCDE        - Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem

NCDEHNR     - North Carolina Dept. of Environmental, Health, and Natural

NCE         - National Council for the Environment

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NCEA        - National Center for Exposure Assessment

NCEA        - National Center for Environmental Assessment

NCEH        - National Center for Environmental Health

NCEL        - New Chemical Exposure Limit

NCEPI       - National Center for Environmental Publications and Information

NCF         - Network Control Facility

NCFAP       - National Center for Food and Agricultural Policy

NCG         - Non-condensable Gas

NCGIA       - National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis

NCHS        - National Center for Health Statistics

NCI         - National Cancer Institute

NCIC        - National Crime Information Center

NCIC        - TSCA Non Confidential Information Center

NCID        - National center for Infectious Diseases

nCi/g       - Nanocuries per gram

NCIPC       - National Center for Injury Prevention and Control

NCL         - National Consumers League

NCLAN       - National Crop Loan Assessment Network

NCLEHA      - National Conference of Local Environmental Health Administrators

NCLP        - National Contract Laboratory Program

NCLS        - NEIC Library System

NCM         - National Coal Model

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NCM          - Notice of Commencement of Manufacture (see NOC)

NCMS         - National Center for Manufacturing Sciences Database

NCO          - Negotiated Consent Order

NCP          - Canadian Northern Contaminants Program

NCP          - National Contingency Plan

NCP          - National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan

NCP          - Noncompliance Penalty [ies]

NCP          - Non Criteria Pollutant

NCPDI        - National Coastal Pollutant Discharge Inventory

NCPIASI      - National Council of the Paper Industry for Air and Stream

NCR          - National Capital Region

NCR          - Noncompliance Report

NCR          - Nonconformance Report

NCR          - Noncontact Recreation

NCRIC        - National Chemical Response and Information Center

NCRP         - National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements

NCS          - National Communications System

NCS          - National Compliance Strategy

NCS          - National Conservation Strategy

NCSL         - National Conference on State Legislators

NCTC         - National Conservation Training Center

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
NCTC        - National Counterterrorism Center

NCTCOG      - North Central Texas Council of Governments

NCTR        - National Center for Toxicological Research

NCV         - Nerve Conduction Velocity

NCVECS      - National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety

NCWM        - National Conference on Weights and Measures

NCWQ        - National Commission on Water Quality

NCWS        - Non-Community Water System

ND          - Non-Detect(ed)

ND          - Non-Detectable

NDA         - New Drug Application

NDA         - Nondestructive Assay

NDD         - Negotiated Decision Document

NDDB        - Natural Diversity Database

NDDN        - National Dry Deposition Network

NDE         - Nondestructive Examination

NDEP        - Nevada Division of Environmental Protection

NDIR        - Non Dispersive Infrared Analysis

NDMS        - National Disaster Medical System

NDPD        - National Data Processing Division

NDS         - National Dioxin Study

NDS         - National Disposal Site

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NDVI        - Normalized Difference Vegetation Index

NDWAC       - National Drinking Water Advisory Council

NDZ         - No Discharge Zone

NEA         - National Energy Act

NEA         - Northwest Environmental Advocates

NEAC        - National Environmental Justice Advisory Council

NEAP        - National Environment Action Plans

NEBOSH      - National Examining Board of the Institution of Occupational Safety
              and Health

NEC         - National Electric Code

NEC         - National Electronic Code

NECRMP      - Northeast Corridor Regional Modeling Project

NED         - National Economic Development

NED         - National Elevation Dataset

NED         - New England District

NEDA        - National Environmental Development Association

NEDI        - National Environmental Data Index

NEDS        - National Emissions Data System

NEEAP       - National Environmental Education Advancement Project

NEEC        - National Environmental Enforcement Council

NEEDS       - Needs Survey

NEEJ        - National Environmental Enforcement Journal

NEHA        - National Environmental Health Association

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NEI         - National Emissions Inventory

NEI         - Nuclear Energy Institute

NEIC        - National Enforcement Investigation Center

NEIETC      - New England Interstate Environmental Training Center

NEII        - National Elevator Industry

NEIPCC      - New England Interstate Pollution Prevention Commission

NEJAC       - National Environmental Justice Advisory Council

NELAC       - National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference

NEMA        - National Electronic Manufacturers Association

NEMA        - Uganda National Environment Management Authority

NEMI        - National Environmental Methods Index

NEMS        - NASA Equipment Numbering System

NEO         - Neoprene

NEP         - National Energy Plan

NEP         - National Environmental Policy

NEP         - National Estuary Program

NEP         - National Exercise Program

NEPA        - China National Environmental Protection Agency

NEPA        - National Environmental Policy Act (1969)

NEPI        - National Environmental Policy Institute

NEPPS       - National Environmental Performance Partnership System

NEPT        - National Environmental performance Track

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NER         - National Emissions Report

NERA        - National Economic Research Associates

NERC        - North American Reliability Council

NERL        - National Exposure Research Laboratory

NERO        - National Energy Resources Organization

NEROS       - Northeast Regional Oxidant Study

NERR        - National Estuarine Research Reserve

NES         - Non Opacity Emission Standards

NESA        - National Admissions Standards Act

NESC        - National Electrical Safety Code

NESC        - National Environmental Supercomputing Center

NESCAUM - Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management

NESDA       - Network for Environment and Sustainable Development in Africa

NESDIS      - National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

NESHAP(s) - National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air

NESPHYTO - National Phytoplankton Data Base

NEST        - Nuclear Emergency Support Team

NETA        - National Environmental Training Association

NETC        - National Emergency Training Center

NETCSC      - National Emergency Training Center for Small Communities

NETI        - National Enforcement Training Institute

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NETL         - National Energy Technology Labs

NETTING      - Emission Trading Used to Avoid PSD/NSR Permit Review

NEW          - Net Explosive Weight

NF           - National Forest

NFA          - National Fire Academy

NFA          - No Further Action

NFAN         - National Filter Analysis Network

NFAP         - National Forestry Action Plan

NFC          - National Fire Code

NFFE         - National Federation of Federal Employees

NFIB         - National Federation of Independent Business

NFIP         - National Flood Insurance Program

NFMA         - National Forest Management Act

NFPA         - National Fire Protection Association

NFPA         - National Forest Products Association

NFR          - National Fire Rating

NFRAP        - No Further Remedial Action Planned

NFS          - National Forest Service

NFWF         - National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

ng           - Nanograms

NGA          - National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

NGA          - National Governors Association

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
NGA          - Natural Gas Association

ng/dscm      - Nanograms per Dry Standard Cubic Meter

NGFC         - Natural Gas Fuel Cell

ng/J         - Nanograms per Joule

ng/l         - Nanograms per Liter

NGO          - Nongovernmental Organization

NGPA         - National Gas Policy Act

NGS          - National Geodetic Survey

NGSA         - Natural Gas Supply Association

NGVD         - National Geodetic Vertical Datum

NGWA         - National Groundwater Association

NGWIC        - National Groundwater Information Center

NH3          - Ammonia

NH4          - Ammonium Nitrogen

NHANES       - National Health and Nutrition Examination Study

NHB          - NASA Handbook

NHD          - National Hydrography Dataset

NHDES        - New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

NHEERL       - National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory

NHHB         - Not Human Health Based

NHIS         - National Health Interview Survey

NHMP         - National Human Milk Monitoring Program

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
NHPA       - National Historic Preservation Act

NHS        - National Highway System

NHSDA      - National Highway Systems Designation Act

NHSW       - Nonhazardous Solid Waste

NHTS       - National Household Travel Survey

NHTSA      - National Highway Traffic Safety Act

NHTSA      - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NHWP       - Northeast Hazardous Waste Project

Ni         - Nickel

NIBS       - National Institute of Building Sciences

NIC        - Non Interchangeable

NIC        - Notification of Intent to Comply

NiCad      - Nickel Cadmium (Battery)

NICC       - National Infrastructure Coordinating Center

NICC       - National Interagency Coordinating Center

NICCL      - National Incident Communications Conference Line

NICET      - National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies

NICS       - National Institute for Chemical Studies

NICT       - National Incident Coordination Team

NIE        - Newly Industrialized Economies

NIEHS      - National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

NIEI       - National Indoor Environmental Institute

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
NIES        - Japan National Institute for Environmental Studies

NIH         - National Institutes of Health

NIHL        - Noise Induced Hearing Loss

NIIMS       - National Interagency Incident Management System

NIM         - National Impact Model

NIMBY       - Not in My Backyard

NIMS        - National Incident Management System

NIOSH       - National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

NIP         - National Implementation Plan

NIPDWR      - National Interim Primary Drinking Water Regulations

NIPDWS      - National Interim Primary Drinking Water Standards

NIPER       - National Institute for Petroleum and Energy Research

NIPP        - National Infrastructure Protection Plan

NIR         - Near Infrared

NIRS        - National Inorganics and Radionuclides Survey

NIRT        - Nuclear Incident Response Team

NIS         - Newly Independent States

NIS         - Noise Information System

NIS         - Sodium Iodide Symporter

NISAC       - National Industrial Security Advisory Committee

NISPOM      - National Industry Security Program Operating Manual

NIST        - National Institute of Standards and Technology

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NITEP      - National Incinerator Testing and Evaluation Program

NIX        - NASA Image Exchange

NJ         - New Jersey

NJAC       - New Jersey Administrative Code

NJANG      - New Jersey Army National Guard

NJDEP      - New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

NJDOT      - New Jersey Department of Transportation

NJSA       - New Jersey Statutes Annotated

NJOSP      - New Jersey Office of State Planning

NJT        - New Jersey Transit

NJTAP      - New Jersey Technical Assistance Program

NJTRO      - New Jersey Transit Rail Operations

NJTTF      - National Joint Terrorism Task Force

NLA        - National Lime Association

NLA        - Notice of last Action

NLAP       - National Laboratory Audit Program

NLC        - National League of Cities

NLCD       - National Land Cover Dataset

NLDBR      - No Land Disposal Based on Recycling

NLETS      - National Law Enforcement Teletype System

NLEV       - National Low Emission Vehicle Program

NLFA       - National Listing of Fish Advisories

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
NLIC       - National Lead Information Clearinghouse

NLM        - National Library of Medicine

NLT        - Not Later Than

NM         - Nanometer

Nm         - Newton meters

NMA        - National Mining Association

NMAC       - Near Midair Collision

NMACS      - Near Midair Collision System

NMC        - National Meteorological Center

NMFC       - National Motor Freight Class

NMFS       - National Marine Fisheries Service

NMFWF      - National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

NMHC       - Non Methane Hydrocarbons

nmi        - Nautical Mile

NMI        - Northeast Midwest Institute

NML        - National Municipal League

NMOC       - Non Methane Organic Compound

NMOG       - Non Methane Organic Gas

NMP        - N-methyl Pyrrolidone

NMP        - National Municipal Policy

NMPF       - National Milk Producers Federation

NMR        - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
NMRT        - National Medical Response Team

NMS         - National Marine Sanctuary

Nm/s        - Newton meters per second

NMVOC       - Non Methane Volatile Organic Chemicals

NNC         - Notice of Noncompliance

NNEMS       - National Network of Environmental Management Studies

NNHP        - Nevada Natural Heritage Program

NNI         - No New Issue

NNPSPP      - National Nonpoint Source Pollution Program

NNSA        - National Nuclear Security Administration

NNSR        - Non Attainment New Source Review

NO          - Nitric Oxide

NO          - Number

No.         - Number

NO2         - Nitrogen Dioxide

NO3         - Nitrate Nitrogen

NOA         - New Obligation Authority

NOA         - Notice of Arrival

NOA         - Notice of Availability

NOAA        - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Agency)

NOAC        - Nature of Action Code

NOAEL       - No Observed Adverse Effect Level

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NOC         - National Operations Center

NOC         - Notice of Commencement (of manufacture or import)

NOC         - Notification of Compliance

NOD         - Notice of Deficiency

NODA        - Naval Ordinance Disposal Area

NODA        - Notice of Data Availability

NOE         - Notice of Enforcement

NOEC        - No Observable Effect Concentration

NOEL        - No Observable Effect Level

NOES        - National Occupational Exposure Survey

NOHSCP      - National Oil and Hazardous Substances Contingency Plan

NOI         - Notice of Intent

NOI         - Not Otherwise Indicated

NOI         - Not Otherwise Indexed

NOIBN       - Not Otherwise Indexed by Name

NOIC        - Notice of Intent to Cancel

NOIS        - Notice of Intent to Suspend

NOJC        - National Oil Jobbers Council

NOMS        - National Organics Monitoring Survey

NON         - Notice of Noncompliance

NOO         - No Odor Observed

NOPES       - Non-Occupational Pesticide Exposure Study

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NOR          - Notice of Registration

NORA         - National Occupational Research Agenda

NORA         - National Oil Recyclers Association

NORM         - Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material

NOS          - National Ocean Service

NOS          - National Ocean Survey

NOS          - Not Otherwise Specified

NOSC         - Naval On-Scene Coordinator

NOT          - Notice of Termination

NOTIS        - 103(c) Notification

NOV          - Notice of Violation

NOV/C/D      - Notice of Violation/Compliance/Demand

NOWPAP       - North-West Pacific Action Plan

NOx          - Nitrogen Oxides

NPA          - North Plains Area

NPAA         - Noise Pollution and Abatement Act (1970)

NPACD        - National Plan of Action to Combat Desertification

NPC          - Notebook PC

NPCA         - National Parks and Conservation Association

NPCA         - National Pest Control Association

NPD          - NASA Policy Directive

NPD          - Nitrogen Phosphorous Detector

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
NPDES       - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NPDWR       - National Primary Drinking Water Regulation

NPDWS       - National Primary Drinking Water Standards

NPG         - NASA Procedural Guidelines

NPGS        - National Plant Germplasm System

NPHAP       - National Pesticide Hazard Assessment Program

NPI         - National Particulate Inventory

NPIRS       - National Pesticide Information Retrieval System

NPK         - Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium

NPL         - National Priorities List

NPM         - National Program Manager

NPN         - National Particulate Network

NPOSR       - Naval Petroleum Oil Shale Reserves

NP-PET      - North Plains Potential Evapotranspiration Network

NPR         - National Performance Review

NPR         - Naval Petroleum Reserves

NPR         - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

NPRC        - Naval Petroleum Reserves California

NPRM        - Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

NPS         - National Park Service

NPS         - National Permit Strategy

NPS         - National Pesticide Survey

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NPS        - Non-Point Source

NPSC       - No Process Safety Concern

NPSH       - Net Positive Suction Head

NPSM       - Nonpoint Source Model

NPTEC      - Nonproliferation Test and Evaluation Complex

NPT        - National Pipe Thread

NPTF       - National Pipe Thread Fine

NPTN       - National Pesticide Telecommunications Network

NPTS       - Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey

NPUG       - National Prime User Group

NPV        - Net Present Value

NQ         - Not Quantifiable

NR         - Naval Reactors

NRA        - National Recreation Area

NRAP       - National River Action Plan

NRC        - National Referral Center

NRC        - National Registry of Chemicals

NRC        - National Research Council

NRC        - National Response Center

NRC        - Nonreusable Container

NRC        - Nuclear Regulatory Commission

NRCA       - National Resource Council of America

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
NRCC       - National Registry of Clinical Chemists

NRCC       - National Response Coordinating Center

NRCC       - Naval Regional Contracting Center

NRCS       - Natural Resources Conservation Service

NRD        - Natural Resource Damage

NRD        - Natural Resources Division

NRDA       - Natural Resources Damage Assessment

NRDAR      - Natural Resources Damage Assessment and Restoration

NRDC       - National Resources Defense Council

NRDL       - National Radiation Defense Laboratory

NRDS       - Nuclear Rocket Development Station

NRECA      - National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

NREL       - National Renewable Energy Laboratory

NREP       - National Registry of Environmental Professionals

NRF        - Naval Reactor Facility

NRF        - Nuclear Reactors Facility

NRHP       - National Register of Historic Places

NRI        - National Resources Inventory

NRI        - Natural Resources Inventory

NRMRL      - National Risk Management Research Laboratory

NRMS       - National Resource Management System

NRP        - National Response Plan

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
NRR        - Noise Reduction Rating

NRS        - National Response System

NRT        - National Response Team

NRTL       - Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory

NRWA       - National Rural Water Association

n.s.       - Not Significant

NSA        - National Security Agency

NSA        - National Stone Association

NSC        - National Safety Council

NSC        - National Security Council

NSC        - Naval Supply Center

NSCEP      - National Service Center for Environmental Publications

NSDWR      - National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations

NSEC       - National System for Emergency Coordination

NSEP       - National System for Emergency Preparedness

NSF        - National Sanitation Foundation

NSF        - National Science Foundation

NSF        - National Strike Force

NSFC       - National Small Flows Clearinghouse

NSFCC      - National Strike Force Coordination Center

NSFI       - National Sanitation Foundation International

NSI        - National Security Information

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
NSI          - National Sediment Inventory

NSN          - National Stock Number

NSN          - New Substance Notification

NSNA         - No Stock Number Assigned

NSO          - Nevada Site Office

NSO          - Nonferrous Smelter Orders

NSP          - National Screening Program for Organics in Drinking Water

NSP          - National Search and Rescue Plan

NSPE         - National Society for Professional Engineers

NSPS         - New Source Performance Standards

NSR          - New Source Review

NSRL         - No Significant Risk Level

NSRPD        - New Source Review Permits Division

NSR/PSD      - New Source Review and Prevention of Significant Deterioration

NSSE         - National Special Security Event

NS&T         - National Status & Trends

NSTC         - National Sciences and Technology Council

NSTEC        - National Securities Technologies

NSTL         - National Space Technology Laboratory

NSWMA        - National Solid Waste Management Association

NSWS         - National Surface Water Survey

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
NTA         - Negotiated Testing Agreement

NTAD        - National Transportation Atlas Database

NTC         - National Training Center

NTCEM       - National Tribal Conference on Environmental Management

NTD         - National Transit Database

NTDB        - National Trade Databank

NTE         - Neurotic Esterase

NTE         - Not to Exceed

NTGS        - National Technical Guidance Studies

NTI         - National Toxics Inventory

NTIS        - National Technical Information Service

NTL         - National Transportation Library

NTN         - National Trends Network

NTNC        - Nontransient Noncommunity

NTNCWS      - Non-transient Non-community Water System

NTP         - National Toxicology Program

NTP         - Normal Temperature and Pressure

NTP         - Notice to Proceed

NTR         - National Toxics Rule

NTS         - Nevada Test Site

NTSB        - National Transportation Safety Board

NTSER       - Nevada Test Site Environmental Report

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
NTSHF      - Nevada Test Site Historical Foundation

NTTAA      - National Technology Transfer and Advancement Act

NTTC       - National Technology Transfer Center

NTTS       - National TMDL Tracking System

NTU        - Nephlometric Turbidity Unit

NUAD       - Not Suitable for Unconfined Aquatic Disposal

NUCA       - National Utility Contractors Association

NUREG      - Criteria for Preparation and Evaluation of Radiological Regulations
             and Guides

NURF       - NAPAP Utility Reference File

NURP       - Nationwide Urban Runoff Program

NVFEL      - National Fuel and Vehicle Emissions Laboratory

NVOAD      - National Voluntary Organizations Active in a Disaster

NVPP       - National Vehicle Population Poll

NVRT       - National Veterinary Response Team

NVUM       - National Visitor Use Monitoring

NWA        - National Water Alliance

NWD        - Northwestern Division

NWF        - National Wildlife Federation

NWI        - National Wetlands Inventory

NWIS       - National Weather Information System

NWP        - Nationwide Permit Program

NWPA       - Nuclear Waste Policy Act (1982)

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
NWRC        - National Weather Records Center

NWS         - National Weather Service

NWWA        - National Water Well Association

NYCDEP      - New York City Department of Environmental Protection

NYCDOHMH - New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

NYDEC       - New York Department of Environmental Conservation

NYIEQ       - New York Indoor Environmental Quality Center

NYSDEC      - New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

NYSDOH      - New York State Department of Health

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
O           - Oyster Waters

O2          - Oxygen

O3          - Ozone

OA          - Occupational Asthma

OA          - Office Automation

OA          - Office of Administration

OA          - Office of Audits

OA          - Office of the Administrator

OA          - Operational Awareness

OA          - Opportunity Assessment

OA          - Oxanilic Acid

o/a         - On or About

O&A         - On or About

OADEMQA - Office of Acid Deposition, Environmental Monitoring, and Quality

OAE         - Office of Analysis and Evaluation

OAG         - Office of the Attorney General

OAH         - Office of Administrative Hearings

OAL         - Office of Administrative Law

OALJ        - Office of Administrative Law Judges

OAM         - Office of Acquisition Management

OAP         - Office of Atmospheric Programs

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
OAP         - Operating and Assurance Plan

OAQ         - Office of Air Quality

OAQPS       - Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards

OAQPSTTN - Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards Technology Transfer

OAR         - Office of Air and Radiation

OAR         - Office of Administrative Rules

OARM        - Office of Administration Resources Management

OAS         - office of Administrative Services

OAS         - Organization of American States

OASA        - Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army

OASACW      - Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works)

OASDI       - Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance

OASIS       - OERR Info System                                                -

OATS        - Online Allowance Transfer System

OAU         - Organization of African Unity

OBD         -`Onboard Diagnostic

OBE         - Overcome by Events

OBERS       - Office of Business Economics/Economic Research Service

OBES        - Office of Basic Energy Sciences

OB/OD       - Open Burning/Open Detonation

OBS         - Organizational Breakdown Structure

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
OC         - Object Class

OC         - Office of the Comptroller

OC         - Open Cup

OCA        - Office of Contract Assurance

OCA        - Off-Site Consequence Analysis

OCAP       - Operating Criteria and Procedures

OCAPO      - Office of Compliance Analysis and Program Operations

OCB        - Operations Control Building

OCD        - Occupational Cervicobrachial Disorder

OCD        - Offshore and Coastal Dispersion Model

OCE        - Office of the Chief of Engineers

OCE        - Office of Compliance and Enforcement

OCE        - Office of Criminal Enforcement

OCEM       - Office of Cooperative Environmental Management

OCEPA      - Office of Communication, Education, and Public Affairs

OCESL      - Office of Criminal Enforcement and Special Litigation

OCHA       - UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

OCHP       - Office of Children’s Health Protection

OCI        - Office of Criminal Investigation

OCI        - Organizational Conflicts of Interest

OCIL       - Office of Community and Intergovernmental Liaison

OCIR       - Office of Community and Intergovernmental Relations

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
OCIS        - On-Line chemical Information System

OCIS        - OSHA Computerized Information System

OCL         - Office of Congressional Liaison

OCLA        - Office of Congressional and Legislative Affairs

OCM         - Office of Compliance Monitoring

OCMV        - Open Container in Motor Vehicle

OCO         - Operability Concern Only

OCONUS      - Outside the Contiguous/Continental United States

OCP         - Organochlorine Pesticides

OCPDF       - Organic Chemical Producers Database

OCPSF       - Organic Chemical, Plastics and Synthetic Fibers (Manufacturing
              Point Source Category)

OCR         - Office of Civil Rights

OCR         - Office of Community Relations

OCR         - Optical Character Reader

OCR         - Optical Character Recognition

OCS         - Octachlorostyrene

OCS         - Outer Continental Shelf

OCSLA       - Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act

OCU         - Ocular

OD          - Office of Director

OD          - Operational Derivative

OD          - Operations Division

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
OD         - Optical Disk

OD         - Organizational Development

OD         - Outside Diameter

ODA        - Office of Deputy Administrator

ODA        - Oversees Development Assistance

ODASA      - Office of Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army

ODATS      - Office Director Assignment Tracking System

ODB        - Outdoor Burning

ODC        - Other Direct Costs

ODC        - Ozone-Depleting Chemical

ODEQ       - Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality

ODEQ       - Oregon Department of Environmental Quality

ODES       - Ocean Data Evaluation System

ODI        - Open Dump Inventory

ODM        - Oxydemeton-Methyl

ODMDS      - Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site

ODN        - Obligation Document Number

OPDP       - Office of Domestic Preparedness

ODP        - Open Dripproof

ODP        - Ozone Depletion Potential

ODS        - Ozone Depleting Substance

ODTS       - Organic Dust Toxic Syndrome

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
ODW         - Office of Drinking Water

OE          - Office of Enforcement

OE          - Operational Error

OE          - Ordnance and Explosives

OE          - Organizational Element

OEA         - Office of External Affairs

OEBGD       - Overseas Environmental Base Guidance Document

OECA        - Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance

OECD        - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OECD SIDs - Screening Information Data Set (within OECD)

OECM        - Office of Enforcement and Compliance Monitoring

OE-CX       - Ordnance and Explosives Center of Expertise

OEET        - Office of Environmental Engineering and Technology

OEHHA       - Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment

OEL         - Occupational Exposure Limit

OEM         - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEOB        - Old Executive Office Building

OEP         - Office of Enforcement Policy

OEP         - Office of Environmental Policy

OEP         - Office of External Programs

OEPA        - Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

OEPAA       - Office of Environmental Policy, Analysis & Assessment

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
OEPER      - Office of Environmental Processes and Effects Research

OEPP       - Thailand Office of Environmental Policy and Planning

OER        - Office of Exploratory Research

OERR       - Office of Emergency and Remedial Response

OES        - Office of Emergency Services

OES        - Office of Executive Support

OF         - Optional Form

OFA        - Office of Federal Activities

OFA        - Overfire Air

OFDA       - Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance

OFM        - Organic Feed Material

OFPPA      - Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act

OFSPS      - Office of Federal Statistical Policy and Standards

O&G        - Oil and Gas

O&G        - Oil and Grease

OGC        - Office of General Counsel

OGE        - Office of Government Ethics

OGMS       - Open Gradient Magnetic Separator

OGP        - Office of Global Programs

OGR        - Office of Government Relations

OGWDW      - Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water

                            JJDS Environmental
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OGWDW-DWSD - Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, Drinking Water
         Standards Division

OGWDW-EPID - Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, Enforcement and
          Program Interpretation Division

OGWDW-GWPD - Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, Groundwater
         Protection Division

OGWDW-TSC-OH - Office of Groundwater and Drinking Water, Technical Support

OGWP        - Office of Groundwater Protection

OHEA        - Office of Health and Environmental Assessment

OHEA        - Office of Health Effects Assessment

OHMC        - Oil and Hazardous Material Coordinator

OHMP        - Occupational Health Maintenance Program

OHMTADS - Oil and Hazardous Material Technical Assistance Data System

OHR         - Office of Health Research

OHRM        - Office of Human Resources Management

OHS         - Occupational Health & Safety

OHS         - Oil and Hazardous Substance

OH&S        - Occupational Health & Safety

OHSMSDS - Occupational Health Services Material Safety Data Sheets

OHSS        - Occupational Health and Safety Staff

OHV         - Off-Highway Vehicle

OI          - Office of Investigations

OIA         - Office of the Secretary for Information Analysis

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
OIA        - Office of Intelligence and Analysis

OIA        - Office of International Activities

OICC       - Officer in Charge of Construction

OIG        - Office of Inspector General

OIL        - Office of Intergovernmental Liaison

OILHM      - Oil and Hazardous Material Information System

OIRA       - Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs

OIRM       - Office of Information Resources Management

OIRW       - Outstanding International Resource Water

OIS        - Office of Information Services

OIS        - One EHSA Incident System

OIT        - Office of Information Technology

OJT        - On the Job Training

OLA        - Office of Legislative Analysis

OLA        - Office of Local Assistance

OLDS       - On-Lot Disposal System

OLEC       - Office of Legal and Enforcement Counsel

OLN        - Driver’s License Number

OLN        - Operator’s License Number

OLS        - Office of Legal Services

OLS        - Online Library System

OLTS       - Online Tracking System

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OM         - Operating Manual

O&M        - Operation and Maintenance

OMARD      - Open Motorized Access Route Density

OMB        - Office of Management and Budget

OMBIL      - Operations and Maintenance Business Information Link

OMC        - Optimum Moisture Content

OMDMP      - Official Mail and Distribution Management program

OMEP       - Office of Marine and Estuarine Protection

OMMSQA     - Office of Modeling, Monitoring Systems and Quality Assurance

OMP        - Operation, Monitoring & Performance

OMPC       - Office of Municipal Pollution Control

OMPE       - Office of Management Planning and Evaluation

OM&R       - Operation, Maintenance and Repair

OMRRR      - Operation, Maintenance, Repair, Rehabilitation and Replacement

OMS        - Office of Mobile Sources

OMSE       - Office of Management Systems and Evaluation

OMTA       - Office of Management and Technical Assessment

OMZ        - Oxygen Minimum Zone

OO         - Operations Office

ONRW       - Outstanding Natural Resource Waters

ONWI       - Office of Nuclear Waste Isolation

OP         - Office of Policy Analysis

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OP           - Office of Public Affairs

OP           - Operating Plan

OP           - Option Period

OP           - Organophosphate Pesticides

OPA          - Office of Policy Analysis

OPA          - Office of Public Affairs

OPA          - Office of Public Assistance

OPA          - Oil Pollution Act (of 1990)

OPAC         - Overall Performance Appraisal Certification

OP-ACPS      - Operating Permit – Application Plan and Compliance Schedule

OPAR         - Office of Policy Analysis and Review

OP-CR01      - Operating Permit – Certification by Responsible Official

OP-CR02      - TNRCC Operating Permit Form

OPCW         - Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Warfare

OPD          - Office of Program Development

OP-DEL       - TNRCC Operating Permit Form

OPF          - Official Personnel Folder

OPFT         - Other than Permanent Full Time

OPFTE        - Other than Permanent Full Time Equivalent

OPIC         - Office of Public Interest Counsel

OPIDN        - Organophosphate Induced Delayed Neurotoxicity

OPIM         - Other Potentially Infectious Materials

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
OPL          - Operating Parameter Limit

OPM          - Office of Program Management

OPME         - Office of Program Management and Evaluation

OPMO         - Office of Program Management Operations

OPMS         - Office of Program Management and Support

OPMT         - Office of Program Management and Technology

OPP          - Office of Pesticide Programs

OPP          - Office of Pollution Prevention

OPP          - Operating Permits Program

OPPAS        - Office of Pesticide Programs Administrative Support Systems

OPP-BEAD - Office of Pollution Prevention, Biological and Economics Division

OPP-BPPD - Office of Pollution Prevention, Biopesticides and Pollution
           Prevention Division

OPP-EFED - Office of Pollution Prevention, Environmental Fate and Effects

OPP-FOD      - Office of Pollution Prevention, Field Operations Division

OPP-HED      - Office of Pollution Prevention, Health Effects Division

OPP-PMSD - Office of Pollution Prevention, Program Management Support

OPP-PSPS - Office of Pollution Prevention, Policy and Special Projects Staff

OPP-RD       - Office of Pollution Prevention, Registration Division

OPP-SRRD - Office of Pollution Prevention, Special Review and Registration

OPPE         - Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
OPPE-CCD - Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Climate Change Division

OPPE-PMB - Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Planning and
           Management Branch

OPPE-RCP - Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Risk Communication

OPPE-RSPD - Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Regional and State
            Planning Division

OPPE-UEPD - Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation, Urban and Economic
            Development Division

OPPI        - Office of Policy, Planning and Information

OPPM        - Office of Policy and Program Management

OPPR        - Office of Pollution Prevention and Recycling

OPPT        - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics

OPPT-CCD - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Chemical and Control

OPPT-CMD - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Chemical Management

OPPT-CSRAD - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Chemical Screening
           and Risk Assessment Division

OPPT-EAD - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Environmental Assistance

OPPT-EETD - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Economics Exposure and
            Technology Division

OPPT-HERD - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Health and Environmental
            Review Division

OPPT-IMD    - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Information Management

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
OPPT-OPME - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Office of Program
          Management and Evaluation

OPPT-PPD - Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics, Pollution Prevention

OPPTS       - Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances (includes
              OPP and OPPT; EPA)

OPRD        - Office of Policy and Regulatory Development

OPS         - Office of Operations Coordination

OPS         - Organic Chemicals/Plastics and Synthetics (Industrial Category)

OPS         - Operating Properly and successfully

OPTS        - Office of Pesticides and Toxic Substances

OPTSRTS     - Office of Pesticides and Toxic Substances Regulation Tracking

OR          - Odds Ratio

ORALTOX     - Acute Oral Toxicity for Birds, Mice Rats

ORC         - Office of Regional Counsel

ORCA        - Online Representations and Certifications

ORCAS       - Ocean Response Coastal Analysis System

ORD         - Office of Research and Development

ORDIS       - Office of Research and Development Information Systems

ORISE       - Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

orl         - Oral

ORM         - Other Regulated Material

ORMS        - Office Resources Management System

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
ORNIM      - Ohio River Navigation Investment Model, Phase I

ORNL       - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORO        - Office of Regional Operations

OR-OSHA    - Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration

ORP        - Office of Radiation Programs

ORP        - Oxidation-Reduction Potential

ORPIA      - Office of Radiation Programs and Indoor Air

ORPM       - Office of Research Program Management

ORPS       - Occurrence Reporting and Processing System

ORR        - Office of Response and Restoration

ORR        - Operational Readiness Review

ORS        - Office of Regulatory Support

ORSANCO - Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission

ORSSA      - Office of Regulatory Support and Scientific Analysis

ORV        - Off-Road Vehicle

ORVR       - Onboard Refueling Vapor Recovery

OSA        - Office of the Secretary of the Army

OSA        - Office of the State Architect

OSC        - On-Scene Coordinator

OSC        - Operations Section Chief

OSC        - Options Selection Committee

OSCSP      - Organized Sewage Collection System Plan

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
OSD        - Office of the Secretary of Defense

OSDBU      - Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

OSDH       - Oklahoma State Department of Health

OSE        - Other Social Effects

OSFR       - Office of State and Federal Relations

OSGR       - Occupational Safety & General Regulations

OSH        - Occupational Safety & Health

OS&H       - Occupational Safety & Health

OSHA       - Occupational Safety and Health Act (1970)

OSHA       - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHC       - Occupational Safety and Health Cases

OSHRC      - Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

OSL        - Owners Spill Liability Insurance

OSLGC      - Office of State and Local Government Coordination

OSM        - Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement

OSMRE      - Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement

OSP        - Office of Strategic Planning

OSPAR      - Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the
             North-East Atlantic

OSPR       - Oil Spill Prevention and Response

OSPRA      - Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act (1991)

OSR        - Office of Standards and Regulations

OSRA       - Office of Sponsored Research Activities

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
OSRE         - Office of Site Remediation Enforcement

OSRO         - Oil Spill Removal Organization

OSRTI        - Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation

OSSF         - Onsite Sewage Facilities

OST          - Office of Science and Technology

OST-EAD      - Office of Science Technology, Engineering and Analysis Division

OST-HECD - Office of Science Technology, Health and Ecological Criteria

OSTI         - Office of Scientific and Technical Information

OST-SASD - Office of Science Technology, Standards and Applied Science

OSTP         - Office of Science and Technology Policy

OS/VS        - Operating System/Virtual Storage

OSW          - Office of Solid Waste

OSWDO        - Onsite Waste Disposal Order

OSWER        - Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response

OSWRO        - Offsite Waste and Recovery Operations

OT           - Overtime

OTA          - Office of Technology Assessment

OTAG         - Ozone Transport Assessment Group

OTC          - Over-the-Counter

OTC          - Ozone Transport Commission

OTD          - Office of Technology Development

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
OTP         - Office of Territorial Programs

OTR         - Oncogenic Transformation

OTR         - Ozone Transport Region

OTS         - Office of Toxic Substances (now OPPT)

OTSMTS      - Office of Toxic Substances Milestone Tracking System

OTVC        - Open Top Vapor Cleaner

OU          - Operable Unit

OUO         - Official Use Only

OUST        - Office of Underground Storage Tanks

OVA         - Organic Vapor Analyzer

OV/AG       - Organic Vapor/Acid Gas

OVES        - Opacity and Visual Emission Standards

OVEST       - Value Engineering Study Steam

OVM         - Organic Vapor Monitor

OVR         - Overflight Contracts

OW          - Office of Water

OW-AIEO     - Office of Water-American Indian Environmental Office

OWCP        - Office of Workers Compensation Programs

OWEC        - Office of Wastewater Enforcement and Compliance

OWEP        - Oily Waste Extraction Program

OWG         - Operations Working Group

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
OWGL        - Open Waters of the Great Lakes

OWM         - Office of Waste Management

OWM         - Office of Waste Minimization

OWM         - Office of Wastewater Management

OWM-ED      - Office of Wastewater Management, Enforcement Division

OWM-MSD - Office of Wastewater Management, Municipal Support Division

OWM-PD      - Office of Wastewater Management, Permits Division

OWOW        - Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds

OWOW-AWPD - Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds, Assessment and
         Watershed Protection Division

OWOW-OCPD - Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds, Oceans and
         Coastal Protection Division

OWOW-WD - Office of Wetlands, Oceans and Watersheds, Wetlands Division

OWP         - Office of Wetlands Protection

OWPD        - Office of Waste Programs Enforcement

OWPE        - Office of Waste Programs Enforcement

OWPO        - Office of Water Program Operations

OWRM        - Office of Water Resource Management

OWRS        - Office of Water Regulations and Standards

OWS         - Oil/Water Separator

OWTRC       - Onsite Wastewater Treatment Research Council

Ox          - Total Oxidants

OX          - Oxidation

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
OY          - Operating Year

OYG         - Operating Year Guidance

OZIPP       - Kinetics Model and Ozone Isopleth Plotting Package

OZIPPM      - Modified Ozone Isopleth Plotting Package

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
P             - Phosphorous

P             - Probit Dose Extrapolation Model

P level       - Professional Level

P list        - Listed Hazardous Waste: Acutely Hazardous

P2 or P2      - Pollution Prevention

P2R           - Performance/Progress Review

P3 or P3      - Pollution Prevention Plan

P4            - Permanent Pollution Prevention Program

P4            - Elemental Phosphorous

P8-UCM        - Program for Predicting Polluting Particle Passage through Pits,
                Puddles and Ponds – Urban Catchment Model

PA            - Pennsylvania

PA            - Permit Authority

PA            - Policy Analyst

PA            - Power Administrations

PA            - Preliminary Assessment

PA            - Programmatic Agreement

PA            - Property Administrator

PA            - Public Affairs

Pa            - Pascal (N/m2)

P&A           - Precision and Accuracy

PAA           - Priority Abatement areas

                               JJDS Environmental
           email: website:
PAAS        - Region 10 External Affairs Labels System

PAC         - Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds

PAC         - Postauthorization Change

PAC         - Powdered Activated Carbon

PAC         - Production of Agricultural Chemicals

PAC         - Public Advisory Committee

PACE        - People Against a Contaminated Environment

PAD         - Planning and Analysis Division

PAD         - Pollution Abatement Department

PADCNR      - Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

PADEP       - Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

PADOT       - Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

PADRE       - Particulate Data Reduction

PADS        - PCB Data Activity System

PAFT        - Program for Alternative Fluorocarbon Toxicity Testing

PAG         - Pesticide Assessment Guidelines

PAG         - Protective Action Guidelines

PAGM        - Permit Applicants Guidance Manual

PAH         - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon

PAH         - Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbon

PAHO        - Pan American Health Organization

PAI         - Performance Audit Inspection

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
PAI        - Pure Active Ingredient Compound

PAID       - Plutonium Air Inhalation Dose

PAIR       - Preliminary Assessment Information Rule

PAIS       - Public Affairs Information Service

PAL        - Point, Area, and Line Source Air Quality Model

PAL        - Preventative Action Limits

PALDS      - PAL Model with Deposition and Settling of Pollutants

PALT       - Procurement Administrative Lead Time

PAM        - Performance Assessment Matrix

PAM        - Pesticide Analytical Manual

PAME       - Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment

PAMS       - Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations

PAMs       - Preferred Alternatives Matrices

PAN        - Peroxyacetyl Nitrate

PAO        - Property Accountable Officer

PAO        - Public Affairs Office

PAO        - Public Affairs Officer

PAOT       - Persons at One Time

PAPR       - Powered Air-Purifying Respirator

PAR        - Pathways Analysis Report

PARACDS    - Missing Parameter Codes

PARC       - Office of the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
PARCC       - Precision, Accuracy, Representativeness, Completeness, and

PARIS       - Program for Assisting the Replacement of Industrial Solvents

PARS        - Precision and Accuracy Reporting System

Part A      - Initial RCRA Permit Application

Part B      - Detailed RCRA Permit Application

PAS         - Planning Assistance to States

PAS         - Policy analysis Staff

PAS         - Preliminary Assessment Screening

PA/SI       - Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection

PASS        - Procurement Automated Source System

PAT         - Permit Assistance Team

PAT         - Phosphinothinothricin Acetyltransferase

PATS        - Pesticide Action Tracking System

PATS        - Pesticides Analytical Transport Solution

PAVE        - Program for Assessing Volatile Emissions

PAWS        - Portable Acoustic Wave Sensor

PAYT        - Pay-As-You-Throw

PB          - Polybutene

PB          - Primary Basin

Pb          - Lead

PB-1        - Engineering Form 2200, Summary Construction Program

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
PB-2a      - Engineering Form 2201A, Detailed Project Summary

PB-3       - Engineering Form 2202, Project Cost Estimate

PB-6       - Engineering Form 2204, Study Cost Estimate

PBA        - Preliminary Benefit Analysis

PBBs       - Polybromated Biphenyls

PBC        - Packed Bed Condenser

PBL        - Planetary Boundary Layer

PBLSQ      - The Lead Line Source Model

PBMS       - Performance Based Management System

PBPK       - Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic

PBR        - Permit of Rule

PBR        - Polybutadiene Rubber

PBS        - Packed Bed Scrubber

PBSA       - Performance Based Service Acquisition

PBT        - Persistent, Bioaccumulatve and Toxic

PBT        - Portable Breathalyzer Test

PC         - Personal Computer

PC         - Physically Complete

PC         - Planned Commitment

PC         - Position Classification

PC         - Potential Carcinogen

PC         - Pulverized Coal

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
PCA        - Primary Conservation Area

PCA        - Principle Component Analysis

PCA        - Project Cooperation Agreement

PCA        - Property Clearance Assessment

PCAST      - President’s Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology

PC&B       - Personnel Compensation and Benefits

PCBs       - Polychlorinated Biphenyls

PC-BEIS2   - PC Version of Biogenic Emissions Inventory Sysytem, Version 2

PCBTF      - Parachlorobenzotrifluoride

PCC        - Policy Coordination Committee

PCC        - Portland Cement Concrete

PCC        - Primary Combustion Chamber

PCCB       - Pollution Control Coordinating Board

PCCW       - Public Citizens Congress Watch

PCDD       - Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxin

PCDF       - Polychlorinated Dibenzofuran

PCE        - Perchloroethylene

PCE        - Pollution Control Equipment

PCE        - Project Cost Estimate

PCEE       - President's Commission on Executive Exchange

PCF        - Probability Correction Factor

pCi        - Picocuries

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
PCID         - Prolapsed Cervical Intervertebral Disc

PCIE         - President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency in Government

PCII         - Protected Critical Infrastructure Information

pCi/l        - Picocuries per Liter

pCi/m2-sec   - Picocuries per Square Meter per Second

PCIO         - PC Information Officer

PCIOS        - Processor Common Input/Output System

PCL          - Protective Contaminant Levels

pc/l         - Picocuries per Liter

PCLE zone - Protective Concentration Level Exceedence Zone

PCM          - Phase Contrast Microscopy

PCMD         - Procurement and Contracts Management Division

PCMI         - President's Council on Management Improvement

PCN          - Policy Criteria Notice

PCN          - Preconstruction Notification

PCO          - Pest Control Operator (licensed applicator)

PCO          - Printing Control Officer

PCO          - Procurement Contracting Officer

PCON         - Potential Contractor

PCOS         - Potential Chromium Oxidation Score

PCP          - Pentachlorophenol

PCR          - Polymearse Chain Reaction

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
PCRAMMET - Personal Computer Version of the Meteorological Preprocessor for
           the Old RAM program

PCS         - Permanent Change of Station

PCS         - Permit Compliance System

PCS         - Program Coordination Staff

PCS         - Program Control System

PCSC        - PC Site Coordinator

PCSD        - President's Council on Sustainable Development

PCV         - Positive Crankcase Ventilation System

PD          - Permits Division

PD          - Position Description

PD          - Position Document

PD          - Press Division

PD          - Purchase Description

PDA         - Personal Digital Assistant

PDA         - Preliminary Damage Assessment

PDAS        - Physiological Data Acquisition System

PDCI        - Product Data Call-in

PDD         - Presidential Decision Directive

PDED        - Program Development and Evaluation Division

PDF         - Portable Document Format

PDF          Probability Density function

PDFID       - Positive Direct Flame Ionization Detection

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
PDFID       - Preconcentration Direct Flame Ionization Detection

PDM         - Probablistic Dilution Model

PDM3.1      - Probabilistic Dilution Model Version 3.1

PDMS        - Pesticide Document Management System

PDN         - Pre-Discharge Notification

PDR         - Particulate Data Reduction

PDR         - Public Data Release

PDS         - Personnel Decontamination Station

PDS         - Practice Dangerous to Security

PDS         - Preliminary Determination Summary

PDTS        - Predetermined Time Systems

PE          - Performance Evaluation

PE          - Physical Examination

PE          - Preliminary Engineering

PE          - Professional Engineer

PE          - Program Element

PEA         - Preliminary Endangerment Assessment

PEA         - Preliminary Exposure Analysis

PEARL       - Portable Environmental Assessment and Research Laboratory

PEAS        - Policy and External Affairs Staff

PEB         - Performance Evaluation Board

PEB         - Petroleum Evaluation Board

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
PEC          - Pennsylvania Environmental Council

PEC          - Program Element Code

PED          - Portable Electrical Device

PED          - Program Evaluation Division

PED          - Preconstruction Engineering and Design

PE&D         - Planning, Engineering and Design

PEF          - Particulate Emission Factor

PEFOS        - Program Evaluation and Field Operations Staff

PEHIS        - Preliminary Health Impact Assessment

PEI          - Petroleum Equipment Institute

PEL          - Pennsylvania Economy League

PEL          - Perceived Exposure Limit

PEL          - Permissible Exposure Limit

PEL          - Personal Exposure Limit

PEL          - Priority Enforcement List

PEM          - Partial Equilibrium Multimarket Model

PEM          - Personal Exposure Model

PEMA         - Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

PEMA         - Professional Environmental Marketing Agency

PEMS         - Predictive Emissions Monitoring System

P.Eng        - Registered Professional Engineer

PennDOT      - Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
PEO         - Program Executive Officer

PEP         - Public Education Program

PEPCO       - Potomac Electric Power Company

PEPE        - Prolonged Elevated Pollution Episode

PEQ         - Projected Effluent Quality

PER         - Performance Evaluation Report

PER         - Process Emission Regulation

PER7        - Region 7 Personnel System

PERC        - Perchloroethylene

PERF        - Police Executive Research Forum

PERM        - Preliminary Environmental Review Memorandum

PERMDATA - PERMDATA Management System

PERS        - Ada Personnel System

PERSGA      - Regional Organization for Conservation of Environment of the Red
              Sea and Gulf of Aden

PERSPROP - Personal Property Data Entry and Report System

PERT        - Program Evaluation and Review Technique

PES         - Planning and Evaluation Staff

PES         - Project Executive Summary

PESC        - Cincinnati Performance Evaluation System

PEST        - Region 7 Nebraska Pesticide

PESTANS     - Pesticides Analytical Transport Solution (Groundwater Model)

                             JJDS Environmental
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PESTANV4.0 - Pesticide Analytical Model Version 4.0

PETC        - Pittsburgh Energy Technology Center

PETE        - Polyethylene Terephthalate

PETG        - Polyethylene Terephthalate G Copolyester

PF          - Potency Factor

PF          - Protection Factor

PFA         - Pulverized Fly Ash

PFC         - Perfluorocarbon

PFCRA       - Program Fraud Civil Remedies Act

PFD         - Personal Flotation Device

PFD         - Probability of Failure on Demand

PFD         - Proposal for Decision

PFLT        - Paint Filter Liquids Test

PFO         - Principal Federal Official

PFOS        - Perfluorooctanyl Sulfonate

PFPR        - Pesticide Formulating, Packaging, and Repackaging

PFRP        - Process to Further Reduce Pathogens

PFS         - Professional Food Systems

PFSS        - Pesticide Farm Worker Safety Staff

PFT         - Permanent Full Time

PFTE        - Permanent Full Time Equivalent

PFY         - Prior Fiscal Year

                             JJDS Environmental
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pg          - Picogram

P&G         - Principles and Guidelines

PGC-BMP     - Prince George’s Count Best Management Practice Module

PGD         - Policy and Grants Division

PGM         - Planning Guidance Memorandum

PGN         - Planning Guidance Notebook

PGWDB       - Pesticides in Groundwater Database

pH          - Value of Acidity or Alkalinity

PHA         - Preliminary Hazards Analysis

PHA         - Process Hazard Analysis

PHABSIM     - Physical Habitat Simulation

PHARE       - Poland and Hungary Assistance for Economic Restructuring of the
              European Union

PHAST       - Process Hazard Analysis Software Tools

PHB         - Polyhydroxybutyrate

PHC         - Principal Hazardous Constituent

PHD         - Peak Handle Displacement

PHE         - Public Health Evaluation

PHEE        - Public Health and Environmental Evaluation

PHEM        - Public Health Evaluation Manual

PHF         - Public Health Foundation

PHH         - Planar Halogenated Hydrocarbons

PHHVAS      - Pesticide Head High0Volume Air Sampler

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PHI        - Pre-Harvest Interval

PHN        - Public Health Network

PHONEBOOK -Region 3 Telephone Directory

PHRED      - Public Health Risk Evaluation Data Base

PHS        - Particularly Hazardous Substance

PHS        - Public Health Service

PHSA       - Public Health Service Act

PHV        - Peak Handle Velocity

PI         - Preliminary Injunction

PI         - Principal Investigator

PI         - Program Information

PIA        - Privacy Impact Assessment

PIAT       - Public Information Assist Team

PIC        - Pressurized Ion Chamber

PIC        - Prior Informed Consent

PIC        - Product of Incomplete Combustion

PIC        - Public Information Center

PIC        - Public Interest Counsel

PICO       - Pacific Islands Contact Office

PID        - Photoionization Detector

P&ID       - Piping and Instrument Diagram

PIES       - Pollution Prevention Information Exchange

                            JJDS Environmental
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PIES         - Project Impact Evaluation System

PIG          - Program Implementation Guide

PIGS         - Pesticides in Groundwater Strategy

PIH          - Poison Inhalation Hazard

PIMS         - Pesticide Incident Monitoring System

PIN          - Personal Identification Number

PIN          - Pesticide Information Network

PIN          - Pre Invitation Notice

PIN          - Procurement Information Notice

PINS         - Posterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome

PIO          - Public Information Officer

PIP          - Proximal Interphalangeal

PIP          - Public Involvement Program

PIPES        - Point Source Information Provision and Exchange System

PIPQUIC      - Program Integration Project Queries Used in Interactive Command

PIRG         - Public Interest Research Group

PIRIB        - Public Information and Records Integrity Branch

PIRS         - Pollution Incident Reporting System

PIRT         - Pretreatment Implementation Review Task Force

PIRU         - Public Information Reference Unit

PIS          - Public Information Specialist

PIT          - Permit Improvement Team

                              JJDS Environmental
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PITS        - Project Information Tracking System

Pk          - Peak Concentration

PKA         - Previously Known As

PKSDD       - Probability Kriging to Spatially Distributed Data System

PL          - Public Law

PLC         - Programmable Logic Controller

PLEC        - People, Land management and Environmental Change

PLIRRA      - Pollution Liability Insurance and Risk Retention Act

PLL         - Posterior Longitudinal Ligament

PLM         - Polarized Light Microscope

PLOAD       - A GIS and Spreadsheet Tool to Calculate Nonpoint Sources of
              Pollution in Watersheds

PLP         - Pyridoxal 5’-phosphate

PLPT        - Pretreatment Local Program Tracking System

PLRG        - Pollution Load Reduction Goal

PLS         - Program Liaison Office

PLUME       - Outfall PLUME Model

PLUME2D     - Two-Dimensional Plumes in Uniform Ground Water Flow

PLUME3D     - Three-Dimensional Plumes in Uniform Ground Water Flow

PLUVUE      - Plume Visibility Model

PM          - Particulate Matter

PM          - Preventative Maintenance

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PM         - Product Manager

PM         - Program (Project) Manager

PM2.5      - Particulate Matter Smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter

PM10       - Particulate Matter (nominally 10 microns in diameter and less)

PM15       - Particulate Matter (nominally 15 microns in diameter and less)

PMA        - Petition for Modification of Abatement

PMAS       - Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations

PMBP       - Program and Project management Business Process

PMC        - Program Management Committee

PMD        - Personnel Management Division

PMD        - Planning and Management Division

PMD        - Potable Monitoring Device

PMEL       - Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory

PMF        - Probable Maximum Flood

PMI        - Presidential Management Intern

PMI        - Preventative Maintenance Instructions

PMIP       - Presidential Management Intern Program

PMIS       - Personnel management Information System

PML        - Probable Maximum Loss

PMN        - Premanufacture Notification

PMNF       - Premanufacture Notification Form

PMO        - Program Management Office

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PMOS         - Program Management and Operations Staff

PMP          - Project Management Plan

PMR          - Pollutant Mass Rate

PMR          - Proportionate Mortality Rate

PMRK         - NEIC Permit Ranking System

PMRS         - Performance Management and Recognition System

PMRS         - Performance Monitoring and Reporting System

PMS          - Pavement Management System

PMS          - Performance Management System

PMS          - Performance Management Specialist

PMS          - Performance Monitoring System

PMS          - Planning and Management Staff

PMS          - Program Management Staff

PMS          - Program Management System

PMS          - Region 4 Position Management System

PMSA         - Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area

PMSD         - Program Management and Support Division

PMSS         - Policy and Management Support Staff

PN           - Part Number

PN           - Public Notification

PNA          - Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons

PNA/PAH      - Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons/Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons

                              JJDS Environmental
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PNEC      - Predicted No-Effects Concentration

PNL       - Pacific Northwest Laboratory

PNR       - Pittsburgh Naval Reactors

PNRS      - Preliminary Natural Resource Survey

PO        - Program Operations

PO        - Project Office

PO        - Project Officer

PO        - Purchase Order

po        - Per OS (by Mouth)

POA       - Program Office Approvals

POB       - Place of Birth

POC       - Point of Compliance

POC       - Point of Contact

POC       - Program Office Contacts

POC       - Proof of Concept

POD       - Pacific Ocean Division

POD       - Point of Departure

POD       - Point of Determination

POE       - Point of Entry

POE       - Point of Exposure

POE       - Point of Entry Technologies

POE       - Port of Entry

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       email: website:
POE         - Projected Operating Environment

POGO        - Privately-Owned/Government-Operated

POHC        - Principal Organic Hazardous Constituent

POI         - Point of Interception

POL         - Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants

POLRE       - Pollution Report

POLREP      - Pollution Report

POM         - Particulate Organic Matter

POM         - Polycyclic Organic Matter

POM         - Prescription Only Medicine

POMO        - Program Operations and Management Office

POP         - Performance Oriented Packaging

POP         - Period of Performance

POP         - Persistent Organic Pollutant

POR         - Program of Requirements

PORS        - Project Officer Record System

PORTS       - Physical Oceanographic Real-Time System

POS         - Plan of Study

POS         - Program Operations Staff

POSSEE      - Plant Organizational Software System for Emissions from

POTRK       - Region 3 Purchase Order Tracking System

POTS        - Plain Old Telephone System

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POTW        - Privately Owned Treatment Works

POTW        - Publicly Owned Treatment Works

POU         - Point of Use Technologies

POV         - Privately Owned Vehicle

PP          - Pay Period

PP          - Pesticide Petition

PP          - Pollution Prevention

PP          - Polypropylene

PP          - Priority Pollutants

PP          - Program Planning

P&P         - Preparedness & Prevention

P&P         - Priorities and Planning Committee

P&P Manual - Policy & Procedures Manual

PPA         - Pennsylvania Planning Association

PPA         - Performance Partnership Agreement

PPA         - Pesticide Producers Association

PPA         - Planned Program Accomplishment

PPA         - Pollution Prevention Act

PPAS        - Personal Property Accountability System

ppb         - Parts per Billion

ppbv        - Parts per Billion by Volume

PPBS        - Program Planning and Budget Staff

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PPC        - Personal Protective Clothing

PPC        - Pollution Prevention and Conservation

PPC        - Pollution Prevention Code (Responsible Care Initiative)

PPC        - Preparedness, Prevention and Contingency Plan

PPD        - Pollutant Policy Document

PPE        - Personal Protective Equipment

PPG        - Performance Partnership Grant

PPIC       - Pesticide Programs Information Center

PPIC       - Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse

PPIS       - Pesticide Product Information System

PPIS       - Pollution Prevention Incentives for States

ppm        - Parts per Million

PPM        - Project and Program Management

PPMAP      - Power Planning Modeling Application Procedure

PPMS       - Personal Property Management System

ppmv       - Parts per Million by Volume

ppmvd      - Parts per million by Volume Dry

ppmw       - Parts per Million by Weight

PPP        - Pollution Prevention Plan

PPP        - Purchasing Power Parity

PPPA       - Poison Prevention Packaging Act

PPPL       - Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

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ppq        - Parts per Quadrillion

PPRC       - Pollution Prevention Resource Center

PPRS       - Program Planning and Review Staff

PPSP       - Power Plant Siting Program

ppt        - Parts per Thousand

ppt        - Parts per Trillion

PPT        - Permanent Part Time

PPT        - Pressure Pain Thresholds

ppth       - Parts per Thousand

pptr       - Parts per Trillion

PPU        - Pollution Prevention Office

PQGWP      - Poor Quality Groundwater Withdrawal Permit

PQL        - Practical Quantitation Limit

PQUA       - Preliminary Quantitative Usage Analysis

PQV        - Program Quality Verification

PR         - Pesticide Regulation Notice

PR         - Planned removal

PR         - Preliminary Review

PR         - Procurement Request

PR         - Proposed Rule(s)

PR         - Purchase Request

PRA        - Paperwork Reduction Act

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        email: website:
PRA         - Planned Regulatory Action

PRA         - Probabilistic Risk Assessment

PRAA        - Partial Response Action Area

PRACR       - Post Response Action Care Report

PRAMS       - Paperwork Reduction Act Management System

PRATS       - Pesticides Regulatory Action Tracking System

PRB         - Permeable Reactive Barrier

PRB         - Project/Program Review Board

PRC         - Pennsylvania Resource Council

PRC         - Planning Research Corporation

PRC         - Public Resources Code

PR & C      - Purchase Request & Commitment

PRCS        - Permit-Required Confined Space

PRD         - Pressure Relief Device

PRD         - Program and Development

PREP        - Preparedness Directorate

PREP        - Preparedness for Response Exercise Program

PREPRZM     - Pesticide Root Zone Model

PRESS       - Pressure

PRESTO      - Prediction of Radiological Effects to Shallow Trench Operation

PRGs        - Preliminary Remediation Goals

PRI         - Periodic Reinvestigation

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PRIA         - Preliminary Regulatory Impact Analysis

PRIP         - Plant Replacement and Improvement Program

PRISM        - Project Resources Information System for Management

PRIV         - Privacy Office

PRM          - Prevention Reference Manuals

PRMS         - Plans Review Management System

PRN          - Pesticide Registration Notice

PRNIC        - Public and regulatory Notification of Intent to Comply

PRO          - Program Records Officer

PROD         - Production

PROF         - Premixed One-Dimensional Flame Code

PROFEPA      - Mexico Procuraduria Federal de Proteccion al Ambiente

PROMIS       - Programs Management Information Systems

PROPIN       - Proprietary Information

Prop 65      - California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act

PROSPECT - Proponent Sponsored Engineer Corps Training

PRP          - Potentially Responsible Party(s)

PRR          - Prevalence Rate Ratio

PRS          - Procurement Tracking System

PRTR         - Pollutant Release and Transfer Registry

PRTYPOLS - Priority Pollutants

PRV          - Pressure Relief Valve

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PRZM        - Pesticide Root Zone Model

PS          - Planning Staff

PS          - Point Source

PS          - Polystyrene

PS          - Preparedness Staff

PS          - Primary Standard

PS          - Process Safety

PS          - Public Water Supply

P&S         - Plans and Specifications

P&S         - Principles and Standards

PSA         - Pipeline Safety Act

PSA         - Preliminary Site Assessment

PSA         - Public Service Announcement

PSAM        - Point Source Ambient Monitoring

PSAPCA      - Puget Sound Air Pollution Control Agency

PSB         - Public Safety Building

PSC         - Planning Section Chief

PSC         - Program Site Coordinator

PSCS        - Preliminary Site Characterization Study

PSD         - Prevention of Significant Deterioration

PSD         - Program Systems Division

PSDB        - Point Source Database

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PSDI       - Presence Sensing Device Initiation

PSDL       - Region 4 PSD Log System

PSE        - Planned Special Exposure

PSE        - Program Sub-Element

PSE&G      - Public Service Electric and Gas

PSEL       - Plant Specific Emission Limit

PSES       - Pretreatment Standards for Existing Sources

psf        - Pounds per Square Foot

PSI        - Pollutant Standards Index

PSI        - Pressure per Square Inch

PSI        - Process Safety Information

psi        - Pounds per Square Inch

psia       - Pressure per Square Inch Absolute

psig       - Pressure per Square Inch Gauge

PSM        - Point Source Modeling

PSM        - Point Source Monitoring

PSM        - Process Safety Management

PSNS       - Pretreatment Standards for New Sources

PSOC       - Potential Sources of Contamination

PSP        - Payroll Savings Plan

PSP        - Project Study Plan

PSPD       - Permits and State Programs Division

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
PSPM      - Priority Site Planning Model

PSR       - Polysulfide Rubber

PSR       - Process Safety Review

PSR       - Project Safety Review

PSRP      - Process to Significantly Reduce Pathogens

PSS       - Personnel Security Staff

PSS       - Personnel Staffing Specialist

PSS       - Physical Security Specialist

PSS       - Program Support Staff

PSSM      - Priority Site Summary Module

PST       - Petroleum Storage Tank

PSTN      - Pesticide Safety Team Network

PSTR      - Petroleum Storage Tank Removal Fund

PSU       - Primary Sampling Unit

PSV       - Process Safety Valve

PSVE      - Passive Solar Vapor Extraction

PSW       - Potable Supply Well

PSW       - Process Safety Website

PSX       - Polysiloxane

PT        - Packed Tower

PT        - Part Time

PT        - Project Team

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PT         - Total Particulate Matter

PTA        - Packed Tower Aeration

PTAT       - Pesticides, Toxics and Air Team

PTDIS      - Single Stack Meteorological Model in EPA UNAMAP series

PTE        - Permanent Total Enclosure

PTE        - Potential to Emit

PTFE       - Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon)

PTI        - Permit to Install

PTI        - Public Technology, Inc.

PTMAX      - Single Stack Meteorological Model in EPA UNAMAP Series

PTMPT      - Multistack Meteorological Model in EPA UNAMAP Series

PTO        - Permit to Operate

PTPLU      - Point Source Gaussian Diffusion Model

PTR        - Portable Traffic Recorder

PTS        - Permeation Tube System

PTS        - Project Tracking System

PTSD       - Pesticides and Toxic Substances Division

PTSED      - Pesticides and Toxic Substances Enforcement Division

PTSM       - Principal Threat Source Material

PTZ        - Pan/Tilt/Zoom

PU         - Polyurethane

PU         - Pulmonary Region

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PUC        - Public Utility Commission

PUD        - Planned Unit Development

PUHCA      - Public Utility Holding Company Act

PURPA      - Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act

PV         - Project Verification

P/V        - Pressure/Vacuum

PVA        - Polyvinyl Alcohol

PVB        - Pressure Vacuum Breaker

PVC        - Polyvinyl Chloride

PVMH       - Pressure-Vacuum Man Hole

PVQ        - Previsit Questionnaire

PWB        - Printed Wiring Board

PWGSC      - Public Works and Government Services Canada

PWP        - Planning Work Program

PWS        - Performance Work Statement

PWS        - Public Water Supply/System

PWSA       - Ports and Waterways Safety Act

PWSS       - Public Water Supply System

PY         - Prior Year

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Q              - Quencher

Qad            - Allowable Dilution Flow

QA             - Quality Assurance

Q&A            - Questions and Answers

Q’s & A’s      - Questions and Answers

QAA            - Quality Assessment Audit

QAARP          - Quality Assurance Annual Report and Work Plan

QAC            - Quality Assurance Coordinator

QAFILE         - Ambient Quality Assurance Data Base

QAM            - Quality Assurance Manager

QAMIS          - Quality Assurance Management and Information System

QAMS           - Quality Assurance Management Staff

QAO            - Quality Assurance Officer

QAP            - Quality Assurance Plan

QAPjP           Quality Assurance Project Plan

QAPP           - Quality Assurance Program Plan

QAPP           - Quality Assurance Project Plan

QA/QC          - Quality Assurance / Quality Control

QAR            - Quality Assurance Report

QAR            - Quality Assurance Representative

QASP           - Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan

                                JJDS Environmental
            email: website:
QASRE        - Research Triangle Park Quality Assurance Data System

QAT          - Quality Action Team

QATS         - Quality Assurance Technical Support

qBtu         - Quadrillion British Thermal Units

QC           - Quality Control

QC           - Quench Column

QCA          - Quiet Communities Act

QCI          - Quality Control Index

QCP          - Quality Control Plan

QCP          - Quiet Community Program

QCSDS        - Quality Control Sample Distribution

QCT          - Quantitative Computed Tomography

Q-D          - Quantity-Distance

QEP          - Qualified Environmental Professional

QF           - Qualifying Facility

QHEI         - Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index

QI           - Qualified Individual

QIP          - Quality Improvement Program

QL           - Quantitation Limit

QLF/ACE      - Quebec-Labrador Foundation/Atlantic Center for the Environment

QM           - Quality Management

QM           - Query Manager

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          email: website:
QMP          - Quality Management Plan

QMS          - Quality Management System

QNCR         - Quarterly Noncompliance Report

Qobn         - Quarternary Older Bay Mud

QPP          - Quality Program Plan

QPR          - Quarterly Progrss Report

QRA          - Quantitative Risk Assessment/Analysis

QS           - Quench Separator

QSAR         - Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships

QSI          - Quality Step Increase

QT           - Quench Tower

QUA          - Qualitative Use Assessment

QUA          - Quantitative Usage Analysis

QUA*         - Quantitative Usage Analysis Plus Information

QUAL-II      - Stream Quality Model

QUAL2E       - Enhanced Stream Water Quality Model

QUIPE        - Quarterly Update for Inspector in Pesticide Enforcement

QWIP         - Quality Water Improvement Program

Qybm         - Quarternary Younger Bay Mud

                              JJDS Environmental
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R6CAPS      - Region 6 Corrective Action Prioritization System

RA          - Radiological Assay

RA          - Reasonable Alternative

RA          - Regional Administrator

RA          - Regulatory Alternative

RA          - Regulatory Analysis

RA          - Reimbursable Agreement

RA          - Relative Accuracy

RA          - Remedial Action

RA          - Resource Allocation

RA          - Risk Analysis

RA          - Risk Assessment

RA          - Run Average

RAATS       - RCRA Administrative Action Tracking System

RAB         - Remedial Action Branch

RAC         - Radiation Advisory Committee

RAC         - Raw Agricultural Commodity

RAC         - Regional Asbestos Coordinator

RAC         - Regional Aviation Committee

RAC         - Remedial Action Contract

RAC         - Research Advisory Council

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         email: website:
RAC          - Response Action Contract

RAC          - Response Action Contractor

RAC          - Response Action Coordinator

RAC          - Risk Assessment Council

RAC          - Reference Air Concentration

RC&D         - Resource Conservation and Development District

RACF         - Resource Access Control Facility

RACHEL       - Reauthorization and Clarification of How Everybody's Liable

RACM         - Reasonably Available Control Measures

RACM         - Regulated Asbestos Containing Material

RACR         - Response Action Completion Report

RACS         - Reiter Acoustic Startle

RACT         - Reasonably Available Control Technology

RAD          - Radiation

RAD          - Radiation Adsorbed Dose

RAD          - Risk Associated Dose

RADCOM       - Radiological Control

RADM         - Random Walk Advection and Dispersion Model

RADM         - Regional Acid Deposition Model

RAD/NUCCTEC- Radiological/Nuclear Countermeasures Testing and Evaluation

RADRISK      - Radionuclide Dose Rate/Risk

RADX         - Cincinnati Radiation Exposure Tracking System

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
RAER       - Response Action Effectiveness Report

RAF        - Relative Absorption Factor

RAF        - Risk Assessment Forum

RAGAGEP    - Recognized and Generally Accepted Good Engineering Practice

RAGS       - Risk Assessment Guidance

RAINS      - Regional Acidification Information and Simulation

RAIR       - Rail Equipment Accident/Incident Report Database

RAM        - Random Access Memory

RAM        - Real-Time Air-Quality Simulation Model (urban air quality model for
             point and area sources)

RAM        - Remote Area Monitor

RAM        - Residue Analytical Methods

RAM        - Responsibility Assignment Matrix

RAMP       - Remedial Action Management Plan

RAMP       - Remedial Action Master Plan

RAMP       - Rural Abandoned Mine Program

RAMS       - Regional Air Monitoring System

RAO        - Remedial Action Objectives

RAP        - Radon Action Plan

RAP        - Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

RAP        - Regional Aquifer Protection

RAP        - Registration Assessment Panel

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RAP        - Remedial Accomplishment Plan

RAP        - Remedial Action Plan

RAP        - Reregistration Assessment Panel

RAP        - Response Action Plan

RAPA       - Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific of FAO

RAPS       - Regional Air Pollution Study

RAQC       - Regional Air Quality Committee

RARG       - Regulatory Analysis Review Group

RA/RM      - Risk Assessment/Risk Management

RAS        - Remote Alarm Systems

RAS        - Routine Analytical Services

RAS        - Risk Assessment Study

RASP       - Regional Aviation Systems Plan

RAT        - Relative Accuracy Test

RATA       - Relative Accuracy Test Audit

RAWP       - Response Action Work Plan

RB         - Red Border

RB         - Request for Bid

RBAC       - Recycling and Reuse Business Assistance Center

RBC        - Red Blood Cells

RBC        - Red Blood Count

RBC        - Risk Based Concentration

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RBC       - Rotating Biological Contractors

RBCA      - Risk Based Corrective Action

RBE       - Relative Biological Effectiveness

RBEL      - Risk Based Exposure Limit

RBOB      - RFG Blendstock for Oxygenate Blending

RBP       - Rapid Bioassessment Protocol

RC        - Radioactive Control

RC        - Regional Coordinator

RC        - Regional Counsel

RC        - Remedial Construction

RC ®      - Responsible Care ®

RC        - Responsibility Center

RCA       - Response Calibration Audit

RCC       - Radiation Coordinating Council

RCC       - Regional Citizens Committee

RCC       - Resource Conservation Challenge

RCC       - Resource Conservation Committee

RCC       - Resource Conservation Committee

RCC       - Resource Conservation Council

RCD       - Resource Conservation District

RCDO      - Regional Case Development Officer

RCE       - Rotating Cylinder Electrodes

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
RCGAS      - Recovery/Re-use of Compressed Gases

RCI        - Residential Communities Initiative

RCO        - Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer

RCO        - Regional Compliance Officer

RCO        - Regional Contracting Officer

RCOC       - Refined Contaminants of Concern

RCP        - Regional Contingency Plan

RCP        - Reinforced Concrete Pipe

RCP        - Research Centers Program

RCP        - Regional Contingency Plan

RCRA       - Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (1976)

RCRC       - Regional Cost Recovery Coordinator

RCRIS      - Resource Conservation and Recovery Information System

RCS        - Computer Timesharing Resource Control System

RCT        - Radiological Control Technician

RCT        - Reference Control Technology

RD         - Ranger District

RD         - Registration Division

RD         - Remedial Design

RD         - Reporting District

R&D        - Research and Development

RDB        - Regulatory Development Branch

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RD&D        - Research, Development and Demonstration

RDDR        - Regional Deposited Dose Ratio

RDDR(ER)    - Regional Deposited Dose Ratio Extrarespiratory Effect

RDDR(ET)    - Regional Deposited Dose Ratio Extrathoracic Region

RDDR(PU)    - Regional Deposited Dose Ratio Pulmonary Region

RDDR(TB)    - Regional Deposited Dose Ratio Tracheobronchial Region

RDDR(TH)    - Regional Deposited Dose Ratio Thoracic Region

RDDR(Total) - Regional Deposited Dose Ratio Total Respiratory Tract

RDDT&E      - Research, Development, Demonstration, Testing and Evaluation

RDF         - Refuse-Derived Fuel

RDL         - Reliable Detection Limit (Level)

RDM         - Relocation Design Memorandum

RDNA        - Recombinant DNA

RD/RA       - Remedial Design/Remedial Action

RDS_HWDMS -National Hazardous Waste Data Management Systems

RDT         - Regional Decision Team

RDT&E       - Research, Development, Testing and Evaluation

RDU         - Regional Decision Unit

RDV         - Reference Dose Values

RDX         - Cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine

RDX         - Trinitrotrimethylenetriamine

RE          - Real Estate

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
RE            - Reasonable Efforts

RE            - Removal Efficiency

RE            - Reportable Event

REA           - Registered Environmental Assessor

REACH         - Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals

READ          - Regulatory and Economics Division

REAG          - Reproductive Effects Assessment Group

REAP          - Regional Enforcement Activities Plan

REAS          - Regional Enforcement and Superfund System

REC           - Recreation

REC           - Recognized Environmental Condition

REC           - Regional Enforcement Counsel

REC           - Regional Emergency Coordinator

REC           - Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe

REC           - Renewable Energy Certificate

RECALLDB - Recall Data Base

RECEIV-I      - I Receiving Water Model

RECLAIM       - Regional Clean Air Initiatives Marker

RED           - RCRA Enforcement Division

RED           - Regional Economic Development

RED           - Reregistration Eligibility Decision Document

REDA          - Recycling Economic Development Advocate

                               JJDS Environmental
           email: website:
REDM         - Real Estate Design Memorandum

REE          - Rare Earth Elements

REE          - Research, Education and Economics

REEP         - Reasonable Extra Efforts Program

REEP         - Review of Environmental Effects of Pollutants

REF          - Reference

ReFIT        - Reinvention for Innovative Technologies

REFS         - Reference Files System

Reg          - Regulation

Reg          - Regulatory

REG NEG      - Negotiating Rulemaking

REHS         - Registered Environmental Health Specialist

REI          - Restricted Entry Interval

REIT         - Research Triangle Park Reiter Maze System

REL          - Recommended Exposure Limit

REL          - Relocate

REM          - Registered Environmental Manager

REM          - Remove from the Population

REM          - Roentgen Equivalent

REM/FIT      - Remedial/Field Investigation Team

REMARC       - Resource Entry, Management, Accountability and Reporting for

REMIS        - Real Estate Management Information System

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
REMM         - Riparian Ecosystem Management Model

REMS         - RCRA Enforcement Management System

RENEW        - Resource Exchange and Network for Eliminating Waste

REP          - Reasonable Efforts Program

REPA         - Registered Environmental Property Assessor

REPAC        - RCRA Enforcement Permitting and Assistance Contract

REPAIRS      - REPA Information and Reporting System

REPLO        - Regional Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer

REPR         - Real Estate Planning Report

REPRISK      - High Level Radioactive Waste-Repository Risk Model

REPS         - Regional Emissions Projection System

RES          - Real estate Supplement

RESL         - Radiological and Environmental Sciences Laboratory

RESOLVE      - Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution

RETEAs       - Real Estate Transfer Environmental Assessments

REXS         - Report on Executive Staffing

RF           - Radio Frequency

RF           - Response Factor

RF1          - Reach File Version 1

RF2          - Reach File Version 2

RF3-Alpha    - Reach File Version 3 - Alpha

RFA          - RCRA Facility Assessment

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
RFA        - Regional Facility Assessments

RFA        - Regulatory Flexibility Act

RFA        - Regulatory Flexibility Analysis

RFA        - Remedial Facility Assessment

RFA        - Request for Assistance

RFB        - Request for Bid

RFC        - Inhalation Reference Concentration

RfC        - Reference Concentration

RFC        - Request for Comments

RFD        - Reasonable Foreseeable Development

RfD        - Reference Dose

RFD        - Reference Dose Values

RfDc       - Chronic Reference Dose

RfDdt      - Developmental Reference Dose

RfDs       - Subchronic Reference Dose

RFETS      - Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site

RFG        - Reformulated Gasoline

RFI        - Radio Frequency Interference

RFI        - RCRA Facility Investigation

RFI        - Regional Facility Investigations

RFI        - Remedial Field Investigation

RFI        - Request for Information

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RFID        - Radio Frequency Identification

RFITO       - Regional Field Investigation Team Office

RFP         - Reasonable Further Progress

RFP         - Request for Proposal

RFP         - Rocky Flats Plant

RFQ         - Request for Quotation

RFQ         - Request for Quote

RG          - Registered Geologist

RgD         - Regulatory Dose

RGDR        - Regional Gas Dose Ratio

RGDR(ET)    - Regional Gas Dose Ratio Extrathoracic Region

RGDR(PU)    - Regional Gas Dose Ratio Pulmonary Region

RGDR(TB)    - Regional Gas Dose Ratio Tracheobronchial Region

RGDR(TH)    - Regional Gas Dose Ratio Thoracic Region

RGDR(Total) - Regional Gas Dose Ratio Total Respiratory Tract

RGF         - Recirculating Gravel Filter

RGICS       - Region 7 Version of Region 5 Grants Information and Control

RGN         - Reactivity Group Number

RGP         - Regional General Permit

RGS         - Research Grants Staff

RH          - Remote Handled

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
R/h        - Roentgen per Hour

R&H        - River and Harbor

RHA        - Rivers and Harbors Act

RHC        - Reactive Hydrocarbons

RHCMM      - Registered Hazardous Chemicals Materials Manager

RHRS       - Revised Hazard Ranking System

RHW        - Restricted Hazardous Waste

RI         - Reconnaissance Inspection

RI         - Remedial Investigation

RIA        - Regional Impact Analysis

RIA        - Regulatory Impact Analysis

RIA        - Regulatory Impact Analysis Facility Profile

RIA        - Regulatory Impact Assessment

RIC        - Radon Information Center

RIC        - RCRA Docket Information Center

RIC        - Research Triangle Park Information Center

RICC       - Retirement Information and Counseling Center

RICE       - Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines

RICO       - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

RID        - Regulatory Integration Division

RIDS       - Response Information Data Sheet

RIF        - Reduction in Force

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RI/FS      - Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study

RIH        - Registered Industrial Hygienist

RILS       - Regulatory Interpretation Letters

RIM        - Regional Implementation Manual

RIM        - Regulatory Interpretation Memorandum

RIMD       - Regulation and Information Management Division

RIMS       - Remediation Information Management System

RIN        - Regulatory Identifier Number

RIP        - RCRA Implementation Plan

RIO        - Region Initiated Order

RIP        - RCRA Implementation Plan

RIS        - RCRA Implementation Study

RIS        - Regulatory Innovations Staff

RISC       - Regional Interagency Steering Committee

RISC       - Regulatory Information Service Center

RITA       - Relocation Income Tax Allowance

RITZ       - Regulatory and Investigative Treatment Zone Model

RIVM       - Netherlands National Institute of Public Health and the Environment

RJE        - Remote Job Entry

RJS        - Reverse Jet Scrubber

RKS        - Rotary Kiln Incineration System

RLAB       - Region 4 Labels System

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RLBPHRA    - Residential Lead Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act

RLEAD      - Thermal Recovery of Lead in Secondary Lead Smelters

RLIBY      - A Database of Pollution Prevention Articles Maintained by the
             Waste reduction Resource Center

RLL        - Rapid and Large Leakage (Rate)

RLO        - Records Liaison Officer

RLS        - Release On-Site

RM         - Reference Method

RM         - Regional Manager

RM         - Risk Management

RMA        - Radiological Material Area

RMA        - Rubber Manufacturers Association

RMA        - Rubber Modified Material

RMAN       - Recovered Materials Advisory Notice

RMAO       - Resources Management and administrative Office

RMCL       - Recommended Maximum Contaminant Levels (this phrase is being
             discontinued in favor of "MCLG")

RMD        - Risk Management Division

RMDHS      - Regional Model Data Handling System

RMDS       - Resource management Directives System

RME        - Reasonable Maximum Exposure

RMERC      - Retorting or Roasting of Mercury in Thermal Processing Units

RMETL      - Recovery of Metals or Inorganics

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RMI        - Repetitive Motion Injury

RMIS       - Resources Management Information System

RMIS/BAR   - Resources Management Information System/Budget Analysis

RML        - Radiation Measurements Laboratory

RMO        - Records Management Officer

RMO        - Resource Management Office

RMP        - Radon/Radon Progeny Measurement Proficiency Program

RMP        - Regional Monitoring Program

RMP        - Resource management Plan

RMP        - Risk Management Plan

RMP        - Risk Management Program

RMPP       - Risk Management Prevention Plans

RMPP       - Risk Management and Prevention Program

RMRS       - Rocky Mountain Remediation Services

RMS        - Radon Measurement Specialist

RMS        - Region 10 Resource Management System

RMS        - Resident Management System

RMS        - Resource Management Staff

RMS        - Roadway Management System

RMS        - Root Mean Square

RMW        - Radioactive Mixed Waste

RNA        - Rapid Needs Assistance (Team)

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
RNA         - Ribonucleic Acid

RO          - Radioactive Only

RO          - Records Officer

RO          - Regional Office

RO          - Responsible Official

RO          - Reverse Osmosis

RO          - Right of Way

ROADCHEM - Roadway Version that Includes Chemical Reactions of Bl, NO 2 and

ROADWAY - A model to predict pollutant concentrations near a roadway

ROC         - Record of Communication

ROC         - Regional Operations Center

ROC         - Required Operating Capability

ROD         - Record of Decision

RODS        - Records of Decision System

ROG         - Reactive Organic Gases

ROH         - Registered Occupational Hygienist

ROHT        - Registered Occupational Hygiene Technologist

ROI         - Region of Influence

ROICC       - Resident Officer in Charge of Construction

ROLLBACK - A Proportional Reduction Model

ROM         - Range of Motion

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
ROM          - Read Only Memory

ROM          - Reduction of Organic Matter

ROM          - Regional Oxidant Model

ROM          - Rough Order Magnitude

ROMCOE       - Rocky Mountain Center on Environment

RON          - Research Octane Number

RON          - Rest Overnight

ROP          - Rate of Progress

ROP          - Regional Operating Plan

ROP          - Regional Oversight Policy

ROPA         - Record of Procurement Action

RoPC         - Radionuclide of Potential Concern

ROPME        - Regional Organization for the Protection of the Marine Environment

ROPS         - Roll Over Protective Structure

ROP SIP      - Rate of Progress State Implementation Plan

RORGS        - Recovery of Organics

ROS          - Recreation Opportunity Spectrum

ROSA         - Regional Ozone Study Area

ROSE         - Remote Optical Sensing of Emissions

ROSES        - Residual Organic Stack Emissions

ROV          - Report of Violation

ROW          - Right of Way

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
ROWA         - Regional Office for West Asia

RP           - Radon Progeny Integrated Sampling

RP           - Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly

RP           - Reporting Party

RP           - Respirable Particulates

RP           - Responsible Party

RPAR         - Rebuttal Presumption Against Registration

RPD          - Regulatory Policy Division

RPD          - Relative Percent Difference

RPE          - Range of Perceived Exertion

RPE          - Registered Professional Engineer

RPF          - Relative Potency factor

RPG          - Radiation Protection Group

RPIH         - Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist

RPIO         - Responsible Planning and Implementation Officer

RPI/RPR      - Responsible Party Investigation/Responsible Party Remediation

RPM          - Reactive Plume Model

RPM          - Regional Project Manager

RPM          - Remedial Project Manager

RPM          - Revolutions per Minute

RPO          - Regional Planning Officer

RPO          - Regional Program Officer

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
RPO        - Regional Project Officer

RPS        - Remedial Planning Staff

RRP        - Resource Recovery Project

RPR        - Responsible Party Remediation

RPT        - Relative Potential Toxicity

RPTA       - Responsible Property Transfer Act

RPTS       - Regional Priority Tracking System

RQ         - Reportable Quantity(s)

RQCAR      - Reportable Quantities for Carcinogens in Hazardous Waste

RQG        - Reduced Quantity Generator

RQL        - Reliable Quantitation Level

RQMP       - Regional Quality Management Plans

RQTOX      - Reportable Quantities for Chronically Toxic Hazardous Substances

RR         - Relative Risk

R&R        - Report and Recommendations to Cabinet

R&R        - Roles and Responsibilities

RRAD       - Respiratory Related Restricted Active Day

RRC        - Reconnaissance Review Conference

RRC        - Regional Response Center

RRC        - Texas Railroad Commission

RRCC       - Regional Response Coordination Center

RREL       - Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RRF        - Relative Response Factor

RRI        - Regulatory Reform Initiative

RRO        - Regional Records Officer

RRP        - Regional Response Plan

RRPT       - Registered Radiation Protection Technologist

RRR        - Readiness, Response and Recovery

RRR        - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

RRR        - Risk Reduction Rules

RRS        - Regulatory Reform Staff

RRS        - Risk Reduction Standards

RRT        - Regional Response Team

RRT        - Relative Retention Time

RRT        - Requirements Reference Table

RRT        - Requisite Remedial Technology

RS         - Registered Sanitarian

RS         - Registration Standard

RS         - Responsiveness Survey

RSA        - Radiological Storage Area

RSAT       - Rapid Stream Assessment Technique

RSC        - Relative Source Contribution

RSCC       - Regional Sample Control Center

RSCRC      - Regional Superfund Community Relations Center

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RSD         - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

RSD         - Relative Standard Deviation

RSD         - Risk Specific Dose

RSE         - Removal Site Evaluation

RSF         - RWMC Storage Facility

RSI         - Repetitive Strain Injury

RSKERL      - Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Laboratory

RSMD        - Resource Systems Management Division

RSMS        - Requirement Statement Management System Conference

RSO         - Radiation Safety Officer

RSPA        - Research and Special Programs Administration

RSPA-OHM - Research and Special Programs Administration’s Office of
           Hazardous Materials Safety

RSPA-OPS - Research and Special Programs Administration’s Office of Pipeline

RSPM        - Regional Site Project Manager

RSPO        - Regional Site Project Officer

RSS         - Jordan Royal Scientific Society

RSS         - Regional Services Staff

RSSC        - Real Estate Systems Support Cent

RSSC        - Recycled Shielded Storage Container

RSSF        - Radioactive Sodium Storage Facility

RSWF        - Radioactive Scrap and Waste Facility

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
RT          - Regional Total

RT          - Retention Time

RTA         - Refractory Toxicity Assessment

RTC         - Regional Transportation Committee

RTCM        - Reasonable Transportation Control Measure

RTD         - Return to Duty

RTDF        - Remediation Technologies Development Forum

RTDM        - Rough Terrain Diffusion Model

RTDMDEP     - Rough Terrain Diffusion Model Deposition

RTECS       - Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances

RTEL        - Research Triangle Park FTS Telephone System

RTF         - Remote Treatment Facility

RTHRM       - Thermal Recovery of Metals or Inorganics from Non-Wastewaters
              in Industrial Furnaces

RTICS       - Superfund Regional Toxics Integration Coordinators

RTK         - Right-to-Know

RTKNET      - Right-to-Know Network

RTLP        - Army Range and Training Land Program

RTM         - Regional Transport Model

RTM         - Requirements Traceable Matrix

RTO         - Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer

RTP         - Regional transportation Model

RTP         - Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
RTP        - Right to Participate

RTR        - Real Time Radiography

RTR        - Right to Refuse

RTRP       - Remedial Technology Review Program

RTS        - Regulation Tracking System

RTS        - Removal Tracking System

RU         - Remediation Unit

RUC        - Restricted Use Classification

RUL        - Resource Unit Leader

RUP        - Research Utilization Plan

RUP        - Restricted Use Pesticide

RUPOC      - Regulated Unit Point of Compliance

RUSLE      - Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation

RUSWMTF - Regional Urban Stormwater Management Task Force

RV         - Recreational Vehicle

RV         - Relief Valve

RV         - Residual Volume

RVCM       - Residual Vinyl Chloride Monomer

RVD        - Relief Valve Discharge

RVP        - Reid Vapor Pressure

RWA        - Radiation Work Authorization

RWA        - Receiving Water Assessment

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
RWAP       - Radioactive Waste acceptance Program

RWC        - Receiving Water Concentration

RWC        - Residential Wood Combustion

RWCA       - Radiation Waste Collection Area

RWCD       - Residential Wood Combustion Devices

RWMC       - Radioactive Waste Management Complex

RWMIS      - Radioactive Waste Management Information System

RWP        - Radiological Work Permit

RWQCB      - Regional Water Quality Control Board (California)

RWS        - Rural Water Survey

RX75       - Region 10 Laboratory Management System

RZ         - Recovery Zone

RZINC      - Recovery of Zinc in High Temperature Meta Units

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
S          - Safety

S          - Scrubber

S          - Sulfur

s          - Second

SA         - Secretary of the Army

SA         - Self Assessment

SA         - Special Assistant

SA         - Sunshine Act

SA         - Surface Area

S&A        - Sampling and Analysis

S&A        - Supervision and Administration

S&A        - Surveillance and Analysis

SAA        - Satellite Accumulation Area

SAA        - South Atlantic Area

SAAMS      - Region 4 Sample Analyses and Management System

SAAR       - Secretary’s After Action Report

SAAR       - Supervisor Accident Analysis Report

SAB        - Same as Above

SAB        - Science Advisory Board

SAC        - Secretarial Advisory Committee

SAC        - Senate appropriations Committee

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
SAC         - Special Agent in Charge

SAC         - Starved Air Combustion

SAC         - Support Agency Coordinator

SAC         - Suspended and Canceled Pesticides

SACCR       - Schedule and Cost Change Request

SACEP       - South Asia Environmental Cooperative Program

SACM        - Superfund Accelerated Cleanup Model

SAD         - Research Triangle Park Acid Rain System

SAD         - Safety Analysis Document

SAD         - South Atlantic Division

SADAA       - Science Advisor to the Deputy Assistant Administrator

SADBU       - Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization

SADC        - South African Development Community

SADC-ELMS - Environment and Land Management Sector of SADC

SADT        - Self-Accelerating Decomposition Temperature

SAE         - Society of Automotive Engineers

SA(ET)      - Surface Area Extrathoracic Region

SAEWG       - Standing Air Emissions Work Group

SAF         - Safety Approval Form

SAF         - Society of American Foresters

SAFC        - Southern Appalachian Forest Coalition

SAFER       - Streamlined Approach for Environmental Restoration

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SAFETEA      - Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and efficient Transportation Act

SAGE         - Solvent Alternative Guide

SAGE         - Strategic Advisory Group on Environment

SAI          - Soil/Air Ingestion Standard

SAIC         - Special-Agents-In-Charge

SAI-Ind      - Soil/Air Ingestion Standard for Industrial Use

SAIMM        - Prognostic Meteorological Model

SAIP         - Systems Acquisition and Implementation Program

SAI-Res      - Soil/Air Ingestion Standard for Residential Use

SALEMDUG - State and Local Emergency Management Data Users Group

SAMA         - Scientific Apparatus Makers Association

SAMAC        - Standing AIRS Management Advisory Committee

SAMAB        - Southern Appalachian Man and Biosphere Program

SAME         - Society of American Military Engineers

SAMI         - Southern Appalachian Mountains Initiative

SAMIS        - Safety Management Information Statistics Database

SAMP         - Special Area Management Plan

SAMSON       - Solar and Meteorological Surface Observation Network

SAMWG        - Standing Air Monitoring Work Group

SAN          - Styrene Acrylonitrile

SANE         - Sulfur and Nitrogen Emissions

SANSS        - Structure and Nomenclature Search System

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
SAP         - Indeterminate

SAP         - Sampling and Analysis Plan

SAP         - Scientific Advisory Panel

SAP         - Serum Alkaline Phosphatase

SAP         - Special Access Program

SA(PU)      - Surface Area Pulmonary Region

SAR         - Safety Analysis Report

SAR         - Search and Rescue

SAR         - Share a Ride

SAR         - Sodium Adsorption Ratio

SAR         - Special Allowance Reserve

SAR         - Specific Absorption Rate

SAR         - Start Action Request

SAR         - Structure-Activity Relationship (of a qualitative assessment)

SAR         - Supplied Air Respirator

SAR         - Synthetic Aperture Radar

SARA        - Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act (1986) (also
              known as the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know
              Act of 1986 - EPCRA)

SARDA       - Secretary of the Army, Research, Development and Acquisitions

SARDC       - Southern Africa Research and Documentation Center

SARM        - Standard Analytical Reference Material

SAROAD      - Storage and Retrieval of Aerometric Data

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SAS            - Special Analytical Services

SAS            - Statistical Analysis System

SASD           - Strategies and Air Standards Division

SASS           - Source Assessment Sampling System

SASP           - State Airport System Plan

SASW           - Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves

SATA           - Site Assessment and Technical assistance

SA(TB)         - Surface Area Tracheobronchial Region

SA(TH)         - Surface Area Thoracic Region

SATO           - Scheduled Airline Traffic Office

SA(Total)      - Surface Area Total Respiratory Region

SAV            - Secondary Acute Value

SAV            - Site Assessment Visit

SAV            - Staff Assistant Visit

SAV            - Submerged Aquatic Vegetation

SAVR           - Schlumberger Assisted Vapor Recovery

SB             - Secondary Basin

SB             - Senate Bill

SB             - Statement of Basis

SB             - Statutory Baseline

Sb             - Antimony

SBA            - Small Business Act

                                JJDS Environmental
            email: website:
SBA         - Small Business Administration

SBA         - Smart Border Alliance

SBAP        - Small Business Assistance Program

SBAR        - Small Business Advocacy Review Panel

SBC         - Single Breath Canister

SBCC        - Southern Building Code Congress

SBDC        - Small Business Development Center

SBE         - State Board of Education

SBH         - Small Boat Harbor

SBI         - Special Background Investigation

SBLT        - Sequential Batch Leach Test

SBO         - Senior Budget Officer

SBO         - Small Business Ombudsman

SBR         - Styrene Butadiene Rubber

SBREFA      - Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act

SBRP        - Superfund Basic Research Program

SBS         - Sick Building Syndrome

SBSA        - Small Business Set Aside

SBTAP       - Small Business Technical Assistance Program

SBU         - Sensitive but Unclassified

SC          - Safety Coordinator

SC          - Section Chief

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SC          - Sierra Club

SC          - Soil Conductivity

SC          - Steering Committee

SCA         - Secured Creditor Assessment

SCA         - Soil Conservation Area

SCA         - Specific Collection Area

SCA         - State Cooperative Agreement

SCAB        - South Coast Air Basin

SCAC        - Support Careers Advisory Committee

SCADS       - Superfund Chemical Analysis Data System

SCAP        - Superfund Comprehensive Accomplishments Plan

SCAPS       - Site Characterization and Analysis Penetrometer System

SCAQMD      - South Coast Air Quality Management District

SCAR        - Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research

SCBA        - Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

SCC         - Source Category Code

SCC         - Source Classification Code

SCC         - Secondary Combustion Chamber

SCC         - Secretary’s Command Center

SCC         - State Coastal Conservancy

SCC         - Supreme Court of Canada

sccm        - Standard Cubic Centimeters per minute

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SCD         - Soil Conservation District

SCD/SWCD - Soil or Soil and Water Conservation District

SCDM        - Superfund Chemical Data Matrix

SCE         - Sister-Chromatid Exchange

SCE         - State of the Canadian Environment

SCERP       - Southwest Consortium on Environmental Research and Planning

scf         - Standard Cubic Feet

scfm        - Standard Cubic Feet per Minute

SCI         - Sensitive Compartmented Information

SCIF        - Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SCIGROW     - Screening Concentration in Groundwater

SCL         - Secondary Constituent Level

SCLDF       - Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund

SCMPRA      - Surface Coal Mining, Preparation, and Reclamation Activity

SCMPRO      - Surface Coal Mining, Preparation, and Reclamation Operator

SCO         - State Coordinating Officer

SCO         - Surface Contaminated Object

SCOPE       - Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment

SCOR        - Scientific Committee on Ocean Research

SCORE       - Small Community Outreach and Education

SCORP       - State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan

SCORPIO     - Subject Content Oriented Retriever for Processing Information On-

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SCP         - State Contingency Plan

SCR         - Selective Catalytic Reduction

SCRAM       - State Consolidated RCRA Authorization Manual

SCRAM       - Support Center for Regulatory Air Models

SCRAM/BBS - Support Center for Regulatory Air Models (Bulletin Board System)

SCRB        - Separable Costs-Remaining Benefits

SCRC        - Superfund Community Relations Coordinator

SCRP        - Superfund Community Relations Program

SCS         - Secondary Containment System

SCS         - Soil Conservation Service

SCS         - Superfund Community Relations Program

SCS         - Supplementary Control Strategy (System)

SCSA        - Soil Conservation Society of America

SCSP        - Storm and Combined Sewer Program

SCT         - Spectrum Control Technology

SCTL        - Spinal Compression Tolerance Limits

SCU         - Subcutaneous

SCUREF      - South Carolina University Research and Education Foundation

SCV         - Secondary Chronic Values

SCV         - Sterilization Chamber Vent

SCW         - Supercritical Water Oxidation

SCWO        - Supercritical Water Oxidation

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SD         - Senate Document

SD         - Spray Dryer

SD         - Standard Deviation

SD         - Storm Drain

S&D        - Study and Development

SDA        - Subsurface Disposal Area

SDB        - Small and Disadvantaged Business

SDBE       - Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

SDBUS      - Small and Disadvantaged Utilization Specialist

SDC        - Settlement Decision Committee

SDC        - State Data Centers

SDC        - Systems Decision Plan

sdcm       - Standard Dry Cubic Meter

SDG        - Sample Delivery Group

SDI        - Selective Dissemination of Information

SDI        - Subchronic Daily Intake

SDR        - Service Difficulty Report

SDR        - Standard Dimension Ratio

SDRP       - State Development and Redevelopment Plan

SDS        - Shutdown System

SDTF       - Spray Drift Task Force

SDWA       - Safe Drinking Water Act (as amended in 1986)

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
SDWIS       - Safe Drinking Water Information System

SDWIS(WS) - Safe Drinking Water Information System (Water System)

SDWIS(WSF) - Safe Drinking Water Information System (Water System Facility)

SE          - Standard Error

Se          - Selenium

S&E         - Salaries and Expenses

SEA         - Science and Engineering Associates

SEA         - Securities Exchange Act

SEA         - State Enforcement Agreement

SEA         - State/EPA Agreement

SEAM        - Superfund Exposure Assessment Manual

SEAM        - Surface, Environment and Mining

SEAPPM      - Safety and Environmental Administrative Policy and Procedures

SEAR        - Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation

SEAS        - Strategic Environmental Assessment System

SEB         - Source Evaluation Board

SEC         - Securities and Exchange Commission

SEC         - Senior Enforcement Counsel

sec         - Second

SECRAMP     - Secretary’s Remedial Action Management Program

SED         - Site Emergency Director

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SED3D       - Three dimensional Numerical Model of Hydrodynamics and
              sediment Transport in Lakes and Estuaries

SEDD        - Staged Electronic Data Delivery

SEDM        - State/EPA Data Management

SEDS        - State Energy Data System

SEE         - Senior Environmental Employment

SEEN        - Southern Environmental Enforcement Network

SEER        - Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results

SEF         - Safe Enrichment Factor

SEGIP       - State Environmental Goals and Improvement Project

SEI         - Safety Equipment Institute

SEI         - Stockholm Environment Institute

SEIA        - Socioeconomic Impact Analysis

SEIS        - Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement

SEM         - Scanning Electron Microscope

SEM         - Simultaneously Extracted Metals

SEM         - Standard Error of the Means

SEM         - Strategic Environmental Management

SENTRI      - Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection

SEP         - Special Emphasis Program

SEP         - Standard Engineering Practice

SEP         - Standard Evaluation Procedures

SEP         - Supplemental Environmental Project

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
S&EP        - Safety and Environmental Protection

SEPA        - China State Environment Protection Administration

SEPWC       - Senate Environment and Public Works Committee

SER         - Small Entity Representative

SER         - Society for Epidemiologic Research

SER         - Steam Enhanced Remediation

SERC        - State Emergency Response Commission

SERDP       - Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program

SERF        - Systems Enhanced Request Form

SERP        - State Employee Recycle Program

SERP        - Super Efficient Refrigerator Program

SERS        - Senior Executive Service and Executive Resources Staff

SERT        - Secretary’s Emergency Response Team

SES         - Secondary Emissions Standard

SES         - Senior Executive Service

SES         - Shared Energy Savings

SES         - Socioeconomic Status

SET         - Site Evaluation Tool

SET         - Standard Elutriate Test

SETAC       - Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry

SETRAF      - Safety of Enclosures for Toxics using Recirculating Air Filtration

SETS        - Site Enforcement Tracking System

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SETS        - Superfund Enforcement Tracking System

SF          - Safety Factor

SF          - Slope Factor

SF          - Standard Form

SF          - Superfund

SF-52       - Personnel Management Tracking System

SFA         - Spectral Flame Analyzers

SFB         - San Francisco Bay

SFDS        - Sanitary Facility Data System

SFEI        - San Francisco Estuary Institute

SFEP        - San Francisco Estuary Project

SFFAS       - Superfund Financial Assessment System

SFIP        - Sector Facility Indexing Project

SFIREG      - State FIFRA Issues Research and Evaluation Group

SFLEO       - Senior Federal Law Enforcement Official

SFM         - Summary of Findings Memorandum

SFO         - Senior Federal Official

SFO         - Servicing Finance Office

SFO         - Support for Others

SFS         - State Funding Study

SFS         - Supplemental Feasibility Study

SGI         - Safeguards Information

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SGL            - Standard General Ledger

SGL            - Static Groundwater Level

SGMP           - Structures Gas Monitoring Plan

SGOT           - Serum Glutamic-Oxaloacetic Transaminase

SGOT           - Serum Glutamic-Pyruvic Transaminase

SGT-HEM        - Silica Gel Treated N-Hexane Extractable Waste

SGWZ           - Second Groundwater Zone

Sh             - Surface Area

SHEM           - Safety, Health and Environmental Management

SHEP           - Safety, Health and Environmental Program

Sh(ET)         - Surface Area Extrathotacic Region

Sh(TB)         - Surface Area Tracheobronchial Region

Sh(TH)         - Surface Area Thoracic Region

Sh(PU)         - Surface Area Pulmonary Region

Sh(Total)      - Surface Area Total Respiratory Region

SHORTZ         - Short Term Terrain Model

SHPO           - State Historic Preservation Officer

SHSC           - Site Health and Safety Coordinator

SHWL           - Seasonal High Water Level

SHR            - Standardized Hospitalization Ratio

SI             - International System of Units

SI             - Site Investigation/Inspection

                                JJDS Environmental
            email: website:
SI         - Spark Ignition

SI         - Surface Impoundment

SI         - Surveillance Index

SI         - Surveillance Unit

S&I        - Supervision and Inspection

SIBAC      - Simplified Intragovernmental Billing and Collection System

SIC        - Standard Industrial Classification Code

SICEA      - Steel Industry Compliance Extension Act

SI/CS      - Site Investigation/Confirmation Study

SID        - Supplementary Information Document

SIDS       - Screening Information Data Sets

SIEF       - Substances Information Exchange Forum

SIEFA      - Source Inventory Emission Factor Analysis

SIF        - Source Investigation Form

SIM        - Selected Ion Monitoring

SIMS       - Secondary Ion-Mass Spectrometry

SIN        - Self-Implementation Notice

SIOC       - Strategic Information and Operations Center

SIP        - Site Inspection Prioritization

SIP        - State Implementation Plan

SIP        - State Improvement Plan

SIRMO      - Senior Information Resources Management Officer

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
SIS          - Safety Instrumented Systems

SIS          - Science Integration Staff

SIS          - Secretarial Information System

SIS          - Source Investigation System

SIS          - Specialized Information System

SIS          - Stat in School

SISNOSE      - Significant Economic Impact on Substantial Number of Small

SITE         - Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program

SITE         - Superfund Integrated Technologies Evaluation

SITREP       - Situation Report

SITS         - Site Investigation Tracking System

SIU          - Significant Industrial User

SKIM         - Spill Clean-up Inventory System

SKN          - Administration Onto Skin

SL           - Sick Leave

SL           - Swedish Line

SLA          - Service Level Agreement

SLAC         - Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

SLAMM        - Source Loading and Management Model

SLAMS        - State/Local Air Monitoring Station

SLANG        - Selected Letter and abbreviated Name Guide

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
SLAPS       - St. Louis Air Pollution Study

SLC         - Senior Leaders Conference

SLC         - State Lands Commission

SLD         - Solid

SLD         - Special Litigation Division

SLER        - Soil and Liner Evaluation Report

SLERA       - Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment

SLIAC       - State Legislation Impact Assistance

SLIN        - Sub-Line Item Number

SLN         - Special Local Need

SLPD        - State and Local Planning Division

slpm        - Standard Liters per Minute

SLQCP       - Soils and Liner Quality Control Plan

SLS         - Superfund Label System

SLSM        - Simple Line Source Model

SM          - Study Manager

SMACNA      - Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractor’s Association

SMART       - Simple Maintenance of ARTS

SMAV        - Species Mean Acute Value

SMAWG       - Superfund Medical Assistance Work Group

SMB         - Secretary’s Morning Briefing

SMC         - Semi-Mature Compost

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SMC        - Specific Manufacturing Capability

SMCL       - Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level

SMCRA      - Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act (1977)

SMCV       - Species Mean Chronic Value

SME        - Saturated Media Extract

SME        - Subject Matter Expert

SMEs       - Small and Medium Size Enterprises

SMF        - Standardized Monitoring Framework

SM/HD      - Survey Meter and Historical Dosimetry Data Base

SML        - Solicitation's Mailing List

SMMP       - Safe Mercury Management Program

SMO        - Sample Management Office

SMOA       - Superfund Memorandum of Agreement

SMP        - Site Management Plan

SMP        - State Management Plan

SMPS       - Sympathetically Maintained Pain Syndrome

SMR        - Standardized Mortality Rate

SMS        - Security Management Section

SMS        - Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area

SMSA       - Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area

SMT        - Spill Management Team

SMT        - Surface Mount Technology

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
SMZ         - Streamside Management Zone

SN          - Serial Number

Sn          - Tin

SNA         - System Network Architecture

SNA         - System of National Accounts

SNAAQS      - Secondary National Ambient Air Quality Standards

SNAP        - Significant New Alternatives Policy

SNAP        - Significant Noncompliance Action Program

SNARL       - Suggested No Adverse Response Level

SNARLS      - Suggested No Adverse Risk Levels

SNARS       - Spill Notification and Response System

SNC         - Significant Noncompliers

SNCR        - Selective Noncatalytic Reduction

SNF         - Spent Nuclear Fuel

SNL         - Sandia National Laboratories

SNR         - Schenectady Naval Reactors

SNRC        - Senate Natural Resource Committee

SNUN        - Significant New Use Notification

SNUR        - Significant New Use Report

SNUR        - Significant New Use Rule

SO          - Security Officer

SO2         - Sulfur Dioxide

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SOAH         - State Office of Administrative Hearings

SOB          - Statement of Benefits

SOC          - Semivolatile Organic Compound

SOC          - Soluble Organic Carbon

SOC          - Synthetic Organic Chemical

SOCMA        - Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association

SOCMI        - Synthetic Organic Chemicals Manufacturing Industry

SOE          - State of the Environment

SOFC         - Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

SOG          - Standard Operating Guideline

SOIC         - Senior Official of the Intelligence Community

SOIH         - Stratospheric Ozone Information Hotline

SOILVENT     - Soil Venting Model

SOL          - Solicitation

SOL          - Soluble

SOLV         - Solvent

SOLV-DB      - Solvent Database

SONREEL      - American Bar Association, Section of Natural Resources, Energy,
               and Environmental Law

SOP          - Site Operating Permit

SOP          - Standard Operating Procedure

SOQ          - Statement of Qualifications

SOR          - Special Operating Requirements

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
SOR         - Standard Oxygen Required

SOR         - Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate

SORTST      - Region 1 Source Test File

SOS         - Scope of Studies

SOSG        - Standard Operating Safety Guide

SOST        - State-of-the-Art Control Technology

SOT         - Society of Toxicologists

SOT         - Summary of Offense Ticket

SOTDAT      - Source Test Data

SOTE        - Standard Oxygen Transfer Efficiency

SOTR        - Standard Oxygen Transfer Rate

SOV         - Single Occupancy Vehicle

SOW         - Scope of Work

SOW         - Statement of Work

SOx         - Sulfur Oxides

SP          - Self-Potential

SP          - Spontaneous-Potential

SP          - Staffing Plan

SPAD        - Special Programs and Analysis Division

SPAR        - Status of Permit Application Report

SPARROW - Spatially Referenced Regression on Watershed Attributes

SPATS       - Small Purchase Automated Tracking System

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SPC        - Statistical Process Control

SPCB       - Structural Pest Control Board

SPCC       - Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure

SPCR       - Spill Prevention and Response Plan

SPD        - South Pacific Division

SPD        - State Programs Division

SPDES      - State Pollution Discharge Elimination System

SPE        - Secondary Particulate Emissions

SPE        - Single Point of Entry

SPE        - Solid Phase Extraction

SPECS      - Specifications

SPF        - Standard Project Flood

SPF        - Structured Programming Facility

SPFA       - Steel Plate Fabricators Association

SPH        - Standard Project Hurricane

SPHAM      - Superfund Public Health Assessment Manual

SPHEM      - Superfund Public Health Evaluation Manual

SPHI       - Sludge Program Health Impacts

SPI        - Strategic Planning Initiative

SPI        - Society of the Plastics Industry

SPL        - State Priority List

SPLMD      - Soil-Pore Liquid Monitoring Device

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
SPLP       - Synthetic Precipitation Leachate Procedure

SPM        - Semi-Primitive Motorized

SPM        - Significant Permit Modification

SPM        - Special Purpose Monitoring

SPM        - Suspended Particulate Matter

SPMB       - Security and Property Management branch

SPME       - Solid-Phase Micro-Extraction

SPMS       - Special Purpose Monitoring Stations

SPMS       - Strategic Planning and Management System

SPNM       - Semi-Primitive Non Motorized

SPNSS      - Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources

SPO        - Servicing Personnel Officers

SPO        - Special Projects Office

SPO        - State Project Officer

SPOC       - Single Point of Contact

SPONT      - Spontaneously

SPOTREP    - Spot Report

SPR        - Spill Response Plan

SPR        - Strategic Petroleum Reserves

SPREP      - South Pacific Regional Environmental Program

SPRO       - Strategic Petroleum Reserve Project Office

SPRP       - Spill Prevention Response Plan

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
SPS         - Safety Plan System

SPS         - Standard Procurement System

SPS         - State Permit System

SPSCIF      - Semi-Permanent Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

SPSS        - Statistical Package for the Social Sciences

SPTS        - Small Purchase Tracking System

SPUR        - Software Package for Unique Reports

SQAO        - Region 5 Toxics Monitoring System

SQB         - Small Quantity Burner

SQBE        - Small Quantity Burner Exemption

SQC         - Sediment quality Criteria      - Square Centimeters

SQG         - Small Quantity Generator

SQHUW       - Small Quantity Handler of Universal Waste

SQL         - Sample Quantitation Limit

SR          - Savannah River Operations Office

SR          - Senate Report

SR          - Senate Resolution

SR          - Special Review

SR          - Strontium

SRA         - Screening Ranges Approach

SRA         - Society for Risk Analysis

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SRAP         - Superfund Remedial Accomplishment Plan

SRC          - Safety Review Committee

SRC          - Solvent-Refined Coal

SRCB         - State and Regional Coordinating Branch

SRDB         - Source Ranking Data Base

SRE          - Screening Risk Evaluation

SRE          - System Removal Efficiency

SRF          - Specific Resistance to Infiltration

SRF          - State Revolving Fund

SRHPP        - Supportive Regional Highway Planning Program

SRI          - Stanford Research Institute

SRI          - Supplemental Remedial Investigation

SRI/SFS      - Supplemental Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study

SRL          - Soil Remediation Levels

SRM          - Standard Reference Method/Material

SRMS         - Site Response Management System

SRP          - Scientific Review Panel

SRP          - Seismic Reflection Profiling

SRP          - Special Review Procedure

SRR          - Second Round Review

SRR          - Submission Review Record

SRT          - Sludge Retention Time

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          email: website:
SRT       - Solids Retention Time

SRTS      - Service Request Tracking System

SRU       - Sulfur Recovery Unit

SRU       - System Resource Unit

SS        - Sanitary Sewer

SS        - Settleable Solids

SS        - Shift Supervisor

SS        - Spray Saturator

SS        - Superfund Surcharge

SS        - Suspended Solids

S/S       - Solidification/Stabilization

SSA       - Sealed Source Authorization

SSA       - Sole Source Aquifer

SSAC      - Soil Site Assimilated Capacity

SSAN      - Social Security Account Number

SAAP      - Site Stabilization Accomplishments Plan

SSBO      - State Small Business Ombudsman

SSC       - Scientific Support Coordinator

SSC       - State Superfund Contracts

SSC       - Statistically Significant Change

SSC       - Superconducting Super Collider Laboratory

SSC       - Superfund State Contact

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
SSCD       - Stationary Source Compliance Division

SSD        - Standard Support Document

SSDA       - Solvent Substitution Data System

SSDS       - Subsurface Sewage Disposal System

SSE        - Stationary Source Enforcement

SSEIS      - Standard Support and Environmental Impact Statement

SSEIS      - Stationary Source Emissions and Inventory System

SSERA      - Site-Specific Ecological Risk Assessment

SSF        - Species Sensitivity Factor

SSG        - Soil Screening Guidance

SSHC       - Standard Specifications for Highway Construction

SSHO       - Site Safety Health Officer

SSI        - Sensitive Security Information

SSI        - Size Selective Inlet

SSID       - Site Spill Identifier

SSIS       - Store Stock Inventory/Accounting System

SSL        - Secure Sockets Layer

SSL        - Soil Screening Level

SSL        - Suspended Sediment Load

SSM        - Shallow Soil Mixing

SSMP       - Start-up, Shutdown and Malfunction Plan

SSMS       - Spark Source Mass Spectrometry

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
SSN          - Social Security Number

SSO          - Sahara and Sahel Observatory

SSO          - Sanitary Sewer Overflow

SSO          - Source Selection Official

SSO          - Special Security Officer

SSO          - Support Services Office

SSOC         - Safe Sites of Colorado

SSP          - Single Phosphate

SSP          - Site Safety Plan

SSP          - Specific Safety Procedure

SSRA         - Site-Specific Risk Assessment

SSRP         - Source Reduction Review Project

SSS          - Security Support Staff

SSS          - Strategic Studies Staff

SSS          - Supplemental Stabilization Study

SSSADIR      - Stationary Source Sampling and Analysis Directory

SSSD         - Small Scale short Duration

SST          - Supersonic Transport

SSTRP        - Steam Stripping of Organics from Liquid Wastes

SSTS         - Section Seven Tracking System

SSURGO       - Soil Survey Geographic Database

SSURO        - Stop Sale, Use and Removal Order

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S&T         -Science and Technology Directorate

STABL       - Stabilization

Stage 1-DBPR -Stage 1 Disinfectants and Disinfection Byproducts Rule

STALAPCO - State and Local Air-Pollution Control Officials

STAPPA      - State and Territorial Air Pollution Program Administration

STAR        - Stability Array

STAR        - Stability Wind Rose

STAR        - State Acid Rain Projects

STARA       - Studies on Toxicity Applicable to Risk Assessment

STARS       - Strategic Targeting Activities Reporting System

STARS       - Superfund Transactions Automated Retrieval System

START       - Scientific and Technical Advisory and Response Team

START       - Superfund Technical Assistance and Response Team

STATSGO     - State Soil Geographic Database

STATUS      - Region 4 Status of GSA Orders

STC         - Short-Term Concentration

STC         - Software Technology Center

S/TCAC      - Scientific/Technical Careers Advisory Committee

STCC        - Standard Transportation Commodity Code

STD         - Short Term Disability

STDMS       - Sample Tracking and Data Management System

STE         -Secure Telephone Equipment

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         email: website:
STEL        - Short-Term Exposure Limit

STEM        - Scanning Transmission-Electron Microscopy

STEP        - Small Towns Environmental Program

STEP        - Software Test and Evaluation Panel

STEPL       - Spreadsheet Tool for Estimating Pollutant Load

STI         - Scientific and Technical Information

STI         - Steel Tank Institute

STIR        - State-Tribal Implementation Rule

STLC        - Soluble Threshold Limit Concentration

STLE        - Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

Stmt.       - Statement

STN         - Scientific and Technical Information Network

STOCHEM - UK Meteorological Office of Global Three-Dimensional-Lagrangian

STOPAC      - Stratospheric Ozone Protection Advisory Committee

STORAGE     - Cincinnati Disk Storage Annual Report

STORET      - Storage and Retrieval of Water-Related Data

STORM       - Storage, Treatment, Overflow, Runoff Model

STP         - Sewage Treatment Plant

STP         - Standard Temperature and Pressure

STP         - Surface Transportation Program

STTF        - Small Town Task Force

STRI        - Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
STROLE        - Superfund Enhanced State and Tribal Role Initiative

STS           - Site Tracking System

STU           - Secure Telephone Unit

SUAB          - Suitable for Unconfined Aquatic Concentration

Sub           - Subcontractor

SUBCLIN       - Contract Sub-line Item Number

SubKr         - subcontractor

SUD           - Safe Use Determination

SUL           - Situation Unit Leader

SULEV         - Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle

SUP           - Standard Unit of Processing

SUPERFUND- Common designation for CERCLA - Comprehensive Environmental
          Response, Compensation and Liability Act

SuperJTI      - Superfund Job Training Initiative

SUPSALV       - Supervisor of Salvage and Diving

SUPTRK        - Superfund Site Tracking Information System

SURE          - Sulfate Regional Experiment Program

SUV           - Sport Utility Vehicle

SV            - Sampling Visit

SV            - Significant Violator

SVAP          - Stream Visual Assessment Protocol

SVD           - Self Verifying Device

                               JJDS Environmental
           email: website:
SVE         - Society of Vector Ecologists

SVE         - Soil Vapor Extraction

SVE         - Soil Venting Extraction

SVI         - Sludge Volume Index

SVM         - Semi-Volatile Metals

SVOC        - Semi-volatile Organic Chemical or Compound

SVTC        - Secure Video Teleconference

SW          - Slow Wave

SW          - Solid Waste

SW          - Standard Methods for Wastewater Analysis

SW-846      - Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste

SWA         - Solid Waste Act

SWA         - Solid Waste Administration

SWA         - Source Water Assessment

SWAC        - Solid Waste Advisory Council

SWAG        - Simulated Waste Access to Groundwater

SWAMI       - Strategic Waste Minimization Initiative

SWANA       - Solid Waste Association of North America

SWANCC      - Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County

SWAP        - Source Water Assessment & Protection

SWAP        - Source Water Assessment Program

SWAPP       - Source Water Assessment & Protection Program

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SWAQAT      - Solid Waste Air Quality Tests

SWARF       - Waste from Metal Grinding Process

SWAT        - Soil and Water Assessment Tool

SWAT        - Solid Waste Assessment Tests

SWB         - Social well Being

SWB         - Standard Waste Box

SWC         - Settlement with Conditions

SWCD        - Soil and Water Conservation District

SWCP        - Soil and Water Conservation Plan

SWD         - Southwestern Division

SWDA        - Solid Waste Disposal Act

SWDC        - Soil and Water Conservation District

SWDSCMA - Solid Waste Disposal Site Cleanup Management Account

SWE         - Society of Women Engineers

SWEPP       - Stored Waste Examination Piot Plant

SWERD       - Solid Waste and Emergency Response Division

SWETS       - Safe Water Enforcement Tracking

SWFHCRF - Special Waste from Health-Care Related Facilities

SWIE        - Southern Waste Information Exchange

SWIS        - Solid Waste Information System

SWLF        - Solid Waste Landfill Disposal

SWM         - Solid Waste Management

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
SWMB        - State/Solid Waste Management Board

SWMM        - Stormwater Management Model

SWMP        - Stormwater Management Plan

SWMP        - Stormwater Monitoring Program

SWMU        - Solid Waste Management Unit

SWO         - Senior Watch Officer

SWOs        - Standing Work Orders

SWP         - Safe Work Permit

SWP         - Source Water Protection

SWP         - Standard Work Practice

SWP         - State Water Project

SWP3        - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

SWPA        - Source Water Protection Area

SWPCP       - Stormwater Pollution Control Plan

SWPPP       - Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan

SWQM        - Surface Water Quality Monitoring

SWQPPP      - Source Water Quality Protection Partnership Petitions

SWQS        - Surface Water Quality Standards

SWRCB       - State Water Resources Control Board

SWTCP       - Surface Water Toxic Controls Program

SWTR        - Surface Water Treatment Rule

SW-846      - U.S. EPA Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste

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         email: website:
SYS        - System

SYSOP      - System Operator

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:

t          - Tons

T3         - Triiodothyronine

T4         - Thyroxine

TA         - Ambient Air Temperature

TA         - Technical Assistance

TA         - Travel Authorization

Ta         - Tantalum

T&A        - Time and Attendance

TA18       - Technical Area 18

TAB        - Technical Assistance to Brownfields Communities

TABS       - Texas Automated Buoy System

TAC        - Texas Administrative Code

TAC        - Total Allowable Catch

TAC        - Toxic Air Contaminant

TACB       - Texas Air Control Board

TACIS      - Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States

TACOM      - US Army Tank-Automotive Command

TAD        - Technical Assistance Document

TAES       - Texas Agricultural Experiment Station

TAEX       - Texas Agricultural Extension Service

TAFPD      - Technical Assistance and Fraud Prevention Division

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
TAG         - Technical Advisory Group

TAG         - Technical Assistance Grant(s)

TAGA        - Trace Atmospheric Gas Analyzer

TAHPA       - Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts

TAIS        - Telecommunications and Automated Information Systems

TAL         - Target Analyte List

TALMS       - Tunable Atomic Line Molecular Spectroscopy

TAMPER      - Anti-tampering and Fuel Switching Information System

TAMS        - Toxic Air Monitoring System

TAMSAC      - Toxic Air Monitoring System Advisory Committee

TAO         - TSCA Assistance Office

TAP         - Technical Assistance Program

TAPDS       - Toxic Air Pollutant Data System

TAPP        - Time and Attendance, Personnel, Payroll

TAPPI       - Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry

TAQ         - Transportation Air Quality

TAQP        - Transportation Air Quality Planning

TAQT        - Transportation and air Quality Technical Working Group

TAR         - Technical Amendment to the Regulation

TAR         - Toxics Along for the Ride

TARGETS     - Tool to Assess Regional and Global Environmental and Health
              Targets for Sustainability

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
TAS       - Terminal Access System

TAS       - Tolerance Assessment System

TASN      - Texas Air Sampling Network

TAT       - Technical Assistance Team

TATL      - Technical Assistance Team Leader

TB        - Traecheobronchial Region

TB        - Tuberculosis

Tb        - Terbium

TBA       - Tertiary Butyl Alcohol

TBA       - To be Announced

TBC       - "To Be Considered"

TBD       - Technical Background Document

TBD       - To be Determined

TBI       - Throttle Body Injection Systems

TBOS      - Tetrabutoxysilane

TBP       - Trial Burn Plan

TBT       - Tributyltin

TC        - Target Concentration

TC        - Technical Center

TC        - Technical Committee

TC        - Toxic Concentration

TC        - Toxicity Characteristic

                           JJDS Environmental
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Tc         - Technetium

T&C        - Technology & Costs

T&C        - Time and Cost

TC207      - ISO Technical Committee 207

TCA        - 1,1,1-Trichloroethane

TCAA       - Texas Clean Air Act

TCAFA      - Texas Clean Air Financing Act

TCAS       - Telephone Call Analysis System

TCAWG      - Texas Clean Air Working Group

TCC        - Tag Closed Cup

TCC        - Tagliabue Closed Cup

TCC        - Technical Coordinating Committee

TCC        - Texas Chemical Council

TCDD       - Dioxin (Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin)

TCDF       - Tetrachlorodibenzofurans

TCE        - Technical Committee on the Environment

TCE        - Trichloroethylene

TCEQ       - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

TCF        - Texas Clean Fleet Program

TCF        - Total Chlorine Free

TCL        - Target Cleanup Level

TCL        - Target Compound List

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
TCL         - Transverse Carpal Ligament

TCLo        - Lowest Published Toxic Concentration

TCLP        - Total Concentrate Leachate Procedure

TCLP        - Threshold Concentration Leachate Procedure

TCLP        - Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure

TCM         - Texas Climatological Model

TCM         - Transportation Control Measure

TCM         - Travel Cost Method

TCO         - Total Cost of Ownership

TCP         - Thermocouple Psychrometers

TCP         - Transportation Control Plan

TCP         - Trichloropropane

TCP         - Tricresyl Phosphate

TCPA        - Toxic Catostrophe Prevention Act

TCP/IP      - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TCR         - Total Coliform Rule

TCRI        - Toxic Chemical Release Inventory

TCRIS       - Toxic Chemical Release Inventory System

TCSP        - Transportation Community Systems Preservation

TCTS        - Cincinnati Vegas Time Card Tracking System

TCWIS       - Transuranic Contaminated Waste Container Information System

TD          - Technical Direction

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TD         - Toxic Dose

TDA        - Texas Department of Agriculture

TDA        - Toluenediamine

TDB        - Toxicological Data Base

TDD        - Technical Directive Document

TDD        - Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf

TDDC       - Test Director and Data Collection

TDEC       - Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

TDF        - Technical Direction Form

TDF        - Tire Derived Fuel

TDH        - Texas Department of Health

TDI        - Toluene Diisocyanate

TDM        - Transportation Demand Management

TDOC       - Texas Department of Commerce

TDR        - Time Domain Reflectrometry

TDR        - Transfer of Development Rights

TDS        - Total Diet Study

TDS        - Total Dissolved Solids

TDSS       - Total Dissolved Suspended Solids

TDTOX      - Tetradichloroxylene

TDWR       - Texas Department of Water Resources

TDY        - Temporary Duty

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
TE          - Tailpipe Emissions

TE          - Transportation Enhancements

Te          - Tellurium

T&E         - Threatened and Endangered

TEA-21      - Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century

TEAM        - Traffic Engineering and Management

TEAM        - Total Exposure Assessment Model

TEC         - Technical Evaluation Committee

TEC         - Texas Environmental Center

TECOM       - US Army Test and Evaluation Command

TED         - Turtle Excluder Devices

TEDE        - Total Effective Dose Equivalent

TEEL        - Temporary Emergency Exposure Limit

TEF         - Toxic Equivalency Factors

TEFC        - Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled

TEG         - The Endocrine Group

TEG         - Tetraethylene Glycol

TEG         - Triethylene Glycol

TEGD        - Technical Enforcement Guidance Document

TEHIP       - Toxicology and environmental Health Information Program

TEI         - Thailand Environmental Institute

TEKTRAN     - Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
TEL          - Tetraethyl Lead

TEL          - Time Exposure Limit

TEL/PEL      - Threshold and Probable Effects Levels

TEM          - Texas Episodic Model

TEM          - Transmission Electron Microscopy

TEMA         - Tubular Exchange Manufacturers Association

TEMP         - Temporary

TEMP         - Temperature

TEMS         - Temperate Midshelf Species

TEMS         - Texas Environmental Management System

TEOM         - Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance

TEP          - Technical Evaluation Panel

TEP          - Toxicity Extraction Procedure

TEP          - Typical End-Use Product

TEPA         - Texas Engineering Practice Act

TEQ          - Toxicity Equivalent Quotient

TEQ          - Total Equivalency Quotient

TEQ          - Toxic Equivalents

TERA         - Toxicology Excellance for Risk Assessment

TERA         - TSCA Environmental Release Application

TERC         - Total Environmental Restoration Contract

TERI         - Tata Energy Research Institute

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
TERP       - Texas Emission Reduction Plan (Program)

TES        - Teaching Environmental Sciences

TES        - Technical Enforcement Support

TES        - Technical Enforcement Support Contract

TESH       - Terrain-adjusted Effective Stack Height

TEVES      - Thermal Enhanced Vapor Extraction System

TEWI       - Total Equivalent Warming Impact

TEXIN      - Texas Intersection Air Quality Model

TF         - Turbofan and Turbo Jet Engines

TFCC       - Triangulate Fibro-cartilage Complex

TFCS       - Treasury Financial Communications System

TFH        - Total Fuel Hydrocarbons

TFI        - The Fertilizer Institute

TFMS       - Treasury File Management System

TFP        - Total Factor Productivity

TFS        - Total Fuel Hydrocarbons

TFT        - Temporary Full Time

TFTE       - Temporary Full Time Equivalent

TG         - Terrain Grid

Tg         - Tera grams (trillion)

TGAI       - Technical Grade of the Active Ingredient

TGCU       - Tail Gas Cleanup Unit

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
Tg-DNT      - Technical Grade DNT

TGO         - Total Gross Output

TGP         - Technical Grade Product

TGV         - Toxic Gas and Vapor

TGWPC       - Texas Groundwater Protection Committee

TH          - Thoracic Region

Th          - Thorium

THAZCOM     - Texas Hazardous Communications Act

THC         - Total Hydrocarbons

THI         - Target Hazard Index

THM         - Trihalomethane

THP         - Tunable Hybrid Plasma

THR         - Toxic and hazard Review

THROX       - Thermal Heat Recovery Oxidation Unit

TI          - Technical Impracticability

TI          - Temporary Intermittent

TI          - Therapeutic Index

Ti          - Titanium

TIA         - Takings Impact Assessment

TIBL        - Thermal Internal Boundary Layer

TIC         - Technical Information Coordinator

TIC         - Tentatively Identified Compounds

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
TID          - Tamper Indicating Device

TIE          - Toxicity Identification Evaluation

TIE/TRE      - Toxicity Identification Evaluation /Toxicity Reduction Evaluation

Tier I       - Form for Inventory Reporting of Hazardous Materials

Tier II      - Form for Inventory Reporting of Hazardous Materials

TIGER        - Topographically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing

TIM          - Technical Information Manager

TIM          - Training Implementation Matrix

TIMACS       - Telecommunication Information Management and Control System

TIN          - Taxpayer Identification Number

TIO          - Technology Innovation Office

TIP          - Technical Information Package

TIP          - Technology Innovation Program

TIP          - Total Ionization Probe

TIP          - Transportation (Traffic) Improvement Program

TIP          - Tribal Implementation Plan

TIPRO        - Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association

TI/RE        - Toxicity Investigation/Reduction Evaluation

TIS          - Technical Information Staff

TIS          - Tolerance Index System

TIS          - Traffic Information System

TIS          - Transportation Investment Study

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
TISB           - Technical Information Services Branch

TISE           - Take it Somewhere Else

TITC           - TSCA Interagency Testing Committee

Title III      - SARA Community Right-to Know Act

TITC           - TSCA Inter-Agency Testing Committee

TKN            - Total Kjedahl Nitrogen

TL             - Target (Cleanup) Level

Tl             - Thallium

TLC            - Territory Logistics Center

TLC            - Total Lung Capacity

TLD            - Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Data Base

TLD            - Toxics Litigation Division

T-level        - Technical Level

TLLRWDA        - Texas Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority

TLS            - Transport Layer Security

TLV            - Threshold Limit Value

TLV-C          - Threshold Limit Value -Ceiling

TLV(R)         - Threshold Limit Value – Recommended)

TLV-STEL       - Threshold Limit Value -Short Term Exposure Limit

TLV-TWA        - Threshold Limit Value -Time Weighted Average

TM             - Technical Manual

TM             - Thematic Mapper

                                JJDS Environmental
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Tm           - Thullium

T&M          - Time and Materials

TMA          - Transportation Management Association

TMAC         - Time Accounting System

TMARD        - Total Motorized Access Route Density

TMC          - Traffic/Transportation Management Center

TMDL         - Total Maximum Daily Limit

TMDL         - Total Maximum Daily Loads

TME          - Test Marketing Exemption

TMI          - Three Mile Island

TMIA         - Transportation Management Investment Area

TMI RAD      - Three Mile Island Environmental Radiation

TMIRV        - Transportation Management and Incident Response Vehicle

TML          - Tetramethyl Lead

TMRC         - Theoretical Maximum Residue Contribution

TMS          - Traffic Monitoring System

TMS          - Transportation Monitoring System

TMS          - Travel Management System

TNB          - Trinitrobenzene

TNC          - The Nature Conservancy

TNCWS        - Transient Non-Community Water System

TNMHC        - Total Non-Methane Hydrocarbons

                              JJDS Environmental
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TNRCC      - Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

TNRIS      - Texas Natural Resources Information System

TNSS       - Region 7 TSCA Neutral Selection

TNT        - Trinitrotoluene

TNTC       - Too Numerous to Count

TO         - Task Order

TO         - Total Organic

TO         - Travel Order

TOA        - Trace Organic Analysis

TOC        - Tag Open Cup

TOC        - Tagliabue Open Cup

TOC        - Total Organic Carbon

TOC        - Total Organic Compound

TOCDF      - Tooele Chemical Agent Facility

TOCOR      - Task Order Contracting Officer Representative

TODE       - Total Organ Dose Equivalent

TOE        - Total Organic Emissions

TOG        - Technical Operating Guidance

TOG        - Total Oil and Grease

TOG        - Total Organic Gases

TOM        - Task Order Manager

TOMP       - Total Organic Management Plan

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
TOMS         - Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer

TOP          - Texas Optimization Program

TOPO         - Task Order Project Officer

TOPSY        - Toxics and Pesticides Management System

TOR          - Terms of Reference

TORA         - Texas Open Records Act

TOS          - Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

TOSC         - Technical Outreach to Communities

TOT          - Time of Travel

Total        - Total Respiratory Region

Total PCDD - Total Polychlorinated dibenzo-(p)-dioxin

Total PCDF - Total Polychlorinated dibenzofuran

TOX          - Tetradichloroxylene

TOX          - Total Organic Halogens

TOXFLO       - Urban Wastewater Toxics Flow Model

TOXIWASP - Water Analysis Simulation Program

TOXNET       - Toxicology Network

TP           - Technical Product

TP           - Total Particulates

TP           - Total Phosphorous

TP           - Turboprop Engine

TPA          - 2,3,5,6-Tetrachloroterephthlalic Acid

                             JJDS Environmental
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TPC          - Testing Priorities Committee

TPCA         - Toxic Pits Cleanup Act

TPD          - Technical Programs Division

tpd          - Tons per Day

TPD          - Toxics and Pesticide Division

tpd/Mwe      - Tons per Day per Megawatt of Electricity

TPH          - Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons

tph          - Tons per Hour

TPHA         - Texas Public Health Association

TPI          - Technical Proposal Instructions

TPO          - Temporary Protection Order

TPQ          - Threshold Planning Quantity

TPSIS        - Transportation Planning Support Information System

TPTH         - Triphenyltinhydroxide

TPWD         - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

TPY          - Tons per Year

TQ           - Threshold Quantity Facilities

TQM          - Total Quality Management

T-R          - Transformer-Rectifier

TR           - Transportation Request

TRA          - Test Reactor Area

TRA          - Total Residual Ammonia

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          email: website:
TRACS       - TNRCC Regulatory Activities and Compliance System

TRAS        - Toxicology and Risk assessment Section

TRB         - Transportation Research Board

TRC         - Technical Review Committee

TRC         - Technical Review Conference

TRC         - Total Reportable Case Rate

TRC         - Total Residual Chlorine

TRD         - Technical Review Document

TRE         - Toxicity Reduction Evaluation

TRED        - Taxonomic Resources Expertise Directory

TREAT       - Transient Reactor Test Facility

TRG         - Target Remediation Goal

TRI         - Total Release Inventory

TRI         - Toxic Chemical Release Inventory

TRI         - Toxic Release Inventory

TRIANA      - Triana Medical Claims Information System

TRIP        - Toxic Release Inventory Program

TRIP        - Transboundary Resource Inventory Project

TRIPS       - Transuranic Reporting Inventory Processing System

TRIS        - Toxic Chemical Release Inventory System

TRLN        - Triangle Research Library Network

TRM         - Technical Reference Model

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
TRO       - Temporary Restraining Order

TRPH      - Total Recoverable Petroleum Hydrocarbons

TRQ       - Threshold Reporting Quantity

TRR       - Total Radioactive Residues

TRRP      - Texas Risk Reduction Program

TRRP      - Trends Report

TRS       - Total Reduced Sulfur

TRSC      - Total Reduced Sulfur Compounds

TRU       - Thermal Processing or Reclamation Unit

TRU       - Transuranic

TRUPACT   - Transuranic Package Transporter

TRV       - Toxicity Reference Value

TS        - Total Solids

TS        - Toxic Substances

T&S       - Transfer and Shipping

T-S       - Temperature-Salinity

TSA       - Technical Systems Audit

TSA       - Transportation and Security Administration

TSA       - Transportation Security Agency

TSA       - Transuranic Storage Area

TSC       - Terrorist Screening Center

TSC       - Toxic Substances Coordinator

                           JJDS Environmental
       email: website:
TSC         - Transportation Systems Center

TSCA        - Top Secret Control Account

TSCA        - Toxic Substances Control Act (1976)

TSCATS      - TSCA Test Submissions Online Database

TSCC        - Toxic Substances Coordinating Committee

TSCM        - Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

TSCO        - Top Secret Control Officer

TSCP        - Toxic Substances Control Program

TSD         - Technical Support Division

TSD         - Technical Support Document

TSD         - Treatment, Storage and Disposal

TSDF        - Terminal Storage Discharge Facility

TSDF        - Treatment, Storage and/or Disposal Facility(s)

TSDG        - Toxic Substances Dialogue Group

TSDR        - Treatment, Storage, Disposal and Recycling Facility

TDH         - Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

TSI         - Carlson’s Trophic Status Index

TSI         - Thermal System Insulation

TSI         - Transportation Safety Institute

TSIS        - Technical Services Information System

TSLoO2      - Thermal Stability at Low or Deficient Oxygen Level

TSM         - Transportation System Management

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         email: website:
TSMCX       - Transportation Systems Center

TSN         - Tri-Service Solicitation Network

TSO         - Time Sharing Option

TSP         - Technical Service Provider

TSP         - Teleprocessing Services Program

TSP         - Thrift Savings Plan

TSP         - Total Suspended Particulates

TSP         - Transit Support Program

TSR         - Technical Safety Requirement

TSS         - Technical Services Staff

TSS         - Technical Support Staff

TSS         - Terminal Security System

TSS         - Total Suspended (non-filterable) Solids

TSS         - Turbine Engines for Aircraft Designed to Operate at Supersonic
              Flight Speeds

TS/SCI      - Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information

TSSMS       - Time Sharing Services Management System

TSSWCB      - Texas State Soil and water Conservation Board

TSTL        - Texas State Tank Law

TSWDA       - Texas Solid Waste Disposal Act

TSV         - Taura Syndrome Virus

TSWA        - Temporary Secure Working Area

TSWQS       - Texas Water Quality Standards

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TT         - Treatment Technique

TTC        - Texas Transportation Commission

TTE        - Temporary Total Enclosure

TTFA       - Target Transformation Factor Analysis

TTHM       - Total Trihalomethane

TTLC       - Total Threshold Limit Concentration

TTN        - Technology Transfer Network

TTNBS      - EPA’s Technology Transfer Network Bulletin Board System

TTO        - Total Toxic Organics

TTP        - Technical Task Plan

TTS        - Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

TTS        - TRI Tracking System

TTT        - Tank Tightness Testing

TTU        - Transportable Treatment Unit

TTY        - Teletypwriter

TTX        - Tabletop Exercise

TU         - Temporary Unit

TU         - Toxic Unit

TUa        - Acute Toxic Unit

TUc        - Chronic Toxic Unit

TUBE       - Theoretical Upper Boundary Estimate

TUCC       - Triangle University Computer Center

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TUHC       - Total Unburned Hydrocarbons

TUR        - Toxic Use Reduction

TUV        - Technisher Uberwachungs Verein

TV         - Traffic Volume

TV         - Travel Voucher

TVA        - Tennessee Valley Authority

TVERC      - Tennessee Valley Energy Reform Coalition

TVH        - Total Volatile Hydrocarbons

TVOC       - Total Volatile Organic Compounds

TVP        - True Vapor Pressure

TW         - Total weight

TWA        - Time Weighted Average

TWC        - Texas Water Commission

TWDB       - Texas water Development Board

TWDB       - Transuranic Waste Data Base

TWMD       - Toxics and Waste Management Division

TWMIS     - Transuranic Waste Management Information System

TWS        - Transient Water System

TWTC       - Temporary Workplace Traffic Control

TWTDS      - Treatment works Treating Domestic Sewage

TXDOT      - Texas Department of Transportation

TZ         - Treatment Zone

                            JJDS Environmental
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U           -Uranium

U list      - Listed Hazardous Waste: Toxic Hazardous Waste when Discarded,
              Off-Specification, or Spilled

UAC         - User Advisory Committee

UAE         - United Arab Emirates

UAM         - Urban Airshed Model

UAO         - Unilateral Administrative Order

UAPSP       - Utility Acid Precipitation Study Program

UAQI        - Uniform Air Quality Index

UARG        - Utility Air Regulatory Group

UBC         - Uniform Building Code

U/BK        - Uptake/Biokinetic

UC          - Unauthorized Commitment

UC          - Unified Command

UCA         - Undefinitized Contractural Action

UCC         - Ultra Clean Coal

UCC         - Uniform Code Council

UCC         - Uniform Commercial Code

UCCI        - Urea-Formaldehyde Foam Insulation

UCF         - Upset Correction Factor

UCL         - Upper Control Limit

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UCL         - Upper Confidence Limit

UCM         - Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring

UCMR        - Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Regulation

UCNI        - Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information

UCR         - Upper Confidence Range

UCS         - Unconfined Compressive Strength

UDMH        - Unsymmetrical Dimethyl Hydrazine

UDV         - Unit Day Value

UEL         - Upper Explosive Limit

UEM         - Use Estimating Model

UF          - Uncertainty Factor

UFA         - Unsaturated Flow Apparatus

UFC         - Uniform Fire Code

UFL         - Upper Flammability Limit

UFO         - Unfilled Order

UG&CMS      - Texas Uniform Grant and Contract Management Act

UGLCCS      - Upper Great Lakes Connecting Channels Study

UGST        - Underground Storage Tank

UGT         - Underground Tank

UGTA        - Underground Test Area

µg          - Microgram

µg/dl       - Micrograms per Deciliter

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µg/g            Micrograms per Gram (ppm)
µg/kg           Micrograms per Cubic Kilogram

µg/l        - Micrograms per Liter

µg/m3       -
                Micrograms per Cubic Meter

UHC         - Underlying Hazardous Constituent

UHF         - Ultra High Frequency

UHIPP       - Urban Heat Island Pilot Project

UIC         - Underground Injection Control

UICTS       - UIC Tracking System

UID         - Unique Identifier

UL          - Underwriters Laboratory

ULC         - Underwriter’s Laboratory of Canada

ULEV        - Ultra Low Emission Vehicles

ULF         - Upper Flammability Limit

ULP         - Unfair Labor Practice

ULPA        - Ultra-Low Penetration Air

UM          - Uniform Manifest

um          - micrometer

U/M         - Upset and Maintenance

UMCS        - Utility Monitoring and Control System

µmoles      - Micromoles

UMP         - Upward Mobility Program

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UMR         - Underground Mining Regulations

UMRA        - Unfunded Mandates Reform Act

UMRB        - Utility Management review Board

UMRCC       - Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee

UMR-IWW     - Upper Mississippi River Illinois Waterway

UMR-IWWSNS- Upper Mississippi River Illinois Waterway System Navigation

UMRS        - Upper Mississippi River System

UMTA        - Urban Mass Transportation Administration

UMTRA       - Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action

UMTRCA      - Uranium Mill Tailings Radiation Control Act

UN          - United Nations

UNAMAP      - User's Network for Applied Modeling of Air Pollution

UNCED       - United Nations Conference on Environment and Development

UNCHE       - United Nations Conference on the Human Environment

UNCHS       - United Nations Center for Human Settlements

UNCLOS      - United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

UNCSD       - United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development

UNCTAD      - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDAF       - United Nations Development Assistance Framework

UNDESD      - United Nations Department of Economic and Social Development

UNDP        - United Nations Development Program

UNDPCSD     - United Nations Department for Policy Coordination and Sustainable

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
UNECA        - United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

UNECE        - United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

UNECLAC      - United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the

UNEP         - United Nations Environment Program

UNEP-DEIA - United Nations Environment Program Division of Environmental
            Information and Assessment

UNEP-EAP/AP- United Nations Environment Program Environment Assessment
           Program for Asia and the Pacific

UNESCAP      - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNESCO       - United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

UNESCWA - United Nations Economic and Social Commission for West Asia

UNESOB       - United Nations Economic and Social Office in Beirut

UNFCCC       - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

UNFPA        - United Nations Fund for Population Activities

UNICEF       - United Nations Children’s Fund

UNIDO        - United Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNISHIP      - Unified Shippers Enforcement Data System

UNISIST      - World Science Information System

UNITAR       - United Nations Institute for Training and Research

UNIX         - Operating System developed by AT&T

UNRWA        -United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees

UNSCEAR      - United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
UNSD        - United Nations Statistical Division

UNSO        - United Nations Sudano-Sahelian Office

UNU         - United Nations University

UO          - Utilization Officer

UOF         - Used Oil Filter

UORA        - Used Oil Recycling Act

UPC         - Universal Product Code

UPCONE      - Upconing of a Salt-Water/Fresh-Water Interface Below a Pumping

UPD         - Up and Down Procedure

UPWP        - Unified Planning Work Program for Regional Transportation

UPZ         - Upper Perched Zone

UR          - Uptake Rate

URF         - Inhalation Unit Risk Factor

µR/hr       - Micro Roentgen per Hour

URIS        - Unregulated Contaminant Information System

URL         - Uniform Resource Locator

URL         - Upper Reporting Limit

URV         - Unit Risk Value

US          - United States of America

USA         - United States of America

USA         - United States Army

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USA         - United States Attorney

USACCE      - United States Army Contracting Command, Europe

USACE       - United States Army Corp of Engineers

USACOE      - United States Army Corp of Engineers

USAEC       - United Stated Army Environmental Center

USAEC       - United Stated Army Environmental Command

USAED       - US Army Engineer District

USAEHA      - United States Army Environmental Hygiene Agency

USAF        - United States Air Force

USAID       - U.S. Agency for Economic Development

USAO        - United States Attorney’s Office

USAPEHEA - United States Army Pacific Environmental Health Engineering

USAREUR     - United States Army, Europe

USAS        - Uniform Statewide Accounting System

USATHAMA - U.S. Army Toxic and Hazardous Materials Agency

USBA        - United States Bureau of Reclamation

USBM        - United States Bureau of Mines

USBR        - United States Bureau of Reclamation

USBS        - United States Bureau of Standards

USC         - Unified Soil Classification

USC         - United States Code

USCA        - United States Code Annotated

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
USCA        - Unit- Specific Correlation Approach

USCG        - United States Coast Guard

USCG-MSEP - United States Coast Guard Office of Marine Safety and
          Environmental Protection

USCIS       - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services

USCP        - United States Capitol Police

USCS        - United Soil Classification System

USDA        - United States Department of Agriculture

USDOD       - United States Department of Defense

USDOE       - United States Department of Energy

USDOI       - United States Department of the Interior

USDOT       - United States Department of Transportation

USDW        - Underground Source(s) of Drinking Water

USE         - Used Solvent Elimination

USEPA       - United States Environmental Protection Agency

USFDA       - United States Food and Drug Administration

USFS        - Untied States Forest Service

USFW        - United States Fish and Wildlife Service

USFWS       - United States Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS        - United States Geological Survey

USISTC      - US-Israel Science and Technology Commission

USLADP      - Urban Soil Lead Abatement Demonstration Project

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
USLE          - Universal Soil Loss Equation

USM           - United States Marshal

USMAB         - US Man and the Biosphere Program

USMC          - United States Marine Corps

USN           - United States Navy

USNRC         - United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission

USP           - United States Pharmacopoeia

USPHS         - United States Public Health Service

USPP          - United States Park Police

USPS          - United States Postal Service

US&R          - Urban Search and Rescue

USSOCOM - US Special Operations Command

USSR          - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

USSS          - United States Secret Service

UST           - Underground Storage Tank

USTFP         - Underground Storage Tank Facility Plan

US-VISIT      - United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology

USWAG         - Utility Solid Waste Activities Group

μS/cm         - Microsiemens per Centimeter

UTL           - Upper Tolerance Limit

UTM           - Universal Transverse Mercator

UTP           - Urban Transportation Planning

                               JJDS Environmental
           email: website:
UTS         - Universal Treatment Standards

UV          - Ultraviolet

UVA         - Ultraviolet Radiation Band A

UVB         - Ultraviolet Radiation Band B

UVC         - Ultraviolet Radiation Band C

UVCE        - Unconfined Vapor Cloud Explosion

UV-Vis      - Ultra Violet Visible Spectroscopy

UWAG        - Urban Waterfront Action Group

UWL         - Upper Warning Limit

UWMB        - Urban Watershed Management Branch

UWR         - Upland/Wetland Reuse

UXO         - Unexploded Ordnance

UZM         - Unsaturated Zone Monitoring

                             JJDS Environmental
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V           - Vanadium

V           - Vinyl-Polyvinyl Chloride

V           -Volt

VA          - Veterans Administration

VAa         - Alveolar Ventilation Rate Animal

VAC         - Vacuum

VAC         - Volts Alternating Current

VAFSWM      - Virginia Field Scale Wetland Model

VAh         - Alveolar Ventilation Rate Human

VALLEY      - Meteorological Model to Calculate Concentrations on Elevated

VAN         - Research Triangle Park Van System

VAP         - Vulnerability Assessment Program

VAP d       - Vapor Density

VAS         - Visual Analog Scale

VAT         - Value Added Tax

VAV         - Variable Air Volume

VBOK        - EMSL Vegas Library Book System

VCEM        - EMSL Vegas Chemical Inventory

VCM         - Vinyl Chloride Monomer

VCP         - Voluntary Cleanup Program

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         email: website:
VCS         - Vapor Collection System

VCTU        - Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited

VCU         - Venturi Calibration Unit

VDC         - Volts Direct Current

VDEC        - Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation

VDT         - Video Display Terminal

VE          - Value Engineering

VE          - Visual Emissions

VEC         - Vehicle emissions Certificate

VECP        - Value Engineering Change Proposal

VEEC        - Visible Emissions Evaluation Certification

VEM         - Value Estimation Model

VEO         - Visible Emission Observation

VERR        - Vehicle Emissions Repair Report

VES         - Vapor Extraction System

VES         - Vertical Electric Sounding

VFC         - Volumetric Flow Controller

VFSMOD      - Vegetative Filter Strip Model

VHAP        - Volatile Hazardous Air Pollutant

VHS         - Vertical and Horizontal Spread Model

VHT         - Vehicle-Hours of Travel

VIEW        - Visibility Investigative Experiment in the West

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
VIR         - Vehicle Inspection Report

VISC        - Viscosity

VISITT      - Vendor Information System for Innovative Treatment Technologies

VISTTA      - Visibility Impairment from Sulfur Transformation and Transport in
              the Atmosphere

ViTS        - Video Telecommunications System

VKT         - Vehicle Kilometers Traveled

V/L         - Volume to Liquid Ratio

VLDPE       - Very Low-Density Polyethylene

VLIB        - EMSL Vegas Library Inventory

VMAL        - EMSL Vegas Mail System

VMAT        - Veterinary Medical Assistance Team

VMEP        - Voluntary Mobile Emissions Programs

VMS         - Variable Message Sign

VMS         - Volatile Methyl Siloxane

VMT         - Vehicle Miles Traveled

VMT         - Vertical Miles Traveled

VN          - Verbal Notification

VOA         - Volatile Organic Analysis

VOA         - Volatile Organic Analyte

VOAP        - Voluntary Cleanup Oversight and Assistance Program

VOC         - Volatile Organic Compound

VOHAPs      - Volatile Organic Hazardous Air Pollutants

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
VOL         - Volatile Organic Liquid

VOLSTORAGE- Volatile Organic Liquid Storage Facilities

VOS         - Vehicle Operating Survey

VOSL        - Value of Statistical Life

VOST        - Volatile Organic Sampling Train

VP          - Vapor Pressure

VPN         - Virtual Private Network

VPP         - Voluntary Protection Program

vPvD        - Very Persistent, Very Bioaccumulative

VQ          - Venturi Quench

VRF         - Vehicle Repair Form

VRS         - Vapor Recovery system

VS          - Venturi Scrubber

VSAM        - Virtual Storage Access Method

VSAP        - Visual Stream Assessment Protocol

VSD         - Virtually Safe Dose

VSI         - Visual Site Inspection

VSPC        - EMSL Vegas Species System

VSS         - Volatile Suspended Solids

VSS         - Voucher and Scheduling System

VST-CV      - Vapor Systems Technologies Safety Check Valve

VTC         - Video Teleconferences

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
VTS          - Vessel Traffic System

VTSR         - Verified Time of Sample Receipt

VTSSS 2000 - Virginia Trout Stream Sensitivity Study

v/v          - Volume to Volume

VWF          - Vibration-induced White Finger

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:

W           - Tungsten

W           - Watt

W3C         - World Wide Web Consortium

WA          - Work Assignment

WAA         - Waste Accumulation Area

WACO        - Region 7 NPDES Water Compliance System

WAD         - Weak Acid Dissociable Cyanide

WADTF       - Western Atmospheric Deposition Task Force

WAM         - Work Assignment Manager

WAMView     - Watershed Assessment Model with an Archive Interface

WAN         - Wide Area Network

WAP         - Waste Analysis Plan

WARMF       - Watershed Analysis Risk Management Framework

WARR        - Waste and Release Reduction

WAS         - Wasting Rate

WASP        - Water Analysis Simulation Program

WATER       - Economic Analysis of Water Supply

WATER       - Watershed Analysis Tool for Environmental Review

WATERS      - Watershed Assessment Tracking and Environmental Results

WATERSHEDSS – Water, Soil, and Hydro-Environmental Decision Support

                             JJDS Environmental
         email: website:
WATQ       - Region 2 Water quality Analysis Graphics System

WAVE       - Water Alliances for Environmental Efficiency

WAWAS      - Washington Area Warning System

WB         - Wet Bulb

WB         - World Bank

WBC        - White Blood Cells

WBCSD      - World Business Council for Sustainable Development

WBD        - Watershed Boundary Dataset

WBE        - Women’s Business Enterprise

WBGT       - Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

WBS        - Work Breakdown Structure

WCC        - Warning Communications Center

WCC        - Washington Computer Center

WCC        - Wiesbaden Contracting Center

WCED       - World Commission on Environment and Development

WCF        - Waste Characterization Facility

WCID       - Water Control and Improvement District

WCL        - Workplace Chemicals List

WCMC       - World Conservation Monitoring Center

WCN        - World Climate News

WCP        - Waste Characterization Program

WCR        - Waste Characterization Report

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
WCRA       - Waste Characterization and Repackaging Area

WCRI       - Worker Compensation

WCS        - Watershed Characterization System

WCSC       - Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center

WD         - Water Division

WD         - Wind Direction

WDAC       - Wild and Domestic Animal Criteria

WDAV       - Wild and Domestic Animal Value

WDEQ       - Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

WDI        - World Bank World Development Indicators

WDM        - NOAA’s Weather Data Management

WDNR       - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource

WDOE       - Washington Department of Ecology

WDR        - Waste Discharge Report

WDR        - Waste Discharge Requirements

WDROP      - Distribution Register of Organic Pollutants in Water

WED        - Water Enforcement Division

WEEL       - Workplace Environmental Exposure Level

WEEM       - Waterway Efficiency Evaluation Model

WEF        - Water Environment Federation (formerly WPCF)

WEHAB      - Water, Energy, Health, Agriculture and Biodiversity

WEI        - World Environment Institute

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
WENDB      - Water Enforcement National Database

WEP        - Wired Equivalent Privacy

WEPP       - Water Erosion Prediction Project

WER        - Water Effects Ratio

WERC       - Worldwide Environmental Remediation and Construction

WERF       - Waste Experimental Reduction Facility

WERL       - Water Engineering Research Laboratory

WES        - Waterways Experiment Station

WESP       - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

WESPDOSE2 - High Level Radioactive Waste Risk Model Environmental

WET        - Waste Extraction Test

WET        - Water Education Team

WET        - Whole Effluent Toxicity Test

WETOX      - Wet Air Oxidation

WETT       - Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing

WF         - Waterfowl Habitat

WFF        - Wallops Flight Facility

WFO        - Work for Others

WFP        - World Food Program

WFPM       - Western Fine Particulate Modeling

W/ft2      - Watt per Square Foot

                            JJDS Environmental
        email: website:
WG           - Wage Grade

WG           - Work Group

WGI          - Within Grade Increase

WHB          - Waste Heat Boiler

WHMIS        - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

WHO          - World Health Organization

WHO-WMO - International Air Data Base

WHP          - Wellhead Protection

WHPA         - Wellhead Protection Area

WHPP         - Wellhead Protection Program

WHSCC        - Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Commission

WHWT         - Water and Hazardous Waste Team

WIC          - Washington Information Center

WICEM        - World Industry Conference on Environmental Management

WIL          - Web Interface Layer

WIM          - Weigh-in-Motion

WIMS-ES      - Work Information Management System – Environmental Subsystem

WIN          - Waste Information Needs

WinHSPF      - Interactive Windows Interface to HSPF

WIP          - Work in Progress

WIPP         - Waste Isolation Pilot Project

WIS          - Waste Information System

                              JJDS Environmental
          email: website:
WISE       - Women in Science and Engineering

WL         - Warning Letter

WL         - Working Level (radon measurement)

WLA        - Waste Load allocation

WLA/TMDL - Waste Load Allocation/Total Maximum Daily Load

WLD        - Water and Land Division

WLM        - Working Level Months

WLRC       - Washington Level Review Center

W/m3       - Watts per Cubic Meter

WMC        - Waste management Contractor

WMD        - Waste Management Division

WMD        - Water Management District

WMD        - Water Management Division

WMD        - Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMED       - Waste Management and Economics Division

WMF        - Waste management Facility

WMI        - Watershed Management Initiative

WMM        - Watershed Management Model

WMMA       - Waste Materials Management Act

WMMP       - Waste Minimization and Management Plan

WMNP       - Waste Minimization National Plan

WMO        - Wireless Management Office

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WMO       - World Meteorological Organization

WMP       - Waste Management Plan

WMS       - Watershed Model System

WMS       - Work Force Management Staff

WMSD      - Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder

WMV       - Windows Media Video

WO        - Work Order

WORM      - Write Once Read Many

WOW       - We-Cycle Office Wastepaper

WOW       - Workers Observing Workers

WP        - Water Pollution Lab Performance Evaluation Studies

WP        - Wettable Powder

WP        - Workplan

WPA       - Watershed Protection Approach

WPA       - Wellhead Protection Area

WPA       - Wireless Protected Access

WPAP      - Water Pollution Abatement Plan

WPC       - Water Pollution Control

WPC       - Water Priority Chemicals

WPC       - Word Processing Center

WPCF      - Water Pollution Control Federation

WPD       - Water Planning Division

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WPH          - Wetlands Protection Hotline

WPI          - Wholesale Price Index

WPM          - Words per Minute

WPO          - Water Policy Office

WPPISDC      - Wisconsin Power Plant Impact Study Data Center

WPR          -Worker Protection Rule

WPS          -Worker Protection Standard

WPW          - Wood Preserving Waste

WQ           - Water Quality

WQ2000       - Water Quality 2000

WQA          - Water Quality Act (1987) (see FWPCA)

WQARF        - Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund

WQAS         - Water Quality Analysis System (file within STORET)

WQBELS       - Water Quality-Based Effluent Limits

WQC          - Water Quality Criteria

WQCDs        - Water Quality Criteria Documents

WQI/GPT      - Water Quality Inlet/Gross Pollutant Trap

WQM          - Water Quality Management

WQMP         - Water Quality Management Plan

WQMSGL       - Water Quality Modeling System for the Great Lakes

WQM4         - Region 4 Water Quality Model

WQO          - Water Quality Objective

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WQOBS      -Water Quality Observation Data

WQP        - Water Quality Parameters

WQS        - Water Quality Standard

WRAC       - Waste Reduction Advisory Committee

WRAP       - Western Regional Air Partnership

WRAS       - Waste Reduction Advisory System

WRAS       - Watershed Restoration Action Strategy

WRC        - Water resources Center

WRC        - Water Resources Congress

WRC        - Water Resources Council

WRC        - Work Request Center

WRD        - Water Resources Division

WRD        - World Resources Database

WRDA       - Water Resources Development Act

WRI        - World Resources Institute

WRITE      - Waste Reduction Innovative Technology Evaluation

WRMSD      - Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorder

WRP        - Wetlands Research Project

WRPA       - Waste Reduction Policy Act

WRS        - Wilcoxom Rank Sum

WRS        - Region 5 ADP Workload Reporting System

WS         - Water Supply

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WS         - Water Supply Evaluation Studies Lab Performance

WS         - Web Services

WS         - Wind Speed

WS         - Work Status

WS         - Wet Scrubber

WSAP       - Weighted Sensitivity Analysis Program

WSC        - Water Supply or Sewer Service Corporations

WSF        - Water Soluble Fraction

WSIB       - Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

WSIS       - Workplace Safety and Insurance System

WSM        - Watershed Model

WSO        - World Safety Organization

WSR        - Wet Strength Resin

WSRA       - Wild and Scenic Rivers Act

WSS        - Work Smart Standards

WSSM       - Water Supply Simulation Model

WSTB       - Water Sciences and Technology Board

WSTP       - Wastewater Sewage Treatment Plant

WSTT       - Watershed Screening and targeting Tool

WSVS       - Region 2 Water Supply Violation Assessment Graphics System

WSWRD      - Water Supply and Water Resources Division

WTC        - World Trade Center

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WTE         - Waste to Energy

WTIE        - Wastewater Treatment and Information Exchange

WTO         - World Trade Organization

WTP         - Water Treatment Plant

WTP         - Willingness to Pay

WTPS        - Water, Toxics and Pesticides Staff

WTRF        - Waste Tire Recycling Fund

WTRRX       - Controlled Reaction with Water for Highly Reactive Inorganic

WTS         - HPOB Automated Workload Management System

WTSHRD      - Water and Toxic Substances Health Research Division

WUD         - Water Utility Database

WUI         - Wildland Urban Interface

WV          - Wildlife Value

WWEMA       - Waste and Wastewater Equipment Manufacturers Association

WWF         - Wet Weather Flow

WWF         - World Wide Fund for Nature

WWF         - World Wildlife Federation

WWFB        - Waste Water Financing Board

WWMMRD - Water and Waste Management Monitoring Research Division

WWR         - Wetlands and Water Resources

WWT         - Wastewater Treatment

WWTP        - Wastewater Treatment Plant

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WWTU      - Wastewater Treatment Unit

WWW       - World Weather Watch

WWW       - World Wide Web

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X            - Xenon

X-Files      - Files of unknown content

XRF          - X-ray Fluorescence

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Y         - Yes

Y         - Yttrium

YAG       - Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser

Yb        - Ytterbium

YES       - Yellowstone Ecosystem Subcommittee

YM        - Yucca Mountain Project

YNP       - Yellowstone National Park

yr        - Year

YTD       - Year to Date

Y-12      - Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant

Y2K       - Year 2000

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Z List      - OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits Table

ZBB         - Zero Base Budgeting

ZD          - Zero Drift

ZEV         - Zero Emission Vehicle

ZHE         - Zero Headspace Extractor

ZI          - Zero Intercept

ZID         - Zone of Initial Dilution

ZM          - Zone Manager

Zn          - Zinc

ZOI         - Zone of Incorporation

Zr          - Zirconium

ZRL         - Zero Risk Level

ZT          - Zulu Time

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33/50      - An EPA project inviting all manufacturers to make reductions in 17
           targeted chemicals

3P         - Pollution Prevention Plans or Program

4D         - Tetrachlorodibenzo-(p)-dioxin

4F         - Tetrachlorodibenzofuran

5D         - Pentachlorodibenzo-(p)-dioxin

5F         - Pentachlorodibenzofuran

6D         - Hexachlorodibenzo-(p)-dioxin

6F         - Hexachlorodibenzofuran

7D         - Heptachlorodibenzo-(p)-dioxin

7F         - Heptachlorodibenzofuran

8D         - Octachlorodibenzo-(p)-dioxin

8F         - Octachlorodibenzofuran

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%         - Percent

%RSD      - Percent Relative Standard Deviation

?         - Not Available

§         - Section

<         - Less than

<=        - Less Than or Equal To

>         - Greater than

>=        - Greater Than or Equal To

$GN       - $mart Growth Network

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