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					                                 Teflon Is Forever
For decades now DuPont has sold us what many would consider a nonstick wonder, but what
DuPont has failed to tell us is that Teflon sticks to us. This is because Teflon gets its nonstick
properties from a toxic, nearly indestructible chemical that is called pfoa, or perfluorooctanoic
acid. Nevertheless, Teflon is used in numerous products today, including cookware, children's
pajamas and takeout coffee cups.

The Environmental Protection Agency has just finished up a study that shows that pfoa is a
human carcinogen. It can be found in the bloodstream of almost every American, even in
newborn babies wherein it causes decreased birth weight and head circumference. So, while
DuPont claims that Teflon makes "cleanup a breeze," cleansing ourselves from the chemical pfoa
is nearly impossible.

DuPont has always known a lot more about Teflon than they would like to let on. In fact, after
just 2 years of operation the EPA fined the company $16.5 million for having covered up their
knowledge about Teflon for decades. What was the knowledge that was covered up? It was
knowledge of the fact that pfoa can cause cancer, birth defects, immune suppression,
developmental problems and liver damage. This is just one of the many lawsuits that has been
brought against DuPont in regards to their use of Teflon.

So, how do we as humans inhale Teflon? Well, it can be found in a wide variety of places,
including: when rugs and upholstery that have been treated with Teflon begin to wear down;
70% of the cookware that is sold; the paper that pizza slices are placed upon; microwave popcorn
bags, ice cream cartons and other food packages; mascara; dental floss; and some personal care
products. Of course, there is also pfoa in Scotchgard but they have stopped using the chemical
now that they know that it contaminates entire populations of people. However, if you have ever
used Scotchgard on your carpeting, it is still there.

Unfortunately, DuPont and its supporters like to deny these facts. They seem to think that by
avoiding these issues they will just magically go away. These people will tell you that there is no
health threat from their products even though lab tests show otherwise. While DuPont claims that
they are going to get rid of people's need for Teflon products, all they are doing is taking out
ads claiming that Teflon actually make lives better, safer and healthier.

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