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           Publishing in
   3-day training

 peer-reviewed journals
  Customers about this training:
                                        You are writing a paper and want to
  “Really brilliant structure, qual-
  ity was very high. Very good
                                        make sure it gets published in an in-
  training book with very good          ternational peer-reviewed journal?
  exercises, also helpful for later
                                         Why take this course?                     Training aims
  “I walk from this course with a
                                         If you are currently preparing or writ-   The training provides an in-depth
  recipe for writing a paper!”
                                         ing a paper for an international peer-    explanation of key aspects of peer-
  “Writing my paper and its sec-         reviewed journal this 3-day compre-       reviewed publishing. You learn step-
  tions was always the hardest           hensive training is ideal for you. Dur-   by-step how to write a manuscript
  thing for me to do but with your       ing the training, you will improve        that gets published. Your particular
  guidelines I will now be able to       your manuscript in progress or draft      training benefits are:
  make it.”                              concrete ideas for a manuscript.
                                                                                   1) to set up a publication strategy to
                                         The three days of the training take you      increase publication output of your
                                         from planning and preparing to writ-         research activities.
                                         ing and submitting a paper. You also      2) to develop a detailed publishing
                                         receive in-depth advice on how to            plan for your current paper in pro-
                                         tackle the peer-review process and           gress.
                                         deal with reviewers and editors. You      3) to draft main sections of your
                                         learn to understand the implicit             manuscript.
                                         rules of the peer-review publishing       4) to know for each section what it
  We are an international consult-       system and receive concrete advice           needs to include.
  ing firm dedicated to improve          how to overcome the various hur-          5) to know how to identify a suitable
  the academic performance of            dles of this system with your par-           journal for your paper submission.
  academics, universities and re-        ticular paper.                            6) to get answers on your individual
  search institutes across subject                                                    questions regarding paper writing.
  areas. We offer skill-building         If you have previously tried to write     7) to have clear instructions for com-
  training in academic key compe-        and publish a manuscript for a jour-         pleting your manuscript after the
  tences such as peer-reviewed           nal, this training will strengthen your      training.
  publishing, PhD studies and in-        expertise and confidence in getting        8) to submit your manuscript follow-
  terdisciplinary research. Our          published. You learn the relevant writ-      ing up on the concrete suggestions
  activities are based on substan-       ing techniques to substantially im-          of the training.
  tial research on success and fail      prove the quality of your paper and
  factors in these areas.                lead it through to publication success.

TRESS & TRESS improving academic performance

Target g roup                             Outcome                                    TRAINING TYPE
• Authors who are currently prepar-       You increase confidence and effi-            Comprehensive: 3 days
  ing or writing a manuscript for a       ciency in the writing and publishing       Available as Open Training or as
  peer-reviewed journal.                  process. You know what most papers         In-House Training
• Authors who got manuscripts re-         do wrong, how to avoid these mis-
  jected.                                 takes and how to correspond with           START/END
• Authors who want to significantly        editors and reviewers. You have            Day 1: 09:00-17:00
  increase the success rate of papers     drafted elements of the main sections      Day 2: 09:00-17:00
  they submit to peer-reviewed jour-      of your paper and got clear instruc-       Day 3: 09:00-16:00
  nals.                                   tions for how to complete your paper
                                          after the training.                        PARTICIPANTS
                                                                                     max. 12
You benefit most from this training        Training mode
                                                                                     TRAINING LANGUAGE
when:                                     The training includes a well-balanced
a) you are in the process of writing an   mixture of interactive lectures, discus-
   academic paper or                      sions, practical exercises and gives
b) you have a first draft/ideas of a       good time for your specific questions.
                                                                                     3 ECTS
   paper.                                 The training makes use of many real
The training provides a solid basis for   examples of manuscripts and editorial
                                                                                     OPEN TRAINING
you to improve a current manuscript       questions. You are encouraged to
                                                                                     This training is regularly offered
or to start on a new manuscript after     bring along your own manuscript in
                                                                                     for interested individuals as
attendance.                               preparation, review reports or other
                                                                                     open training. It is held at a com-
                                          editorial correspondence that you
                                                                                     fortable training location in the
Content                                   received.
                                                                                     attractive setting of Greater
The training includes detailed expla-                                                Munich, Germany. Please see our
nation of all relevant aspects such as:   Why train with us                          website for current training
• selecting a paper topic                 As instructors, we provide an effective    dates, fees and conditions.
• selecting an appropriate journal        and diversified learning experience.
• preparing the writing process           We hold PhD degrees and have 12            IN-HOUSE TRAINING
• basic writing rules                     years of international research and
                                                                                     For the comfort of an academic
• defining authorship                      teaching experiences at research insti-
                                                                                     group (department, research
• defining paper objectives                tutes and universities in the United
                                                                                     project, research school), this
• manuscript structure and sections       Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands,
                                                                                     training can also be held at your
• writing process                         and Denmark. We work as editors,
                                                                                     home institute. Please see our
• style, format and journal guidelines    editorial board members, referees and
                                                                                     website for more details.
• common mistakes                         authors for major international pub-
• impact factor and other perform-        lishing houses. We gained extensive
  ance indicators                         experiences with publishing, review-
• manuscript submission                   ing and editing papers for peer-
• characteristics of the peer-review      reviewed journals and books. In our        TRESS & TRESS GbR
  process                                 own research, we have systematically       Egenhofenstrasse 27 A
• review criteria                         analysed the requirements for pub-         82152 Munich-Planegg, Germany
• editorial process                       lishing papers in journals across sub-
                                                                                     Phone: +49.89.89556395
• revision process                        ject areas. We are keen on seeing you
                                                                                     Fax: +49.89.89556397
• responding to editors and referees      becoming a successful and experi-
• publishing stages                       enced academic writer.
• publishing ethics

TRESS & TRESS improving academic performance

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