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									         Pigskin Pass Fundraising
What is Pigskin Pass?
The pigskin pass is a group of student-athletes from Towson University and the
University of Delaware running a 58-mile relay-run from Delaware University to Towson
University beginning on Friday, November 5th. The Pigskin Pass will conclude at
midfield inside University of Delaware's stadium with the presentation of the Game Ball
before the Towson-Delaware football game on Saturday, November 6th. All proceeds
benefits the 10,000 athletes in Special Olympics Maryland.

Fundraise Online!
Spreading the Word
This is one way to raise a lot of money in a short amount of time! Set aside a few hours
one day and you can have it all done. Write personal emails to your family, friends,
coaches, etc. and let them know you are running or supporting this great cause. This is
the most successful online fundraising program in the country – its super easy and fun to
    1) Logon to www.pigskinpass.com and click “Runner Registration”
    2) Click “Register Here”
    3) Choose to Form a Team (if you would like to be the Team Captain), Join a Team
        (if someone has already registered as your team captain) or Register as an
    4) If you are starting/joining a team – enter the Team Name (ie. Men’s Soccer).
    5) Follow the steps listed and insert your contact information, including t-shirt size.
    6) Upon registering, you will be able to create your online fundraising page by
        uploading a picture of yourself or team and adding inspiring text about why you
        are participating in the Pigskin Pass.
    7) When complete, it will ask if you want to email your friends and family, click yes!
    8) Simply input the email addresses of your friends, family, professors, coaches,
        former teachers and anyone else you can think of! (Hint: you’ll be able to go back
        and do it again if you forget someone).
    9) Customize your email, make it personal!
   10) Once you’ve sent your email, be sure to follow up – a week or so later is fine,
       people will appreciate the reminder.
   11) And that’s it! Just remember to send “thank yous” after the event is over and
       include a picture from the event for that personal touch.

Team Fundraising
Bring Pigskin Pass to the next level and get awarded for doing it!
Help promote your team and this event by:
       Posting Pigskin Pass flyers in your classroom, dorm, and apartment building and
       in town (of course ask permission first).
       Send your fundraising page to friends and family!
       Ask everyone you know for a donation.
       Remember to follow up.

                    SAMPLE DONATION EMAIL / LETTER
Dear [Insert Name]:

I am writing to ask for your help. I am participating in the Pigskin Pass - an event that is
a group of student-athletes from Towson University and the University of Delaware
running a 58-mile relay-run between the two schools. The Pigskin Pass will conclude at
midfield inside University of Delaware’s stadium with the presentation of the Game Ball
before the Towson-Delaware football game on Saturday, November 6th. All proceeds
raised goes to support the 10,000 athletes of Special Olympics Maryland.

I have set a personal fundraising goal of $[insert amount], and I need your help to reach
it! In order to support my efforts, please make your check payable to “SOMD” and
return it to me in the envelope I have provided, or you can mail it directly to their office
at SOMD / 513 Progress Drive, Suite P / Linthicum, MD 21090. If you do it this way,
please be sure to include my name in the memo area so that the staff will know where to
credit the contribution.

Or, if you prefer the web, visit www.pigskinpass.com and click “Sponsor a Runner.”
Type in my name, which will take you to my personal fundraising page, and give you the
option of making a donation online via credit or debit card.

Thank you!!!

[Runner’s Name]
                         Special Olympics Maryland Fact Sheet
WHO WE ARE: Special Olympics Maryland is a statewide year-round sports program for
Maryland’s children and adults with intellectual disabilities and/or closely related developmental
disabilities. We currently offer over 25 sports at a state level. There are currently 10,000 athletes
age eight and above participating in SOMD programs.

OUR HISTORY: The concept for Special Olympics was born in the early 1960s when Eunice
Kennedy Shriver started a day camp for people with intellectual disabilities at her home in
Rockville, Maryland. The first International Special Olympics Games were held in 1968 at
Soldier’s Field, Chicago with 1,000 athletes participating from 26 states and Canada.

HOW WE’VE GROWN: Mrs. Shriver’s vision of an international sports organization for people
with intellectual disabilities, one that would bring the joy and pride developed through sports
competition to those the world believed could not learn or play sports, has grown into one of the
largest and most successful sports and volunteer organizations in the world. Special Olympics
programs are in every state and in over 160 countries worldwide, serving more than one-million

WHO IS ELIGIBLE: Throughout Maryland, there are about 150,000 persons with intellectual
disabilities and/or closely related developmental disabilities who can benefit from our sports
programs. Eligible athletes are all children and adults, at least eight-years-old, with intellectual
disabilities, a cognitive delay, or a closely related developmental disability. Eligible athletes have
functional limitations in both general learning and in adaptive skills. This typically includes all
individuals with intellectual disabilities, combination deaf-blindness, autism, traumatic head injury,
and most individuals with cerebral palsy and specific learning disabilities. Children age six and
seven may participate in Special Olympics training, but may not compete.

ALL YEAR LONG…AND IT’S FREE! There are training and competition opportunities every
day throughout the year. Our programs are free to all eligible athletes and are possible thanks to
the generous support from individuals and businesses who believe in Special Olympics athletes.
Financial support comes almost exclusively from individuals, organizations, corporations, and
foundations. The average cost of supporting one athlete, for one sport is $500.00 and many of
our athletes choose to participate in multiple sports.
    The key to building a Pigskin Pass team and successful fundraising campaign both depend on asking
  people you know for support. Think about everyone whose lives you touch and ask him or her to join your
                                          team or make a donation.

    Your list can be overwhelming so use this chart to help you identify people that you know and organize
  them into categories. Start with the easiest people to reach - your family and friends. Next, ask teachers,
                                           coaches and classmates!
                    Before you know it you will have a complete list of people that you know!

   High School friends                                                                     Professors

Community/ Social Clubs                                                                          Coaches

                                                                                            Colleagues and

                                               Your Name Here

                                                                                          Current & Former

    Fraternity/Sorority                             Family                              Current & Former
         Friends                                                                       Teachers & Coaches


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