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					                                                                                                                                                                                                          Savannah News-Press • Sunday, November 3, 1991 -SB

  Letters to the Editor                                                                             PHROGG
                                                                                                                                                .AUMVS                                             7&/S                                   MA VORA-L
           Local Israel Basher
           Should State Facts              speak up.
      In response to Robert Morgan's           The last paragraph of his letter is
 Oct. 4 letter, there are no "loan         even more vehement and vindictive
 guarantees to Israel for settling of      and contains the kind of innuendo
 Soviet1 Jews in the occupied West         which is reminiscent of many propa-
 Bank. ' In the very beginning, Israel     ganda pieces written during World
 agreed that none of the money from        War II. There is no evidence whatso-
 the loans would be used in any occu-      ever that any citizen of a foreign
 pied territory but would be used          country has ever been given political
 within Israel proper on the lands         asylum in Israel for committing
 recognized by all democratic coun-        crimes which are recognized by the
tries as being a part of Israel. Of        international community as being                                                                         _* •
 course, Mr. Morgan may consider           crimes. He cites no source for the al-
 all of Israel as occupied territory.      legation that Israel intended to give
      Second, American taxpayers are
 not subsidizing anything. What is in-
 volved is a loan guarantee, and Isra-
 el has never defaulted on a loan.
                                           political asylum to any such person.
                                           He totally forgets Israel is a democ-
                                                                                                    The Big Eclipse: Year- round Schools
 Therefore, no tax money would be              Citizens of Israel have most of                         The Grinch may be about O-for-25                                               yoked to the "agrarian calendar," daily in the South, where air condi-
 expended whatsoever.                       the same rights we enjoy in the Unit-                   when it comes to snatching Christ-                                                so the causes of decline must lie tioning would have to be run almost
      Third, Mr. Morgan totally ig-         ed States, and Israel has shown it-                     mas, but now, in alliance with as-                                                elsewhere.) Bright students are non-stop in summer classrooms.
 nores the fact that most of this mon-      self to be a loyal friend, voting with                  sorted spoilsports, killjoys, and wet                                             sometimes described as "smart as a Parents with children on different
 ey will be spent in the United States      the United States more times in the                     blankets in state governments and                                                 whip." Summer breaks may be the "tracks" would have a hard time
 and will come back to help the hous-       United Nations than any other of the                    school divisions, he has set his sights                                           slack needed to give the whip the planning vacations. Custody agree-
 ing and building-supply industries,        so-called allies. Israel has provided                   on a softer target: children's sum-                                               crack.                                     ments between divorced parents, es-
 which are greatly depressed at this        intelligence information to the Unit-                   mers.                                                                                 I do not claim that Ballinger and pecially if they lived far apart,
 time.                                      ed States beyond that of any other                         Already, 21 states have passed                                                 his cohorts are evil (although it would be complicated, as would ac-
      Fourth, he totally ignores the        ally. Israel has cooperated in carry-                   legislation permitting the "all-year                                              wouldn't surprise me if they knew tivities like summer camp and fami-
 people that are benefiting from            ing out U.S. foreign policy in the                      school year," which would replace                                                 words that could make a cow go ly reunions
 these funds, refugees from the Sovi-       Middle East consistently since its                      school kids' traditional 2^-month                                                 dry) or conceal some hidden agen-             But the main thing to consider is
 et Union whom all of us fought to get      formation.                                              summer break with, typically, three        spent summers helping their dad- da. But the year-round idea appeals that summer is the children's terri-
 out.                                          Israel-bashing seems to be Mr                        shorter periods spaced throughout          dies bring in the crop. Poor to some people for non-academic tory. It is the time to ride the rubber
      The problem with someone trying      Morgan's favorite hobby; and while                       the calendar year. Applications of         hayseeds of yore! All they had were reasons. "It's expensive, but so is off the Schwinn, ,to grow strong and
 to state an objective opinion on your     Israel is not perfect, neither is any                    this idea are spreading faster than        their McGuffey's Reader and uni- drug rehab and law enforcement," brown at the swimming pool, to tie i-
 editorial page is that one of your        other democracy which we claim as                        poison-ivy blisters in a Turkish bath.     versal literacy.                       said one Virginia mother. Not only tin can to a dog's tail and feed hin.
 regular letter writers, Mr, Morgan,       an ally. Even in the "occupied terri-                       To date, the darkness has fallen           Common sense refutes the idea does this malign young people, most pilfered ground chuck in penance, to
 is quick to jump on any negative          tories/' people have more rights                         over 1,666 schools and 1,389,000 pu-       that it takes Anne Sullivan, Helen of whom will not spend their Julys in listen for the jingle of the Good Hu-
 comments and try to twist them to         than in any Arab country. In com-                        pils, according to Charles Ballinger,      Keller's teacher, to instruct students an opium den or sign up with The mor Man and race the melting ice
 his own ends. When facts are simply       parison to its neighbors by any stan-                    executive director of the National         rendered cretinous by a summer va- Sharks and The Jets; it also sug- cream down the cone, to kick up a
 assumed that are no correct, when         dard, Israel stands a thousand times                     Association for Year-Round Educa-          cation. In fact, young children retain gests that educators should be ward- yellow-jacket nest and spend the
 quotes are made without any attri-        taller.                                                  tion (now that the Soviet Union is         knowledge enviably well, all the ers. Just this heaping of extraneous evening smarting in bleach and bath
 bution, I think someones needs to                     BARNARD M. PORTMAN                           blooey, something had to take the          more so if involved in, say, a sum- duties on teachers is a big reason water, to wade the gutters after a
                                                                                                    place of Smersh). In the last six          mer reading program. Then, too, why U.S. education falters.                       cloudburst, to read the comic books
                                                                                                    days, Virginia Gov, Doug Wilder has                                                   Reshuffling the school year also and kick the stones, to make ^b v
            Punish Child Abusers                                                                    proposed putting all schools in the
                                                                                                    Old Dominion on the schedule, while
                                                                                                                                               many subjects are discretely
                                                                                                                                               taught: Eighth-grade geography has constitutes cosmetic reform of pub- yo "walk th< kit ' to pia v •
                                                                                                                                               no natural ninth-grade sequel. lic education when more basic E and wea» ^ntning-bug ruy; .
 Editor:                                good example of how very unfair we,
    Regarding increasing reports of as a nation, have been to the chil-                             Georgia Education Superintendent           Where continuums exist, a furrowed changes are needed, Jut-t one exam- suck weeds ^nd lie on your back ar;
 child abuse in our country and the dren of our country. This woman                                 Werner Rogers has gushed about the         brow and a little pencil-chewing are ple: German kids go to school 210 watch the clouds . . . to do nothing"
 puny punishments for this horrid abused her child for the past four                                notion on Peach State Public Badio         usually enough to coax forth dusty days a year; Japanese, 243; Ameri-                To live.
 crime:                                 years by starving her, beating her                              The prairie-fire enthusiasm for        skills. Eighty days of unbroken lei- can, about 180. Perhaps U.S. chil- This isn't just blocks on a calen-
    Unfortunately, there are people with a hammer, scalding her and                                 continuous-loop schooling is no            sure are simply not a head wound.      dren should spend a few more days dar or some characterless and inter-
 who do not not value the health, then scrubbing the burned skin, etc.                              doubt in part ascribable to the bu-           Nor are human beings supposed in school (without becoming a nation changeable tile of time. This is sum-
 safety, and well-being of their chil- This woman was once in prison for                            reaucrat's infinite capacity for dis-      to be computers, storing every da- of wonks on the Japanese model), mer. You can't even say the word
 dren. People who are negligent or abusing someone else's child. Now,                               covering policy fool's gold. The chief     tum indefinitely. Summer breaks but of the 1,666 schools that have any way but languidly It won't be
 abusive should not have children, after four years of abusing her own                              overt justification is something           give kids the opportunity to purge gone all-year, just 10 — 70 — have rushed.
 but they do. So what makes people child she is charged with attempted                              called "summer learning loss,"             inert information, to cultivate in added-days. The ye' rr^nd system                  Soon enough, will come growing
 think they can abuse children and murder and negligence. Attempted                                 which allegedly requires heroic re-        their own fashion what most inter       allows valcif'. T     • ' .sf^ms to up, the ';h»y - full days, the despot!
 cause them physical pain, psycho- murder? I would venture to say she                               training of amnesiac youngster; for        ests them, and to learn in m a hide bt- - . ; • • • . • " '          .;.. ;••-ve- industry u; < ..ponsibility.
 logical disorders, anoVor death? I has already "murdered" this poor,                               a month or so after each new school        schoolhouse ways. (Doesn't foreign ment                                              There is only one summer to a
 will tell you why. Because the judici- innocent child. The child is scarred                        year begins. Year-round proponents         competition mandate tougher educa-          Several nuts-and-bolts arguments customer, wrote Rod Serling. Alas,
 al system does not yet provide harsh for life mentally and physically and                          denounce the outdated "agrarian            tional standards? Yes. But America militate against the full-year sched- none of us can have any more. But
                                                                                                    calendar," under which farm boys           outperformed the world for decades ule. Expense is a large one, espe- none of us deserves any less.
 enough penalties for these offenders. does not know the love of a mother.
                                         The most sickening part is that if the
    Granted, most abusers were woman receives a lengthy sentence
 abused as children, but this is no ex- .she will only serve a small portion of
 cuse. Knowing how terrified they it.
 were as children, they should know         Children were meant to be loved
 better and seek counseling if they and disciplined lovingly. They are,
                                                                                                     Crises Oyered and Terminered Here
 are abusive. Counseling is not neces- after all,our future. How have we                                  What else was there to discuss at                                              heaval among the Las Vegas book-           last. It also went on record as believ-
 sarily for the wealthy. Taxpayers become so very callous? It is time                               the 1-2-3 Club's weekly session at an                                                ies. The widest spread was 53 to 47        ing that the Braves had a more at-
 fund a variety of governmental ser- our courts recognize the damage be-                            affordable downtown saloon but poli-                                                 percent in favor of the incumbent.         tractive and friendlier team than the
 vices that give aid to the less fortu- ing done and give child abusers the                         tics, baseball and the possible shoe                                                      One member declined to predict        Twins, who were roughly conceded
 nate.                                   attention and punishment they de-                          size of a young lady seated alone a                                                  on that mathematical basis, explain-       to be "scoundrels, misfits, cheats
                                                                                                    few tables away?                                                                     ing that he was "not so hot with           and Basque terrorist sympathizers."
    A recent abuse case in New York serve.
 by a mother to her daughter is a                           TERESA WILSON                                 The discussions were carried out                        Archie                 higher forms of arithmetic" but that
                                                                                                                                                                                         he had fared well at the track and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Club member Rogers then gave a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    briefing on the status of the Basque
                                                                                                    before and after Allison, a young
                                                                                                    lady from England, took our orders,                           Whitfield              was ready to bet anyone 5 to 4 the in-     movement, explaining that the issu
     Where Was Extinguishes?                                                                        in English. Jennings and I had the
                                                                                                    barbecue sandwich, Rogers the
                                                                                                                                                                                         cumbent would stay put.
                                                                                                                                                                                              The club then adopted a resolu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    of clean well water was at the cor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    of their grievances.
 Editor:                                   tioned the vehicle occupants away                        grilled chicken salad, Coffey the          of an ad.                                 tion whereas-ing and now therefore-            Asked whether the Basques we
     On my way home from work the          from the burning car, then backed                        pork maws, Brooks the hamburger,               The contributions were returned       ing that ^ iier powerful organiza-         for or against clean well water, Rot
 afternoon of Oct. 20,1 witnessed an       the police cruiser further away. All                     Bayens the breast of Cardinal, Ro-         to the membership. Bayens com-            tions such as it step forward with         ers said he would check that out and
 automobile fire that could've and         the while, this once beautiful Ameri-                    senblum the Army Surplus Special.          plained he had been short-changed         their predictions on the mayoral           report back.
 should've been contained to the en-       can luxury car was burning steadily                            Calhoun was absent, a courier        on the refund but Rogers pointed          run.                                           the discussion of the shoe size of
 gine compartment of that vehicle.         and the woman occupant of the vehi-                      having brought the news he was             out, respectfully, he had watched the          "I welcome opinions to the con-       the young woman seated alone a few
 The fire occurred on Lathrop Ave-         cle was sobbing, watching her car                        down and out since getting the word        plate closely and that Bayens had in      trary," said a member, "but I re-          tables away ended with each mem-
 nue where the vehicle, a Continental      burn, because no one in the area had                     that Clemson had not won the World         fact placed only three pennies there-     serve the right to call anyone who         ber guessing a size, along with the
 Town Car, in the right-turn lane to       a fire extinguisher.                                     Series. Shearouse was on business          upon, a sum rightfully returned to        disagrees an old fool."                    names of the teams that will meet in
 Bay Street, was already stopped.                                                                   related to the celebration of All Hal-     him.                                           The club noted that its "no           the Super Bowl next January.
 The occupants were trying in vain to         Since a police cruiser is an emer-                    lows, according to the club's horo-            Whereupon the club broke up into      broads" membership policy, estab-              A member was selected to .ap-
 smother the small fire with some          gency vehicle, I want to know why                        scope reading for the day.                 small discussion groups to seek a         lished "for the protection and gener-      proach the young woman and in-
 kind of cloth or car mat. A Savannah      this cruiser was not equipped with                             We focused our political discus-     consensus on the topic: "Who's            al welfare of wimmin and other fe-         quire about the length and breadth
 Police officer, parked about 25 feet      some type of fire extinguisher?                          sion — if you're not focused these         Gonna Win the Election?"                  males," did not necessarily reach as       of her feet. It was agreed that, to
 behind the burning vehicle, got out       Boats longer than 16 feet are re-                         days, you're missing a nice "in"              Two members declined to make          far as the mayoral race. It also           soften what she might consider an
 and hurriedly looked in the trunk of      quired by federal law to carry an on-                     word — on the Savannah mayoral            predictions, fearing that in the event    noted that the incumbent had been          affront, the member would offerner
 his cruiser for the almost certain        board fire extinguisher "readily ac-                      contest, a major point of discussion      they were wrong, other club mem-          rejected for 1-2-3 Club membership         a little chansonnette. Unless, of
 fire extinguisher.                        cessible" in case of a fire emergen-                      being whether the 1-2-3 Club should       bers would poke fun at them and           at the same time memberships were          course, she already had one.
     I saw no fire extinguisher in his     cy. I do not believe our city police                      purchase a political ad stating its       make obspene phone calls to their         denied to Mother Teresa and Clint              Meanwhile, this is being tran-
 hands as he shut the trunk lid and        vehicles should be patrolling our                         position.                                  mothersrin-law.                          Eastwood. Why not be fair.                 scribed shortly before another
 tried to determine what to do next.       streets and be less equipped.                                  A paper plate was passed around        v Those expressing an opinion saw            In its baseball discussions, the      scheduled television debate between
 As the fire grew and grew he mo-*                                  CHRIS SATHER                     the table to raise money to pay for        the incumbent as the winner in           club took official note of the fact that   the mayoral candidates.
                                                                                                     an ad, but when the circuit was com-       Tuesday's election but chose not to      the Atlanta Braves had finished sec-           In the event of gun play during
                                                                                                                                                                                         ond in the World Series while the          the face-off, crime is certain to be-
              Tongues Were Tied                                                                      pleted the treasurer reported that
                                                                                                     $1.23 fell somewhat short of the cost
                                                                                                                                                make their views immediately pub-
                                                                                                                                                lic so as to prevent any major up-       Minnesota Club had finished next to        come a new political issue.
  Editor:                                  population tests HIV positive or has

      The Georgia House budget com-
     ittee has threatened Georgia Pub-
       Television (GPTV) with loss of
                                           AIDS, we don't need any more edu-
                                           cation on that on GPTV. Less than 10
                                           percent of the population uses hard
                                           drugs; we don't need any more edu-
                                                                                                     No 'Georgie Bear' Appears Probable                                                                                             Office of Management and Budget
  funding if it airs any more films        cation there, either.                                                               Washington                                                high gear and helped form the Black
  such as "Tongues Tied," a film               So, GPTV should not waste any                            In 1902, President Theodore Roo-                                                 Bear Conservation Committee to             and the White House's Council on
  about gay blacks. Has the ostrich        more money educating the Georgia                         sevelt showed mercy to a Louisiana                                                   work up a local alternative to the         Competitiveness chaired by Vice
  syndrome hit the budget commit-          public about anything that affects                       black bear captured by his hunting                                                   federal sanctions of the Endangered        President Dan Quayle. OMB worries
  tee? Since only 10 percent of the        less than 10 percent of the popula-                      party — a gesture that inspired the                                                  Species Act. The act allows a state        about the cost of environmental ism,
  population is homosexual, perhaps,       tion. By so doing, perhaps those mi-                     Teddy Bear.                                                                          to come up with its own means of           and the council worries about its ef-
  if we ignore it, it will go away.
      GPTV used to be called educa-
                                           nor afflictions will just go away.
                                               Because the budget committee is
                                                                                                        George Bush has not been as ac-
                                                                                                                                                                  Jack                   protecting a threatened species.
                                                                                                                                                                                         That appeals to the Bush adminis-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    fect on competitive industries, but
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    neither is paid to worry about the
  tional TV, but because the American      made up of less than 10 percent of                           The Louisiana black bear is now                           Anderson               tration, because, under the guise of
                                                                                                                                                                                         local autonomy, any number of envi-
  public is deathly afraid of the world    the House, let's ignore and maybe it                     estimated to number less than 300,                                                                                                   Uoyd acknowledged that there
  education, the name was changed in       will go away.                                            possibly as few as 70, but the "kind-                                                ronmental problems can be ignored          were some on his committee who
  hopes of gaining a larger audience.                HOWARD 0. STURGIS JR.                          er, gentler" Bush administration is                                                  or blamed on someone else.                 are using it to keep the bear of? the
      Since less than 10 percent of the    Waycross                                                 balking at putting the bear under the      Arkansas. In 1900 there were an esti-         Fish and Wildlife let the June 21      "threatened" list, but he said the
                                                                                                    protection of the Endangered Spe-          mated 1,600 Louisiana black bears.        deadline pass, giving the excuse that      committee is earnest in its desire to
 I '911' Brought tife-savers                                                                        cies Act.
                                                                                                         In a rerun of the spotted owl fias-
                                                                                                                                               The bears' habitat has been de-
                                                                                                                                               stroyed by development and logging.
                                                                                                                                               Louisiana outlawed bear hunting in
                                                                                                                                                                                         it wanted to do yet another scientific
                                                                                                                                                                                         study on the bear, but the delay buys
                                                                                                                                                                                         six months for the Black Bear Con-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     protect the bear. "Everybody's rep-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     utation is on the line here," Uoyd
 IsWtor:                                       Occurrences in one's life like                        co in the Pacific Northwest, the US.                                                                                            told us
                                                                                                     Fish and Wildlife Service is finding      1989, but that has not stopped the         servation Committee to work out lo-                                          ^
     On Oct. 171 used Emergency 911         these are very frightening and con-                                                                                                                                                           The Endangered Species Act
      the first time. My father had col-    fusing. It helped knowing that my                        every excuse in the book to avoid         poachers.                                 cal options for handling the problem.
                                                                                                     federal protection for the bear.Sci-           Fish and Wildlife first began to         On the surface, the committee           comes up for reauthorixation next
          and was found tying on the        father was being treated by people                                                                                                            sounds like a good idea — a coalition      year, and friends of the timber in-
           by one of our employees. At      who were dedicated and concerned.                        entists within the Pish and Wildlife      worry about the Louisiana black
                                                                                                     Service think the bear deserves to be     bear in 1912, But when nothing had         of private landowners, state agen-         dustry in Washington are eager, to
       time of the accident I had no           I don't think my father could                                                                                                              cies and timber industry and envi-         gut it. If the Black Bear Conserve
         what happened My tamer             have received better care anywhere.                      listed as "threatened." But their         been done by 1987, two Louisiana
                                                                                                     bosses answer to Interior Secretary       members of the Sierra Club started         ronmental groups. But Ron Nowak,           two Committee has evan minor sac-
         not speak wefl enough to be        I would like to send my deepest grat-                                                                                                         a bear expert for Fish and Wildlife,       cess with protecting the bear, w£h-
                ft was as if itt'd aad a    itude to the emerfency                                   Manuel Lujan, and he answer* to an        a petition to force Fish and Wildlife
                                                                                                      "environmental president" who            to mate up Its rated.                      toW our reporter Nick Budntck that         out using the federal law, then the
                *diatelyl<ttaitdfnand                                                                                                                                                                                                White House wffl make the case (bat
          five minutes MED8TAR ar-          tants wte took care of my lather,                        doesn't know the definition of the             In June of 1910, Fish and Wildlife    the committee was a''tool of lumber
                                                                                                                                               announced it was ready to list the         interests."                                 tiie protection of species
  rtvad and took chart* of tat situa-       Joe Dratidy, during tais traumatic                       tain.                                                                                                                           left to local groups,
  tion. The atnhuian™ drove my fa-          time. Special thanks to s man in the                          Ooe Fish and Wtkflife fleW Woto-     bear as "threatened," and invited             Murray Uoyd, the organizer of
  ctor to Memorial Medical Center s         sraaBBa IBM* namsQ asarai^ WDD BVODQ
                                            A_^_^___   .MH •   I ^ • fj Vf^^b   tM^A   «i • II il     gist told us, "It's pressure from the    public comment, the deadline for           the committee, is both a member of
  Trams Untt I was alfewa* to go            by my Mtar aod 4M * mgattowt                              timber industry, pUta and stmpfe."       the decision was June tt, mi. Buta         the Sierra Club and the Trfmtsiana         paymf attention in the first pttce,
                                                                                                          At onetime, the bear ranged over     tot can sad did happen in a ytar.          Forestry Association. He toW us that       these animals would not haw* teen
                                            !*•                                                                    Texas, Mississippi and           The timber industry shifted into      he met to My with staffers from the
                                                     ANN BRADDY COSNAHAN

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