; Travel By Road Risk Assessment
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Travel By Road Risk Assessment


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									                                                           Educational Visits Generic Risk Assessment
              Assessment Title                   Group/Visit Leaders Name                 Location of Visit/Activity                    Date of Visit
                Travel - Road
    Adapt this form to your own location/activity by identifying and adding additional hazards and/or control measures relevant and appropriate to your own location or young people.
                                                                                       Risk Rating Matrix
    Severity               1 = slightly harmful                           2 = harmful                               3 = extremely harmful                             3 M H H

    Likelihood             1 = highly unlikely                            2 = unlikely                              3 = Likely                                        2 L M H
    L = Low                No action required                                                                                                                         1 L L M
    M = Medium             Efforts should be made to reduce the risk to Low                                                                                               1 2 3
    H = High               Activity should not be started until risk has been reduced                                                                           SxL     Likelihood
     Location, Event or                                                                                               Yes No                                                Risk Rating
                        Significant Hazards                 DCS Recommended Control Measures                                   Additional Control Measures
          Activity                                                                                                     N/A                                                 Low/Med/High
                                                Only transport from a reputable company must be hired and
                                                used, drivers must:
                                                ~ have a full, current PCV licence
                                                ~ not have past/impending convictions for serious driving
                                                offences – e.g. drink/driving
                          Driver error
                          ~ Traffic accident    ~ adhere to strict working hours according to tachograph rules
                                                and regulations
                                                ~ be prohibited to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
                                                ~ be prohibited to use mobile phones or radios in the coach
                                                unless the bus is stationary or the equipment is fully “hands–free”
                                                ~ The vehicle will be hired from a company that is already
                                                accredited/approved to operate bus services for children.
    General Travel                              ~ The company used must hold a current and appropriate PSV
    ~ Road                                      Operator’s Licence (N.B. National (blue) or International (green)
                                                disc which should be clearly displayed on the vehicles
                                                windscreen, adjacent to the tax disc)
                                                ~ The company must have full insurance for all its drivers and
                                                vehicles, including public liability cover
                          Defective coach
                                                ~ Each vehicle will have sufficient breakdown cover to ensure
                          ~ Traffic accident
                                                that a replacement vehicle can be guaranteed if required
                                                ~ All vehicles must have a current MOT certificate
                                                ~ All vehicles must be maintained and serviced regularly
                                                ~ All seats must be fitted with fully operational seat belts
                                                ~ All emergency exits and door closures on vehicles must be
                                                checked and in good working order
                                                ~ All vehicles must be fitted with fire extinguishers and a fully
                                                maintained first aid kit

1                                                                                Authorised: M Fleming                                                                      Ref: GRA/EV-Travel
    Location, Event or                                                                                                  Yes No                                  Risk Rating
                       Significant Hazards                    DCS Recommended Control Measures                                   Additional Control Measures
         Activity                                                                                                        N/A                                   Low/Med/High
                                                  The coach will be checked by a competent leader before
                                                  departure regarding basic safety features, including:
                                                  ~ sufficient seats for each member of the group (i.e. group
                                                  number does not exceed seating capacity of vehicle) so that no
                                                  seat is shared
                                                  ~ all seats have seat belts
    General Travel         All Traffic accidents ~ emergency exits are firmly closed, but not locked or blocked
    ~ Road                                        ~ All group members will be briefed to stay seated, wherever
                                                  possible, during journey
                                                  ~ Group members will be instructed to use and fit seat belts
                                                  correctly at all times during journey
                                                  ~ Service buses without seatbelts will be not be used, apart from
                                                  short local bus routes, and never used on journeys involving high
                                                  speed roads
                                                  ~ There will be appropriate and reasonable staffing ratios in
                           Misbehaviour on
                                                  order to keep order and maintain discipline whilst on board.
    On the vehicle                                ~ Leaders will sit at separate locations within the vehicle to
                           ~ Disturbance
                           ~ Accidents            maintain good order and ensure young people keep seat belts
                                                  on, and do not need to leave seats to ask questions etc.
                           Collision with         ~ Safe locations will be chosen that are away from busy traffic in
    Getting on/off the
                           passing vehicle ~      order to get on/off the vehicle safely (e.g. coach/car park, onto
                           Injury                 wide pavement)
                                                  ~ If a breakdown or accident occurs, all passengers will be
                                                  evacuated away from the passenger side of the vehicle to a safe
                           Further collision with
                                                  resting place (beyond the side barrier if possible), well away from
    In event of accident   vehicle, or with
                                                  passing vehicles
    or breakdown           passengers during
                           evacuation             ~ If above is not possible, passengers will be instructed to sit on
                                                  the side of the vehicle furthest from the moving traffic and remain
                                                  wearing seat belts

2                                                                                  Authorised: M Fleming                                                        Ref: GRA/EV-Travel
    Location, Event or                                                                                            Yes No                                             Risk Rating
                       Significant Hazards                   DCS Recommended Control Measures                                  Additional Control Measures
         Activity                                                                                                  N/A                                              Low/Med/High

    * NOTE
    The final 'Risk Rating' column should be completed by the Overall Group/Visit Leader, and discussed with all other leaders, before giving signed approval.
    The Risk Assessment should only be approved once all significant hazards have been identified, the control measures that will be implemented are agreed, and the overall risk
    ratings are considered acceptable. In most circumstances, if the Overall Residual Risk Rating is considered 'Med' or 'High', the activity/event should be cancelled, or further
    control measures put in place to reduce the risk to 'Low' (PLAN B)
                                                                           Risk Assessment Confirmation

    This Generic Risk Assessment is being used as the basis for a particular visit to:                                                              Date:

    Overall Group/Visit Leader’s Name:                                                           Signature:                                         Date:

    Additional Staff/Volunteer Name(s):                                                          Signature:                                         Date:
    (*continue on a separate page if necessary)

    Educational Visits Co-ordinator Name:                                                        Signature:                                         Date:

3                                                                                 Authorised: M Fleming                                                              Ref: GRA/EV-Travel

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