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					                 Book Fair, November 16 - 19
                    No school next week
            Thornton Creek News
 Nov 13, 2007                         Main Office: 252-5300
 Sponsored by the Thornton Creek Parent Group                         Attendance Line/Voicemail: 252-5304
 Address:7711 43rd Avenue NE; Seattle, WA 98115           Fax:252-5301 School Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:05 p.m.

November Events:                                           & Come Sunday at 3:30 p.m. to sing with Mary
• Site Council meeting: Tues., Nov. 13, 7                    K.
   p.m. in the library. On the agenda: parent              & Don’t miss Mark Drake’s band, Thornton
   group name change, tutor and academic                     Creek, Monday night at 7 p.m.
   assistant update, Thornton Creek logo and
   marketing, and upcoming school tours.                   & If you would like to bring some
• Book Fair: Nov. 16 - 19 at University Book                 refreshments, contact Kristin Stewart at
• Conferences/no school: Nov. 19, 20 and                   & If you would like to help staff the “meet and
   21.                                                       greet” table, contact Judy Ruha at
• Thanksgiving vacation/no school: Nov.            
   22 - 23.
                                                           & Free gift wrapping, shipping and parking.
Future File:                                               & Online orders count, too, if made between
• Direct Appeal Campaign: Dec. 1 to Jan. 30.                 Nov. 16 and 19.
• Winter Bazaar: Dec. 13.
                                                           The print coupons you will need when
                                                           purchasing will be in your child’s folder this
                                                           week. Give them to family and friends, make
Walkathon                                                  copies, e-mail everyone in your address book
Lesley Pfeifer                                             and ask them to help support our library by
                                                           buying books and other items at the University
Do you still have Walkathon $$ sitting on                  Book Store on University Ave. between Nov. 16
your kitchen counter? You’re not alone.                    and Nov. 19. Additional coupons will be
Please help us meet our goal by collecting your            available in the children’s section of the
pledge money and returning it to school this               bookstore. A digital coupon is also available on
week. We have collected $19,671.71 so far, but             the Thornton Creek website.
we’re still a little short of our goal. Remember all
contributions are tax deductible. Thank you!               Schedule of Events
                                                           Friday: Book Store open 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Library Notes                                              Saturday: Book Store open 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Ginny Allemann                                             • 11 a.m. Mim Turnbull leads story, games and
Book Fair begins this Friday, Nov. 16 and
runs through Monday, Nov. 19 at the                        • 1 p.m. Readers, Writers & Musicians: students,
University Book Store. Don’t miss it!                        parents and teachers are all welcome to share
                                                             the joy of reading and writing. Sign up in the
& Please help your child sign up in the library              library. Come early for refreshments.
  for Readers, Writers, and Musicians. Come
  listen to kids and adults read, recite and play          • 2 p.m. Story, drama and activities with Mim
  for about an hour Saturday and Sunday at 1                 Turnbull.

Sunday: Book Store open 12 to 5 p.m. Greeters             and ensure that the donor form with an accurate
present all day; artwork and posters displayed.           description of each party or experience is
                                                          submitted for the catalog. Assist with or
• 12 p.m. Brannon Mark reads stories to kids              coordinate the materials for the display boards at
  while you shop.                                         the auction. The job lasts from November
• 1 p.m. Readers, Writers & Musicians: students,          through April. Interested? Contact Nancy Lichter
  parents and teachers are all welcome to share           ( or 206-527-0957).
  the joy of reading and writing. Sign up in the          Auction dinner caterer. Do you have any
  library. Come early for refreshments.                   catering experience, or do you know a budget-
• 2 p.m. Katherine Kirkpatrick reads from The             friendly caterer who’d like to be a part of
  Snow Baby and talks about her research                  Thornton Creek’s fabulous auction night? If so,
  process.                                                please contact Nancy Lichter
                                                          ( or 206-527-0957) for more
• 3:30-ish. Singing with Mary K. Bring your kids!         information.
Monday: Book Store open 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. No
school for children this day (conferences).
• 7 p.m. Thornton Creek Band plays one-hour
                                                          Pies for Teacher Appreciation
  set.                                                    Each year, in the week before Thanksgiving,
                                                          parents give pies to Thornton Creek
                                                          teachers and staff. This event is one of our
                                                          easiest and most fun, and it’s much appreciated
                                                          by the pie recipients and their families. All you
                                                          do is make or buy a pie of any kind and deliver
                                                          it to the staff lounge when you come to school
                                                          for your parent-teacher conference the week of
                                                          Thanksgiving. Bring pie, leave it on the lounge
                                                          table – that’s it. The staff are then faced with the
Amy Smith Bell                                            excruciating task of deciding whether to claim
                                                          one of Monday’s wonderful pies, or passing to
Donations: Every Thornton Creek family                    see what pies might show up on Tuesday and
plays a role. Thanks to the hard-working                  Wednesday. It works out to be a bit of a “Deal-
donations team, many donations are already                or-No-Deal” situation, and it’s very fun.
rolling in for the 2008 auction – a boat cruise for
                                                          Just e-mail Kellie LaRue at to
two, cooking classes, a night at the W Hotel, a
                                                          let her know that you want to participate.
King 5 behind-the-scenes tour for six, and dance
lessons to name just a few cool donations. But
to meet this year’s goal of more than 500
donated items, we need the help of every
Thornton Creek family. Do you have an item,               Winter Bazaar
experience, or service to donate? Do you have a           Deb Voss
friend, neighbor, or local business that might be
interested in donating something? Please stop by          The Winter Bazaar will take place on
the office (beginning Wednesday, Nov. 14) to              Thursday, Dec. 13 from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
pick up a donations packet. Through the                   Sign-up sheets for students and classrooms went
combined efforts of every Thornton Creek family           home last week. Extra forms are available in the
we are sure to meet our donations goal.                   office. Remember, these forms are due back
Questions? Contact Anji Jarvis                            Friday, Nov. 16. Priority for the Bazaar will be
(                              given to students and classrooms first, but you
                                                          need to turn in your forms on time so we know
Parties & experiences coordinator. Do you                 how many people to expect. If space is
love a good party? Help drum up interest in and           available, we will open up additional spots to
nail down the details for auction donations that          school parents. Outside vendors will be located
involve parties and experiences. Remember last            inside the cafeteria and will begin selling their
year’s Mojito Mamas, the Kids Root Beer Float             goods at 3 p.m. or later. If you know someone
Party, and the Adult Wine Tasting and Apps                who would like to participate, please put them
Night? Communicate with the donations team                in touch with one of the Bazaar organizers or
give them a sign-up sheet. More information on
how you can help is coming soon. Thanks. For              Be an Ambassador
questions, please contact Bazaar organizers Deb           Sign up to be an ambassador for Thornton
Voss at or Holly                  Creek.
DeMaranville at                     Help us show new families the best of our
                                                          school. We offer school tours in January and
                                                          February to parents considering Thornton Creek.
From the Art Studio                                       Tours are scheduled each Tuesday and Thursday
Maria Callahan                                            morning from 9:15 through first recess. John
                                                          Minor usually gives a half-hour presentation,
Cards, paper, baby-food jars and yogurt                   after which we need parent ambassadors to
containers are pouring into the art studio. Thank         escort small groups of parents on a tour of the
you so much! It’s all already being put to use.           school, offer their perspective of the school and
It’s exciting to see what new thing will come our         answer questions.
way next.                                                 We’ll be offering some basic training on how to
When you make it to the Book Fair please                  conduct tours and answer questions on Monday,
stop to look at the artwork and poems                     Dec. 3. For the most part, the job is just a matter
created by the students in Room 17. Rick                  of scheduling yourself for a few mornings. In
worked with the class to craft poems describing           previous years, parents have found it to be a
their time at Wilderness School. In the art studio        great way to get involved in the school, as being
we created illustrations to accompany these               a tour ambassador has a very well-defined time
poems. The students learned about horizon                 commitment and scope.
lines, depth and scale while drawing and                  Contact Kellie LaRue at if
painting a panoramic landscape. We hope you               you’re interested in becoming an ambassador for
enjoy these pieces.                                       our school.
Many classes helped in creating a display for
Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).
Students were asked to create a portrait of a             District Relations
loved one that they wished to honor, either a             At the Seattle Public Schools meeting on Nov.
pet, family member or friend. We learned about            14th, the Board will be voting on a special
the many customs involved in celebrating and              program preference for AE2 (Thornton Creek at
honoring loved ones, including special foods,             Decatur) to sixth grade at Salmon Bay, which is
flags, photos, songs, parades and picnics in              being included as part of the Renewal of One-
cemeteries. Students also fashioned paper                 year Provisions for 2008-2009 Student
marigolds and cut paper flags. This display is            Assignment Plan action item. Here is a link to
hanging in the hallway and will be up through             that action item:
the week of parent-teacher conferences.         
Many classes have been working in clay.                   7agenda/sapreport.pdf
Rebecca’s class is creating clay bees; Todd’s class       Requests for public testimony began at 8 a.m. on
is making clay spiders. Liz’s class is sculpting a        Monday, Nov. 12. Voice mail will be received
symbol representing one of the four seasons.              and recorded.
Mari’s class made clay bowls and lids decorated
with a native backyard animal. Steve’s students
have each created an Egypt-inspired cartouche –
a stylized way to record the name of royalty –            Bulletin Board
using their own names, of course.                         Gingerbread Homes for
Mari and Todd’s classes have been learning                the Homeless. This
about the color wheel and working with felt to            project started when our
design abstract and colorful felt collages.               son, Nat, was 3 years old.
                                                          Seeing people on street
As you come in for student conferences, I                 corners asking for money,
hope you can enjoy some of the artwork                    Nat would ask, “What
hanging in the halls!                                     does that sign say?” This
                                                          project became our family’s answer to helping
                                                          the homeless, and it’s become a family tradition
for many others. It shows children a creative           Thornton Creek News is a Site Council
way to give as a community, on a small scale,           funded program. The Communications
that has a lasting impact.                              Committee oversees this program and
Gingerbread Homes for the Homeless raises               determines the content.
awareness about homelessness while also
                                                        Priorities for newsletter items: Site Council
raising funds for Lakeview Women’s Shelter.
                                                        news and sponsored programs, events and
The shelter is a ten-bed facility providing             meeting minutes; school administration
women a warm, cozy place to sleep. Funds                announcements; staff and teacher programs,
raised this year are earmarked for paint and            news and events; Bulletin Board
carpeting for the shelter. Everyone is welcome to       announcements of interest to the school
visit the shelter, meet the women who live there        community on a space-available basis (see
and see why we’re raising money for this cause.
                                                        below for restrictions).
Dec. 1, 1 and 3 p.m. Suggested Donation: $40.00
                                                        Bulletin Board Inclusion Policy: Prioritized in
per gingerbread house. For each donation a
premade gingerbread house, hundreds of                  accord with available time and space. Top
different types of candy, organic catered food by       priority is reserved for Thornton Creek events
Portage Bay Cafe, a family fun photo and live           and activities. This includes district-sponsored
music are provided. Start the season of giving          or sanctioned events. Secondary priority is
by decorating a gingerbread house with                  given to free events and activities that would be
your family and friends. RSVP to 206-795-3155           of interest to the Thornton Creek community.
or Event                    Events and activities that are fee-based and
location: 9412 15th NE, Seattle, 98115.                 submissions by commercial enterprises
                                                        (including nonprofits) will require a $5
                                                        submission fee. Make checks payable to
                                                        Thornton Creek Parent Group and send to
                                                        Thornton Creek c/o Nova Herzog. Publication
                                                        does not mean endorsement by Thornton
                                                        Thornton Creek News is published Mondays
                                                        by Thornton Creek School Parent Group.
                                                        Submission Deadline: Thursday, 9 a.m. for
                                                        hard copy placed in office box; 5 p.m. for e-
                                                        mailed items. The preferred format for e-
                                                        mailed submissions is an MS Word
                                                        attachment. Please specify how many weeks
                                                        you want your article to run.
                                                        Please e-mail newsletter items to
                                               If you are
                                                        submitting a paper version please call.
                                                        Community Bulletin Board Items: Please send
                                                        to both and to Al
                                                        Tietjen at
                                                        Editors: Caroline Byrne and Eric Nacke.


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