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 COmpLimentaRy                                   Letting Off Steam
iSSn 1916-5080 in-fLight Review
SUmmeR 2011 vOL 4 iSSUe 2             geotheRmal PoweR In B.C.
S U M M E R 2011                              v o l U M E 0 4 E D I T I o N 02

                                                                                                                         even in the rainy Pacific northwest, summer skin care
                                                                                                                                is important to your health. See story page 13.
                                                                                                                                                                   ISTOCK PhOTO
    I N - F lI G H T R E v I E W M A G A Z I N E             04        GUEST EDITORIAL
    Publisher/Editor Garth Eichel
                                                                       Keeping Canadian rugby competitive
                                                                       By Rick BouRne, chaiRman, RugBy canada
       Art Director Trisha Oldfield
  Office Manager Adele Landree
                                                             06        CREW
   Account Manager Garth Eichel
                                                                       Andrew Scott, Base Manager
                          Contributors                                 By BoB LoBLaW
                           Rick Bourne
                          Jane Darragh
                           Sue Denham                        08        NEW & NOTABLE
                      Rebecca Edwards                                  New offerings
                           Garth Eichel                                By Sue keRnaghan
                        Sue Kernaghan
                            Bob Loblaw
                                                             10        LOCAL ‘APPENINGS
                                                                       Smart phone apps for Vancouver and Victoria
                                                                       By Sue keRnaghan
       For information on display
advertising opportunities, contact                           13        INVIGORATE
                  Garth Eichel at:
                                                                       Summer skin care
                                                                       By ReBecca edWaRdS

                            Published by

                                                             FEATURE ARTICLES

          140 Government Street
                                                             16        TRy FOR SUCCESS
                                                                       Rugby Canada raises its game
            Victoria, BC V8V 2K7
                Tel 250.380.3961                                       for the 2011 World Cup.
                Fax 250.380.3962                                       Story by garth eichel                                        Photography by José Romelo Lagman, Rugby canada

            Please send comments
                 and suggestions to
           Garth Eichel, Publisher:
     garth @
                                                             23        LETTING OFF STEAM
                                                                       The growing promise and potential
                                                                       for geothermal power in B.C.
                                                                       By Sue kernaghan

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                                                                                                                                                                 ON THE COVER:
                                                                                                         canadian rugby fullback matt evans leaps for the ball in a World cup
                                                                                                        qualifying match against the uSa in charleston, north carolina. of the
                                                                                                                       12 feet in this photo, only two are touching the ground.
                                                                                                                                        JOSé ROMELO LAGMAN, RUGBy CANADA PhOTO
                                     GUEST EDITORIAL

                                Keeping Canadian Rugby Competitive
                                By RICK BOURNE, ChAIRMAN, RUGBy CANADA

                                T H E S E A R E E XC I T I N G T I M E S                                          an ideal fit with our men’s and
                                F O R CA N A D I A N R U G B y. It’s a                                            women’s sevens teams, both of
                                World Cup year for the senior                                                     which compete worldwide.
                                men’s team, and our men’s                                                            Our title sponsor of the
                                and women’s national sevens                                                       Senior Men’s 15s is Trafigura,
                                teams are both eagerly build-                                                     a commodities trader from the
                                ing towards the 2016 Olympic                                                      U.K. with global operations.
                                Games opportunity. To be sure,                                                    Their support is helping Rugby
                                the players are training hard,                                                    Canada remain competitive as
                                and our coaching staff is work-                                                   it prepares to meet the chal-
                                ing to provide tools for our                                                      lenges of “Pool A” in New Zea-
                                athletes to reach their maxi-                                                     land at the 2011 Rugby World
                                mum potential. At the same                                                        Cup. The support from Trafig-
                                time, team staff are making a                                                     ura, which coincidentally
                                tremendous effort to ensure                                                       timed with the arrival of our
                                events and competitions are                                                       new Coach, Kieran Crowley
                                delivered at the highest level –                                                  — a former star player with
                                for athletes, fans, sponsors and                                                  the New Zealand All Blacks
                                our partners.                                                                     — has given us a tremendous
                                   As a leader among the Tier 2            Rick Bourne, chairman, Rugby canada.   platform to compete from.
                                                                           RUGBy CANADA PhOTO
                                Unions of the world, Canada is                                                    We were particularly pleased
                                in a very competitive group of                                                    to deliver very strong results
                                quality teams such as the USA,                 ... commitment is what             for Trafigura during the 2010
                                Japan, Tonga, and a rapidly                    Rugby Canada needs to              Churchill Cup, where we
                                growing block of strong Euro-                                                     defeated a fully professional
                                                                                remain competitive...
                                pean teams, such as Georgia                                                       France “A” team, and went on
                                and Russia. To stay competi-                                                      to meet the England Saxons in
                                tive, every dollar we receive in                                                  our first ever final at the event.
                                financial support needs to be              “heliJet Canadian Rugby Fish-             Professional rugby in North
                                maximized, as that same dollar             ing Challenge”. Langara Fish-          America is still foreign to
                                can go a lot farther in deliver-           ing Lodge created the Fishing          many, but the value of corpo-
                                ing value to a program else-               challenge in 2008 to support           rate support is obvious else-
                                where in the world. As such, I             the under 20 men’s team, and           where. For example, Georgian
                                can’t say enough about the                 in 2010 the proceeds sup-              rugby recently benefitted from
                                financial support we receive               ported our rugby sevens. I am          a $25-million sponsorship of
                                from the various individuals,              proud to be involved with              their game and I witnessed
                                companies and organizations                such a worthwhile event that           first-hand the quality training
                                that support the quest to “Keep            brings together both individ-          facilities they now have as a
                                Canadian Rugby Competitive”.               ual supporters and members             result. This type of commit-
                                   We are very fortunate to                of our corporate support net-          ment is what Rugby Canada
                                include heliJet in our portfolio           work as well.                          needs to remain competitive,
                                of partners. Their support has               Another key sponsor is Mac-          and is why our partners and
                                allowed our men and women                  quarie Financial, title sponsor        sponsors are so important to
                                from the “Carded Program” to               of our men’s and women’s               us at Rugby Canada.
                                travel between Vancouver and               sevens teams. With global                 Indeed, when it comes to

                                Victoria for training, competi-            headquarters in Sydney Aus-            supporting rugby — or any-
                                tions and special events.                  tralia, and additional offices         thing you love — if you give it
                                   The air carrier is now also             around the world, including            your best it will return valu-
                                the presenting sponsor of the              Canada, their sponsorship is           able life gifts back to you.

                                   off the pitch, Rick Bourne is President of Langara Fishing adventures, which is hosting the helijet canadian
                                   Rugby Fishing challenge in haida gwaii this summer, June 24 to 28.
                                                                                        HELIjET CREW

                           HELIjET FLEET
                           For information on aircraft fleet specifications
                           and capabilities, please visit
                                                                                North by
                                                                                Working from home in Haida Gwaii.
                                                                                STORy AND PhOTO By GARTh EIChEL

                             Sikorsky S-76A

                             Bell 206L3 LongRanger

                                                                                above: andrew Scott is right at home flying for helijet in haida gwaii. hELIJET PhOTO

                                                                                ONE OF THE MOST COMMON                          having grown up and spent
                                                                                complaints among Canadian                    much of his professional career
                             Robinson R22                                       helicopter pilots is that they               in haida Gwaii (Formerly the
                                                                                are “never home”. That’s                     Queen Charlotte Islands),
                                                                                because the vast majority of                 33-year-old Scott is intimately
                                                                                helicopter operations in the                 familiar with the North Coast of
                                                                                country take place in the hin-               B.C. he started flying for Van-
                                                                                terland where pilots (and air-               couver Island helicopters (VIh)
                                                                                craft maintenance engineers)                 in 2000 and recently joined
                                                                                spend much of their time living              helijet in June of last year
                                                                                in remote tent camps, or small               when the company acquired
                                                                                towns if they are lucky.                     VIh’s assets in haida Gwaii.
                                                                                  helijet is a rare exception:                  Scott says the switch to heli-
                             Learjet 31A                                        most pilots live where they                  jet was relatively seamless as

                                                                                work — in Vancouver, Victo-                  the nature of the work he does
                                                                                ria, Prince Rupert and Sand-                 is the same, flying the compa-
                                                                                spit. This is one of the great               ny’s Bell 206 LongRanger.
                                                                                attractions of flying for the                   “The transition was good.
                                                                                air carrier, and especially so               The people at helijet treat me
                                                                                for Andrew Scott, helijet’s                  well… and they give good sup-
                                                                                base manager in Sandspit and                 port for the VFR [Visual Flight
                                                                                Prince Rupert.                               Rules] side of the business.”
Further to that, he explains,
“I’m straight VFR — doing                    “I don’t have the bug to move away; I’m not a big city guy. I like
charters on everything from
                                             the country and geography of the North Coast. It’s where I live.”
forestry and mining support to
tourism and government work                                   — ANDREW SCOTT, hELIJET BASE MANAGER,
for Parks Canada and the Coast                                      SANDSPIT & PRINCE RUPERT
Guard.” he adds, “[helijet] is
the only helicopter company
in the Queen Charlottes — we
service everything.”
   Unlike Instrument Flight         knowledge to adapt to individ-     or getting out on the water,
Rules (IFR) pilots, who oper-       ual job requirements.              sport fishing and scuba diving
ate specially equipped aircraft        “you get a bit of a mixed bag   with his girlfriend, heather
in most all weather condi-          each day, but I like the diver-    Brulé. And while most of heli-
tions, day or night, VFR pilots     sity,” says Scott. “One day I’m    jet’s pilots live and work down
like Scott fly with visual refer-   flying some [tree] fallers, then   south in Vancouver and Victo-
ence to the ground at all times     I’m off doing long-lining or       ria, he says he has no interest
— what some might refer to          mining support… and when           in leaving haida Gwaii:
as “seat of the pants flying”.      times are slow I like the chal-       “I don’t have the bug to move
That’s because the physical         lenge of trying to find work       away; I’m not a big city guy. I
nature of industrial support        and round up business.”            like the country and geography
operations in remote loca-             When he’s not out flying or     of the North Coast. It’s where I
tions is such that IFR flight       overseeing helijet’s operations    live.” With a measure of satis-
is often impractical for most       in Sandspit and Prince Rupert,     faction, he adds, “Being able to
work. Instead, VFR pilots rely      Scott says he likes to spend       go home at the end of a day’s
on skill, experience and local      time hiking in the backcountry,    flying is definitely nice.”

                                                                                                                       IFR Summer 2011

                                                                           NEW & NOTABLE

                                                                      DECENT DUNkIN’:
                                                                      Eat your heart out, homer
                                                                      Simpson: apparently,
                                                                      Canadians chow down on
                                                                      more doughnuts per capita
                                                                      than any other nation. As
                                                                      such, it was only a matter of
                                                                      time before those doughy
                                                                      treats went fair trade and
                                                                      organic. Vancouver-based coffee maker Ethical Bean has made the
                                                                      first move, launching (and frying and serving) the world’s first fair
                                                                      trade organic doughnuts. Ginger, lavender, sweet espresso, maple and
                                                                      others are made daily, with no preservatives, at Ethical Bean’s Café
                                                                      and Roastery on Kootenay Street in East Vancouver. Grab a few, or
                                                                      some slightly less calorific mini-e’s (think doughnut holes), at Ethical
                                                                      Bean’s Granville and Commercial Skytrain outlets, or at Whole Foods
                                                                      or UBC Food Services. heck, they might even come to you. The Ethical
                                                                      Bean gang have been sharing the love, dropping off free dozens with
                                                                      coffee to randomly chosen workplaces as part of their “Random Acts of
                                                                      Doughnuts” campaign.

                                                                                                            FUN IN A BOX’:
                                                                                                            Who needs more stuff? Probably
                                                                                                            not the people on your gift
                                                                                                            list, so give them an adventure
                                                                                                            instead. Samba Days offers
                                                                                                            experiences in the form of
                                                                                                            pre-paid coupons packaged
                                                                                                            in a gift-wrappable box. you
                                                                                                            choose the theme — adventure,
                                                                                                            romance, or learning — and the
                                                                                                            recipient picks from a half-dozen
                                                                                                            options. Wedding present?
                                                                                                            Forget the toaster and offer
                                                                                                            the happy couple a gourmet
                                                                                                            weekend away.
                                                                      A NICER kIND OF CLEAN:
                                                        Arrive in     Eco-friendly cleaning prod-
                                                                      ucts from Burnaby-based
                                                      Victoria on     Sapadilla Soap Company
                                                                      might take some of the
                                Helijet and be only minutes           drudge out of housework.
                                                                      Called “freshtastic little
                                away from the Oswego Hotel,           eco-cleaners that leave things
                                                                      sparkling, including your
                                which o ers “boutique” meeting        mood,” they’re made with
                                                                      plant-based ingredients and
                                space by day and the perfect
                                                                      essential oils (think rosemary,
                                “retreat” by night.                   peppermint, grapefruit, and
                                                                      bergamot). These biodegrad-

                                                                      able products are kind to
                                500 Oswego St. Victoria, BC V8V 5C1   your skin and the planet, but
                                250.294.7500 | 1.877.767.9346         bossy with dirt and grease.
                             The bottles are, of course,
                                          recyclable too. Available
                                                                      at Nesters, IGA and other
                                                                      retailers across Canada.
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Check out
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                                    traditional Shaker methods. Both          250.380.9121               250.383.6258
                                    functional and decorative, they
                                    succeed in turning chores into art.

                              CABERNET MEETS COCOA :
                              The makers of ChocoVine, the Dutch
                              distiller De Kuyper, have successfully
                              paired chocolate and wine in a single
                              bottle. ChocoVine, a blend of French
                              Cabernet, dark chocolate and cream,
                              doubles up on anti-oxidants and makes
                              the base for some interesting cocktails.
                              Available at Legacy Liquor, Liquor Depot,
                              Spirit Merchants and other private liquor
                              stores throughout B.C.

Ice cream delivered to your door?
Now that’s a company that under-
stands emotional emergencies. Cold
                                                                                                                                           IFR Summer 2011

Comfort delivers a seasonally inspired
flavour (say lavender and honey,
or stout beer crunch) each month
to addresses in greater Victoria.

                                LOCAL ‘APPENINGS

                           WINE TRIPPER BC                                     QUAkEAWARE
                           Can’t recall which pinot packed                     you don’t know where you’ll be
                           a punch? For the price of half                      when the big one hits, but odds are
                           a glass of chardonnay, this                         you’ll have your phone with you.
                           $2.99 GPS-enabled app locates                       Quake Aware, for iPhone and iPod
                           wineries across B.C. and helps                      touch, includes information on how
                           track your favourites, purchases                    to prepare, and details on what to do
                           and tasting notes. What’s more,                     when an earthquake strikes. Critically, it provides emer-
                           it lists hours, locations, and                      gency contact numbers specific to Burnaby, Richmond
                           ratings for most B.C. wineries                      and Vancouver, though not, as yet, for the Island. you
                           – including many out of the way                     can even use it to email your location to a friend or family
                           treasures and farm gate finds.                      member. Cost: zero. Potential value: priceless.
                           Ontario and Washington State
                           versions are available too.

                           GO PLAy GOLF                                        STREET FOOD VANCOUVER
                           Fancy a round? This app has the                     Vancouver’s enthusiasm for
                           co-ordinates, current weather,                      gourmet street food carts has led
                           directions and even scorecards                      to, you guessed it, more cravings.
                           for hundreds of courses in B.C.,                    This free iPhone app should help you meet any urgent
                           Manitoba and Ontario, with links                    Japadog and taco needs, detailing what’s open, what’s
                           and GPS directions to virtually                     nearby, what they’re serving and how to get there. It’ll
                           every course in Canada. Cost:                       even tell you where these mobile chow houses will be
                           $2.99 for the iPhone version, with                  in coming days so you can plan your next visit to the
                           a Blackberry version coming soon.                   Roaming Dragon or Coma Food Truck.

                                We’ve stacked the                                                  A l A S k A

                                deck in your favour.
                                                                                                mV Charlotte Princess
                                                                                                                              B R i t i S h
                                                                                                mV Salmon Seeker

                                Go fish.                                                                                         C o l u m B i A

                                Oak Bay Marine Group resorts have everything you
                                need for maximum fishing success. Take your pick of guided
                                or self-guided fishing at our fly-in and land-based resorts.
                                Each resort has top-quality equipment, best-in-class boats and a
                                passionate, skilful crew, and each is just minutes from some of
                                the best sportfishing anywhere.
                                                                                                                          Painter's lodge
                                1-800-663-7090 •                                                    April Point Resort & Spa

                                                                                                                         Canadian Princess Resort


                           OB 5150 Oak Bay Marine Group
                           Helijet 7.5” x 4.75 “
             CHICWALkS                                                        TAP MAP APP
             Ah, the great shopping cities of                                 While you’re out and about in
             the world: Paris, San Francisco,                                 Metro Vancouver this summer,
             Vancouver. Okay, it’s an odd trio,                               stay hydrated and eco-friendly
             but it’s a great app, especially                                 with this free guide. It’ll direct
             for the retail-minded. The                                       you to the nearest of 550 public
             Vancouver version is a free,                                     drinking fountains between West
             locally-developed, GPS-enabled                                   Vancouver and Langley. how
             iPhone app that’ll lead you to top                               refreshing.
             fashion finds around town.

             IPARkS EXPLORER                                                  NEAR ME BC
             Staycationing this summer?                                       A must-have for summer road
             Make the most of local green                                     trips, this frequently-updated
             spaces with this free iPhone and                                 freebie from Tourism BC
             iPad guide to Metro Vancouver’s                                  accesses the 4,000 activities,
             22 regional parks. Right now,                                    attractions, restaurants and
             it includes directions, maps,                                    accommodations detailed on
             photos and special events;                                       the web site.
             future versions promise interac-                                 Location enabled, it’ll find you a
             tive maps, audio, streaming                                      restaurant, fishing guide, B&B or
             video and educational games.                                     visitor centre, whether you’re in
             Blackberry and Android versions                                  Chemanius or Fort St. John.
             are also coming soon.

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                                                  Discover how with a degree from
                                                  the Gustavson School of Business.
                                                  At Gustavson you can experience the world, master the
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                                                  Proud to be among the top business schools in the world.
                                                                                                                   IFR Summer 2011

                                                        Helijet Flightseeing Tours

                                ABOVE & BEYOND

                                    SPECTACULAR AERIAL TOURS
                                Come visit us this summer on GrouseMountain – The Peak of Vancouver and choose your flightseeing adventure!

                                CROWN MOUNTAIN                       LIONS PEAK TOUR                         COASTAL SCENIC TOUR
                                TOUR                                 An extended version of the              An exciting journey over
                                A breathtaking mountain tour         Crown Mountain Tour with the            Vancouver’s Coastal Mountains
                                that includes flying over the        additional experience of flying         and its breathtaking city
                                peaks of Crown, Goat, and            between the famous twin                 coastline. The tour includes
                                Grouse Mountains                     peaks of The Lions                      Grouse Mountain and The
                                                                                                             Lions, Cypress Bowl, English
                                                                                                             Bay, Stanley Park, and
                                                                                                             downtown Vancouver

                                                               Call Helijet Charters for more information:



Don’t get burneD by mytHs about suN exposuRe.
                                                                                             By Rebecca Edwards

 IT HAPPENS TO THE BEST               need to be reapplied regularly      damage. Indeed, a deep dark
 OF US: after months of cold          throughout the day, more so if      tan is only equivalent to an
 rain and overcast the arrival of     you are sweating or engaging        SPF 4 sunscreen, which is
 summer sunshine makes us             in water activities.                almost useless. Tanning to
 want to soak up as much sun            “In our clinic we see people      prevent sunburn and skin
 as possible. With only so many       every day that have no idea         cancer is like smoking to pre-
 golden days on the Coast we          they are not efficiently protect-   vent lung cancer.
 naturally want to make the           ing their skin by only applying
 most of each.                        sunscreen once a day in the         “I need to sit in the sun to
    So far, this has been an un-      morning,” says Kristin hewlett,     absorb Vitamin D”
 usually cold and wet year. As        owner of Clear Skin Victoria        B.C. residents are definitely
 such, many of us may be lulled       Laser & Wellness Group. She         lacking in Vitamin D for much
 into a false sense of security       notes that the problem is not       of the winter, but it is much
 about the risks of too much          exclusive to older people.          better to get that from a sup-
 sun exposure. however, just          “Visible signs of sun damage        plement than to put yourself
 because we have fewer annual         are appearing in people as          at risk in the sun.
 days of sunshine doesn’t mean        young as their late 20s or 30s.        “Our skin can only make a
 we don’t have to take precau-        Many have already developed         limited amount of Vitamin D
 tions. All the more reason then to   broken capillaries, brown           per day. It is on the order of
 debunk some popular myths            spots, diffuse redness and          approximately five to 10 min-
 about skin care protection:          collagen loss resulting in          utes of sunshine a day on
                                      crepey, lined skin.”                your face and arms,” says Dr.
 “I won’t burn on a cloudy day”                                           Mark Lupin, Regional Direc-
 Approximately 90 percent of          “I don’t burn; I tan”               tor, Canadian Dermatology
 the suns ultraviolet rays pen-       There is little doubt in the        Association for Sun Aware-
 etrate cloud. If you care about      medical community that sun-         ness and Skin Cancer Preven-
 what your skin will look like        burn can lead to skin cancer. It    tion, and medical director of
 in 20 years, put on a high,          directly damages the DNA of
 broad spectrum sun protec-           the skin and blood cells near
 tion factor (SPF) sunscreen          the skin’s surface, which is
 even on cloudy days.                 passed on to newly produced
                                                                                                                  IFR Summer 2011

                                      skin cells, accumulating with
 “Sunscreen lasts the whole day”      each new sunburn. A tan does
 Most sunscreens provide pro-         little to protect against sunburn
 tection for approximately two        or skin cancer — tans and sun-
 to four hours. Therefore, they       burn are both the result of sun

                                                                                                 Cosmedica Laser Centre in Vic-      with SPF 30 or better, and look
                                                                                                 toria.. “After that time the skin   for those labelled “broad” or
                                                                                                 is saturated and cannot make        “full spectrum”. These will pro-
                                                                      Protect,                   any more Vitamin D — but it         tect against both UVA and UVB
                                                                                                 does make skin cancers.”            rays. (UVA breaks down the
                                                                  prevent and                                                        collagen and skin structure,
                                                                      correct -                  “My makeup has sunscreen”
                                                                                                 Sunscreen within makeup is a
                                                                                                                                     causing damage such as wrin-
                                                                                                                                     kles; UVB causes burns and
                                                                    SAFE FUN                     good thing, but it doesn’t pro-     can lead to skin cancer.)
                                                                                                 vide protection any longer than        In addition to sunscreen,
                                                                  IN THE SUN!                    a traditional sunscreen. A more     mineral sunblock products con-
                                                                                                 prudent approach is to apply a      tain zinc or titanium oxide that
                                                                                                 dedicated sunscreen before          sits on the surface of the skin,
                                                                                                 makeup. In fact, there are now      physically blocking the sun’s
                                                                                                 mineral sunblock SPF 30 pow-        rays. What’s more, chemical
                                Protect, prevent and cor-        • Review your moles and         ders available inside a brush       sunscreens have active ingredi-
                                rect - here are a few skin       spots on a monthly basis.
                                                                                                 for easy application through-       ents that are absorbed into the
                                care tips for having safe
                                                                                                 out the day.                        skin to break up UV rays.
                                fun in the sun.                  • If you have more than 50
                                                                                                                                        Antioxidant creams and
                                                                 moles you are at a higher
                                                                                                 “Skin cancer is not as deadly       serums also provide a low
                                • The ABC’s of daily skin care   risk for melanoma and
                                                                                                 as other forms of cancer”           base SPF protection against
                                are for almost everyone:         those who are fair, freckled
                                topical vitamin A, sunblock      and blue-eyed are more
                                                                                                 While skin cancer may not be        the sun, and are a good pair-
                                and an antioxidant such          prone to sun damage.            the death sentence some             ing with your sunscreen to
                                as vitamin C. Try Retinol,                                       cancers are, it is still cancer.    help optimize sun protection
                                Sheer Physical SPF 50 and        • Consider hats and protec-        “One in eight people in          while also reversing sun dam-
                                CE Ferulic or Phloretin CF all   tive clothing especially        B.C. will get skin cancer in        age that may occur despite
                                by SkinCeuticals.                when close to water and         their lifetime,” says Dr. David     good sun protection habits.
                                                                 sand where UV radiation is      McLean, professor of derma-
                                • Look for a minimum SPF         reflective.                     tology at UBC and head of           Treating Sunburn & Long-
                                of 30 with the term “Full                                        Cancer Prevention, BC Can-          term Damage
                                Spectrum” or “Broad Spec-        • Do not be fooled by clouds    cer Agency. “The rate has           If you do get sunburned there
                                trum” to mark complete           – 90% of UV radiation pen-      doubled since the 1970s, and        are a number of treatments
                                UVA/UVB protection. Reap-        etrates through clouds.         the rate of skin cancer is still    worth considering. The most
                                ply every 2 hours and seek                                       rising.” he adds, “Skin can-        common is to apply cooling
                                shade when possible.             • Irregular or changing spots   cer surgery is disfiguring and      aloe vera gel, but you can
                                                                 should be looked at by your     produces scars.” he adds,           also make a green tea com-
                                • Waterproof sunscreen is        family doctor or dermatolo-     “Squamous cell carcinoma            press by soaking a cloth in
                                recommended when in the          gist as soon as possible.       and melanoma can spread —           strong green tea that has
                                water or playing sports.
                                                                                                 and melanoma can be deadly.         been chilled. Another is to
                                                                                                 The cure rate for late mela-        take a lukewarm bath with
                                • Start early: teach your
                                                                                                 noma is only 40 per cent.”          lavender or chamomile
                                children and teens about
                                                                                                                                     essential oils.
                                the importance of daily
                                                                                                 Enjoying the summer sun                Skin damage caused by pro-
                                prevention - not only for
                                cancer prevention but
                                                                                                 Notwithstanding the seri-           longed exposure and repeated
                                because up to 90% of skin                                        ousness of sunburn and pro-         burns is a different matter. Sun
                                aging (e.g. wrinkles and                                         longed exposure, there are          exposure can break down col-
                                brown spots) is caused by                                        several measures sun wor-           lagen, which essentially forms
                                UV radiation.                                                    shippers can take to enjoy the      the skin’s scaffolding. Damage
                                                                                                 fleeting summer sun in B.C.         that and you get wrinkles. Still,
                                • Be most mindful of the sun          Dr. Mark Lupin, MD            The first is to dress appro-     a collagen stimulation laser can
                                between 10a.m. and 4p.m.           FRCPC DABD Dermatology        priately. Clothes provide           boost the collagen, reducing
                                                                                                 cheap, chemical-free sun            redness and improving the
                                                                                                 protection. And the most            firmness in deeper skin. Brown

                                                                                                 important piece of clothing         patches on the skin can also be
                                                                                                 is a wide-brimmed hat that          treated using intense pulse
                                                                                                 adequately keeps the sun off        light therapy.
                                                                                                 your face. (A baseball cap is          Whatever the case may be, it
                                SUITE 207-1990 FORT STREET, VICTORIA, BC, V8R 6V4                not enough.)                        is best to seek professional
                                             WWW.COSMEDICA.CA                                       Secondly, invest in quality      medical advice if you are con-
                                                                                                 sunscreen with sufficient SPF.      cerned that sun damage pres-
                                                                                                 To that end, purchase products      ents a health risk.
                        SEA TO SKY SPONSORS

Rugby Canada would like to thank Langara Fishing Adventures and Helijet
for their ongoing support of our men and women athletes as they prepare for
this year’s World Cup in New Zealand and the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Brazil.
      Featured above: Adam Kleeberger flies in for a try in the 2009 USA vs. Canada World Cup qualifier game in Edmonton. JOSÉ LAGMAN PHOTO
                                   FOR SUCCESS

                              RUGBy CANADA RAISES ITS
                            GAME FOR THE 2011 WORLD CUP.
                                    STORy By GARTh EIChEL
                                PhOTOS By JOSé ROMELO LAGMAN,
                                        RUGBy CANADA

                                   I M AG I N E THIS : a World
                                   Championship hockey tourna-
                                   ment comes down to a contest
                                   between a handful of countries,
                                   including Canada, USA, Russia,
                                   Sweden, Finland, The Czech
                                   Republic, and, ahem, New Zea-
                                   land. That last one is improba-
                                   ble, you say? Well, that was the
                                   sort of reaction rippling through
                                   the rugby world in 1991 when
                                   Canada’s national senior men’s
                                   rugby team made it to the quar-
                                   terfinals of the Rugby World Cup.
                                      While Canada didn’t advance,
                                   it’s no criticism to say the team
                                   was never expected to be com-
                                   peting at that level in the first
                                   place. Just making it to the
                                   quarterfinals was remarkable.

                                   Matching, or improving, on that
                                   performance is the goal of Can-
                                   ada’s senior men’s team this
                                   September at the 2011 Rugby
                                   World Cup in New Zealand.
                                   however, a host of challenges
                                   need to be met if Canada is to

    Photo: canada’s front row prepares to lock
       heads with uSa forwards in a World cup
qualifying match in edmonton in 2009. canada
  won 41-18, earning the team a spot in Pool a
        at the 2011 World cup in new Zealand.

                                                 IFR Summer 2011

                                                                                            continue punching above its          lenge getting Canadian kids
                                                                                            weight at the international level.   into rugby at an earlier age.
                                                                                              Paramount among these is           The sport doesn’t enjoy wide-
                                                                                            the need to keep players com-        spread popularity the way
                                                                                            petitive by regularly exposing       hockey does, and the nature of
                                                                                            them to a higher level of play       play is not obvious to the unini-
                                                                                            among and against top tier           tiated the way soccer is.
                                                                                            players in the world.                   “Soccer is easy to understand;
                                                                                              “Our players are equally fit,      rugby isn’t,” says Brown, who
                                                                                            equally fast, and equally strong     wearily acknowledges that the
                                                                                            as the best players in the           latter also appears a tad rough
                                                                                            world,” says Graham Brown,           to anxious parents.
                                                                                            CEO of Rugby Canada. “Our               Nevertheless, Brown is opti-
                                                                                            challenge is that we are up          mistic about rugby’s growth
                                                                                            against players who have been        prospects in Canada. In particu-
                                                                                            playing since they were six          lar, he is encouraged by the fact
                                                                                            years old.”                          that most high schools in the
                                                                                              Brown says the dominant            country now have rugby pro-
                                                                                            international rugby countries        grams, and Rugby Canada is
                                                                                            — New Zealand, Australia and         making inroads identifying and
                                                                                            South Africa, to name a few          cultivating talented young play-
                                                                                            — enjoy the advantage of             ers, the best of whom may get
                                                                                            societies where rugby is part of     sent overseas to raise the level
                                                                                            the national fabric, much the        of their game.
                                                                                            way hockey is in Canada. he             Closer to home, distance and
                           above photo: canadian back daniel Tailliferrer hauman (d.T.h.)
                           van der merwe carries the ball in a 2009 World cup qualifying    notes, “hockey in Canada is on       geography remains something
                           match against argentina in denver, colorado.                     the same level as rugby in New       of a problem for men and
                                                                                            Zealand.”                            women athletes on the various
                                                                                              With no presence in the            national teams. Players are from
                                                                                            national psyche, it’s a chal-        across Canada and bringing

                                    THE TRIP OF A LIFETIME IS
                                    CLOSER THAN YOU THINK.

                                    Join us this season for an incredible fishing  
                                    & wildlife adventure in the remote islands of           1.800.668.7544
                                    Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada

them together for training and        and the hope is that this year’s     above photo: canadian fullback James Pritchard prepares a place
development often requires that       World Cup will help raise the        kick against Russia in a 2009 match in Vancouver. With over 300
                                                                           points to his credit, Pritchard is one of the top scorers in the history
they make personal and profes-        profile of the game among cor-       of the canadian squad.
sional sacrifices.                    porate sponsors, many of who
   That might be easier to accept     will be interested in new market-
if there was money, celebrity and     ing opportunities with teams         Cup and the Olympics will be
a professional future waiting for     showing promise. Moreover, the       important opportunities to
athletes the way it is for many       debut of rugby sevens at the         showcase our best players
hockey players. But that’s not        2016 Rio Olympics means Cana-        against the best in the world.”
realistic for Canada’s national       da’s men’s and women’s sevens        With confidence he adds,
team rugby players who have to        teams stand to benefit from the      “you’ll know who the players
instead be motivated by national      federal government’s “Own the        are by the end of both.”
pride and love for the game.          Podium” funding initiative.            Of course, reaping the rewards
   “Money is a big issue,” says         The 2016 Olympics are valu-        of international exposure at the
Nick Taylor, Director of Com-         able in another respect: this will   2011 World Cup and the 2016
mercial Operations for Rugby          be the first time many viewers       Olympics depends a great deal
Canada. “We’re trying to run a        will watch the game and, given       on strong performances by the
professional team in an ama-          the fast-paced and exciting play     senior men’s team and the men’s
teur situation. Canada will play      (sevens matches last only 15         and women’s sevens teams,
10 games before the World             minutes), it promises to be a        respectively.
Cup. It costs a lot of money to       popular Olympic event. Consid-         Players, coaches and staff all
prepare for and play games.”          ering that millions of viewers in    know that a good showing at this
   Indeed, the fortunes of Cana-      Canada — and worldwide —             year’s World Cup is not a fore-
da’s national teams depend            tune in to watch the Olympics, it    gone conclusion. Canada is
considerably on support from the      could change the way many            currently ranked 15th in the IRB
                                                                                                                                                      IFR Summer 2011

International Rugby Board, the        Canadians see rugby, and it will     World Table, and is placed in Pool
federal government and corpo-         give players a rare opportunity to   A, which includes Tonga (ranked
rate sponsorships (see guest          shine at the international level.    17th), Japan (ranked 13th),
editorial, page 4). Still, there is     “Television is what grows          France (ranked 6th) and New
significant need for resources        sport,” says Brown. “ The World      Zealand (ranked 1st in the world).
                                                                                                                                                    Canada’s senior men’s team
                                                                                                                                                 head coach, Kieran Crowley, (a
                                                                                                                                                 former star player with the
                                                                                                                                                 New Zealand All Blacks), is
                                                                                                                                                 realistic about the team’s
                                                                                                                                                 prospects of victory in Pool
                                                                                                                                                 A: “If we were to win two out
                                                                                                                                                 of four, that’s a success. Three
                                                                                                                                                 out of four would be an
                                                                                                                                                 extreme success.”
                                                                                                                                                    Canada won’t get a particu-
                                                                                                                                                 larly easy ride in its group,
                                                                                                                                                 though. The formidable New
                                                                                                                                                 Zealand All Blacks are playing
                                                                                                                                                 on home turf, and while France
                                                                                                                                                 can be somewhat unpredict-
                                                                                                                                                 able, they are a top tier team
                                                                                                                                                 with a history of rising to big
                                                                                                                                                 occasions. As such, the Cana-
                                                                                                                                                 dian team has practically set
                                                                                                                                                 its sights on defeating Tonga
                                                                                                                                                 and Japan — both strong
                                                                                                                                                 rugby nations that will prove a
                                                                                                                                                 stiff challenge — while playing
                                                                                                                                                 hard and taking something
                           above: Team canada’s forwards prepare to scrum against the French national team, which they will face again           away from France and New
                           in Pool a at this year’s Rugby World cup in new Zealand.                                                              Zealand. If they can do that
                                                                                                                                                 they will automatically qualify
                                                                                                                                                 for the next World Cup in
                                                                                                                                                 2015, to be hosted by England.

                                    PEOPLE. IDEAS. OPPORTUNITY.

                                     From long-term national campaigns to immediate social media,           Our blended learning model – online courses, with short, on-
                                     communications experts oversee an organization’s messaging             campus residencies – has been designed specifically for working
                                     (or responses), a role valued more than ever. Communications           professionals who want to further their education and continue
                                     professionals lead initiatives through the many faces of the           to work. And our flexible admissions policy means that we often
                                     organization, and often provide counsel to the most senior             value your work experience as much as your academic transcripts.
                                     levels. These roles require a broad set of public relations and
                                                                                                            Learn more, by visiting us, at,
                                     management skills, and insight into emerging technologies.
                                                                                                            or contact one of our Enrolment Advisors:
                                     Royal Roads University’s communications programs deliver     , or 1-877-778-6227.

                                     undergraduate and graduate degrees, and graduate certificates that
                                     further your career and introduce you to worlds of opportunity.

                                                                     COMMUNICATION                  VICTORIA BC CANADA

   “Every four years we have            22 to 15, and now sits 15th in
an opportunity to grow the              the world behind the rising
sport through our success,”             contender.)
says Crowley. “If we don’t                Nevertheless, Rugby Can-
make waves at the World Cup             ada is confident the senior
we’ve lost an opportunity.”             men’s team will put in a
   To make the most of this             strong performance at the
year’s opportunity, Rugby Can-          World Cup this September
ada prepared by concentrating           and build on the experience
its limited resources on training,      as it prepares the men’s and
development, solid coaching             women’s sevens teams for
and, most importantly, improv-          the Rio Olympics in 2016. To
ing player experience through           be sure, if Canada’s national
more frequent exposure to a             teams can get the attention of
higher standard of play at the          the country and the world at
international level.                    both events, they stand to
   Still, that’s a tall order to fill   grow the sport at home and
without adequate funding. To            attract the next generation of
wit, the Republic of Georgia,           players, while attracting the
which used to rank well below           kind of support that begets
Canada in the IRB World                 greater success.
Table, benefited considerably             What’s more, there is
from a $25-million investment,          always the potential for
which it used to develop first-         Canada to pull off a major
rate training facilities and a          upset, just as it did in the
comprehensive development               1991 World Cup. To that
program that has translated             end, Brown philosophically
into dramatic success at the            observes, “It can happen in
international level. (Canada            the right moment, in the right
lost its last match to Georgia,         game, on any given day.”

                                                                     CDC Helijet Ad 0810.indd 1   8/12/10 3:06:14 PM

         From FAr and WIDe
         With national team athletes hailing from all over
         Canada, it is difficult to bring players together to
         train and play on a consistent basis. As such, Cana-
         da’s national rugby teams, their coaches and train-
         ing staff are all based in Victoria,
         while rugby Canada’s administra-
         tive headquarters are in toronto.
            “Players who want to play for
         Canada often have to put their lives
         on hold,” says nick taylor, Director
         of Commercial operations, rugby Canada.
         “those who love the game of rugby and want to
         play for Canada make big sacrifices.”
            In an effort to help players, rugby Canada says it
         has significant expansion plans for new housing and
         training facilities, focussed largely in the City of
         Langford. the hope is that the new location will
                                                                                                               IFR Summer 2011

         better accommodate, train and develop national
         team players in the local community while they
         prepare to take on the world.

                                                                     CSC Helijet Ad 0810.indd 1   8/12/10 3:07:07 PM
                                Prince Rupert



        Vancouver, Victoria,
        Prince Rupert
        & Haida Gwaii
         Whether it’s whisking a single passenger or a
         group of twelve off to world-class fishing lodges,
         providing essential logging and resource industry
         aerial support, or conducting sightseeing tours
         over some of the most spectacular geography in
         the world – Helijet Charters is ready to go.

                                                              PROUD SUPPORTER                    an


     Prince Rupert • Sandspit • Vancouver • Victoria

                     Prince Rupert                         Sandspit                                      Vancouver & Victoria
                     250.624.2792                        250.637.5344                                   Toll-free: 800.987.4354
                                                   Toll-free: 877.569.4354

         Business & Resource Industry Charters • Sightseeing • Resort Charters • Scheduled Services • Air Ambulance
                                              By Sue Kernaghan

     IT’S CLEAN, IT’S RENEW-             geologically active regions –
     ABLE, IT’S COST-EFFEC-              notably the so-called “Ring of
     TIVE, AND WE CAN DO IT              Fire” around the Pacific Rim
     HERE. Geothermal energy –           – are prone to earthquakes and
     drawing on the heat of the          volcanic activity, but they are
     earth’s core – may be Canada’s      also where the earth’s heat is
     next great energy solution.         most accessible. It’s here that
       Geothermal power plants           magma rises closest to the
     are already running in 24           surface, heating any ground
     countries around the world,         water it comes in contact with.
     including Iceland, the United          This phenomenon is evident
     States and the Philippines,         in B.C.’s many hot springs, and     Top: B.c. is taking its first tentative steps
     where it’s recognized as an         it’s the hot springs-rich regions   towards tapping the province’s geothermal
     affordable, virtually emissions-    – notably the Rockies, haida        energy potential.
                                                                             ISTOCK PhOTO
     free and infinitely renewable       Gwaii and the Whistler/Pem-
     source of energy.                   berton area — that show the
                                                                                                                                  IFR Summer 2011

                                                                             above: a schematic of a geothermal power
       Geothermal energy is best         most promise for geothermal         station that could penetrate three to six
     accessed in places – like British   plants in B.C.                      kilometres below the earth’s surface.
     Columbia – that sit on subduc-         Geothermal-heated waters at      ISTOCK PhOTO

     tion zones, where the earth’s       the earth’s surface are typically
     tectonic plates meet. These         around 100 degrees Celsius.
                                But dig down a few kilome-         It’s economical.” She adds,
                                tres, and the water can be         “We do have to drill wells at
                                as hot at 300 degrees C. If        the beginning, but the drilling
                                brought to the surface such        rigs are temporary. In fact,
                                hot water turns to steam,          geothermal energy has the
                                which can power turbines to        smallest environmental
                                generate electricity. Or it        footprint per megawatt of
                                could, if we so choose to          any power source.”
                                develop the resource.                  The cost? With no Cana-
                                   “B.C. is quite blessed:         dian data, it’s hard to say, but
                                you’ve got geothermal all over     evidence elsewhere suggests
                                the place,” says Alison            geothermal power is com-
                                Thompson, chair of the Cana-       petitive with, and often less
                                dian Geothermal Energy Asso-       expensive than, other forms
                                ciation. “In Canada we have        of power.
                                discovered close to 200 ther-         The B.C. Sustainable Energy
                                mal springs — many in B.C.         Association is certainly sup-
                                — and those hot springs are a      portive of developing the prov-
                                good indication that there’s       ince’s geothermal resources.
                                heat underground.”                    “I think we should make a
                                   how much heat? CanGEA, an       bigger effort as a province to
                                industry group, estimates that     develop this resource,” says
                                at least 5,000 megawatts of        BCSEA President Guy Dauncey.
                                geothermal power are available     “Until we start an industry,
                                in B.C., Alberta, the Northwest    we’ll never know what we’ve
                                Territories and the yukon.         got. All across North America,
                                That’s almost half of BC hydro’s   it’s urgent to develop green
                                11,000-megawatt capacity.          base load power, especially in
                                   The advantages of geother-      the face of growing demand
                                mal energy are compelling:         for electricity. Geothermal has
                                it’s emission-free, has a small    a minimal impact and, once
                                surface footprint and, criti-      developed, is a very useful
                                cally, it provides baseload        renewable resource.”
                                power, meaning it’s always
                                available. Once a geothermal
                                plant is running, it can supply
                                power 24/7. Unlike wind and
                                solar power, it’s not depen-
                                dant on the weather; and,
                                unlike hydro, it’s not affected
                                by seasonal fluctuation in
                                water levels.
                                   So how much are we produc-
                                ing? Well, in a word, nothing.
                                   “Canada is the only country
                                in the world with abundant
                                geothermal resources that has
                                yet to develop a power plant,”
                                says Thompson. “Italy, for
                                example, has been producing

                                geothermal power for over
                                100 years; New Zealand and         geothermal hVac system installed
                                the United States for 50 —         in the basement of a new home. Both
                                long before Kyoto, long before     of these units are tied to a complex
                                most people cared about            array of underground coils to keep the
                                renewable energy, and long         temperature at a constant level, aiding
                                                                   both the heating and cooling require-
                                before subsidies and incen-        ments of the home.
                                tives. This stuff just competed.   ISTOCK PhOTO

 “Canada is the only country in the world with abundant geothermal
         resources that has yet to develop a power plant”
                        — ALISON ThOMPSON, ChAIR,

   B.C.’s Ministry of Energy and      the company behind the South
Mines seems to appreciate             Meager Geothermal Project
that, noting, “British Columbia       near Whistler. Borealis Geo-
is considered to have the best        Power also has a project near
potential for geothermal elec-        Fort Liard in the Northwest
tricity generation in Canada.”        Territories, which is expected
And, though government may            to produce power by 2014.
not be moving as quickly as             The Canoe Reach project,
industry might wish, the Min-         being developed in conjunc-
istry has signalled support for       tion with the Shuswap, Skw-
geothermal power develop-             lax, and the Simpcw First
ment, issuing four exploration        Nations, is expected to be
licenses in 2010 – the first time     on line by 2014.
since 2004.                             “The next step is to go
   That’s a start, but putting it     forward with the initial explo-
into context, CanGEA’s                ration program, says Borealis
Thompson notes that close to          Chief Operating Office Craig
1,000 permits were issued in          Dunn. “Our initial goal is to
the United States, and over           move towards 10 megawatts,
400 permits in Australia, in a        although there is likely three
similar timeframe.                    or four times that available.”
   Nevertheless, according to         he adds, “This is a phenom-
an emailed response, the              enal opportunity to show the                               Bringing them back,
Ministry appears cautiously
optimistic about geothermal
                                      potential of geothermal power                              stream by stream
                                      in B.C., and having the sup-
power: “British Columbia is           port of the First Nations and
committed to achieving elec-          the involvement of the com-     
tricity self sufficiency by 2016      munity has been fantastic.”
while maintaining a minimum               Dunn says geothermal
93 per cent clean electricity         projects are generally well
supply. Geothermal energy is          received by local communi-
one of the range of clean and         ties. he notes that the plants
renewable energy resources            produce zero emissions and,
available in the province to          because most of the infra-
support the achievement of            structure is buried, the sur-
this goal.”                           face footprint is minimal. he
   So yes, more geothermal            estimates that the Canoe
exploration licences are              Reach plant will likely occupy
expected in coming years.             less than 2,000 square feet
   Of the four geothermal             and, critically for tourism in
exploration permits issued by         the area, there will be no
the Ministry last year, three         disruption of access to local
went to Calgary-based Borea-          hot springs.                      Rocky Mountaineer President & CEO Randy Powell (far right) and his team doing their part.
lis GeoPower for property at            “Our goal is to be the first          Each year the Paci c Salmon Foundation supports
Canoe Reach near Valemount            in Canada to bring geother-
                                                                                                                                                                        IFR Summer 2011

                                                                           volunteer salmon restoration and regeneration projects
in the B.C. Rockies. A fourth         mal energy on line in a com-                across B.C. with support from companies
belongs to Reno, Nevada-              mercial sense,” says Dunn.                           like Rocky Mountaineer.
based Ram Power Corpora-              “The opportunity is there;         You can help by making a tax - deductible donation at
tion, which recently pur-             there’s a tonne of geothermal              Learn more: 604.664.7664 /
                                                                                                                                                    Photo: Jeremy Lim
chased Western GeoPower,              potential in Canada.”

                                              sooKe sensations
                                              Less than an hour’s drive from Victoria, the salubrious
                                              town of Sooke has something for everyone. By garth eichel

                                                                                 ONE OF THE CHARMS OF                 winding through 1,422 hectares
                                                                                 VICTORIA is that it has all the      of natural wilderness.
                                                                                 amenities of a vibrant small
                                                                                 city and ready access to natural     3. On the Water
                                                                                 wilderness. But most locals          Sooke is one of the most popular
                                                                                 venture into the wild no farther     fishing destinations on south
                                                                                 than a few miles out of town on      Vancouver Island. On any given
                                                                                 any given weekend. If they do go     summer day, it is common to see
                                                                                 far afield it is usually to places   dozens — if not hundreds — of
                                                                                 like Tofino, which take the better   sport fishing boats trolling
                                                                                 part of a day’s drive.               offshore for salmon, or jigging
                                                                                    Closer to Victoria, and over-     for lingcod, rockfish and hali-
                                                                                 looked to some extent, is the        but. If you don’t have your own
                                                                                 sleepy seaside town of Sooke,        boat, there are dozens of char-
                                                                                 just 37 km west of town on           ter operators available for hire.
                                                                                 highway 14. The town and                The waters around Sooke are
                                                                                 surrounding area is full of          also popular for sea kayaking,
                                                                                 inspiring attractions for all ages   sailing, and whale watching.
                                                                                 and interests, and any one of
                                                                                 the following seven sensations       4. Something in the Air
                                                                                 is well worth the drive:             Need a thrill? AdrenaLINE
                                                                                                                      Zipline Adventure Tours has
                                                                                 1. Sooke PotHoles                    you covered. Located east of
                                                                                 Sooke Potholes Regional Park is      Sooke on highway 14, Adrena-
                                                                                 one of the best known attractions    LINE has eight unforgettable
                                                                                 in the area. Several cool clear      ziplines strung high through the
                                                                                 pools of water on the Sooke          forest canopy, ranging from 150
                                                                                 River make the Potholes a popu-      to 1,000 feet in length. To be
                                                                                 lar place to cool off in the dog     sure, whizzing through the
                           Sook Potholes Regional Park is one of the best        days of summer. There is more        trees at 60 kmph is an exhilarat-
                           known attractions in the Sooke area. ISTOCK PhOTO
                                                                                 to the Potholes than swimming        ing way to experience nature!
                                                                                 though. A number of trails wind
                                                                                 through the park making it a         5. The Need for Mead
                                                                                 splendid nature walk.                Started in 2003 by husband-and-
                                                                                                                      wife team, Bob Liptrot and Dana
                                                                                 2. Hiking Trails                     LaComte, Tugwell Creek honey
                                                                                 The wilderness around Sooke is       Farm and Meadery was the first
                                                                                 blessed with some of the finest      commercial meadery licenced in
                                                                                 hiking trails on Vancouver           B.C. It now produces a broad
                                                                                 Island. In particular, the wind-     range of mead styles, from very

                                                                                 swept coastal trails of East         dry to very sweet, that are worth
                                                                                 Sooke Regional Park offer some       trying at their farm at 8750 West
                                                                                 of the best seaside hiking any-      Coast Road, west of Sooke. In
                                                                                 where. Don’t bite off more than      addition to mead tasting, you
                                                                                 you can chew, though: East           can learn fascinating facts about
                                                                                 Sooke is the largest Capital         bees, participate in activities,
                                                                                 Regional District Park, with         and see the farm’s resident
                                                                                 over 50 kilometers of trails         beekeepers in action.
         6. Wining & Dining
         Sooke harbour house on Whiffen
         Spit boasts one of the finest award           NEW DESTINATION
         winning restaurants in the Pacific
         Northwest. Owned and operated by              The newly opened $50-million
         Philip and Frederique Sinclair for            Prestige Oceanfront Resort &
         over 30 years, it was one of the first        Convention Centre signals a
         restaurants to introduce local pro-           new direction for local tourism
         duce to the world of fine dining.             in Sooke. With a commanding
           And now that the Prestige Ocean             view of Sooke harbour and the
         Front Resort is open (see sidebar at          Olympic Mountains beyond, the
         right), visitors to Sooke can also            122-room resort will be able to
         step out for dinner at Sal’s Prime            welcome large numbers of
         Steakhouse, The Mix by Ric’s, and             visitors to town, from tourists
         the yesaki Wine and Raw Bar, all              and wedding parties, to sports      indoor and outdoor meeting and
         located within the resort.                    teams and corporate groups, as      banquet facilities, and several
                                                       well as small- and medium-size      in-house restaurants. What’s
         7. Fine Art                                   conventions.                        more, a full service marina is
         Every summer Sooke hosts the                    Able to accommodate up to         under construction, expected to
         largest juried fine arts show on              400 guests, the Ocean Front         be ready in 2012.
         Vancouver Island, attracting artists          Resort has numerous features          The Ocean Front Resort
         from Vancouver Island and the Gulf            and amenities, including a          opened its doors to the public in
         Islands. This year’s event, July 23           range of deluxe rooms — 70 per      April of this year, and is sched-
         to August 1, marks the show’s 25th            cent of which boast ocean views     uled to be fully operational with
         anniversary, and upwards of 7,500             — a spa, pool and fitness centre,   a grand opening on June 18.
         visitors are expected to attend.
helijet ad may11:tee-off full pg ad aug.30/06     5/11/11   12:53 PM   Page 1

                                     Escape • Indulge • Experience

                                                                                                                               IFR Summer 2011

                             NOW OPEN • Offering incredible introductory rates!

               250.860.5858 ext 113 • •

Two great ways to support your Canadian
 rugby team before the Rugby World Cup

1 Road to NEW ZEALAND                                   2 Road to NEW ZEALAND

   Join us on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 as the            Join us on Thurdsay, August 18, 2011 at the UBC University
   National Senior Men’s Team embark for the               Golf Course for an exciting day of golf, dinner and meet
   2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. Meet               members of the team, and wish them success as they leave
   members of the team, mingle and wish them success.      next day to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

   Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa               UBC University Golf Course
   45 Songhees Road, Victoria                             Vancouver
   Cocktails 6 pm     Dinner 7 pm                         1:15pm shotgun start    Dinner 7 pm

   For more information, please visit
                or call (905) 780-8998 ext. 240


 LIkE MOST FOODIES,                      Developed by O’s executive        SUN-DRIED TOMATO
 I adapt my appetite according to     chef, Roland Monette, this is a      CAPER DRESSING
 the seasons: in autumn I fre-        remarkably easy dish to make
 quently roast harvest vegeta-        that is long on flavour and light    1 EGG
 bles; in winter I like to comfort    on cost. Best of all, Monette        1 TBSP DIJON MUSTARD
 myself with hearty stews; and in     isn’t proprietary with his cre-      1/4 CUP WhITE WINE VINEGAR
 spring I prefer to cook with         ation and has agreed to share it     1/3 CUP ChOPPED SUN-DRIED
 fresh herbs and leafy greens as      here with helijet’s readers.         TOMATOES
 they come up. But come sum-             To be sure, tuna niçoise (pro-    1 TBSP ChOPPED CAPERS
 mer there are few things I enjoy     nounced ni’swaz) has been            6 OZ OIL FROM ThE SUN-DRIED
 more than grilling locally caught    around for a long time — it is a     TOMATOES
 fish on the barbecue.                classic tuna and vegetable salad     1 TSP hONEy
    Priding myself on being           dish from Côte d’Azur, France,       SALT & PEPPER TO TASTE
 something of a purist, I believe     that can be, at times, a fairly
 fish should never be overcooked      pedestrian meal. (Europeans            Using a blender, mix the
 and certainly not doctored with      often used canned tuna.) What        egg, mustard, vinegar, sea-
 complicated (and expensive)          makes Monette’s recipe excep-        soning and honey.
 ingredients that detract from the    tional, however, is that it relies     Once thoroughly combined,
 natural flavour of the fish. As      on a tangy-sweet sauce drizzled      slowly add the sun-dried
 such, I was thrilled to discover a   on grilled albacore tuna loin,       tomato oil so it emulsifies the
                                                                                                                  IFR Summer 2011

 simple, elegant and affordable       with locally sourced produce.        mixture. Add the chopped sun-
 tuna niçoise with sundried           The end result is a gourmet          dried tomatoes and capers at
 tomato caper dressing on the         experience that won’t burn           the end. The dressing can be
 menu at the O Bistro in the          through your monthly grocery         prepared days in advance, kept
 Oswego hotel in Victoria.            or entertainment budget.             refrigerated.

                                        Developed by O’s executive chef, Roland Monette,
                                          this is a remarkably easy dish to make that is
                                                 long on flavour and light on cost.

                                TUNA NIçOISE                            minute on each side, finishing
                                                                        it in the oven for an additional
                                4 OZ SLICED ALBACORE                    two minutes. While the fish is
                                TUNA LOIN
                                                                        warming in the oven, sauté the
                                3 GRILLED yUKON NUGGET                  green beans in olive oil and
                                                                        set aside.
                                4 GREEN BEANS
                                                                           Using a large plate or bowl,
                                4 MEDITERRANEAN MIxED OLIVES            place the potatoes, green
                                1 SERVING OF ARTISAN GREENS             beans and olives in the bottom
                                ExTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL                  of the bowl, and then lightly
                                SUN-DRIED TOMATO AND CAPER              drizzle some of the sun-dried
                                DRESSING                                tomato and caper dressing over
                                                                        top. Saving some dressing for
                                  Portion the tuna into small           presentation, toss the remain-
                                medallions, approximately               der with the washed artisan
                                one-inch thick. Rub extra               greens, which are then stacked
                                virgin olive oil over the flesh         on top of the veggies. Then
                                and season with sea salt and            carefully cut the tuna medal-
                                fresh-cracked black pepper;             lions in half, showing the rare-
                                keep cold in fridge until ready         ness, and place on top of the
                                for grilling.                           greens. Sprinkle with a little
                                   Clean, blanch and trim green         sea salt and the extra dressing
                                beans and yukon nugget pota-            and serve.
                                toes, and rub extra virgin olive           As for a wine pairing, try
                                oil over potatoes and season            Averill Creek’s 2010 Rosé. The
                                with salt and pepper.                   floral fruitiness, moderate
                                   Pre-heat barbecue grill and          acidity and clean finish of this
                                oven to 350 F. Grill the pota-          Vancouver Island wine will act
                                toes first and keep warm in the         as a perfect foil to the salty
                                oven while you prepare the              sweet tang of the dressing and
                                fish. To that end, sear the tuna        the natural flavours of the tuna
                                on the grill for about one              and veggies.

                                if cooking isn’t your thing, or if you’re just too dead-dog tired to cook,
                                you can always have chef Roland monette personally prepare his
                                creation for you at o Bistro for the liberating low price of $12, plus hST.

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