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                    G. COLLEEN "COCO" COLLINS, EDD, CTRS, MIT
                              PO Box 937, Livingston, LA 70754
                  Main contact #**Mobile: 225.936.2959; Home: 225-686-2020
                       SUBR Email addresses:


EdD (1997)          Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sport Management and Leisure
                    Studies Program, EdD in Therapeutic Recreation.
MS (1980)           University of West Florida, Pensacola, Florida. Master of Science in
                    Leisure Studies.
BFA (1974)          Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona; Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography.
1975                University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, Graduate Studies in Film
1971-1972           Pensacola Junior College, Pensacola, Florida; Liberal Arts.
1969-1970           Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri; Liberal Arts.
   1968             Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Monterrey,
                    Mexico; high school level Spanish.


      Awarded “Professional Annual Award,” 2003, from Louisiana Recreation and Parks Assoc.
      Awarded “Outstanding Therapeutic Recreation Professional of 2002" from the Therapeutic
       Recreation Symposium for the Southwest.
      U.S. Dept. of Education Leadership “Personnel Preparation” Grant Recipient, Temple
       University, 1991-1993.
      Fellowship Recipient, graduate program at University of West Florida, 1979-80.
      Consistently on Dean's Honor List each semester at Temple University, ASU, and UWF graduate
      MS Graduation with Honors, June 1980, University of West Florida.
      City of Biloxi Awards of Appreciation, 1982 and 1983.
      Red Cross Appreciation Award, 1983.
      United Way Campaign Award, 1982.


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University, Baton Rouge, Therapeutic Recreation and Leisure Studies Program.
Supervise graduate programs curricula and faculty. Conduct all accreditation
preparation, reports, and evaluation. Advise students and have taught the
following courses:
Graduate courses: “Management of Therapeutic Recreation Administration,”
“Leisure Counseling,” “Graduate Research Project I,” “Education for Leisure,”
“Recreation Facilities,” “Problems in Recreation,” “Outdoor Recreation,”
“Advanced Programming in Therapeutic Recreation,” “Recreation for the
Disabled,” and “Practicum.”
Undergraduate courses: “Therapeutic Recreation Intervention Strategies,”
“Therapeutic Recreation Assessment and Evaluation Techniques,” “Camp
Counseling,” “Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation,” and “Senior Internship.”
Developed and advise the graduate “Recreation Leadership Society.”

Advised the undergraduate recreation student organization. Developed a hands-on
laboratory at the municipal therapeutic horseback riding program for children and
adults with disabilities and a leisure education program for adolescents who are at-
risk and their parents at Prescott Middle School. Submitted a grant proposal to
examine the effectiveness of a individual leisure counseling model in decreasing
stress related symptoms. Actively participated on the University Graduate Council
(including faculty grievance committees). Use Power-point, Internet, E-mail, and
“Blackboard Distant Learning” for instruction and communication. Conduct
faculty meetings concerning accreditation, curriculum development, professional
development, faculty searches, instructional resources, and policies and
procedures. Submit faculty committee and student related reports. Developed a
study abroad program in Skopelos, Greece.

Current Research:
Principle Investigator of a grant supporting the investigation of the inclusive
recreation needs of people with disabilities in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.
 Service on dissertation committee:
 I served as a visiting professor on a dissertation committee for Kathryn
 Jones, Cappella University. Her dissertation title is: “The Effect of Welfare
 Reform on Preventative Health Care Services from 2001-2003 in Region II East
 Baton Rouge Parish of Louisiana.”

Community Service:
For the past five years, I continue to serve on the Executive Board of Directors for
the O’Brien House Addiction Services as the Chair of the Program Committee. I
am responsible for overseeing the clinical administration of the Residential and
Intensive Outpatient Programs.
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                     A member of the Inclusive Recreation Task Force hosted by the Adults with
                     Retardation Council (ARC) of Baton Rouge.

   Conducted graduate student research supervision:
       Examples of graduate projects (TRLS 599, Project I) which I have supervised:
Cyriaque, Viola, “Integrating Technology into Therapeutic Recreation Programs for At-risk Youth.”
Harrison, Mechella, “A Systematic Review of the Effects of Therapeutic Recreation Programs with
People with Alzheimer’s Disease.”
Lewis, Bridgett, “A Systematic Review of Literature on People with Eating Disorders.”
Murray, TaLeah, “A Systematic Review of Literature on Adults with Alcohol Addiction.”
Taylor, Crystal, “A Systematic Review of the Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation Sport Programs for
Valentine, Ashley, “A Systematic Review of Therapeutic Recreation Programs of Senior Citizens.”
Manuel, Aldona, “A Systematic Review of Therapeutic Recreation Programs for Adolescents with
Visual Impairment.”
Williams, Shantella, “A Systematic Review of Therapeutic Recreation Programs for Adolescents in
Treatment for Substance Abuse.”
Mason, Clarice, “Effectiveness of Therapeutic Horseback Riding on Children with Physical
MAY 08                and Leisure Services Program. St. Petersburg College, Seminole, Florida.
                      Spring and Summer Terms 2007 served as Instructor-in-Charge, Full-time.
                      Develop and conduct on-line and in-class courses. Coordinated all recruitment
                      and academic activities. Formed conducted meetings for the Advisory Committee
                      and Student Parks and Leisure Services Leadership Club. Served as Adjunct
                      during Fall 06 and Fall 07.

DEC 99              COORDINATOR. Savannah State University, Savannah, Georgia. Advised all
                    Therapeutic Recreation students. Taught undergraduate courses (there was no
                    graduate program): “Programming in Therapeutic Recreation,” “Introduction to
                    Therapeutic Recreation,” “Evaluation in Recreation,” “Foundations of Recreation
                    and Leisure Administration,” “Recreation Areas and Facilities,” “Physical Activity
                    and Stress Management,” “Physical Activity and Body Composition,” and
                    “Freshmen Experience II.” Initiated and advise the Recreation Majors Club.
                    Served as Convener of the Core Curriculum Subcommittee for the Curriculum
                    Review Committee; Minority Recruitment Board of Directors; College of Liberal
                    Arts Strategic Planning and Recruitment and Retention Committees; African-
                    American History Curriculum Committee for International Studies; P-16 Initiative
                    Committee; Youth Futures Subcommittee; and Social Work Department Title III
                    Senior Citizen Community Program Task Force. I volunteered with assisting,
                    planning, and implementing programs for the International Studies/Students
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            Program. Served on the Speakers’ Bureau. Designed and presented campus-wide
            workshops on Stress Management. Left SSU due to the program review
            committee’s recommendation to close the department.

AUG 92 to   INSTRUCTOR, one-year temporary appointment, Southwest Texas State
MAY 93      University, San Marcos, TX. Taught: “Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation,”
            “Practices and Principles of Therapeutic Recreation,” “Leisure Education,” "Senior
            Seminar In Recreation Issues;” Supervised student fieldwork, advised students,
            and served on curriculum planning team.

JAN 91 to   INSTRUCTOR, graduate teaching position, Temple University,
JAN 92      Philadelphia, PA. Independently taught classes: "Recreation and Leisure in
            Modern Society" and "Recreation Program Planning and Applied Leadership."
            Supervised student fieldwork; designed and administered tests; advised students;
            student recruitment; and curriculum planning.
1991        CO-INSTRUCTOR with Temple University Therapeutic Recreation faculty:
            “Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) Exam Review.” Temple
            University, Philadelphia, PA.

AUG 88 to   INSTRUCTOR, one-year temporary appointment, University of Southern
MAY 89      Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS. Taught: “Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation,”
            “Leisure Skills Development,” “Theory of Recreation Programming,” “Man's
            Search for Leisure,” and “Literature in Recreation.” Advised students and
            participated on the curriculum and student recruitment teams.

            PROGRAM COORDINATOR of Mississippi Recreation and Park Association
            Workshop on “Documentation in the Clinical Setting,” USM Campus.

OCT 86 to   ADJUNCT INSTRUCTOR in the Health, Physical Education
DEC 86      and Recreation Department at Jefferson Davis Community College, Gulfport, MS.
            Taught all sections of the “Personal Health” class which included topics in aging,
            diseases, nutrition, and physical fitness. Advised and evaluated students.
            Designed and administered tests.

1980        TEACHING ASSISTANT, University of West Florida,
            Pensacola, "Outdoor Education." Designed and administered examinations and
            conducted instruction in the classroom, on nature trails, and during weekend
            camping experiences.
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Formed in 1997 DIRECTOR. A charitable/educational organization designed to provide
                biopsychosocial restorative/wellness therapies, teaching helping skills, providing
               motivation enhancement to decrease maladaptive behaviors; stress management
               and other living/leisure skills, and increasing self-efficacy. It is designed to
               involve community agencies and institutions and to grow globally. Programs are
               designed to be individual, small and large group workshops and retreat sessions
               and housed in a coffee house setting with adjacent meeting rooms and other
               appropriate facilities, as needed, with necessary resources. This program includes
               an extensive referral process to other programs that address more complicated
               mental and physical health and other quality of-life issues.

Employed by Singing River Mental Health and Alcohol Counseling Services continuously from May
1993 to July 1998. Positions changed due to being promoted from one position to another:
                      JUL 96 to JUL 98 ALCOHOL & DRUG SERVICES COORDINATOR,
                     Singing River Services, Jackson and George Counties. Managed the City of Ocean
                     Springs Satellite Office. Planned, directed, implemented, evaluated and supervised
                     therapists, support staff, and volunteers for community-based comprehensive
                     treatment and prevention programs. These programs included therapeutic
                     recreation programs, prevention, education, inpatient, and intensive outpatient
                     services. Wrote, maintained, and administered 13 state-funded grants and maintain
                     a budget of over $500,000 and one community arts grant of $2,500. Served on the
                     Quality Assurance, Continuous Quality Improvement and Leadership Teams.
                     Conducted staff training workshops. Designed brochures and announcements.
                     Conducted community consultation and educational presentations.
All of the below tasks required at the VA, I have done in this position.
Coordinated staff on the day-to-day functioning of a clinic/program that treats a variety of clinically
challenging patients who have serious and persistent medical or psychiatric/substance abuse issues.

Coordinated administration, staffing, program mission, resource management and oversight of screening
and assessment of patients for services, admission/discharge, treatment planning, service delivery,
patient education, individual counseling, group counseling, community services, resources, performance
improvement and follow-up of patients.

Provided leadership, guidance, supervision and coordination of staff. Coordinated staffing schedules

Monitored staff productivity, program/staff efficiency, programming/staffing cost effectiveness, and
quality performance (outcomes).
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Developed performance standards, wrote/revised position descriptions, assigned workload, set priorities,
rated performance, approve/disapprove leave, counseled employees, initiated disciplinary actions and
heard and resolved complaints from employees.

Applied knowledge and skills in health care management, clinical interventions, team building,
marketing, forecasting, equipment, accounting principles and the healthcare system administrative

Provided or referred clients to clinical treatment in the areas of physical, medical, addiction, mental
illness and/or homelessness.

Reviewed clinical assessments to assure patients are clinically capable of participating in the program.

Provided professional services to clients with substance abuse and addiction disorders.

Provided professional assistance to clients with psychosocial or psychological problems associated with

Applied psychological principles, theories, methods, and techniques in solving problems.

Performed crisis intervention.

Ensured appropriate assessments, treatment plans, individual and group counseling, discharge planning,
after-care services and completeness of documentation.

Exercised judgment in developing plans to accomplish the treatment objectives, while being sensitive to
the effectiveness of the plans on the patients and their progress

Recommended and carried out treatment plans, monitor results, and recommend changes.

Observed patient behaviors and reaction patterns for use by higher-level professional or the treatment

Observed patients to assess emotional, functional or psychological conditions.

Made appropriate referral to community or other professional resources as necessary for effective

Served as a member of the multi-disciplinary treatment team and works with other professionals to
formulate treatment and follow-up plans for each patient.

Maintained appropriate records, charting information necessary to ensure an accurate portrayal of
patients' activities, conditions and progress.

Prepared written assessments for use by members of the multi-disciplinary treatment team or for
developing treatment plans.

Trained other therapists and medical personnel in intervention techniques and crisis oriented counseling
for individuals with substance abuse disorders.
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Gathered social, drug, family and military history and reasons for referral.

Conducted individual or group therapy sessions using therapeutic techniques and skills.

Interviewed clients to make an independent evaluation of their situations.

Validated the information obtained and judge the circumstances or other factors that might influence the
client to be less than open or honest.

Interviewed potential clients to provide intake services and determine the clients' needs and eligibility for
benefits and services.

Provided individual and group counseling, short-term, in-depth counseling, occasionally handles crisis
intervention or other emergencies.

Conducted interviews using questionnaires or other measurement devices, such as the Addiction
Severity Index, MMPI, Beck Depression Inventory, Situational Confidence Questionnaire, and others.

                      DEC 95 to JUL 96 PROGRAM MANAGER OF DEVELOPENTAL
                      DISABILITIES SERVICES, including Singing River Industries; Singing River
                      Services, Pascagoula, MS. Planned, directed, and supervised counseling,
                      administrative, case management, and vocational training staff (8), volunteer aides
                      (community college students & Senior Aides), and recreation and work training
                      programs for adults with developmental disabilities. Administered United Way
                      grant and four state-funded grants and maintained an annual budget of $100,000.
                      Maintained equipment, supplies, vehicles, and facilities. Conducted staff training.
                       Was promoted to the above position.
                      DEC 93 to Dec 95 INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT THERAPIST &
                      Singing River Services, Pascagoula, MS. Conducted individual, group, couple, and
                      family counseling sessions. Supervised, designed, and implemented Therapeutic
                      Recreation, Community Consultation, and Education Services. Coordinated
                      vocational services with community agencies. Was promoted to the above
                      Singing River Services' Stevens Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center,
                      Pascagoula, MS. Conducted counseling, recreation activities, aftercare group
                      meetings, educational lectures, and individual leisure plans and relapse prevention
                      sessions. Coordinated vocational services with IAM Cares, Vocational
                      Rehabilitation Services, local corporations’ EAP, and other various agencies.
                      Networked with community leisure services. Was promoted to the above position.
                      JUL to AUG 92 FAMILY THERAPIST, Singing River Services’ Stevens
                      Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center, Pascagoula, MS. Conducted individual
                      and group therapy sessions and recreation activities. Was promoted to the above
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JAN 91      Rehabilitation, Gulfport, MS. Duties were to: plan, organize, implement, and
            supervise the new Recreation Program in the comprehensive inpatient physical
            rehab facility as an interdisciplinary team member. Assess patients, develop
            policies and procedures, treatment plans, document progress, evaluate, and
            implement treatment sessions. Conduct staff in-services and community
            presentations. Supervise and train aides and volunteers. Planned and organized
            Community Reintegration Program. Referred patients to community recreational

Sept 89     Bienville Recovery Center, Biloxi, MS. Duties were to: design and implement the
            Recreation Program. Plan and supervise all educational and therapeutic sessions
            that related to work and leisure skills. Supervise and train clinical assistants and
            volunteers; budgeting, marketing, clinical assessments, planning and implementing
            special entertainment events, facility maintenance, swimming pool, supplies,
            equipment, and vehicles. Conduct clinical assessments, plan and implement all
            TR sessions including: Assertiveness Training, Socialization Skills, Fitness and
            Leisure Skills, Coping Skills, Stress Management, Aquasize, Art, Music and
            Dance Expression, Aerobic Training, Strength Training, Relaxation Skills, and
            Community Reintegration Program. Develop individualized patient treatment
            plans, chart progress, and counsel patients and family members.
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APR 88 to   PARK RANGER/INTERPRETER, Seasonal, National Park Service,
AUG 88      Gulf Islands National Seashore, Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Duties were
and         to: plan and conduct historical and natural science educational programs
APR 87 to   for park visitors of all ages and abilities. Recruit, train, and supervise
OCT 87      volunteer assistants. Responsible for guiding and informing visitors of
            park resources; administer minor first aid.
AUG 88-89   Following the park ranger position, I served as a “Volunteer in the Park” (VIP).

FEB to      SUPERVISOR OF RECREATION, King Fahad Hospital,
MAR 86      Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Duties were to: supervise four recreation centers and 12
            employees (center directors and aides, librarians, preschool teachers, video library
            staff, recreation program leaders, and bus drivers); the library; the preschool; video
            library; adult and children programs; and design and implement the trips and tours
            program (local and foreign).

OCT 86      Retirement Home, Gulfport, Mississippi. Responsible for administration of
            recreation services. Duties were to: develop, plan, organize, promote, budget,
            train, supervise, evaluate and advise full-time staff: accountant & life guards; 65
            full and part-time volunteers and student interns; to maintain and purchase
            equipment and supplies for facilities and programs (facilities included swimming
            pool, library, auto shop, carpenter shop, bowling lanes, auditorium, movie theater,
            ballroom and lounge); to plan and direct a wide variety of educational, recreational
            and wellness programs and classes for 460 residents and their guests. Programs
            included trips and tours, local and international, for groups and individuals, other
            duties: to coordinate programs with community agencies such as Retired Senior
            Volunteer Persons (R.S.V.P.), Area Council on Aging, and the state library system;
            to conduct recreation council and committee meetings; to design questionnaires
            and conduct needs and evaluation assessments; and vehicle maintenance. Planned
            and conducted therapeutic recreation programs for individuals and groups.

AUG 81 to   ACTIVITIES COORDINATOR, City of Biloxi Parks,
JUN 83      Recreation and Cultural Affairs Department, Biloxi, Mississippi. Responsible for
            therapeutic recreation services and general recreation programs. Duties were to:
            supervise five full-time center directors & one park manager, 15 part-time
            instructors, and five playground directors and volunteers; to plan, develop,
            implement, promote, supervise, and evaluate city wide programs for all ages and
            abilities (these included city wide festivals, special events, community education
            classes, and daily recreation programs); and to select, train, supervise, and evaluate
            staff and volunteers. Collaborate with various federal, state, county, municipal,
            and private community service/leisure/recreation/education agencies to enhance
            and promote the community's tourism industry and private enterprises. Board
            Member of the City of Biloxi Cultural Center Review Board.
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1981                  PROGRAM DIRECTOR, Six month CETA position. City of Ocean Springs
                      Recreation Department, Ocean Springs, MS. Duties were to: develop, staff,
                      promote and implement a comprehensive community education program for all
                      ages, to plan, organize and supervise the children's summer day camp, workshops
                      and fitness programs for adults and children; supervised instructors, full and
                      part-time staff; and coordinate senior citizen ceramic and art programs. Taught
                      Tot Fitness, Adult Fitness, and began the adult volleyball and fencing leagues.
                      Collaborated with state, county, municipal, school districts, private agencies, and
                      businesses in developing recreation/wellness programs and tourist events.

1980                  DIRECTOR OF RECREATION, (in conjunction with attendance at UWF) West
                      Florida Hospital, Pensacola, FL. Duties were to: design and implement the
                      programs on the Mental Health Unit and to supervise volunteers.


      Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (as a Motivational Interviewing Trainer, MIT).
      Certified as Professional Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS), National Council for
       Therapeutic Recreation, since 1986 to present.
      American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA), 1988-present. Currently served as Co-
       chair of Research Institute (2001-2002) and a current member of the International Relations
      National Recreation and Parks Association member.
      National Therapeutic Recreation Society member.
      Society of Park and Recreation Educators member and Liaison for World Leisure.
      Louisiana Recreation and Parks Association (LRPA), 2000-present. Currently serving as the
       Chair of the Higher Education Committee. Served as Secretary on the Executive Board and
       member of the 2002 Conference Education Planning Committee. Past Nominations and
       Elections Committee Chair and District III Chair-elect.
      World Leisure Association member.
      Toastmasters International member.
      Hellenic Society Paideia member.
      Ocean Springs Yacht Club member.


Designed and received a grant to conduct a research project to investigate the inclusive recreation needs
       of people with disabilities in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.
Serve on the Board of Reviewers for Diversity in Higher Education, on-line research journal.
Co-chaired and a Reviewer of the Research Institute for the American Therapeutic Recreation
       Association, 2001 & 2002.
Presented research paper at the ATRA Refereed Research Institute, "Effects of Individual Leisure
       Counseling," New Orleans, 2001.
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Conducted an original outcome study of an original leisure counseling model: “Effects of
      Individual Leisure Counseling on Perceived Freedom in Leisure, Perceived Self-
      efficacy, Depression, and Abstinence on Adults in an Inpatient Program for
      Substance Dependence.”


Happiness as a Treatment Variable, Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Conference, Jan., 06.
Motivational Enhancement Skills, Midwest TR Symposium, Springfield, Illinois, April, 2005.
Keynote Speaker, "The Quest for Zest" Mississippi TR Conference, Whitfield, MS, April, 2005.
Keynote Speaker, "The Quest for Zest" 2nd Annual TR Forum, Shreveport, LA, May 2004.
Motivational Enhancement Skills, Midwest TR Symposium, Springfield, Illinois, April, 2005.
The Quest for Zest: Part II, Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference, January,
        2005, Shreveport, LA.
Motivational Enhancement Skills, Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference,
        January, 2004, Lafayette, Louisiana.
Motivational Enhancement Therapy in Therapeutic Recreation, Louisiana Recreation and Park
        Association Annual Conference, February, 2003, Ruston, Louisiana.
 Self-efficacy and Assessment for Therapeutic Riding Instructors and Volunteers, paper presented
        at the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association Region 8 Conference, Lafayette,
        Louisiana, August, 2002.
Individual Leisure Counseling and Self-efficacy, presented at the Therapeutic Recreation Symposium
        of the Southwest in Lafayette, Louisiana, April, 2002.
Therapeutic Riding Issues in Therapeutic Recreation, Co-presented at the Louisiana Recreation and
        Park Association Annual Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, April, 2002.
Creative Drumming and Movement, presented to the O’Brien House Drug and Alcohol Residential
        Treatment Program, Baton Rouge, LA, May, 2002.
Leisure Education and Leisure Counseling, presented at the Southern University Recreation
        Professional Enhancement Workshop, 2002.
Self-efficacy: A Critical Treatment Variable in Therapeutic Recreation, paper presented at the
        Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, Nov.1-3,
Effects of Individual Leisure Counseling on Perceived Freedom in Leisure, Perceived Self-efficacy,
        Depression, and Abstinence of Adults in a Residential Program for Substance Dependence,
        paper presented at the Research Institute of the American Therapeutic Recreation Conference,
        New Orleans, Aug. 30-Sept. 3, 2001.
Therapeutic Creativity from the Aegean Sea, paper presented at the 6th International Therapeutic
        Recreation Symposium, July 9-11, Tampa, FL.
Therapeutic Creativity, paper presented at the Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Annual
        Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, Nov.2-4, 2000.
Stress Management, Savannah State University, November, 1998.
It Takes Two To Tango: Motivating Children to be Proactive, Jackson County Civic Action
        Committee, Inc., Moss Point, MS, February 23, 1998.
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Effective Therapeutic Skills, 16th Annual AAMR-Mental Health & Mental Retardation Joint
        Conference, Biloxi, MS, 1997.
Self-esteem: What Is It & How Do You Get It?, MGCCC, JC, 1996 & 1997.
Assertiveness: An Important Tool for Wellness, MGCCC, JC, 1996 & 1997.
Is The After-care School Program Considered Recreation? Ocean Springs, MS, Public Hearing,
Hiring Adults with Developmental Disabilities, Rotary, Gautier, MS, 1996.
New Strategies in Teaching Drug and Alcohol Awareness to Children, Gulf Coast Woman's
        Conference on Children, Biloxi, MS, 1995.
The Effects of Alcohol and Other Drug Use on Self-Esteem. New Horizons Program, Mississippi
        Gulf Coast Community College, Jackson County, 1994.
The Psychobiology of Addiction, Singing River Services, Pascagoula, MS, 1994
Stress Management, Jackson County Headstart, Pascagoula, MS, 1994.
Program Planning Strategies for Geriatric Long-term Health Care Providers, Southwest Texas
        State University, San Marcos, TX, 1993.
Therapeutic Clinical Skills, Mississippi Recreation and Parks Association Annual Conference, Biloxi,
        MS, 1993.
Consensus Building Conference on Therapeutic Recreation Efficacy Research, PA, 1991. An
        invited national representative on the chemical dependency consensus team.
Women’s Self-esteem, Displaced Homemakers Program, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College,
        Jefferson Davis Campus, 1986.


C. Collins, “Therapeutic Recreation News,” Leisure in Louisiana, 2003 and 2004.
C. Collins, “Higher Education News,” Leisure in Louisiana, 2006.
An article on my original Individual Leisure Counseling Model (ILC) is being drafted for a
       referred journal.


   A. Principal Investigator for a funded Chancellor’s Start-Up Grant for the current research project,
      “Inclusive Recreation Needs for People with Disabilities in the Greater Baton Rouge Area”

   B. Submitted a grant proposal in 2001 “The Effects of Stress in Relation to Quality of Life

   C. Wrote and was awarded: “Community Arts Project” Mississippi Arts Commission for $2,500,
      1998 for the Singing River Mental Health Services clients.

   D. Managed and wrote annual renewals for the following awarded grants in 1998, totaling over
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        These grants were:
1. Dual Diagnosis Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
2. Primary Residential Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
3. Transitional Women’s Residential Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
4. Transitional Men’s Residential Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
5. Residential Substance Abuse Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
6. Aftercare, Drug Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
7. Aftercare, Alcohol Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
8. Special Women’s Issues Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
9. Women’s Residential Counselor: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
10. Intravenous Drug Prevention: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
11. Outpatient Drug Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
12. Outpatient Alcohol Treatment: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.
13. Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program: Mississippi Dept. of Mental Health.


Policy and procedure and staff training manuals for the development, implementation, and evaluation of
the following types of programs: recreation and leisure services; residential; intensive outpatient
treatment; summer playground programs; travel and tour programs; risk management; cultural arts; and
fitness. Manuals were also written for the operation of community centers; daycare; libraries; hobby
shops; theaters; video and music rental; swimming pools; and vehicle maintenance.
Monthly and annual program reports; publicity articles; brochures, fliers, and other promotional
material; and survey, evaluation, and assessment forms.


PRESENT    Conduct Motivational Enhancement Training Sessions; living skills educational sessions
           (leisure education, assertiveness, self-esteem,
SINCE 1980 communication, effective social relationships, stress management, lifestyle/health issues,
           and job search skills).
1988-89    Taught leisure, wellness, and work-related skills; physical fitness, stress management; job
           interviewing, problem solving, relaxation, social and assertiveness skills, Bienville
           Recovery Center, Biloxi, MS.
1987-89    Director of the Gulf Coast Hellenic Dancers, Biloxi, MS.
1987       Physical education substitute teacher, Jackson County.
1986       Equitation Instructor, Ocean Springs, MS.
1984       Co-founder and Instructor of International Folk Dance, Ocean Springs, MS.
1981-83    Director and Instructor of the Biloxi Ethnic Dance Ensemble, MS.
1979-80    Director of International Folk Dance & Bulgarian Dance Workshop, UWF, Pens., FL.
1976       Art Instructor, Pensacola School of Liberal Arts, Pensacola, FL.
1975       Instructor of "Creative Photography,” Meridian Jr. College, MS.
1975       Volunteer assistant with students with mental retardation, Preventorium, MS (now called
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Disaster Responders Self-Care Workshop, Memorial Hospital, Gulfport, MS, 6/08.
Florida Recreation and Park Association Workshop, Dunedin, Florida, 5/07.
NRPA's Society of Recreation and Park Educator's Teaching Institute, Clemson, South Carolina, 1/07
NRPA's Society of Recreation and Park Educator's Departmental Chairs Workshop, St. Augustine, FL,
National Recreation and Park Association Conference, October, 2007,
Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Conference, January, 2006.
National Recreation and Park Association Conference, October, 2006, San Antonio, Texas.
Midwest TR Symposium, Springfield, Illinois, April, 2005.
Mississippi TR Conference, Whitfield, MS, April, 2005.
"The Quest for Zest" 2nd Annual TR Forum, Shreveport, LA, May 2004.
Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference, January, 2005, Shreveport, LA.
2nd Annual TR Forum, Shreveport, LA, May 2004.
Family Strengthening Program, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2003.
Motivational Interviewing Training for Trainers and Forum, Iraklian, Greece, June, 2003.
Ropes Course Training at YMCA and Workshop on Certification for Parks and Recreational
        Professional, hosted by Louisiana Recreation and Park Association, Spring, 2003.
The 2002 CrossRoads Conference on Prevention and Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Baton
        Rouge, LA, Nov. 18, 2002.
Motivational Enhancement Therapy Training, New Orleans, Nov. and Dec. 2002.
Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Leadership Training and Professional Development
        Workshop, Lafayette, LA, Nov. 2002.
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association Region 8 Annual Conference, Lafayette,
        Louisiana, August, 2002.
Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, 2002.
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association Region 8 Winter Conference, Baton Rouge,
        Louisiana, January, 2002.
The 2001 CrossRoads Conference on Prevention and Treatment of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Baton
        Rouge, LA, Nov. 5-6, 2001.
Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, 2001.
American Therapeutic Recreation Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, 2001.
International Therapeutic Recreation Symposium, Tampa, FL, 2001.
Louisiana Recreation and Park Association Annual Conference, Baton Rouge, LA, 2000.
28th Annual Midwest Symposium on Therapeutic Recreation, Tulsa, OK, 1999.
National Recreation and Park Association Congress, Nashville, TN, 1999.
3rd Gulf Coast Conference on the Treatment of Addictive Disorders, Biloxi, MS, Aug.1-2, 1997.
16th Annual AAMR-Mental Health & Mental Retardation Joint Conference, Biloxi, MS, 1997.
Mississippi Recreation and Park Association Conference, “Ethics in TR,” Biloxi, MS, 1997.
Treatment of Dual Diagnosis Seminar, State Dept. of Mental Health, Jackson, MS, 1997.
Southeast Conference on Drug and Alcohol Studies, a week course on “Advanced Group Therapy,”
        Athens GA, 1997.
Mississippi Conference on Alcohol and Other Drugs, Biloxi & Gulfport, 1995 and 1996.
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Southeast Conference on Drug and Alcohol Studies, week-long course on “Physiological Effects of
       Substance Abuse,” Athens GA, 1994.
13th Annual Training Institute on Addictions, Clearwater, FL, 1992.
National Recreation and Parks Association Congresses, Baltimore, MD, 1991; Phoenix,
       AZ, 1990; Orlando, FL 1984; and Kansas City, KN, 1983.
American Therapeutic Recreation Association Conferences: Kansas City, KS, 1990;
       Memphis, TN, 1989; & Mid-Year Professional Forum, Tulsa, OK, 1993.
Gulf Coast Conference on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Mobile, AL, 1989.
Conference on Family Addictions and Relationships, New Orleans, 1989.
Theory and Practice of Exercise Leadership Workshop, University of Southern Mississippi, 1988.
MS Recreation and Park Association Conferences, Biloxi, MS, '81, '82, '88, & '89.
MS Recreation & Parks Association Mid-Year Symposium, Morton, MS, 1989.


Angel Electronic On-line Distant Learning Training, St. Petersburg College, 2007.
Smarthinking Training, St. Petersburg College, 2007.
Grant Writing Seminar, Southern University, Baton Rouge, 2006.
Information Literacy, two-day workshop, Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA, Aug. 2003.
Rehabilitation Capacity Building, Research Grant Writing and Technical Assistance Workshop, NIDRR
       Field Initiated Projects, Baton Rouge, LA, Sept. 19-21, 2001.
Region VI Consortium for Rehabilitation Capacity Building, RSA-NIDRR Grant Writing and Technical
       Assistance Workshop, Dallas, TX, March 21-23, 2001.
Advocacy and Media Training and Legislative Seminar, Louisiana Association of Nonprofit
       Organizations (LANO), Baton Rouge, LA, February, 2001.
Louisiana Board of Regents Support Fund Grant Writing Workshop, Southern Univ. Sept. 2000.
Blackboard Training Program (distant learning), Southern University, 2000.
Minority Advisement and Retention Conference, Georgia, 1999.
Involving Students: Using Active Learning Strategies in University Classes Workshop, Savannah State
       University, Savannah, GA, April 19, 1999.
Grant Proposal Writing Workshop, Savannah State University, October 8, 1998.
Community of Science Workshop, Savannah State University, December 9, 1998.
Learning Disabilities in the Classroom Workshop, Savannah State University, 1998.
Treating the Difficult and Defiant Teenager Workshop, by Dr. Scott Sells, Savannah, GA, 1998.
Tobacco Laws Workshop, Mississippi St. Attorney General’s office, Gulfport, MS, 1997.
Interventions for Adolescent Substance Abusers, Gautier, MS, 1996.
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Commitment Law Seminar, Whitfield, MS, 1996.
Stephen Covey's "7 Habits of Highly Effective People," Ingall’s Shipbuilding, Pascagoula, MS, 1996.
Tavistock Approach Seminar, Singing River Hospital, Pascagoula, MS, 1995.
Pastoral Care; Sexual Trauma; and Women in Addictions Seminars, Gulf Oaks
       Hospital, Biloxi, MS, 1989.
Navy Recreation Conferences, Kansas City, 1983 & Orlando, 1984.
"Volunteers in ACTION" Workshop, Mobile, AL, 1983.
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National Recreation and Parks Assoc., S.E. Regional Innovative Programming Forum, GA, 1982 &
Years of international folk dance and music workshops in Turkey, Greece, New York, Texas, Georgia,
Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & Louisiana.

COMMUNITY SERVICE (Prior to academic appointments):

Served as the Chair of the New Horizons Program Advisory Committee, Mississippi Gulf Coast
        Community College, Jackson County campus (1997 & 1998).
Presenter of life skills and leisure related topics and the effects of alcohol and other drug use to
        community agencies and educational institutions.
Served three terms as Vice-president of the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church Parish Council, Biloxi,
Historical Preservation Commission, Ocean Springs, commissioner, 1987-1991.
        Co-developed city ordinance for historic district. Appointed and reappointed by the mayor of
        Ocean Springs.
City of Biloxi Cultural Center Review Board Member, 1981-83. Appointed by the Mayor of Biloxi.
Chairperson of the City of Biloxi United Way & Red Cross drives 1981-1983. Appointed by the Mayor
        of Biloxi.
Charter member of the YMCA Organizational Board of Directors, Gulf Breeze, FL, 1980, served as
        executive board secretary.


Have taught and studied international dancing and music in USA, Greece, Macedonia (FRYOM),
Bulgaria, and Turkey since 1969 to present.
Organized and conducted numerous dance workshops.
Directed the Gulf Coast Hellenic Dance Performing Ensemble.
Organized a Study Abroad Program in Greece.
Traveled throughout England, Western Europe, Turkey, Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and visited
Greece several times.
Have exhibited photography in museum and other art galleries in Phoenix, Arizona, Pensacola, Florida,
Biloxi, Mississippi, and Quitman, Mississippi. Won awards in the Pensacola Seville Square Show and
at the Pensacola Museum of Art.


Birth Place: Meridian, Mississippi, USA.
Married: To Stephen F. Collins, Retired as a Computer Systems Analyst, Stennis Space Center, MS.
Leisure Activities: church choir, kayaking, camping, hiking, international folk dancing, sailing,
photography, music, traveling, and volunteering for professional and community agencies.
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Mr. Lamar Evans, Executive Director of Mississippi and Louisiana Recreation and Parks Associations,
     PO Box 16451, Hattiesburg, MS 39404-6451; phone: 1-800-810-3882.

Dr. Jimmy Lindsey, PhD, Endowed Professor of Special Education, Southern University, Baton Rouge,
      LA, home: 225-292-5960. EMAIL: JLindsey@Cox.Net

Ms. DeNeise Barlow, CTRS, Director of Recreational Services, Methodist Children’s Home, PO Box
     929, Ruston, LA, Classes Workshop 71273-0929; phone: 318-255-5020. (has no email address).

Ms. Edna Boone, 5719 Bell Fontaine Dr., Ocean Springs, MS 39564; phone: 228-872-1510.

Mr. Jack Rogers, Retired Associate Dean - Evening College, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community
      College, Jeff Davis Campus. Home: 2549 Marshall Road, Biloxi, MS, 39531; phone: 228-388-

Ms. Gail Bishop, MA, Chief of Interpretation, Gulf Islands National Seashore, 1801 Gulf Breeze
     Parkway, Gulf Breeze, Florida 32563; phone: 850-934-2618.

Mr. Louis Hightower, MEd., Director of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation, Southern
     University, PO Box 9300, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70813; phone: 225-771-2954.

Dr. Mohamed H. Mukhtar, PhD, Associate Professor of African History, History Department, College of
     Liberal Arts, Savannah State University, Savannah, GA, 31404; phone: 912-356-2181.

Dr. Ed Burkhardt, Chairman of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Health, and Dance
       Department, Southwest Texas State University, 601 University Drive, SWT, San Marcos, TX,
     78666; phone: 512-245-2937.

Ms. Bonnie Porter, LBSW, MA, Past Counselor at Singing River Services, Gautier, MS. Currently
     in private practice: Christian Counseling Center, 720 Oak Circle Dr. W., Suite 200, Mobile,
     AL, office phone: 334-661-8323, home: 334-666-8315.

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