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									                                                  Parent Advisory Council
                                                    November 24, 2008
In Attendance:     Carol Boulet, Randy Engel, Lori Gauthier, Ravi George, Michele Hirshfield, Kim Lange, Amanda Loews,
                   Tracy Redman, Mel Ritchie, Denise Rocan, Pam Rudy

       Item                                              Discussion                                              Action
  Call to Order       October Minutes Adopted
   6:05 p.m.          November Agenda Adopted
                      Introductions

Trustee’s Report      Public Consultation meeting last week included
                       - Budget review
                       - Challenges, funding changes, discussions on priorities from the public (low student
                       to teacher ratio; improved resources)
                      Arborgate School still an issue; has more ‘portable classrooms’ than classrooms in
                       the school proper. A new school has been requested but denied by the Provincial
                       Government. Media coverage may result.
                      A new school in Arborgate may also address other concerns within the Division. I.e.
                       may eliminate lengthy bus rides for some students due to the need to commute long
                       distances; alleviate higher enrollment numbers in other schools, etc.
                      Higher standards appear to exist in Winnipeg as opposed to schools in rural areas.
                      SRSD had a reputation for having high standards with regards to technology.
                      DTS is looking into a pilot project using ‘knock off’ versions of Smart Boards – same
                       or similar capabilities with a lower cost
   President’s        CEC Budget meeting was very informative.
     Report           Plans are to attend additional meetings with PAC representative where possible
   Treasurer’s        Current bank balance - $7, 979.07; includes $6000.00 dedicated to Grounds
     Report            Development Project.
                      No Bills outstanding
                      November Hot Meal Profit - $199.70
   Principal’s         Guest Speaker, David Bouchard, visited school to speak on Aboriginal culture and to
     Report            promote literature. Program was for K – 8 and costs were shared with ELI. Excellent
                      Eight children will be attending event at MTS Centre. Provides an opportunity for
                       children with special needs to try a variety of sports for the Special Olympics
                      Oral Reports this week.
                      Second year of laptop initiative; DTS received $5000.00 which will be used to
   Principal’s         purchase a flatscreed TV. TV will be connected to a computer, mounted on a wall in
     Report            the hallway and will be used to display special projects, etc.
    (cont’d)           S.A.G. conference on Friday
                      TransCanada Pipeline provided $2500.00 grant for the library.
                      Healthy Schools initiative now being implemented in all schools. Pop can no longer
                       be sold in schools – only water and some juices can be sold. Pepsi removed one
                       drink machine and one cooler from the school.
                      Pam is working on the paperwork for the Teacher’s award nomination.
Teacher’s Report      Book Fair will run during oral reports next week.
                      Oral reports will take different formats depending on the grade/teacher
                      Project Mad is underway; raising funds to purchase supplies for children in
                       Madagascar. Ruth Obirek will deliver the supplies when she is there to visit her
                      Christmas Concert December 19/08 – Santa Goes Green
                      Celebrated 50 day last week
                      Lori has and will provide a list of basket assignments for the Wing Night auction
                      Karen Hickman is co-ordinating the Christmas Basket.
  Old Business
1. Goals for          Carry to next meeting                                                                      Carry to next meeting

2. Grounds            Pam to follow up on Grounds information                                                    Pam to provide
   Development                                                                                                    update
3. Tri-School         Carry to January                                                                           Carry to January
4. Hot Meal Days      December’s hot meal day is set for December 12
                      January’s hot meal day is set for January 16
5. Fund Raising        Wing Night – January 30/09
                      DTMI charges us $8.75 for 1 pound of wings and a beverage. Suggested price for
                       tickets ranges from $10.00 to $13.00.
                      Motion: to charge $12.00 for Wing Night Tickets Vote taken, Motion carried
                      Kim has purchased baskets for auction prizes
                      Lori has list of basket assignments/themes
                      Baskets will be wrapped on January 26th after our PAC meeting
                      Deadline for basket donations is January 15th
                      Letters will be sent home to parents requesting donations – next week.
                      Michele H. has tickets ready for printing. Letter will be prepared and sent out a.s.a.p.
                    Christmas Basket Raffle
                     Tickets will be sold for $1.00 each or 4 for $3.00
                     Christmas Raffle information should be included in Concert Program.
                     Original cost to us was $3.61 per book
                     Motion: to sell remaining books for $5.00 each – vote taken; motion carried
6. CEC Meetings      Next CEC meeting is on January 5th

7. Breakfast for       Running well and receiving excellent community support
8. PAC Pamphlet        Carry to January 2009                                                       Carry to January
9. Kindergarten        Carry to January 2009                                                        Carry to Jan ‘09
   Registration &
  New Business
1. Questionnaire       Carry to January 2009                                                          Carry to Jan ‘09
   for PAC
2. Website/            Website has gone live                                                       
   Minutes             A link will be created from the DTS site.
                       Michele H. will update regularly
 Open Forum/
Public Relations
                       Carol reviewed information to be included in New PAC Newsletter             
Next Meeting                                             To be determined
Adjournment                                                  7:24 p.m.

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