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Source                                                                          Sons of The American Legion
                                                                                   Detachment of Florida

                                                                                                        September 2010
                                                                                                        Volume 18, Issue 02
                                      Member Florida American Legion Press Association                  Editors     Ed Sheubrooks
                                                                                                                    Jim Roberts

Commander’s Column                                                                                  Inside this Issue:

Detachment Commander Michael Dooley (
                                                                                                   Special Olympics             3
                               we are losing members at        the reporting process and           7th Annual Fall Con-         3
                               the same rate. Make sure        its importance.                     ference Schedule
                               that your members know          I am also asking the De-
                               that they are important to                                          Pizza Party                  3
                                                               tachment Chairmen to sug-
                               the squadron and that they      gest one project for your
                               are appreciated.                programs that can be ac-            Jim Roberts National 4
                                                                                                   Commander Cam-
                               I sent emails out to all of     complished by any squad-
                               the district and area com-      ron regardless of size.             Source Articles              5
With most of the installa-     manders reminding every-        Please email the area com-
tions behind us we are now     one that now is the time to     manders with the informa-           Campaign Informa-            5
able to settle in and con-     start planning for year end     tion so that they can pass it       tion
centrate on programs and       reports. It is too late when    on to district commander.
membership, membership,        the time comes to fill in the   This will help eliminate the
membership! Please re-         blanks if you have not          zeros on year end reports.
member that one of the         spent the time recording
most important things in                                       I received pictures of the
                               your efforts during the         awesome decorations that
membership is Retaining        year. District Commanders
the members that you al-                                       Bernie Wildrick and his
                               please contact each                                                  Dates of interest:
ready have. It helps us                                        team in Fern Park did for
                               squadron commander and                                                August 25 - Detachment 20%
little to get new members if   make sure they understand                   (Continued on page 2)       Membership Target

                                                                                                     August 27-30 - National Con-
                                                                                                       vention - Milwaukee, WI

                                                                                                     September 4 - Jim Roberts
Adjutant’s Corner                                                                                      Campaign Dinner & Dance -
                                                                                                       Post 139 Tampa
Detachment Adjutant Ed Sheubrooks (
                                                                                                     September 6 - Labor Day
                               national Drive in Orlando.      next National Commander               September 11 - Patriot’s Day
                               We will have an Executive       David Dew at the Confer-
                               Committee meeting in the        ence.                                 September 12 - 13th District
                               morning, followed by Com-                                               Meeting - Squadron 274 Ft
                                                               As in the past, we will be              Myers Beach
                               mittee and Commission           collecting for our various
                               meetings, the General Ses-      Charities, so please bring            September 30 - Detachment
                               sion and a workshop in the      your donations. This in-
                                                                                                       40% Membership Target
                               afternoon. The full sched-      cludes Florida Special                October 2 - 13th District Jim
                               ule for the Conference is       Olympics, Child Welfare                 Roberts Campaign Dinner -
The 7th Annual Fall Con-       listed elsewhere in this is-    Foundation, CMN, and the                Squadron 103 Punta Gorda
ference will take place on     sue of The Source. Please       Florida Children and Youth
November 20th , at the                                                                               October 8-10 - Fall NEC
                               make your plans to attend.
                                                                                                       Meeting - Indianapolis, IN
Wyndam Resort on Inter-        Hopefully, we will have our                 (Continued on page 2)
(Continued Commander’s Column from page 1)

their installations. They really had a good time with the rodeo theme. I am sure you will be seeing the pictures on the
website soon. Good job! Thank you.
Tom Klinger, Commander Squadron 7 Clearwater and member of the Mighty 16th District Posse did an amazing job of
hosting a fund raiser for little Madison Haynes. Madison is the 4 year old daughter of Jeff Haynes squadron 7 who is
battling brain cancer. It was our honor to attend this event that raised 6500.00 to help with medical costs. Special
thanks to Paul Micieli and the members of the SAL Blues Jam Band that volunteered their time and talent to this worthy
The first lady and I have been invited to join the squadron at Lady Lake for their installation and then it is on to National
Convention. I am sure we will have lots of good things to report to you about those trips next month. In September I will
begin my district visits. If you have a particular date that you would like for me to be in your area you need to let me
know as soon as possible.
At a meeting this morning I had the opportunity to report on the accomplishments of the Sons of the American Legion for
last year. You guys are amazing! Thanks for all that you do.

(Continued Adjutant’s Corner from page 1)

Fund. We hope to have a representative from Florida Special Olympics with us again as well. In addition, there is the
Raffle for the car side panel for Florida Special Olympics. Please see Stan’s article for more information on this.
The Detachment Roster has gone to print. Copies will be mailed to those Squadron’s that submitted Officer Reports. We
will also have extra copies at the Fall Conference to hand out. The 100% Honor Ribbons for 2010 will be distributed at
the Fall Conference as well.
Now on to our Membership program. We still have too many Squadrons that have no membership transmitted into De-
partment Headquarters. This is something that we need to correct and do it quickly. Our goal is to be 50% by the Fall
Conference. With almost half of our Squadrons having no membership we are going to be hard pressed to meet this
goal. I know that member’s dues are not really due until December 31st; however as the Leadership of a Squadron, your
dues as an Officer should be paid by the time you were installed. If this is the case, then we would not have any
“GOOSE EGG” Squadrons. It’s time to “CRACK” the Whips and get your horses moving.
The National Convention update will be in the next issue of The Source. When we go to press with this issue, the Na-
tional Convention will just be getting under way.
Until next month!!!!

  Page 2                                                                                                        The Source
Special Olympics
Detachment Special Olympics Chairman, Stanley Viergutz (
                   I want to thank everyone again for the over $26,000 in donations for Special Olympics at the Conven-
                   tion. That's a wonderful start to 2010-2011. Let's keep it up! Remember you also have the NASCAR
                   raffle to help you increase your donations. If you need more tickets to sell or a Squadron that hasn't
                   yet gotten tickets please call me at 904-704-2871. I'll get them to you quickly.

Also remember the drawing is November 20, 2010 at the
Fall Conference. Keep your money and ticket stubs until
then and bring a check made out to Special Olympics
Florida. If you will not be able to attend the Conference
send your check and ticket stubs to me by Nov.15 and I
will take them to the Conference. (Stan Viergutz 1415
Forest Ave. Neptune Beach Fl. 32266). Thanks again for
your support for Special Olympics

7th Annual Fall Conference Schedule
The 7th Annual Fall Conference of the Detachment of Florida will be held on Saturday, November 20th, 2010 at the
Wyndam Resort at Sand Lake Road and International Drive in Orlando. All sessions for the SAL will be completed on
Saturday. The following is the Agenda for the Conference.

7:30 am – 8:00 am Detachment Executive Committee Meeting
8:00 am – 8:30am Committee and Commission Meetings
8:45 am – 11:30 am General Session, Committee and Commission Reports, Awards
11:30am – 1:00pm Lunch Break
1:00pm – 1:30pm Past Commanders Club Meeting
1:30 pm – 4:30 pm Leadership Workshop

Pizza Party
The SAL / Junior Pizza Party that has been held at the past Fall Conferences has not yet been confirmed. We are in
contact with the American Legion Auxiliary and Juniors at the present time. More information will be in the October issue
of The Source. If it is scheduled, it will be held on Saturday evening, November 20th.

 Page 3                                                                                                      The Source
Jim Roberts National Commander Campaign
Campaign Chairman, Ed Sheubrooks (

                   I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that we have a Raffle going to benefit Jim Rob-
                   erts Campaign for National Commander. Donations for the Raffle tickets are $5.00 each. First Prize
                   is $1,000.00, 2nd Prize is $750.00, 3rd Prize is $500.00, and 4th Prize is $250.00. There are only
                   5,000 tickets available for this. The Raffle will be drawn at the Fall Conference.
                   We also have “TEAM ROBERTS” shirts for sale. The cost for the shirts are $15.00 each.
                    There are two Fund Raising events scheduled at the present time. The first one will be held on Sep-
tember 4th, 2010 at Tampa Post #139. This will be a Dinner and Dance, 50/50 Raffles and a SILENT Auction. Cost of
the dinner is $10.00 per person. All proceeds will go to the Campaign. Tickets will be sold on advance Sales only. Please
contact Past Department Commander Dave DeLong at Post #139. His phone number is 1-813-839-6740.
The second event will be held on October 2, 2010. The 13th District SAL will be hosting a Steak Dinner at Punta Gorda
Post #103. The dinner will start at noon until whenever! Dinner will consist of an 8oz Sirloin Steak, baked potato, baked
beans and a roll for $10.00 per person. There will be live entertainment as well as 50/50 Raffles and a Basket of Cheer.
Anyone needing a hotel reservation can contact Rebecca Williams at the Best Western Waterfront in Punta Gorda. The
number is 800 – 525-1022, or 941-639-3928. Cost of the rooms are $59.99 per night plus tax. Please use the tracking
code – SAL when making your reservations. For more information contact 13th District Commander Steve Gordon at
941-629-4035, or
On behalf of the Campaign Committee, I wish to thank the Florida Legion Family for their support of Jim and his Cam-
paign. He has worked long and hard to reach this position. Without your continued support this would not be possible.

 Page 4                                                                                                      The Source
                                                         The Sons of The American Legion is a program of The
                                                         American Legion created in 1932.
                                                         The Florida Sons of The American Legion with over
          Sons of The American Legion
             Detachment of Florida                       13,000 members this year has donated over $408,000 &
                                                         over 147,000 hours to the many programs of The Ameri-
                                                         can Legion Family.
      "In Honor of Those Who Served"

                                                          For More Information about the Florida Sons of The
                                                              American Legion, visit us on the Internet at:
    The Florida American Legion Family                            Or e-mail us at

                                                            Source Articles
                                                            The SOURCE is your Newsletter. Send us your newsworthy
                                                            articles and we will print them. Area Commanders and Dis-
                                                            trict Commanders should be submitting an article each
                                                            month! Please send all articles to Ed Sheubrooks. You may
                                                            e-mail the articles to, or fax them to
                                                            772-460-1559. All submission must be received by the
                                                            10th of the month so we can go to print by the 15th.
                                                            We are looking for your input and help to keep this newslet-
                                                            ter going. We are looking for articles from the Area Com-
                                                            manders, or District Commanders. Let us know what is hap-
                                                            pening in your Area or District and we will inform the rest of
                                                            the Detachment. It could increase attendance at your func-
                                                            tions and or meetings!!!!

Campaign Committee for Jim Roberts still needs help with fundraising efforts to support the campaign fund. We are ask-
ing The American Legion Family for their help with fundraising efforts. Any SAL Squadron, Legion Post, Auxiliary Unit or
Riders Chapter can hold a fundraiser, just let the Campaign Committee know so we can get Jim to attend if he is avail-
able. Email us at Contributions can be sent to Campaign Treasurer Ed Sheubrooks
at 800 S Brocksmith Rd, Ft Pierce, FL 34945. Make checks payable to: Jim Roberts for National Commander Cam-
For more information - please visit the Campaign website at:


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