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                                                   Managing	Lawyers	in	
                                                   Overseas	Jurisdictions
                                                   and	Dealing	with	Cultural	
                                                   &	Legal	Differences	
In	association	with:                               5¼	Hours	CPD
                                                   15	&	30	April	2008
                                                   Clyde	&	Co,	51	Eastcheap,	London,	EC3M	1JP
                                                   C&I	Subscribed	Members	Fee	£265	+	VAT

9.30	    Registration and Coffee                                             2.30	   Drafting and Negotiation Styles
10.00	   Chairman’s Welcome and Introduction	                                	       Recognising	different	cultural	approaches	to	drafting	and		
	        Elliot Hill, Corporate Lawyer, Emerging Markets, Royal &            	       negotiation
         Sun Alliance Insurance Group plc                                            ■	Winning	points	American	style	
10.15	   Commercial Implications of Cultural Differences                             ■	Relying	on	the	other	side	to	‘do	the	right	thing’?		
         International cultural differences can have a very significant              ■	Getting	the	deal	done	
         impact	 on	 business	 performance	of	 any	 organisation	 which	             ■	War	stories	and	practical	insights
         works	in	the	global	environment.		Also,	where	is	the	dividing	              James Varanese, Partner, Clyde & Co
         line	 between	 cultural	 difference	 and	 an	 ethical	 position?	
         Issues	addressed	during	this	session	will	include:                  3.00	   Refreshments
         ■	Cultural	programming	                                             3.15	   White Collar Crime: The US and UK Approaches
         ■	Recognising	personal	bias	                                                Contrasted
         ■	Adapting	to	different	approaches	                                         The	 list	 of	 British	 nationals	 being	 extradited	 or	 threatened	
         ■	Relationship	building	                                                    with	extradition	to	the	United	States	for	alleged	‘white	collar’	
         ■	Gender	and	age	discrimination		                                           crimes continues to grow. So far it is one-way traffic. Why?
         ■	Bribery	and	corruption	
         ■	The	role	of	the	in-house	lawyer	as	conscience	of	the		                    ■	The	long	arm	of	US	law	
                                                                                     ■	The	perceived	role	of	US	prosecutors	in	levelling		
                                                                                       international playing fields. 	
         Keith Warburton, Director, Global Business Culture                          ■	Is	it	fair?		
11.15	   Refreshments                                                                ■	Points	to	note
11.30	   Managing Lawyers in Overseas Jurisdictions                                  Julian Connerty, Partner, Clyde & Co
         ■	Identifying	the	legal	issues	in	multi-jurisdictional	cases	       3.45	   Collective/Class Actions
         ■	Practical	considerations	in	managing	overseas	lawyers	
         ■	Choosing	the	right	lawyer	to	achieve	the	right	end	                       The	growth	of	class	actions	in	the	EU	and	UK	highlights	the	
                                                                                     approaches	of	the	English	common	law	and	civil	law	systems	
         Paul Newdick, Partner, Clyde & Co                                           to	an	issue	common	to	both,	as	well	as	being	prevalent	in	the	
12.00	   Key Day-to-Day Differences                                                  US.	The	subject	provides	a	medium	through	which	to	explore	
         ■	International	meeting	styles		                                            the	differences	of	approach	in	the	various	jurisdictions.	The	
         ■	Decision-making	styles	                                                   contrasts	can	be	thrown	into	sharp	relief	where	a	cause	of	
         ■	Corporate	structure	                                                      action	leads	to	litigation	across	the	world.
         ■	Negotiation	approaches	                                                   ■	Types	of	collective	actions	
         ■	Gambai...	a	practitioner’s	experiences	in	China	and	other		               ■	The	US	and	Europe:	compared	and	contrasted		
         	 markets	                                                                  ■	Examples	of	‘new	school’	collective	actions:	securities,		
         Keith Warburton and Elliot Hill                                             	 consumer	&	antitrust	litigation					
12.45	   Questions and Discussion                                                    ■	Within	Europe:	comparisons	and	contrasts	
1.00	    Lunch                                                                       ■	Likely	changes	within	Europe
2.00	    Communicating Internationally:                                              Victor Rae-Reeves and Jonathan Wood, Partners, Clyde & Co
         Improving In-House Ability to Communicate Across                    4.30	   Questions and Discussion
         the Cultures
         ■	International	communication	styles		                              4.45	   Conference Close
         ■	Using	English	as	the	common	language		
         ■	Body	language	issues
         Keith Warburton

Managing	Lawyers	in	Overseas	Jurisdictions	-	15	&	30	April	2008
Whether	involved	in	cross-border	transactions,	engaged	                                                               to	 gender,	 racial	 and	 class	 differences,	 custom,	
in	 litigation	 involving	 parties	 and	 lawyers	 in	 other	                                                          culture	 and	 social	 mores,	 as	 well	 as	 substantive	
countries,	or	dealing	with	colleagues	in	your	overseas’	                                                              and	 procedural	 law	 and	 meeting,	 negotiation	 and	
branches,	 the	 potential	 for	 misunderstandings	                                                                    decision-making	 styles.	 Having	 an	 understanding	 of	
between	lawyers	operating	in	different	jurisdictions	is	                                                              such	differences,	which	this	seminar	will	provide,	can	
enormous.	The	causes	can	be	as	diverse	as	language	                                                                   be	 critical	 to	 successful	 business	 relationships	 across	
-	verbal	and	body,	organisational	structure,	attitudes	                                                               national	boundaries.

Chairman:	                                                                                                           and re-insurers. His experience includes a number of high profile and
Elliot Hill	 heads	 up	 the	 Emerging	 Markets	 legal	 team	 for	 Royal	 &	                                          test	 cases,	 including	 policy	 coverage	 of	 asbestos	 related	 disease,	
SunAlliance.		The	Emerging	Markets	is	one	of	the	three	core	regions	                                                 pharmaceutical claims and the Ladbroke Grove and Hatfield rail
for	R&SA	and	consists	of	20	countries.		The	legal	team	has	24	lawyers.	                                              disasters,	as	well	as	engineering	and	construction	disputes.	
Elliot’s	 time	 is	 generally	 spent	 in	 Latin	 America,	 the	 Middle	 East,	                                       James Varanese advises on energy, project finance, cross-border
India	 and	 the	 Far	 East.	 His	 experience	 includes	 the	 management	 of	                                         acquisitions	 and	 joint	 ventures.	 He	 particularly	 works	 on	 deals	 in	
acquisitions	and	disposals,	reorganisations	and	litigation	in	each	of	the	                                           emerging	markets	and	has	negotiated	and	drafted	documentation	for	
regions	of	the	Emerging	Markets.                                                                                     energy	projects	in	Russia	and	Central	Asia,	the	Middle	East	and	North	
Speakers:                                                                                                            Africa.	A	graduate	of	Harvard	Law	School,	James	is	a	member	of	the	
                                                                                                                     Bars	of	the	State	of	Ohio	and	District	of	Columbia,	as	well	as	a	foreign	
Julian Connerty	 handles	 litigation,	 arbitration	 and	 mediation	 of	                                              registered lawyer of the Law Society. He is a fluent Russian speaker.
commercial	 and	 regulatory	 disputes.	 He	 has	 acted	 for	 and	 against	
governments,	banks,	insurers	and	individuals,	as	well	as	enforcement	                                                Keith Warburton	has	worked	extensively	overseas,	including	periods	
agencies,	in	cases	involving	theft,	fraud,	dishonesty,	money	laundering,	                                                                                                                        	
                                                                                                                     in	 Scandinavia,	 France,	 Germany,	 the	 Middle	 East	 and	 the	 Far	 East.	
insider	 dealing,	 extradition	 and	 mutual	 judicial	 assistance.	 His	 work	                                       In	each	country	he	was	involved	in	developing	and	delivering	a	wide	
also includes acting for firms, individuals and regulators in matters                                                range	of	consultancy	&	training	to	the	local	management	population.	        	
arising from financial regulation.                                                                                   His	 company,	 Global	 Business	 Culture,	 works	 with	 clients	 in	 Europe,	
                                                                                                                     the	USA	and	India,	helping	them	to	operate	across	the	boundaries	of	
Paul Newdick	 heads	 up	 Clyde	 &	 Co’s	 dispute	 resolution	 group	                                                 culture,	geography	and	time.
and leads the firm’s employment team. His experience includes the
management	 of	 multi-jurisdictional	 issues	 and	 the	 coordination	 of	                                            Jonathan Wood	is	a	Partner	in	Clyde	&	Co’s	dispute	resolution	group	
international	projects	especially	in	the	US	and	Europe.	He	advises	on	                                               and	 co-chairman	 of	 the	 International	 Bar	 Association’s	 committee	
all	aspects	of	commercial	dispute	resolution,	acting	for	many	national	                                              on	 international	 sales.	 	 He	 is	 a	 member	 of	 the	 London	 Court	 of	
and	multinational	corporations.                                                                                      International	Arbitration	and	Chartered	Institute	of	Arbitrators	and	sits	
                                                                                                                     as	an	ICC	arbitrator.		He	has	handled	disputes,	including	through	ADR,	
Victor Rae-Reeves	 handles	 a	 range	 of	 non-marine	 liability	 work,	                                              in	a	variety	of	jurisdictions	including	Europe,	the	US	and	Middle	East.
much	of	it	with	an	international	element,	acting	on	behalf	of	insurers	

Managing Lawyers in Overseas Jurisdictions
	       15	April	2008	                                 30	April	2008

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