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									Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
Legal Status Company Data

                                      LEGAL STATUS
                                      COMPANY DATA

                                      The Rehab Group is a company
                                      limited by guarantee having no
                                      share capital
                                      REGISTERED OFFICE
                                      Roslyn Park, Sandymount,
                                      Dublin 4

                                      COMPANY SECRETARY
                                      Ms U Kinane BSc (Mgmt), ACIS


                                      Allied Irish Bank plc
                                      Bank of Ireland
                                      Barclays Bank plc
                                      Bank of Scotland

                                      McCann FitzGerald
                                      ME Marren & Co

                                      Registered in Dublin
                                      No 14800
                                      The Rehab Group
                                                              Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

           04   Chairman’s Statement
           05   Group Boards of Directors
           06   Map of Services
           07   Staff Profile
           08   National Training and Development Institute
           11   Gandon Enterprises Ltd
           14   RehabCare
           17   TBG Learning
           20   Rehab Scotland
           22   Rehab UK
           23   Chaseley Trust
           24   Service User Representation
           26   Research and Innovation
           28   Finance
           30   Rehab Foundation
           32   Rehab Lotteries
           34   International Affairs
           36   Rehab Council
           37   Public Affairs
           38   Courses, Programmes and Services
           41   Rehab Group Addresses
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                      Chairman, The Rehab Group
                                      Mr D Doyle
                                                                                                           Chairman’s Statement

                                                                  2002 represented another                 prudent in the way we manage our         Ministers for Health and Children,
Chairman’s Statement

                                                                  impressive year in terms of              affairs and on the State to be           Social Community and Family
                                                                  beneficiaries of our services.           realistic in its funding provisions.     Affairs, Finance, Education and
                                                                  During the year more than 40,000                                                  Science, Enterprise Trade and
                                                                  people accessed services across the      Our training division in the UK          Employment and the Minister of
                                                                  Group. Over 2,500 staff at 160           emerged successfully from a              State at the Department of Justice
                                                                  locations throughout Ireland and         difficult year in 2001. Our Further      Equality and Law Reform who has
                                                                  the UK delivered those services.         Education (FE) college collaborative     special responsibility for Disability.
                                                                  Year-end occupancy figures were in       partnerships were strengthened by        In addition, we thank Department
                                                                  excess of 15,000.                        additional colleges signing three-       officials, the Health Boards, FÁS,
                                                                                                           year contracts with us, which            Repak and the National Disability
                                                                  In Ireland we continue to press for      provide a sounder basis for              Authority for their continuing
                                                                  improved funding for the 1,000 or        curriculum planning and capital          support.
                                 <4                               so clients using our sheltered           investment, leading ultimately to
                                                                  workshop services in Ireland. We         better outcomes for our clients.         We also greatly appreciate the
                                                                  welcome the publication by the                                                    ongoing support of local and
                                                                  Department of Health and Children        We have re-organised our brain
                                                                                                                                                    national Government in England
                                                                  of the draft Code of Practice for        injury services in England, which
                                                                                                                                                    and Scotland, in particular the
                                                                  Sheltered Occupational Services          led to a significant restructuring
                                                                                                                                                    Employment Service, the Learning
                                                                  and hope that we can secure              cost in the UK. Whereas the Group
                                                                                                                                                    and Skills Council, our College
                                                                  funding to allow us to further           continues to support these activities,
                                                                                                                                                    partners and the growing number
                                                                  these services in line with this draft   the gap between State funding and
                                                                                                                                                    of Charitable Trusts and Foundations
                                                                  code. Our commercial activities          the cost of the service had become
                                                                                                                                                    with whom we are involved.
                                                                  were affected by the economic            unsustainable and left us with
                                                                  downturn and 2003 will doubtless         little option but to take firm action.
                                                                                                                                                    A special word of thanks is due to
                                                                  provide a further challenge in that                                               each member of our voluntary
                                                                                                           Following these restructuring costs,
                                                                  regard. The Recycling division                                                    committees for the commitment
                                                                                                           the group managed to show a
                                                                  continues to expand. In 2002 we                                                   and enthusiasm they have shown
                                                                                                           small surplus of E0.5m, though
                                                                  collected over 41,000 tonnes of                                                   yet again in working with local
                                                                                                           ongoing capital expenditure meant
                                                                  glass for recycling, up 28 per cent                                               management and communities. I
                                                                                                           that there was a net cash outflow
                                                                  on 2001. We hope to increase this                                                 would also like to thank my fellow
                                                                                                           from the Group during the year.
                                                                  figure further in 2002 in                                                         Board members and all members
                                                                  conjunction with our partners            In the international arena the           of staff throughout the Group for
                                                                  Repak.                                   Rehab Group is an increasingly           their input during 2002.
                                                                                                           influential participant in various
                                                                  The slowdown in the Irish economy
                                                                                                           organisations which exist to             Finally, the Rehab Group is proud to
                                                                  and its consequent impact on
                                                                                                           promote social and economic              be an official sponsor of the Special
                                                                  Government finances is having an
                                                                                                           inclusion among people with              Olympics World Games 2003. Nine
                                                                  effect on health and social services
                                                                                                           disabilities. Foremost among these       of our service users are participating
                                                                  throughout the country. There is an
                                                                                                           are Workability International and        in the Games and I would like to
                                                                  ever-increasing demand for more
                                                                                                           the European Platform for                take this opportunity to wish them
                                                                  and better services against a
                                                                                                           Rehabilitation. The Group is a           every success.
                                                                  background of cutbacks in
                                                                                                           strong supporter of the proposed
                                                                  expenditure. Services to people
                                                                                                           UN Convention on the Rights of
                                                                  with disabilities are not exempt as
                                                                                                           People with Disabilities.
                                                                  can be seen from the continuous
                                                                  evidence of complaint and                Both State and voluntary bodies in
                                                                  hardship in the media. This              Ireland and the UK continue to
                                                                  imposes an obligation on                 work closely with the Group. In          Declan Doyle Chairman
                                                                  organisations like ours to be            Ireland, thanks are due to the           April 2003
                                                                                                           Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
Boards of Directors

    REHAB GROUP                     Mr M Dunford (Chief Executive)      Ms A Kerins
    Mr D Doyle (Chairman)           Mr F Flannery                       Mr A Balbirnie
    Mr J Hussey (Vice Chairman)     Mr K Poole                          Mr P Doyle
    Mr JM Treacy (Hon Secretary)    Mr S Crawley                        Mr K Poole

                                                                                                           Boards of Directors
    Mr J Browne (Hon Treasurer)     Ms S Gidman
    Mr C Allen                      Dr DF McAnaney                      GANDON ENTERPRISES LTD
    Mr HD Cashell                   Mr I Hounslow (Company Secretary)   Mr F Flannery (Chairman)
    Mr T Clarke                                                         Mr A Balbirnie (Chief Executive)
    Ms P Cremin                     REHAB SCOTLAND                      Mr HD Cashell
    Ms N Gildea                     Mr ER Taylor (Chairman)             Mr J Hussey
    Mr J Herlihy                    Mrs M Seymour                       Mr JM Treacy
    Mr L Hogan                      Mr J Browne                         Ms A Kerins
    Mr BT Keogh                     Mr HD Cashell                       Ms D Gunne
    Mr BW Kerr                      Mr F Flannery                       Mr M O’Sullivan
    Mr AD Leon                      Mr J Adamson                        Mr K Poole
    Mr P Lydon
                                    Mr A Heron
    Mr ME Marren
                                    Ms A Kerins                         REHAB FOUNDATION LTD
    Mr P Mehigan
                                    Mr K Poole                          Mr T O’Reilly (Chairman)
    Mrs M O’Connor
                                                                        Mr S Farrelly (Chief Executive)
    Mr T O’Reilly
                                    REHAB UK                            Mr HD Cashell
                                    Mr G Wilson CBE (Chairman)          Mr T Clarke
                                    Mrs D Ancell                        Ms J Hall
    Mr J Hussey (Chairman)
                                    Lord Corbett of Castle Vale         Mr C Kenny
    Mr J Browne
                                    Mr P Durrance                       Mr BW Kerr
    Mr HD Cashell
                                    Mrs M Ellis                         Mr AD Leon
    Mr D Doyle
                                    Mr F Flannery                       Mr E O’Beirne
    Mr BT Keogh
    Mr ME Marren                    Mr M Green                          Mr A Balbirnie
    Mr JM Treacy                    Sir John Hannam                     Mr P McKevitt
                                    Mr M Head CVO
    REHAB COUNCIL LTD               Mr J Hussey                         REHABCARE
    Mr L Hogan (Chairman)           Mr P Salmon                         Mr HD Cashell (Chairman)
    Mr T Clarke                     Mr K Poole                          Ms A Kerins (Chief Executive)
    Mr D Doyle                                                          Mr J Hussey
    Mr P Doyle                      THE CHASELEY TRUST                  Mr F Flannery
    Mr F Flannery                   Mr G Wilson CBE (Chairman)          Ms D Gunne
    Dr DF McAnaney                  Mr J Hussey                         Mr S Farrelly
    Ms A Kerins                     Ms A Kerins                         Dr H Counihan
    Mr G Lambert (Aosdána)          Mr P Salmon                         Mr D Tallon
    Mr D Tallon                     Mrs K Gammon                        Mr A Balbirnie
    Mr S Farrelly                   Mr R Harrison                       Mr K Poole
    Ms D Gunne                      Mr JJQ Howes                        Ms M Joyce
    Mr M Dunford
    Ms P Cremin                     NTDI LTD                            REHAB LOTTERIES LTD
    Mr M Jacoby                     Mr J Hussey (Chairman)              Mr HD Cashell (Chairman)
    Mr J Adamson                    Ms D Gunne (Chief Executive)        Dr J McGuire (Managing)
    Mr T O’Higgins                  Mr J Browne                         Mr J Browne
    Ms M Joyce                      Ms C Fogarty                        Mr J Hussey
                                    Mr B Wafer                          Ms A Kerins
    TRAINING & BUSINESS GROUP LTD   Mr F Flannery                       Mr F Flannery
    Mr J Hussey (Chairman)          Dr DF McAnaney                      Mr K Poole
    Location of Rehab Group Services
    IRELAND                         UK

    • NTDI                          • TBG LEARNING
    • REHABCARE                     • REHAB SCOTLAND
                                    • CHASELEY TRUST

     1    BANTRY                    37   ABERDEEN
     2    CORK                      38   GLASGOW
     3    TRALEE                    39   PAISLEY
     4    PATRICKSWELL              40   GALASHIELS
     5    LIMERICK                  41   IRVINE
     6    CLONMEL                   42   NEWCASTLE
     7    WATERFORD                 43   DERBY
     8    WEXFORD                   44   BIRMINGHAM
     9    KILKENNY                  45   COVENTRY
     10   NENAGH                    46   COLCHESTER
     11   CARLOW                    47   CLACTON-ON-SEA
     12   ARKLOW                    48   BARKING
     13   PORTLAOISE                49   GRAVESEND
     14   MOUNTMELLICK              50   LONDON
     15   KILDARE                   51   DARTFORD
     16   BRAY                      52   EASTBOURNE
     17   GALWAY
     18   TULLAMORE
     19   NAAS
     20   DUBLIN
     21   DUNBOYNE
     22   MULLINGAR
     23   ATHLONE
     24   NAVAN
     25   COOLAMBER
     26   DROGHEDA
     27   LONGFORD
     28   CASTLEREA
     29   CASTLEBAR
     30   SLIGO
     32   CAVAN
     33   DUNDALK
     34   MONAGHAN
     35   LIFFORD
     36   MILFORD

NOTE: Areas are represented as reference points only
     Chief Executive, The Rehab Group
     Mr F Flannery

                                                                                                                                                       Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
                                                                            Staff Profile
                                                                            General Manager South West
                                                                            & Mid West                               REHAB FOUNDATION
                                                                            Mr M O’Sullivan, BE                      General Manager
                                                                                                                     Mr M Mansfield
                                                                            General Manager Dublin
                                                                            South & South East                       REHAB LOTTERIES
                                                                            Mr P Byrne, MA                           Managing Director
                                                                                                                     Dr J McGuire
                                                                            Head of Business Excellence,
                                        REHAB GROUP                         Standards & Accreditation

                                                                                                                                                       Staff Profile
                                        Chief Executive                                                              CRC & RTB PROMOTIONS
                                                                            Mr B Stuart, MMS, MEd                    Chief Executive
                                        Mr F Flannery, BA, MBA
                                                                                                                     Dr S Mullins
                                                                            Personnel Manager
                                        Director of Group Development
                                                                            Mr E Doherty, MSc in HRM, MCIPD
                                        & Public Affairs,                                                            REHAB UK
                                        Chief Executive RehabCare                                                    Chief Executive
                                        Ms A Kerins, SRN, SCM               GANDON ENTERPRISES
                                                                                                                     Mr R Prole, FCA
                                                                            Business Development Manager
                                        Chief Executive NTDI                Mr M Horgan
                                                                                                                     Director of Strategic Planning
                                        Ms D Gunne, MA, M Psych Sc, Reg                                              & Development
                                        Psychol PsSI                        Financial Controller
                                                                                                                     Mr J Weir, BA, CQSW
                                                                            Mr M Cronin, BA, ACCA
                                        Director of Finance &
                                        Project Director                    Human Resources Manager                  Director of Operations
                                        Mr K Poole, BBS, FCA                Ms T Fahy, BA Mod (Soc),                 Mrs K Burgin
                                                                            Dip Soc Voc Rehabilitation,
<6                                      Chief Executive Rehab Foundation                                             TBG LEARNING
                                                                            MSc (Rehabilitation Mgt), FCIPD
                                        Ltd & Director of Communications                                             Chief Executive
                                        Mr S Farrelly                       REHABCARE                                Mr M Dunford, BSc, MBA
                                                                            Financial Controller
                                        Chief Executive                                                              Director of Finance & MIS
                                                                            Ms M Kelly, ACMA
                                        Gandon Enterprises Ltd                                                       Mr I Hounslow, BA, FCMA
                                        Mr A Balbirnie
                                                                            Human Resources Manager
                                                                                                                     Operations Director – Learning
                                        Director of Research & Innovation   Ms S Boyne, BA, Dip HRM, MCIPD
                                                                                                                     Centre Division
                                        Dr D F McAnaney                                                              Mr S Crawley, AMIQA
                                                                            Head of Domiciliary Care
                                        Personnel Manager & Head            Ms M Gillard, RGN, DSN
                                        of Human Resources, NTDI                                                     Director of HR, Continuous
                                        Mr K O’Brien, MIITD                                                          Improvement & Employer Division
                                                                            Head of Programmes &
                                                                                                                     Ms S Gidman, BA, MIPD
                                                                            Service Development
                                        Financial Controller, Fundraising
                                                                            Ms SJ Dillon, MBA, BSc OT                REHAB SCOTLAND
                                        Mr E O’Beirne, FCA
                                                                                                                     Chief Executive
                                        Group Property Manager              General Manager                          Mr I Welsh, MA(Hons), MA, DPSE,
                                        Mr D Flynn                          North East & Midlands                    FRSA
                                                                            Mr P McKevitt
                                        Company Secretary
                                        Ms Una Kinane, BSc (Mgmt), ACIS                                              Director of Finance
                                                                            General Manager South                    & Administration
                                        Public Relations Manager            & Mid West                               Mr T M Mair, BA, CA
                                        Mr C Macey                          Ms L Keane, Dip COT
                                                                                                                     Director of Services
                                        Group IT Manager                    General Manager East                     Ms L E Kragt, MA, Dip OCC Psych
                                        Mr G Merrigan                       & South East
                                                                            Mr T McGarry, BAIR, N Dip IR, Grad IPD   Director of Community Services
                                        NTDI                                                                         Mrs G McEwan, CQSW, Dip Soc
                                        Head of Programmes                  Head of Commercial Enterprises           Work Mgt
                                        & Business Development,             Mr F Burke, BA, B Comm, H Dip
                                        Principal Psychologist                                                       Resource Development
                                        Mr M Coughlan, MA Psych             RESEARCH & INNOVATION                    Mrs L Spowage, MA
                                                                            Head of Research
                                        Chief Financial Officer             Mr C Smyth, BA, MA Reg, Psychol
                                        Mr F Kennedy, B Comm, ACMA                                                   Programme Development
                                                                            PsSI                                     N Neilson
                                        General Manager Dublin West,
                                        Dublin North & North East           Head of Innovation                       Communications Manager
                                        Ms J Forman, MA, MBA                Mr K O’Malley                            Ms A Lennon, MA

                                        General Manager Midlands,           Head of Planning & Support               THE CHASELEY TRUST
                                        West & North West                   Services                                 Chief Executive
                                        Mr J O’Brien                        Mr B Coyle, MIITD                        Ms S Wyatt, RGN
National Training and
Development Institute (NTDI)

During 2002 NTDI again demonstrated its ability
to innovate both through new service designs
and continuous improvement to existing services.
     Chief Executive, NTDI
     Ms D Gunne

                                                                                                                                                    Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
                             2002 was a year of significant         SERVICE IMPROVEMENTS                    Co-ordination, indexation and

                                                                                                                                                    National Training and Development Institute
                             growth for NTDI. Some 4,543                                                    distribution of company policies and
                             people participated in the             Move Towards Community                  procedures
                             organisation’s training                Based Delivery
                             programmes – more than double          Efforts have been made to ensure        During 2002, an NTDI Quality Policy
                             the total for the previous year.       that all Introductory Skills Training   was developed and agreed by
                                                                    (IST) programmes, with the              senior management.
                             This expansion in service provision    exception of Fresh Start, increase
                             was achieved at a time when            their external focus to at least 40     NEW PROJECTS
                             considerable effort was expended       to 50 per cent of total training
                             by staff, management and service       time. A number of Rehabilitative        Community Training Solutions
                             users into determining a new           Training, IST and Specific Skills       (CTS)
                             three-year strategic plan for NTDI.    Training programmes, whose main         Developed between NTDI and the
                                                                    delivery method is through              Midlands Health Board, the CTS
                             An extensive consultation process      the use of existing community           programme has been designed to
<8                           with staff also took place to          based training resources, will          facilitate the "hard to place and
                             develop new mission, vision and        become operational in 2003.             train" clients of the Health Board
                             values statements, as well as to                                               who present within the mild /
                             review the NTDI name for the           Already, quite a number of the new      moderate range of intellectual
                             purpose of taking the organisation     projects which NTDI commenced           disability with exceptional or
                             into the future.                       (or continued) in 2002 have a           challenging behaviour. It is an
                                                                    strong community based training         individualised programme that
                             During 2002 NTDI again
                                                                    and/or education focus.                 provides specialised training
                             demonstrated its ability to
                                                                                                            supports so that clients can access
                             innovate both through new
                                                                    Health and Social Gain                  and benefit from current services
                             service designs and continuous
                                                                    Health and Social Gain                  based in their own communities.
                             improvement to existing services.
                                                                    measurement was introduced in           Others may require an
                             That such steady growth was
                                                                    2002 for all Fresh Start                individualised service from
                             achieved is a testament to the
                                                                    programmes. The data collected is       existing service providers,
                             continued efforts that all NTDI
                                                                    in the process of being analysed        mainstream or specialised.
                             staff put into service delivery.
                                                                    and the first draft of quantitative
                                                                    and qualitative data will be            Disability Support Service (DSS)
                             IMPACT INDICATORS AND
                                                                    available at the end of the second      The DSS is now provided in seven
                             SERVICE OUTCOMES
                                                                    quarter of 2003.                        CDVEC Colleges of Further
                             Thirty per cent of those who
                                                                                                            Education for students with
                             completed their activity gained
                                                                    Quality Initiatives                     disabilities or support needs.
                             open employment during 2002 and
                                                                    An NTDI senior management               During 2002 NTDI’s DSS workers
                             12 per cent went on to sheltered
                                                                    re-organisation in 2002 resulted in     provided support on 366 occasions
                             employment. Additionally, some 280
                                                                    the formation of a Department of        to CDVEC students and 108 times
                             people, or 23 per cent of leavers
                                                                    Business Excellence, Standards and      to CDVEC staff.
                             completing their activity, went on
                                                                    Accreditation (DBSA). DBSA is
                             to further education. Twenty nine
                                                                    charged with responsibility for:        Pre-Training Assessment Service
                             per cent went on to further
                                                                                                            The Pre-Training Assessment is a
                             specialised training.                  Promoting and developing the            short course which assists people
                                                                    Business Excellence initiative          to identify the supports and
                             During 2002, 88 per cent of service
                             users who completed their NTDI                                                 interventions they require to take
                                                                    Ensuring compliance with
                             training received certification. The                                           part in local training opportunities.
                                                                    approved standards
                             total number of full certificates                                              Participants engage in a range of
                             obtained by service users increased    Co-ordinating and advising on           educational and vocational
                             by 37 per cent, from 706 in 2001 to    QA00/01 Accreditation                   assessments so that clear personal
                             968 in 2002. The total number of                                               goals can be set. Research into local
                             records of achievements obtained       Ensuring conformance with Health        training opportunities is
                             increased by six per cent to 982.      and Safety requirements                 comprehensive and includes FAS,
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                                     VTOS, NTDI etc. A combination of       six hours per week of job coach
National Training and Development Institute

                                                     individual and group support           supports. The remainder received
                                                     assists individuals in the decision-   an average of three hours per week
                                                     making process, which leads to the     pre-placement preparation work.
                                                     development of a Personal Plan.
                                                     Drugs Rehabilitation                   During the first quarter of 2002,
                                                     The Coolamber Manor drug               research reports for St Patrick's
                                                     rehabilitation programme began         Institution, Limerick Prison, Cork
                                                     towards the end of 2002. Staff have    Prison and Castlerea Prison were
                                                     undergone extensive training and       completed by NTDI CONNECT staff.
                                                     the recruitment process is fully       Progress to implement new
                                                     under way. Clients are generally       vocational initiatives in new prison
                                                     selected from the Eastern Regional     locations has been on hold since
                                                     Health Authority area.                 March 2002. NTDI staff have
                                              < 10
                                                                                            continued to support, monitor and
                                              11 >   The programme incorporates a           evaluate the CONNECT initiatives
                                                     diverse range of vocational training   which were already established in
                                                     courses from equestrian studies to     Mountjoy Prison, the Training Unit
                                                     farming and horticulture. There is     and the Dochas Centre.
                                                     strong emphasis on personal
                                                     development and building positive      Orbis
                                                     relationships, whilst an active and    Orbis Human Resource
                                                     healthy lifestyle is promoted for      Development Ltd continued to
                                                     each participant. The centre will be   provide consultancy and training
                                                     fully operational early in 2003.       services to assist public and private
                                                                                            sector organisations in
                                                     Quest – Brain Injury Services          understanding and meeting the
                                                     Ireland                                challenges presented by a diverse
                                                     Quest provides a resource intensive    society. During the year it ran
                                                     individualised programme for           around 60 training workshops for a
                                                     people with brain injuries with a      variety of companies. Each
                                                     view to improved health and social     workshop operated with 15 to 50
                                                     gains, community integration and,      participants.
                                                     where appropriate, vocational
                                                     rehabilitation. The programme got      Equality for Women Measure
                                                     under way in May with eight            The objective of this project is to
                                                     clients, increasing to 15 clients by   recruit a core group of women with
                                                     the year-end.                          disabilities to undergo an
                                                                                            accredited leadership training
                                                     Funded by the Department of            programme and to set up an
                                                     Health, Quest has been a co-           advocacy network for other women
                                                     operative venture, which owes          with disabilities. Blanchardstown IT
                                                     much of its success to the interest    and UCD (Equality Studies) have
                                                     and interventions of other             been selected to deliver the
                                                     agencies, especially the Western       programme over a 12-month period.
                                                     Health Board.

                                                     Supported Employment
                                                     Sixteen NTDI centres provided
                                                     Supported Employment services to
                                                     211 people during 2002. A total of
                                                     109 people received an average of
                                                 Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
Gandon Enterprises

There will be three significant market strands
going forward – Recycling, Packaging and
Logistics Management and we will be
concentrating our energies and resources on

                                                 Gandon Enterprises
making our individual companies more
competitive in these key areas.
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                        Chief Executive, Gandon Enterprises
                                        Mr A Balbirnie

                                                                              Gandon Enterprises provides              Management and we will be               continues to be a major resource to
Gandon Enterprises

                                                                              integrated employment for people         concentrating our energies and          both the domestic and commercial
                                                                              with disabilities in nine businesses     resources on making our individual      sectors in the management of
                                                                              located across Ireland. At the end       companies more competitive in           waste in an environmentally
                                                                              of 2002 a total of 455 people were       these key areas.                        friendly manner. Fifty-eight of the
                                                                              employed under the Gandon                                                        company’s 104 employees are
                                                                              Enterprises umbrella, of whom 211        Gandon Enterprises was also             people with disabilities.
                                                                              were people with disabilities.           heavily involved in the
                                                                                                                       establishment of the Access Ability
                                                                                                                                                               GANDON PACKAGING
                                                                              The results of the evaluation of         project in partnership with a fine
                                                                              the Pilot Programme for the              array of companies and
                                                                              Employment of People with                associations. Through this
                                                                              Disabilities, which was undertaken       development, we hope to bring
                                                                              by the Department of Enterprise          many of the lessons of the              Galway Corrugated Cases (GCC)
                                 < 12
                                                                              Trade and Employment in 2001,            integrated employment model to a        specialises in total packaging
                                 13 >                                         have still not become clear. We          wider commercial world.                 solutions for the electronics,
                                                                              have continued to lobby for a                                                    pharmaceutical, telecommunications
                                                                              structure that allows the full           GANDON RECYCLING                        and food sectors and is ISO
                                                                              potential of our integrated                                                      9002 approved.
                                                                              employment model to be realised.

                                                                                                                                                               Plant facilities enable the company
                                                                              The strength of this model was           Rehab Recycling is Ireland’s premier
                                                                                                                                                               to offer both high and low volume
                                                                              perfectly demonstrated by the            post consumer waste recycler with
                                                                              achievement of The Mill Gandon           over 1,600 sites collecting glass,      production of premium packaging
                                                                              Logistics, which emerged in fourth       aluminium drink cans and textiles.      materials customised to the needs
                                                                              place in a nationwide competition,       Its customers include all local         of hi-tech businesses. Its strength
                                                                              titled The Best Companies to Work        authorities throughout Ireland, the     lies in its quick response time,
                                                                              for in Ireland, sponsored by the Irish   major Irish drink manufacturers         offering a just-in-time service to its
                                                                              Independent in association with          and a large number of hotels and        major customers. In addition to flat
                                                                              FAS. It has long been our                public houses. Rehab Recycling          pack, GCC also supplies assembled
                                                                              contention that a well-integrated        works closely with, and receives
                                                                                                                                                               packaging comprising anti-static
                                                                              and truly diverse workforce will         significant support from, Repak Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                               foam and inserts ready for use on
                                                                              bring its own rewards and this
                                                                                                                                                               the assembly line.
                                                                              recognition helps prove the point.

                                                                              2002 posed more than its fair share                                              The company now also has satellite
                                                                                                                       Part of Rehab Recycling,
                                                                              of commercial challenges. The            Information Security Management         packaging units in Limerick, and
                                                                              general downturn in the economy          ensures the secure destruction of       more recently in Castlebar. The
                                                                              was further exacerbated by the           confidential information for clients    Castlebar unit specialises in high
                                                                              complete closure of several              including the major banks,              quality presentation packaging,
                                                                              significant customers. We answered       insurance companies, hospitals and      offering customised printing,
                                                                              the questions that such a                Government departments. The             fabrication, hand-wrapping and
                                                                              downturn posed our business by           company provides unique tamper-         assembly packages to the giftware,
                                                                              a consolidation and re-focusing of       proof ‘confi bins’, which can hold up
                                                                                                                                                               cosmetic and pharmaceutical
                                                                              our key business areas.                  to 70 kilogrammes of paper
                                                                                                                                                               sectors, as well as other luxury
                                                                              There will be three significant                                                  packaging markets. The company
                                                                              market strands going forward –           Through its plants in Dublin,           employs 74 people, 50 of whom are
                                                                              Recycling, Packaging and Logistics       Galway and Cork, Rehab Recycling        people with disabilities.
                                                                                                                           Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
                                        The company employs 15 people

                                                                                                                           Gandon Enterprises
                                        with disabilities, all of whom are
                                        awaiting funding under the Pilot
Kilkenny Corrugated Cases               Programme.                                 Access Ability is an exciting and
was formed in 1999 as a duplicate                                                  innovative project set up in May
of the Galway service to                                                           2002 and supported by the
strengthen Gandon’s position in                                                    European EQUAL initiative. Its vision
the packaging market. It is             Precision Workwear                         is "to maximise employment
specifically geared to servicing the    offers a quality manufacturing and         opportunities for people with
                                        distribution service to a range of         disabilities by addressing the
southern region. The company is
                                        customers primarily in the                 structural, attitudinal and policy
awaiting the provision of further
                                        healthcare, medical, electronic and        issues which currently prevent
funding under the Pilot Programme
                                        industrial sectors. It is Ireland’s only   employers accessing the
in order to offer employment to its     licensed supplier of converted             individual’s abilities".
19 disabled workers.                    Tyvek garments, manufactured by
                                        Du Pont. The company is ISO 9000
GANDON LOGISTICS                        approved and employs 33 people,
                                        16 of whom are people with
REM provides cost effective, robust
solutions to meet the ever-changing     Hats of Ireland
requirements of its customers.          is one of the country’s oldest
Originally formed as a sub-contract     headwear manufacturers, having
assembly house to service the           being established in the 1940s. Its
electronics industry, REM has since     range of quality traditional and
added other facets to its operations:   contemporary headwear is sold
Logistics and Warehouse                 successfully to countries such as
Management and Mechanical               the USA, France and Japan, while
                                        the customer base ranges from
Assembly. REM has ISO 9002
                                        large chain stores and small craft
accreditation and 21 of
                                        shops to many of Ireland’s top
its 42 employees are people with
                                        designers. Fourteen people with
                                        disabilities are employed in our
                                        Castlebar plant.

The Mill Enterprise
provides contract assembly,             Connect Industries
labelling and packaging for the         is a joint venture partnership
healthcare industry. A highly           between M & M Qualtech Ltd and
motivated team of people                Gandon Enterprises Ltd. It began
assemble large volumes of dental        operating from a small unit in
floss and related products daily for    Galway and now also has a facility
the export market. The Mill             in The Netherlands. The company
obtained the Excellence Through         provides services to the electronic
People accreditation in 2002 and        and computer software markets
was also voted one of "The Best         and has 18 workers with disabilities
Companies to Work for in Ireland".      in its workforce.

RehabCare’s continued expansion... was clearly
driven by the ongoing efforts and energy of
both service users and staff around the country
and the relationships that RehabCare continues
to strengthen with its funders and other
stakeholders in the community.

< 14

15 >
Chief Executive, RehabCare
Director of Group Development & Public Affairs;
Ms A Kerins

                                                                                                                                                                           Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
                                                  A total of 2,641 people benefited       the Drama Company, Encore                further enhancement of the
                                                  from RehabCare’s community              Productions in Dundalk.                  sheltered workshop service model
                                                  based health and social care                                                     in line with the draft Code of
                                                  services during 2002 – its highest      Resource Centre Services                 Practice for Sheltered Occupational
                                                  ever service user numbers.              Some 322 people benefited from           Services.
                                                                                          RehabCare’s resource centre
                                                  RehabCare’s continued expansion –       services during 2002. Within             CareLink
                                                  representing an increase in service     individual Resource Centres,             A significant proportion of growth
                                                  user numbers of over 43 per cent        significant health and social gains      within RehabCare during 2002 was
                                                  on the previous year – was clearly      were made and maintained by              driven by the development of
                                                  driven by the ongoing efforts and       service users in terms of both their     CareLink services. This derived
                                                  energy of both service users and        participation and personal               mainly from the further expansion
                                                  staff around the country, and the       achievement in a broad range of          of the hospital discharge
                                                  relationships that RehabCare            life skill areas, including:             programme and home support
                                                  continues to strengthen with its                                                 services.
                                                  funders and other stakeholders in       •   Personal Development
                                                  the community.                          •   Independent Living Skills
                                                                                                                                   Evaluation of respite services for
                                                                                          •   Work/lifelong learning
                                                                                                                                   children within the ERHA region
                                                                                          •   Social and leisure interest skills
                                                  Key developments within                                                          was completed and the final report
                                                  RehabCare during 2002 included:                                                  provided very positive feedback
                                                                                          Sheltered Workshops
                                                                                                                                   on the CareLink home-based
                                                                                          Significant efforts have been made
                                                  The further development of NRAC’s                                                respite programme.
                                                                                          to enhance the service profile of
                                                  national committee                      RehabCare’s sheltered workshops
                                                                                          particularly through the                 Respite Care
                                                  The opening of three community          following activities:                    RehabCare's centre-based respite
                                                  based supported accommodation                                                    care services afford many people
                                                  group homes, two in Ballinamore         The introduction of the Discovery        with disabilities their only
                                                  and the other in Nenagh                 process and sample programmes            opportunity to take a holiday, as
                                                                                                                                   well as giving their families a break
                                                  The establishment of autism             Securing better commercial               from full-time caring. During the
                                                  services in Longford and Tullamore.     contracts                                year the Limerick respite service for
                                                  RehabCare also secured the ERHA                                                  people with a physical and/or
                                                  contract to provide Ireland’s first     Capital investments in both new          sensory disability provided more
                                                  supported accommodation service         locations and existing facilities        than 140 respite breaks to over 65
                                                  for people with Prader Willi Syndrome                                            people and their families.
                                                                                          In order to further highlight the
                                                  The extension of the CareLink           acute need for positive change in
                                                                                                                                   Services to Individuals with Autism
                                                  service Homefirst following its pilot   the current sheltered workshop
                                                                                                                                   Spectrum Disorder
                                                                                          model, RehabCare ran an
                                                  phase. RehabCare was also                                                        A key organisational objective in
                                                                                          international conference for service
                                                  awarded contracts for hospital                                                   2002 was for the further expansion
                                                                                          providers, titled - ‘Sheltered
                                                  discharge programmes with two                                                    of RehabCare’s autism services. This
                                                                                          Workshops in the 21st Century –
                                                  additional Dublin-based hospitals                                                strategy was successful and led to
                                                                                          The Way Forward’ in partnership
                                                                                          with Workability International.          the opening of a new residential
                                                  Other highlights included the                                                    service in Longford for four adults,
                                                  achievements of service users in        A key objective for RehabCare in         and a new respite facility in
                                                  the Special Olympics National           2003 is to secure additional             Tullamore for children. The
                                                  Games and the establishment of          funding that will facilitate the         established service in Red House,
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                        Limerick completed a new              The development of the new

                                        extension comprising a multi-         Prader Willi Syndrome residential
                                        sensory unit, soft playroom and       service was an exciting experience
                                        jacuzzi room. During the year a       for the Staff Training and
                                        total of 95 families benefited from   Development team as it
                                        the autism respite services.          necessitated research into a new
                                                                              service area and the development
                                        Accommodation Services                of new training packages.
                                        At year-end, a total of 38 people
                                        were using supported                  Management training in 2003
                                        accommodation services, with a        was delivered in the area of
                                        further 75 availing of hostel         Recruitment and Selection Skills
                                        services.                             and The EFQM Business Excellence
                                 < 16
                                        Projects that will become
                                 17 >   operational in 2003 include a six     National RehabCare Advocacy
                                        bedroom house which will provide      Committee (NRAC)
                                        independent accommodation for         NRAC went from strength to
                                        six people in Deansgrange, Co         strength during 2002 with the
                                        Dublin; the refurbishment and         national committee becoming a         •   Sheltered Workshops
                                        modification of a house providing     fully established part of the         •   Rehabilitative Services
                                        supported accommodation for five      organisation and the appointment      •   Elderly
                                        people in Bray, Co Wicklow; and the   of a full-time National Development   •   Mental Health
                                        construction of an apartment          Officer. A Leadership and             •   Traumatic Brain Injury
                                        scheme in Cavan that will provide     Presentations Skills Course for       •   Drama/ Horticulture
                                        supported accommodation for           service users was developed by the    •   Autism
                                        seven people.                         RehabCare training team in            •   Respite Models of Care
                                                                              partnership with NRAC and the         •   Rare Disabilities
                                        Independent Living                    organisation was actively involved    •   Childcare Services
                                        Community Services                    in the consultation process carried
                                        ILCS continued to offer a wide        out on the Disability Bill.
                                        range of support services to 29
                                        Centres for Independent Living        Southern Rehabilitation Hospital
                                        (CILs) throughout the country.        and Services
                                        During 2002 work commenced on         Developments within this project
                                        the development of a new              are ongoing. During 2002
                                        Certificate in Disability Studies     RehabCare received written
                                        course in association with NUI        confirmation from the Department
                                        Maynooth.                             of Health and Children that the
                                                                              new service development would go
                                        Staff Training and Development        ahead and that RehabCare would
                                        Staff training activity within        be the contracted service provider.
                                        RehabCare concentrated on a
                                        combination of the rolling out of     Research and Innovation
                                        Foundation 1 training to a growing    Research and innovative activities
                                        workforce and statutory areas such    continued to have a crucial role
                                        as Manual and Patient Handling        within RehabCare. The key areas of
                                        and Occupational First Aid.           focus for 2003 will include:
TBG Learning

The ALI inspection is a significant event for any
provider of Government funded post-16 learning
services. All TBG Learning grades ranged from
satisfactory to outstanding, at a time when 65
per cent of services assessed by the ALI were
deemed to require re-inspection.
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                        Chief Executive, TBG Learning
                                        Mr M Dunford

                                                                        2002 was a successful year for TBG      product range and the significant       potential of these young people
TBG Learning

                                                                        Learning. The quality of the            volume of business delivered.           given the right help and direction.
                                                                        company’s services was endorsed         Compared to the previous year, a
                                                                        by the Adult Learning Inspectorate      near four-fold increase in              Our Modern Apprenticeships
                                                                        (ALI) following a week long             enrolments occurred on these            business continues to attract
                                                                        inspection of all TBG Learning          shorter courses.                        significant interest from
                                                                        activities at all locations.                                                    employers, with a number of new
                                                                                                                Just as significantly, the high         household name employers in the
                                                                        Our Further Education (FE) college      proportion of Skills for Life (Basic    hospitality and retail industries
                                                                        collaborative partnerships were         Skills) enrolments has resulted in      working with us for the first time
                                                                        strengthened by additional              substantial growth in contract          in 2002. Through our membership
                                                                        colleges signing three-year             volumes awarded – one of the            of the Association of Learning
                                                                        contracts with us. This provided a      priority areas for LearnDirect.         Providers and the National
                                                                        sounder basis for curriculum            Our ability to attract, retain and      Providers Sector Group, we are
                                 < 18
                                                                        planning and capital investment,        attain high levels of completion        actively involved in the policy
                                 19 >                                   leading ultimately to better results    and achievement for Basic Skills        debate on reforming what is a
                                                                        for our clients.                        learners in LearnDirect, FE and         good but too narrow programme,
                                                                                                                Jobcentre Plus provision is             with many young peoples’ real
                                                                        The further education product           recognised as a major strength          achievements recognised by their
                                                                        portfolio was added to by a whole       of TBG Learning.                        employers, but not recognised as
                                                                        new IT curriculum and some new                                                  success by the system.
                                                                        technical courses. This, combined       The growth in LearnDirect has
                                                                        with our growth in FE funded            been achieved with no diminution        We shall remain at the forefront of
                                                                        basic skills provision (literacy /      of quality. Indeed, during the year     the debate and are hopeful that
                                                                        numeracy / ESOL), led to a 16 per       TBG was chosen to become "a case        2003 will see some real change,
                                                                        cent increase in course enrolments      study of good practice" in all          which is essential if the
                                                                        over the year.                          aspects of LearnDirect delivery.        Government is to realise its
                                                                                                                The case study report prepared          ambition of a significant increase
                                                                        Our success and reputation in this      by KPMG for UfI/LearnDirect             in the uptake of young people and
                                                                        field, particularly our success in      is available to other UfI Hubs          employers in true, value-added
                                                                        widening participation, has led to a    and providers with the aim of           work based learning.
                                                                        number of approaches from other         sharing best practice. Already
                                                                        FE colleges wishing to work in          2003 is demonstrating significant       Our involvement with Jobcentre
                                                                        partnership with us. The significant    further growth.                         Plus programmes for unemployed
                                                                        effort and investment required,                                                 adults remains significant.
                                                                        and our determination to build          2002 also saw the beginning of the      Although UK unemployment is at
                                                                        additional capacity only if it is for   expansion of our Life Skills delivery   its lowest level for many years, TBG
                                                                        the long term, means we will not        – a programme for disadvantaged         Learning’s focus on those most at a
                                                                        open new facilities without such a      16-18 year olds, many of whom           disadvantage in the labour market
                                                                        durable, equitably funded               have few, if any, qualifications.       means we expect our level of
                                                                        partnership agreed at the start.        Pioneered at our Essex centres, Life    activity to continue to grow in
                                                                        This has already proved to be a very    Skills was introduced at our largest    2003. Tackling real social exclusion
                                                                        successful model.                       centre, South London, and 2003          is at the heart of both the
                                                                                                                should see more locations               Government’s and our agenda.
                                                                        The growth of our LearnDirect           delivering this incredibly important
                                                                        provision has exceeded                  social programme. The ALI               Across all services, starts increased
                                                                        expectations in terms of the            inspection grade (grade 2) and          by 43 per cent to just over 39,000
                                                                        number of locations we now              report was an endorsement of the        in 2002. This couldn’t have been
                                                                        deliver from, the breadth of the        fine work of our staff and the          achieved without contracting
                                                                               Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
bodies/funders, stakeholders (e.g.     field with open access for potential

                                                                               TBG Learning
inspection/audit regimes, referral     learners and employers to the
bodies) and most of all clients        whole of the supply side, which will
recognising the value of the           be no more than the Government
services offered and the high          implementing its own policy.
likelihood of individual success.
                                       We made significant investments
                                       in a number of areas during the
The ALI inspection is a significant
                                       year, most notably in our IT
event for any provider of
                                       infrastructure, although we could
Government funded post-16
                                       do much more if afforded the less
learning services. All TBG Learning
                                       volatile external environment
grades ranged from satisfactory to
                                       enjoyed by our public sector
outstanding, at a time when 65
                                       colleagues and institutions. Our
per cent of services assessed by
                                       organisation has proved itself a
the ALI were deemed to require         significant vehicle for widening
re-inspection. The very constructive   participation and meeting the
observations and comments made         massive latent demand for
by the inspectors will continue to     learning; so much more could be
be acted upon to ensure                achieved via a truly open market.
completion and achievement for
more of our clients, all of whom       Many of our clients would not
come to us with high expectations      consider participating in learning
of success.                            at more traditional institutions; our
                                       offer and experience is attractive
A culture of continuous                and different. A truly open market,
improvement is ingrained at TBG        therefore, would lead to many
                                       more individuals getting the
Learning and we are always striving
                                       learning opportunities they want.
to improve upon our services. To do
this comprehensively we must be        It is our individual clients/learners
supported by degrees of stability      taking action, participating,
not afforded to us in the past. The    working hard and achieving that is
Learning and Skills Act and the        everything to us.
changes that should come with it
are to be welcomed. Many of the
positive changes are still to be
implemented, such as three-year
contracts and a lighter bureaucratic
hand for successful/quality based
organisations (following
inspection). It is important that
these very positive developments
are implemented.

Most of all, we concur with the
Government’s stated policy of a
demand led, post-16 vocational
education system. This can only be
achieved by levelling the playing
Rehab Scotland

The organisation continued to build momentum by
developing and expanding its services across
Scotland and by building positive partnerships
with those who share its goal of achieving greater
social justice...

< 20

21 >
Chief Executive, Rehab Scotland
Mr I Welsh

                                                                                                                                                            Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
                                                                         ambitions and the achievements           for SQMS (Scottish Quality
                                                                         of its clients as they move forward      Management System) and is now
                                                                         in their lives and will be important     working towards the new standards.
                                                                         in supporting the organisation to
                                                                         continue to confidently champion         Staff Training and Development
                                                                         the rights and expectations of           The management development
                                                                         disabled and excluded people             programme continued in 2002,
                                                                         across Scotland.                         covering modules including
                                                                                                                  EFQM and Quality, Marketing and
                                                                         Development of Services                  Communications, Performance
                                                                         Demand for Rehab Scotland’s              Management, Fundraising and
                                                                         services continued to increase           Selection and Recruitment Training.
                                                                         and the following new services           We also implemented our staff
                                                                         were developed:                          development programme which

                                                                                                                                                            Rehab Scotland
                                  2002 was a year of overall growth
                                  for Rehab Scotland. The organisation                                            supported more than 80 staff to
                                  continued to build momentum by         A rural outreach for adults and          engage in training opportunities,
                                  developing and expanding               children with brain injury in the        including Health and Safety,
                                  its services across Scotland and by    Scottish Borders                         Disability Awareness and Visioning
                                  building positive partnerships with                                             & Person Centred Planning.
                                  those who share its goal of            A new service called Energiser, in
                                  achieving greater social justice       Glasgow, for people with a range         Service User Representation
                                  for disabled and excluded people.      of disabilities, focusing on personal    In October we launched our
                                                                         development, motivation and              Clients’ Charter of Rights and
                                  A key area of activity was building    confidence building                      Responsibilities, an event supported
                                  on existing partnerships and                                                    by Malcolm Chisholm, MSP,
                                  making new connections. As part        A new Brain Injury Vocational            Minister for Health and
                                  of a wider public affairs strategy,    Service in North Ayrshire to assist      Community Care. Work also began
                                  the senior management team             people with brain injuries to return     in the area of developing
                                  participated in a national road        to work                                  a national service user council
                                  show which involved connecting                                                  which will become a fully
                                  with every Local Authority, Health     Living Options, a new care and           established part of our service user
                                  Board and Social Inclusion             supported living service                 representation system in 2003.
                                  Partnership in Scotland, as well       implementing the rural challenge
                                  as all key Scottish Executive          fund programme in Aberdeen and           We continued to explore methods
                                  Departments. Throughout 2002,          Fife to assist clients living in rural   to measure customer satisfaction.
                                  there were a number of                 areas                                    This area of activity will continue
                                  organisational achievements                                                     in partnership with Rehab UK
                                                                         A Jobcentre Plus contract for            and the Cedar Foundation in 2003
                                                                         supported employment through             to ensure that our programmes
                                                                         the WORKABILITY programme                can be benchmarked appropriately
                                  Winning the Best Charity
                                                                                                                  and service design continuously
                                  Campaign of the Year award in
                                                                         Jobcentre Plus Work Preparation          improved.
                                  the Scottish PR Awards for our
                                                                         contracts for brain injury and
                                  work in raising awareness of
                                                                         pan-disability                           We were very sad this year to lose
                                  brain injury
                                                                                                                  our Director of Human Resources,
                                                                                                                  Albert Gurevitz, who died in August.
                                  Launching a Clients’ Charter of        Quality Initiatives
                                                                                                                  Albert made a very valuable
                                  Rights and Responsibilities – a        The organisation committed to the
                                                                                                                  contribution to the work of Rehab
                                  major step forward in ensuring         EFQM quality hallmark process
                                                                                                                  Scotland, particularly in the fields of
                                  disabled and excluded people have      during 2002 and supported seven
                                                                                                                  Operations and Human Resources
                                  their rights and responsibilities      staff through the EFQM Assessors’
                                                                                                                  and he will be warmly remembered.
                                  clearly defined and upheld             Training Programme. Looking to
                                                                                                                  Our sincere sympathies go to
                                                                         2003, we will continue our work in
                                                                                                                  his family.
                                  Introducing the Work Life Balance      this important area with the
                                  project to assist staff to manage      support of Quality Scotland.
                                  the balance between their work
                                  and the rest of their lives            A significant area of work in 2002
                                                                         was the development of our service
                                  We also prepared for our name          standards, policies and procedures.
                                  change to Momentum in March            A number of working groups were
                                  2003. The decision to change           set up for this purpose and both
                                  was taken following extensive          staff and service users were major
                                  feedback and consultation              contributors to the process. The
                                  with clients, staff and external       organisation was subject to a
                                  stakeholders. The new name             number of external evaluations
                                  has been chosen to reflect both        and Best Value reviews. Rehab
                                  Momentum’s organisational              Scotland passed an external audit
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                 Rehab UK

                                 2002 was the year when, for the first time, all
                                 of our Brain Injury Centres operated at or
                                 near capacity. Indeed, we now have a waiting
                                 list to contend with...
Rehab UK

                                        Chief Executive, Rehab UK
                                        Mr R Prole

                                 < 22

                                 23 >

                                                                    Rehab UK continues to concentrate      established centre and, overall,       Centre and we are confident that
                                                                    upon the provision of services         results are improving year on year.    the changes we have made will
                                                                    to people who have survived a                                                 allow us not only to preserve the
                                                                    brain injury.                          Securing the necessary funding to      services that we provide but also to
                                                                                                           support our work remains a key         expand them.
                                                                    2002 was the year when, for the        issue and the government decision
                                                                    first time, all of our Brain Injury    to completely change and reorganise    Quality
                                                                    Centres operated at or near            the structure of Health Authorities    Rehab UK remains committed to
                                                                    capacity. Indeed, we now have a        during 2002 has not helped.            the provision of quality services.
                                                                    waiting list to contend with and, as                                          Continuous improvement is a
                                                                    the benefits of our programmes         Rehab UK continues to operate in       key objective.
                                                                    become more widely recognised,         deficit and, if income cannot be
                                                                    we just hope that we are not           increased quickly enough to            We have already referred to the
                                                                    forced to neglect some of the          eliminate such deficits, the formula   changes that are being made to
                                                                    people who would otherwise             for survival is to reduce costs. At    our administrative supports. These
                                                                    benefit from our services.             the end of 2002, an action plan was    changes will inevitably result in
                                                                                                           agreed and is currently being          some delays to the achievement of
                                                                    One of our worries has always been     implemented. There are several         external recognition, but we do not
                                                                    that dealing with more clients         prongs to this plan but the most       expect it to be long before we are
                                                                    would result in a reduction in         significant is the closure of our      firmly back on course.
                                                                    effectiveness. The opposite seems      Head Office at Park Royal.
                                                                    to be true. Outcomes at our newest     The administrative centre for
                                                                    centre are proving to be as good as    Rehab UK will, from April 2003, be
                                                                    those achieved at the most well        our Birmingham Brain Injury
                                                                                                                                                                Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
The Chaseley Trust

...the Trust began investigating the viability of
becoming involved in providing specialist care
services in the community...

                                                                                                                                                                The Chaseley Trust
    Chief Executive, The Chaseley Trust
    Ms S Wyatt

                                                                                  In addition to providing a              service was also conducted in
                                                                                  permanent home for 52 residents,        March. In 2003 it is planned to
                                                                                  the Trust began investigating the       carry out a more comprehensive
                                                                                  viability of becoming involved in       survey to include all aspects of
                                                                                  providing specialist care services in   service delivery.
                                                                                  the community and the feasibility
                                                                                  of building independent living          Chaseley continued to emphasise
                                                                                  units within the grounds.               the importance of service user
                                                                                                                          representation during the year.
                                                                                  Meanwhile, links continued to           Three elected representatives
                                                                                  develop with learning institutions      attend Management and Trustee
                                                                                  such as the University of Brighton,     meetings and are also involved in
                                          2002 was a year of significant          Kings College Hospital NHS Trust        the recruitment, induction and
                                          change for Chaseley, which is a         and the Darley Business Centre.         training of new staff. Service User
                                          specialist residential home             Seven staff completed NVQ Level II      Forums and Catering Committee
                                          providing dynamic and expert care       in Care and three completed NVQ         Meetings are also held regularly
                                          for people with severe physical         Level III in Care.                      where all views are heard and
                                          disabilities.                                                                   appropriate action taken.
                                                                                  All standards and policies
                                          After its first full year as a member   throughout Chaseley were revised
                                          of the Rehab Group, the Trust now       in preparation for inspection by
                                          has its complete management             the NCSC in 2003 and a Customer
                                          team in place, with the top team        Satisfaction Survey for the catering
                                          of chief executive, head of care
                                          and administration and facilities
                                          manager leading a dedicated and
                                          experienced staff.

                                          Chaseley also restructured its
                                          organisation during 2002 in
                                          response to external forces, in
                                          particular the implementation of
                                          the Care Standard Act and the
                                          subsequent creation of the
                                          National Care Standards
                                          Commission (NCSC) – the new
                                          independent regulatory body for
                                          social care and private and
                                          voluntary healthcare services. The
                                          changes will put Chaseley in a
                                          better position to meet the
                                          demands of this new agency, with
                                          the emphasis being focused on
                                          delivering a comprehensive care
                                          package to each service user.
Service User Representation

NRAC continued to develop apace in 2002, with clear
evidence emerging that more and more RehabCare
service users are understanding how to use the body
and recognising its importance in their lives.
                                                                                                                              Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
       Rehab Group believes its clients       2. Develop a framework that will        Leadership and Presentations Skills

                                                                                                                              Service User Representation
       must have a say in the decisions       enable Local Advisory Committees        Course in partnership with the
       that affect the services they use.     to meaningfully engage with             RehabCare training team.
       Consequently, service users in NTDI    management and staff of NTDI
       and RehabCare operate their own        in the development and review of        Meanwhile, NRAC was actively
       representative bodies, whilst Roslyn   new and existing programmes             involved in the consultation
       Park College has its own Students      and services                            process on the Disabilities Bill, as
       Union.                                                                         well as participating in a pilot
                                              3. Ensure that a context of mutual      General Election Awareness
       Elected representatives continue to
                                              trust and respect is inherent to        programme run by the Rehab
       play an important role at Chaseley.
                                              enable Representative Committees        Group Public Affairs Department
       Work has also begun in Scotland to
                                              to perceive themselves as a valued      in partnership with RehabCare.
       develop a national service user
                                              resource for both NTDI and NRC
       council and a service user
< 24                                                                                  This programme provided an open
       participation forum will be set up
                                              In order to ensure there is             forum whereby service users invited
25 >   by Rehab UK in 2003.
                                              meaningful service user input,          their local political candidates into
                                              Local Advisory Committees have          public meetings to answer questions
       National Representative Council
                                              been asked for their ideas on this      on their plans to represent them if
                                                                                      elected to Dail Eireann.
       During 2002 the NRC national           process, which is expected to be
       development officer visited every      completed by mid-2003.
                                                                                      Roslyn Park Students Union
       NTDI centre to discuss issues of
                                                                                      Roslyn Park Students Union
       concern with service users, as well    National RehabCare Advocacy
                                              Committee (NRAC)                        provides assistance on a wide
       as to gather information on how
       best the NRC could become stronger,    NRAC continued to develop apace         range of issues that impact on its
       more effective and proactive.          in 2002, with clear evidence            membership of more than 200
                                              emerging that more and more             students, as well as organising a
       Weaknesses in how the NRC              RehabCare service users are             calendar of events to facilitate full
       functions are being urgently           understanding how to use                participation in college life.
       addressed wherever they have           the body and recognising its
       been identified, whilst local          importance in their lives.              Since 1999 it has been a fully
       committees continue to receive                                                 affiliated member of the Union of
       support and ongoing training as                                                Students of Ireland. Membership of
                                              The national committee became
       required. Feedback from Leadership                                             an organisation with over 250,000
                                              a fully established part of NRAC,
       Development training courses                                                   members has enabled students in
                                              with monthly meetings to discuss
       continues to be very positive.                                                 Roslyn Park to play a leading role in
                                              matters of importance brought to
                                              its attention by fellow service users   setting agendas for positive change
       In consultation with the chief
                                              around the country. Elections were      in the wider political sphere.
       executive of NTDI, it was decided
       to embark on a process that will       held among service users in
       ensure a greater and more effective    December after the term of office
       collaboration between NRC              of NRAC’s first national committee
       members and NTDI staff.                came to an end.
       It is proposed to:
                                              The appointment of a full time
       1. Develop a framework enabling        national development officer has
       Local Advisory Committees to           been a huge addition to NRAC,
       become more effective and valued       whilst another important
       by both service users and staff        development was the creation of a
Department of Research and Innovation

The Department promotes and supports research into
new markets, methodologies and target groups. It
facilitates innovation in existing and new services and
provides support to service improvement initiatives
and quality systems throughout the Group.

< 26

27 >
Director of Research and Innovation
Dr DF McAnaney

                                                                                                                                                             Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
                                                                               readily available throughout the        The Department acted as the
                                                                               Group was designed.                     national secretariat for
                                                                                                                       Rehabilitation International and
                                                                               Achievements in facilitating            supported a number of
                                                                               innovation included:                    international projects including:

                                                                               Supporting the implementation of        A pilot implementation of a
                                                                               a Culture 2000 project to promote       European Quality in Rehabilitation
                                                                               community based art throughout          Mark
                                                                                                                       The development of the European
                                                                               Support for a mental health self        Rehabilitation Academy’s
                                                                               advocacy group                          professional accreditation system
                                      The Department of Research &

                                                                                                                                                             Department of Research and Innovation
                                      Innovation provides a range of                                                   Two international seminars on early
                                                                               Project managing the development
                                      services to Rehab Group, its                                                     rehabilitation in Vancouver and
                                                                               phase of Access Ability, an EQUAL
                                      constituent companies and                                                        Dublin in co-operation with the
                                                                               project aimed at making open
                                      external customers. The Department                                               International Forum on Disability
                                                                               employment more accessible
                                      promotes and supports research                                                   Management
                                      into new markets, methodologies          A pilot project in web-based job
                                      and target groups. It facilitates                                                Significant contributions were also
                                                                               creation for people with disabilities
                                      innovation in existing and new                                                   made to the development of a
                                                                                                                       Rehab Group submission on the
                                      services and provides support to         The design of a service map for the
                                                                                                                       Disabilities Bill, the Education of
                                      service improvement initiatives          Not for Profit Business Association
                                                                                                                       People with Disabilities Bill and
                                      and quality systems throughout
                                                                                                                       inclusive education policy.
                                      the Group.                               The promotion of a knowledge
                                                                               management system throughout            The Department also participated
                                      During 2002 the Department               the Group and co-ordination of the      in a number of external initiatives
                                      supported or was directly involved       Programme Development Forum             including the NDA Research and
                                      in a wide range of research
                                                                                                                       Standards Advisory Committees,
                                      initiatives including:                   A central task for the planning and     the National Physical and Sensory
                                                                               support function of the                 Disability Database Co-ordinating
                                      The measurement of health and            Department was the co-ordination        Committee and an advisory panel
                                      social gain outcomes for service users   of the awareness and learning           for the Institute for Employment
                                                                               phase of the Rehab Group wide           Studies in the UK aimed at
                                      A six country study of barriers to       Business Excellence initiative.         promoting early rehabilitation of
                                      job retention for ill and injured
                                                                                                                       employees experiencing work
                                      workers funded by 5th Framework          Based on the European Foundation        related stress.
                                      in Research and Technological            for Quality Management model,
                                      Development                              this initiative has the commitment
                                                                               of all constituent companies and is
                                      A review of disability research          likely to transform the way in
                                      carried out in Ireland in the period     which the Group approaches
                                      1996-2001 commissioned by the            service delivery.
                                      National Disability Authority
                                                                               A significant milestone for the
                                      An investigation into the impact of      Department was the retention of
                                      definitions of disability on social      its Excellence Through People (ETP)
                                      welfare practice funded by the           accreditation. This was then
                                      European Science Foundation              successfully disseminated to the
                                                                               Mill Enterprise which also
                                      A successful submission to carry out     achieved the accreditation. ETP is
                                      a study across five countries into       now being deployed in many parts
                                      stress as a mechanism in disability      of the Group.
                                      and long-term absence
                                                                               The Department provided support
                                      Other research services included         in the review and development of
                                      support for programme evaluation,        Charters of Rights and
                                      local research activities, research      Responsibilities and Codes
                                      design and data analysis.                of Practice for service users and
                                                                               employees. It produced the Rehab
                                      A computerised literature search         Group Operational Report,
                                      service was made available and a         volunteering policies and
                                      research database that will make         procedures and the work
                                      information on research more             programme of the Rehab Council.

The Board and management of the Rehab Group
is committed to maintaining a high standard of
corporate governance and continues to utilise
controls in the financial, operational, compliance
and risk areas.
       Director of Finance and Project Director
       Mr K Poole

< 28

29 >

                                                  2002 was a more difficult financial     activities were affected by the         independent, viable undertaking.
                                                  year for the Group with an              economic downturn and 2003 will         Whereas it is the Group’s aim that
                                                  operating surplus of v0.5m (2001:       doubtless provide a further             our core services should be self-
                                                  v2.5m). Significant costs were          challenge in that regard.               financing, some of our services are
                                                  incurred in the year with the                                                   currently operating with deficits.
                                                  restructuring of our UK brain injury    Having restructured significantly in    Historically we have developed
                                                  services.                               2001 and 2002, we hope to have          commercial operations, such as
                                                                                          paved the way for financial             pools, lotteries and fundraising
                                                  Turnover grew by 15 per cent to         stability in our UK services for the
                                                                                                                                  activities to ensure that these
                                                  v146m (2001: v127m) which               future.
                                                                                                                                  deficits are covered and to allow
                                                  reflected both an increase in
                                                                                                                                  for un-funded innovation in certain
                                                  activity together with the inclusion    The Board and management of the
                                                                                                                                  service areas. Fundraising is a very
                                                  of the Chaseley Trust’s activities in   Rehab Group is committed to
                                                                                                                                  competitive business. Most of our
                                                  the Group for the first time.           maintaining a high standard of
                                                                                                                                  fundraising is now event driven
                                                                                          corporate governance and
                                                                                                                                  rather than the traditional
                                                  Borrowings at the year-end stood        continues to utilise controls in the
                                                                                                                                  donation type.
                                                  at v13.8m (2001: v13.4m) and the        financial, operational, compliance
                                                  cost of servicing debt reduced to       and risk areas.
                                                  v0.969m (2001: v1.05m) mainly due                                               We acknowledge with gratitude
                                                  to a reduction in interest rates.       As a not-for-profit organisation,       the contribution by the public
                                                                                          resources are committed to              authorities, both in Ireland and in
                                                  In Ireland further progress was         services for people with disabilities   the UK, to the development of our
                                                  made with the Department of             and other socially disadvantaged        services. During the year the Group
                                                  Health in addressing the issue of       groups. As the organisation has         spent v8.6m (2001: v8.9m) on
                                                  adequate funding for the 1,000 or       over 2,500 staff and 15,000 clients,    capital expenditure, v1.5m of which
                                                  so long-term clients in our sheltered   we need to create and hold              was funded by way of capital
                                                  workshop services. Our commercial       reserves to support ourselves as an     grants from various agencies.
                                                                                  Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
The Rehab Group
(Extracts from Consolidated Financial Statements)

Consolidated Revenue Account to December 31st                2002        2001
                                                            v’000       v’000

                                               Turnover    145,978     127,112

                                      Operating Surplus       1,150     3,594

                                    Net Interest Payable     (969)     (1,054)

                                               Taxation        272           0

                                       Minority Interest        66           2

                      Surplus Attributable to the Group        519      2,542

        Consolidated Balance Sheet as at December 31st       2002        2001
                                                            v’000       v’000

                                           Fixed Assets     67,752     66,163

                                         Current Assets

                                                 Stocks       2,144      2,062
                                                Debtors     28,783      27,619
                                                  Bank       4,585        9,155
                                                             35,512    38,836

         Creditors - Amounts falling due within one year   (26,215)   (27,004)

                                     Net Current Assets      9,297      11,832

                                            Total Assets    77,049     77,995

          Creditors - Amounts falling due after one year   (32,683)   (33,471)

                                             Net Assets    44,366      44,524

                                     Capital & Reserves     44,336     44,428

                                       Minority Interest       30          96
                                                           44,366      44,524
Director of Communications
Chief Executive, Rehab Foundation;
Mr S Farrelly

                                                                                                                                                              Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
                                                                              made up of eight lessons on            Publications
                                                                              CD-Rom, will become part of the        Insight magazine strengthened its
                                                                              curriculum for each of the             position as the leading publication
                                                                              country’s 550 secondary schools        serving the Irish disability sector,
                                                                              operating the transition year          not least through its success in
                                                                              programme.                             facilitating debate on the
                                                                                                                     controversial Disabilities Bill – both
                                                                              People of the Year Awards              within its pages and by organising
                                                                              The stature and public profile of      a landmark meeting drawing
                                                                              the Awards was considerably            representatives from across the
                                                                              enhanced by the special award to       sector in the Mansion House.
                                                                              the Greatest Living Irish Person in    Meanwhile, Employer’s Platform,
                                     2002 was highlighted by the

                                                                                                                                                              Rehab Foundation
                                                                              order to mark the 75th anniversary     which now goes out to Ireland’s
                                     development of ground-breaking
                                                                              of the event’s sponsors, the ESB.      4,000 biggest companies, also
                                     advocacy and communications
                                                                              The selection of Dr TK Whitaker        continued to grow in stature.
                                     programmes, as well as being one
                                                                              won almost universal approval,
                                     of Rehab Foundation’s best ever
                                                                              as evidenced by substantial media      Other Communications Activities
                                     years for fundraising. At the same
                                                                              coverage after the event on his        In addition to achieving a
                                     time, Insight magazine cemented
                                                                              towering role in creating the          substantial media profile for the
                                     its position as a powerful
                                                                              foundations of Ireland’s economic      Group with both local and national
                                     independent voice in the disability
                                                                              success.                               media, a comprehensive
                                     sector, marketing activities further
                                                                                                                     communications service was
                                     increased the effectiveness of the
                                                                              International Activities               provided to the Group divisions.
                                     Group’s online communications
                                                                              The Communications Department          This included public relations,
                                     and the People of the Year Awards
                                                                              carried out comprehensive              speechwriting, copywriting, media
                                     proved to be a truly significant
                                                                              re-branding exercises on behalf of     training, production of
                                     event in the life of the Irish nation.
                                                                              both Workability International and     communications materials and
                                                                              the European Platform for              crisis management.
                                                                              Rehabilitation during the year. We
                                     During 2002, Rehab Foundation
                                                                              also provided the content and          The promotion of ESB Win Electric
                                     launched an innovative social
                                                                              design for all of the communications   was also re-vamped in line with a
                                     economy employment programme
                                                                              materials used by each organisation.   proposal by Rehab. This includes
                                     which aims to unlock the doors
                                                                                                                     the addition of client success
                                     barring access for people with
                                                                              Web Site                               stories from around the country,
                                     disabilities, and others from
                                                                              Visits to the Rehab Group web site     which have provided a much
                                     marginalised groups, to jobs in
                                                                              more than trebled in 2002,             sharper focus to the promotion.
                                     the Irish media.
                                                                              following a number of successful
                                                                              marketing initiatives, along with      Fundraising
                                     Developed in partnership with FAS
                                                                              the launch of an innovative online     Rehab’s Non-Stop Draw and
                                     for an initial three-year period,
                                                                              fundraiser called Rehab Touch          International Walks provided the
                                     Mediability provides journalism
                                                                              which earns a donation to Rehab        major sources of fundraising
                                     training through distance learning
                                                                              Foundation from sponsor                income during the year, along with
                                     for participants from all over
                                                                              organisations for every click on the   the local People of the Year Awards
                                     Ireland, who are simultaneously
                                                                              site. Work is ongoing to further       events. These are of particular
                                     supported in getting their work
                                                                              develop the site which has now         value in terms of community
                                     published by a wide range of
                                                                              become the primary source of           relations in the 12 counties where
                                     media organisations.
                                                                              information about Group activities.    they are held annually.

                                     Educate for Inclusion
                                     The first cross-category disability
                                     awareness programme ever
                                     developed for Irish schools,
                                     Educate for Inclusion began its
                                     pilot phase after being launched
                                     by Minister for Finance Charlie
                                     McCreevy in December.

                                     It is intended that the highly
                                     interactive programme, which is
Rehab Foundation

Rehab Foundation launched an innovative social
economy employment programme which aims
to unlock the doors barring access for people
with disabilities, and others from marginalised
groups, to jobs in the Irish media.

< 30

31 >
Rehab Lotteries

Rehab Lotteries’ core business involves the
marketing of a range of scratch card games
through a network of 1,900 retail agents
nationwide. The company has been operating
this business for 15 years.

< 32

33 >
Managing Director, Rehab Lotteries
Dr J McGuire

                                                                                                                                                            Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
                                                                            During the year the company              The Irish Charity Cards project is a
                                                                            carried out trials in counties           corporate and retail Christmas card
                                                                            Wicklow and Cork on a new Daily          business which is now in its
                                                                            Lotto product in partnership with        twelfth year and has raised almost
                                                                            alphyra. Overall, Rehab Lotteries’       v800,000 for the Rehab Group and
                                                                            position in the Irish lottery market     six other not-for-profit
                                                                            place continues to be very difficult,    organisations – The Alzheimer
                                                                            however. The company’s ability to        Society of Ireland, The Arthritis
                                                                            develop its business continues to        Foundation of Ireland, The Irish
                                                                            be seriously curtailed by an anti-       Wheelchair Association, The
                                                                            competitive regulatory regime            Multiple Sclerosis Society
                                     The purpose of Rehab Lotteries is      which aims to protect the State-         of Ireland. The National

                                                                                                                                                            Rehab Lotteries
                                     to maximise the funds raised for       owned National Lottery.                  Association for the Deaf and The
                                     designated purposes within the                                                  Polio Fellowship of Ireland.
                                     Rehab Group by supplying quality       The prizes in games promoted by
                                     and competitive lottery games          Rehab Lotteries may not exceed           The Rehab Great Investment Race
                                     supported by excellent service.        v20,000 per week and this                is a new fundraising initiative in
                                     The company also has a role in         imposition places the company at         which teams of investment
                                     project managing other                 a major disadvantage to the              managers invest sponsored funds
                                     fundraising initiatives on behalf      National Lottery which has no            for a year with all profits going to
                                     of the Rehab Group.                    prize restrictions. These restrictions   the Rehab Group.
                                                                            have huge implications for new
                                     Rehab Lotteries’ core business         product development which is the         A fund of v600,000 was made
                                     involves the marketing of a range      lifeblood of the business.               available for the first Race, which
                                     of scratch card games through a                                                 ended last March, or v100,000 to
                                     network of 1,900 retail agents         In 2002 the Rehab Group                  each of six participating teams -
                                     nationwide. The company has been       continued to benefit from the            Bank of Ireland Asset Management
                                     operating this business for 15         Charitable Lotteries Fund which          Friends First Asset Management,
                                     years. Three years ago the             was established by the                   Hibernian Investment Managers,
                                     company introduced its new Rehab       Government to supplement the             Irish Life Investment Managers,
                                     Lotteries UK Lotto product which is    income of the promoters of               Pioneer Investment Management
                                     now available nationwide using a       charitable lotteries which are           and Setanta Asset Management.
                                     network of 300 electronic terminals.   experiencing difficulties in
                                     The company also operates a            competing with the National              The Irish Times reported each
                                     special lottery in co-operation with   Lottery. This is the sixth year that     month on the performance of the
                                     Superquinn, which is linked in to      this scheme has operated and it          teams which generated a profit of
                                     their SuperClub loyalty scheme.        continues for 2003.                      v130,279, with Hibernian
                                                                                                                     Investment Managers securing the
                                     Sales of Rehab Lotteries’ products     During the year Rehab Lotteries          highest return. The second Race
                                     were up 10 per cent in 2002, a         project managed two other                commenced in October and runs
                                     satisfactory result in what was a      fundraising initiatives on behalf of     for 12 months.
                                     difficult year in the market place.    the Rehab Group – Irish Charity
                                     Sales of all products were slow in     Cards and the Rehab Great
                                     the first quarter due to the           Investment Race.
                                     introduction of the euro and it
                                     took some time before consumers
                                     became comfortable with the new
                                     price points for lottery games.

                                     Scratch cards accounted for 71 per
                                     cent of total sales, with Rehab
                                     Lotteries’ UK Lotto totalling 21 per
                                     cent. Sales of this product category
                                     were up by almost a third on the
                                     previous year as consumer
                                     awareness increased and the
                                     terminal network was expanded.
International Affairs

Membership of international organisations, as
well as the Group’s NGO status to the United
Nations, ensure that our voice is heard at the
very highest level by the agencies which
determine policy affecting people with
disabilities internationally.

< 34

35 >
                                                                                                                       Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
                                                                                Euro-American Platform
                                                                                The Platform is a co-operation
                                                                                between the European Platform
                                                                                for Rehabilitation and the National
                                                                                Consortium of State-Operated
                                                                                Comprehensive Rehabilitation
                                                                                Centers (NCSOCRC) in the United
                                                                                States. During the year it enabled
                                                                                Rehab staff to share knowledge
                                                                                and experience with US counterparts
                                                                                in areas including case management
The Rehab Group is an increasingly      and Workability International’s         in established services.

                                                                                                                       International Affairs
influential participant in various      European members on the
organisations which exist to            employment of workers with              Rehabilitation International (RI)
promote social and economic             disabilities. Discussions also          Rehab Group acts as RI’s National
inclusion among people with             commenced with Microsoft                Secretary for Ireland. Key issues
disabilities and others who are         and Ford.                               addressed by the organisation
marginalised, both on a                                                         during 2002 included the need for
pan-European and a global basis.        European Platform for                   a specific UN convention on the
                                        Rehabilitation (EPR)                    rights of people with disabilities;
Membership of international             2002 was a significant year for the     and the relevance of the World
organisations, as well as the           EPR with the launch of its              Health Organisation’s recently
Group’s NGO status to the United        European Rehabilitation Academy         published classification of health,
Nations, ensure that our voice is       and the European Quality in             disability and function.
heard at the very highest level by      Rehabilitation Mark (EQRM) – both
the agencies which determine            projects in which Rehab Group           United Nations - ECOSOC
policy affecting people with            personnel played a significant role.    Rehab Group continues to hold
disabilities internationally. It also                                           consultative status with the
assists the Group divisions to          The Academy was established to          Economic and Social Council of the
continue achieving service              provide a systematic approach to        United Nations (ECOSOC). The
excellence at home through the          human resources development             Group participates in the
sharing of expertise and                within the rehabilitation sector. It    Conference of NGOs and pursued
experience with other world class       offers a comprehensive range of         the progression of disability issues
organisations across the globe.         customised development                  in the Non Governmental
                                        programmes designed to ensure           Organisation committee on
Workability International               professional excellence at all levels   Human Rights.
Following Rehab Group chief             within service providing
executive Frank Flannery’s              organisations. These comprise:          In 2002, along with other Irish
appointment as its world                                                        non-governmental organisations,
chairman in early 2002, significant     • Further Training and Education
                                                                                the Group gave a written and oral
strides were made in transforming         Programme
                                                                                submission to the Economic, Social
Workability International from an       • Summer School
                                                                                and Cultural Rights Committee of
essentially European organisation       • Learning Groups
                                                                                the United Nations in Geneva, on
into a global force.                    • English language courses
                                                                                the occasion of Ireland’s second
                                                                                State Report to the Committee on
An Americas regional group was          The purpose of the EQRM is not
                                                                                the fulfilment of its obligations as
established, which had 18 members       only to provide a quality mark for
                                                                                a signatory under the Convention.
by the end of the year, including       rehabilitation services, it also
Goodwill Industries – the world’s       enables like-minded organisations
                                                                                As Ireland prepares to hold a
biggest single employer of people       to engage in an externally
                                                                                position on the Human Rights
with disabilities. Meanwhile work is    accredited self-assessment and
                                                                                Commission of the United Nations
continuing which will lead to the       organisational learning process at
setting up of an Oceania group          a European level.                       in 2003, the Group was invited
in 2003.                                                                        to participate in the
                                        During the year Rehab also              Non-Governmental Organization
Substantial progress was also           provided the EPR with a full suite      Standing Committee on Human
made on joint commercial                of communications materials for         Rights of the Department of
initiatives with the drawing up of      all its activities including logos,     Foreign Affairs
an agreement between McDonald’s         brochures, folders and manuals.
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                 Rehab Council

                                 In 2002 the Rehab Council appointed five new
                                 members, including two from the UK. Each
                                 brings invaluable experience, motivation and a
                                 unique perspective to the work of the Council.
Rehab Council

                                                       Rehab Council’s purpose is to           following workshop sessions,
                                                       protect the policies, ethos, values     participants developed a set of
                                                       and standards of the Rehab Group.       characteristics of excellent
                                                                                               customer care that were
                                                       Membership is made up of                disseminated throughout the
                                 < 36
                                                       volunteers, service users and carer     Rehab Group.
                                 37 >                  representatives, disability activists
                                                       and professional staff. The Council     During the year Rehab Council
                                                       has monitoring responsibilities in      focused on a review of research
                                                       the areas of:                           and innovation across the Rehab
                                                                                               Group. Activities included examples
                                                       Relevance to user needs and             of service improvement;
                                                       markets                                 restructuring; good practice and
                                                                                               quality; the development of more
                                                       Quality and integrity in service
                                                                                               effective impact indicators; the
                                                                                               evaluation of new services;
                                                                                               designing responses to new target
                                                       Policies, ethos and
                                                                                               groups and unmet needs;
                                                       organisational culture
                                                                                               facilitating user participation and
                                                                                               leadership; awareness raising and
                                                       Changes in the internal and
                                                                                               professional development.
                                                       external environment

                                                                                               In 2002 the Rehab Council
                                                       Research and innovation
                                                                                               appointed five new members,
                                                                                               including two from the UK. Each
                                                       Key activities in 2002 included a
                                                       review of each service providing        brings invaluable experience,
                                                       company’s individual programme          motivation and a unique
                                                       planning system, supporting             perspective to the work of the
                                                       processes and procedures, values        Council. In November the Rehab
                                                       and principles, impacts and             Council started the process of
                                                       evaluation procedures.                  reviewing the Rehab Group’s
                                                                                               Vision, Mission and Values. They
                                                       The major focus of the Annual           have been in print for more than
                                                       Seminar was quality and integrity       five years and since then
                                                       in service delivery with particular     substantial changes have occurred
                                                       emphasis on working towards             both internally and within the
                                                       excellence in customer care. Guest      external environments in Ireland
                                                       speakers emphasised the central         and the UK. This process should be
                                                       importance of the customer and          completed by mid 2003.
                                                                                                                              Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
Department of Public Affairs

2002 saw the beginnings of many significant
developments in legislation, which will continue
into 2003.

                                                                                                                              Department of Public Affairs
      The Public Affairs Department           Association. It is expected that the   Innovations included the
      monitors developments in the            new legislation will be published in   establishment of the Rehab Group
      national and international arena        2003 and these developments will       Multicultural Awareness Initiative
      and supports Group companies in         be closely monitored.                  to consider relevant issues for all
      any external matters of relevance                                              Group divisions. The consultation
      to their activities.                    Other relevant legislation             process on the Draft National
                                              published includes the Education       Action Plan on Racism prompted a
      2002 saw the beginnings of many                                                programme of seminars and
                                              of People with Disabilities Bill and
      significant developments in                                                    workshops with service users and
                                              the European Convention on
      legislation, which will continue into
                                              Human Rights Bill, now due for         laid foundations for future
      2003. A key feature of the year was
                                              further action in 2003.                developments on this matter. A
      the wide-ranging debate in the
                                                                                     pilot programme of workshops and
      disability sector surrounding the
                                              Within the Group, the Public Affairs   seminars on citizenship and
      Disabilities Bill 2001. Following a
                                                                                     participation was also delivered to
      high level of media and public          Department provides information,
                                                                                     coincide with the May election.
      interest, the Bill was withdrawn        advice and support on upcoming
      and a new consultation process          and existing legislation, and co-
      established by Government.                                                     Throughout the year preparations
                                              ordinates policy submissions to
                                                                                     continued to maximise Rehab
                                              external bodies on relevant
      Rehab Group produced a detailed                                                Group’s involvement in the
                                              matters. In 2002 these included
      submission document on the                                                     forthcoming Special Olympics
                                              submissions to Government
      proposed legislation and also                                                  World Games in its capacity as
                                              Departments and State Authorities,     official supplier. The Department
      participated in the Disability
                                              as well as to UN treaty monitoring     also facilitated visits by delegations
      Legislation Consultation Group and
      the consultation process through        bodies through its international       from many countries including
      the Not for Profit Business             affairs brief.                         Russia and New Zealand.
Courses, Programmes and Services

       NTDI                                   •   Electronics Assembly             Centre-Based Respite Care
                                              •   Welding & Fabrication            • Physical/Sensory
       Rehabilitative/Foundation Training.    •   Catering Assistant
       [Exploration and development           •   Vocational Multi-Skills          Residential Care
       of personal, social, community,        •   IT with Office Skills            • Autism Residential Care
       vocational and life skills]            •   Retail Operations
                                              •   Secretarial & Business Studies   CareLink
                                              •   Graphic Design                   • Home Support
       •   Rehabilitative Training
                                              •   Cookery Skills                   • Home-Based Respite Care
       •   Foundation Training
                                                                                   • Home Help/Hospital
       •   Directions                         •   Horticulture
                                                                                     Discharge Service
       •   Options                            •   Business Studies & Finance
       •   Skills for Life                    •   IT and Computer Maintenance
                                                                                   Newgrove Housing
       •   Home Link                          •   Computer Programming
                                                                                   Association Limited
< 38   •   Access                             •   Computer Skills & Telephony
                                                                                   • Accommodation for people
       •   Link                               •   Digital Photography
39 >                                                                                 with various needs
       •   Choices                            •   Performing Arts
       •   New Voyages                        •   Art Link
                                                                                   Services for People with
       •   Turas                              •   Upholstery                       Autistic Spectrum Disorder
       •   Camus                              •   Woodwork Multi-Skills            • Centre-Based Respite
                                              •   Bakery Skills                    • Supported Accommodation –
       Access and Learning Foundation         •   Accommodation Services             Prader Willi Syndrome
       [Exploration and clarification of
       further educational and training       Externally/Community Based           RehabCare Training Services
       options]                               • Employer Based Training
                                              • IT by Distance Learning            Sheltered Workshops
       •   College Start                      • Supported Employment               • Commercial Activities
       •   Pre-Training Learning Foundation                                        • Crystal Manufacturing
       •   Psychosocial Foundation            New Programmes/Services              • Boxmaking
       •   Pre-Training Assessment            • Stepping Out                       • Sewing Services
       •   Pathways Mobile Training           • Quest Brain Injury Services        • Contract Packaging
                                                Ireland                            • Box Assembly
       Introductory Skills Training           • Residential Post Addiction         • Horticulture
       and Career Exploration                   Rehabilitation Service
       [Exploration of career options         • Creative Training Solutions        TBG LEARNING
       and the development of                 • Disability Support Service
       vocational and personal skills]        • Pre-Training Assessment            FURTHER EDUCATION
                                                Service                            [Learning opportunities providing
       •   Introductory Skills Training                                            new skills and improving career
       •   Advance                            REHABCARE                            and employment prospects]
       •   Transition
       •   Fresh Start/New Start              Resource Centres                     Vocational areas:
                                              • Personal Development               • Word Processing
       Specific Skills Training               • Independent Living Skills          • Business Administration
       [Skills Training programmes            • Community Integration              • Basic Skills
       in specific vocational areas]            Programmes                         • New Computer Literacy and
                                              • Supported Work Programmes            Information Technology
       Centre-Based                           • Social and Leisure Programmes      • European Computer Driving
       • Information Technology               • Drama                                Licence (ECDL)
                                                                                                            Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
• English for Speakers of Other   Vocational areas:                     REHAB SCOTLAND

                                                                                                            Courses, Programmes and Services
  Languages                       • Administration/IT
• Electronics                     • Retail                              Access and Foundation Courses
• Start IT                        • Security
• Certificate and Diploma for     • Work Experience                     • Induction
  IT Users                        • Electronic Engineering              • GOALS Motivational Training
• Diploma for IT Practitioners                                          • Independent Living Skills
• Certificate in Computer         New Deal 18-24                        • Lifestyle Management
  Maintenance and Installation    [Full time Education and              • Social and Leisure Programmes
  (A+)                            Training Option]                      • Personal Development
                                  [2-52 week courses]                   • ENERGISER
JOBCENTRE PLUS                                                          • Fresh Start
                                  Vocational areas:                     • Study Skills and Learning
[Learning opportunities to
                                  • Security Guarding                     Support
maximise long term unemployed
                                  • Administration/IT                   • Disability Management
people’s chances of re-entering
                                  • Retail
and sustaining employment]
                                  • Electronic Engineering              Employment Service Contracted
Basic Employability Training
                                  Short Intensive Basic Skills
[Includes all vocational areas]
                                  [2-4 week job searching skills        •   Personal Development
                                  course covering all vocational        •   Work Preparation
Short-Job Focused Training        areas]                                •   Work Step
[2-6 week courses]
                                                                        •   Gateway to Work
                                  Independent Assessment                •   New Deal (under 25’s)
Vocational areas:                 [Half day basic skills assessment]
• Security Guarding
                                                                        Accredited Training Courses
• Administration/IT               WORK-BASED LEARNING FOR               [City & Guilds and Scottish
• Retail                          YOUNG PEOPLE                          Qualifications Authority]
• Electronic Engineering          [Foundation and Advanced Modern
• Hospitality and Catering        Apprenticeships for employed
                                                                        •   Induction
                                  16-24 year olds at their workplace]
                                                                        •   Profile of Achievement
Longer Occupational Training
                                                                        •   Keyboarding Skills
[6-52 week courses]               Vocational areas:
                                                                        •   Job Seeking Skills
                                  • Retail
                                                                        •   Start IT
Vocational areas:                 • Hospitality & Catering
                                                                        •   Using Information Technology
• Security Guarding               • Customer Service
                                                                        •   European Computer Driving
• Administration/IT               • Management
• Retail                          • Administration
                                                                        •   Administration
• Electronic Engineering          • Warehousing
                                                                        •   Skill Power
• Hospitality and Catering                                              •   BBC Becoming Webwise
                                  LIFE SKILLS/ENTRY TO
                                                                        •   Desktop Publishing
                                  EMPLOYMENT (E2E)
New Deal 25+ Gateway                                                    •   Catering and Hospitality
                                  [An individual learner led
[Job searching and transferable                                         •   Food Hygiene Practices
                                  programme for disadvantaged and
skills training covering all                                            •   Retailing
                                  or unemployed young people aged
vocational areas]                                                       •   Distributive Operatives
                                                                        •   Distributors and Warehouse
New Deal 25+                                                                Operations
Intensive Activity Period                                               •   Pre-Press (printing industry)
[Courses up to 13 weeks]                                                •   Horticulture
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                          Service Areas                         DEPARTMENT OF RESEARCH
Courses, Programmes and Services

                                                                                AND INNOVATION
                                          • Assessment and
                                            Early Intervention                  Workforce Plus
                                          • Vocational Rehabilitation           [A service development and
                                          • Community Integration               research initiative which aims to
                                          • Vocational Training                 minimise the effects of work-
                                          • Personal Development                related illness and injury]
                                          • Employment Support
                                          • Pre-Vocational                      Research Services
                                          • Job Brokerage                       [Including a literature search
                                                                                service, support in proposal
                                          • Vocational Case Management
                                                                                writing; and advice on research
                                          • Social Enterprises
                                   < 40                                         design and data analysis]
                                          • Job Retention
                                   41 >
                                          • Aftercare
                                                                                REHAB FOUNDATION
                                          • External Training

                                          REHAB UK                              [Social economy employment
                                          Vocational Training
                                          [Comprehensive assessment,
                                          training and job coaching delivered
                                          at all Brain Injury Centres]

                                          Transitions Programme
                                          [For school leavers who have not
                                          adequately completed their
                                          secondary education following a
                                          brain injury during childhood]

                                          Community Integration
                                          [Rehabilitation training and advice
                                          to clients who are not ready, or
                                          who are unable, to benefit from
                                          our vocational services]

                                          Case Management

                                          Coventry Project
                                          [A day centre in Coventry which
                                          provides support and facilities
                                          to elderly people]

                                          THE CHASELEY TRUST

                                          Residential Care Services
                                                                                                                    Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
Rehab Group Addresses

    HEAD OFFICE                           Fitzwilliam Secretarial Bureau      CORK
    Roslyn Park, Beach Road,              21 Upper Fitzwilliam Street,        West Cork
    Sandymount, Dublin 4                  Dublin 2                            Area Manager: Patrick Murphy
    Tel: 01 205 7200 Fax: 01 205 7211                                         NTDI West Cork,
    Email: info@rehab.ie                  Abbey Furniture                     Donemark, Bantry, Co Cork

                                                                                                                    Rehab Group Addresses
    Website: www.rehab.ie                 94-96 Middle Abbey Street,          Tel: 027 51027/52073 Fax: 027 51497
                                          Dublin 1                            Email: bantry@ntdi.ie
    DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE                 CAMUS                               Campus Accomodation,
                                          50 Pleasant Street,                 Droumleigh, Bantry, Co Cork
    Dublin West,                          Dublin 8                            Tel: 027 51414
    Dublin North/ North East
    General Manager: Jane Forman          An Siopa                            Hollyhill
    NTDI Tallaght                         Leinster House,                     Area Manager: Noel Shannon
    Unit 77, Broomhill Road,              Kildare Street,                     Hollyhill NTDI, Hollyhill
    Tallaght Industrial Estate,           Dublin 2                            Hollymount Industrial Estate
    Dublin 24                                                                 Hollyhill, Co Cork
                                          A&L Goodbody Solicitors,            Tel: 021 430 0144 Fax: 21 430 0089
    Tel: 01 452 5777 Fax: 01 461 0197
                                          North Wall Quay,                    Email: holyhill@ntdi.ie
    Email: jane.forman@ntdi.ie
                                          Dublin 1
                                                                              Distance Learning
    Midlands, West, North West            Ulster Bank,                        Tel: 021 421 0983
    General Manager: Joe O’Brien          Georges Quay,                       Freephone: 1800 240 400
    NTDI Tullamore,                       Dublin 2
    Tanyard, Tullamore,
                                                                              North Cork Mobile Training Unit
    Co Offaly                             AIB Bank Centre,
                                                                              Tel: 021 430 0144
    Tel: 0506 41044 Fax: 0506 22211       Ballsbridge,
                                                                              Mobile: 087 667 4282
    Email: midneregion@ntdi.ie            Dublin 4
                                                                              Email: mobile@ntdi.ie

    South West and Mid West               Roslyn Park College
                                                                              Model Farm Road
    General Manager: Michael              Head of College: Nollaig Hannaway
                                                                              Area Manager: Andrew Feeney
    O’Sullivan                            Roslyn Park, Beach Road,
                                                                              NTDI Model Farm Road,
    NTDI Model Farm Road,                 Sandymount, Dublin 4
                                                                              Seward House,
    Seward House, Cork Technology Park,   Tel: 01 205 7249 Fax: 01 205 7217
                                                                              Cork Business and Technology Park,
    Model Farm Road, Cork
                                                                              Model Farm Road, Cork
    Tel: 021 434 1019 Fax: 021 434 1021   NTDI CENTRES
                                                                              Tel: 021 434 1028 Fax: 021 434 1035
    Email: southwestregion@ntdi.ie
                                          CARLOW                              Email: modelfarmroad@ntdi.ie
                                          Area Manager: Amanda Horan
    Dublin South and South East           NTDI Carlow, Killeshin Road,        DONEGAL
    General Manager: Philip Byrne         Graiguecullen, Carlow               Area Manager: Sean D’Arcy
    NTDI Bray, Beechwood Close,           Tel: 0503 31696 Fax: 0503 41788     NTDI Lifford,
    Boghall Road, Bray, Co Wicklow        Email: carlow@ntdi.ie               Finn Valley Enterprise Park,
    Tel: 01 286 6751 Fax: 01 286 6753                                         Letterkenny Road, Lifford,
    Email: philip.byrne@ntdi.ie           CAVAN                               Co Donegal
                                          Area Manager: John Rooney           Tel: 074 41836 Fax: 074 42856
    Irish Social Firms Initiative         NTDI Cavan, Cootehill Road, Cavan   Email: lifford@ntdi.ie
    Area Manager, Dublin North:           Tel: 049 433 1544
    Gerry Lowry                           Fax: 049 436 1288                   Turas,
    10A Parnell Square, Dublin 1          Email: cavan@ntdi.ie                Old VEC Building,
    Tel: 01 874 6911 Fax: 01 873 5066                                         Milford, Co Donegal
    Email: isfi.accounts2@ntdi.ie                                             Tel: 074 53037
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                        DUBLIN                                   Student Accomodation,                Work Access
                                                                                 Clash Industrial Estate,             Limerick Supported Employment,
                                        Ballyfermot                              Tralee Co Kerry                      c/o NTDI Limerick,
                                        Area Manager: Clodagh Ni                 Tel: 066 7122 533/219                Raheen Industrial Park, Limerick
                                        Ghallachoir                              Fax: 066 712 2608                    Tel: 061 229473/346
                                        NTDI Ballyfermot, Kylemore Road,                                              Fax: 061 229456
                                        Ballyfermot, Dublin 10                   KILDARE                              Email: limericksupportedemployment
                                        Tel: 01 626 9979 Fax: 01 626 1145        Area Manager: Vincent Kelly          @eircom.net
                                        Email: ballyfermot@ntdi.ie               NTDI Kildare, Kildare Enterprise
                                                                                 Centre, Melitta Road, Kildare
                                        Swords                                                                        Area Manager: Rosaleen Doonan
                                                                                 Tel: 045 21080 Fax: 045 521101
                                        Area Manager: Gerry Lowry                                                     Coolamber Manor,
                                                                                 Email: kildare@ntdi.ie
                                        NTDI Swords, Balheary Industrial                                              Lisryan, Co Longford
Rehab Group Addresses

                                        Estate, Swords, Co Dublin                                                     Tel: 043 85159 Fax: 043 85203
                                                                                 Fresh Start,                         Email: coolamber@ntdi.ie
                                        Tel: 01 840 4120 Fax: 01 840 8175
                                                                                 Kilcullen Road, Naas,
                                        Email: swords@ntdi.ie
                                                                                 Co Kildare                           Dawn Learning Centre
                                                                                 Tel/Fax: 045 894088                  Manager: Sheila Byrne
                                        Fresh Start
                                        9 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2                                                6 Grafton Court,
                                                                                 KILKENNY                             Longford
                                        Tel: 01 676 5243
                                                                                 Area Manager: Amanda Horan           Tel/Fax: 043 42255
                                        Fresh Start                              NTDI Kilkenny,
                                        Our Lady’s Parish Centre,                Colliers Lane, Kilkenny              LOUTH
                                        Beech Park Lawns,                        Tel: 056 71385 Fax: 056 71385        Area Manager: Michael O’ Callaghan
                                        Castleknock, Dublin 15                                                        NTDI Dundalk, The Ramparts,
                                        Tel: 01 812 8545                         Computech                            Dundalk, Co Louth
                                 < 42                                            St Canices Court,                    Tel: 042 932 8441
                                 43 >   Tallaght                                 Dean Street, Kilkenny                Fax: 042 932 0970
                                        Area Manager: John Doolin                Tel: 056 64988 Fax: 056 70406        Email: dundalk@ntdi.ie
                                        NTDI Tallaght,
                                        77 Broomhill Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24   LAOIS                                NTDI,
                                        Tel: 01 452 5777 Fax: 01 452 6412        Area Manager: John Kilduff           Coes Road, Dundalk,
                                                                                 NTDI Portlaoise,                     Co Louth
                                        GALWAY                                   Dublin Road, Portlaoise,             Tel: 042 932 8441 Fax: 042 933 2807
                                        Area Manager: Richard Casburn            Co Laois
                                        NTDI Galway,                             Tel: 0502 21263 Fax: 0502 20961      MAYO
                                        Horizon Business Park,                   Email: portlaoise@ntdi.ie            Area Manager: Peter Dooley
                                        Ballybrit, Galway                                                             NTDI Castlebar, Breaffy Road,
                                        Tel: 091 756650 Fax: 091 752342                                               Castlebar, Co Mayo
                                        Email: galway@ntdi.ie                                                         Tel: 094 22770 Fax: 094 26190
                                                                                 Area Manager: Tom Flanagan
                                                                                                                      Email: castlebar@ntdi.ie
                                                                                 NTDI, Hilldrum House,
                                        Quest Brain Injury Services Ireland      Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim
                                        9A Liosban Business Park,                                                     MEATH
                                                                                 Tel: 078 50693
                                        Tuam Road, Galway                                                             Area Manager: Keith Killeen
                                        Tel: 091 778850                                                               NTDI Navan, Mullaghaboy
                                        Email: quest@ntdi.ie                                                          Industrial Estate, Navan, Co Meath
                                                                                 Area Manager: Pat Murphy
                                                                                                                      Tel: 046 21975 Fax: 046 21478
                                                                                 NTDI Limerick,
                                        KERRY                                                                         Email: navan@ntdi.ie
                                                                                 Raheen Industrial Park, Limerick
                                        Area Manager: Pat O’Neill
                                                                                 Tel: 061 229777 Fax: 061 229048      Fresh Start Navan,
                                        NTDI Tralee, Clash Industrial Estate,
                                                                                 Email: limerick@ntdi.ie              2nd Floor Kennedy House,
                                        Tralee, Co Kerry
                                        Tel: 066 712 2533/219                                                         Kennedy Road, Navan,
                                        Fax: 066 712 2608                        NTDI Employer Based Training         Co Meath
                                        Email: tralee@ntdi.ie                    (Clare, Limerick, North Tipperary)   Tel: 046 23624
                                                                                 Raheen Industrial Park, Limerick
                                        Retail Training Outlet,                  Tel: 061 229777 Fax: 061 229048      MONAGHAN
                                        Regional Hospital, Tralee,                                                    Area Manager: Anne McFarland
                                        Co Kerry                                 NTDI Distance Learning               NTDI Monaghan,
                                        Tel: 066 712 2533/219                    (Limerick, Tipperary)                The Diamond Building,
                                                                                 Raheen Industrial Park, Limerick     The Diamond Centre, Monaghan
                                                                                 Tel: 061 229777                      Tel: 047 83670 Fax: 047 83029
                                                                                 Freephone: 1800 217171               Email: monaghan@ntdi.ie
                                                                                                              Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
OFFALY                             WEXFORD                               Galway Corrugated Cases
Area Manager: Adrian Stewart       Area Manager: Brona O’Donnell         General Manager: Paraic
NTDI Tullamore, Tanyard,           Swan Training Services,               Shaughnessy
Tullamore, Co Offaly               The Faythe, Wexford                   Parkmore Industrial Estate, Galway
Tel: 0506 41272 Fax: 0506 21636    Tel: 053 47279 Fax: 053 47303         Tel: 091 753 001 Fax: 091 773 564
Email: tullamore@ntdi.ie           Email: wexford@ntdi.ie                Email: gcc@gandonenterprises.ie

ROSCOMMON                          WICKLOW                               Kilkenny Corrugated Cases
Area Manager: Tom Flanagan         Area Manager: Paul Coulter            General Manager: Paraic
NTDI Castlerea,                    NTDI Bray, Beechwood Close,           Shaughnessy
Church Road, Castlerea,            Boghall Road, Bray, Co Wicklow        Hebron Road Industrial Estate,
Co Roscommon                       Tel: 01 282 9643 Fax: 01 282 9904     Kilkenny
Tel: 0907 20374 Fax: 0907 20335    Email: bray@ntdi.ie                   Tel: 056 62043/62254

                                                                                                              Rehab Group Addresses
Email: castlerea@ntdi.ie                                                 Fax: 056 65764
                                   Access/Link Arklow                    Email: kcc@gandonenterprises.ie
Fresh Start                        Briggs Lane, Ferrybank,               Contact: Pat Fitzpatrick
Knockroe, Castlerea,               Arklow, Co Wicklow
Co Roscommon                       Tel: 0402 31370 Fax: 0402 33944       Response Electronic Manufacturing
Tel: 0907 20666                                                          (REM)
                                                                         General Manager: Paudie Murphy
                                   POLIO FELLOWSHIP OF IRELAND
SLIGO                                                                    Raheen Industrial Estate, Limerick
Area Manager: Sean D’Arcy                                                Tel: 061 303 306 Fax: 061 303 307
                                   Park House,
NTDI Sligo, Bridge Street, Sligo                                         Email: rem@gandonenterprises.ie
                                   Stillorgan Grove, Co Dublin
Tel: 071 45391 Fax: 071 45393
                                   Tel: 01 288 6468 Fax: 01 283 6128
Email: sligo@ntdi.ie                                                     The Mill Enterprise
                                                                         General Manager: Deirdre Rogers
TIPPERARY                          GANDON ENTERPRISES                    The Mill, Irishtown, Mountmellick,
NTDI Clonmel, Roseville, Western                                         Co Laois
Road, Clonmel, Co Tipperary        HEAD OFFICE                           Tel: 0502 24940 Fax: 0502 44217
Tel: 052 81555 Fax: 052 81521      Gandon Enterprises Ltd,               Email: themill@
                                   Roslyn Park, Beach Road,              gandonenterprises.ie
                                   Sandymount, Dublin 4.
Area Manager: Kitty Galvin
                                   Tel: 01 205 7200 Fax: 01 205 7219     Precision Workwear
NTDI Waterford,
                                   Email: info@gandonenterprises.ie      General Manager: Sean Brennan
IDA Industrial Estate,                                                   Athboy Road, Navan, Co Meath
                                   Website: www.rehab.ie
Cork Road, Waterford                                                     Tel: 046 27935 Fax: 046 72065
Tel: 051 372356 Fax: 051 371694                                          Email: pw@gandonenterprises.ie
                                   Rehab Recycling Partnership
Email: waterford@ntdi.ie                                                 Contact: John Doyle
                                   General Manager: Bob Rowat
                                   Rehab Building, Kylemore Road,
Waterford Employment
                                   Ballyfermot, Dublin 10                Hats of Ireland
Support Agency
                                   Tel: 01 626 0284 Fax: 01 626 0549     Breaffy Road, Castlebar, Co Mayo
22 Ballybricken Green, Waterford
                                   Freephone 1800 661 551                Tel: 094 21144
Tel: 051 876012 Fax: 051 876012
                                                                         Fax: 094 23972
                                   Ballymount Avenue, Dublin 24          Email: hatsofireland@
                                   Tel: 01 462 7401 Fax: 01 462 7402     gandonenterprises.ie
Area Manager: Jim O’Connor
                                   Email: recycling.dublin@              Contact: Chris Kennedy
NTDI Athlone,
Blyry Industrial Estate,           gandonenterprises.ie
                                                                         Connect Industries
Athlone, Co Westmeath
                                   Monahan Road, Cork                    General Manager: John Kavanagh
Tel: 0902 75297 Fax: 0902 73268
                                   Tel: 021 431 7195 Fax: 021 431 5520   Parkmore West, Parkmore, Galway
Email: athlone@ntdi.ie
                                   Email: recycling.cork@                Tel: 091 771 042 Fax: 091 770 208
                                   gandonenterprises.ie                  Email: info@connectind.com
Belhavel Training Services
Golden Island, Athlone,            Recycling Services Manager:
Co Westmeath                       Richard Jordan                        REHABCARE
Tel: 0902 79293 Fax: 0902 79290
                                   Unit 77 Broomhill Road, Tallaght,     REGIONAL OFFICES
Fresh Start                        Dublin 24
Presentation House, Harbour        Tel: 01 459 8461 Fax: 01 452 6412     North West
Street, Mullingar, Co Westmeath    Email: electronicrecycling@           Barry Sweeney
Tel/Fax: 044 45117                 gandonenterprises.ie                  Regional Manager, North West
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                        Abbeyville, St. Annes’s, Co Sligo   Bray Resource Centre                Home First
                                        Tel: 071 50385                      Shauna Rafferty                     Amy O’Malley
                                        Fax: 071 45153                      Beechwood Close, Boghall Road,      NTDI Swords Training Centre,
                                        E-mail: barry.sweeney@rehab.ie      Bray, Co Wicklow                    Balheary Industrial Park, Swords,
                                                                            Tel: 01 276 1665                    Co Dublin
                                        West                                Fax: 01 272 3408                    Tel: 01 840 6208 Fax: 01 840 8175
                                        Mark Logan                          Email: bray@rehabcare.ie            Email: amyomalley@rehabcare.ie
                                        Regional Manager, West,
                                        24 Heather Grove,                   Dunboyne Resource Centre
                                                                                                                Limerick Home Based Respite
                                        Mervue, Co Galway                   Brendan North
                                                                                                                Siobhan Barry
                                        Tel/Fax: 091 755686                 Rooske Road, Dunboyne, Co Meath
                                                                                                                11 John Street,
                                        Email: mark.logan@rehabcare.ie      Tel: 01 825 5641 Fax: 01 801 3954
                                                                            Email: dunboyne@rehabcare.ie
Rehab Group Addresses

                                                                                                                Tel: 061 312 876
                                        Lavinia Stronge                     Dundalk Resource Centre             Fax: 061 312 643
                                        Regional Manager, Midlands,         Aveen Toner                         Email: siobhan.barry@rehabcare.ie
                                        20 Main Courtyard, Headfort,        Dundalk House, Carroll Village,
                                        Demesne, Kells, Co. Meath           Church Street, Dundalk, Co Louth    Mary Aikenhead Home Help
                                        Tel: 046 41665                      Tel: 042 932 8766                   Nicola Scudds
                                        Email: lavinia.stronge@rehab.ie     Fax: 042 932 8769                   RehabCare, Roslyn Park,
                                                                            Email: dundalk@rehabcare.ie         Beach Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4
                                        South                                                                   Tel: 01 205 7353 Fax: 01 205 7282
                                        Neil Tobin                          Galway Resource Centre              Email: nicky.scudds@rehabcare.ie
                                        Regional Manager, South,            Finbar Colfer
                                        Brandon House, Dosco Industrial     24 Heather Grove, Mervue, Galway    Mayo PA/Home Support
                                        Estate, South Douglas Road, Cork    Tel/Fax: 091 755517                 Berniece Walshe / Pat Hallinan
                                 < 44   Tel: 021 436 2701                   Email: galway@rehabcare.ie          c/o The Parish Centre,
                                        Email: neil.tobin@rehab.ie
                                 45 >                                                                           Chapel Lane, Castlebar, Co Mayo
                                                                            Kilkenny Resource Centre
                                                                                                                Tel: 094 34980 Fax: 094 44974
                                        South East                          Mary Mulrooney
                                        Pat Mc Phillips                     Good Shepherd Centre,
                                                                                                                Monaghan Home Support
                                        Regional Manager, South East,       Church Lane, Kilkenny
                                                                            Tel: 056 56664 Fax: 056 56668       Linda Moore
                                        Good Shepherd Centre,
                                        Church Lane, Kilkenny               Email: kilkenny@rehabcare.ie        Tel/Fax: 042 974 2234
                                        Tel: 056 56664
                                        Fax: 056 56668                      Limerick Resource Centre            Slan Abhaile
                                        Email: patmcphillips@rehab.ie       Philip Atkinson                     Lynsey Jones
                                                                            11 John Street, Limerick            RehabCare, Roslyn Park,
                                        East                                Tel: 061 312876 Fax: 061 312643     Beach Road, Sandymount,
                                        Catherine Slattery                  Email: limerick@rehabcare.ie        Dublin 4
                                        Regional Manager, East,                                                 Tel: 01 205 7347 Fax: 01 205 7282
                                        RehabCare                           Nenagh Resource Centre              Email: lynsey.jones@rehabcare.ie
                                        Polio Fellowship of Ireland, Park   Martina O’Reilly
                                        House, Stillorgan, Co Dublin        1 St Conlons Road, Nenagh,          Sligo Home Support
                                        Tel: 087 654 4465                   Co Tipperary                        Barry Sweeney
                                        Email: catherine.slattery           Tel: 067 43612 Fax: 067 43570
                                                                                                                Abbeyville, St. Anne’s, Sligo
                                        @rehabcare.ie                       Email: nenagh@rehabcare.ie
                                                                                                                Tel: 071 915 0385
                                                                                                                Fax: 071 914 5153
                                        RESOURCE CENTRES                    Sligo Resource Centre
                                                                                                                Email: barry.sweeney@rehab.ie
                                                                            Eamonn Wheeler
                                        Ballinamore Resource Centre         Abbeyville, St. Anne’s, Sligo
                                                                                                                Waterford Home Support
                                        Sheila O’Dowd                       Tel: 071 915 0385
                                                                                                                Ailish Mc Govern
                                        New Golflinks Road,                 Fax: 071 914 5153
                                                                                                                Whitemill Industrial Estate,
                                        Ballinamore, Co Leitrim             Email: sligo@rehabcare.ie
                                        Tel: 078 44132 Fax: 078 44133
                                        Email: ballinamore@rehabcare.ie     HOME SUPPORT                        Tel: 087 296 0336 Fax: 053 45447

                                        Bantry Resource Centre              Dublin Home Based Respite           Wexford Home Support
                                        Bill Lynch                          RehabCare, Roslyn Park,             Ailish Mc Govern
                                        Drumleigh South, Bantry, Co Cork    Beach Road, Sandymount,             Whitemill Industrial Estate,
                                        Tel: 027 53698 Fax: 027 51497       Dublin 4                            Wexford
                                        Email: bantry@rehabcare.ie          Tel: 01 205 7361 Fax: 01 205 7282   Tel: 087 296 0336 Fax: 053 45447
                                                                                                                Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
Wicklow Home Based Respite            Tralee Hostel                         Kylemore Life House, Kylemore
Barbara Kellett                       Michael Barton                        Road, Ballyfermot, Dublin 10
Bray Learning Centre,                 Tel: 066 719 0559                     Tel: 01 626 9979 Fax: 01 626 1145
Boghall Road, Bray,                   Email: mike.barton@rehabcare.ie       Email: ballyfermot@rehabcare.ie
Co Wicklow
Tel: 01 272 3413 Fax: 01 272 3408     RESPITE SERVICES                      Bantry Sheltered Workshop
Email: barbara.kellett@rehabcare.ie                                         Bill Lynch
                                      Clonmel Respite Centre                Drumleigh South,
ACCOMMODATION SERVICES                Bernie Kennedy                        Bantry, Co Cork
                                      Northfields, Fethard Road,            Tel: 027 53614 Fax: 027 53290
Ballinamore Supported                 Clonmel, Co Tipperary                 Email: bantry@rehabcare.ie
Accommodation                         Tel: 052 22817
Sheila O’Dowd                                                               Bray Sheltered Workshop

                                                                                                                Rehab Group Addresses
                                      Email: bernie.kennedy@
Tel: 078 44132                                                              Aisling Maher
Email: sheilaodowd@rehab.ie                                                 Beechwood Close, Boghall Road,
                                                                            Bray, Co Wicklow
                                      Limerick Autism Respite Service       Tel: 01 282 9643 Fax: 01 282 9904
Bantry Hostel                         Rita Coffey                           Email: bray@rehabcare.ie
Bill Lynch                            Red House, Red Hill,
Tel: 027 53698                        Patrickswell, Co Limerick             Carlow Sheltered Workshop
Email: bill.lynch@rehabcare.ie        Tel: 061 355125 Fax: 061 320049       Eamonn McSteen
                                      Email: RCAA.limerick@rehab.ie         Killeshin Road,
Drogheda Supported                                                          Graiguecullen, Carlow
Accommodation                         Limerick Physical and                 Tel: 0503 32266 Fax: 0503 41788
Aveen Toner                           Sensory Respite                       Email: carlow@rehabcare.ie
Tel: 042 932 8766                     Kathleen Dalton
Email: aveen.toner@rehabcare.ie                                             Castlebar Sheltered Workshop
                                      Cairdeas, Clough Keating,
                                                                            Lorraine Gibbons
                                      Patrickswell, Co Limerick
Dundalk Supported                                                           Breaffy Road,
                                      Tel: 061 320075 Fax: 061 498079
Accommodation                                                               Castlebar, Co Mayo
                                      Email: cairdeas@rehabcare.ie
Aveen Toner                                                                 Tel: 094 43055 Fax: 094 26190
Tel: 042 932 8766                                                           Email: castlebar@rehabcare.ie
                                      Tullamore Autism Respite Service
Email: aveen.toner@rehabcare.ie
                                      Mary Conroy Thoms                     Castlerea Sheltered Workshop
                                      Charleville Cottage, Charleville      Miriam Mannion
Galway Supported Accommodation
                                      Road, Tullamore, Co Offaly            Church Road, Castlerea,
Finbar Colfer
                                      Tel: 0506 29991                       Co Roscommon
Tel: 091 764079
                                      Email: charlevillecottage@            Tel: 0907 22972
Email: finbar.colfer@rehabcare.ie
                                      rehabcare.ie                          Fax: 0907 20335
                                                                            Email: castlerea@rehabcare.ie
Lifford Hostel
                                      RESIDENTIAL CARE
Martin McIvor
                                                                            Cavan Sheltered Workshop
Tel: 074 41430
                                      Longford Autism Service               Bernard McVeigh
Email: lifford@rehabcare.ie
                                      Stephen Buckley                       Moyne Hall,
                                      Highfield House, Knockloughlin,       Ballinagh Road, Cavan
Monaghan Supported
                                      Co Longford                           Tel/Fax: 049 433 1161
                                      Tel: 043 44043                        Email: cavan@rehabcare.ie
Judith Arnott
Tel: 047 81115                        Email: stephen.buckley@rehabcare.ie
                                                                            Clonmel Sheltered Workshop
Email: monaghan@rehabcare.ie
                                                                            Bernie Kennedy
                                      SHELTERED WORKSHOPS
                                                                            Bridgewater House, Old Waterford
Prader Willi Syndrome Supported                                             Road, Clonmel, Co Tipperary
Accommodation                         Athlone Sheltered Workshop            Tel: 052 22817 Fax: 052 22827
Grainne McCarrick                     Veronica Cullinan                     Email: bernie.kennedy@
Tel: 01 278 1780                      Crescent House, The Crescent,         rehabcare.ie
Email: grainnemccarrick@              Railway Road, Athlone,
rehabcare.ie                          Co Westmeath                          Costello Sheltered Workshop
                                      Tel: 0902 91452 Fax: 0902 91454       Mark Logan
Sligo Supported Accommodation         Email: athlone@rehabcare.ie           Unit 7, Industrial Estate,
Eamonn Wheeler                                                              Costello, Co Galway
Tel: 071 915 0385                     Ballyfermot Sheltered Workshop        Tel: 091 572210 Fax: 091 572370
Email: sligo@rehabcare.ie             Des North                             Email: costello@rehabcare.ie
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                        Douglas Sheltered Workshop            Navan Sheltered Workshop              RehabCare, Roslyn Park,
                                        Brian Desmond                         Peter McKevitt                        Beach Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4
                                        Brandon House, Dosco Industrial       Mullaghboy Industrial Estate,         Tel: 01 205 7397 Fax: 01 205 7335
                                        Estate, South Douglas Road, Cork      Athboy, Navan, Co Meath               Email: pat.costello@rehabcare.ie
                                        Tel: 021 436 2701 Fax: 021 436 1283   Tel: 046 78978 Fax: 046 21478
                                        Email: douglas@rehabcare.ie           Email: navan@rehabcare.ie             INDEPENDENT LIVING COMMUNITY
                                        Dundalk Sheltered Workshop            Park House Day Centre                 Peter McKevitt
                                        Peter McKevitt                        Dorothy McKeon                        Coes Road, Dundalk, Co Louth
                                                                              Polio Fellowship of Ireland,          Tel: 042 933 7422 Fax: 042 933 2807
                                        Coes Road, Dundalk, Co Louth
                                                                              Park House, Stillorgan, Co Dublin     Email: petermckevitt@rehab.ie
                                        Tel: 042 933 4726 Fax: 042 933 2807
                                        Email: dundalk@rehabcare.ie           Tel: 01 205 5360 Fax: 01 212 1539
                                                                              Email: parkhousedaycentre@            RESEARCH & INNOVATION
Rehab Group Addresses

                                        Dundalk Horticultural Unit            ntdi.ie
                                                                                                                    NTDI Building,
                                        Aveen Toner
                                                                              Portlaoise Sheltered Workshop         Beechwood Close, Boghall Road,
                                        Mounthamilton House,
                                                                              Lisa Weldon                           Bray, Co Wicklow
                                        Carrick Road, Dundalk, Co Louth
                                                                              22 Lower Main Street,                 Tel: 01 272 3405
                                        Tel: 042 935 7531
                                                                              Portlaoise, Co Laois
                                        Email: dundalk@rehabcare.ie                                                 Workforce Plus
                                                                              Tel: 0502 60426 Fax: 0502 20961
                                                                              Email: portlaoise@rehabcare.ie        NTDI Building
                                        Dundalk Drama Project                                                       Beechwood Close, Boghall Road,
                                        Deirdre O’Reilly                                                            Bray, Co Wicklow
                                                                              Sceilig Crystal
                                        RehabCare, Dundalk House, Carroll                                           Tel: 01 272 3400
                                                                              Geoff Elvins
                                        Village, Dundalk, Co Louth
                                                                              Blennerville, Tralee, Co Kerry
                                        Tel: 042 933 4726                     Tel: 066 718 6354 Fax: 066 718 6357   REHAB LOTTERIES
                                 < 46
                                        Email: dundalk@rehabcare.ie           Email: sceilig.crystal@rehabcare.ie
                                 47 >                                                                               Unit 2,
                                        Galway Sheltered Workshop             Tallaght Sheltered Workshop           Blackhall Court,
                                        Finbarr Colfer                        Des North                             Blackhall Place,
                                        Parkmore Industrial Estate,           77 Broomhill Road,                    Dublin 7
                                        Galway                                                                      Tel: 01 679 7088
                                                                              Tallaght Industrial Estate,
                                        Tel: 091 764 079                                                            Fax: 01 679 1502
                                                                              Dublin 24
                                        Email: galway@rehabcare.ie            Tel: 01 452 5777
                                                                                                                    CRC & RTB PROMOTIONS
                                                                              Fax: 01 452 6412
                                        Hollyhill Sheltered Workshop          Email: des.north@rehabcare.ie
                                        Aidan O’Brien                                                               10 Parnell Square East,
                                                                                                                    Dublin 1
                                        Hollymount Industrial Estate,         Tullamore Sheltered Workshop
                                                                                                                    Tel: 01 874 8626 Fax: 01 874 0051
                                        Hollyhill, Cork                       Gerard Kirwan
                                                                                                                    Email: smullins@give.ie
                                        Tel: 021 430 0144 Fax: 021 430 0089   Kilcrutten Business Park,
                                        Email: aidanobrien@rehabcare.ie       Tullamore, Co Offaly
                                                                              Tel: 0506 24613                       UNITED KINGDOM
                                        Kildare Sheltered Workshop            Email: tullamore@rehabcare.ie
                                                                                                                    TBG LEARNING
                                        Tom McGarry
                                        Unit 2C, Kildare Enterprise Centre,   Waterford Sheltered Workshop
                                                                                                                    Head Office
                                        Melitta Road, Kildare, Co Kildare     Donal O’Brien
                                                                                                                    Lombard House,
                                        Tel: 045 521093 Fax: 045 521101       IDA Industrial Estate,
                                                                                                                    145 Great Charles Street,
                                        Email: tommcgarry@rehab.ie            Cork Road, Waterford
                                                                                                                    Birmingham B3 3JR
                                                                              Tel: 051 357127 Fax: 051 371694
                                                                                                                    Tel: 0121 200 1140
                                        Lifford Sheltered Workshop            Email: waterford@rehabcare.ie
                                                                                                                    Fax: 0121 233 0573/9567
                                        Martin McIvor
                                        Finn Valley Enterprise Park,          Wexford Sheltered Workshop            TBG Learning Barking
                                        Lifford, Co Donegal                   Gordon Rochford                       Unit 5 Monteagle Court,
                                        Tel: 074 41430 Fax: 074 41188         Whitemills Industrial Estate,         Wakering Road, Barking,
                                        Email: lifford@rehabcare.ie           Wexford                               Essex IG11 8PD
                                                                              Tel: 053 24248 Fax: 053 45447         Tel: 020 8507 1377
                                        Monaghan Sheltered Workshop           Email: rehabcarewexford@rehab.ie      Fax: 020 8507 1296
                                        Judith Arnott
                                        Rooskey, Co Monaghan                  NEWGROVE HOUSING
                                        Tel: 047 81115 Fax: 047 84037         ASSOCIATION
                                        Email: monaghan@rehabcare.ie          Pat Costelloe

                                                                                                                                           Cont. overleaf >>
                                                                                                                      Rehab Group Annual Report 2002
TBG Learning Tower Hamlets            MOMENTUM                                Fax: 0141 842 3418
Truman Building,                                                              Email: info.workmatters@
91-95 Brick Lane,                     Momentum Head Office                    momentumscotland.org
London E1 6QL                         Intercity House, 80 Oswald Street
Tel: 020 7247 0036                    Glasgow G1 4PL                          Employment Support Team
Fax: 020 7426 0560                    Tel: 0141 221 2333 Fax: 0141 229 6510   1st Floor, Trinity Quay House
                                      Email: headoffice@                      49-51 Market Street,
TBG Learning Newham                                                           Aberdeen AB11 5PZ
                                                                              Tel: 01224 587 777
1A Claughton Road,
                                                                              Fax: 01224 589 599
Newham, London E13 9PN                BRAIN INJURY                            Email: info.estaberdeen@
Tel: 020 8548 9489
Fax: 020 8472 1022                    Pathways
                                      South Wing, Migvie House

                                                                                                                      Rehab Group Addresses
TBG Learning Essex                    23 North Silver Street
Portal House,                         Aberdeen AB10 1RJ
                                                                              Gateway To Work
                                      Tel: 01224 625 580
27 Southway, Colchester CO2 7BA                                               6th Floor, Savoy Tower
                                      Fax: 01224 625 581
Tel: 01206 366341                                                             77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G2 3BZ
                                      Email: info.pathwaysaberdeen@
Fax: 01206 366358                                                             Tel: 0141 354 0200
                                                                              Fax: 0141 354 0201
TBG Learning Tendring                                                         Email: info.gatewayglasgow@
                                      Integrate & Pathways                    momentumscotland.org
103-105 Carnarvon Road,               Anderson’s Chambers
Clacton-on-Sea CO15 6QA               Market Street, Galashiels TD1 3AF       Workability
Tel: 01255 430053                     Tel: 01896 751 818                      1650 London Road
Fax: 01255 688240                     Fax: 01896 759 924                      Glasgow G31 4QF
                                      Email: info.integrateborders@           Tel: 0141 554 8822 Fax: 0141 551 3960
TBG Learning Derbyshire               momentumscotland.org                    Email: info.workabilityglasgow@
St. Peters House,                     info.pathwaysborders@                   momentumscotland.org
Gower Street, Derby DE1 1SB           momentum.org
Tel: 01332 202828                                                             Work Prep (programmes offered in
Fax: 01332 202804                     Integrate & Pathways                    Aberdeen, Fife and Glasgow)
                                      7th Floor, Savoy Tower                  6th Floor, Savoy Tower
                                      77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G2 3BZ       77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G2 3BZ
TBG Learning Kent
                                      Tel: 0141 333 0567                      Tel: 0141 354 0200
23-25 King Street,
                                      Fax: 0141 333 1678                      Fax: 0141 354 0201
Gravesend, Kent DA12 2DU
                                      Email: info.integrateglasgow@           Email: info.workprep@
Tel: 01474 566588                     momentumscotland.org                    momentumscotland.org
Fax: 01474 569100                     Email: info.pathwaysglasgow@
                                      momentumscotland.org                    Work Step
TBG Learning South London                                                     6th Floor, Savoy Tower
13-14 Ellerslie Square,               Pathways                                77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G2 3BZ
Lyham Road, London SW2 5DZ            Eglinton Disability Resource Centre     Tel :0141 354 0200
Tel: 020 7274 4106                    Pavilion 9, Ayrshire Central Hospital   Fax: 0141 3354-0201
Fax: 020 7274 0764                    Kilwinning Road, Irvine KA12 8SS        Email: info.workstep@
                                      Tel: 01294 311433                       momentumscotland.org
                                      Email: info.pathwaysayrshire@
TBG Learning West London
                                      momentumscotland.org                    RRS
84 Uxbridge Road, Ealing,
                                                                              220 Blairtummock Road
London W13 8RA
                                                                              Queenslie Industrial Estate
Tel: 020 8566 5252                    MENTAL HEALTH                           Glasgow G33 4ED
Fax: 020 8579 6735                                                            Tel: 0141 771 2300 Fax: 0141 771 5490
                                      Fresh Start                             Email: rrs@rehab-scotland.
TBG Learning West Midlands            6th Floor, Savoy Tower                  fslife.co.uk
Civic House,                          77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G2 3BZ
156 Great Charles Street,             Tel: 0141 354 0200
Birmingham B3 3HU                     Fax: 0141 354 0201                      PAN-DISABILITY
Tel: 0121 236 1960                    Email: info.freshstart@
                                      momentumscotland.org                    Energiser & Inclusive
Fax: 0121 236 9979
                                                                              Open Gate Community College
                                      Work Matters                            44 Hecla Square, Drumchapel
TBG Learning Dartford
                                      The Charleston Centre                   Glasgow G15 8NH
27 High Street, Dartford DA1 1DT      49 Neilston Road, Paisley PA2 6LY       Tel: 0141 949 4885
Tel: 01322 272743 Fax: 01322 272133   Tel: 0141 842 3410                      Fax: 0141 944 6232
Rehab Group Annual Report 2002

                                        Email: info.energiserdrumchapel@        RETAIL                                  THE CHASELEY TRUST
                                        info.inclusivedrumchapel@               Appliance Bargain Centre                South Cliff, Eastbourne, East Sussex
                                        momentumscotland.org                    43 Stockwell Street, Glasgow G1 4RZ     BN20 7JH
                                                                                Tel: 0141 552 6252 Fax: 0141 552 6252   Tel: 01323 744 200
                                        Energiser                                                                       Fax: 01323 744 208
                                        3/5 Kelso Place, Yoker,
                                        Glasgow G14 OLL
                                        Tel: 0141 952 6494
                                                                                Cafe Momentum
                                        Email: info.energiseryoker@
                                        momentumscotland.org                    The Tannahill Centre,
                                                                                76 Blackstoun Road, Paisley PA3 1NT
                                        Assist                                  Tel: 0141 889 2506
                                                                                Fax: 0141 849 1000
Rehab Group Addresses

                                        Queen Elizabeth National
                                                                                Cafe Momentum
                                        Spinal Injuries Unit
                                                                                1198 Shettleston Road
                                        Southern General Hospital
                                                                                Glasgow, G32 7PG
                                        1345 Govan Road, Glasgow G51 4TF
                                                                                Tel: 0141 778 7489
                                        Tel: 0141 201 2205
                                        Fax: 0141 201 2991
                                                                                Cafe Momentum
                                        Email: momentumscotland@
                                                                                Toryglen Resource Centre
                                                                                179 Prospecthill Circus
                                                                                Glasgow G42 0LT
                                                                                Tel: 0141 613 3094
                                        Springbank Resource Centre
                                        Doncaster Street, Maryhill
                                                                                REHAB UK
                                        Glasgow G20 7DG
                                 < 48
                                        Tel: 0141 945 5662 Fax: 0141 945 1529
                                                                                Registered Office
                                 49 >   Email: info.adapt@
                                                                                Windermere House,
                                                                                Kendal Avenue,
                                                                                London W3 0XA
                                        JOB RETENTION
                                                                                Tel: 0208 896 2333
                                                                                Fax: 0208 896 2444
                                        Get Back Plus
                                        7th Floor, Savoy Tower
                                                                                Head Office & Birmingham
                                        77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow G2 3BZ
                                                                                Brain Injury Centre
                                        Tel: 0141 333 0567
                                                                                Borough Buildings,
                                        Fax 0141 333 1678
                                                                                58-72 John Bright Street,
                                        Email: info.getbackplusglasgow@
                                                                                Birmingham B1 1BN
                                                                                Tel: 0121 616 3900
                                                                                Fax: 0121 616 3909
                                        Community Rehabilitation
                                        (substance misuse)
                                                                                London Brain Injury Centre
                                        STAR Partnership
                                                                                21 St. Thomas Street,
                                        C/o Open Gate Community College
                                                                                London SE1 9RY
                                        44 Hecla Square, Drumchapel
                                                                                Tel: 0207 378 0505
                                        Glasgow G15 8NH
                                                                                Fax: 0207 403 4219
                                        Tel: 0141 949 4885
                                        Fax: 0141 944 6232
                                                                                Tyne and Wear Brain Injury Centre
                                        Email: info.inclusivedrumchapel@
                                                                                Melbourne House,
                                        momentumscotland.org                    Melbourne Street,
                                                                                Newcastle-Upon-Tyne NE1 2JQ
                                        Care & Supported Living                 Tel: 0191 232 0234
                                        Momentum, Intercity House,              Fax: 0191 230 4307
                                        80 Oswald Street, Glasgow G1 4PL
                                        Tel: 0141 221 2333 Fax: 0141 229 6510   Coventry Elders Project
                                        Email: headoffice@                      Teach Na hEireann
                                        momentumscotland.org                    25 St. Columba’s Close
                                                                                Coventry, CV1 4BX
                                                                                Tel: 024 762 21600

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