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                                         SUNDAY, June 12, 1994
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                                       Feeling a Sense of

                                       pricing and the
                                                                         By BOB MATHEWS
                                                                         Staff Writer

                                                                              There was a time in America
                                       need for more                      When electronic burglar and fire
Real Estate                                                               alarm systems, could be found
                                       home security                      only in businesses and the homes
                                                                          of the extraordinarily wealthy.
                                       have resulted                          It was a time when crime was
                                                                          confined to ^bad" neighbor-
                                       in more                            hoods. And the costs of owning a
                                                                          security system were out of
                                                                          reach for most homeowners.
  'The Real                            homeowners                             It's a new day.
                                                                              Toney Liakakis, general man-
 Estate Game                           deciding to                        ager of United Alarm Systems,
                                                                          said that, "now, crime is going
                                       have alarm                         on every day. There's not any
Columnist says                                                            neighborhood any more that is
tegal remedies for                     systems                            immune to crime."
                                                                              And he and Bill Rauers, presi-
home buyers and                        installed.                         dent of Security Systems of Sa-
                                       vannah, say competitive pricing and the need for more home secu-
home sellers can                       rity have resulted in more homeowners deciding to have security
prevent trouble.                       and fire alarm systems installed.
                                          Rauers said the latest information he has suggests that eight to
        3Q.                            12 percent of the homes in America now have alarm systems. He
                                       said declining costs for alarm systems have helped to increase the
                                       number pf homes using them.
                                                                     Another motivating factor is that in
                                                                  many households today, both husband
                                                                  and wife work, leaving the houses va-
                                                                  cant and vulnerable during the day, he
                                                                  said.           /
                                                                     A "starter" security system can           FEELJNG SAFE: Toney Liakakis shows off security equip-
                                                                  range from $450 to $900, Liakakis said,      ment
                                                                  adding that choosing a security system
                                                                  is "like buying an automobile or any*        have they been completely satisfied?"
                                                                  thing else, you can add features and add         Another tip Rauers offered is, "If you invite someone out to
                                                                  protection." He said the average securi-     your house, if you can ask them some pretty specific questions
                                                                  ty system costs $1,200 to $1,600 for the     about equipment and what it does, try to get a feel for whether the
                                                                  equipment and fees for around-the-clock      guy's just a real salesman or whether he has some input into how
                                                                  monitoring can range from $18 to $90 a       the systems operate Does he have any hands-on experience?"
                                                                  month.                                           He said customers should calculate what the total cost of their
      Gate Fer                                                       Liakakis said the less expensive
                                       "starter" systems are "hooked into the monitoring stations Just
                                                                                                               security system will be, taking into consideration the initial instal-
                                                                                                               lation cost and the monthly monitoring fees over the length of the
                                       exactly like a $3,000 system. We try to treat our customers the         contract.
                                       same, whether they have a $500 system or a $3,000 system, and to            "Basically, tike the old saying goes, if it sounds U» good to be
                                       give them the same kind of service."                                    true, it probably is," Rauers said.
                                          Service is important, Liakakis and Rauers said.                          Liakakis said his employees "look at trying to put in security
                                           "You want to find a company that can give you 24-hour-a-day         systems for our residential customers. Anybody can sell you a
                                       service, from both your technicians as well as the main people on       burglar alarm. But we try to give our customers the option of a
                                       duty. You want to be abte to reach someone at any time if you           good security system, something that's going to give them peace
                                       have a question or a concern/' Liakakis said                            of mind "
                                          Rauers said, "f think the first thing, if I were telling someone         Wireless systems and systems using wires are available.
                                       how to shop for a security system, is to ask people they know who
                                       have an alarm system what their experience has been tike and            • See "•SECURITY,• Page 2Q „ . .
                                                                                                                        '  * -' }"•» -                 . ,   • ,

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