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									                                       MSCJ 525
          October 19 – December 12, 2009 (09/M52)
                             On-line Course Syllabus

Course Description
MSCJ 535: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

Prerequisites: Graduate standing and foundational course.

This course examines Criminal Justice systems worldwide and explores means of establishing
cooperation toward mutual goals despite structural, historical and ideological differences. The
purpose of this course is to provide the student with a general introduction to Criminal Justice
systems in use in other countries. All aspects of selected worldwide systems will be analyzed,
including police, courts, corrections and juvenile justice.

To view a demonstration and for details on taking an on-line course, please go to the following
address: http://www.ccis.edu/online/demo.asp

I. Overview and Course Goals
Welcome to Comparative Criminal Justice Systems (MSCJ 525), on line! The course focuses on the
criminal justice of the United States and a comparison of that system with that of other countries.
The course format will allow for discussion and consideration of topics of international interest in
certain areas.

Week One: We begin with introductions and an overview of the course. Students are asked to
introduce themselves online and familiarize themselves with the online environment by reading the
course syllabus, exploring some of the references available online, and understanding general
guidelines and expectations of the course. In addition to becoming familiar with the online learning
environment we will concentrate on the universal benefits of studying foreign legal systems. We will
begin reading from our course text and will complete Chapters One and Two.
Week Two: In this week we look at the American perspective on Criminal Law. We also will discuss
the general characteristics and the major principles of substantive law. We will continue with
appropriate readings from our text and designated websites and will complete Chapter Three.

Week Three: In week three we examine how legal traditions differ from legal systems. We also
examine the meaning of civil law in America and compare it with the term’s meaning in the rest of the
world. We will continue with appropriate readings from our text and designated websites and will
complete Chapter Four.

Week Four: We analyze substantive and procedural law in the four legal traditions. We will continue
with appropriate readings from the text and designated websites and will complete Chapters Five.

Week Five: We study the international perspective on policing. Do countries other than the United
States have problems with police corruption? We will continue with appropriate readings from our
text and designated websites and will complete Chapter Six.

Week Six: We examine the international perspective on courts. We’ll study how people become
lawyers and judges in various countries and examine the similarities and differences in how courts are
organized. We will continue with appropriate readings from our text and designated websites and will
complete Chapter Seven.

Week Seven: We take a look at the international perspective on corrections. What are some of
the reasons for punishing criminals? Course evaluations will open on Monday of this week. We will
complete Chapter Eight of the text.

Week Eight: In the final week we consider chapters Nine and Ten and the international standards
for juvenile justice. We also review the Japanese justice system and what aspects can be adapted to
the U. S. system. We will continue with appropriate readings from our text and designated websites
and will complete Chapters Nine and Ten.

The Course Schedule and Calendar contains a detailed summary of each week’s readings and
discussion topics.

II. Course Objectives and Measurable Learning
The Course objectives section of the Departmental Master syllabus provides as follows:

   •   To understand and appreciate the comparative issues, processes, diversity and differences
       among world criminal justice systems.
   •   To understand the comparative structures, approaches and limitations upon selected world
       criminal justice systems.
   •   To expand upon the comparative roles served by law enforcement, the courts and corrections
       in selected world criminal justice systems.
   •   To compare assorted methods, procedures and theories employed by other countries to the
       American Criminal Justice system.

   •   To enhance critical thinking, research and oral and written communication skills on issues
       dealing with worldwide criminal justice systems.

After you have completed this course, you should be able to:

   •   Explain the origins of designated worldwide criminal justice systems.
   •   Describe and compare the evolution of and philosophical underpinnings for designated
       worldwide criminal justice systems.
   •   Analyze, compare and apply the tools developed for measurement of criminal activity and
       victimization in selected worldwide criminal justice systems.
   •   Describe and compare the roles, policies and procedures employed by law enforcement, the
       courts, and corrections in selected worldwide criminal justice systems.
   •   Construct and evaluate arguments for and against proposed reforms in selected worldwide
       criminal justice systems.
   •   Explain, evaluate and apply important theories regarding comparative criminal justice issues.
   •   Describe the relationship between philosophy, theory law and practice in selected worldwide
       criminal justice systems.
   •   Appraise current literature, materials and developments regarding juvenile justice issues.

III. Course Policies
Non-Discrimination Policy

There will be no discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation,
religion, ideology, political affiliation, veteran status, age, physical handicap, or marital status.
Students with documented disabilities who may need academic services for this course are required
to register with the Coordinator for Disability Services. Until the student has been cleared
through the disability services office, accommodations do not have to be granted. It is
vital if you are a student who has a documented disability to read the entire syllabus before signing
up for the course. The structure or the content of the course can make an accommodation not
feasible. The policies and related syllabus matters remain subject to change in the event of
extenuating circumstances.

Student Conduct

The instructor reserves the right to manage a positive learning environment and thus will not tolerate
inappropriate conduct in the course. All Columbia College students, whether enrolled in a land-based
or on-line course, are responsible for behaving in a manner consistent with Columbia College's Code
of Student Conduct and Ethics Code for Computer Users. Students violating these codes will be
referred to the Campus Life Office for possible disciplinary action. The Code for Student Conduct and
the Ethics Code for Computer Users can be found in the Columbia College Student Handbook, a copy
of which can be obtained by calling the Campus Life office at 573-875-7425.

On-Line Participation

This course is offered on-line, over the Internet, using the Internet and the World Wide Web, using
publishing technology provided by Desire 2 Learn and Columbia College. Participation on-line is

expected and continuous throughout the course. Failure to turn in assignments by the date due, or
timely participation in on-line discussions may result in the student being withdrawn from the
course. Emergencies should be communicated and documented to the instructor as soon as
possible. Students are expected to read the assigned texts each week and log-in to the class
conferencing, and post at least one message per week to each of the threads provided in the
conference room. Active participation in the course will guide students in studying for the exam and
in researching for the scholarship. Students will participate in on-line discussions in the conference
room by responding to posted messages. See "Ground Rules for On-line Participation" for additional

A class week is defined as the period of time between Monday and Sunday. The first week begins the
first day of the session (Monday, October 19th 2009) and ends midnight the following Sunday
except for Week 8 when the week and the course will end Saturday, December 12th 2009, at
midnight. Both discussion and dropbox assignments scheduled for completion during a
class week should be submitted or posted by the weekly due dates stated on the grading
schedule below. Writing assignments (papers)/Journals should be completed and successfully
submitted so that I receive them by the due date. NOTE: Because this is an online course designed to
get feedback on assignments to you directly via internet, you must make prior arrangements with me
before submitting a paper via email, fax or the postal service. If you ever have problems
transmitting your assignments to me, telephone me immediately at (904) 282-3625 and
we'll get the problem solved.

Please note the availability of a student manual: http://www.ccis.edu/online/studentmanual. This link
is provided as a resource to all students taking online classes, but can be especially helpful to those
new to on-line coursework.

Ground Rules for On-line Participation

   •   Students should use e-mail for private messages to the instructor and other students rather
       than for public forums. The Class Conference is for public messages so we can see what each
       other has to say about any given topic, and respond.
   •   Students are expected to participate in on-line discussions, as well as other appropriate on-line
       activities (including sending/receiving e-mail and navigating and conducting research over the
       World Wide Web).
   •   All students will participate in weekly on-line discussions. Conventions of "on-line etiquette,"
       which includes courtesy to all users, will be observed.
   •   Students may get limited assistance with computer related problems through the instructor. I
       will direct you to other sources if I am beyond the scope of my expertise.
   •   Dropbox assignments should be prepared in Microsoft Word and submitted through the
       “dropbox” section of the course. That method preserves their formatting.
   •   Assignments will not be accepted via e-mail, the postal service or fax unless sufficient reason
       is given and arrangements are made with the instructor beforehand.

Academic Honesty

All Columbia College policies are in effect as described in the Academic Dishonesty/Misconduct section
of the current college Catalog. All your work must be your own unless collaboration has been
authorized. If collaboration is authorized you must acknowledge the collaboration in writing. Your
grade will be based in large part on the originality of your ideas and your written presentation of
these ideas. Presenting as one's own the words, ideas, or expression of another in any form is

cheating through plagiarism. If you are unsure what constitutes plagiarism, review the rules of
original writing at the following web site http://owl.english.purdue.edu. This link provides valuable
information, including examples about plagiarism. To review some plagiarism tools available to
students, take a look at http://www.schoolsucks.com and www.termpapersites.com. The content of
these plagiarism sites would, if you were lucky, get you a "D" in this course if you were not caught.
It is substandard work indeed, but you will almost always be caught if you try to cheat, due to the
plagiarism prevention tools available to instructors. Here are two sites that may be of interest:
http://www.indiana.edu/~istd and http://www.plagiarism.com. Plagiarism will not be tolerated and
the claim of ignorance is no excuse. Those found plagiarizing may be dropped from the course.

Collaboration with other students is not permitted without explicit permission from the instructor. This
is a form of plagiarism. Roommates and spouses taking the same course should be particularly

Levels of Communication

We will be using a minimum of two levels of communication in this course, one formal the other
informal. All dropbox assignments are formal. They should be written as if you are communicating
with a client. The formal rules of proper English and grammar apply for these submissions, and
points will be deducted for misspellings, incomplete sentences, poor sentence structure,
etc. Conference postings are informal. You do not have to use capitalizations to begin sentences;
there are no penalties for misspellings, incomplete sentences, or other violations of grammatical
rules. The criterion for conference postings is that your messages must be original and
intelligible. You must communicate effectively. In addition, you must meet the weekly requirements
for full credit on conference room assignments. An optional communication tool we have at our
disposal is the use of a chat room. Chat rooms allow us to communicate in a synchronous fashion if
class participants desire to communicate with the instructor in "real time". If one or more students
desire synchronous communication, start a thread in the conference requesting a chat session. If
feasible, we will establish a cyber-location, date and time so that we can discuss issues arising in the
course. This course is structured around asynchronous communication. Use of chat rooms is strictly
optional, and will only be utilized at the request of course participants.

Grading Policy

You will know in advance the standards for each assignment. The goal is to give you prompt, clear,
and useful feedback to help you become a better writer and thinker.
   The quizzes, mid-term and final exam will be posted on-line and will consist of multiple choice
   and/or essay and short answer questions.
   No make-up quizzes will be allowed.
   Late assignments will receive no credit absent special circumstances.

You will be able to track your grade exactly throughout the course. The grading scale is as follows:
A = 90 – 100; B = 80-89; C = 70-79; D = 60-69; F = 0-59.

IV. Grades
Components of the Final Grade

         Assignment           Points Possible                              Notes

                                                      6 @ 50 points each (there is no journal due the
Weekly Journal                      300 points
                                                      first or last week of class).

Weekly                              80 points         8 weekly discussion forums. You must log in
Conference/Discussion                                 and participate in each thread for the weekly
Participation                                         conference to receive maximum consideration.
                                                      Students who do not participate in the
                                                      conference will be dropped from the course.

Weekly Quizzes                      140 points        7 @ 20 points each. Posted on-line in the
                                                      “quizzes” section.

Web Projects                  10 points each or       Guidelines for each discussed ahead in Section
                               80 points total        VII

Term Paper                          200 points        Guidelines discussed ahead in Section VII

Final Examination                   200 points        Will be a comprehensive multiple choice/short
                                                      answer/Essay examination posted in the quizzes
                                                      section at the beginning of Week 8 and falling
                                                      due on the last day of the term.

 WEEK                 ASSIGNMENT                        POINTS                   DUE DATE

Week 1    Conference/Discussion 1                        10 pts        Friday, 10-23-09
          Web Project 1                                  10 pts        Saturday, 10-24-09
          Quiz 1                                         20 pts        Sunday, 10-25-09
Week 2    Conference/Discussion 2                        10 pts        Friday, 10-30-09
          Web Project 2                                  10 pts        Saturday, 10-31-09
          Journal 1                                      50 pts        Sunday, 11-01-09
          Quiz 2                                         20 pts        Sunday, 11-01-09
Week 3    Conference/Discussion 3                        10 pts        Friday, 11-06-09
          Web Project 3                                  10 pts        Saturday, 11-07-09
          Journal 2                                      50 pts        Sunday, 11-08-09
          Quiz 3                                         20 pts        Sunday, 11-08-09
Week 4    Conference/Discussion 4                        10 pts        Friday, 11-13-09
          Web Project 4                                  10 pts        Saturday, 11-14-09

          Journal 3                                     50 pts       Sunday, 11-15-09
          Quiz 4                                        20 pts       Sunday, 11-15-09
Week 5    Conference/Discussion 5                       10 pts       Friday, 11-20-09
          Web Project 5                                 10 pts       Saturday, 11-21-09
          Journal 4                                     50 pts       Sunday, 11-22-09
          Quiz 5                                        20 pts       Sunday, 11-22-09
Week 6    Conference/Discussion 6                       10 pts       Friday, 11-27-09
          Web Project 6                                 10 pts       Saturday, 11-28-09
          Journal 5                                     50 pts       Sunday, 11-29-09
          Quiz 6                                        20 pts       Sunday, 11-29-09
Week 7    Conference/Discussion 7                       10 pts       Friday, 12-04-09
          Web Project 7                                 10 pts       Saturday, 12-05-09
          Journal 6                                     50 pts       Sunday, 12-06-09
          Quiz 7                                        20 pts       Sunday, 12-06-09
          Research Paper                               200 pts       Sunday, 12-06-09
Week 8    Conference/Discussion 8                       10 pts       Friday, 12-11-09
          Web Project 8                                 10 pts       Saturday, 12-12-09
          Final Exam                                   200 pts       Saturday, 12-12-09
                                                                     If a student fails to submit an
                       Total Points Possible =        1000 pts       Assignment, a zero will be

Grades/points for all assignments, papers, exams and class conferencing will be posted weekly in
order that students may keep up with their progress in the course

V. Required Texts
Philip A. Reichel (2008), Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, A Topical Approach, Fifth
Edition, Prentice Hall. ISBN-13: 9780132392549

Ordering Your Text Books:
Textbooks are available through the Barnes-Noble MBS Direct program. You can purchase by check
or credit card. You can place your order by telephone 1-800-325 3252, by fax at 1-800-499-0143, or
via their web site for Columbia College students at: http://direct.mbsbooks.com/columbia.htm

Students: Please note that the use of an eBook carries certain risks: information may be missing due
to copyright restrictions, the book cannot be resold to MBS, and an eBook purchase cannot be

Information about MBS (Missouri Book Services) can be viewed at: http://www.MBSbooks.com/direct

                                            VI. Course Schedule and Calendar
Week   Topics                          Readings    Assignments                                              Scheduled Class & Conference Activities

Week   An International                Chapter 1   Do the reading, participate in the conference and        Discussion of syllabus and assignments.
 1     Perspective                                 become familiar with learning online.
                                                                                                            Online Discussion 1:
       a. Introduction to the online               Take particular care to explore the companion web site   1. Introductions: Introduce yourself to our online
       learning environment.                       from our text publisher which appears at                 community!
                                                   http://www.prenhall.com/reichel It contains a lot of
       b. Introduction to                          useful information.                                      2. After reading the syllabus and all course
       Comparative Justice Systems.                                                                         announcements, post questions or comments in
                                                   Web Project – A. What Is A Noncombatant:                 the appropriate thread.
       Domestic Crime,                             B. Whom Do You Trust?
       Transnational Crime and                                                                              3. Comment in the designated forum on being
       Justice                                     Due Saturday, midnight.                                  arrested in a foreign country.
                                       Chapter 2
       c. Crime on the World Scene                                                                          4. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
                                                                                                            of civility/incivility in American society.

                                                                                                            Quiz 1 - Due Sunday, midnight

Week   An American Perspective         Chapter 3   Web Project – A. Defining Robbery; B. Rights of          Online Discussion 2:                1.
 2     on Criminal Law                             Detainees in Guantanamo Bay and Bagram Air
                                                   Base                                                     1. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
       a. Essential Ingredients of                                                                          of U. S. citizens in custody.
       Justice Systems.                            Due Saturday, midnight.
                                                                                                            2. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
       b. Liberty, Safety and                                                                               of evidence obtained through torture.
       Fighting Terrorism.                         Journal 1- Due Sunday, midnight
                                                                                                            Quiz 2 - Due Sunday, midnight

Week   Legal Traditions                            Web Project #3 – A. Aztec Law; B. London’s               Online Discussion 3:
 3                                                 Old Bailey
                                                                                                            1. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
       a. Legal Systems and Legal                  Due Saturday, midnight.                                  of Socialist Law as a separate legal tradition
                                       Chapter 4
                                                                                                            2. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
                                                   Journal 2- Due Sunday, midnight                          of the schools of law in Islam.
       b. Comparison of the Legal
       Traditions                                                                                           Quiz 3 - Due Sunday, midnight
Week   Substantive and                 Chapter 5   Web Project #4 – A. Is Islamic Law Outdated?    Online Discussion 4:
 4     Procedural Law in the                       B. Compare Penal Codes
       Four Legal Traditions                                                                       1. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
                                                   Due Saturday, midnight.                         of Confessions and Guilty Pleas.
       a. Substantive Criminal Law
                                                   Journal 3- Due Sunday, midnight                 2. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
       b. Procedural Criminal Law                                                                  of retaliation for crimes.

                                                                                                   Quiz 4 - Due Sunday, midnight

Week   An International                Chapter 6   Web Project #5 – A. Comparing European          Online Discussion 5:
 5     Perspective on Policing                     Police; B. Spring Break to Mexico.
                                                                                                   1. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
       a. Classification of Police                                                                 of specialized Women and Juvenile Units
       Structures                                  Due Saturday, midnight                          investigating cases involving women, children and
       b. Policing Issues: Police
       Misconduct                                  Journal 4 - Due Sunday, midnight                2. Comment in the designated thread dealing with
                                                                                                   police misconduct.
       c. Policing Issues: Global

                                                                                                   Quiz 5 - Due Sunday, midnight

Week   An International                Chapter 7   Web Project #6 – A. Lay Judges in Finland’ B.   Online Discussion 6:
 6     Perspective on Courts                       Busting Myths about Judges in England and
                                                   Wales.                                          1. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
       a. Professional Actors in the                                                               of specialized training for attorneys in the United
       Judiciary                                   Due Saturday, midnight                          States.

       b. The Adjudicators                         Journal 5 - Due Sunday, midnight                2. Comment in the designated forum dealing with
                                                                                                   protection under the civil and common legal
       c. Variation in Court                                                                       traditions.

                                                                                                   Quiz 6 - Due Sunday, midnight

Week   An International                Chapter 8    Web Project #7 – A. Virtual Prison Tour; B.              Online Discussion 7:
 7     Perspective on                               Babies in Prison.
       Corrections                                                                                           1. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
                                                    Due Saturday, midnight                                   of condolence payments.
       a. Comparative Penology
                                                    Journal 6 - Due Sunday, midnight                         2. Comment in the designated forum dealing with
       b. Corporal and Capital                                                                               the execution of condemned prisoners.
       Punishment                                   Research Paper - Due Sunday, midnight
                                                                                                             Quiz 7 - Due Sunday, midnight
                                                    Go to the following link and evaluate the course:
       c. Financial Penalties
       d. Custodial/ Noncustodial

Week   An International                Chapter 9    Web Project #8 – A. Youth Justice Board; B.              Online Discussion 8:
 8     Perspective on Juvenile                      Considering Character.
       Justice                                                                                               1. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
                                                    Due Saturday, midnight                                   of holding parents responsible for their children’s
       a. Delinquency as a                                                                                   behavior.
       Worldwide Problem
                                                                                                             2. Comment in the designated forum on the issue
       b. Models of Juvenile Justice                                                                         of “Reform in Japan: Suspects Rights.”

       Japan: Examples of                                                                                    A comprehensive final examination covering all
       Effectiveness and                                                                                     aspects of the course will be given during the final
       Borrowing                       Chapter 10                                                            week.

                                                                                                             Final Exam - Due Saturday, midnight

VII. Assignments
Web Projects:
You will be assigned two web projects each week. Websites and specific instructions will be posted in
the course content section of the course. Visit the site and perform the required tasks. In 2-3
paragraphs, respond to the questions posed. Web projects must be submitted to the appropriate
dropbox by the due date.

Research Paper:
You will be required to complete an individual research paper for the course. The topic and specific
instructions will be posted in the course content section. The paper is worth 200 points and must be
submitted to the dropbox by the due date. Late submissions will not be allowed. If not
submitted on time, it will not be accepted for credit.

Weekly Journal:
A journal containing four separate sections will be due each week, from week two through seven.
Each journal is worth 50 points and must be submitted to the dropbox by the due date. Format and
specific instructions will be posted in the course content section.

Final Exam:
The Final Exam will consist of both an objective (multiple choice) component and an essay/short
answer component. The final will be posted in the quizzes section of the course at the beginning of
the final week and must be completed on-line. The final exam is worth 200 points and must be
submitted to the dropbox by the due date.

VIII. Instructor Information
F. L. Moore, J.D.
Columbia College
Online Campus
Phone: 904-282-3625
Email: moorefl@.ccis.edu

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