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					What Are We Learning?
What Are We Changing?

 Raymond J. McNulty
   Senior Vice President
• Agricultural Age… Farmers

• Industrial Age… Factory Worker

• Informational Age… Knowledge Worker

• Conceptual Age… Creator / Empathizer
         A new age valuing….
• High Concept: the capacity to detect patterns /
  opportunities to create, to be artistic / emotional
  beauty and to combine seemingly unrelated
  ideas into something new.
• High Touch: involves the ability to empathize
  with others, understand the subtleties of human
  interaction to find joy and elicit it in others
  High Concept / High Touch
• GM’s top leader… I see us being in the
  art business.
• MBA’s becoming the blue collar workers
  for the conceptual age.
• Graphic designers have increased ten
  fold in the last decade.
• Since 1970, 30% more people are
  earning a living as writers.
• More Americans today work in art,
  entertainment and design than as
  lawyers, accountants and auditors.
      The future belongs to a very
        different kind of mind..
•   Creators and empathizers
•   Pattern recognizers
•   Meaning makers
•   And more……….
• Sears


• Digital…. “In Search of Excellence”

• Xerox

Generation Gap
The Internet has created
the greatest generation
gap since the advent of
      rock and roll.
   This Generation…
Teenagers surveyed…

• use texting instead of e-mail

• nearly 60% would rather use e-mail than a

• are likely to have 6 applications running at
  once on their PC

• 26% of U.S. students access a foreign
  news service as a primary source for news
      This Generation…

• 96% of U.S. students surveyed say school is
  important to their success, but only 20%
  believe it is meeting their needs

• Over 20% of students reported doing Internet
  research for parent purchases
       This Generation…

• The “killer application” for today’s
  students isn’t You Tube, Face Book, My
  Space, Google, Moodle, Pod-casting or
  some Wiki-site

• For digital teens, the one and only “killer
  app” is… speed

• Consider this …
     This Generation…

–The fastest growing segment of
 computer-users today in the U.S.
 is 5 to 7 year olds
How do we teach our
 children to live and
work in this society?
   We have to
collaborate to get
    Three Question Exercise
1. What will the world be like 20 years from

2. What skills will your child need to be
   successful in that world?

3. What would learning look like if it was
   designed around your answers?
The current education system
      works for some…

       But not for all.
The Case for Change

    “School Daze”
• Approx. 1.1 million students drop out of
  American high schools each year

                    or …

   6,100 students per day of the school year
   Every 29 seconds, another student quits
    an American high school

Imagine 16,000 big yellow school buses - filled
   with students - rolling out of our nation’s
               high schools …

                   … never to return

• Today nearly 1/3 of all HS students fail
  to graduate with their class

• Worse for economically challenged
  families: students from low income
  families drop out of HS at a rate 6 times
  higher than students from high income
     Research-based Strategies to
          Reduce Dropouts
•   Alternative “routes” e.g. virtual schools
•   Educational technology
•   Relevant career-technical education
•   Meaningful adult relationships
  Social Benefits of HS Graduation

In addition to earning higher wages,
  HS graduates :
• live longer
• are less likely to be teen parents
• have children who are far more likely to graduate
  from HS vs. children of non-HS graduates
• are less likely to commit crimes or require
  government assistance
• engage in civic activities (e.g. voting,
  volunteering) more frequently

   Muennig, 2005; Haveman et al., 2001; Wolfe & Haveman, 2002; Raphael, 2004.
“The No. 1 policy prescription,
almost regardless of whom you
ask, comes down to one word:

Fortune, July 25, 2005
There’s no silver bullet!!

              A Story….
• Not a bad idea, but to • Fredrick Smith
  earn a grade more
  than a C+, the idea
  has to be viable!      • The idea FedEx
  (Yale Professor)
“In the beginner’s mind there
are many possibilities; in the
expert’s mind there are few.”

               -Shurnyu Suzuki
Sustaining Innovation
Disruptive Innovation

Fidelity               Adaptable


Fidelity               Adaptable


Fidelity               Adaptable

Comprehending Literacy in a Global Era
                                 • Quantitative Literacy
                                    – Identify numerical
                                      representations and ideas
• Prose Literacy                    – Perform computations and
   – Search                           solve problems either alone or
   – Comprehend                       sequentially
   – Use continuous text            – Use numbers embedded in
                                      printed materials
                                    – Act with mathematical intent
• Documents Literacy                  to complete tasks
   –   Search
   –   Comprehend
                                 • Technological Literacy
   –   Act upon
                                    – Navigate and search using
   –   Use non-continuous text        electronic sources
       in various formats
                                    – Production and problem
                                    – Compare and use ever-
                                      changing media and
                                    – Act upon media and
                                      technology based information
 Taking Action with Text, Media and Writing
                                 • Quantitative Literacy
• Prose Literacy                    – Checkbook balancing
   –   Editorials                   – Tip calculation
   –   News stories                 – Order form completion
   –   Brochures                    – Interest calculations
   –   Instructional materials      – Benefit and nutrition comparison
                                    – Advertisement comparing prices
• Document Literacy                   and other data
   – Job applications
   – Payroll forms
   – Transportation
                                 • Technological Literacy
     schedules                      – Filing taxes online
   – Maps                           – Travel arrangements
   – Tables                         – Photo management
   – Drug or food labels            – Document assembly and
                                    – “Personal digital libraries” of
                                      music and other media
Education exists in the larger context of

 When society changes - so, too, must
   education - if it is to remain viable
The first generation to grow up in an
 environment where services are –

• truly on-demand
• customized to individual preferences

  – From ring tones to My Space pages
  – From on-line dating services to college courses
    taken when it’s convenient for the learner
Our solutions for tomorrow must be
   engaging
   customizable
… for a new generation of sophisticated

Our solutions must provide that which
   we can offer
   we can’t easily or cost-effectively provide
When I Googled “online high
  school programs” I got
     40,000,000 hits.

• Keeping students in school

• Helping students graduate

• Preparing students for productive careers
  and success in postsecondary education
          Curriculum and Support
• Achievable and clear standards-based lessons
• Ongoing and frequent assessment
• Online study guides, exams, resources, library, librarian,
  grade history, email support, and community - along with
  print and toll-free support
• Easy monitoring of student performance
• Certified teachers and expert faculty support
• Technology training for 21st Century Learning
• Opportunities for Student Collaboration and review
• Career Services – job postings, ResumeEdge, interviewing
       Sample High School Courses
CORE CURRICULUM                 ELECTIVES                          SUMMER CLASSES

English 1 Literature            Consumer Math                      English Literature
English 1 Grammar               Spanish 1                          Algebra 1
English 2 Literature            Spanish 2                          English Grammar
English 3 American Literature   Geography                          Biology
English 4 World Literature      Trigonometry & Analytic Geometry   American History
Algebra                         Psychology                         Spanish I
Geometry                        Economics                          Consumer Math
Earth Science                   Understanding Computers
Civics                          Microsoft Office
Biology                         Computer Applications
World History
Chemistry                       ADVANCED PLACEMENT
Algebra                                                            Career, Dual Enrollment
American History                Biology                               and Dual Degree
                                English Language & Composition       programs available
Physical Science                Micro Economics
         Sample Career Programs
Allied Health              Business
Dental Assistant           Accounting Certificate
Fitness and Nutrition      Bookkeeping
Medical Coding & Billing   Bridal Consultant
Medical Office Assistant   Child Day Care Management
Medical Transcriptionist   Computer Assisted Legal Research
Pharmacy Technician        Hotel & Restaurant Management
Physical Therapy Aide      Paralegal
Veterinary Assistant       Small Business Owner
Sample Career and Degree Programs
 Technology                Associate Degree Programs
 Desktop Publishing        Accounting
 Computer Graphic Artist   Business Management
 PC Repair                 Criminal Justice
 Web Design                Early Childhood Education
                           Health InformationTechnology
 Trade                     Hospitality Management
 Electrician               Medical Assistant
 Home Inspector            PC Maintenance Technology
 HVAC Technician           Paralegal Studies
 Plumber                   Veterinary Technician
          Ultimate Value

• Keeping students in school
• Helping students graduate
• Preparing students for productive careers
  and success in postsecondary education
HOPE is not a PLAN
What got us to where we
are today in education,

will not get us to where
     we need to be!
“In the beginner’s mind there
are many possibilities; in the
expert’s mind there are few.”

               -Shurnyu Suzuki
 Is my desire for success to
    improve my system or
classroom strong enough to
  prompt me to change my
 “The things we fear most in
 organizations, fluctuations,
disturbances, imbalances are
    the primary sources of
                 - Meg Wheatley

Raymond J. McNulty
 Senior Vice President

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