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Postcard Collection

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   Regional History Center

        RC 199

      The Regional History Center's postcard collection contains over 2,500 individual cards and
provides a unique source for photographic and artistic documentation of people, places and events, the
majority during the 1900-1940 period. A majority of the cards in this collection came from four
manuscript collections held by the Center: W.W. Embree (RC 2); Sabin-Van Arsdale (RC 32); Kavadas
(RC 50); Hall Family (RC 117).

      Although most of the cards depict scenes or events from the Northern Illinois region, other states
and foreign countries are also represented in the collection. The main body of the collection is arranged
by geographic place name, and the remainder arranged by subject. In addition there are oversize
postcards and packets which are housed separately. Completing the collection is a box of non-postcard
materials of related interest including advertisements, blotters, holiday cards, and Bible verses and

      Property rights in the collection are held by the Regional History Center; literary rights are
dedicated to the public. There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

                                     Linear feet of shelf space: 2.50
                                     Number of containers: 10
                                     Northern Illinois Regional History Center
                                     Collection 199

BOX                                  LOCATION/DESCRIPTION                                      TOTAL

1                                    Alabama                                                   4
                                     Alaska                                                    2
                                     Arizona                                                   1
                                     California                                                63
                                     Colorado                                                  44
                                     Connecticut                                               17
                                     Florida                                                   19
                                     Georgia                                                   1
                                     Hawaii                                                    3
                                     Idaho                                                     11
1-2                                  Illinois                                                  549

2                                    Indiana                                                   18
                                     Iowa                                                      28
                                     Kansas                                                    4
                                     Kentucky                                                  15
                                     Louisiana                                                 5
                                     Maine                                                     12
                                     Maryland                                                  7
2-3                                  Massachusetts                                             124

3                                    Michigan                                                  13

RC 199 - Postcard Collection                         1
BOX                            LOCATION/DESCRIPTION   TOTAL

3                              Minnesota              17
                               Mississippi            3
                               Missouri               15
                               Montana                64
                               Nebraska               3
                               New Hampshire          7
                               New Jersey             2
                               New Mexico             2
                               New York               1
                               North Carolina         1
                               North Dakota           2
                               Ohio                   9
                               Oklahoma               11
                               Oregon                 10
                               Pennsylvania           8
                               South Carolina         1
                               South Dakota           15
                               Tennessee              6
                               Texas                  21
3-4                            Utah                   6

4                              Vermont                9
                               Virginia               27
                               Washington             21
                               Washington D.C.        75
                               Wisconsin              14
                               Wyoming                100
                               Miscellaneous U.S.     12

5                              Canada                 10
                               China                  1
                               Egypt                  3
                               Germany                1
                               Greece                 11
                               Israel                 53
                               Italy                  27
                               Japan                  5
                               Jordan                 2
                               Lebanon                19
                               Mexico                 38
                               Netherlands            7
                               Panama                 1
                               Phillippines           1
                               Saudi Arabia           3
                               Switzerland            1

RC 199 - Postcard Collection                  2
BOX                            LOCATION/DESCRIPTION                   TOTAL

5                              Syria                                  24
                               Turkey/Istanbul                        24

6                              U.S. Indian Tribes: carte de visites   4
                               U.S. Indian Tribes: postcards          123

7                              Holidays/Special Occasions             361

8                              Miscellaneous                          266

9                              Oversize Postcards                     69

10                             Non-Postcards                          121

                               TOTAL BOXES 1 - 10                     2,577

RC 199 - Postcard Collection                   3
                               POSTCARD INVENTORY BY STATE

CITY/LOCATION                         DESCRIPTION                        DATE

Mobile                                Oxen Hauling Logs                  1909
                                      Washington Park                    1909
                                      Old Shell Road                     1909
                                      Leather Card                       1906

General Views                         Eskimo Family                      n.d.
                                      Eskimo Summer Home                 pre-1907

Adamana                               Petrified Forest                   1907

Alhambra                              East Alhambra Road                 n.d.
Barstow                               Mojave Desert                      n.d. (2)
Berkeley                              Le Conte Oak                       n.d.
Fresno                                A Residence Street                 1907
                                      General View                       1911
LaJolla                               White Lady Cave                    n.d.
Los Angeles                           Street View (stamp torn off)       1914
                                      West Lake Park                     1908
                                      Third Street Tunnel                n.d.
                                      Long Beach                         1917
                                      China City                         1942
                                      Vista thru the Palms               pre-1907
                                      Broadway                           n.d.
                                      Chester Place                      1908
                                      Umbrella Trees in St. James Park   1908
                                      Palms at Eastlake Park             1909
                                      Copper Kettle Tea Room             1911
Mt. Lowe                              Horseshoe Curve                    1911
Mt. Shasta                            Mt. Shasta                         n.d.
Muir Woods                            Entrance                           n.d.
                                      Looking Upward                     n.d.
                                      Rings of Growth                    n.d.
                                      World's Tallest Tree               n.d.
                                      Charming First                     n.d.
                                      Path Thru Underwood                n.d.
                                      Temples of Nature                  n.d.
                                      National Monument                  n.d.
Oakland                               Madison Square                     1907

RC 199 - Postcard Collection                   4
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                       DATE

Oakland (cont.)                Lake Merritt                      n.d.
                               Along the Shore                   n.d.
Pasadena                       East Colorado Street              n.d.
San Clemente                   Old Hansom Home (stamp cut off)   1938
San Diego                      Palms                             1909
                               Private Garden                    1913
San Francisco                  Kong Chow Temple                  n.d.
                               Cooking Crabs                     n.d.
                               Crab Pots                         n.d.
                               Night in Chinatown                n.d.
                               Business District and Bay         n.d.
                               Coit Memorial Tower and Bay       n.d.
                               Parade of the Tongs               n.d.
San Juan Capistrano            Altar in Mission                  1948
                               Mission Exterior                  n.d.
Santa Catalina Island          Steeds (children riding fish)     1903
                               Sugar Loaf and Surf               n.d.
Santa Cruz                     Bathing Beach                     n.d.
Yosemite Valley                Zig Zag Trail                     1909
                               Sunset                            n.d.
                               El Capitan                        1904
                               Bridal Veil Falls                 1901
General Views                  Palm Drive                        1912
                               California Poppy                  pre-1907
                               Field of Carnations               1916
                               Under a Rose Bush                 n.d.
                               Above the Clouds                  1906
                               Orange Trees and Mountains        n.d.
                               Gold of Ophir Roses               1909
                               Cluster of Grapefruit             1912
                               Harvesting Sugar Beets            1914
                               Rubber Tree                       n.d.
                               Native Son (mule)                 1908
                               Seal Rocks                        n.d.

Boulder                        Flatiron Rocks                    1957
                               Arapahoe Glacier                  1957
                               Arapahoe Peaks                    1909
                               Aerial View                       1957
Clear Creek Canon              Three Brothers                    n.d.
Canon City                     Royal Gorge                       1902
                               Top of Gorge                      n.d.
                               Boulevard Entrance                1912
                               Skyline Drive                     n.d.

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           5
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                DATE

Canon of Grand River           Second Tunnel              n.d.
                               Road & River Views         n.d. (2)
Colorado Springs               Seven Falls                1905
                               Top Fall of Seven Falls    1909
                               Stratton Park              n.d.
                               Prospect Dome              n.d.
                               Devil's Slide              n.d.
                               Pillars of Hercules        n.d.
                               South Cheyenne Canon       n.d.
                               Rainbow Falls              1907
                               Helen Hunt's Grave         n.d. (3)
Denver                         Red Rocks                  n.d.
                               Castle Gate                1905
                               City Park                  1907
                               Elitch's Gardens           1907
                               Home Dairy Restaurant      1905
                               Two Views of City Park     1905
                               Road to Lookout Mountain   1931
Georgetown                     Aerial View                n.d.
Gilman                         Canon of Eagle River       n.d.
Gunnison                       Currecanti Needle          n.d.
Manitou                        Balanced Rock              1897
                               Balanced Rock              1919
Pikes Peak                     Summit                     1908
                               Sunrise                    n.d.
                               Greetings                  1947
Poudre Lakes                   View of Lake               1957
Victor                         Aerial View                1897
General Views                  Mt. of the Holy Cross      1905
                               Yankee Doodle Lake         1929
                               Hot Trail                  n.d.
                               Mountain Home              1911

Hartford                       Statue Gov. Buckingham     1905
                               Memorial Arch & Capitol    1905 (3)
                               Corning Fountain           pre-1907
                               Main Street                pre-1907 (2)
                               Asylum Street              pre-1907
                               Charter Oak                pre-1907
                               Elizabeth Park             1905
New Haven                      West Rock                  pre-1907
                               East Rock                  1907
                               Judges Cave                1905
                               Hillhouse Avenue           1906-1907 (2)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           6
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                         DATE

New Haven (cont.)              Corner of Church & Chapel Streets   pre-1907
                               Morris Cave (beach)                 n.d.

Coral Gables                   Spanish House (stamp cut off)       1936
Daytona                        Smyrna Road                         1916
Delray Beach                   Atlantic Avenue (stamp cut off)     1939
Ft. Lauderdale                 Waterways                           1965
                               Aerial View                         1959
Key West                       Little White House                  1957
Lake Wales                     Carillon Tower                      1947
Lakeland                       Lake Hollingsworth Drive            1918
                               Water Hyacinths                     1913
                               Residence District                  1916
                               Lake Parker                         1918
St. Augustine                  Memorial Presbyterian Church        1949
                               Old City Gate                       1907
St. Petersburg                 Peacock Farm                        1940
General Views                  Indian River                        1906
                               Poem                                n.d.
                               Reflecting Palms                    1924
                               Magnolias                           1912
                               Beautiful Florida                   1940

Savannah                       Bull Street                         1906

Hilo Bay                       Naniloa Hotel                       1962
Honolulu                       Waikiki Beach                       1925
                               Market Place                        1952

American Falls                 American Falls Dam                  n.d.
Castleford                     Balanced Rock                       n.d.
Lewiston                       Wheat Country                       n.d.
Silver City                    Ghost Town                          n.d.
Wallace                        Cedar Street                        1909
General Views                  Snake River Canyon                  n.d.
                               Moon National Monument              n.d.
                               Seven Views of Idaho                n.d.
                               Greetings                           n.d.
                               Potato State                        n.d.
                               Potato Field                        n.d.

RC 199 - Postcard Collection            7
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                           DATE

Algonquin                      Birdseye View                         ca. 1903
Alton                          Lovejoy Monument                      1938
Amboy                          Main Street Scene                     1908
Ashton                         North Street                          1909 (2)
Aurora                         Bird's Eye View                       1908
                               Fox Street                            n.d.
                               Lincoln Park                          n.d.
                               Mill Creek                            1907
                               Riverview Park                        1909
                               Park from Coaster                     1909
                               Church                                1912
                               East High School                      n.d.
Belvidere                      Greetings                             1909
Blue Island                    Western Avenue                        1910
Byron                          Auto Wreck, Bridge                    c. 1910
Carthage                       Main Street                           1910
Chicago                        Chicago in 1831                       n.d.
                               Lake Michigan Shore                   1905
                               Moonshine on Lake Michigan            1906
                               Greetings (boats on water)            1905
                               River & Lumber Docks                  pre-1907
                               Factory District                      1906
                               Haymarket                             1906
                               Electric Park                         pre-1907
                               Michigan Ave. (correspondence card)   n.d.
                               Douglas Monument                      1909
                               Edgewater Beach Hotel                 1957
                               Fulton St. Market, Cooling Room       n.d.
                               Chicago Lass                          1906
                               Greetings                             n.d.
                               Triton Fountain, Art Institute        n.d.
                                 Garfield Park                       n.d.
                                 Grant Park                          n.d.
                                 Humbolt Park:
                                   Entrance                          n.d.
                                   Rose Garden                       n.d.
                                   Sandstone Bridge                  1909
                                   Fishing Season                    n.d.
                                   Park Scene                        1907
                                 Jackson Park:
                                   German Building                   1909
                                   Boat Landing                      pre-1907
                                 Lincoln Park:
                                   Duck Pond                         1906
                                   Grant Monument                    n.d., 1905 (2)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           8
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                             DATE

Chicago (cont.)                    Rustic Bridge                       1906
                                   Ft. Dearborn Block House            1905
                                   Electric Fountain                   1906 (2)
                                   Park Scene                          1906
                                   Lily Pond                           1906
                                   Swan Boat                           1906
                                   Lincoln Address                     n.d.
                                 Union Park and Fountain               n.d.
                                 Washington Park Rustic Bridge         1906
                                 Beautiful Parks Souvenir Packet       n.d.
Cortland                       Public School                           n.d.
                               Street Scene                            n.d.
                               Main Street                             n.d.
Creston                        Oakland Residence                       1909
                               Street Scene                            n.d.
Crystal Lake                   Rural Scene                             n.d.
Decatur                        Tabernacle                              1908
DeKalb                         Street Scenes:
                                 Lincoln Hwy/Main Street               n.d. (10)
                                 College Avenue                        n.d.
                                 Horseshoe Bend                        n.d.
                                 Christmas Tree                        n.d.
                                 Greetings (street view)               1942
                                 Isaac Ellwood Residence               n.d.
                                 E.P. Ellwood Residence                n.d.
                                 Residence on Shipman Place            1918
                                 "Dadds House"                         n.d.
                                 Hadley Club                           n.d.
                                 Rickard Club                          n.d.
                                 Tudor Club                            1907
                                 Train Station                         pre-1907
                                 Lover’s Lane (N. 1st St.)             C. 1907
                               Business & Industry:
                                 DeKalb Chronicle Ad (Pony Giveaway)   n.d.
                                 Clothing/Shoes                        n.d.
                                 DeKalb Fence Co.                      n.d. (2)
                                 Midwest Canning Corp.                 n.d.
                                 Clock Workshop                        n.d.
                                 American Steel & Wire                 n.d.
                                 Economy Store Ad (boy on pony)        1906 (2)
                                 Millinery Store Ads                   n.d., 1908 (2)
                                 Clover Farm Ad (owl)                  1906
                                 Haish Auditorium                      1908
                               Public Buildings:
                                 Haish Library                         n.d. (3)
                                 Post Office                           c. 1907,n.d. (4)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           9
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                           DATE

DeKalb (cont.)                  Glidden Memorial Hospital            n.d. (2)
                                County Infirmary                     n.d. (2)
                                First Congregational                 n.d. (2)
                                First Church of Christ Scientist     n.d.
                                St. Mary's Catholic                  n.d., 1912 (3)
                                First Baptist                        n.d.
                                First Lutheran                       n.d. (2)
                                Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran       1946 (3)
                                Methodist Episcopal                  n.d. (5)
                                Ellwood's Woods                      pre-1907
                                Hopkins Park                         n.d. (5)
                                Huntley Park                         n.d., 1912 (2)
                                Kishwaukee Country Club              n.d. (2)
                                Ellwood                              1921
                                Glidden                              n.d.
                                Junior High                          n.d.
                                Township High School                 n.d. (3)
                                St. Mary's                           n.d. (3)
                               Northern Illinois University:
                                Adams Hall                           n.d. (3)
                                Anderson Hall                        n.d.
                                Altgeld Hall                         1906-1960s (44)
                                Castle Drive                         n.d. (4)
                                Davis Hall (Science)                 n.d. (6)
                                Entrance Gates                       n.d. (4)
                                Evans Field House                    n.d. (2)
                                Gabel Hall                           n.d. (2)
                                Gilbert Hall                         n.d. (6)
                                Holmes Student Ctr, Blackhawk Café   n.d.
                                Kishwaukee River                     1912, n.d. (3)
                                Lagoon                               n.d. (6)
                                McMurry Hall (Training School)       n.d. (4)
                                Music                                n.d.
                                Neptune Hall                         n.d.
                                Stevens (Fine Arts)                  n.d. (4)
                                Still Hall                           n.d., 1980s (2)
                                Swen Parson Hall                     n.d. (3)
                                Williston Hall                       n.d. (8)
                                Wirtz Hall                           n.d.
                                View of Campus                       pre-1934
                                Birds Nests, Northern Campus         1906 (2)
                                NISNS Banner                         1906
                                NISNS “The Normal Girl”              1908

RC 199 - Postcard Collection          10
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                        DATE

DeKalb (cont.)                  Normal Lake                       n.d.
                                NISNS seal                        n.d.
                                NIU sticker                       n.d.

Dixon                          Greetings (views of buildings)     1909
                               Arch                               n.d. (5)
                               Memorial Bridge                    1942
                               Cement Works                       n.d.
                               Log Cabin                          n.d.
                               Lincoln Statue                     n.d. (2)
                               Hazelwood                          n.d. (3)
                               First Street                       1907 (2)
                               Morgan Street                      n.d.
                               Peoria Avenue                      n.d.
                               Assembly Park                      n.d. (3)
                               Blue Rock                          n.d.
                               Howell Park                        n.d. (2)
                               Lowell Park                        n.d. (2)
                               Pine Creek                         n.d. (4)
                               Rock River                         n.d. (7)
                               Whirlpool Rock                     n.d. (3)
Earlville                      Greetings (scenery)                1942
Evanston                       Lake Front Park                    1916
Franklin Grove                 Street Scene                       1910
                               Franklin Creek                     1923
Freeport                       Debate Memorial                    1906
                               Third Ward Park                    1906
Fulton                         Freight Depot                      1908
                               Ice Harvest                        1908
                               Mississippi River & Bluff          1909
                               Base Street                        1908
Galena                         Grant Home                         n.d. (3)
                               Washington Street                  n.d.
                               First Presbyterian Church          n.d.
Genoa                          Illinois Central Passenger Depot   1981
Grand Detour                   St. Peter's Chapel                 n.d.
Grass Lake                     Lotus Flowers                      n.d.
Hinckley                       M.E. Church                        n.d.
Homer                          Main Street                        1915
Kankakee                       Hospital and River                 1909
Kenilworth                     Assembly Hall                      1908
                               Fountain                           1908
Kingston                       Greetings                          1905
Kirkland                       Congregational Church              1909
                               Fifth Street                       1909

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           11
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                  DATE

Kirkland (cont.)               Greetings                    1907
LaSalle County                 Matthiessen State Park       n.d. (2)
Lee Center                     Feed Mill                    1910
                               Baseball Team                1910
                               Maroons vs All-Stars         1910
                               School                       1909, 1923 (5)
                               Street Scenes                n.d., 1908-1911 (7)
                               I.O.O.F.                     1913 (7)
                               Ice House                    1910 (2)
                               Milk House                   1910
                               Stone Quarry                 n.d. (5)
                               Woodside Cemetery            n.d. (2)
                               Rural Views                  n.d. (14)
                               Congregational Church        1912
                               Family Scenes                n.d. (10)
Lombard                        Lilacia Park                 1942
Malta                          Winder's Residence           1908
                               Leather Card                 n.d.
                               Flower Greetings             n.d. (6)
McHenry                        Pistakee Club                1900
Mendota                        Elephant's Leg Rock          n.d.
Oregon                         Dr. Mix Place                1903
                               Rock River Scenes            n.d. (6)
                               Browne House                 n.d.
                               Harrison Dining Hall         n.d.
                               Black Hawk Statue            n.d. (5)
                               White Pines Forest           n.d. (18)
Ottawa                         Scout Memorial               n.d.
Paris                          J.A. Eads Residence          1909
                               Reservoir Dam                1909
Peoria                         Glen Oak Park                1909
Petersburg                     Grave of Ann Rutledge        n.d.
                               Old Salem State Park         n.d. (3)
                               New Salem State Park         n.d. (2)
Pistakee Lake                  Lake Scene                   n.d.
Rochelle                       Chandler Hospital            1914 (2)
                               Nine Views                   1914
Rock Falls                     Rock River Scenery           1907
Rockford                       Street Scenes                1914, 1919 (3)
                               Dr. Broughton's Sanitarium   1910
                               Withrow Rustic Bridge        n.d.
                               Swiss Cottage                n.d.
                               City Water Works             1907
                               Rock River Scenes            1908 (5)
                               Sinnissippi Park             n.d. (2)
                               Harlem Park                  1909 (2)
                               Camp Grant                   ca. 1918 (12)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           12
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                        DATE

Rockford (cont.)               Sweden House                       n.d.
Sandwich                       Lafayette Street                   n.d.
                               Beautiful Homes                    1907
Shabbona                       Second Street West                 n.d.
Springfield                    Illinois Map                       n.d. (3)
                               Sesquicentennial Year              1968 (2)
                               State Fair Grounds                 1915
                               Washington Park                    n.d.
                               Camp Lincoln                       1906
                               Lincoln Monuments                  n.d., 1906 (13)
                               Lincoln's Home                     n.d. (2)
                               Painting of Boy Lincoln            n.d.
                               Lincoln Statue                     n.d. (2)
Starved Rock State Park        Hotel                              1928
                               Starved Rock                       1907-1911 (6)
                               Park Scenes                        1906-1942 (28)
Sterling                       Central Park                       1905
                               Between Islands                    1905
                               Rock River Scene                   1907
Sycamore                       Combs Mill                         n.d. (2)
                               View from top of School Building   n.d.
                               Business House                     1907
Urbana                         Stadium                            n.d.
Wedron                         Sulphur Springs                    n.d.
Wilmette                       Public School                      1905
Woodstock                      Soldiers Monument                  n.d.

Auburn                         Boy Fishing                        n.d.
Culver                         Lake View                          1908
Fort Wayne                     Lawton Monument                    n.d.
French Lick                    Hotel Garden                       1941
Indianapolis                   Fall Creek & Boulevard             1915
Kokomo                         Mulberry Street                    pre-1907
Lincoln City                   Lincoln State Park Scenes          n.d., 1958 (5)
                               Nancy Hanks Lincoln Grave          n.d.
Madison                        Lanier Home Gold Room              n.d.
Mishawaka                      Old Dam                            1907
                               Second Street                      1908
Richmond                       Old National Bridge                n.d.
South Bend                     Notre Dame Grounds                 1907
Valparaiso                     Sheridan Beach                     1915

General Views                  Detlef Juneck Family & Farm        n.d. (2)
Boone                          The Ledges                         1909, 1910 (2)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           13
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                     DATE

Boone (cont.)                  Churches                        1911
                               Story Street                    1909, 1910 (2)
                               Souvenir Card                   1910
Burlington                     Crapo Park                      1906
                               Moonlight on the Mississippi    1906
Cedar Rapids                   Cedar River                     1912
Clinton                        Street and Railroad Bridge      1905
Des Moines                     Union Park                      1914
Estherville                    Sixth Street                    1914
Lansing                        Lovers Leap                     1908
                               Main Street & River Boats       1908
                               Aerial View                     1908
Mason City                     Old Mill                        1914
Ogden                          Coal Mine                       1908
                               Street Scenes                   n.d., 1913 (5)
                               Des Moines River Ledges         n.d.
Radcliffe                      Aerial View                     n.d.
Waverly                        Cedar River                     1909
Webster City                   Greetings                       1910

Emporia                        Presbyterian College            1907
Lawrence                       View of Buildings along River   1912
Newton                         Cooper School Building          1907
Olathe                         Ham Radio Card                  1938

Cynthiana                      South Licking River             1908, 1909 (2)
                               Elk's Home                      pre-1907
                               Harrison Hospital               1908
                               Blue Grass Scenery              1908
                               Bird's Eye View                 1909
                               Greetings                       1909 (2)
Frankfort                      Kentucky River                  1907
                               Prairie Path                    1908
Harrodsburg                    Pioneer Memorial State Park     1941
                               Aspen Hall                      n.d.
Louisville                     Cherokee Park                   n.d.
Mammoth Cave                   Underground Dining Room         n.d.
General                        Kentucky Things                 1907

New Orleans                    Italian Headquarters            n.d.
                               Elk's Mausoleum                 1913
                               French Market                   1910

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           14
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                    DATE

New Orleans (cont.)            Metairie Cemetery              1911 (2)

Bangor                         Salmon Pond                    1909
                               North Woods                    1909
Berkshires                     Berkshire Hills                1906-1907 (6)
Rockland                       Sunset over water              n.d.
Saco                           Angellmere Dining Room         1928
General Views                  Moose Hunters Camp             1906
                               Crescent Beach                 n.d.

Baltimore                      Washington Monument            pre-1907
Cumberland                     Street Scenes                  n.d. (2)
                               Road Views                     n.d. (2)
                               Wills Creek Valley             n.d.
                               View from Lovers Leap          n.d.

Adams                          Greylock Mountains             1906 (2)

Berkshire Hills                Bershires Hills                1905-1908 (9)
                               Mt. Greylock                   1907
Boston                         Statue of Ben Franklin         pre-1907
                               Bunker Hill Monument           pre-1907
                               Tremont Street                 1906 (4)
                               Old Corner Book Store          1905
                               Christian Science Church       n.d.
                               Old State House                1906 (2)
                               Crispus Attucks Monument       pre-1907
                               Concord Minute Man             1903
                               Public Garden                  1905
Cambridge                      Washington Elm                 n.d.
Dalton                         House of W. Murray Crane       1907
                               Zenas Crane's Residence        1905
Egremont                       Jug End                        1907
Gloucester                     Magnolia Road                  1920
Great Barrington               Soldiers Monument              1908
                               Main Street                    pre-1907
                               Old Man of Monument Mountain   1905
                               Indian Fordway Monument        1905
                               Horse Race at Cattle Show      1904
                               Group at Cattle Show           1905

RC 199 - Postcard Collection          15
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                 DATE
Great Barrington (cont.)       Memorial Stone              1905
                               The Dome                    1905
                               Golf Club House             1906
                               Greetings                   1907 (2)
                               Turner's Landing            pre-1907
                               Housatonic River            1908
                               Bash Bish Falls             1906
Housatonic                     Tauconnic Brook             1907
                               Housatonic River            1905-1908 (6)
                               Faneuil Hall                1905
                               Sunset Lake                 1906-1907 (2)
                               Old Furnace                 1906
                               Central Block/Square        1905-1907 (3)
                               Spooning                    n.d.
                               Risingdale                  1905
                               View from Railway Station   1905
                               Main Street                 1907
                               Church Street               1906
                               Monument Mill's Office      1908
                               Greetings                   1907-1908 (4)
Lancaster                      Largest Elm                 1906
Lee                            Laurel Lake                 1908
                               Marble Quarry               1906
                               Main Street                 1905
                               Town Views                  1905, 1907 (2)
                               Along the Housatonic        1906
Lenox                          Main Street                 1905
                               John Sloanes Garden         1907
                               Miss Kneelands Garden       1907
                               Country Drive               1907
Middlesex Fells                View of Road                1906
Mt. Holyoke                    Northampton Valley          pre-1907
New Marlboro                   Gibson's Grove              1905
Nantasket Beach                Nantasket Beach in Winter   1906 (2)
North Adams                    Mountain Scenes             1907 (2)
Pemberton                      Coal Barge                  1906
Pittsfield                     Balance Rock                1906
                               Views Looking North         1905, 1907 (2)
                               Longfellows Home            1905
                               Holmesdale                  1906
                               Shaker Village              1905
                               Cemetery Entrance           1905
                               East Street                 1907
                               North Street                1906, 1907 (2)
                               Road to Pittsfield          1906

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           16
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                       DATE
Pittsfield (cont.)             Park Scenes                       1905, 1907 (5)
                               Pontoosuc Lake                    1905, 1907 (4)
                               Onota Lake                        1905-1907 (5)
Provincetown                   Commercial Street                 n.d.
                               Fishermen's Beach                 n.d.
Quincy                         The Cairn                         1905
South Bethlehem                Lehigh University                 1907
South Egremont                 Gardner House                     1905
Stockbridge                    Main Street                       1905 (2)
                               Housatonic River                  1905
                               Monument to Stockbridge Indians   1905
Williamstown                   Hopper                            1907
                               Green River                       1906
                               Torrey's Woods                    1907

Battle Creek                   Post Office                       1909
Charlevoix                     Birch Trees                       1966
Detroit                        Gladwin Park                      1912
                               Belle Isle Park                   n.d.
Iron Mountain                  Horse Race Falls                  1923
Muskegon                       Hakley Park                       1907-1908 (2)
                               Western Avenue                    n.d.
                               Lake Michigan Beach               1907
Ontonagon                      Bond Falls                        1938
Petoskey                       Hiawatha Play                     1907
Saugatuck                      Old Chain Ferry                   n.d.
General                        Lake Michigan                     1908

Duluth                         Lester Park                       n.d.
Fort Snelling                  Old Round Tower                   n.d.
Grand Rapids                   Pokegama Lake                     1941
Miami                          Pease Camp, Otter Tail Lake       1941
Minneapolis                    Soldiers Home                     n.d.
                               Merriam Park                      1909
Montevideo                     Lagoon Park                       1908
Rochester                      Zumbro River                      1946
                               Mayo Park Gardens                 1947
St. Paul                       White Bear Yacht Club             n.d.
                               Sixth Street Parade               1909
                               View from above Selby Tunnel      1909
                               Business District                 n.d.
                               White Bear Lake and Pavilion      1909
Winona                         Levee Park                        1903

RC 199 - Postcard Collection          17
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                       DATE
General                        Away From the Maddening Crowd     1921
                               Minnehaha Falls                   n.d.

Ocean Springs                  Old Fort Bayou                    1901
Pass Christian                 Wolf River                        n.d. (2)

Excelsior Springs              Bird's Eye View                   1911
Fayette                        Main Street                       n.d.
Joplin                         Jack Pile                         1909
Kansas City                    Souvenir Views                    1905 (3)
                               Electric Park                     1907
                               The Paseo                         1907 (3)
                               Cliff Drive                       1907
                               Linwood Boulevard                 1907
St. Louis                      Grant Cabin                       n.d.
                               Soldiers Memorial Fountain        1941
                               Three Bridges                     1907

Billings                       Second Avenue                     1939
Box Elder River                Views of River                    1915 (2)
Butte                          View of Town and Mines            1909
Ekalaka                        Greetings                         n.d. (2)
                               Town and Work Scenes              1914, 1927 (11)
                               Loggers                           1914
                               Conger Hill                       1914
                               View Overlooking Town             1914
                               Horse Racing                      1914
                               Opechee Park                      n.d. (2)
                               Rock Formations                   n.d. (6)
Gardiner                       Arch at Entrance to Yellowstone   1906
Glacier National Park          Belton Chalets                    n.d.
                               Two Medicine Lake                 n.d.
                               Trick Falls                       n.d.
Great Falls                    Copper Smelter                    n.d.
Hardin                         Custer Battlefield                n.d.
Missoula                       Mt. Sentinel                      1909
Zortman                        View of Town                      n.d.
General Views                  Gallatin River                    1949
                               Greetings                         1949
                               Branding Cattle (poem)            n.d.
                               Cowboys & Cowgirls                n.d. (13)
                               Montana Scenery (black & white)   n.d. (10)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           18
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                DATE
General Views (cont.)          Electric Gold Dredge       1909

Omaha                          River Front                1909
                               Farnam Street              1907
Waterloo                       Elkhorn River              n.d.

                               NEW HAMPSHIRE
Franconia Notch                Old Man of the Mountains   n.d.
Hillsboro                      Home of Franklin Pierce    n.d.
Keene                          Beaver Brook Falls         n.d.
                               Monadnock Mountain         1905
Lake Spofford                  Along the Shore            1907
Tilton                         East Main Street           1907
White Mountains                Mt. Chocorua and Lake      n.d.

                               NEW JERSEY
Asbury Park                    Board Walk                 1908
Atlantic City                  The Boardwalk              pre-1907

                               NEW MEXICO
Pecos                          Pecos River Drive          1939
                               Church Ruins               n.d.

                               NEW YORK
New York City                  Drive in Central Park      pre-1907

                               NORTH CAROLINA
General View                   Bridal Veil Falls          1940

                               NORTH DAKOTA
General View                   Four Horse Plow            n.d.
Valley City                    Park Scene                 1908

Canton                         McKinley Mausoleum         n.d.
                               Greetings                  n.d.
Cleveland                      Wade Park                  1907
                               Gordon Park                1914
                               Street Scene               n.d.
Marion                         Cemetery Pond              n.d.
General Views                  Wind Mill                  n.d.
General                        Ohio/Indiana Marker        n.d. (2)


RC 199 - Postcard Collection           19
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                   DATE
Arbuckle Mountains             Sign                          n.d.
                               Turner Falls                  n.d.
Ardmore                        Ham Radio Card                1935
Oklahoma City                  Ham Radio Card                1937
Tulsa                          Hotel Tulsa                   1913
                               Bird Creek Falls              n.d.
                               Along Arkansas River          n.d.
                               Coal Mining                   n.d.
                               Oil Fields                    n.d. (2)
General                        Indians Killing Buffalo       n.d.

Baker                          Roy's Corral                  n.d.
Condon                         Harvester Pulled by Horses    1906
General Views                  Mount Adams                   n.d.
                               Crater Lake                   n.d.
                               Mt. Hood Views                n.d., 1909 (5)
                               Pheasants                     n.d.

Gettysburg                     Lincoln's Speech Memorial     1954
Hershey                        Hershey Company Herd          n.d.
Philadelphia                   Fairmount Park                1908
                               Liberty Bell                  n.d.
Pittsburg                      Fourth Avenue                 n.d.
Scranton                       Great White Way at Night      n.d.
Ulster                         The Valley                    n.d.
Vernfield                      View of Road                  n.d.

                               SOUTH CAROLINA
Yorkville                      East Liberty Street           1907

                               SOUTH DAKOTA
Aberdeen                       Main Street                   n.d. (2)
Bad Lands                      Big Foot Pass                 1939
Black Hills                    Mt. Rushmore                  1938, 1948 (2)
                               Rocks along Needles Highway   1948
                               Donkeys, Custer St. Park      n.d.
                               Buffaloes, Custer St. Park    n.d.
Custer                         Log Home built 1875           n.d.
                               Ross Monument                 n.d.
                               Tallent Monument              n.d.
Deadwood                       Roosevelt Monument            n.d.
Hot Springs                    Mountain View                 1907

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           20
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                DATE
Lemmon                         Petrified Wood Park        n.d. (2)

Chattanooga                    Missionary Ridge Site      1906
                               Road on Missionary Ridge   1905
Jackson                        Main Street                n.d.
Knoxville                      Cotton Pickers             pre-1907
Nashville                      The Hermitage              n.d.
                               The Polk Place             n.d.

Amarillo                       Buffalo Herd               1907
                               Corn Field                 1907
Beaumont                       Ham Radio Card             1935
Corpus Christi                 Dawn on Bay                1910
Dallas                         View of Street             1906
Hereford                       Dewey Avenue               1907
                               Bird's Eye View            1907
Houston                        Duck Shoot                 1916
McAllen                        Cascade Pool               n.d.
                               Air View of Orchards       n.d.
                               Palm Drive                 n.d.
                               Avenue of Palms            n.d.
                               Residence Street           n.d.
San Antonio                    The Alamo                  n.d. (3)
                               San Pedro Park             n.d.
                               Brackenridge Park          n.d.
                               Fort Sam Houston           n.d.
                               Commerce Street            n.d.
                               Wagon Train                n.d.

Salt Lake City                 Mormon Temple              1903, n.d. (3)
General Views                  The Hermitage              n.d.
                               Devil's Slide              n.d.

                               Weber Canon                pre-1907

Belmont                        Street View                1912
                               Star Lake                  n.d.
                               Distant View               n.d.
Burlington                     Lake Champlain             1909
Kent                           Winter Scene               1906

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           21
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                        DATE
Lake Bomoseen                  Park Scene                         n.d.
                               Lake Views                         n.d. (3)

Alexandria                     Christ Church                      n.d.
Blue Ridge Mountains           James River                        pre-1907
Fredericksburg                 Monument to Mary                   1933
                               Confederate Cemetery               n.d.
                               National Cemetery                  n.d.
                               Marye Heights                      n.d.
Lynchburg                      Miller Park                        1907
Mount Vernon                   Bowling Green Gate                 n.d.
                               Mt. Vernon & Washington Portrait   n.d.
                               Exterior at Sunset                 n.d.
                               Interior views:
                                 Library                          n.d. (2)
                                 West Parlor                      n.d.
                                 Lafayette Room                   n.d.
                                 Bedroom                          n.d.
                                 River Room                       n.d.
                                 Dining Room                      n.d. (2)
                                 Banquet Hall                     n.d.
                                 Music Room                       n.d.
                                 Kitchen                          n.d.
                                 Spinning Room                    n.d.
                               Washington Tomb                    1904
                               Old Tomb                           n.d.
Pungoteague                    Lovers' Retreat                    n.d.
Rockbridge County              Natural Bridge                     n.d.
Williamsburg                   House of Burgesses                 n.d.

Bremerton                      Navy Yard                          1909
Columbia River                 Columbia River                     n.d.
                               Sand Dunes                         n.d.
                               Cape Horn                          n.d.
Mount Rainer                   Above the Clouds                   1906
Olympic Peninsula              Rain Forest                        n.d.
Puget Sound                    Sunset                             n.d.
Seattle                        Second Avenue                      1909
                               Kinnear Park                       1912
                               Forestry Building                  1909
                               Woodland Park                      1909
                               Natural Park                       1909
Steamboat Rock                 Rock and Columbia River            n.d. (2)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           22
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                             DATE
General Views                  High Line                               1909
                               Lumber Jack                             n.d.
                               Stevens Pass Highway                    n.d. (2)
                               Fall Scene                              n.d.
                               Orchard in Blossom                      n.d.
                               Peach Blossoms                          n.d.

                               WASHINGTON D.C
Washington, D.C.               City from Potomac Park                  n.d.
                               View from Arlington, VA.                n.d.
                               Pennsylvania Avenue                     pre-1907, n.d. (2)
                               Thomas Circle                           n.d.
                               Jackson Statue                          n.d.
                               Washington Monument                     pre-1907, n.d. (3)
                               Lincoln Memorial                        n.d. (2)
                               U.S. Treasury                           n.d.
                               Interstate Commerce Commission          n.d.
                               New National Museum                     n.d.
                               Memorial Continental Hall               n.d.
                               Pension Office                          n.d.
                               U.S. Patent Office                      1909
                               Agricultural Dept. Building             n.d.
                               Bureau of Printing & Engraving          n.d. (3)
                               Pan American Union                      n.d. (3)
                               State, War & Navy Building              pre-1907, n.d. (2)
                               White House                             1960, n.d. (7)
                               Washington Harbor                       n.d.
                               Library of Congress                     1911, n.d. (7)
                               Zoo Park Camels                         n.d.
                               Capitol Building, Exterior              pre-1907, n.d (8)
                               Interior of Capitol Building            n.d. (13)
                               Paintings of Historical Events          n.d. (12)

Lake Geneva                    Glenwood Springs                        1903
                               YMCA Camp                               1902
                               Harvard Camp                            1908
                               Yerkes Observatory                      1906
Milwaukee                      East Water Street                       1915
                               Grand Avenue                            1906
                               City Hall                               pre-1907
                               Mitchell Park                           1909
Ripon                          Arcade Glen                             1907
Williams Bay                   Yerkes Observatory Telescope & Photos   n.d. (3)
Wisconsin Dells                Wisconsin Dells                         pre-1907, n.d. (2)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           23
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                 DATE
Basin                          Main Street                 1909
                               Fair Time                   n.d.
                               Gas Wells                   n.d.
Cheyenne                       General View                1907
Cody                           Shoshone Canyon             1909 (3)
Devil's Tower                  Hopkins atop Tower          1941
                               Base View                   1907
Jackson Hole                   Chapel                      n.d.
Meeteetse                      Park Avenue                 1909 (2)
Teton National Park            Trailing                    1957
                               Grand Teton                 1957
                               Mountains & Lake            1957 (2)
Thermopolis                    Mayfield Teams and Wagons   1908
                               Big Horn Hot Springs        n.d. (3)
                               Chase Stone Quarry          n.d.
Worland                        Views of Worland            pre-1907
Yellowstone National Park      Golden Gate                 n.d.,1957 (2)
                               Silver Gate and Hoodoos     n.d.,1957 (2)
                               Punch Bowl Spring           1927
                               Road up Mt. Washburn        n.d.
                               Dragons Mouth Spring        1922
                               Electric Peak               1957
                               Emerald Pool                1957
                               Tea Kettle & Topaz Pool     n.d.
                               Gibbon River                n.d.
                               Petrified Tree              n.d.
                               Lake and Colter Peak        1935
                               Red Pinnacle                1957
                               Paint Pots                  1957
                               Bears Feeding               n.d.
                               Bull Moose                  1935
                               Old Faithful Inn            1929
                               Chimney Rock                1924, 1957 (2)
                               Sapphire Pool               n.d., 1957 (2)
                               Terraces                    1928, 1957 (4)
                               Falls & Rapids              n.d., 1908, 1916,
                                                           1917, 1957 (8)
                               Geysers                     n.d., 1916, 1939,
                                                           1946, 1957 (11)
                               Shoshone Canyon             1917, 1957 (4)
                               Shoshone Dam                1957 (2)
                               Views along Cody Road       1957 (5)
General Views                  Meadowlark                  n.d.
                               Mountain Paint Brush        n.d.

RC 199 - Postcard Collection             24
CITY/LOCATION                         DESCRIPTION                          DATE
General Views (cont.)                 God-Forsaken Land (poem)             n.d.
                                      Welcome to Wyoming sign              n.d.
                                      Vedau Woo Rocks sign                 n.d.
                                      Tree in Solid Rock                   n.d. (2)
                                      Continental Divide sign              n.d.
                                      Lincoln Monument                     n.d.
                                      Little America                       n.d. (3)
                                      Hell's Half Acre                     n.d.
                                      Independence Rock sign               n.d.
                                      Ames Monument                        n.d.
                                      Grave of Sacajawea                   n.d.
                                      Medicine Bow Forest sign             n.d.
                                      Nymph Lake                           1957
                                      Devil’s Gate                         n.d.
                                      Owen Wister Monument, Medicine Bow   n.d.
                                      Cattle Brands sign                   n.d.
                                      Calf Roper                           1908

                                      MISCELLANEOUS U.S.
General                               Greetings from U.S.A.                1908
                                      U.S. Map                             1905
                                      New England Road                     1906
                                      Snodgrass House, Chickamunga Park    1908
                                      Royal Palm Ave.                      n.d.
                                      Painting of a Kitchen                1903
                                      Cowboy Scenes                        1907, 1909, 1945
                                      Leather Cards                        1906 (2)


CITY/LOCATION                         DESCRIPTION                          DATE

General Views                         Sun Lakes State Park                 n.d.
                                      Valley of the Ten Peaks              pre-1907
British Columbia                      Roosevelt Lake                       n.d.
Ontario                               Niagara Falls                        1961
Quebec                                Montreal Churches                    n.d. (5)
                                      Montmorency Falls                    1900

Peking                                Temple of Heaven (stamp cut off)     n.d.

RC 199 - Postcard Collection                  25
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                       DATE
General                        Bisharins                         n.d. (3)

General                        Heidelberg                        1908

Athens                         Le Parthenon                      n.d.
Ostende                        La Peche                          n.d.
Rhodes                         Panorama                          n.d.
Samos                          Various Views                     n.d. (4)
Sardes                         Temple de Cybele                  n.d.
General Views                  Woman with Flowers                n.d.
                               Man and Woman                     n.d.
                               Woman and Cross                   n.d.

General                        Dead Sea                          n.d.
Bethany                        View overlooking Town             n.d.
                               Tomb of Lazarus                   n.d.
Bethlehem                      Women                             n.d. (2)
                               Church of the Nativity            n.d.
                               Cave/Grotto of Nativity           n.d. (2)
                               View of Town                      n.d.
Jerusalem                      Via Dolorosa                      n.d.
                               Ecce Homo Arch                    n.d.
                               Valley of Jehosaphat              n.d.
                               Good Samaritan Inn                n.d.
                               Citadel of Zion                   n.d.
                               Gate of Christ's Triumpal Entry   n.d. (2)
                               Bazar at Jaffa                    n.d.
                               Jaffa Gate                        n.d.
                               Boat at Jaffa                     n.d.
                               Landing Place, Jaffa              n.d.
                               Wailing Wall                      n.d. (2)
                               Church of the Holy Sepulchre      n.d. (3)
                               Tabitha's Well                    n.d.
                               Garden of Gethsemane              n.d. (2)
                               Tombs                             n.d. (2)
                               Mosque of Omar                    n.d.
                               Rock Moriah                       n.d.
                               Jericho Views                     n.d. (2)
                               Views of Jerusalem                n.d. (10)
                               St. George's Convent              n.d.
                               Ladies' Costumes                  n.d. (2)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           26
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                        DATE
Jerusalem (cont.)              House of Simon the Tanner, Jaffa   n.d.
                               Village Shieks                     n.d.
                               Man in Costume                     n.d.
                               People at Work                     n.d. (3)

Amalfi                         Hotel Capuccini                    pre-1910
Atrani                         Panorama                           pre-1910
Napoli                         Views of the Town                  n.d. (9)
                               Statues in National Museum         n.d. (2)
Pompei                         Views of Ruins                     n.d. (3)
                               Artwork                            n.d. (3)
Ravello                        Belvedere del Palazzo Rufolo       pre-1910
Sorrento                       Panorama Views                     n.d. (3)
General Views                  Laundry by the Sea                 n.d.
                               Religious Paintings                n.d. (3)

Tokyo                          College of Technology              1907
                               Tea House                          n.d.
                               Street Scene                       n.d.
General Views                  Entrance to Village                1906
                               Sorting Silk Cacoons               n.d.

General Views                  River Jordan                       n.d. (2)

Beyrouth/Beirut                Views of Town and Vicinity         n.d. (9)
Pergame                        Ancien Pont                        n.d.
Smyrne                         Views of Town and Harbor           n.d. (9)

Acapulco                       Various Views                      n.d. (17)
Mexico City                    American Country Club              n.d.
                               Madero Avenue                      1948
Reynosa                        Various Views                      n.d. (5)
Salinacruz                     Various Views                      n.d. (5)
General Views                  Canal de la Vega                   n.d.
                               Mexican People                     1907-1908 (8)

Amsterdam                      Canal Scenes                       1908 (2)
General Views                  Winter Scenes                      1908 (4)
                               View of Sea                        1907

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           27
CITY/LOCATION                  DESCRIPTION                            DATE

San Blas                       Native Indians                         1907

Manila                         Old Gateway                            n.d.

                               SAUDIA ARABIA
General Views                  Bedouins                               n.d. (3)

Altstad                        Island Chapel                          1908

Balbeck                        Views of Ruins                         n.d. (4)
                               View of City                           n.d.
Damas                          Various Views                          n.d. (14)
General Views                  Broumanah Valley                       n.d.
                               Shepherds                              n.d. (2)
                               Guide                                  n.d.
                               Teacher and pupils                     n.d.

Constantinople                 Mosques                                n.d. (7)
                               Various Views                          n.d. (13)
                               Men in costume                         n.d. (2)
General Views                  Eight Men                              n.d.
                               Mosque Soulemanie                      n.d.

                               OVERSIZE/ODD SIZE
California                     Souvenir Packet, Southern California   1940
Illinois                       Souvenir Packet, Chicago               n.d.
                               Souvenir Booklet, New Salem            n.d.
                               Souvenir Packet, White Pines Forest    n.d.
                               Souvenir Packet, Rockford              n.d.
                               Souvenir Booklet, Springfield          n.d.
                               Oversize Card, Northern Illinois
                                Autumn                                n.d.
                               Oversize Card, DeKalb Corn Field       2009
                               Oversize Card, NIU Dorm                n.d.
                               Oversize Card, Huskie Stadium          n.d.
                               Oversize Card, NIU Lagoon              n.d.

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           28
DESCRIPTION                                                                   DATE
Illinois (cont).                      Oversize Card, Pumpkin Festival
                                       Sycamore                               n.d. (12)
Indiana                               Souvenir Packet, LaFayette              n.d.
                                      Souvenir Cards, Lincoln City            n.d.
Maryland                              Souvenir Packet. Cumberland             n.d.
Massachusetts                         Souvenir Packet, Mohawk Trail           n.d.
Michigan                              Souvenir Packet, Detroit                1921
                                      Double Card, Harbor Springs             n.d.
Mississippi                           Double Card, Biloxi (stamp cut off)     1937
                                      Double Card, Gulfport                   n.d.
New York                              Souvenir Packet, Niagra Falls           n.d.
Ohio                                  Album of Cincinnati                     n.d.
Oregon                                Souvenir Packet, Columbia River Hwy.    1937
                                      Souvenir Packet, Portland               n.d. (2)
                                      Souvenir Packet, Scenic Oregon          n.d.
Tennessee                             Souvenir Cards, Chattanooga             n.d.
Texas                                 Souvenir Packet, Lower Rio Grande       1929, 1932 (2)
                                      Souvenir Packet, San Antonio            n.d.
Virginia                              Souvenir Packet, Arlington              n.d. (3)
                                      Souvenir Packet, Fredericksburg         n.d.
                                      Souvenir Packet, Mount Vernon           n.d. (2)
Washington                            Souvenir Packet, Puget Sound            n.d.
                                      Oversize Card, Quinault Rain Forest     n.d.
                                      Souvenir Packet, Seattle                n.d.
                                      Souvenir Packet, Washington             n.d.
                                      Oversize Card, Washington Sunset        n.d.
Washington, D.C.                      Souvenir Packet, Washington, D.C.       1912, n.d. (3)
                                      Souvenir Packet, Library of Congress    n.d.
                                      Souvenir Packet, U.S. Capitol           n.d.
Wyoming                               Souvernir Packet, Lincoln Highway       n.d.
Germany                               Oversize Card, Dom Lud Kolm Cathedral   1908
                                      Souvenir Folder, Der Rhein Von Mainz    n.d.
Greece                                Oversize Card, Greetings from Athens    1977
                                      Oversize Card, Grottos of Perama        1977
                                      Oversize Card, View of Rhodes           1977
                                      Oversize Card, Woman at Work            n.d.
Turkey                                Oversize Card, Mosque in Istanbul       1977
Christmas                             Oversize Christmas Postcards            1907, 1978 (3)
General                               Oversize Card, Legend of Sand Dollar    n.d.


DESCRIPTION                                                                   DATE


RC 199 - Postcard Collection                 29
DESCRIPTION                                                             DATE
Indians                        Carte-de-visites, unidentified           n.d. (4)
                               Geronimo, Apache                         1904
                               Hattie Tom, Chiricahua Apache            1904
                               Jicarilla Apache Chief                   1913
                               Little Chief, Arapahoe                   n.d.
                               Luke Big Turnips, Blackfoot              1901
                               Henry Between Lodge, Blackfoot           1901
                               Chief Wolf Robe, Cheyenne                1903
                               Aunt Kate, Chickasaw                     1912
                               Wah-Ta-waso, Iroquois                    1905
                               Papago Indians                           1908
                               Piegan Indian Warrior                    pre-1907
                               Bull Tom, Piute Chief                    1908
                               Moki Snake Dance, Pueblo                 1905
                               Interior of Pueblo Indian Home           1918
                               Pueblo Indian Children on Mules          1912 (2)
                               Pueblo Indian Drilling Turquoise         1924
                               Pueblo Indian Potter                     1932
                               Broken Arm, Sioux                        pre-1907 (2)
                               Chief Black Thunder                      1906
                               Black Fox & Iron Tail, Sioux             n.d.
                               Iron Tail, Sioux                         1901 (2)
                               Conquering Bear, Sioux                   1899 (2)
                               Flying Hawk, Sioux                       n.d.
                               Chief Hollow Horn Bear, Sioux            n.d.
                               Little Wound, Sioux                      pre-1907 (2)
                               James Lone Elk                           1899 (2)
                               Little Elk                               1901
                               Rain in the Face, Sioux                  1904
                               Red Cloud                                1905, 1911 (2)
                               Little Red Cloud & Squaw                 n.d. (2)
                               Jack Red Cloud, Sioux                    1899
                               Chief Sitting Bull, Sioux                1904
                               Chief Standing Bear, Sioux               1908
                               Thomas White Face                        pre-1907
                               Wander Horse, Sioux                      n.d. (2)
                               Leon White Bird                          1901 (2)
                               Charge Two Lodge & Long Bear             1901
                               White Man Bear                           1899
                               Chief Shooting Hawk                      1907
                               Chief Afraid of Eagle                    1906
                               Mary Bad Eyes and Papoose                1901 (2)
                               Tells Lie                                pre-1907 (2)
                               Stella Yellow Shirt and Baby             pre-1907
                               Willie White Bird & Stella White Eagle   1901

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           30
DESCRIPTION                                                                DATE
Indians (cont.)                Indian Papoose                              1919
                               Bad Bear                                    1901
                               Big Head                                    1901 (2)
                               Chief Black Hawk                            1901, 1906 (4)
                               Blood Indian, Kills Enemy                   1901 (2)
                               Chase in the Morning                        1903
                               Clear                                       1903
                               Comes out Holy                              n.d.
                               Curley                                      n.d.
                               Crow Dancer                                 n.d. (2)
                               Chief Fleet Foot                            1906-1907 (2)
                               Holy Eagle                                  1901 (2)
                               Chief Iron Whiteman                         1901 (2)
                               Joseph Help                                 pre-1907 (2)
                               Lone Elk                                    1901 (2)
                               Luke Little Hawk                            1901 (2)
                               Chief Little White Cloud                    pre-1907
                               Chief Red Owl                               1906
                               Rocky Bear                                  1899
                               Shabbona                                    1907
                               Chief Seattle                               1908
                               Princess Angeline                           1910
                               Chief Skin Cote                             1907 (2)
                               Chief Tall Crane                            1906-1907 (2)
                               Chief Two Whistle                           pre-1907
                               Yellow Wolf                                 1903
                               Be-na-se-quwa and Papoose                   1911
                               An-ne-wab-bia, Lac du Flambeau              1912
                               Medicine Tent, Lac du Flambeau, Wis.        n.d.
                               Rug Weaving, Lac du Flambeau, Wis.          1911
                               Indian Drum & Peace Pipe, Wis.              1914
                               Indian Pageant, Bayfield, Wis.              n.d. (2)
                               Indian Burial Ground, Kyuquot, B.C.         1907
                               Indian women at Lake Tahoe, Cal.            n.d.
                               Indian women at San Luis Rey, Cal.          n.d.
                               Fort Hall Indian Agency, Pocatello, Idaho   1908
                               Indians at Glacier National Park, Mont.     n.d.
                               Indians by tent                             1909
                               Chief Iron Man on horse                     n.d.
                               Indian Camp scene                           1908
                               Indian Camp Moving Day                      n.d.
                               In Line for Grass Dance                     1907
                               War Dance                                   n.d.
                               Indian Funeral                              n.d.
                               Indian with Pipe of Peace                   n.d.

RC 199 - Postcard Collection           31
DESCRIPTION                                                                         DATE
Indians (cont.)                              Starting Fire with Flint               n.d.
                                             Medicine Man                           n.d.
                                             Indian Family group                    1907
                                             Illustrations for “Song of Hiawatha”   1905-1907 (4)

                                  HOLIDAYS/SPECIAL OCCASIONS

Christmas                                                                           1904-1920, 1978
New Year                                                                            1906-1919 (22)
Valentines                                                                          1905-1910 (25)
St. Patrick's Day                                                                   1909-1912 (6)
Easter                                                                              1906-1913 (109)
Mother's Day                                                                        n.d., 1918 (3)
Fourth of July                                                                      1908-1909 (4)
Halloween                                                                           1908
Thanksgiving                                                                        1906-1916 (15)
Anniversary                                                                         1912
Birthday                                                                            1907-1914 (66)
Birth Announcements & Congratulations                                               n.d., 1909 (11)
Best Wishes & Congratulations                                                       1908-1911 (25)


Artwork (Chicago Art Institute)                                                     n.d. (17)
Billy Sunday                                                                        1908 (11)
Calendars                                                                           1909, 1938-1945
Floral                                                                              1905-1911 (17)
Friendship                                                                          n.d., 1909 (11)
Humorous                                                                            n.d.,1905-1914,
                                                                                    1944-1948 (108)
Religious                                                                           1909, 1943 (4)
Wildlife                                                                            1906, 1939 (22)
General                                                                             1904-1920 (52)

                                             NON- POSTCARDS

BOX 10
Bible Verses, Proverbs, Religious Pictures                                          n.d. (34)
Holiday Cards                                                                       n.d., 1907-1908,
                                                                                    1917-1919, 1942

RC 199 - Postcard Collection                         32
DESCRIPTION                         DATE
   Yellowstone Park, Wyoming        n.d. (3)
   Mexico                           n.d. (6)
   Abraham Lincoln                  n.d. (1)
Advertisements                      n.d. (16)
Children, Animals                   n.d. (4)
Teacher Calling Card                n.d.
Blotters                            n.d., 1934, 1944-
                                    1946 (40)

RC 199 - Postcard Collection   33

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